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Black Hills Ammunition

Black Hills Ammunition’s 10mm HoneyBadger bullet has deep flutes designed for optimum terminal performance without reliance on hollowpoints. The bullet penetrates deeply, cutting through bone and muscle to get to vitals. This is important on all hunting rounds, but particularly so when you’re relying on your handgun for protection, including the possibility of a bear attack.

The sharp frontal edges of the solid copper bullet enhance efficient penetration and the flutes then gather, redirect and accelerate the tissue radially from the bullet, creating damage comparable or superior to the best hollowpoint.

The 10mm load provides a velocity of 1,600 feet per second from a 5-inch handgun. Additionally, penetration in 10-percent ballistic gelatin is over 50 percent greater than that of hollowpoints while generating larger wound cavities.

If you’re relying on a 10mm pistol while trekking the wilds, the Black Hills HoneyBadger is a solid choice for your defense!

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M ORE CA OMING SOON... UNLOADED CASES AVAILABLE FROM SHELL SHOCK TECHNOLOGIES. 9MM CASES AVAILABLE NOW, OTHER CALIBERS COMING SOON. SEE WEBSITE FOR MANUFACTURERS OF LOADED AMMO REVOLUTIONARY NEW 2-PIECE NAS3 CASE TECHNOLOGY: 50% LIGHTER THAN BRASS Coated Aluminum Base •Less wear on ejector pin •Can be color coded for ID/branding High Tensile Nickel-Alloy Cylinder WWW.SHELLSHOCKTECH.COM •More consistent performance •Higher tensile strength and elasticity •Corrosion resistant •Reloadable using S3 Reload dies

Little Crow Gunworks would suggest the Original World’s Finest Trimmer. With nationwide ammo shortages, the WFT speeds up the most tedious part of reloading: trimming cases. The WFT attached to your hand drill can trim up to 600 cases per hour with match-worthy precision. There are 200-plus calibers available, from .17 Hornet to .50 BMG. Check out the website for a complete selection of precision reloading and gunsmith tools.

Redding Reloading Equipment

NXGen Carbide sizing dies leverage the latest advances in materials science, specifically as related to carbide, creating new and innovative designs to increase ease of use and improved dimensional accuracy in straight-wall cases. These NXGen designs create cases with profiles that do not exhibit the wasp waist often found with use of a traditional single-ring carbide. NXGen uses a greater carbide contact surface, giving these dies the ability to better compensate for a variety of wall thicknesses without over-sizing the case body. Materials technologies continually advance and provide Redding engineers with opportunities to create previously unattainable design characteristics to better serve the needs of the straight-wall-cartridge reloader. These advances in NXGen carbide technology, along with enhanced designs, make possible improved ease of sizing and allow for more accurate dimensioning for the entire range of new cartridge case products from suppliers around the world. To learn more about Redding’s ongoing commitment to the precision handloading enthusiast and to request a copy of the current catalog, visit the website.

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What do you get the rifle shooter who has everything?

Shell Shock Technologies

If you loved Shell Shock’s lightweight 9mm cases, wait until you try their new calibers coming soon, including 5.56x45mm, .300 BLK, .380 ACP, .40 S&W and others. Lighter than brass, more powder capacity, greater consistency between rounds, and can be picked up with a magnet. Satisfies global military mandates to reduce ammunition weight and increase performance. All of Shell Shock’s cases are proudly made in the USA. Shell Shock…Shoot it, Love it!


Covert Carrier

The Covert Carrier is designed for “deep” cover or “backup” use. It was created for small-framed, single-stack semiautomatic handguns. Caliber options for the Covert Carrier range from .45 to .22. It can be fitted to a removable grip panel or adapted to the handle of a polymer pistol and fitted with their Universal Small or Large Rubber Sleeve.

The key element to the device is the stainless steel appendage fastening means, or clip. The clip is designed in a lazy “S” shape. A segment is draped over the user’s waistband material and the handgun then disappears – inside the waistband – from view, behind the cloth below the belt line.

The Covert Carrier gives the user an option to carry appendix fashion, with total handgun concealment, without a traditional holster, case or pouch. Covert Carrier’s “grab and go” feature is the strongest in the concealed carry industry. There is no cloth, elastic, leather or plastic to wear out or break. Other carry options include pocket, purse or boot; however, when used inside the waistband and carried below the beltline it becomes the gold standard for concealed carry.

Bullard Leather

Located in Throckmorton, Texas, Bullard Leather offers holsters, belts, magazine holders, wallets and knife sheaths. All of their holsters and belts are made from Hermann Oak leather, and all holsters are custom-fitted to the specific gun. For more information, email or visit their online store.

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Triple K Mfg. Co.

For gun owners that prefer a dedicated crossdraw-style carry, the #671 Crossdraw Concealed Carry Holster is available from Triple K Mfg. Co.

Open top allows for easy draw and a leather stiffener assures easy reholstering. Adjustable tension screw ensures proper gun retention. Available for a variety of revolvers and semiautomatic pistols in tan color with plain finish. Fits waist belts up to 1¾ inches wide.

Ted Blocker Holsters

One of Ted Blocker Holsters’ most popular products is their #1 Lifeline Shoulder Holster. It is the most comfortable you will find anywhere. The straps are very soft and supple yet also very durable for daily wear, and they are adjustable to a fit that is perfect for you. The holster and mag pouch can be changed out if you want to use the straps for other guns. Choose from tan, brown or black. Accommodation can be made for very large sizes.

Also check the website for custom inside- and outside-the-waistband holsters, Alaskan shoulder holsters, duty and Western holsters, belts, hats, knife sheaths, and other accessories. Tooling and leather flower carving available.

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The BX-Trigger is a light, crisp, “drop-in” replacement trigger assembly that is compatible with all Ruger 10/22 rifles and 22 Charger pistols. The BX-Trigger is a Genuine Ruger Factory Accessory and is the perfect upgrade for all 10/22 rifles and 22 Charger pistol models because of the significantly reduced pull weight of approximately 2 3/4 pounds (versus 6 pounds on the standard 10/22 trigger). The BX-Trigger is sold as a complete assembly that drops in to replace the existing trigger assembly.


The Glock 9mm stainless threaded fluted barrel is easy to use and install. The same as any other barrel, simply drop it in –no gunsmithing or other modifications are required. Available for Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 26 and 34 models. Made in USA.

Diversified Innovative Products

The folks at DIP Inc. are not content with the cheap plastic parts that many firearms companies produce to cut production costs for rimfire firearms. At DIP, they make dropin metal replacement parts and accessories that are both high quality and affordable. All products are made in the USA. DIP manufactures parts for the following brands: CZ, Marlin, Savage, Ruger, Remington, Tikka, Steyr, S&W, Howa, Marlin, Sako, Anschutz, Henry and others.

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Evolution Gun Works

The Picatinny rail mount from EGW allows you to mount your red dots like Trijicon RMR, Trijicon SRO, Holosun 407c, Holosun 507c, Holosun 508t, and any other red dots with the same footprint to the 1913 Picatinny rail. It does not work with Weaver rails. EGW’s Picatinny rail is precision CNC-machined from aluminum and hardcoat anodized.

Gentry Custom LLC

A family-owned business, Gentry Custom’s motto is “Where guns are not a hobby, but a way of life.” They believe in gun ownership and gun safety.

Gentry Custom is known for the Quiet Muzzle Brake, which will make for a userfriendly rifle. The Quiet Muzzle Brake reduces recoil and muzzle jump so you can get that second shot off if needed, without the large increase of noise to the shooter. Many of the factory rifles have been threaded for a muzzle brake.

Gentry Custom offers threads and many others. Call them today and they can provide the proper Quiet Muzzle Brake for your rifle. Gentry Custom also offers a threeposition safety for the Remington family of rifles and the Mauser 98.

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KKM Precision

Welcome to the world leader in custom national match-grade pistol barrels. At KKM Precision, they use state-of-theart robotics and advanced multi-axis CNC machines to produce the most accurate pistol barrels available. They have taken pistol barrel manufacturing to a whole new level of precision with purpose-built robotic systems and advanced in-process measuring probes. They specialize in advancing pistol barrels.


The new Wing Grip AR Pistol Grip by Luth-AR LLC: thick, robust, tough and ambidextrous. Designed with shooter ergonomics in mind. The full palm swells fill the hand, providing a consistent and rapid grip positioned to promote accurate and repeatable shots on target. The thumb rests and palm shelf work together to lock the hand in place shot after shot.

Features: Designed with wings on either side for enhanced support and handling leverage, also doubling as thumb rests; ambidextrous grip with full palm swell; palm shelf for additional support; robust texture on side panels and backstrap for a non-slip grip; and more. Designed by Luth-AR and made in the USA.

Priced affordably, the MSRP is $28.95. Dealer, quantity and OEM pricing is available upon request.

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Lyle at UltiMAK designed the first practical AK optic mount in the 1990s, and has been adding to the product line ever since. Supported platforms now include a host of AK variants, including AK pistols, plus the M1 Garand rifle, M-14/M1A, Mini-14 and the M1 .30 Carbine.

Starting out in a musical instrument shop, Lyle has applied his unique perspective on mechanics and ergonomics to the field of firearms. Since then, UltiMAK has been making and selling optic mounts and rail systems for over 20 years, and has become the name in mounting systems for the above rifle platforms.

UltiMAK’s latest product is a forward optic mount for the KP-9 pistol made by Kalashnikov USA. For the rest of the product line, check out the website or call 208-8834734. Avail yourself of the UltiMAK system, and let your rifle sing!


Gary Reeder Custom Guns

When you are looking for something special in a revolver, semiauto or single-shot handgun, look no further than Gary Reeder Custom Guns. Reeder Custom Guns has been building full-custom guns for 40 years with 70 different series of full-custom guns, like the special full-custom Grim Reaper shown here. Full-custom and built the way you want and in the cartridge of your choosing. Let them build something special for you at Gary Reeder Custom Guns. Check out their website or call 928-527-4100.

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B&T Industries L.L.C.

The CAL (Cant And Loc) Atlas Bipods were developed for shooters requesting a bipod with the same novel Atlas features – five independent leg positions with height adjustability and quickchange feet – without the panning function. Now with 63 degrees of adjustable, preloaded cant, the lack of pan ensures the bore stays perpendicular to the bipod legs, making it more accurate if engaging targets beyond 600 yards. The cradle design raises the apex and increases the footprint while the legs are placed in front of where the bipod attaches to the rifle. It also features a larger leg boss, non-rotating legs and “Hold What You Move Technology.” Proudly designed, engineered, machined and assembled in America.

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Camouflage Face Paint

Bobbie Weiner has been in business making Camo Face Paint for all branches of the US Military for 26 years. Bobbie is also the number one supplier for the US Dept. of Defense.

All Camo Face Paint is made in the USA. Bobbie’s company makes three-, four- and five-color compacts (mirror included), as well as tubes and pressed powders in all of the military colors. Everything is made to military specs and she is always fully stocked and ready to ship. Bobbie will make custom colors and private label is available. All face paint is odorless, hypoallergenic, washes off with soap and water, nontoxic and has a fiveyear shelf life.

For more information, stop by booth #20401 at Shot Show, email or visit the company’s website.

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Custom Guns

When it comes to full custom guns, whether it be custom revolvers, custom 1911s, or full custom large caliber rifles, the place to look first is Gary Reeder Custom Guns. In business for almost 40 years building some of the finest full custom guns, built to your specs. Reeder Custom Guns is a fully licensed firearm manufacturer and can build that very special gun you have always wanted. To see almost 70 different series of full custom guns, see our web site, or if you have questions feel free to call.

10 to 12 month delivery in most cases.

Gary Reeder Custom Guns • 2601 7th Ave. East • Flagstaff, Arizona 86004


Michlitch Company

Do you like hot sauce but don’t like a saucy mess? Try this dry hot sauce rub, newly developed by Michlitch – the Spokane Spice Co. This dry rub is not too hot for covering a steak before cooking. It’s so good that you can sprinkle it on pizza, mac and cheese, popcorn, eggs, fries and grilled vegetables, or even on a tossed green salad for kicking things up a notch.

Maxxum Marine

The 20-foot Luxor OB, Maxxum Marine’s most popular model, is equipped with all the right standard features and available with a half, three-quarter or full hard top. For more info, call 541-686-3572.

The Maxxum Marine company was founded in 1988 by brothers Lloyd and Stacy Slonecker. Born and raised in Eugene, Oregon, the brothers grew intimately familiar with the Willamette River after their parents built a home on the river just downstream from where it merges with the McKenzie River.

Stacy has been dismantling and rebuilding boats since his junior year of high school. Earlier in their careers, Lloyd and Stacy both built custom aluminum boats ranging in length from 13 to 28 feet.

The brothers chose the Maxxum name to stand for maximum strength and maximum performance. Today they customize and sell boats from North River, Boulton, River Hawk, Weldcraft, Duckworth, Starweld and Allied Boats.

Maxxum Marine is also a factory-authorized service center for Suzuki, Yamaha and Tohatsu outboard motors.


The Brisket and Roast rub is excellent for grilling, pan-frying or roasting. Rub the spice blend on both sides of a brisket, ribs, roast or steak before cooking. The Smokie BBQ is wonderful on ground beef, potatoes or grilled vegetables. The uses of these blends are limited only by your imagination! Michlitch Company has a great selection of sausage and jerky seasonings, as well as knives and supplies. Commercial bulk pricing is also available on these products. Call 509-624-1490 for pricing or visit their website.

Present Arms, Inc.

The AR Hook is another “third hand” from Present Arms. It is an AR cleaning rod guide and upper receiver strut. Simply hook the upper receiver and pin to the lower with the takedown pin.

Use it with Present Arms’ patented Sentinel Plate and AR magazine post, sold separately, for the perfect user-friendly AR cleaning station.

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Skyline Toolworks LLC

Haul firewood, tools and everyday essentials with this all-in-one utility tote. Premium buffalo leather is hand-stitched by Amish leatherworkers and fastened with copper rivets, then finished with a rigid, supportive bottom for the ultimate strength and durability. Made by the historic Woodman’s Pal company, with the reputation for quality, American-made products since 1941.

Rick Young Outdoors

Once again, RYO is turning heads with cool ideas that accomplish more while weighing less!

The patented head design of Steady Stix creates a binocular rest, which steadies your glasses standing or sitting. Rotate the heads to open up your shooting lane for a balanced rifle, shotgun, pistol or even a crossbow in the sitting position. The internal shock cord is very robust for long-term use. All the rubber is made from UV-resistant materials and even their aluminum tubes are the best aircraft material available (7075) with heavy wall construction. The Stix triple down as a walking support staff and comfortably fit in the palm of your hand. The sheath is short and light with the added clip that stays on your belt, utilizing the patented “Ripoff Clip” design.

The Steady Stix weighs in at 8 ounces and is made in the USA.

For more, visit the website or see the video demo at watch?v=MXKxUduAW5g.

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TuffyPacks, LLC

TuffyPacks, LLC, manufactures global defensive solutions for the ever-increasing problem of active shooter incidents. They manufacture a line of custom inserts that provide a level of personal protection from ballistic threats similar to what law enforcement officers wear daily as bulletproof vests. The TuffyPack Ballistic Shields are built to meet Level IIIA threat requirements. Their inserts have been tested by an independent ballistic lab and the report is available on their website.

When inserted into backpacks, briefcases or computer bags, TuffyPacks’ ballistic shields will provide the highest level of protection currently available as lightweight, concealable body armor. A backpack with ballistic protection weighs only 19 to 27 ounces more than a nonprotected pack (based on the pack size). Additionally, the ballistic shields are removable when the user desires to use the pack in a lowor nonthreat environment.

TuffyPacks’ panels are constructed using multiple layers of ballistic PE material that is a strong, synthetic PE fiber similar to Kevlar. It is used in the global production of body armor, helmets and ballistic vests, just to name a few. The company writes the build date and stamps each panel with a five-year useful life.

You can confidently depend on their panels for protection against all kinds of handgun bullets and fragments, as well as against stabbing with sharp and pointed objects.

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Universal Shooting Academy

Whether you are training to win in competition, to improve your skills in the line of duty or to gain confidence with your personal protection firearm, fundamentals make the difference. Fast, accurate hits are what separate winning from losing – on the street, on the battlefield, and in the game.

International champions, national champions, US World Shoot Team members, former special operations soldiers, overseas contractors, former and current law enforcement officers – these are your instructors at Universal Shooting Academy. The small cadre of instructors is able to communicate the knowledge and expertise gained through years of shooting and teaching. These techniques will help you achieve higher levels and save you time and money.

One of the main reasons for Universal Shooting Academy’s success in achieving your goals at high speed is due to their small class sizes. You could compare it to having a personal trainer versus wandering around the global gym by yourself.

The advantage with their system versus any other academy in the world is the professional ability to evaluate each student on an individual basis and custom-tailor the course around the student’s needs.

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Skinner Sights

The Skinner Sights HTF bag allows your firepower to be “concealed in plain sight,” yet ready in case of an emergency. Holds up to a 40-inch long gun and two handguns. Room for three rifle and eight pistol magazines. Knife, flashlight and accessory pouches. Cordura construction with heavy-duty stitching. (Firearms and accessories in photo are not included. For illustrative purposes only.)

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V-Line Industries

Introducing the new SRT Vault, specifically designed to be used by law enforcement agencies and security personnel. Safely stores firearms in areas where officers need their weapon readily available in an emergency situation.

Made from heavy-duty 14-gauge steel with a low-gloss powder-coated finish. Measures 43½ inches by 14 1/8 inches and weighs 50 pounds. Damper for soft closure when mounted horizontally, welded and ground corners on the door, predrilled holes in the back so it can be mounted, and a S&G Spartan lock that can be rotated 360 degrees to accommodate left- or right-side door opening as well as, horizontal use.

Features: S&G Sparta lock, the same lock used on large safes; multipoint locking mechanism; 2 square feet of standard MOLLE panel to organize firearms or accessories; preinstalled ¾-inch foam pad to protect contents; and adjustable quick-release nylon security straps.

Made in the USA. To order, call 805520-4987 or visit V-Line’s website.

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