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N ew M em ber R eferral P rogram – J u st Get On e TSF members who bring new fans on board to contribute to Mizzou Athletics or renew 2010 referrals are rewarded for their efforts! Our goal is to increase TSF memberships. One way to accomplish this goal is through the Just Get One program. The Just Get One program is an opportunity for Tiger Scholarship Fund members to help benefit both their TSF account and Mizzou Athletics. There is strength in numbers and we need you to “Just Get One”! Just Get One participants who sign up a new TSF member will earn five (5) Priority Points for their first member recruited in a given calendar year. For each additional member recruited in one calendar year, JGO participants will receive an additional two (2) Priority Points. Previously Recruited Members If you have participated in the Just Get One program by recruiting members to the Tiger Scholarship Fund in previous calendar years, please assist us in contacting your recruited member(s) to ensure their continued support. You have the opportunity to earn two (2) additional Priority Points for each recruited member you renew in a given year.

* New members are individuals who did not contribute to Mizzou Athletics in the previous calendar year.

REFERRED BY: Name ___________________________________________________

Donor # _____________

NEW MEMBER INFORMATION Name ___________________________ ____ Address __________________________ ____ City __________ State _____ Zip_______ _ Home Phone __________________________ Business Phone ________________________ Cell Phone __________________________ _ Email __________________________ _

Spouse _________________________ Alumnus? Spouse Alumnus? Former Student Athlete? Sport _______________ Years Played _________ Name to be listed in game programs: __________________________ I DO NOT WISH TO BE LISTED IN GAME PROGRAMS.




#______________________________ Expiration Date: __________

CASH & CHECK PAYMENTS  FULL PAYMENT is enclosed. My check or cash payment is $ _________.  PARTIAL PAYMENT is enclosed. My total pledge for 2011 is $ ________. I have enclosed a payment of $ ________.

Signature: __________________ __  FULL PAYMENT will be charged. Please charge my credit card for the full amount: $ ________.  PARTIAL PAYMENT will be charged. My total pledge for 2011 is $ _____ __.  Please set up a monthly payment plan with my credit card. I would like to be charged $ ________ per month for ___ months.  Please charge my card for $ ___________ . I will pay the remainder of my pledge at a later date.

COMPANY MATCHES  My company will match my donation. My donation is $ _________. My company match will be $ _________. * Please note your match may only be 80%. Please enclose your company’s matching gift form.

 I am a current or retired University of Missouri employee. I will receive matching credit for my donation.

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