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Keira Knightley England’s rose blooming in maturity


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elcome to the latest edition of mmm – what we believe to be the gold medal-winning magazine serving the county. Wasn’t the Olympic Games a glorious event? After all the highs of London in 2012 I don’t think I was alone in assuming Team GB wouldn’t emulate such an unforgettable series of triumphs again in the very different climate of Brazil. It seemed night after night we claimed another medal and another wonderful sporting memory. From Mo Farah falling and then bouncing back to win, to the incredible success of the likes of Jason Kenny and Laura Trott in the velodrome and Max Whitlock in the gymnastics, it was truly awe-inspiring. But one of the real delights was simply being able to watch the very best compete in such a broad range of sports – so many of which appear to get little to no publicity during the intervening four years. And it is that sense you can achieve whatever you set your mind to, which is why the Olympics is such a remarkable sporting occasion. The blood, sweat and tears shed over the years are all designed to deliver smiles and delight on the podium; and when that is achieved it is something we should all draw strength from. Even for those who flew home without a medal around their neck should take enormous pride in simply competing among the world’s very best. That’s an achievement many of us could only dream of, in itself. Kent, of course, had plenty of talent in Rio. From the likes of Orpington’s Dina Asher-Smith and Dartford’s Adam Gemili on the track, to our brave men and women battling it out on the hockey pitches. Or Medway’s Kat Driscoll on the trampoline and Tonbridge’s Tom Bosworth in the race walking – he even proposed to his boyfriend on the beach at Copacabana after the event. (He said ‘yes’!). Staying with a sporting theme, I’d also like to send a special well done to Maidstone’s Ben Folkard, who finally delivered on his ambition to win the historic Doggett’s Coat and Badge rowing race on the Thames – a really great achievement. If watching all that physical effort makes you yearn for another holiday, then Baldwins Travel will be hosting its inaugural Holiday Inspirations Show at Tunbridge Wells’ Salomons estate on September 25th - I’m sure it will be a great event. Back to normality now, for many of us September sees us slip back into routines as schools return after the long summer holiday. Whether it’s your son, daughter, niece, nephew or grandchild who is starting a new year at school, college or university, all of us at mmm send them our very best wishes and here’s hoping they achieve their potential. After all, with the Olympics demonstrating what wonderful rewards hard work and commitment can deliver, they have been able to witness one of the finest lessons of all. See you soon! Rasa


CONTENT KEIRA KNIGHTLEY England’s rose blooming in maturity

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t is both a blessing and a curse for beautiful British actresses that there remains a steady flow of classic period pieces which cinema lovers continue to flock to and critics so adore. And for that, Keira Knightley is one of its most successful proponents. At just 31, her career seems to have stretched well beyond her young years. After all, nine years ago, when she was still a mere 22, she was named by Forbes magazine as Hollywood’s second highest paid female actress, pocketing a cool £25million. Reliant to a large extent on those much loved historic flicks, her portfolio is certainly impressive with a healthy dollop of major blockbuster fayre.

There was the original Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, in which she starred alongside Canterbury’s very own Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp, hit British comedy Love Actually, the celebrated Pride & Prejudice, the award-festooned Atonement (a number of scenes of which were shot in Dover) and even Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. And that doesn’t mention the likes of The Imitation Game, in which she starred alongside Benedict Cumberbatch or her break-through hit Bend It Like Beckham. Because young Keira was just six when she acquired her first agent and was eight when she landed her first TV and film roles. She was just 14 when George Lucas a CELEBRITY STORY

12 mmm

I was just very embarrassed at being young, probably because I’d worked with people who were a lot older than me from such a young age. And so yes, I think I did play-act a version of trying to be a grown-up.

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came calling for her supporting role in the first of the Star Wars prequels. Little wonder then, having lived her formative years in such a public arena, she admits it took a little while to lose some of the attitude which dogged the public perception of her in those early years. “It was on my 25th birthday that I had this realisation I had been taking everything too seriously. Allowing myself to listen too closely to what people were saying about me. “I woke up on that day and realised it was all going to be OK. “We went bowling. We had a really silly party with karaoke, which I hate, and loads of balloons. And it was just excellent. Lots of cupcakes. Lots of booze. And suddenly there was just that dawning. “It was exactly the right way to go.” She’s certainly enjoyed plenty of positive press and her performances are more often lauded than criticised. To that end she has received Academy Award, Bafta and Golden Globe nominations for her work. She has found happiness personally too, marrying James Righton of the band The Klaxons in 2013 and the pair had a daughter in 2015, Edie. “He’s the sort of person who will be the brightest light in any room whereas I’m the one who sits in the corner,” she says of her husband, “And he’s much nicer than me.” Born in March 1985, acting was in her blood. Her mother was actress and playwright Sharman Macdonald and her father actor Will Knightley. She grew up in Richmond, London, and knew from the age of three that she wanted to follow in the footsteps of her parents on to the stage. Diagnosed as dyslexic at six – she says she has conquered it to an extent but remains a slow reader – she never allowed her focus of becoming an actress slip. “I was very single-minded about acting,” she admits. CELEBRITY STORY

mmm 13

After performing in a number of local amateur productions, she secured work in commercials and small TV roles at the age of six before her first significant role in TV movie Royal Celebration in 1993. But the work never dried up and in 1999 she was cast as Sabe, decoy for Padme Amidala (played by Natalie Portman to whom she closely resembles) in Star Wars and the profile started to build. Two years later she secured her first starring role in Walt Disney’s made-fortelevision Princess of Thieves and then thriller The Hole which won her plenty of plaudits. But it was 2002’s Bend It Like Beckham which made her name with the movie not only proving a big UK hit, but capitalising on the huge interest in football among women in the US to pull in tens of millions of pounds. “I was very sporty at school,” she remembers, “I was captain of the girls’ football team, but I still had to learn to play for the role in the film, because my version of playing was being fast and kicking people in the shins. I did about 10 weeks of training for the movie.” The following year she landed the role in Pirates of the Caribbean, and suddenly she was on Hollywood’s A-list. 


14 mmm

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“I was really, really nervous when I first met Johnny Depp. “We had the read-through in his club in Los Angeles, the Viper Room. When I saw him come in, I had my teenage moment. Johnny sat down next to me and turned to me and said, ‘Hey, you must be Keira’. “He had just had his gold teeth done that day for the movie. And I just said, ‘Oh God, what’s happened to your teeth?’.” Looking back now at those early steps in her career she admits it was a challenge to conform to such a competitive world constantly under the media spotlight. “I was just very embarrassed at being young, probably because I’d worked with people who were a lot older than me from such a young age. And so yes, I think I did play-act a version of trying to be a grown-up. “Trying to be sensible and good and professional in a way I don’t now. Not that I behave badly or do anything, but you suddenly realise that you’ve set yourself a very specific framework to live within, and that can be quite claustrophobic and unnecessary.” By 2005 she landed her role as Elizabeth Bennet in Pride & Prejudice and her star was firmly fixed in the Hollywood stratosphere. She’s not looked back since.  CELEBRITY STORY

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However, with her fresh comfort in herself she has started to pick only the roles which most interest her – and so she has appeared in a host of less commercial independent movies in recent years and also made her debut on Broadway last year. As for the future, she’s not turned her back on the blockbuster just yet. Later this year she appears alongside the likes of Will Smith and Kate Winslet in Collateral Beauty and is currently filming biopic Colette which will hit the big screen in 2017. “I do love big blockbuster films. I love eating popcorn and watching, because it’s like a ride, and it can be fantastic. The Batman films are absolutely incredible. But it’s secretly always got the other side to it, which is: ‘Well, they’re not really acting, and it’s all about the CGI’. Which is completely fair enough.” A mature Keira Knightley, it seems, is still a force to be reckoned with. mmm


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back to school tips for the parents Starting the new school year can be an exciting and anxious time, here are some tips to Help calm your child’s fears and your own


or children, one of the biggest back-to-school fears is “Will I like my new teacher?” Breaking the ice early on is one of the best ways to calm everyone’s fears. Take advantage of your school’s open house or back-to-school night. Some teachers welcome phone calls or emails — another great opportunity to get to know each other before the year begins. If personal contact with the teacher isn’t possible, try locating the teacher’s picture on a school website or in a yearbook, so your child can put a name with a face. If your child’s teacher sends a welcome letter, be sure to read the letter together. If your child seems nervous, remind him or her that there are probably a lot of students who are uneasy about the first day of school. This may be at any age. Teachers know that students are nervous and will make an extra effort to make sure everyone feels as comfortable as possible.a

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If your school hosts an open house, be sure to go. Familiarizing your child with the environment will help him/her avoid a nervous stomach on the first day. Together you can meet their teacher, find their desk, or explore the playground. With an older child, you might ask him/ her to give you a tour of the school. This will help refresh his/ her memory and yours.


A familiar friend can make all the difference when heading back to school. You might try calling parents from last year’s class and finding out which children are in your child’s class this year. Refresh these relationships before school starts by scheduling a play date or a school carpool.


Obtain the class supply list and take a special shopping trip with your child. Having the right tools will help him/ her feel prepared. While keeping basic needs in mind, allow for a couple of expenses like a special notebook or a favourite-coloured pen. These simple pleasures make going back to school a lot more fun. School supply lists also provide great insight into the schoolwork ahead. Get your child excited about upcoming projects by explaining how new supplies might be used.


While it is important to support learning throughout the summer, don’t spend the last weeks of summer holiday reviewing last year’s curriculum. All children need some down time before the rigours of school begin. For some children, last-minute drills can heighten anxiety, reminding them of what they’ve forgotten instead of what they remember.


When it’s almost time to stop playing, give a fiveminute warning. Giving clear messages to your child is very important.


Switching from a summer to a school schedule can be stressful to everyone in the household. Avoid first-day-of-school mayhem by practising your routine a few days in advance. Set the alarm clock, go through your morning rituals, and get in the car or to the bus stop on time. Routines help children feel comfortable, and establishing a solid school routine will make the first day of school go much smoother. mmm

BACK TO SCHOOL TIPS Prepare for morning madness breakfast, clothing, lunch etc. Do a practice run to get children to the school on time. Plan meals and snacks to suit your children.

EXCELLENCE IS A HABIT! Our Individual approach leads to Academic Excellence at Kent College Kent College students and staff are celebrating another excellent year for A level results, with over 70% passed at grades A*-B and a 100% pass rate. Students have gained access to top universities in the UK and further afield including: Oxford, Cambridge, Bocconi University in Milan and Durham. Along with top scores in the IB announced in July these A level results secure UCAS points (the basis for university offers) with an average of over 400 per student: the equivalent of A* A* A.

All students gained places at their universities of choice. Our top musicians also performed well: securing places at the Royal Academy of Music the Royal Northern College of Music. News of two former Kent College IB students reached us recently: Thomas Sayer graduated from Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge with a double first in Natural Sciences and Claudia Sanchez Jimenez not only achieved a first from St Hugh’s College, Oxford, but the highest mark that Oxford has ever awarded for a degree in Archaeology and Anthropology. Not surprisingly, both will continue as PhD students.

Head Master, Dr. David Lamper said: “I am delighted with the very high levels of academic achievement shown by the students who took examinations this summer. They worked extremely hard whilst at the same time adding an immense amount to the extra curricular, musical, dramatic and sporting life of our community. They have been excellent ambassadors of Kent College and they deserve every success. I am also delighted for my colleagues who have worked so hard in supporting and nurturing the development of all our students. Many congratulations to them all.”

CALL TODAY: 01227 762 436 Kent College Canterbury, Whitstable Road Canterbury, Kent CT2 9DT

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orkout fads come and go, but virtually no other exercise programme is as enduring as yoga. It’s been around for more than 5,000 years. Yoga does more than burn calories and tone muscles. It’s a total mind-body workout that combines strengthening and stretching poses with deep breathing and meditation or relaxation.


There are various types of yoga asanas and the benefits of yoga asanas are numerous. It provides us all round fitness, improves your stamina and reduces the problems of migraines and insomnia. Migraine is a headache that affects the nerves of the head and is accompanied by sensory warning signs like flashes of light, blind spots, nausea, vomiting and increased sensitivity to light and darkness. Insomnia is a common sleep disorder, and those who have insomnia have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. Yoga asanas help to stretch out the muscles in your body and improves such conditions.


Yoga boosts our immune system by enhancing the circulation of blood cells, decreasing stress hormones and stimulating the lymphatic system that aids to protect our body from the effects of toxins. A toxin is an antigenic poison of plant or


animal origin, especially one produced by micro-organisms and causes disease when present in low concentrations in the body. Yoga poses improve our breathing technique, strengthen our muscles and organs, stimulate changes in gene expression and improves our immune system.


It has been proven that the breathing techniques that are followed during yoga, help to strengthen our body and mind’s connection. It also aids us to deal with emotions that instigate stress and anxiety. Many people during the practice of yoga develop a greater sense of self-awareness. From sun salutations, virabhadrasana, utkatasana, vrksasana, uttanasana, ardhya matsyendrasana, Baddha Konasana, kumbhakasana, halasana, balasana and kapal bhati; all are important yoga asanas which can help to reduce weight. They also help tone the entire body, boost our metabolic system and help to burn fat.

mmm 35


Yoga practice tones our body muscles and also makes them strong which helps improve our body posture when we sit, sleep, stand or walk. Stronger muscles help prevent sports injuries and other injuries caused due to overexertion. It can help us move better and felt less tired. It has been proven that people improved their flexibility up to 35% after only 8 weeks of yoga. Athletes consider it really effective which helps them to avoid injuries over the years. When you become stronger and more flexible, your posture also improves at the same time.


Asthma is a disorder that causes the airways of the lungs to swell and narrow, leading to wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness and coughing. A recent research proves that those who follow yoga asanas show a significant improvement in lung function and a reduction in asthma symptoms when compared with those who don’t follow the path of yoga. Yoga is really beneficial to our body, as deep breathing provides oxygen to our bodies and its various organs which is essential for our survival and aids the removal of waste products and toxins from the body. a





TOP TIPS TO help you look younger


o you find yourself looking in the mirror and realizing you’re not 18 anymore? Signs of ageing happen to every woman and give your face character, but remember, no woman truly wants to look older than they really are!


The golden rule of choosing the right colour for your lips, is that the darker your lip colour, the smaller your lips look. And since lips lose their volume with time, you might be giving the impression you’re ageing faster than you are. Lip stains that add a touch of colour without being harsh, are a better daily bet as you approach your prime adult years. There are also several lip products on the market, which are specifically designed to plump up the lips whilst adding moisture and colour – well worth a try.


If you think that daily moisturising is a fad, think again. While you should be doing this even if you’re going barefaced, it’s absolutely essential to keep your skin looking as plump, firm and fine-line-free as possible. And you don’t need expensive brands to get the job done. There are some really effective budget brands on the market, including Boots own range.


Heavy black eyeliner ages you, it makes your eyes look smaller and draws attention to skin around the eye area that’s less firm than it once was. Try using a brown eyeliner or brown shadow to your lash line with a brush for a softer and more subtle look.


Primer deposits a super fine, silky layer on top of your skin for make-up to rest on so it doesn’t settle into those fine lines or wrinkles. Facial, eye shadow and lip primers are all on the market now. You can even try some of these products out by visiting your local House of Fraser store who are only too happy to explain exactly how to use primers and which ones are suitable for you.


It’s a fact, brow hairs fall out as we age. If you’re using a heavy hand, you could end up looking like someone who did their make-up in the dark. Yet, if you’re not filling them in, you could be ageing yourself. This can be easily avoided and brows can be made to look fuller by simply using a pencil or powder that’s lighter than your brow hair colour, apply carefully and use a light touch. mmm BEAUTY SECTION

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FACE IT make-up selection

• Newly refurbished • Live music and family entertainment • Free entry • Meet a range of suppliers to enhance your wedding! • New addition of the ‘Tree House’ • Wedding Fair Sunday 25th September • J6 M20 • Open 11am to 3pm free entry • Fashion Show 11.30am • LIVE music from the Voices David Julien • Win a 2 night stay with dinner at Village Maidstone

GOLDSMITHS Canterbury collection



uxury high street retailer Goldsmiths has launched a new collection instore from highly-acclaimed brand Mappin & Webb during August, which is exclusive to the Gravel Walk showroom in Canterbury. The jewellery from Mappin & Webb is available at selected Goldsmiths’ showrooms across the UK and online, marking a collaboration of two brands steeped in tradition and quality. Goldsmiths has a rich history in jewellery design and craftsmanship with over 230 years of expertise. Meanwhile, Royal Warrant holders since 1897 and marking some of England’s most significant cultural moments, Mappin & Webb maintains warrants to both Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales. The additions to the Goldsmiths Canterbury offering includes key styles from the Masquerade Collection. Introduced alongside Goldsmiths’ extensive choice of jewellery lines will also be a range of engagement rings as part of the Bridal Collection from Mappin & Webb as well as bespoke ring service, ‘By Appointment’. The Mappin & Webb ‘By Appointment’ service offers clients the chance to create a truly one-of-a-kind engagement ring. Clients are invited to make a private appointment with the bridal experts where they will be introduced to the unique heritage of Mappin & Webb, Royal Warrant Holder since 1897. Under the guidance of the in-house bridal experts, clients will be presented with Mappin & Webb’s original seven engagement ring mounts, each inspired by the brand’s 241 year-old archive. Mappin & Webb recently announced British actress Gabriella Wilde as the brand ambassador of its new Forever Since 1775 campaign. Recognised for her quintessentially romantic roles, the campaign featuring Gabriella draws inspiration from British romance and highlights Mappin & Webb’s deep-rooted heritage and unwavering royal connections. The Forever Since 1775 campaign, shot by acclaimed photographer Bruno Dayan at the superb early 18th-century Antony House in Cornwall, marks a new chapter in the jeweller’s history as Gabriella Wilde will be the first ever brand ambassador for Mappin & Webb.

jewellery FEATURE

mmm 41

Executive brand director at Goldsmiths and Mappin & Webb, Craig Bolton, said: “Mappin & Webb is synonymous with excellence, craftsmanship and true British design and so it’s a seamless partnership with the Goldsmiths brand. “As we approach AW16, we are even better-equipped to compete as a business in today’s fine jewellery market and we’re looking forward to building and developing our brands’ reputations together. We’re confident that our customers will be inspired by the new collection and the move will mean great success for the future.” Mappin & Webb launched in selected Goldsmiths showrooms and online on 8th August 2016. Goldsmiths is the UK’s largest luxury high street retailer with over 110 stores nationwide and online at, and was the first official Rolex retailer in the country. With over 230 years of experience and tradition, Goldsmiths sells fine jewellery and diamonds, including exclusive brands such as Canadian Ice and operates the largest distribution network for Rolex, Omega and TAG Heuer as part of Aurum Holdings Ltd. 01227 762408 11 Gravel Walk, Canterbury Kent CT1 2TF jewellery FEATURE

WAYS TO RECLAIM your waist; post-holiday


or many of us not only will we suffer holiday blues, but we may find that our jeans are feeling that much tighter and our waist is disappearing, by the time arrive home.


People often mistake thirst for hunger, so next time you feel a craving, reach for water first. Drinking also helps you feel full. Some experts suggest sipping water (or iced tea) just before you sit down to a meal. Continue drinking as you eat to add volume and weight to your meal.


People who have kept their weight off for more than a few years tend to eat an average of five times a day. Light, frequent meals curb your appetite, boost your energy, improve your mood and even speed your metabolism, since the process of digestion itself burns calories.


One or two pounds a week maximum is doable. Top weight-loss programmes advocate stopping after the first 10 pounds and maintaining that loss for about six months before trying to lose any more.


Don’t try to overhaul your diet overnight. If you make too many changes at once, chances are you’ll get frustrated and throw in the towel. Instead, make one change, such as eating at least one piece of fruit daily, every week.


People who start by focusing on achieving just 10% of their long-range weight-loss goal may have the best chance of ultimate success. Losing those first pounds yields the biggest health gains, too, since stomach fat is usually the first to come off and is the most dangerous.


Remember that alcohol is a source of calories. A 12-ounce beer has 150 calories; a 3.5-ounce glass of wine, 85. A margarita packs a bigger caloric punch. Even worse offenders are creamy cocktails, such as brandy alexanders and mudslides — equivalent to drinking a rich dessert. The bottom line: If you’re trying to lose weight, stick with water. a


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Research suggests that protein prolongs the feeling of fullness better than carbohydrates or fats do. Studies in Scotland, Denmark, Sweden and England found that people who ate a high-protein breakfast or lunch were less hungry at their next meal. Protein also requires a few more calories to digest. Just don’t go overboard. Stick to low-fat protein sources like low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese, low-fat soy drinks or snacks, or thinly sliced turkey breast.


Experts note that low self-esteem is a major cause of overeating. Train yourself to focus on your best points rather than your weak spots. Buy clothes that fit and flatter you at your current weight. Update your hairstyle and get a makeup consultation so you feel attractive today.


Soft drinks are a major source of empty calories in our diets. We drink twice as much as milk and nearly six times more than fruit juice. But fluids don’t satisfy your appetite as well as solids. A study found that when people were fed 450 calories daily as jelly beans or as soda, the soda drinkers gained a significant amount of weight, but the jelly-bean eaters compensated for the extra calories by cutting back on other food. So if you crave something sweet, you’re better off chewing it than gulping it. If you’re truly thirsty, reach for water instead.


Look for nutritious low-calorie alternatives to sugary, high-fat treats. Try frozen grapes instead of sweets. Use air-popped popcorn instead of oil-popped. Dip fresh strawberries in fat-free fudge sauce for a sensuous chocolaty treat.


Some people binge when they’re stressed. A Yale University study found that women who secreted the most cortisol (a hormone released during stress) ate the most highfat food after stress. The combination of cortisol and insulin prompts the body to store fat in preparation for possible starvation — just what you don’t need. If stress has a stronghold on your life, try learning yoga, meditation, or simple breathing exercises. mmm


Long, coarse and crunchy runner beans are synonymous with late summer when they’re heaven piled on a plate and covered in butter and pepper, or part of a homecooked roast dinner. • Health benefits: Because of their rich green colour, we don’t always think about green beans as providing us with important amounts of colourful pigments like carotenoids. Recent studies have confirmed the presence of lutein, betacarotene, violaxanthin, and neoxanthin in green beans. In some cases, the presence of these carotenoids in green beans is comparable to their presence in other carotenoid-rich vegetables like carrots and tomatoes.




Very versatile and easy to cook, no wonder the humble courgette is such a popular vegetable; with its dark green sheen, firm cream flesh and nourishingly sweet flavour. • Health benefits: Courgettes are high in vitamin K and vitamin C. Courgettes, better known as zucchini, contain vitamin K, vitamin C, potassium and dietary fibre. This vegetable belongs to the same summer squash family as patty pan squash and yellow crookneck squash. Courgettes are one of the very low calorie vegetables; and provide only 17 calories per 100g.


Pears are a member of the rose family of plants (Rosaceae), which, in addition to roses, contains a long list of fruits including: apples, apricots, cherries, chokeberry, crabapples, loquats, peaches, plums, quinces, raspberries, serviceberries, and strawberries as well as the tree nut, almonds. • Health benefits: Pears are broadly classified based upon their place of origin as Asian-pears and European-pears. Asian varieties feature a crispy texture and firm consistency that does not change even after harvesting or storage, making them fit and ready-to-eat. Whereas, European types generally become soft and juicy when allowed to ripen. a HEALTHY EATING

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These might not be the most popular berries — that honour goes to strawberries — but they’re definitely one of the healthiest. Those dark blue skins are full of antioxidants, which help keep your body healthy inside and out. If you go berry picking while they’re in season, feel free to freeze them — wild blueberries hold on to their nutritional benefits if frozen fresh, which means you can enjoy them year round. Blueberry season extends into September.


Cauliflower has a reputation for being bland, but that’s just if your preparation is uninspired. Diets containing cruciferous vegetables like this one have been linked to cancer prevention, so include them in your diet at least a couple of times a week. You have lots of options: roast, sauté, steam, cook, blend, and use mashed cauliflower instead of potatoes as a lower-calorie substitute. Find a few favourite recipes, because cauliflower will be around for a few months. • Health benefits: Cauliflower contains several anticancer phyto-chemicals like sulforaphane and plant sterols such as indole-3-carbinol, which appears to function as an anti-estrogen agent. Together, these compounds have proven benefits against prostate, breast, cervical, colon and ovarian cancers by virtue of their cancer-cell growth inhibition, cytotoxic effects on cancer cells.


Autumn is all about parsnips. They have a great taste, and can be used many different ways, from roasting to mashing into soups. These root vegetables are in season well into the autumn. • Health benefits: Generally, parsnip contains more sugar than carrots, radishes and turnips. It has calories (100 g provides 75 calories) comparable to that of some fruits like banana, and grapes. Nonetheless, its sweet, juicy root is rich in several healthbenefiting phyto-nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and fibre. It is one of the most excellent sources of soluble and insoluble dietary fibre. 100 g root provides 4.9 mg or 13% of fibre. Adequate fibre in the diet helps reduce blood cholesterol levels, obesity and constipation conditions. mmm HEALTHY EATING

OSPREY HOLIDAYS Winter City Escapes

ith fantastically unusual attractions Reykjavik really is like no other and during the winter months it’s even better! The spectacular Northern Lights are one of the earth’s most outstanding natural phenomena and best visible during the winter months, it has now actually been dubbed as one of the top winter experiences in the world. One of the most thrilling ways to experience them in Reykjavik, is with a company called the ‘Mountaineers of Iceland’, who take you on what’s called a ‘hunt’ to track down the lights in a giant off-road jeep over some challenging terrain. When visiting this impressive city a must stop is to the Blue Lagoon – an outdoor natural geothermal spa classed as ‘One of the 25 Wonders of the World’, with a water temperature of between 37 degrees spanning over several large pools. This natural phenomenon is easily located from Reykjavik city, just over half an hour in a taxi from the centre.



No matter what time of the year it is – Copenhagen is always beautiful with its brightly coloured buildings, charming canals and newly trending gastronomic scene, it’s easy to see why it makes the perfect city break during winter. Considered Scandanavia’s culinary capital, Copenhagen is home to innovative cuisine with a recent emphasis on Nordic cooking giving rise to locally sourced materials and quality, seasonally based ingredients. Which is no surprise as to why its home to some of the world’s best restaurants such as Noma and AOC both holding high their two Michelin Stars. Copenhagen also prides itself on its fantastic street food markets and classic cuisine, if you fancy something more casual. A must try is their traditional Smørrebrød, an open sandwich, often made of buttered rye bread and a selection of cold cut meats, fish, or cheese – delicious! a TRAVEL ASPECT

50 mmm

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Blessed with a warm climate during winter, Malta and its sister island of Gozo have an intriguing landscape packed full of historic ruins, regal palaces, Baroque cathedrals and crystal clear waters offering a memorable and sunny short break experience. With it also being off TRAVEL ASPECT

peak season the nearby beaches will be quiet, perfect for that afternoon wander or take a short boat ride to the island of Comino’s for even more tranquil turquoise waters. Popular Malta seaside charms also include the Alabaster Caves filled with stalactites and stalagmites and Gozo’s Calypso Cave. Alternatively head into the centre to see some magnificent Baroque architecture and explore the many museums and art galleries. a

For more information on Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines please contact your local Baldwins Travel Group branch Baldwins Travel - Tunbridge Wells Baldwins Travel - Maidstone Baldwins Travel - Lewes Baldwins Travel - Uckfield

01892 511999 01622 762141 01273 472466 01825 760488

Baldwins Travel -Tonbridge Baldwins Travel - Cranbrook Travelux - Tenterden Sevenoaks Travel


01732 351223 01580 714411 01580 764344 01732 458255

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Germany is regarded by many as being the home of Christmas Markets, with Berlin being at the very top of the list with over 60 different markets located around the city during the month of December! The main festivities in Berlin during December are located at Potsdamer Platz, with rows of wooden market stalls selling beautiful crafts and traditional German street food all decorated with hundreds of glistening fairy lights. It also has an enchanted forest, large ice rink, outstanding Christmas tree and the famous toboggan run which is actually the largest one in Europe - all adding to the festive magic! Dotted around the streets you will also find plenty of entertainment from fire breathers to dancers to musicians all adding to the wonderful outdoor spirit among the markets. #HolidayInspirations #ExploreBC


mmm 53


54 mmm




ombardier Recreational Products (BRP), the world leader in the design, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of recreational powersports vehicles, continues to expand and improve its industry-leading watercraft lineup with the introduction of new SEA-DOO models and a new Rotax Advanced Combustion Efficiency (ACE) power plant. The 2017 SEA-DOO line introduces a new way to play with the SEA-DOO SPARK TRIXX, an unbeatable price-point with new GTI models and more performance in the mid-range with a GTR-X 230 powered by a new Rotax 1500 HO ACE engine. The SPARK TRIXX model is the SEADOO watercraft that changes the game, and invents new ones, with features that leverage the light and nimble handling of the SPARK model to offer new ways to play on the water. The 2017 SPARK TRIXX model comes equipped with numerous innovations including handlebar with adjustable riser, step wedges and extended-range Variable Trim System (VTS), all of which help riders perform tricks like a pro. The 2017 SEA-DOO GTI models are the lightest, most fuel-efficient and offer the greatest value of any full-size watercraft on the market. Each features a compact and efficient Rotax 900 HO ACE engine and lightweight and tough Polytec hull material, which has proven performance and durability throughout the past three years in the industry’s best-selling model, the SEA-DOO SPARK watercraft.

mmm 57

Also new to the SEA-DOO lineup for 2017 is the Rotax 1500 HO ACE engine. Thanks to its ACE design, the 1500 HO ACE offers more mid-range performance, produces 15 times more horsepower than the previous generation and is optimised for regular fuel instead of premium gas. This new engine also features a low-maintenance supercharger. The Rotax 1500 HO ACE powers the 2017 SEA-DOO GTR-X 230, as well as the GTR 230, WAKE PRO 230 and GTX Limited 230 models. The SEA-DOO GTR-X 230 watercraft extends the brand’s X-package offering to a new model and includes the exclusive Ergolock system, which allows riders to connect better to the machine during riding. With the widest selection of models in the industry, BRP offers the right SEA-DOO watercraft model to fit any watersports enthusiast’s desires, at a price that makes it possible for more to live the SEA-DOO life. Anne Bélec, SVP global brand, communications and PAC at BRP said: “The SEA-DOO watercraft line has never been stronger. By offering new models that continue to focus on rider needs such as affordability and efficiency, and of course fun, more people can find the right model for them and make the dream of owning a SEA-DOO watercraft a reality.”

THINGS TO DO AND places to be in Kent EXPERIENCES TO ENTHRAL Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway New Romney, Kent TN28 8PL 01797 362353 For the past 88 years the Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway has been an integral part of the landscape of the Romney Marsh. “Mainline in Miniature”, a world-famous one-third full size steam and diesel locomotives, have powered their way along the 13½ miles of track from the Cinque Port town of Hythe, terminating in Dungeness; a National Nature Reserve and one of the largest shingle landscapes in the world.

Arethusa Venture Centre Lower Upnor, Rochester Kent ME2 4XB 01634 719933 The Arethusa has over 35 years experience of providing high quality outdoor education to over 6,000 visitors each year. With three accommodation blocks housing just over 100 students and up to 18 staff. Open all year round with activities to suit all weathers, their aim is to develop life skills through the adventure learning programmes, encouraging visitors to reach their full potential in a safe and caring environment, not forgetting the importance of having fun and adventure. The activities are delivered by fully trained staff to instruct and lead you and your group through exciting challenges.

Kits Coty Glamping Aylesford, Kent ME20 7ER 01634 685862 Kits Coty Glamping is a small multi award winning family run site on the outskirts of Aylesford nestled in an area of outstanding natural beauty. The Vintage Shepherds Hut, African and Moroccan themed bell tents and Festival Tent are perfect for short family breaks, romantic getaways, or longer holidays in the Kent countryside. So, whether you are an experienced camper or have never camped before, come and experience all the fun of camping and the outdoors while enjoying luxury creature comforts and outstanding customer service.

mmm 59

White Rock Theatre White Rock, Hastings TN34 1JX 01424 462 280 Situated in a commanding position on the Hastings shoreline the White Rock Theatre is the perfect concert and theatre venue, with a recently-refurbished, sea-view Café Bar. The ideal venue for meetings, rehearsals, workshops, conferences, parties, celebrations and more, the White Rock Theatre offers a range of spaces that can be adapted to suit your requirements, from one-to-one meetings to large seminars, and birthday celebrations to community events.

Jetstream Tours Sun Pier, Medway St, Chatham Kent ME4 4HF 01634 525202 Running through the heart of Kent is the River Medway, soul of Rochester. Many people cross the river on a daily basis to get to work, do their shopping or even visit relatives, they often forget it is even there. This year discover more of the River Medway and its history aboard a luxury River Cruiser or a 530hp Jetboat. All tours are fully commentated in English.

Central Park Stadium Church Road, Sittingbourne, Kent ME10 3SB 01795 475547

Built in 1995 at a cost of £6m, Central Park Stadium occupies a 24 acre site in the Eurolink business development. It has its own car park which caters for up to 1000 cars and is easy to reach from the M20 and less than 10 minutes from the M2 and A249. Sittingbourne town centre and its railway station are just a short taxi ride away from the Sittingbourne Dog Track. Speedway is the most exciting team sport in the UK and the most unique and thrilling motorsport in the world. It’s a stadium-based sport and there’s no finer venue staging this dirt track motorcycle racing extravaganza of speed, than Central Park in Sittingbourne - the home of the Kent SLYDE Kings.

Leas Cliff Hall The Leas, Folkestone Kent CT20 2DZ

0844 871 3015 Leas Cliff Hall is Kent’s premier entertainment venue. It offers the very best in entertainment, from live music to headlining comedians, and international dance acts to shows for all the family. THINGS TO DO IN KENT

62 mmm



Doggett’s Coat and Badge

mmm 63

ondon, July 20th, 2016 -The winner of the oldest continually run competition in sport is planning a ‘Viking Funeral ‘ for his sculling boat. Twenty-four year old Benjamin Folkard, who works on the river Thames as a waterman, stormed away to win the historic Doggett’s Coat and Badge Race along the River Thames after overcoming fierce conditions on the river. He was presented with his prize by five time Olympic Gold medallist Sir Steve Redgrave, who admitted: ‘‘If I ever had the choice I would never row down here, especially in a single scull, they are so unstable, so narrow and very difficult to balance’’. ‘‘Even on what you would call a mill pond, it is always moving always bouncing around so a little bit of wind , a little bit of chop wasn’t pleasant by any stretch of the imagination’’. For Folkard, it was a case of third time lucky after two unsuccessful attempts. “Not only was it hard training wise, but knowing it was


my last attempt that I couldn’t have another go after that, as soon as I got into a comfortable lead it was just a such a relief,” said Folkard. “It was horrible water. I was just trying to make the most of it, attempting to get a comfortable lead and not do anything too silly and not fall in.” The race itself was founded by theatre manager Thomas Doggett in 1715 to celebrate the accession of King George I. The prize for the winner was a red coat with a silver badge bearing the legend ‘ FLiberty.’ Only those who have been apprentice watermen are eligible and the race now has the support of Tideway. Although Folkard has achieved his dream, he is unsure whether or not he will continue in the sport. “Any of my friends know that I was planning to set the boat on fire the minute I got off it, but it is a great sport, we will just see how it goes. I don’t know yet if I will carry on,” he said. Folkard will receive his coat and badge at a special ceremony at the Fishmongers Hall in November. mmm

Penne arrabiata with cherry tomatoes INGREDIENTS 1-2 tbsp olive oil 2-3 red chillies, seeded and finely chopped 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped 1/2 x 25g pack fresh basil, roughly torn 270g pack Waitrose cherry vine tomatoes, halved 1 tbsp sun-dried tomato paste 150g essential Waitrose penne 2 tbsp freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano Leafy green salad, to serve

Thousands of recipes can be found at


Add more texture to this dish with toasted pine nuts. Simply toss a handful over the pasta at the end of the second step.


METHOD OF HOW TO COOK • Heat the oil in a medium saucepan and cook the chilli, garlic and half of the basil for 2 minutes. Stir in the tomatoes and paste, and simmer very gently for 10 minutes. • Meanwhile, cook the pasta in a large pan of boiling water according to the packet instructions, then drain and return to the pan. Stir in the

arrabbiata sauce, remaining basil and the cheese, and toss well together. • Divide between 2 bowls and grind over some black pepper. Serve with a leafy green salad on the side.

© Waitrose

mmm 65

The Raja of Kent Biddenden Road, Tenterden TN30 6SX

Tribute Nights The Jersey Boys & Showaddywaddy

The Blues Brothers

Wed 16th November

Wed 12th October

01233 851191 |

Hake with spiced mussels

INGREDIENTS 1-2 tbsp olive oil 2-3 red chillies, seeded and finely chopped 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped 1/2 x 25g pack fresh basil, roughly torn 270g pack Waitrose cherry vine tomatoes, halved 1 tbsp sun-dried tomato paste 150g essential Waitrose penne 2 tbsp freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano Leafy green salad, to serve

Recipe from: Tudor Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club Ashford Road, Bearsted, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 4NQ 01622 734334 @tudorPark


METHOD OF HOW TO COOK • Preheat the oven to 170°C. • Finely dice the onion and ginger, and crush the garlic. • In a large saucepan, fry the onion, garlic and ginger in olive oil for a few minutes until softened. • Add the curry powder, white wine vinegar and lemon Juice and pour in the stock. Continue to simmer until it is reduced by half. Add the cream and simmer for a few minutes. Stir in the herbs. • Add the mussels and cook for approximately 3 minutes until they open. • Wilt the spinach in butter and keep hot on the side. • Meanwhile, score the skins of

the hake fillets. Heat olive oil in an oven-proof frying pan and add the fillets. Cook for 3 minutes each side and then pop in the oven for a further 3 minutes. • To serve, pour a little of the spicy sauce into the base of two large bowls. Top with the hake and arrange the mussels and spinach around the outside. Serve with crusty bread for mopping up the sauce.

CHEF’S TIP Use the freshest mussels possible and discard any that have opened before cooking. After cooking, discard any that haven’t opened before serving.

Beef empanadas INGREDIENTS 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 1/2 lb. ground beef 1/2 medium yellow onion, finely chopped 1/4 cup tomato sauce 1 cup of olives 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped 1/2 tsp dried oregano Ground black pepper, to taste 1 package puff pastry

Recipe from: Beunos Aires Nights

63 High Street, Maidstone Kent ME14 1SR 01622 688655


METHOD OF HOW TO COOK • Heat oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add ground beef and cook until browned, breaking up meat with a wooden spoon, about 10 minutes. • Add onions and cook until soft, about 5 minutes more. Stir in tomato sauce, olives, garlic, oregano and black pepper. Lower heat to medium-low and simmer until mixture thickens, about 15 minutes. • On a lightly floured work surface, using a rolling pin, roll out your pastry

until 1/2 larger in diameter, and cut out round disc shapes for empanadas. • Spoon about 1 tbsp of the meat mixture into middle, fold in half to form a half moon; moisten edges with water and pinch to seal closed, or seal with a fork. • To bake preheat oven to 400 degrees. Place on parchment-lined baking sheets. Brush tops with egg wash. Bake until golden brown, rotating sheets halfway through, 30 to 40 minutes.

mmm 69

Come and enjoy a fabulous Afternoon Tea in the grand surroundings of a Grade II Georgian Mansion which is available to book daily between 2:30pm and 5pm for ÂŁ14.95 per person. Our Afternoon Tea Menu offers a selection of finger sandwiches, freshly baked scones and a collection of desserts and sweet bites.

Low sugar granola Olympian salad INGREDIENTS 2 little gem lettuces 4 small cooked beetroot, cut into chunks 2 avocados 2 handfuls of Lizi’s Low Sugar Granola Dressing: Juice of 2 limes Half a clove of garlic, grated 2cm of ginger, grated 1 tsp soya sauce 1 tsp honey 270 ml sesame oil DELICIOUS RECIPES

METHOD OF HOW TO COOK • Put the lime juice in a jam jar along with the rest of the dressing ingredients. Put the lid on and give it a shake like you’re dancing at Carnival. • Slice the bottom off the little gem lettuces and separate the leaves into a large flatbottomed dish. Chop the beetroot into small chunks and add to the lettuce.

• Peel the avocados just before serving, and chop lengthways into 8. • Place in the bowl and add the vinaigrette once it’s been really shaken. Toss the salad and then scatter the granola over the top. Recipe from: The Forge Communications




mmm 73

here are, it is said, just six degrees of separation – six simple steps that take you to anyone else in the world. And if you’ve been to a certain cinema in Gravesend well, you could argue, you’re half way to connecting with one of the biggest names in Hollywood. The Paul Greengrass Cinema at the Woodville Theatre is named in tribute to the former Gravesend Grammar pupil whose path led him to Hollywood’s very top table as one of its most respected directors, pocketing an Academy Award in the process. From there it is just one step to Matt Damon – one of the most bankable stars in movie history. At the time of writing the 45-year-old is at number 20 in the highest grossing actors of all time list. And it is much due to his working relationship with Kent’s Greengrass that he sits within that list. Because it was the realisation of Damon as action hero in the Jason Bourne movies under Greengrass’ direction which catapulted both into the movie industry’s highest echelons. But Damon is far more than Bourne – even if he has reprised the role for the hero’s return this summer - with a string of enormous movie hits under his wing. His biggest successes include Ocean’s Eleven and follow ups Twelve and Thirteen – in which he starred alongside the likes of George Clooney and Brad Pitt – Saving Private Ryan, Good Will Hunting, Elysium, Invictus, Interstellar and last year’s hugely popular The Martian. a


74 mmm

mmm 75

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He is far more than just a pretty face and fine actor though. His breakthrough movie, the critically acclaimed Good Will Hunting was written by both he and co-star Ben Affleck, while he’s also won nominations for his role as director of reality TV show Project Greenlight (fittingly enough following budding film-makers as they get behind the camera to shoot their first movie). Off-screen he has found happiness as a husband and father. He met waitress Lucy Barrosso while filming the comedy Stuck On You in Miami in 2003. Two years later they were engaged and later that same year married. They have three daughters and Damon is step-father to his wife’s daughter from a previous relationship. Before that he had certainly had his pick of famous faces. He dated the likes of Minnie Driver, Homeland’s Claire Danes and Winona Ryder. Now he refuses to take work if it means long periods away from his family. Even the photographers who like to pursue every celebrity have stopped hassling him. “I’m a married man with kids and there’s no scandal about me,” he reflects on his life constantly in the spotlight. “So long as the photographers get an updated picture every six months, they’re OK. A picture of us isn’t as valuable as a picture of somebody who may cause some scandal and I don’t think I’ve done anything to create any mystique around myself.” It is that normality, however, which has proved the very secret to his success. His natural talent and acting make for a character the audience can easily connect with and that has ensured the big roles keep coming his way. Born in October 1970 in Massachusetts, his father, Kent, was a stockbroker and his mother a professor at the local university. His parents divorced when he was just two years old, a

76 mmm

When you’ve got someone like Matt who’s going to sell it for you, who’s going to be brilliant and is committed, the feeling of empowerment is so intense. And love. He’s a fantastic man to make a film with. And we’ve been in the trenches before.

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however, and he, his mother and his brother lived in a six-family communal house. Despite admitting to early career ambitions to be an astronaut, it was acting which quickly caught his attention, and by his high school years he was appearing in school productions. It was in third grade he met Ben Affleck. When Damon attended Harvard University he started writing the script for what would become Good Will Hunting, turning to his childhood chum Affleck to complete it. When it finally hit the big screen in 1997, some five years after its origins, it catapulted them both into the big time. “We had great fun writing it – a really joyful experience. But when it was a success it was strange. “You wake up one morning and the world is entirely the same and you know all the things that mattered yesterday are the same today, except the world is forever going to be a totally different place for you. “It takes a couple of years to get your head around that.” Good Will Hunting, which also featured the late great Robin Williams secured nine Academy Award nominations and landed its writers – and stars – awards for best screenplay. He’s never really looked back since. So why return to Jason Bourne some nine years after The Bourne Ultimatum – a movie both its star and director vowed would be their last dalliance with the box office hit? Mutual admiration and trust is a key component. Explains Paul Greengrass: “Making a film, every film is a big gamble, large or small. “The more that you do it, the more you’re aware of that. Relationships of trust and respect are hard to find. We hadn’t worked together in some years and then we came back on and suddenly there was that feeling that as a film-maker you’re not on your own. “You can come on set some days and feel, ‘I don’t know about this’. The anxieties are very profound. That’s why it’s such a stressful undertaking. CELEBRITY STORY

mmm 77

“When you’ve got someone like Matt who’s going to sell it for you, who’s going to be brilliant and is committed, the feeling of empowerment is so intense. And love. He’s a fantastic man to make a film with. And we’ve been in the trenches before.” Jason Bourne took a cool $60m in its opening weekend. Not only is the relationship between the Hollywood superstar and the former Gravesend school boy still strong, it delivers enormous dividends. Don’t be entirely surprised to see them reunited again soon. Keeping six degrees of separation between them would deny the world a hugely successful partnership. mmm




his year’s flagship models include the new Cosmograph Daytona in 904L steel fitted with a monobloc Cerachrom bezel in black ceramic. The watch combines technical performance and iconic aesthetics inspired by the history of this legendary chronograph. Rolex is also introducing a brand new Oyster Perpetual Air-King, a watch with an evocative name, relaunched in a 40 mm case with an aviationinspired dial. Rolex is fitting its newgeneration mechanical movements in the Datejust 41 and Lady-Datejust 28 models in Rolesor, which combine 904L steel and 18 ct yellow or Everose gold. The new Rolesor version of the Datejust 41, now equipped with calibre 3235, backed by 14 patents and incorporating the Chronergy escapement developed by Rolex, adopts a modernized design in a 41 mm case. Its feminine counterpart, the Rolesor LadyDatejust 28, is equipped with calibre 2236 fitted with the Syloxi hairspring in silicon patented by Rolex, and is available in a redesigned case increased in size to 28 mm.



The new version of the Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona in 904L steel is equipped with a monobloc Cerachrom bezel, developed and patented by Rolex, in black ceramic. A blend of hightechnology and sleek aesthetics, this evolution pays tribute to the heritage of the legendary chronograph. The black bezel is reminiscent of the 1965 model that was fitted with a black Plexiglas bezel insert, while the high-tech ceramic ensures extreme durability and provides an exceptionally legible tachymetric scale. 

mmm 79

Winter wonderland Christmas Party Nights

at Ashford International Hotel Tickets from only ÂŁ38.95 per person. Let your hair down and celebrate a fun-ďŹ lled night of festive cheer with your friends or colleagues! Enjoy a delicious three-course meal, followed by dancing to classic party tunes from our resident DJ. Our Winter Wonderland Christmas party nights are available on various dates in November & December.

01233 219 988 | Simone Weil Avenue, Kent TN24 8UX Terms and conditions: All event dates are subject to availability. For full terms and conditions please speak to a member of the events team. 2305_ASHFORD_CHRISTMAS PARTY NIGHTS_AD_130H X 180W.indd 1

15/08/2016 11:33

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The new Oyster Perpetual Air-King perpetuates the aeronautical heritage of the original Rolex Oyster. The new Air-King, in a 40 mm case in 904L steel, features a distinctive black dial combining large 3, 6 and 9 numerals marking the hours, and a prominent minute scale for navigational time readings. The dial carries the name Air-King in the same lettering that was designed specially for the model in the 1950s.



Rolex is introducing a new version in 18 ct Everose gold of the Oyster Perpetual Pearlmaster 39, a treasure among its gem-set watches. Adorned with the rarest diamonds, this interpretation highlights the extent of Rolex’s expertise in gem-setting. In a 39 mm case, this precious watch is also equipped with the newgeneration calibre 3235, backed by 14 patents, including for the Chronergy escapement developed by Rolex. WATCHES GALORE

The new generation of the classic Oyster Perpetual Datejust features a modernized 41 mm case and the new Rolex calibre 3235, a movement at the forefront of watchmaking technology, with 14 patents, the new Chronergy escapement and a power reserve of approximately 70 hours. The new Datejust 41 is offered in yellow or Everose Rolesor versions – combining 904L steel and either 18 ct yellow or Everose gold – with a wide selection of dials.


The new generation of the Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust is being introduced in either yellow or Everose Rolesor versions, combining 904L steel and 18 ct yellow or Everose gold. These new models feature a redesigned case enlarged to 28 mm and a mechanical movement, calibre 2236, equipped with the Rolexpatented Syloxi hairspring in silicon.


A new version of the Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master 40, Rolex’s emblematic nautical watch, is being introduced for the first time in Everose Rolesor (a combination of 904L steel and 18 ct Everose gold), in a 40 mm case with a chocolate dial. The Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master, its emblematic nautical watch, for the first time in Everose Rolesor (a combination of 904L steel and 18 ct Everose gold), with a chocolate dial. The new Yacht-Master 40 carries the Superlative Chronometer certification redefined by Rolex in 2015, which ensures singular performance on the wrist.


The new Oyster Perpetual Explorer features an entirely luminescent Chromalight display for enhanced legibility. This model, designed with adventure in mind, retains its characteristic 3, 6 and 9 numerals, which are now filled with a luminescent material emitting a long-lasting blue glow. The hands are also broader and longer for improved visual comfort.



s long summer nights give way to cooler autumn days, the colours in our glorious gardens across Kent slide gently into warming tones. From the end of September, don’t miss the chance to walk amongst radiant reds and breathtaking bronzes at your local National Trust places, as leaves carpet the ground and ripe kitchen gardens harvest the rewards of a year’s work. Scotney Castle, Kent is an autumnal must-see, as the jubilant colours framing the magnificent medieval take on new tones over the season. The moated reflection offers a new perspective on the golden-hued delights, whilst on the wider estate the view of the Weald from the claypits field near the wilderness camp is one not to miss. Paul Micklewright, Garden and Estate Manager at Scotney Castle, says: “The beech avenue at Kilndown is breath-taking and can be visited by following our red marked estate walking route. My pick of the crop though has to be Liquidambar styraciflua, down by the boathouse in the garden, which makes a stunning photo opportunity.” Visitors to Scotney Castle will also be drawn in by the aureate yellow of the tulip trees, complemented by the yellow spindle-fruited Celastrus Arbieulatus over a NATIONAL TRUST

84 mmm Continued from page 83

the doorway onto the bowling green lawn at the old castle. The 100-year-old purple cut-leaved Japanese Maples, below the Bastion, are an autumn staple that people return for year after year. At Scotney new guided estate walks are scheduled to take place from 8th to 23rd October. Emmetts Garden, Kent is famed for its vibrant autumn colour and exotic plant and tree collection. Emmetts’ majestic Katsura toffee trees, among the country’s largest, have an intoxicating scent of sweet candyfloss. The South Garden is also home to an impressive collection of hardy exotic trees and shrubs offering an array of red, pink and orange colours. Head Gardener Matt Scott says: “Our exotic tree collection comes into its own in autumn. The bright red of the Winged Spindle (Euonymus alatus) and golden leaves on the Japanese maple (Acer pamatum) are a true wonder to see. Ripe, vibrant berries are abundant too, including the regal purple berries on the Prickly heath (Gaultheria mucronata) and siren-red of the Tree Cotoneaster (Cotoneaster frigidus) fruit.” Elsewhere, the rock garden is packed with 40 different species of alpine plants interspersed with heathery banks, autumn bulbs, winding paths and a lily


mmm 85

pond. Those looking for something a little different from their autumn display will be enchanted by the many varied fungi species dotted around the grounds. Once you have soaked up the glorious colour here, why not tackle the Weardale Walk, which links Emmetts Garden with nearby Chartwell, Kent. The five mile circular passes the woodland area of Toys Hill and Hosey Common as well as the pretty hamlet of French Street. Whilst at Chartwell, admire autumn borders featuring a variety of seasonal species such as Yellow Wax Bells (Kirengeshoma palmate), Cyclamen, Brunnera and heathers. In particular, make sure not to miss the mahonia x media ‘charity’ border in the shade of the Walnut tree. NATIONAL TRUST

86 mmm

NEW ARRIVAL at Kent’s Big Cat Sanctuary


ust west of Ashford lie some of the county’s most picturesque villages boasting thatched roofs, oast houses and thriving communities. Oh, and lions and tigers. Because if you go down to the woods today you may be in for a surprise. Close to Smarden is the Wildlife Heritage Foundation’s Big Cat Sanctuary – a remarkable facility which not only aims to protect and conserve some of the most magnificent creatures, but to provide a rest home for those rescued from zoos and wildlife parks around the world. Wondering why you’ve not heard of it? Well it’s not your conventional attraction. It’s primarily open

by arrangement only, but it does provide a unique experience in the county. Whether it is a courtesy of its excellent links to local businesses or providing amateur photographers the chance to capture lions and tigers like no other venue could, it assumes a special role. You can book the chance to become a keeper for the day, or stay in one of their luxury lodges and wake up to a lion’s roar. It’s fair to say it’s not your average tourist attraction. Home to over 50 cats across 16 different species from the biggest - to the smallest – to the most endangered in the world, the centre’s primary objective is breeding, as well as offering sanctuary for cats who need homes and retirement. In exchange, the animals get to live 

88 mmm

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in peaceful, secure and stress-free environments. Part of the EEP (European Endangered Species Breeding Programme), a body that regulates the captive breeding of endangered cats to maintain a healthy captive population, which can ultimately be reintroduced to the wild, its breeding success to date includes the Amur leopard which is the world’s most endangered big cat, with less than 45 remaining in the wild globally, also Sumatran tigers, Amur tigers and Pallas cats. And that work is set to only improve, after television personality

and conservationist Giles Clark took over the role of director of cats and conservation. Best known in this country for appearing in Tigers About the House, he has spent recent years in charge of tigers at Australia Zoo – the facility previously owned by the late ‘Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin and now run by his widow Terri. But it was in the UK were he discovered his love of big cats. When he was just 16 he did his school work experience at The Big Cat Sanctuary’s sister park – Hertfordshire’s Paradise Wildlife Park. His position as a volunteer led him to take full time employment at the park as a trainee keeper where he a More cats from the Big Cat Santuary


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remained for four years gaining knowledge and experience in the specialised field. In 1998, he travelled to India to gain a different type of experience – again voluntarily – this time working with the forest department and tribal villagers to explore and implement solutions to the various conservation challenges facing the tiger and the wildlife that share its habitat. It was in 1999 he then made a big move to Australia, where he was to be Australia Zoo’s head of tigers. Here he focused heavily on Sumatran tiger conservation raising in excess of £1m within 10 years. He has helped to raise awareness of the difficulties faced by the Sumatran tiger, not only poaching but also loss of habitat, and the other issues faced by these cats in the wild. It led to him being featured with two tiger cubs as ambassadors in the BBC’s television documentary series Tigers About The House and Tigers About The House – What Happened Next. These documentaries followed the day to day raising of the cubs in his home and how they progressed, with the audience getting to see and understand them as a species. Since then Clark has recently completed another documentary for BBC1 which is due to air later this year. Explained Clark: “I am feeling excited about what lies in store for the future, I am looking forward to working with the team in Kent and continuing to make a difference in helping save some of the planet’s most endangered cats from extinction.” Chairman of the big cat charity, Peter Sampson, added: “We have plans to not only create more conservation awareness, but also ways that the Big Cat Sanctuary can excel in their contributions to breeding and gene pool diversification around the world.” mmm BIG CAT SANCTUARY

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K2 Flooring are professional flooring specialists, offering high quality all-in-one flooring services to customers across Swanley, West Malling and all the surrounding areas in Kent


make your house into a home oft furnishings are vital if you are to turn your house into a comfortable home. Not only do they help to set the tone of a room – whether formal or relaxed, but they also create a feeling of warmth, luxury and opulence. However, with such a huge selections of styles, materials and colours, how do you know which soft furnishings are right for you? Soft furnishing ideas you may wish to consider.


Velvet throw ÂŁ120.00 Debenhams


Linen wrinkles easily and so some formal linen garments, such as tables cloths, will need ironing often. Linen is cool to the touch and is strong and durable, but due to its low elasticity its fibres will break where there are creases or sharp folds. It resists dirt and stains and can be machine washed, dry cleaned and steam cleaned.


Ask for samples of fabrics before you buy as they may look very different in the lighting of your room compared to how they look in a shop, showroom or on your computer monitor. If you are completely refurbishing a room you should avoid choosing paint before choosing fabrics, as it is far easier to find a paint colour to match the fabric, than a fabric to match the paint. Fabrics come in a huge variety of colours and patterns and some may be embellished with beads or sequins. HOME INTERIOR

You may want to avoid these if the fabric will be subject to heavy use. Texture is key too; velvets and silks are luxurious and opulent, cotton and linen give a lighter, cooler and more casual feel and suede and leather can add warmth to a room.

CURTAINS Lined curtains can help to keep heating bills down and are good for filtering out more light. The length of curtain is important too and needs to be appropriate for the size of the window. As a rule of thumb, large patterns on small windows or in small rooms can be overpowering. To

soften heavy or dark coloured curtains you can add coordinating sheers underneath. These are also useful for allowing sunlight into the room whilst giving you some extra privacy.


For a well dressed window, consider adding drapes. These add a touch of opulence to a room and give it a well finished, quality feel. The type of fabric you choose will very much depend on the tone and style of the room. Thick, heavy drapes suit much more formal or traditional rooms that have large windows and classic furnishings. Drapes don’t tend to work as well on small windows or in small rooms as they do restrict the amount of natural light coming in.

Grey pompom throw £71.00 House of Fraser


Cowparsley hedgerow linen £95.00 Blooming Bryony Designs

You need to decide what function the blinds have: are they for dress only, do you want them to block out sunlight or do you simply need them for privacy? There are a whole variety of options and colours to choose from including wood, faux wood, plastic, fabric or bamboo. Avoid fitting the same blinds throughout every room of your home as each room tends to be styled differently and although the style of blind may look good in one room they may not suit another. Fabric blinds are the most versatile, as you can find a colour or texture that suits most room styles and matches your other furnishings. They are particularly useful for kitchens and bathrooms and are best made to measure rather than bought off the peg. a

Ferm living semicircle rug £189.00 Amara

Conran felt appliqué cushion £29.50 Marks and Spencer

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Rugs used in heavy traffic areas such as hallways or living rooms should be durable and have dense pile with close stitches and tufts . Twisted yarn also adds to durability. A rug is a great way to brighten up a room and to make it feel cosier. Patterned rugs hide the dirt better, as do darker colours.


Throws can make a room feel warm, inviting and luxurious. If they have a practical use rather than just being used to dress a room, you should ensure they are made of a fabric that can be cleaned easily. Faux fur is a popular choice; however this is usually dry clean only.

Remember soft furnishings should be co-ordinated with the colour scheme of your room and reflect the tone and purpose of the overall design. That doesn’t mean everything has to match but they should complement each other. Stripes are a good way of bringing different colours together and to keep the colour palette flowing. Patterns are best used as highlights i.e. as cushions or curtains – too much use of a pattern can be overbearing, particularly in smaller rooms.


Many fabrics are washable, either by hand or machine. You should always treat fabrics and soft furnishings with care and dry clean if in any doubt. Remember to take out home insurance too, so that your furnishings are protected should they suffer from accidental damage. Accidental damage cover tends not to be included on a home insurance policy as standard and so, depending on the insurer, you’ll need to add this on to your policy as an extra cover option. mmm HOME INTERIOR

Tonto aztec beanslab £49.00 Very




mmm 97

eptember is generally a cooler, gustier month than August and the days are noticeably shorter. While there’s not as much to do in the ornamental garden at this time of the year, if you have a fruit or vegetable patch, you’ll be busy reaping the rewards of harvest. It’s also time to get out and start planting spring-flowering bulbs for next year and you can collect seeds for next summer’s colour too. Make the most of the remaining warmth while you can!


By September, the days become shorter, and light is an increasingly valuable resource. Removing the shade paint in your greenhouse will maximise the sunlight available to your plants. A bit of scrubbing with some hot water will bring the glass up sparkling clean. Pay attention to any gutters where trapped leaves will prevent rain water escaping from the roof of your greenhouse. Use this opportunity to replace any broken or damaged glass too.


Since you are already cleaning the outside of the greenhouse, it makes sense to tackle the inside as well to help reduce overwintering pests and diseases. Remove the plants before sweeping out any plant debris. Disinfect the greenhouse paths and staging, and the inside of the glass too. Use a hot solution of garden disinfectant such as Jeyes Fluid. You will need to ventilate your greenhouse well over the next couple of days to dry it thoroughly. Throughout the quiet winter months make an effort to wash out pots and seed trays in preparation for the spring sowing and planting.


Dig up annuals and add them to the compost heap. You can replant your beds with winter bedding such as pansies, bellis daisies and wallflowers for a colourful display next spring. Autumn provides an ideal opportunity to move poorly placed plants, and divide overcrowded perennials while the soil is still warm. Cut back faded perennials to 5cm above ground level, but don’t be too tidy - some perennials have attractive seed heads that look wonderful covered in autumn dew, and provide handsome winter silhouettes. They will also provide shelter for overwintering insects. Once your borders are clean and tidy, spread a thick layer of compost, bark chips or well rotted manure across them. Don’t worry about digging it in - let the worms do the hard work for you.


If your lawn looks slightly worse for wear then autumn is the perfect time to revitalise it. Remove thatch (old grass clippings) and moss using a spring tined rake and add it to the compost heap. If you have large amounts of moss then you may want to use a moss killer first. In areas that receive a lot of wear (such as paths and play areas) the soil can become compacted. Improve drainage and aeration by making deep holes with the prongs of a garden fork every 10cm across the entire area. a GARDENING SECTION

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Leafmould adds structure and organic matter to your soil. Most leaves from deciduous trees and shrubs will rot down to make lovely leaf compost in a couple of years, although some leaves will take longer than others. Oak, alder, beech and hornbeam rot fairly quickly while sycamore, walnut, horse chestnut and sweet chestnut may take a little longer. Shredding the leaves first will help to speed things up. Evergreens are best shredded and added to the compost heap as they are very slow to decompose. Construct a large bin out of wire mesh in a sheltered spot to collect your leaves in, or if space is limited simply use plastic bin liners with holes punched through the sides to let in the air. Fill the leaf bin/ bags with leaves and sprinkle with water. Tie the tops of bags and give them a good shake before stacking them out of sight and forgetting them for 2 years. If you are using a leaf bin you will need to remember to dampen the leaves occasionally if they become too dry. Once the leaves reach a crumbly texture they can be spread as a mulch throughout your borders.


Evergreens form the backbone of the garden, providing structure and year round interest, so the more evergreens in your garden, the better it will look in winter! With warm soil and cooler conditions, autumn is the perfect time to fill those gaps in your borders. Sarcococca and Daphne will bring glossy green leaves and beautifully fragrant flowers in the depths of winter while the rest of your garden is dormant. For an elegant larger shrub try spring flowering Camellias or Fatsia for its large architectural foliage. For a more formal look, why not invest in some box or yew topiary. Lonicera nitida, Bay and Holly can also be clipped into formal shapes and make excellent evergreen hedges too.


Make sure that you lift those tender species such as Begonias, Dahlias, and Cannas before the first frosts threaten. Cut back the stems and gently lift the tubers/ rhizomes from the ground. Clean the soil from them and store them in trays of dry compost or sand, with just the top of crown visible. The trays can be kept in a cool, frost free place over winter until they can be replanted when the spring arrives. In very mild areas it may be possible to protect tender species without lifting them. Simply cover the crowns with a thick blanket of mulch.


Before you store your lawn mower at the back of the shed, it is well worth sending it for a service to ensure that it is in perfect condition when you need it next spring. Shears and secateurs need sharpening - you can do this yourself or send them away if you prefer. Spades, forks and other tools will benefit from a good wash. Dry them thoroughly and oil the metal parts to prevent rust. Wooden handles can be cleaned and protected with linseed oil. mmm GARDENING SECTION

JOBS TO DO THIS MONTH Pick autumn raspberries Reduce the frequency of houseplant watering Net ponds before leaf fall gets underway

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100 mmm

102 mmm

Detached Chalet Bungalow Address - College Avenue, Maidstone Kent ME15 6YJ Bedrooms - Four Bathrooms - Two (one en-suite) Price - ÂŁ450,000 Chalet Bungalow This detached chalet bungalow, built in the 1960s is found in one of the most desirable residential areas in Maidstone. The frontage shows a lawned front garden and driveway leading to a single garage with steps up to the front door. The bungalow opens into an entrance hall giving access to all rooms which are spacious with large PROPERTIES FOR SALE

windows and neutrally decorated throughout, allowing a blank canvas to create your own style. There are three double bedrooms to the ground floor and the master bedroom with ensuite shower room is found on the first floor, providing a safe haven to unwind and appreciate the views. The large kitchen diner is great for family dinners and is fully fitted with wood effect units. The rear garden is secluded and mainly laid to lawn with a patio area and is south facing so catches the sun all day. College Avenue is a much sought after area, being a private road with easy accessibility to the town centre, river walks, Odeon Cinema and Lockmeadow complex,

mmm 103

theatre, pubs, restaurants and clubs. Both junctions 6 and 7 of the M20 are within easy reach, just a couple of miles across town, with the M2 just 6 miles away via Blue Bell Hill. Maidstone East and West railway stations are within walking distance, allowing for easy commuting to London. Maidstone West station offers the High Speed rail link to St Pancras whereas the East station runs the Ashford to London Victoria line. Viewing is strictly by appointment with the agent, please contact the Residential Team on 01622 692206 for further information. mmm PROPERTIES FOR SALE

The Paddocks Address - The Paddocks, Belvedere Farm, Dargate Kent ME13 9HB Bedrooms - Six Bathrooms - Six (Three en-suites) Price - £1,150,000 The Paddocks An exceptional modern residence, built in 2010 in a distinctive barn style and situated within Belvedere farm, an exclusive collection of just four traditionally styled modern properties. The property enjoys a magnificent setting, surrounded by some truly spectacular countryside and set within four acres of orchards, paddocks and lovely gardens. The front door opens into a wonderful reception hall with a cloakroom, a galleried landing above and a beautiful tumbled porcelain floor. From here, a set of oak glazed double doors lead into a pleasant drawing room with an inset contemporary mirrored wood burning stove and French doors which look out over the gardens beyond.

A further set of oak glazed double doors open into a stunning open plan kitchen, dining and family room which combine to create a thoroughly impressive living space. The sitting area has a set of French doors which open out onto a full width patio, whilst the kitchen has been fitted with a superb range of high quality ‘Hacker’ contemporary white and wood effect contrasting wall and floor units, set around striking light quartz work surfaces, an excellent selection of integrated appliances and a large island and breakfast bar. The kitchen is further complemented by an adjoining utility room, whilst the dining area opens into a lovely oak and double glazed garden room which affords panoramic views over the garden and the surrounding countryside. On the first floor, a wide galleried landing leads to five double bedrooms (each with built in wardrobes and three with en suites) and a spacious family bathroom with a contemporary white suite.a


The Paddocks Address - The Paddocks, Belvedere Farm, Dargate Kent ME13 9HB Bedrooms - Six Bathrooms - Six (Three en-suites) Price - £1,150,000 The Paddocks An exceptional modern residence, built in 2010 in a distinctive barn style and situated within Belvedere farm, an exclusive collection of just four traditionally styled modern properties. The property enjoys a magnificent setting, surrounded by some truly spectacular countryside and set within four acres of orchards, paddocks and lovely gardens. The front door opens into a wonderful reception hall with a cloakroom, a galleried landing above and a beautiful tumbled porcelain floor. From here, a set of oak glazed double doors lead into a pleasant drawing room with an inset contemporary mirrored wood burning stove and French doors which look out over the gardens beyond.

A further set of oak glazed double doors open into a stunning open plan kitchen, dining and family room which combine to create a thoroughly impressive living space. The sitting area has a set of French doors which open out onto a full width patio, whilst the kitchen has been fitted with a superb range of high quality ‘Hacker’ contemporary white and wood effect contrasting wall and floor units, set around striking light quartz work surfaces, an excellent selection of integrated appliances and a large island and breakfast bar. The kitchen is further complemented by an adjoining utility room, whilst the dining area opens into a lovely oak and double glazed garden room which affords panoramic views over the garden and the surrounding countryside. On the first floor, a wide galleried landing leads to five double bedrooms (each with built in wardrobes and three with en suites) and a spacious family bathroom with a contemporary white suite.a


106 mmm

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The impressive living accommodation is completed by a spacious study to the front of the house, equipped with an excellent range of fitted office furniture. The master bedroom is a good size double room with an en suite shower room, a walk-in wardrobe and superb views over countryside. The kitchen also leads to an ancillary hallway with stable doors to the front and rear of the house, a well appointed shower room and access to the double garage. This hallway also has a staircase which rises to a second landing with a large double bedroom with ample storage and a stylish en-suite. This section of the house ideally lends itself towards use as an annexe for an elderly relative or perhaps an au pair. Viewing is strictly by appointment with the agent, please contact Foundation Property on 01227 752 617 for further information. mmm PROPERTIES FOR SALE

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Living The Passion Selling Ferraris

and Exotic Cars Since 1993

F U R L ONG E R •Specialist Cars•

Our aim is to ensure the best possible Ferrari and Supercar buying experience for our clients through a bespoke service which focuses on reliable & honest advice, intelligent marketing, attention to detail & eloquent communication throughout the purchasing process. We are passionate about what we do, care about the people we deal with, and place old-fashioned values at the heart of our business.

We are the dream specialists. Chart Enterprise Park, Dencora Way, Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom TN23 4FL Tel: +44 (0) 1233 646328 . Website:

• The Dream Specialists •




he new Audi Q2 is now available to order in the UK, ushering in fresh, functional design and a bold yet familiarly premium take on the compact SUV class. Featuring a host of customisation options designed to make every model stand out from the crowd, the Q2 also incorporates a suite of Vorsprung durch Technik innovations from the full-size class with a distinct focus on connectivity and infotainment. Prices start from £22,380 OTR, with more engines and an even lower pricing point to follow shortly, including an entry level three-cylinder 1.0 TFSI and a 2.0 TDI with 190PS, the latter introducing the option of quattro all-wheel drive. From next month, Audi is also introducing an entirely new and individual specification to the line-up – the Q2 Edition #1. Its individual and immediately eye-catching road presence is further emphasised by the three specification levels available from launch – SE, Sport and S line. Both SE and Sport models are equipped with contrasting lower bumpers, side skirts and wheel arch trims in matching Manhattan grey, while the signature S line full body colour finish further enhances its distinctive visual appeal.

The full body colour paint finish can also be separately selected as a no-cost option on Sport models, if preferred. Vibrant colour choices include the newly available Coral orange as well as Vegas yellow and Ara blue, all of which accentuate the lines of the polygon design, concave door flanks and coupé-like roof. As the most notable exterior identification, the C-pillar blade is configurable in four different colours, depending on specification. As standard, a Manhattan grey metallic paint finish is appointed to SE (optional on Sport), Ice silver on Sport (optional on S line) and matt Titanium grey to S line. Alternatively, Ibis white C-pillar blades can also be opted for on all three specifications. a MOTORS SECTION

110 mmm Continued from page 109


Entry-level SE versions benefit from a raft of features as standard. Among them is the Audi smartphone interface, which supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto displayed via the MMI screen once a phone is plugged in via USB. A Bluetooth interface is also standard, as is the MMI radio plus with MMI controller and heated, electrically adjustable exterior mirrors. Inlays can be chosen in white or orange as standard and in matt brushed aluminium or illuminated design (part of the LED Interior Pack Advanced) as an option. Progressive steering is also standard in the Audi Q2. Its steering rack is designed so that the steering ratio becomes increasingly direct when turning. This affords the new Q2 precise and agile steering with little effort in downtown traffic and on winding country roads. The electro-mechanically driven and thus highly efficient steering adapts its assistance to speed and works together with the optional Audi active lane assist and park assist. Sport models gain 17-inch alloy wheels (up from 16 inches on SE), Audi drive select with five operational modes, cruise control, light and rain sensors and sport seats upholstered in cloth. mmm


112 mmm



he all-new Kia Niro made its European debut at the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show (86 Salon International de l’Automobile) on 1st March. An all-new low-emissions hybrid crossover, the Niro marks the development of Kia’s first dedicated eco-car platform. The Kia Niro offers the practicality and kerbside appeal of a spacious crossover, together with the high fuel efficiency of an advanced hybrid powertrain. Engineered from the ground up as a dedicated hybrid vehicle, its attractive, modern design will help the car stand out among conservatively-styled hybrid rivals. The Niro’s all-new platform has been engineered in isolation from existing Kia models, and is designed to accommodate a specific set of environmentallyconscious technologies and next-generation powertrains. While the Niro’s hybrid powertrain – made up of a 1.6-litre GDI (gasoline direct injection) MOTORS SECTION

engine, lithium-ion polymer battery pack, 32 kW electric motor and six-speed double-clutch transmission – is under development, Kia’s engineers are targeting CO2 emissions of 89 g/km. Michael Cole, Chief Operating Officer, Kia Motors Europe, commented: “The Kia Niro will offer buyers a compelling blend of crossover practicality with the cool, modern styling for which Kia is famous, and an efficient new hybrid powertrain to keep running costs down. The Niro fills a gap in the market for a crossover with typically low hybrid emissions, and will appeal to a broad range of European buyers.” Cole added: “Hybrid sales have more than doubled in Europe over the last five years, and are forecast to account for around 700,000 sales in Europe by 2020. The Niro will allow Kia to meet this growing demand for alternatively-fuelled vehicles, and help us meet our 2020 global target to improve average fleet fuel efficiency by 25% over 2014 levels.”

mmm 115


116 mmm

mmm 117




HP 14 laptop

Compact, lightweight and speedy, the HP 14 laptop easily travels with you from home to school to ensure you can take the notes you need during the lesson to help you prepare your presentation for the following day. It’s built with a reliable AMD A8 processor, long battery life and HD+ screen with in-plane switching. The fast AMD A8 processor means no more waiting for applications to respond. Open multiple windows and work on several documents at the same time. Combined with 8GB of RAM, this laptop doesn’t sacrifice any performance power. The HD+ display works to deliver bright, colourful images and videos to help you decide which shots you want to select for Facebook and Instagram. £329.95

Bose® SoundSport

The SoundSport In-Ear Wireless headphones will energise your workout with full, balanced sound whilst remaining comfortably in place during even the most vigorous exercises. With their Bluetooth and one-tap NFC functions, your work out will be wire-free too. This way, no pesky cable will hold you back. £140.00 from

Convertible Ferrari 458

If you’ve always dreamt of owning your very own Ferrari, but don’t fancy the pretty hefty price tag, then this cool remote control car is the perfect way to satisfy all your driving desires in 1:14 scale! So pick up your controller and prepare to be dazzled by this awesome RC car! The Convertible Ferrari 458 Speciale A roadster features all the high class features of the full sized model, just in miniature form! The four channel radio controller allows you to move forwards, reverse, left and right, letting you manoeuvre over the ground with ease. This cool convertible comes with working headlights and rear lights, and even an amazing remote control convertible roof function. £50.00 from LATEST TECHNOLOGY

Bang & Olufsen of Bexleyheath 155 Broadway Bexleyheath Kent DA6 7EZ Tel: 020 8303 2760

Bang & Olufsen of Bromley 62 High Street Bromley Kent BR1 1EG Tel: 020 8466 8080

Bang & Olufsen of Cambridge 29 Magdalene Street Cambridge CB3 0AF Tel: 01223 464400

Bang & Olufsen of Maidstone 37 Royal Star Arcade High Street Maidstone ME14 1JL Tel: 01622 756756

Bang & Olufsen of Tunbridge Wells 66 Mount Pleasant Road Tunbridge Wells Kent TN1 1RB Tel: 01892 527525

Fitbit smart fitness watch

Get fit in style with Fitbit Blaze™ as it lets you measure all-day steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes, hourly activity and stationary time. It has a hi-res colour touch screen (240x180 pixels) to let you quickly and easily see your stats when you’re on the go. This sporty timepiece will help you to maximise every workout by tracking your activity level, monitoring your performance stats and gauging your progress, as well as letting you measure your sleep and rest sessions to get the full health picture. Continuous heart rate: Known as PurePulse™, this innovative feature means you can track your health all day long for a more rounded view. This means you can record your calorie expenditure and heart-rate levels throughout the day, whether active or at rest, without needing a chest strap. Connected GPS: Link your Fitbit to your smartphone’s GPS to let you map out your routes and monitor your pace and timing. £359.00 from

LeapPad platinum tablet

Make learning enjoyable and easy for your little one with LeapFrog’s 7” tablet with Hi-Res multi-touch capacitive screen to produce sharp, colourful graphics. The device gives children between the ages 3 and 9 years access to hundreds of fun learning games, eBooks, apps, videos, music and more, while keeping the parental controls in your hands. Access to 800+ games and more (sold separately) that are designed by LeapFrog educators with select titles featuring Just For Me™ Learning. Wi-Fi enabled with kid-safe web to deliver protected web browser serves to keep your kids shielded from inappropriate content. Password protected time limit allows parents to manage the youngsters’ play session and give them the power to customise the content to suit different ages. Designed with a shatter-safe screen and wrap-around bumper to prevent it from breaking after a few knocks and drops. £100.00 from

iPhone SE

Welcome to iPhone SE, the most powerful 4-inch phone ever. Its creation started with a beloved design, then it was reinvented from the inside out. The A9 is the same advanced chip used in iPhone 6s. The 12-megapixel camera captures incredible photos and 4K videos. And Live Photos brings your images to life. iPhone SE takes an incredibly popular design and refines it even further. Crafted from bead-blasted aluminium for a satinlike finish, this light and compact phone is designed to fit comfortably in your hand. A brilliant 4-inch1 Retina display makes everything look vibrant and sharp. And matt-chamfered edges and a colour-matched stainless steel logo finish the look. At the core of iPhone SE is the A9, the same advanced chip that’s in iPhone 6s. With 64-bit desktopclass architecture, the A9 chip brings you spectacular speed and responsiveness. And with console-class graphics performance, your favourite games and apps are incredibly rich and immersive. Making it a mighty chip for maximum performance. £359.00 from

mmm 121

ghd Aura® Professional Hair Dryer

The ghd Aura Professional lets you style while you dry, giving you speedy ultimate root-lifting volume and super smooth shine. With two breakthrough innovations in technology, ghd aura offers a truly new drying and styling experience that delivers the ultimate in luxurious volume and a smooth, shiny finish. Laminair™ technology delivers a 42% more concentrated stream of air compared to its predecessor, meaning you can work on one section of hair, without disturbing the others, giving you exceptional styling precision and control. While the innovative Cool-Wall™ technology keeps the outer casing and nozzle cool to the touch, ensuring you can style much closer to the root for impressive volume.

Miele Complete C2 Powerline Vacuum Cleaner

With upgraded energy efficiency and better cleaning ratings, the Miele Complete C2 Powerline Vacuum Cleaner offers an improved cleaning solution for your household chores. Featuring a powerful 1200W motor, this vacuum delivers an impressive deep clean across carpets, hard floors and rugs. The specially designed 11-stage filtration system and AirClean filter will leave your home spotless. The SBD 290 floorhead allows you to move effortlessly from hardfloor to carpets using the convenient floor switch. Tested for the equivalent of 20 years use, you can be sure that this cleaner is sturdy and will stand the test of time. The C2 comes with a lightweight cylinder which makes it ideal for carrying up and down stairs in your home and the compact size means it is easy to store away when not in use. £125.00 from

Variable power and heat settings allow better control during styling and a cold shot button locks your style in place. The advanced ioniser removes static from the hair for frizz-free results with no fly-aways. In addition to this, the new ghd aura is quieter and lighter for a more comfortable drying and styling experience. A 4m long power cable gives total flexibility allowing you to dry your hair wherever, whenever, with complete ease of use. £119.00 from

Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series Laptop

School, university or work, Dell’s Inspiron 15 5000 series laptop will help you speed through your work as it’s fitted with a sixth-generation Intel Core i5 processor and 1TB of hard drive. The top performer for everything from making multi-layered spreadsheets and daily documents for your upcoming project to editing your latest holiday snaps, the Inspiron 15 can handle a heavy workload thanks to its built-in sixth-generation Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB RAM. The Inspiron 15 features a RealSense 3D camera to make your online interactions more lifelike. The depth-sensing technology will pick up on your gestures and expressions as well as scan 3D objects within its range to create a more realistic environment when you’re on a video conference. £479.00 from LATEST TECHNOLOGY


Is your partner coercive?


t sneaked in virtually unannounced last Christmas, but The Serious Crime Act 2015 now makes criminal a pattern of controlling or coercive behaviour in an intimate and family relationship. On conviction, the offender faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison. Now, all of us may demonstrate a degree of controlling behaviour in our close relationships, or at least actions that could be seen as such. However, there are degrees and it seems clear that many people across the UK are suffering daily monitoring by their spouses, stopped from seeing friends and from orchestrated campaigns which hurt, humiliate or dehumanise those they are supposed to love and protect. There is evidence that both the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service are taking victims seriously in pursuing these new offences – which is seriously good news for our society as a whole. However, as a family lawyer, I don’t see many signs that family lawyers or judges have systems in place to prevent this conduct. For example, a common pattern of control I see daily is for one partner to threaten to withdraw the ability of the other to see their children until they are forced to by a court, or a more financially powerful


partner cutting off the other’s access to monthly money, legal advice or financial information to force them to agree a financial settlement which is clearly not in their interests. These are all potentially covered by the new legislation. How are those on the receiving end of this behavior cope when the only way that they can move forward is to either give in or fight through the courts in circumstances which terrify those already beaten down? The lack of access to justice is being used as a weapon against those who may have already suffered a campaign of abuse. As family mediators, Resolution lawyers and collaborative family practitioners, we are taught to ask questions of clients so that we can work out whether there are clear power imbalances in relationships as they may then be unsuitable for face-to-face discussions – but that doesn’t help couples who aren’t suitable or don’t know about these ways of working when they face the cliff edge of the court system. If you are suffering from a controlling partner, please seek out the government guidance on the types of behaviour under the Act which are considered unacceptable and seek help. If you are a family lawyer – we need to acknowledge that this legislation now exists and we need to use it.


Kent business news KEEP CALM AND PARTY AT SALUTE TO THE ‘40s This September, The Historic Dockyard Chatham is proud to bring you the most exciting family friendly vintage festival on the UK circuit. Paying homage to the heyday of the big band and blitz spirit, this twoday event, which takes place on 17th and 18th September, showcases the best the era has to offer and is considered one of the country’s best! From numerous areas filled with unique vintage traders and stalls, to nostalgic sing-a-longs and ‘40s entertainment, fashion shows, vintage car parades, Spitfire aircraft displays and much more, The Historic Dockyard Chatham, one of the world’s most famous maritime attractions, will be transformed into a tribute to all things ‘40s. Motor enthusiasts will be wowed by the daily ‘Coming Home’ parade - an impressive convoy of vintage cars, trucks and jeeps, whilst all eyes will turn to the sky for the nostalgic ‘Spirit of Kent’ spitfire display which takes place each afternoon, bringing the heritage site alive with the sounds and smells of 1940s Britain. Lovers of vintage fashion and ‘40s collectors will delight in the Courtyard Vintage Fair and the 1940s’ Village Fete, which will be filled with throw-back goodies including fashion, accessories, jewellery, uniforms and so much more. At No. 1 Smithery Courtyard, ladies are invited to embrace the utilitarian glamour of the era with a vintage makeover or have their hair styled with Victory Rolls. Gentlemen are also welcome to visit a traditional barber and have their hair and beards styled ready to parade the streets!

TOO UGLY FOR SUPERMARKET SHELVES? RIVERFORD WILL HAVE THEM! Riverford Organic Farmers, were offered six tonnes of organic lemons after the two major supermarkets they were destined for deemed them ‘unsuitable to meet retailer specification based on appearance’. Riverford don’t believe in such needless waste and agreed to buy the lemons to deliver to customers across England alongside their seasonal vegetable boxes. Dale Robinson, Riverford Technical Manager explained: “The lemons are slightly green in areas, due to not enough difference between night and daytime temperatures, and have a few scars from hail damage. We’ve had our team of in-house chefs check them out and inside they are beautiful, ripe, aromatic lemons with plenty of juice and flavour. “This is another example of a crazy food system that has forgotten it’s producing food, not kitchen ornaments,” he commented.

TEACHER JOINS ENGINEERING EDUCATION INITIATIVE The Rochester Bridge Trust has appointed a new Education Officer, completing the new team which will deliver its programme of engineering education projects. Former teacher and school improvement consultant Aileen White brings two decades of educational experience to the Trust, where she will work to encourage adults and children to discover the appeal of civil engineering as a career. Aileen explained: “I am passionate about creative approaches to teaching and learning and look forward to working with teachers and children, students and young adults, helping them to experience the appeal of civil engineering – in particular bridge building. “I am particularly inspired by the Rochester Bridge Trust’s vision for the growth of its engineering education programme.” LOCAL NEWS

124 mmm

FRINGE FESTIVAL FUN COMES TO FAVERSHAM Faversham is to host its first fringe festival this year, from Friday September 2nd to Sunday September 4th. Running alongside the world-famous Faversham Hop Festival, the HopFestFringe brings theatre, comedy and other performance arts to the market town. With 20 shows being held over three days, HopFestFringe has something for everyone, from clowns, storytelling and dance for children and families, to poetry, theatre and comedy for adults. Comedians include Reading Comedy Festival New Act of the Year 2015, Jake Howie and Folkestone sketch group Red Stars. “As long term fans of the Hop Festival, we wanted to bring an extra dimension to what is already an amazing annual event. We are particularly pleased to be able to include several family shows in our programme and to showcase the skills of many local performers,” said co-founder Jude Sach. “I’ve always had a desire to inject some theatre into the Hop Festival, but never managed to work out how or where. But with Jude’s connection to the Arden Theatre and our combined ‘how difficult can it be?’ mantra, we’ve managed to put a fringe festival together in less than three months,” said co-founder and local playwright Ribs Norman.

BROWNIES AND RAINBOWS GO EXPLORING ON ENVIRONMENTAL DAY A group of Kent West County Brownies and Rainbows were out in force for Environmental Day (Friday, 5th August), at Bluewater’s new Nature Trail which was officially awarded an impressive Green Flag status for its beautiful parkland, which spans 50 acres. To celebrate the award, Bluewater hosted an array of Environmental Day activities, including: pond life displays, leaf and bark art, face painting and balloon modelling, owl and hawk displays and more. The parkland is among only 1,686 parks and green spaces nationwide that have received a prestigious Green Flag Award.



A government initiative is helping thousands of families in Kent to get on to the housing ladder. New figures released by the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) reveal that a total of 2,024 homebuyers in Kent used the Help to Buy scheme since it was launched three years ago. Within the county the districts which made the best use of the scheme were Dartford (542), Tonbridge and Malling (357), and Medway (281). More than three quarters of those using the scheme have been first time buyers, with 1,568 homes being bought by ‘first timers’ in Kent using Help to Buy. Local housebuilder Barratt Homes is encouraging homebuyers throughout Kent to take part in the popular scheme, which has already helped tens of thousands of people across the country to buy a brand new home. The scheme enables anyone, both first time buyers and existing owners, to put down just five per cent as a deposit for their new home and to take advantage of a government equity loan providing access to more affordable mortgage rates. Pam Reardon, Sales and Marketing Director for Barratt Homes in Kent, said: “Kent has produced some strong results for the Help to Buy scheme and it is great to see districts such as Dartford achieving such high figures for the scheme in the county. Help to Buy has proved so helpful to so many homebuyers and we would encourage anyone looking to buy a home with lower upfront costs to get in touch.” Help to Buy allows any homebuyer to secure a brand new home under the value of £600,000 with just a five per cent deposit. The government lends the buyer 20 per cent of the value of the property in the form of an interest free equity loan for five years, meaning that buyers then gain access to some of the great mortgage rates currently available with just a 75 per cent mortgage. Available to all homebuyers, not just first timers, the scheme helps anyone looking for a boost up the property ladder.

mmm 125

WESTERHILL HOMES LAUNCHES KINGFISHER HOMES AT AYLESFORD Westerhill Homes recently launched its latest residential development, a select number of homes available at Kingfisher at River View in Aylesford, Kent. Westerhill Homes, the residential brand of leading Kent-based property and construction company, Chartway Group, will offer six generously proportioned properties for sale, with spacious, flexible accommodation and countryside views across the river. Each home will be completed to Westerhill Homes’ signature high quality standard, including superior-specification interiors with integrated appliances and designer kitchens and all homes come with a ten-year Premier Guarantee. The new homes benefit from a superb location in the tranquil setting of the historic village of Aylesford with its mix of period and modern properties. The location offers excellent transport links to the M20 and M2, with Aylesford train station within walking distance for services to Maidstone and connections to London. The River View development, constructed by the Chartway Group on behalf of Hyde Homes, comprises 52 properties including Shared Ownership and Affordable Housing with the six properties from Westerhill Homes available for private purchase. Prices start from £360,000 with stamp duty paid on selected plots and are available to purchase through selling agents, RPC New Homes on: 01622 691911 or visit

‘OPEN SESAME’ FOR CHILDREN’S CHARITY What can you do if you’ve got an Aladdin’s Cave worth of ‘stuff’ – and no cave to keep it in? Tunbridge Wells based children’s charity, Tree of Hope, were faced with the problem when they had to give up the space they had for stock and with nowhere else to store it. Until, genie-like, the self-storage firm, Easistore, came to the rescue and donated a 250sq ft storage room to the charity. “We are so grateful to Easistore,” says Tree of Hope Fundraising Manager, Emma Bourne. “We developed new merchandising to provide additional support for our families but then had nowhere to store it when we moved out of our other premises. “The Easistore room gives us somewhere secure and close to our office in Little Mount Sion and their generous donation helps us keep our costs down.” Tree of Hope is a nationwide charity that helps families fundraise to pay for potentially life changing treatments and therapies for children with complex needs.

SOUTH EAST’S KIDS WON’T BE PARTED FROM THEIR TECH When asked for the things they would most like to take on holiday, almost half of the South East’s children (43 per cent) said an iPad or a tablet, with a quarter of children (26 per cent) saying they’d bring a smart phone. In comparison, just 22 per cent would bring a football. Despite a yearning for tech, the traditional family holiday is still very much alive according to the region’s children. The family aspect of holidays is important to local kids, when asked who they’d like to go on a holiday with, mum topped the list with 88 per cent, dad came in second with 81 per cent and siblings also came in the top five (sister with 45 per cent and brother with 37 per cent). Celebrities were not nearly as popular as just two per cent choosing Zoella and one in 25 choosing Taylor Swift. Interestingly, Justin Bieber is more than twice as popular as One Direction with 11 per cent and three per cent choosing the boyband, respectively. While playing on the beach tops the list of activities the region’s kids most want to do while on holiday (89 per cent of respondents choosing this option), more than a third (38 per cent) would like to play on their tablet. Water-based fun tops the holiday to-do list with swimming in a pool and in the sea coming in second and third (71 per cent and 66 per cent, respectively). Some traditional outdoor activities are much less popular with South East’s young children, with fewer than one in five (18 per cent) who would choose to play cricket or rounders or just a quarter (27 per cent) who would choose to play football. When asked what holidays were for, the overwhelming response was ‘having fun’ (89 per cent), followed by more than half of respondents (59 per cent) who said that holidays are for spending time with family. The region’s children are an adventurous bunch with ‘seeing new things’ and ‘exploring’ coming in third and fourth in the list (51 per cent and 38 per cent, respectively), and one in three (38 per cent) said playing outside. Alarmingly, more than one in every eight children (13 per cent) said that holidays are for getting a sun tan. LOCAL NEWS

126 mmm

CROWDS ENJOY THE MILITARY VEHICLE AND AIR SHOW AT COMBINED OPS IN HEADCORN A variety of vintage aircraft supported the show with surprise guests including the coastguard helicopter, Great War Team (9 aircraft) and a fly-past to finish the show on the Sunday from The Red Arrows. To celebrate the 80th anniversary of the birth of the Supermarine Spitfire, the Royal Air Force’s Battle of Britain Memorial Flight added that extra special element to the occasion. AeroLegends flew their DH Devon taking excited guests flying over Leeds Castle. Staying for the weekend was the RNAF B25 and The Consolidated PBY Catalina, also known as the Canso in Canadian service, an American flying boat, later an amphibious aircraft of the 1930s and 1940s and produced by Consolidated Aircraft. It was one of the most widely used seaplanes of World War II and the public were invited to climb aboard a real star of the show. This eighth annual show at Headcorn Aerodrome boasted a large collection of classic aircraft and military vehicles, with appearances from a very rare Westland Wasp Helicopter, a Typhoon (Friday), and

the Breitling Wingwalkers who dropped in for fuel. The airfield was incredibly active with over 500 take off and landings! Families enjoyed taking time to soak up the history of the First and Second World Wars as they visited the Living History areas, allowing children to ask questions and explore with enthusiasts making history come alive. With excitement in the arena, which followed the theme of the South Pacific Battles, the extended battle zone was alive with gunfire and explosions plus over on the main runway there were dog fights (with pyrotechnics) from TJD models. Entertainment followed the South Pacific theme with a beautifully decorated bar and dance marquee bedecked as a Tiki Bar with lanterns and festoon coloured lights for the evening’s club entertainment. Families enjoyed walking around from one display to another, getting a real sense of history and current day warfare. With over 350 vehicles on display and over a hundred military and craft stalls there was plenty to see and do. Next year’s dates are 19th and 20th August.

Credit: Richard Foord

CHALK IT UP AT THE FORUM SHOPPING CENTRE On Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th September Sittingbourne High Street will be bursting with colour and filled with more than 30 artists during the town’s annual Chalk It Up Art Festival. From 10am until 4pm the talented artists will be busy creating incredible masterpieces on the pavements and walls of Sittingbourne, including at the entrance of The Forum Shopping Centre The Forum’s artistic entertainment doesn’t end there as the centre will also be treating its shoppers to a special free exhibition on the Saturday, showcasing a selection of fantastic chalk artwork created by the festival’s artists. To help younger shoppers get into the spirit of things and allow them to unleash their creative skills, the centre will also be hosting a free chalk workshop throughout the day where children can create their very own mini chalk masterpieces.


mmm 127

WORK STARTS ON KENT MEDICAL CAMPUS ACCESS Work to create a new access road has heralded the start of the next phase of Kent Medical Campus in Maidstone. When complete, the 30-acre site will be the county’s first Academic, Health and Science Centre (AHSC), creating up to more than 4,000 jobs and providing 98,000m2 of accommodation for medical and life-science companies, specialist residential and rehabilitation care, as well as higher education training facilities for the medical and healthcare professions. “We will be working hard to keep disturbance to local residents and road users to a minimum,” said Gary Watson of JLL, sole selling agent for the site. “The contractors have set up a wheel wash to clean lorries before they leave the site and regular sweeping will clear up any dust or soil that does find its way onto local roads”.


A birds of prey flying display, terrier racing and ‘have a go’ archery will be just some of the major attractions at the 72nd annual East Kent Ploughing Match to be held on 28th September at Grange Farm, Mill Lane, Nonington, near Canterbury. Furley Page Solicitors of Canterbury has teamed up with The Hawking Centre from Doddington Place Gardens for the event, which regularly attracts more than 4,000 visitors each year. “We look forward to welcoming clients old and new to our stand from 9am onwards for hot drinks and Danish pastries followed by a local cheese buffet and drinks at lunchtime,” says Senior Associate Ethan Desai from Furley Page’s Agriculture and Rural Business Team. “Throughout the day The Hawking Centre will be bringing their birds of prey into our marquee for our guests to enjoy. We are also offering our guests a chance to have a go at archery or enter into our laser clay shooting competition,” adds Ethan. Visitors will be able to explore around 100 trade stands and enjoy a range of delicious local food and drink. There are also a variety of products on sale in the craft tent, a display of vintage tractors and engines to admire, and a tug of war to cheer! LOCAL NEWS

128 mmm


TONBRIDGE GYM GOES GLOBAL Award-winning UK gym The Strength and Conditioning Institute (The SCI), has launched an online service which delivers worldclass training and nutrition programmes directly to Internet devices around the world. THESMARTCOACH is the brainchild of National Level Strength and Conditioning Coaches Alex Shoebridge and Martin Shyvers, and Filmmaker and Photographer Christopher Shoebridge. Cutting-edge training facility The SCI was founded in 2012 and is already leading the industry as a centre of health and fitness excellence. The new platform, THESMARTCOACH, will deliver the world-class body transformation programmes for which The SCI has become renowned, directly to smartphones, tablets or desktops. No matter where in the world users are, an Internet device will provide 24/7 access to the very best and personalised health, fitness and nutrition instruction. Combining Martin and Alex’s more than 30 years’ knowledge and experience as National Level Strength AND Conditioning Coaches with the skills of professional Chef Ben Sulston gives THESMARTCOACH enviable credentials. The service aims to help people achieve their goals, change their lives, and dramatically improve their health, anywhere in the world. Twelve week courses are available at a price of £127.50, and offer detailed workout videos, healthy cooking tutorials based on carefully devised and balanced recipes, and continual encouragement and guidance.

White cliffs, red roses, golden beaches, vibrant bluebells, and green fields - Kent comes alive in the summer – and we need your help to capture its colours. Visit Kent’s #ColoursOfKent summer photo competition which is well underway, with hundreds of people sharing their finest colourful pictures of Kent across social media. From now until September 30th 2016, people can put their photography skills to the test by entering their own colourful images of Kent into the competition, for the chance to win amazing prizes every week. So far, the competition has had more than 500 submissions including electric city lights, spectacular sunsets and captivating coastlines. #ColoursOfKent launched in July as part of Visit Kent’s striking Kent Contemporary campaign, which showcases striking images of The Garden of England across London, and a host of digital channels.

TWIG GROUP BRANCHES OUT Since 2002 when Twig was established, they have built a comprehensive portfolio of clients across the South East and further afield. From complex, ecologically sensitive activities, through to logistically challenging multi site grounds maintenance contracts, Twig Group are now working across 14 separate sites for a major house builder and working with 12 different ecological consultants. Their success and growth is as a result of the unique approach to working with housing developers. They can advise early on in the process, alerting their clients on what to look out for when purchasing a site or prior to construction commencing. Practical solutions are provided with an understanding of construction LOCAL NEWS

programmes and timings to keep projects on track, which means a cost effective ecological service. Twig has substantial experience also in designing invasive weed control management solutions specific to the site, and wherever possible use non chemical techniques. They are specialists in ground maintenance having achieved a 51% increase in contract values in the last year. An area of significant growth in the last two years has been around Solar Panel Farms which involves operational management of the grass and development of wild flowers and hedge planting. They are proud to be working with brands like Skanska, St Barts Hospital, and Redrow Homes.


mmm 129



s an Activity Facilitator at Chaucer House, no two days are ever the same, nor activity session. Sometimes I can plan to do something and we end up doing something completely different. This is what I love! Its fun, spontaneous and we simply live in the moment. Each month, we meet to discuss activities we would all like to do, I organise and book entertainment based on what the people that live at Chaucer House want and enjoy. This can be anything from: watching a movie, exercising to music, going for a walk, gardening, baking a cake, singing, playing games or a tropical themed day! It is important to

me to make sure there are a huge variety of activities available for everyone that I support to maintain their quality of life. I regularly ask, if you could have anything in the world, what would it be? From this, I can then try to create the moment for the person. For example, If someone’s dream is to go to Mexico, I will bring Mexico to Chaucer by asking the chef to put Mexican food on the menu for that day, decorate the home, play music, provide Mexican themed activities and look at photos/ videos on the big screen and much more… Sometimes we all dress up too! For me, I love getting to know individuals by listening to their life stories, experiences and interests on a one to one basis. It is the best way for me to help the person by offering the right activities to improve their quality of life. My favourite thing about Chaucer is, we are one big happy family and we all work as a team caring for the people we are privileged to support. Charlotte O’Malley, Activities Co-ordinator ADVERTORIAL FEATURE

TIME TO REMEMBER Battle of Britain



n this second of two articles on the Kent Squadrons, Robin J Brooks looks at the history of the other Kent squadron, No. 131 (County of Kent) Fighter Squadron. In August 1940, Squadron Leader Stanford Tuck DFC was forced to abandon his blazing Spitfire shortly after crossing the English coast at Beachy Head. He had been in confrontation with a German Ju88 and the cannon fire from the enemy had smashed into his Rolls-Royce Merlin engine. Abandoning his aircraft over Kent, he pulled the rip-cord of his parachute and gently floated back to earth, not knowing just where he was but preparing himself for his landing. In the fields below workers watched the blazing Spitfire fall and then saw the mushroom-like shape of the pilot’s parachute open. It was obvious that he would land within the bounds of the field they were working in and, downing their tools, went to his rescue. Stanford Tuck landed heavily just outside the boundaries of a lovely Kentish house called ‘Plovers’, in Horsmonden. This was the home of Lord Cornwallis, then the Lord Lieutenant of Kent. An estate car from the house arrived to collect Stanford Tuck and take him back to the home of his Lordship where a bath had already been

prepared and the local doctor summoned. Meeting Lord Cornwallis afterwards, he thanked him for the loan of his bath and promptly fell asleep for seven hours. Given a clean bill of health by the doctor, the two men chatted during the course of which Lord Cornwallis told him that he had just received a cheque for £5,000 from a Mr Stanley Johnson of Bearsted with the suggestion that the money be used for the purchase of a new Spitfire, an idea that immediately had caught the imagination of his Lordship. After talking it over with Stanford Tuck, it was proposed that the money would be the first instalment towards not one Spitfire but a whole new flight of Spitfires to be known as the ‘Invicta Flight of Spitfires’. As the car arrived to take Stanford Tuck back to his squadron, Lord Cornwallis later attended a meeting of the War Emergency Committee in Maidstone, the result of which was the inauguration of the Kent County Spitfire Fund. The idea fired the imagination of the people and many Kent towns were soon in competition with each other to see who could raise the greater amount. By the winter of 1940, £29,370 had been collected and this was enough to buy three Spitfires. They were to be named ‘Man of Kent – Kentish Man – Fair Maid of Kent’. a

The modern day ‘Spirit of Kent’ known as ‘The Kent Spitfire’ and part of the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar collection LOCAL HISTORY

132 mmm Spitfire named ‘Royal Tunbridge Wells’

Continued from page 131

Pilot Officer Rose and ‘Canterbury’

The Minister in charge of aircraft production, Lord Beaverbrook, wrote to Lord Cornwallis shortly after: “Your letter tells a tale of unselfish endeavour and generous-hearted patriotism that must command the admiration of us all. The nation’s thanks are due in full measure to the men and women of Kent for their magnificent contribution to the strength of the Royal Air Force. At a crucial moment they have brought valuable reinforcement to the battle front of the skies and given proof to the world of the invincible determination against which the legions of the Nazis will destroy themselves in vain”. As the County Spitfire Fund gathered momentum, it was felt that it was not enough to just purchase three Spitfires and that the aim should be for an entire squadron of twelve aircraft. The people of Kent again responded fully and by March 18th, 1941, the fund had risen to £67,667. By November it had reached £100,000, the amount needed to purchase a squadron of Spitfires. From Colonel MooreBrabazon, the president of aircraft production, came the following letter: “We are very pleased that the County of Kent has been successful in achieving sufficient money to pay for a full fighter squadron. This will be the County of Kent Squadron and Kent will be the first county as usual to have a squadron named after it”. The final amount of money was obtained by bringing together the funds of Ashford,

mmm 133

Bexley, Beckenham, Chislehurst and Sidcup, Crayford, Dover, Faversham, Folkestone and Hythe, Gillingham, Gravesend, Snodland, Tonbridge and finally Tunbridge Wells. Villages as well as towns competed to raise money for the fund. At Brenchley an agricultural worker collected £80.4s.3d as a first instalment and at the end of the next week sent £55.9s.4d. Ryarsh contributed £29.6s and Westerham sent a first instalment of £30.18s.6d, this amount including a cheque from Mrs Churchill who was then resident at Chartwell, the family seat of the Churchill’s. The squadron was designated No. 131 (County of Kent) Fighter Squadron and initially formed at Ouston on June 30th, 1941. Commanded by Squadron Leader J M Thompson DFC, they were equipped with the Spitfire Mk. 1. Each aircraft in recognition that it was a Kent squadron bore the names of Kent towns with the commanding officers aircraft being called ‘Spirit of KentLord Cornwallis’. During July and August the squadron moved to Catterick and Ternhill before finally becoming operational at RAF Atcham in Shropshire on September 27th,1941 and converting to the Spitfire Mk. 1a. The primary role was that of the air defence of the United Kingdom and it was not long before 131 came into contact with the enemy. Meanwhile in Kent the money was still being donated and received into the fund by Mr E A Gardner, who was then the secretary of the Association of Men of Kent and Kentish Men. Additional aircraft were forthcoming for the squadron and when the fund closed a short time later, Lord Cornwallis gave thanks to the people of Kent in a letter that was published throughout the county.

“Just remember when you look upward to the skies, it may be your Kent squadron that is defending the Gateway of England and ask for God’s blessing and protection for those glorious men who are riding on the wings of the White Horse of Kent’. On September 2nd, 1942, Lord Cornwallis together with Mr Leslie Le May, Mr E A Gardner, Mr Dudley Le May and Major H R PrattBoorman, all members of the War Emergency Committee of the Association of Men of Kent and Kentish Men, went to Tangmere to see the squadron in action. Members of the squadron were drawn up on three sides of a square, most of them wearing on their right-hand breast pocket the white emblem of the Kent Horse. In a further presentation Lord Cornwallis presented two flags bearing the emblem and the motto ‘Invicta’ stating: “The people of Kent are not satisfied with just supplying the Spitfires. We want to keep in touch with you and help in any way we can. You already have one Kent flag which is flown by one of your pilots. Now I present on behalf of the association a similar banner with the Kent horse on a red background to be used as a flag of the squadron. We are proud to make this presentation and to know that the County of Kent Squadron will always uphold the spirit of Kent”. In November 1942 the squadron were posted to Westhampnett and then to Scotland. More moves took place during 1943 one being to Exeter. The main duty of the squadron here was to escort medium bombers by day to targets in Brittany and Normandy. The targets were mainly marshalling yards, airfields and ports during which the squadron found success in shooting down enemy planes. A further move was to Redhill in Surrey before the squadron were stood down in November 1944 for service overseas. a Ground crew stick the ‘Spirit of Kent’ logo onto the Spitfire


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With Squadron Leader C O J Pegge DFC taking command, 131 assembled at Amarda Road, India. Now flying the Spitfire Mk V111, they began to work up to an operational standard when it was announced that the Spitfires were to be used for re-equipping the Indian Air Force and the squadron was to be disbanded. In a letter to Lord Cornwallis sent on November 30th 1944 from the Air Ministry, information was received that ‘owing to the contraction of the RAF to peacetime strength, No. 131 Squadron presented by the County of Kent to the RAF in November 1941 was to be disbanded on December 31, 1945’. The letter continued : ‘The Air Council sincerely regret that it has been necessary to terminate the existence of No. 131 Squadron. They convey their deep appreciation of the spirit which prompted the gift of a squadron and the interest which has been taken in the feats performed by the squadron and in the wellbeing of the men’. A change in policy gave the squadron a temporary reprieve when No. 134 Squadron was renumbered 131, and the officers and men took over the Republic Thunderbolts left behind by No. 134 Squadron. This move was in preparation for the invasion of Malaya but the Japanese surrender forestalled this. In September the squadron moved to Kuala Lumpur where it was officially disbanded on December 31st, 1945.

The cheque that started the entire Kent Spitfire Fund

The wartime journal of the Association of Men of Kent and Kentish Men showing the squadron badge


The commanding officer and his Spitfire named ‘Spirit of Kent’

So No. 131 (County of Kent) Fighter Squadron faded with its battle honours. During its existence it accounted for the destruction of 13 enemy aircraft with seven probably destroyed and 19 damaged. Its other honour was that it was an entire squadron purchased by donations from the good people of Kent. It helped to unite the men and women of Kent in all theatres of war. If proof were ever needed the following letter was evidence. It was received by the Association of Men of Kent and Kentish Men from Corporal S Coleman who, with 24 other Kent men including several from the squadron, was held captive in a German prison camp, Stalag XVIIIA. It read: ‘Today over two dozen men from Kent, who are temporarily guests at this camp, assembled and asked me to write this. We are not allowed to send a roll of names but all concerned both here and at the various working camps attached to this Stalag will send you a card giving you his prisoner of war number, camp and address. The object of this is to acquaint you with particulars of those of us here who love the Garden of England but are currently deprived of enjoying its environment. We love our county of Kent and thank you for all you have done to protect it’. The history of the squadron lies deep in the annals of the Royal Air Force. Kent was unique in being the only county to have a named squadron during the war and today, Kent is the only county to have its own flying Spitfire. Named ‘Spirit of Kent’ it is known as ‘The Kent Spitfire’, and is just one of many Spitfires in the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar. mmm By ROBIN J BROOKS


Autumn events programme


uring the autumn months the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Garden Wisley will host a range of events, talks and activities. Highlights include the RHS Garden Wisley Flower Show, as well as Taste of Autumn which is back for 2016 by popular demand.

© RHS images


Throughout Autumn and Winter, Book for a Day Borrow a book from the Garden Library to enhance your visit to RHS Garden Wisley – no membership required. Children’s books, garden literature, flora & fauna ID – all at your fingertips. 1st September to 30th November: Influences from Japan: A garden legacy at RHS Garden Wisley Library This exhibition tells the story of how Japanese plants and styles have inspired gardening in Britain. There will be a display of printed and digital material drawn from the Lindley Libraries’ collections. On display in the Wisley Garden Library, every day 11am – 4pm. RHS Listings

6th September: Sharing the Library Treasures First Tuesday of each month, a drop-in session, 2 – 4pm in the Garden Library. Each month a different area of the collection is highlighted; in September the theme will focus on Nursery Catalogues. 6th - 11th September: Wisley Flower Show More than 75 nurseries and garden trade stands, including 17 new exhibitors, return offering fantastic shopping opportunities for home and garden. There will be displays from the National Dahlia Society Show and the Surrey branch of NAFAS. It will be a great opportunity to see the garden in sumptuous late-summer colour. Normal garden admission.

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25th September: 10:30am – 4pm, Heather Society Show The Heather Society has organised talks, propagation and plant-care workshops, demonstrations and plant sales, as well as a guided tour of the NCCPG National Plant Collection of Erica held at Wisley, Hillside Events Centre. Normal garden admission. 25th September: 11am – 5pm, Wedding Showcase RHS Garden Wisley is proud to be hosting its first Wedding Showcase providing you with unrivalled access to the finest wedding suppliers. Set in a beautiful marquee located in the heart of the stunning gardens, the marquee will be fully dressed to truly showcase

local suppliers and to give you a real sense of how your special day might look. Please email or call to reserve your place. Pre-register for free admission, normal garden admission applies on the day. To book email functions@rhs. or call 01483 212349 / 01483 226 581. Until 25th September: Surrey Sculpture Trail A trail throughout the garden featuring 60 local artists exhibiting more than 65 pieces of beautiful sculptures. The trail finishes in the Loggia where you can speak to a member of the Surrey Sculpture Society on its stand and will be able to purchase the sculptures. Normal garden admission.


1st October to 30th November: Taste of Wisley Harvest Fest: Join an autumn celebration of tasty food, fresh air and glorious colour. Wisley has more than 670 different cultivars of apple, and this autumn Taste of Wisley plans to tempt you with some of these. 1st - 2nd October: Bird of Prey Displays A great weekend for discovering all about birds of prey. Meet these wonderful creatures up close and observe fascinating flying displays. Shows at 11am and 2pm. Normal garden admission. 8th - 9th October: Autumn Woodfest Admire the traditional skills on display at artisan woodcraft demonstrations and take part in family activities, all inspired by the natural beauty of wood. Plus don’t miss out on the rip-roaring carving displays! Sponsored by STIHL. Normal garden admission. 10th October - 1st November: Nerines Glasshouse display See magnificent displays of nerines in the arid section of The Glasshouse.



A gentle stroll along the White Cliffs Countryside 4th September

Heritage Open Days Dickens House Museum, Broadstairs 8th September As part of the Heritage Open Days Scheme Dickens House Museum celebrates Charles Dickens long connection with the seaside town of Broadstairs. In the reminiscences of Charles Dickens’ son Charley, while on holiday in Broadstairs he and his father regularly had tea and cakes in the parlour with the kindly and charming Miss Mary Pearson Strong, the inspiration for Betsey Trotwood in the novel David Copperfield. The Museum is housed in the cottage, with the descriptions in the novel of the square garden full of flowers and a parlour of old fashioned furniture, which is still visible to the visitor today. For more details please call 01843 861232 or visit the website

Handmade and homegrown Hever Castle 2nd - 4th September Celebrate all things handmade and homegrown in the heart of the glorious Kent countryside, and browse the work of over 40 local artisans and propagators. Visit stalls with wonderful handmade soaps, jewellery, ceramics and beautifully designed homewares for sale as unique gifts for family and friends, or for you and your home. Sample delicious cheeses, chocolates, marshmallows, preserves, cobnuts and other locally produced goods in the craft and food marquee. For further details please call 01732 865224 or visit the website EVENTS IN KENT

Join a gentle stroll, looking at wild flowers along the famous White Cliffs of Dover, and see common spotted and pyramidal orchids in the South Foreland Valley Nature Reserve. Have lunch at the Pines Garden tea rooms (please bring money for lunch), or if you’d prefer, bring water and a picnic and eat it in the Pines Garden (suggested donation of £4) and then return via a different path. Accompanied children over 10 years welcome. Suggested donation of £2 appreciated. LEADER: Dinah Hook for White Cliffs Countryside Partnership (01304 241806). MEET: White Cliffs Visitor Centre, Upper Road, Langdon Cliffs, Dover, CT16 1HJ. DISTANCE: 5 miles (4.5 hours including lunch stop). GRADE: 3. Dogs on leads. For further details please call 01304 852463 or visit the website

Faversham Hop Festival Faversham Town Centre 3rd - 4th September 2016 will be the 27th year of the Hop Festival, and will be celebrated in style. There will be the usual excellent selection of live music on three stages, plus the Shepherd Neame stage, and vibrant live music will be abundant in the pubs around the town. Also featured is a wide range of Morris dancing as well as other dance troupes. For more information please call 07827 219 224 or visit the website

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Food Festival Leeds Castle 9th - 11th September Enjoy delicious food and drink from quality local producers, enjoy tastings, children’s activities and workshops included with price of admission. For more details please call 01622 765400 or visit the website

Country Fair Chiddingstone Castle 11th September

Weald of Kent Craft Show Penshurst Place, Tonbridge 9th - 11th September

The fair is set in the idyllic rural setting of Chiddingstone Castle and will celebrate the traditions of the countryside and the country sports associated with it. A packed programme of exciting and interesting activities and displays will take place throughout the day, including a new giant dance event where everyone can have fun learning the dance routines of Ceilidh dancing. Also see favourites from previous years including the Dog & Runner Duck Show, a display from the horses and hounds of the local Old Surrey Burstow & West Kent Hunt; a display of exquisite side-saddle riding; working dogs and not forgetting the fun Exemption Dog Show which is open to all! Try your hand at Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting in the area beside the Castle’s Victorian Orangery (additional charge). In addition, the Castle will be offering reduced admission throughout the day for visitors to enter the Castle itself to admire the fascinating collections of Japanese, Ancient Egyptian, Buddhist, Stuart and Egyptian artefacts acquired by the late antiquarian, Denys Eyre Bower. For more details please call 01892 870347 or visit the website

Local businesses, talented craftsman and women, and traditional carpenters from Kent and further afield gather for the second Craft Show of the year - a perfect day out for the family and craft enthusiasts! For more information please call 01892 870307 or visit the website

Christian O’Connell: You’ve ruined my morning Hazlitt Theatre, Maidstone 15th September Christian O’Connell has collected multiple radio awards as a national Breakfast show DJ for 16 years. He’s also collected multiple death threats, hate mail and abusive complaints. He’s collected them all for you to hear in this show. You’ll be stunned at what people actually complain about! Follow his journey from teenage mixtape maker to award-winning DJ. Off the back of last season’s ‘Sold Out’ national tour, in this, his third stand-up show, enter Christian’s world of A-list weirdos, offended clowns and angry cat lovers. For more information please call 01622 758611 or visit the website:

Belmont Woodfest and Country Fair Belmont House and Gardens 10th - 11th September Come along to Belmont House for this unique late summer event where you will see traditional craftmanship skills including: chainsaw demonstrations, horse logging, willow weaving and many many more! Usual favourites will be presented in the arenas as well as a great variety of live music. New for this year is the ‘Keep it Local’ marquee full of detailed art, crafts, gifts, exibitors, and locally produced fresh food stalls. For more details please call 01795 890202 or visit the website: EVENTS IN KENT

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#HolidayInspirations Show Salomons Estate, Southborough 25th September Baldwins Travel Group are delighted to bring their inaugural #HolidayInspirations Show to Salomons Estate in Southborough, Tunbridge Wells. A collection of over 70 holiday brands that encompass the globe, with their broad range of holiday options making this the largest collection of #HolidayInspirations in one place, at one time in the South East of England. The event is FREE to enter, has FREE parking and everyone who registers to attend in advance will get FAST TRACK entry into the show and entry into their PRIZE DRAW. If you attend on the day your entry will be doubled and there are many fantastic prizes to win including a HOLIDAY FOR 2 to ABU DHABI courtesy of Etihad Airways and Kuoni. On arrival pick up your show passport which has a map to follow and information on everything there is to see and do onsite. For further details please visit

The Abba Reunion Tribute Show Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone 23rd September Following a 4 month run in London’s West End, Strand Theatre in 2001 with successful International tours selling out theatres, stadiums and concert halls, this award winning, critically acclaimed Abba tribute performer, producer, choreographer and director together with The Reunion Group, created “The Abba Reunion Tribute Show”. The 4 real members of ABBA have been saying for years that they will never reform, so with this in mind the producers (The Reunion Group) decided that they would give the fans the next best thing! Not just another ABBA Tribute band. Now in it’s 11th year, the show has become Internationally recognized as one of the top world-class authentic ABBA experiences, not to be missed! They have toured and sold out at numerous prestigious UK theatres, plus India, Norway, France, Holland, Sweden, Mongolia, East Africa, Belgium, Qatar with more International venues planned for 2016. For more information please call 0844 871 3015.

Thai cooking demonstration Godinton House & Gardens, Ashford 28th September Theme, torso. Join professional artist Brenda Burgess to explore the wonderful qualities of clay sculpture. A real ‘get away from it all’ day with quality sculpture tuition. For more details call 01304 821230 or visit

Wedding Fair Village Hotel Club, Maidstone 25th September The newly refurbished Village Hotel Club, Maidstone has its wedding fair on the 25th September from 11am till 3pm. Win a two night stay with dinner at Village Maidstone as well. Live music from David Julien and family entertainment is available, free entry to everyone, the fashion show begins from 11.30am. For more details call 01622 235170 or visit www.village-hotels. EVENTS IN KENT

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Kent School Games Cultural Celebration Margate Winter Gardens 18th September

Western Heights: Drop Redoubt open day Western Heights, Dover 17th - 18th September Explore the historic fortress and descend the Grand Shaft Staircase at the 2016 Open Weekend at the Western Heights, Dover. The Napoleonic Drop Redoubt fort and Grand Shaft staircase will be open from 10:00 to 17:00 both days. Living history displays will be on offer all weekend from the 19th century through to World War II. Admission for adults to the Drop Redoubt will be £5 and accompanied children will be free. Access to the Grand Shaft will be free to all. For further information please visit the website

The Cultural Celebration, which is the sister event to the enormously successful Kent School Games and is sponsored by Kent County Council (KCC), will take place at the Winter Gardens in Margate on 18th September this year. It is set to provide a showcase for local talent as well as celebrate inclusion and diversity. The Cultural Celebration provides a platform and an outlet for a large number of young people aged between 5 and 21 years, for many of whom this form of self-expression is, quite simply, life changing. Alaric Green, who recently appeared on BBC’s The Voice performed at the Cultural Celebration in 2012 and said it was a very useful opportunity for him: “Being asked to be part of the Cultural Celebration in 2012 was important, as it gave me one of my first opportunities to sing in front of a large audience, and did so much to build my confidence. For further details please visit the website

An audience with Lesley Garrett Assembly Hall Theatre, Tunbridge Wells 21st September Following the success of Lesley’s tour last year it has been announced that she will be touring again this autumn. Join Britain’s most popular soprano for a delightful evening of song, reminiscences and chat. Her behind-the-scenes stories and anecdotes will give audiences a unique insight into her life on the stage. Never far from our screens and stages Lesley will be touring with Opera North this year and has a new album of traditional songs out in April. For further information please call 01892 530613 or visit


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Autumn Colour Trail Hever Castle 1st - 31st October Collect an Autumn Colour Trail on arrival and discover the top autumn walks and colour hotspots. Besides suggesting picturesque routes through the gardens, it’s packed with interesting information about plants and trees to look out for at the height of their autumn glory. It’s the season to enjoy the crunch of leaves underfoot, early morning mists and mellow fruitfulness. So pack your walking shoes or wellies, as the ground may be boggy in places, and head to Hever for an autumn day to remember. For more information please call 01732 865224 or visit the website autumn-colour-trail-2016

Autumn Wedding Fayre Ramada Dover Hotel 2nd October Come and discover what the Ramada Hotel Dover has to offer at the Autumn Wedding Fayre. Brides and grooms will be able to see the venue and have the chance to meet a wide range of local and national wedding suppliers who will be exhibiting in the Grand Marquee. For more information please call 01304 821230 or visit the website

October Open Day Bredgar & Wormshill Light Railway 2nd October Why not spend a day enjoying the pleasures of this delightful railway. Spend some time browsing around the engine shed where there are locomotives of various gauges and scales. See a water pumping beam engine at work and visit the souvenir shop. Visit the Railway Tea Shop listening to the Dutch street organ playing outside, or bring a picnic and sit by the railside and enjoy the regular trains puffing by. And, most importantly, enjoy a trip on the train, have as many rides as you like, numbers permitting. There are usually two engines in steam. For more details call 01622 884254 or visit

Unique Komedy Ukulele Orchestra Hazlitt Theatre, Maidstone 6th October Is it possible for anyone to create a show that brilliantly combines music from Mozart to Monty Python, Bach to the Beatles, Chick Corea to Rossini? The answer of course in the case of The Unique Komedy Ukulele Orchestra (TUKUO) is a resounding “YES!” Their motto is: “Musical borders belong to Yesterday”. After a string of hugely successful European Tours, the musicians from TUKUO directed by Peter Moss will once more be combining their totally unique vocal harmony blend with their own brand of typically British humour. For more information please call 01622 758611 or visit the website EVENTS IN KENT

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Lucy Porter on tour Trinity Theatre, Tunbridge Wells 30th September Lucy Porter has announced a new UK tour for 2016/2017 titled ‘Consequences’. It’s a heart-felt and hilarious show that includes personal revelation, political observation and general reflection. This tour follows a month-long run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August. Lucy has performed consistently popular solo shows for 15 years now - her first was in 2001 - although she had a quick break in the middle to pop out two children. The tour takes in 32 dates and starts on 30th September at Tunbridge Wells Trinity Theatre and culminates on 11th February 2017 at Milton Keynes, The Stables. Lucy is a familiar face from TV (QI, Mock The Week, Never Mind The Buzzcocks) and has a voice that you’ll know if you listen to Radio 4 (The Unbelievable Truth, The Now Show, The News Quiz). For more details please call 01892 678678 or visit the website

Kent Life Fruit Harvest Kent Life Heritage Farm Park 1st - 2nd October Come and celebrate Kent Life Heritage Farm Park’s fruit harvest on October 1st and 2nd at the awardwinning attraction’s Apple and Cider Fayre. There will be more than 60 varieties of apple, some of which date back as far as the 1500s, local cider, demonstrations and tours, plus plenty of live music from some of the county’s best young musicians. Taking to the stage on the Saturday are Medway singer / songwriter Kelly Stanley, singing a mix of folk, pop, blues and rock accompanied by acoustic guitar; and Gillingham-based alternative acoustic pop duo More Than Echoes. For further information please call 01622 763936 or visit

Mind Body and Soul Charity Evening Maidstone Leisure Centre 30th September Celebrating 20 years of specialist Domestic Abuse Services. £5 entrance fee: includes a complimentary glass of Prosecco and cupcake. Pay bar and finger food available. Experience low cost taster sessions of alternative therapies and health & beauty treatments: these range from henna to spray tans and massages, plus so much more. Enjoy unique entertainment throughout the evening, and take part in the themed raffle and tombola. Win quality spa items, vouchers and more on the night! For more details please call 01322 280686 or visit the website EVENTS IN KENT

C elebrities who also share

September birthdays

Ali Janes


Ali has been using her psychic gifts throughout her life and now enjoys teaching others to nurture their own clairvoyance. She has over 20 years’ experience of teaching others to develop their own skills. At her Academy she runs Psychic Development 10 week evening courses and daytime workshops. Her face to face readings are renowned for their accuracy and she reads for people internationally as well as in the UK.

Michael Bublé 9th September

Tarot reading for this month’s birthdays: Star signs that fall under September are:

Prince Harry 15th September

Bruce Springsteen 30th August


Virgo (24th August – 22nd September) and Libra (23rd September – 23rd October) A typical Virgo character plans ahead and is very much organised in their mind. They will always have an agenda with any situation that arises both financially and emotionally. This doesn’t make them a bad person, just a person who has a high sense of selfpreservation. A typical Libran character likes things to be fair and balanced in all aspects of their lives. They can be very easy to get on with as long as you don’t mind making decisions, as sometimes it takes them far too long to come to a conclusion. Virgos – Beginning of September: There is a definite feeling of breaking free from a certain responsibility that has been getting too much. You are going to stand up for yourself regarding these new changes. All is well, it’s a time for being selfish and thinking about your needs now. For Librans– Although you have been feeling trapped in your financial or work life, recently there seems to be a boost of effort that has arisen from within yourself that came out of nowhere. Virgos – End of September: A complicated love life or emotional situation will reach a peak this month, but this is not something to be worried about as things will be more clear for everyone concerned. Travel plans will go well if you plan sufficiently enough ahead, although to rely on someone else to organise this trip for you may cause problems, so this is best done by yourself. For Librans – The end of the old and on with the new is definitely your life this month. You have been through so much that you really couldn’t take anymore. I see there is one last hurdle before the road ahead is clear in front of you. You are trying not to listen to all the gossip and aftermath of the chaos which is the right way to handle it if you want an easy life.


24th Aug - 22nd Sep

General: There will be talk about rerouting around you, that may not be you directly but it will affect your life. I see there are two directions in front of you regarding a money or work situation and you need to weigh up your options thoroughly before you decide. I see change is definitely around you in this area of your life. Love/Emotions: You have a very unique personality which can cause problems within relationships. You do have a mysterious side to your character which keeps people interested in you.



23rd Sep - 23rd Oct General: You are doing some sort of training, or learning new skills at the moment and this will help you in life, should you ever need a career change or just fancy a change. I see that you are a hard worker but you don’t like to be rushed. I see new ideas entering your mind where you had once dismissed them. Love/Emotions: There is a new understanding between yourself and a partner, friend or loved one. It’s about time as things were getting more and more difficult between you both. You have in the meantime analysed yourself and how you have been acting towards them.


24th Oct - 22nd Nov

General: You are looking after yourself more now than ever before. Putting yourself first is the key to happiness. Your life is changing in many ways and you need to keep focusing on what you want from life, to make sure that you are going in the right direction. Love/Emotions: You are learning to go with the flow which is giving you a more balanced emotional life. You are finding you are getting on well with the people that matter to you in your life. Unfortunately the others around you may not see this mellow side to you, but they may not deserve to.


23rd Nov - 23rd Dec General: You are facing two pathways for the future and they both have potential. You are also weighing up whether you could fit in both options. I see a meeting that will lead to a clearer understanding of what you should do. Love/Emotions: I see a character who is feeling jealous or insecure around you and this is going to be a challenge to make them feel appreciated. They may be acting up and causing problems in the meantime, so be aware of this and try not to judge them too harshly as they are really hurting.


24th Dec - 20th Jan 21stApr-21stMay General: An obstacle is affecting your work / financial life due to someone else not doing what you advised them to do and now you are lumbered with the aftermath. Love/Emotions: I see a person becoming closer and closer to you, which is making you think about whether you are truly happy or whether you are needing a different kind of friendship.


21st Jan - 18th Feb General: A strong masculine type of person is being a little bit too overpowering and you don’t react well to being told what to do, so there is a battle of wills going on between the two of you. Love/Emotions: Life is a little out of balance and there is a feeling of being taken for granted which is making things awkward between you and someone close.



General: You have a brilliant new idea but you need to keep it to yourself otherwise you run the risk of someone else spoiling your excitement with their negative comments. Love/Emotions: Don’t feel low and worry that your life isn’t going the way that you had hoped it would regarding relationship or emotional connections.

Aries 21st Mar - 20th Apr General: Deal with it and stop talking about dealing with it is the message for you at this time. You will be going to the heart of the matter and sorting things out in relation to money / work matters. Love/Emotions: Someone close to you is playing games and this isn’t a game that you are having fun with. I see that you are looking at your cage and thinking it’s getting smaller and smaller and this isn’t comfortable anymore.

General: A new work or financial opportunity will arise in front of you which will lighten your load so to speak. I see that there have been many people wanting to give you advice on changing your long term patterns and routines, but it takes a lot for you to implement these into actions. Love/Emotions: You have been holding back your emotions recently as you just want peace and tranquillity in your life with no additional complications.

Gemini 22nd May - 21st June General: You are having trouble making your mind up about a new character who has entered your life or has entered your family/ friends life. Love/Emotions: I see an open door in front of you and I am not sure if you are showing someone else or you are being led to it. You feel blocked within a tricky emotional situation that hasn’t allowed you to think.

Cancer 22nd June - 22nd July General: Travel plans are being spoken of and organised and there are talks about a day trip or holiday. Love/Emotions: Life seems like an uphill struggle in regard to emotions and relationships around you right now. You have to be made of steel not to notice that you aren’t dealing with problems at the moment.

Leo 23rdJuly - 23rd Aug General: You will be celebrating due to previous successes in work / finances but this won’t stop here as it will turn into something even bigger. Love/Emotions: A boost of confidence is coming your way from an unexpected source. This will lead you into making life seem a lot better and leads you to more open communication with loved ones.

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