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Dressing for Excellence What can parents do? 

Make sure you are aware of the benefits of wearing school uniform and discuss these with your child

Stay committed to it – sometimes the road may be rocky, but it is worth showing your commitment

Keep in contact with the school and other parents; a united approach will reinforce the messages to children and young people

If you are contacted by the school to inform you that your child has not worn any or part of the approved uniform, discuss it with him/her; set out your expectations and revisit the benefits

Praise your child for wearing the full school uniform. Tell your child how smart he/she looks

Lasswade High School Centre

Dressing for Excellence Lasswade High School Centre School Uniform Policy

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Dressing for Excellence

Dressing for Excellence CHECKLIST

Dressing for Excellence At Lasswade High School Centre we strive to achieve inclusion, achievement, ambition and progress for all, in everything that we do. ‘School Uniform and Dress Code’ is an important way of reinforcing this drive for excellence.

White school shirt

LHSC house tie – visible

Lasswade High School Centre expects and strongly encourages all pupils to have as high a standard of uniform as possible since it can:

or knee length shorts 

 

contribute to school security and personal safety instil pride in the school and contribute to its values

promote a positive and professional work ethic

help pupils to see school as a place of learning

support positive behaviour and discipline

encourage identity with, and support school ethos

promote equality of opportunity and social justice

protect children and young people from social pressures (to dress in a particular fashionable or expensive way)

nurture cohesion and promote good relations between different groups of pupils, and foster a spirit of partnership among pupils and staff, between home and school, and between community and school.

Plain black full length school trousers or skirt (respectable length)

 

Belt, if worn, plain black only Black top – plain black Black shoes *

There are forms of dress which are unacceptable in school, such as items of clothing/footwear which: 

fail to identify child/young person as a pupil of Lasswade High School Centre

are not in keeping with the school ethos

could be a health and safety hazard (such as loose fitting clothing, flammable clothing, certain types of piercing/ear rings)

could cause damage to flooring

is so tight, short or revealing that it could cause offence to others

are caps/hats

hooded sweatshirts (unless school sports team but these must be removed in class)

are stiletto heels, platforms, trainers or sandals

Plain black tights

No extremes of hair colour

PE Kit -Black shorts /Tracksuit, white T-shirt, sports training shoes


Text message will be sent to parent/carer informing them that their son/daughter is not appropriately dressed

School Bag


Reflective exercise issued to pupil on third occasion of inappropriate dress

Homework Diary


Further failure to comply will lead to a phone call to parent/carer from Guidance teacher

Pencil Case


If problem persists pupil will be referred to Senior Management Team and parental meeting arranged

LHSC Water bottle

*Shoes should offer support and protection, especially when worn in labs or workshops.

If a pupil does not follow the dress code and their dress is seen as unacceptable the following steps will be taken.

School Uniform 2012  

Leaflet sent to parents summer 2012