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101st Airborne Division Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan 34°56’39”N 69°16’23”E

Detachment 1 - 45th Operations Group Antigua Air Station, Antigua and Barbuda 17°8’14”N 61°47’29”W

Forward Operating Location Queen Beatrix Airport, Aruba 12°30’7”N 70° 0’49”W

Detachment 2 - 45th Operations Group Ascension Auxiliary Airfield, Ascension Island 7°58’12”S 14°23’32”W

Pine Gap Joint Defence Space Research Facility Alice Springs, Australia 23°47’53”S 133°44’12”E

Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center Andros Island, Bahamas 24°42’19”N 77°46’12”W

Naval Support Activity Manama, Bahrain 26°12’21”N 50°36’40”E

US Army Group BENELUX Chièvres Air Base, Belgium 50°34’39”N 3°50’24”E

Task Force Eagle’s Stabilization Force Camp Eagle, Bosnia and Herzegovina 44°26’18”N 18°40’56”E

2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment Novo Selo Training Range, Bulgaria 42°43’13”N 26°35’31”E

Forward Operating Location Tolemaida Army Base, Colombia 4°14’45”N 74°38’56”W

Navy Expeditionary Guard Battalion Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba 19°54’8”N 75°6’7”W

352nd Special Operations Group Akrotiri Royal Air Force Base, Akrotiri, Cyprus 34°35’9”N 32°58’59”E

Hawk Missile Deployment Site Karup Air Base, Denmark 56°17’50”N 9°6’3”E

Prime Base Engineer Emergency Force Camp Justice, Diego Garcia 7º20’S 72º25’E

Combined Joint Task Force (Horn of Africa) Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti 11°32’50”N 43°9’29”E

Forward Operating Location Comalapa Air Base, El Salvador 13°26’33”N 89°3’18”W

91st Cavalry Regiment (Airborne) Conn Barracks, Schweinfurt, Germany 50°3’17”N 10°10’29”E

Naval Support Activity Souda Bay, Greece 35°29’52”N 24°8’40”E

821st Air Base Group Thule Air Base, Greenland 76°31’48”N 68°42’21”W

36th Wing Andersen Air Force Base, Yigo, Guam 13°35’15”N 144°55’27”E

254th Base Support Battalion Schinnen, Netherlands 50°56’31”N 5°51’48”E

228th Aviation Regiment Soto Cano Air Base, Honduras 14°22’56”N 87°37’4”W

Heavy Airlift Wing Pápa Air Base, Hungary 47°21’43”N 17°29’50”E

US Air Force Technical Coordination Group Halim Air Force Base, Indonesia 6°15’55”S 106°53’9”E

407th Air Expeditionary Group Camp Adder, Nasiriyah, Iraq 30°56’13”N 46° 5’27”E

X-Band Radar Facility Mount Keren, Israel 30°59’41”N 34°29’27”E

Naval Forces Europe Headquarters Naples, Italy 40°50’13”N 14°16’25”E

Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka, Japan 35°17’32”N 139°39’35”E

Task Force Falcon Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo 42°21’48”N 21°14’46”E

Forward Logistics Base Camp Arifjan, Kuwait 28°52’43”N 48°9’54”E

376th Air Expeditionary Wing Transit Center at Manas, Kyrgyzstan 43°3’38”N 74°28’30”E

US Air Forces in Europe Central Region Storage Facility Sanem, Luxembourg 49°32’34”N 5°57’5”E

Ronald Reagan Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site Omelek Island, Marshall Islands 9°2’52”N 167°44’34”E

426th Air Base Squadron Stavanger, Norway 58°52’36”N 5°38’15”E

405th Air Expeditionary Wing Thumrait Air Base, Oman 17°39’57”N 54°1’28”E

Central Intelligence Agency Predator Drone Launch Site Shamsi Airfield, Pakistan 27°50’52”N 65°9’40”E

Special Operations Command South Mariscal Estigarribia Air Base, Paraguay 22°2’35”S 60°37’19”W

Naval Medical Research Center Detachment Lima, Peru 12°3’37”S 77°5’25”W

7th Air Defense Artillery Regiment Morag, Poland 53°55’20”N 19°55’10”E

65th Air Base Wing Lajes Air Base, Azores, Portugal 38°45’58”N 27°5’31”W

Coast Guard Air Station Borinquen, Puerto Rico 18°29’42”N 67°7’41”W

379th Air Expeditionary Wing Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar 25°7’4”N 51°18’59”E

US Military Training Mission Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 24°42’35”N 46°43’30”E

497th Combat Training Squadron Sembawang Air Base, Singapore 1°25’35”N 103°48’57”E

23rd Fighter Squadron Kuchyna Bombing Range, Slovakia 48°28’51”N 17°7’20”E

Commander Fleet Activities Chinhae, South Korea 35° 9’0”N 128°38’28”E

Rota Naval Station Rota, Spain 36°38’48”N 6°20’46”W

39th Air Base Wing Incirlik Air Base, Turkey 37°0’7”N 35°25’29”E

763rd Expeditionary Air Refueling Squadron Al Dhafra Air Base, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 24°14’53”N 54°32’51”E

US National Security Agency Signals Intelligence Base Menwith Hill, UK 54°0’30”N 1°41’18”W

First Edition printed December 2010 53°28’20”N 2°14’27”W

Fifty-One US Military Outposts  

Afghanistan, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Ascension Island, Australia, Bahamas, Bahrain, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Colombia,...

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