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Photography Kevin Casha


President’s Viewpoint Dear Members, Photography has been with us for nearly two hundred years. It has become a constant companion in our everyday lives particularly since digital technology took over by storm from conventional film technology. Today’s civilized Society is ceaselessly using imagery, in some form or other, for multiple ends as far apart as forensic criminology and medical imaging to Fine Art and 3D movies. Never in the history of mankind are images so ever present, and, at the same time, so easy to produce. Photography as an artistic and creative medium is being further explored and stretched to limits that in precedence were not considered possible. Yet, although the advancement of technology has made photography accessible to all as well as widened the horizons of its many uses, there is a slow yet rather steady growth of traditional darkroom processes. The sudden disappearance of most wet darkrooms, when digital first appeared, is now being nostalgically revived by people who have not had the opportunity of experiencing the magic of the darkroom: that of viewing a blank piece of chemically treated paper come to life, before their very eyes, in a chemical liquid under the iconic red safelight. This is just one of the main factors that there is currently a marked resurgence of Fine Art conventional printing, particularly within the artistic community. Unfortunately, modern digital technology has also had what I consider a detrimental side effect - the wholesale suppression of printed photographs. Fewer and fewer photographic prints are being produced today as most users are content to just keep their images on hard drives, laptops and USB sticks. Many are not thinking of backing up their images with the often disastrous result that valuable files are being lost through the, as yet, lack of reliability of digital storage devices. One needs various double backups and regular monitoring in order to ensure that there is no loss of data. So what will happen in the foreseeable future? Most probably, we will have a lot of important imagery being lost forever. In fact, we should be very thankful for previous conventional technologies were negatives could be printed, archived, treasured and proudly shown when the need arises. It is through these same hard copy photographs that most of our recent history can be traced back, researched, studied, immortalized, proved and enjoyed. Personally, I find little things as fascinating as perusing a vintage photograph. The fact that one is looking at a split second of ‘frozen’ history, which can never be repeated, and the ability to glean so much information from a single picture, is amazing. On one hand, a

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photograph is reincarnating something which has expired back into life, yet, at the same time, it is proving that something is ‘dead’. As philosopher Roland Barthes aptly said: “Is not the image therefore producing Death, while trying to preserve Life?” For sure, the value of printed photographs, particularly vintage ones, is their documentary and storytelling values. For example, would we really know what happened in the Nazi concentration camps if we did not have photographic proof? In 1840, Photography fortuitously came to Malta at a very early stage of its appearance on the continent. The first recorded photograph taken in Malta was the Daguerreotype image of the Manoel de Vilhena statue, then residing at Lazzaretto, Manoel Island. The photograph was taken by Émile Jean-Horace Vernet (1789-1863) and his assistant, Frédéric Auguste Antoine GoupilFesquet (1806-1893). Vernet, a famous artist for Napoleon, was crossing to Egypt and on a stop in Malta, was quarantined at Manoel Island. With good luck for us, he whiled away the time experimenting with his new Daguerreotype equipment, demonstrating the process to the then Governor of Malta, Sir Henry Bouverie. Due to this, there has always been a wealth of photographs, mostly undiscovered, that depict not only the life and society of our islands but also record some of the earliest attempts in the history of photography. It is with this mindset that I had successfully campaigned for setting up a National Picture Archive on our island. This was achieved with the help of National Archivist and National Archive Director, Charles Farrugia, and together we managed to set up the Malta National Picture Archive in Santo Spirito, Rabat in 2003. This way, the process of digitizing and saving local photographs for research and posterity was initialized. A sizable amount of images have already been digitized and archived but there is still a long way to go, and much more effort is needed both by private individuals as well as governmental authorities in order to further consolidate and enrich this process. Kevin Casha President. The first successful photographs were made by a French inventor, Joseph Nicephore Niepce, about 1826. He succeeded in capturing an image that did not immediately fade when light struck it. Following this, Jacques Mande Daguerre in 1939, announced the first widely successful photographic process, the Daguerreotype. Concurrently, William Henry Fox Talbot invented the first practical process that produced a negative from which prints could be made i


Portafoglio Maltese, 16th March, 1840, p.817, Malta Public Library

Editor: Kevin Casha

Design: Articles: Sita Azzopardi & Malcolm Sammut Various contributors

Proof Reading: Louisa Tonna

Members Profiles: Daniel Vassallo

If you want your photos featured on the newsletter’s front page just send the images to: Your contributions are always welcome

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Contents MIPP President in collaboration with the Gozo Photography Association

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Web Comments

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Charles Mifsud by Daniel Vassallo

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Obituary: Benny Tufigno

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Award winning photograph by Darrin Zammit Lupi

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Annual General Meeting

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MIPP Activities : Zebbug Heritage Photowalk

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MIPP Activities : Rabat Heritage Photowalk | Data Protection

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MIPP Calendar | Jot down dates

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Light Hearted Moments by Mario Casha

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Membership Renewal and newcomers | MIPP Benefits of Being a Member

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MIPP President in collaboration with the Gozo Photography Association A recent collaboration between the MIPP and the Gozo Photography Association saw Kevin Casha, the MIPP President, in Gozo to deliver a presentation

on Malta’s sister island. This enables Gozitan

about the History of Maltese photography. The

photographers to create stronger networking links

session was held under the auspices of the Gozo

that can benefit the level of local photography. Casha

Culture and Information office at Citadella Cultural

encouraged the Gozitan group to organize events

Centre, in Rabat, Gozo. After the lecture, Paul Scicluna,

related to photography and promised that the MIPP

the Gozo Association President presented Casha with

would offer its cooperation whenever it was required.

a photographic book on the island of Gozo. Casha said that it is important that Gozo has its own association to promote and further photography

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MIPP VISIT TO MALTAPOST MUSEUM by Kevin Casha This year, as urged by our members, the MIPP is organizing more outdoor workshops which not only have an aim at giving opportunity to our members to practice photographic techniques but also to enable networking and further widen their cultural experiences. One such recent event gave our members the opportunity to visit what must be one of the latest and excellent state-of-the art local museums – the Maltapost Postal Museum in Valletta. The exhibits, structure and organization of this venue is second to none. It is not only a trove of information on our island’s postal services and history but also offers a wide source of interesting information on how the postal history has impacted and affected our Society. Furthermore, the venue hosts two very well laid out areas as art galleries and our visit coincided with the Street Photography exhibition by one of our members – Martin Agius. Another impressive and integral part of the museum experience is a video on the postal services. This is of the same consistently high and professional level of all the venue’s contents and an inspiration to how such

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presentations should be produced. During the visit, we had the pleasure to be shown around the museum by one of our own members, David DP Attard, who was heavily involved in the significant work needed in preparing this museum. The Maltapost Postal Museum really adds more flavor to what our capital city offers particularly with it being the European City of Culture for 2018.

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MIPP The Malta Institute of Professional Photography

Some comments by MIPP members on our work:

Hi Kevin, Great job done on the website, well done to all who participated in this huge task. The website is very straightforward and intuitive to use which is just great. Layout and menus are also very easy on the eye, and easy to navigate through. Very good job done!! Richard Farrugia Good evening Kevin, Well done on the new website. It has a very professional look. I know both the gentlemen you mention in your email, having worked with them at MITTS (MITA) especially Malcolm who was a developer at the time I was heading the testing team. Probably this is part of the design but may I suggest a part where members will be able to upload their photos for “opinions”. This might draw more people to using the website. Also flood links to the website from Facebook since this is where people are mainly positioned. The links will entice them to look and see. Best regards, Francis Darmanin I started a course with MIPP Still Image. I highly recommend it to all those who have a genuine interest in photography especially to all those who intend to pursue their career further. I have gained a great deal of knowledge and right from the start I realised that I have dived into a whole new different world. This is my first step towards something different and I am now looking forward to exploit all the knowledge that MIPP has to offer. I would like to express a big thank you to our tutor Kevin Casha for his dedication, patience and persistence, he truly manages to achieve the greatest output of work, effort and production from his students. I also would like to thank Martin Agius, Tonio Polidano and Keith Ellul and all the students who were part of this remarkable journey. An MIPP Still Image student Dear Kevin, Thank you so much for the results and for your support throughout the course. It was such an eye opener for me...and I learnt so much! I’m really pleased with the results and can’t wait to see where photography will take me next :) As always, keep up the good work. Thanks again Louisa Tonna

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Photography by charles mifsud

Charles Mifsud Interview by Daniel Vassallo

Malta, he was encouraged by China Cultural Centre

Charles Mifsud was born and raised in the southern

was the curator who through his expertise assisted

part of the island, in Ĺťejtun, where he still lives

this first exhibition in 2008. The evening comprised

to date. Since 1991, Charles has been working at

music by Renzo Spiteri and drama by Tony Cassar

GO and for the past 8 years he has moved to the

Darien and was inaugurated by the then President

marketing department within the same company. In

of Malta, His Excellency Dr Edward Fenech Adami

his early days, Charles used to write articles for local

and the Chinese Ambassador at that time. The idea

newspapers, interview people, drawing and painting

of blending various forms of art with his photography

and researching about Maltese culture.

and writing was well received even by artists abroad,

to organize a photographic exhibition. Kevin Casha

including Reza Deghati, although the concept was still In 2005/6, Charles made the first steps into digital

new in Malta.

photography through Kevin Casha, a family friend. He joined the Malta Institute of Professional Photography

In 2012 Charles organised his second exhibition with

and undertook the Fast Track to Photography course.

the Italian Cultural Institute about his trip in Calabria,

His first camera was an entry level Canon DSLR which

an exhibition which was inaugurated by the Italian

Kevin had suggested to students during the course.

Ambassador to Malta. Charles started curating his

He still remembers how, during that course, he had

own exhibitions at this time. In 2013 he managed

learnt the basics of photography but his shots still

to organise an International exhibition of children’s

needed to be refined. Charles is always grateful to

photography at the President’s Palace in Malta. In

these first steps which launched his artistic venture.

2015 he organised a photographic exhibition with the USA Embassy in Malta about his trip along the famed

Following the completion of the Fast Track course,

Route 66.

Charles went to Lugu Lake in China to research the place and the people living there. Upon his return to

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In 2013, Charles purchased a Canon 7D Mk I.

At the time, he was satisfied with the noticeable improvement, but nowadays he feels the need to switch to a full frame DSLR. He laments that his equipment is limiting his photography and perhaps another upgrade is due. Among other things, Charles loves nature and he shoots wildlife, therefore he values the capability of a camera to shoot multiple frames in less than a second. He has captured shots of dragonflies and seagulls chasing each other where timing in such photography is crucial. This becomes more attainable through

Photography by charles mifsud

the use of a fast burst mode.

a particular event rather than getting a technically perfect shot.

Charles is not a fan of flash photography. He prefers

Three other genres of photography that Charles covers

natural light and a camera capable of shooting at high

are travel, culture and street and he likes to group

ISO levels. Over time, he has become more conscious

them altogether. In 2016, he had the opportunity to

and aware in detecting the right opportunity where

visit Hawaii for the 75th commemoration of Pearl

the appropriate light is illuminating the subject he

Harbour. He heard about the commemoration on the

wants to shoot.

news and applied with the organisers to express his interest in covering and promoting the event in Malta.

However, he acknowledges that in certain situations light can be unpredictable and not always easy to

Following a lengthy security procedure he got the

control In spite of this, he tries to find the best angle

necessary papers to attend through the support

and takes the shot as expression and synergy would

of USA Embassy in Malta. Once there, following a

take precedence over lighting in such situations. He

23 hour long flight, he started meeting press from

stresses how in photojournalism, the main aim is

around the world.

more to capture significant action occurring during He mentioned a veteran, Chavez who at the time of the event was 103 years old. Chavez attended the commemoration but he was refusing to give interviews or to pose for photos. However, Charles did not give up. He kept waiting and waiting, until he found the right opportunity and captured him holding a young sailor’s hand, as if passing on the lead of responsibility to carry on the torch of patriotism, transferring it from his generation Photography by charles mifsud

10 | The official MIPP Newsletter

to the next. This is Charles’

preferred style; he blends into the background and waits for that rightly timed, meaningful shot. During the military parade, Charles observed the environment surrounding him, and wondered how he could capture something creative. Even though the soldiers were dominating characters, he decided to cut their real figures from the shot and included only their shadows in the frame whilst they were making a salute to a wounded veteran on a wheelchair. Photography by charles mifsud

Charles highlighted that to achieve a significant shot, it is important to know what to include as well as what

should be left out when composing a picture. Another project that Charles has worked on is ‘IxXlokk ta’ Malta’. He was approached by a local NGO Wirt iż-Żejtun, who asked him to capture the traditions and life of Maltese people in the south east of Malta. He researched Maltese traditions including agricultural farming before he actually went to take images of a farmer with his cow. At the end of this project, Charles organised an

Photography by charles mifsud

11 | The official MIPP Newsletter

exhibition with a panel of 38 photographs and in 2017, the same exhibition was held at United Nations

Photography by charles mifsud

FAO in Rome. This exhibition was

from a challenge. He plans to create his own website, keep travelling,

part of a program of EU presidency

discovering and uncovering more about local and foreign culture to

and was inaugurated by the Deputy

keep capturing life as it happens in every day life. He is already in the

Secretary General of FAO Thomas

planning phase of his forthcoming exhibition, so all we have to do is

Laurent, and the Her Excellency Dr

wait and see!

Vanessa Frazier, Maltese Ambassador to Italy.

Interview by Daniel Vassallo.




to and

participate was


in first

Maltese photographer to win one of the competitions of the Black and White Spider Awards. He won several Honorable Mentions in IPA and Black and White Spider Awards as well as other prestigious competitions. His work is recognised both locally and abroad. For the future, Charles has many ideas and even though he is a busy person, he does not shy away

Photography by charles mifsud

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Continental Cars Ltd.

13 | The official MIPP Newsletter

between 1947 up to 1997. The Tufignos are still engaged with this work to this very day, with Austin running the business over the past years. Benny, besides freelancing, worked for


the Department of

Information (DOI) together with colleagues like Joe Galea, Ronnie Muscat, Benny Zaffarese and Lino Benny Tufigno (left), together with his son Austin, proudly displaying the commemorative medal awarded by the University of Malta for his fifty years of service.



Benny Tufigno Unfortunately the start of 2017 brought its sad news - well-known veteran photographer Benny Tufigno passed away at the age of eighty-one. Benny, and his son Austin, are well known through their continued association with the University of Malta graduation photography. This branch of work had started when the University was still at St. Paul’s Street in Valletta. In 1947, the Rector had recommended Benny and since then, graduation photography became the Tufignos’ mainstay. One wonders how many people have had their graduation photograph taken by Benny, Austin Tufigno and their staff! Many freelance photographers have worked with them at some time or other. I was also one of these and for two years assisted Austin and Benny to cover the ceremonies - a responsible, strenuous job in which one has to be in a constant state of readiness with no leeway for errors. On the 30th of November 2007, Benny’s work was acknowledged and honoured by the University of Malta when he was awarded a commemorative medal for his fifty years of service

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Arrigo Azzopardi. Even after he was boarded-out from the government Benny had kept busy doing personal photographic work particularly in

his beloved Valletta. He eventually stopped working in 2012 but even afterwards still used to go down near his son Austin at their Old Bakery street, Valletta premises. Benny also accumulated a vast collection of photographs of the churches and chapels of both Malta and Gozo. He compiled this collection as a hobby which, throughout his career, provided those simple, unstressed moments of photographic enjoyment. Some of the work has been used by well known local historian Tony Terribile as well as in ‘Treasures of Malta’ publications. This is another collection which should be nurtured for future researchers and scholars. It is sad to see personalities like Benny, who was forever a gentleman with impeccable ethics. He will be sorely missed, not only by his family and close friends, but also by the local photographic community. May he rest in peace. Kevin Casha - January 2017

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Photography by George Abdilla

Sunday Mass | Photography by Susanna Diacono

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Photography by vince Debono

Dreamland | Photography by Susanna Diacono

Photography by partick zammit

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Photography by Rik Van Colen



A note by Darrin on his award winning photograph: “The photo was taken last August at the entrance to Valletta, using an iPhone 6 and the app Contrast by Hornbeck. I entered the photo into the Societies monthly competition in the Street Photography category on a whim, never imagining in a million years that it would go on to win me the title of The Societies Overall Photographer of the Year. I’d actually arrived at the awards dinner in London feeling quite disappointed as I wasn’t nominated in the documentary category, which is where my forte lies. Who’d have thought my mood would be so different by the end of the evening!”

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Photographs during the recent MIPP AGM

Photographs during the recent MIPP AGM

AGM 2017


DOWNLOAD THE HANDBOOK 20 | The official MIPP Newsletter


ZEBBUG HERITAGE PHOTOWALK Inclement weather did not deter some stalwart MIPP members from joining a recent photographic trip to Zebbug village centre. Led by RenĂŠ Attard, a very knowledgeable person on old village core areas, the group were pleasantly surprised at the cultural

21 | The official MIPP Newsletter

richness and photographic potential of the area. This year, the amount of such workshops is being stepped up and various other similar events are already in the programme.


salient areas of Rabat but also visited the National

Due to the popularity of the Zebbug walk, another

National archivist.

Archives and the vintage pharmacy situated in the same building. The visit was arranged by Kevin Casha with the kind cooperation of Mr. Charles Farrugia, the

event was organized, this time at Rabat. Again, ably led by RenĂŠ Attard, the group not only went around

MIPP members during the recent session on Data Protection Mr. David Cauchi during his recent presentation on Data Protection.

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MIPP QUALIFICATIONS – SIGNIFICANT CHANGE IN LICENTIATE (LMIPP) QUALIFICATION: Dear Members, We would like to inform you of a major change in the LMIPP qualification. As from this year, members can apply for an LMIPP qualification with a DIGITAL submission. The following are the deadline dates for the new LMIPP digital qualifications: Naturally one needs to think before to start preparing the panel. For full details refer to our website.

4th July:

Closing date for submission of LMIPP digital panels.

7 – 9pm at Le Meridien Hotel.

25th July:


19.30 Le Meridien Hotel.

Notice: MEMBERS’ EMAIL UPDATES: Should you not be receiving regular email updates and communications from the MIPP, kindly check and inform us asap if you have changed your email.

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May /2017




FASHION PORTFOLIO BUILDING KEVIN CASHA Coffee/tea/light snack included -50 eur for members 80 for non members By BOOKING on Saturday 27th May | 9am to 3.30pm

April /2017

Venue TBA May /2017


MIPP Members’ meeting



in Floriana (Cemetary).

Meet in front of main gate at 09.30 No fee but By BOOKING on

A street photographer’s dream.

Sunday 23rd April | 09.30


Le Meridien

April /2017

MIPP Members’ meeting SERGIO MUSCAT

Tuesday 30th May | 19.30 Le Meridien


Coffee/tea/light snack included. 50 eur for members 80 for non members



Tuesday 25th April | 19.30

Saturday 3rd June | 9am to 3.30pm.

Le Meridien

Hilltop Gardens

May /2017

June /2017

MIPP Members’ meeting

MIPP Members’ meeting

BOOK LAUNCH by Carla Cantore Forum with Kevin Casha, Carla Cantore, Antonello di Gennaro, Dr. Mario Caruana


Tuesday 2nd May | 19:30

Tuesday 20th June| 19:30

Le Meridien

Le Meridien

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CANON RENTAL SERVICE Photography equipment available for hire • • • • • • • •

EF 100-400mm f/4-5.6 L IS USM EF 70-200mm 1:2,8 L IS II USM EF 24-105mm 1:4,0 L IS USM EF 24-70mm 1:2.8L USM EF 8-15mm f/4 L USM fisheye EOS 5D III body EOS 6D body Speedlite 600 EX RT

For full details and conditions visit or call on 2148 8800 Ask about our ‘Try before you buy’ scheme!

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Membership Renewal = =

We would like to remind you that we are now accepting payments for 2017 membership renewals. By renewing the €40 fee (from 2016 it is €40 even for those that have been members for 5 or more years), you will have a chance to

Become a qualified photographer with our three levels of qualification: Licentiate, Associate and Fellowship

Reciprocal photographic qualification with the best UK Institution

Get reduced rates to our courses and workshops

Informative monthly lectures and newsletters

Exclusive photographic competitions ONLY for MIPP members and much more


One may pay by either sending in a cheque to: “27, Moonlight, Giovanni Papaffy Street, Ta’ Paris, Birkirkara, BKR 4021, Malta”, together with the relative membership fee.

(Cheques are to be made payable to “The Treasurer, MIPP”)

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Pay directly from the BOV website: and log in to BOV internet banking with your Securekey.

OR When attending an MIPP Event. 28 | The official MIPP Newsletter

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Avantech are pleased to announce that they now form part of the global partner network for AXIS Communicaঞons, a Canon subsibiary company. Axis Communicaঞons are global market leaders in network cameras and video encoders, driving network video development, providing a variety of network video products and creaঞng various products to broaden the use of IP networks.

“Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll nd an Axis network camera to suit your needs. From robust outdoor cameras to discreet products for sensiঞve environments.” AXIS cameras provide excellent HDTV image quality regardless of lighঞng condiঞons and the size and characterisঞcs of the monitored areas. And they do it while minimizing bandwidth and storage needs to help you save energy. Analyঞc applicaঞons developed by Axis transform network cameras into business tools. They can alert you to developing situaঞons and help you make smart decisions about operaঞons and resource allocaঞon. Data can also be integrated with your other systems. For more informaࢼon on the full range go call on 2148 8800 and ask for Nakita A‚ard Vassallo.

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THE MIPP SPONSORS Non-Profit organizations like the Malta Institute of Professional Photography are constantly in need of funds in order to be able to function in a modern and professional environment. That is why it was important to have various sponsors interested in networking with the MIPP and at the same time involving them in important issues concerning the photographic trade. The MIPP feels it is vital to stimulate joint events and initiatives together with our sponsors. This policy helps our members to be constantly aware of products and services that our sponsors market thus not only encouraging an increase in business but also benefitting our members through special occasional offers and deals. This co-operation and belief by our sponsors, most of who have been with us since the MIPP’s inception, has helped in no small way in making the Institute what it is today. It is one of the MIPP’s main objectives to help keep this co-operation improving. We urge our members to truly support our sponsors by making use of their services and products whenever possible. Our sponsors show faith in the MIPP so it is only fair that our members should reciprocate. Give your custom to those companies and entities that help us.

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Web: Email: Address: 27, Moonlight, Giovanni Papaffy Street, Ta’ Paris, Birkirkara, BKR 4021, Malta Tel No: 21486097

2017 May / june

Malta Institute of Professional Photography (MIPP) newsletter: May-June 2017  

The May-June issue of the MIPP newsletter. Designed by Sita Azzopardi, edited by Kevin Casha.

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