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How to book

Professional Development

in 6 simple steps 1

Identify your needs. We have extra funds for PD and don’t know the best way to spend it.

We’ve started an initiative, but now we’re struggling and not getting the results we want.




Don’t have time to review your options online? Let us do the work for you! Call one of our reps at 888.763.9045 to discuss the topic and type of presenter you’re looking for.

Want to sit down and talk this all through with someone? Need help creating a comprehensive plan to meet your needs? Let us come to you! Visit to learn more.

Find your perfect match. Our PD representatives help you find the right expert, matching your specific needs with the strengths and background knowledge of the perfect presenter.

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We hear about things like RTI, Common Core, and PLC. How do we make sure they all work together?

Start the conversation.

Go online to browse by topic, choose a package, watch presenter videos, and view presentation titles. When you’re ready to get started, fill out the PD request form at

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We need to finetune the process of our unique efforts to enhance student achievement.


Make it official!

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When you work with a Solution Tree presenter, you’re getting the best in the business. Collaborate with your expert to stay on track with your PD goals.

After you and your rep have found the perfect match, work with us to contract your date.

Solution Tree Presenters




How far in advance should I book my PD? We book dates as far in advance as two years and as close as two weeks before. We recommend that you try for sometime in between.

Plan your day.

 A typical workshop lasts six to seven hours, including time for lunch and breaks.


After your day is contracted, work directly with your presenter to prepare.

  Share a list of your staff’s questions and concerns.

Share your experience! Your feedback is extremely valuable to us and ensures that we make the perfect match every time.

“That was the best PD day I have experienced in 40 years of teaching.”

Tailor your session to address specific issues your school is experiencing.

We’ll provide you with tools to collect staff feedback, to share the results, and to discuss what worked.

—David Raterink, teacher, Hudsonville High School, Michigan

“I learned several things I could take back to my school and start working on with my team. I’m not sure I’ve ever been able to say that about a workshop.” —Patricia Leatherman, teacher, Washington Elementary School, Oregon

How To Book Professional Development in 6 Simple Steps  

Learn how to book PD with Solution Tree. Solution Tree provides books, events, and PD for K-12 educators. Helping you use PLCs, assessmen...