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Volume 13, Issue 5

14th - 28th March 2018

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Local Golden Identity Hits of Celebrates Yesterdayher - Pg 94th 6 Birthday - Pg 2

Mount Morgan Primary’s Leadership Induction MMCSS held their annual leadership induction See page 3 for story.

Experience historic Mount Morgan with

Mount Morgan TMC Guided Tours Take a fascinating journey in time! Venture the historic township and heritage Gold Mine. General Tours daily Bookings essential. PH: 4938 1823


Pride in Your Town A follow on from our last edition regarding the “We shall not cease from mental fight, nor shall this sword sleep forthcoming Anzac celebrations. We wondered if in our hand.” Quote after William Blake 1804. some had not read what is on the large symbol at the entrance of the Anzac Park. So we will now print it out for you; A stencil on a Post Industrial Landscape: “Mount Morgan Gold Mining 1882 – 1990” This typographical cut-out is a synthesis of the Mount Morgan Range that Edwin Morgan walked over on the afternoon of the 16th July 1882. The outcome of that walk was the development of the Mount Morgan gold mining industry. The passage of time can romanticise the impact of goldmining on the landscape and the human spirit. This artwork is a landmark signifier acknowledging the industrial impact of gold mining. The steel work with its rust, stains and manufacturer’s marks represents the scars remaining on the mining site and the scars etched on the minds and bodies of the miners. The concrete and rock plinth is a metaphor for a sarcophagus, which enshrines the joys and sorrows shared by the miners their families and community. The sculpture will develop its own patina over the passage of time, leaving its own industrial stains. It is a reflection of the ongoing decay of the industrial environment in the Australian landscape. This decay process should not be thought as an end, but as a beginning or genesis of a new landscape and era.

__________ A Blue print for Achievement Believe when others are doubting Plan while others are playing Study while others are sleeping Decide when others are delaying Prepare while others are day dreaming Work while others are wishing Save while others are wasting Listen while others are talking Smile while others are frowning Commend while others are criticizing Persist while others are quitting

Think Clean - Be Tidy

Mount Morgan Pioneers in Pictures by Catherine McIntosh descendant of the colonial Stubbs family of Mount Morgan

Walter Hall visits the Mount ‘…Mr. Hall has been a visitor to Mount Morgan every year [since 1886], except one when he was in England and the last two years when his health failed him’ (Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton Qld: 1878-1954), 14 October 1911). c. 1905 / Mount Morgan / Gold refinery / Walter Russell Hall (1831-1911) (seated centre), Sydney-based director and shareholder of the Mount Morgan Gold Mining Company Limited (‘Old Company’) from 1886 to 1911 / Ada Ellen Frances Richard (née Neill) (18701959) (seated centre), wife of Captain George Anderson Richard (1861-1943), general manager of the Old Company from 1903 to 1911 / Other persons unidentified. Photographer unknown. Photograph from the Capricornia CQ Collection, CQUniversity Library.

Swift Whip Egg Beater By Graeme Meade

On the first anniversary of my mother’s passing, a memory came to me one night as I was going to sleep. I remember one day she came to me and told me she bought a new egg beater. She showed me the new one and pointed out that the bearings are now made of plastic and that it is a lot quieter and smoother to use. That is true, but my only interest in egg beaters at that time was getting to lick it after it had been used on something yummy.

News From MMCSS


Mount Morgan Central State School held a special parade on Tuesday 27th February 2018 to induct their School Captains, Councillors and House Captains into their leadership roles.

Mr Peter Tanzer, Assistant Regional Director of Education in Central Queensland, Mr. Laurie Fraser Publican of the Railway Hotel and great sponsor of primary school sporting teams, and Mr. Ian Traynor, member of The Railway Hotel The first rotary egg beater was patented by Ralph Social Club were on hand to present the badges to their Collier from Baltimore, Maryland in the United States worthy recipients. in 1856. Patents from different company’s followed, with variations on the design. In Australia the main Shellby Garrett and Kodie Zimmerlie were named School manufacturer was Propert Australia Pty Ltd. They have Captains, while Thomas Tull and Laicey Gibson were named been making the Swift Whip Egg Beater from the 1930s. School Councillors. In the beginning they were made using stainless steel, the handles being made with wood and painted, and Gold House Sports Captains, Axle Royes and Laicey Gibson, the drive system is called a ball drive. Blue House Captains, Leo Brown and Thomas Tull and Green House Captains Lara Forbes and William Coughran Around the Ball Drive is stamped: A Propert Product also received their badges. Made in Australia/Patent Ball Drive. Some have a patent number as well 9033/32. Swift Whip is stamped below During the parade Mr. Traynor and Mr. Fraser (pictured the handle on both sides. The design changed over above L-R) presented a cheque for $500 to the school the years. The first was to change the bearing above through money raised from the Railway Hotel Social Club. the beaters to plastic. My mum must have been told about that when she was shopping, I guess that would School Principal, Mr. Brad Carlson, who chaired the have been during 1960s. Next came plastic handles, morning’s proceedings, acknowledged the kind donation sometime during the 70s. Now the only part that is not and commented that it would be used to help cover weekly plastic are the beaters. expenses incurred through our Rockhampton and District sports commitments. You can buy these beaters today, BigW sell them for 9 dollars. Called a Propert Swift Whip, the blades are still The parade concluded with every year 6 student receiving Stainless Steel, but the remainder is plastic. a leadership badge. These were to indicate the importance of their position in setting positive examples and being Most of these beaters that I sell are to people that want excellent role models for the entire school. to use them, people are always commenting that the modern beaters do not work as well. The only other old item that people come in and ask for are the metal potato mashers. These beaters have become very collectable; 10 years ago they could be bought at garage sales or opp shops for a dollar or two. Nowadays people are asking 10 to 20 dollars.


Dee Bowls Club News

Visitors to the Railway Museum

On Friday 23rd February 2018 we were pleased to welcome two busloads of visitors from Biloela Blue Care. (pictured above) They’d just enjoyed morning tea at the Dam and called in to the The Dee Bowls Inc. would like to thank all those Railway Museum before heading off to the main street for lunch who supported the club’s Social Bowls Triples Day at the Bakery. on Sunday 4th March 2018. Once a month Blue Care take their clients on a road trip which The Dee Bowls Club Council and members thank everyone has some input into. This was their second trip to Terry, Phil and Graham who travelled all the way Mount Morgan and they enjoyed their day in town immensely. from Boyne Island for making our club’s Social ------------Bowls Day not only a success but a most enjoyable day for all. Merv and Margaret McArthur (pictured below) from Mount Larcom also visited the Railway Museum the same day. Merv The corner to corner was won by Dasher Hunt was born in Mount Morgan in 1939 and lived in Hamilton Creek who bowled closest to the jack. The main game then Wowan. He began his working life as a Lad Porter in the was won by Tony Pascoe, Kevin Fox and Keith Railway and worked his way up to Station Master stationed in Huff, with all players on the day sharing in the Tully, Wowan and Mount Larcom. prize money donated by Graham O’Neill from Boyne Island. Merv remembers travelling by train from Wowan to Mount Morgan High School Tuesday – Friday (the train didn’t run on The Dee Bowls Club’s SGM on the 3rd March Mondays). Tuesdays and Thursdays he didn’t get to School until 2018, decided to ‘officially’ disaffiliate from 12pm and Friday Nights the “Midnight Horror” as it was called Bowls Australia/Bowls Qld/CQ Districts as of 1st didn’t return to Wowan until 8pm or 9pm. January 2018. The club will now stand alone as an unaffiliated “Social Bowls Club” within Mount “I loved travelling on the train especially when the Dee River was Morgan. in flood.” Merv said. We are holding a further SGM on Sunday 18th March to discuss and decide upon possible constitutional changes to allow ALL members to have the right to vote on the future of the club with only one class of membership, Ordinary.

Station Master’s houses are almost always close to the railway, and when asked if this ever bothered them, Margaret replied: “No, we were used to it and love trains, however in one town the train would pull up right beside our window and the driver would blow the whistle. On purpose I’m sure!”

We are open for community bookings and we invite you to contact our Vice President Robyn “I was pregnant with our Son at the time and could feel him jump George on 0487 180 073 for all booking enquiries. when the whistle blew.” ‘Ordinary’ Members can book the clubhouse at half price and ‘Ordinary’ Membership in 2018 is only $10. The Dee Bowls Club would like to extend to its members the possibility of forming a Darts Club. If any persons are interested please contact either the Secretary Kevin Fox on 0423 410 917 or the Providore’s 1st Class Assistant Tony Pascoe at the Club.

The Mine Hooter


Submitted By Robyn Marshall

Mount Morgan Historical Museum The mine hooter was presented to Mount Morgan Historical Museum by Mount Morgan Ltd on July 8th, 1984 after being blown for the last time at 8.30 am on July 7th 1984. It was after the last blister copper bar (which is also on display at the Museum) was poured and the smelter finally closed down at the end of the afternoon shift. The steam operated hooter was designed by the engineering staff of the Mount Morgan Gold Mining Company Ltd and was cast in the company’s foundry in 1919. It was constructed of bell metal, an alloy of 80% copper and 20% tin. The hooter consists of two separate whistles, the larger being 18 inches (45.7 cm) in length and 9 inches (22.8 cm) in diameter and the smaller being 12 inches (30.5 cm) long and 5 inches (14 cm) in diameter. It was designed to operate by steam at 175 lb per sq inch, and was originally connected to a boiler in the company’s power house. When the Mount Morgan Gold Mining Company Ltd went into voluntary liquidation in 1927, The Hooter was sold to Australian Tin Mines Ltd, who installed it on a dredge, the ‘Kuala Kampa’, at Malina Nawar, in Malaya. In 1932 the General manager of the newly formed company Mt Morgan Ltd, Mr A A Boyd, no doubt for sentimental reasons, negotiated to have the hooter returned to Mt Morgan and it was installed back in the power house in 1933. It had been purchased for the price it was originally sold for (100 pounds). When the company started purchasing its power requirements from CREB (now Ergon Energy) late in 1956 and the power house later closed down, the hooter was connected to the waste-heat boiler at the smelter. Although the hooter had originally been installed to mark the starting and finishing of each shift and meal breaks, it was blown for many other reasons. It was blown on November 11th 1919 to mark the first anniversary of Armistice Day (WWI) and at 11 am and 11.02 am to mark a minute’s silence on subsequent Armistice Days after that. It was also blown each year at 9pm on ANZAC Day April 25th . In the early days it was blown to signal a serious accident at the mine, warning the hospital to be ready and was blown when a serious fire occurred in the town. It was also blown when a person was lost in the bush to alert searchers they had been found. The hooter could be heard miles away and given the right conditions, could be heard in Rockhampton, 22miles (34 km) away. It was also blown at midnight on New Year’s Eve to see the new year in. Come along for a catch up with HSA Support Worker Marilyn Gavranovic to disability needs and explore plans for Come along fordiscuss a catch up with HSA Support Worker Marilyn On several occasions, cracks occurred in the hooter and pieces were blown off, but were welded on again. InMorgan. later years new community-based group activities in explore Mount Gavranovic to discuss disability needs and plans for

the hooter was blown at various times and the townspeople set their watches by it as did theactivities schools. The local people new community-based group in Mount Morgan. miss the hooter which had been in their lives for so long. Tuesday 20th March 2018 Tuesday 20th-12.00pm March 2018 10.30am 10.30am -12.00pm A replica of the Hooter which was donated to the museum by Mount Morgan Rotary, built by Joey James and unveiled Mt Morgan Newsagency Mt Morgan Newsagency 45 Morgan Street, Mount Morgan by Mayor Ritchie Bills now stands in the newly formed Streetscape. 45 Morgan Street, Mount Morgan Home Home Support Support Association Association Inc. Inc. (HSA) (HSA) is is aa truly truly local, local, non-government non-government provider provider of of NDIS NDIS supports supports in in the the Rockhampton, Rockhampton, Capricorn Capricorn Coast, Coast, and Mt Morgan areas. and Mt Morgan areas.

Come along for a catch up with HSA Support Worker Marilyn Gavranovic to discuss disability needs and explore plans for new community-based group activities in Mount Morgan. Come along for a catch up with HSA Support Worker Marilyn Gavranovic to discuss disability needs and explore plans for Tuesday 20th March 2018 new community-based group activities in Mount Morgan.

10.30am -12.00pm Mt Morgan Newsagency Tuesday 20th March 2018 45 Morgan Street, Mount Morgan 10.30am -12.00pm Home Support Association Inc. (HSA) Newsagency is a truly local, non-government Mt Morgan Come along for a catch up with HSA Support Worker Marilyn provider of NDIS supports in the Rockhampton, Capricorn Coast, Morgan Street,needs Mount Morgan Gavranovic to45 discuss disability and explore plans for and Mt Morgan areas.

new community-based group activities in Mount Morgan.

At HSA, we work alongside people to identify their strengths, interests Home Supportjust Association Inc.amount (HSA) is aof truly local, non-government and goals, providing the right support they need to be of NDIS supports in the Rockhampton, Coast, able to live provider the lifestyle they choose. For any further Capricorn information please Morgan areas. contact HSA on 49276383and or Mt email:

Tuesday 20th March 2018 10.30am -12.00pm At HSA, we work alongside people to identify their strengths, interests

At HSA, HSA, we we work work alongside alongside people people to to identify identify their their strengths, strengths, interests interests At and goals, goals, providing providing just just the the right right amount amount of of support support they they need need to to be be and able to to live live the the lifestyle lifestyle they they choose. choose. For For any any further further information information please please able contact HSA HSA on on 49276383 49276383 or or email: email: contact


Samuel Lamb (Junior) - Part 2 - by Trevor Lamb I would like to add to the previous Mount Morgan History about Samuel Edward. I don’t know how many people out there know the facts of the story about when my father swam into the flooded Dee River at Wura in the 1928 flood and saved a baby from drowning. The baby’s name was Rex Strow. I did not know what happened as my father was not one to blow his own trumpet. Until I read the story complied by Mr Frank Golding, I was none the wiser to what had happened down at Wura on the Dee River. Up until 12 months ago I did not know who the baby was, but it was always in the back of my mind who the baby was that my father saved. I was always a bit dubious about chasing it up, wondering if the Strow’s would want it brought up about their baby being rescued by an Aboriginal man; in those days things were different, compared with today’s inclusion of Aboriginal people.

I finally made a move. I did not know if the baby was still alive, so I got the phone book and there were five names under Strow. I picked one out that was living at Frenchville in Rockhampton. I phoned them, would you believe it, it was the home of Mr Rex Strow and his wife, the baby that nearly drowned at Wura in 1928. We got to talking about different things and I asked if it would be okay to come down and meet him. When we did meet, it felt great to put a face to the baby after all these years. Rex and his wife are very nice people and they made us feel very welcome. Rex was 89 years old, so I am very glad we got to know and see the baby from so long ago. We have some photos of Rex, two photos in which he looks about 2 or 3 years of age (pictured above), one photo of when he was in his 20’s and was a travelling salesman (Pictured Right). Also there is one photo of Rex celebrating his 80th Birthday Party, there is also a photo of Rex’s father, James Strow, when he was in the Army. After he got out of the Army the Government gave him a block of land at Wura, so that is how they came to be at Wura. He was farming on his block of land, when Rex fell into the Dee River.

Golden Hits of Yesterday! Armed with songs from Johnnie Cash, Cilla Black, Patsy Cline and Slim Dusty, Debbie Robertson took to the stage at the Mount Morgan School of Arts on the 4th of March 2018. With over 30 people in attendance for the event, Debbie delighted and entertained everyone for 4 hours. Her well timed costume changes and eye catching performance had the audience clapping, tapping their feet and even dancing the entire afternoon. During the intermission, Grandma’s Cafe provided the guests with sweets and sandwiches to satisfy their appetites. The performance was exciting and professional. The cover songs were a perfect mix of country and rock... with a little Debbie flair thrown into the mix. If you missed out on this opportunity, head to Debbie’s Facebook page to see where she will be next performing to purchase tickets. We would like to thank Debbie for Choosing Mount Morgan and we look forward to a return visit in the near future.


7. MMPAD would like to remind members that fees for 2018 are now due. We are always happy to welcome new members to the organisation. If you would like an information kit or an application form, email us at or call into the office at the Mount Morgan Railway Museum & Visitor Information Centre. We are very excited with Rockhampton Regional Councils new Regional Tourism Plans with Mount Morgan included. This is presently under development and soon to be released.

Pictured: L-R Samantha Robinson, Jenni Smith & Rhonda Ramm

Update on Traineeship Funding

Samantha Robinson has completed eight months of her twelve month Traineeship with Mount Morgan Promotion and Development Inc. and loves every moment of it. Samantha was given the opportunity to work while studying to attain a Certificate III in Business, with funding assistance from the ‘First Start’ programme. First Start is one of seven programs that make up the Queensland Government’s Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative. While the apprenticeship contract is with local training group MRAEL, Max Solutions delivers the training and assessments for the Certificate III. Jenni Smith, who is based in Brisbane, regularly visits Mount Morgan to support and assist Samantha with her studies and to discuss her progress. “I really enjoy working with Sam as she is a dedicated student, and it’s great that MMPAD has been able to offer her this opportunity.” Jenni said. “It was such a surprise to find out that I was Rhonda’s Facilitator when she completed her Diploma of Business Administration in 2012.” Samantha’s advice to anyone considering taking on a traineship is to give it a go. “Working as well as studying has been challenging yet rewarding.” Sam said. If you are a Business or Not for Profit organisation, funding is still available from the Queensland Government to employ a Trainee. Contact the Skilling Queenslanders for work team via

Watch out for MMPAD’s proposed event happening sometime in June 2018. This will be a great community event so stay tuned for details! MMPAD is looking at the formation of a subcommittee in the near future to assist with the overall identification and importance of areas associated with Mount Morgan’s proud historical past with the intent to prioritise for an action plan. MMPAD will be taking advantage of the opportunity to advertise with the Gladstone Observer over the next three months. This campaign will focus on encouraging visitors to come to Mount Morgan for a week-end visit and see all that our great town has to offer. We’re takings bookings for the Progressive Dinner on the 28th April 2018. Cost is $30 and payment is due the 20th April. Phone 49382312 to book or for more information. MMPAD invites children who are in Year 6 and under to enter our Easter Egg colouring competition. Winners will be announced at our Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Monday the 2nd April from 10am - 11am. Everyone at MMPAD wishes member and past secretary Del Rowley a speedy recovery from her recent injury. The well wishes of all Mount Morgan residents are with you at this time. For further information on our projects or to place an advertisement in the Argus you can contact us on 49 382 312 or visit the Railway Museum/Visitor Information Centre.

Supporting local businesses means employing locals


Mount Morgan Railway Complex

Monday 2nd April 10am-11am

(All children must be accompanied by an adult) Come and join us for some fun and eggcitement!

Check out our Easter Egg Colouring Competition (Colouring Competition will be handed out at the school and daycare centres. Spare copies available at the Railway. Entries Due 28th March 2018 )

Age catagories are: * Day Care *Prep-Grade 1 * Grade 2-4 *Grade 5-6 Winners announced at 11am on the 2nd April after our Egg Hunt


Mount Morgan State High School is inviting you to attend the schools Pledge against Bullying. Phone: 49125555 Email: Venue: Mount Morgan SHS Main MPA Date: 16th March Time: 1:55pm All parents and Community members are encouraged to attend to help stamp out bullying.


The Orange Dot Movie Review

By Larry at Fox Video

Shotcaller This is not a nice movie, but it is truly excellent. Intelligent, honest, extremely violent, tense... and very real. SHOTCALLER also has great heart and the lead actor, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jamie Lannister, GAME OF THRONES) was phenomenal. An extraordinarily subtle, powerful portrayal of an ordinary, everyday guy thrust into the bowels of hell and forced to survive.... or die. One of the great lines from SHOTCALLER says it all... “You can become a victim or a warrior... In here, there is no in-between.” Jonathon Bernthal (Shane Walsh, THE WALKING DEAD), Benjamin Bratt (MISS CONGENIALITY, RIDE ALONG 2), and Lake Bell (MILLION DOLLAR ARM, NO STRINGS ATTACHED) all turn in great supporting roles, but with SHOTCALLER it is Nikolaj who proves he is a genuinely great actor where even the subtlest gesture can convey a vast range of emotion. A miniscule decision... A momentary lapse of awareness and... That’s it! Life will never be the same again. SHOTCALLER follows the harrowing, often heart-wrenching journey of successful businessman Jacob Hanlan (Nicolaj Coster-Waldau), who is nicknamed and transformed into “Money” - a stoic, ruthless prison gangster - after a DUI sends him down the rabbit hole of the American prison system. As he navigates the brutality of his new home, adapting to the hierarchy, the violent codes of ethics and rites of passage that may ensure his survival, his previous identity slowly slips away, and he loses his relationship to his former life, including his wife and son. The grip of his new family, the prison gang extends well beyond the walls of his prison. Upon his release (finally), chased by law enforcement and threatened by his incarcerated “protectors”, Money must orchestrate one last dangerous crime... All is not what it seems. The ruthless process of fulfilling his obligations also becomes his path to sacrifice, retribution, and self-definition. Written and directed masterfully by Ric Roman Waugh, SHOTCALLER runs for two hours and is rated MA15+ for “strong violence and coarse language”. “There, but for the grace of God, go I.”SHOTCALLER” - loved it!

Mount Morgan Promotion and Development Inc.

Living the Dream!


Stewarts Towing

& Service Station

6 Central Street, MOUNT MORGAN Phone: 49 38 12 83

24 Hour Service - 7 Days a Week


At eighteen years of age Ashlee Forshaw (pictured above) is living the dream in America working as an Au Pair. Ashlee who is a supervisor at a Coles supermarket, and studying Forensic Psychology at Central Queensland University in Rockhampton, didn’t hesitate to take the wonderful opportunity when it was offered to her. As an Au Pair Ashlee will become an extended part of the new family, sharing her Australian culture with them while combining childcare with a year of travel and study. During her twelve months with the host family Ashlee will have the opportunity to experience all that America has to offer.

• • • •

Diesel/petrol RWC’s Tyre/Radiator Repairs Gen. Auto Spare Parts

“A” Grade Mechanical Facebook: Mount Auto Clinic

ABN: 15617798222 PH: (07) 49381818 67 James Street Mount Morgan, QLD 4714

Eftpos Available

email: mountautoclinic@gmail.

Ashlee is the granddaughter of Cheryl & John Hook and Ros & Ray Forshaw of Mount Morgan.

QCWA News Members of the Mount Morgan Branch of the Q.C.W.A. would like to welcome ladies and gentlemen to our functions. We have Cent Sales every few months. These are advertised in the local Mount Morgan Argus. Each Wednesday we have a hoy morning (a card game) starting at 10am, with a free morning tea. We would welcome new members. Our hall is situated at 127 East Street, Mount Morgan and is also available for hire. Our association is not for profit. If you have any enquiries please contact our President Margaret Hornagold - 49382595, Treasurer Julie Whittaker

Clinic 1st Tuesday of the Month

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Domestic & Commercial Work Specialising in: • Restumping • Extensions • Renovations • New Home

TV Antenna Sales & Installation Mount Morgan Extra TV Outlets and Cabeling TV Tuning Telephone outlets and extensions

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Building locally for over 20 years ~ Quality Workmanship

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Discover the difference! Meet Angela Douglas: •Local area agent •Knowledgeable about the local community •Listens to your needs •Proven results over and over •New logo, same great person •Free, no hassle appraisals

Angela Douglas: 0401 953 882

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Stanley Constructions Home Renovations

We specialise in general carpentry repairs & steel Fabrications From design & planning to simple handyman services, we do it all.

Phone Gordon Lee today: 0418886997

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Tony Harney Plumbing Available for all domestic and commercial work. Blocked drains, leaking taps or any other maintenance issues

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- Competitive rates - Local bloke - Clean Ups - Maintenance - Repairs - Minor Home Repairs - Welding - Driveways - Landscaping - Fencing - Mowing and much, much more - Lifts up to 1.5 ton and carry up to 5 ton - 9m Tri Axle Trailer 3.5 ton electric winch

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For all your Pest Control Requirements Rockhampton Office: 07 4927 44 77 QBCC: 1189930

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Finlayson & McKenzie Funerals Sandi Wood (nee Inslay) from Mount Morgan was born and raised within the Mount and is well aware of the needs of the Mount Morgan community. Sandi is Mount Morgan’s funeral consultant and is available for all funeral advice. Contact Sandi for more information and competitive prices with burials, cremations or prepaid funerals. Sandi Wood your local consultant Phone: 4922 1269

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Council releases second round of subsidised Small Business Course Lively Morgan Street Funding

Rockhampton Regional Council is delivering real skills for real jobs with Councillors voting to extend a subsidy for local businesses looking to do their Certificate IV in Small Business Management.

and covers areas including: time management, business planning, customer service, marketing, digital action plans, compliance and small business finance.

Small Business Solutions Pty Ltd will Mayor Margaret Strelow said Council facilitate the course in Rockhampton voted to extend the program after the from March to June. first round was a resounding success and ended up being oversubscribed. The course has a fee of $2,390 and if the participant meets certain criteria “This is a fantastic initiative of the State Government covers $1,935 Council’s Advance Rockhampton of this cost. Council will provide its team, helping local businesses own subsidy of $455 that could either upskill their staff so they are ready cover the remaining costs or assist and able to tap into new business those that do not meet the State opportunities as they emerge,” Government criteria until the end of the financial year. Mayor Strelow said. “It is yet another way in which we are offering tangible training outcomes that only add value to our local workforce and business sector. “We were extremely pleased with the positive feedback from those who completed the course last year and we expect we will once again receive a very strong response from businesses wanting to sign up for this next round.”

Council subsidies will be provided for those working in local businesses across the Rockhampton Region or local residents that participate and complete the course.

The Certificate IV in Small Business Management has been exclusively developed for small business owners

To register your interest please go to: https://sbstafeqld.engag3d. com/rockhampton-regionalcouncil

Council will consider applications of up to a maximum of $5000 cash (+GST if registered) and $3000 of in-kind support in the form of: *Road Closures *Marketing Assistance *Traffic Control Applications open 1st May 2018 & expressions of interest to be submitted via email to au Applications close: 15 May 2018 Notifications: 30 May 2018 Events: June 2018 to Nov 2018 *time-line subject to change

NOTICE RRC - Proposed Works Programme for roof replacement of Mount Morgan School of Arts and Mount Morgan Library. Rockhampton Regional Council wish to advise that works to the roof on the Mount Morgan School of Arts will commence on the 29th March 2018. There will be scaffolding and equipment in the area while work is in progress. Weather permitting it is envisaged that work will be completed by the 2nd May 2018. A full schedule of works is available from the Mount Morgan Promotion and Development Inc. office or Rockhampton Regional Council.

Colin and Michelle Dean Fitzroy Funerals 187 Musgrave Street Rockhampton 24 Hour Contact 49225422

K. J. Daniels

PO. Box 36 Mount Morgan QLD 4714

ABN 64 538 030 420

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Carbine Resources ASX /Media Announcement


Economic review, including demonstration plant results, shows Mount Morgan’s all-in sustaining cost will increase to A$862/gold oz In light of this outcome, Carbine will minimise project expenditure while it holds discussions with all key stakeholders in a final attempt to improve the agreement terms and operating conditions to secure project funding Carbine Resources Limited (ASX: CRB) advises that an economic review of its Mount Morgan Gold Project in Queensland has found that the forecast all-in sustaining cost (AISC) has increased to A$862/oz from the A$549/oz contained in the feasibility study estimate (ASX: 8 December 2016). The increase is due primarily to higher cyanide consumption and lower by-products credits due to a lower pyrite price and the loss of copper sulphate premium associated with a change in the copper products produced. The revised AISC stems in part from the recently-finalised demonstration plant test work results, which identified key technical outcomes following completion of process design criteria (PDC) and metallurgical mass balances. Contrary to earlier studies, whilst the processing plant will recover gold, copper and pyrite the Company is unable to manufacture copper sulphate at the required market specification and instead will produce cemented copper concentrate and copper cathode. The increase in AISC is also due to a large reduction in the forecast credits from pyrite sales, resulting from lower market pyrite prices and the incorporation of offtake terms with IKing International (ASX: 2 August 2017). Upon completion and compilation of the demonstration plant and economic review results, the revised AISC, combined with a relatively high pre-production capital cost of $87M, means Mount Morgan will not generate the level of shareholder returns needed to justify development of the Project based on current parameters. To increase these returns to acceptable levels, Mount Morgan’s key stakeholders need to improve the terms of their agreements with the Company and the Project. While these discussions take place, Carbine will minimise expenditure on the Project to preserve its cash reserves until a final decision on its future at Mount Morgan is made by the Board. Carbine Managing Director Tony James said the Company’s position on Mount Morgan was adopted following the extensive economic review, which included the results of the demonstration plant test work recently completed. “Since April 2014, Carbine has spent $12.7 million and has been 100 percent focused on Mount Morgan,” Mr James said. “It is now abundantly clear that for Mount Morgan to be bankable, all stakeholders will need to make significant amendments to their respective agreements with the Company and the Project.” Mr James said that the Company’s decision to complete the demonstration plant test work as part of the front end engineering and design (FEED) work has been vindicated in that the detailed findings associated with the copper production and the flow on effect with the operating costs would have caused significant processing issues if not addressed prior to construction. Unfortunately, the modifications now made to address these issues have increased the Projects’ operating and capital costs. “Carbine will now focus on seeking variations to the various corporate and government agreements considered necessary to improve the returns on the Project to an acceptable level,” Mr James said. “In particular, the Board believes that to secure project funding, we need to re-negotiate the terms of the agreements with Norton and Raging Bull in respect of Carbine’s ownership and title to the Mount Morgan project. The Company also requires adequate ongoing support from the Queensland Government, including a reduction in royalties, due to the Project being an environmental cleanup project rather than a new mine development. Consideration also needs to be given in this regard to the timing associated with ongoing regulatory approvals. “Carbine looks forward to holding these discussions with all stakeholders and, in the process, securing a future for Mount Morgan.” To view the full transcript of the ASX release, please follow the following link: Progressive Dinner 28th April from 5:30pm Entrée at the Leichhardt Hotel, Grand Hotel for dinner and conclude the night with desert, tea and coffee at the Railway Hotel.

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Mar 17: Wally Hall Memorial Golf Day. See Pg 8. Mar 18: Rotary Club’s Alex Teeney Memorial Day. St. Paddy’s Bowls Day. Welfare Bowls Club. 9am Start. $10 pp green fees. Bowls, raffles, BBQ lunch. See Page 8. Mar 20: Open Day Mount Morgan Arts & Crafts Inc. Welfare House. TIME 10am - 1pm. See Page 10. Mar 22: GMFA Bingo. St. Mary’s Anglican Church Hall, Gordon St. Doors open 9am. Play starts 10am. Mar 24: Blue Care Trash & Treasure. Gordon St. 8.30am Open every Friday from 9am for donations. Mar 24: Baree School of Arts. Themed Easter Dance. Phone Pam on 49 381 678 for further information. Mar 27: HSA reps at Footbridge Corner for question and answer session 10 -11.30am Mar 29: GMFA Bingo. St. Mary’s Anglican Church Hall, Gordon St. Doors open 6.30pm. Play starts 7.30pm. Apr 2: MMPAD Easter Egg Hunt. Pg 8 for details. Apr 7: Arts & Crafts Inc. Cent Sale QCWA Hall 1pm. Tea & Coffee available. See Pg 10. Apr 7: GMFA Disco. Anglican Church Hall. 6pm-9.30pm Apr 11: Womens Wellness Day. Mount Morgan Green Shed. 10am-1pm. RSVP 22nd March by email to Apr 14: QCWA Cent Sale,2pm QCWA Hall, East Street. Apr 14: Gentle folk Single-speed, Fixie & Old Bike Society are hosting a bicycle ride around Mount Morgan to visit some historical sites. Saturday 14th April at 3pm, starting from the Gas Lamp on East Street. Call Graeme 0411 073 94 for more information. Apr 19: GMFA Bingo. St. Mary’s Anglican Church Hall, Gordon St. Doors open 9am. Play starts 10am. Apr 21: Blue Care Trash & Treasure. Gordon Street. 8.30am to 12 pm. Also open Friday 20th April from 9-12. Apr 25: Anzac Day Service - Mount Morgan Anzac Park. Apr 26: GMFA Bingo. St. Mary’s Anglican Church Hall, Gordon St. Doors open 6.30pm. Play starts 7.30pm. Apr 29: Free puppet show. 4pm School of Arts. Register at the Mount Morgan library.


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Weekly raffle winners are as follows: 15th Feb – D. Hunt, T. Black, J. Morrish, M. Willis 25th Feb – N & B Holder, John, P. Rumpf, N & B Holder 4th Mar – R. Needham, K. Daniels, J. Lee QCWA winner of the $100 Gift Card from IGA was Jill Bryant. Thank you to all who supported this fundraiser.

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Mount Morgan Argus Volume 13, Issue 5  
Mount Morgan Argus Volume 13, Issue 5  

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