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9 - 23 OCTOBER 2019


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Lana and Liam Johnson brought their children, Levi, Luke and Lyla, to Mount Morgan for the Capricorn Caves Fossil workshop on Saturday.

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Family Fossil Fun Capricorn Caves were in Mount Morgan on Saturday, 5 October conducting a fossil workshop. The workshop was held at the Mount Morgan School of Arts and was attended by more than 20 people from Mount Morgan, Gracemere, Bouldercombe and Rockhampton. Capricorn Caves representative, Christian Bomb said he was happy with the attendance.


“These days provide a good opportunity to spread the paleontology message as well as provide hands-on experience. “A lot of people won’t visit the Capricorn Caves, so there’s people who are not learning about the area. These workshops give us the opportunity to bring the stories to the people through hands on experience,” he said. Christian said Rockhampton Regional Council had approached the operators of the Caves to start gathering the paleontology stories of the region. “We have a good working relationship with the Queensland Museum and that will help us with research on the area,” he said.

Photo supplied Kobi D’Rozario


Water bombers, additional firefighters and closed roads signalled the start of Mount Morgan’s fire season. Acting Station Officer at the Mount Morgan Fire Station, Aaron Sands said the fire started at approximately 11 am on Monday, 8 October in the Baree and Leyden’s Hill areas. “Firefighters worked through the night to contain the blaze which destroyed about 500 acres,” he said. Throughout the day, water bombers (helicopter and plane) flew over the affected area, making multiple runs to help contain the blaze. While fight the first fire, a second blaze started near the No. 7 Dam Wall.

Above: Bernadette Lewis with Charlotte and Lewis Mackie and Christian Bomb.

“This blaze was contained fairly quickly,” Mr Sands said. The areas will be monitored over the next couple of days for any possible outbreak. Both the Mount Morgan Range and Razorback were closed throughout the day as a result of the fire. For information on fires go to the QFES or Rural Fire’s Photo supplied by Alison website or Facebook page Sealy MOUNT MORGAN ARGUS DISCLAIMER

The Mount Morgan Argus is published by Mount Morgan Promotion and Development Inc, 1 Railway Parade, Mount Morgan. The opinions expressed herein are not necessarily those of the publishers. MMPAD reserves the discretionary right to alter, omit, reclassify or postpone publication of articles, photographs or advertisements in the Mount Morgan Argus. MMPAD takes all possible care with the publication of news, names and other information sourced by MMPAD representatives. It does not, however, take responsibility for erroneous information or spelling supplied by external sources. Please take care and ensure that information is correct and names are spelt correctly before submitting any items to this publication. MMPAD Executive

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9 - 23 October 2019






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39 MORGAN ST MOUNT MORGAN QLD 4714 PH: 07 4938 2300 HTM 25

Your locally owned and operated bottle shop special, visit For more specials,

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These specials start on 23/10/2019 until 19/11/2019 while stocks last. Save amounts are based on Liquor Legends recommended selling prices and may vary in some outlets. Some products may not be available in store. Retail limits may apply to products and bonus products. Prices may vary in some country areas. Specials only available in listed stores. We attempt to be as accurate as possible. However, it is not guaranteed that product descriptions or other content listed is error-free. All wine, sparkling and champagne bottles are 750ml unless otherwise stated. Vintages may vary in some stores. Liquor Legends supports the responsible service of alcohol. Liquor and tobacco cannot be sold to under 18’s.

9 - 23 October 2019


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RADF FUNDING FOR PROJECTS What’s your next art or performance project? Do you need funding to help make it happen? Round one of the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) is open and applications are being sought for projects that will start after 12 December 2020. RADF is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Rockhampton Regional Council, supporting professional artists and arts practice in regional areas. It distributed approximately $60,000 of funding each year. RADF funding can be used in a variety of ways including assisting established and emerging artists with professional development and assisting local arts groups to employ professional artists for specific projects.

Above: Cup Cake making at the Grand Hotel

Chair of Rockhampton Regional Council’s Community Services Committee Councillor Rose Swadling encouraged people and groups from all art forms to apply. “We have taken feedback on board and streamlined the application process, which will make it easier and quicker for people to apply,” Cr Swadling said.

Above: Monica and Scarlette Blake at the Grand Hotel.

“The grants are decided by a local committee who are familiar with the priorities of the local arts scene, so it’s helping grass roots projects that fit in with local cultural priorities. “Projects that are run by and benefit young people, Indigenous Australians, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and innovative cross-art forms are encouraged to apply.” Applications are being accepted for projects commencing after 12 December 2019. Applications close Friday, 8 November 2019. For more information, visit www.rockhamptonregion. or contact Rockhampton Regional Council on 4932 9000 or email RADF@

Above and below: Art Activities at MM No 7 Gallery.

There was plenty to do during the recent school holidays with Mount Morgan businesses taking the front foot and arranging activities for children and their parents. Even though the holidays are over, Mount Morgan’s No. 7 Gallery made sure there was plenty to do during the holidays and will continue to run after school activities. The Grand Hotel organised face painting, balloon twisting, cupcake decorating and a host of other activities that the whole family could participate in. If you held any activities over the holidays and would like them published, email

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9 - 23 October 2019




Christmas Tree Displays Market Stalls BBQ Tea and Drinks Santa Claus Live Entertainment Buy Local Campaign Winners Drawn Christmas Lights and Colouring Competitions Winners Announced Amusement Rides

DOORS OPEN 5 pm 9 - 23 October 2019


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THE ORANGE DOT By Larry at Fox Video

Movie Review 8 DAYS Horus is an ancient Egyptian god of the sky, protector of the Pharaohs and wielder of awesome power. It is also the name given to a massive asteroid the size of Mount Everest, sixty kilometres across that is hurtling through space at 30,000 kilometres per hour directly towards our home, planet Earth. Predicted point of impact is Eastern France. The impact will be so devastating that the Western European survival rate is expected to be zero. No-one lives - unless they can somehow make it to Russia or America. They've all known about Horus for the past year. The E.U. Governments were supposed to be building mass-shelter bunkers even though they knew they'd be no help at all in the event of a direct strike as predicted. Our American friends plan to try and save everyone by hitting Horus with a nuke and either blasting it into oblivion or at least knocking

it so far off course that it misses the planet entirely - but that's like taking aim with your best sniper rifle at a six-inch fish underwater in a moving ocean two kilometres off shore, not an easy shot. Now they're down to their last 8 DAYS and all of Europe is on the run. With Western Europe about to be obliterated we join the Steiner family, some of whom engage people smugglers and race toward Russia; others who try to secure passage to America. Then there's Daniz, a good copper who tries to stem the tide of anarchy rising in the face of catastrophe, Klaus with his own secret bunker and beautiful yet unwilling captive guest, Robin and his ‘End of Days’ religious resurgence, Jonas and his 'End of Days' party and a multitude of other exciting, fascinating protagonists. Suddenly people can break the speed limit at will, have wild unprotected intimate relations, do all the drugs they want, shop with no money, live without working and love with no consequences...

Mount Morgan Visitor Information Centre VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Mount Morgan Visitor Information Centre and Railway Museum is managed by Mount Morgan Promotion and Development Inc. If you have a Voluntary Worker requirement with Centrelink and are unsure where you can meet this requirement contact Eve on 07 4938 2312 at the Mount Morgan Visitor Information Centre - Monday to Friday. Some of the volunteer roles include, but are not limited to - Visitor Information Officer, Yard Assistants and Cleaners. Check with Centrelink and your job network provider to find out if you have a requirement to under take voluntary work. Page 6


How far will people go to survive? At what point does their own humanity become the price? And should they succeed will life still be worth living after...? The hope of their continued existence is all a person has to cling to, but how do we find that hope in the face of Horus? In the end the only things that matter are; who and what are really important to you in your final hours - your last 8 DAYS. 8 DAYS is rated MA15+ for "strong themes, violence, sex scenes, drug use, nudity and coarse language" and it runs for eight riveting hours. The world is ending. What will YOU do? 8 DAYS - Loved it!

RODEO NEWS Mount Morgan Rodeo Association held its Annual General Meeting on 22 September. Officer bearers were President - Barbara Gould, Vice President - Juerge Veber, Secretary – Marie Maroney and Treasurer - Dick Needham. The Association has Ladies Goodies Raffle and will soon be decorating the Hot Bread Shop with the Association’s Christmas Raffle. The Association is also on track to setting up a storage donga at the Showgrounds. 9 - 23 October 2019

Pride in Your Town Recently a lady approached me and showed me a postcard stamped with 1907. It had an early scene of the rack railway siding to Mount Morgan on one side and this message was written on the back. “Dear Lilly, do not expect me out on Thursday. I will be out one afternoon next week. Minnie”. The lady told me it was sent from the Mount Morgan Post office to Baree. This really interested me and so my thoughts went to the dramatic change of communications from then to present day. The following is what I discovered. Communications started when man could speak around 500000BC but it was about 30000 years BC before symbols, paintings and other forms were invented and started communications. Primitive times saw the symbols concept, and was in the form of cave paintings and rock art. Then came Petroglyphs which was carving into rock surface or symbols carved into wood. Pictograms came next with the telling of a story as a means of sending a message. Then ideograms followed, and

this method was to draw an eye and a tear and the meaning would be sadness. These drawings became very well-known and used regularly. Then in 4000BC writing came into being. The Egyptians were the first to try this method but in the 16th century the Chinese developed a system of writing. The alphabet, of 22 letters was first set by the Egyptians, then the Greeks made the alphabet we use today. Paper was invented in 1250 so writing became popular. Then followed in quick time, printing, and in 1958 the photocopier was invented for offices. Morse code and the telegraph in 1836 and then in 1876 Bell invented the landline telephone. From this stage inventions come very fast, with radio in USA in 1920, then much later satellite radio in 1999. In 1964 the modern fax machine, computers in 1949, then mobile phones in 1981. The first email was sent in 1965. It took many years before writing was established but how things have developed since then: Facebook E-mails the internet, Twitter and many others.How long is it since

you received a lovely hand written letter (with correct spelling) in the mail, delivered by the Postman, even on horseback and felt the pleasure of receiving it? I am sure “Lilly” had that same feeling when she received her 1907 postcard. Life does advance and we must go with it but some things of yesteryear are just so lovely to recall. Sadly some modern youth is not really concerned about their writing or spelling and the neatness of lovely hand writing is fading fast. Computers and mobile phones are the in thing, but art is lost, and so is the joy of that hand written note delivered by the postman. *** Now our Morgan Street foot path is almost completed with attractive seats and bins (with safe railings to come) it is our responsibility to keep our street clean and tidy, an easy job. Also we must keep in mind our random act of kindness gesture that our town is noted for, and that is always so appreciated by the receiver.

GUESS THE MOUNT MORGAN IDENTITY This little girl was born in Mount Morgan and lived on a farm until she was aged 11. She returned to Mount Morgan to complete primary and secondary schooling. This lady worked for Parson’s Chemist, Viv Barnes and Co and Fred Lomas Fruitier. This girl married a local boy and they had eight children - five girls and three boys. She was President of the Girl Guides Association of Mount Morgan. If you are the first person to guess who this Mount Morgan identity is, you win a $10 IGA voucher. There will be more clues provided in the next issue of the Mount Morgan Argus. To be eligible to win, you must not be related to the identity and you must email or phone the answer through on 07 4938 2312. If you have a baby photo of someone who has contributed to the Mount Morgan community, send it to If you do not have access to a scanner, we can scan the image for you. 9 - 23 October 2019


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Welfare Bowls News On Sunday, 22 September club members took to the green at Gracemere BC for the return game for the Miller Shield which was played at Welfare BC in July. The result was an overall win by Gracemere with 308 points to Welfares, 263. Mount Morgans best team winners were Henry Gent & Dasher Hunt. Gracemere’s best team were Diane Bendall, Ros Newman & Nigel Chippendale. We will look forward to playing in this great Comp again in 2020. A lot of work has been going on at the club house recently. Money allocated by the State Government Grant has been used on the installation of a 20 Kilowatt Solar System which we hope  will make us power bill free in the future. $24,000 was spent on the 60 panels and the inverter. Also $3,000 was spent on the upgrade and servicing our Breeze Airconditioning system and another $3,000 was spent on updating our alarm system with cameras and a new security door. 


Do you have a great idea to celebrate Australia Day 2020? Are you part of a community group looking to host an Australia Day event or activity? Then Rockhampton Regional Council might be able to help. Council has opened its Australia Day Community Events Grants program for 2020. Chair of Rockhampton Regional Council’s Community Services Committee Cr Rose Swadling said the grants helped local community groups unite and connect with others within their own area while celebrating our national day. “The Australia Day Community Events Grants program encourages groups to host local events and activities which connect, unite and enable people to celebrate Australia Day in the way that best fits their own communities,” she said. “Whether it’s a family fun day, a sausage sizzle, a concert in a local park or any other way of celebrating our national day, we’d love to hear from you,” she said.

Friday Night Bowls recommence on the 11th Oct. names in by 6pm for a 6.30 start. New players are always welcome. Club has new temporary phone  number,  0428 828 830, we are situated at 28 The Australia Day Community Events Grants Program Thompson Ave. is open to community groups and not-for-profit charity organisations within Rockhampton Region.

More information is available in the application kits, which are available from Rockhampton Regional Council Customer Service phone 4932 9000 and online at austday20 Applications close on Friday, 18 October, with applicants notified by Friday 15 November 2019.

DEE BOWLS CLUB The Secretary’s Message to the community of Mount Morgan and its current members: The Dee Bowls Club Inc. (affectionately known as the Dee) commenced in 1952 and was one of the first bowling clubs within the Central Queensland region. The Dee boasted having produced many top line bowlers over several decades, and regardless of their fame, supported the Dee voluntarily giving of their time and energy to keep their club at the forefront of the district. However, 67 years have gone by now, and the glory years have since vanished. Gone too, is the once generous loyal support for the Dee, and its achievements of supporting many charitable institutions within the Mount Morgan community. Page 8

The present financial year has, like the environment around Mount Morgan and Queensland as a whole, been experiencing a drought of mammoth proportions. The Dee’s members have endured a very lean year struggling to overcome countless obstacles testing their endurance, commitment, and enjoyment with both playing the game of lawn bowls, and opening the club house for patrons and community events. The Dee’s loyal social members have managed to keep treasury in the black, regardless of the countless jibes from some not-so-loyal ex-members spreading vicious gossip with intent to see the Dee’s demise rather than its reinvigoration. Regardless of the past, we the present members – few in number though we may be, invite the Mount Morgan community as a whole to help us ‘reinvigorate’ the Dee beyond October 2019. With this invitation the Club Secretary invites you


Continued on Page 9 9 - 23 October 2019

TRACING FAMILY HISTORIES DEE RIVER OLDIES Since the inception of the Mount Morgan Historical Museum many years ago, local Mount Morgan people and people from surrounding districts have been generous with the donations of their memorabilia, keeping history alive and showing others how they lived back when there were very few conveniences.

Among the many donations are photographs with very little or no information about the content or subjects. Some are family pictures and we at the Museum would love to put names on them and have them on display. If you have any knowledge of the families in the following photos, we would really appreciate if you could identify them for us.

With the jacaranda trees now out in bloom we know that summer is just around the corner. At the last morning tea, Cassandra Donald from the Wowan/Dululu Multi-purpose Centre gave the members an intro to what their centre has to offer. They cover a large area and are just a phone call away 49 371 119 to discuss the care you require. Members and some guests from Rockhampton enjoyed the music by Don, Denise and crew. It was a good morning with everyone enjoying the music, food and coffee. We would like to thank the people who donated the raffle prizes and did the cooking. It is appreciated. Pictured is Elaine Millers who was one of the lucky winners in the raffle draw. Members are asked to put their names on the list, if they are interested in attending the Christmas lunch to be held on Friday, 29 November 2019, in the Mount Morgan School of Arts from 11 am to 3 pm. The cost is $10 and this needs to be paid by the morning tea on the Wednesday, 23 October 2019. The Dee River Oldies members will be having a cake stall at the Mount Morgan Christmas Festival which will be held on Friday, 6 December 2019 at the School of Arts Mount Morgan. We will also have a Christmas tree on display on the night. Some keys were left behind at the September morning tea. Contact Carol Glover on 49 381 995 and describe the keys to claim. The next meeting is Tuesday, 15 October 2019 at 2 pm and the next morning tea with guest speaker is Wednesday, 23 October 2019 at 10 am. Both meeting and morning tea are held in St. Mary’s Hall, Gordon Street, Mount Morgan. Stay happy and healthy.

Dee Bowls Club...From Page 8 all: that is all interested parties, to a very ‘Special’ General Meeting to be held at the club house on Sunday, 27 October 2019 commencing at 3.00 pm.

Submitted by the Steering committee - Carol Glover 4938 1995, Melray McNamara 0411 144 316 and Colleen Constable 0427 161 131.

All current financial members, along with Honorary Life Members are requested to attend and vote with the body of the meeting to discuss and decide upon: “where to from now.” Yours in bowls and friendship, Kevin Fox Secretary/Treasurer

9 - 23 October 2019


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TV Antenna Sales & Installation Mount Morgan Extra TV Outlets and Cabeling TV Tuning Telephone outlets and extensions

Eric Stevenson Ph: 0417 006 591 ACMA License No. T 14409


TAXI 0459 131 008

New Homes Extensions Restumping Car Ports

Renovations Alterations Decks Driveways


Stanley Constructions Home Renovations Clinic 1st Tuesday of the Month •

We specialise in general carpentry repairs & steel Fabrications From design & planning to simple handyman services, we do it all.

Phone Gordon Lee today: 0418 886 997

Tony Harney Plumbing

M.A.W Mowing & Handyman Services ABN: 30 706 300 266

Available for all domestic and commercial work. Blocked drains, leaking taps or any other maintenance issues

Now offering Ironing & Housecleaning Services

Phone Tony

0429 669 499 Servicing Mount Morgan ABN : 76 171 835 370

QBSA 735099

Mark Williamson 0403 571 561 Email:

QBCC 1110090

Mark Humphreys’ Electrical 8 Baldwin Street Mount Morgan 4714 Electrical Lic. No. 74711

Discover the difference! Meet Angela Douglas: •Local area agent

•Knowledgeable about the local community

Phone: 0439 727 609 FAX: 4938 2885

Domestic, Rural, Commercial Installation and Repairs,

Promptly Servicing

Mount Morgan & Wowan Districts Page 10


•Listens to your needs •Proven results over and over •New logo, same great person •Free, no hassle appraisals

Angela Douglas: 0401 953 882

9 - 23 October 2019

SUNBRIX SAND & SOIL Landscape supplies

Soil Garden blend Sand Sugar cane mulch Hardwood chip Decorative rocks Builder’s blend (sand & 10mm rock mixed) Cement bags and blocks, Pavers and MORE! PHONE 0418 542 961

Old Bouldercombe Brickworks 53622, Burnett HWY.

That Truck & Bobcat Bloke ABN: 35347197734

Call Geoff: 0411 707 741 Based at Razorback, MOONGAN Small acreage clean ups, land clearing, fence lines, fire breaks, shed pads & more. Post hole borer & spreader bar

Stewarts Towing

& Service Station

6 Central Street, MOUNT MORGAN Phone: 4938 1283

24 Hour Service - 7 Days a Week

Passmore Refrigeration Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

Split system installations Commercial and Rural

Finlayson & McKenzie Funerals

Sandi Wood (nee Inslay) from Mount Morgan was born and raised within the Mount and is well aware of the needs of the Mount Morgan community.

Bob Wheeler 0419 663 277 Po Box 91 Mt Morgan

Sandi is Mount Morgan’s funeral consultant and is available for all funeral advice. Contact Sandi for more information and competitive prices with burials, cremations or prepaid funerals.

5 tonne tipper truck Excavator & Kanga Tractor, Slasher & Poison Sprayer Licenced Poisons Contractor 9 - 23 October 2019

Sandi Wood your local consultant Phone: 4922 1269


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Mount Morgan Promotion and Development Inc is running a colouring-in and writing competition for Primary aged school children.

Prizes of $20 (first), $10 (second) and $5 (third) will be awarded in each grade level. Students must only submit one entry.

Grades from Prep to Year Three will colour in one of four drawings (including the one above) that will be printed in the Mount Morgan Argus. Each student is to choose their best effort and submit it for judging.

The prizes will be presented at the Christmas Tree Festival on 6 December 2019.

Year Four to Year Six are required to write a short story about what Christmas means to them. They are to include a small coloured drawing with their story. All entries will be collected from the Central State School Office. All Entries are to be handed in by 25 November 2019. Students’ names and grades are to be stapled or glued to the back of the entry. Page 12

CHRISTMAS COMPETITION ENTRY ____________________________________ Name ____________________________________



9 - 23 October 2019



As promised in the last edition of the Mount Morgan Argus, here are the last of the pavilion results for the Mount Morgan Show.

Almost everyone has phone that takes a good quality photo. The Mount Morgan Argus would like to see some of these photos - whether they include you our celebrating with friends, at a wedding or simply spending a day at the beach. The Argus would like you to text your photo, along with correct spelling of names to 0427 203 570.

Baking: Boiled Fruit Cake: 1st Harry Sealy, 2nd Jenny Fitzgerald, 3rd Lynn Alexander. Fruit Cake: 1st Harry Sealy, 2nd Shirley Gent. Carrot Bar Cake: 1st Angela Rose, 2nd Jenny Fitzgerald, 3rd Shirley Gent. Chocolate Bar Cake: 1st Shirley Gent, 2nd Lynn Alexander. Orange Bar Cake: 1st Harry Sealy, 2nd Shirley Gent, 3rd Lynn Alexander. Date Loaf / Roll: 1st Jenny Fitzgerald, 2nd Shirley Gent, 3rd Lynn Alexander. Plain Scones: 1st C.D Ireland, 2nd Shirley Gent. Pumpkin Scones: 1st Shirley Gent. Lamingtons: 1st Shirley Gent. Pikelets: 1st Harry Sealy. Biscuits: 1st Shirley Gent. Sponge Cake: 1st Shirley Gent. Patty Cakes: 1st Shirley Gent. Damper: 1st Harry Sealy. Plum Pudding in Cloth: 1st Harry Sealy. Steamed Pudding: 1st Harry Sealy, 2nd Jenny Fitzgerald. Novelty Iced Cake: 1st Gabriel Howkins.

Where possible photos will be printed if they are of a high resolution, are accompanied by names and “publishable�. If you can also text a little description as to what event is being celebrated this will help us to create a nice photo caption. Start texting today!

Sweets: Coconut Ice: 1st Angela Rose. Marshmallows: 1st Angela Rose, 2nd Harry Sealy. Chocolate Fudge: 1st Angela Rose. Caramel: 1st Angela Rose. Peanut Toffee: 1st Angela Rose. Juvenile Cooking 12 Years and under: Plate of 4 Decorated Patty Cakes: 1st Abbie Tyne, 2nd Emily Schofield. Farm & Garden: Best Pumpkin: 1st Richardson Family, 2nd Harry Sealy. Best 3 Tomatoes: 1st Harry Sealy. Mandarins: 1st Harry Sealy. Lemons: 1st H Sealy. Bottle of Honey: 1st Jeff White. 6 Hen Eggs: 1st, 2nd 3rd Lisa Shield. 6 Other Eggs: 1st Lisa Shield, 2nd Shona Caroossa, 3rd Lisa Shield. Horticulture: Hanging Fern: 1st Marion Batchelor. Potted Fern: 1st Marion Batchelor. Flowing Pot Plant: 1st, 2nd Marion Batchelor. Coloured Leaf Plant: 1st, 2nd Marion Batchelor. Other Potted Plant: 1st, 2nd Marion Batchelor. Other Hanging Plant: 1st Marion Batchelor. White Rose in Vase: 1st Bev and Ray Chopping. Red Rose in Vase: 1st, 2nd Bev and Ray Chopping. Pink Rose in Vase: 1st, 2nd Bev and Ray Chopping. Yellow Rose in Vase: 1st Bev and Ray Chopping. Any Other Coloured Rose: 1st, 2nd Bev and Ray Chopping. Bowl of Roses - Multicoloured: 1st Bev and Ray Chopping. Bowl of Roses - One Colour: 1st Marie Chopping, 2nd Bev and Ray Chopping. Ware and McDougal Trophy for Champion Rose: Bev and Ray Chopping

Do you need funding for an arts project?

Regional Arts Development Fund

Financial assistance is offered for innovative arts projects commencing after 12 December 2019 Applications close Friday 8 November 2019 For more information visit /RADF INFORMATION: Meet with a committee member anytime to discuss a project or your application. For an appointment please contact: 4932 9000 | email The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Rockhampton Regional Council to support local arts and culture

Vase of Gerberas: 1st Marie Chopping. Dried Arrangement: 1st Jenny Fitzgerald. Cacti Garden: 1st, 2nd Marion Batcher. Succulent Garden: 1st, 2nd Eve-lyn Rogers. Bonsai: 1st Marion Batchelor. 9 - 23 October 2019


Page 13


2019 Christmas Lights Competition Prizes for Best Commercial and Best Residential 1st - $100, 2nd - $50 & 3rd - $25

Judging to be done on Wednesday, 4 December 2019 Prizes will be presented at the Christmas Tree Festival on Friday, 6 December Prizes will be presented at the 2019 Christmas Tree Festival, Mount Morgan School of Arts. Entry forms are also available from the MMPAD office at the Mount Morgan Visitor Information Centre or by emailing This competion is open to residents of Mount Morgan, Baree, Walterhall, Struck Oil, Walmul, Moongan and Moonmera only.

2019 CHRISTMAS LIGHTS COMPETITION ENTRY FORM NAME:________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS:____________________________________________________________ PHONE NUMBER:______________________________________________________

Commercial Premises

Residential Premises

SIGNATURE:____________________________________________________________ When completed, please return this form to the MMPAD Office at the Mount Morgan Visitor Information Centre. Page 14


9 - 23 October 2019

MMMPHS NEWS Breast Cancer Month: October is breast Cancer month and to celebrate we are decorating our facility in pink. We are also conducting a raffle, with tickets $1.00 each and available from Reception and Mount Morgan Medical Centre. All funds raised from the event is donated to Breast Cancer Network Australia who support, inform, represent and connect Australians affected by breast cancer. True Women Health Clinic: Is a state-wide checkup Pop up Women’s Sexual & reproductive Health service. It will be commencing at Mt Morgan MPHS. The first clinic will be on 8 November at the Community Health house. This is a service by women for women. Fliers will be coming out soon. Appointments can be made by contacting us on 4912 5100

SPECIAL OCCASION ADVERTISING Advertisers are reminded to start planning ahead for the up and coming Halloween, Melbourne Cup and Christmas season. Make sure your event or sales are advertised locally. Call the Mount Morgan Argus on 07 4938 2312 or email to discuss your festive advertising.


Doctor Update: Recruitment is continuing for our Medical Officer positions and interviews are to be held soon. We have two part time Senior Medical Officers currently on staff and have been fortunate to have some returning Locums filling the other days. Flu Vaccinations: This year has been a terrible one for the flu. Vaccinations are still available. Clients who wish to be vaccinated are asked to either attend their GP or to call us on 4912 5100 to make an appointment. Flu vaccinations for children under five years of age are free.


Deslea’s Cutz for Mutz Mobile Dog Clipping Phone Des: 0447 275 402

LEICHHARDT HOTEL $25 per person


5 November 2019

1 choice of two main meals & 1 choice of dessert SWEEPS & BEST DRESSED PRIZES




Ph: 4938 1416

0499 287 771

9 - 23 October 2019


Page 15

SAVE THE DATE! Oct 12: Baree Markets. Baree Hall from 8.30 am. Oct 15: Carer’s Support Group. 10 am Community Health House function room. Oct 15: Dee River Oldies Group Monthly Meeting 2 pm. St. Mary’s Hall, Gordon Street. Oct 19: Blue Care Trash and Treasure, Gordon Street, starts 9 am. Oct 23: National Children’s Week and HIPPY Week celebrations at the Green Shed. 10 am to 2 pm. Oct 23: Dee River Group Morning Tea with guest speaker. 10 am St. Mary’s Hall $5 per head. Oct 26: CWA Cent Sale, Multi Draws and Raffles. Start 2 pm. CWA Hall. Nov 2: Mount Morgan Arts and Crafts Cent Sale. Doors Open 12.30 pm for 2 pm start. Nov 3: Billy Lawton Band, Community Services Hall, 1-5 pm. Light refreshments, raffles, no bar operating. Adults $8 children $2. Softdrinks and water available. Nov 9: Baree Markets. Baree Hall from 8.30 am. Nov 16: Blue Care Trash and Treasure, Gordon Street, starts 9 am. Nov 19: Carer’s Support Group. 10 am Community Health House function room. Nov 19: Dee River Oldies Group Monthly Meeting 2pm. At St. Mary’s Hall, Gordon Street. Nov 29: Dee River Oldies Group Christmas lunch 11am to 3pm. $10 per head to be paid by 23 October 2019. School of Arts Mount Morgan. Dec 1: Carols in St Mary’s. 6 pm. Light refreshments served in St Mary’s Hall at 5 pm. Dec 6: Christmas Tree Festival. School of Arts. Doors open 5 pm. Christmas Tree display, rides, live entertainment. Dec 14: Baree Markets. Baree Hall from 8.30 am. Dec 14: CWA Christmas Cent Sale and Raffles. CWA Hall. Starts 2 pm. Dec 17: Carer’s Support Group. 10 am Community Health House function room.

Blue Care Trash & Treasure, Gordon Street. Every Friday from 8.30 am to 12 noon. Bags of clothing $5. Plants for sale.


Ask us How

Open 10:00am - 8:00pm Tuesday - Sunday


$5* 3 or More

CLASSIFIEDS PAINTER: Semi retired. W. Cruickshank Phone 0488 104 774 or 0488 105 257. QBCC No-75608. GUNS & AMMUNITION: MOUNT MORGAN. ERIC J. STEVENSON. Dealer Licence 5000149. PHONE 0417 006 591 ALL COMPUTERS & REPAIRS: Your local computer specialist Nathan. Phone between 10 am to 8 pm. PHONE: 4938 2451 Monday to Friday


Meeting at the Dee Bowls Club 10 am Sunday for Church Services. All welcome. Contact: Pastor Owen Kurth for further details

0421 641 428

Hoy every Wednesday at CWA Hall, East Street at 10 am FOR SALE: Ford Falcon Chia N/L 1996. 138,000 km. 1 Owner (23 years). New tyres, power steering. All excellent condition. Nothing to spend. $4000.00 Phone - 4938 1804


Saturday, 26 October 2019. Leichhardt Hotel Dining Room 4 pm. From the floor nominations for all office bearers. Phone: 0411 865 621

WANTED KNOWN Mark from Mark Humphreys’ Electrical advises that he will be away from 25 September until 17 October 2019 and will not be available to provide electrical services during this period.


Next Argus:

WEDNESDAY, 23 October 2019

All inclusions required by: Tuesday, 15 October 2019 by 4 p.m. Ph: 4938 2312 Email: Page 16


9 - 23 October 2019

Profile for Mount Morgan Promotion and Development Inc.

The Mount Morgan Argus, Volume 14, Issue 18  

In this edition of the Mount Morgan Argus read about Mount Morgan’s recent fire, fossil fun with Capricorn Caves and RADF funding for arts p...

The Mount Morgan Argus, Volume 14, Issue 18  

In this edition of the Mount Morgan Argus read about Mount Morgan’s recent fire, fossil fun with Capricorn Caves and RADF funding for arts p...

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