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We have 157 parks, over 125 miles of Oak Leaf Trail, and over 15,000 acres of parkland! One way to LOVE YOUR PARKS is by volunteering! From bumble bee photographing to tree planting, and from trash picking to trail clearing, we have plenty of options for you to get involved. THANK YOU FOR LOVING YOUR PARKS!


TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction: Welcome and Thank You • Mission, Vision Values • Organizational Information • Volunteer Program Expectations

Appendix A: Scout Projects

Appendix B: Student Interns

Section 1: How to Use the Volunteer Programs Handbook

Section 2: Volunteer Requirements and Volunteer Program Policies

Section 3: Milwaukee County Parks Volunteer Programs • Park, Beach, and Trail Cleanups • Group Service Days • Community Science • Conservation and Restoration • Brew Hero • Adopt-A-Spot • Boerner Botanical Gardens • Wehr Nature Center • Mitchell Domes • Community Outreach • Community Service Hours

Section 4: Friends Groups

Section 5: Volunteer Recognition

Section 6: Others Ways to Get Involved

Section 7: Important Contacts, Forms, and Resources






WELCOME VOLUNTEERS! LETTER FROM DIRECTOR Dear Parks Volunteers, On behalf of Milwaukee County Parks, our staff, and our communities, I want to thank you for your time, dedication, and ongoing stewardship of our thriving parks system. More than ever, volunteerism and local stewardship of our 158 parks are becoming increasingly important. Whether through a Friends Group, through a corporate service outing, or as a Brew Hero volunteer with your family, we extend our warmest appreciation for your service. Each year, volunteers host signature events, maintain Forked Aster Nature Trails, remove acres and acres of invasive species from our natural areas, and help keep our parks tidy and welcoming by picking up litter. This is just a very short list of all the amazing things our 7,000+ volunteers accomplish each year. As you will see from flipping through this handbook, Milwaukee County Parks has so much to offer our community, and we have just about as many opportunities for volunteers to get involved, too. Stemming from Milwaukee County’s vision – by achieving racial equity, Milwaukee County will be the healthiest county in Wisconsin – Milwaukee County Parks and our volunteers play an important role in heightening the quality of life in our County. Each and every one of you helps build and shape our community. There is no task too small! In fact, we envision a future where every resident in our community spends just 10 minutes each month doing tiny acts of stewardship to keep our parks welcoming to all. And of course, we offer many other opportunities for you to really dig in, too. I hope you find an opportunity that fits your lifestyle, and even if we can’t be right there alongside you, I hope you know that your contributions, time, and service are valued. Again, thank you for all that you do! Sincerely, Guy Smith Director, Milwaukee County Parks



By achieving racial equity, Milwaukee will be the healthiest county in Wisconsin.

To connect community members with Milwaukee County Parks and instill a mindset of public space stewardship across the County.

MILWAUKEE COUNTY PARKS VISION To steward a thriving park system that positively impacts every Milwaukee County Park visitor


MILWAUKEE COUNTY VISION By achieving racial equity, Milwaukee will be the healthiest county in Wisconsin.

• Fun • Inclusive • Green • Resourceful • Your Backyard Milwaukee County Parks reserve the right to modify volunteer policies in this handbook without prior notice. The policies in this handbook replace any previous versions of policies or procedures provided. Some Milwaukee County Parks facilities, such as Boerner Botanical Gardens and Wehr Nature Center, may have additional volunteer procedures not outlined in this handbook.


section 1:

Volunteer Handbook




HOW TO USE THE HANDBOOK THIS VOLUNTEER HANDBOOK IS DESIGNED TO PROVIDE BASIC INFORMATION AND GUIDELINES FOR MILWAUKEE COUNTY PARKS VOLUNTEERS. In Section 2 of this handbook, you will find our general volunteer policies and requirements which apply to all volunteering at Milwaukee County Parks. This includes age requirements, volunteer waivers, and Countywide policies. In Section 3, you can find a list of our various volunteer programs and information for getting involved. Throughout the Handbook you will also see volunteer icons designed to help you understand the expectations for different programs:

BEGINNER VOLUNTEER PROGRAMS These programs are designed to be accessible for most people. Easy-to-follow written guidelines allow you to make a big difference without a big commitment.

INTERMEDIATE VOLUNTEER PROGRAMS These programs may include strenuous labor, the use of special tools, and/or specialized training.

ADVANCED VOLUNTEER PROGRAMS These programs require specialized trainings, advanced techniques, or certifications. Space is often limited in these programs.

SCHEDULED SHIFTS These programs require volunteers to commit to set schedules.

DROP-IN These programs are more flexible and allow volunteers to complete tasks on their own schedules.

VOLUNTEER DAYS Programs include a specific service date and time. They are often 1-day events for group volunteering.

REMOTE OPTIONS These programs allow volunteers to work on a specific project remotely.


section 2:

& Volunteer Program Policies



VOLUNTEER REQUIREMENTS & VOLUNTEER PROGRAM POLICIES PROGRAM DEFINITIONS: VOLUNTEER - A volunteer is anyone, who without compensation, performs a service for civic, charitable,

educational or humanitarian reasons, at the direction of and on behalf of the County.

INTERN - See Appendix B. GROUP VOLUNTEER - Persons serving as volunteers as part of 3 rd party hosted group service days, such as a school group or a corporate service day. INDIVIDUAL VOLUNTEER - Persons participating in any volunteer program at their own discretion and not as

part of a group. Members of a family participating in volunteer programs together are still individual volunteers.

Note: A person may be both a group volunteer when participating in a 3rd party hosted group service day, and an individual volunteer when participating in programs outside of the group service day.

GROUP COORDINATOR - A volunteer serving as a coordinator for a group of volunteers. Examples may include the main point of contact for a corporate group, school group, Scout Troop, or the main point of contact for a Friends Group hosting a volunteer day with many volunteers. VOLUNTEER PROGRAM COORDINATOR - The Milwaukee County Parks staff member who provides

oversight for all volunteer programs for Milwaukee County Parks.

VOLUNTEER SITE COORDINATOR - A Milwaukee County Parks staff member serving as the coordinator

for one or more volunteer programs or volunteer events. There are several MCP staff who serve in this role in addition to their core job duties. Examples may include a Volunteer Coordinator at Wehr Nature Center, with the Natural Areas division, or a Field staff member hosting volunteers.

If you would like to file a complaint, provide feedback or suggestions, or otherwise contact the Milwaukee County Parks Volunteer program, please email us at


VOLUNTEER RELATIONSHIP A volunteer is anyone, who without compensation, performs a service for civic, charitable, educational, or humanitarian reasons, at the direction of and on behalf of Milwaukee County. We thank you, and all volunteers, for the personal investment you make in our organization and its mission. We strive to provide support, supervision, and recognition to our volunteers.

AS A VOLUNTEER YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO: ❒ Be assigned appropriate tasks according to ability, skill, interests, availability, and training. ❒ Receive training (sometimes in the form of written guidelines) and oversight for the tasks accepted.

❒ Receive a description or volunteer scope for the volunteer program you are participating in. ❒ Be treated as a fellow team member who contributes to Milwaukee County’s goals through your volunteer work.

❒ Make suggestions about your assignment and the Milwaukee County volunteer program and be acknowledged by staff.

❒ Expect that Milwaukee County be a good steward of your time. ❒ Be treated with a spirit of friendliness and cooperation. ❒ A safe and inviting environment to work in that is free of harassment and discrimination.

MILWAUKEE COUNTY PARKS EXPECTS VOLUNTEERS TO: ❒ Know your duties and stay on task. ❒ Cooperate with staff and your fellow volunteers, and maintain a positive, team attitude. ❒ Understand limitations of staff capacity and the County budget. ❒ Contribute suggestions to improve the volunteer program. ❒ Be on time for scheduled meetings and volunteer assignments. ❒ Honor your commitment and come when scheduled. ❒ Treat all other volunteers, staff, clients, and public with respect. 10


VOLUNTEER AGREEMENT & WAIVER REQUIREMENTS All volunteers completing tasks on Parks land must complete the Milwaukee County Parks Volunteer Agreement annually. Volunteer agreements and waivers are required by volunteers serving with or on behalf of a Friends Group.

The Milwaukee County Parks Volunteer Agreement (includes waivers and handbook acknowledgement) is available on line at: MilwaukeeCountyParksVolunteerAgreement Volunteers can submit the Agreement directly on line, can complete the form on a smart phone, or can print, sign, and scan a paper copy. Send scanned copies to or mail paper copies to: ATTN: Engagement Manager Milwaukee County Parks 9480 W. Watertown Plank Rd. Wauwatosa, WI 53226 It is the responsibility of the Group Coordinator to ensure all volunteers participating in the group service day at Milwaukee County Parks 1) receive this Handbook, 2) complete the Volunteer Agreement referenced above, and 3) comply with the policies and guidelines outlined therein.


you are expected to obey safety rules and to exercise caution in all of your volunteer activities. You are asked to report any unsafe conditions to your Volunteer Site Coordinator immediately. Any accident, which results in injury, regardless of how insignificant, must be reported promptly to your Volunteer Site Coordinator or the Volunteer Program Coordinator.



It is the responsibility of the Individual to 1) Review this Handbook, 2) complete the Volunteer Agreement referenced above, and 3) comply with the policies and guidelines outlined therein.


Volunteers under 18 years of age must have a parent/ guardian signature on the Volunteer Agreement, and volunteers under 14 years of age must be physically accompanied by a parent/guardian during the volunteering session.


You the volunteer and Milwaukee County share responsibility for establishing and maintaining a safe work environment. Milwaukee County will attempt to ensure a safe work environment and to comply with federal, state, and local safety regulations. In turn,

not operate motorized equipment, including but not limited to: chain saws, lawn mowers, and ATV’s.


Volunteers may not drive County vehicles. Milwaukee County staff are not allowed to provide transportation for volunteers except in extreme emergencies.


The Milwaukee County Department of Administrative Services provides Administrative Manuals of Operating Procedures (AMOP) which guide the operation of the County government: Click Here


HARASSMENT AND DISCRIMINATION Milwaukee County is firmly committed to providing a positive work environment free of discrimination and bias. Each volunteer is personally responsible for maintaining such a work environment. Milwaukee County prohibits any actions, words, jokes, or comments based on an individual’s race, sex, sexual preferences, ethnic background, age, religion, or physical condition. Any conduct or action, whether overt or subtle, which creates an offensive or hostile work environment is prohibited and will be grounds for termination of the relationship. Milwaukee County prohibits any harassment between volunteers, employees, or other non employee on the basis of sex. No volunteer, male or female, should be subjected to unsolicited or unwelcome sexual overtones and conduct, either verbal or physical. Any volunteer who believes he or she is a victim of sexual or discriminatory harassment is encouraged to let the harasser know that his or her behavior is unwelcome. In addition, volunteers who believe they have been harassed must immediately report the matter to their Volunteer Program Coordinator.

VOLUNTEER CONDUCT Although it is not possible to list all the forms of behavior or conduct that are considered unacceptable in the workplace, the following are examples of infractions or conduct that may result in the termination of the volunteer relationship:

❒ Theft or inappropriate removal or possession of County property

❒ Misuse of agency funds, equipment, or materials

❒ Working under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs

❒ Possession, distribution, sale, transfer, or use of alcoholic or illegal drugs in the workplace

❒ Disruptive activity in the workplace ❒ Negligence or improper conduct leading to the damage of property

❒ Repeated failure to follow a supervisor’s reasonable request or to carry out a reasonable job assignment 12

❒ Misconduct or insubordination ❒ Violation of safety or health rules ❒ Abuse or mistreatment of public, volunteers, or employees

❒ Sexual or other unlawful harassment or discrimination

❒ Violation of Milwaukee County anti discrimination policies

❒ Possession of dangerous or unauthorized materials, such as explosives or firearms, in the workplace

❒ Excessive absenteeism without notice ❒ Releasing confidential information

section 3:

Volunteer Programs


PARKS VOLUNTEER PROGRAMS LEARN MORE ABOUT... • Park, Beach, and Trail Cleanups • Group Service Days • Trails Crew *Oak Leaf Trail & Forked Aster Nature Trails

• Community Science • Conservation and Restoration • Brew Hero • Adopt A Spot • Boerner Botanical Gardens • Wehr Nature Center • Mitchell Domes • Community Centers • Community Outreach • Special Events and Marketing • Photography, Videography, and Creative • Community Service Hours



PARK AND BEACH CLEAN-UPS Clean-ups are the most popular volunteer option at Milwaukee County Parks. Due to high demand for trash clean-ups, we are generally unable to provide staff assistance on the day of your clean-up event. Here are simple steps to help you plan and host your own clean-up!

❒ Select a Park, a Beach, or a section of Oak Leaf Trail - HERE ❒ Select a Date and Time that works for your group. ❒ Submit the Clean-up Registration Form at least 2 weeks ahead of your clean-up date: HERE

❒ Gather your supplies! Gloves and trash bags are the essentials. If you plan well in advance, we can provide you with trash buckets and trash grabbers to borrow. A) Our partners at Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful are also a great resource for getting clean-up

NOT SURE WHERE TO GET STARTED, or need help selecting a park? You can reach out to prior to submitting your clean-up registration form.

supplies: CLICK HERE

❒ Make sure all volunteers complete the Milwaukee Volunteer Agreement: HERE

❒ Receive confirmation from Milwaukee County Parks. Confirmation will include directions about where to consolidate trash, or other guidelines to follow.

❒ Host your clean-up! ❒ Optional: Take photos and post on social media @mkecountypark and #loveyourparksmke.


GROUP SERVICE DAYS We love hosting group service days! Corporate groups, associations, schools, or other groups looking to host a service day with Milwaukee County Parks should plan to reach out at least 1- month in advance to start planning. Note: group service days do not include trash clean-up. Please refer to page 12.

HINTS TO HELP YOU START PLANNING: GOALS Think about the goals for your group service day: Are you looking to give back to a specific neighborhood? Is environmental conservation a priority? Are you looking to host a fun, team-building day outside? Your goals for hosting a service day will help guide you in the planning process.

TIME + DATE + LOCATION Think about the time frame, dates, and locations (use our PARKS MAP!) that would work for your group. We generally prefer to host service events on weekdays (MF), and find that about 3 hours is the right amount of time for a group. We can offer morning shifts, afternoon shifts, or both to accommodate your group. For very large groups, Saturdays are an option, though availability may be limited.

OPTIONS Think about the various options available for group service projects and consider the interests of your group.

REQUEST FORM Complete this form to request a group service project:


WE WILL WORK TOGETHER We may not be able to accommodate all group service requests, and not all project options are available at all parks. We will work with you to figure out the best options!

LARGER GROUPS Groups of 40 or more should reach out at least 6-weeks in advance to coordinate.

YOUTH VOLUNTEERS Groups with volunteers under 14 years of age require the parent or guardian of each youth volunteer be present.


GROUP SERVICE PROJECT OPTIONS • Trail maintenance • Invasive Species Removal • Pool Clean-Ups • Bumble Bee Surveys • Gardening/Landscaping

COMMUNITY SCIENCE WILDLIFE SURVEYS NATURAL AREAS: Debit omnihictecte ne molorep edicim eaquisque eossequi corpores vendebi tatiore ctasit essus ex et atium aditatet lautemquosae laborrores excerferum dolupta dicius et estiae.

NEST BOX ADOPTION: Volunteers help to maintain nest boxes by cleaning out and opening boxes in late fall, closing them in early spring, and reporting any issues to staff (i.e.broken/missing parts).

BUMBLE BEE MONITORING: Volunteers visit an assigned natural area with suitable pollinator habitat a minimum of 6 times from May to October and, using protocol from the WDNR’s Bumble Bee Brigade, identify and photograph bumble bee populations. Data gathered provides valuable insight to overall habitat health and suggests management strategies that will protect and attract Bumble Bee populations. Orientation: April

BIRD WINDOW-STRIKE MONITORING: Volunteers monitor “high risk” Parks facilities and document evidence of bird window-strikes during spring and fall migration. Surveys occur daily with a 10- day cycle in spring and a 20-day cycle in fall. Data gathered will be used to retrofit facilities and manage adjacent habitat making it safer for birds. Orientation: April & September




CONSERVATION & RESTORATION WEED-OUT ® The Weed-Out program is coordinated by The Park People in cooperation with Parks' Natural Areas Program. Volunteers help control invasive species at different Natural Areas throughout Milwaukee County Parks. Weed-Out® events are generally held in spring and fall. You can find active Weed-Out® events for the current season at: PARKPEOPLEMKE.ORG All Weed-Out locations must have a certified coordinator which includes attending Weed-Out Coordinator Training (March) and becoming a certified commercial pesticide applicator through DATCP (Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection). The Park People provide tools, personal protective equipment, and necessary herbicide. Sorry, no power tools allowed.

FALL TREE PLANTING Tree planting isn’t just for Earth Day! Join us in mid- to late - October for our annual reforestation event. No previous experience is required, and you can drop in for a couple of hours or stay for the whole day. On average, we plant over 1,000 trees with multiple planting dates offered. Volunteers work with staff to plant 3- to 5-gallon sized, potted trees and shrubs in pre-drilled holes. You can expect to be carrying about 15 pounds, kneeling for extended periods of time, and getting your hands dirty! We recommend wearing work clothes that will allow you the full conservation experience — mud and all! When dates are set for tree planting, we will share with volunteers who have indicated interest.

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ADOPT-A-SPOT In the Adopt-A-Spot program, Parks staff assign volunteers a specific location andtask for a volunteer to complete on a regular basis (usually once a month). Examples might include keeping weeds controlled in a certain area, clearing a fence line of debris, keeping stormwater gutters cleared of debris, and other “spots” that could just use a little TLC. This program generally runs from April – October. If you would like to Adopt-A-Spot, reach out to:



Thanks to volunteer Mark at Zablocki Park for “adopting” the tennis courts this summer and helping control weeds!


BOERNER BOTANICAL GARDENS VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES AT BOERNER · Community members who wish to volunteer at Boerner Botanical Gardens (BBG) are welcome and needed. · Some volunteer opportunities are year-round. · Volunteers can offer vital assistance to both the Boerner Garden staff and the self-funded non-profit organization that supports Boerner....the Friends of Boerner Botanical Gardens, Inc. (FBBG)...since 1984

THE BOERNER IN-GARDEN VOLUNTEER PROGRAM: · This is an FBBG community initiative begun in 2010, and the first such program for Boerner. · This initiative engages community members & corporate teams who provide needed assistance, in-garden to BBG horticulture staff, spring - fall. · Volunteer hours are available weekdays and weekends.

FBBG YEAR ROUND EDUCATION PROGRAMMING/EVENTS/GIFT SHOP/LIBRARY: · Volunteers assist with our year-round student and adult education programs, garden walks/guided tours and special events. · Volunteers are also needed in FBBG Gift Shop and Library · Volunteers hours can be during day and/or evening hours, depending on class/event.

FBBG recruits all BBG/FBBG volunteers through email blasts, website, corporate and donor relationships and various agencies, including surrounding Chambers of Commerce, schools and organizations that serve special needs populations.




WEHR NATURE CENTER Established in 1974, Wehr Nature Center is a 220-acre nature preserve located in the southwest corner of Milwaukee County in Whitnall Park. Over five miles of nature trails take visitors through woodland, wetland, prairie, and oak savanna. The Visitor Center hosts year-round, nature-themed educational programming to over 100,000 visitors. The Center houses a collection of live amphibian and reptile education animals as well as numerous nature exhibits and a Nature Gift Store. Just outside the Visitor Center are labeled discovery gardens featuring prairie, woodland and other plant varieties; a natural play space for kids; an accessible boardwalk trail; and an accessible deck on Mallard Lake. Volunteers have always played an integral part of accomplishing Wehr’s mission working side-by-side with staff to “inspire current and future generations to explore and value the natural world.” Volunteers have always allowed Wehr to build its capacity to reach this goal. Volunteers are a crucial part of our workforce. Volunteer opportunities are utilized in such a way that they are mutually beneficial to both the Center and the participants. Personal growth among volunteers is fostered by providing skilled supervision, training, and opportunities to learn new skills.

WHAT VOLUNTEERS CAN DO AT WEHR · Help with annual special events like Cider Sunday, Halloween Haunts, Maple Sugar Days, and Mother’s Day Native Plant Sale · Be a nature teacher working with school field trips and in-school programs · Keep Wehr’s trails well maintained with the Wheel ‘n Chip Society · Track nature happenings with the Phenology Group · Remove invasive species · Prepare program materials · Feed and care for Wehr’s education animals with Critter Care · Help with office work · Get involved with the Friends of Wehr · Work on special service projects created to match volunteer requirements and the Nature Center needs · Much more! Opportunities range from annual events to ongoing tasks that happen weekly or monthly. Check out the online Opportunity Directory for complete descriptions HERE

HOW DO I BECOME A WEHR VOLUNTEER? It’s easy! The first step to becoming a volunteer (individual or group leader) is to complete an online application here or connect with Mary Gaub at to make an appointment.



MITCHELL PARK DOMES The Friends of the Domes (FOD), established in 1989, is a private non profit 501(C)3 support group for the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory. Over the years the FOD has provided critical support for maintaining and expanding the 3.2 million dollar plant collection at the Domes, as well as for the many animals living in each dome. The Friends have funded significant facility and grounds improvements, provide funding for the changing floral shows in the Show Dome, and operate the Domes Gift Shop. As of 2019, the FOD now facilitates all Domes education programming for families, adults, schools and scouts both inside the Domes and soon to be brought outside into Mitchell Park! Our annual fundraising events listed below bring in significant revenue to help fund these efforts and are dependent on volunteer help to make them happen.





New Year’s Eve Family Celebration

Education Center Leader

Park Stewardship and Cleanups

Story Time for Families

Hearts Under Glass

Field Trip Volunteer

Outdoor Gardening

Information Booth

Art in the Green (Art Festival)

Pop-Up Discovery Stations

Dia de los Muertos

Adult and Family Workshops Sharp Literacy Workshops



COMMUNITY OUTREACH HELP REPRESENT THE PARKS! Do you want to help represent Milwaukee County Parks and share our message? Would you be interested in sharing information about projects underway or gathering feedback from the community? We are looking for a few dedicated volunteers to assist with our community outreach efforts. Community outreach volunteers must be able to commit to at least 1 weekend day (usually a Saturday) each month from May October, have reliable transportation, and be interested in connecting with diverse communities in Milwaukee County. We will host a training and orientation in April. If you are interested, please send your resume and a reason statement to: Space is limited.

The We Care Crew formed out of a need to respond to the COVID 19 pandemic in 2020. The coalition brings together dozens of local government agencies and nonprofit organizations to bring important resources to communities who need them the most. In 2020, we hosted 8 bike drives to provide alternative activities for the summer and delivered 5,000 resource bags and over 15,000 masks to Communities of Color adversely affected by the dual pandemics of racism and COVID 19. If you would like to get involved, keep an eye on the We Care Crew website for 2021 resourcing events:



COMMUNITY SERVICE OR SERVICE LEARNING HOURS At Milwaukee County Parks we are limited in our ability to supervise community service hours. We do not track community service hours for you. If you would like to complete your service hours with Parks, we recommend you: 1. Reach out to us directly at to discuss your specific community service requirements. 2. Participate in an existing volunteer program, such as Brew Hero or Weed Out®, to complete your hours. 3. Use text messaging to communicate service hours and progress with the Parks Volunteer Coordinator (requires a cell phone with text messaging). 4. At the end of your service, it is the responsibility of the volunteer to ensure that any required paperwork is submitted to the Parks Volunteer Coordinator for completion.


section 4:




FRIENDS GROUPS AT MILWAUKEE COUNTY PARKS, WE ARE GRATEFUL TO HAVE THE SUPPORT OF 50 FRIENDS GROUPS! Friends Groups are integral to the success of a thriving Milwaukee County Parks system. While Friends Groups come in many shapes and sizes, they often share the common goal of wanting to improve a Milwaukee County Park, trail, or other amenity. Some groups improve their parks by volunteering to help maintain the Park on a regular basis while others might conduct targeted fundraising campaigns to finish a specific project. Many groups also conduct signature events and programming to engage the community, bring new volunteers to their efforts, and showcase the benefits of a great Park. Friends Groups are also able to advocate for their Park and its amenities by bringing the community together to have their collective voices heard. One way to describe Friends Groups is as the “eyes, ears, and hands” of a park.

Being part of a Friends Groups is a great way to connect with neighbors, build community, all while improving our Parks. If joining a Friends Group sounds like a good fit for you, you can view the list of groups, or you can learn more about Friends Groups, including how to get started, by checking out our Friends Group Field Guide


about starting a new Friends Group, and for other ways to get involved, contact our partners at The Park People. 414-273-7275


section 5:




VOLUNTEER RECOGNITION WE LOVE OUR VOLUNTEERS! We wish we could do more to share our thanks and gratitude. We plan to host new volunteer recognition events and hope to bring on more community partners to help support our growing volunteer programs. Some of our partners, such as Friends of Boerner Botanical Gardens, Friends of the Domes, Friends of Wehr Nature Center, The Park People, and Milwaukee Parks Foundation also host their own volunteer recognition events.

WE WANNA' SEE WHAT YOU'RE UP TOO! OTHER WAYS WE SHARE THE LOVE ❒ Share your photos on Instagram using #loveyourparksmke and @mkecountypark. We might share your photo or give you a shout out!

❒ Share your story with us: Share why you love your parks and why volunteering is important to you! You can write your story or make a video, and we will share it with our online community.

❒ Stickers and social time! We try to give out what swag we can, and we hope our volunteers enjoy the camaraderie - in person or virtual - of our many volunteer programs.



section 6:

To get involved






SUPPORT THE COMMUNITY TREE PROGRAM Do you love trees? You have probably noticed a lot of dead trees or trees being removed from parks and other areas. Those are mostly dead ash trees which have been killed by the emerald ash borer, an invasive species. To help plant trees, we have introduced our Community Tree Program. Donations must be submitted by April for fall plantings. Space is limited: Learn more online.


WHY DO YOU LOVE YOUR PARKS? Submit your story to:

TIME LAPSE PROJECT – CAPTURE THE CHANGING SEASONS Capture a snapshot of the seasons in Milwaukee! Take a photo each month or each season in the same spot, and then collage them togethe to show the evolution of a year in your favorite Milwaukee County Parks!

Send your finished collages to Or post on social media @mkecountypark and #loveyourparksmke. 31

section 7:

Contacts, Forms, & resources



IMPORTANT CONTACTS, FORMS, AND RESOURCES IMPORTANT PARKS CONTACTS • Engagement Manager: • Parks Volunteer Programs (general): • Parks Community Science Programs: • Parks Trail Programs: • Wehr Nature Center: • Boerner Botanical Gardens: • Mitchell Domes:

IMPORTANT VOLUNTEER PARTNERS • The Park People: • Weed Out ®: 2/ • Friends Groups: a Difference/Friends • Milwaukee Parks Foundation: • Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful : https:// • Milwaukee Riverkeeper: up/ • Friends of Wehr Nature Center: • Friends of the Domes: • Friends of Boerner Botanical Gardens: 33

IMPORTANT VOLUNTEER FORMS AND RESOURCES • Milwaukee County Parks Volunteer Agreement: MilwaukeeCountyParksVolunteerAgreement • Volunteer at Boerner Botanical Gardens: VolunteerOpportunities • Volunteer at the Domes: Volunteer at the domes • Volunteer at Wehr Nature Center: Volunteer Host a Group Trash Clean up: CleanUpRegistrationForm • Host a Group Service Day (non trash clean up): GroupServiceDayRequest • Become a Brew Hero - our signature micro volunteering program! BrewHeroRegistration • Volunteer Interest Form - Not sure where to get started? That’s okay! Complete our interest form, and we will alert you to opportunities that align with your interests! IndividualVolunteerSignUpForm • Milwaukee County Volunteer Handbook: VolunteerHandbookAcknowledgement.pdf

OTHER PARKS FORMS • Report an Issue See an issue at a Park? Please submit an Issues Report Form online: IssueReport • Special Events Request Form - Interested in hosting an event other than a volunteer project? You will need to submit a special events application: SpecialEventsRequestForm • Park Improvement Projects - Interested in implementing a project such as installing new requires the partner to submit a robust application, raise funding, and manage the implementation of the project.



INTERNS CALLING ALL INTERS! In accordance with the Milwaukee County “Use of Volunteers” Administrative Manual of Operating Procedures (Procedure # 05.06), unpaid interns are placed as volunteers and must adhere to volunteer policies outlined in this handbook. Paid student interns are not volunteers.

PAID STUDENT INTERN - A paid student intern is a student whose services are designed to provide

work experience related to his or her major field of study at the direction of the of the County. A paid student intern is placed in a program in cooperation with an educational institution and receives compensation for the internship. Paid student intern processes are covered in the Unclassified Workforce policy of the Department of Human Resources.

UNPAID STUDENT INTERN - An unpaid student intern is a volunteer whose service is also designed

to provide work experience related to his or her major field of study at the direction of the County. An unpaid student intern is placed as a volunteer in cooperation with an educational institution.


For More For the latest information and administrative orders for Milwaukee County, please visit: 19

At the time of publishing, all volunteers are required to abide by Milwaukee County Administrative Orders relating to volunteers, and they must also complete a COVID-19 Volunteer Waiver.


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