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JULY 2011


I’d likeLately to there takehas a been moment a lot to ask; How are you, our readers controversy about Compassion doing? We know you’re Centers and the progress of wa thetching Medical Marijuana program in Rhode since our magazine has been Island. Governor Lincoln Chaffee will downloaded over 20,000 hopefully work the out apway to6satisfy times in just ast weeks. the federal government about the Let us know if there’s anything opening of Compassion A you’d like to have Centers. us cover many patients have beenpeople orgreat special cannabis waiting a long time for the weshould know about (we’re FINALLY RATIONAL Compassion Centers to open and to always on the forRI THINKING ANDlookout ACTING ON be able to access medicine safely. cannabis caretestimonials DISPENSARIES Some patients have to risk being and stories).I am excited robbed and as they roam the From our dearbeaten friend, JoAnne Leppanen, Executive about being a guest speaker streets looking for medicine; which is of the Rhode Island Patient Advocacy at Director this year’s Freedom Rally in Coalition, comes extremely this breakinglow news... in most cases: quality. Bost on on the 17th. I’mHouse going 
The leadership of the Rhode Island When patients inquire about when to and talk about freedom and how have reached agreement that and Senate how long they areanstill going to make forget the Compassion Centers a reality. wewould can’t tha t this is have wait forwould the authorize Compassion SenatetoBill 2555 the Health the land they of are the free and the Centers, given the run Department to determine the number of plants home brave. So, be brave that aof Compassion could legally grow. around, and toldCenter to: go home. There patient s and p a t riot s, and Patientsseems and caregivers would bemedicine authorized to never to be enough sell excess medicine to the Compassion Centers. fight for the return of our for the people and patients who The leadership the House and Senate, Senator freedom oofchoose cannabis. suffer the t most. Things need Rhoda Perry, Democrat-District 3, to Providence, and It’s not easy, but achieving change now! Please tell us about Representative Scott Slater, Democrat-District freedom never is. working with Governor 10, Providence, have been your opinions.

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From the Editor:

from the publisher D

E V O R P P A This issue of 1000 Watts, Number 12,

B R E A K I N G N E W S...

Lincoln D. Chafee to find a way to address the Governor’s concerns. As a result of Senate Bill and–reach me directly, D.J Stone at 2555, Rhode IslandYou will finally – move forward with the Compassion Centers.

Every E-mail is ANSWERED!

Cover photo, a medical dispensary Los Angeles, California.

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JULY 2011 was the most fun to put together.

Starting way back in October, 2011, we began planning our New Year’s Eve trip to Amsterdam with HJY Strain Review.........................................................................09 I’d likeLately to there take a been moment o att has a lot tCharles. and Geoff Among my most Caregiver of the Month.............................................................14 w 0 ask; How are you, our readers controversy about Compassion memories was the night doing? We know you’re Centers and thecherished progress of wa thetching Sensi Organics.........................................................................11 Medical Marijuana program in Rhode since our magazine has been we gave a trip away to two lucky Island.Hempology...............................................................12 Governor Lincoln will downloaded over Chaffee 20,000 hopefully work world out apway to6 satisfy times in just the ast weeks. travelers to accompany us, theus federal government about the Patient Storey........................................................................17 Let know if there’s anything opening of Compassion A of 1000 Watts’ generous you’d like tocourtesy have Centers. us cover many patients beenpeople 1000watts goeshave NON-Profit....................................................31 orgreat special cannabis OVEDsight advertisers waiting a long time for the PRThe P weshould know about (we’reand sponsors. A Maine Vermont Snapshots..................................................20 Compassion Centers to open and to always on & the lookout for of the night sky in Amsterdam on be able to access medicine safely. cannabis caretestimonial s Staff Picks Product Reviews.....................................................22 Some patients have toam being and stories).I excitedEve, when it exploded NewriskYear’s robbed and beaten as they roam the about being a guest speaker Cooking with Jan......................................................................25 streets looking for medicine; which is Strain the Review.........................................................................09 fireworks, was climax of at this year’swith Freedom Rally in in most cases: extremely low quality. Caregiver of the Month.............................................................14 Boston on the 17th. I’m going Comics Green journey. Reefer......................................26 WhenCanna patients inquire about when thewelcomes entire We hope that to talk about freedom and how Sensi Organics.........................................................................11 and how long they are still going to we can’t forget tha t this is Antioxidents Natures Cure For Cancer.........................................29 day, all patients, everywhere, Hempology...............................................................12 have to wait forone the Compassion the land they of are the free and the Centers, given the run Patient Storey........................................................................17 getSo,to experience the freedom home of brave. be brave Ronand Paul................................................................................33 around, told to: go home. There 1000watts goes NON-Profit....................................................31 patient s and p a t riot s, and never seems towe be enough medicine experienced on trip to the Maine &our Vermont Snapshots..................................................20 contact us...............................................................................35 fight for the of our for the people andreturn patients who freedom t o choose cannabis. Staff Picks Product Reviews.....................................................22 suffer the most.Netherlands. Things need to It’s not easy, but achieving


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From the Editor:

Cooking with Jan......................................................................25 Hey, this is important. Canna Comics welcomes Green Reefer......................................26

change now! Please tell us about

freedom never is. your opinions.

1000 Watts Publications does not endorse illegal activity inForany Antioxidents Natures Cure Cancer.........................................29 reachyou me directly, D.J Stone atand follow your state’s rules. form. It’sYouupandto to know Ron Paul................................................................................33 Copyright © 2011 by 1000 Watts Publication. All Rights Reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced, or transmitted in any form for profit. All design and Illustrations are property of 1000 Watts Publication (unless otherwise noted with permission from original author) and may not be used without prior permission. Every E-mail is ANSWERED!

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Hitchcock Printing 1000by Watts Publications does not endorse illegal activity in any form. It’s up to youBristol, to know and follow your state’s rules. CT

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This 2008 High Times Cannabis Cup Winner (3rd Place – Indica Cup) really meets her reputation. A hybrid between Mazar (an Indica-dominant Afghan/Skunk hybrid originating from Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan), and Skunk #1, (a 1970’s Sativadominant hybrid composed of 25% Afghani, 25% Mexican Acapulco Gold, and 50% Colombian Gold). The appeal is astonishing. Although listed as an Indica-dominant strain, LSD’s Sativa genetics shine through in the structure, producing long buds of medium density that shimmer under light. The aroma is faint, carrying a sweet note, reminiscent of Honeydew. LSD is an all-around winner. Weighing in at a massive 24% THC (and 1.3% CBD), she currently places at the World’s 3rd Highest THC Containing Strain (according to THC levels). The yield is also heavy, at up to 600G/m2 indoors!

Flavor and Efficacy: LSD has a great flavor, although, it is much different than the fragrance. The flavors are simple and pleasant, consisting of sweet cantaloupe, mixed with an earthy blend of pine and chestnuts. I am not sure that I have ever rated a strain 5/5 for potency until LSD. The dosage can be kept extremely low, while maintaining high medicinal value. I would recommend that anyone new to smoking, or without a high tolerance, remain cautious with this strain. This strain received its name for a reason! In large amounts, or, in emotionally stressful settings, the psychedelic effects are easily noticed. These effects can range from slight enhancements in colors, to extremely deep thought processes, to noticeable visual effects (no joke). As an Indica-dominant strain, the effects profile is absolutely incredible. When cured for two Weeks, the effects were somewhat uplifting and energetic, euphoric, and mildly psychedelic. With


a longer cure (6 weeks), the effects were more introspective, sedating (with couch lock), and moderately less conversational. As the cure lengthens, the psychedelic effects seem to broaden and become noticeable with smaller dosages.

Medical Value: Analgesic Headaches Anxiolytic Antidepressant ADD / ADHD Antiemetic Therapy / Psychotherapy

first time shoppers


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ds first hydro n a l s I e d o ponic sto Rh re

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You'll enjoy our knowledgeable, friendly staff who are always available for questions and suggestions.

Liquid Ladybug spidermites,what are those?


Rhode Island


Medical Value: Anti-Depressant Antienemic (Strong) Anxiolytic (Strong – Very Strong) Appetite Stimulant Cancer (Especial y Glaucoma) Chronic Pain Epilepsy Therapy (Physiological and/or Psychological) Migraines Multiple sclerosis Muscle Spasms PTSD Soporific (Insomnia: Moderate – Strong)

Purple Kush is an old school Indica legend, with parents descending from the 1970’s. There is much debate over the actual genetics, as well as which cutting (or clone) is the original “Purple Kush.” As I cannot verify which specific cut this is, I will attempt to touch up on the most common cuts. The genetics have been speculated to be: I. Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani II. Purple Pakistan Chitral Kush (a Hashplant variety originating from the Hindu Kush region of Pakistan) III. Northern Lights x Purple Indica Whichever it may be, Purple Kush is an amazing strain. Unfortunately, due to its extremely high demand (and more than likely shorter supply), many caregivers and dispensaries have intentionally mislabeled others strains as it. Bubba Kush, Purple Urkle, Grandaddy Purple, and various other Purple-strains and hybrids are now being sold as Purple Kush (making it extremely hard to pick out the real deal). Some of the cuts worth mentioning are: Cut: Coffeeshop SR-71 Lineage: Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani Genetics: 100% Indica Flowering Time: 50 - 60 Days

Cut: Las Vegas Purple Kush (LVPK) Lineage: Afghani / Pakistani Genetics Genetics: Mostly Indica Flowering Time: 63 - 70 Days

Cut: BC Purple Kush Lineage: Unknown Genetics: Indica Flowering Time: 63 - 70 Days Cut: Kyle Kushman’s Purple Kush Lineage: Purple Kush x (NL#5 x Hashplant) Genetics: Mostly Indica / Indica Flowering Time: Unknown

Miscellaneous: This cut died circa 1999 via Hermaphroditic Death

Now that all that is out of the way... Purple Kush has a bag appeal unlike many others. The two buds that I was lucky enough to get my hands on appeared black at first glance. Upon further inspection (with very bright LED lights), I was able to see that over 60% of the bud was pure purple! One of the two buds has great color variation, with medium to dark purples, black, and some very interesting shades of green. The pistils are frosted with trichomes and have a beautiful amber hue.

Flavor and Efficacy Purple Kush is great all-arounder, especially with the fragrance and flavor. The fragrance is a pungent compilation of a Kush-like, earthy and woody-pine, lime and lemon grass, mixed with chamomile and something slightly metallic. The flavor, on the other hand, has a somewhat purple characteristic. It is similar to bitter grapes, with a fresh laundry sheet, followed by almonds (fresh and burnt) and a green onion. The high that it produced was very clean, with no anxiety, raciness, paranoia, or edginess. The effects are powerful, although, in no way overwhelming. It produced a long (2.5 – 3hr.) stone of a sedating and narcotic nature. The effects can lead to sleepiness. So having it as a morning or mid-day strain, may be something to avoid. The effects start off heavy, especially in the body and eyes, and work toward a more heady and spacey high. As the high progresses further, the effects become somewhat foggy. The best way to describe it, is somewhat like having a cloud inside of your head. The effects are mentally expanding and beneficial for therapy, relaxing, or daydreaming. There is a strong, mentally hallucinogenic/psychedelic aspect, which can be great for deep thinking or meditation.


How many patients do you have?

At the moment, I have three patients with medical conditions which include multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, inflammatory bowel disease and sleep apnea, to mention a few.

What strains do you grow?

There are too many to name, but a few that have worked well for my patients’ pain relief are Blue Cheese, and Carnival. And my favorite for my MS patients are AK48 crossed with Yummy D.

How long have you been growing? Three years.

Do you use seeds or clones? I use both seeds and clones. I crossbreed my own seeds.


What do you use for nutrients?

I use organic vegan Canna Organic, or general organic.

What is the most difficult challenge of being a caregiver?

The most difficult challenge is to ensure that I am able to keep a perpetual cycle of medicine in order to always keep my patients supplied with the needed medicine. The reason I decided to become a caregiver is I felt very passionate about the medical cannabis movement. In the three years that I have been growing, I have invested over $15,000 in needed supplies and related costs. I started attending Rhode Island Patient Advocacy meetings where there are so many helpful people.

What is your favorite strain?

My personal favorite strains are Hawaiian, Columbian and Mexican. They are well-balanced, all-around medicines which I find relaxing and relieve muscle pain well.

I tested the CV and was amazed at how it rehydrates. It is a simple concept that produces perfect results. It comes in three convenient sizes and is well-made. The CV is the answer to your storage needs. Definitely worth it. -Geoff Charles 09

If re-elected—alas, a very big ‘if’ indeed—what can the medical marijuana community expect in the form of progress from the Man of Hope. If you remember from last issue, in the month before half the staff visited and seriously considered defecting to Amsterdam, 1000 Watts took a 30,000-foot view of the Republican Presidential candidates in relation to their declared positions on medical marijuana. Not a pretty picture.

But we’re not here to take sides. We merely report. You decide. On the Dem side, our President Barack


Will it get better with a second Barry term? Not likely. In the early days of President Obama’s tenure, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that prosecutors would not target medical marijuana users and caregivers, as long as they followed state laws. But as the risk of prosecution diminished, storefront dispensaries and enormous growing operations proliferated—for example, in California—often in brazen defiance of zoning laws and local bans. “That is not what the California voters

intended or authorized, and it is illegal under federal law,” said Andre Birotte Jr., the Los Angeles-based, U.S. Attorney for the Central District. “It does not allow this brick-and-mortar, Costco-Wal-Mart-type model that we see across California.” U.S. attorneys claim that they are taking aim at large-scale growers and dispensary owners who are raking in millions of dollars while falsely claiming that their medical marijuana operations comply with state law, which does not allow for-profit sales. However, the tactics employed are a dragnet that’s been cast far and wide. Last fall, a federal firearms official sent a letter to gun dealers warning them against selling to medical marijuana users. [Interesting Side Note: Approximately 18 states allow patrons to carry their Second Amendment right to bear arms straight into bars and restaurants that serve alcohol, but a legal puff of medicinal would effectively deny you the right to own a gun, if the federal government has its way. But, hey, if you want to enjoy

continued on 13

Since then, the field of GOP candidates has thinned considerably, with “Class” President Mitt Romney, Stay Puft Marshmallow Newt Gingrich, the supremely rational and hence unelectable Ron Paul, and the suddenly surging, but unfortunate neologism that is the ball-of-hatred known as Rick Santorum, remaining in the fight.

Obama—while admitting in his memoir to smoking grass and even partaking of a snort or two during a “wayward” period of his youth—has done little but damage to the plight of acceptance of medical cannabis. His Administration’s Reign of Terror, ahem, campaign of federal enforcement, incongruous as it is with state’s rights and the will of the electorate, has included threatening letters from U.S. Attorneys to MM state Governors, SWAT raids of California dispensaries, and seizure of assets and property.

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shots of Jack with your buddies at your local tavern while all of you pack heat, no problem. Line ‘em up!] On the financial front, the last bank in Colorado willing to handle money from dispensaries closed those accounts last October, concerned about federal prosecution. And the Internal Revenue Service has begun to order some dispensaries to pay millions of dollars in back taxes and penalties, ruling that they can’t deduct expenses because their business is illegal. The sudden escalation of enforced intimidation has baffled advocates who note that the use of medical marijuana now has broad popular support, as shown in nationwide polls. “From a political perspective, it’s hard to see how this serves Obama’s interest,” said Ethan Nadelmann, executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance. “It feels like it’s being driven by law enforcement and anti-drug folks.”



Recently, U.S. prosecutors began targeting landlords who rent to marijuana operations, threatening loss of their property through civil forfeiture. That tactic was employed by the Bush administration in 2007. (You’ve come a long But U.S. Attorney Birotte, Obama’s heavy in Cali, said that this time, prosecutors intend to follow through with forfeitures.


Unit 1 260 Central Ave. Pawtucket, RI 401.523.3253

Meanwhile, every day, a Third Party run by Congressman Paul looks better and better.

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ON BOOTLEGGERS, CANNABIS AND THE ECONOMY I am a Rhode Island patient. I would like to comment on the controversy in RI regarding the licensing of the compassion centers. Governor Chafee stated he would not sign off to open the compassion centers. He stated the “current system is working fine.” I thought at length about that statement. To see if the current system is “working fine,” one has to analyze the current system. Essentially, in the current system there are about 2500 caregivers in the state of RI growing medicine. It is common knowledge that a large amount, not all, of these caregivers are growing as much medicine as they can with no state supervision; giving their patients, who make this possible, as little medicine as they can; and then selling the remainder of the medicine they produce on the black market for as much as the market will bear, typically $250 to $400 an ounce, depending on quality of the medicine, with no taxation.   The current system does have benefits. First of all, there is now an industry in

RI employing 2500 caregivers growing medicine. In the depressed RI job market, anything that produces jobs is good. All the money that would be spent on California medicine is now being spent on RI medicine, keeping that money local. Why ship the money we all spend on medicine out of state or out of the country, when we can keep that money at home, circulating in the local economy? Also, as a patient, I feel that anything that produces more medicine in RI is good. It will make prices for medicine go lower due to supply and demand. After all, isn’t that one of the biggest problems that patients face is finding affordable medicine? As a patient, I don’t care if the caregivers are selling all their excess medicine that they produce tax free on the black market. In fact, I favor it, as it increases supply. Remember, as a patient, I can legally buy medicine from anyone in RI, even if they are in essence a pot dealer hiding behind the caregiver law. 

Remember, RI was founded by bootleggers. In colonial times the triangle trade of liquor, sugar and slaves made the founders of RI rich. Or where do you think the people who founded Brown University got all their money?

In fact, I have a grudging respect for the pot dealers flaunting the law. They are producing a valuable product in RI, which not many other people are doing. Have you noticed it seems every factory in RI is closed? At least the dealers are pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, not depending on some government handout.

Letters to 1000 Watts OP-HEMP can be emailed to djstone@1000watts. info. All letters become the property of 1000 Watts, may be edited for length and clarity, and can be published in any medium.

To summarize, evidently RI Governor Chaffee thinks that the current system is just fine, so all you caregivers and prospective caregivers, jump on the bandwagon, this a tax free gold rush, produce as much medicine and make as much money as you can. This is almost too good to be true; make your money now, before the politicians wise up to what is really happening. I encourage a response to this letter in 1000 Watts.  Let’s get an intelligent forum going in 1000 watts about what is really going on.   May all your medicine be high-grade. Sincerely,  James from Jamestown, RI


work, cooking, cleaning, even personal hygiene, very difficult. Once a doctor has evaluated the symptoms, prescription medications are routinely prescribed. There are many types of anti-depressant medications, including tricyclic antidepressants, MAOs (Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors), SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors), SNRIs (Serotonin-Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors) and a few others. A very recent analysis published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (Jan/2010) stated that antidepressants are only effective for those with severe depression.  Those patients There is evidence that marijuana works with mild to moderate depression had for some psychiatric disorders.  Princi- no benefits with prescribed medicapally, depression and bipolar disorder.  tions.  However, these medications are Among some people, marijuana is jok- prescribed with alarming frequency to those patients who may not benefit.  ingly referred to as “green Prozac.” Pharmaceutical companies profited “I think cannabis has a lot of potential $9.6 billion in 2008 on antidepressants in the treatment of mental illness,” says alone.  Lester Grinspoon, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at the Harvard School of To add insult to injury, the side effects Medicine.  Grinspoon says that it can be from antidepressants can be serious and an effective treatment for bipolar disor- unacceptable for many people.  Someder and depression.  Like any medicine, times the side effects are worse than he cautions, “It will not work for every- the symptoms of depression.  Here are some of the side effects for each type of one.” medication: Two weeks ago, it was reported that the Israeli army said it would provide medi- Tricyclics:  blurred vision, constipation, cal marijuana on an experimental basis difficulty urinating, worsening of glauto troops suffering from post-traumatic coma, impaired thinking, fatigue, high stress disorder.  And yet recently, the blood pressure Washington Medical Quality Assur- MAO inhibitors:  weakness, dizziness, ance Commission was petitioned to add headaches, tremors, deadly if mixed mental illness to its list of approved uses with certain other drugs of medical marijuana.  The commission denied the request.  It argued that there SSRIs:   loss of appetite, weight loss, inwas no rock-solid, scientific evidence somnia, nausea, nervousness, insomnia, that cannabis worked for mental illness.  headache, sexual problems Ironically, the same organization had SNRIs:  loss of appetite, weight loss, inpreviously approved pot for treatment somnia, fatigue, headache, sexual probof Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s disease,  chron- lems, liver failure, high blood pressure ic pain,  and wasting syndrome based With many of these medications, there upon—anecdotal evidence. is also what is called “discontinuation Clinical depression is a very serious ill- syndrome,” otherwise known as bad ness.  People with this condition have withdrawal.  You cannot suddenly stop long-term, often debilitating feelings most of these types of medications, as of sadness and low self-esteem.  There you can become very ill.  Patients who can be suicidal thoughts.  Depression choose to stop these types of medicamakes ordinary tasks such as going to tions find that they must taper the dose


with a physician’s supervision, or they are unable to stop the medication. Another very concerning issue regarding these medications is that there is an increased risk of suicide, especially in younger patients. The jury is still out on this but Great Britain has banned use of antidepressants in those younger than 18, and the FDA now requires all antidepressants to carry a warning that states that they carry an increased risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviors.  Are you depressed yet?

certain forms of epilepsy, nerve pain, painful menstrual cramps, migraines and tics. More recently, patient surveys show that many people treat depression with good results using cannabis. Many studies also show that patients who have depression because of another debilitating disease, such as cancer, HIV, multiple sclerosis or chronic pain, report less depression symptoms with the use of cannabis.

Researchers have found that low doses of cannabis increased serotonin levels Well, here’s some good news. in the brain, which helps to improve Medical cannabis has been used for mood. Higher doses of cannabis tendhundreds of years, and across cultures ed to increase symptoms of depression, and geography, to treat depression because the serotonin levels were dedating back to India in the 17th century.  pleted.   Many people for depression are Robert Burton, an English clergyman, using currently medical cannabis, but wrote in 1621 that cannabis was helpful patients must be careful to use low to to treat depression.  In the 17th century, moderate doses so as not to cause worsphysicians in England prescribed it for ening of symptoms.  If patients find that the blues.  And in 1890, a British phy- symptoms are worsening, cannabis ussician named J.R. Reynolds determined age should be curtailed.  Chronic heavy that cannabis was helpful for depression use of cannabis is not recommended, and other illnesses, including asthma, but in low doses, patients may find the

relief they need without the unwanted side effects from conventionally prescribed medicines. Other treatments in combination with medical cannabis may help to improve results, such as therapy or counseling, exercise, and a healthy diet with natural foods. Next issue, be sure and look for the beginning of our three-part series, Cancer and Cannabis, exploring the physical, mental and spiritual dimensions of medicinal marijuana.



ack in November of last year, Current Culture sent me a 12-bucket, 13-gallon system for us here at 1000 Watts to do a product review. Power trip 1000 sent us some lights and we built a special room 8x12, to test these buckets.

It’s also the easiest system I have ever used to grow. And I was so impressed, I went out and got two more systems. In Rhode Island, we are limited to a specific number of plants, so why not grow BIG plants with undercurrent systems.

Because of the size of the room, we were only able to use eight buckets and one reservoir, and three 1000 watt lights, and a 5000 BTU A/C. We then removed the heat from the lights with an inline fan and duct work. Also, we kept the re-circulating pump outside the room because we are using CO2, which gives better performance.

Visit Current Culture’s website at For Power Trip, visit

Hyperbole aside, I have been growing for several years and have never seen results so AMAZING!!!! I put clones in the buckets and after eighteen days, the plants were ready to flip 1212 for flowering stage, quite bushy, although only about 18” to 20” tall. Eight weeks later, the plants are fourfeet-plus, and I could not put my hands around any of them. Most unbelievable plants I have ever grown.


There is so much to tell you about the High Times Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles, and how liberal the California medical marijuana community is, that it’s going to take more than one article. So we’ll be sure to carry over the story in our next issue. Once again, traveling to LA with the staff was so much fun and hooking up with my old friends from High Times (Dan Skye, Danny Danko, and Craig Coffee) was great. We went to many dispensaries and met with the owners, growers, and entrepreneurs. The Cannabis Concentrates were the talk of the town. Some, made with butane extraction, and others, the new clean CO2 extraction, were phenomenal, reducing the cannabis to small oils at three-to-five times the strength. The Medical Cannabis Cup event itself was a great success with the line to the entrance to the LA Convention Center go-


ing around the block all day. Everyone entering the Cup received a copy of 1000 Watts Magazine! Inside, the event was separated into two areas: a patient testing area where there were approximately twenty-five dispensaries and a few seed companies showing their wares—sampling and purchases were allowed—and on the other side of the fence doing the most business was the doctors signing temporary medical cards, and of course the food court. Bobby Tuna was there along with Normal Trim Pro and BC Bud Depot. I will continue in the next issue to tell you about my experience as a Celebrity Judge, and I’ve been invited by Dan Skye, Senior Editor at High Times, to be a judge at all the Medical Cannabis Cups this year. So stay tuned! Meanwhile, we would like to invite all of you to the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup Denver for April 21-22. Visit our website for more details.


1 877 6DVR-GEAR We manufacture horticulture industry specific products capable of producing crystal clear video images in even the most harsh lighting environments. These cameras, when coupled with our state of the art, networkable, digital video recorders, provide 24 hour motion activated video surveillance capable of streaming live video to any smart phone or Internet connected computer. Our DVR's are available in 4, 8, and 16 channel capacity with up to 2TB of internal storage

“Cameras are great, especially hidden cameras. DVRGear. com has some incredible products.”-DJ Stone

We are excited to announce that we’ve joined the Rhode Island chapter of the American Alliance for Medical Cannabis (AAMC), a national organization based in Oregon that helps promote medical marijuana and outreach initiatives. AAMC Director Ann McCormick is the mother of Todd McCormick. Todd, who was featured on the cover of our July issue, has been one of America’s foremost cannabis freedom activists; food, fiber and medicine.

South County 401.783.1733 Hydroponics 51 Old Tower Hill Rd. Wakefield, RI 02879

Live to Grow 401.845.0500 936 Aquidneck Ave. Middleton, RI 02842

Growers Edge 401.388.1860 155 Newport Ave. East Providence, RI 02916

Shock N Awe Smoke Shop 203.757.8874 1069 Huntington Ave. Waterbury, CT 06704

Rest assured, loyal readers, that even though 1000 Watts is about to ‘go national’ in reach, our coverage will remain focused in the Northeast, especially here in New England--the new hotspot for change and freedom! We’re here to serve our community, and now you can help us with that by making a tax-deductable donation to 1000 Watts. Many thanks to Ann for helping to make this happen!

The Rhode Island chapter of the AAMC can be found @ 22

Perchta, together with evil spirits, is said to fly through the mid-winter sky. To appease these spirits, oliebollen are offered. It is said Perchta would try to cut open the bellies of all she came across, but because of the fat in the oliebollen, her sword would slide off the body of whoever ate them.

Oliebollen Oliebollen, (literally, oil balls), is a traditional Dutch food. Oliebollen are eaten on New Year’s Eve – okay, we’re a little late, but we’ve been out of town! – and at fairs. In wintertime, they are also sold in the street at mobile stalls. Oliebollen are said to have been first eaten by Germanic tribes in the Netherlands during the Yule, the period between December 26 and January 6. During Yule, the Germanic goddess

Oliebollen Ingredients 2 small pakages of instant dry yeast ½ cup hot water 4 cups cannaflour ¼ cup sugar 2 eggs 2 cups lukewarm milk ½ teaspoon salt 1 cup green apples & raisins marinated in spiced rum cannabis tincture 8 cups vegetable oil cinnamon/powdered sugar

In small bowl, sprinkle yeast and a teaspoon of sugar over hot water and set aside ten minutes. In a large bowl, mix cannaflour and sugar leaving a hole in the center. Add eggs; yeast mixture; milk; mix and cover bowl with damp cloth and let rise for approximately 1 hour. Add salt and fruit, drop 2 tablespoons in hot (350 ) oil until golden; drain and sprinkle with cinnamon/powdered sugar.




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fter visiting Amsterdam eight times, I’ve grown to know that there is big difference in the quality of cannabis found at varying coffesshops. Some shops specialize in high-grade cannabis and others proffer hashish. My top coffesshop pick for cannabis, for many years now, would be The Grey Area. The Grey Area has won numerous High Times Cannabis Cup awards. They’re most famous for their Grey Mist, Yellow Cab, and Bubble Gum. Second favorite for cannabis is Dampkring. Also notable for winning many High Times Cannabis Cup awards, Dampkring even has an online shop where you can order seeds, grow products and there’s also a directory to a smart shop. And every time I’m in Amsterdam, I have to visit the Coffeeshop Siberie. As in most high-end coffeeshops, it is frequently difficult to find a seat, however there’s always an empty stool to be found in Siberie. Henry, the owner, who hails originally from Russian, is always happy to great an occasional tourist. However, most of his clientele are Dutch regulars. On the other side of the spectrum, the hashish... The best hashish in the world is in Amsterdam, and when I land, typically very early in the morning, the Bluebird Café is already open to receive me. The Bluebird offers a collection of the finest hashish from all over the world. Step up to the counter, and you can peruse a loose binder with pages of photos and information that explain the origin and properties of every variety of hash they sell. And my fifth and final choice, not an easy one given the variety of great coffesshops to be found in Amsterdam, is Kadinsky. They have several locations, with the one in Dam Square being the most convenient to the Centrum. Stuck down a narrow little alley behind McDonald’s, there’s even a bar next door if you care to throw back an Amstel while you partake.


In which our intrepid band of travelers relate their experience of New Year’s Eve in the Netherlands.


From Joe & Kim

and had some Dutch treats. Looking off the balcony onto Damstraat, we As we enter Logan Airport we were saw an Argentine restaurant, so we said greeted with a bear hug from Geoff good-bye to Geoff and made plans to Charles and he introduced us to the meet back at his room at 10:30. We 1000 Watts crew. As we bonded had a wonderful Argentine dinner then over cannabis butter cookies, DJ said ventured back out again until it was he would be renting a car for their time to meet Charles and the gang. excursions. After a quiet five-hour Unfortunately, when we arrived back at flight, we emerged out of the shoot into Charles’s hotel at 10:30 we found that Shiphol Airport as if into the future, with he was sick from eating Indian food and moving sidewalks that say, “Mind Your could not watch the fireworks display Step.” Luckily, most signs are in English, with us at the Dam, so DJ and Brian so we make our way to the trains, which asked us to join them in the car and is the cheapest way to get into the city. tool around Europe. When midnight Don’t take a shuttle. They will charge you came upon us, we were somewhere upward of 20 euro per person. So we on the highway in the European took the train into Central Station. We countryside. After wishing each other had to listen carefully, so we didn’t miss a Happy New Year, suddenly walls our stop. of fireworks lit up both sides of the highway for miles and miles. Forty-five Stepping off the train into Central minutes of straight highway and walls Station is like entering into another of fireworks seemed like a dream, but it world. We just stood in awe of this was real. Everywhere you looked, there incredible building’s architecture. As we were fireworks! That was the end of a walked into the street, we seem to travel perfect first day! back in time with cobblestone streets and sidewalks, shared with trams, On the second day, we all got up late. busses, cars and bicycles……ooooooh, so But after meeting up with DJ, Brian many bicycles! Everywhere you look… and Meredith in the breakfast room, bicycles!!! we decided to do some sightseeing. So, off we went and saw the soccer We went to the Info Center and bought a stadium, and fishing docks, and map and then found our hotel (of course, tooled around town looking at all the our rooms were not ready yet). Later beautiful architecture and taking lots of we met DJ, Brian, Geoff and Meredith pictures, and handing out 1000 Watts at the Blue Bird Coffee shop. We had magazines and shopping! Can’t forget some Dutch Treats and coffee and a little the shopping!!! conversation, then decided to see if our hotel rooms we’re ready. On day three, we awoke and ventured outside to find DJ, Brian and Loli Pop We later met up with DJ, Brian and Girl waiting for us and off to the zoo Meredith, who said “come with us,” so we went where Lemurs run free and we hopped in the car and off we went! butterflies land on your hand and DJ knew where everything was and we chimps play overhead. We had fun saw so much more then we would have even though there was no sun. The on foot. Stopping for a traditional Dutch zoo was a great place to visit, we were Breakfast, Brian found out that they there for three hours! After the zoo, don’t serve Dunkin Donuts coffee here. we dropped Loli Pop Girl off at the Van What a face he made! Then back to our Gough Museum and we were off to the hotel to clean up and head out on our Ann Frank House. Waiting in line to own. see the museum made us feel like we A twenty minute walk to the Dam and were hearing voices, as there were so we arrived at Geoff Charles’s hotel where many people talking and all speaking we hung out for awhile on his balcony different languages. The Ann Frank House is a must-see in Amsterdam.



We started to walk back and who do we see? Dana and Brian right before our eyes. What good timing, we said. At your service, said DJ, and they took us back to the hotel. Later on, we ventured back out again to Renee’s bakery to finish off an already great day. This is our third trip to Amsterdam and by far the best trip thanks to the crew at 1000 Watts Magazine who know how to show you a good time.

Your new friends, Joe & Kim

artwork and T-shirts. Bicycles are a favored mode of transportation in the city, and it’s a beautiful site to look down a street and see rows upon rows of bicycles parked up and down both sides. Just watch out walking, they’ll run right into you if you’re not careful! If you have the opportunity to go to Amsterdam, take it. Everyone was very friendly and helpful and it was overall a great experience.

Peace and Love, 
Loli Pop Girl

From Loli Pop Girl From Brian Budzz Amsterdam is the most liberated city I have ever been to. My father and I won the trip and were incredibly grateful for the opportunity to go. New Year’s Eve was absolutely crazy. Everybody was

shooting off fireworks in the streets and congregating in the squares to watch professional fireworks displays. Cops didn’t bother anybody, they seemed to be there for damage control more than anything else. I didn’t see them giving anybody a hard time, and there was plenty going on that would absolutely not be allowed in the U.S. The coffee shops were overflowing with patrons, but luckily it’s not frowned upon to simply smoke (or drink, or do pretty much anything) walking down the street. My father and I would definitely recommend a trip to Amsterdam for New Year’s. It’s an experience that no one should miss out on.

Amsterdam is also a beautiful city with many museums and shops to explore. I would recommend going to the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank House. If you’re looking for cool souvenirs, go to Mark Raven’s shop for some original

Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful and friendly places that I have ever had the privilege of visiting. For an American caregiver/patient, it was

apparent upon arrival that I wasn’t in the USA because of the language and appearances, but the people were very sociable and friendly. After hearing how they were shutting down the coffee shops, I had nervous anticipation that I wouldn’t be able to medicate. But much to my delight, all the coffeeshops were open, warm and welcoming towards a stranger from abroad. I even got to medicate with some hash, which had a smooth and mellow effect. The sight of the canals and beautiful architecture of the buildings were amazing. Also, a group of us visited the zoo, where the animals are so close you can reach out and touch them. Most memorable was the butterfly collection. I will never forget the people that I travelled with and the new friends that I made while visiting this remarkable city. Spending New Year’s

in Amsterdam will always be one of my fondest memories.

Out... Brian Budzz

From mj watts...

New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam, it starts off slowly, a random pop a few blocks away, a boom behind you, then before you know it, you’re running from the box of 1000 cherry booms that has been lit next to you in the smallest alley that is already covered in explosive casings. The entire Dam is a filled with people surrounding a pit of red pulp and smoke every second another explosive is raced in. I had pretty much lost everyone at this point. DJ and Brian Budzz had skipped town and I was map/phone-less wandering the city.

I had been using the Church near the hotel as a sort of a landmark to look for to get home(although this became less practical on NYE when the entire city was thick with sulfur smoke). I was rather awestruck by how comfortable I was in Amsterdam, mainly due to the lack of language barrier. With this said, I felt really ok with the basics the whole trip. We had all ditched our cell phones; I did buy a map but I rarely used it outside of attempting to preplan travel. The Bulldog Coffee shops barge of explosives that went off for about an hour is our cover picture. After several hours of walking around medicating at the few coffee shops that were open and dodging fireworks, I headed back to the Falcon. (I really liked our hotel, it was efficient and clean and had these huge TVs with super funny 80s American TV on them).

I strongly suggest that you


make a list of coffeeshops before going. Once in Amsterdam you find yourself so relaxed and distracted I missed a few spots that I am now kicking myself about. But hey, there’s always next time. New Year’s Day was pretty low key, breakfast with the crew, morning wake and bake at the Kandinski (this place was so packed the night before I couldn’t get in), we rolled up one morning and two locals were reading 1000 Watts right in the front window that was pretty cool. I rolled a nice joint of Dr. Grinspoon with some Silver Haze ice hash and felt great. In general, I found a lot of the coffeeshops to be smokey. We also lucked out and the weather was pretty mild, so I really enjoyed being able to hit the
good shops in the morning before they were filled with splits and smoke and then go outside. Rest of the day is a blur although the walks of shame back to the train station I witnessed were amusing. We were about a block away from a market. I bought snacks there they had some neat smoothies and
healthy cheap munchies.

After getting a full night’s sleep, I awakened at dawn determined to get the most out of my day so I set out to rent a bike and see Amsterdam. Bikes are the way to go here, the entire city is designed (with the exception of the cobble stones, ouch) for bicycles. So at $8 a day, with good weather, what’s really your excuse? It was great. I spent most of the day getting lost trying to go to the Van Gogh Museum, but it was thoroughly worth it. I had my morning joint at the Rookery. Nice lounge. I lingered long enough to get some pointers from the budtender there, and then on my way. I hit the bulb market, botanical museum. I did in fact make it to the Van Gogh Museum which was mobbed, and I cruised around rather quickly and marveled as
I usually do at how much smaller the masters are than I think they will be. The bike rental was by far one of my highlights. I even took it for a spin in a 18th century-style graveled path



All in all, the trip was great. I was pleasantly surprised at how frugal I was and although I spent most at coffeeshops, it was still less then I had planned. Couple of tips: get some euros in advance. Finding places to cash in, while easy, is annoying. If you don’t like being phone-less, call your service provider in advance. Pre-plan a little so that you get the most out of your trip and have fun.

Thanks to DJ for knocking another thing off my bucket list.

Oh Amsterdam I miss you so, mj watts

From Geoff Charles

It’s drizzling in Amsterdam. My direct flight out of Boston touches down on a dark runway at Schiphol Airport, just outside the city of

Amsterdam. The sun’s not up and it’s almost 7:30 in the morning. I travel with a carry-on and a backpack. I have my passport stamped at Immigration and head for the train. I buy a round-trip ticket into and out of the city and wait on Platform Number 2 for it to arrive. It’s chilly and damp down on Platform Number 2. The train rushes right in on time, I find a seat, set my bags aside, and relax. I love taking the train into the City. It’s comfortable, quick, and reminds me that America could have the same thing if only its citizens could see how great high-speed rail transportation really is. Within a matter of minutes, I’m at Central Station in the Centrum district. My hotel is just down the Damrak, about a ten-minute walk from the train station. My room won’t be ready until three because on the weekends the hotel lets

its guests check out late. But the room does have a balcony and I figure it’s worth the wait. I stow my bags with the concierge and walk out into a light morning mist. It’s Saturday, New Year’s Eve Day and the city’s filling up with hundreds of thousands of people anxious to welcome in the new year in the party city of Europe. I walk to Little Kadinsky (my name for it, not theirs) just off the Damrak. The Tall Girl is behind the counter checking the I.D.’s of five Italian kids who want to buy hashish. One of them is eighteen. The others aren’t. Four of them leave and the kid who remains buys five grams of Kadinsky’s best. The product at the top of the menu in the coffeeshops is not always the best product on the menu. At Kadinsky, for instance, their Sahara Blue, a moderately priced import, offers a rounded, more versatile high than their premium product. The Dutch


aren’t dumb. They know that most people will assume the highest priced product is the best. In many cases it isn’t. And while Kadinsky offers some of the finest hashish in the city, it’s premium product is not always the most expensive. 

There’s no hot drinks to be had because the Tall Girl’s too busy slicing off hunks of hash from the small brick she stores in a Tupperware container. I cross the alleyway to the Kandinsky Café where I order a large American-sized coffee, kick back and figure out how to beat up six hours before my room is ready. 

I’m meeting friends at the Bluebird on the other side of the Red Light District at ten o’clock. I’ve learned, after traveling here eightseven times in the past one million years, that my consciousness is more nimble if I stay up all day after I arrive. Going to bed is for newbies.

The Red Light District is Amsterdam’s adult playground without the kiddie rides and the candy floss. It’s more of a tourist attraction than a health risk. Yes, men get laid, but more men pass by the windows than actually knock on the door and go in. 

Amsterdam’s coffeeshop trade is made up mostly of men. At any given time, 98% of a coffeeshops clientele will be men. No one’s done a study on why this is, as far as I know. Maybe men have more cannabinoid receptors in their brains than women do. The Dutch roll their joints with tobacco. This tradition dates back to the early coffeeshop trade where it was all underground, and weed was smoked with tobacco to distill the scent of marijuana being burned. Most Europeans smoke pot with tobacco, which Canadians and Americans find disgusting. On the other hand, the Dutch wonder how we can smoke their potent products without modifying the effects by thinning it out with tobacco. 

I walk over to the Bluebird and by the Greenhouse, which is one of Amsterdam’s most famous coffeeshops. The Greenhouse product is way overpriced for what you get and the atmosphere is smoky and hot. Its reputation far exceeds its quality, which is too bad because a lot of Americans get suckered into the myth rather than the reality.


I’ve mentioned hashish mostly because the marijuana in Amsterdam is perhaps no better or more potent than homegrown. But the hashish is far superior to anything stateside, even the ice-o-lator, and the reason for that is that the Dutch will take silver, trichome-

studded buds from a garden of, say, Mexican Extreme sativa, and hash the entire crop. Also, the imported Moroccan high mountain hashish has few peers. I recall years ago when a semi-tractor trailer overturned on the A4 and dumped tons, not pounds, of King Hassan all over the road. A friend of mine, DJ Stone, took a two-foot long bong hit of Moroccan and spaced. I caught him as he fell backwards. 

The Bluebird’s a quality shop with a consistently decent product. The menu used to be more extensive than it is now. Still, they offer an eclectic selection and there’s sure to be something there to fire up your early morning jet lag. I grab five grams of an Indian import, a small cup of coffee, and sit down with my friends Meredith from 1000 Watts,  and Joe and Kim. We’re staying awake. The hashish helps, as does the black crap that passes for coffee. Most of the coffeeshops use these machines to make coffee that look more like something you’d find in a high school chemistry lab, than you would a place that serves coffee. They break down all the time too. There’s a company with a fleet of little trucks that run all over the city answering service calls because the machine’s are breaking down at the coffeeshops. Maybe it’s the swill they put through those machines. I swear, the black tar that passes for coffee comes from the oily, all -organic bottom of the Singel Canal. Thousands of years from now, when we’ve all disappeared from the planet, alien archeologists will uncover millions of little brass hash pipes and wonder what the hell we were worshiping by throwing these things in the canals. If only they knew. I wonder if we ever get the truth from the remnants of our past? I’m back on the street to cash in some dollars at the exchange on the Damrak. DJ Stone has rented a car and is bouncing all over the city distributing issues of 1000 Watts magazine to  coffeeshops. 

Rule Number One. Unless you know the city or are great at navigating through tiny side streets

and crowded intersections, don’t rent a car. Walk or take a tram. Stone amazes me. He shows up at my hotel in the middle of the night with his car parked somewhere outside. He figures he better move the car even though there’s nowhere else to park. He leaves and Bryan and I chill in the lobby.

Stone is back ten minutes later. He parked at a police station. On the sidewalk. He asked the cops if he could park there and they asked, “Who are you?” “I’m DJ Stone and I publish a medical marijuana magazine back in the United States.” “Sure”, they say, “Go ahead. Park there.” The Amsterdam police are much different than our stern representatives of the law enforcement community. They’re much more laid back and I have a good idea why that is. Years ago, Amsterdam recruited police from other parts of the country because the local County Mounties were too laid back. Too accommodating. Too nice.

But the experiment failed. Imported police merged easily with the smooth Amsterdam vibe. Soon, every cop was a happy cop. 


It’s not nice to argue with police officers in another country where the first amendment doesn’t apply, and no, you can’t have your passport back, either. Not until you settle-up with a judge. I’ve known people who’ve breathed fire at the cops only to end up in the cooler for a few vacation days. 

The explosions begin about four o’clock in the afternoon on New Year’s Eve day. Big flash cracker explosions echo off the walls in the narrow brick alleyways. Rockets sizzle into the air, some wobbling higher than the Royal Palace. Strings of firecrackers are lit, exploding for ten minutes at a time. Unlike the states, if you blow off a finger or injure yourself it’s your own fault. No one’s going to babysit you on New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam.

If you’re uncomfortable in crowds, thousands packed in together so tightly your shoulders develop a relationship with those of the person crowded in next to you, then New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam

is not for you. 

By nightfall, it’s war. Six-foot rockets fire off randomly from everywhere. Small fireworks displays can be seen sprouting on the far edges of the city. A few people throw hand grenades into the Amstel, while flames caused by an errant moon rocket ignite the roof of a third floor canal house. As with Queen’s Day, it’s always good to do your shopping early. Besides being packed with buyers, coffeeshops close early on New Year’s Eve. 

Drinking in the streets is part of the celebration, and so too are pot fumes and cigarette smoke lingering in the grey clouds of fog from exploding black powder. Midnight on New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam is only the beginning. From then until dawn, heavy gauge explosions and thousands of firebombs keep the city awake all night. People climb on the National Monument and scale three-story flagpoles while the crowd urges them on. 

In the morning, after the sun’s up, you see what the night has wrought. Women’s bras and panties are strewn around empty champagne bottles. Red paper from fireworks is plastered to the brick sidewalks and every brick surface in sight. Wet trash can be seen piled high along the streets and in the doorways. 

It’s raining and that means cleanup crews will have to wait until the mess dries out. Then they’ll vacuum it up with yellow trucks that look like street sweepers. Until then, you pop open your umbrella and wade through it. 

New Year’s Eve day is like any other congested Sunday in Amsterdam. People walk the streets and lounge in chairs outside cafes. The weather is miserable but manageable if you wrap a scarf around your neck, wear a North Face jacket, laced waterproof boots, and grab a chair under an awning. It’s forty degrees outside but the Dutch are sitting at their outdoor cafes pretending it’s in the mideighties. 

Soon the roll-a-boards are back clacking on the bricks as people head for Central Station and back home to wherever they live. I make the rounds of my favorite coffeshops




are you a tenacious salesman? are you passionate about cannabis? and visit with friends. I say goodbye to the Tallfor 1000watts is looking Girl at Kadinsky, have some Belgian French fries Advertising Agents in with Belgian mayonnaise, and call it a night. I every state. have to get up at five in the morning to make my flight back to Boston. 

Some people stay up all night, but why? You think you’re going to sleep on the flight home? Remember how miserable it was sitting in coach on the way over? Guess what it’s like going back, half dead, and looking like hell? I’ve done it both ways and having a few hours of horizontal time helps cope with the vertical torture you’re about to endure as you fly out of Schiphol Airport and home. 

I also suggest some quality time and sweet dreams with Mr. Xananx and Mr. Hash Brownie on the way back. Unless you’re lucky enough to get upgraded, the flight back takes an eternity. Even flight attendants will testify under oath that flying in coach is the most horrible experience they’ve had in the air. Flying high on the ground in Amsterdam, however, is one of the best. 

Enjoy your next flight. If you’re lucky, you’ll be there for Queens Day, which is a notch more nuts than New Year’s Eve is, and besides, it lasts longer. And no, I don’t know if tourists will be banned from “visiting” the coffeeshops forever starting at midnight next New Year’s Eve.  Amsterdam might be left alone, but at this stage no one knows yet when the verdict will be in.  You just might want to make your reservations now or give a shout out to the Pot Gods to intervene on your behalf as well as on behalf of the City of Amsterdam’s potent billion dollar bank account. An account supported solely by the tolerant soft drug and equal access policy. In fact, banning tourists might violate the charter of the European Union, so we’ll see. Not even The Hague would be that stupid. Would they? 

See you on Queen’s Day

One Love,
 Charles 37



are you a tenacious salesman? are you passionate about cannabis? 1000watts is looking for Advertising Agents in every state.

39 34.indd 5

11/2/11 2:15 AM


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