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First Amicae & Youth Auxiliary State Conference of Delaware

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FIRST AMICAE & YOUTH AUXILIARY CONFERENCE April 20, 2013 9:00 AM—3:00 PM Theme: “Working Together by Contributing to the Principles of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority” 8:30 am – 11:00 am

Registration Open

8:30 am – 11:00 am

Z-HOPE Donations Collected

8 : 3 0 a m – 2 : 0 0p m

Vendors Open

8 : 3 0 a m – 9: 3 0 a m

Continental Breakfast Provided by EPZ Chapter

9: 00 am – 9: 35 am

Opening General Session Welcome by DE State Director & Atlantic Regional Director Amicae/Youth Auxiliary National Initiatives (Main Auditorium)

9:40 am – 10:25 am

10:25 am – 10:40 am

V e n d o r s

10:45 am – 11:25 am

11:40 pm – 12:35 pm

12: 40 p m -1:20pm

O p e n

Amicae 1: Parliamentarian Procedures

Pearlette 1: Health & Wellness

Amicette 1: Health & Wellness

Archonette 1: Health & Wellness

Break Amicae 2: Chapter Management & State Elections

Pearlette 2: Communications

Amicette 2: Communications

Archonette 2: Communications

Buffet Luncheon Amicae 3: Building the Club -3Rs

Pearlette 3: Goal Setting

Amicette 3: Goal Setting

Archonette 3: Goal Setting

1: 25 p m – 2: 00 pm

Closing General Session: Amicae Election Results & Closing Remarks (Main Auditorium)

2: 00 p m – 3: 00 pm

Wrap Up & Conclusion of conference

Delaware State Auxiliary Conference 2013

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Conference Workshop Details Time


Title & Description


9:40—10:25 am

Amicae Carnation

Parliamentarian Procedures Learn the basics to facilitating smooth and effective meetings and protocol standards

Janice Johnson

10:45—11:25 am

Amicae Carnation

Chapter Management & State Amicae Elections Keep up with appropriate documents and efficiently manage the club and its membership

Curi Lawrence Benity Sewell Lynnette Hudson Linda Lawrence

12:40—1:20 pm

Amicae Carnation

Building the Club-Recruitment, Reclamation and Retention Learn key outreach strategies to the 3Rs in building a productive club.

9:40—10:25 am

Pearlette Tea Health & Wellness: Picture a Better You Rose Learn quick and easy tips for proper personal hygiene and grooming strategies.

10:45—11:25 am

Pearlette Tea Communication Basics: Sharing Your Feelings Rose and Emotions Effective tools for youth to use to share feelings.

Jaye Govens

12:40—1:20 pm

Pearlette Tea Goal Setting: Exploring Career Professions Rose An opportunity to learn of the various professions for girls to consider as they grow older.

Danielle Brown Clesha Macklin Jovita Minor

9:40—10:25 am

Amicette Tulip

Health & Wellness: Being the Best Me—Taking Care of Yourself Building good strategies for the best positive tween.

10:45—11:25 am

Amicette Tulip

Communications: Social Media Etiquette & Internet Safety How to stay safe and use social manners online.

12:40—1:20 pm

Amicette Tulip

Goal Setting & Time Management Learn great tips and strategies to make the most of your time and get more priorities completed.

Samantha Ash

9:40—10:25 am

Archonette Forget-MeNot

Health & Wellness: Be Unique and Learning to Love Oneself Maintaining healthy self-esteem in an image driven society.

Benity Sewell

10:45—11:25 am

Archonette Forget-MeNot

Communications: Social Media Etiquette & Cyber Bullying Learn tips to keep from becoming a victim or offending someone online.

12:40—1:20 pm

Archonette Forget-MeNot

Goal Setting: So what is next? Planning for life after high school Prepare for the challenges of life after high school and heading to a secondary institution.

Tami Stewart Miya McMillion

Jovita Minor Chi Theta

Tami Stewart Althea Armstrong Rosa Howze

ell Roberts Jones Dolmesha Bolton

Curi Lawrence Loren Holland Rhonda PowellSargeant

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Regional Director

Delaware State Auxiliary Conference 2013

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Delaware State Auxiliary Conference 2013

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Delaware State Auxiliary Conference 2013

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Delaware State Auxiliary Conference 2013

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated State of Delaware 1101 White Oak Road Dover, Delaware 19901 Cell Phone: (302) 242-3210 email: Mary Breaux Wright 24th International President

Janet Y. Bivins, Esq. 16th Atlantic Regional Director Martha Sims Wilson 10 Delaware State Director th

April 20, 2013 Greetings Sorors, Amicae and Youth: It is with pleasure that I extend to you my congratulations and welcome you with gratitude to your 1 st Amicae and Youth State Leadership Conference. As the State Amicae Coordinator for the State of Delaware, I am humbled to have this opportunity to share with you on this day and to show appreciation of your tireless efforts, support and commitment to our organization. Together, we will continue to uphold the Principles of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. while blazing new paths. I bring greetings to our State Director, Martha Sims Wilson for her vision to have a Amicae/Youth Conference. To our Regional Director of Amicae Affairs, Lynnette Hudson, I thank you for your continued support and for what you are doing for our Amicae. To the members of the conference planning committee and sorors who have volunteered their time and talents, words cannot express the dedication that you have given to make this conference a success for our Amicae and Youth. Last but not least, a special recognition to my co-chair and State Youth Coordinator, Michelle Mack-Williams you have been an inspiration to me and a dynamic chair! To our Amicae and Youth auxiliaries it is my prayer that you will have an awesome conference and be enlightened to continue to do the work of Zeta while enhancing the lives of others. Peace and Blessings,

Linda B. Lawrence Linda B. Lawrence Delaware State Amicae Coordinator

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Delaware State Auxiliary Conference 2013

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On Behalf of Zeta Amicae of Wilmington it is an honor for me to extend greetings to our Zeta Friends, Amicae and Youth on this special occasion of the first Amicae and Youth State Leadership conference. You are to be congratulated in making a difference in the lives in which you serve in the community. It is a privilege for Amicae to commit to the goals and objectives of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. We pledge to unify as one, for together we can make a difference.

Again Best Wishes and Enjoy

Sincerely Amica Rose Cohen, President

Delaware State Auxiliary Conference 2013

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Zeta Amicae of Dover Theta Zeta Zeta Chapter Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

April 20, 2013 Amicae, Zeta Friends and Youth Auxiliaries, It is in the matchless name of Jesus the Christ that I greet you. I, President Brenda McCreary and the Zeta Amicae of Dover, are extremely overjoyed in sharing the endeavors of the first Amicae and Youth Auxiliaries State Conference. It is with no doubt that this conference is setting the mark for the great things to come and to continue in the name of Zeta Phi Beta. Our name “Amicae” means friends and this is what we stand for. We always will be steadfast in our priorities to lend assistance to our Zeta Friends because we do foster the same ideas and sisterhood of the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated. We stand committed and ever vigilant in serving our communities, families and friends. Psalms 133:1 states, “Behold, how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell in unity.” (KJV) In this passage we reaffirm that is good to be in unity with the youth auxiliaries and our Zeta Friends and fellow Amicae. This is what we do and who we are. We are Zeta Amicae! Leading by Serving, Best Wishes, Amica Brenda McCreary, President Zeta Amicae of Dover

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Zeta Amicae of Wilmington In November, 1961 a group of women who had Zeta ideals met at the home of Mrs., Evelyn Smoot in Newark, De. The late Past Basileus of Epsilon Rho Zeta Chapter Bertha Johns and Sorority member Marion Walley sponsored Delaware’s first Zeta Amicae Auxiliary-thus Zeta Amicae of Wilmington sponsored by, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Epsilon Rho Zeta Chapter had its beginning. In 2012 the Amicae of Wilmington celebrated 50 years! Zeta Amicae of Wilmington Delaware was charted on April 10, 1962 and has one charter member still active, Amicae Mary W. Gray. The Amicae of Wilmington added their Scholarship program in 1963 and have awarded more than 76, 000 in scholarship since the program inception. The scholarships are presented at the Annual Scholarship luncheon and Fashion Show. For more than forty six years the Zeta Amicae of Wilmington Delaware community service has covered a wide area. The Amicae of Wilmington started many years ago visiting senior citizens who were at the former Layton Home(3th & Market and 8 th & Walnut St), Kent mere, Gilpin Hall, Parkview, Episcopal Nursing Homes, Ingleside Retirement Community, and the Renal Care Center for dialysis patients. The Amicae of Wilmington give financial assistance , food certificates and clothing to the needy. Generous donations have been presented to Mary Mother of Hope House and the Mary Campbell Center. More recently the Amicae of Wilmington volunteer at the Stork’s Nest in Wilmington Hospital and have made a financial donation to the Needy Family Fund. The Amicae of Wilmington have received several certificates of appreciation for their volunteer service to the community. As a result of the continual efforts and hard work , the Amicae of Wilmington has been presented with many local and regional awards. The Auxiliary holds a lifetime membership in the NAACP and some of the members have held several positions on the local , state and regional level. Zeta Amicae of Wilmington continues to donate, volunteer, work in the community by living up to the high ideals set forth by Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

Delaware State Auxiliary Conference 2013

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Zeta Amicae of Dover In 1979, an auxiliary to Zeta Phi Beta, known as Zeta Amicae of Dover, was established. This auxiliary was designed for women that embrace the same ideals of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., but for various reasons were unable or elected not to obtain a bachelor’s degree. A few of the Amicae have received higher degrees and were invited to become members of Zeta. The Dover Amicae over the years, in partnership with the Theta Zeta Zeta Chapter in Dover have been instrumental in various charitable works, such as providing school supplies for children and providing food baskets for needy families during the holidays. The Zeta Amicae of Dover also are affiliated with the March of Dimes, and the Stork’s Nest that are located in partnership with Bayhealth Medical Center in Dover and Milford. The long tenure of the Zeta Amicae of Dover was celebrated on November. 14 , 2009 . The Zeta Amicae of Dover held a gala to celebrate 30 years of service and to recognize the work done by Dover’s Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance, a group of churches working to better the community, and that of Marion Harris, founder of Dover’s House of Pride, a shelter for men recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. The Zeta Amicae of Dover continue to subscribe to the ideals of the Zeta Phi Beta sorority and those who want to become involved in service to their community. The legacy of the cornerstone of Zeta— community service, sisterhood, scholarship and finer womanhood continue to drive the members of the Amicae of Dover. Lead by President Brenda McCreary, the group are highly recognized and resourceful with the help of all its member that include: Maygan Beckles, Tina Durant, Sonja Yelzerton, Sophia Yelzerton, Raquel Hinkson-Lang and Psyche Cherry. The Blue Family of Dover grows every year.

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Epsilon Rho Zeta’s Youth Clubs The Youth Auxiliary of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Epsilon Rho Zeta Chapter was formed in September 2000 under the leadership of former Chapter President, Linda Amos. The first membership roster included two Amicettes and four Pearlettes. In that same year, two Amicettes and two Pearlettes represented Epsilon Rho Zeta Chapter at the Atlantic Regional Youth Conference held in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. At the conference, Epsilon Rho Zeta Chapter’s youth auxiliary was recognized with an award for forming a new auxiliary and all four auxiliary members received academic awards.

In 2004, the Atlantic Region hosted its last Youth Regional Conference and unfortunately, the youth members of Epsilon Rho Zeta Chapter were unable to attend. The auxiliary did however; receive a Z-HOPE award for having completed various Z-HOPE projects that year. In 2006, with the help and encouragement of former Delaware State Director, Deidre Ottley, two Amicettes and two Archonettes represented the State of Delaware as registered youth attendees at the Grand Boulé in Hollywood, Florida. On January 13, 2007, under the leadership of former Youth Auxiliary Director, Vonetta Pierce, Epsilon Rho Zeta Chapter hosted a Youth Auxiliary Kick-off event. As a result, the youth auxiliary was revitalized and began to increase greatly in scope and in membership.

Since 2007, the members of Epsilon Rho Zeta Chapter’s youth auxiliary have focused on increasing their visibility within the community and have joined local community organizations in order to serve others. The youth have volunteered countless hours in an effort to fight hunger, uplift the spirits of senior citizens, provide care packages and clothing for cancer patients, and the homeless to name a few. Signature programs include: Basket Brigade, Jeans for Girls Jean drive, Salvation Army Bell Ringing, UNICEF gift wrapping, Macy’s Believe Campaign & Make- A- Wish Foundation, toiletry drive for patients of the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center, Penny Drop Fundraiser for March for Babies, assembly of meal & personal care packages at the Newark Food Bank, as well as the Ronald McDonald House.

Delaware State Auxiliary Conference 2013

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Pearlettes, Amicettes & Archonettes In 2011, Epsilon Rho Zeta Chapter launched its R.O.Y.A.L. “Reaching Out to Youth for the Attainment of Leadership” Miss Blue Revue mentoring program, which is tailored to meet the unique needs of girls 14-18 years of age. The young ladies enrolled in the program, participate in a variety of community service projects, are taught the importance of good fiscal management, learn social etiquette, interviewing techniques and learn to build their leadership skills. The life skills they learn are designed to increase both their civic and cultural awareness. The R.O.Y.A.L. Miss Blue Revue Debutante Ball serves as a pinnacle event for the mentoring program. On Saturday, October 20, 2012 at the Sheraton Hotel in New Castle, Delaware, Epsilon Rho Zeta Chapter hosted its first R.O.Y.A.L. Miss Blue Revue Ball, in which nine young ladies were presented to the community as debutantes. Each debutante showcased the skills and talents they developed as a result of their participation in the R.O.Y.A.L. mentoring program, and provided their testimony about how they each benefitted from the program.

At the 2012 Magnificent Boulé held in Chicago, Illinois, Epsilon Rho Zeta Chapter’s Youth Auxiliary, under the leadership of Michelle Mack-Williams, received recognition as a Distinguished Pearl Auxiliary at the Distinguished Pearl Chapter-Auxiliary Awards Banquet. Currently, Epsilon Rho Zeta Chapter’s Youth Auxiliary has a total of 36 active members: 9 Pearlettes, 16 Amicettes, and 11 Archonettes. Each club has at least two advisors who mentor and guide the young ladies at their monthly meetings. The mission and focus of each club is to enhance the lives of the young ladies that participate through a curriculum which promotes Scholarship, Service, Sisterly Love, and Finer Woman

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ThZZ youth

Theta Zeta Zeta’s Youth Clubs In the year 1980, the Theta Zeta Zeta chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority incorporated formed their youth auxiliary. The group of five Archonettes were advised by Rosa Smith and Dorothy O’ Liffridge. In 1992 the Archonettes and Amicettes held their first youth conference which was their official debut. The young ladies performed a step show during the conference. In 1995 the young ladies attended the Atlantic Regional conference in New York. In 1998 under the leadership of Deidre Ottley and Sahirah Hameed, the youth chapter of Theta Zeta Zeta hosted the Atlantic Region Youth Conference in Dover, DE. The conference was a huge success! Some other activities that the young ladies participated in were: a Breakfast at Dover Air Force Base and a slumber party at Zeta Sister Armstrong’s home which the young ladies learned about skin care from a representative of Fashion 220. At the turn of the 21st century the youth auxiliary grew with the addition of the Pearlettes. These young ladies were advised by Dr. Mary Francis Jones and Blanche Crim.

Delaware State Auxiliary Conference 2013

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Pearlettes, Amicettes & Archonettes Four youth have since then became members of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated, they are: Alyssa Spellman, Malakhya Haneed, Dr. Sherron Taylor, Delaware State Director Martha Sims-Wilson. Today the chapter’s youth group continues to grow under the leadership of Samantha Ash, Chandra Owens, Miya McMillion, along with co-advisors Natalie White and Tiffany Outlaw-Taylor. The girls continue to participate in the March of Dimes—March for Babies, the DSU annual homecoming parade, as well as various other community service projects and fundraisers.

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Conference Notes

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Delaware State Auxiliary Conference 2013

The Conference Vendors

BLACK GREEK APPAREL.COM 1148 PULASKI HWY, SUITE 107 BEAR, DE 19701 Neil Reeves, President

TEL: 302-229-0690 FAX: 302-731-2775

The Ladies of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. State of Delaware, extend a heartfelt thank you to those who have donated items and services. We truly appreciate your generous support of the 2013 Amicae & Youth Auxiliary State Leadership Conference

We would like to take this opportunity to extend a special thanks to the Amicae & Youth Auxiliary Committee, to our members, the club participants, parents and to everyone for their commitment and efforts towards making this programs a success. A special thanks goes to all who worked tirelessly and uncompromisingly to make this program what we all believed it would be. Again we say THANK YOU!!!

Amicae & Youth Conference Program 2013  

Delaware State Auxiliart Conference 2013

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