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Bonita and Scott Fisher Japanese Garden Waterfall. Photo by Al Whitaker


A N N U A L R E P O R T F Y 2 018


A Message from the Arboretum Director ter Moe Director Pe

The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum celebrated its 60th Diamond Anniversary in 2018 by showing the world its impact as the nation’s top botanical garden, an honor given last year in a USA Today contest.

* A record number of visitors – nearly a half-million – visited the Arboretum. * Other records were achieved in sales at the AppleHouse and Gift and Garden Store,

fundraising for a new tram at the Diamond Gala, revenue raised at the annual spring plant sale (held at the Red Barn for the first time) and attendance at the annual Taste & Toast in the Gardens event, where wine was served made from grape varieties developed at the Arboretum. * The American Alliance of Museums welcomed the Arboretum into its membership as one of its few accredited public gardens. * The new Chinese Garden was dedicated with the Chinese consul general for the region in attendance. * As you can see in this Annual Report, we had an extremely successful fundraising year.

Beyond all those achievements, I love thinking about the thousands of families and children coming to the Arboretum. They see our beautiful diversity of plants, learning at the same time, enhancing their health and just enjoying the Arboretum. The quality of their experience comes in large measure from your support. Thank you from all of us at the Arboretum for helping ensure that we remain a vital and thriving force in the coming years.

Peter C. Moe PETER C. MOE

Director, Minnesota Landscape Arboretum






The College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences at the University of Minnesota is proud to help celebrate the Arboretum’s six decades of local, national and international impact. Dean Brian The Arboretum B uhr has always been one of the college’s strongest supporters in reaching out across Minnesota and beyond. A superb example this year is the latest apple introduction, First Kiss, which was rated the #1 food at the 2018 Minnesota State Fair by Star Tribune food critic Rich Nelson. This apple is ready to harvest up to four weeks earlier than its parent Honeycrisp, while still providing the texture and taste for which UMN-bred apples are known. Another example is the Red Barn Farm project, for which preparatory work has already begun. The project will help the Arboretum tell the story to its halfmillion visitors each year of agricultural and horticultural food production from plant to plate. It will feature a rotating display of seasonal food crops, orchards and vinyards with some of the UMN apple and grape introductions, and events celebrating plants that sustain life. Buildings will include the Minnesota Master Gardeners Farmhouse, the Summer Kitchen and a renovated Red Barn. The vision for the Red Barn Farm is to serve as a model for other arboreta across the country, as indeed the Arboretum itself has been a model of innovation and service throughout its 60-year history.

Brian Buhr


Dean, College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences

ON THE COVER: The purple of pasque flowers joins cloud white and sky blue to form an impressionistic palette in the Arboretum. Photo by Don Olson A N N U A L R E P O R T F Y 2 018





A N N U A L R E P O R T F Y 2 018


hat often comes to mind when you think of the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, named a year ago in USA Today the nation’s No. 1 botanical garden and celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2018? Something to view, savor and study, right? But here’s another way to look at the Arboretum – as a powerful collective impact, gathering force from all that viewing and savoring and studying. The Arboretum is truly an impact writ large, far larger than you might think when strolling past a tulip bed in spring or the tallgrass

prairie in summer. Indeed, as you’ll sample below, the Arboretum’s impact makes the world demonstrably and significantly better. Where to start on this 1,200-acre jewel of an arboretum? Let’s first peek behind the curtains of what it takes to help maintain and refresh such a large plot of land. What it takes are 177 year-round employees and 89 seasonal employees, with a very big boost: 1,000 volunteers devote 45,000 hours a year to the Arboretum, and nearly 500 corporate volunteers add 2,000 hours. A N N U A L R E P O R T F Y 2 018


Photo by Mark J. MacLennan

Crabapples color the air in springtime

Photo by Robert Evans

The iconic Red Barn represents the 60-year impact of the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, as well as a future that promises to magnify even further the Arboretum’s stature and influence.

This volunteer impact ensures that the Arboretum can, for example, plant new tulip beds every fall, prune trees in the middle of winter, make maple syrup in the spring and greet visitors at the gate. You can test the importance of impassioned volunteers by imagining the Arboretum without them, which would yield a much smaller impact. The impact of donors can be seen in myriad maintenance improvements throughout the Arboretum. For instance, recent private funding added a new irrigation pumphouse crucial to keeping gardens thriving, as well as replacing the steps to the Iris Garden, resurfacing the Annual Garden and renovating the Cloister Garden arbor. It’s not just the outdoors that needs maintenance. Arboretum employees make sure that buildings are cool in summer and warm in winter, have clean floors and bathrooms, and are fit to have a positive impact on the Arboretum’s 27,000 member households when the doors open every day. Those doors open onto a spectacular collection of 28 gardens and 45 collections ranging from roses to vegetables to irises, along with a Maze Garden, Harrison Sculpture Garden and a new Chinese Garden. There are shrub and tree collections, the Tashjian Bee and Pollinator Discovery Center and a stunning spectrum of ecosystems like woodland, prairie, bog and swamp. But the Arboretum can’t be captured just by cataloging. To sharpen its possible impact on a visitor, consider the joys of just the Green Heron Trail: You can walk by a bog, swamp and marsh in their seasonal

glories; listen to the trill of yellow warblers in spring; and watch hummingbirds sip from orange jewelweed in late summer. Science is showing that a simple nature-healing walk like the Green Heron Trail can bring a bounty of benefits. Exposure to nature can, for example, reduce hypertension, improve mood, lower anxiety and restore attentiveness. Now multiply that Green Heron experience by the nearly halfmillion visitors to the Arboretum every year, and you get a flavor of the outdoors feast that people have before them every visit. And that feast is a buffet, not a fixed menu. Some prefer a cultivated garden like the Arboretum’s Japanese Garden or Rose Garden, over wilder nature like Green Heron Trail. But that’s what makes the Arboretum’s impact so

unique: It shows with dazzling diversity the importance of plants in our lives, whether it’s a century-old white oak or the Radiant Perfume rose. The horticultural impact of the Arboretum can be traced to pre-Arboretum days. The University of Minnesota’s fruit-breeding program began in 1878, at the urging of the Minnesota State Horticultural Society, and in 1908 the state purchased land between Excelsior and Chaska for a fruit breeding farm. Today that now expanded farm is the location of the Arboretum’s Horticultural Research Center (HRC), a mile west of the Arboretum on Highway 5. The center’s mission is essentially the same as the one


A N N U A L R E P O R T F Y 2 018

in 1878: Develop and test plants that can survive Minnesota winters. (Today’s HRC also studies invasive plants such as buckthorn and supports conservation of 48 Minnesota orchids and other native species through seed collection and propagation.) From that fruit breeding program has come more than 100 cultivars, such as the Latham raspberry, Haralson apple, North Star cherry and a host of plums. A more recent mega-introduction is the Honeycrisp apple – “mega” because more than 20 million bushels of Honeycrisp were harvested in the U.S. in 2018. HRC does work on “new crops,” though that term shifts over time. Hardy grapes were new in the ‘80s, but now HRC varieties have boosted the number of Minnesota wineries from two to 70 and the economic impact of the state’s vinyards and wineries to $81 million in 2017. Botanical glories are not confined to the outdoors. Two of the striking visual displays in the Great Hall of the Oswald Visitor Center are the annual Pumpkin Tower in the fall and the Poinsettia Tree in winter. Art blossoms in the Arboretum through the Reedy Gallery and Café Gallery, many outdoor sculptures by renowned artists, and traveling exhibits such as the 40-sculpture Origami in the Garden in 2018. The Arboretum is full-to-bursting with educational impact, though visitors to the gardens may not know the breadth and depth of its scope. Based in the Learning Center, the Education Department connects people of all ages with the living world and with each other. Through staff experts and volunteers – this is only a slice of the offerings – you can take a class on growing grapes or winter photography or owls, bring your preschooler to a summer camp, become an Arboretum volunteer, take a tram tour of the Arboretum, become an Extension Master Gardener volunteer, attend the Pollinator Summit or

sponsor a field trip to the Arboretum for your child’s school. The impact of it all? To deepen your knowledge, stretch your notion of what you can do and meet like-minded people, to the tune

of 93,000 people a year.

Being around like-minded people can be a big part of notionstretching. A good example is the annual Pollinator Summit. Organizations sending people to it include the City of Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Monarch Lab, Shooting Star Native Seeds and Terrace Horticultural Books. How often can you talk with people like these on the same day in the same place? Besides walking through and taking classes on horticulture, you can read about it as well without leaving the Arboretum. The Gift Store has books on a wide array of horticultural topics, including fruit and vegetable gardening, permaculture, water gardens and landscaping. The Andersen Horticultural Library synchronizes serenity with impact. It’s a treasure trove if you’re interested in plants, gardening, botanical art, landscape design, garden history, horticulture, floral design and the natural history of Minnesota. And it’s not all books: There are more than 75,000 seed and nursery catalogs dating back to the early 17th century. This non-circulating library offers a very serene setting for browsing. You can sit near a big bay window overlooking a fountain-graced pond and enjoy the beauty of custom-built furnishings turned into art by renowned American woodworker George Nakashima. So can you see how the collective impact of the Arboretum can affect a person’s life? How it reverberates through science and the economy? How it serves as a sanctuary for all manner of life on our blue-green globe? On the following pages you’ll see how the Arboretum marshals and magnifies its impact through people and groups who want to help it bloom. And bloom it does through their passion and generosity and love of what the Arboretum means to the world.

Photo by Mark J. MacLennan

Maze Garden

A N N U A L R E P O R T F Y 2 018


Members of the Lake Minnetonka Garden Club at the 2018 Gala Diamond Anniversary celebration




The Minnetonka Garden Club and the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum have shown the impact that can flow from

60 years of synergy.

You can trace the sizzle of that synergy back to the beginning. In 1958 the Garden Club donated $35,000 ($325,000 in today’s dollars) through the Minnesota State Horticultural Society to purchase a 160-acre plot as part of creating the Arboretum. (The sellers were Dr. Herbert and Isabel Berens, whose cabin can be seen on the Arboretum’s Three-Mile Drive.) Since then the Garden Club has been a close, active partner with the Arboretum in many ways. Among them: Used an award from The Garden Club of America to help design the Arboretum’s first master plan. Funded the establishment and maintenance of the Knot Garden and its brick path at the Arboretum. Donated $60,000 in 2015 for the Pollinator Garden at the Tashjian Bee and Pollinator Discovery Center. More than 40 Garden Club members have volunteered over the years to serve as trustees of the Arboretum Foundation. A current Arboretum trustee and past president of the Garden Club

* * * *


A N N U A L R E P O R T F Y 2 018

is Betsy Massie. “The Garden Club’s partnership with the Arboretum is very organic and natural,” says Massie. “If you love the Garden Club, you’ll love the Arboretum.” Their shared vision, Garden Club President Mimi Keating says, “is a stewardship dedicated to a deeper public understanding of the value, beauty and critical nature of plants in our lives.” To wit: In only three months the Garden Club raised $56,000 (against a goal of $30,000) to help launch and maintain for three years a new statewide initiative by the Arboretum. Called Flowers for Pollinators, it will bring an innovative curriculum to 10,000 grade school children in all 87 counties of Minnesota. The curriculum will be developed by the Arboretum, using expertise of the Minnesota Master Gardeners. It will provide teachers with science-based tools to help every young gardener make decisions supporting the health of crucial pollinators. Flowers for Pollinators is just the latest example of the synergistic synapses firing in this partnership. “We can only do so much as a Garden Club,” says Massie. “But our efforts seem so much stronger through the impact of the Arboretum.”




he Arboretum Auxiliary has raised $2 million for the Arboretum in its 50-year history – one quilt raffle ticket at a time. Oh, the 175-member Auxiliary does much more than raffle homemade quilts, but the latest raffle does tell a tale of impact. The group sold nearly 10,000 tickets and raised almost $20,000 for the Arboretum. And the quilt raffle is but a single tale within a fundraising saga of supporting the goals of the Arboretum. Here’s just a sampling from the Auxiliary’s year: A Spring Plant Sale is perhaps Minnesota’s biggest and best. Summer tours bring guests to see stunning private gardens. A Fall Harvest Sale and a Holiday Sale offer member-made potpourris, greeting cards and many other seasonal gifts.

* *

Photos by (Both pages) Robert Evans


Where does the money go? “We like to support the Arboretum staff, who we think are unsung heroes,” says Heather Mainella, president of the Auxiliary. “So we try to support their wish list and help purchase brass tacks items they need for basic operations.” Some examples: a copper evaporator for the Arboretum’s sugar house to make maple syrup; a used service truck, replacing an old one with engine failure; eco-friendly trash compactors; snow plows; and cleaning carts, classroom tables and interpretive signage. But the Auxiliary went beyond its usual brass tacks support to mark its 50th anniversary at the Arboretum’s 60th Anniversary Diamond Gala event in June. There the group announced a challenge grant of $130,000 to help purchase a new Trumpet Creeper Tram for guided Arboretum tours.

The old tram was a veteran of many years and due for retirement. And it worked. People attending the Gala more than matched the challenge, raising $292,000. The new custom-built tram, to begin operation in spring 2019, will accommodate 48 people, wheelchairs and strollers. Not only that, for the first time the tram will be used for winter tours to visit the Harrison Sculpture Garden and more, through the support of Alfred and Ingrid Lenz Harrison. In the midst of all this fundraising for the Arboretum, the Auxiliary also offers opportunities for educational enrichment to members. They can attend quarterly luncheons with guest experts as speakers, as well as workshops on such topics as fiber arts and drying flowers. “We really do have fun and make friends,” says Mainella.

Members of the Arboretum Auxiliary (President Heather Mainella third from right) at the 2018 Gala Diamond Anniversary celebration

A N N U A L R E P O R T F Y 2 018




KIDS Photo by Ellen Hoerle


Mary Agnes and Al McQuinn



Al and Mary Agnes McQuinn, who have loved and supported the Arboretum the entire 60 years of its existence, bear witness to the power

of two-way impact.

Al was driving down Highway 5 one day in 1958 and saw the sign for the new Arboretum. After his first visit, he says, “I decided I had to bring my family there.” He did, and the McQuinns have been intertwined with the Arboretum ever since. For Al, the Arboretum has intensified ties to the earth he developed growing up on a Missouri farm with a two-acre garden. “There is a tranquility and back-tonature experience at the Arboretum that frees people from the daily drudge of work,” he says. “Our walks and drives there have been mind-cleansing and uplifting.” Mary Agnes says she came to know the Arboretum as a mother and Girl Scout leader. She also served as an Arboretum trustee from 1993 to 2002. “I enjoyed working with the Arboretum leadership so much,” she says. “That staff is the most dedicated anywhere.” The staff and volunteers have what Al

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A N N U A L R E P O R T F Y 2 018

calls “a wonderful imagination in the ways they decorate the Arboretum from season to season,” like the fall scarecrow displays and winter holiday lighting. “I never get tired of what I see there from one year to the next,” he says. The McQuinns have shared their love of the Arboretum with their children and grandchildren. And each year they give many family members and friends the gift of an Arboretum membership. Because of the Arboretum’s impact on their lives, the McQuinns in turn have had a significant impact on the Arboretum as donors. They’ve given support to many facets of the Arboretum, such as construction of the Oswald Visitor Center, travel programs, the annual fund and a $2 million challenge grant in 2018 for a new Horticulture and Operations Headquarters. The new building will replace cramped, outdated facilities now used by gardeners and operations employees. The McQuinns continue to give back, says Al with a smile, because “there are so many magical things that occur at the Arboretum. You always come away from there with a little more sunshine in your mind.”

The Arboretum recently received a gift from two closely related donors – a gift with more than one unusual twist. The donors: Annie Chi, 10, and Jack Chi, 9, who are siblings The donation: $205 for the Tashjian Bee and Pollinator Discovery Center The donation source: All proceeds from selling honey that Annie and Jack extracted from the two hives of bees they manage The impact of the gift Showing what two kids can do and what giving can mean to the givers, as well as the recipient. Annie and Jack live in Edina with their parents, Amy and Erick Chi. “I took some courses on bees through the University of Minnesota,” says Amy, who owns a dental practice in Eden Prairie, “because




A Team of Toro company employees, led by Toro CEO Rick Olson, volunteered their time to the Arboretum in 2018 to transform a pile of rocks into a cage-enclosed gabion wall, used for erosion control in the tallgrass prairie. Toro has supported the Arboretum in many other ways over the years, such as donating Toro grounds care equipment, matching gifts from Toro employees to the Arboretum and sponsoring the 2018 Gala Diamond Anniversary celebration.

Annie and Jack Chi

Photo by The Toro Company

Photo by Susie Hopper

I hope to have a hobby farm some day where I can have apple trees and bees.” Annie and Jack got interested in bees through their mom and the two hives they placed on a friend’s farm. Annie and Jack have actively managed them for two years, with Amy’s help. Last year Annie and Jack entered their honey in the Minnesota State Fair. Though they didn’t get a prize, the judges awarded a score of 10 out of 10 for their honey’s flavor. Another honey expert praised its “strawberry undertones.” This year the kids even extracted 50 pounds themselves, using a pedal-powered “honey cycle” at The Beez Kneez, a bee-based business in Minneapolis. They told all their honey buyers that the proceeds would go to the Arboretum Bee Center, and Amy says they could have sold a lot more if they had more hives. Annie picked the Arboretum’s Bee Center for their gift, she says, because “bees are super-important, and I really enjoy the Arboretum’s beautiful scenery and its trees and flowers.” Jack enjoys beekeeping because he loves just watching the bees at work. Amy says she too enjoys the bees, because they don’t like being rushed, which slows the pace of her hectic week. This year she’s been given a bonus: Watching Annie and Jack taste the sweetness of mixing honey with the simple act of giving.

A N N U A L R E P O R T F Y 2 018

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Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Foundation Statement of Financial Position as of June 30, 2018





Cash in Bank . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,948,957



Investments at Market Value . . . . . . . $37,318,815

Pledge Receivable . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,190,750 Donated Securities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $11,501

Accounts Receivable . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $201,772 ALLOCATION FROM LONG TERM INVESTMENTS 13%

TOTAL ASSETS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $41,671,795 LIABILITIES

Accounts Payable . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $644



Deferred Revenue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,033,840 Land Payable . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,845,248


TOTAL LIABILITIES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,879,732 NET ASSETS


Unrestricted . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,397,285

Temporarily Restricted . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $14,798,137


Permanently Restricted . . . . . . . . . . . . . $22,596,641


TOTAL NET ASSETS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $38,792,063 TOTAL LIABILITIES & NET ASSETS $41,671,795









12 |


A N N U A L R E P O R T F Y 2 018





JULY 1, 2017- JUNE 30, 2018


Anonymous (2) Anne Gray & George Jacobsen Greg Page

$350,000 - $999,999 Cargill Foundation K.A.H.R. Foundation Mary Agnes & Al McQuinn

$200,000 - $349,999

Anonymous (1) Susan & Richard Anderson Gordon & Margaret Bailey Foundation Land O'Lakes, Inc. Foundation Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Auxiliary The Scrooby Foundation Zeller Realty Group

$100,000 - $199,999

Anonymous (1) Aqualia International Foundation Limited Estate of Stanley Bachman Buckner Family Foundation Gail & Bob Buuck Cargill, Inc. Glenda & Fritz Corrigan John & Jean Geisler Family Foundation The Keinath Family Donald & Cynthia MacMillan Martha "Muffy" MacMillan Minnesota Corn Growers Association Warren & Mary Lynn Staley

$50,000 - $99,999

Estate of Ruth M. Anderson Estate of Marilyn E. Erickson Alfred & Ingrid Lenz Harrison Hegman Family Foundation Adelle & Michael Jacoby Tracy W. Jennings John C. MacMillan Minnesota Wheat Research & Promotion Council Jeannine M. Rivet & Warren G. Herreid II Luella M. Shaw Georgia & James Thompson

$25,000 - $49,999

John E. Andrus III 2009 Trust / Catherine Andrus / Elizabeth Andrus / Julie Andrus Marie H. Ankeny Legacy Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation / Pete & Margie Ankeny Adam & Emily Bachman Blair & Amy Bachman Paul & Barbara Bachman Peter Bachman & Janet Rice Denis Bakke General Mills Foundation Jim & Cathy Gray Barbara J. Gullickson Mark & Nancy Hanson John & Kelly Henry Alton W. Hitts Donna MacMillan Whitney & Elizabeth MacMillan Roger & Nancy McCabe Foundation Thomas & Susan McCarthy William B. MacMillan Bryan & Leslie McWhite Peter & Susan Moe Deborah R. Olson Bart & Kandi Osborn Mary Ann & Scott Portnoy The Patrick & Alice Rogers Family Foundation Donald & Mary Anne Ryks Joseph Tashjian & Kay Savik Linda Van Prooien Jenny Verner Elaine Villafana Chuck & Nancy Webster Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. / Wells Fargo Bank Foundation

$10,000 - $24,999

American Crystal Sugar Company Susan Applegate Barbara K. Bachman Bailey Nurseries, Inc / Bailey Nurseries Foundation Marilyn Beddor Estate of Patricia Blanch

Nancy M. Brooks John & Debra Bryant Carmen & Jim Campbell Susan & Jon Campbell Carolyn Foundation David & Carol Cole Linda & Ken Cutler Alexandra Daitch Emmillee S. Dennison Roger Derrick Katherine D. Doerr Gerald & Kathleen Erickson Scott H. Fisher Rodney H. Forristall Professor Emeritus Arnold Fredrickson Johanna M. Frerichs George Family Foundation Dan & Ruth Haggerty Lois Hall Martha MacMillan Hartfiel Martha M. Head Sally Hebeisen Donna Hipps Hoeft Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Stephen & Isabella Keating Dennis & Sungsook Kim Virginia M. Kivits George & Mary Lou Klacan Jane & Bill Klein Eleanor Kowalczyk Land O'Lakes, Inc. Sing & S.K. Lo Sally A. Mathieu Bob & Polly McCrea Richard & Joyce McFarland Mary & James Meyer Mithun Family Foundation Gail & William Munsell Thomas & Jane Nelson Gretchen & Jack Norqual Kate & Rick Olson Park Dental Estate of Teresa Pfister Jim Poljack RBC Wealth Management Margaret Rivers Fund Chris & Hank Shea Jacqueline Smith The Toro Company William & Mary Upjohn Van Sloun Foundation / Neil & Sylvia Van Sloun Todd & Lisa Wagner Wagner's Greenhouses, Inc. Sinclair Winton Donise Wright Margaret Wurtele

$5,000 - $9,999

Anonymous (2) Mark & Jennifer Allen Fred C. and Katherine B. Andersen Foundation David & Debbie Andreas Lois A. Anselment Karon Armstrong Carl E. and Doris M. Bachman Family Foundation Jo Bartz Gary & Helen Bergren Randy & Marcy Betcher Nancy P. Bjerke Suzanne Blue Boss Foundation Armand & Mary Brachman Valerie Brown Marcia & Dick Carthaus Chorzempa Family Foundation Continental Diamond Kitty & David Crosby Delta Air Lines, Inc. Dental Specialists of Minnesota, PLLC The Driscoll Foundation / Elizabeth Driscoll Emerson Beth H. Erickson Robin & Larry Galloway Evelyn & Allan Gebhard Betty Jean Hahn Barbara S. Haroldson

Tom & Rhonda Hayes Jim & Sally Hornig Delores E. & Robert J. Isaacson Philip & Milla Isaacson Alan & Judy Johnston Susan F. & Tobin H. Jones Barbara M. Kaerwer Steven & Jan Kirchner Knopf Family Foundation Karen & Emery Koenig Lang Family Foundation Wendy & P.J. Lee Dr. Sping Lin Sarah & John Lindahl Lucky Seven MN Foundation Tom & Kathy Martin John & Betsy Massie Metropolitan Regional Arts Council Susan D. Misterek Ed & Beth Morsman Karen A. Nelson Betsy Packard Henry & Wendy Paulson, Jr. Phyllis S. Poehler & Walter E. Stremel Charitable Trust POPP Communications Rahr Foundation C. H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. Estate of Elva Rutter Rob & Barb Schaller J. Frank Schmidt Family Charitable Foundation Melissa Scott Kim Severson & Philip Jemielita Jacob Siegel & Rachel Motzkin Rubenstein Sit Investment Associates, Inc. Robert Sit Richard & Judith Spiegel James & Mimi Stake The Stolar Family Estate of Kathryne Taralseth Susan Taylor Sara Jean Thoms University Dining Services - Catering Ed Wagner J.A. Wedum Foundation Steven & Elizabeth Westberg Alan Williams Renata R. Winsor Frederick & Eleanor Winston Donald & Kaye Wothe

$1,000 - $4,999

Anonymous (10) 3M Foundation Inc. Daniel Ahlberg Susan & Peter Ahn Terri Albinson Bernie & Cindy Aldrich Peter & Sally Anson Linda & Kenny Antoniou Athwin Foundation Bruce & Martha Atwater Mary Auvin Kay Bach Bachman's, Inc. Dana Backer Gordon & Jo Bailey Rod & Marcia Bailey Jerry & Kris Barnaby Bruce & Carol Barry Patrick & Andrea Bassett Kim Becquer Drs. Michael & Ellen Bendel-Stenzel Henry & Diane Benz Carol & Alan J. Bernon Family Charitable Foundation Brad & Heather Bialczyk Elizabeth K. Bixby Alexandra O. Bjorklund Boast Squash Alison Bolduc Curt & Kay Botko Anne Bowman Priscilla Brewster Dave & Lonnie Broden John & Joan Brooks Tess Brownfield Robert Bruininks & Susan Hagstrum Larry & Delli Byers

Cahill Financial Advisors, Inc. Mary Ann Cameron Gary & Joan Capen Louise Ann Carlson Joanne & Ben Case James D. & Kathryn A. Catalano David & Beth Cathcart Harlan Cavert & Linda Odegard Carolyn Charles Heather Christianson Chris Chu & Regina Chu Dr. Edmund & Harriett Chute Audrey Clay Miles & Cheri Cohen Ross Collins & Laurel Krause Como Conservatory Gardens Thomas & Roxann Crane Michael & Joyce Critelli Ellie Crosby / The Longview Foundation Paul & Patricia Curran Foundation Betty Jayne Dahlberg David & Merrie Dahlgren Edward & Sherry Ann Dayton Joan G. Dayton Julia W. Dayton Megan & James Dayton John & Joanne Dean Dellwood Foundation Inc. Wendy & John DePaolis Tom & Mary Detwiler Dede Disbrow Mary C. Dolan Bill Dolan & Jane Tilka Norma Dolliff Christine Dombrowski & Thomas Ivancsics Eleta & Alex Donaldson Kevin & Beth Dooley Dorsey & Whitney, LLP / Dorsey & Whitney Foundation Kathy Dudley Barbara & Laverne Dunsmore Eaton Corporation Mary Ebert & Paul Stembler Eelen & Gary Ebling Mark Edelmann Doug & Willie Eden Lollie & Alan Eidsness Mindy Einarson The Emmerich Foundation Entegris, Inc. Gerald & Sandra Erickson Robert Evans Studios Evergreene Jewelers Ben & Becky Field Janet & Doug Fiola Catherine L. Fischer Randi Bishop Fisk Laura E. Folden Sharon & Ivan Fong Vicki & Si Ford Founders Properties LLC Judith & Howard Fulk John Gabbert Charles & Barbara Geer James & Teddy Gesell Marty & Dan Gilbert Joline Gitis & Steven Miles Meg Glattly & John Thielen Florence K. Gleason Glensheen Historic Estate James & Jordan Glover Marlaine C. Gnan Doug & Jane Gorence Graco, Inc. Andy & Monica Graham Marvin & Evelyn Grimm Pam Grimm Chuck & Lucille Grosch Pat & Tom Grossman Katherine & Richard Hackett Jim G. Hagstrom Susan & Thomas Hallin Lisa & Zach Hammock Bill & Helen Hartfiel Ralph & Beana Hatch Bill & Ann Haugh Sharon Hawkins Dr. Donna M. Hecker John & Jean Hedberg

Carole & Thomas Hektner Marnie Hensel Sheldon & Tim Hess Emmie & Larry Hester John & Diana Hetzler Edward & Joan Hillman Marge & David Hols Jean McGough Holten Steven & Penny Hornig Hoyt Hsiao & Zhen-Zhen Luo Jennie Hsiao Rusty Huff John & Brenda Hugo Dr. Bruce & Janette Hultgren Alison Humphrey James Huntting David & Catherine Hurd Ruth & John Huss Lisa Iliff Institute of Food Technologists Jeffrey & Sharon Ireland Robert & Ann Jackson Jean C. Jacobs Benjamin S. Jaffray Diana & Murray Johnson James E. Johnson & Lucy Rosenberry Jones Janice A. Johnson Wilma & Dale Johnson Gail M. Jones Mark & Judie Jones Dona M. Jordan Sue & Dick Justman Art & Martha Kaemmer Fund of HRK Foundation Joe & Georgia Kandiko Adele Kaufman Jim & Jane Kaufman Margaret H. & James E. Kelley Foundation, Inc. Richard & Lois Kelly Kelm Foundation Donald & Mary Lou Klassy Kopp Family Foundation Kowalski's Market - Excelsior Lake Minnetonka Garden Club Karen A. & Russell H. Larsen Gerald & Carol Larson Don & Joann Leavenworth Jean & Laurence LeJeune Janet C. Leslie Betty A. Lewis University Environmental Charitable Trust Gale & Kathy Libby Loeffler Construction & Consulting Lesley & Brent Longval Diana Lucker Jim & Julie Lura Lurie Wealth Advisors, LLC W. Duncan & Nivin MacMillan Foundation Carolyn G. Maloney Michael T. & Jeanne E. Markell Paul Markwardt & Richard Allendorf Margery Martin & Daniel Feidt The Mauriel Family Foundation Max's & Rebecca Myers Steve May Jim & Mary Alice Mayerle Michael & Kay McCarthy Walt McCarthy & Clara Ueland Paula K. McDougall Terri & Jack McKeon Dick & Debby McNeil Robert & Laurie McNeill Lisa & Patrick McNulty Mary & Joseph Meland Katherine Merrill Fred & Christine Meyer Ken & Liz Meyerhoff MGK - McLaughlin Gormley King Company Microgigantic LLC Ann M. Minnick Frank J. & Juliana H. Molek Monrovia Growers Marilyn Moon Carolyn Moore Judy Morgan Daniel & Michele Mueller Katherine B. Murphy Kathy Murphy & Norm Rickeman Bill & Stephanie Naegele

A N N U A L R E P O R T F Y 2 018

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GIFTS ABOVE MEMBERSHIP Neat Little Nest, LLC James Nelson & Nancy Ballsrud Ross & Kathy Nesbit Donald Nicholson Ford & Catherine Nicholson Russell & Marcelle Noyes Dick & Ruth Nubson Susan Hubbard Oakley Rosemary & Gerald Olerud Carol & Bruce Olson Ron & Lynn Olson Marla & John Ordway Phil & Cassy Ordway / Nushka Fund Kari & Eric Ostlie Otten Brothers Garden Center & Landscaping Ovation Orthodontics Amy S. Owen Tom & Mindy Page Diane & Steven Park Robert & Julie Paschke Richard & Mary Ann Pedtke Shelby J. Pellett Kathleen & Steve Persian Jennifer & John Peterson Tom & Pat Peterson Gary & Maureen Petrucci Estate of Julia Pettibone Stephen & Ann Pflaum Ellen & David Phelps Bernadette Piacek-Llanes & Carlos Llanes Kate K. Piper Paul Portenlanger & Gregg Bell Sallie Quammen & Charlie Fazio Carsten & Mirjam Quitter Mimi & Benjamin G. Rae III Dave & Ellen Raisbeck The Really Useful People Group, LLC Carol Reed Peter & Sara Ribbens Al & Marilyn Richie Elizabeth M. Ringer Mary & Nat Robbins Ken & Betsy Roering Jim & Susan Ross Christine & Jeff Rotsch Jack & Pamela Safar E. Elaine Sampson Donna & Warren Schimunek Jeffrey & Patricia Schott General Dennis & Pam Schulstad Mendon F. Schutt Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Charlie Scimeca & Kathryn Thorngren Bruce & Marcy Shilling Julie & Eric Showers John Sieff / Sieff Family Foundation Stephen & Robin Silverman Nimi Singh Alison Smith Harriet C. Smith Buddy & Kim Snow Jeff & Paula Bergin Soholt Solution Blue Carolyn J. Sorensen Barbara Spannaus Susan & Rick Spielman Charles & Jean Stark Patricia J. Stedman Stock Savvy Women's Investment Club Dmitri Stockton John & Bobbi Strandell Dick & Elaine Swanson Bill & Carol Sweasy Sylvan Nursery, Inc. Don W. Taylor Paul & Lucienne Taylor Leslie Teddy Janice Templin Kaimay & Josept Terry Edwin & Beverly Thiede Gregory Thomas & Carol Downie Charles B. Thurston Janet & Jim Tift Jennifer Toth Kate Toussaint Gary & Londa Tushie John Ullmann & Wendy Tai Cathy L. Van der Schans Michael & Kimberly Volna Paul & Susan Waldon Colleen Wall & John Schultz Fred Wall

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Katherine P. Warner Jean & Robert Weiss Ellen M. Wells Susan Bachman West & Lee West Jane Widmer John & Trudy Wilgers Gil Williams Nan & Rex Winter Thomas Wright Norma Wubbena William & Susan Wurster Z's Trees & Wood Products Gary E. Zywotko

$500 - $999

Anonymous (9) Keith Abrahamson & Karlene Johnson Richard & Joan Ahmann Steve & Mary Aldritt Gary & Patrice Alkire / Alkire Family Foundation American Pacific Industries, Inc. Vincent & Valerie Ames Joan M. Andrew Brian & Kelly Aubrey June & Robert Aufderhar Margaret L. Bachman Patrick Bailey Mary A. Bang Stephen & Lynda Bany Larry & Mary Barrett Jane & Walter Barry Ronald & Joyce Beauchane Warren & Donna Beck Anne L. Behrens Tracie Bell, Jr. & Becky Thacher-Bell Eve Benesh & John Crowley Beniek Property Services Inc Denine Bergeland Chip & LuAnn Berglund Mark W. Bergman Dale & Janet Beumer Carolyne Bisson & Richard Miller Lee & Jean Bjorklund William Blazar & Mary Hunstiger Mary E. Bloom Samantha Bohnenblust Joan Bohnsack LuAnn Brenno & Douglas Doty Mark & Laura Brill Bruce Brown Carolyn Brue Kathleen Bryant & Jon Lindfors Buckley Sandler Dr. Kris Burhardt & April Spas Patrick & Shirley Campbell Carlson Companies Foundation June S. Cavert Penny & Cecil Chally Steve & Jennifer Charbonnet Marie Christensen, MD Chuck & Don's Pet Food Outlet Margaret Carlson Citron & Paul Citron Richard & Jean Clarke Coach Cora LLC Stephen Cobb & Julie Nilssen-Cobb Arlene & Vance Coffman Jim & Sally Colburn Bill & Betsy Cook Dorothy M. Dalquist Sheldon Damberg Damon Farber Associate Mary Davidson Mark & Mary Davis Jeremy Dawe Patrick & Perris Deppa Vijay & Rekha Dixit Robert & Patricia Dolan Kirk Dornfeld & Carol Winter Roberta Antoine Dressen Richard & Laurie Drill-Mellum Bob & Mary Druke Joan R. Duddingston Jean Echtenkamp Charles B. Engh Donald O. Erickson Erickson-Larsen, Inc. Margaret Erickson Thomas Erickson & Katherine Solomonson Geoff & Barb Evans Bill & Robin Evans Christine Fahey & Paul Richards Drs. Diane & Michael Feldman

A N N U A L R E P O R T F Y 2 018

JULY 1, 2017- JUNE 30, 2018

Karen Fenske Pat & Dick Fishel Anna & Pat Fitzsimmons Patricia A. Florance Judith Florestano & Russell Schumer Arlene & Brad Forrest Frank & Judith Foss Tom & Diana Gagner Gary Gardner & Helen Kivnick Wayne & Susan Gartland David Gesko, DDS Stephanie Gibson Carla Goers & Tom Iago Ezra & Amy Gold Herbert R. Goldenberg William Gould Kathleen M. Graham Alison Grey Karen Gustafson Terri & Jon Gustavson Laura & Christian Hadland Bernice Hall Paula & Charles Hallau Greg & Beth Halvorson Judy Hamrick & Carolyn Walters Jonathan Hanft M.J. Hansen Rachael Harter & John Murphy Lucy Hartwell Dr. Robert & Sally Hauser Bud & Carol Hayden Jim & Kathy Haymaker Tim & Janet Heady Bernt & Suzin Helgaas Randy Herman & Debra Pallazza Erlene & Grant Herr Richard & Carrie Higgins Dorothy & Don Hodapp Robert Hoffman David W. Hohmann Melinda Holbert John & Ann Hollick Thomas & Kristin Holtz Dave & Michelle Horan Max & Maggie Horn Kathy Horsfall & Daniel Horsfall Anne & Ron Howard James & Ann Howard Bruce & Jeannine Hubbard Scott Hugdahl & Leslie Martens James & Tracy Inglis Kathleen & David Ingraham IWCO Direct George & Joan Jandl Mark & Stephanie Janson Ann & Steve Jasperson Barbara O. Johnson Darold & Carol Johnson Dave & Tracy Johnson Diane F. Johnson Estate of Edith L. Johnson Emily & George Johnson Judith A. Johnson Kent Johnson John & Cynthia Jurgensen Phyllis Kahn Mimi Keating Kathy Kirschbaum Jane M. Klehr Mark & Terri Knutson George & Debra Kohan Kohl's Dennis W. Kologi Jeffrey & RoxAnn Kosmoski Debra J. Kridner Barbara & Darrell Kula Ronald & Ardella Lagerquist Richard & Enid Lang Paul & Nancy Larson Reuben & Gerry Larson Barry & Mary Lazarus Sue & Craig Lebakken Charles & Anne Leck James & Patricia Lehmann Vicky & John Lettmann Ross & Bridget Levin Peg & Dick Lidstad Marianne Liebmann Lifecore Biomedical Nancy & John Lindahl David & Jean Linne Debi & Ray Lipkin Deb & Dennis Loots

Meredith Low & David Roth Judy Lucier Rodger R. Lundblad Jeff & Susan Lundgren John & Mary Ellen Lundsten Chris & Joe Lupo Bill Lurton Sandra MacMillan MacPhail Center for Music Beatrice C. Manka Robert Manning Susan Maples & Lorrie Louder John & Sallie March David & Jodene Marquis Lawrence & Patricia Maureen Dobbin & Shannon McCrea Hugh & Elisabeth McCutcheon Jeninne McGee Estate of Vivian M. McGonagle Jennifer & David McIntosh Raymond & Angela McMullen Mary M. McVay Eric J. Meester Marjorie Meester David & Darlene Meidal Men's & Women's Garden Club of Minneapolis Dale & Kristi Mensch Meristem Family Wealth Cindy Mertens & Ken Kapsner Michael Foods, Inc. Jo Mihelich Joyce & Gary Miller Minnesota Native Landscapes, Inc. Minnesota River Valley Master Gardeners Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Wild Carl & Carolyn Mohn Kevin & Jeneen Molldrem Mary & Clinton Morrison Valerie & Tom Muckenhirn Debra A. Mundinger Ted & Judy Nagel Dan & Diane Nelson Gerald & Andrea Nelson Gloria Nelson & Laurence Rogers Stuart Nolan Kevin & Leslie Nordby Ben Nordquist Lorre Ochs, M.D. Elinor & William Ogden James W. & Marjorie K. O'Hara Peter & Bonnie Olin Connie Olson Harriet & Bill Olson Kathy & Steven Olson Tom & Meredith Olson Verne Olson II Warren & Lilly Olson Omega Chiropractic Ruth & Ahmad Orandi The Ordway Center Henry & Betty Owen Susan & Gerry Palmer Linda M. Pancratz Jennifer & Brad Parks Pat Parrish & Dave Schaffer Shari & Richard Parsons Mary & David Pederson Bob & Ann Perkins Michael & Dorothy Perry Ted & Mary Pestel James & Donna Peter Helen Peters Penny Peters Carolyn L. Peterson Mary Jo Peterson Anne D. Pick Sue Ann Pirsch Deb Placek-Peterson & Gregg Peterson Mike & Jane Pole David & Norma Porter Carol & Ronald Price Nancy Priedeman Jim Prokopanko & Bonnie McPhee Randall Propp & Randy Nelson Allan & Rita Radke Charles & Susan Reinhart Dr. H. Cris & Linda Remucal Gordon H. Ritz, Jr. Dr. Owen & Sylvain Roberts Janice Robidoux & Janet Robidoux Bonnie & Kendall Ronning

Abigail Rose & Michael Blum Laura Rude Lori & Ross Ruschmeyer John & Maret Ryan Paul & Pat Sackett Saint Paul Garden Club, Inc. Shannon & David Sandquist Forrest & Faye Sargent Patricia Sargent Scheele Learning Systems Jill & Eric Scholtz Pamela & Charlie Schroeder Bevard & Harold Schrum David R. Schubbe Matt Schuth & Susan Mauren Glenn Schwartz & Lenore Rockler Shady Acres Herb Farm Diane Shelgren & George Loomis Joseph N. Shneider Brenda Simon Mary Beth & Rich Simpson Slalom, LLC Sandra & Richard Smith Brian Smoliak Charles Sorenson Gary & Susan Specker Linda & Fred Speece Spoon & Stable Chad & Tracy Spotts Lynn & Sandy Stearns Bob & Judy Steffes Betty Kay & George Stein Chichi Steiner & Tom Rassieur Sally Strand Gerry Strasser Bruce Stroebe & Jane Crosson G. Rolf & Patricia Svendsen Jeffery & Jennifer Svihus Thomas & Jeanne Sween Doug & Pam Swenson Jon & Jerianne Swierzewski Syngenta Corporation Myron & Linda Tank Betsy Tarnowski James & DeeDee Tennison Dr. Joseph & Gail Teynor Kipling Thacker & Kevyn Riley Robert & Marcia Tholen Andrew & Carolyn Thomas Tim & Diane Thorpe Mary Hershberger Thun & David Thun Judy Timmons Brad Tischendorf Cynthia Toms Top Dog Country Club Glenn & Lynette Trygstad Keith & Chandra Tschohl Mrs. Orrin C. Turnquist Twin Cities Orthopedics, P.A. Marilyn & Lowell Ueland Faye Ulrich & Jacqueline Byers Pam & Harold Ulvestad JoAnn & John Uslick Wayne & Kathy Vagts Nancy Van Sloun & Paul Barnard Janet Vandendriessche Bill Varner Dorothy Vawter & David Dudycha Lynn Vernon & Bruce Holcomb Dick & Judy Vogen Waconia Dodge Chrysler Jeep Judy & Don Wagner Lawrence H. Wagner Lowell G. Wakefield Helen Waldron Jeff Walker & Carey Becker Jeff & Chris Walton Laura Walvoord Gary & Judy Watts Harold & Rita Werth Westwood Community Church Bill Whealon & Sylvia Nasla Barbara White David K. Whitney Larry & Nancy Wigley Robert & Jeanette Williams Rufus & Elizabeth Winton Sandra & Brad Wirth Judy & Bill Wise Rosemary & Wayne Wislofsky Kim Wolf Woodchuck USA Susan & Tim Woolard Delores Zbikowski


John E. Andrus III Trust / Catherine Andrus / Elizabeth Andrus / Julie Andrus Marie H. Ankeny Legacy Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation / Pete & Margie Ankeny Carmen & Jim Campbell General Mills Foundation Dan & Ruth Haggerty Mark & Nancy Hanson Whitney & Elizabeth MacMillan Roger & Nancy McCabe Foundation Thomas & Jane Nelson Bart & Kandi Osborn Park Dental Margaret Rivers Fund Jeannine Rivet & Warren Herreid II Elaine Villafana Chuck & Nancy Webster Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.


Individuals who have made commitments of future estate gifts to the Arboretum are honored as members of the Leon Snyder Heritage Society. June L. Aaker Marlene B. & Carl R. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Leonard M. Addington Joyce D. Agnew Kay M. Alberg Dennis P. Albrecht John & Mary Alden Mrs. Darrel R. Alkire Gary & Patrice Alkire A. Lloyd & Drea Alm Elaine & Bob Ambrose Jody & Steve Anderly Eleanor & Elmer Andersen Bernice M. Anderson Lee R. Anderson Mary Anne Anderson Ruth M. Anderson Jane N. & Colebert L. Andrus John E. Andrus III Lois A. Anselment J. Daniel & Anne Baasen Larry & Louise Bachman Lee W. Bachman Stanley & Georgia Bachman Jo & Gordon Bailey Bill & Patricia Baker Denis Bakke Severne M. Banack Mary A. Bang E.W. & Winifred Banktson Bruce & Carol Barry Marion & W. Royce Beamish Carolyn Beatty Walter & Katherine Behun Eve Benesh & John Crowley Frederick & Ann Bentz Henry & Diane Benz Mary I. Berens Ruth M. Berg

Gary & Helen Bergren Scott Berry & Kathryn Johnson Ellen W. Bertram Beth Gilbertsen Betts Diane Bierbaum John & Katharine Billman Debra Bishop Laura S. Black Charlotte & Daryl Blakeborough Darlene & Mike Blazek Ruth M. Booman A. Bosch Robert & Florence Boughton Anne Bowman Armand & Mary Brachman Richard L. Brachmann Leila Brammer Dorene & Tim Brandon Lloyd & Lois Brandt Sandra Brandt Priscilla & Jack Braun David and Lonnie Broden Marney and Conley Brooks, Sr. Nancy M. Brooks Allen and Barbara Brosius Ann E. Bruggeman Eugene & Sharon Brumm Rod & Nancy Bubke Lyn & Lesley Buchan George E. Bugbee & Lucile A. Bugbee Jim & Blenda Bullard Ruth H. Cadwell Louise Ann Carlson Lynda Carlson Patricia M. & Joe Carlson Dick & Marcia Carthaus James D. & Kathryn A. Catalano Ann H. Cathcart Harlan Cavert & Linda Odegard Polly Chandler & Gregory Chanis Irene & Lorne Chanin Judith A. Christensen Marie Christensen, MD Alvin & Helen Chromy Dr. Robert B. Clift Elaine & Foster Cole Marty Collier Peter & Dianne Cook Marion E. Cross Steven Crum Barbara & Edwin Culbert Robert J. & Christy Z. Dachelet Milo D. & Carol J. Dahl Sheldon & Carol Damberg Melvin & Evelyn Davison Richard & Shirley DeLeo Dale E. & Emmillee S. Dennison Douglas & Barbara Diedrich William T. Dolan Rosamond Dols Edna C. Downing Mary Anne & Donald Draayer Thomas M. Dreeze Judith & William Driscoll Robert & Mary Druke Jennifer Dean Dwyer & Jim Dwyer Barbara A. Aman Joan E. Eckerly Hugh & Joyce Edmondson William & Virginia Edwards Doug Ellingson Charles and Shirley Engh Marilyn E. Erickson Harold & Mary Ann Feldman Nancy Gaia Fenna Carol L. Ferris Ester & John Fesler Marilyn L. Fetter Bonita J. & Scott Fisher Alice and Dean Fjelstul Rodney H. Forristall John E. Frank Harold and Rada Fredrikson Johanna M. Frerichs Cheryl S. Frobenius Marion M. Fry Don & Louise Gabbert Audrey & Albert Gallistel Henry & Dorothea Garwick Charles H. & Joyce M. Gauck Donald & Nancy Gilberg

Dr. & Mrs. M. P. Gimpl Anne & Stan Glad Patricia J. Glassing Monica & Andy Graham Anne Gray & George Jacobsen Robyn R. Gray John Greenham & Greg Cole Leona H. Grivelli Greg & Jan Gromek Margaret & Harley Gronseth Lucille and Charles Grosch Margaret "Peg" H. Gruver Larry E. & Charlotte S. Gulden Betty Jean Hahn Lois J. Hall John & Ione Haller Linda Halstead Mary T. Hammar Darlene & James Hancock Margaret (Peggy) & Reuel Harmon Alfred & Ingrid Lenz Harrison Alice L. Harrison Gladys & Thomas Harrison Duane K. Hasegawa Dolores & Harold Hawkins June & Robert Hedin Mary E. Heltsley Bruce & Barbara Hiller Connie Jaye Hines Roger L. Hintze Leonard & Mary Lou Hoeft Andrew Holewa John & Ann Hollick Jean McGough Holten Esther Hope Sally & Jim Hornig Ellyn Hosch & Lee Biersdorf Brad Hoven & Suzette Nordstrom Dr. William & Hella Mears Hueg Rusty and John Huff Delores E. Isaacson Darla R. Jackson Adelle M. Jacoby Betty J. Jefferson Tracy W. Jennings Janice A. Johnson Clarence Johnson Alan & Judy Johnston Gail M. Jones Howard E. & Barbara M. Kaerwer Jerry & Becky Kajander Barbara Kastens Adele Kaufman Jane & Jim Kaufman Stephen F. and Mary D. Keating Susan Keim Christina (Kiki) Kelley Timothy S. Kenny Virginia M. Kivits George & Mary Lou Klacan Donald F. & Mary Lou Klassy Diane & Jeffrey Klausner Norman K. & Madeline R. Knafla Virginia M. Koch Anne M. Koempel Jeffrey S. & RoxAnn D. Kosmoski Eleanor Kowalczyk Greg Krauska & Cindy Skack Mark & MarySue Krueger Judith Kurtz & John Relf Eileen M. Lackmann Jack R. & Hedy V. Lake James A. & Mary J. Landberg John E. Larkin, MD & Colles B. Larkin Elaine & Robert Larson Gerald and Carol Larson Nancy Lauritsen June I. Lees Christine Leick & Guy Marzano Lestor Family Trust Betty A. Lewis Bob & Karen Libke GayLynn & Bill Liljemark Derbin Kenneth Lindgren Dale & Randy Lindquist Barbara C. Link Laura Lundberg Robert E. Lyons Shirley Mahowald & Henry Kinsell Michael & Janet Malik Michael & Donna Mardis

Alan & Sharon Marquardt Hazel Marsh Tom & Kathy Martin Sarah J. Mason Richard P. Mathern Lola B. Maynard Joyce A. McCann Alma & George McCollough Bob & Polly McCrea Michael T. McKinney The Hon. E. Anne McKinsey Bruce and Janelle Melenich Cynthia J. Mertz Kathryn & Jeffrey Messerich Fredrick and Christine Meyer Gordy & Linda Meyer Chet & Miriam Meyers Jo & Bill Mihelich Ida W. Miller Rod Miller and Bill Miner Peter C. Moe Robert J. & Sharon L. Moeller Frank J. & Juliana H. Molek Beverly Montgomery Mrs. Marilyn M. Moon Judy Morgan Marilyn & Vernon Mork Muriel Morrow Ralph & Bonnie Mueller Dale & Jo Ellen Mueller Hal and Luann Muller Charles & Linda Nachtsheim Leonard J. Nadasdy Irving M. Nelson Noren & Karen Nelson Patricia Newman Jim & Carol O'Connor Sylvia Ogren Gerald and Rosemary Olerud Michael Olson & Suzanne Beatty Roy & Amelia Olson Susan Osberg Hendrik & Marri Oskam Jeanne L. Osterby Betty J. Owen Beatrice M. Palmer Derrill M. Pankow Arthur W. & Jane S. Partridge Mrs. James R. Paul Gina J. Paulucci Myron and Deborah Pauly Harold & Shelby Pellett Mrs. Marilyn E. Pemberton Carolyn & Luis Perez Michael & Dorothy Perry Marguerite D. Perschau Janet M. Peter Marjorie & Duane Peterson Jennifer Mugler Peterson Julia Pettibone Herbert & Marilyn Pieper Lucia Pierson Eugenia Pignatello Ernestine R. Pittelkow Ronald & Carol Price Bill & Patti Priesmeyer Laura Prieve Gary & Kathleen Propp Karl & Carol Raitz Cecil C. Ramnaraine Clyde & Mary Reedy Darwin & Geri Reedy Elizabeth Reese-Marton & William Marton Donna Reichmuth Gary & Pam Reierson Judy Reinking Marguerite & Heck Remington Nancy L. Rice Ed & Ella Richter Elizabeth & Walter Ringer Elizabeth A. & Dean K. Rizer, Sr. Judge James D. & Leanna D. Rogers June & Edgar Rogier Patricia & Craig Roslien Marilyn Rushenberg & Susan Farnham Pamela Satre & Michael Funck Allan P. Sauter Marlin Schenck John & Mary Jo Schmitt Ed & Sandy Schneider

Mary Ellen Scholl Kirk & Cheryl Scholz Dr. Jeffrey H. & Patricia A. Schott Gen. Dennis & Pamela Schulstad Russell Schumer & Judith Florestano Marion K. Scott Luella Shaw Diane Shelgren & George Loomis Kathryn & Terry Sherwood Susan K. Shorter Vicki & Karen Siemers Timothy & Janet Singleton Janet J. Sinner Oliver & Barbara Skurdahl Betty B. Slater Anthony & Heather Smith Jacqueline H. Smith Phillip H. Smith Steven Solbrack & Elizabeth Andress Jamie Spanks & Sean Nagel Jane B. Spence Renate & William Sperber Richard & Judith Spiegel Lynn & Sandy Stearns George and Betty Kay Stein Irene G. Steiner Lorraine G. Stewart Jane D. Strebel Barbara & Gordon Strom Anne Sturdivant & Gary Fleishacker Molly Sullivan Marvin & Ardis Sutter Dorothy Swanberg Connie & Craig Swarthout Hazle B. Sweeney Len and Judy Takkunen Kay Savik & Joe Tashjian Susan Taylor & Jeffrey Iseminger John D. & Patricia A. Telfer Janice K. Templin Mark & Kathy Thacher Edwin & Beverly Thiede Dennis Thielen Sara Jean Thoms Wawa J. Thorson Leonard Truhn Elsie Turnquist Faye M. Ulrich Donald P. Untiedt Linda M. Van Prooien Lynn Vernon & Bruce Holcomb Roman & Alice Verostko Robert & Donna Vidas Anne M. Vogel Lynne and Dave Wagner Ed & Carol Wagner Todd R. & Lisa J. Wagner Dan Waloga William K. Wangensteen Chuck & Sally Watson Marilynn J. Weber Mary & Paul Webster Roxanne H. Weeks David P. Welle & Rosemary A. Reinhardt Eloise A. Wetherall Mona Inman and Dan Wetterlin Patrick Whitcomb & Patty Napier Phillip & Kathleen White J. Kimball & Helen Whitney Diane & John Wickenhauser Robert P. Widstrand Jackie Wilhelm Alan C. Williams Barbara S. Willits Donna & Arno Windsor John & Renata Winsor William J. Wintheiser Robert C. & Jean S. Winton Ruth C. Wirt Donise Wright Norma J. Wubbena Penny Wuerth Susan K. Wylie Marilyn & Donald Youel Jane A. Yunginger Joseph & Elizabeth Zetah Anonymous (42)

A N N U A L R E P O R T F Y 2 018

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A flutter of Red Admirals on coneflowers

Photo by MN Landscape Arboretum Photographer’s Society

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Bill Dolan Kay Erickson Lucius Fowler Gary M. Gardner Herbert R. Goldenberg Ruth Haggerty Julie Hahn Helen Hartfiel John S. Helling Shadra Hogan James Hornig Rusty Huff Stephen D. Keating Dr. John E. Larkin, Jr. Sarah Lindahl D. Kenneth Lindgren Dave Maiser Polly McCrea Mary Agnes McQuinn Kathleen E. Murphy Thomas E. Michaels

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