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Our Diamonds a c e l e b r at i o n of life

w e a r e p ro u d t o p r e s e n t:

O ne of the world’s most

exquisite collections graff k w i at Louis Newman oscar heyman b e au d ry k at h l e e n d u g h i & more...

of diamond jewelry... Above: Diamond Necklace by Kwiat; Shown on Cover: Diamond Earrings by Graff.

and the relationships to source any kind of diamond you could want. { At a surprisingly exceptional value! }

our Diamonds


va l u e

Left to Right: Bob Mitchell, Elliot Lowy/ Partner at Louis Newman, Jennifer Farrington and Scott Mitchell.

The Best Of 47th Street Is In Our Stores. As we are committed to providing excellent value, we’ve developed a long and trusted relationship with Louis Newman, one of the Diamond District’s finest dealers. A third generation family business like our own, Louis Newman shares our values regarding quality and has an impeccable reputation in their field. Louis Newman is one of the few diamond companies that still manufactures “directly from rough” in New York. This enables them to cut perfect stones and, as their diamonds come directly from the source, to offer outstanding value. The volume we jointly generate also adds to the “buying power” that keeps our pricing extremely competitive.

Customers enjoy working with our Diamond Specialists in private jewelry salons in Mitchells. and Richards.

our Diamonds

| expertise

Clockwise, left to right: Naki Halepas Diamond & Jewelry Specialist, Richards • 21 Years Diamond Experience

Over 150 Years of Combined Diamond Experience.

Jennifer farrington Diamond & Jewelry Buyer Mitchell Family of Stores 8 Years Diamond Experience • GIA Certified in Diamonds & Colored Stones chris mitchell Store Manager, Marshs • 9 Years Jewelry Experience Lesa Janklow Diamond & Jewelry Specialist, Richards • 16 Years Diamond Experience Scott Mitchell Store Manager/Ladies, Richards 11 Years Diamond Experience • GIA Certified in Diamonds & Colored Stones Jay Hanna Diamond, Watch & Jewelry Specialist, Mitchells 21 Years Diamond Experience • GIA Graduate Gemologist michelle romano Diamond & Jewelry Specialist, Mitchells • 36 Years Diamond Experience Kathleen Riordan Diamond & Jewelry Specialist, Mitchells • 5 years Diamond Experience Claire Gladstone Diamond & Jewelry Specialist, Mitchells 21 Years Diamond Experience • GIA Certified Jacquie Carlino Diamond & Jewelry Specialist, Marshs • 15 Years Diamond Experience Cecilia Thomas Diamond & Jewelry Specialist, Richards • 5 Years Diamond Experience

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It has been a great thrill to discover I could buy major diamond pieces from people I actually know and trust. There’s no substitute for that kind of relationship.

Richards Customer Since 2001

k w i at

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a c e l e b r at i o n o f l i f e


from the moment I first saw you I knew you were my one true love.

Diamond Solitaires No matter what size diamond you’re looking for, we’ll find the perfect stone to fit your style and budget. As a fullservice jeweler, our knowlegable Specialists and Designers will help you create the engagement ring or “anniversary upgrade” of your dreams!






Hoops & Studs Classic, yet totally modern, diamond hoops and studs are “must haves,� taking you from day to night with perfect elegance and style. We offer a spectacular selection in a wide array of sizes and settings.

k w i a t | GRAF f | LOUIS NEWMAN

our diamonds |

a c e l e b r at i o n o f l i f e


our anniversary is in exactly 3 months, 6 days and 7 hours...

Wedding & Anniversary Bands If you have your wedding or a special anniversary coming up, it’s never too early to start looking! No matter what cut, setting or carat size you want, or if you prefer alternating sapphires or other gems, we’ll find you just what you want!

k w i a t | GRAFF | OSCAR HEYMAN | B e a u d r y

Vintage-Inspired Newly created and vintage-inspired, the Kwiat Vintage collection draws on Kwiat’s vast archives and a century of experience. Kwiat Vintage necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings range stylistically from Edwardian to Deco to Modern Vintage.

k w i at

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a c e l e b r at i o n o f l i f e


our baby just had a baby.

Diamond Timepieces An elegant diamond watch is a gift that will keep on giving for generations and generations. Come see our collection of exquisite creations from Hermès, Cartier and Graff.


Diamonds & Colored Stones In addition to the finest sapphires, rubies and emeralds the world has to offer, we also have exciting “phenomenal� gems, including color change sapphires, star rubies and alexandrites... often set against diamonds, to show off their incomparable color and beauty!

oscar heyman


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a c e l e b r at i o n o f l i f e


I’ve always loved playing dress up...

Diamond Bracelets Classic line bracelets. Fabulous cuffs. Diamond bangles to mix and match... Whether you’re looking for a serious piece or something fun, you’ll find it in our dazzling selection of diamond bracelets.

k at h l e e n D u g h i

Fancy Diamonds Rare colored diamonds are intriguingly beautiful and increasingly popular. From highly sought after vivid yellow diamonds to pink, blue, green and ever fun black, discover the latest sensation in diamonds!

k w i at


our Diamonds


qua l i t y

All of our diamonds are GIAcertified, so our customers can be fully assured of their quality. We recently acquired a 10 carat flawless stone for a client at a great value, which was very exciting!

Scott Mitchell

Store Manager/Ladies, Richards GIA Certified Graff Swan Brooch

anatomy of a diamond

Essential FOUR C’s. carat:

star length

“carat” is the easiest characteristic to assess as it is simply the weight of a diamond. One carat is equal to .2 grams. Each carat is made up of 100 “points,” so a carat that is “50 points” is .50 carats.

1.00 ct.

table size girdle thickness

crown angle


total depth crown height

4.00 ct.

6.00 ct.

All sizes are approximated.

Diamonds (except “fancy” colored diamonds) are valued by “colorlessness. Less color means higher value. The scale begins with the D (colorless) and continues through the alphabet, with increasing presence of color, to Z.


pavilion angle

2.50 ct.




clarity: Most diamonds have birthmarks called inclusions (internal) and blemishes (external). The less marks a diamond has, the more valuable. Diamonds are given a clarity grade that ranges from Flawless (FL) to Imperfect (I3).

pavilion depth

lower girdle/half facet length

WS 2


VS 2

SI 2



“cut” begins with the shape of a diamond, “round brilliant” being the most common. As a value factor, it refers to a diamond’s proportions, symmetry and polish. For round brilliants, the GIA rates cut from Excellent to Poor.











diamonds at a clothing store? or is it clothing at a diamond store? It started 22 years ago with a jewelry counter at Mitchells. Customers loved moving easily between clothing and jewelry and working with people they know and trust. Today, we have cultivated one of the most highly-regarded diamond and fine jewelry businesses in the world. Our welltrained Specialists, roster of world-renown designers and global network of resources constitute a diamond program we couldn’t be more proud to put our name on. Sc

- The Mitchell Family

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Mitchells Diamonds 2012  

Our Diamonds: A Celebration of Life

Mitchells Diamonds 2012  

Our Diamonds: A Celebration of Life