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Volume 9, Issue 2

30th January - 13th February , 2014

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Locals and visitors kick up their heels for fundraiser - pg 3

Brian farewells fire brigade after 42 years - pg 4

Blast from the past: Mount Morgan Soccer- pg 14

More than 200 locals kicked off their Australia Day celebrations at the Mount Morgan Dam last Sunday, where they enjoyed some summer sun, sausages on the BBQ and an array of activities as part of the Mount Morgan Rotary Club’s community fun day. See page 6 for details. Pictured: Local residents, Kaleb and Lori enjoying the Aussie Day celebrations at the Mt Morgan Dam.

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It was great to enjoy Australia Day celebrations in a true Aussie style and to see so many of our wonderful Australian Flags flying. While the Aussie flag is a worldwide symbol known as the flag of many stars, how well do you know our State Flags? Each state has the Union Jack in the upper left quarter and the right side has the chosen badge for the State. Queensland first: Our badge predicts a light blue Maltese Cross with a St. Edwards Crown in the centre of the Cross. The background of the badge is a white disc. Queensland’s emblem is the Cooktown Orchid and our colour is maroon. (The mighty maroons). New South Wales: Their badge depicts the red cross of St. George and at both arms end is an eight pointed gold star. In the centre of the cross is a golden lion passant guardant. The badge background is also a white disc. Their emblem is the Waratah and the colour of course is blue. Victoria: The badge depicts the Southern Cross with the St. Edwards crown above it. The Southern Cross stars vary in size and range from five to eight points. The badge is printed on the flag and requires no feature disc. Victoria’s emblem is the common heath and their colour is navy blue. South Australia: This state’s badge depicts a Piping Shrike with wings erect and fully outstretched. Although often referred to as an Australian Magpie, it is not a true magpie. The background is a yellow disc. Their emblem is the Sturt’s Desert Pea and the state colour is red. Western Australia: The badge shows a black swan swimming from right to left with the background of a yellow disc. W.A’s emblem is the kangaroo paw and its colour is gold and black. Tasmania: The badge predicts a red Lion facing left on a white disc background. The symbolism of the lion is assumed to indicate the States historical tie to England. The Tasmanian Blue Gum is its emblem and their colour is bottle green. The badge of these four states is shown on a shield on the Australian Coat of Arms. The Northern Territory has its own flag with one third of it black with the Southern Cross shown and the other two thirds is brown with their emblem the Sturt’s White Rose in a circle in the middle. The N.T. colours are black white and ochre. All in all we have very interesting state flags, emblems and colours as our Australia is a truly unique country so let us keep it pristine by “Thinking Clean and Being Tidy.”

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A fun way to fundraise


More than 60 people commenced their Australia Day celebrations early last week, with an Australia Day Bush Dance, hosted by the Golden Mount Festival Committee. Held last Saturday evening, the event welcomed attendees from around region and saw many dance the night away to performances by Capricornia Dance Exchange. The evening saw the Community Services Hall specially decorated for the Bush themed event, complete with bales of hay. A number of outfits donned by guests added to the theme even further – with many dressing in “hillbilly” attire. In theme: Nicholai von Tonslamann and Faylyn Cook.

Dancing the night away: guests enjoying the Golden Mount Festival’s recent fundraiser.

All smiles: attendees and members of the Caves Dance group join in on the fun.

Movie magic in the Mount A number of locals experienced a whole new take on the concept “a night out at the movies” last Friday, when they enjoyed a movie under the stars at the Big Dam. The evening was part of the Twilight Movie activities hosted by the Rockhampton Regional Council and presented a free screening of Disney’s “Meet the Robinsons”.

Guests were treated to perfect weather and a tranquil backdrop for the family film, as they kicked back on picnic blankets and foldout chairs at one of Mount Morgan’s most scenic outdoor settings. Movie magic: RRC’s first Twilight Movies in Mount Morgan for 2014 welcomed a great turnout - held last Friday, at the Mount Morgan Dam.


Brian farewells fire brigade after 42 years

When Brian Glover first signed on for the Mount Morgan Fire Brigade, chances are his 23 year old self had no idea it would be four decades before he would hang up his helmet for the final time. Last month, Brian called it a day from the local station, after 42 years of voluntary service. “I’d just returned from National Service and there was a structure fire close by to where I was living,” Brian said on his early interest in joining the local crew. “I remember watching the fellas and what they had to do and thought it was something I’d like to learn. So, I went to the fire station one training night, did the necessary paperwork and joined the brigade.” That was in 1971. Brian started as an auxiliary fireman and ascended ranks over his many years with the local service; retiring as a Lieutenant on the 14th of December, 2013. He was given an official sendoff by the local station earlier this month, where he was joined by colleagues, family and friends for the special milestone. “It was a very good night,” Brian said. “There were a lot of laughs - many memories and many tales.” Discussing some of the most memorable moments during his years of service, Brian said they include a wide mix. “There’s been many memories over the years,” he said. “I’ve been to some horrific accidents, structure fires and building fires.” There are positives memories too. “Over the 40 odd years, I can remember where we’d have to go into a burning structure and help bring some family members out to safety. Fortunately in those instances there was no one badly injured.

“One particular incident I’ll always remember is the second hand dealer’s shop at the bottom of Dee Street which while fighting fires, we were not only trying to put fires out but we were ducking for cover from what we believe at the time were bullets and shells and rifles in amongst the equipment in the second hand shop. “Another memorable incident was the old Echo newspaper building in Morgan Street, the night it went up. I remember when we went back the next morning to make sure everything was safe, we discovered that there was a 6 foot tin fence between us and where the fire was. We can’t work out how we got over the fence because there were no gates open, but we got there. That’s one of many times your adrenaline’s running so high.” Along with close calls, Brian said a number of incidents are particularly memorable given the changes to work practices and regulations over the years. “There have been many changes, and more over the years in the change of workplace health and safety,” Brian said. “You look back now at some of the situations over the years and I suppose there were some crazy antics that you wouldn’t be allowed to get away with today.” Brian recalls a particular incident that a few of his colleagues would also. “We had an agreement with our staff that vehicles didn’t go out without at least an officer on board if available. One night we had four firies on the truck and they didn’t hear me coming, so when they went to drive off I jumped on the back, crawled over the top and spoke to them through the rear window from the top of the fire truck. “Of course, looking back now, that’s very dangerous and certainly wouldn’t be advised,” he laughed.

“Also in the experience of accidents – being able to assist and help other emergency services in doing rescues.”

One particular change brought about as a result of new regulations was the hands on involvement from family members.

Along with assisting others in difficult situations, Brian’s time firefighting also included some very close calls for himself and other members of the local crew.

“In the earlier days, especially in the board days, the wives and girlfriends would follow us out with sandwiches and water,” Brian said.

“My wife and Carol Reid and the younger mums would get together and spend many an hour or two just following us around the hills. It was lovely to have them, cause that sandwich or water on the run was the only thing you had between breakfast and tea. “But now we carry our water and refreshments on board the truck,” he said. With more than 40 years of service, Brian said it wasn’t easy to sum up his days as a firefighter, but reflected on the support from his colleagues.

5   

  

“All I can say is that over the years, the crew I work with – they were always happy, and we worked as a team.” The support of family was another highlight Brian made.

“Without the wives and girlfriends, sometimes the firies would be lost,” he said.

“There are some long hours and it wasn’t unusual to sit down to a roast meat meal and when you’re just about ready to get into the meal the sirens go off, or the pagers now, and there goes your roast tea – which you don’t sometimes get to get back to.”

  

“It can be very hard on the families- once the alarms go off in the middle of the night, everyone is up or waiting.”

During his years of service Brian received a Qld Fire and Rescue Diligent and Ethical Service Medal; the first in Mount Morgan to receive this, as well as a National Medal awarded after 20 years of service. Pictured: Brian and Carol Glover during Brian’s official send off earlier this month, together with the gifts presented by the local crew. Brian was presented with a mounted model fire truck and a framed photo of the local team of 2013.

        

                              

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Aussie celebrations at the Mount Morgan Dam Looking about the area last Sunday, things couldn’t have appeared more different than they did this time last year. Battered with wild weather as a result of ex-Cyclone Oswald, the local area’s Australia Day celebrations for 2013 were near nonexistent for many. Last Sunday proved a much different scenario however, with hundreds enjoying the clear skies and Australia Day festivities on offer at the Mount Morgan Dam. The free community fun day, which was hosted by the Mount Morgan Rotary Club, treated locals to a range of children’s amusements, live entertainment and some favourite Aussie dishes.

Little Aussies: Banjo and Gypsy Rose Charles.

The day also included an official flag raising ceremony, carried out by the 5th Light Horse Regiment Mount Morgan Troop. The Mount Morgan Rotary Club thanks all who attended. “The day was a lot of fun and we were really happy with the number of people who joined us for the celebrations,” Mount Morgan Rotary President, Del Rowley said. “We’ve been receiving some great feedback from the day and sincerely thank all who came along.” “A big thanks also goes to the 5th Light Horse Regiment Mount Morgan Troop for their support and to our live entertainers for the day; Di Coburn, Jim Lynch, Alma Graham, Freda McDougall and Greg Mathers.”

Patriotic pair: Rob and Corrina Gasler.

The event was sponsored by the Rockhampton Regional Council.

Happy little vegemite: Rotary member, Ruth Summers.

Sampling some Aussie fair: Natalie Stevens enjoying a lamington.


Water fun: Fun Time Amusement’s water ball rides proved a major hit throughout the morning. Activities also included a merry-go-round and jumping castle.

Cooper Garrett is all smiles at the Aussie Day celebrations.

Cuddly companion: Wildlife Carer, Trish Mathers with agile wallaby joey, Woolly Jumper.

Official proceedings by the 5th Light Horse Regiment Mt Morgan Troop.

Mikaela Anderson takes time out for some face painting as part of the Aussie Day celebrations.

Find these plus more Aussie Day photos on our Facebook page! A day at the dam: Bill and Lorna Walters.

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Hi Argus readers, We hope 2014 is off to a great start for you and that you each had a fantastic long weekend celebrating Australia Day! There were certainly a few fun local events held over the weekend to help you celebrate.

Speaking of celebrations…

Last week four members of the MMPAD/ Railway Museum team celebrated birthdays! Once again, a very big happy birthday to Melray McNamara who celebrated her birthday last Tuesday, and also to John Steinberger, Alan Todd and Joe Sanderson who each celebrated their birthdays last Friday! We hope you each had a wonderful day. This fantastic four make up part of our hardworking team. We are incredibly lucky to have the support and assistance of some very hard working local residents, with the majority of our team, including our Executive, made up of volunteers.

As always, we are keen to welcome newcomers to our team also…

by Trish & Greg Mathers This terrible hot and dry weather is taking a terrible toll on our native animals. We are lucky to have had at least some rain; however the heat really does affect wildlife. Please, if you are able, place a bowl or two of water around your yard, preferably one that is shallow and low and another that is high enough for birds etc. to access without being predated upon. Putting them in a shady spot is a great idea. If you are using a large container, then place a stick in it so small birds can get out if they happen to fall in or get stuck in there while bathing. We are blessed to live in an area with such a diverse, and at times, rare and unusual range of wildlife. A couple of weeks ago we had a Northern Quoll come into care. These were believed to be extinct from all but a few areas-namely Hammersley Range and Kimberley, Top End, Cape York, Cairns region and Carvarvon Range-Bowen. We had heard of sightings around Mount Morgan area but never believed we would see one in our lifetimes.

If you have been thinking about volunteering around the local area, or have an interest in rail history, local history or town promotions – we would love to welcome you to MMPAD and the Mount Morgan Rail Complex! Please contact our Secretary, Del Rowley on 0418 186 124 for further details on how you can become involved with our organisation and our local projects.

Upcoming projects:

2014 is definitely looking like another busy and exciting year for us, with some great community activities and local projects in the pipeline. In our next update we will bring you all of the details, but for now here’s a look at some of our upcoming activities:

Did someone request another Trivia Night??

Good news trivia fans, we are planning to hold another trivia night early March! We know, we know – March seems like ages away, but on a positive note, this will give you a little extra time to prep and to read up on those fun facts. We will be teaming up with the Mount Morgan Rugby Union Club for this event, with funds going toward the local union club and our 2014 restocking of the Mount Morgan Dam. Be sure to watch this space for details.

Mount Morgan billboard

In a few weeks from now, those stopping in or driving by the Capricorn Spire in Rockhampton will be able to see a nice big billboard dedicated to visiting Mount Morgan! We are pretty excited about it and have just signed off on a 12 month contract with Capricorn Enterprise. This will be a great way to further encourage tourism to our local area and display some of what our golden Mount has to offer. Watch this space also for a few pics of the beauty when all is complete.

A friendly reminder:

Don’t forget that we now have a new phone number, with our change of address to the Rail Museum/ Tourist Information Centre: 4938 2312.

These are small animals (up to 300mm body length), greyish brown in colour and have large white spots on their body; with a very pointy Bandicoot-like nose and a fluffy tail. They are nocturnal and are in the Daysurid family (as are Tasmanian Devils). They are mostly carniverous but do eat a little fruit. To protect them and other wildlife from further extinction please be responsible pet owners. Keep dogs on leads when outside the yard and keep cats inside, especially at night, but preferably all the time.

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I was very saddened by Stan Lean’s passing. Stan was someone I admired immensely. Prior to amalgamation the four Mayors in the Region met together on an almost weekly basis - we had working groups for roads and water and waste and Economic Development - just about every area of Local Government endeavour. And Stan was a great asset to the group - a friend and an ally. He wrote to me at the height of the deamalgamation debacle and offered his support and a few words of wisdom. He will be sadly missed.

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My regards and sympathy to the whole community. We have lost a champion.

Margaret Strelow

Mayor Rockhampton Region ------------------------------------------------------------------Mount Morgan lost another of its precious golden nuggets recently with the passing of former Mayor and Police Officer, Stanley Lean.

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Stan’s compassion, commitment to his community, wicked sense of humour and larger than life personality made him a very popular, highly regarded member of the Mount Morgan community. Many of you will have your own memories of time spent with Stan, whether it was working shoulder to shoulder with him in an emergency or during community projects, dealing with him on Council matters or even receiving that size 9 police boot up the backside. Stan left a lasting impression on each of us and his impact on the township of Mount Morgan is undeniable.

Located at the Mount Morgan Hospital

On a personal note, I am extremely grateful for Stan’s friendship, advice and support but that was the type of person he was, always ready to welcome, lend a hand or offer words of wisdom or encouragement.

New members welcome! For further details on how you can become a member, please contact Peter Edman: Ph: 0487828444 /

Stan’s funeral was a lovely celebration of his life and no one should have been surprised that Stan wrote his own eulogy. It is the type of understanding, courage and determination that defined him; it is the strength of character that he relied on to face life’s challenges.

Wood Turning Wednesday - 9:00am - 12:00pm Saturdays - 8:00am - 12:00pm

Hosted by the Mount Morgan Men’s Shed Incorporated.

As the representative for Mount Morgan, on behalf of the Mount Morgan community I offer sincere sympathy to Stan’s wife, Sandra and their family. I would also like to offer a heartfelt thank you for sharing your husband, father and grandfather with us. It is certainly not easy to live with a public figure but I hope you can take comfort in the fact that Stan touched the lives of a great many people and in return will always hold a place in our hearts. Rest in peace Stan Lean - there will certainly be many glasses raised in your memory.

Cherie Rutherford

Councillor Division 5

Jeffrey Bendall




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Mick’s Smokey Cottage Pie

Queensland Police administer the myPolice website to provide important public safety and public interest information in a timely and efficient manner. Please note that this site is for information only. Do not use this service to report a crime. • For emergencies call Triple Zero (000) • To report non-urgent matters call Policelink – 131 444 • To report information on crime anonymously call Crime Stoppers – 1800 333 000 Visit our official website

Between 2014 and 2018, Australia will commemorate the ANZAC Centenary – recognizing 100 years since Australia’s involvement in World War I. In recognition of this event, we are looking to introduce a special display at the Mount Morgan Historical Museum. This display will include items from Gallery 2 and present details of the ANZACS, other past conflicts as well as a special recognition of the involvement and service made by local residents. We are currently seeking interest from members of the community who would be interested in having some of their personal, relevant items on exhibition. Items can also include photographs (which we would happily make copies of). For further details, please contact us 4928 2122 or drop in and see us at the Museum (Morgan Street).

This is not a traditional cottage pie - it’s my twist on it; trying to find the flavours of my childhood and the cottage pie my mum would cook in a wood stove oven…I think it’s nice as a quick re-heat lunch or as a filling evening meal. No need for any extra veggies but some crusty bread would be nice. My recipe is for a large baking tray which would serve a large family, but it freezes well. It is lovely the next day re-heated, and I love it cold also. This is a very big cost saver and very tasty. Yes you can serve it with hot chips but served piping hot, it’s nice served with an ice cold glass of Stout/ Guinness or a dark ale or a Shiraz, Merlot, Pinot Noir. Hope you enjoy. - Serves 6-8.

Shopping list: • 1kg minced beef • 2 full rashers of bacon • 1 chopped carrot, finely diced • 1 stick of celery, finely diced • 1 onion, finely diced • ¼ cup Worcestershire sauce • ½ cup tomato sauce • 1 tablespoon crushed garlic • 2 tablespoons of sweet paprika • 1 tablespoon of smokey paprika • 2 tablespoons parsley flakes • salt and pepper to taste • a little vegetable oil • 1lt stock beef • 1kg of frozen mixed veggies (carrot, peas, potatoes) • cornflour for thickening • ½ cup Colby cheese • sweet paprika (extra) for sprinkling over the top

How to make it: Using an extra-large deep frypan: put a little oil in frypan and add carrot, onion and celery and sauté until the onion goes clear. Remove this from the pan into a bowl- now brown the mince beef and remove any excess fat. Now add finely diced bacon, stir in and cook for 5 minutes. Next, add the onion/carrot/celery and spices and stir together. Add the sauce and stock. Place lid firmly and lower heat to allow to cook slowly for 45 minutes. Now make a little cornflour water paste and thicken the gravy. Add the mixed veggies which have been heated for 13 minutes covered in microwave oven prior. Now sit in the fridge and leave until the next day. Once chilled, take a large baking pan and place cooked chilled beef mince/veggie mix. Now cover with mashed potato (either fresh or Deb. Note: if using Deb potato mix, I use half hot milk and half boiling water). Now add cheese on top and sprinkle with some sweet paprika and bake in a hot oven 200/220C for 30 to 35 minutes or until cheese and potato is golden.


A few issues prior, we listed each of the supporters for our organisation. Firstly, we must apologise to Mrs Di Brown for omitting her as a benefactor to our association. This was truly an oversight and we greatly appreciate Di’s continued support.

We are excited to announce that as part of the 2014 Golden Mount Festival, we are looking to introduce a percussion group to the festival’s annual street parade.

The Hillbilly dance: Our Hillbilly dance held at the Community Services Hall last Saturday was well attended and a big success judging by the smiles and happy faces at the event.

In the lead up, two of our Executive members, Nicholai and Greg, are willing to train all those interested in becoming involved.

Firstly, we thank Rose and Frank Molloy for their kind assistance in helping us to host the event. Also the band, the Capricornia Dance Exchange – who did an excellent job entertaining the patrons; volunteering their services free of charge. We must not forget the Folly Foot Line Dance Group who collectively put on a good show and also encouraged the local dancers to participate.

Percussion tuition classes will be held from 4pm until 5pm each Wednesday afternoon behind the Running of the Cutter stature in Morgan Street.

Nicholai, Entertainment Manager of the GMF Committee, not only compered the evening but also gave instruction on many of the dances. A big thanks also goes to the staff of Mt Morgan News Express, who donated a $20 Mt Morgan News Express voucher as the evening’s door prize. There was also a myriad of other prizes won in the multidraw with the main prize being a beautifully painted saw, donated by Jean Winterbottom. Di Coburn, Treasurer of the GMF Committee, not only provided the sound system for the evening but also the supper of both sandwiches and cakes – which were excellent. Great job Di. All in all, a successful night out.

Don’t be shy! Simply bring yourself and something to you can use as your instrument.

Garage sale!... In the lead up to this year’s Festival, the GMF Committee will be holding a fundraiser garage sale! Join us at 10am on the 6th of April at the Mount Morgan School of Arts Hall.

International Mi n i s t r i e s

Mount Morgan Community Fellowship welcomes you to

House Church Where: Conference room, Footbridge Corner Mt Morgan When: Every Sunday, 9:30 cuppa & fellowship with a 10:00 am start. All Inquiries - Phone: 49 382 137 / 0419 726 780 /

Your local soul agents!


By Colleen James

My name is Colleen James and I live at Tannum Sands but I used to live, go to school and work in Mount Morgan. Last year I was given photographs of our soccer club from Merle Harvey who use to live in Mount Morgan and whose sons also played. Looking at the photos as I’m typing brings back good memories. Saturday mornings was my favourite day of the week - watching my mum, Margaret Hoehne and Aunt, Veronica Clancy cut up the oranges, getting water ready and help prepare all jerseys for our trip on the bus into Rockhampton to play against Rocky’s best. This Club was led by a humble, generous, quiet, patient, loving man who on occasions had no hesitation to give money from his own pocket to help young players who couldn’t afford to buy lunch that day. The man I talk of is the late Gordon Toby. Gordon had wonderful support from his wife, Heather and his family. Gordon’s sons played soccer as well and some of them were chosen to play in representative teams. I believe he will be remembered as the man who put Mount Morgan Junior Soccer Federation on the map due to his dedication and tireless energy, week in week out, year in year out. This was one of the sports that literally brought our community together. Our club was feared by other soccer clubs - we did on many occasions have teams play in most finals and won. Some of the photographs I present to you are from a competition (Gordon Toby Memorial Trophy) held at Newman Park which at the time had a grandstand, an oval, bench seats around the oval and canteen sheds - the others are from the grounds in Rockhampton. So please make yourself comfortable and have look back in time. You may see yourself or others you haven’t seen for some time – It’s just good to remember - thank you Merle for trusting me with your wonderful gift…..


POOL: 34 Thompson Ave. Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 5:30pm Saturday: 12pm - 5pm / Sunday - 12pm until 4pm Phone 4938 1500. TENNIS: Kabra Sports & Recreation Club Plays weekly. Please call Greer on 49381580 after 6pm most nights. MOUNT MORGAN GOLF CLUB:

Anyone wishing to start or restart their golf is welcome to join us on Thursday and Sunday mornings (your first game is free). Juniors training- Sat mornings, 8:30am. All welcome. Includes tuition and nibblies. Clubs supplied from the start. Ladies Day- Tuesdays, 7am. 18 prize raffles- drawn at Railway Hotel 8pm Fridays. Including Jag the Joker. Phone the Golf Club on: 4938 1220 for enquiries.


Dee Bowls Club: Burnett Hwy (between the Caravan Parks). Every Friday afternoon- $2 bowls and sausage sizzle, at 4pm. Mixed Bowls- Thursday and Sunday, afternoons, 3pm. Function Room available for bookings. Contact 4938 1090 or 0428178118 for further details. Welfare Bowls Club: 28 Thompson Avenue Bowls recommence this Friday night (weather permitting). Names by 6pm, for a 6:30pm start. Sunday mornings - names by 9am for a 9:30am start, Tuesdays - names by 1:30pm for a 2:00pm start. For further information, like us on Facebook, Mt. Morgan Welfare Bowls Club, or phone the club: 4938 1131. Indoor Bowls Club: Uniting Church Hall, East Street, Mount Morgan 2pm every Saturday at the Uniting Church Hall. $2.50, includes light refreshments. For more information phone the Secretary, Babs Belfield on 4938 1028.

ay Hotel w l i a R Mount Morgan

Regular Live Entertainment Raffles Fridays & Saturdays Airconditioned Motel Units

90 James Street Ph: 4938 1800

Join Our Social Club Coldest Beer in Mt Morgan Party venue & Catering available

Computer not starting or SLOW? Give me a call. All repairs done professionally at affordable prices VIRUS removal and full servicing. OVER 10 years experience. CAN build a brand NEW PC to YOUR needs All new computers come with a 12 month hardware warranty.

Call Nathan S. from 8am to 6pm Mon to Sat on: 4938 2451 or 0421 411 249

16 Mount Morgan Show Committee Meeting: Saturday, 15th February 2014. All positions available. No committee, means no Show. Volunteer assistance needed: Do you have an interest in local history? Or perhaps would like to be involved in town promotions? The Mount Morgan Rail Complex is now under new management by Mount Morgan Promotion and Development Inc. We would like to warmly welcome all interested individuals to become a part of the team! Ph 0418 186 124 for details.

CLASSIFIEDS WORK WANTED: Trailer repairs, small welding jobs, gates made to order. Phone Peter: 4938 2965 / 0411 893 778. NEED AN ELECTRICIAN?: RJ Electrician Pty Ltd. Licence no. 72288. Phone: 0431 576 101. HANDYMAN - ALLSORTS: home maintenance, mowing, gardening, rubbish removal and cleaning. Call Clayton on 0401 381 436. MIM’S DETAILING: Cars, motorbikes, trucks and machinery. Wash, polish, interior cleans plus more. For a job well done call Mimi on 0438 518 626. ABN: 54752593640. FOR SALE: • Queen ensemble frame & mattress. • 1 large fish tank • 7.5 kg Simpson washing machine good condition • 1 ladies push bike • 1 mens mountain bike • 1 kids BMX. Contact Dave on 0403 495 074.

FOR SALE: • 1 computer desk- $75 • Tool boxes (550mm L, 300mm W & 230mm H)- $40 • Tool boxes (450mm L, 250mm W & 200mm H)- $35 • Lunch boxes (250mm L, 250mm W & 180mm H)-$35 • Sheet metal dustr trays - $5. Contact Joe James: 155 East St, Mount Morgan. Phone 49381428/ 0407037617





Date Claimers Feb 1: Mount Morgan Blue Care Auxiliary Trash & Treasure. 8am - 12 noon. 21 Gordon St. All welcome! Feb 8: Community dance. Dance the night away to the Classics. Held in aim of raising funds for the Mount Morgan Hospital. 7:30pm, Community Services Hall. Fees: adults- $6, children- $2. All welcome! All donations welcome also. Feb 13: “It’s on the Cards” - new morning activity held at Bouldercombe Recreation Complex. 2nd Thurs of each month. Ph 4934 0002 for details. Feb 20: Mount Morgan United Free Information session. Topic- Raising Children’s Self Esteem. 9:30am - 11:30am, Mount Morgan Hub.

Out Thursday, Feb 13th, 2014. Please note, cutoff for inclusions is 2pm, Feb 7. Email / 4938 2312.

The Mount Morgan Argus is proudly brought to you by Mount Morgan Promotion and Development Inc.

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Catch details of local Aussie Day celebrations for Mount Morgan last Sunday! This issue also includes a special highlight to a local firefig...

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