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History 1950s The Rubino family sets up a coffee bar in Naples along with a small roasting plant, for the sale of roasted coffee to the cafes 1963 Café do Brasil was founded in Naples 1965 The introduction of tin and vacuum packs allows Cafè do Brasil to enlarge the distribution and grow rapidely

The shop in Via Arena alla Sanità. Napoli,1950

The Founders of the Company. Napoli, 1955

1960s the roasting plan in Melito becomes one of the most innovative one in the world, while Cafè do Brasil reaches a leading position in southern Italy 2

History 1971 The brand “Caffè KIMBO” is created. Amazing success of “Kimbo Macinato fresco” 1974: introduction of Kimbo in Horeca 1975-1980 The brand is launched in Italy nationwide. First export activities 1985: Kimbo in Tv for the first time on national channels 1989: famous showman Pippo Baudo becomes testimonial. Kimbo keeps on growing 3

History 1994 Kimbo becomes second player on Italian retail Market. The plant continue to be expanded 1999: popolar actor Gigi Proietti is the new testimonial 2002: partnership with Heineken in France. 2006: Perfect Italian espresso arrives at home with Konsuelo. 2009: start up of Kimbo UK in London 2012 : Kimbo becomes partner of Autogrill in 13 countries. Kimbo is present in 52 countries in the world. Kimbo Kompatta is launched


Identity Respect for its own origin: Kimbo was born in the city where the espresso coffee is a Cult Genuine quality: the quality of our product is a result of the careful selection of raw materials, artful blending and fine roasting Pleasure: thanks to its wide range of products, Kimbo is able to offer a unique sensorial experience to every single consumer 5

Structure of the group Rubino Family Turnover: 310 million euro


Headquarter: Naples Core business: selecting and importing Green coffee

Cafè do Brasil

Headquarter: London Core business: distribution of Kimbo in uk

Headquarter: Sardinia Core business: production of brand La tazza d’oro and Karalis

Kimbo uk LTD

La tazza d’oro S.r.l.

Headquarter: Melito di Napoli Core business: production and distribution of Kimbo and Kose


Headquarter: Belgium Core business: production of Private Labels and distribution of Kimbo in Benelux 6

Cafè do Brasil Total Turnover 2012: ₏ 170.000.000 (+7%) Roasted coffee 2012: 22.000.000 kg Export: + 23% in 2012 Employees: 143 (+ 22%) Italian market:

Lavazza 43% Kimbo 10,4% Kraft 9,1% Segafredo 3,4% Vergnano 1,4% Illy 1,5% Private lbl 13,7% Others 17,5%

Retail: number 2 with 10,8% market share Foodservice: leader with sales of 1.700.000 kg Single serve sales: 15,2% market share Ocs and Vending: partner of IVS Group, the biggest Italian vending operator


In the World •presence in over 52 countries •leader in France with over 11.000 outlet served •subsidiary in London, UK •prestigious accounts serve Kimbo throughout the world Chelsea club – London

Euphorium Bakery - UK

Teatro La Scala - Milano

Buddha Bar – Paris

L’Alsace. Paris


Partnership • Unilever Italia promotes KIMBO as sole coffee for Hotellerie market in Italy •Heineken France (France Boissons) is the exclusive distributor of KIMBO •DE LONGHI world leader in automatic espresso machines, chose KIMBO as main partner to promote its “bean-to-cup” machines worldwide •AUTOGRILL world leader in travel hospitality has picked KIMBO as exclusive coffee supplier for all of its outlet in Europe 9

Quality at source • The sister company Interkom controls the green coffee directly in the producing countries ensuring quality and low fluctuation of prices • Coffee plants are carefully monitored and inspected at every step •Our experts select the best raw coffees on site and immediately send the samples to Naples •In our laboratories, the green coffee beans are submitted for laboratory, product analysis and cup testing • The base of all our blend is Natural Santos, prestigious origin appreciated for its sweetness and flavor. 10

Production process Every stage of the production process is computerized and monitored from a control room Samples are taken throughout the process to ensure proper roasting. Arabica and Robusta are roasted separately in order to reach the perfect roasting degree for each beans Roasting process uses the air convective system in order to have an homogeneous cooking of the bean After the production, coffee is stored in Kimbo warehouse in Nola (10.000 Pallet places) under perfect control of light and temperature. Kimbo has obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 and 14001:2006 Quality System Certification for the entire production process


Kimbo offer: Horeca -

12 high quality blends in 3kg tins and 1kg Bags Different blends in terms of Arabica/robusta composition and roasting degree in order to match all the possible request Wide and beatiful Pos material


Point of sale High quality products and a complete range of POS material have persuaded more and more establishments to win over their customers with the unmistakable aroma of Kimbo


Kimbo offer: retail • Kimbo is introducing in January 2013 a complitely new range for international markets with a consistent and premium packages •Clear indication of the main characteristics of the products •With range of blends to match of the different taste of coffee lovers •Wide range of formats (Ground,beans Paper pods and Capsules • Beautiful promotional materials


New promotional materials

Sampling Station

Retail Display

Roll up banner 15

Kimbo offer: ocs and Vending

• • •

A reliable and attractive capsule system made of a wide range of machines and wide assortment of capsules (3 coffee blends + 4 complementary products) 3 blends of paper pods A range of 3 Vending Beans Blends to match all the needs


Firmenprofil von Kimbo  

Firmenprofil von Kimbo

Firmenprofil von Kimbo  

Firmenprofil von Kimbo