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Communicative Language

(Teaching (CLT

What is Communicative Language …? Teaching • The most recognized approach of language teaching. • It belongs to the post - method era of language.

Definition of CLT “ An approach to foreign or second language which emphasis that the goal of language learning is communicative competence�. Longman dictionary of language teaching and Applied linguistics

Benefits of using CLT

ďƒ˜ Focusing on communicative competence ďƒ˜ It increases all the components of communicative competence

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Grammatical Functional Discourse Sociolinguistic Strategic

Increase motivation This increases their motivation and attitude to learn the target language‌ • CLT provides the students with authentic and meaningful interaction.

Fluency and Accuracy • CLT gives equal importance to both the spoken language and the accuracy of the production.

In CLT “Fluency” sometimes is more important

Real- life contexts • Students have to produce and receive language in different real-life contexts.

• CLT provides them with skills they really need in their real life.

Students’ Sense of Autonomy

• Students will have the opportunity to learn about their learning styles. • In this student-centered class the focus is on the interests of the students.

Resource book

In-Class Activity • Tell your students that you are going to tell them a very simple story about your country

Brainstorming ( warm-up ( 1.Ask them to write the first word that comes to their minds

2.Ask each student to read aloud his/her words 3.Each student has to share his/her words with another student

4.Read the story twice to your students.

5.Use paper cards in which you already wrote the simple sentences of the story 6.Divide the cards into two equal numbers.

7.Divide your students into two groups. 8.Ask each group to choose an Arabic name or logo for their group.

9.Divide the blackboard into two parts. 10.Ask one of each group to write the name of his/her group.

11.Each group have to read the whole cards they have well. They have to help each other.

12.Ask one of the groups to start the activity by selecting one from the other group to dictate him/her on the board.

13.The one who dictates has to repeat the words as many times as the other student needs to write the words correctly.

14.Students of the same group can help the one who is dictated if needed..

15.The teacher draws stars on the board after the dictation for each correct word.

16.Then the other group turn comes as they have to choose one from the other group.

17.They keep going till the story‌

18.The teacher collects the points for each group to see which group is the winner‌

This activity integrates : Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

Some Reflections Engaging students in an activity will increase their motivation‌and therefore their learning‌


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