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Built for Adventure!

Thunder Jet, Boulton, Fish-Rite

With our factory-trained technicians for Yamaha, Suzuki, Mercury, Tohatsu and Honda motors, we can handle any project from electronic installs to complete boat and motor overhauls. Need a new motor for your current boat? Best prices around on Repowers!


1700 Hwy 99 N, Eugene, OR


Toll Free 877-4-Maxxum (877-462-9986) Local 541-686-3572

Dandy Saw

The Dandy Saw – or “The Get Serious Saw,” as Durwood Hollis dubbed it many years ago – is still top in its class of aggressive bone/wood-cutting camp saws. Frustration with inferior hunting saw materials and design led Montana huntsman Ron Gratchen to

develop his own hunting/camp saw. The original and aggressive tooth design and comfortable handle he produced could get the job done without getting a blister or breaking a blade. There are four different sizes to match your need. The Mini Dandy comes with a 12-inch blade and is

great for backpacking and camping. It will split wild game and fits easily on a backpack or belt. The Half Dandy has an 18-inch blade and that little extra edge goes a long way. It handles larger game and windfall with greater efficiency and ease. Getting firewood becomes a more doable task. The Pack Dandy has a 28-inch blade. It fits well on the side of a horse and cuts those larger logs and larger game with ease. The two-handled Dandy has a 36-inch blade and is loved by outfitters. It fits well on pack animals and cuts both bone and wood. It is a must for those back wilderness areas where motorized tools are forbidden. Each saw comes with a scabbard and a lifetime warranty. See ad on page 15

Line-X of Gresham

Protect your vehicle from rust, corrosion and tear with quality products from Line-X of Gresham. Not only does Line-X provide great undercarriage and body armor protection, it also protects your vehicle from storms, high winds, debris and even hail damage. Line-X

SPRAYON BEDLINERS Protect Your Investment • Truck Bedliners • Jeep Floorboards • Commercial Coating Lifetime Warranty

503-261-7367 4250 NE 148th Ave • Portland, OR 6


• Entire Vehicle • Truck Gear Accessories

protects your vehicle from scratches and dings as well. Line-X of Gresham offers the following products: Truck bedliners, Jeep floorboards, commercial coating and truck gear accessories. This local family-owned business has been serving the community since December of 2003. See ad on page 6

Michlitch Company

Do you like barbeque? Do you like hot sauces but don’t like a mess on your grill? Try this dry hot sauce rub, newly developed by Michlitch Company for Fletcher’s Sauce Company, located in Spokane, Washington. This dry rub is not too hot for covering a steak before cooking. It’s so good that you can sprinkle it on jojo potatoes, fries and grilled vegetables, or even on a tossed green salad for kicking things up a notch. The Brisket and Roast rub is excellent for grilling, pan-frying or roasting. Rub the spice blend on both sides of a brisket, roast or steak before cooking. The Smokie BBQ is wonderful on ground beef, potatoes or grilled vegetables. Try it on a grilling rack or bowl over slices of onion and green pepper. The uses of these blends are limited only by your imagination! Buy retail online at spokanespice. com. Commercial bulk pricing is also available on these products. Call 509624-1490 for pricing. See ad on this page



Maxxum Marine

Now available at Maxxum Marine is the new 2020 Thunder Jet Luxor OB. The 20-foot Luxor OB, Maxxum Marine’s most popular model, is equipped with all the right standard features and available with a half, 3/4, or full hard top. For more info, call 541-686-3572. The Maxxum Marine company was founded in 1988 by brothers Lloyd and Stacy Slonecker. Born and raised in Eugene, Oregon, the brothers grew intimately familiar with the Willamette River after their parents built a home on the river just downstream from where it merges with the McKenzie River. Stacy has been dismantling and rebuilding boats since his junior year of high school. Earlier in their careers, Lloyd and Stacy both built custom

aluminum boats ranging in length from 13 to 28 feet. The brothers chose the Maxxum name to stand for maximum strength and maximum performance. Today they customize and sell boats from North River, Boulton, River Hawk, Weldcraft, Duckworth, Starweld and Allied Boats. Maxxum Marine is also a factory authorized service center for Suzuki, Yamaha and Tohatsu outboard motors. See ad on the inside front cover

Mike’s Truck Outfitters and Line-X of Silicon Valley

Welcome to the truck, van and SUV upfitter for San Francisco, San Jose and the East Bay! Mike’s Truck & Line-X have been in business since 1983 – they

know trucks and will be around when you need them! They have two stores in the Bay Area, Santa Clara (408-9882622) and Hayward (925-272-7666). Mike’s is a one-stop shop ready to customize your truck, van or SUV. They work with all types of truck owners – private, contractor, municipalities, fleet, dealer and commercial. Mike’s will provide all the options and when something doesn’t make sense, they will say so. Your total satisfaction is their goal. If the parts are on the West Coast, they will have it at Mike’s the following day. Mike’s adds real value to your truck by installing quality truck accessories with a guarantee. Truck accessories, internet prices, free delivery, and they are authorized platinum Line-X dealers. If it goes on a pickup, van or SUV, Mike’s has it. They install it! They guarantee it! So get off the porch and run with the big dogs. Stop in at Mike’s and get something started! See ad on page 5

Sauvie Island Duck Club

Sauvie Island Duck Club is a private waterfowl hunting club located approximately 10 miles northwest of Portland, Oregon, along US Route 30. Duck club members have access to several acres of private hunting area. Blinds are located in three main areas (and three smaller areas) within the property to help maximize hunting potential and minimize member contact. Sauvie Island Duck Club is located on a great flyway and is a mallard haven! The following memberships are 10


More than a’s a solution!

Manufactured in Sandy, Oregon


503.668.7211 | Toll-free: 855.668.7211 | 11

available: Day, Week, and Season at a cost of $200, $750, and $2,000, respectively. Call Ron at 503-539-5396 or check out the website for more information. See ad on page 7

Triple K Manufacturing

The classic walnut oil color Deluxe Shot Shell Carrier ammo case is designed to hold up to four boxes of shotgun shells. Made in USA with premium vegetable tanned leather, heavy nylon stitching and solid brass snap hardware. MSRP: $106. See ad on page 13


RE Camp Kitchen

The RE Camp Kitchen is the result of many years spent in the backcountry, where safety and well-being rely heavily on functional and durable equipment. The box is constructed of aircraft aluminum. Extensive experience helped Robertson Enterprises choose highquality essential cooking items that also will withstand the rigors of camping. Stainless steel is always appreciated for easy cleaning and durability. The practical design makes it convenient to use for everything from a family lunch on the lawn to an extended stay in the backcountry. The wheeled “suitcase” mode allows you to choose your cooking spot without being tied to


your vehicle. When all the supplies are stored, you still have room for food. The Camp Kitchen may be purchased with all the extra kitchen items or just the boxes. With the RE Camp Kitchen, you really can start cooking in 10 minutes. See ad on page 4

Steel Target Paint

Steel Target Paint is formulated for steel targets, covers quickly, and has a high paint-resin content with a pound of paint in the can. The colors allow match directors to color-code scenarios during competition stages. For longdistance shooting, these colors can be

combined for optimum visibility. Range Box Sampler MSRP: $49.29. See ad on page 9

Web Steel Buildings Northwest

Fire resistance, structural performance, cost-effectiveness, durability and sustainability are some of the strongest reasons for using metal building systems in low-rise building construction. As a dependable, noncombustible material, steel-framed structures provide a wise investment for builders and the occupants who live and work in them. • Steel framing is produced in strict accordance with national standards; there are no regional variations. • Steel framing does not expand or contract with moisture content. • Steel framing will not rot, warp, split, crack or creep. • Steel framing is not vulnerable to termites. • Steel is a noncombustible material and will not contribute to the spread of a

fire, thereby reducing risk to occupants, firefighters and property owners. • Steel framing provides a significantly greater strength-toweight ratio than wood. • Steel framing allows for wider frame spacing than wood construction, consequently wider bays.

• Steel is typically fabricated off-site, reducing on-site labor, cycle time and construction waste. • Shorter construction time results in earlier occupancies and lower financing costs. See ad on page 11


New for 2020 is the 6.5 Creedmoor 120-grain Hornady GMX from Black Hills Ammunition. The GMX offers up to 50 percent more penetration, 24 inches or more, plus higher weight retention. It generally retains nearly 100 percent of its weight, compared to 50 to 70 percent for lead core bullets. The excellent GMX design causes the bullet to open immediately upon impact, over

a wide range of velocities, causing large diameter wound cavities that anchor game quickly and humanely. Monolithic gilding metal bullets, because they retain their weight, do not need to be as heavy for caliber and application as conventional bullets, and can thus be pushed to higher velocity. See ad on back cover

Rim Rock Bullets

It has been over a year since Rim Rock Bullets became the owner of Oregon Trail Bullets. Rim Rock would like to thank all of the customers who have helped make this transition run as smoothly as possible. The two companies will continue to make the great cast lead bullets that you have grown to expect. See ad on page 19




Fifty-two years. That’s how long the folks at the Zero Bullet Company have been manufacturing jacketed handgun bullets. And their expertise and craftsmanship show in their impressive competitive championship wins. Team

Pistol Bullets and Ammunition Zero Bullet Company, Inc.



P.O. Box 1188 Cullman, AL 35056 Tel: 256-739-1606 Fax: 256-739-4683 Toll Free: 800-545-9376


The Xtreme Defender is based on the popular Xtreme Penetrator product line. The XD ammunition has an optimized nose flute, total weight, and velocity to achieve a penetration depth up to 18 inches* with a permanent wound cavity (PWC) that is just simply enormous; no other expanding hollowpoint comes close to achieving anywhere near this diameter and volume. Not only is the PWC over 100% larger than any other expanding bullet, expansion is achieved despite being shot through barriers. The solid copper body ensures that wallboard, sheet metal, and automotive glass will have no effect on the PWC.

5730 Bottom Rd. Sparta, Illinois 62286

*Falling within FBI guidelines This round offers: A permanent Wound Cavity (PWC) that is 2 times greater than any expanding bullet reduced recoil. CNC machined from solid copper to overcome barriers to penetration Radial flutes that force the hydraulic energy inward to build pressure Minimal surface area to increase the force at the point of contact and sharp cutting edges that defeat barriers.

Call us: (618) 965-2109

AMMUNITION/RELOADING Zero member Kevin Angstadt won the prestigious Bianchi Cup in 2014 using the company’s No. 136 9mm 125-grain jacketed hollowpoint competition bullet. Kim Beckwith has racked up multiple High Senior awards at the Cup with Zero’s .38 Super ammunitions. The National Pistol Championship? Zero’s been there and done that. Same with the Pistol 4-Man Team Championships at Ohio’s Camp Perry. An impressive record, for a company with equally as impressive credentials and products. See ad on page 16

Little Crow Gunworks

What do you get the rifle shooter who has everything? Little Crow Gunworks would suggest the Original World’s Finest Trimmer. With nationwide ammo shortages, the WFT speeds up the most tedious part of reloading: trimming cases. The WFT

attached to your hand-drill can trim up to 600 cases per hour with matchworthy precision. There are 200-plus calibers available, from .17 Hornet to .50 BMG. Check out the website for a complete selection of precision reloading and gunsmith tools. See ad on page 16

Underwood Ammunition

From Illinois-based Underwood Ammunition, the Xtreme Defender (EXD) is based on the wildly popular Xtreme Penetrator product line. The Xtreme Defender ammunition features an optimized nose flute, along with the weight and velocity necessary to achieve the FBI-standard 18 inches of penetration. With a permanent wound cavity described as “enormous,” the Xtreme Defender’s solid copper body ensures no adverse effects occurring to the projectile itself, despite encountering common law enforcement and personal defense obstacles such as wallboard, sheetrock, sheet metal and automotive glass. See ad on page 17



Our Online Catalog has over 388 different bullets WE HAVE 300 SET OF MOLDS. 25 EMPLOYEES. 25 CASTING MACHINES. 14 AUTO LUBERS. COWBOY .25 .32 .38 .38 .38 .38-40 .44-40 .45LC .45LC .458

85 Gr. 78 Gr. 120 Gr. 125 Gr. 130 Gr. 180 Gr. 180 Gr. 160 Gr. 200 Gr. 350 Gr.


STANDARD .32KEITH 125 Gr. .380 95 Gr. 9MM 115 Gr. 9MM 125 Gr. .38 148 Gr. .38 158 Gr. .40 180 Gr. .45ACP 200 Gr. .45ACP 230 Gr. .45LC 255 Gr.


CLEANING/GUN CARE Blue Wonder Gun Care Products

Blue Wonder Gun Care Products are designed specifically for the demanding needs of your rifles, pistols and shotguns. Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner will quickly, effectively and safely remove copper and lead fouling, plastic buildup in shotguns, and carbon buildup. Blue Wonder’s XFR lubricant provides eXtreme Friction Reduction but leaves no oily residue to trap grit, sand, lint and powder residue. See ad on page 21

Ogre Manufacturing

Pee-yoo! Are you cleaning your gun again? Try Enviroclean FA – the low-odor, biodegradable cleaner for firearms, used by law enforcement and responsible marksmen like you! Enviroclean FA is also great for cleaning black powder guns. Just imagine cleaning your black powder



People Who Depend On Guns, Depend On Blue Wonder Are Your Guns Getting The Care They Deserve?

Daniel Walden Chief of Police, Donna ISD

Dylan Holsey

Men’s Overall World Champion Cowboy Action shooter

Debbie Keehart

USPSA and World Champion shooter

Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner Blue Wonder™ XFR Premium Gun Lube Blue Wonder™ Fast Blast Spray Cleaner Blue Wonder™ Gun Blue / Gun Black Blue Wonder™ Blue Removal System Blue Wonder™ Leather Care3 Blue Wonder™ Wood Shine As a veteran-owned business, we are proud to offer a discount to U.S. activeduty military and veterans, along with police, firemen and other first responders. See our website for details. Dealer inquiries welcome.

Blue Wonder™ Gun Care Products Company 302 N. Washington Ave. Livingston, TX 77351 832-200-8005 • 866-GUN-BLUE SALES@BLUEWONDER.US BLUEWONDERGUNCARE.COM

Sandra Sneed

Cowboy Action shooter, three-time Texas State Champion

CLEANING/GUN CARE gun like a traditional firearm without all the mess! For more information, call 414-8812953. See ad on page 20

Present Arms, Inc.

The AR Hook is another “third hand” from Present Arms. It is an AR cleaning rod guide and upper receiver strut. Simply hook the upper receiver and pin to the lower with the takedown pin. Use it with Present Arms’ patented Sentinel Plate and AR magazine post, sold separately, for the perfect user-friendly AR cleaning station. See ad on this page




PrOlix is a penetrating solvent/dry lube product that was lab-developed and tested by law enforcement, military and commercial shooters over many years. The citrus-based biodegradable cleaner, pioneered in 1995, is the first successful “all in one” gun care product, now deemed “Bio-Technology.” Their recyclable (strain and reuse) products are made of 89 percent or greater renewable resources, a true commitment to sustainable practices and caring for the environment. As such, the USDA has listed PrOlix as a BioPreferred Product since 2012. The solvent “goes on wet, cleans, bonds, and the lube turns dry to the touch.” It removes carbon, copper,

lead, shotgun plastic residues and black powder. PrOlix will not damage wood, freeze or flash off, and it can be used for commercial and industrial applications as well. To complement the PrOlix Cleaner/ Lubricant (Dry Tech) line, shooters can use the equally superior “gun-oil and grease replacer” PrOlix Xtra-T Lube for a total care product. PrOlix, which will be celebrating its 33rd anniversary soon, announced at the 2019 Shot Show that they would be shipping out their products with a new look around the middle of the year. Along with the new look, due to many requests, their PrOlix TGCP in the 16-ounce-PRO with an adjustable nozzle and trigger-sprayer cap will also change to an easier-to-handle bottle. See ad on page 25




SEAL 1’s Signature Series Copper and Lead Remover is specifically designed for the “high performance” shooter. They did years of laboratory and field testing comparing traditional copper removers and found that SEAL 1 Copper and Lead Remover was more effective than traditional products and was safer for the user and the environment. SEAL 1 uses state-of-the-art technology to remove copper and lead fouling from the bore without the strong odors or dangerous chemicals used in traditional copper removers. The Copper and Lead Remover can also be used to help improve performance in bores that have slight imperfections. See ad on page 23


All In One Step No product on the market works like PrOlix and we’ve guaranteed it for 32 Years! DRY LUBRICANT • • • • • • •

Improves accuracy Prevents jamming Won’t flash off Will not freeze Non-hazardous Reduces fouling Won’t harm wood, primers, old guns, or stain clothing! • Bio preferred by USDA • Non-petroleum

Goes on wet, cleans, bonds, turns DRY!

Our Dealers offer the BEST and that’s PrOlix®


801-569-2763 800-248-LUBE (5823)


Covert Carrier Inc.

The Covert Carrier allows the user to carry a primary or backup handgun inside the waistband (IWB) without a traditional holster, case or pouch. The metal fastener is attached on the handle via the sleeve and the handgun hangs below the belt line in the waistband appendix-fashion. The metal does not interfere with the drawing or discharge of a small-framed single-stack semiautomatic pistol. See ad on page 27

Dara Holsters & Gear, Inc.

Dara Holsters’ Custom IWB Holster features a patented curved clip, designed to mimic the curve of the waistband. This keeps the gun tight to the body and secured to the belt. Proudly made in the USA, and backed by a lifetime warranty. See ad on this page




The Body Shield is a revolutionary new product that solves the problem of being poked and pinched when carrying concealed inside the waistband. Comfort has long been an issue with IWB; well, not anymore, thanks to Holster Partners’ Body Shield. This thin flexible leather shield provides a comfortable barrier of protection between you and your firearm. Simply attach the Body Shield to your existing holster with the hook-and-loop material (included), and voilà – no more irritating

pokes and prods. There’s no reason carrying concealed shouldn’t be comfortable. And it can be, thanks to the Body Shield. See ad on this page

Tap Rack Holsters

Tap Rack Holsters manufactures premium Americanmade Kydex holsters for LE, military, first responders and everyday customers. With decades of experience and customer input, their detailed handmade holsters are built to last. Shown is the Glock 19 Gen5 MOS with Surefire XVL2-IRC and Trijicon RMR sights. See ad on page 29

Body Shield FINALLY!

A product that does what it was designed to do. It keeps you from being rubbed and pinched when carrying IWB. Circled area is what rubs and pinches.

5 sizes available – fits most holsters





Hand Built For Hardcore Use (559) 478-5475

Tap Rack Holsters is a leading provider of premium American-made gun holsters and knife sheaths. Our products are the result of 40 plus years of combined experience in the military and law enforcement field using American made materials. Every Tap Rack holster and sheath is handcrafted using extreme care, precision and built to last because we’re dedicated to providing premium quality products our customers can rely on.


FIREARMS The Best of the West

The Best of the West Mountain Scout rifle is perfect for backcountry, ruggedterrain hunters. BOTW started with the strong but lightweight BOTW Mountain Hunter carbon fiber stock that has a slim, compact profile, then kept the weight super low by pairing that stock with a 22-inch carbon fiber barrel and titanium action. Chambered in 6.5 PRC, it tips the scale at only 6.8 pounds with a Huskemaw BD 4-16x42 scope! See ad on page 31

Dickinson Arms

New Ranger Series single-shot shotguns from Dickinson Arms combine classic good looks, craftsmanship, excellent shooting performance and remarkable value. There is a full family



of models for adults and youth, as well as a short-barreled, folding Survival model – at retail prices ranging from $144-$164 MSRP. See ad on pages 32 and 33


Gary Reeder Custom Guns

When you are looking for full-custom guns, look no further than Gary Reeder Custom Guns. They have been building full-custom guns since 1987 and currently have almost 70 series of full-custom revolvers, custom 1911s, custom lever guns, custom single shots and a lot more. These include the very popular Black Widow, one of their most popular series since 1987. For more info, call 928-527-4100. See ad on page 34

R&S Precision Sports, LLC

Since 1996, R&S Precision Sports, LLC has provided after-market accessories for various rifles and handguns from Ruger, Savage, Remington, Browning, Howa, Weatherby, Thompson Center, etc. They carry a wide range of products for customizing and accurizing hunting and target rifles from some of the best manufacturers in the business, including Boyds, Volquartsen, Athlon, Tactical Solutions, Pike Arms, Green Mountain, Victor Company and more. R&S Precision’s goal is to offer excellent parts for sporting arms while providing customer service that’s second-to-none. See ad on page 30



Custom Guns

“BLACK WIDOW� When you are looking for full custom guns, look no further than GARY REEDER CUSTOM GUNS. We have been building full custom guns since 1987 and currently have almost 70 series of full custom revolvers, custom 1911s, custom lever guns, custom single shots and a lot more. Custom guns like our very popular BLACK WIDOW WIDOW, one of our most popular series since 1987. For more info check our web site or give me a call.


ADCO now provides a tan version of the Super Thumb ST1 for shooters who own popular service pistols in soft colors. Basic black has always worked, but having matching Super Thumb to

accompany the matching pistol will be just perfect. In the military, you wouldn’t want to be out of uniform. Either color is guaranteed for life. Buy it in the two-color set and save. Available with many fine firearms

dealers nationwide. Dealer inquiries invited. See ad on this page

Alpha One Outdoors

The NANO ultramicro gas block by TF Tactical is perhaps the smallest and lightest adjustable all-steel gas block ever made. The NANO was designed and created by Eddie Leasure (E.L. Tactical) and Brian Nixon (22 Reloader). Both Eddie and Brian are lifelong gun and shooting sports enthusiasts and have spent years creating unique parts, accessories and innovative high-quality products at prices that everyone can afford. The NANO is precision-machined from a solid block of 8620 steel, making it remarkably dependable and durable. It has an exceptionally low profile, meaning it can fit inside any handguard, fore stock or accessory rail system. Weighing in at under an ounce, the NANO is on average 45 to 55 percent 35

GEAR FOR GUNS and function. All this performance at a price that anyone can afford. Crafted in the United States of America, by patriotic gun guys, for patriotic gun guys. See ad on page 37

Defiance Machine

As Defiance continues to innovate and find new ways to better serve their customers, they have pushed

the envelope again. The anTi X is an ultra-lightweight action with integral scope mounts and recoil lug that shares the same guaranteed headspace measurement as the Ruckus, Tenacity, and anTi custom precision rifle actions. Using prehardened 416R stainless for the receiver and a 4340 chrome moly bolt, the anTi X gives customers the smoothness, reliability and longevity that they have come to expect from Defiance. Innovative weight reduction. Premium materials. No compromises. See ad on this page

lighter than other micro gas blocks without sacrificing strength, durability or functionality. The NANO is fully adjustable with the included hex wrench, so whether you are competing, hunting, plinking, using a suppressor or any combination thereof, your AR-15 with .750 barrel profile can be custom tuned for optimal performance

Elftmann Tactical

Custom Rifle Actions 406-756-2727 36


The ELF Drop-In Match Pro Trigger has been built for performance. The Match Pro Trigger is identical to the Match Trigger, with the addition of a proprietary threaded mounting system. The combination of aerospace-grade sealed bearings, precision ground threaded bushings, and screws instead of traditional pins provides a rock-solid trigger system. Since their inception, AR platforms have always used pins to mount the trigger and hammer in the lower receiver. Because pins require some “play” in order to be installed, there is always a little play in the trigger system. This new threaded system adds a level of “solid” you need to feel to understand the difference. Pull weight is so easy to adjust, it can be done in seconds without removing the trigger from




Gentry Custom, LLC

We offer 5/8x24 threads


QUIET MUZZLE BRAKES We offer 5/8x24 and many other threads

Visit our online store: (406) 388-GUNS

Where Call us for guns are notCustom a Gun Work! hobby, BUT A Way Of Life...

3POSITION SAFETIES For Mauser, Remington & CZ



GEAR FOR GUNS your lower receiver. Installation can be done in minutes using the supplied installation screws. The Match Pro trigger may be ordered with a curved or straight shoe. If you are looking for the finest adjustable trigger for your AR-15 platform, this is the trigger system for you. See ad on page 41

Gentry Custom LLC

A family-owned business, Gentry Custom’s motto is “Where guns are not a hobby, but a way of life.” They believe in gun ownership and gun safety. Gentry Custom is known for the Quiet Muzzle Brake, which will make for a user-friendly rifle. The Quiet Muzzle Brake reduces recoil and muzzle jump so you can get that second shot off if needed, without the large increase of noise to the shooter. Many of the factory rifles have been threaded for a muzzle brake. Gentry Custom offers 5/8 x 24 threads and many others. Call them today and they can provide the proper Quiet Muzzle Brake for your rifle. Gentry Custom also offers a threeposition safety for the Remington family of rifles and the Mauser 98. See ad on this page




Kick-Eez carries a wide selection of shotgun recoil pads designed to meet all your shooting needs. They are ideal for hunters, recreational and competitive shooters, and made of Sorbothane, which is scientifically proven to be the finest cushioning material available! Sorbothane maintains stability and damping over a broad temperature range, enabling it to isolate damaging vibrations and impact shock in varied conditions. Its near faultless memory ensures a return to original shape, even after repeated compressions.

Dead Foot Arms

The SCW 2.5 Tailhook is by far the most compact PDW-style pistol brace that the industry has ever seen, with a collapsed length of 2.5 inches. While compact, it is still very versatile, allowing for buttonfree brace deployment and five lengthof-pull settings.

See ad on page 43

See ad on page 39

DIP INC. Not content with the cheap plastic parts that many companies were producing for rimfire firearms, Bob Bland decided to take matters into his own hands. His company, DIP Inc. (aka Diversified Innovative Products), makes drop-in metal rimfire parts and accessories that are both affordable and high quality. “Because of the economy in 2008, a lot of firearms companies were making more and more parts from molded plastic that easily broke,” said Bland. “Working with a number of local machine shops, we are able to make drop-in metal replacement parts affordable that are a superior upgrade for Savage, CZ, Marlin, Anschutz and a host of others. We even make small batches of specialized parts if we have enough requests.” Other popular firearm brands that DIP Inc. makes parts for include Remington, Ruger, Boyds and Henry. All of their products are made in the U.S., which Bland said his customers truly appreciate. “We refuse to outsource anything to other countries even though I might be able to produce them cheaper,” he explained. “Oftentimes, as goes the price so does the quality.” The folks at DIP Inc. are constantly making new parts, and in-house CNC machines make the R&D process smoother and more efficient. One of these new products is an aluminum replacement trigger guard for Howa MiniAction rifles. This is a direct replacement for the plastic factory trigger guard/mag well. DIP Inc. redesigned the magazine catch spring perch location to add a noticeable amount of tension to help prevent accidental magazine drops.

For a full list of products DIP Inc. offers, visit 40



KynShot recoil buffers are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA. With a talented team comprised of the industry’s leading energy absorption and motion control specialists, KynShot is dedicated to finding the right hydraulic recoil mitigation solution for you. Their shotgun and AR platform recoil buffers come in clamshell packaging, with UPC codes and the necessary installation instructions.

All the products are patented and have been sold for nine years in the firearms industry with over 70,000 in service today. They offer factory-direct discounts backed by a conditional guarantee. KynShot is endorsed by Mr. Kyle Lamb, Special Operations SGM (R), and they are member-tested and recommended by the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA). See ad on page 44

Stocky’s LLC

Stocky’s new Long Range Composite Thumbhole Accublock is the perfect stock for your 700 when extreme accuracy is the goal. It features interchangeable barrel channels and



a comfortable vertical grip with a solid billet of T6061 aluminium precisely CNC-machined and molded right into the stock. Even the proper screws are included for a 10-minute DIY installation. See ad on page 45

October Country Muzzleloading

Back in 1977 when the company was in its infancy, October Country Muzzleloading was a hunting bag. One product. Today, the northern Idahobased outfit offers a complete and thorough line of muzzleloaders and muzzleloading accessories, including ramrods, Pushing Daisies patches, Blue Thunder solvent, Bumblin’ Bear Grease,

GEAR FOR GUNS Bullets, Birchwood Casey, Uncle Mike’s, Ballistol, Hoppe’s, Cash Manufacturing, Hornady, Lyman and RCBS muzzleloading and black powder cartridge ball and bullet molds, as well as Lee Bullet Molds, to name a few. See ad on page 38


quality leather shooting bags, powder horns and hand-forged shooting tools. All exceptional quality goods for the hunter, shooter, collector and history reenactor enthusiast. October Country features products specifically designed


and manufactured for cowboy action and black powder cartridge shooters. Along with expanding their current Traditions, Thompson Center and CVA product lines, October Country has new products that include PowerBelt


Lyle at UltiMAK designed the first practical AK optic mount in the 1990s, and has been adding to the product line ever since. Supported platforms now include a host of AK variants, including AK pistols, plus the M1 Garand rifle, M-14/M1A, Mini-14, and the M1 .30 Carbine. Starting out in a musical instrument shop, Lyle has applied his unique perspective into mechanics and ergonomics to the field of firearms. Since then, UltiMAK has been making and selling optic mounts and rail systems for over 20 years, and has become the name in mounting systems for the above rifle platforms. 47


UltiMAK’s latest product is a forward optic mount for the KP-9 pistol made by Kalashnikov USA (available soon at Kalashnikov). For the rest of the product line, check out the website or call 208883-4734. Avail yourself of the UltiMAK system, and let your rifle sing! See ad on page 46

Velocity Precision

Like all Velocity Precision products, their Recoil-less Bolt Carrier is designed with accuracy and performance in mind. Their unique patent-pending design is stronger than other low-mass bolt carriers and is one of the lightest bolt carriers on the market. The Recoil-less Bolt Carrier significantly reduces your rifle’s recoil impulse for faster follow-up shots and its Nano Diamond Nickel coating makes it extremely wear-resistant, easy to clean and uncompromisingly durable. This unique coating creates a very slick surface that reduces the probability of failures due to a lack

of lubrication, reduces typical wear and tear on expensive parts, and truly makes shooting your AR-15 much more fun. The real value when it comes to lightweight bolt carriers comes when it’s paired with an adjustable gas block, which is why Velocity Precision offers both in a bundled product package. Reducing the rifle’s returning gas, together with the reduced weight of the bolt carrier is what reduces the recoil and muzzle rise to nearly zero. Without both you’re really only going halfway! See ad on page 47

VZ Grips

The rifle grips from VZ Grips are like no other. Each one is machined from a solid block of G10 with a 17-degree angle for unmatched durability, texture and comfort. Match them up with a set of rail panels to create a complete system for your gun. You can even match them up with your favorite 1911 grip texture to have that consistent feel between platforms. Available in two lengths and in all of the best-selling textures and colors that you’ve come to know and love. Like everything else they manufacture, these grips are made right here in the great ol’ US of A, the VZ way. See ad on page 49



GEAR FOR GUNS White Oak Armament

Available in 12.6-inch and 14.6-inch lengths, the White Oak TR Series M-LOK Handguard is octagonal with full-length top Picatinny rail and M-LOK sides and bottom. Two key goals in designing this rail were 1) to ensure a stable, free float handguard with minimal flex when pressure is applied, and 2) to make a rail that will work with virtually any gas block. White Oak accomplished the first goal by making a longer barrel nut and increasing the space between the clamping screws. This results in a very stable handguard. The key to eliminating the gas block issue was simply the length of the tube. Most handguards come in 12-, 13- or 15-inch lengths. This means the front of the tube must cover the gas block or stop half an inch behind the gas block, leaving the gas tube and barrel exposed behind the gas block. White

Oak’s lengths of 12.6 and 14.6 inches are designed to stop just at the rear of the gas block. This will allow you to use an adjustable gas block and have clear access to the adjustment mechanism, or use a larger gas block that may not fit under the handguard and still have a sleek look.


The Skinner Sights HTF bag allows your firepower to be “concealed in plain sight,” yet ready in case of an emergency. Holds up to a 40inch long gun and two handguns. Room for three rifle and eight pistol magazines. Knife, flashlight and accessory pouches. Cordura construction with heavy-duty stitching. (Firearms and accessories in photo are not included. For illustrative purposes only.) See ads on inside back cover

V-Line Ind.

V-Line Ind. introduces the Brute quick-access security case. The Brute is the perfect solution for keeping handguns and valuables safe



The rail is anodized aluminum and the barrel nut and screws are black nitride finished. Installation is simple and requires a strap wrench or optional tool. 1tr-handguard.html See ad on page 51 51

SAFES/GUN STORAGE and out of reach of the wrong hands. It is constructed of rugged 10-gauge steel with an overlapping lid, making it virtually pry-proof when bolted down to a solid surface. The Brute is nicely finished in a durable tactical black powder coating. Features include heavy-duty 10-gauge all-steel construction; sleek custom anti-pry clamshell design; heavy 12-gauge handle with anti-pry lock protection; oversized solid-steel lock block and dead bolt; break-free 360-degree rotation clutch knob; reliable quick access mechanical push button lock; and more. The Brute measures 12.5 by 9.5 by 3.6 inches, weighs 21 pounds, and is California DOJ approved. See ad on this page



InvictaSafe offers all of the benefits of a traditional firearm safe while allowing you to display your firearm “safely” like a work of art. Constructed with 14-gauge steel and ½-inch ballistic glass, it protects your


valuable firearm from unauthorized access or theft. Order now and save $200. Just use code “CHRISTMAS” when you order from InvictaSafe’s website. See ad on page 53

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American Shooting Journal Buyers Guide 2020  

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