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17–22 August 10am–3pm Free entry



WELCOME TO THE 2019 MLC ART EXHIBITION We are once again proud to host a MLC Art Exhibition and sale in support of the visual arts at Methodist Ladies’ College. Seventy artists have been chosen based on their medium, style and professional practice, as well as their relationship to MLC. Almost half of these creative individuals are members of the MLC community. We are also excited to announce the inaugural MLC Collegians’ Non-Acquisitive Art Award, kindly donated by the MLC Collegians’ Association in support of a MLC Collegian artist. All artworks are for sale and proceeds from purchases will go towards supporting the visual arts at the College, for example, through artwork purchases, artist residencies or commissions. HOW TO BUY ART On opening night doors open at 6.30pm. At 6.50pm the exhibition will be opened by Fleur Schell and the inaugural MLC Collegians’ Non-Acquisitive Art Award winner will be announced. Sales commence at 7pm. When you have identified the artwork(s) you would like to buy, find a student runner (wearing her MLC uniform) to assist you. They will write the purchase slip, place a red sticker on the chosen artwork label and direct you to the sales desk. Full purchase price must be paid at the time of purchase. We accept EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard and cash. All items will remain on display (with unsold items still available for purchase) until the end of the exhibition. Works can be collected by the buyer after the exhibition on Saturday 24 August or by making an appointment at a time that suits. Please bring your receipt when collecting works, along with some wrapping material to protect your artwork(s). If your favourite artwork is already sold, please speak to the salesperson about commissions or similar works that may be available for purchase. Thank you for your support. Cover image Pink Lake, Jarrod Saw 1

PETER BARKER Peter Barker is a Perth-based artist who studied classical realism in Florence. He continued his studies as an assistant to master Norwegian figurative painter Odd Nerdrum. His works can be found in the Kerry Stokes collection and many private collections around the world.

1 IT’S GOING TO BE A BEAUTIFUL DAY Oil on canvas 76 x 101cm | $2,200

2 THE MIST Oil on board 27 x 40cm | $680

3 THE CREEK Oil on board 20 x 30cm | $480

SARAH-MAY BA XTER (CURRENT PARENT) Sarah-May Baxter is an award-winning Western Australian ceramic artist. Her designs have been inspired by her numerous travels, especially to Europe and the Middle East, and draw inspiration from bright colours of the Australian landscape. Sarah-May has work on display at Clay House, Studio Gallery and The Artisan Store.

4 L ARGE GREEN PL AT TER Ceramic 44cm diameter | $325


5 L ARGE RED CONE BOWL Ceramic 36cm diameter | $295

6 ORANGE SAL AD BOWL Ceramic 31cm diameter | $225

7 MEDIUM YELLOW FRUIT BOWL Ceramic 29cm diameter | $195

8 MEDIUM RED CONE BOWL Ceramic 28.5cm diameter | $185

MERYL BELL , 1940–2009 (COLLEGIAN, 1957) Meryl Bell painted Australian native flora from 1974. Most of her works took two to three years to complete, as Meryl painted from life while flowers were in bloom. As flowers died, little creatures emerged from their flower homes and these too were captured. Meryl’s paintings can be found in private collections around the world.

9 HOVEA AND WAT TLE Oil on canvas 53 x 44cm | $23,990

10 TRACES OF SUMMER Oil on canvas 65 x 53cm | $20,990


MADI BODYCOAT (COLLEGIAN, 2015) Madi Bodycoat is a young, emerging artist currently completing her fine art degree at the University of WA. As a student and a baker, Madi has developed a love for black and white mediums and the cafĂŠ environment. Madi recently hosted a solo exhibition.

11 GROUNDED Ink and charcoal 84 x 120cm | $950

LYNNE BOL ADERAS (COLLEGIAN, 1971) Lynne paints watercolours and sketches in journals while travelling in remote areas. She then develops these themes into larger works in her studio. Lynne’s current body of work was inspired by a trip through the central deserts of Western Australia.

12 NEALE BREAK AWAYS 3 Watercolour 55 x 46cm | $585


LIZ BOZSA (COLLEGIAN, 2006; CURRENT STAFF MEMBER) Liz’s work delves into the realm of birds. She uses watercolour paints and expressive mark making, drawing on fond childhood experiences of native Australian wildlife to inform her work.

13 MR MONTE Watercolour 76 x 96cm | $1,800

14 CASSY THE CASSOWARY Watercolour 74 x 74cm | $1,000

15 CARNABY AND HIS GUMNUT Watercolour 40 x 49cm | $500

SIMONE CAMPBELL-POPE (COLLEGIAN, 1998) Simone has been a full-time artist for more than 10 years. She has been a finalist in the Black Swan Portrait Prize and the Shirley Hannan Portrait Award. Simone continues to paint portraits, seascapes and murals.

16 BABY MOO SUNRISE Acrylic on linen 100 x 100cm | $3,200

17 UNRUFFLED Oil on canvas 120 x 90cm | $4,800


MIK AEL A CASTLEDINE Mikaela has worked as a professional artist across the mediums of collage and sculpture for nearly 30 years. She has won the Sculpture by the Sea Scholarship and the Sculpture Inside Award at Sculpture by the Sea Cottesloe. In 2018 she was the recipient of the prestigious Mandorla Art Prize and People’s Choice Award.

20 FERAL CAT #7 Crocheted polypropylene and galvanised steel 30 x 33 x 69cm | $2,500

21 FERAL CAT #14 Crocheted polypropylene and galvanised steel 73 x 19 x 52cm | $2,500

STEPHEN CASTLEDINE Stephen Castledine is an award-winning artist and graphic designer. He enjoys the freedom of using watercolour in his paintings and continues to pursue his passion for drawing. His work is represented in private collections in Australia and overseas.

22 THE COLLECTOR Ink and digital 80 x 64cm | $550

23 TREE (31° 57’51”S/116° 3’4”E) Watercolour 80 x 85cm | $1,320

24 TREE (31° 57’24”S/116° 2’1”E) Watercolour 72 x 75cm | $1,320

MADELINE CL ARE Madeline is an interdisciplinary artist working in textiles, paint and print. She is currently drawing upon holistic modalities to explore the embedded feminine in ecology.

25 MIND THE GAP #2 Print and stitch 40 x 40cm | $590

26 MIND THE GAP #3 Print and stitch 40 x 40cm | $590

27 MIND THE GAP #5 Print and stitch 60 x 40cm | $990

28 TO LOVE A WOM AN #1 Oil 60 x 30cm | $620


HELEN CL ARKE (COLLEGIAN, 1962) As a printmaker working in the mediums of linocuts, etchings and mixed media, Helen explores the Australian landscape, flora and fauna and how they interact within the environment.

29 BURRINGURRAH, GASCOYNE Reduction lino 65 x 83cm | $970

30 BANKSIA AT TENUATA Reduction lino 85 x 58cm | $970

31 CAESIA II Reduction lino 85 x 58cm | $970

MOIRA COURT Moira Court is a printmaker and children’s book illustrator. She is inspired by nature, conservation folklore and folk art. A 2007 Crichton Award finalist, Moira was also shortlisted for the WA Premier’s Book Award in 2014. Moira has work held in private and public collections.

32 BOA Print, collage on rag paper 27 x 30cm | $75


33 GRIFFIN Print, collage on rag paper 27 x 30cm | $75

34 M ANTICORE Print, collage on rag paper 27 x 30cm | $75

35 UNICORN Print, collage on rag paper 27 x 30cm | $75

36 PHOENIX Print, collage on rag paper 27 x 30cm | $75

BRYONY CRAWFORD (COLLEGIAN, 1985; CURRENT STAFF) Bryony studied art in Zurich and Glascow. She was a Siemens Prize winner in 2007. Of her artworks, Bryony says: “We are all involved in the secret drama of feelings. The endless small adjustments of balance required to accommodate the shifts within ourselves and between others.”

37 WARM LOVE Gouache on paper 46 x 97cm | $350

38 UNTITLED Gouache on paper 112 x 150cm | $200

39 FAINT Gouache on paper 46 x 97cm | $350




JENNY DAVIES (CURRENT PARENT) Jenny is known for her quirky animal portraits. Jenny has exhibited and sold throughout Australia and is currently working towards a portrait for the 2019 Lester Portrait Award.

40 MLC GIRL Oil on linen 40 x 50cm | $620

41 MOO Oil on canvas 60 x 60cm | $750

42 READING Oil on linen 40 x 50cm | $620

ROB DAVIS (MA RCA) Rob Davis has been a practising artist for 55 years. He is a Royal College of Art, London, graduate, a Doug Moran Portrait Prize finalist and a winner of the Cossack Prize. Rob is currently painting the fisherman of Kerala, India.

43 CHINESE L ADY WITH FAN Oil and gold leaf

44 CORNUCOPIA OF FLOWERS Oil and gold leaf

60 x 50cm | $1,200

68 x 62cm | $1,200 11

SHARON DAWES (CURRENT STAFF) Sharon has been exhibiting locally and nationally since 2007. Her work reflects her love of animals and an interest in the properties of paint—particularly in how paint can be applied in specific ways to deepen the understanding of an animal.

45 DAVID Oil on canvas 100 x 100cm | $2,300

46 GOLIATH Oil on canvas 100 x 100cm | $2,300 (as a diptych $4,200)

MARYANN DEVEREUX (COLLEGIAN, 1968) Maryann began exhibiting in 1996. Her work continues to evolve but what remains consistent is her love of texture. Maryann works in collage and other mediums, and shares her knowledge through workshops and demonstrations.

47 LOW TIDE (TRIPT YCH) Mixed media 80 x 240cm | $3,200


48 BEACHED Mixed media 60 x 80cm | $1,800

49 STILL LIFE Mixed media 64 x 71cm | $1,400

PIPPIN DRYSDALE (COLLEGIAN, 1960) Pippin Drysdale is an acclaimed local, national and international artist. Her vessels are known for their colour, form, line and texture, reflecting the Australian landscape. Her ceramic forms are represented in numerous collections including the National Gallery of Australia and the Museum of Modern Ceramic Art in Japan.

50 KIMBERLY SERIES 2019 Porcelain 11 x 14cm | $650

51 PILBARA SERIES 2019 Porcelain 15 x 12cm | $1,100

53 CONSTELL ATION X Gold and platinum lustre 13 x 16cm | $3,800

54 CONSTELL ATION X Gold and platinum lustre 14 x 16cm | $3,800

52 DEVIL’S M ARBLE 2017 Porcelain 27 x 26cm | $5,500


STUART EARNSHAW (CURRENT STAFF) Stuart is Head of Creative Arts and Design and Technology at Methodist Ladies’ College. The Silent Witness series found its origins in visits to granite outcrops in the Western Australian Wheatbelt. Beginning as landscapes, the works evolved into abstract forms representing the eroded fragments of ancient monoliths.

55 SILENT WITNESS 1 Watercolour, pencil and collage 48 x 38.5cm | $450

56 SILENT WITNESS 2 Watercolour, pencil and collage 48 x 38.5cm | $450

57 SILENT WITNESS 3 Watercolour, pencil and collage 48 x 38.5cm | $450

NEIL ELLIOTT Neil is an award-winning Perth Hills-based painter and sculptor. His mixed media work is created with a sense of humour. In 2017 Neil was awarded a state-wide touring exhibition of his sculptures through Art On The Move.

58 TOP HAT AND TEA Acrylic on board 120 x 80cm | $2,400


59 MONT Y Found objects 46 x 40 x 40cm | $1,100

DOROTHY ERICKSON (COLLEGIAN, 1956) Dorothy Erickson is an internationally exhibiting artist with work held in major collections in Australia, the UK, Switzerland and Germany. Dorothy has held more than 40 solo exhibitions and participated in some 350 group exhibitions globally.

60 WILDFLOWER CARPET: RING Tourmaline, amethyst, peridot, 18ct gold, sterling silver 3.3 x 3.3 x 3.3cm | $1,072

61 A METHYST HENGE: NECKL ACE Amethyst, gold-plated stirling silver 2 x 17 x 17 cm | $594

63 CALY THRIZ EMPETROIDES: NECKRING Sterling silver, amethyst gold-plated silver 30 x 30 x 4cm | $1,485

64 OCEAN REWARDS III: NECKL ACE Freshwater Pearls, 24ct gold-plated silver 2 x 16 x 16 cm | $578

62 PURPLE TASSELS: PENDANT Sterling silver, steel cable, amethysts on oxidized silver rope 68 x 14 x 14cm | $1,140


K AREN FRANKEL Karen is a professional artist, art educator and founder of Galleria Art Studio, where she worked for more than 15 years. In addition to her many awards from the West Australian Society of Arts, Karen was the recipient of a major prize in the 2018 Vasse Art Exhibition.

65 SOUTH Mixed media 61 x 61cm | $800

66 PILBARA SK Y Mixed media 150 x 60cm | $1,800

67 BORANUP Mixed media 100 x 150cm | $3,500

STACY GARDOLL (CURRENT STAFF) Stacy creates contemporary realist paintings on natural themes, often focusing on botanicals and landscapes. Stacy strives to capture the calmness and stillness of nature as a source of reflection and meditation, and as a respite from the busyness of domestic life.

68 DOLCE VITA Oil on canvas 60 x 50cm | $950


69 REVERIE Oil on canvas 60 x 50cm | $950

70 RHAPSODY IN VIOLET Oil on canvas 50 x 40cm | $900



JENNIFER GAYE Jennifer is a Western Australian creative professional with more than 25 years’ experience in art and fashion. Jennifer draws inspiration from the beauty of movement and colour, and from nature’s cycles and their gentle touch on our urbanity.

71 UNDER CURRENT Textile collage, hand and machine stitched, acrylic, print 100 x 200 x 5cm | $3,900

ANNE GEE Anne’s unique works have evolved from a deep love of the sea, maps, storytelling imagery and her own journeys and childhood memories. Anne’s art pieces range from intricate, hand-crafted paper-cut works to ink pen maps to stunning three-dimensional paper sculptures under glass.

72 SPIRIT OF FREM ANTLE Paper 45 x 60cm | $830


73 POD TERRAFIRM A Paper and ink 65 x 55cm | $840

74 BOYHOOD WONDER Vintage book paper, wood, cloth, thread 17 x 17 x 7cm | $215

75 LUCY ALL AT SEA Vintage book paper, wood, cloth, thread 21 x 12 x 12cm | $215

76 BOY ’S OWN ADVENTURE Vintage book paper, wood, cloth, thread 21 x 12 x 12cm | $215

VALERIE GLOVER (PAST PARENT) Valerie is a Curtin University Fine Art graduate. She has had four solo exhibitions and was the recipient of the South Perth Art Award in 2003. Her work is held in many collections in Perth, Western Australia.

77 MOLTEN PORTALS Acrylic on canvas 140 x 120cm | $780

78 OCEANIC PORTALS Acrylic on canvas 142 x 120cm | $780


SALLY GRAINGER (COLLEGIAN, 1984; PAST PARENT) Sally has recently found painting as a way to slow down and process the joy around her. Her background in areas such as architecture, urban design and commercial photography are a base for this creative exploration. Sally enjoys picking up a paintbrush and painting over a previous work to see what might evolve next.

79 PIECING IT TOGETHER Acrylic on canvas 76 x 76cm | $550

80 DOWN SOUTH CAPTURED Photograph and acrylic 81 x 122cm | $750

TOBY GUEST Toby has been a picture framer for 15 years. He has recently taken up sculpting and resin casting as an artistic outlet. Toby’s work in this exhibition combines his love for modern paintings, resin effects and gilding.

81 MOLTEN #1 Acrylic, resin, gold and white gold leaf on linen 84 x 84 x 4.5cm (framed) | $1,200 20

MARY HEWETT (PAST PARENT) Mary Hewett has been painting for 45 years. She is inspired by nature and enjoys experimenting with colour, tone and form.

82 FRENCH ROSES Acrylic 46 x 46cm | $400

83 HECTIC Acrylic 100 x 100cm | $1,000

JORDY HEWITT (COLLEGIAN, 2002) As part of her sixth and biggest exhibition, Life Outside is taken from a series of paintings made after the birth of Jordy’s first child. Colours are reduced and toned down to become light and pearlescent. This series signifies the world beyond the insular, metamorphic realm of motherhood.

84 LIFE OUTSIDE XII Oil and wax on canvas 62 x 47cm | $1,300

85 LIFE OUTSIDE XX VII Oil and wax on canvas 125 x 94cm | $3,100

86 LIFE OUTSIDE VII Oil and wax on canvas 62 x 47cm | $1,300





BRONWEN HOLDING Bronwen is a self-taught ceramic artist based in Perth. She creates everlasting flowers from earthenware clay. Each petal, flower and leaf is hand formed from clay, twice kiln fired and hand painted with glaze.


87 HYDRANGEAS Ceramic 20 x 20 x 20cm | $180

88 POPPIES Ceramic flowers with glass vase 30 x 15 x 15cm | $170

90 FOREVER FRESH Ceramic 25 x 20 x 20cm | $450

91 SPRING BOUQUET Ceramic flowers and glass vase 50 x 25 x 25cm | $750

89 DAISY Ceramic 10 x 10 x 10cm | $175

SUE K AL AB Sue is a well-established professional artist who specialises in watercolour depictions of Australian nature. Sue has had more than 24 solo exhibitions and in 2018 enjoyed continued success when exhibiting with the Collie Art Gallery.

92 WHITE ON WHITE Watercolour 80 x 100cm | $3,000

93 TIMELESSNESS Watercolour 80 x 100cm | $3,000

KIYA K ALEM Kiya’s love of art began at a young age. She is currently exploring different mediums and styles to better develop her ability to express her artistic vision. Kiya currently has works on display at The Artisan Store in Fremantle.

94 FALLING BLOSSOMS Acrylic on canvas 122 x 93.5cm | $820

95 PINK PROTEA Acrylic on canvas 30 x 30cm | $180


KRIS KEEN Kris is a retired architect who has been painting all his life. His subjects are life actions, landscapes and the quirkiness of sheep and cows who invade his paintings.

96 SUNDAY MORNING BEACH Acrylic 38 x 91cm | $395

97 SANTA’S HOLIDAY Acrylic, pen and ink 79 x 36cm | $300

ALIX KORTE As a graphic designer and illustrator, Alix has never lost a love of line work, colour and composition. Some of her favourite subjects are animals, from working dogs to fish, along with people and water. She was a 2012 Black Swan Heritage Award finalist and has works held in corporate and private collections.

98 L ACE UP Oil on canvas 107 x 80cm | $1,900

99 SNORKEL TRAIL (ROT TNEST ISL AND) Oil on canvas 61 x 61cm | $650


100 COMING HOME Oil on canvas 61 x 61cm | $650

MIA L AING Mia is an award-winning local professional oil painter. Crossing all genres, from still life to pet portraits, Mia is inspired by the Western Australian lifestyle.

101 THE PL AT TER PROJECT Oil on canvas 91 x 91cm | $1,950

102 DELIGHT Oil on canvas 45 x 55cm | $1,100

103 WALK THROUGH THE SHADOWS Oil on canvas 71 x 86cm | $1,500

RENIA L AKOMY (PAST PARENT) Renia says: “Art lasts forever. You grow up with the art you have in your home. It goes with you. And you don’t create your art collection all at once—it evolves over time. Art is a time stamp of a place and time in your life. You’ll never feel remorse after surrounding yourself with art you love.”

104 MOODY HORIZON Oil on canvas 50 x 50cm | $350

105 OPENING UP Oil on canvas 60 x 75cm | $500

106 M AGNOLIA DESIRE Oil on canvas 50 x 50cm | $350




LOUISE MAL ARVIE (REPRESENTED BY MOSSENSON GALLERIES) Louise is an emerging artist developing images to reflect information taught to her by her elders. She says: “In my country, there is a big lake called Barrawool (Lake Gregory). When it is windy, waves form and sparkle in the sunshine. We call it nyabal, nyabal.” Work by Louise is represented in the National Gallery of Australia.

107 NYABAL NYABAL Acrylic on canvas 76 x 76cm | $2,500

108 FLICKING WATER NGARBA Acrylic on canvas 76 x 76cm | $2,500

CAROLINE MARINOVICH Art has always been a part of Caroline’s life. She started drawing her family at a young age, and went on to gain a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours in painting and design. In 2008, she was a Black Swan Portrait Prize finalist.

109 COSY AFTERNOON Pastel on paper 86 x 72cm | $890

110 UP THE SWAN Acrylic on canvas 51 x 51cm | $480


LESLEY MARSHALL (CURRENT PARENT) Lesley began painting after she arrived in Australia in 2010. Originally from Scotland, she is constantly amazed by the light and strong shadows. Lesley has exhibited at Claremont, Cannington and Stirling Councils, as well as at Tresillian Arts Centre.

111 EMERGENCE Mixed media 100 x 100cm | $850

112 DAPPLED LIGHT AT THOMSON BAY Mixed media 50 x 50cm | $550

113 FADING LIGHT AT PARAKEET BAY Mixed media 60 x 60cm | $750

ANNA M C EACHRAN (COLLEGIAN, 1996) Anna has been a professional artist for more than 20 years. With works capturing the mood and emotion of her subjects, Anna has been a finalist in many art awards.

114 NOT FADE AWAY … Oil on canvas 61 x 51cm | $1,400


115 GIGI ... Oil on canvas 76 x 76cm | $3,000

CARMEN M C FAULL The allure of Rottnest, Bali, Europe, India and the South West provides Carmen with endless painting possibilities. Her paintings combine a love of colour and a desire to capture all things beautiful in our world.

116 DUST ACROSS THE SALT L AKE Acrylic 80 x 80cm | $2,100

117 FLOATING WITH FRANGIPANIS Acrylic 35 x 70cm | $1,150

118 A WALK IN THE SHALLOWS Acrylic 48 x 48cm | $800

JEN MELLOR (PAST PARENT) Jen paints from her studio in Claremont as a plein-air artist. Her works have a strong, subtle tonal colour palette that gives them a dynamic and expressive character. Jen is represented by five galleries across Australia.

119 INJIDUP BEACH Oil 43 x 43cm | $950

120 COUNTRY YONDER Oil 93 x 93cm | $2,650

121 APPLE AND BOWL Oil 40 x 40cm | $920


AL AN MEYBURGH Alan’s sculptures are created from a diverse range of media and materials. His work is designed to create meaningful connections between a sense of the past, excitement for the present and anticipation of the future. They are interactive and engaging.

122 ELEGANCE OF THE EGRET Rusted and treated mild steel, oiled and polished timber 100 x 90 x 60cm | $1,700

BRITT MIKKELSEN Britt is an artist working predominantly as a sculptor. She has exhibited numerous times at Sculpture by the Sea and received the Helen Lempriere Scholarship for an emerging artist in 2018. She is represented in numerous collections and is currently represented by the Studio Gallery Yallingup.

123 ANTIBODIES II Ink on paper 70 x 70cm | $820


124 ANTIBODIES II Ink on paper 70 x 70cm | $820

125 MEL ANOSPORUM Timber, acrylic, resin and string 45 x 35cm | $1,800

VANESSA MILNER (COLLEGIAN, 1991; CURRENT PARENT; CURRENT STAFF MEMBER) Vanessa Milner draws her inspiration from her dreams, emotional world and relationships with others. Vanessa’s recent collaborations have included commissioned artworks and residencies. Her artworks are held in the University of WA public collection and private collections around the world.

126 HYPOCRISY Acrylic and mixed media 104 x 104cm | $1,500

127 EDEN IS BURNING Acrylic and mixed media 104 x 104cm | $1,500

GORDON MITCHELL Gordon is an artist, designer and sculptor. His current practice is focussed on the design and creation of sitespecific sculpture. Gordon has exhibited at Sculpture by the Sea in Cottesloe and Bondi, and has been the recipient of numerous private and corporate commissions.

128 THE SURVEYOR Acrylic on board 60 x 60cm | $2,600

129 BREATHE Acrylic on board 60 x 60cm | $2,600

130 QUENDA Colten steel (welded) 60 x 40 x 70cm | $550


131 BEHIND THE 8BALL Steel 28 x 68 x 63cm | $2,000

132 THE CURATOR 2 Mixed media, aluminium, stone 33 x 23 x 48cm | $2,400

GEORGINA MOSS Georgina has been a practising artist for 20 years. Her painting for this exhibition was mostly done on location at a remote site in the Kimberleys.

133 GORGE , FITZROY CROSSING Watercolour 75 x 90cm | $700 34

ROSEMARY MOST YN (COLLEGIAN, 1957; PAST PARENT) Working in the hand-pulled printmaking technique, Rosemary explores the patterns, textures and geographical forms of the outback. She has exhibited locally and internationally and is represented in private and public collections. She was the Printmaking York Society Arts and Crafts Award recipient in 2016 and 2018.

134 L AND TRACES Collagraph hand-pulled print 42 x 61cm | $380

135 DEEP EARTH I Collagraph hand-pulled print 48 x 68cm | $435

136 L AND PAT TERNS I Collagraph hand-pulled print 72 x 66cm | $450

MARGIE OLDFIELD (COLLEGIAN, 1985; PAST PARENT) Margie combines her scientific background with a passion for creating. Margie works with a variety of mediums and considers herself a presenter of the natural world rather than an artist. She has held four solo exhibitions.

137 CARP Oil on rice paper 30 x 90cm | $360


ANITA PHILLIPS Working in oils, watercolours and encaustic wax, Anita is largely a self-taught artist. Anita was raised in the Wheatbelt, and many of her works are grounded in her love of the vast skies, horizon and weather of the Australian landscape.

138 TRAVELLING HOME EARLY Oil on canvas 51 x 51cm | $960

139 THINGS NOT SOUGHT Oil on canvas 51 x 51cm | $960

SUSAN PRICE (COLLEGIAN, 1983) Susan started her art journey in the MLC art department with Miss Smith (MLC teacher from 1978–1993). Susan is a contemporary artist and finds inspiration in human emotion and nature. She works mainly with acrylic but also enjoys using mixed media.

140 LILIES Acrylic 73 x 83cm | $900


141 CA MELLIA Acrylic 66 x 36cm | $400



JUDY ROGERS Judy gained attention with her disarming portraits and depictions of overlooked domestic subjects. Her work spans intricate mixed media works and public sculpture. Judy participated in the Sinergia International Painting Festival, CETYS University, Mexico. She represented Australia at the 2016 G20 Art Agenda, Hangzhou, China.

142 FIREWOOD BANKSIA FLOWER Mixed media on board 39 x 39cm | $550

143 FIREWOOD BANKSIA POD 1 Mixed media on board 39 x 39cm | $550

144 FIREWOOD BANKSIA POD 2 Mixed media on board 39 x 39cm | $550

JAYNE ROLINSON (COLLEGIAN, 1981) Jayne has been a professional artist for 10 years. Her current works showcase stunning landscapes of the Mid West, Western Australia. She also runs popular art workshops inspiring people to find their inner artist.

145 WHISPERING TREES I Acrylic on canvas 78 x 78 x 4cm | $2,200


146 WHISPERING TREES 2 Acrylic on canvas 78 x 78 x 4cm | $2,200

147 BARREN L AND Acrylic on canvas 78 x 78 x 4cm | $2,500

ANNE RYAN (COLLEGIAN, 1954; PAST STAFF) Anne’s clay forms are strongly influenced by the natural world. She has been an art specialist and consultant at Edith Cowan University, has held numerous exhibitions and is represented in various private collections.

148 EVOLUTIONARY FOSSILS Clay 50 x 45cm | $250

JARROD SAW Jarrod is a local aerial photographer whose work has been featured in tourism campaigns promoting Western Australian locations. He has a keen interest in finding patterns and elements which emphasise the unique perspectives that aerial photography can bring to an already well-known location.

149 PINK L AKE Photographic print 85 x 60cm | $450

150 RORSCHACH REEF Photographic print 85 x 60cm | $450

151 SUGARLOAF ROCK Photographic print 85 x 60cm | $450


FLEUR SCHELL (COLLEGIAN, 1990) Fleur is drawn to the playful strangeness of Pop Surrealism and Contemporary Folk Art and continues to reference both genres while telling stories through porcelain and mixed media. She is recognised as one of Australia’s eminent ceramic artists and is featured in numerous collections.

152 THE WORLD IS FULL OF M AGICAL THINGS, JUST WAITING TO HAPPEN Porcelain, wire, polymer concrete, historical object 117 x 52 x 153cm | $12,000

153 UNLIKELY FRIENDSHIP Porcelain, illustration, historical object 93 x 40 x 60cm | $6,100

BEN SHERAR Ben is Perth-based and has spent many years travelling around the outback, taking in the scenery. Entirely self-taught, Ben creates works that endeavour to capture his surroundings in a realist manner while still maintaining some painterly aspects.


154 A DREA M OF WILD HORSES Oil on aluminium

155 ROLLING WAVES OF THOUGHT Oil on aluminium

122 x 122cm | $3,200

122 x 122cm | $3,200

156 DAYGLOW Oil on aluminium 100 x 100cm | $1,600

AMANDA SMITH (COLLEGIAN, 1988) Amanda loved art at MLC, where she was guided by talented teacher Mr John Garde. She studied art at Curtin University, and her creativity helps every aspect of her professional and personal life. She expresses herself through animal symbolism.

157 HOUND ON DIRT Acrylic 50 x 150cm | $550

DAVID SPENCER David is not bound to one style and enjoys letting instinct take over: “There’s nothing I’m bound to other than experimenting, so I can keep pushing and trying new things.”

158 LIKE WATERING CONCRETE Mixed media on canvas

159 THAT’S IT, THAT’S ALL OR M AYBE A LIT TLE MORE? Mixed media on canvas

152 x 122cm | $5,500

165 x 120cm | $5,900 41

SARAH THORNTON-SMITH Sarah is an artist-designer who loves working with colour. Curious about the way colour influences our lives, Sarah infuses her work with a gentle respect for the gifts of life, as shown in the connections we make every day.

160 STARBURST Gouache on paper 58.5 x 58.5cm | $880

161 FLOW Gouache on paper 61 x 61cm | $1,480

CHRISTEL VAN DER L A AN Christel’s practice is centred on a love of all manner of materials and how they can be transformed into poetic jewellery objects. Since 2008, she has worked with ceramic honeycomb, a refractory material on the jeweller’s workbench, which she carves and sands. Christel’s work has been exhibited in Australia and internationally.


162 MOTHER AND PEARL BROOCH Painted sterling silver, 18ct gold,

163 SOUND OF THEN BROOCH Silver, ceramic honeycomb,

akoya pearls, mother of pearl 6.5 x 6.5 x 1.8cm | $1,450

antique brass beads 6.8 x 7.2 x 1.2cm | $980

164 SOUND OF THEN EARRINGS Ceramic honeycomb, 18ct gold, acrylic, antique-cut steel pins 7.5 x 1.6 x 1.4cm | $1,150

165 SOUND OF THEN EARRINGS Ceramic honeycomb, 18ct gold, acrylic, oxidised sterling silver 3.8 x 1.3 x 1.2cm | $380

166 CORAL BROOCH Carved ceramic honeycomb, 18ct gold, acrylic, painted and oxidised silver 6 x 5 x 3cm | $1,250

FRAN VAUX KOENIG (COLLEGIAN, 1964) From her home studio in Perth, Fran paints in oils and also encaustic wax. She has been a finalist in the Minnawarra, ArtGeo and Cossack Art Awards and she has exhibited twice this year in the United States of America.

167 EDWARD’S BOUGAINVILLEA Oil on canvas 90 x 145cm | $2,100 43

JOIE VILLENEUVE Joie has been a professional artist for more than 25 years. These paintings are from a current series, titled Whale Song, that honours the ocean and its greatest inhabitant while bringing attention to the serenity of the underwater world.

168 SEA DEEP MELODY Mixed media and wood 33 x 33cm | $450

169 SEA SAW Mixed media and wood 33 x 33cm | $450

170 THERE SHE BLOWS Mixed media and wood 33 x 33cm | $450

HELENA WALDMANN With a background in photography, Helena enjoys observing the patterns and textures found in nature. These recent works in porcelain reflect her interest in native plants. They are made by pressing botanical samples into the wet clay and then using a coloured underglaze to accentuate the forms.


171 NECKL ACE 1 Glazed porcelain beads with native plant impressions and

172 NECKL ACE 2 Glazed porcelain beads with native plant impressions and

bamboo thread 20 x 14 x 5cm | $220

bamboo thread 7 x 7 x 2cm | $65

173 NECKL ACE 3 Glazed porcelain beads with native plant impressions and bamboo thread 5 x 6 x 2cm | $65

174 BROOCH 1 Glazed porcelain with banksia baxteri imprint, magnet clasp 6 x 4cm | $35

175 BROOCH 2 Glazed porcelain with banksia baxteri imprint, magnet clasp 4 x 4cm | $35

RHIANNON WALKER (CURRENT STAFF) Rhiannon is an emerging artist based in Fremantle. She works in many art forms and is currently inspired by the natural world around her, mainly life in the ocean.

176 RHINCODON Acrylic on canvas 55 x 105.5cm | $1,200

177 PHYCODURUS EQUES Acrylic on canvas 55 x 44.5cm | $900

178 HIPPOCA MPUS Archival ink on paper 44 x 31cm | $450


LYN WARD (COLLEGIAN, 1964) Lyn Ward grew up in Quairading on Balardong Nyungar Boodja and now lives in Dunsborough on Wardandi Nyungar Boodja. Her inspiration has always been drawn from the natural environment: granite boulders, the capacity of seeds, the resilience of the earth, the vastness of the oceans and the strength of the human spirit.

179 WILLIA M BAY Acrylic on canvas 50 x 120cm | $2,960

180 DANGIN, GHOST GIMLET Acrylic on canvas 75 x 100cm | $1,850

181 THE SENTINEL Paper mache, mixed media 40 x 40 x 30cm | $820

AMANDA WOODWARD (CURRENT PARENT) Amanda discovered her passion for painting as a teenager and went on to study Fine Arts at UNSW. Amanda has exhibited on the east coast and in the Middle East. The colour, texture and movement in her work is inspired by landscape.

182 CRESCENT HEAD Acrylic on canvas 91 x 121cm | $1,200


183 TURBULENCE Acrylic on canvas 101 x 152cm | $1,800

184 SUMMER PASSION Acrylic on canvas 91 x 121cm | $1,200

DANI WRIGHT (COLLEGIAN, 1984) Dani has been painting for more than 15 years and has had many successful solo exhibitions. She believes the use of colour is very important to achieve a sense of fun, movement and energy.

185 BOUQUET DES FLEURS Oil 76 x 122cm | $1,300


JILL YELL AND Jill studied and worked in graphic design in Australia and Switzerland. She started working with glass in 2003, and she has studied glass techniques with numerous renowned glass artists from Europe, Canada and the US. Most of her work is inspired by the colours, textures and forms of the Western Australian outback.


186 OUTBACK Pate de verde and glass, slumped 38cm | $450

187 PINDAN BOWL Kiln-formed glass 31cm | $350

189 PINDAN PL AT TER Kiln formed, powder/glass 30cm | $300

190 KIMBERLY COLOURS Kiln-formed glass 19cm | $145

188 RARE EARTH Powder and glass, deckle edged 30cm | $325

THANK YOU The 2019 MLC Art Exhibition is an unforgettable event thanks to our generous sponsors. Our ongoing support of them is a fitting way to say thank you on behalf of MLC.


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Join us at the MLC Advantage Morning* on Tuesday 29 October to find out more about our learning adventures. A College of the Uniting Church | 356 Stirling Highway Claremont WA 6010 T +618 9383 0244 E W CRICOS Provider Code 00441G

*Please visit our website for details and to book.


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MLC 2019 Art Exhibition Catalogue  

MLC 2019 Art Exhibition Catalogue