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t community. e about our grea or m n ar le to e we really king the tim ay County, and Thank you for ta lton and Callaw Fu of d ad of ou pr ins e d “friends” te As citizens, we ar e I used the wor tic No s. u nd frie r et ith ou haven’t m . Yo like to share it w ply a friend we sim e ar u yo to n, s in Fulto y thing “strangers.” Here there are so man this publication of s ge pa ough. You e en th ply will not be will find within that one visit sim ity un m home. m co r yo lling Fulton ur experience in ou and one day ca re he rn ing ov m n’ up s true I was t bo could even end people, “Yes it’ ll te I e. m to ened That’s what happ as I could.” to Fulton as soon ed ov here, but I m u,

Yo Proudly Serving

Mayor Charles

M. Latham

Fulton City Hall

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LET US SURPRISE YOU! “The 4th Best Place to Live in Rural America” Visit Fulton and you’ll discover a unique and charming city where history meets progress. Founded in 1825, it is a place deeply rooted in some of Missouri’s most important history. And today, with a population of around 13,000, it is a “big little city” that offers the charm of a small country town with the vision and amenities of a much larger metropolitan area. Fulton has been listed in USA Today as one of “10 Great Places to Discover Midwest Charm,” and visitors frequently comment that Fulton has so much more to offer than they ever knew. This city, in the heart of Callaway County, was also voted “The 4th Best Place to Live in Rural America” by Progressive Farmer Magazine. Once you know why, we think you will agree.

Kansas City

128 mile s

St. Louis I-70 to the city as well as an essence of sophistication, NESTLED INTO THE ROLLING GREEN HILLS of central Missouri, Fulton sits within 100 miles of culture, and progressiveness. FUL TON the nation’s geographical center and is easily accesHERE’S JUST A TASTE OF WHAT YOU sible to any point in the country. It is conveniently CAN SEE WHEN YOU COME TO FULTON: located near Highway 54 and Interstate 70. Close to the mid-way point between St. Louis and Kansas Spend a day meandering through the enticing City, international flights are only a 90-minute drive away. 100-year-old brick streets in the downtown historic area. Nineteenth century-style lamp posts and original Victorian-era archiFulton’s Hensley Memorial Airport handles light aircraft tecture lend an allure to the antique shops, gifts shops, historic flights in and out of the city, and commercial air service is also bed-and-breakfast inns, and restaurants you will find intermingled available in nearby Columbia. Fulton sits in a 30-mile regional with local professional services and small businesses. triangle with two of Missouri’s greatest cities: Columbia and Take a walking or driving tour of the city’s five historic disJefferson City. This means that living choices, retail opportricts. Many of the Victorian homes and buildings in Fulton tunities, and job opportunities are easily expanded to include (158 are listed on the National Register of Historic Places) were these areas. Two of the nation’s top colleges are located in designed by a local architect, Gen. M. Fred Bell. General Bell Fulton: Westminster College, a liberal arts college whose fodesigned the city’s “New Palace Hotel” in 1879. Being threecus is to grow leaders, and William Woods University, home stories high, it was a tall building for its time and featured separate to one of the top equestrian programs in the nation and one entrances for men and women. of only 34 colleges in the country to offer a degree program The city has two world-class museums. The world-renowned in American Sign Language. These institutions lend liveliness 100 mile s

“The name ‘Westminster’ is somehow familiar to me. I seem to have heard of it before. Indeed, it was at Westminster that I received a very large part of my education in politics, dialectic, rhetoric, and one or two other things. In fact we have both been educated at the same, or similar, or, at any rate, kindred establishments.” –Winston Churchill, who spoke at Westminster in 1946

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“The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you can see.” –Winston Churchill

Built in 1890, the Adams-Jameson-Clapp building features a unique three-story chamfered cast-iron facade. The historic photo is a turn-of-the-century view of the Clapp Building looking west down 5th Street.

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governed by outside forces. The citiWinston Churchill Memorial, designatzens of the county were proud that they ed the National Churchill Museum by had faced adversity, had stood strong congressional resolution, is a national against it, and had won the right to be monument honoring the life and legacy Fulton has been listed in who they wanted to be. of one of the world’s greatest leaders. USA Today as one of And, if you like cars, you will enjoy the “10 Great Places to Discover A Heritage of Lively Progress educational and creative display of 86 Midwest Charm.” Early citizens of Fulton settled here from historic, prototype, and one-of-a-kind the South, bringing with them their slaves and agricultural travehicles featured at the Auto World Museum. ditions. They were a hardy, industrious, intelligent, and honest The people you meet in Fulton are genuine, friendly peopeople. Always a lively city, Fulton had a booming economy as ple. There is a distinctive spirit of involvement and cooperaearly as 1875. Farmers brought their livestock to auction on the tion in the community. It is an inviting place where people courthouse steps. Like a modern-day stock market, as many as six can participate in their community and make a difference. auctioneers called sales all at one time, and thousands of dollars changed hands. Sale records from the time show one day with A UNIQUE AND SUBLIME HISTORY revenues of more than $1.5 million. WITH A FASCINATING AND INFLUENTIAL PAST Another big trade for the Fulton economy was the world faThe Kingdom of Callaway mous Missouri mule. This area was said to be one of the world’s Founded in 1825 in the Little Dixie Region of Missouri, Fulton best locations for mules and 2,000 to 3,000 of them were sold and was incorporated in 1859 and became the Callaway County shipped from the area per year. seat. In 1861, Callaway County (named after Capt. James CalFrom the beginning, the city’s fathers realized the importance laway, a grandson of Daniel Boone) became known as The of growth and progress and sought out the establishment of two Kingdom of Callaway County. The story of this nickname bemajor institutions that were the first of their type west of the Misgins in a Civil War setting. Early in October 1861, 600 Federal sissippi: Fulton State Hospital, established in 1847, and Missouri troops began converging at Wellsville in Montgomery County on Callaway County’s northeast border. Their mission was to subdue “Rebel Callaway.” Lawyer and former state representative Jefferson F. Jones, with the help of many subordinates, quickly gathered troops to defend the county from the Federal invasion. The troops congregated at Brown’s Spring in north central Callaway County to train and prepare. Equipped with shotguns and small caliber hunting rifles, they did what they could to present the appearance of a well-trained army spoiling for a fight. They went as far as to paint logs black and hide them in the brush with wagon wheels to give the appearance of artillery. The ruse worked. After receiving reports from Union spies on the activities in Callaway County, the Federal commander postponed his invasion. Afraid that his troops would be annihilated, he waited for reinforcements to arrive. Meanwhile, Colonel Jones sent an envoy with a letter to the Federal commander. Though the envoy’s primary mission was to apprise Jones of the status of the Federal troops, the letter stated that Jones’ force was formed in self defense and that if the Federal Army would not invade Callaway County, nor molest or arrest any of its citizens, Jones would disband his army. The Federal commander, Gen. John B. Henderson, agreed to the terms rather than risk a loss in battle to this “well trained nual Mule Auction Fulton Street Fair – An and armed” force of men. He allowed Callaway County to negotiate a treaty with the federal government. Callaway County thus became “The Kingdom of Callaway.” After the war was At the turn of the 19th century, Callaway County was known over, the “Kingdom” still refused to be reconstructed and be as one of the best places in the world to raise and sell mules.

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The Church of St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury designed by Sir Christopher Wren in 1677 was relocated from London to Fulton to commemorate Sir Winston Churchill’s famous Iron Curtain speech.

School for the Deaf, established in 1851. These institutions are still going strong and have been the main providers for their respective services in Missouri for 150 years. FULTON’S FAMOUS HISTORIC FACES Famous Visitors Jefferson Davis, the former President of the Confederate States of America, was invited to speak at the County Fair in 1875. He was reported to have spoken to an audience of 10,000 at the fair grounds on what is now Priest Field on the campus of Westminster College. Davis spent the evening prior to the event in the home of Atty. Gen. John A. and Mrs. Hockaday. The Hockaday

home, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, remains today and overlooks the community of Fulton from what is now known as Hockaday Hill. In the fall of 1937, Dr. George Washington Carver, Missouri-born scientist and inventor, came to Fulton to dedicate a new elementary school named in his honor. The school was established for children of the African-American community. The school was closed in 1982 and was turned into a museum. The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and the museum is currently under renovation. The pinnacle of Fulton’s history centers on a 1946 visit from Sir Winston Churchill, who served as the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister during most of World War II. At the end of the war, Westminster College invited Churchill to come and speak as part of the John Findley Green Lecture Series. The Sinews of Peace speech, also called the Iron Curtain Address, that Churchill delivered has become one of the most noted

“Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.” –Winston Churchill [6] MissouriLife FULTON

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Novelist speeches in history. One of Fulton’s most The day began as large famous faces is novelist numbers of men, women, Henry Bellamann (1882and children waited down1945) who was the author town to catch a glimpse of seven novels. Born and of President Truman and raised in Fulton, BellaMr. Churchill in their mann used the town as a motorcade. Prior to the model in his 1940 book speech, the distinguished Kings Row. Although he visitors were treated to claimed the story to be a delicious fried chicken completely fictional, a lot and home-cured Calla- From left: Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister who delivered the Iron of feathers were ruffled way ham luncheon at the Curtain Address; Morris Frederick Bell, architect who left his mark on many by the book’s undenihome of the college pres- Fulton homes and businesses; and Henry Bellamann, author of Kings Row. ably strong similarities to ident. The Westminster places, people, and situations in Fulton. Soon after the book was gymnasium was unable to accommodate the immense number published, the city was thrown into the national spotlight when of hopeful visitors, so many people returned to their homes to a major motion picture company decided to make the movie listen to the speech on the radio. Four major radio network staKings Row. The film starred Ann Sheridan, Robert Cummings, tions and a plethora of newspaper reporters and photographers Betty Field, and then-actor Ronald Reagan and was nominated were in Fulton that day to capture history and subsequently to for Best Picture in 1943. The suit worn by Reagan in the movie ensure forever Fulton’s place on the world map. is housed at the Kingdom of Callaway Chamber of Commerce The speech and the statesman are commemorated at Westin Fulton. minster by an internationally acclaimed 4,500-square-foot state-of-the-art museum. The museum is located beneath a 1677 Politicians Christopher Wren church that was painstakingly dismantled in The Honorable John Augustus Hockaday, born in 1837, England and rebuilt at the memorial site on the Westminster began his legal career as Fulton’s city attorney and then becampus. This architectural masterpiece, one of the oldest buildcame prosecuting attorney for Callaway County. He served ings in the nation, is part of the museum tour. Today, it is used as Missouri’s attorney general for two years and then became for worship services, weddings, and special events. a state senator in 1878. Hockaday was serving as judge of the At the end of the 20th century, Edwina Sandys, the grandNinth Judicial Circuit Court of Missouri at the time of his daughter of Sir Winston Churchill, acquired a section of the death in 1903. Berlin Wall. She used the piece to create a sculpture entitled The Honorable John Jameson settled in Fulton in 1825 to Breakthrough to commemorate her grandfather’s speech. Lifeset up a law practice. His successful career included serving as sized cut-outs of a man and woman represent the breakthrough the Missouri House of Representatives Speaker of the House to freedom experienced when the Berlin Wall came down at (1830-1836) and then an election to U.S. Congress for three the end of the 20th century. The sculpture is now part of the terms. Jameson’s death in 1857 occurred soon after his particiWinston Churchill Memorial. On November 9, 1990, Ronald pation in what would become a famous and controversial legal Reagan came to Fulton to dedicate the sculpture. After the Sotrial for Celia, a slave. viet Union was dissolved, Mikhail Gorbachev came and spoke In 1982, the Honorable Gracia Yancey Backer was electfrom the same lectern as Churchill and then stepped through ed to the House of Representatives. In 1990, she became the the hole in the wall. In 1996, former British Prime Minister highest-ranking female leader in the history of the Missouri Margaret Thatcher visited Westminster and gave the John House of Representatives. Findley Green Lecture, the same series that brought Churchill Serving in the Missouri House of Representatives from 1966 to the campus. through 1982, the Honorable Joe D. Holt was elected majorOn June 15, 2009, the U.S. House of Representatives desigity floor leader in 1976 and 1978. nated the memorial as The National Churchill Museum. FAMOUS FULTONIANS Fulton has been home to many famous politicians, athletes, architects, engineers, artists, musicians, and novelists.

Athletes Two Olympic athletes hailed from Fulton, Helen Stephens (known as “The Fulton Flash”) and Richard Ault. Stephens received

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This Queen Anne Victorian built in 1905 is renowned for its beautiful stained-glass. It is located in Fulton’s Historic Court Street District.

Fulton has also been home to several professional athletes:

■ ■ ■ ■ ■

1996 Kingdom Days Sports Honorees Charlie James, Arnold “Bake” McBride, Richard Ault and Tony Galbreath.

two medals in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin in sprint events. She set a world record in the 100-meter sprint (11.5 seconds) that was not broken for 24 years. Richard Ault, who attended Westminster College and made his home in Fulton, competed in the 1948 Olympic Games in London in the 400-meter hurdles and tied the world record in 1949.

Anthony “Tony” Galbreath, football, running back, Fulton High School 1972; University of Missouri; NFL 1976-1987; Super Bowl XXI, NY Giants Ralph Hammond, football; Fulton High School 1937; Green Bay Packers, center, 1945-1950 Charlie James, baseball, outfielder, University of Missouri; Cardinals 1960-1964; Reds 1965 Herbert “Junebug” Johnson, football; Fulton High School 1982; University of Missouri; Chicago Bears, 1987 Arnold “Bake” McBride, baseball, outfielder; Fulton High School 1967; Westminster College; Cardinals 1973-1977; Phillies 1977-1980; Indians 1981-1983

Musicians James Melvin “Jimmie” Lunceford (1902-1947) was an American jazz alto-saxophonist and band leader of the swing era. Lunceford was born in Fulton, educated in Denver, and started his music career as the first high school band director in Memphis, Tennessee. His orchestra recorded such hits as “Rhythm in Our Business,” “Swingsation,” and “Lunceford Special.” On July 19, 2009, a brass note was dedicated to Lunceford on Beale Street in Memphis.

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still remain a part of the business comArtists munity: the Palace Hotel and the MaOne of Fulton’s most colorful characsonic Hall (now a restaurant). Some ters, Jessie “Signpainter” Howard of the homes may be seen along the (1885-1983), left his mark in the art In 1880, the thriving community historical districts of East 5th Street, world. His signs admonished politiof Fulton had 4,000 residents, West 7th Street, and Court Street. cians, commented on the times, and 11 churches, three public schools, His “professional hobby” was the telequoted scripture. His comments were a railroad depot, ten lawyers, phone, which he brought to Fulton in incorporated into various construcone policeman, two banks, tions and assemblies made out of such four hotels, six restaurants, nine doctors, 1882. He served as general manager of the exchange for 47 years. things as old corn planters, tricycles, a fairground, an opera house, and a dog-sized cart fashioned out of three saloons, a brewery, and wood. He used materials like pieces of a multitude of businesses such as mills, FABULOUS FULTON HAS WHAT YOU WANT colored glass, marbles, metal, leather, warehouses, factories, and shops. This full-service community provides window shades, and wood for his the very best of the business and professional services any resident signs. Howard was discovered and listed as a “folk artist” in Art in or visitor might desire. And you won’t have to look far for unique America magazine in 1968. Howard covered fences and sheds with and quality stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues. his works, many of which have been sold and spread across the country. Howard’s signs have been displayed in Kansas City, ChiDining cago, and St. Louis. One of his signs can be seen at the Kingdom Fulton offers an array of local dining options. One of the city’s of Callaway Historical Society in downtown Fulton. He was 98 most popular restaurants, Beks, offers fine dining in a casual years old when he died in 1983. atmosphere. Beks has an expansive wine and beer list, espresso A contemporary Fulton artist, George “Papa” Tutt is the coffees, and live jazz two nights per week. Sir Winston’s Resfounder and executive director of the Missouri Watercolor Socitaurant & Pub serves up smoke-house specialties, prime rib, ety. His art career spans more than 50 years including teaching at and home-made pies crafted by a local woman, Jessie Glover. the college and university level for 35 years. Tutt has received nuGet a little more exotic with authentic Greek cuisine at Arris’ merous national and international awards and his work has been Pizza or enjoy authentic Chinese fare at China Palace or exhibited in over 300 national and international exhibits. Dragon Kitchen. If you’re in the mood for a fiesta, Jalisco’s Mexican Restaurant fits the bill. For excellent comfort food at Journalist attractive prices, try Diner 54 or the Busy Corner Café. The Fulton native and ESPN News Anchor Michael Kim earned Post Office Bar and Grill is located in the original Fulton post his bachelors degree in political science and business adminoffice building and offers outdoor seating. There is also a large istration from Westminster College in 1987, and his masters assortment of pizza and national fast-food chains. degree in journalism from the University of Missouri in 1991. Kim joined ESPN in 1996. Prior to ESPN, he was a sportscaster for NewsChannel 8 in Springfield, VA. In 1993, Kim received an Emmy for sports reporting from the Capital Region Chapter (Washington D.C.) for a series called Local Heroes, which was also recognized as the “Best Sports Series” by the Society of Professional Journalists. Architect Morris Frederick Bell (1884-1929), Fulton resident and notable architect, has made a great contribution to the look of the city. Titled General M. F. Bell from his service during the Spanish American War, he was a well known architect in the state of Missouri. In addition to his numerous structures in Callaway County, Bell designed many state college and institutional buildings, businesses and homes throughout the state. Two of his earliest works

The historic home of M. Frederick Bell, Fulton resident and notable architect

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Some Things Different features specialty candies, cookies, teas, and gourmet popcorn.

Shopping Visit the historic downtown area of Fulton and discover a variety of unique gift and antique shops. Cornerstone Antiques has two floors of antique furniture, knick-knacks, dishes, and toys. With a quality selection of costume jewelry, specialty food items, greeting cards, bath and kitchen items, and more, Smockingbirds has the perfect gift for everyone. RCW Gifts of New England has unique gifts and equestrian tack. Treasure Hunt Lane is a great spot to browse antique furniture. Some Things Different has the largest supply of Jelly Bellys in central Missouri and features gourmet popcorn and fresh-baked cookies. Pick up a book for later at Jinx Books and don’t forget to pet Jinx the cat. Are you tired yet? Fulton still has a vintage hometown drugstore, Saults, where you can enjoy an old-fashioned malt made from a local dairy’s ice-cream. There are a variety of florists, feed/farm equipment dealers, hardware stores, jewelers, and several retail chains.

“ I am easily satisfied with the very best.” –Winston Churchill

Relaxation Wellness Connections is a full-service salon and day spa offering a wide selection of opportunities for relaxation. Customers can experience everything ranging from a cosmetic make-over to a hot stone massage. Day spa packages are available. Wellness Connections is open daily and accepts walk-ins. The newly built YMCA offers a fitness center, an aerobic room, a suspended walking track overlooking a 9,000 square foot gymnasium that consists of three basketball/volleyball courts, and a nursery for young children. Lodging When you are ready for a rest, head over to one of Fulton’s historic Bed & Breakfasts. Romancing the Past is an 1887 Queen Ann home featuring gardens, a gazebo, and an outdoor hottub. The Loganberry Inn, an 1899 “painted lady” Victorian home has seen guests such as Margaret Thatcher and Polish President and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Lech Walesa. These award-winning B&Bs are located in Fulton Historic Districts and are within walking distance from downtown amenities and entertainment. They offer nostalgia and luxury to overnight guests including gourmet breakfasts. Guests may also enjoy The Holiday Inn Express or The

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Country Hearth Inn and Suites, both of which offer amenities such as exercise rooms, indoor pools, and Jacuzzis. If you want to camp, check out Hanson Hills Campground, located just off of I-70. It is a lovely 45-acre area with shaded campsites offering a lake, swimming pool, and recreation center. It also features a summer concert series at the outdoor amphitheater, a general store, heated showers and restrooms, laundry facilities, and picnic areas. Entertainment How about some fun? Check out the latest movie releases at the new eight-screen Fulton Cinema and then knock down a few pins at the new Fulton Bowling Center offering state-ofthe-art equipment, 16 lanes, a bar and grill, and a video arcade. Maybe some live music? The Saddle Saloon features touring country music bands on Friday and Saturday nights. After a two-step, try your hand at riding the mechanical bull. Another local entertainment venue, Hazel Kinder’s Lighthouse Theater, showcases a wide variety of national, regional, and local musical groups, many from Branson. It also hosts comedy and magic shows and is fun for audiences of all ages. For a little more low-key entertainment, visit the newly refurbished historic Callaway County Public Library. Browse books, magazines, newspapers, and the internet, or enjoy one of the many art, music, gardening, literature, historic or children’s programs offered. Fulton also has a very active Senior Center which also offers classes and events. For a great evening at the theater, try a Callaway Arts Council theatrical production or music concert. The theater department at William Woods University and music department at Westminster College offer ongoing quality performances in excellent campus venues.

said to be a depiction of life in Fulton. The nostalgic collection includes a suit worn in the movie by Ronald Reagan. 409 Court Street; 573-642-3055; www.callawaychamber.com; open Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society Museum A wealth of historical information can be found at the Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society Museum in downtown Fulton. Explore an extensive collection of photos dating back to the 1870s, a considerable genealogy library, and the Civil War history of the “Kingdom of Callaway”, including a diorama of the Battle of Moore’s Mill, and much more. Children may sample an archaeology dig or examine “Grandma’s trunk.” 513 Court St.; 573-642-0570; www.kchsoc.org; open Tuesday through Friday, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM. Heart of Missouri Tourism Center To pick up brochures for places of interest in Fulton, Callaway County, and surrounding areas, visit this 2,500 square foot facility located at the Highway 54 and Interstate 70 interchange. While you are there, visit the Missouri Firefighter’s Memorial, located next to the tourism center, which is operated by the Callaway County Tourism Board. 5584 Dunn Drive, Kingdom City; www.heartofmotourism. org; 573-642-7692; open Monday through Saturday 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Sunday 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM.

ATTRACTIONS Kingdom of Callaway Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center The Kingdom of Callaway Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center is a good place to pick up information about businesses, events, and attractions in the area. While you are there, you can peruse memorabilia from the 1940s movie Kings Row starring Ann Sheridan, Robert Cummings, Ronald Reagan, and Betty Field. The film is based on the novel by Fulton native Henry Bellamann and is

On left: Beks Restaurant offers gourmet dining in a casual atmosphere. Above: Vintage hometown drugstore, Saults, has an original soda fountain and serves local dairy ice cream.

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Levi, Brendon, and Nickalas Mealy examine a historic car at the Backer Auto World Museum.

Firefighter’s Memorial This outdoor memorial honors Missouri firefighters and features the Ultimate Sacrifice Wall which names the Missouri firefighters who have lost their lives protecting others. A large statue of a grieving firefighter was being constructed for the memorial at the time of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack in New York. When it was finished, Missouri donated the statue to New York in tribute to their firefighters. The sculpture’s manufacturer was so moved that he donated an exact replica of the statue to Missouri, which now stands at the Firefighter’s Memorial. Open year-round; located at Highway 54 and I-70 interchange. Winston Churchill Memorial and Library This world-class, world-renowned memorial, located on the Westminster College campus, honors Sir Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister during World War II. The memorial commemorates his Sinews of Peace or Iron Curtain speech given in 1946 on the Westminster College campus. The Life of Leadership Gallery, a 4,500 square foot museum and library, portrays Churchill’s heroic defense of Great Britain and his

insights into the Cold War. In this state-of-the-art arena you will experience the sights and sounds of a World War II Trench on the Western Front, find yourself caught in a London Air Raid, and watch Churchill lead Britain through the war in the stirring film Churchill’s Finest Hour, narrated by Walter Cronkite. Next, sit back in an overstuffed chair surrounded by the ambience of an English Gentleman’s Club and laugh while listening to Churchill’s wit and wisdom. The memorial is also home to a seventeenth century London edifice, the Church of St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury, which survived a bombing in World War I, and was dismantled in England in 1965 and then rebuilt on the Westminster campus as a tribute to Churchill. This church, now one of the oldest buildings in the nation, was designed by Christopher Wren in 1677. The memorial also commemorates the end of the Cold War and has a sculpture made from a 32-foot piece of the Berlin wall. This moving sculpture entitled Breakthrough, was created and donated by Edwina Sandys, a grand-daughter of Winston Churchill. 501 Westminster Avenue; www.churchillmemorial.org; 573-5925369; open daily 10:00 AM – 4:30 PM.

“All great things are simple, and many can be expressed in single words: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.” –Winston Churchill [12] MissouriLife FULTON

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Helen Stephens Olympic Display Gladys Woods Kemper Nicknamed “The Fulton Flash,” Center for the Arts Helen Stephens won two gold A center for culture in Fulton, the medals in the 1936 Olympic Gladys Woods Kemper Center Hollrah Tours offers customized tours of Games in Berlin, setting a world for the Arts, located on the Wilrecord in the 100-meter sprint liam Woods campus, is definitely Fulton and Callaway County, including Civil War battle sites like Moore’s Mill & (11.5 seconds), which was not worth a visit. The center provides Overton Run, Auto World Museum, art beaten for 24 years. She was disacademic facilities for visual, pergalleries, Historical Society Museum, covered during her senior year at forming, and communication arts Winston Churchill Memorial/Library, Fulton High School and competed students. Student art lines the Missouri School for the Deaf Museum, in the Olympics between her first walls in the hallways. Don’t miss Fire Fighter’s Memorial and Tourism and second year at William Woods The Mildred M. Cox Art Gallery Center, Crane’s Museum and General University. An impressive display which displays revolving art exhibcase of memorabilia is located in its. Dulany and Cutlip auditoriums Store, Lake Summit Winery, antique and gift stores, historic Victorian homes and the lobby of the Helen Stephens are home to plays and musicals downtown, book theme tours of Kings Sports Complex on the William produced by the theater departRow, Celia the Slave, and more. Woods Campus. Stephens had ment, and also to the President’s Operates year round; 314-570-4355; several other accomplishments of Concert and Lecture Series. All of www.hollrahw@yahoo.com. note: She was a member of the these events are open to the pubMarine Corps during World War lic. One University Ave; for art II and became the first female manager of a women’s semi-proexhibit and theater schedules visit the website at www. fessional baseball team. At the time of her death in 1994, she williamwoods.edu/visitors.asp. held the record for longest athletic career in the world. One University Ave.; 573-642-2251. Auto World Museum Exhibiting one of the country’s premiere car collections, Fulton’s Summit Lake Winery Auto World Museum has 20,000 square feet of rare automobiles Summit Lake Winery in nearby Holts Summit offers wine tastset in highly imaginative historic backdrops. These one-of-aing and bistro dining. Sample fine Midwestern wines on a deck kind prototype vehicles, classic fire trucks, and classic cars date overlooking the Missouri River with spectacular views of the from 1903 to 1987. Multi-media kiosks add historical context. state capitol and the governor’s mansion. Or, sit around the Open daily April to December, Monday through Saturday fireplace and enjoy something from the creative menu which 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Sunday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM. 200 Peafeatures delectable items like cheese fondue, filet mignon, and cock Drive; 573-642-2080; www.autoworldmuseum.com. Summit Lake’s famous crab cakes. Have the chocolate and pecan turtle fondue for dessert and listen to some live music. Crane’s Museum For lunch and an entertaining afternoon, take a trip back in time to rural America at Crane’s Museum & Shoppes. This 4,000 Below: Crane’s Country Store square foot complex contains unique Americana displays, inis full of real old country cluding a recreated White Eagle gas station, antique toy colcharm including the $1.00 lections, Native American artifacts, and even 12 original land sandwich. At right: Missouri grants dating back to 1822 with actual presidential signatures. Firefighter Memorial The Country Store is full of real old country charm. Marlene’s Restaurant, adjacent to the museum, offers a complete café-style menu with an ice-cream parlor. 10665 Old Highway 40, Williamsburg, off I-70; 573-254-3356; www. cranesmuseum.com; open Monday through Saturday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Sunday 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM.

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The covered bridge is part of Stinson Walking Trail, which offers five miles of paved walking and riding trail along the scenic Stinson Creek.

From September to May, the winery also offers murder mystery dinner theater productions which include wine tasting, a buffet style dinner, and an outstanding original theatrical performance. 1707 South Summit Drive, Holts Summit; 573-896-9966; www.summitlakewinery.com. Nearby Antique and Tourist Shops A tourist shopping destination, Nostalgiaville, is a great place to find souvenirs and gifts. It features 40s, 50s, and 60s memorabilia and whimsical collectibles. Try the homemade fudge and saltwater taffy at Ozarkland, also located at the Highway 54 and I-70 interchange. This two-story shop specializes in moccasins and has a large variety of Missouri souvenirs and gifts. Artichoke Annie’s Antique Mall has 200 unique shops set along specially named “Streets” and “Avenues” featuring quality antiques, furniture, and collectibles. The 20,000 square feet Apple Wagon Antique Mall and Home Décor Outlet offers both antiques and new home furnishings. Nostalgiaville, located about five miles from Fulton on I-70; Ozarkland, located at Highway 54 and I-70 interchange; Artichoke Annie’s, 1781 Lindberg Dr., 573-474-2056; Apple Wagon, 8509 Old Highway 40, 573-642-4888.

Little Dixie Conservation Area This is a hot spot for anglers and hunters. Cast your line into a 200-acre lake stocked with blue gill, largemouth bass, catfish, and crappie. Outdoor enthusiasts will also enjoy numerous nature trails and designated areas for hunting deer, quail, turkey, and waterfowl. Open year round. 573-884-6861. Katy Trail This scenic trail offers hikers and cyclists 225 miles of level traveling. Over half of the trail follows Lewis and Clark’s path up the Missouri River. Several towns along the way offer food, shopping, and lodging. The Mokane trailhead is only 14 miles from Fulton. Visit www.mostateparks.com. RELAX, UNWIND, ENJOY FULTON You’ll always find something to do at Fulton’s well-developed and well-maintained recreation areas. Stinson Trail One of the most distinctive recreation opportunities in Fulton is the Stinson Trail. Winding five miles along Stinson Creek, this scenic wooded trail is very popular with walkers, joggers,

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” –Winston Churchill [14] MissouriLife FULTON

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did you know?

Golf Another Fulton surprise is that it is home to central Missouri’s premiere golf facility, Tanglewood Public Golf Fulton was named in honor of Course. Tanglewood is known for Robert Fulton, inventor of the having the best putting greens in the steamboat and whose name was area. Opened in 1997, this scenic 18synonymous with progress. hole, par-72 course was designed by Jerry Loomis. Measuring over 6,800 yards, it features Zoysia grass fairways, recently renovated bunkers, and bent-grass greens. A full-service facility, Tanglewood offers a driving Parks and Recreation range, a practice green, and a pro shop which offers brand Fulton’s 11 city parks offer over 180 acres of beautiful grounds name merchandise. The clubhouse also includes a bar and grill, including ten picnic shelters, three fishing lakes, seven playwhich prepares cooked to order sandwiches and sides. grounds, and 14 sports fields. Veteran’s Park, the city’s largest, Another golf venue, The Fulton Country Club, has a beaualso features an outdoor amphitheater, 12 horseshoe courts, a tiful nine-hole golf course and swimming pool. Non-members skate park, basketball courts, sand volleyball courts, and a brand may rent the club house and restaurant for special events. new 18-hole disc-golf course. If you like the water, the Oestreich Municipal Pool complex CITY OF FULTON – PROUDLY SERVING YOU has what you want. Stretch out in the large 25-meter, six-lane With a charter form of government, a mayor, eight elected lap pool while your family enjoys the water slides, baby pool, council members, 13 boards and commissions, and 100 city diving pool, concession stand, and covered picnic area. Or enemployees, the City of Fulton is quick to serve and meet the joy aquatic programs such as scuba diving lessons. needs of its citizens. It conducts its business with a “city of With over 60 top-quality programs and events to choose from one” philosophy, and has implemented policies which facilitate each year, the parks and recreation department is one of the sharing equipment and staff among its 13 departments to meet genuine gems of the city. It offers a variety of well-organized needs or increase quality. This approach creates flexibility and youth and adult sports leagues and life enrichment classes. depth in the city’s ability to meet needs, esCommunity Events pecially in times of criEach month is full of fun: Summer and fall are packed with sis. In the ice storm of concerts, fishing tournaments, BBQ contests, fairs, parades, art December 2007, the festivals, 5k runs, triathlons, movies in the park, golf and horseshoe tournaments, and Fourth of July festivities. Winter events include a turkey trot, the Victorian Christmas Historic Home Tour, a Christmas parade, the Downtown Christmas Window Contest, and special holiday shopping events. In the spring you may enjoy a night-time adult Easter egg hunt, Fulton Pride Day (the annual city clean-up day), Tails on the Trails (a 5k walk/ run with your canine friend), and much more. and cyclists of all ages. It connects four of the city’s parks and is easily accessible by more than a dozen access points, several with parking areas. It includes unique features such as a covered bridge, Lover’s Leap rock cliff, and a historic iron railroad bridge built in 1878 that was part of the Chicago Alton line. The bridge was moved to Fulton in 1902.

Sports Sports fans will enjoy the college teams in Fulton: the Westminster Blue Jays and the William Woods Owls. Their sports programs include golf, soccer, basketball, football, baseball, tennis, track and field, softball, and volleyball. Fulton High School has a new football stadium, swimming complex, and baseball field. And the University of Missouri Tigers are only 30 minutes away.


ourse Public Golf C Stinson Trail

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Backer Lake

ers and 12 volunteers includes seven city was able to restore power and clear emergency medical technicians and a debris so quickly that the Federal Emergenhazardous material response team. Fulcy Management Agency was impressed. ton’s fire department provides mutual One of the most unique features of this aid to several surrounding areas. “city of one,” is that it owns all five of its In the 1930s, law enforcement in major utilities: electric, gas, water, wasteFulton consisted of one town marshal water, and solid waste collection (includnamed Tom Edison. Now, with 27 fulling recycling and yard-waste pick-up). time commissioned officers, the Fulton This means customers receive one com- Fire Chief Dean Buffington with Fulton Police Department is a trend-setter for bined bill and one point of contact for all firefighters, Irving Garbison, Jesse Suess, agencies of its size. For example, the these services. Because the city manages Kevin Brueggeman and Rich Hischke. FPD has provided advanced and speall of its utilities, it can provide complete This picture was taken in front of the 1990 cialized training to its officers through continuity on construction projects. For Sutphen Aerial Ladder Truck. a progressive and nationally recognized these reasons, the city can more effec“Special Tactics and Training” program. tively control costs, so Fulton residents enjoy some of the The City of Fulton has successfully created a friendly lowest utility rates in the Midwest. regional environment where businesses feel supported, citizens feel safe and connected, and visitors feel welcome. Fire and Police Departments Always looking to improve technologies, efficiencies, and A GENUINELY COMFORTABLE PLACE TO GROW capacity, the city recently invested $9 million in utility Working collaboratively with Callaway County and other loinfrastructure improvements. Construction began in 2010 on a cal agencies such as the Fulton Area Development Corporasecond city fire station. This new state-of-the-art station will be tion, the Kingdom of Callaway Chamber of Commerce and located in the south part of the city and will increase efficienthe Downtown Revitalization Committee, the City of Fulton cies in providing emergency services to Fulton residents, busihas successfully attracted new residents and businesses, grownesses, and surrounding areas. ing seven percent in population over the last decade. The City of Fulton Fire Department is well-equipped, wellSome of the city’s newer business developments include a new trained and highly efficient. This team of 24 full-time firefight-

“Continuous effort—not strength or intelligence— is the key to unlocking our potential.” –Winston Churchill [16] MissouriLife FULTON

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did you know?

Nationally Acclaimed Colleges City Hall, two new retail plazas (MeFulton has two nationally acclaimed morial Park Plaza and Churchill Plaza), private colleges in its own backyard. a 32-acre business/technology park Westminster College and William overlooking Tanglewood Golf Course, Westminster was named a Woods University have a combined unand a new YMCA. In 2007, the city “Best Midwestern College” by dergraduate enrollment of around 2,000 won the Governor’s Missouri RedevelThe Princeton Review and was students on campus. opment Award for the revitalization of a selected by Forbes as one of the Featuring an innovative curriculum 27-acre south business area now called “Top Value Colleges and based on the liberal arts, Westminster Fulton Commons. Universities in America” College’s academic program educates In 2009, Fulton was awarded participaand inspires men and women for leadership, service, and profestion in the Downtown Revitalization and Economic Assistance sional success in a global community. for Missouri (DREAM) initiative, which made the city eligible to Westminster was named a “Best Midwestern College” by The receive state funds to assist in its efforts to further redevelop its Princeton Review and was selected by Forbes as one of the “Top historic downtown area. Value Colleges and Universities in America.” William Woods is a student-centered, professions-oriented libHospitals and Schools eral arts university with programs in unique fields such as equestrian Local medical services are another highlight of the community. science and American Sign Language. William Woods also offers Located in Fulton, Callaway Community Hospital is a licensed a Graduate and Adult Studies program with undergraduate and 49-bed acute care facility that provides emergency care, digraduate degrees in education, business, accounting, and health agnostic services, surgical services, and preventive medicine. management. Did we forget to mention that the University of Nearby Columbia is renowned throughout the nation for its Missouri and Lincoln University are only a 30-minute drive away? top-notch medical facilities. Members of the community are proud that Fulton is a great Businesses and Institutions place to raise a family. Fulton Public Schools are consistently With a highly educated workforce and a family-friendly, full-service recognized as one of the premier districts in the state. The Miscommunity, Fulton is attractive to new businesses. AmerenUE built souri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has Missouri’s first nuclear power plant in Callaway County. Dollar presented its top recognition, Distinction in Performance, to General operates its regional distribution center in Fulton. The city the Fulton Public School District. is home to Backer’s Potato Chip plant and Ovid Bell Press. Thriving Fulton schools lead in academic achievement through excelinstitutions include the Fulton State Hospital and Missouri School lence in programs, staff, and facilities. In addition, the schools for the Deaf. Other major employers include Kingdom Projects are supported by positive family and community involvement. (a recycling facility that employs disabled workers), AZZ/Central Residents also have the choice of private schools among St. Electric Manufacturing, Danuser Machine, Fulton Reception and Peter’s Catholic Church, the Mel Hux Christian Academy, and Diagnositc Center, and The Callaway Bank. Kingdom Christian Academy.

Westminster College Blue Jays fans

Fulton Public Schools are consistently recognized as one of the premier districts in the state.

[17] Missouri MissouriLife FULTON

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Callaway County Fair

National Churchill Museum

OUT AND ABOUT IN FULTON Calendar of Events

■ Ladies Evening Out First Thursday of the Month Beks Restaurant and Wine Bar www.bekshop.com, 573-592-7117

■ Traveling Art Exhibits

National Churchill Museum & Art Gallery For schedule of exhibits, www.churchillmemorial.org 573-592-6242

■ Wit & Wisdom Speaker Series

“There is no purpose in living where there is nothing to do.” –Winston Churchill

January, March, May, September, November National Churchill Museum Variety of topics discussed relating to Winston Churchill, WWI, WWII, and the Cold War. Open to everyone. Free. For a schedule of events, www.churchillmemorial.org 573-592-6242

[18] MissouriLife FULTON Tourism_Ful0410.indd 114

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Loganberry Inn B&B


Hazel Kinder ’s Lighthouse Theater

■ Murder Mystery All January Weekends Loganberry Inn B&B 310 West Seventh Street www.loganberryinn.com, 573-642-9229

■ Cox Gallery Art Exhibits


inery Lake W

William Woods University Campus For schedule of exhibits, www.williamwoods.edu, 573-592-4245

■ Chocolate Lovers Weekend Chocolate and wine tasting All February Weekends Loganberry Inn www.loganberryinn.com, 573-642-9229

■ U.S. Saddle Seat Equitation World Cup Every other year, even years, 4th weekend in March William Woods University www.williamwoods.edu, 573-593-4397

■ Wine Trail

Various times March through November Summit Lake Winery 1707 S. Summit Drive, Holt Summit www.summitlakewinery.com, 573-896-9966

■ Vaudeville Show

Second weekend in April Historic Theater, Downtown www.callawayarts.org, 573-642-4222

■ Watercolor Missouri National National watercolor competition and show April to mid-May National Winston Churchill Museum 501 Westminster Avenue www.mowsart.com, 573-592-5369

■ Murder Mysteries

Various dates April through October Summit Lake Winery 1707 S. Summit Drive, Holt Summit www.summitlakewinery.com, 573-896-9966

■ Hazel Kinder’s Lighthouse Theater Shows every Saturday March through December Full schedule online at www.lighthousetheater.com hazelkinder@yahoo.com, 573-474-4040

William Woods Theater Producti ons

■ Callaway Art & Jazz Festival Second Saturday in June Westminster Campus www.callawayarts.org, 573-642-4222

■ William Woods Theater Productions Various dates in February, April, October, and December Cutlip Auditorium William Woods University Campus www.thewoods.edu/arts, 573-592-4281

■ Callaway Singers Spring Dinner Concert First Wednesday in May www.callawayarts.org 573-642-4222

■ Relay for Life Car Show Mid-May Sutherlands 10 AM to 3 PM Free Admission 573-676-5334

■ Girlfriend Spa Get-A-Way June 1 to August 30 Loganberry Inn B&B Two-night stay, two breakfasts, and spa services $189/person www.loganberyinn.com 573-642-9229

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Holiday Open House

■ Callaway Vintage Tractor Drive mas Parade Fulton Jaycees Christ

Last Saturday in August Sponsored by Callaway County Historical Society Morning and evening drive with lunch included Call for location and registration fee www.kchsoc.org, 573-642-0570

■ Bluegrass & BBQ

Third Sunday in September, noon to 6 PM 600 East Fifth Street Five groups performing and great food $5 per person, 573-642-2039

■ Bill Backer Car Show First Saturday in June Variety of cars Sutherlands parking lot 10 AM to 3 PM Free Admission 573-220-7589 or 573-642-5479

■ Shryocks Corn Maze

Mid-September through October Hayrides and travel the maze Off I-70 Hatton www.callawayfarms.com, 573-592-0191

■ Churchill Art and Jazz Festival Second Saturday in June 9 AM to 5 PM Westminster Avenue Listen to fine jazz music as you browse this juried art exhibit featuring the work of painters, sketch artists, photographers, jewelry makers, and mixed media artists 573-642-4222

■ Children’s Program

Third Weekend in June Historic downtown streets Carnival, craft vendors, and great entertainment fultonstreetfair.missouri.org, 573-592-9697

■ Children’s Art Festival

■ Fulton Street Fair

Second Saturday in September in Auxvasse Third Saturday in September in Fulton www.callawayarts.org, 573-642-4222

■ Black Dress Wine Tasting

■ Children’s Musical Production

3rd Thursday in September Beks Restaurant and Wine Bar www.bekshop.com, 573-592-7117

Third Weekend in June Historic Theater, Downtown www.callawayarts.org, 573-642-4222

■ 35th Annual Hatton Craft Festival

■ Callaway County Fair

First Weekend in August Fulton Jaycees Fairgrounds, Fulton Tractor Pull, Demolition Derby, Livestock Events, more callawaycountyfair.com, 573-220-2613

■ Mokane Fair

Labor Day Weekend Mokane Lion’s Club Park, 573-220-2752

One Saturday a month September through June National Churchill Museum Open to ages 6-12. Learn history through arts and crafts. For a schedule of events, www.churchillmemorial.org 573-592-6242

Throughout Hatton First Saturday in October 9 AM to 4 PM 175+ exhibitors with handmade items for sale: dolls, hand-painted china, paintings, pillows, wooden toys, florals, seasonal items, and much more. A country atmosphere with three buildings of crafts. Free wagon rides. Lunch Served. 573-529-1541

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Fulton Street Fair

■ Veteran’s Day Celebration Veteran’s Day National Churchill Museum All military personnel and veterans receive free museum admission. Savings of $6, 573-592-6242

■ Holiday Open House

Third Friday and Saturday in November Downtown Enjoy extended shopping hours at participating stores. Merchants will unveil their holiday windows. 573-642-3055

■ Christmas House Tour

First Saturday in December Tour 5 to 8:30 PM For tickets, call 573-642-3055

■ Traveling Art Exhibits

National Churchill Museum & Art Gallery For schedule of events,www.churchillmemorial.org 573-592-6242

■ Fulton Jaycees Christmas Parade First Saturday in December, 1 PM Downtown Area Local bands, floats and Santa parade through historic downtown. 573-220-2613 or 573-220-2752

■ Callaway Singers Holiday Concert First Thursday in December Delaney Auditorium, William Woods Campus www.callawayarts.org, 573-642-4222

■ No Fancy Wrappings

Call for December date 777 Shepherdsfield Road Music, drama, dance, and refreshments Free, 573-592-5234

Fulton Street Fa ir

■ Spa Weekend

■ Holt Summit Harvest Festival

First three December weekends Loganberry Inn Bed and Breakfast 310 West Seventh Street www.loganberryinn.com, 573-642-9229

Second Saturday in October Downtown Holt Summit www.hscba.net, 573-680-4862

■ Holiday Honor Tree

November 1 through January 4 National Churchill Museum Send photographs of military family members to decorate tree. 573-592-6242

■ Annual Victorian Christmas Sale

Second Thursday in November and December National Churchill Museum 501 Westminster Avenue 2nd Thursday in November -Kettledrum Tea 10 AM to 2 PM Cocktails 5 p.m.-8 p.m., all-day shopping. 573-592-5234

■ Beacon Band Christmas Show Call for date in December Hazel Kinder’s Lighthouse Theater 3078 Lighthouse Theater www.lighthhousetheater.com, 573-474-4040

■ Callaway County Chamber of Commerce, 573-642-3055 ■ www.visitfulton.com

[21] MissouriLife FULTON

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3/4/10 8:30:26 PM

Serving Fulton and Callaway County on the FADC Board are

president; Jim Zerr, Zerr Farms of Williamsburg; Lee Fritz, Callaway

(seated, from left) Dr. Barney Forsythe, Westminster College;

County Commission; Kathy McGeorge, Callaway Tourism Board;

Dr. Jahnae Barnett, William Woods University; treasurer Paul

Julie Uhls, Boyd and Boyd Inc.; Tom Christensen, Christensen

Langewisch, Bank Star One; chairman Rick Gohring, The Callaway

Construction Co.; Mike Fugate, Kingdom Telephone Co.; Charlie

Bank; vice chairman David Gilman, United Security Bank; Tom

Latham, City of Fulton; Marcia Lamons, Central Bank of Fulton;

Howard, Callaway Electric Cooperative; Doug Mertens, Mertens

John Graves, Callaway Community Hospital; and Clint Smith,

Construction Co.; (standing, from left) Bruce Hackmann, FADC

Kingdom of Callaway Chamber of Commerce.

FULTON AREA DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION Expanding Fulton and Callaway County

THE FULTON AREA DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (FADC) is a private, nonprofit organization that is the point of contact for businesses seeking information and assistance with relocation and/or expansion in Fulton and Callaway County. For almost 20 years, the FADC has been true to its mission of creating prosperity through community and business development by focusing on the attraction and retention of quality jobs and capital investment. The FADC works with site selectors, location consultants, real estate developers, and companies from the earliest stages of a relocation or expansion through government approvals, funding, and construction. Founded in 1991 as a partnership between private businesses and the public sector, the FADC works closely with city and county officials to provide a strong pro-business environment. This

translates to jobs for its citizens, a broadening of the city’s and county’s tax bases, and the provision of prosperity, vitality, and diversity essential for growing a local economy. Among the services provided by the Fulton Area Development Corporation are:

■ Identification of appropriate and suitable commercial or ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

industrial property Reference data and information on the Fulton area Labor availability studies Access to local, state, and federal financial assistance programs Introductions to local government officials, civic leaders, and the business community Assistance to facilitate employee recruitment and training Community tours

[22] MissouriLife FULTON

AreaDevelopment_Ful0410.indd 118

2/26/10 11:01:17 AM


At left: The FADC promotes a diverse industrial base in the Fulton area that includes major employers such as Dollar General Corporation’s retail distribution center and OCCI, Inc., a contract engineering firm that specializes in lock and dam rehabilitation and complex bridge repair and construction. Below: Callaway Electric Cooperative’s new $14.4 million complex is the centerpiece of a 109-acre planned industrial and business development called Callaway Energy Centre.

At right: The 16-lane, state-of-the-art Fulton Bowling Center is one of the attractions in Fulton Commons, an ongoing $27 million revitalization project recognized by the Missouri Department of Economic Development as Missouri’s top redevelopment project in 2007.

The FADC has an impressive history. It has played an important role in:

■ Stimulating more than $190 million in capital investment in the Fulton area,

■ Creating more than 2,000 new jobs, ■ Developing more than 2.5-million-square-feet of commercial and industrial space,

campus-like setting overlooking Fulton’s Tanglewood Golf

■ Developing Fulton Commons, a $27 million retail and ■ ■

The FADC is headquartered in Tanglewood Business Park, a

entertainment complex honored as the No. 1 Redevelopment Project in Missouri in 2007, Recruiting Dollar General Corporation to construct a 1.2million-square-foot retail distribution center in Fulton, and Helping the county grow by more than 32 percent since 1990.

Course and U.S. Highway 54.

The Fulton Area Development Corporation is located at 2625 Fairway Drive, Suite A.

■ 573-642-4841 ■ www.fadc.org

[23] MissouriLife FULTON

AreaDevelopment_Ful0410.indd 119

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AMERENUE’S CALLAWAY PLANT Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence

AMERENUE’S CALLAWAY NUCLEAR PLANT, located near Fulton, became fully operational on December 19, 1984, following nine years of construction. It was one of the largest construction projects in Missouri history. As Callaway celebrates 25 years of safe, reliable service, we salute our employees, whose skill and dedication to quality have made it all possible, and thank our neighbors—the people of mid-Missouri—for their support through the years. The nearly 1,000 employees who work at the Callaway Plant live in 138 communities spread over 29 Missouri counties. So we are all truly neighbors. CALLAWAY PLANT OVERVIEW At 4:20 a.m. on October 2, 1984, while most AmerenUE customers were sleeping, the plant achieved its first sustained nuclear chain reaction—the controlled splitting of uranium atoms in the reactor core. Less than a month later, the company’s first

supply of nuclear-generated electricity began flowing over high voltage transmission lines to UE customers. UE had entered the nuclear age. Today, with a net generating capacity of 1,190 megawatts, the Callaway Plant accounts for nearly 20 percent of AmerenUE’s annual generation each year. Its 2009 net generation of 10.2 million megawatt-hours was enough to supply the electricity needs of 780,000 average households. Through 2008, Callaway achieved the fourth highest lifetime generation among the 104 nuclear power plants operating in the United States, based on an industry survey. That same survey showed Callaway’s lifetime generation ranked 19th in the world out of the 415 plants that report generation data. There are 439 nuclear plants operating in 31 countries worldwide. Most importantly, Callaway has also established a strong record of safe operation. In annual performance assessments, the

[24] MissouriLife FULTON

Ameren_Ful0410 Copy.indd 120

3/4/10 2:12:11 PM


U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) staff has consistently reported that the plant operated in a manner that preserved public health and safety. The Callaway Plant is also a very safe place to work. In 2006, the plant received the prestigious Edison Electric Institute (EEI) Safety Achievement Award for outstanding worker safety. Callaway’s safety record can be directly attributed to the plant’s initial and continuing training programs, where employees acquire the knowledge and skills to perform their work safely and efficiently. Reliable, low-cost electricity from the Callaway Plant has been a key factor in keeping the price of electricity for AmerenUE’s 1.2 million customers among the lowest in the country. As of mid-2009, AmerenUE’s rates were more than 40 percent below the national average for investorowned companies, based on an EEI survey. CALLAWAY PLANT: THE EARLY DAYS On July 16, 1973, Union Electric Company announced it had chosen a location near Reform, in rural Callaway County, as the site of a new nuclear power plant. After obtaining a Certificate of Convenience and Need from the Missouri Public Service Commission and a Construction Permit from the NRC, work began in earnest during the spring of 1976. By December 19, 1984, work and required testing was completed, and the plant became fully operational. KEEPING CALLAWAY “UP-TO-DATE” The Callaway Plant was designed and built using state-of-the art technology in the ‘70s and early ‘80s. But technology doesn’t stand still. It is continually changing, and Callaway is changing, too. One of the biggest recent changes took place in 2008-2009 when the Callaway Plant became an industry leader by replacing the carbon steel piping in the essential service water (ESW) system with more durable plastic high density polyethylene (HDPE) piping. The project marks the first time for HDPE use in an American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) safety-related system in the United States. Callaway also received a Top Industry Practices Award for the project. The replacement became necessary when Callaway began to experience pinhole leaks in the non-nuclear plant’s piping after about 20 years of service. Inspections of the buried portion of the piping clearly showed the time had come for replacement. Callaway tackled another major project designed to increase the plant’s longevity in 2005, replacing all four steam generators with new models that have a significantly improved design. Located inside the reactor building, the steam generators serve as “boilers” to produce steam for generating electricity. Each

Steel support beams for the veil of the cooling tower frame the plant in this 1979 photo. The tower, which is 553 feet high, was completed in the spring of 1981.

steam generator is about 70 feet long and 17 feet in diameter at its widest point, and weighs 360 tons. The new steam generators arrived in the United States from France and were transported by barge to the Callaway Plant’s dock on the Missouri River— and then were carried by trailer to the plant. The plant also replaced its four turbine rotors in 2005. SECURITY ENHANCED SINCE 9/11 AmerenUE has spent more than $20 million on security enhancements and additional security personnel at the Callaway Plant since September 11, 2001. For the nuclear power industry as a whole, such expenditures have totaled more than $2 billion. IMPROVEMENTS CALLAWAY HAS MADE INCLUDE: ■ Extending and fortifying security perimeters around the plant ■ Increasing patrols within security zones ■ Installing new barriers to provide greater protection against vehicle bombs ■ Installing additional high-tech surveillance equipment ■ Strengthening the coordination of security efforts with local, state, and federal agencies Callaway security is routinely tested in drills and exercises. In addition, the NRC now requires “force-on-force” exercises— using highly trained paramilitary personnel—at least once every three years.

[25] MissouriLife FULTON

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2/26/10 11:08:53 AM


CALLAWAY IN THE COMMUNITY: IT’S ALL ABOUT THE PEOPLE As the Callaway Plant celebrates 25 years of safe and reliable service, the key to the plant’s success continues to be its people. Folks who work at Callaway are more than just employees; they’re valued members of the 138 mid-Missouri communities where they live. Jim Small started working at the plant in 1981 during construction as a radiation/chemistry technician. Now, 28 years later he heads up Callaway’s chemistry department. Small remembers the first year of operation, when the reactor shut down automatically (and safely) numerous times as operators and other personnel learned the new plant’s operating characteristics and “fine-tuned” equipment and procedures. These days those occurrences are rare. Over the past two decades, Small has watched Callaway achieve excellence primarily because of the high-quality people the plant employs. Small is a prime example of that quality. In spite of long hours at the plant, Small finds time to give back to the city of Fulton, where he resides. During the days his three children were attending public school, Small served on the Fulton Board of Education for 12 years (as a result he actually got to present each of his daughters with their high school diploma). It’s not a role he initially saw himself in, but his persistence in the name of service paid off. “I never thought of myself as a school board member, but then I thought, why not? I failed to get elected the first two times I ran, then made it the third time and served four terms after that,” Small says. During his time of service to the Fulton School District, Small helped engineer additions and upgrades to several facilities. Everyone who worked with him saw a man who made a difference. “Jim is dedicated and committed, so he was always doing his research and considering the difficult issues carefully. His interest in the students and their quality of education was notable,” says Retired District Superintendent Susan Krumm. Fellow board member Rick Gohring took note of Small’s ability to lead. “Jim held leadership positions on the Board of Education including that of board president. But even

ABOUT AMERENUE AmerenUE is Missouri’s largest electric utility and third largest distributor of natural gas. It is a subsidiary of St. Louis-based Ameren Corporation (NYSE: AEE). Founded in 1902, AmerenUE

Jim Small

without holding an official position he demonstrated leadership qualities that helped shape district policy and strategic direction,” Gohring says. Small helped design and build the interiors for Fulton’s marching band trailers, working with former Fulton band director Keith Ruether and leaving a lasting impression. “He continually sacrificed his own time to dedicate himself not only to his job at the plant but also to serve as president of our band boosters and an intelligent voice on our school board. Jim Small is also one of the finest people I have ever known,” Ruether says. But Small refuses to dwell on the accolades, pointing out that he’s no different than most people at Callaway. “Everybody here feels the need to give back; Callaway is filled with people who serve their communities. Twentyfive years ago, Callaway employees were viewed as outsiders. But once folks recognized what we were made of, they welcomed us with open arms,” Small says.

serves approximately 1.2 million customers in 57 Missouri counties and 500 cities, including the greater St. Louis area. The company’s electric rates are among the lowest in the nation. For more information, visit www.ameren.com.

[26] MissouriLife FULTON

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ENHANCING THE ENVIRONMENT Nuclear power plants generate the heat they need to produce electricity from nuclear fission—not from burning fuel—so they don’t produce greenhouse gas or emissions associated with acid rain or urban smog. That white plume you see coming out the top of Callaway’s cooling tower is simply water vapor—not smoke. In 1977, AmerenUE entered into an agreement with the Missouri Department of Conservation to create the Reform Conservation Area on more than 6,000 acres of AmerenUE-owned land surrounding the plant. In the conservation area, at AmerenUE’s expense, the department conducts a land and water conservation program for wildlife enhancement, species enrichment, agricultural land-management program, and a forest management plan. The conservation area also offers abundant outdoor recreational activities, including a one-mile section of the popular biking and hiking trail across Missouri known as the KATY Trail. In 1992, AmerenUE turned a 6.4-acre river silt pond at the plant site into a wetland to process residues from the plant’s sanitary sewage treatment plant. In a wetland, plants like cattails, reeds, and willows purify the wastewater and filter out pollutants, remove sediments, produce oxygen, and absorb nutrients. The wetland project proved to be so successful that in 1997 Callaway retired its existing mechanical treatment plant—replacing it with an aerated lagoon and wetlands to provide a completely passive treatment system and beneficial wildlife habitat.

BENEFITS TO THE LOCAL AND STATE ECONOMY ■ The Callaway Plant is a major source of good-paying jobs, with more than 1,000 AmerenUE employees and contractors working there. ■ During refueling outages, which occur every 18 months, hundreds of supplemental workers are on site for several weeks— giving a significant additional boost to the local economy. ■ The Callaway Plant is a major source of tax revenue to fund education and other critical services. In 2009, the plant accounted for $9.7 million of AmerenUE’s property taxes paid to Callaway County, with nearly $6 million of that amount going to local schools. ■ Assessed values based on AmerenUE’s investment in the plant resulted in an additional $20 million in taxes shared by the remaining 66 Missouri counties where the company has facilities.

■ John Bassford at jbassford@ameren.com ■ AmerenUE, Callaway Plant P.O. Box 620, Fulton, MO 65251 ■ www.ameren.com/callaway

CALLAWAY MILESTONES Here are a few of the key milestones and accomplishments that occurred during the Callaway plant’s first 25 years of operation: ■ December 19, 1984: After nearly nine years of construction and testing, Callaway becomes fully operational. ■ April 18, 1986: Callaway completes its first refueling outage. ■ December 31, 1989: Callaway completes its fifth year of service, having generated more electricity during that period than any other nuclear plant in the United States. Callaway is also the only United States plant to rank among the top 10 nuclear plants in the world in total power production. ■ Summer, 1993: Callaway operates at full capacity throughout the “Flood of ’93,” helping to ensure an adequate power supply to AmerenUE customers while high water interrupts fuel deliveries to the company’s coal-fired power plants. ■ May 2, 1996: Callaway’s lifetime power generation reaches 100 billion kilowatt-hours. At that time, only 28 of the 104 nuclear power plants in the United States had achieved that mark, and Callaway reached it more quickly than any other plant. ■ Summer/Fall, 2005: Callaway replaces all four steam generators. Each steam generator is about 70 feet long and 17 feet in diameter at its widest point, and weighs 360 tons. The new steam generators arrived in the United States from France and were transported by barge to the Callaway plant’s dock on the Missouri River, then were carried by special transporters to the plant site. The plant replaces its four turbine rotors. ■ October 2008: Callaway completes first ever “Breaker to Breaker” run. Plant remained online for all 520 days of Cycle 16. Only a handful of the nation’s 104 nuclear plants have accomplished this milestone. ■ November 7, 2008: Callaway completes first sub 30 day refueling outage by wrapping up Refuel 16 in 27.9 days. The plant must refuel every 18 months, and Callaway continues to execute outages with greater efficiency. ■ 2008-2009: Callaway becomes the first nuclear plant in the United States to replace carbon steel piping with plastic high density polyethylene (HDPE) piping in a safety related system. The essential service water (ESW) system project garners Callaway a Top Industry Practices award from the Nuclear Energy Institute. ■ 2010 and beyond: We look forward to serving mid-Missouri in the future, as we seek to extend the operating license of the existing Callaway Plant for an additional 20 years beyond the current license’s 2024 expiration date, and perform other projects to ensure that the plant continues to be a safe, reliable energy producer for many years to come.

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Home of the National Churchill Museum WHEN SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL delivered his famous Iron Curtain speech at Westminster College, the eyes of the entire world turned to this small 86-acre liberal arts college. Today the world is still drawn by the thousands to Fulton, Missouri, every year to visit the rare historic treasures found on the Westminster campus. Dominating the beautiful campus grounds is the steeple of the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury, the oldest church in North America. This magnificent 12th century church, redesigned by Christopher Wren in 1677, was brought stone by stone from London to Fulton in 1969. Beneath the church is the National Churchill Museum. Here visitors experience history brought to life via state-of-the-art, interactive exhibits that tell the story of one of history’s most compelling figures and inspire new generations to remember the

life and legacy of Winston Churchill. Adjacent to the Church is the Breakthrough sculpture, created by Edwina Sandys, Churchill’s granddaughter, and hewn from eight sections of the original Berlin Wall to stand as a monument to the Cold War and to freedom. It was dedicated in 1990 by President Ronald Reagan. Inspired by its rich world history, Westminster has charged its faculty and staff with preparing students to be leaders of character in a global community. Recognized every year in national rankings for its academic excellence and educational value, Westminster prides itself on the individual attention offered to its 1,000 students. The college has become nationally ranked as one of the most diverse small liberal arts colleges in America with 16 percent of its students representing 67 different countries.

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At top: The Davidson Leadership Plaza and Fountain is a central focus of The Hill area of the Westminster campus. Below: The Historic Columns, all that is left of the first college building destroyed by fire in 1909, is the ceremonial site where Westminster students begin and end their educational journey. At right: Former British Prime Minister Sir John Major is only one of the many world leaders to visit the National Churchill Museum.

National Churchill Museum 501 Westminster Avenue Fulton, MO 65251 Open daily 10 AM to 4:30 PM

ADMISSION - Adults: $6.00

■ Westminster College, 573-592-5000 ■ National Churchill Museum, 573-592-5369 ■ www.westminster-mo.edu ■ www.churchillmemorial.org

Senior Citizens (ages 60 and over), Tour Groups (15+ people), AAA and AARP members: $5.00 Youth (ages 12-18): $4.00 Children (ages 6-12): $3.00 Children (ages 5 and under) Free

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WILLIAM WOODS UNIVERSITY 140 Years of Higher Education

WILLIAM WOODS UNIVERSITY serves nearly 1,000 students on its scenic 180-acre campus in Fulton. Founded in 1870, WWU is a coeducational, independent, professionsoriented, liberal arts-based university. The university is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association. More than 50 academic programs are offered.

Undergraduate Programs of Study Include ■ A four-year American Sign Language program (one of only 34 in the United States and Canada).

■ An internationally recognized equestrian studies program. ■ The first juvenile justice degree in the state. Other popular majors are athletic training, biology, business, communications, education, graphic design, physical education, and sports management. William Woods University draws students from nearly every state and several foreign countries, creating a unique cultural experience. Since its founding, WWU’s mission has been to provide a quality education while ensuring the development of the individual. A 13:1 student-to-faculty ratio promotes a personalized learning approach. William Woods provides unlimited opportunities for leadership, cultural, and social experiences. More than 40 student organizations are available, including sororities and fraternities, and WWU fields teams in a dozen sports. William Woods University’s innovative LEAD (Leading, Educating, Achieving, and Developing) program started in 2000 and has proven extremely successful. The program provides tuition reduction for any incoming student who agrees to make a commitment to campus and community involvement. LEAD is intended to encourage and reward the types of activities that make a complete, well-rounded liberal arts background.

WWU serves close to 3,000 non-traditional students statewide and in Arkansas. WWU is accredited to offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees in a variety of disciplines, in both campus and outreach (community) settings. As a result, residents throughout the state and in some Arkansas locations can pursue a degree with ease, while continuing to work full-time. Employing a model of accelerated learning developed especially for the convenience of working adults, these programs are structured so that a degree can be completed in as few as 22 months. Programs utilize a cohort model, emphasizing learning through student-directed study groups. Most classes meet one night a week for four hours. Study groups meet outside class to prepare projects and assignments. Each course normally runs six weeks. Because of the nature of programming—focusing effort on one course at a time—90 percent of all students finish their program successfully. Undergraduate programs include a BS in management (BSM), a BSM with human resources emphasis and a BS in paralegal studies. Graduate programs include a master of business administration (MBA); MBAs with accounting, agribusiness, health management, or human resources emphasis; a master of education (M.Ed.) in administration, curriculum/instruction or athletics/ activities administration; and an educational specialist (Ed.S.) in school administration or curriculum leadership. Diane Huff, Ed.S.

Graduate Programs William Woods University expanded its mission in 1992 to address the educational needs of working adults. Today,

■ 800-995-3199 ■ AdultEd@WilliamWoods.edu ■ WilliamWoods.edu/Evening

hoff, MBA Black Doeral ker and son W

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FULTON COMMONS DEVELOPMENT Fine Products and Services with a Smile

The Fulton Commons is home to Sears, Wash-N-Go, and The Nest restaurant as well as the businesses described on these pages. Shop where businesses welcome and appreciate your business. Visit The Fulton Commons Business Development today.

The Gift Shop The Gift Shop is filled with collectible Willow Tree and Precious Moments products, Hallmark cards for all occassions, crystal, candy, and wedding, anniversary, baby, and birthday gifts.The helpful staff will greet you with a smile. The Gift Shop is open Mondays through Saturdays from 9 AM-6 PM. Located at 1222 Business 54 South. Call 573-642-7760 for more information.

Sutherland’s Building Materials

Big O Tires Big O Tires is a 100 percent full-service repair shop that offers alignments, brake and suspension repairs, parts, and tune ups. Oil changes are done as walk-in or by appointment. There is full service with a friendly smile. Big O Tires is open Mondays through Fridays from 7 AM-6 PM and Saturdays from 7 AM-3 PM. Located at 1230 Businrss 54 South. Call 573-592-0425 for more information.

Fulton Cinema The cinema features eight auditoriums with comfortable seating and a full service snack bar. Located at 521 Commons Drive. Call 573-642-9455 for more information.

Fulton Bowling Center

Find building materials for all projects at Sutherland’s. The friendly staff can help with kitchen and bath designs. There is a wide variety of appliances, paint, and light fixtures. Sutherland’s is open Mondays through Saturdays from 7:30 AM-7 PM and on Sundays from 10 AM-5 PM. Located at 1220 Business 54 South. Call 573-592-8220 for more information.

Enjoy 16 lanes and a full-service snack bar and lounge. There is an arcade and a banquet room available for rent. In the friendly Pro Shop find the right bowling ball and all the accessories needed for bowling. The Bowling Center is open Mondays through Wednesdays from 11 AM-10 PM and Thursdays through Saturdays from 11 AM to midnight. Located at 530 Commons Drive. Call 573-592-1000 for more information.

Orscheln Farm and Home

C & R Market

Orscheln carries livestock feed, medications, and supplies as well as farm and home hardware, electrical and plumbing supplies, and a wide variety of garden and flowering plants. Orchelns is open Mondays through Saturdays from 8 AM-8 PM and on Sundays from 10 AM-6 PM. Located at 1310 Business 54 South. Call 573-642-6666 for more information.

C & R looks forward to serving the community with carry out, home deliveries, and a catering service. Try a meal at the deli and shop the full-service meat and produce departments. Pick up a bouquet of fresh flowers at the floral shop. There is also Western Union service. Located at 640 Commons Drive. Call 573-642-5115 for more information.

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C ALLAWAY ARTS COUNCIL A Vision of the Future IT ALL STARTED IN 1927 with a cinema and Vaudeville theater in the heart of downtown Fulton. That same theater was transformed into a movie house in the 1950s and remained open until 2006 when a new cinema opened south of town. What would become of this historic structure that held so many memories for movie-goers from years past? A small group of people, with a vision of the future, came together to form Callaway Arts Council. This group’s express purpose is to promote the arts in Callaway County and restore Fulton’s historic theater to its prior glory. CAC has held numerous performances and festivals throughout the years raising awareness of the need for a performing arts center. The desire of this orgainzation is to bring the historic theater up to date without losing the charm and history of the original structure. This is a daunting task, but it can be accomplished with the help of caring supporters. The people of Callaway County believe in preserving their history for future generations. To become involved with Callaway Arts Council or to learn more about restoration efforts of the theater, please contact the director at 613 Court Street.

■ 573-642-4222

■ www.callawayarts.org

From top: Children have fun painting at the Children’s Art Festival. The cast of Song of the Middle River. The historic theater is ready for restoration.

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Join Us in the Heart of Downtown RELAX WITH FRIENDS OR FAMILY at Beks with quality food all made in-house and served in a historic downtown location. Treat yourself to one of the featured daily specials, and save room for a delectable dessert. Beks offers a variety of beers, microbrews, and an extensive wine list and features live jazz music on Saturday evenings. Reservations are encouraged. The restaurant is open 7:30 AM-9 PM Mondays-Thursdays, 7:30 AM10 PM Fridays, 8:30 AM-10 PM Saturdays, and is closed on Sundays. Located at 511 Court Street.

■ 573-592-7117 ■ www.beksshop.com


Business and Personal Financial Services FOR TWENTY YEARS, Callaway County businesses have depended on B&N Accounting Services to keep them financially fit. B&N Accounting offers QuickBooks© advising with specialized levels of guidance based on the needs of its clients. B&N also provides individual tax preparation services, notary, flat rate payroll processing, sales and withholding tax returns, monthly, quarterly, and year-end accounting for businesses of all kinds: restaurants, florists, contractors, private instructors, non-profits organizations, and your company too! B&N provides specialized services in its office or at your office if you wish. B&N offers investment direction with mutual funds, IRAs, and annuities. One of the only accounting companies in the region to do so, B&N also offers bookkeeping services for elderly and handicapped clients such as paying bills, balancing checkbooks, and monitoring expenses and income. Whatever your needs require, B&N can help “lighten your paper workload” to give you time to do what you do best. During tax season ■ 573-642-8160 and after, B&N ■ www.bandnaccounting.com lends an extra

John Meyers, Jenny Vosbrink, Mary Nurrenbern, Deby Fitzpatrick, Ashley Aulbur, Laura Griggs, Sam Griggs

helping hand with its “Good as Gold” policy that includes free tax advice, free copies of returns, audit, interest, penalties assistance, and much more. B&N Accounting is located at 113 West 5th Street.

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IN 1931, WILLIAM E. BACKER SR. and his Museum was William E. Backer Jr.’s brainwife, Ida, rescued one small vegetable peeler, a child, and he spent his life collecting cars he hand-crank slicer, and a doughnut kettle from loved. It was his dream to turn his collection the burned ruins of their Fulton bakery and resinto a museum for the public to enjoy, and taurant. They moved into an unfinished walnut even though Bill Backer passed away in 2008, log house at nearby Hiller’s Creek and installed his dream continues to delight visitors who their equipment in the smokehouse. Then they come to see the vintage cars and memorabilia. started making and selling potato chips. They Today, Vicki Backer McDaniel, Bill’s daughter, packaged the chips in wax-coated bags, secured is the president and chair of the museum, and it with paper clips, and marked them simply with is a 501(c)3 foundation. the word, “Fresh”. The family station wagon The Auto World Museum’s collection displays was their delivery truck as they supplied cusapproximately 80 vehicles, from a 1903 Humtomers in surrounding communities. berette to a 1997 solar car and everything in between, including roadsters, sports cars, and luxury cars from Today, the Backer’s potato chip plant in Fulton has 85 around the world. Most are made in the United States. employees and processes 400,000 pounds of potatoes daily. Two This spring, the museum will add two mechanical music continuous cookers can produce up to 6,000 pounds of chips an machines to the collection: a coin operated Cremona G nickelhour. Still, even in its third generation with the Backer famodeon and a Fotoplayer that was originally designed to accomily at the helm of the operation, some things haven’t changed. pany silent movies. The museum has also been recently remodVicki Backer McDaniel, granddaughter of William and Ida, and eled so it can host events. It is open April 1 through December now president of the company, is proud that Backer’s chips are 31, and other times by appointment. still cooked in 100 percent liquid corn oil, that freshly cooked chips are still hand-inspected, and that no ■ Backer’s Potato Chips ■ Auto World Museum artificial preservatives are added. The Backer family is also responsible for 573-642-2833 573-642-2080 another of Fulton’s gems: the Auto World www.backerchips.com www.autoworldmuseum.com

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THE CALLAWAY BANK Committed to the Future

THE CALLAWAY BANK has been serving Callaway County and the midMissouri area for 153 years as Missouri’s oldest, independent, locally owned community bank. While taking great pride in its history, it is the future it works for today. The bank is very dedicated to the communities and the people it serves. A past president and chairman of the board, John C. Harris, has taught the bank staff that when depending on a community to keep the doors open, they must give back to that community. They are proud of the lessons John has taught them and the examples he has shown through his life of service, including being a founding father of The Callaway County United Way. While serving the Callaway County area for generations, the bank has expanded to other communities in mid-Missouri. In 1993, The Callaway Bank merged with Steedman Bank to replace services lost to the Steedman and Mokane residents during the disastrous Missouri River flood. In 1999, it opened its first facility in Columbia at 1600 Chapel Hill Road, followed by a second facility in 2002 at 3200 West Broadway and a third at 5600 Bull Run at the Lake of the Woods area. Today, The Callaway Bank stands tall as one of Missouri’s strongest, in■ 573-642-3322 dependent community banks ■ www.callawaybank.com with eight facilities in Callaway and Boone Counties. ■ Member FDIC

Above: The Callaway Bank occupied this building from 1889 - 1947 until it was replaced with the current building at the corner of 5th and Court Streets, Fulton

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CALLAWAY ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE Owned by Those We Serve CALLAWAY ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE provides electric service to about 13,000 residential, agricultural, and commercial meters in rural Callaway and Southern Montgomery counties. In 2011, the cooperative celebrates its 75th year in existence. Since 1936, when a group of residents in rural Callaway and Southern Montgomery counties came together to form the cooperative, Callaway Electric has strived to provide its member owners with quality, reliable electric service at the lowest cost consistent with sound business practices. The cooperative began at a time when nearby privately owned utilities would not serve rural areas, and it continues to grow and serve these areas with great pride today.

■ Main office: 573-643-3326 ■ Toll free: 888-642-4840 ■ After hours/emergency: 573-642-4840 ■ www.callawayelectric.com

■ Email: CECService@callawayelectric.com ■ Office Hours: Mon. – Fri., 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM ■ 1313 Cooperative Drive, P.O. Box 250, Fulton, MO 65251

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CALLAWAY COMMUNITY HOSPITAL proudly serves the people of Fulton and surrounding communities with quality, compassionate healthcare. Their healthcare services have evolved to include Surgical Diagnostic Imaging, CT, MRI, ultrasound, mammography, respiratory therapy, laboratory, obstetrical services, and 24-hour emergency services. Callaway Community Hospital also accepts orders from all physicians in surrounding communities for outpatient diagnostics such as x-rays and lab work. Results are faxed to the ordering physician. This convenient service allows county residents the opportunity to save money and time by having these services done locally as opposed to driving out of town. Fulton Medical and Specialty Clinics offer a total package of

■ ■ ■

healthcare services. Patients receive primary and specialty care at Fulton Medical Clinic from a group of board-certified family medicine professionals specializing in healthcare for all ages. Fulton Medical Clinic accepts individual or walk-in appointments and offers extended office hours every Wednesday and Thursday evenings until 7 PM and Saturdays 8 AM until noon for urgent care. The Specialty Clinic brings the community physicians specializing in ophthalmology, ENT, podiatry, rheumatology, and OB/GYN. Call 573-642-5338 today to make your appointment with any Fulton Medical Clinic or Specialty Clinic physician. Ever aware of the changing landscape of healthcare, Callaway Community Hospital brings advances in medicine and technology to the community, providing the best care in the region. www.mycallaway.org Callaway Community Hosptial is located at 10 S. Callaway Community Hospital, 573-642-3376 Hospital Drive and Fulton Medical & Specialty Clinics are located at 850 W. Hospital Drive in Fulton. Fulton Medical & Specialty Clinics, 573-642-5338

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The Best of Tradition and Leading-Edge Banking

WHEN CUSTOMERS WALK THROUGH THE DOORS of Central Bank in Fulton, they are greeted in contemporary surroundings, but by local bankers with old fashioned, friendly, hometown attitudes. Central Bank has been an integral part of the Fulton community since 1912. It opened its doors as the Fulton Building and Loan Association with just two employees. In 1964, it moved to its current location on Market Street across from the Callaway County Courthouse. As the institution grew and prospered, improvements and name changes followed. In 1973, the name was changed to the Fulton Savings and Loan Association. In 1993, under the same management, the institution became known as Fulton Savings Bank. Then, in 1999, it joined forces with another strong mid-Missouri financial institution and became part of Central Bank. Headquartered in Jefferson City for more than 100 years, Central Bank and its holding company, Central Bancompany, brought to Fulton the advanced technology and financial expertise of a $10 billion organization. But at the same time, it held steadfast to its commitment to local management and lending decisions, as well ■ 573-642-6618 as its legendary service. ■ www.centralbank.net This combination has ■ 410 Market Street proven to be a winning

In 2010, Forbes Magazine ranked Central Bank and its holding company as a “Top 10 Best Bank” in the United States.

formula in Fulton, as it has remained strong and continued to grow, even through the recent economic downturn. In 2009, Central Bank was honored by the American Bankers Association by being named in their ABA Banking Journal as one of the top 25 performing banks in the nation. In addition, in 2010 Forbes magazine ranked Central Bank and its holding company as a “Top 10 Best Bank” in the United States. The bank’s mission is the focal point of all of its interactions with its valued customers. The bank is pleased to be able to offer a full complement of leading-edge banking services, as well as the trusted financial expertise and sage advice its customers have come to expect from Central Bank.

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The Story of the Kingdom

CALLAWAY COUNTY was organized in 1820 and was named after Captain James Callaway who was killed by Indians. Callaway County’s Courthouses have grown from a small private dwelling house in 1821 to the present modernly equipped structure (the fifth one is pictured). Built in 1938 for $227,000, the Kingdom’s new courthouse was made possible with the aid of the Federal Public Works Administration. The site of the present courthouse was sectioned off as a public square in 1825, and all of the four courthouses erected in the city have been within this square. The one on the site today is the richest in history. The mural that hangs in the lobby of the courthouse depicts the history of the Kingdom Of Callaway. This mural was painted in 1969 by Professor George Tutt, head of the art department at William Woods College in Fulton. Professor Tutt donated his time and talent to this work, which took more than a year to complete. The time sequence has more than 33 historical facts displayed.

■ 573-642-0737 ■ www.callaway.missouri.org

The Callaway County courthouse is the fifth one since 1821.


THE INVITING WRAP-AROUND PORCH leads you into a beautiful two-story home that is the Coldwell Banker Niedergerke & Co. office. The age-old principles of honesty, integrity, and hard work are as incorporated into the way they do business as the aged hardwood floors, winding staircase, and pocket doors are to the building. Agents adhere to the philosophy that some of the best business they can do is to give back to the community. They know that real estate is more than just houses—it is people, it is community, and it is the relationships they build. Every year the agents are hands-on helpers with SERVE’s Toys for Kids drive as well as other charities and community organizations. With state-of-the-art technology, continuing education, and top-of-the-line training, the agents at Coldwell Banker Niedergerke & Co. are well equipped to handle all of your real estate needs. Located at 1004 Bluff Street.

Coldwell Banker sells a wide variety of homes from modern to historic throughout the Callaway County area.

■ 573-642-8870 ■ www.FultonMoRealEstate.com

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THE MUSEUM AND SHOPPES is located next to the store. Crane’s Museum offers a trip back in rural American history, featuring artifacts dating back centuries. Enjoy a tour by a member of the Crane family. Marlene’s Restaurant caters lunch and dinner in the museum or at your location and can arrange your private parties. The Shoppes of Crane’s Museum has something for everyone, from antiques and collectibles to clothing and jewelry.

THE COUNTRY STORE offers a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Located in the same building since 1926, Crane’s is like a walk back in time. From groceries to hardware, Crane’s Country Store has all of the staples of a true general store with relics from the past wedged in between. Crane’s is known locally for the “one meat, one cheese, one dollar” sandwiches and globally for the great selection and low prices on work clothing.

■ 877-254-3356 ■ www.cranesmuseum.org

■ 866-254-3311 ■ www.cranes-country-store.com


Celebrating 35 Years Serving Callaway County EXPERIENCE: It’s what most of us look for when we need a professional. Whether we’re shopping for medical care, financial advice, or someone to help us buy or sell a home, we prefer someone who has a history in the field. We know that working with an experienced professional makes a difference. Davis Realty has served Fulton for 35 years. Davis Realty has almost 100 years of combined experience selling real estate, and Davis Realty’s agents average 10 years or more of selling property in and around Fulton. They know the market, the economy, and the value of real estate. In a profession where there is huge turnover, the qualified agents at Davis Realty are in it for the long haul. As Fulton’s oldest full-service real estate office, Davis Realty can take you from your first apartment to your ultimate dream home. When you enlist the help of the expert agents at Davis Realty, your home will be listed in every edition of the Fulton Sun Homebuyer’s Guide, the first place locals look for properties. Your home will also be advertised ■ 573-642-5711 in the Columbia Real ■ DavisRealtyFulton.com Estate Book, which is

distributed in 350 locations throughout the mid-Missouri area, and is available nationwide to buyers who may be relocating to this area. In addition, Davis Realty will advertise your home on literally hundreds of real estate websites. It may be a small company, but its marketing presence is large! If you are a buyer, you’ll be glad to know that you don’t Call broker Joan Morris today. have to deal with multiple realtors in your home search. Give Davis Realty a call, and you’ll have one realtor, one person who knows what you want, what you don’t want, and can help you find the perfect home. Davis Realty is a small, independent office with deep roots in the community, and the real estate experts at Davis Realty would love to work with you.

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HUDDLE HOUSE HUDDLE HOUSE is a neighborhood diner, serving delicious meals, cooked to order. Huddle House strives to deliver a pledge of service and quality to every customer, every meal and is open 24 hours a day. This diner is locally owned by Dick Davis, a Fulton native, who is no stranger to the restaurant business as Dick owns and operates 11 Taco Bell Restaurants in central Missouri and Huddle House, Rolla. Huddle House is located at Highway 54 & HH. Call 573-642-6816 for more information.

Dr. Bryce Koelling, LeslieAnn, Teresa, Julie, Dr. Vaughn Reents

THIS CHIROPRACTIC CENTER provides gentle Gonstead chiropractic for the entire family. WebMD reports a 95 percent satisfaction rate with chiropractic care. The doctors have helped thousands of people and seen tremendous improvement in people with headaches, lower back pain, shooting pain and tingling into arms and legs, and stressful muscle tension. They have seen hundreds of people improve their digestion problems, hormone/glandular issues, and reproductive problems because chiropractic care helps the spine improve function. The doctors would love to help you with your health goals, naturally. Koelling is located at 621 Commons Drive. Call 573-642-2273 or visit www.drbryce.com.

Huddle House serves Southern-home cooked meals.


Achieving Excellence Every Day THE FULTON SCHOOL DISTRICT is committed to engaging all students in a quality education in order to prepare them to function as successful, responsible, and productive citizens. Residents and parents can be assured their children have access to a learning environment that is progressive and state-of-the-art. Advanced technology is integrated into each classroom K-12, with a variety of electronic tools to support teaching and learning. All fundamental areas of study are offered in the district as well as additional opportunities in vocational programs, art, theater, and music. Fulton High School has six new high-tech science labs where students are involved in advanced course work in physics, biology, and genetics. High school biology and genetics students are involved in collaborative scientific study with the University of Missouri. The Fulton School District has been awarded the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s top recognition– Distinction in Performance. ■ 573-642-2206 Fulton Public Schools are ■ www.fulton.k12.mo.us located at 2 Hornet Drive.

Fulton Schools are noted for student access to advanced technology at all grade levels. Pictured below: FHS genetics students are extracting protein from Arabidopsis seedlings to determine changes in gene expression.

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THE OVID BELL PRESS All in the Family

FROM ITS EARLY HISTORY as The Evening Gazette, a daily paper, located in the building which now houses The Fulton Sun, The Ovid Bell Press has been a family-owned printing business in Fulton since the early 19th century. Ovid Bell, son of founder Ovid H. Bell, secured the first magazine printing account, The Missouri Medical Association, in 1924, and continues to print its publication today. The Ovid Bell Press, Inc. grew from that initial account to serve publishers across the country in the short to medium run market. Today, under the leadership of CEO John O. Bell, the business has expanded to a 10,000-square-foot facility employing more than 100 workers. Services include all digital prepress, heat-set web printing, full bindery and mailing and shipping. This company has always placed a high value on loyalty, fairness, and honesty in all dealings with clients, employees, the industry at large, and our place in the community. Its reputation, family legacy, and good name have been a source of pride. The OBP has taken an active role in service to Fulton and

Callaway County. The employees built a Habitat for Humanity House in 1995. There is a history of longevity for employees of The OBP—several working for more than 50 years here and many children and grandchildren of older or retired employees taking jobs at the plant. It is a family business with a family atmosphere. Just as Ovid Bell wrote to one of his early clients, “If we are given the job, I shall be glad to give it my personal attention ...” OBP promises each client it serves today personal involvement and outstand■ 800-835-8919 ing service. The Ovid Bell ■ 573-642-2256 Press is located at 1201 Bluff ■ www.ovidbell.com Street.

The Ovid Bell Press prints Missouri Life magazine.

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THE MARKET LIQUOR STORE FULTON’S FINEST AND OLDEST FULL-SERVICE liquor store is located in the Memorial Park Plaza in historic downtown. Domestic, imported, or micro-brewed beers, a full line of liquor, and the largest wine selection in Fulton make The Market your one-stop party shop for all occasions. We can also special order your favorite spirits, beer, or wine if not already in stock. Please drink responsibly. The Market Liquor Store is located at 11 West Second Street. Call 573-592-7855 for more information.

ARRIS’ PIZZA & PUB, Central Missouri’s best pizza for 50 years, is now available in historic downtown. Come in and see where friends meet friends for the country’s best pizza and Greek cuisine. The Gathering Room is ideal for large and small gatherings, birthdays, meetings, and celebrations. Also, come in and watch the big game on any of the dozen big screen TVs. Let Arris’ be the place to handle it all. Arris’ Pizza & Pub is located at 61 West Second Street. Call 573-642-5553 or visit www.arrispizzaonline.com/fulton.

PAR-FIVE AUTO SALES Still the Best in the Midwest

PAR-FIVE has been serving Callaway County for more than 20 years and has a huge variety of pre-owned vehicles. It is Fulton’s largest and oldest full-service dealership. Come in a see the wide selection of cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs at the dealership located in historic downtown. The knowledgable staff is experienced at servicing and repairing a wide variey of vehicles. Par-Five has rental cars and a limo service to meet all of your travel needs. The staff at the tire and service center will keep any vehicle running smoothly, and the detail shop fixes any ding or dent whether large or small. Stop by and meet Mark Archambault, Steve Steinrauf, Tony Galbreath, Terry Morts, and Tina Williamson. Par-Five is open Mondays through Fridays 9 AM-6 PM and Saturdays 9 AM-4 PM. Par-Five also sells pre-owned golf carts and is a Yamaha dealership if a new cart is desired. The business name comes from owner Mark Archambault’s love of golf. Stop by and ask Mark the story of how the name Par-Five came about.

■ 213 Market Street ■ 573-592-8500 ■ www.par-fiveauto.com

Par-Five’s lot features a wide variety of cars, trucks, and SUVs.

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Tanglewood Subdivision is one of the many RE/MAX listings in the area.

Westwood Estates

Country Meadows

e Place Master Key Hom


THE MIKKI STARMER TEAM invites you to focus on a few of the finer features of Fulton. RE/MAX Fulton, founded as Miller Real Estate in 1953, continues to bring expertise and professionalism to Callaway County’s real estate market. A full-time team-oriented staff of experts helps in every stage of the real estate transaction. By listing and selling properties, utilizing the newest and most successful internet, print, and television media, RE/MAX Fulton can expose your property to the right customers at the right time, the right place, and the right price. Buyers can take advantage of the online, easy-to-navigate, maporiented listing searches, or immediately speak with a full-time buyers agent to help find the property you are looking for.

streets and sidewalks, streetlights, and great neighbors. All of this is within walking distance of the YMCA and Fulton Country Club and near the high school and Wal-Mart. Westwood Estates is a great place to call home.

Westwood Estates

Country Meadows

Westwood Estates have the convenience of a city neighborhood in a small town. This residential subdivision features paved

Country Meadows business complex is a part of Fulton’s westward expansion. This new commercial park takes full advantage of Highway 54 and Route F’s 25,000-per-day traffic count and has an ease of entrance onto Route F with a wide drive and sidewalks. Country Meadows has build to suit interiors for lease or sale.

■ 208 West 4th Street ■ 573-642-7283 ■ www.HeartofFulton.com

Master Key Home Place Master Key Home Place subdivision offers homeowners distinctive Craftsman-style homes on wooded lots at exceptional prices. It is located a short distance outside the city limits, featuring large lots with mature trees, natural walking trails, and stocked lakes. Building lots and custom homes are available, and expansion is underway in this spectacular subdivision.

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