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By MLC Sports Information Director Mike Gibbons

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Paul ’s Wall By Paul A. Hoversten (Arizona Lutheran Academy)

The Hidden Arrow As it turns out, there is an arrow enveloped within the FedEx logo. I was told this time and time again, and each time I casually blew it off as some kind of urban legend. I never bothered to look for it. I can specifically remember the day when I saw, clear as day, a big bold arrow within the logo, right between the E and the X. As all such monumental discoveries do, this revelation blew my mind, much like when I discovered that the curly swirly bit on the Disney logo was, in fact, the letter D. At this point, it’s probably unsafe for me to drive when FedEx trucks are on the road; the arrow easily diverts my attention. Have you seen the arrow in your logo? I’m sure you’ve been told that it’s in there somewhere. Maybe you’ve blown it off as some kind of urban legend. Maybe you’ve never bothered to look for it. Maybe you’re looking in all the wrong places. You’ll know it when you see it. It will blow your mind. There is hope for your future (Jeremiah 31:17). Paul Hoversten just finished a year of early ministry in Edna, Texas, where he taught English as a second language and led Bible study. He’s now back at MLC finishing his education degree.

Men’s Soccer

Kaleb Buch (Manitowoc LHS) Andrew Danner (St. Croix LHS) Ross Chartrand HM (LPS)


Emily Boldt (LPS) Renee Peters HM (FVL) Rebecca Engelbrecht** HM (Shoreland LHS)

Cross Country

Nathan Loersch (LPS) **Engelbrecht also named UMAC Rookie of the Year!

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