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1962 Newspaper Clippings for Milton L. Sandy, Jr.


Corinth High School Class of 1962

Prepared for his 68th birthday by: Stephanie L. Sandy of Corinth, Mississippi September 5, 2012

- CLASSROOM CAPERS Girls, did you see those beaati-

"One, two, three, four, will I

hdys last Monday and >Tues ever get to 99" -- Comments like day? Lipstick, rogue, powder and these are heard all the time in

Make-up for their eyes transformed our handsome hen Into beau ties! Miss Keres speech classes have been experimenting with Vie' make-up and using un-

Seniors Stimulate Sherlock;

Search And Search For Sources

gifts' Phys. Ed. classes. The reason for this is that a certain number of tech ups are required before a girl can get "excellent" on their phys, ed. report card.

lunky classmates as guienea pigs.

Strains of "Septeniber Song'' ' and "Johnny Comes Marching teachers, is now teacher the Horne" reach the school during class; under him, the 4th period • as the chorous tunes are now reacticitig mating d iet up • for their concert in - March. s-ezicr theme! _ Twen ty pages The songbirds also have a mw long and with all the laibliogra- director . for.. Wednesdays — Mr.

/tr. Burress, the new historit

P129 and footnotes tool The sopbo- Jerry Porter Wood. Janaes Neal MOMS have the luck of the Tit- and Jim Bynum seem to lia.ve a — :it went down — you know! better time when 'Mrs. Andersen.' "Oratoor — The anguished and stare at the blank note card. iet.t., bo sf moan sliPPed between the pale The boy at the end of the table The Mysteolous - disaPpearance leaves -- le, , Y . of some never-miss Seniors on I Joe Ray Underwood and Skip iips of the glazed-eyed senior. 1 wants to borrow some notebook "Whee's the matter? Wang. me Pallor and you get it for him and v - was rather suspicious Gardner as chairmen of the. Teens call a doctor? as it yeur back walk to the windcey to see who's Ito when you consider that Senior Against Polio Cormnittee want in that perfectly beautiful'aonverThemes.were due Wednesday. — to thank everyone who contributed or your head or what?" That's one way of fin 'ding time at school and on the radio show. "It's my note cards! They're tible. to your theme - eh, Joe $2.30 03 -wa:s given Monday night— all gone! Twenty -seven pains- I You sit back down and ponder talung . Rae i Thank you all. ftlled out cards. All your paper. You write the title, -gone! I'll out my throat. author and copywrite date on a

Anybody got a razor?",

notecard, put it in your English

This year the reemdballers of The public library and its. ii- book and forget it. You get out Corinth High are striving for a brariaras have been very helve a sheet of notebook paper, write working on = your name at the toP and start gOal never reached. before - in ful, to the :seniors O 1 You droodle down the the history of the Mate-of Mrs-senior themes but . . . . nave f2 a . . ' good a team they really haVe.'i you Seen anybody really. : getal margin :and trace your hand on son is here. Tournanient time ting, anything - done at the 11- i the back. You. riniah .the . sentence BY MORRIS shorn The Corinth , High Warrior sissippi This goal is to win both 1 brary.? A constant: stream of 1 you e,: already begua and write Alcorn County the Big 8 :and the aate Chain - i chatt5er al'd laughter fills the three more Then you ;ask tile became ii, ream : :a:einem-dry Chaniattais of 1962 by defeating pionshio. : . alwaya ask- girl next tau: . What she's wear; : Th achieve ]thie., the Warriors ! ing for ehe iwnee gum a :pencil- ling to •the :darice next weekend. the Central :Nigh Golden Bears 70-61 Saturday night at the Ri - .rriuss have: ability and the will or the book you're using. At You lapse:into a long discus,sion eniV :High Schobl EGyni. The . 10 Will The ability 'is present.as 13:45 you walk ir.eo 'the library, on long, short,.' tun. and straight Warelora :reached the fina.ls on Proven by the foUr All4County 1 you drcp your hookS on the long sent-formal dresses. Then you zhe Arength of a: victory over iseleotiOns pid `.1e team: would i table and anno unce .r..o all "a- have to call yoor ..mother and reRfenrl Wedmesday night. The Ike to Prove to ,he sitidenia. i round - that ..you" : : intend to atu- mind her to tell anyone who.calls and faculty :ef C,H.S. . as well i ray': tonight and gez jiseMeithMg where, you are. You go back and . :took the Cerireeh Bees 'ale* charnpi0whiP as they have as the people of Corinth •-..: that : done and to please :tot: bother write:a few. mere sentences be_ done for : the::pasi five years. the will is •reSent also.. Witi - ..! you You carry some :four . or fore .you decide that you want a The li'Ae Warriors trounced the Meg comes mtich easier when five reference books for thetttbie coke. You borrow a penny 'from Brennan. pees. Thursday night, 67 You 1'0111Y want to wino , . :. 1 and poll out a she•' of notebook some boy you've never seen besupport:::ia one thing that reale.[ paperzs; nette cards, : and ...cold.: fore and then spOU Pa:'I of your 47 and then defeate -d Central in the: fin* Friday night 53-SO in 1Yr makes a player. 'Nails to win: fountain:: pen, a half-Used: bore poke on someone's noteca.rds. You and ccridt High has given the i tIe of - ink,: and a fe* pencils Of are called to the telephone and a seesaw battle. TheWarrtors were well-repr.e- support thOs year. Now is hot assoot;ed lengths. You slouch you hate : to make :a couple of e to stop Winning so this Is t down.. ih' yatir :chair and thumb I calls yourself before .you finish. sented on the -.all-County team as :selected from lie four teams in no tiane to stop suppor mg eii-le t through . the latest copy of i Oncemore you are interrupted you begin - to . write a few lines. the tournament::: Forwards LYle et. The toarri -travels to Green- I"Seventeen"... wood for the Big 8 tournament' The.girlapross from you kicks j This time it's the librarian, who tOokerson and Nelson Nothing ling would make you in : the shin as she ' crosses I tells you it's time to close. center Skip Geo r, and Guard Feb. 1-2-3....Not ''Whatl 8:00 alreadY? Why, I've •atPier : than to her lega and'. tells you to be sure Steve Davis were named to the the ::Warirors and have honorary team: Dickerson was have : the 6itands full of fans and read that "precious story :been working all night Written. Honjost barely a page . So-you slouch j Dee" . ' about Sandra then:: If at a13 po'ssible, .go zSup , the only repeater from last sea-! nort his team and then male a little more in your chair and estly. I don't know where the aon settle down to concentrated (on -time, goes, Ill never .finish this Too mutial Point of Tale sea' be you can: saY you were there ore thing What do those teachers wa:oriors are to Orove just how oaien Coio,ntb Wc n the Big 8 . for Sandra Dee, that is You two peneils , think we .are, anyway!" the : article; :sharpen the the first cline at 1962. that :.is now has come and :it .

Feb. 2, 1962, Fri., Daily Corinthian, 67#25, p. 12, c. 1 - 8

EVeryone seems: to think that this school year is ctoxiiirig:to a stand sti11.7: --#1at there - is nothing to do. True; football and basketball season's are over fOr another : year, hilt that doesti::t : r.nean the end: of all things JO do. The Seniors haVe two •fOrthcorning projects tAat • they earl.' throW then-isel ve§ wholeheartedly no The u.nderelassmen should realize the irriportarine of their Studies for future years:and strive to use . each heitm : tO advaritage. ever-: effort:*011:w6rth the N,•a.1.4abie time it: requires, and sooner than you real:.14e he face to face with the ending of:. the schoOI year. -.

'63 Club gram on the importance of muThe $3 Club hgc!: >s mentblY sic. The ineettrigHwas then adAte EtiOg: on February 12 at : the journed. YmcA. The metr..nz was car,Fd to order by. r-esided: Glib . Coleman. The. roll was geor The '62 Chtb met February called and the Mimutes were 1 at the WCMA station: Jimity ,-ail: abd approved by :the see- John: On es1 ded : ever the hut-a:7, conehtta 13iSt`anes.. The ; TICS6 section. Dues were COnst ikir.lon : for club:: was ed by John . Davis and react and approVed by the mem.'alb .money .::was was :Willed - it::: A :`hers present Cercing7tee Chair- Erunswiek at.ew:eupper • will be otm • were announced and each I held :February 16; in the mmeher listed his committee Schdol Cafeteria from 4:30 Oreferentes: :members were i Tickets are on : sale: for a$ked to :begin :thinking of the 75 cents. A Constitution -:Was I eluded by :the payment : of dues. voted and :passed by the canh u as agreed to have a: meeting members. The meeting was :ad. soalt with the parents nee r the ear/ by e PrEvideynt. .her dOi-ens: r# 4.v t Fo'r I have great P61:4'orpoWe:v; Oeetthr;rS of school.: The 2nee•tlr.g waS eonPOWer--40::yc43. FOW-. 1 adje4.-.P.iy% :are IM ff. un" ducted by the :payMeISS of :thies.: I ERN •••• •••••••, • •• .••••••••.•••• •••••••••• •••.•• ..:••• ••1 .••derstanc12" .:•••••:•...,:••••••••••••....• • • •• • • IL A. met, Feb±alarg --::1.3. :•••• .• • . ••••.: :. • •••.• • ; .• • :••••• ....:.• Corinth Junior'Music Club . wit h Conchita Barnes :presiding. felloic••••aete::..wer&e The Ft b tbary: - of tiro The :minutes of the : .nrrevti*is ..t.t f=1. • :NI:11 6r nut,: ..•••:P.xrAle; e• ••Al.ce :::ratter I:4nd Coritih Jr, Musfc Club met meeting were read- :by: late .old• •Chap. February 12. trt be hOUIP of rotary. The • Program was: 004 : •••••:••••••••••• • aer••••ad.3i.e. • ,..1:i.0., : :t".(':e Only • Words Voneeil Br ew' :ter i. given. II. ecnisietexi or aj: panel • ..1-Issvo . .S•11 11110. • - • • • • • •• • .• • • vou .knO7,•? ••: • • • 'Ilie meet:ow-, called to or- .67..-soussich camipoiad: • qu.N..ktio•Mr4 •• ..:••••••••. • ;• der by ,the Pre,sidem Rtrh D.-sri,s; Judy King,: Janice' John.' 'hi 'hIc7. .1"rkt.tinpz11 .!: Ine•'..! Thy Na eh The .01 we: 611'ed and son,. "...■ a:Y Neil Kemp and Adarg •by.:••Fr.'; nEtS o .I . • naye • Many ..qher..:words... . ' Minuses cad by the secretary T-17 a•beth ••PharP0:. art ....t, 03 04P. ....... The C°11ees was read and the mega.1o4. -.:••• eTh neoc . •:.othe:r...•-••thao .•••.orre•:: • c;;;.i-Oni, • Oci ; Junior ilyTain was sung by the ••seng: .leaders:34.0i*..JO : ••13enneit. • ..••:•• •• • • members.. Jer.ry Poll:ET Wood and..D6noa i.Gairley •

Those Supercilious Seniors Are Pedantic Over Philology



:.:O..10111.1110.:611SfaRlz:.:••b•rek0•CIO" f ••• •• ••• • Lire

: • .

•••• • . •• 3'°' . -'r•: : • • ••• ••• I .„ B ...1'efortnat.!iOn. :::; 400:al*: one;' ,.•


• ..• • ••• • ••• •


-•:•• • •


••••Wie.i..0 - • 1 : ••• • • • : .• :••--.... -•• don't... 0.. arOwid.: ••• • •• ■• • • • :••• .:•••••: ••::•'•• ••• ••

• .•

. . • .••,.6nii•:••ene • ••.• . . •• •. .6e ,••••••na-Y• .pOn ii.. nark •....

,:. ..bappen•••• Unon M dre ,: bf: .••• ••••• -. 6f••••••& • adver4-0t4Iteo... ..• seniors better

ti em



..• ••• • • ::,ton.....3.9,••• •••••..ADJECTIVEB . ..0'1Vg..."lary 41• •••• . .• ........ .. • - • .... ••••••

Co-Editors Aseriatant Editenk: Make-up: :Editor Sporra Photograpbers: Chief: Typist Advertitibg cheogo :Fklitors Club News .


•:pre'AA.''..:•110wer •• • • • • ••••••


•• • •

I • eo÷sd: .th 0.: I 962;': •• 1111 be.

•-• • •.•: ••.

it that

• •.: • of 146'2 • a.4..e. a


Or..Otilis$.:::.4'itO.• be.. .38. :Igiii;• :..*eitr

, ..Monday.:, end.: . • ti,e • •:..produe.iior: .130ti1it..• be • :ready. for: . pres.e.ostia..:

•The ..F.er.

• in

Pet . .i.letfors Pain ••• ..Csmilla • Wilson -and.:Beolig: :!Anfr • • • • Nanos•:. Dann?. . Sharekeilord •: . a0d morria:•enii9r: .:- •. •:: . TliOnita .f39.10iniat and :-1•Joe ..011.3‘00.010 . • • Dale: Dalton. andr•ilienow.f.facidee••• ••fdary...1, . .... . • . : . fell.:•Kenti•. •

follies Folli es • .

ad• •:.!.rine#.?.......; •

sly txy.oef ham:

' . .at.ndei.y.-: - aral• • •• •


••• . ••••. •••


• as 6t1'

....::: •


mare •Thfs ots.many fares:

*Oen All Nife Fridn'ys

Feb. 16,1562, Fri., Daily Corinthian, 67#35, p. 8, col. 5-6

follies Of '61 Taking Shape 1 The Senior Follies of 1962 are is As an added attraction Corinth's own Pete Doles has consented to

r. coming! Rumors spread and

questions fly — What's it about? i come back and sing a few numWho plays the lead role? I heard ! hers, Now, if you think you have i a special trip to Memphis was the Follies all figured out, take ma , c made to bug e..sti.UP.ez. Does It a bet with me that you don't!



1i have ail over-all theme? These are I only small samples of the many

The Follies have to be seen to

be believed and enjoyed. ' ! discussions present in every stud- i Mrs. Dalton, who teaches Engj ent gathering at Corinth High. lish IV, wrote the Follies of '62 Sad to say though, we aren't for the senior class. And Mrs. a/lowed to publicly anounce any Anderson will be in charge of the specific acts of the Follies yet. music. This is the second time To reveal the goodies so. early they have devoted time and effort I Would. spoil the surprise of open- I to help the seniors raise money ing night; then, too, we want * to for their trip at the end of the arouse your curiousity so you will school year. Last year's Follies attend the Follies and !mid out was a tremendous success, feati for yourself how good each act uring a magician, a Ministrel 1 .i,. i— girls, night club .1show,calendr 1 The:: sole production is a sec-comedy mu- isnger,adhlou 1 ret between Mrs. Dalton, Mrs. ! tines. But the Follies of 4 62 are Anderson, and the s.enio.rs involv- promising a new, different, and ed. As a reporter trying to cover I even better show than last year! 1 F my assignment I tried > to pry i A talented cast, an entertaining . 1





1 some Innts out of a few seniors, 1 but they r.ema.inect steadfastly ail1 ent. However, as e specia.1 scoop,

ITT spread a rumor I heard on to you; The production will have some wild dances, including the - TiNist- , chorus girls, sailors, and comedy galore.

script. and enthusiasm of the -workers

and players are contributing to the apparent success of i the FolLies. i Make your plans now to• atend i the production of the Follies of 'i ->

I LEARNING ALL - about "The W" core Carolyn Jo 1■Acion, MoTy Nell Kemp, Jamie Gilton, Vonceil Brewster and Pat Rogers as they confer with Mr. Herman J. .

West, D' -ec'or of Admissions at M.S.C.W. Mr. West visited C this week.

Feb. 22, 1962, Thurs., Daily Corinthian, 67439, p. 4, c. 2 - 3



0 ,„ ,,z ,:§'


,--7 -9 V






o ,,,-, ,.,


'1; A



. -',',--: ,-, .., :: ;•„, -,-ct

ca --;


: .4.: ..z " ., ..., ....: -, ..--- .-,-7 ,-. th =, . .., ..,--, q..,L .,...' w ,,:. ❑ -,ti: R as


g 0-, -. t--


, 2,

:, ...:.



> < er


= CO KT', _:-..'-.

I :.-,.8 rA 4 ,,, c7 4-.1 :3 6' a C4 • -4-, "" c'l . `ct. 0 ce., •° 0 0 d t.,) •,;,1 ,-, (i)

,P3 ,

+,72 ,

0 ,..0__ , _ ,t., . . si, -,,-;

inn -,,,-, . ,---, c!

, Z

g c z.; ,c,EC•24 '8

.i-.., (1% C 4!-•

W 6 "'I


ql .0 , ct ......„..

Z ''''' ,:,

.r4 . - :0.-6

-,, ; _ri. l ."--' e-, ,,,,

PoN r--1



,._•• -0


r:.' r-',

b-L • '

c:i bp tk. 4-...1 erC,

cs -'r) co . :.•" ,,, ,•-, p .r. 7, r+


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o '.:"r to ,•-.


4,77; 0 di


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,,,l4:•.: t,, - E..;



'6 .-,---;


6 H ,..= g--,- . .4 C4 ..7,.. 7" .0 °


. ,.7,.! ......

-- -.=,- ,... 6.;

;;;;;. V

. ,•;"' 0

- cL", W-- --'



wel rc '' cd ,..



,,-...' ri,-

r „ ..: d) ,-,, _,., ,4 E,I_; 6 0 ' P. . e6' • ',?.. ,.,:•. 1,,,,. P, 4-1 • .::;', ,,L, .d L.

Z--,,! rr' p bz ,;,. ,-, c:4 --. ,....,.



c') 4., V


,-, ,..,,

Q; Q., 4.)

, ,-,,,,

. crs ,d r/.2 1,

p o

'n , ,- , : -..9 7 rl ::.,

.2r-4 U'''

it 0, 0 '''

• -.4, Q

,,. =0 - 4:


7-;.,..,:.._, ?6',1 ., , g __.,,-„

'Cf.: 0 1:"

Q 0 z: i,..j ,:b. ET, -,. 0 P. Qi 4 0

a,,, .:


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sz --.-.; ..r,

zz., t;



'i,'• ,44 A ;Kt -*-7- ,

,i,t t`) ii; ;..: .., k:k. bk.

"l t::, cd <3 ..,_. % .'1 le.-4 r.›- c.:). ,, - .0 .6'- .t..1

..4. bk 4-4 1,.-.,

tZ a., .. :0.; 1.1 ' 7 al 'fi 4-' $.. 2 „e., --;,..: -_, ::,!_t — _ :?•;


0_, -:,


.-.. CP ---• ,„,1 0 c3) , .,. — e._,) 2 kl ec ,.' 1.

.•'= --e--,, v P E-i 0 ''---; • ..--' 3.1 ?1 -t2 i.' = r•

.t t''',

--.....c .-.:

71; ;--; -.,


,-'y , -2'ir.1, ,'% 8 -,fli 1-4 TitC .,4 P

April2, 1962, Mon., Da ily Corinthian, 67 #66, p. 4, c. 1-4

r.4 75 iv) C.1 e;

1962, Tues., Da ily Corinthian, 6


Party Thirty-One Senior slg-an "We Did It-7-1950-1962" ASunday7sundae" party lion- was on the seniors' pennants, coring the thirty-one senior glris and •"e WStarted 'Eno- 19a0-196i2" who started school together at was Used for the teachers. the .:crUise Street Elementary The honorees ror the occasion School was. given April: 22 at three by Mrs. E. S. Perkins and were J1-1112 ' Askew ' Betty Barkher daughter, Becky, at their ley, Alice Battles, Vonceil Brewster, Peggy Butler, Judy Byrd, hothe on Oak Lane • Jamie thlton, Maynette M. CreThe iris, their firs t-grade teageen, Sheri: Gray, Pam Grier, chers, afternoon .and principal enjoyed a I Joyce Han-ilin, Anita Johnson, merry looking at and Patricia Jobe, Jan Keaton, Mary vithial and group pictures Nell K emp, Marilyn Killough, recalling experienees through the I Judy Lowry, Ann. Mackey Car oyears.

Satu day 4 H The bers raet month:y sion The




21 7-he Cour,: Deanna

presi<0.-.G Ness The -r.R.f.2.3. was Emily and

RogerS, ,..7.7.7 : Rushing , Seiler . . C 1 Mason, Becky Perkins, ' JacStanley anu: tile teacher: The guests were invited into ; Y11 the dining. area which *as ilet _ kip Mauldin, Dianne iviiner, Pau- Martha '1: 11:r M ss ' a Sue Miller, Ruth Hall Nash, goiart:: Mr J '''' Maze e-., rated in the school. colors with a Inane Pratt, Diane ROgers, Pat Ma12.61: and : 4 .isSes ' centerpiece of red and black and Erne: le Barnes. tulips.. Large containers of ice cream nested in pastel-colored TODAY'S ice cubes, sundae glasses, and a DEVOTIONAL variety of toppings, whipped We know that in everycream, crashed nuts, and cherthing God works for good ries provided the ing.redients for with those who love the fancy concoctions to suit who are called according each individual's taste. A pretty to his p e (Romans assortment of homemade cook8:28. RSV.) ies completed the treat. PRAYER: Forgive u s, The focal point of interest m Father, for our lack of the li:ving room was a ,lovely Easfaith. Help us to trust in ter egg tree, decorated with Thee and to see the good pastel-colored egg shells filled in very situation. Fill us with dainty pastel flowers. The with Thy spirit. We ask in tree extended from a gold cage the name of the Master, in which Easter grass, small cotwho taught us to praY, ton bunnies, and chicks were "Our Father who art in arranged. heaven. . .Amen." Mrs. Perkins presented black and red pennants- as favors. The i/ •




Apri. 24, 1962, Tues., Daily Corinthian, 67#82, p. 8, c. 5-6


National Honor Society Is Organized At C.H.S. Gives Recognition 1))

c;ent to observe those acts of others . 5ist, develop strong char- !,

Outstanding Students The new No.ticnal Iloilo:. Society recent::: hgreduced into Corinth HighSclitol is a nalio.n7 at :high-school organiotion that eves reccgnition to 0...,:tanding istuden:s on the Ilos.ts ship, Leeds -ship, Service and CharSczer„ ercourages the elm:Oral:ion and develon:rent of three quo:I:ties in students. identifies thepetenlial lesders

ame,r. Ie.) It encourages students

con:in-de their learning and their educ ation, I n Its national scone gives high significance and unusu- I prestige. The emblems are more and more in evidence, and P this augments the desire on the f pa.rt of students to become! '7 rnernbers of this wade-spread ; s organiation, t: for school and country, which I i g) Li is an agency of high po- c

our debts racy will surely need 'tentiality because it has develop- v for the assuranee of a secure ed a constructive program. and strong An-ler:lea, (n) It depends mare Wan -bat - pP

The „Nations: 11o:tor Society be spons.ored by Mrs. Et aheth Hugh.es and Mrs. Warren 7,.e,sraire. Is will be directed by a ;ca./coal council of nine members„and the Executive Secre64*IrGf. : 11he National Association at Seconclary,,Sohool Principals, ehree members of which are chosen each year by the Executie: Committee of the National

ance in Intellectual and social p growth than upon school marks n In setting forth scholastic 'abi1= j a try to be achieved by the ',nil- 11 dent. , (i) It is an ergo:Ma:ton that is 7 a very flexible and that can be ad` c ilisted and arranged by the lo "lid cai ad-ministration so that it d will conform to the plans and S ideals of the administration of ii.:esociation - of 8econdary-School the school. Principals', This council directs (j) It is devoid of Commercial: a the activirie sand formulates the iFET1 and is devoted to the best i pOlicies of the organist:km. The nradessional interests Of educa - szl.': ... lecAl chapters are t iv O ;,loll. gro4ps:: the senior Chapters or 'embership in this chapter i 31 chapters of the National Honor I wiiI be based upon Scholarship., - ip, and Char, ! a Society which have members in: Service, Leadersb the two or three upper years of i! aster. Candidates .shall have the:II:#.13-50001 .enroilment; and spent at least one semester in [ a chapters or chapters! Corinth High School, and shall i Z' at use Na-t-ional Junior Honor be members of the SOPhornOre,1 Society -which have members in junior, or senior class." Candith•e:5•Utlier high schools or in the dates eligible to election shall lower -years Of the .senior and/or have a, scholarship 'average of

the two lower years of -four- B, or 85%, or its equivalent, fi bo-VO . Ar members elected will be I . year

eligbforaschp.1 7 The members of the Corinth i it High National Honor "Society for s 1962 are: . I IC.: Charter Members - SMTIORS — Ruth mien Able. 1 Joe . Ray Underwood, Carolyn! r Mon, to the end thait they will Baker, Milton Sandgr, Cand5i r retie: of more stanley, Alice Battles, PeggYi erfectiVe service in the train. Butler, Milburn Gardner ' Kay 'i I ing: of the :t.!ring people within Hudson, Dianne Miler, T...-s■e 5 Mineey, Martha ::: RioluirrrisOn; their infinenee, . . lbright„ . Susan Burnss, I chlef adyinie4es c-f hay- E Cipda A trig: a: :clio.ptci- of the : -"e„Tationall Nancy Lipford, : . 16.0.rilyn 7eril- I Honor: society as a represents- laugh,. Mary Nell Kemp, - lEve ft.i70.: :honor group In a s,theol I Wilson, and Scotty moDearman. JUICIORS — Charles Stewart, are; faY. It creates an enthusiasm' Beciry Burros, Mary Eliaheth for scholarship throughout the Phillips, • Brenda Ledoux, Don Thompson, Wayne3gOkifpin, schhoi, " : • (h) I enconra.ges a 'desire on Spencer Lee, George Coleman, - :Part of students to render I Betty Litchfield, Camilla 'Wil-. !7_..te remote objectitte of the ; Ho.nor" R:ciety is to raise Cor tea High - SChtal to a • hqgher Vane. It is the present, hope to Oireot end to 6er:ter the enthuSia.srn of the youth, as they take tlie,-r place th the life of our na.

to the school and to the

einenrrimr.±";ty. •


P, causes the student to i evaluate msetl and to see if thete are potential elements of leAclets.h4,n within him. • Cd1 - it it. a stinnthis to the stu-i

eon, Bobiny Ayers, Igliabeth Ray, Davey Ruth, Dee Parrish, Carrie Barnes, Charles Payne, Can - [ '

chits 'Barnes, 'Charles Craw- . ford, Linda Horner; "1-IoneY 1 Nash, Jerry Rainey, and Rich- I and Scott,

May 4, '1962, Fri., Daily Corinthian, 67 #89, p. 1, c. 1-3

April 13, 1962, Fri., Daily Corinthian, 67#75, p. 5, c. 2-4


Sandy, , p!cturea above, was horared with a street dance Saturday night by his pclrents and sister, Mr., and Mrs, Sandy and Pat

Sandy, ‹.: $treet Dance By Parents Mr,ii their daughter

L. Sandy and 'Pat. ,-rztertaind

Saturday night . with a gtreet Dance, in honor of their son and

.and brother, .3)111ton, . at t e r home, AlI of rriem,er; graduating class of Co--: Scri00.,



,. zectg,.:11..„

dancing. to the rn7Js.,..c.


"The Vikings," of Ripley. The. . carport and drive w as gaily deccro.t - d in school colors of red and white with i02loont,.

and tor ph 19.rape

to,• provide an .appropriate atrnophere. At intermission time. Mr. and ;. Mrs. sandy and Pat seried the group. a colorful array of party 'ire, which included red. a n d cookies, ana 7:2g'S. The playroom walls bore large silhouettes of graduates. and theme colors were carried ut in a bouquet of white gladioli •

and red carnations. Assisting the hosts in ohaperoning throughout the evening were :Harold Smith, and Mr. and

t,he drive Mrs. Otis Askew.

May 15, 1962, Tues., Daily Corinthian, p. 8, c. 1-2

May 4, 1962, Fri., Daily Corinthian, 67 #89 p. 12, c. 8






6 `"`"






01 4.0

va . 1744


ca—t .e4

0 al)

• 0-, " t-1.)


" 4

: >4


'2 =13

March 2, 1962, Fri., Daily Corinthian, 67#45, p. 4, c. 1-4


'63 'CLUB On April 2 the '63 illtib met [ -ole- 1 Y.M.C.A.. Cre .1 ,ge president, lied tli meet 1i

c-, ,s 1 .r.rr, , o order. called the ro ,. mna neac t e


. .fgraner -mernbef. of

zaive the high "61: -Club. s .of - their s'en'ior trip. to .New

last year. A , then held by the mt7:,:i

! yofi

wes decide-d would be held in tvT


1 a further discussion on a se do

trip next, year asnd where A final decision 1;111 be made the ay nieeting,


â&#x20AC;˘ PrOgrarn.

April 6, 1962, Fri., Daily Corinthian, 67 #70, p. 6

!The a..eek cf ,thro.u.g.i.

February 26

March 4 has. been pre^ '

e:sinr,erl Youth .Chtb Week by Henry Arnold. During t;o.i...3 week ss ls. i emphasis will be Ple•nm-F. neon 'community service 3c members collect

magazirks to


dal hospitals. Two tOblts. also .:be presented to the Corinth Publie Litra,ry : by the Youth aub: The week will be climan7

id by a dance given by Miss Eecl

ilathcock, Youth Cub

'Foitth auk; Week will mark fin,r=b- anniversary of the 1 PROCLAIMING Youth Week is Mayor Henry Arnold 1 . :. 1. :rorintb • Yonth:• Cub, .0cganized • Lt. .!hrau.gt Jim Bynum . looks on.... • l^a '^ • I .•:. •:.??Ira, : ....Hubherel: King- and two ....WCRR:.disc jockeys, Ron New- r; :•••bar.ro. axid'FaurzO 1 12 Ivy, who were te0T.Leg. v . record hops tdeen-agers, the club has I siztce :fie She center of Oar-

Follies Of '62 aking Shape

The• Senior Follies of 1962 are corrode; Rumors spread and Inth's - teen entertainment. • — What's it about? •of Beta ! questons fide :,local Who plays the lead role? I heard •P hi serarity egged . the !•ckgaillziotion, , After a specialtrip to Memphis was *lc .aurnmec of .1964), Mt Lask- 1 made to buy costume:, Does it ha.'1.Wigginton and „Ictf-SS. Matte have an-:over-all theme! These are •Otelyean. cost sited their • time 1 only 'small samples of the many discussions Present in every stud •:::641d. for Ls

'As an added attraction Corinth's j own Pete Doles has consented to

come back and sing a few numbers. Now, if you think you have

=on i


the Follies all figured out, take A het with me that you don't! The Ponies have to be teen to

be believed and enjoyed. -


Mrs. Dalton, who teaches Brig- 1 currentIy.:Ini:Wr.g ent gathering at Corinth High. • fish IV, wrote the Follies of *62 Sad to say though, we aren't 'so .• a • ottocessfal • year 1 for the senior class. And Mrs. allowed to pubholY

•:litsider : the . spcsosorAtli • of the

anounce any I Anderson will be in charge of the

:17'reViouslY speolilc •acts of the Follies , yet. • silyen!the. xise "of Olq4, ' .7711ns HO I To reveal the goodies so early And:: the. WO.W, . :the club Would, spoil the surprise of opento • wr-ses • the! Foote :Street • gym ing night; then, too, we want' to arouse your euriousity so you w12.l '....t ... ..Scheduled :activities dub has'nelied 119- 1, attend the Follies and find out ..:: : . .'.:Tbmrokith .

1music. This is the second time

I they' have devoted time and effort , I to help the seniors raise money I for their trip at the end of the ! school year. Last year's Follies 1 ,

was a tremendous success, feat . •Ca. : 1$:.owst. : resources kir, financ- I • for yourself how good each act uring a magician, a .Minstrel h os- is, Ir4.•:.setilins .074 - has ponc The :wrote production is a sec- show, calendar girls, night club i and public hilarious comedy mu- singer,ad •nwp•:!Piapo.: community ! ret 'between "Mrs. Dalton, Mrs_ ; tines. But the Follies of .`62 are ..ontt.tressysYszenc.. lided.prgehiZaten, it has •con- Aridersoa; and the seniors involv- promising.. a new, different, and sd 40 tte.. InCal :Heort ed. As a reporter trying to cover . 1 even better show than last year! 11 pry my"asignetIrdo 1 A talented cast, •an entertaining E. the arch jDimes, and ..:za


• Sending o, a local some hints out of 'a- few seniors. .:the assi • pLyn....pic,s, In but they remained steadfastly silr.0:.•.•rigurlitr.... weekend • ent. However, as a special scoop,

script, and enthusiasm of the workers and players • are contributing. to the apparent success of

ICI Spread O .rumor I beard:on the Follies. : were • held all home .fecthatt **Les I to you: The production will have



1 some wild dances, including the • Make Yourndans now to atend .asao-rao.:...nee;.folloicins the cnrist- . -rwiSt."; sail:ors, and • the • production a.• the Follies of •.• inas:•Parade. • • ••• • • • • :Parde. comedy galor= •••...."Ma.pApl,stia. in:work Close 'Prince •.: :Club :sr .r" lvhe coOperat.c .: •F4,-.07int.:.Courie',1 •••• 11!it67: :•801•jtitg•• : tb.e . eornimuilit.

•::74O•1-07,10.*='4S studSisl% s • .•:1*.eisentlY:.. ••eannited • in 'iiolleges land,..stinvedthe club ••••••*..pa.,st" .years:..ps..presictenz.:.an4

respectively: •Sammy : Kemp and :. Hebb:: ;::1560 'Sherry •Pcridas and •: Pee.e• Dole's •1,istnis. Nash; .• : !Hyman, sand:•: :At.: n King. Foizab01.Ray, and John Davis . .j.one:!.:eurne*.ly:::'servi,mg. • Mrs, •".:Talibied:Indig Imo furnished un:!...foaing..•auppart, and 'leader...ill? eitirector.er. the 'eain since it •rears. 'ago_ tndthe Ir.embers of •the : :Oocipth .•:Youth• Club up.: to the •ctub's .lcleals• of clean you, dcluggl. LEARNING ALL - about The W" are Carolyn Jo Mae2-1, 231 Ir liPalung y durl week, tris ,htitighot:t the year I son, Mary Neil Kemp, Jamie Gilton, Vonceil Brewster sit theCOrix.th Youth ClJb ; and Pat Rogers as they confer with Mr. Herman J worts ;30,...,1 a aeasily4 West. Director of Admissions at M.S,C.W. Mr. West otimmtii6v. member, E visited C.H.S. this week.

Feb. 22, 1962, Thurs., Daily Corinthian, 67#39, p. 4, c. 2-3



May 25, 1962, Fri., Da ily Corinthian, 67 #104, p. 8, co l. 4-7

• •




: --3



= ..-






0 A


0) 4:2




44 [1



s., 0

c.) inn. vo

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s.... +--.'t


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1 g rC4 .. :)0

..c: •.)-



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bt 03 CCS



- P-1 r,4

4-4 -










c.5 rl rr


PARENTS HONOR FOUR SENIOR GIRLS Miss Alice Battles, Miss Mary Franks, Miss Gwen E.nalish, and Miss Sherrill Gray pictured above left to right, w e r e given a. lawn supper at the Walter English home on Poplar Road, Thursday night. (photo by McClarnroth)

Mrs. Hos

Party Given 1962 Girl The Walter English home on ! on the buffet table featured decor-

Pop,01- Road was the setting tor The film. "The Medicine Man, was enjoyed by members of the East Corinth Home Demonstration Club in the Home Demonextension conference stratdon room Thursday, May 17. Mrs. R president was L. Hopper, charge. One, club member fro:

ations of miniature diplomas and

a - lovely lawn supper, Thursday gum-drop graduates. four senior evening honoring All seniors and their sponsoring girls, Misses Sherri Gray, Alice teachers, Misses Dorothy Kerr, Battles, Mary Franks, and Gwen Lera Roper, and Emma Street, .thnglish, given by their parents. were the invited guests. The hostesses sf_Tved a delicious After the supper, the grouP sandwich plate, potato chips, pick- played games and enjoyed inforand cold mal conversation on the spacious les, olives, cookies, nks. The eente arrangement lawn. May 21, Mon., Daily Corinthian, 67#101, p. 8, col. 6-8

May 16, 1 962, Da ily Corinthia n, 67#98, p. 6, co l. 1-3


=0• 1,..


ta° GNI rgl .

=- w

A-. •P p.. -F.: .. ..

1.44 c: C13/ 'z


w0 K,,3 va cla 0 '8 a -.--- p_ 0

, 04 p--.4

03 ,• ,



=-:› .,4 Q i'..?,

(t> p

To z c,



'g,...... r"1

.c.) l'rli





ex P4 ct



p ,...




;4. 4.) a



,.0 (1) ui

4-1 Ca CO

1 r-1 fu 0


...': 0...X... 0 .U.: ,,•;.•c 0.:- $.:. • .• Ili.: 0 ..: •ci • • C . 71..4.)..... . .,. . • 1-. • ID .::.16,.. • • .0 ....,:„.V• .e..:.: ••


.• . ,._.c . •

c••• .... ...c... 4•t:70: 3 : .4 .:-.. .E9.) .. . .i: .: i .:.:i. . . . i...j : . .:E: -N(1442 :•: c... :.• .. Z .2....'°:

••U:: X.: •0:•

0 :4"; .: ".11).. :.4........:.4.1t:::. ••• • .>....Ct•:: . • ..


..: ....(0 .73. it ..:•••• .i. .0..1.1t...:.•• Z..:..:6 • .0 Z :.....E.: • • .(u... d ....o .ii . • ...c., .0 .. • .. ,...0 ...: :. (u .....0




May 11, 1962, Fri., Da il Corinthian, 67 #95, p. 8, co l. 1-3


:.•0 : • .

tu =I .° -d >• ''-'1 .-- w- E ›.-1 0 °tr) $-al■ ..-. a) 0 AO 4 cd c:7' 0 C) 12 ,t) F 0




0, 1962.

Gayle Shelton At Tea

For Paula Milk-

Miss Gayle Shelton, assisted by tered with an arrangstnent of her mother, Mrs. Houston Shel- pale pink tamatons. On either ton, entertained at a lovely senior side were crystal candlestielts tea Sunday afternoon in her home on Highway 72 weEt, in honor of

holding pink t:apers Assisting tA". 1-e hostesses in se,- 4.Lng was Mrs. 1 Paul T. MI11er, the hanoree 'a

Miss Paula Sue Miller. Guests were received from two i mother. until four by Miss Miller, who was wearing a floral Printed dress

Those .receiving coin holders

and compacts as favors, gaily of yellow and bronze ; and Miss 1 wrapped in coors of pink and Shth.on, who was wearing , a gray red, .were: Misses Parnâ&#x20AC;˘ Grier., cotton fashion. Both wore Corsag- Becky Peritns, Ruth Hall Nash,


es of carnations which accented i Betty Barkey, Jan Keaton, Northe colors of their dresses. 1; ma . Wine, Mary Nell Kemp, DiThe reception rooms were ao. cented at vantage points with anne Rogers, Patricia Jobe, Marbeautiful arrangements of Pink tha Richardson, Vonceil Brewster, and red rOS.E.S. The table. from Cinda Albright. Nancy Bight, Which plests Were served punch. Nancy McCann, Patsy Rushing. cake, mints. and nuts, was cen- ant . Sandra Davis.

State Mallager 2isits Local Woodmen Circle The Supreme Forest Woodmen rude Haynes furnished the flower Circls met at 14Eldreci's Restau . arrangements. .

rant at seven o'clock Monday night for a prosentati on of to )

rive, forty, and fifty year pins. by the State :Manager and Natol al At Mrs. Mary Boggs of Meridian.

The invocation and address given by the Reverend J. L. Nabors, and entertainment for the occasion was provided by Oudia Jobe, daugliter of Mr. and Mrs. Troy Jobe, Who played the piano, and Lougina Epperson, daughter of - Mrs. C. L. Epper son, who sang. Mrs. Dena Mills served as Mstress-of-Ceremonies and Mrs. Ella Nash played the piano during the presentati Ms. .

Mrs. Lee Gray and. Mrs, Gert-


TEA FOR '62 C.H.S. SENIORâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Miss Gayle Shelton,


left, and Miss Paula Sue Miller, right, are pictured at a tea Sunday afternoon, which Miss Shelton gave in

Said I not unto thee, that it thou wouidest believe, thou shouldest see t b e glory of God? (John 11:40.)

her honor.

(photo by McKewen)

PRAYER: Dear Father, Thou who are God from

everlasting to everlasting,

forgive us for those tdmes in our lives when we'have doubted Thine existence or failed to re-3T upon Thee. `,.. Grant that we may encourage one another to z faith and good work s; through Christ. our Redeemer and Master. Amen.

Mr. and Mrs. Donna Lassiter family of Cherokee, Ala., :v te al and family of Huntsville, Ala., with R. B, Taylor, and other relwere visitors here recently.

atives and friends here recentl.7.

Mr. and 3,Ers. G. W. Nash, of

and Mrs. Wayne Stoopc, of Clint. Texas, have returned Terry and Wright, of Paris, 'Tenn., home after a visit here with their visited relatives here over the parents, Mr. and Mrs. W, P. Past weekend. N'ashville,. and Mr. attford Nash,


Teen Galyean 'is ..a patient and Mrs. Troy Posey and the Baptist Hospital in Memphis.

May 9, 1962, Wed., Daily Corinthian, 67 #93, p. 8, col. 5-8



7:- -1 izgt

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1.i. tl,'T,. ,


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.4-- -bean




.... .a7..e::: ,:p.

tte: ,



5 '4 4?-3. P 4.!- .

141:::.4-04 AL:t.•:CA i :Ns: I .f.:-.SC . . :-: L. --i1.,:e. 0:-..,:it::.:' T.7.) - ;-:7-,•-t.e.,.1.0r...,•:AMI.bQ S..4...t..........


t. isi: Ap.:e.g.;:-::-.



rs Vernon-- 1 ,,,AcB red A:

attic ,a

'- ter

6s).:-_,7.5;,.:::030.: ::


rvItn ,tu.rs ph

May 9, 1962, Wed., Daily Corinthian, 67 #93, p. 8, col. 4-8


Mtikkfid .

PARENTS HONOR FOUR—A western party was given at Perkins Pass," . On Oak Lane, Saturday night, in honor of Miss Kay Hudson, Miss Becky Perkins ; Mks Ruth Hall Nash, and Miss Jan Keaton (I-r), by their parenis. Photo by Mckeweri TRAGIC BUT TRUE

ammo° (un)---Everty year about 11,000 school-age youths die in tragic tecidents.

The teenagers suffer more

Perkins Pass Is Scene Of Senior Western Party

May 8, 1962, Tues., Daily Corinthian, 67 #92, p. 5, col. 6-8

PATIO SUPPER Mrs. E. J. Duncan entertained Thursday evening at her home ith a delightful patio supper in recognition of five C.H.S. seniors, Miss Jan Keaton Miss Ruth Hail Nash, Miss Carolyn Mason; Miss Betty Barkley, and:: Miss (Photo by McKeweia). Candy . /Stan ey, (1-0. :

Supper • Mrs.


.:•.Pulwan was Iaatia Supper:


by ell prient.

EnJoYing the evening with the ••given•-•. • honorees were Pat Rogers, Becky maxi on '‘captain sally at the home in .Manor' :of #5ve nenibers Perkins, Peggy Butler, 1Vtaynette I ineelaing. of Corinth Chap er of . the •1962•••:graduating.•••olasts:: of Cregeen, Alice Battles, Dianne n of the Confederacy Thes- CP0*.11....1410/1••.$ehooL';.Mie ,ses.... :Auth 14finer,. and Mary Nen Kelly a Hal.. Nash, Betty:..Barkley„ day..evening _ - in the home 'of JnPAPER ACCENTS :Sta4ley, and ice Jo ;•• Wiasen YORK (UPI) .--jail: Keaton... • pkinsi : f6a231, trend in . wallower pivtterns Is tied- young Woinati wealth, was ;de cor-. toward a definite character of D. can's AOhert*ati ::40spitial:: in ".ated:withunmerous arrangements "gn to accentuate a parti,ouiintne.clitatelY:after 040annitiOt lar turniture style, be It a form:frirst:: battle : of: :Matia;" sapper was . ser ai treadirtional. room, ruse protOld: tbe . gr P" giteste. :.. by the. ved do vial rOCM. or a modern in-


44.4.r: : $01.1114g:Perg4p0.4 41-#.11 use his I •BStkley:: and Mrs::: W. : Judge 40b0 ....xtobOrson


:hoUse,1 sally : equipped; out I. quest*: were .oreaented :#Or own` peelceti:: :cen:nnOinideer - : : inscribed mother o 00k and :another watob:•: the:•.date • the party:: and Servant to tend :the : ititchen, then ther...paSsed...them..arOund to


The Wall Paper Council says tone-on-tone wallpaper Imam= are especially popular now They have eLn: ode ted (riebane6k.

May 8, 1962, Tues., Daily Corinthian, 67 #92, p. 5, col. 1-3


grandrrot morning a t

ss P

h onored with a coke par Gertrude Lindsey

er Saturday

ome on Bunch Street.

(Ph May 7, 1962, Mon., Daily Corinthian, 67 #91, p. 8, c. 4-5

by Mc Kewen

"Cheapei By The Doz en" Chosen; Present PI ay April 27 veal' :;F:Ptl. .-"'cait has pl.oditCA iejr.







)711: KeTT




i.n e Norma ormc 7,!e Williams are shown in on 0 of the senior play, "Cheaper ID'

LINES—ac.-inne M!, r ,

..)ZU to


roe Corin. ,..h Hi d





7 p.m.,. ti-ie Car .Ntarch 97. 'g C3 Sahool Band pre spring concert in the C11001 audit-calum, included . ny en ir)Table s uettions from . the _rumos beat o4 of Lady Spam." the forceful sound e, Exodus," to the western tune 1 of "Wagon ¶'ra:in.'2' A small ad Inis$10P Price was charged for band. expenses,

ursdaY -iv ?"71: . score of 7-a. , their ; Th e warirons s six runs in inn:111f; bightitIP duck` reSecond 1E1 1•1.e ''111: s A"-T ,7.7n atter D4-crs -1.1:rhed b a gT-ardislairi home 111 thcroughlY run off the bal: or,' 31 WhiteMore about the bure. Whitehurst had {.•:t=o other Ublished next !: kirts to lead Carl rIT, mot: the plate. Saitar-day. March 10, •nine of Pres.thinan Benny Brewstel . col- the band members, along with /

n en orig

77 1962



e hand.



April 6, 1962, Fri., Daily Corinthian, 67 #70, p. 6, col. 1-4

SPECIAL HHOLDOWIVINTERTAINMENTDoing a sqU&e-dance for 1 11P PC-.ITI-y!giveri by Miss

clueV- c Jobe

Patricia Jobe,: Band Sweetheart, are (1-0 1 Patricia

Dorw y ShoCkeitorci, and JirriBsolurrt and Gwyrule Mow4y. 'Photo by McKewen

?hZI Butler. Also feaitzed vss the '.`Twist," •16,:tie 17l7gfinia Ann JohrSon, Chas-lett:F:1 Me-

CH.S. and And Seniors Honored By Patricia Jobe

Bride, Ricky


the intermissicii, the EatairdaY Mnreal 3.1.. -the Crpinth Efgh School balid v -as gliests Were Se rveci Co .es. and honored 3c7j.,..h. a eta,n e gren hY block cake. with a red •.A., cstern ittedr Sweetheart, Mss. Pat rieia cowboy boot on top,,:from a Jobe. Senior Class meinibers table covered w-iih a red and were special guest% for the even- ',white checked cloth., A Nige i jng, at the 43s,nce held at the sbraw haK, s-Ith evergreen Prate &Teel: gymnaeduni. trc.m. and red pepper p4ants, eigt4 1141'11 MustiC grspes draped from Coe a tie was: jurnishe-d WAS used for the :cen: terpiece:. : the " Black hurricane lampks: with rPd :1 Candles, and COrmucc:pdas filled 7a:r1-Ived- IlerY" were. wlth Coletfig : vP:e-1 a Were .‘c,a ,. _ used en eaoh sid .e.

-4.1t A-c-‘e

Wearing :a red and Whr;t-e :check-:1: During the evening the dress, teap::::.7ing :a:! wooden water keg was'frequent.

and 'Tommy

Criap:et'ones for the event were Att.,-, and 'Mrs, irmy:',Ion : Mrs. Max Johnscn, Mr. : Mrs. Vernc,n .1);IcEride : and M- and •i)41:11,`. Clyde 1Cfmr,

ormt Ian arks 90th: • Birthd ay ra.t.sed gpx•den t -year and I'm gong to raise one ;..lain

this year," Mrs. saysSue 'Nankmrciled pea.auts enstup. with sharp blue eyes Matching :sh.,irt, }Side: jeana, from awheelbarrow, paphed a- sparitAng. to carry Olt the :cotintry stri.le bout Ile moan by Tilamanig Jobe. She is one of Corinth's senior tberrie : Guest.'.s: were dres,5ed. in i Everyone eirjoyed the special citizens, and observed her ninesimilar "hoe•do*n" fashlon::: entertairrrnent chitring the intet Itieth birthday this past Saturday, e gy'n-1 was decorated in al'1 nil:Wm, of an old time square with a pledge - to continue doing '"od-tne77 barn dance ::" theme. dance, with Dr. Atmette LasBales of 1.::ar. • the i sister calling the set. Square- the things she has done in previi otis years. Mrs. Blankenship lives da.r_ce rploor, and Tod kerosene eamAes A. e.re; Ow-gime quietly With her two daughters, lanT;erna were 'rum :from the ltwdT and „Tim Bynum, BeCkY radterS for 3.igiht-r.g. Red: and Nash and Carry,1 CerPenter, Sarah and Ludia, at 1601 Cruise white ',9r,reamers were : draPe4:: Mizabeth Ray and Danny Street, where she welcomed hosts of friends and relatives on this ftrOni lite lanterns: foie and • • •• :7 -



f."7.0i2. Wore



April 3,1962, Tues., Daily Corinthian, 67 #67, p. 8, col. 1-3.

kRD WINNER-1,.:;iburn Gardner,

HI, was t he

given by the Security Bank to the most outstand Son Of urtrio la pions to attend Carson Newrr.lon. 6 1 leffer k




the Board of

Security Bank


June 11, 1962, Mon., Daily Corinthian, 67 #116, p. 1, col. 1, 2, 3

O AF ua5 3'Y


.r Licidart, F

"AUTOGRAPH TEA"—Mrs, Fred Myers, center, entertained Tuesday afternoon at her lovely home on Pine Road, with an "autograph tea" for Miss Peggy .Buffer, left, and Miss Julia Askew, right, They are showri holding their "autograph

hauetds," gifts of Mrs. tvlyers,

Mrs. Myers Has May Day Tea

For Misses Butler, Colonial ••• hotrie •:The I.Ts..:Preti:.•Myers on:•Pine.,....13.9ad

,93en.e. A ceinrful May Pay th'me Was: LiSedhrf?r!,.:gliout the •-ioni€•-,

The °Wept. of rhauy

8etiring • Tuesday ,. -

honorees wore Cotton fashions and corsages of white .daisies, which were presi?ri7.eil them by the hostess, She • also g.ave them gifts of 'r'auter. graph hotind..s.," that were signed by ea& guest : ' upon arrival.. elrs O. . A.4kew and Mrs, HarOId -Butler, mothers of t honorei,, s, assisted .Mrs. Myers in e.rsing daint,T.,, and brilliantilY colored refreshments to the fol-. ...eniors and sPecial glies&s: .pith gal en Abel, Cinda.•Albright:' Peggy ....Bowers, ir Tiety

*TtiS the tea`:table deeorOion i f a larg-e Maypole with riaulti;colorof Miss..:1,.'"eggy. ..Bqtler•••pne...• Mss ed pastel streamers. the enci •■,he of the :trearners "tend colOrfu1 trembrs • dressed '.ti " erePe : pipe-sten1 C'orttltb 1902: traxiiiating:-Class....at.• .1. Ijore 0 otoga'arf1.1 • High -.• :•. • • I paper; , Burress,. Niorpc#3ewst;Suan : faces of all the r rl me.rnbers of Sapcira. Davis, ewendoln May ....basket,s. of . Engdls the senior Class, These were . ..'t h.e la-S• filled • with ; Nancy Hight, pam: tributed n.s sotiVenirs: to :t and . .front ••• P4gY: of

h. e




.:11 . I•0 . •

moSt. f P

son. Kay'.andsoil, Patricia jo'Oe, ! m p, i Jan Keaton, Mary. Nell .K;itiotiol, Judy : Lowry,


Will 2e Cerverl

Carolyn Jo Mason, NancY . Can :, Dian e Zi l e1 Ruth Hal : :Nash. Beeky Perkin s ,.Martha 1371hardson;: Pat . Rogers, :Pat.-7 Rti,itung • Linda Seiler, Candy 1 , St,anley'NormWiCne Williams, Carol Williams, Emma Street, Miss Jamie. Shannon.: Miss Dorothy . Kerr, Miss : t LeraRop;.MisWdburn, Miss -Maria Leon, Mrs, James qalyean, Richard Snarp, Mr i5 Y.•= :. S. S-t-=,e.t., and M175. liAaCieth Hughes.

May 6, 1962, Thurs., Daily Corinthian, 67 #89, p. 8, col. 3, 4, 5

•. •

BREAKFAST FOR TWO '62 C.H.S. GRADUATES—A b fast honoring Vancell Brewster, and Ms.s Sandra Dcw;s right w as a;‘.(r ei Resthurant Wednesday rnorrirl rs. Telford Norrricn, Mrs. Chari.c ifton, Mrs. and Mrs. Mani Whe..efer. Kenneth McKinn,

Miss Brewster, Miss Davis haeon: sau..9age„ and ternvprovided 41f14.:te : : from : the ustio, part,:hostesses a ,* ored: Miss &Andra' Miss i: lrews.=ter: With a ::breaktast at Kathy' Rettaumrt We444144aY.::::rn.pithing Rostesses fOr she delightIni.r.affair were Mesda.irte - Teifor4 Norman Charles Cifi. o?‘ "KPTIMix, and Oft11::: :agfinney;


wa,s a large. globe.

easing a Iss Brewster . , and lli ...>mable red plaid dree4. 4 .

.".40 s Davts' dress was gay striPcotton,.

Gilton, Pat Rogers, Ruth :gen Abel, Anita Jolmson, Cinda Albright. :vial-7: Nell. Kemp, Julia Askew. Jane Dees, Norma Winte, Connie Williams. Martha Rich-

ardson and Joyce Hamlin were The tsb]n:iwa.$ attractively az- etry...4.; friends of the honorees ineented in t,he: grach.tation ti enle -,' ytted. to enjoy the occasion With

174rith t.n-y diplo•as sChriol

t :Ors : Of :: red :and Macs. :041,44eit'd7g -1 zhe enter: .

.•... ••■

. •



• • • • ••



them. Special guests were their Jane Davis, molfners, Brewster, aid Mrs. KeiCtr,

Come unto me, an ye


that la hour and are heavy laden and I will give you

rest. (Matthew 11:28.) PRA"cee.kr: Our Father_ p?..ay

that ow fears

Y.flay be dissolved by a clecLkon to yi.eld to the love that expressed itself ( through Jesus' sacrifice of IlLmseLf on the cross. 1-Telp us to submit our wills to mine. In the Redeemer's

name. Amen:

National Fin° Corinth High enior at Corrice B 4: i n *ecen , teeived. word that she was a 4 finalist in - the Nat onal M.E.,..rit, Awards s . wa - a Junior, 'gen otlIer juniors ,00k aMong the h. atonal :vier' test. After h fine:lists 10 g to be qual ake the test this year, she made

o place her a gracte high en a.a the seni-ors in the to °vex the UnIted Stlites, At the last Spirttua] 4,n/phaz.p, As4;3eiralLy, ir.„ scroll s znif `IVA with or and e.N.-pressP-r the ' n





Feb. 16, 1962, Fri., Daily Corinthian, 67#35, p. 8, c. 1-4


0 -0 C) = loC glaw `)tfl

(1) C


c o

iss Miller Entertained At Informal Party Friday An informal all Corinth High

he People 0

party' for h


senior girl and especially - in honor of Miss -Pavla Sue Miller, ►N'es giv:-

armina on

en by Mn. Bobby Bush at her home on North Parkway Friday Mr. and Mrs. Billy Davis and afternoon family from Meridian were reAn -Unusual display of a do t guests of Mr. and Mm. dressed in blue graduation Cal) Gene Gates, andat n attracted much ativir. and. Mrs. C C. Cook i. tention, The doll was "strolling" were recent guests of her par- in a garden made of net flowe-M-s, Mr. and Mrs. John R. Orff, ers, which were tied in the cenBooneville. ter with red ribbons and tiny Mrs Onie Potts was a dinner dipiOmas. The scene was spotiighted at, one end of the living guess recently of Mr and room, These "flowers" were disRudolph Monroe and amily. sar

By Mrs J





tot.: ..:.

fen, ;end . -the.:..i:horioree'S..• • • .M6ther i

•Was.....::WOrktng.:..::•at..:•hiS.. .:1711.61:1 1 th


E? 1kuman souls :


MisseS .Beaky: l'i•Pericing.. • • and a` Albright ,•

t Thy handS • > we submit .

McCann. • Peggy•.:......13utler,••••••: . BeCkY Bath:cock ..• ••: .Son, .".Betty.:-:BarkleY.;: Pat ..•::Rogers, Julia ...Fran . Askew,. .i'Peggy Bow-.

with TI y sparit, Vii]`: all•••••:•••••• Christ o nly anti al ays prays:: ThOu:::: wit : . •

is lol

a gh

hick is .:8trong -


Holy• . Spirit • •gdidedE.•:••bY.••.,..:the••:1•: • .... • • • • . ...... :: • i conKetpus:.. : . .. that. 0:. A i y. ...Poter ...Can... ThY:::•redeetriing••: .. • •.:. • • image make us •• into •Thine . • rnrough :. • ChriSt our: - Lord. ..


iudson; Patsy Bashi g, Nancy Hight, • Plirme.:.

ourselves. ' iake use :•

among the guests as

memorable .•:• • • ,•••of••••••'•tomemade. '......RefreShnients.: ••• ...:•• •• • • • . . • -.....•• .• • . 'assorted' •Candles.-:. and d ty and eh .::.and .. :cokes *ere.: ..,§erted 1'4 he glte-sts


Mark ::..:111-tanks; ` LyndA'.. nedy; :: . .Gen • ,: FngliSh,: • ..Sherri. Gl'ay CarcilYp.....EBaker


Garret, Ann Mackey, Marilyn Killough Jacqueline Vise . Mani , • ton,'.......Pam.:••••:Grier;••:::•: . and •• JohnSon. : 6.0riyersa,40n,

• and....h•OStes& April 30, 1962, Mon., Daily Corinthian, 67#86, p. 4, c. 2-5

ali..:afternoon : • of


of • honoree

Bette Litchtie.td. The honorees

Pat Rogers, Sweetheart Entertains Warrior Team The Sweetheart of the 1962 Corinth warrior. Football team, miss Pat Roger-a, entertained t h e team members and their dates Saturday night, with a "Roaring Twenties ' dance at the Foote Street ga-nana,sturn. "The Counts" provided music for evening of "Tiedng," "Charleetoning," and other popular dances at the gym, which was trarisformed into a tpical "Roaring Tw.enties" speakeasy of candlelit individual tables, NEss Rogers was dressed in appropriate style, wearing a lalac-l> satin chemise with riiffles at the hemline. strands of long beads. and long black gloves. Complementing her costume was an orchid corsage, a. gift of her escort. John Andrews. Costumes of.the

were presented corsages of iris,. 1 and graduation gifts from t

Friends of Miss Stanley an Miss Barkley invited for the ocother girls consisted of imilar. : casion were, Misses Eve Wilson.


dresses, headache bands, Laney

Vonceil Brewster, Susan Burress,

garters, and . other accessories. The 'boys: wore vests, bow ties, sleeve garters, and straw hats. At intermiesion. Jerry Nixon. co-captain of the Warrior team. presented their sWe.e.tlieart with 1* gift from the players, During is this time delicious refreshments were served hy. .her parents, Mr. and Mrs, William E. Rogers and her grandmother; Mrs. Gertnide Lindsey,

Peggy Butler, Alice Battles, Kay Hudson, Patricia lobe, Jan Kea :, ton Dianne 'Miler Rufli H a 11 Nash, Becky Perkins, Pat Rog-


er,s, Norma Winte, Jamie MIton.

Joyce Hamlin, and Mrs. Dozmie Cregeen. Special guests were the

honorees' mothers. Mrs. J_

.rrivay 7i;1 4 4,s The Farm committee selected May 11th to take :sail samples. Members appointed to serve on the Fund Raising. ACDC Council

were Bud Parks, Mrs. K. C. Borden, and Brooks Martin. The . :first through the sixth grades were in charge of the program: for the evening. A play, 'and EaSter `.`Roorn...for skits were presented. Sue :Mask : .


and:SusTre;companid by. Karen Miller, sang â&#x20AC;&#x153;Iyory The meeting. was adjourned and refreshments :were enjoyed by

Stanley and Mrs. John Barklc%

Other adults Present to chaPer- : one and enjoy the fun were :Mr. and _Mrs.' Frank Rbgers; pat's grandparents, Mrs. C, Rickman: .Mrs.::Miller Burt, 3/1..rs, W ev . :Tennyson, Mrs.. Carl "1-ia:ckel. ., a 11 .d,cord.:MsEgaGine Mr. and Mrs. Kelsey BretArster.

ROARING 20 'S" DANCEâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Muss of Rogers; Football Sweetheart, entertained the members at the Warrior team with a dance at the Foote Street Gym on Saurdoy night. Pictured (1-r) are her escort, John Andrews, Pyt, and James Neal Butler, co-cabtoin of the team. (Pkoto by MeKewert). April 26, 1962, Thurs., Daily Corinthian, 67#84, p. 8, a 1-4


MISS BETSY LIDDON, center, entertained Tuesday afternoon with an tea given in honor of Miss Candy. Staniey left, and Miss Bet Barkle ? adutehisprng,


rrn ,:3!

ht., who

ay ilasi.e.m, at an informal t e a don home •ri. the many • and vari- Bowers, and were attached. -co the Tuesday afternoon v .. : four, zri colored arrangeinents of spring exquiSite cloth on the h honor of Miss Candy Stanley and Cowers. ;. petite Nooms of brilliantly eulor - . ; The tea table WaS Otiti-StarihrAg ed flowers. With its centerp3ece of a. large E Liddon was as Sis !Led hel Complete spring e=lia.ttnent Maypole. Past& Satin streamers serving the :guests by her 'nether, eviden t throughout the ran from the high center o a CeptOrt :Tr OMS Of the stately

bowl which held a nosegay of

Nirs. R.. C. Liidciori, and ?yTiss Bett.e Litchfield, The honorees

were presented corsages of iris, j

f. and

trraduation gafts from ti `h e hostess. Friends of MISS Stanley a n rd Miss Barkley invited for the oc.

The Sweetheart of the 19432 Corinth Warrior Football team. Miss Pat Rogers, entertained er a

other girls consisted of Lnyilar

casion were Misses Eye Wilson. Vonceil Brel.vster, Susan Burro s, Peggy Btitter, Alice Battles, Kay I

dresses, headache bands, .fancy garters, and other aceeSsories,

Hudson; Patricia Jobe, Jan Kea- • ton, Dianne Miller, Ruth

mernbel•s and their dates The boy,s wore vests, bow ties, Saturday night, with a "Roaring sleeve garters, and straw hats. Twenties ' dance at the Fooi. e Street gyrrnaasitnri.

Nash, Peck y Perkins, Pat Ron-.. Gilton. ers. 2+.1oriala N,V1`. 11 Joyce Hamlin,. and Mrs. Donnie

At intermission. Jerrr.• • Nixon, co-captain of the Warnor ream.

. presented their sweetheart with "The Counts- provided music a gift from the players. During an evening of ''Twisting," 1 this time delicious refreshments “Charlestoning,. - and other pop- were served by her parents, Mr.


Cregeen. Special guests were the honorees' mothers. Mrs. J, C 1 Stanley and Mrs. John Barkley. LI


April 26, 1962, Thurs., Daily Corinthian, 67#84, p. 8, c. 1-3

ANDY STANLEYâ&#x20AC;&#x17E; gradLating senior of Cor ,red with a luncheon recent

e Town Motel Res-

the occasion wit, her S anley and five o Mrs. Barnett, Jan Kea an:ey, Ruth Hall Nash

Hudson and Mrs. Stanley. (Pho o by Nun! April 25, 1962, Wed., Daily Corinthian, 67#83, p. 8, c. 5-6


/,,ty SENIOR HAMS : clown around Detore:a ,.pracrice tor: me seniur School. Auditorium on the night

ThUrsdaY InOrning, April 5, the Corinth High School Band left for Jackson, Mississippi,. to attend the

the; Pozen" which . will be held .initheC0r4ith

of .Friday, April . 27 and Saturday;

Play roves Hectic-

State Band Contest. Under the direction of Eugene Doran, the conderts, part.icipated

Special memo to the play cast: betterH:t Iriss:Hoper gets:-wOrse, rit'S think 1 tan" ata411,.,'''-.Ser- DianneMiller can read ionSly he gad that -"'there'S. a jltht a few lines inn-the second act np their every -.loot-. to listen to that keep throwing her fora 100P. a:bunob or' httic .,Kim NoVac ks and f Cincla Albright — now there's a 1 gal .that knows her lines. Hock Hiidsinslines 1-inie. afterr:tinierafter. time Hers and every body . . elses :too. pelo I say memorized ;lines?? 1 She has a grand total of at least

chine drills. Three "Good" ratings and two "Excellent" ratings were received. In the drum

Practice ...ar..': Sweet :Spring at last is here. The birds sing, 741.le flowers No= the baseball :ple.3rers: play baseball and the .young :16-0ers fall: in love. Vndetneath:: it • all, . Senior:

One:- lovely senior girl, : those . , interest is graduating, not Senior :PiaYS, : eye/1104rd:: ;to Make: this: remark,

practice would % hUrry up and get

I major catagory. Clint .Droke was rated "Excellent". Chaperones for the trip were

Coach John Earhart. Mrs. Fentress Ray, Mrs. A. Y_ Nash, and six or seven lines throughout the Eugene Doran. whole play and are they moving Especially the one about the,: ice Benny Joe Ray Underwood, I cream being ready'. And speakWarlord, James Neal l'intler. and lines; And : : the 114.4t: I kept ::for, ring of lines ---- John - DBMS has a Norina Winte try out for the geiting:tO come in:on cue waSn't I cussing good time with his summer operetta to he held at because of:a iapse of memory — Miss Kerr might :be brissimiPPI Southern. in Hattis• ' said? I was simply trying to fix, Or cover little herself — burg. up a 4pper 7 in" My • :`.TheaPer by the Dozen."::: definitely .:a lively :play." MattershortS.1

PlayrCticedgsly on :ach , and -every night; a --aanY: almost nnet ►iorized Mines. group': of Star;struek seniors -leap:. Just .becatise •••.:NOrmaHlciolcs: at madly : about a :sizzling, , :dusty John and _Can't say. -a :word;:-.doesstage, : delightly rehearsing for n't mean she deesn't •Imor her .

their. night of :: -glory.:

sightreading contests, and ;mar-



New majorettes Are Selected This Week

of-;fact : so , lively:: that ::the cast are practically worn out from

Tuesday, approximately 15 girls climbing vin and out Of windOWt, were present for majorette tryaround the outs in the high school audltorihasint one : a_tioPier c Stage find: generallY all 1 urn. Mr. Doran chose these girls . running up 'and - !tiOvtrn stairs

over the place: Thcaile: of jwho

you: /t4ii..e : -troubles: with

as majurottes for a . the 1962,65 1 year: Brenda Lan, Gloria Glean,

three::.brotliers and 'Sisters Becl(v Walker, Linda Cain, and two don't eVen knew the beginning! !Holley Nash. These girlswere

judged onr their poise, marching ability, posture, and general aPalong with' ::Miss Kerr and Miss pearance. Elizabeth Ray will be Roller have : .4pealt 4 many: sours featured twirler. abont 12114 On a Seriods note the Seniors

working.: on:the and will . :en:.i quite:: a .few . : more s before it is presented, 'Their, : hard Work and efforts' shotild be appreciated :1

everyOne .: be spre and see l: ``cheaper By the li)ozen;"' 27th and 280;

National Bank of Commerce AND 7th STREET



Canchito Barnes, Candy Stanley, Norrno Winte, this rat- . Donna Gurley and Betty Barkley --were ing at the District Choral Festival in Pantoi.c.- Polly Gatlin served as their accompanist.

Savings insured to 510,000.00

Compliments Of His faybrite nansic: . popular w -eker.-s She likes : : She is: Wooten sb.e James, a '56 , Olds:: being a senior being dislikes: Nothing senior She :: dillkeS7 people, Her favorite Fcod: Lamb oySters, shrirtiV, " and ,sti.tok;nsis cianv--chCwder :Her: favorite fetid: ..barbc4iie Instrii- chicXeti:: chees elbp.rg eRa. cherry She is: Eve Wilson

cokes i 'Her- : favorite:- :PaS;i.11n.6 -

msntai He is: Dwigt.,,t Wilson He likes: being a ser.io

with James dancing :He-


Leroy Walker Quality GrpCeries Free Delivery

intistei o60

blonds, brtinettes, convex tible ,

She is:: Ja i3. Stn Ili ':Mitchell She li,keS: being married She ciis-likes: ' : snobs. noiSY everything, homework pp.O.P1e " " Kti favorite pastime: Loan:rig Her :fayorite food: corn : fried going .places He rtslikes: Stuck-up people. People who think thoy know His favori'-..e food:

fried- chicken

Selahern ohi Cken

Her favorite music: popula

April '16, 1962, Mon., Daily Corinthian, 67#76, p. 2, c. 2-4


For The Best In Service For The Cleanest In Wear



DRY. CLEANERS 812 Tate Ph. AT6-2416


Miss Diane Perry, standing for right, ark.] members of the 1962 graduating doss C.H.S., are pictured at a tea given by Miss Perry and her mother, Mrs. Ellis Perry, honoring all the senior girls. (Photo by McKewen).

Mrs. Ellis Pew and her dough-

ter. Diane, who Is home for spring from Ole Miss, honored the senior girls of Corinth all with High Sdbool a beautifully executed fee on Sunday After:noon, .

April 8. from four until six at Maar home on Shiloh Road.

The recepi4on rooms, where Miss Perry greeted the guests. were decorated throughout in a raduation theme featuring lovely issseil of kistust flotg,t6t18..


punch by Mrs. James- Galyean and cake. nuts, and e-anapes were served Miss Marfa Theresa Leon, who is the< Span!..:sh teacher at the high School here from Colombia The serving table was overlaid with a- whir.e cut work Lien cloth and two silver candelabra flanked the unusual ar rangement of v,rhite stock and blue Dutch iris which was held M a silver bowl. -

special gixes'Es

v tea: to

Oi arlecIal Interest was the mantle jpy:tlap:arteriltion with the honored :

tumgethent, which was a pyrar gill sere ; the: folio ing'â&#x20AC;˘seniOr: mid of jo.nolls. teachers : : Robert- tialtOn; invited;:into the d .71.4iss Emma 4treet; : Mts.& pan-, : mg roan Where y tere:seg$,7ed::: th$::::4etr. and Mss :Loa Roger.

Apri 10, 1962, Tues., Daily Corinthian, 67#72, p. 5, c. 1-3

3.11LU b it the (rulers cnrougn nungreus 0:[ South Tippah nine at the Fair- years. At a track meet there is grounds. If they win, a playoff always something exciting hapWith Iuka will be played at a pening, so if you've never seen

Senior Solutes

He is: Nelson Ross later date. The local nine is schee tikes: basketball, Dianne duled to travel to Jackson, TenSt and P.G. nessee, Friday for a rye turn Gassiping women game. The present record is 7-2 He His favorite food: hamburger and the Warriors have their eyes steak on the District title. * Pas favorite pastime: going tO Last year a new sport was Eis favorite music: modern Sc born at Corinth High School * * Yes, after a twelve year lay-off, He is: Joe Ray Underwood He likes: Singing, messing


and with Thomas He dislikes; not being informed IL's favorite pastime: Player Player

ba u

at the Y His favorite food

hamburgers, barbecue potato chips and cherry eokes music : semi's favori el - cal ***

Benny Warford likes: hamburgers, Mech. He He is

drawing, and friendly people He dislikes: snobbish people

kis favorite food: hamburgers Hs favorite pastime: having a Mad time with friends His favorite music: modern rock and roll

a track meet, try to get to one of the Warriors' this year, A dUal meet with Jackson, Tennes-

see will be held this coming Tuesday at Jackson, so try. to get those lessons vp in advance and go see a real track meet

just once. Chancesare, if you Mb to one, you'll want to go to more of them.

julia Askew — ambitious, telligent, tall, and mature Judy Byrd — One that is older tala...n I ain and has nice menIt ners. Patricia Jobe — Cute, sweet, What is your ideal boy? and nice, and will save his monNorma Winte---One who is un ey; uh-u11-0.1iC.? I cI denteaaling and doesn't .fas,s all Joys Emmons -- Like Bin the time not even a little. Carol Williams — One with Linda Wooten — Tail, dark and brown hair and brown eyes, 6' handsome like J. B. 1" and cute name, Billy Camilla Wilson --- One I can Pam Grier -- Sincere, consi look up to erase. and a good dance Judy Lowery —Boys that don' Linda Seiler — A real Southern go to Jac n gentleman, nice-looking and rich I Carolyn Davis — , and thouhttul "Happy-GoPeggy Bowers


I Lucky, - black hair, brown eyes,

Eve Wilson--- Kind and con-

of others, and truthful Becky Perkins -- A little Green 1 like my (not from Mars) i Becky: Hathcock — like Wayne He dislikes: Certain PeoPle Carolyn Mason — One His pet peeve is Gossips andl Larry liars didate for king and queen. At • Mary Jane Lail — Black hair, His favorite food is: Steak the end of the week a dance was a', brown eyes His Jane Dees — One that weighs held and the king and queen His favorite pastime is: were ci-owned. Gtiess .firr hich 123 pounds arts favorite music is: Rock band played—"The Collegiates". Conchita Barnes — Mannerly, and .Roll • t oughtful, Also at New Albany, the Jr. kind. considerate, High. won the Little 10 BB Charn- honest, handsome. careful driver, and a Southerner pionshiP.


with a Chevrolet 1 Vonceil Brewster :.little brother


Albert Stevenson likes: Certain people He




Finishing off their conference play with a 9-0 record, Jackson

I Murrah's quintet of tninclads

Instead of just a. backwards


Peggy Butler Boy with made a clean sweep of the North brown hair, green eyes, named Division Tournament only to Johnny

dance. the students at New Alba- ; to no had a whole backwards Mg

meek.: Each grade chose a can-

Ruth 'Filen Able Engineering Student

defeat in Hatt'iesbur?- .

the over all finals to the Tigers 39-36,

April 17, 1962, Tues., Daily Corinthian, 67#77, p. 14

Genre Mcw-cly — One


has brown eyes and is a dancer.

mesh; carrying out the school col-

ors, WM of red carnations, held in a silver. bowl, Red burning tapers in silver candelhoIders were placed on either side.


Enjoying the afternoon with the

Mrs_ Eliszene her lovely new :1011-.2.e.


senior girls, the hosteFis. honoree. oeaatful arrangement Of pink car-..: and her mother, were Miss Dorotor$ plaCed - .on the mantle, alict, thy Kerr, M - iss Lera Roper, Miss arrangeMents.: â&#x20AC;˘ 01 . Emma Street, and Mr.s. Robert othe7.

ope TIP. (i Cl over

Lane yesterda.5' al.1 of the seriis arid sponsoring teachers artifie rowers .ent.color to the Dalt on,, A special .gue...4t was Mrs.. w:th 9 froiri four-thirty rOOm, o yell Lucken, aunt of the uests calling during the :after, : ree, who was -here from Houston, siy in . hori4-11. of Patricia Jobe. -


noon: were: : served punch; 'cake,. Texas. nUts, and party, nrlints by. -11.4:iss

Mrs. Rob-e_ e honoree. Mrs Troy Jobe ,,eet-

In the course of the a ..ernion.1 eception room ?at: :Rog -ers and TyfiSs Miss Sarah Gay , Roberts present,1 r=ring flowers were '4a: h, The serrpg taole was cov7 . ed graduatdon gift` to Miss ..lobe,. I pro,-fusion. The focal ered 7,rith a 7.v.rhi .te imported daMiss Roger and Miss Nash, The flower arrangelivin room ix,fas mask :oloth. _ -


r.EA:fQR tc=r110611

Robert Pc


PyAiSs. Potricio Ruth


et entertained Thursday o f Eugene R Pictured with r :"s< Roberts are (-r,), Sarah - Gay d Pat R(-)aers.

46113, 1962, Fri., Dairy Corinthian, 67#75, p. 8, e. 3-5


White. who is supervising the a. :hearing before Federal Judge sewage improvement project Harold Cox Friday :for a temr.-oI now il.nderway on behalf of the s. rar.y order to forte registration of Negroes allegedly turned A siecial meeting will be held 1 down by C-reen. at 7 p.m. Monday for the pure of ,selling $475,000 in bonds TESTS WERE made on the re-


Corinth Orators n District Speer

I approved for construction of the

paired Wheeler Darn lock Ir. proposed Magnolia North Alabama today to see if Five members af the Co ar th igt, School: speech and other projects relatedTiOsPitai to the 1 the big facility could be re-openj class took high honors MondaY n the District I projecT. ed to Commercial traffic on 'Wed$peech . Qontest. Mississippi $0:t_ Bonds in that amount will also nesday, the Tennessee Valley Aube 6,014 oy the Bawd of SuPer - thority said Wothen. An old lock wall crumbled Jane vlsors Monday 'tor the same Joe. Ray Underwood was rated ,superior ' -r1 dramatic mterpretation,. scoring the highest of •1- make r purpose. I. 2, 1961, killing two men. enixarit, skip :Garde r: inade an excellent ratint.in extemporaneous speaking; also scaring the highest in his. division.. Thamas ./30wm.rt was. Tem in angina; ut.3:1-.,.- ? any

John Davis was: rated exeelle. in bays' .intK-,rpretivie: adi P-g n liwtsen .vas :rated goed

i in girls' inz.erpreAve : reading. There `W ea•: e only two: excellent radngs in this division, and Fay a..s 7:3 -riked


scoting e,..:c.el.rlen ,t superic-r in the -speech 4! 0 111'.e adV

:t..e.) the '...'..Tort..?..1.11.1s-stssippi

rt t University of re -was also :entered in draMatic interpret.e...:zion and scared excellent.school can ju0e$ ru7ed s ented: by only one perrepre be .

! Sou in this division. As ,Joe Ray UnderT,vopd had scored siirreriGr drRsrs.tic interPreta7..ion,: will repi- esent Corinth in n. North MississipPi conte:.4. Mrs. Grier Dies hi North Carolina

s. Ethel mother of R. A. GrIer, : of the Belk-Hocison diedFriday nigh:: at her Llotine in Charlotte. N.

High School §tudei-tts won honors cc TAKE: SP:L.:ECM HONORS7-1'hes six. Corinth qt MSCW_ Thej :ere, left' to •i0t,, tonte.s.t 1.-nor:! : Wil•on t oe Roy Underwood,. Skip Gardner, : Thamas 'Bo , Hudson . cnd .

and .John iD

; &Md.:TY n Charlotte. zee

April 17, 1962, Tues., Daily Corinthian, 67#77, p. 1, c. 5-8

The lovely home of Mrs. Ed Burkitt on Willow Road was th' scene Saturday afternoon from three-thirty until five, of a tea given in hoilor of lvliss Ruth Hall Nash, who will graduate this t.t was a .7:: si spring. en this occasion by Mrs. Frank Burkitt.

. the : invited guests, Was :Mrs: •! Cecil Ramer, Marriarie :Rainer. and : :Miss Da1e Dalton. : Punch,

nnts, and coke, topped with the inscription, "Seniors was : served from. the dining table; i‘yhite :Iith was covered mai'quIsette embroirdered The. center of cloth over pink, the table was an artistic arrangeThe hostesses. Miss Nash. and ment of pink carnations and pink

her lnother, Mrs. Paden


g•ape.s, which trailed over the

received guests in reception edge of a silver bowl. On either rooms accented at vantage points side were silver candelabra, holdwith VariOUS arrangements of col- ing pink burning tapers. 1 orfuI spring flowers. The den an unusual arrangement I featured of jonquils, held in a copper urn.

(Photo by McKewen).

During- the course of the after-

noon, Mrs. Burkitt presented .Miss with a lovely graduation Nash Assisting in ,serving all the sem gift. ' ior girls and :;teachers, who were

tte,dia*: TEA SATURDAY—Mrs. crank Burkitt, left ass sted Mrs Ed Burkitt, right, Sot(photo by McClamroch) Nash. ' urday at t ea given in honor of-Miss Ruth Hail. April 10,

1962, Tues., Daily Corinthian, 67#72, p. 5, c. 2-4

Feb. 22, 1962, Thurs., Daily Corinthian, 67#39, p. 4, 3-4



ie t is Gts

Doles For Jackson Pete


S ar _t


By BILL spvi.psoN

When :Qoir,olthe$ , P0t0 Doles: appears as :leatlireil g*ist: -$tar: Symphony Pc :: Concert cast j41: - a role -ad tionally -eservec^ only for taiose persons xrho haV0 rrie ` big tateg -:for:-..tbe#101ves:Hit the larofes*Oar ellt0t4itier.:t:tielct.; The text :::thot. Theodore i::Rus.7.

available by local. merchants and manufacturers. Every visitor to the Mosition i be elgibie to register for door prizes. turday A d raWing will be held Sa evenuig,

PublieitY Willpublisher be bandledof 137 the Hammen, Rick Daily Corinthian, and JOhn manager of â&#x20AC;˘ ViCW.A. Radio. "111.3 e Purpose of this exposi-

tion is to show our industries we appreciate them," Bill SharP addresdng said. YesterdaY grouP of : interested mer amts .

sell, :lsympliony director, felt the honor this: year Should , ' to yoma:glisOkoippiAn officially 8.0110)* the ": ainateur ranks, is in(hCative that Pete has "Vbart ut takes" to go- Diaces

13.#0,: year* guest stara:f0 the evert have beEh such fain:, o personalitieA - as sitar

of the

BrOadwa,iy nutsleal: :Mary Ann: Arlobley;

AMerica, of 1959 and later a star on the Lawrence; Welk V show;: g4e,aziok:::Si;e0b0-: andgen. To the m s aI acconwaniBOh. Anderson of ment-of .

Corinth, Pete wiE make -twoPearances during the concert.

He will sing. his own arrangeroents of "Blue Skies," LaZY


River," "Ain't . That, Love," L'Llicky Ole Sun" and "Moon River." In additdon to Mrs. Anderson, Pete will haVe the musical accompaniment sYm- phoney musicians. on the drums and bass fidae. owing the eoneertâ&#x20AC;&#x17E; a re-

ception Will be held in honor of -Pete and sYmphon.y

persoinine1. This year the Jaokso n symphony League, headed by . Mrs, -

Joe Daniels, has added a "P Plus Builoling,- " where paintings, .sculptures and other art forms Rill: he on displaY. The event will be .held at the i Jackson Fairgrounds.,


May 4, 1962, Fri., Daily Corinthian, 67 #89, p. 1



Nix A

0 el 31113 p

Jerry Nixon and James Neal Butler, senior guards,.... co-captains of the 1961:Corwere named. inth Warrior football team last night at the:Football Awards . Banquet in the Corinth High School cafe 7 : : players and dates, thee'- teria„ndbyov10 leaders, coaches, administrative officials and adults, : braxon and Butler were 'pre- i g . ga seated gold fOOtbela : by bead i is ,

I StarkvIlle i VarUeman

430.3enBob th e: TYler. perm e`They -were1 annt zu3itancoach *I= in a secret ballot by. their I

teammates. :

• ti :

Piw. other players

salted wars d for their wereper-., Pre" . forrnastees during the :161 coon-1




j :


at . 4 T $1i,eireer Lee, 175-pound junior center who wil3 pkty : fullback s... the NW .seaaest, . carted . off . two, t h e Scholar- i . Sy. triait ,,,a press btematteris i: ship Award : and the Best 1 Defensive Player Award. Junior 1 Sixteen Mississippi g 4z18.:bage tackle. Bill Dixon. receired . the iI kothall teams tordgbt will trot : Beet Blocker Award, junior half- I for . berths in Saturday. tOalit's : hack Bruee pilItestain the. I final rounds of fottr high *too] Sportsmanship Award, • sapho- I tournaments. mere :end'George Kemp the 1 • " Most Improved Player :Aivard, 1 If ton-1413'a se214-ftli: *dial and sophomore guard Jimmy I paralles Thursday rigitt .tmlay, : : Lindsey tne Most Inspirational I basketball fcrnowers W4 - gee Award. : . : I some fancy peartainaking: " : The awards were presented 1, by Wairen posinkre, Ray Long, 1 At CSMOUR My, Starkville : Lapr.,,,n , : Johnny Plum - ■ Will take on Vardaman and Pon- Joeta. .•: :,', totoc goes agAin# Brie* in the mar and Tyler. Tyler . also presented . the :1961 1 North A-AA ttlIrSeY. lam; belettermen with their letters and I hind a 31--peint perfOrmaare by jackets to AlaTe113 lettering for; Helen BlalOck, toPPed Vairrii87the first time. . 1 56 Thursricay night..whae VaPda' Youngsters receivir4- letters oat MIlirg. - "Ple.471 .4t"I'Ped here. Nixon, • Btitier , i Cle.S , min, Dixon, j4t21 Davi.2. Jim WS. Arm Ward .led the:Vaaxta Bynum,. Al Stevenson, Jimmy i 713P1 attaa with ;.1 : POlints.:: Johnson, Johnny Green, Tommy I Tremont wal meet Pope :and Little, Jimmy Williams, .Da.nny Algooia oPPoses in . SbackeHO.rd. Sands line.1711113, seed-einal play isa the North B : 1.anny: Rhodes and B14 :Lam- BB meet at New 4.1betst. i?eri. .7.41.*et6 were . presented - to , Pope popped ma,ben 03,47- jowl Lee, Kemp, Lindsey, Brad.1: Ingmar whipped Walnut: geove . . 41-32 Thursday rigibt. pe,4 x,0,17..Brawne,tColmGrg : Hughe% . B21 AShcralt , °WY: ex :led Pope .ecorara :with : 22 Laitmora. Andre Dodd; Baton ,eta am Jana Adair, mom 24 or imam. Pitman,ToyDckersil.t JiramY PMVP.a. • Iluee alallagEnS, Cars Myers,: , At Prer455., CIL-Ica: plays : : Jammu Surratt . and : Ronnie I Poplars-lite and West :Marlon 1,,rarl-,-, 71, were preseraed wirn p:ays Porest in semirfmais of: .leOkets, while a fourth, Tommy the South A-AA :. ..., . ..,,.....,....L. ...a......... LL.L.L,.... ! stme, received ale. 1;er. ".T .51.' '''''-'"' '''`."" the i Those' : in amtendance. etay.ed :)V-Ili '3, PC4EZ't6 ; p"" an?. 44icEati4 :7)1E.81 of : SPilf,04:a. T : and enteroadscri.ent, I*: the : eti. e4e. wale Thursday:: : meat : aa her :.: i leaders end: senior players, squad beat Pearl River 5648;in I : After the presentation of a- a losing effort, Pat :I.thttand :: ' wards, : be men in idendance pleat%A.. 30 pot* or Pearl'Riv , ,foradjournethCi:Hg,Poplarvhdtk' auditOlurn and: heard a d.i.tue it's 361-35 =seats , Over 'Psterkawo. " sion: on he Tupelo TouchdoWn . In South 33:-BB ei..L4..aai ar, Mat; 014 by j bill My : C,3;id*ell : in, Woodville Plays Berdnii7 : gee. omn.img pr-:-<:1-.2,nt, or %. des:.. .Celdwell told of the exItivii,ies RubblIra 94d 4- Witi''''tIn Of his club. And i. eoA' it berat.tted Center Bill woodi'lle. on '',1'w : The TupaTo athlet.c Prhograsut std of n Points: bY :Aav 4,: After :Caldwell's : dteo..Issten, Treppliendabl,:droPPed Agnicela: Doug. Hammond was named . 30-20 and St. Martin Of: :Biloxi : (Ca:Waned on Pare six) eliminaAell Bogue Chitto 511-42.: paign.

eel 1:onlie



Feb. 22, 1962, Thurs., Daily Corinthian, 67#39, p. 5, c. 7-8

April 2, 1962, Mon., Daily Corinthian, 67 #66, p. 2, col. 1-2

17 RJDt

. COP.1.1,14.

Hur1ey Gels Pad; Dame!! Reporting Date 'The â&#x20AC;˘xamasn. preught .d.:Ungt7 of great Soy"- to Codr.th's two miner league baseball players

this week--a contract for Hans Hurley, bit second within 10 des's, and a repardng daze for



Hurley, a ,Itcher in the CiecfrzetL Reds' orgatazation, 'received his lost contract earls i66.t .w,rek; bus relined . to saga it,- because 3: did n.if :cover his a7.:Pen$es 1tOrne after the corn3.3C2 ceases. It seems the - Animal" gut stuck tor an 380 0160.0 trip herne after dro 1351.seasint, and he one not goitt. -to ploy :he role of the env". this time around. Well, Alin:ides' liseie.igor 'another .6outrect,..and 4 catered.

;3.0311. e alter Vat: seas,t-a. Ere sired it: dropped tt he the mail ants all set tor the now campaf-ell..."

S. DARNELL Tile eestroxt caned lor HayIe.y, 20, to return to Genera, N. Y., of the C'q<. , Ii New YOrkPentsylyanla League where he compiled a 2-3 won-lost record 'earned run average in

his firs; taste of professional baseball loot simmer.. Darntll, who .5.44(7.1. his1962 cor.-aci in. January, reesiv-p,3 enclose Monday that he was to repO7t to Thes011, Adz., Margie 1, â&#x20AC;˘ 15 for nixing training 05th the Sar,..- Lake City -Rees of the Tatrxte A Pacific Coast acanuo. Lae: stammer, in his etfon In the ploy-fOrlas7 Daradi, a catcher in the Clic-, a.go Cubs' ores...2A=00. =0.0,001 1

[3e bail at a .735 01.13 acedper. bole ed of

teas Appalachian League,

March 2, 1962, Fri., Daily Corinthian, 67#45, p. 5, c. 2

Graduation 3 P.M. Tuesday , __.hs School. Auditorium 1!tea - School V.I/ depart -

from tradttion this year by hays'aidents â&#x20AC;˘delfver the comet center: addresses the pavt, has been the practice of the school to invite wei-knonm per sonalites as keynote speakers. 1 The complete program, achedidAd for 8 p.m. Tuesday it the

) auditor-aâ&#x20AC;˘. is as. f02.01cts: ocesgonai, "Pomp and cumstance," played by Judy Pais. nen and Becky Gray. Invocaton by the Rev Tomlinson. Welcome by Dianna . Meier, pre. sfd-ent of the senior cia.ss "Preserytag the ,ArneriCall burn Gardner. otigli Knowledge and Leas.

Candy Stari-'eg

4 Noma:Mute. Awakenirg , Pat"- lorisnt" Davis. Presentation e/ = class ' rcation of 4.te ete dCe Warren Femire. n M2. Delivery of ttplomas L .4-ce. Supt. 3 1) Prt Peen-lire and Day." songradwation Clams .2., Mater. Benedicizon by Rev. Totm.nsoil. RecessimaL downsta.irs of the auditorwill be reserved for guestsium with invitations only The balmm will be open to the gener.si pubSY ImProving Intftii -.errarent".

May 21, 1962, Mon., Daily Corinthian, 67 #101, p. 8. cof. 6-8


I member their last season of high

school games; so do the cheerleaders . . ;How 'bout the sua Perlative honors? . . The Follies . the arrival of the annuals . . The senior members of the band attended their last 1 contest at Jackson he



"egtt'ar mt.et11.4 cf the bas_ I Library Club was held at 12:301

;fig a t county• L 'Ir d-Lulalu ketball season . . . Speech class on April • Mrs.• Joe Chapman I and an that Junior High librarian, presentfunny make-up-

ed a demonstration on book t

The Senior Play It's been mending. She illustrated the a full and wonderful year for all ways in which a book may be c the seniors and there is still mended and the many uses of

more to come . . Baccalureate Service . . . Graduation Ceremonies . . The Senior Trip . .

this art. The members then practiced repairing books by the

meths ds outlined by Mrs. ChapTwelve milled years climaxed man. with the receiving of your diplo'62 club • mas. Then you'll be gone will Miss you . „ . the

'62 Club met April 30 at the Vi.o.w. with Patricia Jobe presiding. Pees for railroad in.

noise in the halls, the racket in homeroom and the disturbance in the library, C.H.S. just won't be the same without you

surance were taken up and the roll was caned by Becky Perkins, usecretary. The New York

Your places will be filled by • others next year for time must trip was discussed and all the nicv. forward To von the Sen- club members` wish to see a ha-midway play while in New York may order their tickets new car wash will be held

iors of 1962, we give OUT heart

felt congratulations, the best of luck and a sad but necessary good bye.

Saturday at the YMCA and radio Program will be given 1; Emma Eoswick The Mims Boswick was host to a Dutch supper for the Niargie Gregg Tri HI-Y

Re is: Milton Sandy He likes: Eiggersville, Physics,


cently at the YMCA. After short ineettng the President,

trig., going places

Sandra Davis, dismissed the


He dislikes: People tam me I to do something when I'm aIreact,/ busy .

His favorite food: Barbeoue, French fries, pizza


F.H.A. F.H.A.


met recently for the purse of electing officers for the coming yeax. Each person

I me ' favorite pastime: Taking rani ns for office was interpictures, running around in cir- viewed by Mary Eliabeth liPS and then voted upon. The I cles new officers are as follows: if His favorite music: President, Conchita Barnes; a Floyd Cramer Vice President, Judy Webb; Secretary, Ruth Ann Alexander;

She is: Noma Winte She likes: letters, baseball,

Treasurer, Carolyn Davis; Par- I ile:mental-len, Barbara Tinin; Reporter, Hilda Hutchins; and

and going Places She dislikes: changeable peo- Song Leaders, Ann Dickson a ple, graduation, and people with vary Jo Bennett.

a, don't care attitude Her favorite food: pizza, steams. Her favorite pastime talking on the phone, trying to straighten

out confused music May 4, 1962, Fri., Daily Corinthian, 87 #89, p. 12, col 3-6

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