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Minnesota Power’s electric system is designed to withstand harsh weather, but damaging storms with icy conditions and high winds can cause outages. Here are some power outage tips: • Don’t go near any low or downed wires as injury or death could occur. • Cold weather is especially hard on infants, children and the elderly. Dress in several layers of lightweight clothing, covering the head, feet and hands. • Keep a flashlight with fresh batteries in a location where you can easily find it in the dark. For more tips, visit

Employees, foundation help make life brighter for many Some are mentors to kids who need a little help. Others organize food drives. And then there are the scholarships and grants to benefit people and places in ways large and small. Minnesota Power employees share their skills, time and enthusiasm and the Minnesota Power Foundation distributes hundreds of thousands of dollars to qualified organizations to help make communities better places to live. You can read about some of these people and projects in the Community Investment Report. View the full-color booklet and order your free copy at

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Storm preparation tips

Stray voltage might be present but hard to detect We work with farmers to help detect and reduce stray voltage in confined animal operations. This low-level voltage can be found on metal objects that farm animals touch, such as water pipes and stanchions. The voltage level is usually so slight that humans cannot feel it, but animals may. It can be caused by many factors, including faulty wiring or improper grounding. For more information or to schedule a free stray voltage review, contact Dan Tonder at 320.635.5031 or 1.800.228.4966, ext. 5031.

Stay clear of power lines on the work site when using cranes, booms, buckets, ladders, loaders or any tall equipment. The first rule is to keep looking up. Equipment needs to have ample room in every direction to avoid the risk of contact with power lines. Plan ahead when operating tall equipment and have a spotter on the ground to watch for potential hazards. Electric energy is a powerful tool, but if your equipment comes in contact with a power line you could receive an injurious or fatal shock. Call Minnesota Power at 1.800.228.4966 if you have any questions regarding power lines on the job. We are more than willing to assist at any job site to ensure the safety of everyone.

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SmartPak energy and water saving tools

SmartPak includes: hot water gauge, shower timer, showerhead and faucet aerators Visit to order your FREE SmartPak and learn more about conserving water and getting the most for your energy dollar. Water heating consumes up to 25% of a typical home’s energy usage. Limit one per household served by Minnesota Power. You must have an electric water heater to participate.

when you plant a tree,

consider its future The size and location of trees can have a direct effect on your family’s safety and the reliability of your electric service. It is important to avoid planting trees that will grow into power lines. The Right Tree brochure provides helpful tips for homeowners and businesses on the correct selection and placement of trees. To receive a free copy, visit or call 800.228.4966.

New solar incentives provide generous rebates and bonus incentives Our newly updated SolarSense program makes solar energy more affordable to residential and commercial customers, while promoting Minnesota manufacturers, ensuring quality installations, and recognizing customers who are committed to energy efficiency. Program rebates and incentives: • Provide a base rebate of $2,000 per kilowatt; • Reward customers who choose solar products, equipment or systems manufactured in Minnesota; • Encourage quality installation by solar installers certified through the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners;

• Offer a bonus rebate to customers with a proven history of energy efficiency in their homes or businesses; and • Recognize nonprofit/tax exempt customers with a higher rebate to support demonstration and/or community renewable energy projects. The program’s new tiered incentives, when combined with the base rebate, could total as much as $4,750 per kilowatt for eligible solar projects. For example, a 5 kW system could qualify for more than $20,000 in combined rebates and incentives. To learn more about the enhanced SolarSense program call 218.355.2843, option 4, or visit under Renewable Energy.

Planning on building a new home or making major changes to your existing home? Minnesota Power has the tools and resources to help you take ownership in how you use energy for the long term. Whether your dream is to build new or remodel, informed choices and right-fit options will deliver lifelong benefits of comfort, durability, energy savings and value.

Here’s how to get started … you’re in the driver’s seat:

Right Fit Options Informed Choices New Tools & Resources Understanding

Thinking about building a new home? Request a copy of the Triple E New Construction Guide. It’s an easy-to-use guide for getting the most out of your investment. Visit or call 218.355.3444 to get your free Triple E New Construction Guide (also available to view online). Planning an addition or remodeling your basement or kitchen? Start by understanding how your home uses energy and identifying places where you are losing energy. Visit or call 218.355.2843 (option 3) to request information about Minnesota Power’s Home Energy Analysis with Building Diagnostics. Rebates associated with building diagnostics also are available. This is a fee-based service.

It’s your dream ... take the time to do it right.

Lights Out: 1-800-30-POWER (1-800-307-6937)

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Spring 2012  

Spring 2012 Energizer