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NEWS 2 Tuesday 15 October 2019

MEDIA MASTERMIND and Variety Vanguard Award winner, RuPaul Charles


DIVERSIFY TV EXCELLENCE AWARDS With star presenters including dream hampton


WORLD PREMIERE TV SCREENING Sky Italia’s Devils, starring Patrick Dempsey

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Source: Nielsen NTI, live+ same day A18-49 rating, Sep 23-Oct 6, 2019, 5 broadcast nets.

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10/10/19 2:03 PM

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The Luminaries Produced by Working Title in association with Silver Reel for BBC Two

Dublin Murders Produced by Euston Films for BBC One

MIPCOM Dailies DPS Oct 19.indd 2-3

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La JaurĂ­a Co-produced by Fremantle and Fabula

Seizure Produced by Miso Film for Viaplay

Extr ordinary drama www.fmscreenings.com

11/10/2019 10:10

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8 NEWS Stars walk the red carpet; MIPCOM Diversify TV Excellence Awards; Keynote speakers; market news and deals; and more...



Multi-platform content from around the world on sale in Cannes

Tuesday 15 October 2019





MIPTV REIMAGINED REED MIDEM executives Laurine Garaude and Lucy Smith will host a press meet-and-greet tomorrow to provide further details on the reimagined MIPTV. “Our primary focus is to create an experience that delivers a global content market for the future, for both exhibitors and buyers,” deputy director of Reed MIDEM’s Television Division, Smith, said. Reed MIDEM reveals an exclusive first look at the new “scaleable, turnkey” stand designs at MIPCOM. These “sleek and organic” designs created specifically for MIPTV, will be a central pillar of the reimagined exhibition experience and fresh approach to connecting distributors, buyers and producers. MIPCOM delegates can view MIPTV’s new “lounge-style” stand at Riviera 9 and the new “village” stand in Palais Level -1. Exhibitors Pink Telecom Serbia and RTS are testing the design here at MIPCOM in the Riviera 7 hall. More than 50 exhibitors have already committed to the new “turnkey” concept. Distributors and studios already confirmed to exhibit at MIPTV 2020 include All3Media, Beyond International, Blue Ant Media, Discovery, Global Agency, Global Screen, KOCCA, Off the Fence, Shoreline, Studiocanal, TF1 Studios, TV France International and Warner Bros.

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MIPCOM Stand No: P3.C10 all3mediainternational.com

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MIPCOM News 2 •


• 15 October 2019

10/10/2019 12:21


BRIDGING THE EXPANSE Wildbear Entertainment (6 x 60’)

POMPEII: THE UNTOLD STORY Voltage TV (1 x 90’ or 1 x 60’)


THE ARCHITECTURE THE RAILWAYS BUILT Brown Bob Productions (10 x 60’)


Guests walked the A+E Networks’ red carpet following last night’s World Premiere TV Screening of Sky Italia’s Devils. The red carpet led to the MIPCOM Opening Party, sponsored by Argentina’s INCAA

Star of NHK’s An Artist Of The Floating World, Ken Watanabe

A+E Networks’ Patrick Vien, dream hampton, William Shatner, Brie Bryant and A+E Networks’ Steve MacDonald

Stars of Beta Film’s Agent Hamilton: Katia Winter (left), Jakob Oftebro and Nina Zanjani

MIPCOM News 2 •


• 15 October 2019


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27/09/2019 17:14


Director Shigemichi Sugita (left), with stars of Samurai Channel’s The Return, Takako Tokiwa and Jiro Sato

Stars of Sky Italia’s Devils: Alessandro Borgi (left), Kasia Smutniak and Patrick Dempsey

The team behind Mediapro’s thriller series The Head

Director and producer Darren Star

Star of Studiocanal’s On The Death Row, Miguel Angel Silvestre

TV chef and host of Boat Rocker Studios’ Mary’s Kitchen Crush

MIPCOM News 2 • 10 00 • 15 October 2019



The third annual Diversify TV Excellence Awards, in partnership with A+E Networks and Diversify TV, took place last night at the Carlton

Vida won the MIPCOM Diversify TV Excellence Award for Representation of LGBTQ+ – Scripted. The series was produced by Big Beach and Chingona Productions in association with Starz Originals, and distributed by Lionsgate Television

Transkids won the MIPCOM Diversify TV Excellence Award for Representation of LGBTQ+ – Non-Scripted. The three-part series from Israel’s Medalia Productions for YesDocu (DBS) is distributed internationally by MetFilm Sales

MIPCOM News 2 • 12 • 15 October 2019


Jerk won the MIPCOM Diversify TV Excellence Award for Representation of Disability – Scripted. The series was produced by the UK’s Roughcut TV for BBC 3, and is distributed by BBC Studios

Isoken won the MIPCOM Diversify TV Excellence Award for Representation of Race and Ethnicity – Scripted. The film was produced in Nigeria by Tribe85 Production for broadcaster Africa Magic and is distributed by Trace Content Distribution

If There’s Room For Two won the MIPCOM Diversify TV Excellence Award for Representation of Disability – Non-Scripted. Produced in Spain by TVE, Onza Entertainment and Fisherman Media for broadcast and distribution by TVE

Breaking The Taboo – Racism And Resistance won the MIPCOM Diversify TV Excellence Award for Representation of Race and Ethnicity – Non-Scripted. Produced by Brazil’s Globosat Programadora and Spray Filmes, the show is broadcast on and distributed by Globosat Programadora

The Bravest Knight won the MIPCOM Diversify TV Excellence Award for Kids Programming. The series is produced by US/Canada-based Big Bad Boo Studios for Hulu and Big Bad Studios handles distribution

MIPCOM News 2 • 13 • 15 October 2019

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Happy Tramp North and Expectation for BBC Studios

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Croisette 18 (C18)


Amazon: ‘Not local, not global. We just aim to be great’

Amazon Studios’ James Farrell

Amazon Studios’ Georgia Brown

THE MEDIA Mastermind Keynote by Amazon Studios’ director of European originals, Georgia Brown, and James Farrell,

head of international originals, revealed Amazon Prime’s commissioning strategy. “We don’t aim to be local or

global, we just aim to be great,” Farrell said. “And that means looking for the white spaces out there. By that I mean the types of

From online dates to programme slates IN FARHAD Massoudi’s Keynote address, the Tubi founder and CEO likened the job of the AVOD service to matchmaking between the viewer and a large catalogue of programmes. This was a previous area of expertise: “My first job out of college was writing algorithms for an online dating site,” he said. “The one thing I learned from that was that going on a bad date is just like being forced to watch a bad movie. You just don’t want to sit there.” He announced that the Tubi matchmaking service would, as of early 2020, be available in the UK, as a first step in its “rapid global expansion”. He said the service was different from that of the big SVOD

players with their original-content-first model: “Tubi is a technology-first company, focused on

the media ecosystem. We don’t compete with Netflix, we complement Netflix. I’m also a fan of

Farhad Massoudi

MIPCOM News 2 • 16 • 15 October 2019

programming that are not being made.” He gave high-end drama The Family Man as an example: “India has a very strong production sector in films and unscripted, but there was clearly room for scripted drama series. So we spent a year working on the structure of the series, making sure that every episode had a proper cliffhanger ending. The series has proved to be very popular both with the Indian diaspora and with fans of action-packed drama.” Reflecting on the success of Fleabag, Georgia Brown said that Amazon is much more about nurturing talent than repeating itself: “Fleabag’s success at the Emmys was phenomenal, but you won’t find us looking to clone that. We’re much more about engaging with talent and supporting them. But when it comes to the production of a show, we do not have a fixed model. It could be a co-production, or it could be wholly financed by us. “Really, what we ultimately want to do is to fully engage our audience by understanding what moves them and keeps them coming back.”

originals, but that’s not all of TV.” Instead, he promised that his algorithms would serve personalised content to users, allowing rights holders to make money from their existing premium programming. Tubi chief content officer Adam Lewinson, meanwhile, promised that Tubi was at MIPCOM to spend money acquiring content. He also announced the launch — initially in the US — of Tubi Kids. Tubi Kids will not target kids with personalised ads, he said, will be age appropriate and will not have any user-generated content. The Keynote was introduced by Jim Packer, president of worldwide TV and digital at Lionsgate, who partnered with and then invested in Tubi. “Farhad Massoudi is one of the most truly visionary executives in the industry today,” Packer said.

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MIPCOM stand no. P-1.L2, P-1.M1 zdf-enterprises.de

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04.09.19 19:49


NEW PLAYERS IN EMMY KIDS AWARDS BRUCE Paisner, president and CEO of The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, held a press conference yesterday to announce the nominations for the eighth International Emmy Kids Awards. In among the 28 nominations from 15 countries were submissions from India and Nigeria — the first time that these two territories have been nominated in a kids category. “The geographic spread and diversity of topics addressed in this year’s nominated programmes attest to the vibrancy and quality of children’s television throughout the world,” Paisner said. “We congratulate the nominees for their outstanding talent and for setting the standard of excellence we expect for young viewers worldwide.” The partners in The International Emmy Kids Awards are Ernst & Young, MIPTV and TV Kids. The awards will be presented in Cannes at a gala ceremony on Tuesday, March 31, 2020 at MIPTV.

The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ Bruce Paisner: “setting the standard of excellence”

Leading women share how R Kelly project became story of a Lifetime

dream hampton: “The gaffer has more protection than women do from sexual harassment”

DREAM hampton and Brie Miranda Bryant, two of the executive producers of the documentary series Surviving R. Kelly from A+E Network’s Lifetime channel, held the audience spellbound with a unique take on the #metoo movement at the eighth annual Women In Global Entertainment Lunch yesterday at MIPCOM. In a joint interview, the two women discussed their extraordinary careers in the entertainment business from the perspective of African-American women, their challenges to serve women’s causes, and the untold story of one of the year’s most powerful documentary series. Bryant said that when she heard the pitch for the R Kelly project, she knew that Lifetime was the right place to tell the story, with its track record of provid-

Brie Miranda Bryant: crucial turning point in the way women’s voices are heard

ing a platform for women who are too often dismissed and marginalised. What was initially envisioned as a two-hour documentary quickly grew to over six hours under Bryant’s watch, as the production team uncovered allegations of abusive and predatory behaviour by R Kelly spanning several decades. hampton, who came on board midway through the project, brought in key voices to help shape the scope of the six-part series, including John Legend as the sole musician willing to speak out against R Kelly. Talking more broadly about the industry’s challenges, hampton said: “We pay a lot of attention to health and safety on set. The gaffer has more protection than women do from sexual harassment. I don’t know why we can’t extend this

Scholastic opens a new chapter NEW YORK-based Scholastic Entertainment is at MIPCOM to meet new partners, catch up with old ones and drive interest in the global children’s publishing, education and media company’s latest work. “We have around 39 projects in development, all of them bookbased,” said Caitlin Friedman, senior vice-president. Currently generating the most interest among buyers are three TV movies based on Jennifer

safety culture to women.” Since its debut in January, Surviving R. Kelly has reached over 26 million viewers. Bryant and hampton said that the series marked a crucial turning point in the way women’s voices are heard — another key milestone in the industry’s harrowing #metoo journey. Lunchgoers were told that the project has also spurred another film, now in production, called Surviving Jeffrey Epstein. Held in partnership with A+E Networks, MIPCOM’s annual thought-leadership and networking lunch gathers the world’s most influential women shaping the future of TV and entertainment. A+E’s Ellen Lovejoy said: “We know that, together, we can continue to tell stories that will continue to elicit change.”

about another new live-action hybrid series for six- to 11-yearZiegler’s Brewster Triplets book live-action hybrid Clifford The olds that we’re producing with Sinking Ship Entertainment,” series, produced in partnership Big Red Dog feature film. with Nelvana; and a reboot of “And we’re also very excited Friedman added. Looking forward, Jef the much-loved animated Kaminsky, vice-president of series, Clifford The Big creative development and Red Dog, which launches TV production, said Schoin early December on Amlastic intended to move into azon Prime Video and PBS original IP creation, building Kids. The animated series book and TV brands simul(39 x 33 mins), distributed taneously. “We want to leverby 9 Story Media Group, age Scholastic’s reach to crewill be followed in Novemate new brands with global ber 2020 by the premiere Scholastic Entertainment’s Caitlin Friedman and Jef traction,” he added. of Paramount Pictures’ Kaminsky MIPCOM News 2 • 18 • 15 October 2019


is now








Industry told to prepare for the direct-to-consumer revolution THE MEDIA industry is entering a “pivotal moment in history” with the imminent arrival of major new direct-to-consumer (D2C) services including Apple TV+ and Disney+, the co-founder of a major media and technology research and analytics firm has said. Addressing a packed session in the Grand Auditorium yesterday, Tim Mulligan, research director and head of video analysis at MIDiA Research, said that the “D2C explosion” is set to transform the way consumers access content in an era where content providers and platforms will compete for niche pockets of “fragmented fandom”. With a number of D2C services entering the market over the next six months and consumer trends reaching a new ‘postpeak attention’ epoch, Mulligan

said, the battle for screen time will increasingly revolve around serving “increasingly selective consumers” with niche interests

and tastes. “Fandom is now the difference between the failure and success to cut through in the D2C

MIDiA Research’s Tim Mulligan: “It will come down to market positioning”

Conze’s rules for streaming success THE WORLD has “gone mad” pitting advertising-backed platforms against subscription models, according to Max Conze, CEO of ProSiebenSat.1. Conze revealed his rules for streaming-platform success in an insightful keynote at MIPCOM yesterday afternoon. “The web has shown that advertising works as well,” Conze said. “Spotify’s model is effective, while Facebook and Google are hugely profitable.” Conze discussed ProSiebenSat.1’s joint venture with Discovery, Joyn, now Germany’s largest freemium streaming platform, offering live streams of 55 public and private free TV channels as well as originals and exclusives in one app. Delegates heard that the premium version of Joyn with an additional sub-

scription model is set to follow, thrusting Joyn further into the vanguard of ProSiebenSat.1’s digital strategy. “Will Joyn go beyond Germany in the future? I am 100% sure the answer is yes,” he said. Pondering partnerships with Amazon and beyond, Conze said that “partnering is sometimes more difficult than doing it on your own” and contemplated the inherent conflict of working with businesses “with whom one also fiercely competes”. However, domestic programme makers have the lead on the likes of Amazon and Netflix on loyalty-building local content, including infotainment and sports flows, Conze said. “We believe in doubling down on owning our relationship with our Ger-

man viewers.” Conze confirmed that ProSiebenSat.1 had launched a strategic review of its Red Arrow

landscape,” Mulligan said. “It will come down to market positioning. You’ve got to have a laser-focused ability to touch the core audience.” The D2C market is set for the potentially dramatic arrival of some new consumer services, notably Apple TV+ and Disney+, both of which launch next month, and NBCUniversal’s Peacock and Warner Media’s HBO Max, which are set to go live in the first half of 2020. But despite the tremendous amount of progress already made, and with such significant new entrants on the way, Mulligan told delegates, there are still issues in the financial dynamics of the D2C model which need resolving. He said: “Streaming is here to stay. It is now mainstream in the developed world. But there’s still a lag in monetisation compared to actual engagement. And now we have organic areas of growth. Netflix is competing against limitations of growth as well as non-core competitors like Fortnite.”

Studios, and was looking to sell or set up a partnership for the division’s production and distribution business. “We’re not in a rush, but we’ve already received lots of enquiries,” he said.

ProSiebenSat.1’s Max Conze: “We’re not in a rush”

MIPCOM News 2 • 20 • 15 October 2019


‘It went to places I wasn’t expecting’ MIPCOM played host last night to the World Premiere TV Screening of Devils, a Sky Italia financial thriller, produced by Lux Vide and Orange Studio, funded by Sky Studios and starring screen icon Patrick Dempsey (Grey’s Anatomy) alongside Alessandro Borghi (Suburra). Based on a best-selling novel by Italian trader Guido Maria Brera, the 10-part English-language series was shot mainly in Rome, but set in the London office of a US bank. Inspired by the 2008 global financial crisis, the series portrays Borghi as a ruthless head of trading, Massimo Ruggero, introduced to the world of finance by Dominic Morgan (Dempsey), the bank’s CEO. Ahead of the screening, Dempsey told the MIPCOM News: “I read the first episode and really liked the reversals in the story. It went to places I wasn’t expecting.” While Dempsey is best-known for US mega-hit Grey’s Anatomy, his recent TV career has had a distinctly international flavour. He said: “I love being in Europe. I like to work internationally because I learn when I travel. It’s really interesting to be at an event like this where so many countries are represented and I might get to meet new showrunners.” Devils is Borghi’s first English-language project: “It was really challenging and exciting for me, because of the language and because of the world, which I knew nothing about. It was a gift to work on something so international, yet with this strong dynamic between two characters.” Showrunner/director Nick Hurran said: “I have spent the last few years on really big science-fiction projects, so I was really yearning to do something that had a human story. I read Guido’s novel and it made me angry. But then it inspired me to tell the story of how people are affected by a global financial system that is broken and still impacting on lives around the world.” Co-director Jan Michelini added: “I was amazed when I read the book. The way global finance affects people’s lives is much bigger than I knew and that struck me really hard.” Sky Italia head of original productions Nils Hartmann said Devils is precisely the kind of ground-breaking production his division is keen to support. He confirmed that plans are already under way for a second series. Luca Bernabei, Lux Vide CEO and executive producer, added that framing the global financial world in terms of human stories was key to giving the show authenticity. Devils is being distributed internationally by NBCUniversal Global Distribution. Patrick Dempsey

MIPCOM News 2 • 21 • 15 October 2019


‘We’re born naked — the rest is drag,’ RuPaul tells audience ON THE first evening of MIPCOM 2019, RuPaul Charles, host and executive producer of global phenomenon RuPaul’s Drag Race, gave a Media Mastermind Keynote to a wildly enthusiastic audience. He also received the Variety Vanguard Award for making a significant contribution to the global business of entertainment. A pioneer in the ongoing battle for diversity, inclusion and acceptance, RuPaul said his world-famous show was all about “outsiders who have been through so much just to leave their home. Little boys who have been told by society that there is no place for them, but who have realised you can create the life you want. Drag is a reminder that you have to see beyond the superficial and look deeper.”

RuPaul Charles: “I believe in magic”

Ken Watanabe in high resolution KEN WATANABE (Inception, The Last Samurai) is in Cannes for the premiere of An Artist Of The Floating World. Adapted from the novel by Nobel Prize-winning author Kazuo Ishiguro, the one-off drama follows an aging Japanese painter who is asking himself difficult questions about his role in the war. The 89-minute film is shot in 8K and, when it is viewed at that resolution with 22.2 surround sound, it is astoundingly clear. You see a fire burning and you can almost smell the smoke. The film was the first venture into 8K for both Watanabe and director Kazutaka Watanabe (no relation). “8K was always seen as great for natural-history programming — the detail, the colour — but no one thought it would be good for

drama,” Kazutaka Watanabe said. “With natural history, you want to see everything. But in drama, sometimes not everything should be seen.” But paradoxically, that can work

in your favour too. “I played one scene where Ono stands on a bridge reflecting on his life,” said Ken Watanabe. “I thought it went well, but Kazutaka wanted another take because there

Ken Watanabe: star of NHK’s An Artist Of The Floating World

MIPCOM News 2 • 22 • 15 October 2019

RuPaul started out in public-access television in Atlanta in the 1980s before relocating to New York to further his career. Today, his Drag Race show airs worldwide and has spawned both spin-offs and local adaptations. Asked if he could believe the way things have worked out, he said: “Yes, because I believe in magic and the power of the will. People are more than what it says in their passport.” RuPaul’s Drag Race is fundamentally a feel-good entertainment show, which enables him to express his love for “colour, music, laughter, magic, joy and creativity”. But it also goes behind the curtain and tells stories about the challenges its participants have faced in being true to themselves. “Some stories we cover are heartbreaking, about people who have been kicked out of their homes or sent to gay-conversion therapy. But I’m optimistic because the show provides a navigational tool for young people. We’re born naked — the rest is drag,” he said.

was a very thin spider’s web in the frame. Before 8K, the audience wouldn’t have noticed. But in 8K, they would.” Yet to Ken Watanabe’s surprise, the original take was the one that the director used. “When I saw the spider’s web, I thought it symbolised the anxiety and dread of Ono, and I thought that was great,” Kazutaka Watanabe said. He added: “In 8K, I discovered there are a hundred gradations of black, so I have to ask myself which black I want to use. Technology evolves, but the essence of what directors do remains the same. I remember when HD arrived. I felt that I can’t do this any longer because it shows everything. But new technology soon becomes normal and just another weapon in the director’s armoury.” An Artist Of The Floating World is available in 8K, 4K and 2K from NHK Enterprises.


Fred Burcksen, ZDF Enterprises’ President and CEO, with Toru Ota, Senior Executive Managing Director, Fuji Television Network,Inc.

ZDF Enterprises celebrates its MIPCOM highlights with a full house at the traditional ‘Sundowner’ The company kicked off MIPCOM with a presentation of its current line-up. In the drama highlight THE WALL (3×90′ or 6×45′), three sisters find themselves on different sides of the political fence in a rapidly disintegrating East Germany in the late 1980s. OTTILIE VON FABER-CASTELL (2x90’) tells the true story of the young woman who inherited the famous pencil manufacturing empire at the end of the 19th century. The period drama DEAD STILL (6x50’) follows a renowned memorial photographer as he investigates the murders of his recently deceased subjects. Fresh from its World Premiere Screening at MIPJunior comes the live action teen vampire series HEIRS OF THE NIGHT (26x26’). The documentary series GREAT INVENTIONS (35x50‘); the nature film LOST KINGS OF BIOKO (50‘), and ANCIENT SKIES (3x50‘), are the latest additions to the unscripted catalogue. President and CEO Fred Burcksen took particular pleasure in presenting the two upcoming drama projects THE WINDOW and FREUD.

Natalie Müller-Elmau (Senior VP, 3sat/ZDF), Cristina Trebbi, Susanne Utz and Markus Dillmann (Managing Editor, 3sat/ZDF).

Manoj Mishra (COO, DQ Entertainment), Luca Milano (Executive Director, Rai Ragazzi), Tapaas Chakravarti (Founder, Chairman, CEO and MD of DQ Entertainment).


Joeri Jansen (CEO, Paradise Media), Edvard van’t Wout (Producer, 2CFilm), Susanne Frank and Viviane Richard (ZDFE.drama) with Beatriz Cavanillas (Marketing Manager, Inside Content).

Eva Frank (Producer) and Wolfram Wiese (Managing Director) from K22 Film with doc.station’s CEO Jasmin Gravenhorst.

Jeffrey Shimamoto, U-Next with Yuliya Fischer, ZDFE.drama.

World Media Rights’ Dean Palmer (Head of Development/Executive Director), David McNab (Creative Director) and Alan Griffiths (CEO).

Diederik van Rooijen, director of HEIRS OF THE NIGHT, with Jonathan M. Shiff, Founder and CEO of JMSP.

Actor Götz Otto with Oliver Schündler (CEO, Lucky Bird Pictures) and Tom Gamlich (MD, South+Browse).

Laurine Garaude (Director of the Television Division, ReedMIDEM, center) with Sylvain Faureau (Senior Director of Sales TV Division, MIP Markets) and Robert Franke (ZDFE.drama).

Alexandra Kling (Producer, ZDF Digital), Christine Bömmel (Senior Acquisition Manager, Red Bull Media House), Margarita Garcia (ZDFE.unscripted) and Kathrin Palesch (Managing Director Germany, A+E Networks).


BLUEY HEADS BBC CONTENT DEAL WITH ALIBABA BBC STUDIOS, the UK public broadcaster’s distribution and production arm, has extended its reach into China with a content collaboration deal with the Alibaba Group’s streaming platform Youku at MIPCOM. The move will make 100-plus hours of the BBC’s CBeebies premium kids shows available to Chinese viewers. A typical example of how the collaboration will work sees Bluey, an Australian animated series co-commissioned by BBC Studios and Australia’s ABC Kids from Emmy award-winning Ludo Studio, dubbed into Chinese. Bluey is scheduled to debut on Youku in mid-October. Other CBeebies titles going to Youku include live action/ animated edutainment show Yakka Dee, kids cookery show My World Kitchen and My Pet And Me, which teaches kids how to look after pets. The BBC Studios-Youku agreement was jointly signed by Henrietta Hurford-Jones, BBC Studios’ director of children’s content, who said: “We are very pleased that through Youku, pre-schoolers in China will have greater access to premium CBeebies content.” Youku Kids’ general manager Aaron Liao added: “BBC Studios has a track record of producing quality children’s content that is not only entertaining, but also educational.”

Bluey (BBC Studios)

Industry urged to seek out treasures of Chinese TV VIRGINIA Mouseler, CEO of Swiss-based data company The Wit, introduced delegates to an array of new Chinese shows in her session Fresh TV China. “There are treasures to be discovered there,” she said, “I would really urge people to see what is being produced in China.” Mouseler introduced 12 titles across animation, drama, comedy, documentary and factual entertainment. They ranged in format and subject matter and originated with several different broadcasters, platforms and distributors. Overall, Mouseler said, they provide insights into Chinese culture and society that audiences outside the country very rarely get to experience. Titles exhibited include animation special Kiangnan 1894 (1 x 85 mins) from SMG Pictures/ Shanghai Wing Media; comedy drama Mr Fighting (44 x 45 mins) from Hunan TV/China

Huace Film & TV; drama series Ping Pong (45 x 45 mins) from iQiyi; comedy drama Your Home Is My Business (52 x 45 mins) from Shanghai YouHug Media; animation series P.King Duckling Adventure Buds (26 x 11 mins) from CITVC; 3D animation series No. 23 Niu Naitang (52 x 12 mins) from Hunan Animation Satellite TV; documentary series Life Matters 2 (10 x 52 mins) from Dragon TV/ SMG Pictures/Shanghai Wing Media; documentary special The Biggest Birthday Party (1 x 50

mins) from NGC; documentary series The Chanting of Pu’Er Tea (5 x 40 mins) from YNTV; food documentary series Once Upon A Bite 2 (8 episodes) from Tencent Video; factual entertainment/ reality series When I Grow Up (13 episodes) from Mango TV/ mgtv.com; and animation series The Little Ben (52 episodes) from Youku and Nickelodeon. Mouseler said The Little Ben series showcased an image of China in which “wisdom, philosophy, technology and crazy ideas are combined”.

The Wit’s Virginia Mouseler

Hunan TV wants more high-quality IP CHINESE broadcaster Hunan TV is seeking international partners to collaborate on the development and production of new premium content, speakers told the Hunan TV International BIU Project Conference. Hunan TV executive vice-president Xiong Zhou said international collaboration was one of the pillars of a three-pronged strategy that also included focusing on youth and innovation. The company, which will become the first major Chinese broadcaster to sponsor the MIPFormats International Pitch next year, has already unveiled a series of international content-creation partners that include BBC Studios, Endemol Shine Group, Nippon TV and Armoza Formats. Among the new titles that have re-

sulted from this policy is Sing Or Spin with Endemol Shine China. “Hunan TV’s future ambitions include exploring broader international co-operation to nurture more high-quality IP,” Zhou said. Lester Hu, Hunan TV’s head of formats and international business, added: “This is the start of our major moves into international content development and creation.” Both emphasised how all this will be made possible via the company’s BIU Project, an R&D laboratory set up to encourage innovative ideas and creative skills. “It is designed to make us more proactive and dynamic in our approach to content creation,” Zhou said. Also in Hunan TV’s favour was the youthfulness of its workforce,

MIPCOM News 2 • 26 • 15 October 2019

Zhou added. “The average age of our producers and directors is 24 and the youngest of them were born after the 1990s. Although that is rare in the Chinese industry, it is the norm at Hunan TV.”

Hunan TV’s Xiong Zhou


“An anthology series that interlaces real-life horrors with imagined ones, to bone-chilling effect.� - The Boston Globe


Russian film and TV breaking good Overcoming the struggles of the post-Soviet years, the Russian Federation is again becoming a major hub for productions that are now finding global audiences

RUSSIAN TV, film and digital content is undergoing a rapid renaissance, according to Eu genia Markova, director of industry relations at Expocontent, the body appointed by the Export Center to handle the Made in Russia stand at MIPCOM. “The quality of Russian content has been increasing in recent years,” Markova said, referring to breakout titles such as the Cineflix Rights-distributed series, An Ordinary Woman (8 x 60 mins), a Moscow-set family saga of lies and deceit that has been compared to Breaking Bad; post-apocalyptic drama The Outbreak, the first Russian finalist at CANNESERIES; and Road To Calvary, a 12-episode television mini-series based on the eponymous novel trilogy by Soviet writer Alexei Tolstoy. After the fall of communism, Russian film and TV creators long struggled to secure state backing. But that has changed dramatically in recent times, especially in terms of state support from the Russian Ministry of Culture and the Cinema Fund that has helped give birth to globally successful feature films such as the 3D-animated adventure franchise, The Snow Queen. “This has led to the significant growth and development of the industry, of the product, of cinema visits and quality of the content,” said Markova of the increasing state support. “But what has been lacking is an umbrella organisation that consistently promotes industry interests, both within and outside the country.” Since early 2019, a new Russian Export Center initiative has been committed to promoting the export of Russian con-

tent under exactly such a single umbrella — especially since Russian production companies tend to produce content across diverse theatrical, TV or digital platforms, Markova noted. The fruits of this collaboration are born out in the Made in Russia stand in Cannes, where a growing slate of Russian-grown content is being showcased, from the The Blackout, a 2019 Russian sci-fi action thriller film directed by Egor Baranov that will be released in the Russian Federation in November;

to the psychological thriller series Six Empty Seats (8 x 48 mins) that is being developed by Moscow-based Premier Studios, which is also producing the Siberia-set post-apocalyptic drama, The Horizon. Premier Studios is also at MIPCOM to present Nazi Hunters, the story of a Jewish woman whose family was murdered by Nazis and who has devoted her life to revenge. Recruited by the Israeli intelligence service Mossad, she travels to Argentina in search of the Nazis who took

Eugenia Markova, director of industry relations at Expocontent

MIPCOM News 2 • 28 • 15 October 2019

part in the Holocaust. On the back of this Russian content revival is the news that the sci-fi series Better Than Us, the future-set story of a world that is increasingly ruled by androids, became, in August 2019, the first-ever Netflix Original series from Russia. Following the success of The Snow Queen, animation is also a primary focus at MIPCOM. Made in Russia: The Next Animation Boom showcased key titles from 14 local animators including Wizart, which is in Cannes with the first part of Hansel And Gretel, the new full-length film franchise based on the famous fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. The company also pitched Snow Queen: The Keepers Of Wonders series. The global success of The Snow Queen franchise inspired the 52 x 11 mins 3D series which is due for completion in late 2019.



MGM’s Ottinger on a mission to send Bond on a world tour

MGM’s Chris Ottinger: looking for partners to air 007 catalogue

WITH the 25th instalment of the iconic James Bond film franchise, No Time To Die, due to reach movie screens next spring, MGM Studios is making a major push behind the entire 007 movie catalogue at MIPCOM this week. Chris Ottinger, MGM Studios president, worldwide television distribution and acquisitions, said: “Bond is taking over MGM’s stand, which is something we’ve never done before. We’re looking for partners that want to air the entire catalogue and promote Bond in the run-up to the launch of the new film.” Broadcasters already on board the 007 bandwagon include ITV (UK), RTL (Germany) and France TV, said Ottinger. “Movie franchises like this are still really popular with broadcasters, often out-performing new

TV wins for new Noughts + Crosses ITV STUDIOS Global Entertainment (ITVS GE) has unveiled a range of scripted deals, including pre-sales for its series Noughts + Crosses and new sales for WW2 drama World On Fire. Based on Malorie Blackman’s acclaimed novel, Noughts + Crosses is set in a dangerous, alternate world where racism divides society. Produced by Mammoth Screen, it has been acquired by M-Net in Africa, Russia’s More TV and TVNZ in New Zealand among others. New buyers for World On Fire include Huanxi Premium in China and RTL in Germany. Ruth Berry, managing director of ITVS GE, said: “Noughts + Crosses is among the most anticipated shows of the year. I believe it is a brand-defining piece of television.”

ITVS GE’s Noughts + Crosses: brand-defining TV

MIPCOM News 2 • 30 • 15 October 2019

non-blockbuster releases.” Other highlights at MIPCOM include MGM’s TV drama slate, he added: “We’ve made a lot of sales on our TV adaptation of Four Weddings And A Funeral, but we will be looking to close a few remaining first windows and secure some second window deals. We’re optimistic the show will go to a second series.” Ottinger is also upbeat about the fourth series of hit series Fargo, starring Chris Rock, and said MGM is now in development with Hulu on The Testaments, a sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale also based on Margaret Atwood’s work. MGM continues to be a leading force in entertainment formats and is also extending its factual slate thanks to content coming via its Epix pay-TV channel, Ottinger said. “An example would be a series in which film critic Elvis Mitchell interviews famous film talent in amazing locations. We also have provocative series like Sex Life, which give us a new product genre to introduce to buyers.”

On the unscripted front, ITVS GE parent ITV Studios also announced a co-development deal with Atresmedia Studios for new game show format Trust Me I’m A Six-Year-Old. Mike Beale, managing director, ITV Studios Creative Network, said: “We are looking to partner and work with broadcasters across the world, on co-developments or co-productions. We are already registering a high level of interest in this format and eager to explore its global potential.” ITV Studios recently restructured its global operation, naming Maarten Meijs as head of ITV Studios Global Entertainment, a division that integrates the catalogues of Talpa Media, Armoza Formats, Twofour and ITV Studios. Meijs revealed that hit format The Voice Kids is to be produced in Japan, a rare breakthrough for a Western format in this territory.


BBC Studios spans Africa with prime content and SVOD deals BBC STUDIOS has licensed more than 800 hours of content to clients across the African continent, including deals in the Seychelles and Kenya and a SVOD services agreement for a mixed-genre package across 22 African markets. BBC Studio’s first-ever signing with the Seychelles Broadcasting Company covers around 150 hours of programming, including The Durrells (series 1-3), Doctor Foster (series 1 and 2) and comedy series Still Open All Hours (series 1-3). In Kenya, BBC Studios has agreed its largest package deal to date with Kenyan free-to-air broadcaster Mediamax Network for its K24 and Kameme TV channels. The natural history, children’s and lifestyle package includes the BAFTA award-winning Planet Earth II, Junior

MasterChef (series 2 and 3) and MI High (series 1-7). Meanwhile, a mixed-genre package of over 250 hours of content has been brokered via Vubiquity for SVOD providers across 22 African markets, including Cell C’s Black, Vodacom, Deod, and MTN. In South Africa, SVOD service Showmax has licensed over 230 hours, including Les Miserables and The Planets, with relation-

ship drama Trigonometry making its territory premiere. “We are pleased to be bringing content to East Africa with SBC and KTN, so more homes than ever before will have access to our world-class programming across the genres of natural history, premium drama, children’s and lifestyle,” said Salim Mukaddam, senior vice-president, content and formats, CEMA, BBC Studios.

HORROR FROM A FEMALE PERSPECTIVE NEWLY launched high-end scripted producer RubyRock Pictures has inked a deal with Wild Bunch TV to co-develop and finance Her Horror, a feminist anthology series created by Zara Symes which RubyRock is co-producing with Clipper Media Capital. Her Horror examines the varied spectrum of the female experience through the versatile prism of horror, providing a platform for a collective of experienced and emerging female talent to reclaim a genre which has so often brutalised women. Each episode will draw inspiration from specific aspects of the female experience — puberty, childbearing, menopause, ageing — while referencing classic horror films and tropes.

Trigonometry (BBC Studios)

FilmRise focuses on iconic rock photos US FILM and TV distribution company and streaming service FilmRise has completed a major production deal and a content acquisition signing with two major UK companies. One of the deals sees the New York-based company embark on a new documentary co-production project with Eagle Rock Entertainment, telling the stories behind iconic photographs of legendary musicians and bands including The

Who, Elton John and Queen. The show, Icon: Music Through The Lens, will feature interviews with the photographers who took some of the most famous photos in music history, as well as legendary performances by a host of renowned artists. To be produced in North America across six episodes, the show is set to be broadcast on UK Sky Arts next year. FilmRise chief executive Danny Fisher said: “We are thrilled to

Eagle Rock Entertainment’s Will White (left), with FilmRise’s Melissa Wohl, Danny Fisher and Bianca Serafini

have partnered with Eagle Rock on this fabulous documentary series. It is a unique way of looking at rock music history, through the eyes of the photographers who captured these legendary performers and performances.” FilmRise has also completed a distribution rights deal with ITV Studios Global Entertainment to take two of its TV series to a US audience. The company has acquired rights to six-hour mini-series West Of Liberty, an Anagram and Network Move production for ZDF and SVT based on the eponymous 2013 novel by Swedish author Thomas Engstrom. The deals were signed by FilmRise vice-president of acquisitions Max Einhorn, and Rob Kaplan, vice-president for sales, US and global accounts at ITV Studios Global Entertainment.

MIPCOM News 2 • 31 • 15 October 2019

Her Horror creator Zara Symes

NEW GEN-Z PROJECT FROM SOMOS AND ONCELOOPS SPAIN’s Somos Productions and Argentinian producer Onceloops will co-produce a new series Maleducadas (Spoiled). The 15-episode youth series is based on a story that combines elements of generational rebellion, mystery and an individual search within a musical framework. “Onceloops’ experience in handling musical stories and our strengths in this genre are combined in this refreshing and attractive story, with the elements of friendship, love and the anguish that face this new generation all featuring strongly,” said Somos chairman Luis Villanueva.


Dutch detective gets makeover to create modern-day appeal

Team Van Der Valk: writer Chris Murray (left), actor Marc Warren and executive producer Michele Buck

ACCLAIMED British actor Marc Warren, executive producer Michele Buck and writer Chris Murray hit the Cannes shores yesterday to promote Van Der Valk, a modern-day remake of the groundbreaking

1970s hit European detective series of the same name. Starring Warren as the tenacious street-smart but cerebral Dutch detective Commisaris Van der Valk, who solves all kinds of mysterious crimes

with his investigative team, the three-part two-hour drama has already found buyers in the US, Europe and the UK. “I never saw the original series but I was aware of its popularity,” Warren said. “I’ve inter-

The Hunting heads for France’s W9 UK-BASED distributor DCD Rights has sold The Hunting to French youth-oriented TV network W9. The 4 x 60 mins Australian drama tackles the sensitive topic of revenge porn among today’s adolescents. It centres on the explicit nude photos of underage students being shared online and the devastating consequences after the images are discovered by two high-school teachers. Set in multicultural Australia, the series depicts delicate but internationally recognised issues that range from misogyny and privacy to sexuality and sexualisation. “It is such a relatable subject

matter and hugely topical at the moment, but very sensitively handled in the series,” said Rick Barker, head of sales at DCD Rights, which has the global rights to the show. W9, part of French conglomerate Groupe M6, has worked with DCD Rights several times before on mostly factual content, but this is the first time the two companies have successfully completed a drama deal, said Eugenie de Bonnafos, Groupe M6’s drama acquisitions executive. She added: “We thought the issue was very relevant for W9’s young audiences and although the story takes place in Australia, everyone can re-

late to it and there is no sensationalism.”

preted the character as truthfully as I can and the role is a gift. We’ve created something very watchable and among the different characters, there is somebody for everyone in it.” Set in Amsterdam, the series was commissioned by All3Media International and ARD Degeto, part of the German public broadcaster ARD. It is produced by UKbased Company Pictures, an All3Media subsidiary. British media company ITV, Dutch producer NL Film and the team behind the PBS Masterpiece series in the US have come on board as co-producers. “We mustn’t forget that the original TV series was the first international detective series,” said Buck.” These days, it’s hard to find something that genuinely appeals to buyers in Europe, the US and the UK. For our version, we’ve already got buyers in Europe and the US; it is already an international brand.” Writer Chris Murray added: “We’ve built a character that reflects the city of Amsterdam; one that is vibrant with a tolerant culture.”

The Hunting was created by Closer Productions with SBS Broadcasting Australia, Screen Australia and South Australia Film Corporation.

Groupe M6’s Eugenie de Bonnafos (left) and DCD Rights’ Rick Barker

MIPCOM News 2 • 32 • 15 October 2019




WOMEN ON THE EDGE 40 x 48 min.  | HD


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05.09.19 11:18


DINOSAUR DEALS IN FINLAND AND ITALY FOR APC THE EXCLUSIVE Italian pay-TV rights to Dinocity, an original kids animation series made by Russia-based Riki Group, has been snapped up by DeA Kids, the De Agostini-owned children’s TV network. Meanwhile, Finnish broadcaster YLE has also nabbed the TV rights for the country. The rights were sold by APC Kids, the children’s division of the France-headquartered co-production/distribution group, APC Studios, which has the exclusive distribution rights in all territories, apart from Russia and China. The 52 x 5 mins pre-school animation series follows the humorous antics of a family of dinosaurs, their adventures and the dynamics between Ricky, the youngest, and the other family members. It was co-produced by Riki Group and Ukraine-based Animax studio, while APC Kids is also an investor in the show. Riki Group’s vicepresident, international business development and distribution, Diana Yurinova, said: “I had no doubts who we should partner with on Dinocity. With production on the first season well under way, we are excited about the first sales APC Kids has already secured.” “Lionel Marty, APC Kids’ managing director, added: “There is global interest in children’s properties created in Russia and we are excited to start the international roll out of this fun series.”

Dinocity (APC Kids)

All3Media’s drama slate wins first-time deals in Asian market UK DISTRIBUTOR All3Media International has signed a slate of new deals in Asia for its drama and factual entertainment programming. This includes a firsttime deal with U-Next, the largest combined premium VOD and MVNO [mobile virtual network operator] telecom service in Japan, for 22 hours of primetime drama.

U-Next has secured Neal Street Productions’ Informer (6 x 60 mins), an award-winning thriller for BBC One, about a British-Pakistani man who is coerced into informing for a counter-terrorism officer; and two seasons of Screentime’s Playing For Keeps (16 x 60 mins), a contemporary drama set on the professional

All3Media International’s Kit Yow with Jeffrey Shimamoto from U-Next

football sidelines that is told by women and was produced for Australia’s Channel 10. In another first acquisition, Taiwan’s Catchplay has picked up rights to the three-part drama, Mrs Wilson, as has Japan’s Tohokushinsha Film Corporation for its Super! Drama TV channel. Starring Ruth Wilson, Mrs Wilson is inspired by the memoir of her grandmother in which she explored her family’s shadowy history. A full 24 hours of Australian factual show Travel Guides arrives in Japan through All3Media International’s first sales to BS Disney in Japan. Kit Yow, sales manager at All3Media International, said: “Offering premium programming across multiple genres enables us to work with a broad spectrum of channels and platforms — and fully realise the huge potential of this vibrant market.”

Doctor Foster set for Indian remake BBC STUDIOS’ Doctor Foster is to be remade for India following a scripted-format deal with Hotstar Specials. TF1 has also ordered a second local season of the hit series for the French market, where it airs as Infidele (Unfaithful) and is co-produced by BBC Studios’ French production base and Storia Television. These latest deals follow scripted-format sales to Russia and South Korea. Sumi Connock, BBC Studios’ creative director of formats, said that the deals underlined the continued demand for strong, female-led dramas. “Doctor Foster’s unique and brilliant portrayal of adultery and revenge has provided a complex psychological thriller,” she added. The Indian adaptation, which will launch on Hotstar later this year, is being directed by acclaimed filmmakers Tigman-

shu Dhulia and Aijza Khan. Sameer Gogate, business head of production, India, for BBC Studios, said that BBC dramas such as Criminal Justice had consistently raised the quality bar for Indian audiences. “The original Doctor Foster has a tremendous following internation-

BBC Studios’ Doctor Foster: set for India

MIPCOM News 2 • 34 • 15 October 2019

ally and we believe that an Indian version will work very well in our region,” he added. The original Doctor Foster was written by Mike Bartlett and produced by Drama Republic for BBC One. The UK version has now been sold to more than 225 territories.


Cineflix Rights seeks buyers for Livia’s jungle adventure

Livia Simoka

VIEWERS aren’t always accustomed to seeing young, female filmmakers tackle survival themes in remote corners of the planet, so Renegade Pictures’ Extreme Tribe: The Last Pygmies (3 x 60 mins), proved a breath of fresh air in documentary-making when it screened on Channel 4 in the UK earlier this year. Told by filmmaker Livia Simoka, who spent five months fully immersed in the daily lives of the Mbendjele Pygmy community of hunter-gatherers, the series provides a rare look into the world of the remote tribe in the Republic of the Congo. Now seeking further distribution at MIPCOM through Cineflix

Rights, the documentary follows Simoka’s life in the village of Bonguinda, among 250 inhabitants, where she is hosted on the floor of one family’s mud hut. “They were incredibly friendly and hospitable,” Simoka said. “There were about 10 people living in that hut. Staying at such close quarters meant that we also captured the more difficult aspects of their existence, as well as being able to explore uniquely female perspectives on tribal life. “It was a life-changing experience to be welcomed into the Mbendjele’s tight-knit community, and I’m very honoured to be able to share their stories and dramas.”

Horsepower fosters French-Canadian talent HORSEPOWER, the format incubator from Quebec, launched at MIPCOM last year by producer-distributor Media Ranch and local broadcaster Quebecor Content/TVA, has announced the winner of its first intake, and is about to launch its second. “The winner of year one is Family Tripped, and it’s a fresh take on the dating show,” said Sophie Ferron, president of Media Ranch. “It sends a contestant who is looking for love on a trip with three potential matches — and their own parents. It’s fun and entertaining, and most importantly, authentic.” “Horsepower aims to develop the next generation of French-Canadian format creators,” said Christine Maestracci, senior director of acquisitions, Quebecor Content, who helped devise the programme. “The first year’s participants were an eclectic mix of creative people from outside broadcasting — finance, gaming — from across Quebec. And they were all so well

coached that we were blown away by the quality of the pitches.” Quebecor Content helps fund development and Media Ranch produces and distributes selected formats.

Year two of the scheme launches this week, with the deadline for applications on November 15. Ferron would like to hear from format professionals interested in mentoring applicants.

LEARNING HOW TO LIVE DIFFERENTLY AUSTRALIAN content company, Front Runner Productions, has secured a co-production agreement with Fredbird Entertainment for the development of alternative lifestyle series Live Differently (6 x 60 mins). While Julie Greene has been recently unveiled as executive producer, the factual series was created by Australian director Adam Dostalek and international wellbeing consultant Ben Saravia, who also serves as host of the series. “The concept was forged as an antidote to the pressure of contemporary life and constraints regarding lifestyle choices,” Saravia said. “We know of the high rates of anxiety and depression in the western world and it is clear in my work and travels that people are seeking sustainable ways of living for their physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Live Differently is about opening the doors to new pathways.” The series was filmed in 4K, with high production values driven both by Dostalek’s commercial advertising background and his passion to showcase the beauty of the episodes’ Australian and global locations. “As filmmakers we wanted to capture and honour the extent to which these natural environments enhance the alternative lifestyles of our subjects,” Dostalek said.

Quebecor Content’s Christine Maestracci (left) and Media Ranch’s Sophie Ferron

MIPCOM News 2 • 35 • 15 October 2019

Adam Dostalek


GAME SHOW HITS THE JACKPOT WITH ALPHA TV DEAL GREEK commercial broadcaster Alpha TV has licensed a local version of physical game show Catchpoint from ITV Studios Global Entertainment (ITVS GE). The channel has ordered a minimum of 150 x 60 mins episodes. The Catchpoint format launched in the UK in March 2019 with a peak of over 3.5m viewers and a 21% share on leading free-to-air channel BBC One. Subsequently it has been recommissioned in the UK and picked up by TV2 in Hungary. Catchpoint features two teams who compete in a series of picture questions on 10 giant screens. To answer a question, one contestant must stand in front of the picture they believe is the right answer. However, to win money they must catch the ball that will be dropped when released by their team mate. If they are right, the ball will drop into their hands but, if wrong, they still have the opportunity to leap to catch it from where they are standing. Pascal Dalton, ITVS GE vice-president, global format sales, said: “With the show returning in the UK and also commissioned in two further territories all in the space of one year, its momentum is growing fast. Catchpoint has really intrigued our buyers with its unique combination of simple game play and physicality.”

Catchpoint (ITVS GE)

HongDangMoo’s adventures in Cannes lead to magical deals SOUTH Korean production independent HongDangMoo said MIPCOM has played a significant role in making two of its recent sales deals a reality. In a signing ceremony today, the company will complete selling the digital media rights for the MENA region, Spain, Italy and Portugal for its series Magic Adventures: The Crystal Of Dark to Italian production/distribution company Showlab. The TV broadcast rights for the same series have been sold to Indonesian broadcaster RTV in Cannes. The series is also available at Paris-based IPL for the French-speaking DOM-TOM markets. Aimed at six- to nine-year-olds, the 11-minute fantasy-adventure animation series, which has a female protagonist, aired on Korea’s KBS channel in 2018. CEO Karen Kang and overseas marketing manager Tina Cho

were in Cannes searching for more deals for the show, which they reported was ranked No.1 at the 2017 MIPJunior screenings, the only Asian production to have achieved that status. “MIPCOM is the biggest market of the year for us, so it has definitely been worth attending,” Cho said. Meanwhile, HongDangMoo’s children’s comedy-action animation series Animal Rescue is among the top titles represented by the South Korean creative industries’ export agency KOCCA at the country’s MIPCOM pavilion. The 11-minute series has been on KBS since February this year and production is continuing until February 2020. “It was in the top 20 mostscreened shows at MIPJunior last year and that was only the trailer,” Cho added.

“We’re always investing in new technology like Augmented Reality (AR) to incorporate in shows like Animal Rescue because today’s young viewers will take that for granted in the future. With our 10 years’ experience in educational entertainment, we believe technologies like AR will engage young viewers more.”

HongDangMoo’s Tina Cho and Karen Kang: investing in new technology

Digital dilemmas fuel TV Asahi series TV ASAHI has signed a scripted-format deal with Korea’s CRAV works for its hit drama Dele. The award-winning series, which aired last summer on TV Asahi, tackles the growing issue of what happens to a person’s digital data after they die. The drama’s two main characters work for a company that deletes people’s computer and smartphone data after their death. They aren’t supposed to look inside the files but, when they sense something isn’t quite right about a client’s digital legacy, the temptation is too great and they find themselves caught up in secret lives and powerful emotions. Kua Jeon, CRAV works’ executive producer, said: “Korea is a very powerful digital country, with the world’s top rate of smartphone penetration and number of hours spent on the

internet.” As a result, Korea is facing many of the issues highlighted in Dele’s storylines, he added: “Korean audiences are bound to feel strong interest and sympathy.” The Korean version of Dele is

Korean remake for TV Asahi’s Dele

MIPCOM News 2 • 36 • 15 October 2019

slated to air in 2020. CRAV works was established in 2018 and has already produced a string of hit dramas, including Boys Over Flowers and Love In Palace.


How to find the funds that turn concepts into content AMANDA Groom, managing director of The Bridge — which develops programming between English-speaking broadcasters and producers and their Asian counterparts — moderated a Production Funding Forum conference packed with producers looking to get their projects made. “It doesn’t matter how good any of our ideas are, if we can’t afford to make them,” Groom told the audience during the Finding

Investment: Transforming Ideas Into Reality session. The panel featured leading industry partners and financers explaining how an inspired script, talent or concept for the next hit show can attain financial support. First up was Dave Clarke, the executive vice-president, content, for DRG and Atrium TV. “It’s my job to work with producers and creators to help realise their ideas so we can then sell them and

Dave Clarke on stage with moderator Amanda Groom

make everybody loads of money,” Clarke said. He pointed out that DRG isn’t a traditional distributor that sells finished product but “behaves more like a studio”. To this end, producers can develop a relationship with DRG in the conceptual phase, building a relationship that facilitates funding and commissioning. “It’s about supporting creativity much earlier, it’s about getting across development much earlier,” Clarke added. Claudia Bluemhuber, CEO and managing partner of film financing and production company, Silver Reel Partners, which is behind hit films such as Loving Vincent and The Wife, joined the panel to describe strategies behind Silver Reel’s current move to TV production. “Either it has to have a really great IP, or there needs to be some outstanding talent attached that is elevating the project,” she said.

Big rise in ‘made-to-measure’ funding

FUNDING models are becoming “increasingly bespoke” in the modern media landscape, the head of the BBC’s global production and distribution arm said. Speaking at a special event during MIPCOM yesterday, Paul Dempsey, president of global distribution at BBC Studios, said the rapid evolution content production and distributed across multiple media and platforms has led to complex, individual models for funding. Dempsey said: “Every show we have here has a completely different funding model. The only truism there is now is that there is no one funding model.” Dempsey was speaking on stage alongside BBC Studios director of content Ralph Lee, who said that the new more open field for funding models

was revealing exciting opportunities for content-makers. “The models that exist for funding TV now allow us to create things with greater ambition. With the competition that’s going on now the opportunity to get things that are off-the-scale is there,” he said. Discussing upcoming drama series His Dark Materials, based on the trilogy by author

Philip Pullman, Dempsey said the BBC was taking an “extreme risk level” in terms of the model for the show, which unlike the bulk of big-budget BBC productions is being “fully funded” by the corporation. “The traditional model would have been to offset a lot of the risk with co-production partnerships. This time we greenlit the show completely.”

INVESTORS KEEN ON GERMAN MEDIA MARKET THE GERMAN media market is experiencing an investment boom with foreign companies increasingly choosing to commit, an executive at one of the country’s major entertainment production companies has said. Addressing a busy Funding Creativity session yesterday Oliver Berben, executive board member of Munich-based Constantin Film, said: “It’s a good sign that foreign companies are entering the market because they see an opportunity there. It’s a good thing that Germany as a market is becoming more and more of interest.” Berben said the key to international rollouts and cross-border collaborations was to not “copy and paste a production model” but focus on building solid relations with expert operators in each market. “It’s important to work together with local producers,” he said. “You need to have excellent contacts to your creative elements all over. Money is an important step but equally important are the established contacts with the creative world.” In conversation with Erik Barmack, chief executive and co-founder of Wild Sheep Content, Berben added that Constantin remains committed to its longstanding corporate policy of retaining control over intellectual property in order to protect long term revenues from a creative project. “If you create something, you need to be a part of it,” he said. “It’s very important for us to keep parts of the rights.”

Constantin Film’s Oliver Berben BBC Studios’ Ralph Lee (left) and Paul Dempsey

MIPCOM News 2 • 37 • 15 October 2019


M6 BUYS HAT TRICK’S CRAZY COP COMEDY HAT TRICK International has sold the off-beat comedy drama Magnus to M6’s SerieClub. Produced by Viafilm, which was behind international hits Norsemen and Lilyhammer, Magnus was created by award-winning comedy performer Vidar Magnussen (Side By Side). Commissioned by Christina Rezk Resar, head of comedy for NRK, two versions of the series were shot, one in Norwegian and one in English. SerieClub will air a dubbed version of the Norwegian series in the latter part of 2019. The deal was brokered by Sarah Bickley, senior sales executive at Hat Trick International and M6 Group’s Eugenie de Bonnafos. “The English language version of Magnus is being launched to the international market at MIPCOM,” Sarah Tong, director of sales at Hat Trick International said. “Acquiring Magnus was a departure from our usual business, but we are so pleased we followed our instinct on this one. Comedy series remain in high demand and the comedic genius of Magnus is proving to be hugely popular with international broadcasters.”

Hat Trick International’s Sarah Bickley (left) and M6 Group’s Eugenie de Bonnafos

Ukraine’s Love In Chains is breakout success in Poland UKRAINIAN period drama Love In Chains, created by Starlight Films and Film.UA, looks set to become one of the hottest properties to come out of the country after achieving runaway success in Poland. “After premiering on TVP1 this summer, the show quickly followed in the footsteps of its phenomenal success back home by becoming the most watched series on the channel,” said Igor Storchak, CEO distribution at Film.UA group. “It tripled its market share with the cast of Love In Chains becoming big stars in Poland.” The series tells the story of slave girl Kateryna, who, having been raised as a lady of noble blood, finds herself caught between two worlds and strives for freedom and love. With distribution already clinched for the Balkans and a Russian deal in the works, Storchak noted that interest

from western European states was now high. “We’ve had enquiries from Germany, France and the UK for the property. We’re also looking to get into Asian territories, such as China. They’ve historically shown considerable interest in our shows,” Storchak added. “The first two series comprised 48 nail-biting episodes, with more in the works.” Love In Chains isn’t the only success story attracting attention on the Film.UA stand at MIPCOM. Properties including detective series The Sniffer (sold to 60 territories) and medical drama Dr. Baby Dust continue to make their mark, Storchak said. “Ukraine is opening up to the world more and more,” Storchak said. “Plus with up to 30% cashback incentives for producers shooting in the territory, the country’s back on the map.” Film.UA’s Igor Storchak

VTV and ANTV fall for Block Out NIPPON TV has successfully sold high-action game show format Block Out, developed alongside Red Arrows Studios, for adaptation in Vietnam and Indonesia. The Japanese broadcaster and producer has confirmed deals with VTV in Vietnam and ANTV in Indonesia, who will adapt the format for their domestic audiences. The locally-adapted versions of the show are each due to air next month. The deal follows the airing of the Thai version of Block Out in July, after Nippon TV and Red Arrows signed a deal with broadcaster Channel 7. Nippon TV president of international business development Atsushi Sogo said: “We are delighted to announce the Vietnamese and Indonesian ad-

aptations of Block Out, just a few months after its smashing success in Thailand. Proving that this hilarious yet thrilling studio game-show format can grab the hearts of viewers across the globe in this multi-platform era, Block Out is sure to become

MIPCOM News 2 • 38 • 15 October 2019

a hit in Vietnam and Indonesia.” The deals with VTV and ANTV were secured through Nippon TV’s distribution arm, which owns the rights to Block Out in Asia. Distribution for the rest of the world is being managed by Red Arrows Studios International.

Block Out (Nippon TV/ Red Arrow Studios International)



PRIME ADDS ANIMATION TO DOCS BUSINESS PRIME Entertainment Group, best-known for its slate of factual series, has arrived in Cannes having expanded into animation distribution. The news follows new partnerships with French studios Les Armateurs and Folimage. Prime head of sales Alexandra Marguerite said the new deals give the company control of a broad range of animation series and features including The Triplets Of Belleville, Princes And Princesses and Ariol. “The animation titles mean we can have a more extensive conversation with our clients, whether traditional broadcasters or streamers,” she said. The partnerships came about after Prime was acquired by media group Hildegarde, which already owns Les Armateurs and Folimage. As for its core business, Prime is in Cannes with 4K documentaries including Mediterranean Sea and Moulin Rouge – Behind The Magic. “We have been very proactive in terms of acquisitions and partnerships and today we provide a catalogue of more than 7,000 hours of highquality programmes,” said Marguerite. Hildegarde also owns movie magazines Premiere and Le Film Francais. Marguerite said that Prime’s line-up of movierelated shows will bring opportunities for the divisions to collaborate on new ideas.

Prime’s Alexandra Marguerite

Rakuten TV taps into Europe’s potential for AVOD services JACINTO Roca, CEO and founder of TIVO platform Rakuten TV is in Cannes to announce the launch of a Rakuten AVOD service. This will add to the brand’s existing presence on smart TVs across Europe, where it is used by almost nine million people daily. The time is now for AVOD in Europe, he said: “In 42 countries, 30 million households, we have a branded button on remote controls in their living rooms, which gives us massive reach. The number of visits as-

sociated with that reach gives massive potential to monetise through AVOD. Given the massive success of some AVOD services in the US, there is now momentum from an industry point of view. The third reason is, we’re adding a channel of original content.” Matchday – Inside FC Barcelona, an 8 x 45 mins behind-the-scenes documentary series narrated by John Malkovich, is the first project announced for the new channel Rakuten Stories. Alongside Rakuten Stories, will

be nine other channels covering films, news, documentaries, kids and more. They will feature approximately half the number of ads as a traditional ad-supported TV channel, Roca said. The company has also announced a facelift for its app, that combines linear and on-demand viewing modes. This will be native in 2020 TV models, and will be progressively backdated to existing sets. Jacinto Roca will be speaking at the AVOD On The Rise session at 09.45 this morning in Audi A.

Caribbean Meetup debuts at MIPCOM

Converging in Cannes: One Caribbean Television’s Mark Walton and producer Tom Jacobs

CARIBBEAN broadcasters and content creators converged for MIPCOM’s first-ever Caribbean Meetup, which took place on the first day of the event. One of the names behind the event is Mark Walton, president, sales & marketing at One Caribbean Television (OCTV). The 24/7, 100% Caribbean-themed TV network carries news, weather, lifestyle, sports and entertainment programming along with unmatched Caribbean carnival coverage. Based in the US but with a deep footprint across the Caribbean, OCTV initiated the Caribbean Meetup along

with a delegation from Jamaica that is back in Cannes for a second year. “We’ve invited the buyers, the sellers, anyone interested in the Caribbean media experience,” said Walton of the Meetup. In Cannes to sell Caribbean-themed content is Tom Jacobs, executive producer of Secrets Of The Caribbean, which is shooting its second season and airs on OCTV. “We don’t focus on the resorts or cruise ships. We tell stories about real people and culture and history and music,” Jacobs told MIPCOM News. “It’s been

MIPCOM News 2 • 40 • 15 October 2019

really interesting seeing the reaction from the viewers because they love seeing stories about themselves that no one’s ever done before.” OCTV is also looking to acquire some of the growing range of Caribbean-themed content at MIPCOM, and to secure carriage for OCTV on linear and digital programmes around the world. “One key objective is to get carriage in Europe,” Walton said, adding that 3.5 million Europeans visit the Caribbean annually and have a strong interest in the region.


Shatner: going boldly into the UnXplained

William Shatner

THIS YEAR might be the 50th anniversary of the first man on the moon (and the end of the original Star Trek), but William Shatner — in Cannes to promote his new A+E Networks show, The UnXplained — isn’t interested in the new space race. “I see all those ideas of colonising the moon and colonising Mars as fantasies to avoid thinking about the reality of this, the Carlton hotel, being underwater in 50 years,” he told MIPCOM News. “We’ve got to fix that first.” He is also firmly fixed on The UnXplained, which he executive produced and hosts. So, can he explain the UnXplained? “It embraces the mysteries that surround us. Why is the universe expanding, who is God, why are we here?” he said. Each of the eight episodes takes a different theme — life beyond death, mysterious structures, bizarre rituals — and talks to scientists and other experts to attempt to find an explanation. For Shatner, whose MIPCOM News 2 • 41 • 15 October 2019

career as a TV star has taken him to the limits of the universe, it seems to wrap up a lot of his interests. “It fits right in with everything that I’m doing,” he laughed. “I’m curious, and this curiosity has fed my life from early beginnings, but this show gave me a chance to feed this knowledge.” The UnXplained has been a hit in the US, where eight episodes have aired on the History channel, with more to come in early 2020. “It’s really extraordinary,” Shatner said. “Whenever I’ve done a show, people will come up and say ‘I like your show’, but I’ve never had this kind of reaction I’m getting on the streets from just the eight shows we’ve done.” Shatner is keen to deliver the new episodes of The UnXplained, but he also has other ideas: “I’ve got a show I’m trying to sell that involves space,” he said. “I can’t speak any more about it, but it has to do with space and the final frontier.”


RIVE Gauche Television and Dog Whisperer Productions are offering for the first time at MIPCOM the reboot of Dog Whisperer with Colleen Steckloff (pictured). Based on the worldwide success of the original Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan, the show reunites the original production team of Kay Sumner, Melissa Jo Peltier and Sheila Emery. SueAnn Fincke, who was nominated best director for the original show by the Directors Guild, as well as receiving three Emmy nominations and People’s Choice Awards, is back to direct the series.

IN ORDER to promote the documentary Human Buildings, La Xarxa brought 80 people from Catalonia to create a Castell on the Croisette. The documentary explains the social and historical origins of this spectacular tradition, as well as depicting the very special type of interdependence and personal relationships that link the people who build these structures. The people who take part range in age from children under 10 through to grandparents. The children are the most important because when towns take part in competitions, a Castell is not considered complete until the child who climbs to the top has raised his or her hand.

A SIGNING ceremony on the Korean Radio Promotion Association (RAPA) stand yesterday marks the start of an ambitious 4K wildlife documentary project. Korea’s JTBC and Buzz Media are to co-produce Wonders Of The Korean Peninsula, which will form the basis of Meet The Nature Of North Korea, to be co-produced by the two Korean partners with France’s Gedeon Programmes. Pictured here celebrating the deal are ChangSoo Lee, founder and chief operating officer of Buzz Media (left), Stephane Milliere, president of Gedeon Programmes, and Yongdal Kim, executive vice-president of JTBC.

SONY Pictures Television has brought the rebooted version of its original format Can’t Touch This to life with a demonstration of the show’s bungee game live on the Croisette at MIPCOM. On Tuesday afternoon attendees will have another opportunity to stretch themselves as far as they can to win a range of Sony electronics prizes on its stand.

Fremantle and Mixer team up in LatAm FREMANTLE has ag reed a strategic partnership with Brazilian production company Mixer Films as part of the UK producer and distributor’s strategy to grow its presence across Latin America. Under the deal, Mixer will represent Fremantle’s unscripted for mats in Brazil. “It will ensure that Brazilian audiences can continue to enjoy the Fremantle shows they love,” said Coty Cagliolo, who is leading Fremantle’s regional strategy in

the newly created role of head of production for Fremantle in Latin America. Cagliolo continues to lead Fremantle Mexico in addition to her new regional role. Mixer president Joao Daniel Tikhomiroff added: “Fremantle’s winning for mats perfectly complete the range of projects we offer. Mixer can now meet all the content demands from all players in Brazil.” In other Fremantle news, Australian broadcaster SBS has picked up a string of primetime

dramas from Fremantle’s MIPCOM slate, including psychological thriller Dublin Murders and crime series Baghdad Central (6 x 60 mins), written and created by BAFTA-winning Stephen Butchard and based on the novel by Elliott Colla. The deal also includes Face To Face and Seizure, both produced by Fremantle’s Scandi drama arm, Miso Film. “Our shows come from some of the best creative minds in the business,” said Paul Ridley,

MIPCOM News 2 • 42 • 15 October 2019

Fremantle’s senior executive vicepresident of sales and distribution for Australia, New Zealand and Japan. “The quality of our content and the standard of our talent, both in front and behind the camera, is very impressive, resulting in compelling stories from around the world.” Peter Andrews, SBS’ head of network programming, added: “These series represent a diverse mix of programming and we look forward to sharing this content with Australian audiences.”


‘A single look could build the tension’ Downton Abbey fans know and love her as Lady Edith, but Laura Carmichael has been building a formidable credit list via shows such as Marcella and The Spanish Princess. Now, she has transformed herself into an emotionally unhinged stalker for Network Ten Australia’s drama The Secrets She Keeps

THE SECRETS She Keeps, a six-part contemporary thriller based on Michael Robotham’s acclaimed novel and shot in Sydney, tells the story of two women who have a chance encounter in a supermarket in an affluent Sydney suburb. They are the same age, both pregnant and due at the same time. But while Meghan (played by Jessica De Gouw) is a glamorous online influencer, Carmichael’s Agatha is a poverty-stricken loner who is estranged from her mother and has an unhealthy interest in Meghan’s life. Speaking to MIPCOM News, Carmichael said she was attracted by the opportunity to play a character “who is so obsessed with another person. But I was also fascinated by

the fact that the story plays out between two pregnant women. It was intriguing to see how the desire to be a mother could lead someone to do some dark and dangerous things.” The seemingly perfect Meghan has her own secrets, but Agatha is clearly the villain of the story. However, Carmichael was keen to add dimension to the role: “The fun of being an actor is the detective work you get to do. Agatha is clearly the instigator of a lot of pain, but it’s my job to find out why she is doing these things. She comes from such a rough and violent place that inevitably you develop some sympathy for what she is going through.”

MIPCOM News 2 • 43 • 15 October 2019

Being on Downton for so long was a “real education in production”, said Carmichael, but she enjoyed the process of building a psychological thriller. “I loved the edgy scripts and learned a lot from the director about the way a single look could build the tension.” Filming such a dark story so far from home was nerve-wracking, she admitted, until the crew made her feel at home. But at least there wasn’t much risk of being mistaken for Lady Edith. “Someone at a yoga class asked me if we had gone to school together, but that was the only possible connection.” The Secrets She Keeps is distributed by DCD Rights.







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Here we highlight a range of multiplatform content brought to MIPCOM by companies from all over the world CAKE LEGEND Quest (26 x 25 mins) follows 12-year-old Leo, a reluctant hero who joins forces with a supernatural group of misfits. They travel on a magical ship to defend the world against evil forces in this Mexican folklore-inspired series. Available in 18 languages, it is brought to Cannes by Cake. Another highlight is the launch of Biggleton (50 x 11 mins), from BBC Children’s In House Productions. Biggleton is a pre-school live-action series which takes place in a town with a cast of five- to seven-year-olds who play out their version of a grown-up world. Legend Quest (Cake)

CANAMEDIA CANAMEDIA brings a timely environmental series to MIPCOM. Giving Nature A Voice (52 x 30 mins/HD) features burning tropical forests, mega fauna extinction, marine life choking on plastic, climate change sparking social conflicts and is produced in Africa by independent African filmmakers who put themselves on the line while capturing the beauty of their countries. Despite the environmental degradation, a new consciousness is taking hold among the region’s engaged and socially active youth. The series is shot in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya, Giving Nature A Voice (Canamedia) Burundi, Congo and DRC.

FLAME DISTRIBUTION FLAME Distribution is launching over 280 hours of content at MIPCOM. Highlights include: Colours, a series exploring the influence colours have against the background of a cultural journey through China; For Love Or Money, which unpicks the growing scam of romance fraud; The Pool, looking at Australian identity through the prism of the swimming pool; The 1900 Island, following four families in a lifestyle experiment; Predator Bloodlines, profiling six animals of the Maasai Mara and Greater Kruger National Park; and #Beasts, a new kids series of shorts counting the world’s most dangerous animals from the most poisonous, to the strongest and smartest creatures.

COSMOS-MAYA INDIA and Singapore-based animation studio Cosmos-Maya is launching new animated series Harry (26 x 22 mins) at MIPCOM. Produced by Cosmos-Maya, the 3D comedy adventure series for four- to nine-year-olds is available in all major languages. Harry the lion and his friends run a circus troupe. His noble intentions are put to test by Belle the cat and Tony the buffalo.

Harry (Cosmos-Maya) The 1900 Island (Flame Distribution)

JSBC CHINA’s JSBC brings Lovers’ Whispers to Cannes, an interactive mini-series which focuses on the real-life dilemmas of young women and asks viewers to help the heroine to make choices. Each episode contains two or three interactive option points with story arcs that last from eight to 15 minutes, and the programme ends with a famous saying to inspire anyone facing the same problem.

Lovers’ Whispers (JSBC)

KESHET INTERNATIONAL (KI) THE MIPCOM slate from KI is headlined by a number of English-language dramas. The Trial Of Christine Keeler (6 x 60 mins), due in 2020, profiles one of the most controversial political sex scandals of modern times. Black B*tch (6 x 60 mins) is a story of ambition, betrayal and treachery, played out in the Outback and Australia’s capital. Secret Bridesmaids’ Business (6 x 60 mns) is an action-packed romantic thriller of tangled secrets and dangerous obsessions. The distributor’s non-scripted slate includes: Drive Master (10 x 120 mins), a competition show featuring vehicle stunts; new dating reality show Singletown (15 x 60 mins); and the horror-themed reality The Trial Of Christine Keeler (KI) format, Killer Camp (5 x 60 mins).

MIPCOM News 2 • 47 • 15 October 2019

proDUct news



HEADLINING Cineflix Rights’ documentary slate is a new 60-minute film, Warrior Women, in which Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o travels to West Africa to uncover the truth behind the real women who might have inspired the Dora Milaje characters in Marvel’s Black Panther. Produced by SandStone Global Productions for Channel 4, the doc follows the actress, author and producer to Benin in West Africa to investigate the Agoji warriors. Fighting in armies of up 4,000-strong, these remarkable women fought African and European soldiers alike between the 17th and 19th centuries.

IRISH art animation and media company Futurum Kids is in Cannes with Paddles (52 x 11 mins), a witty new CGI show for four- to seven-year-olds. The first offering from Futurum, Paddles tells the story of a polar-bear cub that is accidentally delivered by a stork to a frozen River Shannon in Ireland, where he is raised by a pack of Irish wolfhounds. The show, now in production in both London and Dublin, is due Paddles (Futurum) to deliver in June 2020.


Bring The Funny (WeMake)

Warrior Woman (Cineflix Rights)


NBC’S hit comedy series Bring The Funny from NBCUniversal International Formats has been acquired by WeMake. Developed and produced by Universal Television Alternative Studio, the show’s mission is to find the next big talent in comedy. Launched on July 9 in the US, the format achieved the best opening ratings for a new summer show on NBC since 2017. Paying tribute to diverse comedy performance styles, Bring The Funny features the best in stand-up, sketch, comedy-variety and even magic.

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CO-PRODUCTION and distribution partners Atlantyca Entertainment, SLR Productions, Telegael and Cosmos-Maya are in Cannes with the first fully completed episodes of Berry Bees (52 x 11 mins). The spy action animated series centres on three talented 10-year-old girls, who have been selected by the BIA (Bee Intelligence Agency) for special spy missions. The series premiered recently on Nine Network’s 9Go!, with Rai launching it later this year. Distribution is being shared between Cosmos-Maya in Asia, SLR Productions in Australia and New Zealand, and Telegael in Ireland and the UK. Berry Bees Animation (Atlantyca Entertainment) Atlantyca is handling the worldwide rights.

THE FIRST episodes of Jam Media’s new co-production with Amazon Studios, Jessy And Nessy (40 x 11 mins) are being showcased in Cannes this week. The mixed-media pre-school series follows the adventures of two best friends — Jessy, an innately curious little girl, and her best friend, Nessy, a five-anda-half-thousand-year-old sea monster. Jessy And Nessy premieres on Prime Video in March 2020.

TEAMTO FRENCH CG animation company TeamTO is showcasing We Are Family, a history-of-pop anthology that looks at how musicians with incredibly different styles have come together to create new musical genres. The series employs animation to delve into the origins of rap, pop, bossa nova, new wave and more. Produced by TeamTO and music-rights company 22D, We Are Family is pitched at diverse generations within a single family, as teens and parents discover how their favourite music genres have more in common than they might think. We Are Family (TeamTO)


Jessy And Nessy (Jam Media)

© Flying Bark Pty Ltd

BRAND NEW SERIES 26 x 22’ I 6 – 10 YEARS


distribution@studio100media.com I www.studio100media.com

MIPCOM News 2 • 49 • 15 October 2019

proDUct news



TWO FACTUAL series are presented in Cannes by new distributor ASD. First Contact (3 x 60 mins) confronts racist attitudes head-on when six Canadians with strong opinions about indigenous people, spend time in indigenous communities, a visit that challenges their views and prejudices. Tribal Police Files (13 x 30 mins) features First Nations’ police services, following their daily work, and exploring the importance of cultural practices and staying strong for their families.

SOLIDARNOSC (1 x 52 mins), brought to Cannes by Looks International, explores the events in Poland in the early 1980s that led to Poland’s rapid political change. Following the visit of the first Polish-born Pope in 1979, the people rose up in protest, starting at the Lenin shipyard in Gdansk, where several movements were initiated with help from the Catholic Church and opposition intellectuals. The documentary features archive from all sides of the struggle, some not seen before.

First Contact (ASD)

APC KIDS AT MIPCOM APC Kids puts the spotlight on new acquisition Little Tiaras (52 x 7 mins). Aimed at girls aged four to seven, Little Tiaras stars five princesses who come to study wizardry on the mysterious island of Wondermont. APC holds global rights outside of Russia, CIS and mainland China and the first season of 26 episodes is available, after premiering in Russia in 2018, where the second season is airing now.

Solidarnosc (Looks Film)

MEDIA RANCH THE MIPCOM roster for Media Ranch includes: 180 Days (6 x 28 mins), in which five university students live with senior citizens in a nursing home for six months; three seasons of Get Lost Honey, featuring young people who previously lived in their family home who are now forced to leave their nests and move into an apartment together; and three seasons of 1 Day, 2 Teams, 3 Animals, in which two teams of experts are challenged to find three endangered species in 24 hours. Season 4 (5 x 45 mins) is in production.

AVALON TODDLERS Behaving (Very) Badly (3 x 60 mins) follows childcare expert and nanny Laura Amies as she travels the country helping desperate families struggling with badly behaved toddlers, tackling tantrums, biting, picky eaters, non-sleepers and potty-training woes. Each episode features three families. Also, Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly, featuring ‘The Dogfather’ Graeme Hall, has been recommissioned for a second series of 10 x 60 mins episodes.

180 Days (Media Ranch)


Toddlers Behaving (Very) Badly (Avalon)

ZED ZED IS launching Saqqara, The Secret Hieroglyphs Of The Pyramid (1 x 52 mins/75 mins) at MIPCOM, which follows a team of archeologists as they open the pyramid of Pharaoh Pepi II for the first time in 90 years, offering new insights into the fascinating treasures. Delivery is scheduled for 2020. The French distributor also brings Rivers Above The Canopy (1 x 52 mins), an inhouse production that unveils a crucial yet little-known scientific phenomenon. Recycling its own water to produce a large porSaqqara, The Secret Hieroglyphs tion of the rainforest’s rain, this sanctuary Of The Pyramid (ZED) plays a key role on a local and global scale.

BROUGHT to Cannes by China’s ACG Kids are: the pilot of The Office (26 x 11 mins), aimed at young adults, a comedy about six young people who dream of creating a business together; nursery-rhyme series Magic Town, aimed at pre-schoolers and available in Chinese Mandarin and English; non-dialogue animation A Happy Day (200 x 20 mins), following Click, a slow-moving, optimistic character; and Tiantian & Coco (100 x 3 mins). The Office (ACG Kids)

MIPCOM News 2 • 50 • 15 October 2019



S E X ,


MIPCOM 2019 R7.J11


TOY BOY MIPCOM 240X310+5.indd 1

18/9/19 13:01

proDUct news


EDUCATION-focused Calm Island, a company with offices in the US, China and Korea, brings Badanamu Stories to MIPCOM. Exploring themes central to the lives of pre-school children, the stories follow Bada, at the heart of a community of lovable characters and friends. His empathy, thoughtfulness, and curiosity about the world around him drive the action of the series.

FIGHTING SPIRIT LIVE from Madison Square Garden on new year’s eve a group of mixedmartial-arts fighters compete in their individual category’s final. The format, run by the association PFL, is to be repeated this year with $1m winnings for each weight division. The event show is distributed by Fighting Spirit, which is in Cannes also with The World Championships Of Kickboxing and further fighting competitions from around the world. Programming from Fighting Spirit


Badanamu Stories (Calm Island)

GMA WORLDWIDE GMA WORLDWIDE brings its biggest drama for 2019, The Gift, to MIPCOM. It marks the TV comeback of Philippines actor Alden Richards in the role of a blind man with the ability to see past and future events. The Gift follows the story of Joseph, who because of his near-death experience after being shot, begins to have visions. The mysterious visions, together with his frustration about his blindness initially depress him but he realises that his ability to see the past and future is a gift that he must put to good use. The Gift (GMA Worldwide)

NEW CONTENT brought to MIPCOM by PBS Distribution includes: I, Sniper (6 x 60 mins/HD), about how in 2002 the mysterious Washington, DC snipers terrorised the capitol, killing at random from the trunk of their blue Chevy Caprice; Country Music (9 x 60 mins/HD), a journey through the compelling history of a musical art form, a new series directed by Ken Burns; The Serengeti Rules (1 x 60 mins), about a group of 1960s scientists who developed a set of rules that govern all life; The Crown Prince (2 x 60 mins/HD), examining the murder and dismemberment of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi; and kids series Molly Of Denali (76 x 13 mins/HD) an animation following the adventures of a 10-year-old Alaska native.

I, Sniper (PBS Distribution)

TVN RTVE MALAKA (8 x 60 mins) is a police thriller brought to Cannes by Spain’s RTVE. The series revolves around the disappearance of the daughter of an important businessman from Malaga and the appearance of a new drug called Gold, that threatens to upset the balance between two rival drug gangs. It focusses on three very different protagonists who want to settle debts with the past and rebuild their lives, with the city of Malaga also playing a key role as a backdrop to the action.

Malaka (RTVE)

THE ROSTER from Polish TV station TVN includes: new series and format 39 And Half Weeks (10 x 60 mins), a lighthearted family drama; drama series Under The Surface (14 x 60 mins), also available as a format; and crime series The Trap (13 x 60 mins) and The Disappearance (13 x 60 mins), an adaptation of a novel by Remigiusz Mroz. TVN also brings lifestyle programming, including: Say Yes To The Dress With Gok (8 x 60 mins); and reality shows Kiss And Fly (8 x 60 mins), Railway Workers (8 x 60 mins) and Airport (16 x 60 mins).

39 And Half Weeks (TVN)

MIPCOM News 2 • 52 • 15 October 2019


proDUct news



NEWEN Distribution’s new slate of programmes at MIPCOM includes the Danish crime series DNA (8 x 42 mins), which follows a respected criminal investigator with the CPH Police, who lost his daughter in a tragic accident. The French distributor also brings: Spanish thriller The Room (8 x 52 mins); French thriller The Inside Game (8 x 52 mins); documentary Big Brother: A World Under Surveillance (1 x 52/90 mins), an investigation of high-tech surveillance and what it means for freedom; and new comedy animation series Kikoumba (78 x 26 mins), produced by TF1 Production, about King Kikoumba, who is king of all animals... but also the king of snoozing.

CHINA’s MGTV is presenting Viva La Romance at MIPCOM. The show explores modern relationships through open conversation between men and women, husbands and wives. The discussion is positive while giving a multi-dimensional appraisal of some of the ideas of what makes a good marriage or partnership.

Viva La Romance (MGTV)


DNA (Newen Distribution)

ARTE DISTRIBUTION SCIENCE and exploration docs are the highlights of ARTE Distribution’s MIPCOM catalogue, with several in 4K, including: Operation Planet 9, which examines the potential discovery of the solar system’s ninth planet; Deep Med, exploring the depths of the Mediterranean; and Sapiens, featuring a game-changer for archeologists. Other science docs include: The Blob, A Genius Without A Brain (1 x 52 mins/4K); Losing Sleep (1 x 90/52 mins/4K); Screen Generation(1 x 52 mins/4K); A Healthy Diet For A Healthy Brain (1 x 52 mins); The Amazing Powers Of The Gut (1 x 52 mins); Bacteria Killers (1 x 52 mins); Nano Survival (1 x 52 mins/4K); and Gluten, Public Enemy N°1 (1 x 52 mins). ARTE is also launching several history collections including The History Of Antisemitism (4 x 52 mins), The History Of The Red Army (2 x 52 mins) and The Story Of Drug Trafficking (3 x 52 mins).

BLUE ANT MEDIA BLUE Ant Media is bringing a raft of new titles in multiple genres to Cannes. Top series include: The Killer In My Family (6 x 60 mins/HD), looking at crimes through the memories of the killer’s family members; and Bigfoot (6 x 22 mins/12 x 11 mins/HD), an adult animated series, based on a comic of the same name, and featuring a crypto-zoological hominid, recast as the modern-day everyman, struggling with eating disorders, casual cannibalism, pop culture and philosophical quandaries.

STARZ has begun production on the eight-episode conclusion of The Spanish Princess project, with returning leads Charlotte Hope and Ruairi O’Connor reprising their roles as Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII. Catherine’s struggle to produce an heir places her marriage and position in the court at risk, and she is haunted by choices from the past. The Spanish Princess is the third instalment, following the The White Queen and The White Princess. Produced by All3Media’s New Pictures and Playground, the series is drawn from novels by Philippa Gregory.

The Spanish Princess (Starz)


Seekers (Submarine)

Bigfoot (Blue Ant Media)

MIPCOM News 2 • 54 • 15 October 2019

AMSTERDAM-based producer Submarine is at MIPCOM with new animation project, Seekers (26 x 22 mins). Aimed at six- to 11-year-olds, the series is an sci-fi comedy, currently in development, set in a galaxy divided by force fields that no one understands. Milo unexpectedly finds a dejected group of intergalactic gladiators, the once-mighty Seekers. He must inspire them to solve the mystery of the force fields, fighting bad guys along the way.


THE SHOW MUST GO ON... visit NEW REGENCY, stand R7.N11

proDUct news



A+E NETWORKS International and Korean broadcaster JTBC have joined forces to distribute unscripted format Solo Wars. The studio dating format is the first project to come out of the companies’ recently expanded partnership. Solo Wars involves 100 singles, evenly male and female, who compete for love and/or a cash prize in a game of strategy where participants form romantic allegiances to progress to the next round. Each round ends with one, or multiple, eliminations, culminating in one couple proving their love for each other, and winning the prize money.

SANTA BARBARA-based Foothill presents its new pre-school sitcom, Danny & The Dinogons at MIPCOM, which celebrates family, diversity and kindness. With a dinosaur for a father and a dragon for a mother, Danny becomes Danny Dinogon, with a habit of flying around and burping smoke. His Gran and Grandpa live with him along with some crazy aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters — a blended, extended, mixed-up suburban family. Foothill, which is handling worldwide distribution, is seeking co-production partners and pre-sales in Cannes.

AMC STUDIOS AMC STUDIOS brings a varied catalogue to MIPCOM, including: Sherman’s Showcase (8 x 60 mins), hosted by Sherman McDaniels who moves through time via music and comedy drawn from the 40-year library of a legendary (but fictional) musical variety show; Dispatches From Elsewhere (10 x 60 mins), a new anthology series about people who stumble behind the veil of everyday life; the third series of horror thriller The Walking Dead (10 x 60 mins); near-future sci-fi series For Life (working title); Hip Hop: The Songs That Shook America (6 x 60 mins); The Preppy Murder: Death In Central Park (5 x 60 mins), about the suspect justice surrounding a 1986 murder; and dramedies This Close (8 x 30 mins) and Lodge 49 (10 x 60 mins).

Danny & The Dinogons (Foothill Entertainment)

ROOFTOP FILM & TV THE AGENT (6 x 30 mins) is a new documentary series brought to Cannes by Rooftop Film & TV. The series follows one of football’s most well-connected agents, Pere Guardiola, with exclusive behind-the-scenes access to meetings with players, contract negotiations and the daily running of a top-flight football club. The company is also bringing Ronaldo, El President (6 x 30 mins), following Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima as he goes about his business as the new owner of Spanish football club Valladolid, with contributions by Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos, Zinedine Zidane, among others.

Sherman’s Showcase (AMC Studios)

RUSSIAN WORLD VISION (RWV) NEW PROJECTS from (RWV) include: Red Ghost, set in a period in the Second World War during a confrontation between Wehrmacht soldiers and Soviet partisans; and Motherland, which tells the story of Russian emigrants living in the US and trying in vain to fit into an unfamiliar culture, starring Dmitriy Nagiev, Nadezhda Mikhalkova and Yuri Stoyanov. Other titles on the slate from the Russian producer and distributor include: action thrillers Pain Threshold and Break; family comedies The Big Deal and The House Elf; and bible-based story Barabbas.

The Agent (Rooftop Film & TV)


Pain Threshold (RWV)

DAEWON Media is debuting live-action series Armored Union, Armored Saurus (52 x 22 mins) at MIPCOM, an action comedy targeting seven- to 12-year-olds. Jin pilots a weaponised T-Rex in a team with four others as they battle against invading forces of fully-mechanised extra-terrestrial dinosaurs bent on destroying Earth. This series is in post-production and is set for delivery in early 2020. Discussions are also under way Armored Union, Armored Saurus (Daewon Media) to roll out toys worldwide. MIPCOM News 2 • 56 • 15 October 2019

MIPÂŽCancun is registered trademark of Reed MIDEM - All rights reserved

6th Annual Latin America TV Market 20-22 November 2019 Cancun, Mexico

All about international content development. 3 days of strategic insights & new business connections.


Driving the content economy

proDUct news



CHINA’s Creative Power is highlighting its latest 3D project Mighty Little Squad (26 x 13 mins) at MIPCOM. Targeted at pre-schoolers, the edutainment series features Weslie and his friends’ adventures in a mini world they discover. These ordinary goats receive mysterious missions and become a Mighty Goat Squad to rescue those in trouble. They learn teamwork and friendship with their tiny friends.

PROGRAMMING highlights from cookery-focussed Gusto Worldwide Media includes DNA Dinners (16 x 30 mins/4K/format), a new series that explores the diverse heritages of 16 individuals. In each episode, host Tyrone Edwards surprises one individual with the results of their revelatory DNA test. Following the big reveal, they explore their newfound background as they meet with an expert chef who shares iconic dishes and cooking techniques from their heritage culture. Another headline is five seasons of Cook Like A Chef (152 x 30 mins). Gusto is currently producing new shows featuring a new generation of diverse chefs. Shot in 4K UHD, each episode focuses on a single ingredient and explores techniques, tips and tricks to build home cooks’ confidence.

Mighty Little Squad (Creative Power)

ALLEYCATS FILMS PULLING With My Parents (6 x 50 mins), from Alleycats Films, is premiering on RTE2 in Ireland. The new dating show follows young singles who get their parents involved in their search for love. As well as a crash course in emojis and selfies, the parents plan some more traditional solutions. Global format distribution rights are held by The Story Lab.

DNA Dinners (Gusto Media Worldwide)


Pulling With My Parents (Alleycats Films)

ENDEMOL SHINE INTERNATIONAL YOUR Home Made Perfect, a new property makeover series is heading the factual-entertainment line-up for Endemol Shine. The series uses VR and visual effects to transform homes. Making its international debut is The Cocaine Trail, a reality format that takes a group of millennials on a life-changing journey to the origin of their drugs in order to make them realise the impact their use has on crime, death and destruction, human trafficking and pollution. Also launching at MIPCOM is Treasure Island With Bear Grylls, the reality series in which ordinary citizens are marooned on a tropical island in competition for a cash prize. On the scripted slate are: psychological thriller Deadwater Fell (4 x 60 mins), starring David Tennant, Cush Jumbo and Anna Madeley; Adult Material (4 x 60 mins), a drama set in the porn industry; and comedy Fifty.

Deadwater Fell (Endemol Shine International)

CANADIAN producer and distributor Sinking Ship Entertainment returns to Cannes with two new products. The third season of franchise Odd Squad, Odd Squad Mobile Unit (20 x 22 mins), now in production, sees a new group of agents with the best math and science problem-solving skills to tackle oddness. The Unlisted (15 x 24 mins) features 12-yearold identical twins who discover that the world’s wealthiest individuals have created a secret society, Infinity Group. Using electronic implants, the group plans global dominance by controlling the world’s youth. With help from a team of underground vigilante kids – The Unlisted – the twins work to stop Infinity Group The Unlisted before it’s too late. (Sinking Ship Entertainment)


Pinkfong Wonderstar (SmartStudy)

MIPCOM News 2 • 58 • 15 October 2019

SMARTSTUDY is the Korean content creator and rights holder of Pinkfong And Baby Shark, a viral sensation totalling 3.3 billion views on YouTube. SmartStudy is at MIPCOM with various programmes in the franchise. Pinkfong Wonderstar (26 x 11 mins) is the first original CGI series. Pinkfong Baby Shark Singalong (50 x 1 min), which has garnered five billion views. Pinkfong & Baby Shark Space Adventure, a karaoke singalong series is in production.


STREAMING THE FUTURE Unfolding Real-Time Strategies as Asia takes on the Digital Revolution




Founder & Chief Executive Officer iQIYI

SHIBASISH SARKAR Group CEO Reliance Entertainment


President WarnerMedia Entertainment Networks Distribution and Advertising Sales, EMEA and APAC


M A R I N A B AY S A N D S | S I N G A P O R E


3 DEC 2019


ATF Leaders’ Summit Held in conjunction with:

An event of:

4 - 6 DEC 2019

Market. Conference. Networking Events Produced by:

Register at www.asiatvforum.com

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Held in:

proDUct news


HELL IN The Heartland: What Happened To Ashley And Lauria? (4 x 60 mins) examines a harrowing missing persons case that puzzled investigators for 20 years, and goes on to reveal an astonishing truth. In December 1999, teenage friends Lauria and Ashley disappeared after the Freeman family trailer was burned to the ground. Crime author and investigator Jax Miller and former police investigator Sarah Cailean research the case which is currently evolving into a much larger story of unsolved murder amid allegations of cover-up and corruption in Oklahoma.

HAT TRICK INTERNATIONAL HAT TRICK International is debuting Cristiano Ronaldo Meets Piers Morgan (1 x 60 mins) at MIPCOM. Ronaldo has over 180 million Instagram followers, plays for the Italian champions Juventus and by many is thought to be the greatest footballer of all time. In this interview filmed in September 2019, Ronaldo talks about his life from his humble upbringing in Madeira, his rivalry with Lionel Messi, his incredible drive and determination to be the best at fatherhood, family and fame.

Cristiano Ronaldo Meets Piers Morgan (Hat Trick International)

NELVANA A FOCUS for Canadian producer and distributor Nelvana at MIPCOM is its project with Spin Master for the action-packed animated series, Bakugan: Battle Planet (100 x 11 mins). The series follows the adventures of Dan Kouzo and his best friends, the first kids on Earth to bond with the mysterious alien creatures known as Bakugan. The fate of two planets rests in the hands of this new breed of Bakugan Brawlers. A second season, Bakugan: Armored Alliance (104 x 11 mins) is now in production, due in 2020.

Hell In The Heartland (Boat Rocker Studios)


Purple Turtle (Cyber Group Studios)

CYBER Group Studios returns to Cannes with 26 episodes completed of new animation Purple Turtle (52 x 7 mins/2D/ HD), co-produced with Aadarsh and Telegael. Inspired by an educational book of the same name and based on the leading pre-school IP which has travelled across more than 25 countries, the stories encourage kids to explore and make choices, promoting self-determination and autonomy. Other priorities include: the latest episodes of Gigantosaurus (52 x 11 mins/ CGI), starring four young dinosaur friends who are about to leave the family and explore a world; Taffy (78 x 7 mins); and Sadie Sparks (52 x 11 mins), co-produced with Brown Bag Films for Disney EMEA.

Bakugan: Battle Planet (Nelvana)


NAUGHTY Monster, a co-production between Fish Animation Studio and Huace Group, is expected to be completed soon. The series tells the story of a naughty monster and elves who must work together to solve their difficulties and defeat the monster.

STUDIO 100 Media brings the second season of the revived CGI animation series Heidi to MIPCOM. The series (season 1, 39 x 22 mins; season 2, 26 x 22 mins) features the happy and friendly orphan girl who lives with her grandfather in the idyllic Swiss Alps. The second season is due for completion at the end of this year, just in time for the appearance of the Heidi toy range from Playmobil, launching in January 2020.

Naughty Monster (Fish Animation Studio)

Heidi (Studio 100 Media)


MIPCOM News 2 • 60 • 15 October 2019


proDUct news



OUR BEAUTIFUL World (30 x 3-5 mins), Greenlight International’s latest project, is a compelling tour of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 4K and using the latest aerial-camera technology. The first episodes explore the natural wonders of Florida’s Everglades National Park. Also on the slate are: Duchess Of Windsor (1 x 60 mins), profiling Wallis Simpson, the woman who caused the abdication of Edward VIII, from the starting point of the Baltimore home she grew up in; Honor Project (1 x 60 mins), a touching exploration of fatherhood; and Yellow Yellow Yellow (1 x 46 mins), which follows the day-to-day work of the Holmatro Indycar Safety Team.

THE FIFTH season of Tayo (26 x 11 mins) is brought to Cannes by Korea’s Iconix. Targeting three- to sixyear-olds, the series is about the adventures of a little bus named Tayo, who is learning his route in a busy city. Every day, Tayo has a new adventure, often making mistakes and learning to overcome them with the Tayo (Iconix) help of friends.

HAPPY FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT FRENCH distributor Happy Family Entertainment brings worldwide rights for Pixie Fix (26 x 11 mins) to the international market in Cannes. The 2D preschool animated series comes from the Hungarian animation studio Umatik.

Our Beautiful World (Greenlight International)

Pixie Fix (Happy Family Entertainment)

INCENDO CANADIAN producer and distributor Incendo’s priorities for MIPCOM include: thrillers The Lead, Rule Of 3 and Glass Houses; romantic comedy A Brush With Love; and drama series in development Disasterland, The Unfound and Next Of Kin. In Rule Of 3 Alison’s world is turned upside-down when her husband suddenly dies in a car accident. First, it’s revealed that he was murdered and then it becomes clear that Alison was not the only one mourning him. Rule Of 3 (Incendo)


LADIES FIRST DISTRIBUTION LADIES First Distribution brings a catalogue largely focussed on lifestyle and non-fiction programming to MIPCOM. Highlights from the French distributor include: travel show Dolce Vita (30 x 26 mins); cooking shows So Sweet (61 x 30 mins), The Chef In France (9 x 75 mins); 100% French Flavours (76 x 5-10 mins), Short Recipes (100 x 1 min), Real Italy With Riccardo (9 x 30 mins) and May’s Kitchen (40 x 45 mins); and design, DIY and decoration shows Finest Homes (21 x 30 mins), Fresh Cut (52 x 30 mins), Home Made Easy (26 x 30 mins) and Design For You (90 x 30 mins).

Fresh Cut (Ladies First Distribution)

PRIORITIES for French distributor Superights include: Zibilla (1 x 26 mins), about a zebra’s arrival at a new school; pre-school series Ralph And The Dinosaurs (26 x 5 mins), in which Ralph the dog explains the world of dinosaurs; Doopie (26 x 7 mins), a live-action series featuring a plush toy; The Horn Quartet: Up To The Mountain (1 x 26 mins); Cow Trip To The Sea (1 x 26 mins); Helen’s Little School (52 x 13 mins); and Will (52 x 2 mins).

TERRANOA AMONG the programming brought to Cannes by Paris-based Terranoa are: Pompeii Rising (1 x 90 mins/52 mins/2 x 52 mins), exploring new findings on the archeological site, with exclusive access for more than a year of filming; new 4K aerial series Wonders Of Northern Europe (5 x 52 mins), which is in production and due for delivery in January 2020; and Globesity (1 x 90 mins/52 mins, due in December, a hard-hitting investigation into the initiatives to curb heavy corporate marketing in the food industry and halt the obesity epidemic.

Wonders Of Northern Europe (Terranoa)

MIPCOM News 2 • 62 • 15 October 2019


M A R I N A B AY S A N D S | S I N G A P O R E


3 DEC 2019


ATF Leaders’ Summit

Held in conjunction with:

An event of:

4 - 6 DEC 2019

Market. Conference. Networking Events

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Held in:

181_RM CONF_N2_COM_page 1






9.00-10.15 AUDITORIUM K

9.00-9.40 AUDITORIUM A

9.00-9.15 ESTEREL


Presented by STUDIOCANAL


10.30-11.45 AUDITORIUM K

9.45-10.15 AUDITORIUM A

9.15-9.35 ESTEREL







10.30-11.00 AUDITORIUM A

Presented by GLOBO 11.30-13.45 AUDITORIUM A



A conference track supported by Dolby



Presented by SAMURAI DRAMA CHANNEL Followed by a Snack Lunch

FUNDING CREATIVITY: IN CONVERSATION WITH ENDEMOL SHINE Followed by meet the powerhouses @Foyer Esterel


14.00-15.00 AUDITORIUM K



Presented by TVP Polish Public Television

14.45-15.00 ESTEREL




15.15-16.30 AUDITORIUM K




15.00-15.20 ESTEREL

Presented by all3media international




16.45-18.00 AUDITORIUM K



15.20-15.40 ESTEREL

Presented by Lagardère Studios






In association with Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) Breakfast served 10.30-11.00 VERRIÈRE CALIFORNIE



Presented by the State Council Information Office, P.R.C., National Radio and Television Administration, P.R.C. & Mango TV 10.30-11.00 ESTEREL

9.30-10.15 SONY 4K/8K THEATRE




10.15-11.00 SONY 4K/8K THEATRE





11.15-12.00 SONY 4K/8K THEATRE






Presented by INCAA, AAICI and Embajada de la Republica Argentina en Francia 14.00-17.00 SONY 4K/8K THEATRE

14.00-14.30 ESTEREL



Presented by ITV Studios 14.30-15.10 AUDITORIUM A


15.20-16.00 AUDITORIUM A


17.00-18.30 NHK 8K THEATRE, LEVEL 3



Presented by the State Council Information Office, P.R.C., National Radio and Television Administration, P.R.C. & Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism 15.00-16.00 SALON CROISETTE

GODZILLA: GENESIS LAUNCH Presented by TOHO Followed by a Cocktail






18.00-20.00 MAJESTIC HOTEL





In association with Bureau International Drama Festival Tokyo 19.30 INTERCONTINENTAL CARLTON HOTEL





Presented by IMDA Singapore By invitation only



Presented by Red Bee Media 17.30-18.30 SALON CROISETTE


news_tuesday.indd 1

10/10/2019 09:16

181_RM CONF_N2_COM_page 2



11.15-11.45, Grand Auditorium


© Grainge Photography

© Julien Lutt Capapictures

12.00-12.30, Grand Auditorium


DARREN STAR Creator & Executive Producer (Sex and the City, Beverly Hills 90210, Younger...)

JILL OFFMAN EVP Paramount Network/ Comedy Central Viacom


16.10-16.50, Grand Auditorium


PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR KEYNOTE 17.00-17.45, Grand Auditorium

KAY MADATI Global VP and Head of Content Partnerships

BHAV CHANDRANI Partnership Controller ITV


JO KELLY Head of News and Sport Partnerships, EMEA

ROBERT GREENBLATT Chairman, WarnerMedia Entertainment and Direct-To-Consumer


11.30-13.45, Auditorium A Doors open at 11.00

ON DEATH ROW 9.00-10.15, Auditorium K Presented by Studio Canal

ARUANAS 10.30-11.45, Auditorium K Presented by Globo

帰郷_ハンドブック.indd 1

Presented by Distributed by

news_tuesday.indd 2

THE ACCIDENT AKA THE LIGHT 15.15-16.30, Auditorium K Presented by all3media and The Forge

BLACKOUT 16.45-18.00, Auditorium K Presented by Lagardère Studios Distribution

2019/09/25 20:14

OUR CENTURY 14.00-15.00, Auditorium K Presented by TVP (Polish Public Television)


10/10/2019 09:16

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9.00-10.15 AUDITORIUM K

9.30-10.00 AUDITORIUM A




10.30-11.45 AUDITORIUM K

10.10-10.50 AUDITORIUM A





Presented by TVP Polish Public Television 12.00-13.15 AUDITORIUM K

A conference track supported by Dolby

‘DRY WATER’ Presented by Portocabo 14.15-15.00 GRAND AUDITORIUM


‘INTERNYET. THE KREMLIN’S WAR ON THE INTERNET’ Presented by Current Time TV and Digital Network 15.30-16.15 AUDITORIUM A





9.30-10.00 SONY 4K/8K THEATRE






10.00-10.45 SONY 4K/8K THEATRE


Mentoring breakfast co-hosted with MediaClub’Elles By invitation only





14.45-15.30 SONY 4K/8K THEATRE



news_tuesday.indd 3

10/10/2019 09:16

155v2_RM 4k_N2_COM


October 14-17 2019. AUDI I, Palais 4: The SONY 4K/8K UHD THEATRE Programme moderated by Chris Forrester, Journalist & Consultant



09.30 COMPELLING UHD from Germany




ZDF- Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, Germany Travelxp 4K, India Telekom Deutschland, Germany T-2 Slovenia, Slovenia Telecom Slovenije, Slovenia


TMS Entertainment, Japan BBC Studios, UK


FABULOUS FACTUAL from BlueAnt/Love Nature

Blue Ant Media, Canada Love Nature Programming & Development


Discovery Networks Int’l, UK CTVC, UK Beach House Pictures, Singapore

14.00 8K: THE LAST WORD IN IMAGE QUALITY NHK, Japan Harmonic Inc., US The French Open Tennis Travelxp, India Paramax Films, France The Explorers, France Saint Thomas Productions, France Golden Gate 3D, USA Minproduction, South Korea

14.00 14.45


Stingray Music, Canada Eagle Rock, UK MTV, UK Paramax Films, France Polycast, Netherlands VIMN-UKNEE


FashionTV, France


Kansai TV, Samurai Drama Channel, Japan Marjan Content Productions, US/Germany

16.00 4K PRODUCTION MASTERCLASS Sony Professional Solutions Europe


Continuous screenings of the best in UHD from our speakers

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