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ABRA Collection

Time-Honored Tradition Shaped with New Precision Abra evolved from hand drawn mark making and traditional decorative techniques into a collection of contemporary luxury wallpapers. Vibrant monochromes, shifting forms, unexpected patterning, Abra is a new approach to wallpaper for the elegant and the unconventional. Pictured: Previous Page: (Clarity, Cauldron Small), Volt

Transforming Patterns Inspired from the Elements Pictured: Stratos Pale, Andromeda


Cosmic patterning and ethereal charcoal hues transform gestural drawings into enveloping and transcendent surroundings. Our Storm wallpapers are created from charcoal drawings expanded into patterns mimicking celestial forms and natural elements. Pictured: Stratos Dark, Static Dust, Deep Field


Marks Graphite lines tangling together or snapping into alternating diamond shapes, the Marks patterns are seemingly simple pencil and brush strokes woven into vivid patterns. For deep matte walls our premium matte paper absorbs light highlighting each individual mark; while our pearlescent vinyl illuminates a space softly reflecting its pearly iridescent surface. Pictured: Previous Page: (Clarity, Silver Flora, Cauldron Small) Light Tangle, Willow Marks, Heavy Tangle

Marble With the love of traditional marbling techniques, ABRA uses these antique papers as the source for bold organic designs Pictured: MoirĂŠ, Curl, Fold, Feather


Ethereal Charcoals From soft pearlescent greys to deeply toned blacks, ABRA wallpapers can be a bold accent or a refined compliment to any interior. Pictured: Deep Field, Celestial Diamonds Black

Kaleidoscope Our kaleidoscopic marbled surfaces are tinted in various metallic hues adding an intricately patterned textures to any wall. From afar, these patterns offer a bold and beautiful aesthetic, while highlighting the delicate intricacies on closer inspection. Pictured: Steel Kaleidescope ,Cobalt Kaleidescope, Copper Kaleidescope

A New Tradition in Fine Living