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Advisory: Foundational Course Work A fundamental understanding of biology, chemistry and algebra is required for success in the biotechnology core courses. Completion of the following advisory courses provides a solid foundation in these disciplines. Similar knowledge, however, may be acquired outside of a formal classroom in preparation for the biotechnology lab courses.

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BIO 100/101 General Biology (3–4) or BIO 105 Genes & Technology (3) CHEM 108 Chemistry Prep (3) MATH 101 Intermediate Algebra (4) Eligibility for college English



Requirements for Biotechnology Certificates:




Choose four elective units from the 200-level BTEC courses* Total Required Units

4 3 4–5.5 11–12.5

MiraCosta College



Laboratory Skills



MiraCosta College


BTEC 110 Basic Techniques in Biotechnology BTEC 120 Business and Regulatory Practices in Biotech
















Bioprocess Technology BTEC BTEC BTEC BTEC BTEC

110 Basic Techniques in Biotechnology 120 Business and Regulatory Practices in Biotech 211 Technical Writing for Regulated Environments 221 Bioprocessing : Cell Culture and Scale-Up 222 Bioprocessing: Large Scale Purifications

Select one from the following electives:

4 3 1 1.5 1.5

BTEC 210 Data Analysis/Excel BTEC 292 Internship Studies

BTEC 215 Validation BTEC 299 Work Experience

Total Required Units

Oceanside Campus 1 Barnard Drive, Oceanside, CA 92056 (760) 757-2121


Research & Development Foundational Course Work BTEC 110 Basic Techniques in Biotechnology BTEC 120 Business and Regulatory Practices in Biotech BTEC 180/BIO 180 Biostatistics BIO 100/101 General Biology or

BIO 105 Genes and Technology in Society CHEM 108 Preparatory Chemistry CHEM 110/111 General Chemistry ENGL 100 Composition and Reading MATH 101 Intermediate Algebra Choose one of the following computer skills:


10 4 3 4 3–4 (3) 3 10 4 4

MiraCosta College Biotechnology Program San Elijo Campus 3333 Manchester Avenue, Cardiff, CA 92007 (760)757-2121 944-4449 (760) Community Learning Center

1831 Mission Avenue, Oceanside, CA 92058 Mike Fino, Instructor and Program Coordinator (760) 795-8710 ext. 6499,

Gail Baughman, Instructor ext. 7766,


CSIT 110 Computer Applications CSIT 128 Microsoft Excel CSIT 115 Interm. Computer for Business Applications BTEC 210 Data Analysis/Excel Choose four elective units from the 200-level BTEC courses* Total Required Units

4–5.5 40–44.5

*200-level BTEC Courses BTEC 201 Adv. Cell Culture (1) BTEC 215 Validation (1.5) BTEC 202 Iso/Pur DNA (1) BTEC 221 Cell Culture BTEC 203 DNA Amplification (1) & Scale-Up (1.5) BTEC 204 Recombinant DNA (1) BTEC 222 Large Scale BTEC 206 HPLC (1) Purifications (1.5) BTEC 207 ELISA (1) BTEC 292 Internship Studies (1) BTEC 210 Data Analysis/Excel** (1) BTEC 299 Work Experience (1) BTEC 211 Technical Writing for Regulated Environments (1) **BTEC 210 cannot be used as an elective for the Research and Developement certificate.

This brochure was funded by the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act of 2006 (06-C01-032) awarded to MiraCosta College and administered by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office. It is the policy of MiraCosta College not to discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, marital or parental status, age, sexual orientation, status as a Vietnam-era veteran or mental or physical disability in all of its educational and employment programs and activities. Individuals with verifiable disabilities can be accommodated with advance notice.


• Certificate of Proficiency • Certificates of Achievement • Associate Degree For information, contact Mike Fino Instructor and Program Coordinator, (760) 757-2121, ext. 6499

Biotechnology is an expanding field devoted to improving human health through the research, development, testing, manufacturing, and marketing of products related to the biomedical and agricultural industries.

MiraCosta’s Biotechnology Program MiraCosta’s Biotechnology Program has been designed by working scientists and biotechnology companies to give students the theoretical background and practical experience necessary to gain employment in the biotechnology field. The program is perfect for students who want to obtain biotechnology certificates, earn an associate in arts degree and/ or prepare to transfer to a four-year institution. Courses are also of interest to current workers in the field of biotechnology who desire to upgrade or expand their skills.

Biotechnology Certificates & Associate Degree MiraCosta offers a wide range of classes that meet days, evenings, weekends and online. Students may choose to earn one or more of the following certificates, work toward an associate degree or complete requirements to transfer to a four-year university. For more information about each certificate and associate degree, please contact the Counseling Department at (760) 795-6670 or consult the MiraCosta College Catalog, available at the MiraCosta bookstore or online at

About MiraCosta’s Biotechnology Facility

Certificate of Proficiency

In recognition of the partnerships and years of service to the local community, MiraCosta College was designated by the U.S. Department of Labor as a “Center of Excellence” in bioprocessing.

Laboratory Skills 11–12.5 units Students completing this certificate can expect employment that utilizes their technical skills in the performance of tests and routine tasks inherent to a wide range of laboratory settings.

The college’s multimillion-dollar lab replicates the real-world work environment and consists of an instructional laboratory area and a bioprocessing suite. The bioprocessing suite is designed to accommodate lab-scale mammalian and microbial culture. The immersive environment makes for an unmatched educational experience.

Certificates of Proficiency are designed to be the first step in a career ladder.

Certificates of Achievement Certificates of Achievement are designed to prepare graduates for immediate employment in specific career areas. Bioprocess Technology 12-12.5 units This certificate provides a foundation in, and practical application of, the technologies employed by biotechnology companies engaged in the production of cell-derived products. Through a combination of applied lecture and hands-on laboratory instruction, students will acquire the confidence, competence and compliance for technical work in a regulated environment.

Research and Development 40–44.5 units This certificate program is designed to give students the theoretical background and the practical experience necessary to be effective laboratory technicians. It also prepares students for upper division course work in the biosciences. Graduates can expect to start careers in quality control, quality assurance, production, applied research, product development, analytical testing and academic (basic) research.

Associate Degree MiraCosta’s Biotechnology Program offers the following associate degree: Biotechnology Research and Development Students planning to transfer and/or earn a degree should meet with a MiraCosta College counselor before or early in their first semester to identify courses that will meet requirements for transfer. Students interested in earning an A.A. degree must complete a Certificate of Achievement and additional courses listed in the MiraCosta Catalog.

Prepare for a Great Career! Students completing the Biotechnology Program pursue a wide variety of careers, including research, development, quality control and assurance, manufacturing, and analytical testing or working as a lab technician. Students can also pursue internships to gain industry experience.

“I’ve really learned a lot from the program at MiraCosta. I’ve learned a lot in the lab and particularly like the high-tech machinery we use.” —Ryan Simons, MiraCosta student hired as a quality control associate at a San Diego biotechnology company.

“The biotechnology industry is growing, especially in San Diego. There are just endless opportunities. I knew that I was bound to find a job.” —Vincent Esguerra, MiraCosta graduate hired as a quality control analyst at a San Diego biotechnology company

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