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Small businesses will lead the way in 2013, says company whose tenants already employ 1000 people Milton Keynes will boom in 2013, says the town’s largest serviced business premises provider, as the number of people employed in its units tops 1000 at the close of 2012. Bucks Biz, with over 400,000 square feet of space and 150 tenants in Bletchley and Denbigh, says it is already planning more units to cope with the expected growth in demand and bringing forward plans to develop extra space at the huge Interchange House in Howard Way. “Our units currently provide work for around a thousand people and we have seen that figure rise steadily,” said Dominic Muscat, a director of the company that owns the business.

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“As Milton Keynes business booms, led by small businesses, we are already identifying potential new units that can be converted to provide the premises needed for small companies to thrive without hassle.” Bucks Biz, with units all over Milton Keynes, is renowned for straight talking and dealing; not hiding costs and not charging for many of the little things that keep businesses ticking, but which can be annoying to the point of distraction. “We really believe that if our customers are happy, then they’ll be free to get on with their businesses, which in turn will expand,” added Dominic. More info from or 01908 299 200

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Are you looking for a new way to promote your business, entertain clients, launch a new product or service, have team building days, reward employees or raise funds for a charity? If so you need to talk to Pole Position Simulators. Following our successful recent appearance at Business Expo 3.0 Pole Position Simulators are already helping companies and charities to do ALL of these things with its full size F1 simulator over the coming months not only in Milton Keynes but across the UK. Viscount Younger of Leckie Under Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills negotiating his way steadily around the Wing Course, Silverstone at the recent Expo.

Dean Bowditch, MK Dons FC totally focussed on the job in hand setting the second fastest lap time of the day in The Challenge Stig competition.

Exclusive MK Flyers Readers Offer for April 2013 Your very own branded Formula One Car to entertain up to 20 people during a three hour exclusive use event for just ÂŁ649* +vat Events must be booked by 5pm on Tuesday 30th April 2013 and must be hosted by 5pm Wednesday 30th October to qualify for this offer. *Terms and conditions apply.


Call 0844 330 1673

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Welcome to...

...the June edition of MK Flyers Central.


Have a read through MK Flyers Central to see advice from local business in Milton Keynes.

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MK Flyers North – 11,000 Newport Pagnell, Willen, Willen Park, Downhead Park, Pennylands, Bolbeck Park, Giffard Park, Great Linford, Neath Hill, Blakelands MK Flyers South – 11,000 Furzton, Emerson Valley, Westcroft, Tattenhoe, Shenley Church End, Shenley Brook End, Shenley Lodge, Kingsmead, Oxley Park MK Flyers East – 11,000 Broughton, Middleton, Milton Keynes Village, Monkston, Monkston Park, Kents Hill, Woughton on the Green, Woolstone, Wavendon Gate, Walnut Tree, Old Farm Park, Browns Wood, Caldecotte, Downs Barn MK Flyers West – 11,000 Stony Stratford, Old Stratford, Two Mile Ash, Bancroft Park, Blue Bridge, Bradwell, Loughton, Great Holm, Crownhill, Grange Farm, Medbourne

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4 Weeks FREE Storage When You Store For 8

Let us help you all the way... • Clean, safe and secure storage • From small rooms to bulk storage • Ideal for home and business storage • Store from 1 week or for as long as you want • Prices from £10 per week • Help with van hire and removal companies • Flexible low cost office space also available

Call us today on 01908 281900 Lok’nStore Etheridge Ave Brinklow Milton Keynes, Bucks MK10 0BB

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POSITIVE LIVING Be who you are destined to be...

All of your life stems from you. You are its central pillar. You can make it work or you can mow it down. Only you can take it forward to work in the very best fashion that you know how... You have trained your whole life to be the person you are – yet often you ‘still’ don’t like what you see. That is an awfully long time to not like something... You are unique. Your family, friends and many more besides – love who you are, all they’ve grown to expect by your presence and the life input you freely give. Without you their life would be different. It’s time you saw what they see through your own eyes. Not everyone notices the small flaws and blemishes that you see when you look in the mirror. They don’t look minutely at every detail – they take you on board as a ‘whole’. They like how they feel in your presence. You share part of yourself when you speak and interact. When you are stressed they can feel it. When you are calm they feel that too. So what you choose to give out in terms of vibrations – rests with you. If you could give yourself a colour – what would it be? Are you vibrant and full of life – or are you sedate and more Earthy? There is no right or wrong here – just choice... If you could look at your story – what would others say about it? What would you say about your life story yourself? How do you think you interact with daily life and other people? Do you give away all you are from heart and soul upwards – or do you prefer to remain behind barriers? How do you like to dress and express who you are and what you feel? Do you dress to impress to more for the occasion? Do you try to fit in or stand out? Are you a slave to high fashion or perhaps happy with your own va-va-voom? Is it looks at all cost – or comfort that leads the way first and foremost? Do you wear the same perfume day in and day out or do you wear what you wear by the whim of the mood and day that you’re in? Your hair, your clothes, your musical tastes and food preferences, all program your personal expression – but all these set aside they are really just the tip of the ice-burg. We now move to cars and to home. Again how and why do you choose all that you do? Rich or poor, successful or not, fat, thin, yellow or green – you are what you present yourself to be through personal choice and decision. This list could go on and on and on.

Yet in reality no matter what you show to the world – a huge proportion of who you are exists deep within. And what’s within will programme what you think, feel and express out to life. Life on Earth has completed a definite phase as the end of the Mayan calendar has shown. A new era is emerging as we speak. The fact you are here now means that you are part of that movement. You are realistically birthing in a new matrix of behaviour and outlook – that others will continue in years to come... You came to life, you birthed to make changes and undo past mistakes, not from a place of fear but from love, because along the course your life will take you are destined to wake up, you’ll remember what you want to contribute and change, again not just for yourself but for those whom you love and care about, for your children and grandchildren to follow – and perhaps for yourself in lives to come. If you don’t step up – then who will? You are more about your feelings; your thoughts, actions, words and intent – then you’ll ever be what at first glance the outside you may present. This is your life. You create it, you choose it, you alone decide what you’ll do with it from day to day. Don’t believe you’re a victim at the mercy of others. Don’t wait around for others to recognize, rescue or help you. If all of life ended today, if this time were over, would you be proud of your achievements, of what you’ve left behind, or would there still be much left undone? There is no defence in ‘I couldn’t because... I just didn’t know... or understand... or have the time...’ You choose for yourself. You know how life is playing out for you now and always... You are unique & completely individual. Your life, your influences, all your expressions and experiences, your talents and strengths, your outlook and projection, your character, position and private thoughts have all served to make you that way. All you are now is not all you can be but a fraction of what you can become. Life is calling for you. If you are lucky you’ll hear and then act upon it now. If you don’t, you’ll feel every bump along the road map of your journey. Pick up the challenge and be who you really are and what though birthright in this lifetime you truly are destined to be. If we have struck a chord as you read these words – you may wish to explore them somewhat further...

Stephanie J. King - SOULPRENEUR Author of ‘And So It Begins...’ & ‘Life is Calling...’ and the newly released ‘DIVINE GUIDANCE’

Stephanie J. King Soulpreneur

Divine Guidance The answers you need to make miracles Instant response for a stress free, worry free life!!

Are you ready to use it?

RRP ÂŁ7.99

available for pre-order through my website (Available for download on Kindle & smart phones) Please mention mkflyers central when responding to adverts

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MP’s Diary

By Mark Lancaster, MP for Milton Keynes North

Last month saw Milton Keynes land firmly on the map. Not only was MK named as a host city for the 2015 Rugby World Cup but planning permission was granted for a band new National Badminton, we trended on twitter nationally as #LoveMK became a phenomenon and the Minister for Cities visited us to see for himself what has made us such a great place to live and work. Greg Clark MP, the First Secretary of the Treasury and also the Minister for Cities, visited Milton Keynes to hear from the council about their bid to be part of the City Deal.

Places for People, who have recently been voted Housebuilder of the Year in the prestigious Building Magazine Awards, have a reputation of ensuring the growth of areas are organic and Brooklands did not disappoint. I know the Minister was very impressed with what he saw across the eastern expansion area and left with a very positive impression. I have also had cause to contact the Secretary of State for Health this month following the closure of the Willen Health Centre. The closure is still shrouded in mystery and having been given a petition by residents to get it reopened; I presented it to the Health Secretary and also asked him to find some answers for us.

Because of the speed at which MK has been growing the government are keen to get us on to the scheme and the Minister came to see firsthand the good things we have been doing up here The City Deal would see further powers devolved locally (and additional funds to support this) in order to have more localised decisions made to encourage even further local growth. One of Milton Keynes’ strength is the importance we place on infrastructure being in place before the expansion of areas, which is to the council’s credit. I took Greg to the Brooklands site, near the M1 to see firsthand the “I before E” principle in action.

It has obviously been a worrying time for patients and staff of the surgery and while I am pleased that they have all been allocated new practices, I am concerned that there are still no answers as to why this happened. I am looking forward to the Secretary of State’s response to the petition and letter, I sincerely hope we can find a positive outcome to all this. On a more positive note, Thames Valley Police were able to announce a reduction in reported crime across the area this month. With so much hard work going in to tackling crime and also the causes of crime by both the police and other partner agencies, I am extremely pleased to see it paying off. We have so much to celebrate here in MK and while things sometimes go array I am confident we can overcome them by working together. As ever, if I can be of any assistance to you please do get in touch on 01908 686830.

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Framework for a Press Release When it comes to sending out information on company updates, product launches or breaking news, a well written and laid out press release is vital.

can’t justify why a fact is relevant to the audience, leave it out!

Not only for clear portrayal of the article in question but also to maintain a professional brand image on all communications. Below is a breakdown of how to put together a release and what you should be including, and where. Getting the right information out in a concise and punchy way will make you stand out from the crowd and get your release noticed...all important when an editor may receive 100 releases a day!

Boilerplate: This comes at the end of the piece and covers your company’s details; who you are, what you do, where you are based etc.

Headline: This should be short, to the point and must grab your audiences’ attention.

Company Logo: Should be included on releases as part of the template.

Subheading: Not essential but if you include one ensure it is descriptive and supports the headline.

Keywords: Use strategically placed keywords throughout the text. This will make it easier for your audience to find the release when searching for information online.

Dateline: Include the date of the release and place of origin. Opening Paragraph: This is the most important paragraph in the whole release and must grab the reader’s attention. It’s an opportunity to set up your story in a single sentence or two. Supporting Paragraph: This is where you offer more detail for the reader, giving further background or content. Body Copy: Here you provide all the relevant information for your reader: facts, stats, forecasts, customer testimonials and any other third-party information. Always write with your audience in mind keeping to the ‘so what’ principle throughout. If you

12 mkflyers central

Quotes: Using quotes is a highly effective way of getting key messages out which can be quoted in the media. These can be either from company sources or customers, depending on the context of the story. Keep them short and avoid too much jargon.

Contact Information: Include contact name, phone number and email address for your readers to use for more information. This can go either at the top or the bottom of the press release but ensure it’s consistent on all your news stories.

Following the guidelines outlined above should set you on the road to quality news stories which will get you noticed – that’s what PR is all about

HLB Creative Limited T: 01908 524245 E: W:

To advertise call 01908 850550

Your Professional, Bespoke, Mobile Valeting Service We can valet your car, motorcycle, caravan, jetski, boat, light aircraft or commercial vehicle at your home or place of work Dri Wash Valeting guarantee to clean your vehicle back to showroom condition. Comfortable service - Attention to detail Stunning results - Environmentally friendly

Leading the way in commercial cleaning We fully understand the professional qualities required for consistent, reliable and smooth management of commercial cleaning contracts. Briteclean are at the very cutting edge in commercial cleaning and guarantee an exceptional service each time we visit. We now offer a service guarantee with all commercial cleaning contracts we undertake. We are fully insured and our services include: • Office cleaning • Builder’s cleans • Landlord and end of tenancy cleans • Party cleans • Catering establishments • Hard floor cleaning specialists • Cleaning contracts and emergency cleans • One off, daily, weekly or monthly cleans • Holiday cover available

Only £15 per hour

Briteclean Cleaning Services

Please contact us for a FREE no obligation quote

Tel: 01908 370451 Freephone 0808 1080253

Mobile: 07752 610630 email:

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MP’s Diary

By Iain Stewart, MP for Milton Keynes South

The month of May marked the start of a new Parliamentary session. In the Queen’s Speech, Her Majesty outlined some of the Bills that the Government will be taking forward over the next couple of months. I was particularly pleased with the Care Bill which will help ensure that the many dedicated carers across Milton Keynes receive greater support in their caring role. I have been privileged to meet carers in the city and joined them in the past at Frosts Garden Centre when they had some respite from their caring responsibilities. They perform an emotionally and physically demanding job caring for those they love, and too often we don’t acknowledge that carers too need support. This Bill gives them enhanced rights and will make it easier for them to access support services from their local authority. I know that there will be details that will need clarifying once this Bill comes before Parliament and I plan to work closely with Carers MK to ensure that these are properly addressed.

Recently, I visited Men in Sheds, a group that provides support and facilities for men with time on their hands, teaching them skills such as wood work and metal work and giving them a place to go should they be retired or unemployed. Some of the men who attend do suffer from health difficulties. The group provides huge health benefits for men by creating an avenue for friendship and interaction, whilst also giving back to the community. Examples of their work in the community includes: a wooden Santa’s sleigh for Christmas time charity collections, bird boxes for schools, and benches for a parish council. I was so impressed with their work that it was a very easy decision for me to nominate the group to be Sainsbury’s charity of the year. Love MK is a local campaign that I am giving my full backing. The campaign aims to promote all that is good about Milton Keynes nationally and internationally. As

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the campaign gets underway, a group of volunteers showed how much they love the city when they gave up their Saturday morning for a litter pick in Westcroft. I joined other volunteers to pick over 20 bags of litters around the Westcroft area in an initiative that was organised by McDonald’s Westcroft, Shenley Brook End Parish Council and ward councillors Edith Bald and Gerald Small. The high turnout and diverse age-range of volunteers clearly shows that everyone loves MK. It was a productive morning and I was pleased with how people mucked in to keep their community clean.

Finally, if you have any concerns or require my assistance, please do get in touch.

Email: Tel: 01908 686830 Postal address: House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA To advertise call 01908 850550

Discover the friendly route to more sales at our weekly breakfast networking meetings

Networking and positive word-of-mouth marketing account for 70% of all business transactions.

• There’s no hefty annual fee. • You have a way to grow your business by exchanging meaningful referrals. • Members get to know you and your business and can actively look out for new opportunities for you - and vice versa! • Members get their own free entry on the BBMK website, plus a link to their own website

That’s the essence of BBMK! To visit please email or to find out more, speak to any BBMK member, visit or call 0845 467 8398 Women in Enterprise is THE networking group for men and women in Milton Keynes!

Summer 2013 programme Friday 7th June 7.30pm

Try us out non members welcome

A Night at the Movies Milton Keynes Theatre

Afternoon Tea at South Lodge Wavendon Wednesday 26th June 2013, 3 - 5pm Members: £15.50, Non-Members: £20.50 BOOK ONLINE Visit us today

Friday 16th August 8.00pm - 10.00pm

Proms in the Park Campbell Park

Tickets online booking or box office 01908 558311 Reg charity number 271108

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Your Questions Answered Q: We have an employee who has three young children, all under the age of five, and who is continuously taking time off because one or other of the children is ill. Do we have to give them time off if they are unable to arrange childcare? A: All employees have a statutory right to a “reasonable” period of time off to care for dependents under Section 57A of the Employment Rights Act 1996. However, there is no obligation on the employer to pay an employee for this time. A “dependant” for the purposes of this right is a spouse, civil partner, child, parent or a person who lives in the same household as the employee (who is not an employee, tenant, lodger or boarder). The

16 mkflyers central

right applies where an employee has no option but to take time off work to take necessary action because of the unexpected disruption to or cessation of arrangements for the care of the dependant such as a school or nursery being closed because of the snow for example. However, it is important to stress that this right is limited to sufficient time to deal with the immediate issues and to sort out longer-term arrangements if necessary. How long is “reasonable” is a question of fact and degree in each individual case. The employee is required to inform the employer of the reason for the absence as soon as reasonably possible and how long it is anticipated to last. Angela Rhodes, Crispin Rhodes Ltd, HR Specialists, Milton Keynes,,

To advertise call 01908 850550

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The complete commercial grounds maintenance service From one off tidy ups to regular contracts we offer a cost-effective solution for a wide range of commercial premises For further details please call

Call 01908 460256 Mob 07984039093 We all know that getting new customers is THE most important thing you can do for your business, but how are you going to do it? A leaflet delivery campaign consistently delivers results when done properly – and we do it properly. Call us now on 01908 850361 to discuss how we can make your phone ring with designed, printed brand new and delivered for customers, £300+vat ready to buy.

Here’s what our customers say about mkflyers... I have advertised local courses with MK Flyers for over a year. I find Stuart easy to deal with and enthusiastic about getting results for my business. I would recommend Stuart and MK Flyers to anyone looking to increase their profile or advertise their services. With a circulation of 44,000 it represents excellent value for money. Sarah Setterfield, Impact for Success

5000 leaflets for June

Vidler Wealth Management Ltd I have been involved with all aspects of wealth management over the past 11 years and specialise in trust and estate planning, retirement planning, long term care and investments. I am an adviser based in Milton Keynes.

Trusted delivery partner of the MK Flyer

18 mkflyers central Please visit my website or call

01908 669333/07827 966192 To advertise call 01908 850550

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Improve your cashflow with our direct debit referral scheme Referral Programme Direct Debit is a very effective way of collecting regular payments on time with the full overview of your monthly cashflow. It can be an important and integral part of your business and MK Flyers knows just how to deliver the right solution whether you are a Sole Trader, Partnership or Limited Company. Cashflow is king! Speak to any business advisor, coach or successful entrepreneur and they will all tell you that cashflow is vital to a business. Direct Debit gives you this benefit whilst keeping you in control. Value for Money If you are making regular collections from customers or subscribers then the online management system will allow you to keep your costs and resources down giving you more time on your business. Keep your customers You can now offer your customers the opportunity to spread the costs of your service or products across the year with this system. This should allow more

20 mkflyers central

customers to spend money with you and increase customer loyalty. The Direct Debit Guarantee also protects your customers giving them peace of mind when using your services. Reporting functions MK Flyers working with our partner London & Zurich can offer you full on-line management of client accounts and enables you to have full control of your payment collection scheme. Is your business right for Direct Debits? Many businesses are interested in using the Direct Debit scheme to collect monies due from their own customers but the banks normally advise that they are too small to be considered as an originator of Direct Debits. Working with London and Zurich, however, we have been able to negotiate a special arrangement and can offer it to you in a very cost effective way. For More Information call 01908 767080 or email

To advertise call 01908 850550

LOOKING FOR A LOCAL SERVICE? Look on your leading local website!

OVER 50,000 HITS A MONTH! If you can’t find the service you are looking for in mkflyers log on to



Your local online directory NEW IMPROVED WEBSITE

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Full colour advertising rates MKFlyers Central is the leading online business to business magazine in the Milton Keynes area. With a distribution of over 3,000 it is also widely read.

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All artwork to be supplied in CMYK colour. Acceptable formats need to be TIFF, JPEG or Adobe PDF.

Make your business fly with MKFLYERS CENTRAL

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mkflyers about us MKFLYERS & MKFLYERS CENTRAL – A FLYAWAY SUCCESS MKFLYERS CENTRAL is part of the MK Flyers group The first version of the Flyer was delivered to 2,000 homes in Newport Pagnell in 2006. From there, MK Flyers went from strength to strength. Distribution grew to 6,000 copies, which are still delivered today in Newport Pagnell. We now produce four versions of the MK Flyer, to cover North, South, East and West Milton Keynes, and deliver 42,000 copies, potentially reaching over 100,000 people. This gives our clients the unique opportunity to advertise only in their desired part of Milton Keynes, thereby accurately pinpointing their target market. With flexible advertising options to suit all budgets, the MK Flyer is one of the most effective ways of attracting new customers and increasing your profile across Milton Keynes. Now there is the MKFLYERS CENTRAL too, dedicated to increasing business between local companies. Why look outside the area when there is already a highly skilled and reputable supplier on your doorstep. Make your business fly with MKFlyers Central. Call 01908 767080 or email today for details and to book your space.

MK Flyers Online This is our popular, online directory, promoted each month to over 100,000 local people. All of our advertisers receive a free listing, with options to upgrade their advertisement to include a full page on the site and a spotlight on our home page. So, if readers can’t find the service they require in the MK Flyer, they can visit MK Flyers Online and find it there.

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MKF Design - Our graphic design business, MKF Design, was established to meet the needs of our advertisers, by providing high-quality, cost-effective, graphic design and print services. So our clients needn’t worry if they don’t have artwork or even wording for their advert; MKF Design can manage the whole process for them.

What makes us so unique? Truly local

- the MK Flyer connects local people to local services within a handy directory.


- Unlike a local newspaper, people don’t throw the MK Flyer away each week and tend to keep it for reference purposes.


- the MK Flyer maintains very high standards in print and production. All artwork is professionally designed to ensure that your business is portrayed in the best possible light.

Comprehensive service

- our in-house, graphic design and print team, MKF Design, can make life easier by managing our clients’ advertising and print requirements.


- advertising in the MK Flyer represents incredible value for money. Box adverts start from as little as £44 + VAT per month. We also offer attractive discounts on packages of three, six and twelve months.

Unlike local newspapers, the flyers are not thrown away each week They are kept as a reference for the whole month until the next issue

To advertise call 01908 850550

Download the new mkflyers free app today to enter our competition! Keep up to date with what’s going on in Milton Keynes, receive instant offers from local businesses, share your photos from around Milton Keynes on our Facebook page, support Willen Hospice and much more - on the go! To download your app simply scan the QR code or visit the app store and search for mk flyers.

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Call us TODAY to discover the STAR21 difference for yourself

Telephone Answering and Virtual Office Services Call us FREE on 0800 860 0865

Web: Email:

We’ve been providing telephone answering services in the Milton Keynes area for over twelve years. Business is won and lost by the service customers receive on the telephone Make sure the first impression callers get of your Company is a brilliant one! 26 mkflyers central

To advertise call 01908 850550

Skyline supports Willen Hospice’s 10 mile ladies only midnight walk.

13th July 2013

Join the herd or call the Moo Hotline 01908 306698

Registered Charity no 270194

MK Flyers Central - June 2013  

MK Flyers Central - June 2013