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Could You Sing in the MLC College Choir? (adapted from KnightWatch Weekly, Hosanna Rasmussen, student editor)

Ever wondered what it’s like to share the gospel in song with MLC’s top choir, the College Choir? How elusive is wearing one of the black robes? Lucas Proeber (MLS) says, “Getting in is a pretty big thing! It’s basically how well you can blend with other singers.” Jon Kulhanek (Northland) says to have no fear of the “challenging guidelines” as long as “you really love singing and are willing to practice and develop your voice.” Alexa Liermann (Manitowoc), who used her voice as the lead in this fall’s musical, explains: “You prepare a piece and go through the audition. The director chooses those he feels sound best together, to create one sound out of the choir, rather than 50 individual voices.” Auditions can be scary, but as Aimee Ulm (LPS) says,

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Jacob Steinmetz (Great Plains LHS)

“I remember being really nervous! I was a little intimidated to try out, but I’m glad that I did!” The official word comes from the director, Dr. Kermit Moldenhauer: “The College Choir is open to all students at MLC. The audition process involves singing a solo song, checking vocal range, vocal memory, and sight reading skills. Usually, about 60 students audition in the spring of the year to fill some 20 open spots in the choir. In the following fall, freshmen may audition for the choir to fill a remaining two or three open spots. “The College Choir is a very special choir,” he continues. “Students who participate are very dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in choral ensemble. They work hard at tone, blend, pitch, dynamics, and diction. Most of all, they are delighted to proclaim Christ to those who come to hear the gospel in song when the choir sings on campus or around the synod.”

Gotta take your own journey: Everyone has to go through that process and decide for themselves, “How can I best use my talents to serve God?” Personally, I could see my talents being utilized best in the teaching ministry. What’s your sleep number? One of the biggest adjustments was learning to survive off of less sleep at night and naps during the day. Friendship chain: You start by talking to people you know. The people you know know people, who you then know. It just kind of happens. When Call Day comes: I can see myself teaching in an elementary school just as much as teaching high school math. It’s really a toss-up. But it’s really not up to me. I feel I’m being sufficiently prepared to teach wherever God sees fit.

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KnightWatch January 2011  
KnightWatch January 2011  

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