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The Magnavox Thrive Branding Project Book


Introduction Magnavox Thrive, a new division of Magnavox, is the only division of a consumer electronics company that can transform lives by utilizing over 90 years of innovative thinking to provide clean water solutions for a lifetime to the poorest people on earth.



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The Logo MINIMUM SIZE The logo may use the slogan to a minimum size of 1.5” wide. The logo has a minimum size of 0.8” wide. Shrinking the logo smaller then 0.8” wide is prohibited.

CLEAR SPACE The clear space or buffer zone describes the area surrounding the logo in which no other elements can be placed. The purpose is to ensure that the logo always achieves optimum visual effect. The water droplet should be used as an element to measure the clear space around the logo regardless of size or if the slogan is being used.


PROHIBITED USE OF LOGO The logo changes described below are prohibited because they prevent a uniform appearance of the Thrive brand. Only a logo that constantly remains the same and is clearly recognizable can support the development of a strong brand. Do not add new elements to the logo

Do not turn the logo

Do not add a drop shadow to the logo

Do not distort the logo


Research ABSTRACT Magnavox is well known across the globe for its quality televisions, affordable prices and innovations. Their rich history, and contributions to the world of consumer electronics are nothing less then remarkable. Enforcing strict quality standards on their products and always willing to listen to customers, has allowed Magnavox to thrive for over 90 years. The majority of consumer electronics companies are partially focused on philanthropy and helping others. These manufactures are not paying close enough attention to the consumers or their needs. The rebranding of Magnavox will revitalize their appearance and perception to the general public by creating a division that is only focused on helping others. This division is called Thrive. Raising brand awareness will be the main focus of this campaign. In the spirit of branding, Thrive will receive a logo and public appearance. This fresh look for Thrive will cause consumers to view Magnavox in a different light. An in depth marketing campaign will be launched across multiple mediums simultaneously to raise brand awareness. Broadcasting across social media outlets, television and printed materials, establishes a connection to the


target audience. This marketing campaign will also reveal the new look and feel of Thrive by displaying consistent colors, themes and calls to action. A loyalty program synced with this campaign will benefit consumers to spread the word about Thrive, as well as purchase more from Magnavox. This loyalty program will be linked with newly developed electronic media for Thrive, which will push them further into the digital/information age. With these improvements, Thrive will become a stronger household name, improve sales for Magnavox and create lifelong connections.

Doesn’t Everyone Deserve Clean Water?

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