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Summer 13


I am an image based designer with a focus on design for digital delivery and a specific interest in motion and illustration.

Brief 1: Indie Game To design a pitch for the opening stage of an independent video game. This should give an indication of the visual style of the rest of the game: Settings, characters etc.

Brief 2: Radio Station Produce and brand a new platform for hosting and promoting audio podcasts online. This should facilitate the creation and broadcast of amateur content without association with a student union or specific geographical location.

Brief 3: Brudenell 100 Design an interactive website and animation to celebrate 100 years of Brudenell’s history. It should celebrate the character of the venue as well as the bands that have played there over the years.

Brief 4: Satirical News Produce ad-funded, free newpaper to be given out at peak times on the london tube. This should aggregate articles from various satirical/humour news sites into a physical paper.

Brief 5: Collaborative Consumption (RSA) Design a product or service that gets better or more useful the more people use it so that sharing becomes more attractive and viable.

Brief 6: Studiooo Poetry The aim of this task is to produce a small poetry illustration book that will be based on a chosen theme.

Brief 7: Studiooo Event As Studioooo we are going to host an exhibition that features work of our own and work of guest artists and designers. The work featured will be kept consistent under a theme that we decide

Brief 8: Philosophy To communicate the ideas of a single philosopher through the use projection, motion and typography.

CoP How are fabrication technologies and open innovation changing the way we create and consume in the 21st Century?

CoP Practical Practical: Leeds Hackspace

a community workshop in the heart of the city providing tools, events and shared skills.

Have a good year!