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Having no track to follow

I found working with this group very rewarding, we all worked well together and had different ideas and title choices. In the end our different performances when combined followed a similar tone to make the entire performance more harmonious. We worked very hard to make the transition between each different 1min performance as easy and subtle as possible. The final combined performance had strong undertones of someone being outcast or shunned, there were strong feelings of loneliness, and these viewpoints were backed up by the audience feedback we received. Whilst making the performance we all chose our own title and decided what actions we wanted to put with them, we wrote specific roles for the rest of our team and then began rehearsing together, we found that by practicing together we were able to develop our own ideas and also other people s. For example in my performance the initial idea was to pour sand or sawdust over the floor to make trails and also to destroy other people's trails. However when practicing without the sand (for the sake of tidiness), we found that the lack of a visible trail and the sound of the glasses on the floor was far more effective.

In the future I would like my performances to have a stronger emotional effect on people but not be overly complicated. Also as a group I would like there to be more unity between the performances so we really work as a group with ideas flowing and twisting around each other rather than blending one into the next.

Looking at what power means to each of us individually and analysing fears in society, inspired by personal fears.

As a group we worked well together and very quickly came up with and agreed on our main theme for this final performance. Influenced by the current US presidential elections we wanted to look at power in our performance and what that means to us as individuals. Through developing these ideas, the emotions we all have attached to certain fears came to the forefront.

Initially we all created a piece and we worked to combine each of them to create a coherent performance. After a couple of rehearsals we all saw that the performance was fragmented and was not powerful enough, therefore we improved each person's section one by one, simplifying and intensifying each as we went. The final performance was beautiful with a lot of deep meaning.

Very enjoyable getting up on a cold morning and cycling o George s house to meet the group and rehearse.

So so so proud of our last performance, we developed A LOT during rehearsals. We all had an in individual view of power and what power represents to us in our lives, and we discussed our strongest fears in life.

To me is knowledge, this has been demonstrated to me a lot in life by my parents are both highly intelligent and highly educated and this has served them and me very well in life. Not just in academia but also knowledge of the wider word and travel. I looked at the power of corrections and the red marker that is usually used to correct wringing. I developed this to the subtle power of the pen, something seemingly insignificant but that hold a great deal of power.

My me and fear of being thought badly off or letting people down. That crushes me, and it has since a very young age, I cannot deal with this and it destroy me.

Through rehearsal and practice we noticed that our initial ideas were a bit shit and fragmented in the performance. Therefore, we each performed our individual pieces and improved them one by one. Eventually ending up with a more simplified but far more coherent and powerful piece. Our set looked beautiful, there was a great depth too it and we had a nice distance between us and the audience. We used back, white, red and wood as colour tones and they all complimented each other perfectly! The performance was beautiful and deeply emotional, we had nearly all positive feedback and people were defenatly blown away, it reached out to some people.

I was obsessive and focused drawing the lines in time to the metronome, when my focus was broken but the clapping I really felt I was losing control. When I was fighting Maite and eventually drowning her, there was a huge amount of deep and true emotion bubbling up and exploding from me, I had no problem actually fighting with her, I wanted to go for it fully and I found it easy to express myself like that! I continued the theme of always having my back to the audience as I felt it was far more powerful if I had no personality. After this performance, and even now writing this, my heart is pumping far more intensely that normal, I feel shaky and pumped, there is adrenalin pumping through my veins. My hands cannot more fast enough to keep up with my brain, my thoughts are swirling.

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