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ML Centennial & Our Schools

Student Projects Commemorating the Centennial Frank Sรกnchez & the ML100 Education Sub-committee ISSUE 3 Fall 2010

ML100 & Schools Update

Wildwood Elementary

As we gear up for the Mountain Lakes Centennial in January, there is much to report about the great things happening in all of the schools. At Wildwood, art teacher Jeanette Meyer organized a superb Mountain Lakes “flag project” in which students designed individual standards using geometric shapes and our schools’ colors. In addition, the ML100 Wildwood liaison Missy Siddron asked ML archivist Pat Rusak to create a Centennial bulletin board highlighting historical images. Next time you are at Wildwood make sure to check out the hallways for these two great projects! In addition, you may also find examples of the 5th grade Realbooks project that is described on the next page. Thanks again, Wildwood teachers, and we all look forward to seeing what else these great professionals have planned!

ML100 & Schools Update

Wildwood Elementary 5th Grade “RealBook” project For several days in October & November, the 5th graders at Wildwood School created & wrote their own books in workshops facilitated by book artist Rebecca Kelly.  Both Kelly & Wildwood writing teacher Christopher Johnson led students in creating illustrated 3D house-shaped books that present their well-written narratives. Photographs of the interiors & exteriors of many Hapgood houses provided inspiration & ideas for the students. The text of each student’s book varied: based on Mr. Johnson’s writing class assignment, some created a diary based on the daily life of an early Mountain Lakes resident while some told about life here today.      Much thanks to Mr. Johnson & Ms. Kelly for their hard work. Also, this project could not have been possible without our community’s generous Cultural Arts Committee who helps bring this engaging & hands-on series to Wildwood. Now in its seventh year, the Real Books project is one of a dozen programs that Cultural Arts provides for the Wildwood students each year. We are happy that the Real Books project adopted an Centennial theme this year. Mr. Johnson is looking forward to displaying the students’ Hapgood essays, and we hope to plan an exhibition soon in order to invite the entire community in celebrating this incredible project!

ML100 & Schools Update

Briarcliff Middle School

Currently Briarcliff teachers are hard at work planning Centennial tieprograms. Building liaison Jennifer Peifly reports that the 6th grade team is planning an interdisciplinary lakes project that will be rolled out later this year. Local archivist Pat Rusak is helping by providing copies of old water records from the Hapgood era. Mrs. Peifly is also planning to use some of the teaching materials highlighted from our newsletter’s last issue that focused on ML100 literature connections, especially the Avi Nothing But the Truth tie-in. Finally, we are hoping that during the next PEP session, students will join Frank Sanchez & Dennis Posner’s iMovie class in which Briarcliff students will interview former Lakers from the 1950s-1990s to investigate what teenage life was like growing up in this community. We look forward to sharing completed student projects.

ML100 & Schools Update

Mountain Lakes High School

At the High School, teachers are busy designing projects and lessons incorporating the Centennial. If you are interested in learning more about the history of Mountain Lakes, then make sure to sign up for Carol Pinto’s “Then & Now” Teacher’s Institute class that meets on the last Tuesday of each month beginning this November 30th at 3:15 PM. The next page features three exceptional projects including Mr. Ken White’s Drafting & Design class in which students research local styles of architecture, design their own “Laker” Hapgood home using sophisticated software, and then build a balsa-wood model (see image above).

ML100 & Schools Update

Current MLHS Projects

Drafting & Design Mr. White’s students have mined the HPC’s website & copies of Hapgood’s original blueprints for inspiration before using the school’s Chief Architect software to design their own Laker home. With the exteriors completed, students will be drafting the interiors next, and if a grant is provided, all students will then build balsa-wood models. We can’t wait until they are unveiled!

The Phoenix Oral History Project

Mining Mountain Lakes News Archives

Linda Aldrich’s literary & art magazine students have now completed their oral history project. The Phoenix staff interviewed several Lakers, including Centennial Commitee member Chris Sullivan, and their transcribed text & student portraits will be printed soon.

The MLHS Social Studies Department is busy designing lessons using historical records from archivist Pat Rusak’s collection. Currently, the department has a copy of the entire Mountain Lakes Newspaper archive from 1917-1968. If you are interested in using the materials please email Frank Sanchez.

ML100 & Schools Update

StickleY Resource Update an Farms The Stickley Museum at Craftsm s Day on is also hosting a Mountain Lake free tours Sun., February 6. They’re offering d to residents of Mountain Lakes (an n at 2:30. If teachers). There is also a receptio nts there, this you’re interested in taking stude ir resources! will be a great day to preview the

Ms. Vonda Givens, the Stickley’s Educa tion Director, has designed talks connecting our Centennial with Stickley’s Arts & Cra ft movement. If you’re interested in tak ing your students please call her at the mu seum, 973-540-0311. She also helped the cur rent Newark Museum exhibit on Stickley’s work.

The Craftsman CD -Rom archive has arrived! Although you can access Stickley’s incredible magaz ine online, we rece ntly ordered the official CD-Rom version so students can also browse through th e historical-era adve rtisements. To borr ow the archive, send Fran k Sanchez an emai l.

ML100 & Schools Update Reminder

Don’t forget to check the Mountain Lakes Centennial website for updates on the great things the Centennial Committee is planning. Working with our own Mark Huber, the committee has made sure the site is current and helpful. Check the site often or subscribe to updates by using the email sign-up or RSS features. Either way, we look forward to seeing teachers and students at many Centennial events throughout 2011!

ML100 & Schools Update

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