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2013 Annual Report October 1, 2012 – September 30, 2013

A Single Gift can Touch Thousands of Lives.

Fall 2013 Scholarship Recipients

Cheboygan Campus

Mobile Diagnostic Unit

Thank You for Supporting the McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation! Your gifts to the McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation have a far-reaching, immediate impact that will make a difference for generations to come.


2013 2013 Financial Financial Overview Overview


Contributions Contributions Investment InvestmentEarnings Earnings

$$ 5,390,207 5,390,207 $$ 2,273,107 2,273,107

Total TotalRevenue Revenue

$$ 7,663,314 7,663,314 $$ 648,262 648,262 $$ 677,213 677,213 $$ 107,820 107,820

Fundraising Fundraising Management Management&&Administrative Administrative Other Other


Total TotalExpenses Expenses $$ 1,433,295 1,433,295 TOTAL TOTALNET NETREVENUE REVENUE $$ 6,230,019 6,230,019

Unrestricted UnrestrictedFunds Funds Restricted RestrictedFunds Funds Permanent PermanentEndowment EndowmentFund Fund


$$ 6,239,865 6,239,865 $10,614,883 $10,614,883 $$ 7,512,409 7,512,409 $24,367,157 $24,367,157


2013 2013 Funds Funds Raised Raised

Donations Donationsof ofevery everysize sizeare arealways alwayswelcomed welcomedand andappreciated. appreciated.In In2013, 2013,3,512 3,512donors donors gave gaveaatotal totalof of$5,390,207 $5,390,207to tothe theMcLaren McLarenNorthern NorthernMichigan MichiganFoundation. Foundation.These Thesegifts gifts contributed contributedto tofunding fundingthe thefollowing followingimportant importantprograms programsand andprojects. projects.

2013 2013Funding FundingPriorities Priorities

Funds FundsRaised Raised

Unrestricted Unrestricted(Area (Areaof ofGreatest GreatestNeed) Need)

$$ 1,432,191 1,432,191

Cheboygan CheboyganCampus Campus(Emergency (EmergencyDepartment DepartmentRenovation) Renovation)


Heart HeartServices ServicesProgram Program (Mobile (MobileDiagnostic DiagnosticUnit, Unit,TAVR TAVRand andEquipment) Equipment)

$$ 1,159,750 1,159,750

VitalCare VitalCare(Hospices, (Hospices,Bereavement BereavementPrograms, Programs,Adult AdultDay DayCenter, Center, Telehealth Telehealthand andPalliative PalliativeCare) Care)


Programmatic ProgrammaticGiving Givingand andVarious VariousRestricted RestrictedFunds Funds

$$ 2,102,841 2,102,841


187,164 187,164

508,261 508,261

$$ 5,390,207 5,390,207

*Total *TotalFunds FundsRaised Raisedincludes includesall allrevenue revenuegenerated generatedby bycorporate corporateand andfoundation foundationgiving, giving,grants, grants,major majorgiving, giving,planned plannedgiving, giving, annual annualgiving givingand andspecial specialevents. events.Total TotalFunds FundsRaised Raiseddoes doesnot notinclude includeother otherincome incomesuch suchasasinvestment investmentearnings. earnings. Please Pleasenote: note:We Weusually usuallyinclude includeresults resultsfrom fromour ourPerformance PerformanceBenchmarking BenchmarkingSurvey Surveyconducted conductedevery everythree threeyears yearsby byThe The Advisory AdvisoryBoard. Board.Using Usingour ourFoundation Foundationfundraising fundraisingdata, data,this thisstudy studycalculates calculatesour ourreturn returnon oninvestment investmentand andcost costper perdollar dollar raised, raised,measuring measuringour ourfinancial financialperformance performanceagainst againstthat thatofofour ourpeers. peers.Unfortunately, Unfortunately,these theseresults resultswere werenot notcomplete completeby by the thetime timeofofpublication publicationbut butwe weexpect expectour ourperformance performancewill willremain remainabove aboveindustry industrystandards. standards.

2013 Financial Disbursements $3,076,734

The majority of these funds were raised in 2012 and disbursed in 2013. Programmatic ..................................................... $786,829 > Cancer Survivorship and Wellness Programs (49 classes offered & 9,365 patient encounters) > Colleague Continuing Education: Hygiene Monitoring Program (889 objects evaluated) > Community Free Clinic (2,995 patient visits ~ 200 new patients) > Dean C. Burns Medical Library (1,845 topics reviewed by Health Care Professionals) > Autism Program (16 pediatric patients assisted) > Early Hearing and Detection Program (35 babies tested) Equipment ........................................................ $1,381,795 > Radiation Therapy Software to view stereotactic radio surgery treatment plans remotely (57 patients served) > Surgery Microscope camera and head rest (180 patients served) > Dialysis Patient recliners (115 patients served) > Cardiac Cath Lab Atrial fibrillation equipment, ablation mapping system and monitors (288 patients underwent procedure) > Obstetrics Infant warmers (56 babies served) > Outpatient Cardiac Services Mobile Diagnostic Van (98 patients served) and Stress Test System (194 patients served) > Emergency Department Hypothermia blanket, cardiac monitors, doppler and capnography (6,651 patients served) > Walstrom-Flint Infusion Center LCD Display Monitor, TV and laptops for patient education and interactive conferencing (11,094 patient encounters) > Women & Children Sofa sleepers and Blood Pressure monitors for OB/Peds (967 patient encounters) > Intensive Care Unit Patient monitors (1,169 patients served) > Cheboygan Campus Infusion Center Blanket warmer and patient recliners (157 patients served)

Patient / Colleague Assistance ............................ $116,411 > Adult Patient Assistance Funds (373 patients assisted) > Breast Health Fund / Kathleen Jontz Breast Health Fund (134 patients awarded scholarships for mammograms, biopsies and ultrasounds) > Colleague C.A.R.E. Fund (assisted 15 Colleagues experiencing catastrophic events, such as house fire, major medical illness, etc.) > Cheboygan County Patient Assistance Fund (92 patients assisted) > Pediatric Patient Assistance Fund (337 pediatric patients assisted) > Moran Iron Works Fund (90 patients assisted residing in Cheboygan and Presque Isle Counties) > Diabetes Education (45 patients assisted) VitalCare Programs ............................................. $671,607 Donors from around northern Michigan and beyond chose to support the VitalCare programs. In 2013, the following received funds for programs, equipment, facilities/IT, caregiver respite assistance and/or hospice patient assistance: > Adult Day Center (served 34 clients) > Hospice of the Straits (served 275 families) > Hospice of Sunrise Shore (served 140 families) > Hospice of Little Traverse Bay (served 263 families) > Bereavement Services for Adults/Children & Infant Loss (provided professional bereavement services to 460 people) > Cardiocom Telehealth Monitoring (335 patients served) Education and Scholarships ................................ $120,092 Many of our donors are passionate about supporting continuing education for our clinical and non-clinical staff. In 2013, disbursements made from funds including the Hance Orthopaedic Education Fund, Joan Jensen Haupricht Endowment Fund, Meengs Heart Failure Fund, S.T. Kutcipal Endowment Fund, Ann and Tom Stallkamp Education Fund, the Baiardi Family Foundation and the Laboratory Education Fund supported 441 Colleagues with educational opportunities by offsetting the cost of tuition, webinars, certification fees, conference fees and educational materials.

YOU HAVE OUR PROMISE. As a McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation donor, you will have unwavering confidence that your gift will be optimized to provide superior patient care and knowledge that your generosity will impact you, your family and your community for generations to come. On behalf of all of us and more importantly, all of the patients who benefit from your support, THANK YOU for supporting the McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation! Because of YOU, miracles are happening here every day!

Due to space limitations, we are unable to list all the areas where your generous support has made a difference. If you supported a program or project not highlighted, please know that your gift made an impact in the lives of patients seeking care at McLaren Northern Michigan.

* Donations made to the

McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation remain in northern Michigan. As always, contributions are used only as specified by our donors. A gift given to a specific location, program, or project will only be used for that purpose.

Raising Funds to Support... McLaren Northern Michigan Petoskey Campus McLaren Northern Michigan Cheboygan Campus Boulder Park Terrace

2014 FUNDRAISING GOAL $5,800,065

Listed below are the 2014 priority needs for McLaren Northern Michigan. For more information about any of these projects, please contact the Foundation at (231) 487-3500. McLaren Northern Michigan Petoskey Campus* ......................................... $4,400,065 Area of Greatest Need (Unrestricted) Programmatic Patient Assistance Colleague Scholarships and Continuing Education Community Health Education Research Kathleen Jontz Breast Health Fund Patient Navigator for Oncology Services Equipment Pediatric Patient Monitors Endoscopy Patient Monitors Diagnostic Equipment Community Free Clinic Various Restricted Funds

Community Free Clinic VitalCare Adult Day Center VitalCare Hospice of Little Traverse Bay VitalCare Hospice of the Straits VitalCare Hospice of the Sunrise Shore

Boulder Park Terrace* ....................................... $200,000 McLaren Northern Michigan Cheboygan Campus* ......................................... $500,000 VitalCare Programs and Projects* .................... $700,000 Adult Day Center Unrestricted Fund Caregiver Respite Assistance Hospice of the Sunrise Shore Hospice of the Straits Unrestricted Fund Cheboygan Hospice House Hospice of Little Traverse Bay Unrestricted Fund Hiland Cottage and Garden

Quality of Life Fund Volunteer Programs Palliative Care Program Telehealth Program Bereavement Programs Adult, Children and Infant Loss Home Care Patient Assistance 360 Connable Avenue, Petoskey, MI 49770

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McLaren Nothern Michigan Foundation 2013 Annual Report  

McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation understands that transparency is at the center of successful fundraising. Foundation donors may designa...