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The Magnavox Thrive Branding Project Book

Introduction Magnavox Thrive, a new division of Magnavox, is the only division of a consumer electronics company that can transform lives by utilizing over 90 years of innovative thinking to provide clean water solutions for a lifetime to the poorest people on earth.

Table of Contents 1.0 RESEARCH

1.1 Research Paper 1.2 Brand Attributes 1.3 Target Audience

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2.1 Design Research 2.2 Mood Boards 2.3 Logo Concepts

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3.1 Logo Standards 3.2 Logo Usage 3.3 Brand Standards

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4.1 Print Designs 34 4.2 Digital Designs 36 4.3 Promotional Material 40


5.1 Research References 5.2 Image References

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1.0 RESEARCH 1.1 Research Paper 1.2 Brand Attributes 1.3 Target Audience

1.1 Research Paper

1.1 Research ABSTRACT Magnavox is well known across the globe for its quality televisions, affordable prices and innovations. Their rich history, and contributions to the world of consumer electronics are nothing less then remarkable. Enforcing strict quality standards on their products and always willing to listen to customers, has allowed Magnavox to thrive for over 90 years. The majority of consumer electronics companies are partially focused on philanthropy and helping others. These manufactures are not paying close enough attention to the consumers or their needs. The rebranding of Magnavox will revitalize their appearance and perception to the general public by creating a division that is only focused on helping others. This division is called Thrive. Raising brand awareness will be the main focus of this campaign. In the spirit of branding, Thrive will receive a logo and public appearance. This fresh look for Thrive will cause consumers to view Magnavox in a different light. An in depth marketing campaign will be launched across multiple mediums simultaneously to raise brand awareness. Broadcasting across social media outlets, television and printed materials, establishes a connection to the target audience. This marketing campaign will also reveal the new look and feel of Thrive by displaying consistent


1.1 Research Paper

colors, themes and calls to action. A loyalty program synced with this campaign will benefit consumers to spread the word about Thrive, as well as purchase more from Magnavox. This loyalty program will be linked with newly developed electronic media for Thrive, which will push them further into the digital/information age. With these improvements, Thrive will become a stronger household name, improve sales for Magnavox and create lifelong connections.


1.2 Brand Attributes

1.2 Brand Attributes ATTRIBUTES Magnavox Thrive not only causes an emotional shift in the audience but it also informs people of a situation they may not have been unaware of. Up until now, no other consumer electronic company with over 90 years of experience has a division that can bring action to providing clean water to the poorest people on the planet.



1.2 Brand Attributes


1.3 Target Audience

1.3 Target Audience AUDIENCE OVERVIEW The target audience of Thrive are Americans who gross over $65,000 dollars a year. Their age ranges from 25-55 men and women. They are very tech savvy, community focused and are conscience of worldly events and news. This style guide appeals to the target audiences by triggering an emotional response of happiness and fulfillment like no other division of a consumer electronics company.


1.3 Target Audience PERSONAS

Originally from New Mexico, Amaury has always been an artist. Drawing at an early age he seemed to be a natural. His life changed when in 1994 when his father pressured him to enroll at Texas Tech and pursued computer science. Amaury started using LinkedIn as a tool to help him find work after his career in computer science went south. Constantly online via iPad, Amaury entered the world of design and started to show case his work online. He grabs inspiration from searching art websites online and visiting museums. A m a u r y brings his iPad to work with him everyday do he can transfer his personal bookmarks with him. His position as Art Director has him continuously fixing issues and managing other peoples time and design direction. Amaury values his lunch beak when he can sit in silence and relax to smooth Jazz music. Typically laid back and constantly improving his craft, Amaury’s commute to work is over two hours long. Amaury takes his children to school two days a week. He is in need of a more fuel-efficient vehicle and a way to entertain his kids during their commute to keep them from bickering.

Born and raised in West Virginia, Carla has always been very close to her family. She enjoys watching the West Virginia Mountaineers’ football games with her two brothers and husband during the college football season. She is constantly on Pintrest and Instagram to browse and “pin” items and images that she likes. The majority of her personal web surfing is done on her iPhone or iPad. While on Facebook, she also stays in contact with college friends that have left the state and supports local business by “liking” their post. At least twice a week she will check online to see if her local coffee shop and bakery have coupons or discounts, since these are daily visits on her commute to work. At least once a year Carla and her husband join Habitat for Humanity and volunteer to help build homes for disaster victims. Carla feels the need to make a connection with people who have similar view as her. Her position as a receptionist leaves her feeling empty and fake. Her volunteer work fills that void and allows her to “recharge her batteries” at least once a year.


2.0 CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT 2.1 Design Research 2.2 Mood Boards 2.3 Logo Concepts

2.1 Design Research

2.1 Design Research OVERVIEW The images choosen are appropriate because they showcase the essence of Magnavox Thrive, represent the people whos lives will transform and display the environments in which this service is focused. All of the images are high in contrast, which showcases detail and supports the reality of the pursuit of clean water. This reality/high contrast approach is used to speak directly to the target audience who needs to feel compelled to help. “…graphics have immense influence over the audience’s perception of the subject matter … The audience’s understanding of the presented material, opinion of the presented material and the presenter, and their emotional state are crucial factors in any decision they will make. Without a doubt, graphics greatly 
influence an audience’s decisions.” (Parkinson, 2012).


2.1 Design Research

Competitive Landscape

CompetitiveTOOL Landscape DESIGN BOX



Design Toolbox for Magnavox Thrive

MAGNAVOX THRIVE Providing Solutions for Clean Water Magnavox Thrive, a new division of Magnavox, is the only division of a consumer electronics company that can transform lives by utilizing over 90 years of innovative thinking to provide clean water solutions for a lifetime to the poorest people on earth. The Thrive campaign is making efforts to building water wells to communities that are in dire need of clean water.


The design will be clean, structured with high focus on imagery. The images have to show those in need as well as those who have been relieved thanks to clean water. The use of earth tone colors and textures represents the environments in which Magnavox Thrive is focused and the areas where the wells will be dug. The font chosen is Kabel. It is san serif, highly legible and a bit stylish. These attributes will help get a clear message across to the audience with out overwhelming them in all design mediums.



navox, is the ompany that ears of r solutions rth.

e “Look :

Sample Imagery

Kabel abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ

Sample Textures

Sample Color Palette RGB 68/50/36

RGB 177/149/125

RGB 242/237/231

CMYK 49/68/80/61

CMYK 27/41/51/1

CMYK 3/5/7/0

RGB 86/118/156

RGB 103/13/12

RGB 159/163/17

CMYK 78/48/21/2

CMYK 30/100/100/42

CMYK 43/23/100/2

Sample Animation



2.2 Mood Boards

2.2 Mood Boards LOOK & FEEL The Magnavox Thrive project will rely solely on hard-hitting images and raw facts in order to drive the point home with the target audience. “Images are the graphic elements that can bring a design to life. Whether as the main focus of a page or as a subsidiary element, images play an essential role in communicating a message and are thus a vital factor in establishing the visual identity of a piece of work.� (Gavin, 72). These mood boards speak to the target audiences by triggering an emotional response. Since the target audience lives far away from the poorest people on the planet, they may not be exposed to people in need of clean water. These mood boards create zag by educating, shocking and allowing the audience to feel empathy like no other division of a consumer electronics company. This can impact the audience and impel them to provide solutions with Magnavox Thrive.


2.2 Mood Boards


2.3 Logo Concepts

2.3 Logo Concepts LOGO DESIGN As part of the design process to raise brand awareness for Magnavox Thrive, a colorful abstract element was originally planned to help branding. “Reading is not necessary to identify shapes, but identifying shapes is necessary to read. The brain acknowledges distinctive shapes that make a faster imprint on memory. (Wheeler, 50). The approach of using colors will help communicate the essence of the brand because of the emotional ties to what Magnavox Thrive wishes to achieve and the emotional sparks from the use of certain colors. Mekkaoui states, “The creativity in designing a logo is not focusing on the subliminal—or the art—it’s in making an impact.” (Mekkaoui, 2010). This statement is very relevant to the current thought process when finalizing a logo for Magnavox Thrive. Initially wanting to create something subtle and artistic, the logo took a turn for something literal that grabs the audiences’ attentions as much as images of children with out clean water.


2.3 Logo Concepts


3.0 STYLE GUIDE 3.1 Logo Standards 3.2 Logo Usage 3.3 Brand Standards

3.1 Logo Standards

3.1 Logo Standards PRIMARY LOGO


3.1 Logo Standards

The Thrive logo is the primary element used to identify the company. It identifies a service identifiable around the world and is a feature of all communication media. As such, the logo is of vital importance both for internal and external communications; the consistent use of this logo helps to set the company apart.

Black and White

Single Color


SLOGAN The slogan is not needed for internal documents, presentations or if the logo is 1� in width. This also applies to embroidering and clothing applications.

Full Color no Slogan

Black and White no Slogan

Single Color no Slogan


3.2 Logo Usage

3.2 Logo Usage MINIMUM SIZE The logo may use the slogan to a minimum size of 1.5” wide. The logo has a minimum size of 0.8” wide. Shrinking the logo smaller then 0.8” wide is prohibited. CLEAR SPACE The clear space or buffer zone describes the area surrounding the logo in which no other elements can be placed. The purpose is to ensure that the logo always achieves optimum visual effect. The water droplet should be used as an element to measure the clear space around the logo regardless of size or if the slogan is being used.


3.2 Logo Usage

PROHIBITED USE OF LOGO The logo changes described below are prohibited because they prevent a uniform appearance of the Thrive brand. Only a logo that constantly remains the same and is clearly recognizable can support the development of a strong brand.

Do not add new elements to the logo

Do not turn the logo

Do not add a drop shadow to the logo

Do not distort the logo


3.3 Brand Standards

3.3 Brand Standards BRAND COLORS The blue (which represents water) is the primary color for Thrive. The remaining earth-tone colors represent some of the dry environments that Thrive will do its work. RGB 68/50/36

RGB RGB RGB RGB RGB RGB RGB RGB 242/237/231 177/149/125 242/237/231242/237/231 68/50/36 177/149/125 68/50/36 177/149/125

CMYK CMYK CMYK CMYK CMYK CMYK CMYK CMYK 3/5/7/0 27/41/51/13/5/7/0 27/41/51/1 27/41/51/1 49/68/80/61 49/68/80/61 49/68/80/61

CMYK 3/5/7/0

RGB RGB RGB RGB RGB RGB RGB RGB RGB 103/13/12159/163/17 159/163/17 103/13/12 103/13/12159/163/17 86/118/156 86/118/156 86/118/156 CMYK CMYK CMYK CMYK CMYK CMYK CMYK CMYK CMYK 43/23/100/2 30/100/100/42 30/100/100/42 43/23/100/243/23/100/2 78/48/21/2 78/48/21/2 78/48/21/230/100/100/42


3.3 Brand Standards

TYPOGRAPHY The font makes an important contribution to the brand image and its recognition factor. Like the logo and colors, it also aids in brand identity and brand reinforcement. For Thrive, the Kable font family is used for headline fonts as well as body text fonts. Kable is a sans-serif, universally applicable font type. It conveys a modern overall impression and is characterized by a realistic cool elegance with good legibility even with large amounts of text.

Kabel ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789 ! ?.,&$%/()=; : * #-@


3.3 Brand Standards


Water splashes, aged wood, and dry earth are all textures that can be utilized in expressing the urgency for the need of clean water.


3.3 Brand Standards USE OF IMAGES The images for Thrive will have three areas of involvement. The shocking truthful images which will revile people in need of clean water. The solutions provided by Thrive, and the end result of happy families whose live have been transformed. The images will educate, shock, comfort and allow the audience to feel empathy like no other division of a consumer electronics company. This can impact the audience and impel them to support solutions with Thrive. This approach is appealing to the audience because once they help they will have a feeling of joy because they know they are now part of a solution to help others.


4.0 FINAL DESIGNS 4.1 Print Designs 4.2 Digital Designs 4.3 Promotional Material

4.1 Print Designs

4.1 Print Designs BILLBOARD Billboards in major cities across the US will be put up to promote and spark interest in the Thrive campaign. The billboards main goal will be to drive people to the newly created website where they will learn more about Thrive and how they can help.



4.1 Print Designs

MAGAZINE AD Ads with QR codes that link to social media and the new website will be placed in magazines that are parallel with the target audience’s income, interest and geographic location. These ads will consists of a two page spread showing the harsh contrast of those in need of clean water, and those who now have clean water.


4.2 Digital Designs

4.2 Digital Designs WEBSITE The creation of a website will be the headquarters of Thrive’s online presence. This newly created site will contain facts about the clean water epidemic, pictures and videos of those in need and those who have been helped through Thrive. A donation button can be found on every page, along with a status report feed informing people of week-byweek progress that is being made across the planet through Thrive. Links to social media sites (Facebook & Twitter) will be part of the global navigation.


4.2 Digital Designs


4.2 Digital Designs

TV ADS A series of 15-second commercials will air on televisions across the US. These commercials will state the ruthless reality of people with out clean water. The commercials will prompt viewers to visits the Thrive website to donate and become friends on Facebook.




4.2 Digital Designs MOBILE APP A mobile app will be created for Apple and Android devices. This app will allow users to get swift updates on Thrive’s current fundraising campaigns, concerts and progress. There would also be an easy donation button built in, allowing users to donate on the go and encourage their friends on social media sites to donate as well.


FACEBOOK Mini monthly fundraising campaigns will be launched to the public and paired with fortune 500 companies and small business. Thrive will encourage people to “Like” or share information about GNC (for example). Once a specific numbers of “Likes” are achieved in the designated time, GNC will donate a specified amount of money to Thrive. These campaigns can take place every month, which will raise funds for water wells and awareness to the epidemic of people in need of clean water.

Magnavox Thrive, a new division of Magnavox, is the only division of a consumer electronics company that can transform lives by utilizing over 90 years of innovative thinking to provide clean water solutions for a lifetime to the poorest people on earth.


4.3 Promotional Material

4.3 Promotional Material A series of promotional items will be created to promote Thrive, build awarness and prompt others to visits the Thrive website to donate and become friends on Facebook.



4.3 Promotional Material BUSINESS CARDS


5.0 REFERENCES 5.1 Research References 5.2 Image References

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Doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Everyone Deserve Clean Water?