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From the Editor At long last, after many starts and stops, I have finally put together the very first issue of “All The Best, m., The Marcia Moore Design Guide to a Well-Styled Life.” This has been a dream of mine for many years, waiting for the stars to align, the favor of the gods, and for me to have time to work on it. Since I am totally a summer person and the beach is my favorite place to be, A Coastal Living Issue is the perfect place to start.

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Each issue will delve into a different style of design, giving you a broader understanding of how to create the style in your home. This issue we start with a project of mine, a couple who were landlocked in Missouri but really wanted to live in the tropics. So I brought the tropics to them by redesigning their entire home in a coastal theme. Coastal design is cheerful, calming, soothing and great for laid-back entertaining. Let me know what you think! Next up you can browse through my Top Design Tips for coastal design to pick up a few ideas for your house and how to implement them. Here you will find some photos from another coastal project of mine, with a totally different aesthetic than the home in the main article. All the Best Marketplace has a few favorite things that might just need to find their way to your home. This is the start. I’m sure there will be many evolutions to come in future issues. If there is something you’d love to see in the magazine please let me know.

The Scout Guide St. Louis – Joan Fisher photographer

So turn the page and let the sun and sand immerse you in the feel of coastal design.


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“Every time I slip into the ocean, it’s like going home.” — Sylvia Earle


WHAT PAINT COLOR IS THAT? “Composed� Sherwin-Williams #6472

J A beautiful chandelier of natural seashells glistens overhead a dining table with a base that also resembles a seashell. Wicker armchairs with loose seat cushions are inviting and unique. Three whimsical handpainted mermaid corbels support a custom glass, wall-mounted console. The glass on the console was cut to mimic the shape of a wave hitting the beach. The rug was chosen because its palette reflected the colors of the ocean.


The Beauty of

Sail “There is nothing so breathtaking as to watch the confluence of wind and your sails. Once you become a sailor, you’re hooked. It’s called ‘The Beauty of Sail.’” An eloquent description from the homeowner of his favorite pastime and a clear reflection of the coastal ambience that he and his wife wanted for their suburban St. Louis home. When you live in the Midwest but your heart is in the Florida Keys, you are challenged to find an interior designer who can make your ocean-inspired dreams come true. And they did just that.

DID YOU KNOW? One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is choosing a paint color first, rather than after furnishings, rugs and fabrics have been chosen. It’s much more difficult to design around an existing color that might not work with everything else.

L Custom painted palm trees add an extra special touch to this coastal dining room and play off the green console chest in the adjacent hallway.

By Judy Uelk Photos by Michael Jacob


“When we met Marcia Moore and found out she had lived five years in Key West, we knew it would be a love connection,” say the homeowners. “She instinctively understood the look we wanted to achieve.” That wasn’t an easy task. “Shopping ‘coastal’ in St. Louis — in September, when we began the project and through the winter — was a challenge,” says Marcia. “We did a lot of shopping online.” When my clients moved to this home, they left behind a residence that was very traditional, with old English furniture and a heavy feel. They wanted this new home to be light, airy, laid-back and easy for entertaining. They wanted to bring the coastal lifestyle that they loved so much to their everyday lives, even if they couldn’t actually walk to the beach every day.”

“Nantucket Dune” Sherwin-Williams #7527

“Amazing Gray” Sherwin-Williams #7044


“In a beach house, everyone gathers together. That’s what’s so great about our family room and kitchen. It’s one big space.” — homeowner Native St. Louisans, the homeowners enjoyed years of vacationing on the Florida and Michigan coasts and loved the seaside vibe, soft colors and relaxed days spent sailing. Inspired by her clients’ vision, Marcia set about transforming their new home into one that could easily be mistaken for a charming beach town retreat. “When the homeowners hired me,” explains Marcia; “they had already begun to make changes to their new home. The kitchen was finished, and the master and hall bath projects were underway. The idea for the coastal theme really didn’t come completely together until we matched up, so we had to be very creative to make everything work together seamlessly, mindful of the seaside feel that the homeowners really wanted. It’s a good example of why hiring a designer in the beginning can really save you time and money.”

The first day I met my clients,” says Marcia, “the walls were already in the process of being painted several shades of grey. And although the greys were beautiful, foggy hues that were sophisticated, simple and elegant, I wanted to inject some more beachy colors throughout the home to give it that classic coastal feel. So we chose a gorgeous blue green, reminiscent of sea glass and clear ocean bays for the dining room.” The sitting room is bathed in peach perfection softened with a glaze of creamy yellow and warm silver. The master bedroom is the coastal bungalow of the home. “The husband loves pastels, says Marcia,” so we did a soft peachy yellow for the walls with accents in turquoise and hot pink, a more vibrant Caribbean tone and furnishings reflective of the West Indies.”

DID YOU KNOW? A half wall can be the perfect spot to hang a painting. Just look how great this small piece of art looks above the console table. It’s all about arranging objects to work together, so don’t forget about those unexpected spaces.

L The spacious family room is one of the homeowners’ (and Sammy, the golden retriever’s) favorite spots to relax. Opening to the kitchen, the room invites guests to interact while meals are being prepared. Easy-care leather sofas in maritime navy blue and an ivory recliner invite relaxation and no fuss comfort. Marcia brings in more coastal colors with pops of coral in the pillows. Wicker and teak chairs and tables add an organic and natural feel to the space. The existing grey wall color (“Amazing Gray” Sherwin-Williams) was a refreshing backdrop for this space but the focal point wall with the sailboat sculptures needed a different tone to really make the art stand out. She chose Sherwin-William’s “Nantucket Dune,” a softer, paler gray, and it made all the difference.

L The ideal accent for a coastal-inspired space, this small side table is a replica of a ship’s compass set on an adjustable tripod. 7

Original art, filled with vibrant color, dresses the walls throughout the home and adds pop to the grey. “My clients love original art,” says Marcia. “We were able to find lots of wonderful pieces that they enjoy every day and that really add personality to their spaces.” The master bath is wrapped in a restful creamy hue that brings to mind an image of peaceful sandy beaches. More organic in nature, this room is soothing and tranquil, with neutral tones and materials. Cambria countertops and tub deck in “Lincolnshire” are rich and warm, while a limestone backsplash with crackle glass adds a touch of sparkle. “We ‘beached up’ the cabinetry a little in the master bath,” says Marcia. “The darker finish could have gone more traditional but by adding handles in distressed brass (like the old brass on a ship), we gave the cabinets a more distressed, aged feel and repeated the aged ship brass tone in the faucets.” Plantation shutters used throughout the home are also an ideal choice for a coastal look.

DID YOU KNOW? Even an inexpensive lamp can look amazing when topped with a fantastic new shade and beautiful finial. We use this style secret a lot when putting the finishing touches on a client’s home.

J A gallery of original paintings, all similar in color and framed alike, lines the very long hallway. Small LED gimbel lights with dimmers were added to create this art gallery effect. A completely different art piece, an iron seagull sculpture, visible through the doorway, was chosen as a nice segue to the art style of the family room.


“Certain Peach” Sherwin-Williams #6625 (softened with a 2-layer transparent glaze in creamy yellow and warm silver)

L The master bedroom is an artful blend of coastal hues, West Indies-inspired furnishings and beachy accents. With the stunning bed as the focal point, Marcia added punches of Caribbean color and custom touches to the space, such as the grey-blue trim on the creamy coverlet and a handmade decorative bed runner (similar to those found in hotels), which is embroidered with hibiscus flowers. Bedside table lamps crafted from a driftwood mold are another perfect coastal touch.

“Flan” Sherwin-Williams #6652

L Although a bit more formal in tone, a small sitting room adjacent to the family room still maintains its seaside air with caned backs on the antique French armchairs, the bamboo-like silver Greek Key mirror, the Tiffany shell lamp and the Venetian bamboo leg table with an antique mirrored top. A black étagère offers a hint of unexpected Asian inspiration and is filled with shells of all shapes and sizes. The colorful rug carries the home’s more colorful palette and playful nature into this jewel box of a room.

“Interactive Cream” Sherwin-Williams #6113

Marcia carefully and thoughtfully selected many of the furnishings and accessories for the home. “If you want to do a coastal-inspired home, or any kind of theme,” advises Marcia, “then do one! If you choose correctly, you can’t really overdo it. When you do a theme, you need to follow through with that theme to get the full impact. Just one or two pieces won’t work. But you need to choose wisely.” Seashells, coral and driftwood were obvious choices, as were bamboo, teak and rattan, and Marcia knew just where to use them. Lush green plants were also important for the coastal feel. “Tropical plants, such as palms, were great accents but since the home’s natural light wasn’t sufficient for them to thrive, we used well-made artificial,” explains Marcia. With it’s salt-kissed palette and “sink your toes in the sand” ambience, this coastal home, thousands of miles from the coast, is inviting and perfect for its lucky owners. Inspired by her clients’ love of sand and surf, Marcia Moore has created a place where life is good. Life is very good.

L The master bath is serene and tranquil, a true retreat with sandy hues and organic materials. 9

My Top Design Tips

Crazy for ARE YOU CRAZY FOR COASTAL? Me, too! This bright and breezy design style is all about carefree, comfortable living. And who doesn’t want that? Unlike the contrived, trendy “beachy” looks of the past, today’s contemporary Coastal designs are soft, sophisticated and the epitome of simple elegance. But don’t despair if you’re a color lover like me! Bold, vivid island hues are also a Coastal favorite. Here are my Top Design Tips for bringing ocean breezes to your doorstep, even if you live thousands of miles from the beach!

“Those who live by the sea can hardly form a single thought of which the sea would not be part.” — Hermann Broch


1. CHOOSE YOUR COLOR PALETTE When you think Coastal, do the watery sea blues, driftwood grays and seashell pinks of the Hamptons come to mind or is it the hot pink fuchsias, spicy tangerines and palm leaf greens of the Caribbean that float your boat? Or maybe you are more drawn to the sunbaked terra cottas, sapphire blues and sandy beiges of the Mediterranean. All of these work. Just stay consistent and remember, adding white is the key to a coastal palette.

Coastal 2. INCORPORATE NATURAL ELEMENTS Organic materials inspired by nature, such as wicker, rattan, raffia, jute, seagrass, shagreen, hemp, sisal, along with weathered woods, matte or honed finishes, glass tiles, rope, bone, driftwood and cork combine beautifully to create an ambience of kick off your shoes, laid-back style.

3. BLUR THE LINES BETWEEN INDOORS & OUT Think lots of windows, glass doors, skylights and minimal, airy window treatments, or none at all. Coastal interiors embrace an abundance of natural light. Take advantage of glistening water views if you’re lucky enough to have them, and let the sun shine in! If you are lacking natural light, use under the sea tropical fish wallpaper to bring the deep sea into your home.


4. OPT FOR MORE CASUAL FURNITURE Velvet settees and silk chairs don’t fare well with drippy swimsuits and sandy flip flops. Opt instead for soft, unassuming upholstery that looks like it can live up to sand and surf. Outdoor fabrics and cotton slipcovers are excellent choices. Sturdy wooden tables in bleached, whitewashed or pickled woods and wicker or rattan chairs jibe well with American Coastal style. Exotic, darker woods pair well with a more tropical or Mediterranean Coastal vibe.

6. DON’T GO TOO KITSCHY WITH THE BEACHY ACCESSORIES 5. CHOOSE EASY BREEZY BEAUTIFUL FABRICS Imagine ocean breezes wafting through open windows into sun-drenched rooms. Now imagine billowing curtains catching those breezes and bringing the outdoors in. Floaty fabrics like linen, muslin, rayon and cotton blends are perfect and filter that pretty sunlight, too.


Avoid having your home look like a seaside souvenir shop by going easy on the seashells, fish floats and rope knots and opt instead for more understated accessories that offer a more subtle Coastal vibe. Think one large clamshell instead of a bunch of little seashells scattered around. Or what about art that reflects your seaside travels or even some black and white photos to offset the Coastal colors? Seaglass beads also look awesome draped over a book or in a bowl. Get creative and your spaces will whisper “sophisticated” instead of screaming “Welcome to my beach house!”


Coastal style is carefree, not uptight. Imperfection is a good thing when it comes to this design style. So don’t sweat the small stuff. Using materials with natural imperfections, such as recycled woods, keeps your home from looking too precious and offers that kick off your shoes vibe that makes beach homes so relaxing and inviting.

8. GO HONED OR GO HOME Weathered or matte finishes trump metallic flashy and polished ones when it comes to Coastal style. So stay away from glossy and hone in on honed.

9. KEEP IT SIMPLE SUNSHINE! Finally, Coastal style is about living the easy life in a space that renews and rejuvenates. So clutter is a big no-no. Keep collections simple. A display of blue glass bottles on a mantel is perfect or adding a striped wallpaper or fabric to the mix might be all you need. Keep it simple, and you can’t go wrong.


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SEASHORE PRINT Birds playing in the waves on a beautiful sunny day at the beach. Print on canvas perfectly framed in glossy white. (Original photo by Marcia Moore). Height: 20” Width: 20” $285, shipping not included


CLAMSHELL BOWL This large, plaster cast clamshell bowl filled with a floral arrangement or bath accessories is a perfect addition to a dining room or bathroom. (See what we did with this bowl in The Beauty of Sail dining room photo). Height: 9.25” Width/Diameter: 21” Length: 12.5” $178.50, shipping not included

IBIS LAMP A long-legged ibis is the stunning centerpiece of this decorative table lamp. Beautiful in any space, this lamp features a warm ancient gold finish over detailed resin construction. A black satin drum shade is lined in gold, ensuring inviting illumination. This charming bird rests on a crystal base and holds a crystal ball in its talons to deliver a touch of luxurious flair. (See this lamp in The Beauty of Sail dining room photo). Height: 35” Width/diameter: 14.5” Max. Wattage: 100 watts, 1 bulb $352.50, shipping not included



Crafted to deliver the texture and charm of driftwood washed up on the beach, this white table lamp features plaster construction with an exceptionally realistic look. A raw cotton shade with vertical ribs ensures a compelling, textured look when the lamp is lit. (See these lamps in The Beauty of Sail bedroom photo). Height: 30.5” Width/diameter: 18” Max. Wattage: 100 watts, 1 bulb $262.50, shipping not included


“There’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away.” — Sarah Kay

original photo by Marcia Moore

Oceans affect our lives and those of our loved ones, no matter how far from the shore we live. We depend on the oceans for the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and even the products that keep us warm, safe, informed, and entertained.

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