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Minutes of the Eco Staff Meeting held on Wednesday,22nd August in A8 at 12.30 Those present were A Ward, M Muirhead, C Eccles, G Boyle, E Malcolm, C Murray and A. Wilson. 1. 2.

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The minutes of the last meeting were reviewed Eco Committee The composition of the new Eco committee was discussed. Aileen Ward will ask that nominations can be made at same time as school council elections Ragbag collection - organised for 19th September. Same arrangements as previous. Fairtrade - AWard will place an order for Jams and Chutneys. Senior students to sell at parents nights. A Wilson will collect goodies for the Fairtrade tuckshop on a Friday, hopefully start after Sept. weekend. M Muirhead and C Eccles have volunteered to organise this year as they are free before and after break on a Friday. Sustainability Policy Brief discussion - concern about named person being responsible whereas rally whole committee should be responsible. New Eco Code for 2012 -2013 Suggested that this could be a competition for S1. Eco committee can judge and organise production of new posters. New Bins - signage needed and possibly assembly (Senior Group) to extend recycling to food waste. Eco committee to make appropriate signs. Water Aid - we have signed up to raise funds for this charity. The senior group will be approached to lead this.

AOB S2 Guidance - Groupwork M Muirhead informed us that once again the whole of S2 will research ‘Eco School’ and choose one of the areas to research complete a small project on.

John Muir Awards E Malcolm hopes to go on course to find out more. Hopefully some students can be certificated for their efforts. A. Wilson.

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