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March 2014

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WELCOME to the latest edition of mmm – and here's hoping that finally, this month, we'll start seeing the start of spring. I think after all the rain, floods and winds, we deserve a little sunshine to put a

spring in our steps again. Certainly one thing which always cheers me up is Mother's Day – it really is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate those very special women in our lives. What's more, I know mmm is a popular read with mums across the county, with plenty of our wonderful advertisers always requesting extra copies for their parents. Perhaps this month MMM should stand for Marvellous Mums in March! We've now settled down well in our new offices – so much so that my pet dog often comes to watch us get the magazine ready. He seems to love it. I'm not alone either. The owner of the office complex in which we're based also brings his pet. And it would appear to be a growing trend. I read recently a senior executive of the plush Mandarin Oriental chain takes his precious pooch to check out its hotels. Perhaps you should try it! As ever, there's plenty of interesting articles to read inside. We've got special features on the absolutely fabulous Joanna Lumley and the tasty Gregg Wallace from Masterchef. What's more, we even take a look at the remarkable career of gold-medal winner Lizzy Yarnold – who went to school in Maidstone after growing up in and around Sevenoaks. And finally, a very special congratulations to reader Rebecca Austen who won the competition in our January issue for a free membership at the wonderful Mercure Maidstone Great Danes Hotel. See you next month! Rasa

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LTD Warming Homes Throughout Kent Since 1917

• Wood Burning Stoves, supply only or installed • Bespoke Service available • Specialist’s in Limestone Mantlepieces Granite and Slate Hearths • Coal • Chimney Sweeping

Tel: 01634 420319 Mobile: 07976688437 Newington Ind Est, Newington, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME9 7NU


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52 10 - Joanna Lumley Joanna keeps shining

50 - Home The new Fearne Cotton collection

20 - Mother’s Day View what both Kent and London have to offer for Mother’s day

58 - Property Stunning Victorian country house in Linton

24 - Beauty House of Fraser offers beauty tips for Spring

62 - Motors Famous faces appear at Jaguar event. Check out Peugeot’s latest models

29 - Travel Top get away destinations for you to discover!

68 - Gallagher The rise of Gallagher

38 - Lizzie Yarnold Lizzy Yarnold’s fast road to success

70 - Business Find out the latest Kent business news

41 - Gregg Wallace Gregg Wallace’s recipe for fame

73 - St Mary’s Church transforms into live music venue

44 - Food Take a look at our tasty three course meal

76 - London Fashion Week Latest catwalk trends AW14

47 - Knole House Robin Brooks reminds us of Kent’s Knole House

78 - Event’s Great suggestions for family fun days out in and around Kent mmm Magazine 26

March 2014

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Joanna Lumley nationaL treasure The phrase ‘national treasure’ is one, which is often bandied about; applied a number of those who have enjoyed fleeting fame. But surely it can be accurately applied to Joanna Lumley?

The actress, model, presenter and campaigner has, since 1966 appeared on our TV screens in a variety of roles, everything from advertisements to a Bond girl, major Hollywood movies to long-running British soaps, and from comedy to drama. In between she has created a name for herself as a no-nonsense campaigner on issues close to her heart – most notably the fight for settlement rights for the Ghurkha community; a successful battle felt keenly here in Kent where Gurkha have been based in recent years in both Maidstone and Folkestone, creating a depth to the cultural make-up of local communities. Yet throughout all her success – and at 67 she is now very much one of the nation’s senior celebrities – she has kept Kent close to her heart. Born in 1946, her life started with an exotic twist. Her father was Major James Rutherford-Lumley, who served as part of the 6th Gurkha Rifles, part of the British Indian Army and it was in India she was born. When India gained its independence from Britain a year later, the family left and Joanna and her mother, Thya Rose, would follow where the British Army posted them. For several years they lived in Malaysia, stationed in Kuala Lumpur during the height of what would become known as the ‘Malayan emergency’ – a long-running guerrilla war fought between Commonwealth forces and rebels calling for independence from British rule. By 1954, it was time for the family to head back to the UK. Writing in her autobiography, the thrill of returning ‘home’ was not one, which lasted long for the young Joanna. She said: “The thrill of returning to England was vanquished at Southampton: cold and pitilessly grey, it seemed to me to be a pretty miserable place to call home. But I had not reckoned with the staggering charm of late spring, and scented June days and cuckoo song and roses in hedgerows.” Her father was posted to Epsom, It meant Joanna and her sister Aelene were sent to board at a small school called Mickledene in Rolvenden – a pretty village full of weather boarded houses south of Ashford and some five miles from Tenterden. “It was Rolvenden where my parents would eventually buy a house,” she wrote, “and where my family would live

until the turn of the century. “Mickledene was contained in a small farmhouse and a pair of oast-houses for drying hops; their roundels had been converted to circular classrooms, and morning assembly was held in what had been a long low barn. “Only a few us boarded, and there were three little dormitories called Early Lights, Middle Lights and Late Lights. Lordy! It was cold in those narrow iron beds.” But she found settling in difficult, away from the family she had become used to. “Homesickness was a new and unfamiliar demon, and seemed worse when you were longing not just to escape from school but to wish yourself back in hot steamy Malaya, with its monsoons, moonflowers and the clickettyclack of the Chinese playing mah jong. “We learned Shakespeare and French, horrible maths and lovely art. The classrooms stored and exuded the terrifying smell of cabbage but the heavy scent of roses and scrubby grass takes me back to playing after classes were over.” She would leave Mickledene when she was 11 – moved to a convent just outside Hastings – not far from Rolvenden. There she would board, and with her parents often returning to Malaysia, she and her sister would spend holidays with friends and relations in and around Kent and East Sussex. She remembers her time at the convent fondly – despite not performing as perhaps as best as she could. She would later reflect: “I was in school plays and loved dancing - I was even offered a place at Sadler’s Wells ballet school, but as I had to choose between ballet and my passion, riding, I turned it down. “I behaved very badly at school and left with only one A-level.” After leaving school she made a bid to join the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), the traditional steppingstone for those wishing to pursue a career as an actor. But, much to her disappointment, was failed the exam. She then turned to a finishing school – but not for the etiquette fix you may initially assume. “Everyone thinks it was an etiquette school but it wasn’t. I only went there for a month so I could then get on to their books as a model.

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“Of course I learned to sew. I had to, I was skint. Young she would eventually meet her future husband. women then didn’t have this ‘throw it away’ mentality that But first she was determined to make a name for herself. today’s younger women seem to She became a model posing have. I can crochet and knit too. for the photographer’s lens and Girls today can’t do that. I can do house model for the Patsy became one of the nation’s becoming my own hair because I couldn’t designer Jean Muir. best-loved. There are currently afford to go to the hairdressers. But at 21 her life took an “Poverty makes you learn to do unexpected twist when she fell discussions the show could things. You always cooked your pregnant – despite being told by return for a movie. own meal from scratch and you’d doctors she would be unable to never buy a pre-made meal.” conceive. James – named after her Her links with Kent remained strong, however. father – was born in Canterbury. With her parents living in the county she would At the time, 1967, it was still socially unacceptable to be frequently return to them. She gave birth to her son in a young, unmarried mother. Not that the actress ever had Canterbury, and it was through a friend of the family that any doubts. a

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GURKHA RESTAURANT We focus on our authentic traditional Nepalese Cuisine menu inspired from its own traditional and different cultural cuisine. We bring the true taste of Gurkha throughout the year, whether it is in your house or in our own place. Providing high level service which is relaxed, calm, welcoming and friendly

Open 7 days a week from 12 – 2.30pm and 6 –11pm


112 Week Street, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 1RH

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“I was 21 and had been going out with my boyfriend for two years when I found out I was pregnant – despite being told by doctors that I was sterile. “Jamie’s father and I hadn’t discussed marriage and to me it wasn’t something to be entered into just to stop gossip.” Her son’s father is photographer Michael Claydon. Just three years later, though, she did wed – this time to Jeremy Lloyd, the comedy writer who penned the likes of Are You Being Served? And war romp ‘Allo ‘Allo. Not that it lasted long. Says Joanna: “He was witty, tall and charming and the marriage lasted less than a year. We should have just had a raging affair.” After a decade of photo shoots, and small roles in the likes of James Bond movie On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, a string of Hammer Horror movies, and eight episodes of Coronation Street, she got her big break through aged 30 when she landed the role of Purdey in the New Avengers – a sequel to the hugely popular Avengers series of the 1960s which had launched the careers of the likes of Diana Rigg, Honor Blackman and Linda Thorson. The show was a hit and it propelled her into the front rooms of the nation. By 1979 she got a role in the sci-fi drama Sapphire and Steel, and the roles kept coming, with her becoming a famous face in the UK. Her private life was settled too and in 1986 she wed for the second time – musician and conductor Stephen Barlow who she’d met in Kent. He remembers of their first meeting: “I’d known about Joanna from the age of 13. My school friend, St Clair Armitage at King’s Canterbury, was always going on about this very glamorous friend of the family. As he lived very close to school he used to ask me to his house in Godmersham for Sunday lunch, usually promising a

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that this ravishing creature would turn up. She never did. “I’d forgotten about her until St Clair’s wedding in Dawlish. He invited me to play the organ, and I had been conducting The Rake’s Progress the night before in Norwich and had to go on to work in Southampton the next day, so I arrived in a highly tired and emotional state. So bad, in fact, that I forgot to bring the music. I walked into the church and went into hysterical apologies and started to rummage through the church music library for the scores. Amidst this flurry was Jo, looking amazing in a turquoise coat. I’d never seen anything so glamorous and statuesque. I asked her to come to my rescue, which she did.” Joanna adds: “He had long black hair, was scowling ferociously and slamming music about. We all humbly helped him, but I felt like I’d had a kind of electric shock; it wasn’t a matter of falling instantly in love, it was the impact of a colossal shock, completely memorable. “A few weeks later I was telling the director John Caird how I’d met an incredible person, and it turned out he knew Stephen. He asked him to the opening of the play he was directing. Stephen seemed very glazed and unfocused and I thought how very grand and slightly sardonic he was; I didn’t realise it was plain fear, but at the same time I understood that there was something more on the agenda. However, the next news I got was that he had married. “Over the years, there were Christmas cards, then he got back in touch when he was rehearsing nearby and we had tea or wine and just talked and talked. “Then, in 1985, he asked Jamie and me to Glyndebourne. “He also asked me to an Opera 80 production in the Lake District. He was driving me back to a station to come back to work and I was whining on about things and he said

something like, ‘Well, do you want to marry me?’. He claims I said yes straight away, but I think I hesitated for a few moments. Then I sat in the train thinking, ‘Gosh, I’m going to get married to Stephen Barlow’. There was a tremendous sense of relief, as if some huge journey had been accomplished. It seemed like one of those children’s puzzles when you put shapes in holes, and at long last we’d got it right.” The couple remain together and currently live in central London. As for Joanna’s career, it would reach a new high in 1992 when Jennifer Saunders approached her

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Joanna has created a name for herself as a no-nonsense campaigner on issues close to her heart... the fight for settlement rights for the Ghurkha community... creating a depth to the cultural make-up of local communities.

to take a role in a new comedy series she was putting together. Not that she thought Absolutely Fabulous would be a hit at first. She explained: “I went along and met Jennifer, who of course is one of the closest friends I have now, but when you meet her for the first time she is as remote as a sphinx, she doesn’t give anything away. So we went through the scenes and Jennifer’s face didn’t move. I thought ‘this is awful’. “I went home to my agent and said, ‘I’m not doing it, this isn’t going to work’, and my agent said ‘They’re paying you £3,000 to record a pilot and they probably won’t make it. Do it!’” The result was that the character of Patsy became one of the nation’s best-loved. There are currently discussions the show could return for a movie. Off screen, she set the cat amongst the pigeons by

her no-nonsense support of the Ghurkhas fighting to be allowed to settle in the UK after serving the country. With her father owing his life to the bravery of the Nepalese troops, she came to the aid when approached by local campaigner Peter Carroll. “I have always supported the Ghurkhas, not least because one of them - Tul Bahadur Pun - saved my father’s life when they were fighting together in Burma in 1944. So I was overjoyed last year when Ghurkha veterans won the right to live in the UK.” More recently she starred alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street – where the pair grabbed the headlines after two characters shared an on-screen smooch. The rise of Joanna Lumley shows little sign of slowing. Her remarkable career looks likely to be as unstoppable 50 years in as it ever has been. mmm

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Mother’s Day Kent ‘v’ Metropolitan M

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other’s Day will be celebrated this year on Sunday 30th March and what better way to show her how special she is, than with a luxurious Mother’s Day treat. Kent offers wonderful choices from fantastic attractions, spa days and award winning restaurants, yet with London virtually on our doorstep, will you opt to go metropolitan with your mum? mmm take a look at some of the best venues in Kent and London - perfect for Mother’s Day.

Kent and East Sussex Railway, Tenterden (18 March) Enjoy the service and style of one of Britain’s finest rural light railways combined with a special Mother’s Day Ploughmans lunch or Kentish cream tea. Sit back and relax on a gentle ten and a half mile train ride on a beautifully restored steam train and enjoy the picturesque surroundings of the village of Tenterden. There will be two services running especially for Mother’s Day allowing you to enjoy a delicious Ploughman’s lunch on the 1.15pm service, or a Kentish cream tea with homemade cakes at 3.30pm. Both journeys begin at Tenterden station and Mums will receive a surprise gift. Tickets are £22.50 per person. Visit for more details.

The London Eye - Hotel Chocolat tasting experience Take your mum’s love of chocolate to new heights with this guided chocolate and truffle tasting adventure from the world-renowned, Hotel Chocolat, exclusively on the London Eye. Let her sip on deliciously chilled Prosecco while she learns the best way to taste, explore and enjoy chocolate. Simply mouth watering. • Chocolate and truffle tasting & two glasses of Prosecco • Two 30-minute rotations • Take-home Hotel Chocolat goodie bag • Samsung interactive in-capsule guides • Entry to 4D cinema experience • Complimentary 360° Mini Guide. Prices from £47 per adult.

Over night spa break - Tunbridge Wells Why not spend some precious time with your mum on a Saturday Spa package at the Spa Hotel, Tunbridge Wells. The ultimate overnight spa break includes: a back, neck & shoulder massage, an ESPA express facial, a three course dinner with coffee and a glass of bubbly, full use of our leisure facilities, plus overnight accommodation in a twin or double bedded room with full English or continental breakfast the following morning. £170.00 per person (based on two people sharing a twin/double bedded room). Call 01892 553590 or email Contact venue direct for full T&C’s and restrictions.

Soothing Essentials day spa - Corinthia Hotel, London Your mum can truly relax and emerge feeling totally rejuvenated, skin soft to the touch and a smooth glowing complexion. This treatment includes the following: A salt and oil scrub, Balinese massage, personalised facial and an essential pedicure or advanced manicure. This Day Spa Package allows you full use of the spa facilities, including gym and thermal floor boasting a shimmering silver pool, vitality pool, sauna, steam room, ice fountain, relaxation areas and experience showers. The package includes a glass of Champagne or freshly squeezed juice on arrival, and a delicious two course lunch in the Spa Lounge. Price per person - £380 To book, please call +44 (0)20 7321 3050 or email and quote “Soothing Essentials”. Visit for details.

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Mums Go Free at Scotney Castle, Lamberhurst (18 March) A special family day out allowing Mums to enjoy the spectacular castle for free. Come along and enjoy a brass band and free treat in the tea room. Relax in the picturesque gardens, with the glorious backdrop of a fairytale castle. Venture into the wonderful woodland and parkland with over 770 acres to explore. Discover the delights of the Victorian country mansion with its secrets and stories; you might meet it’s much loved cat in residence ‘Puss Puss’. Visit for more details.

Iconic Arts and Crafts home of William Morris, writer, artist, craftsman and socialist - Bexleyheath The only house commissioned, created and lived in by William Morris, founder of the Arts & Crafts movement, Red House is a building of extraordinary architectural and social significance, that will enchant any mum on her special day. When it was completed in 1860, it was described by Edward Burne-Jones as ‘the beautifullest place on earth’. Acquired by the Trust only ten years ago, the rooms at Red House give a unique view of William Morris’ earliest designs and decorative schemes. Its secrets are slowly being revealed, conservation work in 2013 uncovered an unknown Pre-Raphaelite wall painting and a very early Morris repeating floral pattern.

Evita musical staring Marti Pellow, Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury Telling the story of Eva Peron, wife of former Argentine dictator Juan Peron, Evita follows Eva’s journey from humble beginnings through to extraordinary wealth, power and iconic status which ultimately lead her to be heralded as the “spiritual leader of the nation” by the Argentine people. With more than 20 major awards to its credit, Evita features some of the most iconic songs in musical theatre, including Don’t Cry For Me Argentina, On This Night Of A Thousand Stars and You Must Love Me. West End star and Wet Wet Wet frontman Marti Pellow joins the cast of Evita in the role of Che. Visit for more details.

The Bodyguard, The Adelphi Theatre, London The Bodyguard, based on the smash-hit film which starred Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston, is now winner of Best New Musical at the Awards 2013. The show currently stars Beverley Knight as Rachel Marron and Tristan Gemmill as Frank Farmer. Former Secret Service agent turned bodyguard, Frank Farmer, is hired to protect superstar Rachel Marron from an unknown stalker. Each expects to be in charge - what they don’t expect is to fall in love. The show features a whole host of irresistible classics, including Queen of the Night, One Moment in Time, Saving All My Love, Run to You, I Have Nothing, I Wanna Dance With Somebody and one of the greatest hit songs of all time - I Will Always Love You. For more detials visit

Turner Contemporary Tour, 30th March, Margate On Sunday 30 March 2014 the Turner Contemporary opens its doors and offers a free guided tour of its spring exhibitions. Tours start at 11.30am. Situated on Margate’s seafront, on the same site where Turner stayed when visiting the town, The gallery is the largest exhibition space in the South East, outside of London. “Turner Contemporary’s purpose is to stretch the boundaries of current visual arts practice, to make the exhibitions sufficiently varied and to bridge the gap between the historical and contemporary.” Victoria Pomery, Director, Turner Contemporary

Saatchi Gallery, Duke of York’s HQ, King’s Road, London SW3 4RY The Saatchi Gallery aims to provide an innovative forum for contemporary art, presenting work by largely unseen young artists or by international artists whose work has been rarely or never exhibited in the UK. When the gallery first opened over 25 years ago it was only those who had a dedicated interest in contemporary art who sought out the gallery to see work by new artists. Today it is one of the top galleries in the UK and a perfect place to spend some time for Mother’s Day. The restaurant, Gallery Mess, provides a charming atmosphere and excellent food. With exposed brickwork, vaulted ceilings and display of art, it is the perfect location for dinner or a long leisurely lunch. Open 10am-6pm, 7 days a week, last entry 5:30pm. Admission is free to all exhibitions.

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The Vineyard, Wrotham Heath The Vineyard is one of the finest restaurants in the region, where your dining experience will almost certainly exceed your expectations the perfect place for Mother’s Day. Boasting a diverse European menu and a carefully handpicked list of fine wines, The Vineyard has something to offer all customers who are looking for an excellent culinary experience complimented with attentive service second to none. Reputed for its exquisite, specialised seafood menu as well as its French and Italian specialities, The Vineyard offers authentic dishes cooked with fresh ingredients carefully market sourced by its team. Visit for more details. Kent Life, Maidstone A great day out in Kent for mum to spend with all the family. Explore 28 acres of fun from hands-on activities for kids to age-old farming traditions that bring back memories from way back when. There are animals to cuddle, tractors to ride, play areas to go wild in, fascinating historic buildings to explore and cafés to relax in - family fun for every generation. Visit for more details.

Historic River Tours, Canterbury Award winning Canterbury Historic River Tours prides itself on offering one of the most enjoyable insights into Canterbury’s historic past which can capture the imagination of people of all age groups. As one of the main attractions in one of England’s principal tourist cities, the tour provides both visitors and locals with a unique vantage point to some of Canterbury’s most stunning and important architecture. Flowing through the heart of historic Canterbury, The River Stour is the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of one of the country’s busiest city centres, allowing you to discover parts of the city that are only accessible through the tour. Each boat is chauffeured by your guide, who presents the historical facts of the passing buildings and monuments in a light-hearted and entertaining manner. Visit for more details.

Jamie’s Italian Covent Garden, London Treat your mum to a meal in the heart of London’s Covent Garden at Jamie’s Italian. Fantastic food is served in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where value for money and excellence meet hand in hand. “Since I was a teenager I’ve been besotted by the love, passion and verve for food, family and life itself that just about all Italian people have, no matter where they’re from or how rich or poor they maybe. And that’s what I’m passionate about - good food for everyone, no matter what.” Jamie Oliver. After your meal, why not walk around the shops or stop and watch one of the many street acts that are performing every day. Visit italian for full details. ZSL London Zoo, Regents Park, London With over 720 different species of animal, ZSL London Zoo is a brilliant way to immerse yourself into the animal kingdom. The Zoo, located in the north east corner of London’s Regent’s Park, is open every day of the year except Christmas Day. ZSL is actively involved in ‘bringing down the bars’ by creating interactive, immersive and inspiring exhibits. As visitors walk around the Zoo’s 36 acre site, they are brought closer to nature. Visit for more details.

River Thames afternoon tea cruise, London Cruise in style and savour the majestic sights of the Thames while indulging in traditional afternoon tea with all the trimmings. Eat a fine array of delicious sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam and a selection of traditional cakes as you soak up the sights. A glass of champagne to give more sparkle to the afternoon. A bar is available throughout offering a wide choice of soft and alcoholic drinks. A live commentary will allow you to learn something new about London and its famous sites. View the sights as the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, Shakespeare’s Globe, the tallest building in Europe - the Shard, a close-up of a genuine WWII warship - the HMS Belfast and the iconic Tower Bridge and Tower of London. The cruise includes a return trip from Tower to Westminister. Price per Person £25.00 inclusive. Visit for more details.

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Benefit, House of Fraser, Maidstone

from a

MAKE-OVER THIS SPRING... Next, we primed the skin the with UK’s number one primer, ‘Porefessional’. It is ‘complex porefection’ in a tube, which minimises the appearance of pores and fine lines in an instant! It contains Vitamin E which nourishes the skin and is perfect for the winter months. It also contains dry silica which absorbs any excess oil which makes it perfect for the summer months too! It can also be used over makeup for touch-ups, making it a perfect addition to any handbag! Firstly, it is important to prep the skin to create the perfect canvas for a flawless make up look. The ‘Triple Performing Facial Emulsion’ is a lightweight moisturiser with SPF15 and contains a complex exclusive to Benefit called ‘Tri Radiance’ which creates a moisture barrier for the skin to help the skin stay radiant, both instantly and long term. Its perfect for daytime and underneath make up as it is oil-free and will not clog pores and also protects the skin from harmful free radicals.

mmm 25

For foundation, our ‘Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow’ is all you need. With SPF25, Vitamin C and E and a sea water mineral to hydrate the skin, this light to medium coverage foundation leaves the skin bright and nourished! The oil free formula means that pores are not clogged and the skin remains flawless. It is a skin treatment and foundation all in one and perfect for all skin types!

To create a long lasting eye make up look, it is important to prime the eye area. ‘Stay Don’t Stray’ eyeshadow primer leaves eye makeup looking flawless all day and stops eyeshadows from creasing. A must have product for creating a long lasting, beautiful look. Our ‘Big Beautiful Eyes’ kit is a multipurpose product, containing our industrial strength concealer ‘Boing’, and three neutral eyeshadow shades, perfect for daytime and night time looks. The darker colour can double up as a liner and the kit comes with a ‘Tips and Tricks’ leaflet to help you achieve bigger, beautiful eyes! To finish the eye look, we used the UK’s number one mascara ‘They’re Real’. This gel based formula means that it is flake proof and drama proof. By volumising, lengthening and curling the lashes, it creates a false lash effect! Its brush is patented and the porcupine ball on the end helps you to reach the inner and outer corner lashes and can be used vertically to lift the lashes. You will be amazed by the results! No more fake eyelashes!

Next, our latest product ‘Lollitint’ is a multipurpose ‘candy-orchid’ tint for the cheeks and the lips. It is the ‘flirtiest fuchsia flush’ in a bottle, giving your complexion a ‘pop’ of colour! Applied in three strokes to the apples of the cheeks and blended quickly with fingertips creates a gorgeous glow. This can also be mixed with our popular highlighter ‘High Beam’, your ‘supermodel in a bottle’, which creates the illusion of high cheekbones and can also be mixed with ‘Hello Flawless’ for a glowing complexion! Applied to the cupid’s bow, it gives definition to the lips!

Another of our latest products to hit the shelves is our shine vanishing pro powder ‘Agent Zero Shine’. This lightweight, translucent powder contains lentil seed extract which perfects pores and mattifies the skin, making it fab for touch-ups! The built in brush makes it perfect for carrying around in your bag!

Next we created Benefit’s signature brow arch using the UK’s number one brow kit ‘Browzings’. The kit contains both wax and powder to create beautiful defined brows which stay looking perfect all day! It also comes with tweezers to groom your brows on the go!

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mmm travel

n Find out about South-East Asia’s little known gem – Laos n Read our Cyprus educational report

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Sochi Russia 2014 Venue foR WinteR olympicS

here are four main Alpine skiing resorts around the original ‘ski town’ of Krasnaya Polyana – Rosa Khutor, Laura, Alpika and Mountain Carousel ski areas – which are hosting events at the Games, all of which have seen expansion and substantial ski lift investment in the last few years. The investment in these brand new resorts is fairly jaw


dropping and the budget, which has not been disclosed, appears to be in the hundreds of millions of Euros. All four are operated separately at present and different lift tickets are currently required, but each offers world class uplift and together their ski lift power, beats several western ski resorts in the world. In terms of the inter-connection between the three areas, officials have indicated a pass for multiple

mmm 31

centres will be available from 2014-15 at the latest. The new railway station bringing skiers and boarders up to the slopes from Sochi on the Black Sea coast, stops at Mountain Carousel, about 2.5km from Rosa Khutor and is linked by a shuttle bus service. In addition, there is a gondola connection between Rosa Khutor and Alpika operational. The resorts • Laura – 550m to 1450m. Resort most suited for beginners and intermediates as well as cross-country skiers. • Rosar Khutor – 600m to 2320m. This is the ski area for the downhill and for most alpine events. Advanced skiing area with a base station and a mid mountain village with accommodation and shops. • Mountain Carousel – 540m to 2200m. Good all round skiing, superb off-piste skiing and an amazing mountain top restaurant frequented by President Vladimir Putin. • Alpika – resort 540m up to 2238m. This area is independent with no separate accommodation. Where to stay? • Grand Hotel Polyana in Laura. Modern five-star hotel with

indoor and outdoor pools, spa areas and everything you would expect from a luxurious hotel and 300m from the lifts. • Hotel Park Inn by Radisson in Rosa Khutor four-star on bed and breakfast. The hotel is located is at the base of the resort 200m from the lifts. There are shops, restaurant and more in the completely re-built riverside resort. Crystal Ski is the only UK tour operator to feature Sochi. A four-day trip, including bed and breakfast at the four-star Park Inn By Radisson in Rosa Khutor, Turkish Airlines flights from Heathrow via Istanbul and all transfers, starts at £945 per person based on two sharing. Add one night’s bed and breakfast in Istanbul from £105 per person, or Sochi from £82 per person. Flexible durations available. A tourist visa to Russia costs from £105 and requires your passport to have at least six months left on it. Info at Please note these prices were correct at time of going to print. Prices are subject to availability at time of booking. For further information please contact Baldwins Travel: 01622 762141.

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Lifetime HoLiday’s A thing of the past, as people turn to dream locations time and time again. nce in a lifetime holidays are becoming twice-ina-lifetime breaks – with a large percentage of British travellers returning to worldwide destinations they fell in love with first time round. Researchers for Kuoni, who carried out a detailed study among 2,000 adults who holiday regularly found 75 per cent have revisited a city, country or resort at least once. And 31 per cent have already chosen


to go back to a long-haul destination which they initially deemed to be ‘once in a lifetime’ – and more than half said they plan to return at some point in their lifetime. The study found that America, Australia, Italy, Barbados and Canada are the five places which top the ‘twice in a lifetime’ holiday list. The report also identified a trend of saving over a long period of time to return to a stunning location, which holds fond memories.

We’re seeing a generation of adventurers who set off to see the world with a backpack in their twenties to places like Thailand, Malaysia, India and Australia, return to those places they love at a later stage in life. Worldwide travel is more affordable and accessible than it has ever has been before. The choice of destinations, hotels and flights now is vast and brings many stunning countries and cruises - viewed in the past as ‘once in a lifetime’ - within the reach of many

mmm 33

34 mmm


Fell in love with the culture.

more people. Almost three-quarters of people were likely to return to a ‘once in a lifetime’ destination because they were so overwhelmed by the scenery and landscapes, while the same percentage wanted time to experience things they had missed on

Six in ten people felt they’d never be able to match the fantastic accommodation anywhere else in the world, and 59 per cent simply loved the local cuisine. Over two thirds of people decided to go back to a long-haul destination after finding the local people so

their original visit. A third of those polled were so amazed by everything they saw first time round they wanted to see it all a second time, while 63 per cent fell in love with the culture, which was so different from anything else they had come across before.

welcoing and friendly, while a further 37 per cent made some really good friends they were keen to see again. When it comes to socialising with people who live abroad, a fifth were lucky enough to enjoy a bit of romance and wanted to go back to meet the same person again or recreate the experience. Other reasons why people decided to save up and revisit a tropical destination include, wanting to take a new partner or additional member of the family and marking a special occasion such as a honeymoon, milestone birthday or anniversary. Two thirds of people claim their ‘twice in a lifetime’ holiday is the only place they have really managed to

6 in 10

felt they’d never be able to match the fantastic accommodation.

relax, and is also the destination where they’ve been able to switch off from work completely. Four in ten holidaymakers said they simply didn’t believe another trip could top the one they’d had previously. For those people who had returned to an exotic holiday location, a fifth went at exactly the same time of year, while one in ten used the same itinerary a second time. A third went to all the same bars and restaurants, 16 per cent stayed in the same room and 13 per cent managed to meet up with the same people. In addition to the USA and Australia, Brits would also like to save up and go back to Egypt, Thailand, the Maldives or Mexico. TOP TEN ‘TWICE IN A LIFETIME’ DESTINATIONS 1. USA 2. Australia 3. Italy 4. Barbados 5. Canada 6. Egypt 7. Thailand 8. Maldives 9. Mexico 10. A Cruise

Sunday, 6th April 2014 Dover Cruise Terminal 10am - 4pm Packed with great ideas from Days Out to wonderful holidays there is something for everyone! Attractions, Castles & Gardens, Days Out, Coach Trips, France, Short Breaks, Belgium, Holiday Homes, Holiday Parks, Exotic Holidays, Cruising



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TOP 20 REASONS FOR ‘TWICE IN A LIFETIME’ HOLIDAYS 1. You have such fond memories of the first visit 2. Fell in love with the scenery and landscape 3. The locals were so welcoming and friendly 4. You didn’t see or experience enough first time round 5. Good value for money 6. Wanted to see different parts of the country 7. Fell in love with the culture 8. You forgot about work completely 9. The accommodation was amazing 10. You loved the food 11. Something for all the family 12. Haven’t been so relaxed anywhere else in the world 13. Wanted to take a new partner, or return with the family

16% stayed in

the same room.

13% managed

to meet up with the same people. 14. To mark an anniversary or special occasion 15. You simply want to recreate the first special holiday 16. You met some / made some good friends 17. You don’t think any other holiday could top it 18. You had such a romantic time on your last visit 19. You befriended the staff 20. You met someone/enjoyed a holiday romance


Made some really good friends they were keen to see again.

0 .0 0 P P R IC E £ 7 0

oa d ge

ount e 2 0 % d is c iv e c re rs e Memb H e a lt h C lu b 37 mmm

e and ach

to t o f tr a v e l d e th e c o s lu c in t o n oes u r. T h e p ri c e d s o n th e to o r to v e n u e s a b u o L c a r h ir e a n d fr o m u s e w h e re lo u o T is t a ir p o rt T h e n e a re s d ri v e y o u r o t w a n t to n o d u o y if is a v a il a b le as. w n to L o u b own car do

om www.l oubas.c



West F tory of South aux is h e th e c n e hate Experi l churches, c a v ie d e M l beautifu art galleries. ke erary will ta in it d e n n la p the area. A carefully sting sites in re te in st o m nd provi the mpany you a o c c a l il w e aliv e guid e history com th e k a m to d neede day d from Mon te c u d n o c is The tour given on itinerary are e th f o s il ta e d 21/06 14/06/2014— /0 s: 20 Date 13/09/2014—

lovely V tion is at the Accommoda rted ston tifully conve with its beau

History of Art Tour t-Gar eilles, Tarn-e Loubas, Val

onne, 82150

SouTH WeST FrAnce xperience the history of South West France. Visit the beautiful Medieval churches, chateaux, museums and art galleries. A carefully planned itinerary will take you to some of the most interesting sites in the area. An expert tour guide will accompany you and provide the information needed to make the history come alive. Set in beautiful countryside of Tarnet-Garonne, in the Midi Pyrenees area of South West France, ten km from Montaigu-de-Quercy and only six km from Penne d’Agenais.


Loubas offers the ideal location for those who want to explore this historic region. Medieval towns, beautiful chateaux and impressive fortifications await, with Tournon, Penne d’Agenais, Montaigu, Beauville, Bonaguil, Cahors, Domme, Lauzerte, Villeneuve sur Lot, Moissac and Toulouse all within reach, as well as many other fascinating places including many fine vineyards.

Dates: 14/06/2014—21/06/2014, 13/09/2014—20/09/2014 Accommodation: Seven days self-catering at the lovely Village de Loubas with its beautifully converted stone farm houses. Two couples sharing one of four houses. Each couple has their own double bedroom and private bathroom. There will be a maximum of 16 people on the tour. Lunch is provided on the five days of the tour. Admission fees for all venues are included in the price. An expert tour guide will be present on the tour. Visit for full details.

38 mmm

Skeleton gold champion Lizzy Yarnold is representing Great Britain in the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. We take a look back at her time in Kent when she was at Maidstone Girl’s Grammer School to becoming an Olympic Athlete. ix short years ago, Lizzy Yarnold had never taken part in the bob skeleton. It wasn’t even an event she had ever really considered. In truth, she didn’t even know what it was. But in 2009 she started giving the sport a trial and just five years later – despite the fact there is no full length track anywhere in the UK – she stepped onto the podium in the Russian city of Sochi to be crowned gold medallist. It was the culmination of a remarkable journey which saw her dominate the sport leading up the Games and deliver on a lifetime of sporting talent. Born in Sevenoaks and living in West Kingsdown, she attended prep school in Otford – where her mother was a PE teacher - before becoming a student at Maidstone Girls Grammar, where her sporting potential was further developed. She had previously demonstrated a real talent as a heptathlete after being inspired to take up the multi-disciplined


sport after watching Denise Lewis dazzle at the 2000 Sydney Games. At the time, Lizzy was just 12. But after impressing teachers at Maidstone Girls Grammar, in 2008 she was enrolled in UK Sport’s Girls4Gold talent search scheme, designed to foster the finest young female talents and try and put them on a path to future Olympic success. Explains Lizzy: “At the Girls4Gold selection, I desperately wanted to be picked for modern pentathlon. But they said I’d be more suited to skeleton instead. I must admit I’d never heard of it. “But I’ve never looked back since. I was chosen to go on my first skeleton training camp in March 2009. “I soon got the hang of the sport and began competing for Great Britain in October 2010. “Prior to skeleton I competed in athletics for eight years achieving county, regional, and national medals.” Her talent became swiftly apparent too.

She began competing in 2010, winning her first race at the Europa Cup in November of that year. By 2012 she was junior world champion and picked up bronze in the senior world championships. Her talents were making people begin to sit up and take notice. But success didn’t come cheap for her. After leaving school and attending university, where she studied sports psychology, she spent her summer holidays on a work placement. It would be one which would have significant benefits for her ambition. Working at insurance underwriters Hardy in London, she made it known to her colleagues that she was raising money for equipment – in particular a custom-made bag for the runners of her sledge. Spotting a jar asking for spare money, senior underwriter Mervyn Sugden became intrigued and ended up paying the whole amount.

mmm 39

Quote by Mary SMith (left), headMiStreSS at MaidStone Girl’S GraMMar School talkS about lizzie yarnold and her SucceSS in School and Sochi.

Quote by Mary SMith (above)

“We are all absolutely thrilled for Lizzy – and are so proud of her. There was naturally great excitement in school that had been building up all week. Everyone signed a giant good luck card made by some of our sixth form students, wishing Lizzy all the best from the whole school community. The preliminary runs which took place on the Thursday morning were beamed around the school during the morning and watched in all classrooms. On the Friday, a large group of students watched the final two runs together even though the last one did not take place until 5.30pm. There was elation in the room when Lizzy was obviously in pole position after the third run, but then

She explained: “I was really struggling for money. I was barely making ends meet and I was training in the mornings and evenings in between working. “I talked to Mervyn and told him about skeleton and my hopes and I couldn’t believe it when he gave me the money.” To say thanks – and Mr Sugden would go on to help broker a £100,000 deal to help finance the British skeleton team, she named her sled Mervyn. And it was Mervyn that would carry her to victory in Sochi. Mr Sugden, who has now retired, watched Lizzy race to victory from the comfort of his home in Surrey. He said “I heard rumours from some of the younger members of staff that we had a potential Olympian in our midst. “I was brought up in Bavaria and Norway as a child, so I was always very interested in Alpine sports. “I went over for a chat and she was so compelling that I just handed her an envelope with some money in it and said, ‘I hope that’s what you need to get you on your way’. “It’s one of those moments you get where you can give a little bit and hopefully makes a difference.

immense tension during the fourth and final run when the commentator suggested she had not made such a good start. When she crossed the line ahead of everyone else and it was obvious she had won gold, there was wild and spontaneous applause and cheering. It was a fabulous event to watch together – exciting, uplifting and inspiring! She was a genuinely wonderful student at school, committed, passionate and always, always smiling. She threw herself 100% into everything she did. She was a sports enthusiast and had great success at school in athletics, specifically in the high jump, the shot putt and as a runner. She was always determined and committed in

“I got chatting to Mervyn and told him all about skeleton and my hopes and I couldn’t believe it when he gave me the money.”

whatever she did – her studies, a challenging school trip to Guatemala, Belize and Mexico, organising a rag week that raised several thousand pounds for charitable causes, and of course her sporting activities. What she has achieved in winning an Olympic gold medal is amazing and we are so pleased for her. She is an inspiration for all the students and staff here and we are delighted that she has committed herself to helping to improve the profile of women in sport. We are immensely proud to acknowledge her as a past student of this school. She gave a lot to us, and now has given a wonderful boost to the whole country. Fabulously done, Lizzy!”

“I can’t believe she named her sled after me. That was really special.” Moving to Bath, where the only skeleton facilities in the UK are based, she honed her skills. Her performance in the 2013 World Cup series – where she swept all aside to secure the title – elevated her to hot favourite in the ultimate test of nerve; the Winter Olympics. And so, on February 14, Valentine’s Day, she captivated the nation by securing gold. In doing so, she became only the tenth British gold medal winner at the Winter Games. “I’m just so delighted I’m Olympic champion,” she said. “As an athlete you do so much hard work, but when you have days like that, it’s all worthwhile. “My whole life I have dreamt about becoming a British Olympian and for the last five years since I took up skeleton, competing at Sochi has been my primary focus. This season has been great for my preparation, I was in a good place both physically and mentally.” And, to the delight of a nation, she delivered in style. mmm


ns io or at f a y r v en D se tak e’s Re w in no lent Va

Pad Thai

mmm 23

A Unique Experience At West Malling

T: 01732 870 000 15 HIGH STREET, WEST MALLING, KENT ME19 6QH

The Masterchef GreGG Wallace or all the chefs and food experts hailing from affluent backgrounds and accents drenched in middle class tones, Gregg Wallace is refreshingly real. There was no private school or plush leafy suburbs upbringing for him. To use a food analogy he was much more barrow boy than fine diner, which is somewhat ironic as that is exactly what he started life as. Gregg Wallace has worked his way up from the most humble beginnings to establish himself on the top table of celebrity foodsmiths. As ever-present host of the BBC’s hugely popular Masterchef shows, he has an easy charm and disarming manner, which off-sets the sharp demands of those who fulfill the ‘harsh but fair’ judge’s role. What’s more, he is often spotted in and around Kent – living in Whitstable, driving his sports car and enjoying the trappings of fame. Not that the glare of the spotlight always benefits him. His high profile, sometimes short-lived, relationships frequently make the headlines for the wrong reason. His three failed


marriages – the latest of whom was 17 years his junior – was then followed most recently by his dating of a woman 21 years younger than he. Little wonder the tabloids found him such an easy target for their front pages. Born in Peckham, in South East London, in October 1964, he was an only child until he was nearly ten, when the first of two brothers would arrive. It was far from an easy childhood. He revealed in his autobiography, Life on a Plate, the shock revelation that he had been sexually abused by the husband of his babysitter when he was just eight years old. “‘I never did tell mum, or anyone else,” he wrote, “I didn’t really understand what had happened and somehow I knew he would also be in really big trouble. ‘I didn’t, until I got older, consider myself a victim. Instead, I felt ashamed, as if I was complicit.’ At 14, however, there would be disruption in his home when his parents separated. More shocking for the young Greg, would be the discovery that his biological father was not who he assumed, but the long-time lover of his mother. He added: “I left school at 15 without any qualifications and left home shortly afterwards. a

42 mmm

“The job that changed my life completely was working fronted shows on the Discovery Channel and Food as a warehouseman in Covent Garden fruit and veg Channel, before, in 2005, he became co-presenter and market. This was where my love for food and restaurants judge of Masterchef, alongside John Torode. came from. Today, his business interests are wide and varied. He’s “I did runs to the market in Paris, I worked as a a partner in Putney cafe Wallace & Co and restaurant salesman, I socialised with chefs and I started my first Gregg’s Table in Bermondsey. business by the age of 24. He adds: “From leaving school to “My passion for fresh produce greengrocer, my jobs have included brought me into contact with BBC dry cleaning, van driving, window Radio 4’s Food Programme, which Gregg has been successful in a cleaning, roofing, labouring and brought me into contact with mini-cab driving. A varied work life, number of businesses leading up what I most like to do is travel, read, people in television. “That’s the story in a nutshell, eat and spend time with the kids.” to his broadcasting work I was good at fruit and veg, I’m His main income, however, is still good at it. We’re all good at derived from his new found status something, some of us never get a as TV celebrity. As Masterchef chance to practice what we’re really good at.” presenter, he is well known for enjoying big mouthfuls After working on radio he got his first big break on TV of delicious – and sometimes not so delicious – treats when he became the original presenter of the popular created by the contestants. Saturday Kitchen show on the BBC in 2002. He then “There are three reasons why I take a big mouthful,” he

mmm 43

explains, “Firstly, I want to taste all the things together on the plate. If there were six things on the plate I’d have to go in six times, which would be dull. Secondly, it takes me a long time to figure out what I’m tasting, so I can tell you. And thirdly, the better the food gets, the bigger the spoonful.” Perhaps as a consequence of his own childhood, he has struggled for stability in his own private life – with three marriages already under his belt, before he even turns 50. His first marriage to Christine lasted a mere six weeks. His second, to Denise, last five years, but crumbled in 2004 after she discovered he had been unfaithful. The couple did, however, have two children, Tom and Libby,

both of whom remain close to their father, living at their home in Whitstable after he secured custody of them. His third wife, Heidi, he met over social networking website Twitter when she asked him a question about food. The biology teacher gave up her job in Penrith in 2010 and they married – only to split 14 months later. Last summer he started dating caterer Anne Marie Sterpini – 21 years his junior – and who he hit the headlines after finding himself embroiled in a brawl during a dinner he was hosting in Worcestershire. Yet despite his upheaval, Gregg Wallace remains one of the nation’s favourite faces – and with Masterchef still attracting millions of viewers, there seems little sign of him disappearing from our screens any time soon. mmm

44 mmm

Fine Dining at ZUCCHINI SOUP WITH GARLIC TOASTS Ingredients 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 tablespoon butter 1 medium onion, chopped (about 1 cup) Salt & pepper 2 garlic cloves 2 pounds of zucchini, sliced 4 cups chicken broth 1/2 cup white wine 3 tablespoon chopped chives 6 slices baguette bread 1 garlic clove 1/2 cup grated cheese (like Grana Padano or Parmigiano Reggiano)

10 minutes. Taste and adjust the seasoning, adding more salt if needed (especially if you used low-sodium chicken broth). Take an immersion blender and puree the soup. (If you don’t have one, pour the soup into a blender and puree). Meanwhile, preheat your broiler. Place the bread slices on a baking sheet and broil just until toasted and golden. Take the second garlic clove and rub over the warm bread. Serve the soup with the grated cheese, remaining fresh chives and a garlic toast on top.

Method Cook the onion in the olive oil and butter in a large stock pot with a little salt and pepper for several minutes until the onion is soft. Cook over medium low heat, slowly, so the onion doesn’t burn. Grate one of the garlic cloves over the onions and cook for just a minute or so, until garlic is a little soft. Add the sliced zucchini into the pot and cook, covered for about 10 minutes. Add the chicken broth, wine and two tablespoons of the chopped chives and cover again and cook for another


Ingredients 2 pounds boneless skinless Chicken breasts Sea salt or kosher salt Freshly ground black pepper 1 Tablespoons olive oil 4 Tablespoons butter (optional), 8 ounces mushrooms, sliced 1/4 cup whole wheat flour 1/2 cup white wine 1/2 cup chicken broth 1 tablespoons tomato paste 1/4 cup chopped fresh tarragon Method Prep the chicken breasts. If they are very large, cut them in half. You should have six pieces. Place the breasts between two sheets of wax paper and pound them with a meat pounder until they are about 1/2 inch thick.

They need to be uniform in size so they are not so thick and cook evenly. Season each piece with salt and pepper. Dredge in the flour and set aside. In a large fry pan, heat the olive oil and 3 tablespoons of the butter and saute the mushrooms slowly over medium heat until slightly golden and soft, about 10 minutes. As they cook, add a couple of grindings of black pepper and stir the mushrooms periodically. Remove the mushrooms from the pan but do not wipe out the pan. Add another tablespoon of butter to the pan and after it has melted, add the chicken breasts. Saute the chicken until each side is golden, just a couple of minutes each side. Remove the chicken to a plate.

Add the white wine to the pan. It will sizzle. Let it cook for a couple of minutes, stirring the bottom of the pan and releasing all the cooked “fond” - this is deglazing the pan. Add the tomato paste and chicken broth and half of the fresh tarragon and stir until the tomato paste has completely been blended. Return the chicken breasts and mushroom back to the pan. Immediately turn the chicken over, so both sides get covered with the sauce. Lower the heat to low and cover the pan and cook gently for about 10 minutes. Taste the sauce and adjust the seasoning by adding more salt if needed. Remove the chicken breasts to a platter, pour the mushrooms and sauce over and garnish with the rest of the fresh tarragon.


CHOCOLATE PANNA COTTA Ingredients 1.5 cups whole milk 4 teaspoons unflavoured powdered gelatin 4.5 cups heavy cream Good quality cocoa powder, 2 to 4 tablespoons 3/4 cup sugar Pinch of salt Chocolate and white chocolate bars, for garnish Method Put the milk in a medium saucepan and sprinkle the gelatin over the milk. Let it stand for about 5 minutes to soften. Turn heat to medium and stir milk just until the gelatin dissolves. Add the cream, sugar and salt. Whisk in the cocoa powder until you get the amount of chocolate you like. Whisk over low heat until the sugar completely dissolves, just a few minutes. Remove from the heat and let cool completely. (I pour the mixture into a 6-cup Pyrex to cool.) Stir mixture frequently during cooling to prevent skin from forming. Pour the cream mixture into 6 martini glasses or into a dozen small ramekins. Cover and refrigerate. Chill until set. Shave small chocolate curls from each of the chocolate bars onto the panna cotta. Can be made the day before.

46 mmm

A Unique Experience At West Malling Special food in exceptional surroundings

Open: Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Lunch 12 - 2.30pm 12 - 2.30pm 12 - 2.30pm 12 - 2.30pm 12 - 2.30pm

Dinner 5.30 - 10.30pm 5.30 - 10.30pm 5.30 - 10.30pm 5.30 - 11pm 5.30 - 11.30pm

Reservations being taken for Mother’s Day

Open on Mother’s Day from 12 - 2.30pm and 5.30 - 10pm

15 HIGH STREET, WEST MALLING, KENT ME19 6QH T: 01732 870 000

Mother’s Day menu Traditional Sunday Lunch until 6pm 3 courses £19.95 adults £12.95 Children under 12 A la carte menu always available

Celebrate Mother’s Day at The Vineyard The Vineyard restaurant offers an extensive selection of exquisite seafood, French and Italian A la cuisine The ideal venue for family gatherings, special celebrations or casual dining

Don’t forget to book for Easter Weekend! OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK • Air-conditioning • Ample parking

A20 London Road Wrotham Heath TN15 7RU 01732 882330

mmm 47

The MagnificenT house of Knole Knole House - The Tremendous Knole house in Sevenoaks dates back to the 14 hundreds, Robin Brooks takes us back to it’s glorious history and how it has became a big tourist attraction in Kent. here has been a house at Knole in Sevenoaks since 1456 when it was built upon the instructions of Thomas Bouchier, Archbishop of Canterbury between 1456 and 1486. In subsequent years, parts were added by various Archbishops including the last, Thomas Cranmer, who acquired the house in the early 1500s. Brutally it was taken from him in 1538 by King Henry


Credit to John Miller for Images

VIII who also took nearby Otford Palace. It was in 1566 during the reign of Elizabeth I, that the now sizeable house was given to her cousin, Thomas Sackville. He was related to the Queen by the inter-marriage of his family with that of Boleyn. A favourite at the court, the Queen gave him Knole in order for him to get to court quicker than he could from his family seat at Buckhurst in Sussex.

She also gave him the title Earl of Dorset and possessed as he was of great wealth, he undertook the job of restoring Knole after many years of neglect. Employing over 200 workmen, some of this restoration is still in evidence including his initials on the water spouts, which stand in the old part of Knole. The first Earl lived in the house until his death in April 1608 at the age of 81. a

48 mmm

The history of Knole has seen many diverse characters within it’s walls, perhaps the most illustrious being Vita Sackville-West. Born at Knole on March 9,1892

mmm 49

Inherited by Robert Sackville the 2nd Earl of Dorset, his stay was to be just over a year when upon death, his son Richard became the 3rd Earl. Sadly he squandered his inheritance and in order to pay his expenses, mortgaged Knole and sold most of the property in Sevenoaks associated with the house. However with the Knole estate firmly in the Sackville family, the years following were to see a succession of Earls who ensured that the house was kept in the utmost magnificence. The history of Knole has seen many diverse characters within it’s walls, perhaps the most illustrious being Vita Sackville-West. Born at Knole on March 9,1892, the only daughter of Lionel Edward SackvilleWest (1867-1928) and his first cousin, Victoria Josefa Dolores Catalina SackvilleWest (1862-1936), she rose to become a writer of some standing with her book ‘Knole and the Sackville’s’ published in 1922 and broadly regarded as the definitive history of the family. However it was her bi-sexual love affairs that fascinated the public

interest for many years and continues to this period of time. Being the only offspring of Lionel Sackville-West, she had hoped that upon his death she would become the next descendent. However when the 3rd Baron died the salic rules of primogeniture applied and sadly the estate was bequeathed to Charles, the brother of Lionel. Devastated, Vita left Knole never to return and after marrying a diplomat, Harold Nicholson, spent most of her

life at a country house named ‘Long Barn’ in the Weald of Sevenoaks and later at Sissinghurst Castle near Cranbrook. At both locations she devoted her life to gardening, examples of, which became renowned and can be seen today. Knole today ranks in the top five of England’s largest houses set as it is in the magnificent park surrounding it. It is often referred to as a ‘calendar house’ having 365 rooms, 52 staircases, 12 entrances and seven courtyards. Listed as a Grade I house, the current Baron is Robert Bertrand Sackville-West who inherited the title in March 2004 on the death of his uncle. The house today is mostly cared for by the National Trust with the current Sackville family still living in half of the house and working the rest of the estate. A popular attraction for the National Trust, the house and park with its vast deer herd has changed very little. It has been home to the Sackville’s, Dorset’s and Sackville-West’s since Tudor times and today this magnificent house brings pleasure to the many tourists who visit and ponder on its illustrious past. By Robin J Brooks

50 mmm

Fearne Cotton Interior Collection

Fearne Cotton Homes

Fearne Cotton launches debut interior collection nline retail giant has launched Fearne Cotton’s first ever interior collection. Fearne Cotton HOME stays true to the presenter and designer’s eclectic style, incorporating both furniture


and accessories bursting with oriental prints fused with vintage Parisian designs. The collection transfers from the bedroom through to the living room. A wooden four poster bed adds opulence and grandeur to any bedroom and works perfectly teamed with the

oriental print bed linen. For the living room, the pink three-seater buttonbacked sofa sits beautifully with luxurious blossom embroidered into the arm chair and accessorised with oriental print cushions. On the collection launch, Fearne said:

mmm 51

Maidstone, Medway Magazine Name: Address:


Length of subscription 3 months @ £6 6 months @ £12 12 months @ £24


Phone Number:

Cut out or photocopy this form and send a cheque payable to: MMM-Media Ltd 1st Floor, GHL House, 12-14 Albion Place, Maidstone, Kent ME14 5DZ


Become a subscriber – just pay £24 p&p for a year and we willl send you the next 12 magazines hot off the press

52 mmm

“I’m extremely excited to be creating a range for the home with I have designed a collection that incorporates my own style by mixing prints with vintage designs – I have even introduced my cat Rudi with a print on one of the pieces! I wanted to create interior pieces that are versatile enough

to work well in any space and, most importantly, I would love to have in my own home.” Jon Owen, retail director at, a Shop Direct brand, said: “With ten fashion collections under her belt, Fearne’s unique style has made her one of our most successful designers.

We are therefore delighted to introduce Fearne’s debut homewares collection, exclusively at We’re sure this exciting new range will be extremely popular with our customers.” The collection is available from now: Fearne Cotton HOME.

Darcy faux fur throw £59

Melrose three seater sofa £899

Cat Table Lamp £59

Marne floral Rug £89

Imagine a conservatory you can use comfortably all year round

mmm 53

IS YOUR CONSERVATORY . . . v Too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter? v Roof leaking or noisy when it rains? v Being used as a storage area, not a living area? DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN ‘REFURBISH YOUR CONSERVATORY’ TO HELP CREATE AN ENERGY EFFICIENT LIVING SPACE? Fairdeal Windows Ltd are Kent’s only approved installer of ‘Refurbish My Conservatory’ specialist and exclusive products This is one of the most cost effective ways to revive your tired old conservatory We can offer the following three options Replace the roof only Replace the roof, windows and doors Replace the entire conservatory


Unit K Orchard Business Centre 20/20 Industrial Estate Aylesford Kent ME16 0JZ 01622 683332

The cost-effective way to revive your tired conservatory

Customer Testimonial ‘We were delighted with the service and work carried out on our property recently. We would recommend your company to anyone wanting any of the services that go with double glazing and if in the future we require any further work we will of course contact your company. The fitters who replaced our conservatory roof were efficient, clean, tidy and very polite. We cannot praise them or the service your company provided too highly. Our conservatory has been transformed into a second sitting room, complete with comfortable furniture, it’s lovely to just sit and read, no longer a junk room. Thank you once again.’ Mr & Mrs Henley, Snodland, Kent

Ample Parking

Easy access for special needs

‘‘A family run business now in our 42nd year of supplying quality bathrooms, showers and fireplaces to the trade and public. We have completed the refurbishment of our extensive showrooms at Third Avenue, Chatham, with the addition of a new department dedicated to special needs in the bathroom. We have 100’s of new products arriving every week.’’ Morris & Turner Bathroom & Fireplace Warehouse Ltd Third Avenue, Chatham, Open: Mon-Fri: 8:30 - 5pm Sat: 9:15 - 5pm Kent ME5 0AD Telephone: 01634 813813 Dockside Chatham First floor next to escalator Open: Mon-Wed & Sat 10 - 6pm Thur & Fri 10 - 7pm Sun 11 - 5pm Telephone: 01634 891524

mmm 54

Luxury Vinyl tiles available from all leading manufactures Stockists and Fitters of





Open: Mon-Fri at 8am to 5pm Sat at 9am to 1pm

Unit 8, Ballard Business Park, Cuxton Road, Strood, Kent, ME2 2NY Tel: 01634 720411 Email: Website:

mmm 55

mmm 69

£3 ,8

• Solid Oak Tables, Benches and Chairs • Built from timber sourced only from sustainable FSC approved forests

00 ,8

• Smoking Shelters, BBQ, Patio, Jacuzzi and Poolside Areas















Intriguing, unique and durable wooden Outdoor Retreats to suit all occasions

mmm 57

• Planning permission not required • Minimum disruption and built in a day!


00 ,3 £4

,1 00

01622 756822 / 07946 135441

58 mmm

Loddington House Architect designed interiors And exceptionAl views

Property - Loddington House Address - Loddington Lane, Linton, Kent Bedrooms - Six - one master bedroom with en-suite bathroom Bathrooms - Two Land - 1.9 Acres

Situation Loddington House enjoys a lovely rural position on the edge of Linton Village. It is thought to be one of the smallest villages in Kent and includes a Church dating back to the early 1200’s and a Public House. There are excellent schools in the area, including Boughton Monchelsea Primary School, Sutton Valence Preparatory and senior schools and the grammar schools in Maidstone and Ashford. Summary - Loddington House Loddington House is an impressive Victorian country house believed to date from approximately 1850 and commands an elevated position exploiting the panoramic views over the Weald. The ground floor accommodation is well laid out with a central reception hall giving access to the principal reception rooms. There is a delightful series of rooms providing both formal and informal living spaces, all having great proportions and the majority enjoying the far reaching views. Of particular note is the kitchen/breakfast/family room, which is beautifully appointed and well equipped with a two year old Boffi kitchen with the latest Miele appliances providing a lovely family area at the core of the house. In similar fashion to the ground floor the bedrooms

are accessed off a broad central landing, are of a consistently good size and enjoy the breathtaking southerly views. There is a particularly generous master suite with dressing room and impressive high specification bathroom, dominated by a magnificent central circular bath. There are two further bedrooms served by a large family bathroom. Stairs from the half landing climb to the second floor with two spacious bedrooms and a bathroom. The larger bedroom, of over 400 sq.ft. is currently used as a studio, benefiting from south and west aspect. The lower ground floor provides extensive further informal accommodation and has been well arranged for modern family living requirements. It compromises a cinema room and a separate games room. In the games room there is the ability to provide access to the gardens and terrace via the southern aspect. It is completed by a large utility/laundry room, two store rooms and a wine cellar. The house is approached view electronically operated wrought iron gates over a gravel drive terminating in a parking area to the west of the house. The gardens and grounds are well presented and compliment the house well. They are formed by a combination of formal and informal areas. The gardens fall away from the house with sloping lawns and well stocked mature herbaceous borders. To the south west is a children’s play area, with timber framed play house, and further south is large area of level lawn. To the east of the house is a delightful orchard with trained fruit tress and walled kitchen garden. For more details: visit or call 01732 744477

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Heritage Building Services All home improvements including Bathrooms, Kitchens, Extentions, Driveways, Brickwork, Plumbing, Heating & General Maintenance For further information please call

01622 738547 or 07957 383287

Working in association with

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Jose Mourinho at exclusive F-TYPE Coupe event in Canary Wharf

The new F-TYPE Coupé is the most dynamically capable, performance focused, production Jaguar ever. The model line-up is headlined by the F-TYPE R Coupé, its 550PS/680Nm 5.0-litre V8 supercharged engine enabling acceleration from 0-60mph in 4.0-seconds, and a top speed of 186mph (limited). The F-TYPE R Coupé features Jaguar’s second-generation Electronic Active Differential, which works in parallel with a new Torque Vectoring by braking system to deliver enhanced agility. The all-aluminum F-TYPE Coupé embodies the uncompromised design vision of the award-winning C-X16 concept. The F-TYPE Coupé has up to 407-litres* of boot space – easily accommodating two sets of golf clubs – the tailgate being

Gary Lineker and son George

Example and

available with power assisted opening.

wife Erin Gleave


t an exclusive event in Canary Wharf, London, new Jaguar UK ambassador José Mourinho joined British stars of sport and music to celebrate the official UK launch of the Jaguar F-TYPE Coupé. At the highly anticipated London event, hosted by Jaguar Land Rover UK managing director Jeremy Hicks, the stunning new sports car was presented to an audience of prospective customers, Jaguar brand ambassadors and celebrity guests including Mourinho and Natalie Pinkham. Musicians Mistajam and Example were in attendance alongside Olympic Gold medal winner Anthony Joshua MBE and BBC sports presenter Gary Lineker. During a staged interview on the evening, José was asked what his team thought of the new car, “How can this old man drive such a cool car,” he replied with a wry smile. Asked about his own take on the car, he went on to say, “It drives like a great player because it does what I want it to do.” The F-TYPE Coupé UK debut opened with an exclusive screening of the dramatic new Jaguar ‘Rendezvous’ advert, directed by Oscar-winner Tom Hooper and starring Sir Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddleston and Mark Strong. The advert is the latest offering in Jaguar’s ‘British Villains’ campaign and made its world premiere during the coveted advertising slot in the Super Bowl XLVIII North America broadcast interval. Within two weeks it received more than 11 million views online, the advertisement will hit television screens in the UK for the first time in April. Jeremy Hicks said: “I am really excited to be officially presenting the new F-TYPE Coupé in the UK for the first time. This sports car is as important to the Jaguar brand as it is spectacular to drive. “With the F-TYPE Coupé, our designers and engineers have created the ultimate expression of Jaguar DNA; beautiful design combined with immense dynamic performance. I am sure all our customers will be as excited as our new ambassador José Mourinho at the prospect of driving the new F-TYPE Coupé.”

Jose Mourinho with Jaguar design director Ian Callum

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PRESENTS ITS ALL-NEW COMPACT CITY CAR, THE 108 nother chapter in PEUGEOT’s small car success story begins with the unveiling of the all-new 108. For the first time, the brand‘s urban runabout is available in two distinct body styles – the 108 Hatchback and the retractable fabric roof 108 TOP!. At 3.47m long and 1.62m wide, the Peugeot 108’s got the compact dimensions that will really make the difference in town. It’s reduced overhangs and turning circle of just 9.6m allow it to avoid obstacles with ease. This architecture allows the driving position to be brought well forward, providing excellent vision in every direction. The car has been designed to excel in urban traffic. The front end is dominated by its bold grille, central beam and lower air intake, while the front lamps are firmly set into the bodywork. Common to all trim levels, their ‘technical’ design combines smart black and chrome to give the car a sharp


and dynamic look. The upper sections contain LEDs for daytime running lights. With its machine-finished edge, the grille surround creates a solid on-road presence and proudly houses the Peugeot name badge. The famous Lion logo sits above, central between the two bonnet lines which run up to the windscreen in one fluid movement. From the side, the 108’s compact form is highlighted by its front and rear overhangs, both reduced to the minimum. Access to the interior remains easy, with one or two doors on each side that stretch almost from wheel to wheel. The car’s dynamism is underlined by a chrome blade that emerges from the front wings and extends to the bottom of the glass above. Once the driver is sitting in the height-adjustable seat, the various controls are all within easy reach. They include

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PEUGEOT’S ALL NEW 108: THE CAR FOR A NEW GENERATION OF CITY DRIVERS • PEUGEOT presents its all-new compact city car, the 108 • Two distinct body styles, 108 Hatchback and the 108 TOP! with retractable fabric roof • Characterful and chic design perfectly suited to urban journeys • Packed with choice – hatchback or retractable fabric roof models, three or five doors, exterior and interior colours with extensive personalisation • Latest ‘connected’ technology, including innovative ‘Mirror Screen’

the striking 7-inch touch-screen, the starter button coupled with the Peugeot Open and Go system, plus the automatic air conditioning. Behind the steering wheel are controls for the speed limiter, while the fuel filler flap opening and heated electric mirror controls are easily accessible on the dashboard. The controls for the front electric windows fall readily to hand, grouped together on the driver’s door panel. The all-new Peugeot 108 is already packed with character, but customers can add even more by choosing from a wide range of personalisation options. For body colour, there are eight striking shades including two, which are exclusive to the model: Aïkinite is a golden copper, and purple berry, a stunning shade of violet. Reserved for the three-door hatchback are two versions of two-tone paint, purple berry and zircon grey, or diamond white and aïkinite. Anyone opting for the 108 TOP! Model has the choice of three retractable fabric roof colours black, grey or purple berry. In addition, there are seven personalisation themes, three interior ambiences and a choice of six trims. A comfortable driving position is quickly found using te steering column height and seat adjustments. The Peugeot Open and Go system means the driver can simply press the button on the centre panel to start the engine. The driver can concentrate on safe driving thanks to the speed limiter and automatic lighting. If reverse gear is engaged, the reversing camera displays a colour image on the touch-screen.

Passengers are protected in all circumstances by six airbags fitted as standard: two frontal airbags (the passenger airbag can be switched off), two lateral airbags at the front, and two curtain airbags covering the front and rear seats. Finally, for the safety of children in the car, the two rear seats are equipped with IsoFix mounts. As soon as you take the controls of the all-new Peugeot 108, it reveals just how easy it is to use. Its light weight, electric power steering and the quality of its running gear all make their contribution. All this advanced technology combines in the Peugeot 108 to make every driver smile. With responsive steering, stable braking and a refined ride, the car is just as at home on the open road as it is in town. It’s a compact vehicle for a new generation of urban drivers who seek a sophisticated and versatile model that meets their every motoring need. The Peugeot 108 means there is no need to compromise, with a high level of standard equipment, a wide range of desirable optional extras and great value for money.

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Company Profile:

Building a Legacy

A well run family business for over 40 years, Gallagher is one of Kent’s best construction and development businesses, helping expand it’s county and make a name for the family.


here are some family names which have become synonymous with the county and an integral part of it’s industrial fabric. The Neame family, for example, are linked forever with Faversham and the brewing industry. While William, Frank and Peter Brake are the three brothers whose endeavour would result in the creation of the Brake Brothers empire. You can add to that prestigious list, the name of Gallagher. Because today it is the county’s leading building, civil engineering, quarrying, construction and property development business. With it’s headquarters in Maidstone, the family-run business has established an enviable reputation over the last 40 years and today it is hard to drive through any of the county’s major towns without seeing it’s distinctive name. What’s more, it’s reach extends far from it’s industrial heart. For anyone with an interest in local football, it has become associated with Maidstone United’s glorious return to the county town after years of a nomadic existence. Certainly, without Gallagher’s support, the stadium, which bears it’s name may not have proved quite the dramatic success it has. Explains Stephen Gallagher, property manager at Gallagher Properties: “We are passionate about Kent. “Over four decades we have built a strong reputation for delivering high quality developments through our ‘start to finish’ approach made possible thanks to our

complementary activities in quarrying and aggregates, civil engineering and construction, and finally estate management.” Today it employs more than 300 people – the vast majority of which live in the county. In addition to the Gallagher Stadium, it’s roll call of major projects in the county include work at Mote Park, the Kent Institute of Medicine & Surgery, the John Lewis at home store in Ashford, Spires Academy in Canterbury and the Eclipse Park in Maidstone. Today, the man who started the business, Pat Gallagher, is said to be worth in excess of £25m. Which is all the more remarkable given his humble beginnings. Pat was raised in the west of Ireland but when he was 17 his life would change in a dramatic fashion. Because in 1966 his family left Ballinamore in County Leitrim. At the age of 17, Pat, his brother Michael and their two parents would start out on a remarkable adventure. In a bid to pay his way, his first job was in Gillingham, making Jubilee Clips for the grand total of three shillings an hour. After a little over three months of that, he moved onto sweeping floors in Kent County Council-owned workshops – for six shillings an hour. But a couple of years after the family moved to Aylesford, he found himself in the building trade, working with a fellow Irishman, Pat Burke as a plasterer’s mate among other odd jobs.

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The rise of gallagher As part of labouring gangs he would shovel earth, lay pipes and drive diggers, and when he got home, he and his brother would then knock on the doors of neighbours and ask them if they wanted odd jobs done. Suitably impressed, Pat Burke sold Pat a well-worn JCB digger for £2,200 – paid for with a £500 deposit and the rest in hard work for his employer. It would be the catalyst from which the Gallagher business would grow. Nor would his employer’s foot up go unnoticed. The two remain close even to this day. A spokesman for the firm explained how Pat Gallagher continued to build from the humble beginnings. They explained: “During the 1970’s, Pat spotted a market niche for skip hire. He built a sideline using one old lorry and a few skips into a flourishing business with five new lorries, hiring out skips to small builders and individuals. “With more and more groundwork’s contracts coming on board, a new opportunity presented itself – quarrying. “In 1982, Pat bought the quarrying rights to the old Tilcon owned quarry at Ditton which ostensibly had been worked out. “However there was plenty of rock left and Pat worked the quarry for two years, and got 380,000 tonnes out. “He got 1,000 tonnes of ragstone a day out of this quarry, and it was used for major projects such as the widening of the M20 and the creation of a new quayside at Sheerness Docks. “He re-invested all the money in new gear – a new crusher, shovel and screens. He saw that there was a big future in quarries. “By 1985 the quarry was exhausted, but this was a boom time for the contracting side of the business, Gallagher Contractors. The firm undertook the majority of groundwork’s for the new Gillingham Business Park – Gallagher was on site for 11 years in all. As this contract ended, Kings Hill took over. Gallagher has been involved in the Kings Hill development for over 20 years, and this continues today.” Capitalising too on the boom in house building during the 1980’s, in 1987 he also purchased Hermitage Farm, where he found more Kentish ragstone and secured planning permission to quarry there. The quarrying continues to this day – albeit not always without controversy. It’s recent expansion involved destroying an area of ancient woodland which sparked a storm of protest. The Gallagher spokesman explained: “Kentish ragstone is an important natural resource and is the most widespread building stone used throughout the south east of England. “It has been used for over 2,000 years as an attractive and functional building stone for many buildings in and around the Maidstone area, and for famous buildings in London such as the Tower of London. “But Pat’s philosophy is that if you are going to do something, do it well.” He has demonstrated that by his business constantly growing and that the Gallagher company name is becoming one of the most respected in the county. mmm

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Business LOCAL BUSINESS NEWS New campaigN to help grow firms iNthe southeast While many businesses have struggled to secure the funding necessary in recent years to allow them to expand, the British Bankers’ Association (BBA) has launched a new campaign to encourage firms across the southeast to apply for cash. It follows research, which revealed only 37 per cent of SMEs believe they will get the nod for funding for their bank – when in reality the figure is close to 67 per cent. The research has identified that while 12 percent cent of businesses in the southeast intended to borrow to finance expansion only seven percent actually ended up doing so – a difference of around 36,000 businesses. BBA chief executive Anthony Browne said: “We want to let businesses in the

south east know that they are a lot more likely to get finance than they think. “This matters because more successful loan applications mean more orders for equipment, more new jobs and more plans to expand. “Small businesses are the engine room of the economy and the research we publish today shows how much stronger our recovery could be if more SMEs approached their banks for finance.” The new campaign will involve the BBA speaking to businesses with a turnover of less than £25million, and working alongside the government, banks and business groups to spread the message.

Dover’s New westerN Docks Dover Harbour Board has unveiled ambitious plans to develop the Western Docks – in doing so creating 600 new jobs and safeguarding a further 140. But questions have been asked as to the funding of the scheme – and if the new jobs will simply be low paid roles which will not help rejuvenate the town. Planning permission was granted back in 2012 to develop the docks, and now Dover Harbour Board intends to push ahead with a scheme. The board says it has “identified a significant opportunity” to “support its customers and the community and provide the game changer for which the people of Dover have been waiting for so long”. The new jobs will be in the logistics industry with the 140 protected jobs as a consequence of developing a new cargo terminal. This, claims the port, would revive the Western Docks, protect long-term port capacity and enable the transformation of the waterfront with the potential creation of a new marina. Paul Watkins, leader if Dover District Council, said: “Delivering major port development that protects long term port capacity but delivers jobs and opportunities now, whilst creating a catalyst for major

regeneration, will be a significant boost to the region and shows real commitment to Dover.” George Jenkins, chairman of Dover Harbour Board, said: “Transforming this part of the port estate can in turn support the wider transformation agenda, one which sees the port and town working together, which the Port of Dover is also championing through its Dover waterfront regeneration project with Dover District Council. “The people of Dover have waited long enough for Dover’s revival. That revival could start right now, breathing new life into our port and into our community.” Peter Jones, chairman of the South East Local Enterprise Partnership, said: “The Port of Dover is of national and international significance. “Ensuring that it can develop and grow as a key gateway and enhancing its resilience is vital so that it can continue to support the nation’s economic activity and prosperity in the years to come. “Port development must be seen as part of a wider strategic vision to establish an alternative transport corridor to the Midlands and the north through a new Thames Crossing while supporting new town centre investment and community development.”

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LocaL Business news

Birchwood Park Golf centre aPPoints health & fitness cluB ManaGer Birchwood Park Golf Centre has appointed experienced fitness expert Julia Titterrell as its new Horizones Health & Fitness Club Manager. The personal trainer from Dartford is a familiar face at the public pay-and-play centre, having held the post of Horizones Co-ordinator since 2012. Prior to embarking on a career in fitness, the 32-year-old worked as a PA in a Dartfordbased design company and her aim, as club manager, is to combine her strong organisational skills with her passion for helping people keep fit. Commenting on her promotion, Julia said: “I find it fulfilling to guide people towards their personal targets and to motivate and inspire them along the way. As such, I am keen to encourage people to utilise the variety of classes available and make best use of our personal training services. “Horizones attracts a variety of people, young and old, male and female, golfers and non-golfers, who enjoy using our extensive facilities in a relaxed environment. I want to nurture this and ensure every new visitor feels as welcome as our regular members.” Located on the outskirts of Wilmington, Horizones Health & Fitness Club is based within Birchwood Park Golf Centre – part of BGL Golf, the UK’s leading golf course owner and operator. Melanie Drake, Birchwood Park Golf Centre General Manager, said: “Julia’s enthusiasm for health and well-being is infectious. She has helped a number of members and guests already in Horizones and under her guidance, many more people will benefit from her expertise.” For further details visit or call: 01322 662038.

kent’s 2020 vision live returns to detlinG for BiG Business event

The anticipation for one of this year’s major business events in the county is building ahead of Kent 2020 Vision Live’s return. The event takes place on Wednesday, May 14, at the Kent Event Centre at Detling. It is organised by BSK-CiC and supported by Kent County Council. Chris Callander, from the event’s owners, said: “As the economic recovery continues to gather momentum, we wanted to remind the business community how much can be achieved in just one day at a top quality business event.

“We have grown to become the UK’s largest regional business event by delivering fresh inspiration, practical advice and outstanding business opportunities year-after-year.” Over the past eight years, the event has grown to become the largest regional business event in the UK bringing together over 300 exhibitors and 3,000 visitors The event includes free keynotes, seminars and workshops covering key business challenges and opportunities as well as expert insights into how to innovate and grow.

the henGist on track for saturday 12th aPril oPeninG The Hengist restaurant has been in the village of Aylesford since 1980, when two neighbouring 16th Century houses were converted into a restaurant. Now under new ownership, the Hengist is currently undergoing a £250,000 restoration project - both inside and out. The new owners, local businessmen Steve and Alan Swift and their longterm friend David House to make it welcoming to all types of diner, and be accessible to all of the villagers, who previously may not have visited. David House explains: “The Hengist has a fantastic position in the middle of the village, parents will be able to pop in for a coffee after dropping the kids to school; we can host business lunches in one of the private rooms; and we’ll be open for fine-dining in the evening. Contact

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LOCAL Business neWs

Whitehead Monckton naMes kent, surrey & sussex air aMbulance as its ‘charity of the year’ to support during 2014 Whitehead Monckton, one of Kent’s largest firms of lawyers and investment managers, has named Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance as its ‘Charity of the Year’ for 2014. Staff at Whitehead Monckton were asked to vote for the charity they would like to fundraise for during 2014, with the majority of votes being cast for Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance. Whitehead Monckton raised just over £10,000 in 2013 for its ‘Charity of the Year’, chYps children’s hospice by holding various drinks receptions, dress down days, fitness challenges and a charity quiz. An impressive 14 members of staff ran the British 10k London Run in July and we also put two tables together at the chYps annual dinner and dance at Salomons in Tunbridge Wells. We aim to beat our target of £10,000 this year for Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance by repeating the popular charity quiz in October, participating in numerous

sporting challenges and potentially taking part in the Dragon Boat race. Staff will also get involved by visiting the helicopter base and volunteering at various events throughout the year. Daniel Bennett, Partner and Head of CSR at Whitehead Monckton, added: “We are delighted to be supporting Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance during 2014. Whitehead Monckton’s CSR team is committed to raising vital funds and we are looking forward to involving our staff, clients and friends in our efforts.” Julie Clare, corporate and events Assistant at Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance, added: “We are delighted to have been chosen as Whitehead Monckton’s Charity of the Year and I am looking forward to working with the teams at all three offices Maidstone, Tenterden and Canterbury who have already shown great enthusiasm. Their support really can help the Air Ambulance continue with its vital, life-saving work”.

sWale heating introduces sMart technology to help custoMers cut their energy bills Swale Heating is offering customers across Kent the chance to cut their fuel bills using one of the most innovative new heating devices in the UK. The Kent-based company has just introduced the latest smart technology as part of its drive to improve energy efficiency in customers’ homes. The OWL Intuition Internet-controlled wireless thermostat enables home owners to remotely access and control their heating and hot water from anywhere in the world – which means they will never end up heating an empty home and wasting money. “All you need is an internet connection and you have complete control in the palm of your hand,” says Swale Heating’s sales director, Matthew Edwards. “It’s a giant leap forward from the basic central heating

controls that most homes have.” The technology works by plugging into your broadband router. This then talks to a room sensor which can pick up on the existing room temperature and compare it against the temperature that you programmed your OWL thermostat to operate at. If the temperature is too hot or cold, the sensor talks to your boiler and the temperature changes accordingly. “Apart from being a pretty cool gadget to have, an internet-controlled thermostat has several practical advantages,” says Matthew. “It means your heating is never out of reach – so if you’re running late at work, for example, or you want to extend your trip, you can just remotely delay your heating coming on so you’re not warming an empty house.

“The monitoring capabilities of the OWL Intuition also allow you to input your current tariff rates to keep track of how much your heating is costing you. The app can break down these costs into monthly, weekly and daily, which can also be exported to a spreadsheet.” Matthew adds: “Energy efficiency is crucial in not just cutting energy bills but carbon emissions and we’re pleased to be able to offer South East consumers the very latest technology. The setting and control of your heating and hot water has finally been dragged into the internet age.” For more information about the latest internet-enabled heating controls, visit

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St Mary’s Church AShFord’S ChurCh ExpAndS to hoSt vAriouS EvEntS or many years, Ashford was something of a cultural wasteland. Devoid of any sizeable music or performance space, it boasted no theatre and for many years, as it struggled to accommodate the high speed rail service, there wasn’t even a cinema to put to it’s name. As a result, while the town saw more and more housing developments, it’s townsfolk had to commute to nearby Canterbury, Folkestone of Maidstone for their entertainment. But, perhaps realising that expanding its appeal meant more than simply building affordable housing, the town set about improving what it


had to offer to enrich those attracted by it’s location. First came a bowling alley, then a multiplex cinema on the edge of town. But perhaps its crowning glory is Revelation St Mary’s. Initially a hugely controversial decision, it was born in the very heart of the town and in the least likely of locations. The Church of St Mary the Virgin has been on the same site for well over 1,000 years and is listed in the Domesday Book; surrounded by a modest churchyard and the traditional gathering place for a town which grew up first, as its destination as a market town and subsequently, at the dawn of the railway industry.

Yet declining use outside of traditional worship services, and its central position led to ambitious and brave steps to make a multi-purpose venue. Taking inspiration from Union Chapel in Islington and St George’s Church in Brighton – both of which had expanded their basic facilities to become more versatile buildings, a transformation began. Preserving its place as the centre of worship for the town, moves began to allow it to host music, drama and arts events. Costing some £1.7m, the project had many doubters at first – anxious at the thought of the church and its original purpose being warped by becoming a cultural hub.

74 mmm

mmm 75

But work continued, grants were secured, and improvements began to be rolled out. A lighting rig was installed, as was under-floor heating, flexible seating allowing it to cater for audiences of up to 350 went in and facilities to suit it’s newly imagined purpose brought up to date. It secured European Union funding – courtesy of an environment-friendly rainwater harvesting system and ground source heat pump. But the bulk of funding came from inward investment group Ashford’s Future, which put its hands in its pockets to the tune of £1.2m. Work was completed by 2011 – and Ashford suddenly had one of the most interesting cultural venues in the county. And its faith in the project has been rewarded; not only be healthy crowds, but, maybe more importantly, a strong line-up of diverse acts which have caught the imagination and established its place as a venue worthy of note. Among the acts to have performed include a show last month (February) by Courtney Pine, Charlatan’s frontman Tim

Burgess, the Magic Numbers, former Supergrass singer Gaz Coombes and the Lightning Seeds. In addition, there have been a host of acclaimed classical, jazz and folk performances. Little wonder it has adopted the moniker ‘a sacred space and a shared space.’ Explains a spokesman for the venue: “Revelation St Mary’s is Ashford’s music and arts venue, delivered by the St Mary’s Arts Trust. “Since 2011, we have worked hard to establish a centre of excellence for the arts in the town. “We now embark upon the next stage of our mission to be a beacon for the arts, to which Ashford’s growing community can come together and experience high quality performance and exhibition. “With investment from Ashford Borough Council, Arts Council England and Kent County Council, we are now starting to drive artistic, audience and organisational developments. “At the heart of our work is our creative

programmers, Matthew Sharp and Anna Moulson. Using their skills, knowledge, contacts, artistry and experience, to deliver”. It’s achievements have not gone unnoticed, having won the prestigious East Kent People’s Award less than two years after opening, while the venue also formed a key element of the failed East Kent bid to be named the UK City of Culture in 2017. Adds the spokesman: “The annual award recognises a cultural organisation in east Kent which demonstrates engagement with its local community, popularity across the region and continuing efforts in developing existing and new audiences.” Today, it stands as a symbol of Ashford’s cultural revival. It has become a destination of note, and one which demonstrates to other communities how places of worship can be adjusted to continue to cater for those who use it as a place of prayer, while also fulfilling a vital role within the very community it serves, which is, after all, surely the role of any church? mmm

76 mmm

Vodafone London Fashion Week: What’s New s quickly as it came, London’s most exclusive designer shopping and fashion experience has finished for another year. Vodafone London Fashion Weekend was a one-stop-designer-shop, brimming with catwalk shows, pop-up shops, hair, beauty and educational panels from leading industry experts.


At a press conference to open London Fashion Week Natalie Massenet, Chairman of the British Fashion Council, announced updated figures showing substantial growth in the UK fashion industry over the past five years. • The direct value of the UK fashion industry to the UK economy is £26 billion; up from £21 billion in 2009. Showing an increase of 22% in nominal terms (source: Oxford Economics 2014)

• The UK fashion industry is estimated to support 797,000 jobs (source: Oxford Economics 2014). This is a decrease of 2.3% from 2009 • Whilst employment figures have dropped overall the increased contribution to UK GVA reflects higher productivity within the fashion sector. The British Fashion Council is committed to supporting growth in the sector which it hopes will lead to more employment opportunities.

mmm 77

London Fashion Week Facts:

• 77 designers showing presentations or catwalk collections on the schedule over 5 days • Over 150 UK and international emerging and established, ready-to-wear and accessory designers exhibit in The Designer Showrooms at London Fashion Week • It is estimated that orders of over £100m are placed during LFW each season; the International Guest Programme alone generates over £65m of orders • Over 5,000 visitors are expected: buyers, TV & radio crews, journalists and photographers • UK media coverage each season exceeds £160m (source: Precise) and media

coverage from the International Guest Programme exceeds £120m • Global brands including Antonio Berardi, Burberry Prorsum, Daks, Matthew Williamson, Paul Smith and Pringle of Scotland will showcase alongside new establishment designers Christopher Kane, Erdem, Jonathan Saunders, Marios Schwab, Mary Katrantzou, Meadham Kirchhoff and Peter Pilotto x New additions this season include Hunter, Joseph, Mother of Pearl, Toga and Whistles • London Fashion Week live streams are watched in 160 countries worldwide • Over 200 kg of Lavazza beans are used over London Fashion Week • Over 30,000 espressos were served at London Fashion Week last season.

Family guide to whats on & when Medway Festival of Steam and Transport isitors to the Medway Festival of Steam and Transport, being held at The Historic Dockyard Chatham on Easter Sunday and Monday, 20th and 21st April, are in for a real treat this year as one of the South East’s favourite events gets bigger and better still! Returning to the Dockyard are the spectacular sights, sounds and smell of steam as traction engines and locomotives rumble by. Hundreds of classic and vintage vehicles, live music across the site, penny farthing and land train rides will delight all ages and the interactive modelling zone with planes, trains, automobiles and boats of the miniature variety will captivate visitors! Also returning is the Airfix “make & take” model building area, where children can experience building a model kit for free.


Children’s indoor soft play and outdoor play areas gives little Dockyard visitors a chance to let off some steam of their own! Dotted across the site there will be plenty of themed places to eat and opportunities to buy that special Easter gift. All the attractions and galleries of The Historic Dockyard will be open to visit, as part of the event.

Due to popular demand, the Steampunks with their unusual Neo-Victorian costumes and steam powered wacky gadgets will return and have moved to the bigger venue on the Mezzanine floor, under the roof of the awe-inspiring 3 Slip: The BIG Space. ‘Steampunk Central’ will provide a colourful and imaginative world with vendors offering Steampunk fashions, accessories, gadgets, and books; and the Steampunk Morris team will perform, together with an exhibition of Steampunk art installations. Sixties and Rockabilly live music featuring “Like…The Beatles” and many others will entertain the crowds while they are surrounded by our new category of hot rod and drag cars, with American saloon vehicles and trucks. Live Folk and Blues music will fill the air on Museum Square with Skiffle band “Hobo Jones & the Junkyard Dogs”, as seen at Glastonbury Festival, plus many others to entertain you throughout the day. The new temporary exhibition in No. 1 Smithery: The Gallery “A Squash and a Squeeze: Sharing Stories with Julia Donaldson” is perfect for families! Visitors’ children can follow in Toddle Waddle’s footsteps, climb into the cave with the Cave Baby and meet The Gruffalo; sing-a-long to songs on Julia’s Jukebox or perform a play on the stage. An exclusive opportunity is provided to take a walking tour around the location for the popular TV drama series ‘Call the Midwife’ and see how areas of the Dockyard were transformed to become the perfect backdrop for the programme. The Dockyard ‘Midwives’ will lead the

tour taken through the cobblestoned ‘Poplar’ Dockyard streets with period vehicles, hanging washing lines and bicycles and music will recreate the special 1950s atmosphere, as it was for filming. The perfect opportunity for the avid fan. For a special treat, Easter afternoon tea in can be taken in the splendid Georgian glamour of Commissioner’s House. Vintage crockery, 1950’s music and set dressed as the ‘Grosvenor Hotel’ featured in the second series of Call The Midwife. Spaces are limited so to avoid disappointment, bookings should be made in advance by calling 01634 823846 to check availability and to make a reservation. Alternatively there will be refreshments available in the Pavilion Marquee, plus good wholesome home cooked foods to enjoy from Wheelwrights’ Restaurant, The Railway Workshop and several catering units across the site. Early bird discounted tickets are now available to purchase online or from The Historic Dockyard Chatham. For more information go to www.thedockyard.

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Relive the sounds and drama of the wartime airfield both on the ground and in the air! housands of visitors are expected to dress up in their favourite wartime clothes for the sixth annual Combined Ops Weekend, a spectacular display of military vehicles and aircraft. The show, which takes place on 16 and 17 August, will be at Kent’s historic Headcorn Aerodrome, home of many real war-time dramas. This unique event held at Headcorn Aerodrome has a variety of vintage and modern aircraft displays, on the ground and in the air. A family event, which includes static military vehicles, living history re-enactment groups, arena events, military stalls and children’s mini tanks and food stalls to make this a perfect day out. Combined Ops 2014 will see one of the most amazing sights in aviation, the arrival of the Lancaster and Spitfire from


the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, still airborne nearly 70 years after first taking to the skies. Display highlights include the Stampe Formation team, the Turbulent team and P51 Mustang. A beautifully restored Dragon Rapide, created by De Havilland nearly 70 years ago, will take passengers on a tour of the beautiful Kent countryside. In battles depicting scenes from WW2, re-enactors shoot thousands of blank rounds in carefully planned skirmishes. Deafening gunfire and tanks, together with explosions that blow holes in the ground, filling the air with dirt and smoke, make for an exciting day. For those wanting to stay over and make a real week-end break, there is limited pre-booked camping available at the aerodrome from £8 per night. Organiser James Baxter, said, “This is a great weekend for all the family and we

Family guide to WHATS ON & WHEN

are delighted to be holding this annual event here at the Headcorn Aerodrome for the sixth consecutive time. The show is full of thrills and dramas, noise and some very famous visitors, including the Battle of Britain Flight. Dressing up in wartime clothes and uniform has become a tradition and really adds to the great atmosphere of the show and we have many of the top wartime groups attending to bring reality to the displays and re-enactments.” Tickets for the event are now available online priced at £8 for adult (£12 on the door), £6 for children and seniors (£9 on the door), while under 5s go free. Family tickets are available from £21 online or (£29 on the door) and can be prebooked at or for more general information visit

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Ladies Charity Lunch, Chilston Park Hotel, 20 March 2014 he charity lunch, in support of the Heart of Kent Hospice, is a celebration with friends and colleagues of the achievements of the local women in Kent throughout the year. The price of £35.00 per head includes a guest speaker, Bucks Fizz on arrival, two course lunch followed by tea/coffee. The last event in November 2013 was sold out very quickly so please book now to avoid disappointment by calling fundraising on 01622 790195 e-mailing or visit our website on


Francis Iles Galleries, 103 High Street, Rochester ME1 1LX ur fine art galleries sell contemporary paintings, sculpture, ceramics, glass and jewellery, with over 100 artists showing their work. We offer a full range of framing and restoration services. Come and visit us at the largest private art gallery south of London in the historic town of Rochester with it’s maritime history, Norman Castle, Cathedral and association with Dickens. The gallery is open Mon-Sat 9.30am - 5.30pm Spring Exhibition: Featuring Jill Barthorpe and Alison Griffin RMS, opens Friday 28th March with a special Sunday opening on


Country Living Magazine Spring Fair, 19-23 March, BDC London he cold winter days will soon be behind us so what better way to start the new season than a day out at the Country Living Magazine Spring Fair, which returns this March. With an array of carefully selected exhibitors, from independent designers to small producers and craftspeople from across the British Isles, the Spring Fair is the perfect place to pick up inspired ideas for your home and garden. Treat yourself to exclusive pieces from the jewellery and fashion collections, sample delicious regional fare and discover furniture, fabrics and accessories to add country style to your home. Read more at

30th March 11am - 4pm, plus new works from gallery artists. Free entry. For full details call 01634 843081 or visit



ut on your checked shirt, polish your boots and join in the fun at our Wild West Walk! Taking over from the hugely successful Moonlit Walk the Heart of Kent ‘Wild West Walk’ is a twilight walk around Maidstone. Offering an all new circular ten mile route and a new mid-summer date, our walk starts and finishes at Aylesford Rugby Club. We encourage fancy dress with this year’s theme being Cowboys and Cowgirls and your registration fee includes a free cowboy hat! A shorter route is also available – ending at the Heart of Kent Hospice shop in King Street from where a bus will run you back to Aylesford Rugby Club. With a line dance warm up at 6 p.m. prior to the walk starting at 7pm, entertainment on the route and a bacon sandwich to finish it should be a great night of summer fun for all the family! Early bird saver until 31st March - £15.00 per adult. Registration from 1st April – 18th July - £17.50 per adult. Registration on the night £25.00 per adult. Children under 16 will be charged £5.00 but must be accompanied by an adult. To book please contact phone 01622 790195 or visit


Family guide to WHATS ON & WHEN

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The Holiday and Leisure Show, Sunday April 6th 2014. Dover Cruise Terminal. aunched last February and attracting over 2,000 quality visitors of all ages. The very successful Holiday and Leisure Show focuses on the many varied leisure opportunities that exist throughout the South East, as well as national and international destinations and attractions. Due to the huge success of the show in year one, it has now been endorsed by: Tourism South East as the Group Travel show for the Kent region. Visit Kent and the Association of Tourist Attractions in Kent have also both endorsed the show and are recognised as official partners. The Show is the ONLY tourism event, of this scale, in the South East and takes place at the Dover Cruise Terminal on Sunday 6th April from 10am until 4pm and incorporates: Cruises, luxury travel, exotic holidays, short breaks, France, Belgium, flights, hotels, castles, attractions, historical sites, gardens,


museums, trips, hotels, castles and attractions. Offering the visitor the opportunity to get new inspiration and up to date information on the many things to do throughout the area plus meet with the experts who are able to share their first-hand experiences for holidays further afield which will enable the visitor, armed with the knowledge and enthusiasm for their next adventure, to take advantage of the great show offers and make their reservation with one of the many experienced travel consultants who will be present at the show. New for 2014 is the addition of luxury holiday homes – courtesy of Southern Counties Leisure – who will have on display, outside the terminal, three of their top end holiday homes that visitors will be able to look around. The show sponsor, Fred. Olsen Cruise Line is once again providing a magnificent cruise for two as the main prize in the FREE PRIZE DRAW. There are also many other prizes to be won, all generously donated by our exhibitors,

and all visitors to the show, will automatically be entered into the draw on arrival! A full programme, will take place throughout the day within the Presentation Theatre providing information and opportunities to see what is on offer. Food & drink as well as a licensed bar plus children’s entertainment will ensure that the day will be fun and informative for all the family. Come and talk to the companies who are keen to share with you information about what they can offer and the many exclusive show offers available. For Fast Track entry, and to avoid the queues, click on the “Register Now” button on the website and follow the instructions. ENTRY and PARKING is FREE.

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