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OUTWARD BOUND 1986 - 2011

25th Anniversary

September 2011 Club Meeting Notes Wilbinga Wubbish! WA4WDA Environment Officers’ Meeting. Julimar 2011


Mitsubishi 4WD Owners Club WA Inc. 1986



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2011 Mitsubishi Lancer VRX

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2010 Mitsubishi Outlander VRX

• Sunroof • Rear DVD player • 18" alloys • Perfect all-rounder • 1DRI538 HSIDE

• ABN holders only • Safety pack • Bull bar • Spotties • Tow bar • 1DRI528






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2011 Challenger XLS 7 2011 Pajero Exceed T/Diesel Auto Seater Turbo Diesel • Satellite navigation • Rear DVD player • Bull bar • Tow bar • 1D1Y306

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YOU AWAY PAY DRIVE Includes all on-road costs.

Ph: 9358 9555

1261 Albany Hwy, Cannington


From the Editor... A pretty quiet month for the magazine but there is some great shots from the club trip to Julimar. A wet trip that was a lot of fun by all accounts. Don’t forget to name your pics so its easy to give the credit. Please email me if your picture is used in the mag, especially if its a POTY entry. As always, any interesting stuff send my way to editor@ Paul Johnson - PJ

POSTAL ADDRESS: Mitsubishi 4WD Owners Club of WA PO Box 655 South Perth 6951 EMAIL ADDRESS HOME PAGE: MEETINGS: 1st Wednesday of every month, except January. Commencing at 7:30pm Manning Senior Citizen’s Centre 3 Downey Drive Manning Visitors welcome at all times. NEW MEMBERS: Visitors must participate in 2 club trips and 2 monthly meetings before they can apply for membership. Visitors cannot attend trips that are more than 3 days duration.Upon application a potential new member must pay a $50 nomination fee. In addition, membership fee is currently $100, which is due each March. Membership fees for new members are calculated pro-rata at the time the application is accepted by the club Committee.


President’s Report We had another very interesting speaker for our monthly meetings. At the September meeting, Carey Paterson of the Royal Flying Doctor Service gave a presentation on the operations of the RFDS and the service which benefits all Australians in some way. It was a pleasure to listen to someone that was obviously very dedicated about her work and greatly respected the people she works with. Unfortunately our membership attendance at the meeting was considerably low in comparison to recent times. Many of our members and committee were on expeditions across Australia and overseas. No doubt taking advantage of the summer season in the northern hemisphere. Now winters’ over, we should start seeing a full club room again in the coming months. Thankyou to our Vice President Dr Peter for stepping into Secretary John’s shoes for the past month while John and Rosalie take their European vacation. This years’ Perth 4WD Show falls on the same weekend as our weekend at Big Valley Margaret River. I raised the question at the last Member’s Meeting, and Peter sent out a followup email, to see if there were any members who could provide help if the club had a stand at the show. Unfortunately we had just one responce and therefore decided not to have a stand at this years 4WD Show. Hopefully, next year the organisers of the show will provide earlier notification of their dates so that we can organise things around them. If you are organising a trip or event, it is crucial to the success of the event that you get information out as early as possible. There have been several events organised by other organisations in recent times that have not been well attended. This is because the organisers have not advertised the event until a few weeks before which greatly limits the number of people who can attend at the ‘drop of a hat’. If you are running an event, make sure you get the details in the magazine months before the date. If you miss the magazine deadline, then get the Secretary to circulate a notice to everyone. The same advise goes to members who wish to attend a trip or event. Don’t leave it to the last minute to notify the trip leader, you may find yourself on a wait list. Not to mention the difficulties it presents to the organiser/trip leader in organising the logistics. A big thank you to our Assistant Environment Officer, Stephen Kalinyuk , for being the only club representative at the recent Wilbinga Cleanup. Stephen took his trailer and assisted in cleaning up a considerable amount of rubbish from the area on what was a very wintery day. Martin Archer President “A good plan violently executed right now is far better than a perfect plan executed next week.” General George S Patton

b lu c o te s





The membership of the club was pleased to receive a very

interesting presentation from Carey Paterson, in her role as Community Fundraising Coordinator Royal Flying Doctor Service Western Operations. In it she described the extent of the services provided, their costs, and their specific problems in delivering services in some of the more remote areas of the state. The facts and figures provided were of considerable interest to the members who asked a number of important questions and received very informative replies. Acting secretary Peter Belcher thanked Carey on behalf of the club for her time and interesting presentation.

Comments from a meeting to discuss McBEG issues and plans between Tony Eddleston (DEC), Peter Belcher (A/Sec), Paul Ryan & Tony Weldon. Held at Little Stove Café, Bicton on 14/09/11. (great coffee, cakes and orange juice there!) Paul has done a great summary of the discussion as follows:“The projects as I see are; 1. Site 1 rehab area & Site 2 rehab area 2. Fence & Rubbish removal 3. Orchard restoration & maintenance 4. Homestead repair and or restoration 5. Boundary security (chains & locks) 6. Track repair, road building and pruning 7. Spot weed control (small outbreaks of cotton bush)” Thanks Paul. Dealing with each of them:1. Rehab areas. We’ll keep working on the two areas where we have planted the seedlings and will apply for further funds for additional plantings to fill in any gaps. 2. Fences & rubbish. There is more work to do here though we have made huge inroads into both. 3. Orchard restoration. There is an old orchard which was part of an original property and house and we will start to look after that. Fruit stall anyone? 4. Homestead. This is a heritage area and we could start to repair and restore some of this. The work would start with a survey of the site and submission of a plan to DEC. We could have signs and history boards made up.


5. Boundary security. OK, IEDs are not approved but

we might be able to do surveys to identify areas which have been targeted by intruders and report them to DEC for suitable action. 6. Track repair &c. This would include pruning back the scrub so that DEC fire fighting vehicles could get through easily. That would mean tracks would have to be opened up to 3 meters wide by 4m high. Some tracks are also degraded and difficult for the fire fighters and these could be repaired and maintained. We might need to use grant funds to hire a bobcat and bring in suitable rocks for the repairs. It was suggested that this activity could be made part of the training days programs. 7. Weed control. Dare I mention cotton bush? We won’t be tackling the large infestation as before but rather the small clumps that are more easily accessed and an increasing problem. To do this we will buy or borrow from DEC some special cutters that spray Roundup onto the cotton bush stalks as we cut them, a much easier job. Also some sprays and Roundup will be included as well as protective clothing. My comments. Missed grants. We have missed getting some money as we applied for equipment that DEC don’t support but for which I wasn’t aware when I filled out the applications. It also seems that if “black cockatoos” are mentioned positively, it is more likely funds will be granted. Grant monies. There is still $2575 left from the 2010 grant and a further $2000 to come from the 2011 grant. Some of this will be spent on removal of the rubbish we have collected. This is an expensive job as it needs a bobcat and truck and payment of tip fees which are a bit in the ”wow” territory. Other grant cash will be spent on equipment as noted above and also on vehicle signs showing we are DEC volunteers. It was a very positive meeting and we are privileged both to have such tremendous access to the Park and also to work alongside guys like Tony Eddleston and John Harding. Tony, Environment Officer

What The ! We Thought these are sold in pairs? Hmm.. are you missing one, better check! is there a story, we need to know!





I had recovered from my bug and set off to the Wilbinga

Shack clean up event. At the designated spot on time but no one in attendance! I returned to the Wilbinga Grove to find about 10 cars there (group leader had “re- arranged things” but not communicated to everyone as he thought that they’d just “get it” i.e. go to the Grove). Despite a false start we headed off in two groups. The group I was in returned to the 50km South Of Lancelin marker and proceeded down the track to the left of the road at that point. The track was in good condition and that was probably what unfortunately had helped aid the rubbish dumping that had gone on out there. At least one construction site had dumped all it’s rubbish, one kitchen renovation had also dumped all it stuff out there as well and we got an amazing collection of stuff. About 2.5 hours later with at least 3 tonnes of rubbish in 6 trailers we returned to the dumping point at Wilbinga Road. Everyone pitched in and we dumped the rubbish quickly and headed off for the Wilbinga Shacks. About 4km in towards the shacks we pulled up and let our tire pressures down to 16PSI and set off with trailers in tow. On arrival at the shacks the DEC had a steak, sausages and Onions BBQ on the go with one Ranger proving to be an excellent cook and the steaks coming off nice and tender. The Wilbinga Shacks crews were very welcoming and as it was blowing a gale we ate inside one of the shacks. The crew were very grateful for the help to clean up the Wilbinga area. “It was also a great way for me to be able to see and appreciate just how good the convoy procedure is that the Mitsubishi club follows when we go out on trips.” There really wasn’t any followed and that made things a bit difficult in the maze of tracks leading in to the shacks. A smaller convoy with trailers left the shacks at about 2:30 to return the way we had come in while others set off on more adventurous routes back. Generally it was a satisfying day out and a lot of rubbish was collected. Stephen Kalyniuk goto 8

Meet: Time: Bring: Grade:

Don’t forget:

Cnr Centre Way & Gnagara Rd, Lexia 9:15am for 9:30am start Normal recovery gear, including, shovel, Sand flag, compressor, UHF radio, First Aid kit 2—3, mainly sand and some mud if it rains

Mornos, lunch, etc


Be aware that driving in the bush can be dangerous so if you haven’t attended a Training Course, ASK if unsure


31o 47.73’S

Leaders: Register: Email

Pat O’D 0459 122 358


115o 54.91’E

- To my Darling Husband

Before you return from your overseas trip I just want to let you know about a small accident I had with the pick up truck . not too bad and I really didn't get hurt, so please don't worry too much about me. I was coming home from Shopping, and when I turned into the driveway I accidentally pushed down on the accelerator instead of the brake. The garage door is slightly bent but the pick up fortunately came to a halt when it bumped into your car.. I am really sorry but I know with your kind hearted personality you will forgive me. You know how much I love you and care for you my sweet heart. You Loving Wife see page 18 for picture

WA4WDA Environment Officers’ Meeting. On 15/09/11, Environment Officers from 9 clubs met at Kaarakin to discuss issues that have or will affect the clubs’ activities. There were only 15 there which was a bit disappointing with so few clubs represented. Part of the problem may be that it is so far to travel – it took me around 45 minutes to get there and some had to travel a lot further.

Mundaring Power Lines Track.

There has been a lot of damage to farmers’ fences as some drivers have broken through the fences so they can get around a boggy or difficult section. It is actions like this that will force the closure of such tracks. It is proposed that the Association will fund and support a club-based effort to rebuild the fence.

Lancelin/Cervantes Road.

There is no camping allowed off this road – you have to use designated campsites or caravan parks.


I considered that the lack of coordination between clubs for working bees such as the one planned for Kaarakin on 18/09 was due to limited publicity and events should be listed on an Association calendar. The website is being brought up to date shortly but some dates are there months in advance which I wasn’t aware of.

Mundaring to Collie Track.

This 4WD track was supposed to have been opened by DEC before now but has been delayed. Nick Underwood has published the coordinates and waypoints in an earlier Western 4WDriver magazine. It is about an 8 hour fairly easy trip and it would be possible to take camper trailers on it. There has been a problem getting DEC to approve tracks and plans for the track.

Canning Stock Route.

Currently the national 4WD Association body, 4WD Australia, has been issuing permits for travellers on the CSR on behalf of the Aboriginal groups. Another Aboriginal group wants to participate, possibly leading to these groups taking control of the permit process and receiving all of the $100 fee charged. Should it happen, 4WD Australia will not be able to issue permits. It is also possible that trailers & fires will be banned from the CSR. The Calvert Ranges, which I visited in about 2003 and thought were very special, are now closed to non-Aboriginals though it is possible that,


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PHOTO OF THE MONTH - September 2011 is in line for the PICTURE OF THE YEAR (POTY). Both taken at Julimar. Well done! You can view all the photos on Flicker via the members website. Just click on Photos and Clips. Email for credit.


Julimar 31 July 2011 Trip Leader Craig Perry


25th Anniversary


what day... And it rained and rained but how good was that! Added a different dimension to everything we did... like the big mud puddles...puddles?... more like mini dams with tracks through the middle and 4wdrivers trying to look experienced? proficient? Nah...just wet and having fun. We started out at the Bullsbrook Tavern about 9.45am. All seemed to arrive very early so there was a large group of people milling around looking like they were waiting for the pub to open! We must have all been very eager to go bush for the day. Craig led us north east to our air down spot.... past some exotic wild life... woolly bovine creatures with very long, very pointy horns. On into the magic forest.. Air down area was shared with a few utes and trailers offloading bikes..a fun place for them too. Julimar is such a huge area we didn’t run into any of them on the tracks...and perhaps that wasn’t the best turn of phrase! First lesson of the day.. with so many cars getting underway and with the immediate distraction of negotiating our first waterway right outside the carpark, a basic rule was overlooked (apart from the one where Bruce kept forgetting to turn his lights on) Mark the corner till the next car hoves into sight. (‘Hove’ being a nautical term was very appropriate for the day!) One left turn took us out of the car park but the next left turn took some of us back into the rear of the car park...too many lefts... and a lesson learned. Trip leader Craig didn’t seem to need a GPS. Apparently he’s been driving these tracks for years and was able to give us some commentary on some of the areas we went through. I hope someone marked waypoints on a GPS. It’s an outing we’d like to do again and we really were just following the leader... totally no sense of direction.... and didn’t think to bring our own GPS.

Mornos time came and went unnoticed. We were enjoying ourselves too much. First big hill we had to negotiate, Paul Ryan called for us to come up one at a time. No one felt pressured then by having another vehicle right behind when it got a bit slippery or when we had to slow for the rocks right at the crest. And another lesson in calling each through. This part of the countryside is awesome in the wet. Lots of water on the track that, because Craig had been through them very recently, didn’t need to be walked or sounded before driving through. Just your average very satisfying big splash. For us to sample was a deep water crossing, a deeply rutted climb, and steep hills, all if we wanted to participate. But who said 4WD’ing can’t be a spectator sport? Videos are on the club web. And all this before lunch! Luchtime we had to wait a moment for earlier patrons to vacate the eatery area before the next sitting. Explanation.. another 4WD group Craig knows were also enjoying Julimar and they were just leaving. Awnings appeared on the sides of vehicles, rain sort of held off for a while, kids had a chance to stretch their legs and even the sun shone warmly for a brief few minutes. Chance for a chat... though the airways chatter had been fairly prolific most of the drive. Up to now we’d done the car park, the eatery park and now it was time for the fun park. Craig showed us where then each participated in their amusement of choice.Paul found the hill to go down and Richard King followed, gears only, no brakes as braking had little effect. .. and then back up the other way... while others traversed steep banks through creek crossings. More lessons learned and more experience gained. To get the feel of aiming down a bank through relatively deep water and up the other side is essential for building confidence in oneself and one’s vehicle. An opportunity was missed when no recording was made from the top of that hill looking down on all the little vehicles scurrying around in the arena. The Julimar equivalent of Lancelin. Eventually Rick Lazar produced his length of orange conduit and sounded the depths of the ‘challenging’ water hole... the one that just sat there still and untouched. Piers ? where were you?

So Rick drove through or was it dived in?... but only after connecting his recovery gear first.. just in case... and came out the other side.. Pity. That could have been another learning experience for the rest of us? Pass? Rick? Time to move off. It was after 3.30pm and we still had to drive out of here, through further lovely sections of the forest. Aftereffects of 2009 bushfire were now just a counterpoint of black trunks against very green foliage. The bush was recovering well. We went through more water across the track, up and down more hills, quietly passed the local farmhouse, to the narrow air up track before heading back home. Of course it started to rain just as everyone dug out their compressors. Why wouldn’t it. A good day. Some were a bit mournful though.. not that the day had ended .. but that the Bindoon bakery would, by then, be closed ! Judith Brinkley

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Payment is required on delivery.


from page 10

in the future, limited numbers of travellers may be permitted to visit the Ranges accompanied by an Aboriginal guide. I wonder if the desire for closer Aboriginal control of the CSR is due to some of the stupid behaviour of 4WDrivers which was offensive to the traditional owners. I have heard about some examples of this behaviour and am disgusted.


There are many areas affected by dieback and we need to be aware of them especially in wet weather. DEC’s maps do not give sufficient details and trip leaders should talk to the local rangers before going to potentially affected areas. Tony W. - Environment Officer


My appeal for volunteers appears to have fallen on deaf ears so I am now asking all members to consider leading a trip during 2012. All Day Trips and Long Weekend Camping Trips are available so please consider leading a trip and do not leave it to the “usual suspects”. Full details of Trip Leader responsibilities are on the website and as a carrot think about the advantages of not having any dust, seeing the wildlife that you always believed the leader was kidding you about and putting your Trip Leader training into practice. If you want to do it but are still a little hesitant, feel free to contact me. I or someone else will be pleased to discuss the trip you propose and offer advice, etc. We all joined the club to increase our knowledge and abilities when driving in the bush and there is no better way to prove this than to take on the responsibility of leading a trip. Keith Parker – Trip Coordinator 0417 977 055

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ocial Dinner

Swan Yacht Club. E.Fremantle

Sunday, October 9, 2011 6:00pm till late $18 Per Adult Children $10 CASH ONLY Drinks from the bar


RSVP Karen 9495 2782 or Rosalie 9384 7649 (Rosalie not contactable in September)


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Big Valley Margaret River


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See Flyer in this magazine

See Flyer in this magazine

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Visitors very welcome. 7.30pm


Camping on the peninsula. Help preserve the area.

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