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ABOUT WHAT ?? God? Politics? Education? Marriage? bor, my neighbor ? To be or not to be? That is the questio and on, with topics that are sometimes serious, sometime are filled with my point of view, your point of view and th (sometimes less is best or better yet better left alone). It is, no one wants to talk or even tell anyone about, out loud. flat out not discussed, especially in mixed company. Becau anger that they’re better left undiscussed

Now when pondering how to approach such a broad and brain immediately went into total overdrive and raced fu write it all down quick enough to keep up with all the thou share my views with others is an experience that

Taking all this into consideration I will make an honest ( “my” point of view is concerning subjects that are differe journey hopefully these articles will enlighten, enrich, poss with my views. Who knows, afte

T. Wil Sept. 18 2

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Of View

? Homosexuality? Healthcare? Getting old? Your neighon…etcetera, etcetera, etcetera…(lol).. and the list goes on es funny and sometimes just plain laughable. Topics that he point of view no one wants to point to, let alone discuss , in fact, the same as sides. My side, your side and the side Those things that are usually left hanging in the air or just use, for whatever reason, they are too hurtful or cause such d (is that a word ?). You get the point ?

d wide spectrum of subject matter and all it involves, my ull speed ahead, lickety split. So fast in fact that I couldn’t ughts running around inside my head. The opportunity to t I accept totally. No matter how difficult a task.

(always) and factual (sometimes) attempt to express what ent, fresh, and sometimes controversial. As we begin this sibly help you understand and just maybe you might agree er all, “It’s just my point of view.”

lliams 8, 2011 3

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A Rise Above 12

Inspired by: Dr. Maya Angelou

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contributors Point of View Magazine is designed to be an information source to the people by the people. Your views are very important, not only to us but to you; our readers. Therefore if you know of any issues in your community that needs to be addressed feel free to contact us. Our readers would certainly love to hear your point of view.

THE TEAM Meet our newest contributor

Kendra Sands staff writer/

Sararetha King loyal writer Sararethak

Katina Chandler loyal writer


She is a 44 year old, divorcee and a mother of 3 young adults. Her ethnic background is African, American Indian and Caucasian. She loves dancing and cooking. She is also an Ordained Minister and I has a marriage ministry


Eric Terry - loyal writer Nate Cox staff photographer

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A Rise Above A Series by Kendra Sands

Once you rise above, you can finally start to see the truth about yourself. I had been in thedark for so long, that I started to lose sight of things, relying on my fears to guide me. Joyce Meyers says fear is nothing but “false evidence appearing real.” I started to believe that people were against me, that everyone was envious and jealous of me and only wanted to hinder me, when in fact it was I that was hindering myself. I had allowed negativity to crawl into my life and over power me. I saw no way out and just as I was about give up, a voice said “rest.” I must say that it hasn’t been a easy task to let go of things and be led by God. It is an amazing feeling to be under new management because I have a CEO that is a professional in his field, impeccable credentials, and knows me inside and out and only wants to prepare me for greater things. I can not explain how big of a relief it is to be able to rest with no worries. Sure it was hard to let go because I had been trying to do things my way for so long and I thought I was well off. Well, boy was I wrong! I learned that just because you were born into a certain group of people does not mean you have to live like them, one can and will rise above that which they are stereotyped by. A new learning experience for this black sheep was to know that its ok to do better and be(live)better. One should never be afraid of change because change can bring about a new learning experience. My eyes were open to the truth and I now see every situation differently. People I thought were crazy or wrong, were only living life how they were suppose to. Not 9

everyone is meant to live the same, true we may have things in common but we were made to be different so that all could relate and live in harmony. Being under this new management has exceeded my expectations of where I thought my life would go. I am truly grateful for my experiences and will continue to be open to new and innovative ideas that God has laid before me.

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Sewing Machine repair at it’s best

(423) 622-5357 10

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Ideal Images Studio Chattanooga / Orlando / Jackson/Chicago


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Inspired by:

Dr. Maya Angelou 12

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Pretty Girls Have Pain Too Look at her with her perfect bronze skin, petite body, and long legs....huh! Must think that she is truly something. Her lips are shining from corner to corner from the over-use of lip gloss and her eyebrows have an arch so neat they appear to be tattooed. Her hair is so long, pretty, and thick as she walk she looks one way as though she is in a world consumed with only herself. Sidity, conceited, and arrogant are some of the names that she is known by. She might smile at people that smile at her, but the only time she speaks is when she is spoken to. Maybe she will speak when she come across someone that she knows personally, but other than that her voice is never heard. What makes her think that she is so much better than others as she walks with her neck so far in the air? I mean upwardness of her neck makes her completely look over other people. But these are only my opinions that I concluded from the very first time that I saw her. Yet, it was enough to push me back from ever wanting to get to know anything about her. Is this really the society we reside in? Wow, we seem to conclude things about each other based off information we see instantly or information that was received to use by other sources. Did anyone stop to think for a second that a physical appearance only shows a small glimpse about a person’s life? So what if some women hold a great amount of physical beauty, “PRETTY GIRLS HAVE PAIN TOO”. Wait! Was it ever though upon that maybe she walks with her neck so high in the air as a sign or a confidence lecture to herself about how not to let her troublesome past dictate her current mind-set and future. See…. “PRETTY GIRLS HAVE PAIN TOO”. What about the jealousy she had to endure as a child as she watched her aunt and uncle purposely talk about her flaws to uplift their own daughter. How is an eight or nine year old supposed to understand that? SEE you never thought for a second that “PRETTY GIRLS HAVE PAIN TOO”. How about even the fact that your favorite family member that you loved and trusted so much, deliberately try to take your innocent as a child by forcing sexual acts on you. Yep, so much for the life of a pretty girl. How about even the fact that you are automatically placed into a category by society just because of the way that you appear by your hair and skin completion that bus drivers, teachers, and people despise you. YES, you would really love the life of a pretty girl. Bet you never thought for a second that “PRETTY GIRLS HAVE PAIN TOO”. Well maybe you didn’t even consider the fact that men try to attack pretty girls as a lion attacks his prey. Most guys have only one agenda and that’s to satisfy themselves. Never having the intentions of finding the inner beauty that reside within her soul or attempting to know the desire of her heart but yet placed as an asset for his well-being. Hmmm….Yep, “PRETTY GIRLS HAVE PAIN TOO” Yet people wonder why pretty girls have so much attitude. Well maybe they have the right too as a self-defense mechanism against this corrupted and wicked world. Being judged by the glimpse of an eye and yet these things alone about pretty girls were concluded without a single word spoken. Yet, no one understands the shortness of our conversation. Maybe we talk less to avoid more judgment and maybe we walk with our necks so high in the air to overlook the people that under-look us. WOW! So much for the life of a pretty girl. So before you begin again with your personal observations remember the stride in my walk, the silence in my voice, and the upward position of my head are only my expressions and evidence that, “PRETTY GIRLS HAVE PAIN TOO” Author: Katina In memory of Maya Angelou “For I am an Phenomenal Woman”... 13

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Words To Live By

How Dr. Maya Angelou words inspired me! By Kendra Sands

When I received the news of Dr. Maya Angelou had passed, it was truly a sad moment in my life. Dr. Angelou was the one that inspired me to be who I am today. My mind went back to that day when I first read about her, I was in the 11th grade and I was assigned to find three poets to research and pick a poem from each to relate to. At that time in my life, I was going through a lot, I felt lost and confused, I was suffering from a seizure disorder, and I didn’t feel confident in who I was. The only friends I had were at school and I spent most of my days in my room reading and drawing. The most devastating thing in my life was the fact that I hated my color. I wanted to be white, have green eyes, dress like white kids my age. I wanted to live the life of a beach bomb white teen. I felt that way because it seem like they lived the best lives. I felt so alone because I felt stupid for thinking that way and I didn’t want anyone to know. I felt ashamed to be African American and hated it or anyone else that was black. I was discussed at the fact that the blacks I saw around me really didn’t do anything but punch a work clock, complain, drink, or do drugs.

So what was it, what poem inspired me to love my race? Although I love all of Dr. Maya Angelou’s works, it was her autobiography, “I know why the caged bird sings” that captivated me and had me hooked on every word, everything that she did while here on earth. Now, I will confess that when I first started reading her writing, I found her to be long winded, lol. I wanted her to get to the point of things and didn’t realize until I started writing that the “long winded” method was necessary. Dr. Angelou accomplished a lot but in order for you to understand and feel her joy, she wanted to tell about the journey, the setbacks, the negativity that she endured to get to where she was. I now felt a sense of pride and knew the purpose of my struggle. Of course many would say that a person’s downfall, struggle is great ratings for entertainment. People want to read or hear about how awful someone is doing so that they can compare and feel better off than others, but I say that it provides great support for those who feel alone and offers hope that hard times don’t last.

On the day to research and pick out my books, my teacher gave me a list of poets and read a few poems. My eyes went straight to “Harlem(dreams deferred),” because I felt like my dreams had been drowned by my living situation. The poet was Langston Hughes, a BLACK poet! He was first pick OFF TOP, next was to pick two more. So I researched Langston Hughes and other poets like him. Maya Angelou and W.E.B. Dubious pulled up as other poets relating to Langston Hughes. It was that defining moment in my life when I was proud to be born black. I had learned that even though my I have overcome a lot but I am so sad that Dr. Angelou cultural was a deprived race, many used that to become will never get a chance to read my work and see how successful African Americans. It was the experience she inspired me. I guess I will continue to write my way that allowed every African American to not feel alone in through my struggle, and rise above in the hopes of their struggle and taught them that what doesn’t kill you inspiring others like myself...paying it forward. only makes you stronger! I can say today, yes it does! 15 Point Of View Magazine | |

The Love Chapter

The Love Chapter is a collection of several stories and topics going at the same time‌ written by author Lisa Mitchell She started writing when she was a teenager, more poetry than anything back then. She loves to write and talk about love and relationships. The things she writes about have definitely evolved into much more than just poetry. She likes to say she writes vignettes because the story she’s telling is always to be continued. We hope that you enjoy


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It wasn’t supposed to turn out the way it did. We weren’t supposed to have sex. We were just supposed to be friends. He and I have known each other for over 20 years, but we lost contact with each other for a very long time; so long that I can’t remember how long it has actually been. Then one beautiful, late, summer day we crossed paths and it was just like we had talked yesterday. We began talking about how long it had been since the last time we had seen each other. It was well over five years. He said, “Oh My God!” “Where have you been?” “I have been looking for you for years!” “It is so good to see you, I have missed you!” I could see the tears in his eyes. He was hurt and overwhelmed. I said, “Nowhere in particular; although there has been a lot going on in my life.” I could feel the energy coming from him, he was very upset. He looked at me and said, “Look at you, so beautiful. I have often wondered about you and if you were ok?” “I was concerned and hoping you weren’t being mistreated?” “I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t find you?” “I am so hurt; you are my friend and I thought something horrible had happened to you.” A tear rolled down his face. I was very surprised by his reaction to seeing me. I had no idea he felt the way he did. I mean after all’ he is married; so trying to find me should be the last thing on his mind but it wasn’t. He looked good as usual. Or should I say fine and sexy. Dark chocolate, full lips, his muscles bulging everywhere and he smelled absolutely delicious. For him to be seven years older than me he looked damn good; I would never say that to him but MY GOODNESS, I could just bite him!!!! I can’t deny I am and I’ve always been attracted to him but he is off limits. He said, “I am not letting you go until I have everything I need to contact you.” I said, “Ok let me get a pen and a piece of paper.” He replied sharply, “No, where is your cell phone?” “The last time we saw each other you gave me your number and never answered the phone 17

when I called; why did you do that?” I handed him my cell and he puts his number in my phone and calls his phone to get my number. He forcefully said, “Answer your phone when I call!” I just looked at him. I said, “I can’t get into all that right now this isn’t the time or the place.” Immediately he replied, “So when can we get together? I want to catch up and see the family. How’s your Mom? I said softly, “My mom is no longer with us and dropped my head.” A stunned look came over his face and he grabbed me and hugged me. He smelled so good. There was a hint of sandalwood, vanilla and patchouli mixed with his sweat. I almost melted in his hug; it felt like I was hugging the man of my dreams. His arms felt warm, strong and inviting. I had to pull away. He looked at me and his voice was deep and demanding asking, “Where are you living now?” I didn’t want to tell him because he would come right over. I knew there would be no keeping him away from me this time. I didn’t want to answer his questions. There were things he wasn’t supposed to know. Like the reason why he had not seen or heard from me in years. I believe the reason will upset him because it has to do with his wife. She asked me a few years ago to break all contact with her husband and I did as she asked because she was very insecure over anyone he was close to. So then he asked, “I feel like you’ve been avoiding me, is that true?” I probably looked like a deer caught in the headlights. I quickly responded, “we will talk, I have to run…enjoy the rest of your evening” and I walked off...

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Where are You???

Story by Sararetha King

Men and women grow up hoping to be in a solid marriage or healthy relationship. What are people to base a loving relationship on if they never grew up seeing one? Many of us believe men should be the head of their household but we’re living in times where many fathers have left or never lived in the home with their kids. We have young men joining gangs looking for a male model to care for them and someone to give them time. These young men are too hurt to realize their lives are at stake and take the lives of others with no remorse. They’re wounded soldiers in a battle that will lead them to body bags. We have young women who settle for a night in the bed with a stranger in order to feel loved. Many of these young women are holding in pain from rape and hidden incest that have no idea of what a healthy relationship is like. They settle for pimps who beat them and keep their money instead of working a job that earns them a pay check. These women stay in abusive relationships feeling some love beats no love at all as their children look on thinking this is normal behavior. We have women who feel they have the best man ever by getting emotionally attached to a married man or one already in a relationship. They seriously think they’ve made it to the top by having a man who has to sneak to see them and can’t spend time with them on holidays. Some women have no problem settling for this type of situation in order to say they have a man. Fathers where are you? You were supposed to be in place to show your kids how to love a spouse. You were created to reflect strength and leadership in your homes. You were supposed to be in place to show your sons peaceful solutions to battles. You were to demonstrate to your sons on how to use their heads to build and not destroy. You weren’t around to push your sons to get an education and encourage your sons to develop their own company. Fathers where are you? You aren’t in place to show your daughters how a real man loves and respects a woman. You never sat her down for a talk to discuss the importance of getting an education and becoming a leader in her community. You aren’t around to tell her everyday how beautiful she is. You left your daughter uncovered; soshe grew up thinking she needed a man to survive. Brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, teachers, pastors, mentors and friends; family values have been breached. We have young and older adults who need someone to stand in the gap. Sometimes we have to take people by the hand and show them a better way of living. We have to create jobs, trades and opportunities to lure the hurt in off the streets. We have to do more than talk about a problem; we need to be a major part of the solution


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Misleading Stereotypes About Black Dads Kenrya Rankin Naasel, a journalist, is the editor of “Bet on Black: AfricanAmerican Women Celebrate Fatherhood in the Age of Barack Obama.” Obama is encouraging parents, specifically fathers, to do their part to help young black men excel. It’s a topic he tackles frequently, drawing on his own experience of growing up without his father, and it’s the driving force of President Obama’s Fatherhood Initiative, which gives fathers of all races the skills and support they need to do the important work of raising their children. It’s crucial work that I support with my own. Black dads are actually more involved with their children than white and Latino dads are. That said, I think it’s key to take every opportunity to expand the narrative about the black family beyond the confines of the “deadbeat dad” stereotypes that bind us. Yes, more than half of black households are headed by women, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that whether or not they live under the same roof, black dads are actually more involved with their children than their white and Latino counterparts, spending more time feeding, dressing, playing with and reading to their children. That’s important because when fathers are involved in their children’s lives, they are less likely to experience cognitive delays, more likely to graduate from high school, more likely to experience success in their chosen careers and less likely to be involved in violent situations as teens. They also have increased empathy, self-esteem and self-control. So the answer is clear: Dads do bring something unique to parenting not just sons, but all children. Everything tells me this is the case, from my personal story of being raised by a single father, to the hundreds of people I’ve connected with whose lives were shaped by their dads, to the lesser-known statistics and studies. And there’s nothing inherently masculine about promoting “strength, independence and leadership.” In fact, they are among the traits I seek to instill in my daughter. These values can only be a boon for young black men — and the rest of us, too.


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Energy Diet for Men


Men and women respond differently to high energy foods, because different natural energy boosters work for either gender. There are certain foods that increase energy levels in a man’s body, thereby fueling him with enough energy to meet the day’s tasks. The excessively high demands and pressure on a person at work, home, etc., often takes a toll on one’s body. It’s highly frustrating when you know there’s so much more to do and your body won’t seem to cooperate. A healthy diet, exercise, and good night’s sleep are factors that conduce to adequate energy levels in the body. However, who couldn’t do with some more energy. Extra energy is always welcome. There are certain foods that give you energy when consumed, as compared to other foods. Such foods are termed as energy-boosting foods. However, men and women have different high energy foods working for them. In this article, we will only look at energy-boosting foods for men. Following an energy diet plan comprising these energy elevating foods will prove beneficial. You will surely find a difference in your energy levels. Best Energy Diet for Men Foods can increase energy levels in three ways by furnishing the body with sufficient calories, by injecting stimulants like caffeine into the body system, or by increasing the metabolic rate. Here are some super foods that conduce to increased energy levels in men.

Oatmeal Oatmeal is a combination of complex carbohydrates and fiber. On consumption, the oatmeal transforms into a longer lasting energy source inside the body, thus, taking longer time to digest. Moreover, the vitamin B present is also a great energy source provider. High level of fiber is a boon, because fiber is an energy stabilizer and slows digestion, thereby providing a steady supply of energy to the body throughout the day. Thus, oatmeal can be considered as a very important part of a healthy diet. 20

Lentils Loaded with lots of protein and fiber content, lentils furnish the body with a steady source of energy, since they are digested at a slower pace. Moreover, they also provide the body with ample amounts of B complex vitamins which play important roles in energy production. Drinking a warm bowl of lentil soup will help your energy levels to rise considerably. Raw Oysters Oysters, high in zinc content are popular aphrodisiacs. High zinc levels conduces to higher sperm count and increased testosterone production. Sucking on raw oysters increases one’s sexual appetite. Moreover, the hormone dopamine in oysters are also seen to increase libido. Bananas This potassium-rich fruit is more filling than any other fruit. It’s natural sugar boost can give you enough energy for the day. Moreover, the bromelain enzyme present in them improves libido in men. The high potassium and vitamin B content are required for male hormone testosterone production. Thus, bananas are great natural energy boosters. Broccoli This dark green vegetable is rich in Indole-3-carbinol, a compound that causes estrogen levels in the body to dip, thereby being a wonderful libido booster in men. Higher estrogen levels in women turn them on, however, in men the reaction is the opposite. Lean Meat Lean meats are seen to keep the mind more alert and active throughout the day. It also increases one’s concentration power. Lean beef, turkey, lean pork, skinless chicken, etc., are great sources of protein, containing amino acid tyrosine, which helps the brain produce chemicals; norepinephrine and dopamine. These chemicals improve one’s mental functioning and concentration levels. The vitamin B12 levels in lean meat also help fight insomnia and depression.

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Water Dehydration and fatigue are linked together, however, seldom this link is taken into consideration. One should drink ample amounts of water (Ten 8 ounce glasses) a day, because even slight dehydration levels can conduce to fatigue and plummeted energy levels. This is because without water, the body cannot produce energy. Water is the channel that makes it possible for the body to digest, absorb, and transport essential nutrients. Tea, coffee, dark chocolate, etc., are also some other energy-boosting foods for men. However, besides consuming these food items, one should also remember that skipping breakfast is not a good idea. People who eat breakfast are seen to have higher energy levels all through the day. Moreover, consuming frequent meals in small proportions helps stabilize energy levels. Besides a diet, there also exists several energy drinks, energy diet pills, or supplements such as green tea extract, yerba mate, kola nut, etc., that give you temporary boosts of energy. By Priya Johnson


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MONEY How To Make Money During A

It is said that making money during recession is quite difficult. However, there are some ways to earn a reasonable amount of money in such times. Let’s have a look at them. Recession is the time when the economy slows down and the growth of a country begins to decline. During this phase, businesses suffer huge losses, employees lose their jobs and the spending capacity of people is reduced. The thought of recession instills worry and people think, it is very difficult to survive during a recession. What happens when we have a recession? People start spending less and save money which was otherwise spent lavishly, businesses cut down extra and unnecessary costs, people look for value for money, and companies are more inclined towards maintenance than expansion. It is true that the spending capacity is reduced, but people do spend money. Now what they look for is competitive pricing, low maintenance and value. People think that making money during economic recession is not possible, but there is always a way out. 22

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Ways to Make Money During Recession Beauty, repair and consultancy services are some of the businesses to start in a recession. These services do not require huge investments and always have a market. Beginning with a small setup can fetch good returns and help in overcoming recession-related monetary stress. Your creative skills like photography and painting can fetch additional income for your expenditure. Investing a small amount in studio packages can help in taking pictures of individuals and families, for which a small fee can be charged by the customers. A small office can be set up to advise customers on tax laws and tax returns. A person having good knowledge about tax laws can start this business by simply investing in a desk, computer, calculator and tax return software. Garage sales can be another option for fetching money by selling unused items lying in the house. During extreme financial crunch, one can choose to sell costly items like DVD player, television, etc. If teaching is your passion, you can always conduct classes for teaching a new trade to people. Search for teaching locations wherein, people who run such locations share a certain percentage of registration fees with the teacher in exchange of lessons provided to community members. Some businesses maintain a steady state even during recession. Utility and law firms are examples of businesses which are not really affected. In fact, they need temporary workers to deal with increased cases of bankruptcy during these times. Finding a job in such firms will ensure a steady flow of income during recession. Skilled individuals in the field of painting and carpentry can offer their services at lower prices than established contractors in the business. As people try to save every bit of money during recession, your offer can fetch you lot of 23

customers. Municipal bonds can be a source of income in tough times. People can withdraw their money from stocks and transfer them to municipal bonds, but before doing this, it is better to analyze whether it will fetch you good monthly and annual returns according to your budget or not. Blogging sites and other websites can also be a good source of income during recession. By placing advertisements intelligently on the websites, one can make a good amount of money through the virtual world. If you already have a website, it’s time to optimize it, so that search engines can locate it and attract prospective customers to visit the website. This increases the chances of sales thereby, adding to your income. If you are into a business, advertising your product or service becomes very important to gain customer attention. Customers must be constantly reminded of the availability of the product, only then, they can think of buying your product. Tough times call for tough measures. Even though recession makes money-making difficult, there is always a smart way to tackle tough situations. Therefore, the next time you think of recession, you know how to find your way out.

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Chrise Jones Chattanooga TN


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Dad, where are you, when Mom doesn’t have time for me and there’s a good movie that I want to see? Dad, where are you, when Mom just don’t understand and I need for you to hold my trembling hand? Dad, where are you, when I need a male figure to talk to; when I’m being pushed around and don’t know what to do? Dad, where are you, when I have questions pertaining to sports? Can’t you see I don’t want to end up in the criminal courts! Dad, where are you, when I want to talk about my career; and my teachers or school counselors are nowhere near? Dad, where are you, when I lie in my bed at night praying to God that you are alright? I want to grow up to be a righteous man, and raise a family the way God wants me to. I need you to be that role model for me, so Dad, Dad, where are you? Written by: Sheila Y. Jackson, June 3, 1999 The Story Behind this Poem I was inspired to write this poem on June 3, 1999, as I was planning a Father/Son breakfast event in honor of Father’s Day for the residents of the Spencer J. McCallie Homes Housing Development. As I began to write the poem, my thoughts were focused on all of the little boys that I had witnessed growing up without their fathers playing an active role in their lives, even my own.


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Bet On Black Dads: Support This Anthology Celebrating Black Fatherhood

Top of Billboard FANCY

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I am the daughter of a proud Black man. I am a wife to a man who is a helluva Black father to our daughters. I am the niece and the cousin and the friend of an incredible group of Black men who love on their brown babies hard. Unapologetically. With the might of angels. And they are setting an example for all of our sons and daughters—showing them through word and deed that, despite the running narrative that says otherwise, good Black fathers do exist. That they are possible. This is why I am so incredibly proud to support an upcoming anthology Bet On Black: African American Women Celebrate Fatherhood in the Age of Barack Obama. The book, edited by writer Kenrya Rankin Naasel, features twenty writers who gathered to honor men in their lives who’ve made their own resolutions to be the best dads they can be. The contributors include some incredible voices who are friends to MyBrownBaby, like The Young Mommy Life’s Tara Pringle Jefferson, veteran journalists and magazine editors Harriette Cole, Corynne L. Corbett and Yannick Rice Lamb, writer Keisha-Gaye Anderson and one of my favorite writers, like, ever, Karen Good-Marable, whose essay is excerpted below. MyBrownBaby is supporting this book not only by pre-ordering a copy but by making an appeal to my incredible audience to support a Kickstarter campaign that will assure the first print run of Bet On Black, which will allow the book to be supplied to local bookstores, Barnes & Noble and Amazon, a mega important mission for an independently published book competing with big publishing houses. Buying the book (or making any donation) also will help donate copies of the book to fatherhood programs across the country

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Business Listing


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