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Dear junctionites, As we begin our journey into the new financial year, I am very upbeat that it will be yet another great year for mjunction ! What gives me confidence is that we have extended our auction services to several new verticals last year – wheat, rice, forest produce and commercial paper, to name a few. Our existing auction platforms of metals, minerals and coal are introducing complementary services in the areas of finance, transportation and inspection to make our auction platforms more useful to the communities that they serve, and transform themselves into truly multi-sided platforms. Think about, how more attractive and valuable our platforms can become if transporters, financiers, analysts and others create hundreds of complementary services around the thousands of buy and sell transactions taking place on our platforms. As the number of complementary services increase, the platform becomes increasingly useful, which attracts more buyers. More buyers, in turn attract more sellers and more complementary service providers – a virtuous cycle! Our investment into building our sales team and strengthening the regional structure is bearing fruit. Today, our sales team is firing on all cylinders. They are in touch with the market, and are working on much bigger opportunities, than ever before, across the globe. Our existing clients are happy with our services. We are grateful to them for being demanding with their expectations. It is only by focusing on their needs that we have reached so far. Last, but not the least, the enthusiasm and drive among you to meet all the challenges and opportunities that may come in the new year, and your commitment to propel mjunction on a profitable sustainable growth trajectory is what gives me the most confidence. You make me very proud of you. To everyone who is a part of the mjunction family – junctionites and their families, our customers, business partners and last but not the least the loyal readers of mjPost – I would like to once again wish you all a fruitful and successful new financial year 2018. Regards,

Vinaya Varma Chief Executive Officer



FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK with light and darkness just disappears.

Let there be colour

So let us not forget the happiness that colours bring to our lives. Let us not forget how we celebrate our lives together with our fellow beings irrespective of the differences in religion, caste, creed, gender or skin colour.


he media, especially general and electronic media, is always in love with darkness. The dark side of humanity always gets highest readership and TRP. If you ask the editors, they will blatantly tell you, “It is public demand”. This is a primary reason why I chose to remain a business editor and not move to general news. I could never choose between dark and darker. But even in business, scams have a higher viewership than the success of a young entrepreneur from the bottom of the pyramid. Human interest sunshine stories are rare, hard to come by. It is during these dark times that festivals bring us back to light. Be it the festival of lights or festival of colours, we free our minds from all the darkness and bask in the light of celebrations.

So next time when we see a sunshine story, let us be a part of that celebration, let us relish the efforts of a humanitarian in making the society a better place, so that the TRP-driven media is forced to broadcast and publish stories on humanity. And I believe there is enough hue of humanity still left to be captured by thousands of cameras every day. You just need an open mind because “Colours Are Brighter When the Mind Is Open.”

Amid all the unrest, amid all the troubles, amid all the difference these colours paint our lives in hues of happiness. We again fall in love Editor Madhuchanda Dasgupta

Editorial Advisor Head - Corporate Communications & Branding

Design Debal Ray, Sobhan Jas

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mjunction holds Annual Business Meet at Jaipur


he Annual Business Meet for 2017 was held in Jaipur on February 11. The Directors of the company interacted with management representatives and provided their inputs on the growth path for mjunction. The event was an elevating experience on more than one account – from a deep knowledge sharing exercise to an informal mingle with the Directors and their families; from a delightful culinary exposure and royal hospitality of Taj Rambag Palace to an enriching visit to the historic Amer Fort on a full moon night. The day-long conference started with the Chairman, Mr Sandipan Chakravortty’s comment that mjunction is a people led organisation and it is important that the Directors meet the people to understand the business better. He praised mjunction for its fantastic growth and assured the participants that the company holds the potential to soar to greater heights which incidentally resonated with the conference theme – “Poised to Leap”. The mjunction CEO Mr Vinaya Varma started the session explaining the businesses that mjunction has created and projected the

canvas of external and internal environment in which mjunction operates. He also spoke about the strategic challenges and advantages of mjunction. Thereafter the business heads shared their growth options which would enhance the market share and propel the profits in the future to reach our goal of achieving Rs 500 crore of topline by the year 2020. The session ended with the financial projections by the CFO and the Directors unanimously felt that the young and energetic team in mjunction is really poised to take the big leap. The organisation has taken several business objectives to achieve its target in FY18 and beyond, the key among them being: • To explore new platforms like Prime Steel, Auto Shredding, Commercial Papers, Foodgrain, among others; • Enter foreign markets for procurement and transaction processing services; • Build shared service centers for procurement and Coal BPO services; • Acquire large value contracts in Govt, public and private sectors;


• Improve service capability through analytics and MDM; • Reduce cost of operations; • Build a culture of action orientation. In the evening the team visited the 16th Century Amer Fort which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. An enthralling light and sound show documents the history of the fort from 986 AD till the time when the capitol of Rajasthan shifted to Jaipur from Amer in 1875. The fort houses a restaurant called “1135 AD” where the team had dinner in accompaniment to Rajasthani and Sufi music and Ghazals. The Jaipur Meet was unique in many ways – it helped create a perspective for the company in the minds of the Directors – the space in which mjunction works, the challenges it faces, the potential it contains and the values it upholds. On the other hand, the executives got to know their Directors better whose faith on the capability of the team to grow the organization has boosted the morale of the team manifold. The years ahead of us will see the incubation of many new ideas under the able leadership of our CEO.


Online price discovery of SAIL Commercial Paper worth Rs 2425 crore For SAIL, this e-auction conducted by mjunction of commercial papers has led to better price discovery. The process was structured, less time consuming, has a scope for greater participation and above all transparent. Steel Authority of India Limited


ommercial Paper is an unsecured, short-term debt instrument issued by an organisation to meet its short-term fund requirements. In the Indian money market, it has been a short-term instrument from 1990 onwards, and maturities on commercial paper usually range from 7 to 365 days. It is issued at a discount from face value and reflects prevailing market interest rates. Traditionally, the process of Commercial Paper allocation has been offline, where the issuer appoints an Arranger, who negotiates with the investors. This process is time taking, inconvenient, costly and most importantly, not transparent to the issuer. The Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL), India’s largest public sector steel manufacturing giant, was selling Commercial Paper to the tune of Rs 5000 crore annually. However, they faced the disadvantages of manual and opaque negotiation system and thus wanted a system whereby they could ensure the best yield from the market. Working on this requirement and in consultation with SAIL, mjunction designed and developed an online platform for the purpose. The primary objective of obtaining the best market-determined yield for SAIL was kept in mind while devising the auction strategy. For the first time in India, therefore, the yield of Commercial Paper was discovered through an e-mechanism by mjunction services limited, through an e-platform which ensured complete transparency. SAIL benefited by a full allocation of the Issue Size of Rs 500 crore @ 6.66% on January 19, along with an additional demand met by greenshoe option for Rs 200 crore. On February 2, there was a total allocation of Rs 1325 crore @6.45% and then again Rs 400 crore @6.37% on February 7. A four-stage auction methodology was used by mjunction to ensure better yield discovery, complete transparency and full allocation of Commercial Paper for SAIL. • Sealed Bid Auction: All investors participated in this stage and placed their bids only once. The highest bidder (H1) was eliminated from participating any further in the subsequent auction stages. • Yield Discovery/Reverse Yankee: This was a yield deciding stage where investors placed their bids for both yield rate and Commercial Paper amount. The investors could change and modify their bids multiple times. L1 yield was discovered and frozen for the subsequent stages. Stage 2.1 is the Right of Refusal stage, which was specially designed for SAIL, and which gave right to L1 investor to bid for the entire issue at L1 yield. Acceptance by L1 investor ensured subscription for the entire Issue and moving on directly to Stage 4. • Yield Match: Investors who had any provisional allocation in Stage 2 were asked to match the L1 yield of Stage 2 for the provisional allocated quantity of Stage 2. • e-Booking of leftover quantity from Stage 2: The yield remains the same in this stage. The platform was able to achieve best rates for the client in comparison to the prevailing market rates on that day.


“We have the most technologicallyadvanced platform as an electronic book provider (EBP) for debt market instruments like commercial papers or bonds. From initiating bids till final issuance, our platform is completely automated, ensuring total transparency to all stakeholders.” Vinaya Varma, CEO

“I congratulate the team for the successful conduct of the e-auction through their conviction and commitment. This is the first step in our endeavor to create value for all stakeholders of debt instruments through an e-marketplace. I am also appreciative of SAIL for voluntarily opting for e-auction mechanism for CP issuance.” Pankaj Mittal, Vice-President There was a need in the market for a more structured, efficient and transparent mechanism for price discovery of debt instruments. The market requirement matches with mjunction’s mission of delivering desired outcome to stakeholders by challenging the status quo to bring more efficiency and transparency. We remain committed for achieving higher level of excellence in the finance industry as well. Rohit Singh, Head, financejunction “With the strong leadership of our BU head and great team effort, the event became a success delivering immense benefits to both the borrower and the investors. This has set new standards in the money market and is all ready to revolutionize the financial sector in the years to come.” Shruti Saxena, Project Team Lead & Analyst “It was a complete team effort where everyone put in their best efforts. It was a challenging auction with a lot of unknowns as something like this had never been tried before globally. Despite all the odds we made it a success. History was made in the world of Commercial Paper.” Sourav Bhowmick, Project Manager & Business Analyst It has been my privilege to be associated with commercial paper auction which is perhaps one of best auction strategies formulated by mjunction combining four stages i.e. sealed bid, reverse yankee, price match and e-booking. It also addresses the greenshoe option. It is a great learning opportunity on short term financing in Indian Money Market. Moshahar Bayen, Chief Manager, Technology


L eadership bytes How do you envision mjunction in the years to come? Exciting times await mjunction. The government’s thrust on a digital economy and transparency bodes well for our businesses. The Indian B2B e-commerce market is expected to grow from $300 billion to $700 billion by 2020, almost six to seven times the size of the B2C market. We are actively working on multiple growth avenues for our established as well as fledgling businesses. We hope to grow our revenue almost 4-5 times in the next 5 years. Our DNA of innovation and leveraging latest technological advancements, with agility, to meet the expectations of the stakeholders, should stand us in good stead. You are handling some of mjunction’s most mature businesses such as steel and coal on one hand, and a fledgling business such as tea, on the other. Do you have to consciously strike a balance in approach? Many years ago, I read an insightful HBR article on “The Ambidextrous Organization”. I quote from the same – “The Roman god Janus had two sets of eyes—one pair focusing on what lay behind, the other on what lay ahead. Corporate leaders, too, must constantly look backward, attending to the products

the initiative in spreading our wings internationally.

Pankaj Mittal Vice-President

and processes of the past, while also gazing forward, preparing for the innovations that will define the future. It requires executives to explore new opportunities even as they work diligently to exploit existing capabilities”. The Indian tea industry is in dire need of breakthrough innovation, similar to what we have been able to deliver for the steel and coal industries. The sweet burden of expectation is also much higher in tea, given our track record. Will the established businesses continue to drive mjunction’s growth in the short term? For us to realise our ambitions, all growth engines of mjunction need to fire. While our established businesses will continue to be significant drivers for growth, we have big aspirations and plans for our emerging and nascent businesses too. These businesses will need to scale up quickly for us to capitalise on the immense potential of B2B ecommerce in India. Some of our businesses will also take

What is your outlook on the e-finance space in our country? The promise of financial inclusion in India has been around for a long time. The vast majority of our country is left out of the financial system, primarily due to lack of infrastructure and the economics of servicing these customers. However, for the first time, there seems to be a genuine inflection point based on a combination of technologyled infrastructure, favourable government policies, and e-finance innovation. India is on the cusp of large-scale innovation in financial services, which opens the door to creating massive markets for a range of cost effective financial solutions. e-finance and mainstream economy complement each other’s growth. Various Government initiatives for financial inclusion and assistance to MSMEs are driving them to join mainstream economy. Availability of transaction data and visibility & control over the transactions gives us an edge for faster and efficient delivery of e-finance.We are well placed to leverage the opportunity arising out of increase in MSME participation in mainstream economy. What keeps you busy after work? Like most Indians, I am a cinema lover. I watch films of all genres but my alltime favourite are the Rajkumar Hirani movies – Munnabhai, 3 Idiots, PK. You will often catch me at the city multiplexes on weekends!! I also read a lot, but here I prefer reading up on the Indian and global economy, rather than fiction.

mjunction’s Guiding Force





mjunction celebrated its 16th Foundation Day in style, over two days – February 2 and 3, 2017. The theme chosen for the celebrations was “Poised to Leap”, which signifies that mjunction is all set to take the next quantum leap forward.

16 years: Senior management cuts the cake

CEO addressing the Town Hall meet

CEO & Board members with junctionites who completed 10 years of service

CEO with junctionites who completed five years of service

5 YEARS OF SERVICE Nitu Kedia, Koustav Chowdhury, Subarna Gupta, Jaita Bose, Ruchi Jain, Sanjukta Ganguly, Sudipta Kumar Das, Sangrilla Mohapatra, Abhijit Bhattacharjee, Prosenjit Banerjee, Pranab Kumar Chattaraj, Mohammad Feroz, Arunesh Chakravarty, Suddhasattwa Datta, Pratyusha Dan, Kallol Ghoshal, Anew Nag Sarkar, Akhilesh Dwivedi, Ayan Kumar Paul, Surajit Dasgupta, Subrata Mandal, Imtiaz Ahmed, Sayantan Dutta Chowdhury, Sanchita Gupta, Keshab Chandra Mondal, Praveen Kumar, Amit Banerjee, Rabi Shankar Hazra and Angana Das.

10 YEARS OF SERVICE Suman Mallik, Srijan Datta, Anup Jagnania, Debashish Mukherjee, K. Manivasagan, Arijit Ghosh, Debasis Datta and Soumen Baral.




he celebrations took off on February 2 evening with a Town Hall address by Mr Varma. He said the next five years will be the clincher for mjunction. It is ready for its next big phase of growth and will not settle for anything else, he said. The address was followed by Mr Varma awarding certificates and vouchers to all junctionites who have completed five years with mjunction. The evening concluded with a cake cutting for mjunction’s “birthday,” in which the senior management team led by Mr Vinaya Varma participated. The entire office was also decorated with colourful balloons for the occasion, lending it a festive look. February 3 saw all junctionites dressed in traditional attire. The event in the evening became more special with the Board of Directors joining the celebrations. The evening started with a courtroom drama “mj ki Adaalat,” where the chief accused was Chief Information Officer Mr Amit Kumar Khan. The play was directed by Mr Mahul Brahma. Key roles were played by Mr Dilip Singhal (Prosecution Lawyer), Mr Mahul Brahma (Defending Lawyer) and Mr Rohit Singh (Judge). Ms Piya Nandi (Reporter) and Mr Aniruddha Ghosh (Clerk) were the other characters in the play.

The entire cast of mj ki Adaalat

The evening ended with Members of the Board handing over certificates and vouchers to junctionites who have completed 10 years with the organisation. Before the awards were handed over, a video was played where colleagues spoke about these junctionites and their contribution to the organisation.

Junctionites in all their traditional glory

As mjunction turned 16, good wishes poured in from well-wishers and stakeholders. The following are a few of them: Congratulations on mjunction turning sixteen. A lot has happened in the last sixteen years and I have no doubt that the next sixteen years will be even more eventful. There is a lot happening in the digital space and I will look forward to a discussion with you and your team on how we can build further on the platforms you have created and build new platforms for tomorrow. T.V. Narendran, Managing Director, Tata Steel (India & SE Asia)

Congratulations on mjunction turning 16. Its growth in these 16 years has been exemplary. Manish Gupta, Director (Strategy & JV), IFFCO Heartiest congratulations on this stupendous journey. With the ongoing “Go Digital” trend, the future looks bright. Rajiv Mangal, President & CEO, Tata Steel (Thailand)

mjunction’s journey has been illustrious with its remarkable achievements and accomplishments. Operating in a highly competitive environment, mjunction has achieved tremendous growth. With your commitment, I hope you reach new heights in the coming days. P.K. Jha, Executive Director, SAIL

Congratulations. Given the future of online buying in all forms, it appears that there is an even brighter future. Best wishes for an even more exciting and brighter road ahead. Bimal Rath, Founder & MD, Think Talent Services



stint here has been dotted with several milestones and I look forward to an equally enriching time ahead.

Kaushik Sarkar Joined December 1, 2002

As mjunction steps into its 17th year, its first 10 existing employees speak about their journeys.. Vinaya Varma Joined April 1, 2002

Mihir Gandhi Joined August 5, 2002

We have indeed come a long way since that fateful day, when a bunch of us joined the then metaljunction. com with a little trepidation and a lot of hope and enthusiasm. Today, it is gratifying to see that we have come this far. What amazes me today are the similarities between that day and this. Then, we were raring to embrace the Internet – that was the new technology then which opened up enormous possibilities. Today again, we are eager to embrace the new technologies of Big Data, Analytics and Machine Learning. The excitement at sighting a new opportunity remains the same as it was that day. Those were emotional days as a new venture is like tending to a child. Every day, we were on the brink of a new discovery. A small and dedicated close-knit team made all the hard work worthwhile. Every success made us look forward to the next one. And we conquered one milestone after another. Today, we are ready to take the next big leap forward to take mjunction to an entirely different level of glory.

My journey began in Mumbai in August 2002, before getting transferred to Kolkata in January 2003, with an employee i-d of 10. metaljunction.com, which became metaljunction pvt ltd and then finally mjunction services ltd, has provided a great learning experience throughout. I remember the initial days when teams were small and most of us were involved in all the functions of sales, account management and service delivery. In fact, often the number of chairs was less than the number of people in office!! As we grew, we have also come a long way from those days. Developing the first online EMD management system for coal, visiting places like Firozabad, Azamgarh and Kanpur for coal auctions road shows, conducting the only offline auction for vehicles at Raipur and Kolkata are some of the most memorable and thrilling experiences in mjunction for me. mjunction has always laid great stress on work-life balance even while it grew from strength to strength. My


I was the 20th employee to join metaljunction. com private limited. Soon afterwards, a few others followed suit. Today, as I recollect, those days feel like a dream – a dream that came true. A rooftop party which was organised to welcome us all into the mjunction fold is still vivid in my memory. A small team which was all charged up made work sheer joy. We were doing something new and out of the ordinary. The challenges were many. To make things more interesting was the resistance of the trade to change. Push back from the buyers was big. We had to frequently handle irate buyers. Our systems and processes were just taking shape with lots of areas for improvement. It was hard grind with all people involved in doing all work. With success following closely and the organisation growing rapidly, time flew fast. Today it is time for mjunction to embark upon another dream journey, which looks all set to come true.

K Senthilnathan Joined January 13, 2003 Featuring in this edition as among the earliest employees fills me with a sense of pride and accomplishment, especially when I look back at all the things this company has been able to achieve so far in its illustrious journey. While the company has grown from strength to strength, it has also given opportunities to people like me to learn, grow and mature as an individual both professionally and personally. A very interesting aspect of my time here is that I have had the


opportunity to work in challenging and diverse roles across many business units and projects. This has given me a unique and engaging experience. The fact that many of my personal values were aligned with the company’s core values is one of the factors that has made my stint here long and enriching at the same time. Today, I look forward to an ever flourishing future for the company and all of us.

Abhijit Dey Joined February 24, 2003 A l t h o u g h c u r r e n t l y metaljunction can boast of being a flagship brand for online secondary steel sales in the country with more than 12,000 registered buyers and several clients doing business online on our platform, the scenario was not this rosy in the initial days. Those days, we used to work out of Tata Centre where all the business and the functional units were crammed into a single small room. From those days to today’s swank office at Godrej Waterside, we have surely come a long way. The small teams devoted their time to convincing sellers and buyers to adopt this ethical online business. As we solved one problem after the other, we kept making value additions to our services – Customer Contact Officers, Category Management and Market Analysis teams were set up. Today, I am proud to belong to a team which has achieved such heights, and which has been made possible by the relentless dedication and support of our various teams.

Arunava Mandal April 1, 2003 I was the 32nd executive to join mjunction and was entrusted with the job of starting the operations at

Rourkela. In the year 2003, the internet penetration was abysmal and there were two options for connecting to the Internet i.e. ISDN & Dial Up. I am proud to have been associated with one of the pioneers of promoting Internet usage and promoting digitisation in the country. Our team trained 116-odd Rourkela based customers in Internet bidding during those early days. The foundation to Enterprise Procurement System was laid by bagging the first order from RSP in the year 2005. I was subsequently posted to Durgapur, Bhilai and finally to Kolkata in 2008. I have been fortunate to have had some of the best in the business as leaders, today I look forward to a continuing robust growth story.

Anirban Sarkar Joined April 11, 2003 As the ancient C h i n e s e philosopher says, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”, so did my journey start in 2003 when I shifted base from Nagpur to Durgapur, a city I had grown up in. Since then, it has been one rollercoaster ride – from Durgapur to Jamshedpur and then finally Kolkata. No office, scorching heat of Durgapur and unconvinced customers in 2003. In 2005, it was Jamshedpur, which was facing an entirely different set of challenges. I was fire fighting every day, but each solution that I came up with gave me sweet satisfaction. Two years later, I was transferred to Kolkata, and given charge of Tata Group clients which was a big learning opportunity. I went through several roles, and today I head mjunction’s International Business as well as the Transaction Processing unit. As I look back, it has been a bumpy and yet fun ride. And as I look forward, I see the skies in front of me, and mjunction continuing to go from strength to strength.


Saranathan Srinivasan Joined May 1, 2003 I still remember the day I got that call in April 2003, which marked the beginning of a long and cherished journey. I am glad I took the offer, though during our initial days, we could not have imagined the size and stature the organisation has reached today. When we started our operations in Chennai, the size was less than 50 at headquarters in Kolkata and another 20 to 30 from outstation locations. In fact, our initial brainstorming sessions happened at cybercafés, before an office was identified for the south. The major breakthroughs in our offerings were e-procurement and engaging with Coal India, which helped us to witness a rapid growth in business. As we moved forward, we diversified rapidly. It has been a fulfilling journey, and I look forward to some great milestones in the days to come.

Kaustav Kobi Joined May 8, 2003 I joined metaljunction. com private limited on the day of its first annual conference in May 2003. At that time we had offices in the 10th and 11th floor in Tata Centre. In fact I was interviewed in a small meeting room on the 9th floor. I joined as a Market Analyst in what is today the metaljunction business unit. As the organisation grew, I was also given the opportunity to work in diverse roles. I remember the day the new office in the first floor of Tata Centre was inaugurated in end 2003 by the then Chairman Mr SCK Patne, ex Director Technical, SAIL. A cake was cut and I was called to take the first piece of the cake as the youngest member in the team. After being spread over four offices,


moving to our own in 2010 was a great experience. mjunction has always put great stress on employee engagement and there are several fond memories of picnics, parties, sports events and Foundation Day celebrations. I am proud to have been an integral part of this great journey.

Soumya Sanyal Joined June 10, 2003 I joined mjunction in June 2003, so it is almost 14 years now that I am closely


associated with the company. When I joined mj, as it is fondly called, the e-commerce industry itself was at a stage where people were more confident of its closure than its possibility of peaking. Having an opportunity to be a part of the initial team is something that I cherish and value immensely. I

still remember managing Tata Steel’s supply chain portfolio at a critical time, resulting in significant business growth and managing efficiently some of the stressful business issues. Alongside business, I have some wonderful memories of fun events like picnic, sports, celebration of best business unit awards, among others, as part of an effective team building exercise and in the process made some lifelong friends.

Prateek Bose

hile every employee, past and present, have contributed and are contributing to making mjunction what it is today, some of them stand out for their dedication and impact. Prateek Bose, who has served the company since 2005, has spearheaded and executed some of coaljunction’s most successful services. In fact, he has anchored the latest feather in the cap – the coal e-distribution services – in two states of West Bengal and Maharashtra. e-distribution is not Prateek’s only big achievement In 2011, he was instrumental in getting the new end-to-end business, which included not only e-auction but also postsales management from Transdamodar coal block; and in implementing and establishing the entire platform, says Mr Deepak Bhattacharyya, the coaljunction head. “Prateek was responsible for signing up the client, for its account management and for service delivery. For three and a half years till the block was deallocated, Prateek remained responsible for the project,” Mr Bhattacharyya said. Coal e-distribution service is the latest feather in Prateek’s cap.


After having successfully implemented the service in West Bengal through state-nominated agency West Bengal Mineral Development & Trading Corporation in 2013, the service was extended to Maharashtra State Mining Corporation in January this year. Tridiv Biswas, who works closely with Prateek on the coal e-distribution project, says, “Prateek handles all his projects with single-minded dedication. It is a treat to watch his enthusiasm in everything that he takes up. In his own way, he inspires all his teammates.” Mr Amit Khan, Chief Information Officer, said, “Prateek is a go getter, highly energetic and open for newer challenges. He is one of the best team people I have come across. Being a very good human being, he is very positive and optimistic person. I have seen him working under high pressure and delivering projects successfully.” Mr Mihir Gandhi, who worked with Prateek during his early years in mjunction, is all praise for him. “In those days itself, he displayed strong domain knowledge on one hand and good client engagement skills on the other,” Mr Gandhi said. Whereas he is a dependable resource and colleague at his workplace, he replicates his role at home as well. A dutiful son, husband and father to two sons aged six and two, Prateek is a complete family man when he is not handling mjunction clients. His wife, Mrs Mithu Bose, rates him highly in the department. “Prateek gives his family a lot of time, helps the older one with his studies and takes us on vacations whenever possible,” she says. “I am grateful to all my seniors for giving me the opportunity to prove myself time and again. To my peers I am thankful for all their support. Without each one of them, it would not have been possible for me to achieve what I did,” Prateek says.


Performance AT A GLANCE www.metaljunction.com ‹‹ ‹‹












For SAIL BSL, sold 30,833 MT of ferrous item in Q3 FY17 which is 10% higher than Q3 FY16; also in a single auction in November 2016, a record quantity of 8,065 MT ferrous items were sold bypassing earlier selling record of 7189 MT in September 2015;



For SAIL BSP, a total of 15,615 MT of Scrap and BSIM successfully sold in Q3 FY17 which is 30% higher than Q2; For SAIL ISP, Mixed Coke was offered for the first time in December. For SAIL RSP, sold 19,200 MT of Pig Iron in Q3 FY17 which is 7% higher than Q2 FY17; For SAIL SSP, approximately 3000 MT of mill scale offered has successfully been sold in Q3 FY17 with 100% success;







For Essar Steel, sold 60 MT of Zinc Dross for the first time in December 2016;

New clients signed up: Jupiter Wagons Limited, Visa Steel, KRIBHCO; Reverse auction for Heidelberg Cement India Limited (Imlai Plant) for Outbound Road Transportation of Cement Bags consisting of 41 lots/markets, savings achieved 4.66% over last purchase price; Reverse auction for ITC Limited (PCPB Express Cargo) held for Inbound Transportation consisting of 108 markets; 16.24% savings achieved; 3 new vendors sourced; Reverse auction for Phillips Carbon Black Limited (Kolkata) for Outbound Logistics held comprising 104 markets; 1.8% savings achieved from benchmark price; 2 new vendors sourced; Conducted pilot auction for Plates & Sheets for new client Jupiter Wagons Limited, with an auction transaction value of Rs 1.87 crore; 4 new suppliers sourced.

For JSL, sold 12,644 MT of SS scrap in Q3 FY17 which is 33% higher y-o-y; For HMCL, sold around 7000 MT of scrap from different ancillaries;






Traded around 22 million kg of bulk tea on the platform in FY17 till December 2016, which is a 140% increase over the previous year; Launched teajunction website, www. teajunction.in, providing a common platform for the buyers and sellers to interact and trade


Northern Territory region under Best Bar, which was added in Q2, has delivered significant number of jobs in Q3. An increase of 53% in number of jobs delivered has been observed in Q3. West Australia (Scheduling) jobs & South Australia jobs has increased by 51% and 2.5% respectively, in terms of jobs delivered in Q3; Delivered Tata Steel BBS of 2910 MT, 3.5% more than the previous quarter; The team for Natsteel has been able to release more than 7000 mt of BBS without any error during Q3.







Signed up MALCO Energy Limited and ITC Limited Paperboards & Specialty Papers Division; inspection and valuation report submitted to MALCO; Conducted first auction for IFFCO with approved transaction value of approximately Rs 8.8 crore; Signed agreement with STC for sale of approximately 22,000 MT pledged copper reverts, blisters; Sale of Gantry Crane from SAIL BSP Plant. Approved transaction value approximately Rs 3.18 crore; Received contract for e-auction of foodgrains to Bulk Consumers/Traders, Ex-Godowns and through dedicated movement as per policy of Government of India from Food Corporation of India;



For Arcelor Mittal, sold 650 MT of TMT Scrap for the first time; For Visa Power, sold 175 175 MT of TMT Scrap for the first time; Sold 1,45,000 tons of coal tar from

Transaction Processing


For RINL, a new product from RINL (TPP Mill Rejects) with a total quantity of 450 MT was disposed of successfully; For Tata Steel, 23,300 MT of flat products sold in Q3 FY17 which is 62% higher than Q2; sold 30,000 tons of Manganese Ore with increase in price realization of approximately 10% over the floor price, with average 4 buyer participation; 173 MT of FP scrap sold from Faridabad, a new location for Industrial By-Product Management Division (IBMD); For Uttam Galva Steels, sold 14,917 MT of mix steel products; successfully sold 200 MT of Pig Iron from Wardha location for the first time; unique buyer participation increased by 19% in Q3FY17 over Q2;

various steel plants in the entire quarter, 135% higher from Q3 FY16 and highest ever sale in this FY17 in any quarter; Approximately 39,294 number of lots auctioned in Q3FY17 which is 7% and 27% higher than Q2 FY17 and Q1FY17, respectively; Acquired 450 new buyers acquired, which is 73% higher than Q3 FY16 & 20% higher than Q2 FY17. Held customer meet at Ghaziabad for FP scrap and tubular scrap customers.



An EDM campaign was launched for Buyer Finance facility and 3 new customers (total limit size Rs 6 crores) have been successfully acquired; An additional Rs 26.4 crore limit added to Channel Finance program with the advent of 3 new customers and limit enhancement of existing customers.


A Snapshot of our

Best Success Stories Tata Steel sells steel jam Client: The Tata Steel Group is among the top global steel companies with an annual crude steel capacity of nearly 29.55 MTPA as on March 31, 2016. It is now the world’s second-most geographically-diversified steel producer, with operations in 26 countries and a commercial presence in over 50 countries. Objective: Faster evacuation of material with good realization to avoid any safety hazards. The Mandate: To sell 8 KT of Steel Jam / skull. Business challenges: Primary challenge was to ensure booking of the entire quantity of materials with good price realization and ensure participation of outstation customers in the auction. Our Approach: ‹‹




To identify the appropriate segments and right buyers;


Proper understanding of the exact application (commercial or melting) of these Unprocessed steel Jam/skull; Lot creation strategy, payment strategy, lifting strategy & auction strategy as per material type and stock, generating interest from both small and big buyers (Traders & End users); Participation of customers outside Jamshedpur, thereby increasing the overall buyer base, resulting in increased competition.

Benefits to Client: ‹‹




Customer base increased, with 23 customers participating in the auction, 11 customers being end users of the product. Increased market reach of the product, with both local and outstation customer participation. Final price realization was higher than expectation. Tata steel approved the lots within one hour of auction completion.

Outbound Road Transportation for Heidelberg Cement Client: The Heidelberg Cement India Limited (HCIL) is a subsidiary of Heidelberg Cement Group, Germany. The Company has its operations in Central India at Damoh (Madhya Pradesh), Jhansi (Uttar Pradesh) and in Southern India at Ammasandra (Karnataka). Objectives: ‹‹ To increase the efficiency of their logistics processes by obtaining the best market rates along with quantifiable savings; ‹‹ Formalisation of RFQ/Contract benchmarked against industry specific terms and conditions to resist against back out issues; ‹‹ Enhance competition through introduction of new service providers. The Mandate: buyjunction received mandate from HCIL to increase efficiency of their logistics processes, incorporating best industry practices and transparency in negotiation process to achieve results in terms of better realisation of quantifiable savings and services. Business Challenges: ‹‹ Unavailability of standard industry-specific RFQ; ‹‹ Sourcing of new Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) irrespective of HCIL’s irregular business volume and operative routes; ‹‹ Bringing onboard the existing LSPs who are not computer savvy to participate in online negotiation process; ‹‹ Analysing and redesigning as implified destination matrix or 890 destinations to ensure competition amongst participating LSPs. Our Approach: ‹‹ RFQ designed incorporating best industry standard clauses; ‹‹ Added new and credible LSPs after conducting due diligence to meet eligibility criteria set by client; ‹‹ Provided extensive training to LSPs by visiting the site to ensure error-free event with maximum participation; ‹‹ Closer engagement with LSPs throughout the sourcing process and adopted the best suited negotiation strategy;


Benefits to Client: ‹‹ 4.66% reduction in price from Last Purchase Price; ‹‹ One new LSP added; ‹‹ Error-free event with 100% customer and bidder satisfaction.

IFFCO e-Bazaar sells spent catalyst Client: IFFCO e-Bazaar is a wholly owned subsidiary of Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Ltd, based out of Odisha, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh. Objective: IFFCO wanted to auction a wide range of product categories in a short cycle time. They needed addition of new buyers and end users into the system at each location along with an efficient EMD management process & e-auction platform for best price realization for machineries and scraps. The Mandate: mjunction had to find new buyers and the right price in a transparent manner Business Challenges: Credible buyers for Machineries who would offer best prices higher than scrap rates along with disposal of Spent Catalyst to CPCB/SPCB approved MOEF buyers only, which is limited in the country ‹‹ Price benchmarking & lotting of varied material categories across widespread location ‹‹ Addition of new buyers along with endusers in the system to augment price competition in the auction Our Approach: ‹‹ In-depth inspection especially of Machineries with material photographs & specifications to understand the product and target the right industries for sale ‹‹ Innovative auction strategies for optimum price realization & lotting of varied categories ‹‹ Thorough market analysis to prepare price reports for realistic price benchmarking and successful sale Benefits to Client: ‹‹ Achieved total Sale Value of Rs 8.80 crore; ‹‹ Added 93 new buyers and 21 end users. ‹‹


mjunction ushered in the festive season with its Annual Family Get Together on Christmas Eve. Nicco Park of Kolkata came alive with the chatter of excited children as they thronged the venue with their equally excited parents. A fancy dress event for children, numerous indoor games and fun rides made for a perfect winter morning. T he CEO Mr Vinaya Varma participated in all the festivities and merrymaking along with all junctionites. A delectable spread for breakfast and lunch provided the perfect addendums to a fun day.

mjunction gets together...



mjunction branches in

picnic mood The picnic season also saw the various mjunction branch offices all over India arrange for picnics in their own towns and cities, making the most of the winter.


n Kiriburu, seven junctionites got together at the Bolani Intake Pump House, hired a DJ and filled the day with music and dance. In Durgapur, branch team members along with their families got together at the Hutchukdanga Park. Boating on the Damodar was the star attraction of the get-together. Not to be left behind, the western region organised a picnic at the Mount View Resort in Vasai. A cricket match followed by a football match added to the

celebrations. A swimming pool and a huge lawn were also utilised fully by the 20 people who participated.

The Bhilai team with their families

The team from Burnpur on their day out

Kiriburu team on their picnic trail

The Durgapur team

A flat race for men, a camp fire and riverside sports comprised the picnic at the Barnavapara Wildlife Sanctuary and Sirpur, Chhattisgarh. As many as 38 people joined in at the RSP Airport Field at the picnic organised at the Rourkela branch. The West Bokaro picnic was attended by 120 people consisting of junctionites with their families, CA



points, NKCPL, Hindalco, ETRANS and the entire Tata Steel IBMD staff. Johnah Falls of Ranchi came alive with various games, singing, dancing and Musical Chairs.

up at the MGM Eastwood Resort with various sports activities such as cricket and table tennis.

The Burnpur branch held their picnic at Deul Park, approximately 70 kn from Burnpur on the banks of the River Ajay. Junctionites and their family members participated in a quiz, a women’s pebble race and a Blind Hit game, among other activities. Eleven members of the Chennai team lived it

The Bhilai branch drove up to the beautiful Mangata Wildlife Sanctuary, nearly 32 km away from Bhilai main city. After cricket, badminton and Frisbee and a delicious lunch, it was time for the jungle safari. They saw spotted deer, wild boar, peacocks and other wild birds during the Safari.

Gastronomic delights amid Nature: Rourkela branch

Food is an attraction at Bokaro branch picnic

Fun & frolic in the water: The Western region

In the lap of nature: Chhattisgarh team

Musical chairs in progress at West Bokaro

Party time in Chennai



Client Speak

The customer is at the heart of all activities at mjunction and their feedback is of utmost value to us. We bring to you a few voices of the customer. I congratulate you and your team for the performance shown in the auction of stores inventory and secondary steel for Visa Steel. We could see the addition of new buyers and the sustained effort deployed by your team in these assignments. We look forward to a healthy and cordial working relationship with mjunction going forward. Ranjan Jindal, Vice President, Visa Steel mjunction conducted reverse auction for Lot 2 - Sea Water/Synthetic Sintered Magnesia or Natural Sintered/Dead Burnt. It was a multicurrency tender, and the auction yielded a savings of Rs 13 crore, around 13.76% lower than estimated price. Mr Y. Nangia, AGMMM of SRU Bokaro, says: “We would like to appreciate the efforts put in by Sumit Kumar Das in overall support as well as the auction team in Kolkata for successful execution.” The MSS team of mjunction and especially Shahbaz Akhtar of Bokaro came in for high praise from Ms Niharika Rani, DGM-Purchase, of Bokaro Steel Plant. She highlighted his efforts for two consecutive procurement items - Battery for Gypsy and Cases of cables, lamps & holders. The first one was an emergency procurement and Shahbaz rose to the occasion, completing the event in record time despite obstacles that came his way.

The Managed Sourcing Service team aided the Central Medical Store, Bokaro General Hospital, in the procurement of medicines, reagents, chemicals and surgical consumables. In fact, the availability of medicine in Bokaro Steel Plant has increased by about 90%. Dr Prabhat Kumar & Ms Leena Deb, Director Assistant, Bokaro General Hospital, have said: “Nitu Gupta has done outstandingly well in dealing with all the cases of Purchase Medical.” They especially praised the effort put in for reduction in lead time.

mjunction conducted reverse auction for “Replacement of dilapidated damaged CI/GI/PVC pipe line & overhead tanks in various places of Burnpur for improvement of water supply arrangement for SAIL,ISP”, which resulted in a saving of 33% from estimated price. Mr P.R. Babu, DGM(TS) C.C. SAIL ISP, had a special word of praise for Soumen Das. “He had taken a lead role in this case,” Mr Babu said.

mjunction participates in Founder’s Day parade


ike every year, mjunction participated in the Founder’s Day parade in Jamshedpur on March 3. A contingent of around 50 mjunction employees marched along with the float in the parade that was attended by top Tata Group officials and other dignitaries. The mjunction float was covered in Prabhat Khabar, the leading Hindi newspaper of Jharkhand, and was also put on display.




Junctionites run at TSK 25K

ed by our CEO Mr Vinaya Varma, 50 junctionites ran for a cause on a mellow winter morning at the Tata Steel Kolkata 25K marathon event in December 2016. mjunction has been associated with this event ever since it began three years ago and has been contributing towards the Tata Medical Centre, a hospital dedicated to cancer patients all over India. Junctionites participated in the 5-km Ananda Run, along with nearly 10,000 enthusiastic runners from all over Kolkata. Mr Rohit Singh, head of financejunction, who is a regular in the marathon circuit, ran 25 km.

EPS Head addresses IIMM Durgapur meet


junction’s Head of EPS, Mr Partha Chakraborti, presented a special session at the golden jubilee year of the Indian Institute of Material Management’s Durgapur branch on February 25. At a day-long national seminar on “Procurement Strategies in the Current Economic Scenario,” Mr Chakraborti shared with the audience, case studies on the CHIPS project done for the Chhattisgarh government. Mr A.K. Rath, CEO of DSP, graced the occasion as chief guest. Mr Abhishek Chakraborty, Branch Manager Burnpur and Mr Obhishek RoyChowdhury, Branch Manager Durgapur, attended the seminar. The seminar had a wide audience, including delegates from Tata Steel, RINL, and all SAIL units.

Paytm trains mj service staff


n the wake of demonetisation, the government has been encouraging India to adopt a cashless economy. In view of this, our CEO Mr Vinaya Varma conceptualised a training session for the mjunction service staff in order to make it easier for them to make this transition. Senior officials from Paytm visited the mjunction office in order to familarise the service staff consisting of office boys, Security and Housekeeping, on various aspects of their application. The CEO addressed the service staff, saying: “I know that you, just like all of us, have faced a lot of difficulties since November 8. A lot of us are sceptical about cashless transactions, and that is why I thought this session will be useful for all of you.” The Paytm officials took questions after they had explained the various functionalities of their application.



CMMI certification

n October 2016, mjunction underwent a joint appraisal for determining the maturity level of the Software Development and IT enabled Services offered by Technology Department. A maturity level is a well-defined evolutionary plateau towards achieving mature software processes. Each maturity level provides a layer in the foundation for continuous process improvement. We continue to maintain maturity level 5 for Development (CMMI-DEV) and have achieved maturity level 3 for Services (CMMI-SVC). In this journey, our consultant was Mr Ambarnath Chattopadhyay of Greenfield Solutions and our Lead Appraiser was Mr Rajarshi Kumar Das. During the 10 days of rigorous appraisal a team of 10 junctionites, worked under the leadership of Mr Das as Appraisal Team Members (ATMs). They are Kallol Ghoshal, Rajdip Tarafdar, Anew Nag Sarkar, Abhishek Kar, R. Vishwanathan, Rehan Firdausi, Ayan Kumar Paul, Sameer Ingole, Alakh Niranjan Bakshi and Kabir Hossain. During the 10 days of appraisal, nine platforms/ projects of mjunction were rigorously audited to find direct and affirmative conformation to all process areas (22 for development and 18 for services).


Junctionites attend thought leadership sessions


r Srinivas Padmanabhuni, a prolific and astute researcher in the space of data sciences, addressed a select group of crossfunctional junctionites at a thought leadership session. The CEO Mr Vinaya Varma also attended the session, which began with Dr Padmanabhuni’s presentation on “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.” He touched and deliberated upon recent trends in both and then went on to their applications - using Artificial Intelligence to develop real-time dynamic supply chains and applying Machine Learning for optimal matching of buyers and sellers in exchanges.

executives on February 24 and 25. Dr Prasad has a Ph.D in Economic Theory from SUNY Stony Brook, USA where he studied Game Theory under the Nobel Laureate Professor Robert Aumann. The focus of these two days was on learning through experiencing various situations and auctions through a combination of Online and Offline demonstrations. There are five commonly used auction types – Double auction, Sealed bid (first Price), Sealed Bids (2nd Price), Dutch auction and English Auction. Variants of these auctions were studied with small and large number of bidders, with public and secret Reserve Price respectively. Power Grid DGM visits The DGM (Procurement & Tendering) of Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd (PGCIL), Mr Rajiv Kumar Rohilla, visited the mjunction office for two days on February 27 and 28. Twenty-two participants attended the session titled “Project Buys & MRO Procurement”, which aimed to impart some of the best practices of the industry as well as ascertain specifics of efficient buying through case studies and group discussions. Session on Game Theory Dr Rohit Prasad, a Professor of Economics at MDI, Gurgaon took a training session on Game Theory and Auction theory for mjunction

Internal session on Crisis Communication


n January 13, the Head, Corporate Communications & Branding, Mr Mahul Brahma, conducted a Knowledge Management session on Crisis Communication, which was attended by a cross-functional group of about 30 Kolkata-based junctionites. Mr Brahma is the winner of “Ecommerce Communication Leader Award” in 2017 and “Young Achiever Award” in 2016. He explained the various facets of corporates communicating crisis situations to all the stakeholders, including clients, partners, investors,

promoters, internal stakeholders and media. The form of crisis has changed over the years. Today a crisis can even start on youtube or twitter. The golden rule is that a crisis needs to be first addressed in the medium it has been generated. To avoid a crisis, it is very important that we are receptive towards the issues faced by our clients and customers, and develop a culture where every moment of discipline (EMOD) is maintained at every point of contact with the clients, he said.




Inbox ea

Think. Share. Engage.

Ideas flow at Idea Inbox events


he first Idea Inbox event of 2017 was held on January 24. Mr Amit Kumar Khan presented on behalf of Mr Moshahar Bayen and Mr Rajkumar Mitra presented his own idea which was not based on a challenge. The voting was done through SMS instead of

balloting to enable participation of outstation junctionites. Mr Moshahar Bayen’s idea on “Comparing the complexities between two distinct goals” won against Mr Mitra’s idea on “Consultancy on GST, what mjunction can do post its implementation.” The February 24 event began with a presentation by Mr Lakhshya Verma on “How to Engage You on Social Media Platforms.” This was followed by the second presentation

on “Easy, Efficient and Intuitive Knowledge Management System” by Mr Debopratim Das. Mr Verma’s idea won in this edition. The CEO Mr Vinaya Varma attended both the sessions and addressed junctionites at the end of each.

International Women’s Day observed at mjunction


n March 8, mjunction celebrated the International Women’s Day at its Kolkata office. The evening began with CEO Mr Vinaya Varma addressing all junctionites on the occasion. He stressed on the fact that mjunction is an equal opportunities employer and does not discriminate on the basis of gender. He said mjunction is constantly striving to be a better place to work for women.

Mr Varma then invited the guest for the evening, Ms Nita Karmakar, Regional Director – East & North East, of the Confederation of Indian Industry, to address all junctionites. Ms Karmakar began her address with a short history of International Women’s Day and then went on to touch all aspects of women’s issues at the workplace, especially in the Indian context. She stressed on family support as an enabler. Ms Karmakar’s address was followed


by a video which was especially made for the occasion. Four women junctionites – two of them having spent over 10 years in the organisation and the other two relatively new – spoke on work-life balance at mjunction and other issues. The evening ended with an Open House where Ms Karmakar took questions from junctionites. Mr Varma then handed a small token gift to her.


A Date with Europe

Q1. For what will these five brands be seen together – Cadbury 5 Star, Airtel, Shop CJ, Amazon and AirAsia?

Q9. Who was the issuer of the fake Rs 2000 currency note that came out of an SBI ATM at Sangam Bihar, New Delhi?

Q2. With which personality would one connect the brands Empire and Success?

Q10. Which company has sued the makers of Jolly LLB 2 because it shows their brand of footwear as a downmarket brand?

Q3. Which Indian dotcom company is named after an evergreen subtropical plant? Q4. With which corporate entities would one associate the “Hyperloop”? Q5. Which company uses the base line: “The Company for Women”? Q6. Why are local brands of soft drinks in TN like Bovonto, Torino and Kali Mark seeing a big jump in their sales? Q7. Which accounting firm that handles the Oscar back end processes has owned up for the error of opening the wrong envelope for Best Picture? Q8. Name the brand promoted by Chinese businessman Jia Yueting after an aggressive campaign for their TV and mobiles is withdrawing from India.

The answers to the previous edition of the quiz are as follows: 1. All have been insured by Lloyd’s of London 2. Earl R Dean and Coca-Cola 3. JRD Tata and Nevill Vintcent setting up the Tata Air Mail service in 1932 4. The co-inventor of USB 5. Gary Vaynerchuk. The blog’s called Wine library TV. 6. Muslin 7. Dominos 8. Marie Biscuit The winner of 9. Indian Flag last quarter’s quiz is 10. Lawrence & Mayo Moutushi Bhattacherjee


Quizmaster & Compiled by Debashish Mukherjee of Corporate Accounts. Contributions also from Abhishek Kar of Technology.


Printed at: florenceoffset@yahoo.co.in


We bring to you once again our regular Quiz column which aims to whet your appetite for knowledge. Please mail your answers to mjpost@mjunction.in and you stand to win 250 straightline points. The decision of the quizmaster will be binding and final in all respects.

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Mayurakshi Dey captures Europe in all its splendour – the history, the art, the architecture, the adventure, and above all, the bountiful nature.

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MJPost, March 2017  

Quarterly in-house newsletter of events and happenings within mjunction.

MJPost, March 2017  

Quarterly in-house newsletter of events and happenings within mjunction.

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