MIT Sloan Career Development Office - Year in Review 2020

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“As Core Fellows, we hope to serve as a bridge between the two

cohorts and make the community more tight-knit.” “The Core Fellows program is like a community within a community. The wealth of knowledge within the community has been so valuable.”

“My Core Fellow was an excellent resource as I started down the ‘dirt road’ recruiting path. As a start-up founder himself, my core fellow walked me through potential interview questions, helped me hone my own story, and gave me the confidence I needed to secure an internship in a new industry. Plus, he was great about checking in with our team all semester, which made me feel like I had a strong support system in a secondyear student. His tips on the class bidding process were priceless!” “My Core Fellow was responsive to my questions and helpful throughout the semester! She was thoughtful about sending out helpful information and connecting me with other Sloanies whose goals aligned with mine.” “My Core Fellow was a fantastic resource for helping me settle into Core, navigating the MIT entrepreneurship ecosystem, and selecting classes. He put in a lot of effort and time helping me to curate my CV. ” “Our Core Fellow was an invaluable resource. Her guidance on courses, community, and career provided continuity and stability during a year that could have felt upside down. “

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SFMBA CAREER CORE “This series addresses how to leverage an intensive year of study and professional development and promote the value of this experience to your current or future employers. Becoming the CEO of your career is a life-changing role, and we take you through each step of the process, with meaningful and transformative activities and opportunities.”

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