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MINNEAPOLIS CONVENTION CENTER • MAY 20–22 L E G S q . 16 5 , O ® F e e 000 EX t PO of FU N!

Wall-to -Wall LE GO FUN!

Great Family F u n! The LEGO KidsFest offers LEGO lovers an exciting, three-day interactive experience — packed with activities and creative fun — for the entire family! Among the many attractions, families will find: Life-sized and miniature models cks built entirely of LEGO bricks LEGO build, race and play tables Video Game Alley LEGO Club Lounge LEGO Mystery Mural LEGO Games Arena Meet a Master Builder *Disc ount is of f ea ch ge LEGO & DUPLO® tic ket and is valid onneral admi ss ion lin Construction Zones Apply co de at chec koe only. ut . “Creation Nation” Group Build And so much more… Sign-up for the LEGO KidsFest newsletter at to receive the latest updates!

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Group Builds!

Friday, May 20 4pm – 9pm Saturday, May 21 Session I: 9am – 2pm; Session II: 3pm – 8pm Sunday, May 22 Session I: 9am – 2pm; Session II: 3pm – 8pm

Awes om e Phot o Opport unitie s … and Much Mor e!

Visit for tickets & more information! LEGO, the LEGO logo, DUPLO, the DUPLO logo, the Brick and Knob confi gurations and the Minifigure are trademarks of the LEGO Group. Produced by LIFE Marketing & Events. © 2011.

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finding balance I’m not going to talk about how much I love watching kids play sports, their little towheads bobbing on the field. How greedily they suck up their orange drink from juice boxes after a game, their little faces glowing red with exertion; how cute they are as they jump about the field after they’ve scored the winning goal. I’m going to talk about how we, as parents, achieve balance in our own lives as we work through the hectic schedules brought forth upon us by multiple games, practices, team meetings, and the treat week responsibilities we have as our children play their sports. I have lost touch with people I care for deeply, as they continue to turn down invitations to family events, art openings, parties, cookouts — the things that give our lives balance — all because their kids have yet another game or practice they must attend. Entire weekends are lost commuting from one rink, court, or field to the next. Then things get worse: We may begin to look at the parents who only occasionally attend games as being less supportive of their children than we are, even if there’s a perfectly good reason for the absence. Spouses begin to feel resentful of each other if they both don’t equitably attend games. Facebook status updates turn into a running commentary on what sport your kid is playing — because that’s all you have going on. It’s a mess of a circle that we can easily get drawn into if we are not careful. I can’t say that I have the right answer to this conundrum. I sometimes felt great remorse when I’d take an evening away from a game — because (of course) that’s when my girl would come home and extol her prowess on the field. But these occasions balanced those I’d be on the road, driving to St. Cloud with four other girls in the car for a traveling soccer game. Crazy fun. I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t feel bad if you decide to choose staying home, or running errands, or having a cup of coffee with a favorite neighbor — over the umpteenth game of the season. You’re not a bad parent for choosing to forego a game once and awhile. It’s okay to find balance.


april 2011


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ON THE COVER Writer Kelly Jo McDonnell’s son, Hayden, winds up for the pitch. Photo by Cy Dodson.


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PARENTING 7.75" X 9.75"


3/8/11 5:49 PM3 april 2011

CAMP A 3-7-11


ATTENTION WOMEN 21-32: Accredited by: Diplomats of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies, American College of OB/GYNs and Association for Reproductive Medicine.



Would you like to be an egg donor? Center for

Reproductive Medicine The Center for Reproductive Medicine is seeking women between 21 and 32 years of 2828 Chicago Ave. #400 Mpls, MN 55407 age to donate eggs for couples who cannot otherwise achieve pregnancy. You will be compensated for participating in the program.


For more detailed information call or fill out an application online at

the journal of family living Vol. 26, Issue 4

Co-Publishers Janis Hall 612-436-4361 Terry Gahan 612-436-4360

Editor Kathleen Stoehr

Contributing Photographer Robb Long

Contributing Writers Kelly Jo McDonnell Kara McGuire Joy Riggs

Interns Currently seeking donors of African American and Asian descent

Exclusion criteria: smoking • obesity • currently pregnant Center for Reproductive Medicine MNP 0111 4.indd 1

12/13/10 3:07 PM

Alyson Cummings, Bre McGee, Gustin Schumacher

Circulation Marlo Johnson 612-436-4388

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Indoor Rock Climbing Facilities The Midwest’s LARGEST climbing facilities!

Vertical Endeavors’ summer camp program provides a fun-filled experience for campers ages 6 to 17! Your child will have the opportunity to learn proper climbing techniques and they’ll leave camp with a sense of self-reliance and accomplishment.

52,500 copies of Minnesota Parent printed monthly, available at news stands statewide. Get Minnesota Parent mailed to your home for just $12 a year. Call 612-825-9205 for more information. Minnesota Parent (ISSN 0740 3437) is published monthly by Minnesota Premier Publications. POSTMASTER send address changes to: MINNESOTA PARENT, 1115 Hennepin Avenue S. Minneapolis, MN 55403. Minnesota Parent is copyright 2011 by Minnesota Premier Publications. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part without written permission is prohibited. Address all material to address above.

1115 Hennepin Avenue S, Minneapolis, MN 55403 612-825-9205 • 612-825-0929 fax


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CHILD THRIVING IN SCHOOL? Online public schooling means you have choices. Sometimes, an individualized approach is what it takes to unlock a child’s full potential. With the support of passionate, experienced teachers, online schooling offers today’s students an interactive, media-rich, individualized education that meets their specific learning needs.


K12 is America’s leader in delivering high-quality, tuition-free online public schooling for grades K–12. The K12 program, available in Minnesota through Minnesota Virtual Academy, is now accepting applications for the 2011–2012 school year. Visit for complete details and a list of upcoming events near you.

Call 866.360.0159 or visit K12.COM/MN to learn more.

PLANS THAT FIT YOUR LIFE. Medica Solo is for you and you alone. Encore is for you and anyone you choose. And Symphony is the plan that brings families together. Scan the code with your smartphone’s QR code reader* to be connected instantly with a plan that works best for you. Call your Medica agent or 1-855-medica1. Or visit us at

Personalize. Empower. Improve. *Need the QR reader app? Go to from your mobile phone to download a free app, then scan the code and get a quote.

MIND0013B4 MN Parent (7_5x4_81).indd parent


2/25/11 12:40 PM5 april 2011



Proudly Presents



Saturday April 30 10:00 am at ISM

For kids of all ages. LOTS of audience participation. Mister Jim's dynamic stage presence will captivate his audience!

6385 Beach Road Eden Prairie

Space is limited—please rsvp—952.918.1817 ISM Educates Preschool (age 3) - Grade 12


MNParentCampMar2011:Layout 1

International School of MN MNP 0411 4.indd 1


3/9/11 11:13 AM

Ages 8–18 All experience levels welcome!

The Twin Cities’ finest theatre camp experience! Week-long sessions all summer starting June 13! FREE Jesus Christ Superstar ticket with each camper registration! ★ ACTING ★ DANCE ★ VOICE ★ MOVEMENT

952-934-1525 800-362-3515 W W W . C H A N H A S S E N D T. C O M 6

april 2011

Crystal Cave MNP 0311 4.indd 1 2/14/11 2:44 PM



parent pages decadent date night

batter up!

A three-course dinner for two, ap e h plus a bottle of wine — for $50? c datet h Yes! And the cheers grow louder g i n as we hear that the restaurants involved are D’Amico properties, owned by some of the nicest people in the business. Every Sunday, D’Amico Date Night is in full force at Masa, Parma 8200, Café Lurcat, and more. Make your reservations online to ensure you get your fill of gnocchi, braised chicken, roasted oyster mushrooms, gorgonzola … or sauteed Florida gulf shrimp with toasted garlic, chipotle in adobo and lime and cilantro rice … or will it be Berkshire pork tenderloin with fig compote, roasted onions and St. Pete’s Select blue cheese? Luckily, there’s no stopping you from going every Sunday night. Visit datenight for more information.

For the baseball or softball fanatic in the family, MNP found a unique necklace made from the genuine leather and thread used to make official baseballs and softballs. According to legend (where this legend arose, MNP does not know), wearing the Cool Baseball Necklace may even make your athlete play better! Visit for more info or to order; about $15. nt pare ed! t s te

will to win scholarship opportunity The Will to Win Scholarship Program, available to high school seniors with asthma, will award two $5,000 scholarships in each of the following categories: performing arts, visual arts, community service, athletics, and science. The Will to Win Scholarship encourages young people with asthma to lead active, healthy lives and pursue their dreams. Students can learn more about the scholarship and apply at willtowinscholarship. com. Application deadline is April 30.

A SMART Choice For Summer.


✔ FUN ❏

Tons of field trips and activities* ✔❏ ✔ FLEXIBLE


Open 6:30am-6:30pm with part- and full-time options* ✔ CONVENIENT ❏

Over 7 sessions at one location*


Special school readiness programs*

✔ SAFE ❏

Policies and procedures implemented all year long ✔ PROGRAMS ❏ For children ages 6 weeks-12 years*

Call 877-835-7698

to locate a school near you and to schedule a visit.

763.241.8871 parent

*Available at participating locations only. Rules and restrictions apply. See school for 0-5-year-old and 6-12-year-old summer offer details and restrictions. Sessions, programs, field trips, and hours vary by school. CODE: Use current summer offer disclaimers and code(s).

april 2011

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3/15/11TT1:09 S11 PM Minnesota Parent 3.69x4.81.indd 1


2/11/11 9:23 AM

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chatter new book! hot sweaty mamas Give it up for Laurie Kocanda and her writing partner Kara Thom, on the publication of their new book, Hot Sweaty Mamas: Five Secrets to Life as a Fit Mom, published March 29. Like a girlfriend’s guide to balancing fitness and motherhood, the authors speak to moms ranging from those who realize they need to stay active to lose weight to those trying to achieve personal bests — to everyone in between. In lively, conversation-style prose, the two answer questions such as, “I know this is good for me, but do I look as silly as I feel?” as well as eradicate excuses as to why so many women don’t take the time for themselves and their health. We won’t divulge all of the “secrets” but rest assured, we are glad they are out.

supporting our military is a new company that specializes in creating custom handbags and accessories from recycled and loved one’s military fatigues. The company was built upon the belief that their handbags would serve as a personal, constant reminder of loved ones that have just returned from active duty, are presently serving overseas, or have sacrificed their lives serving our country. You can also select a handbag or accessory made from a donated uniform, if you don’t know anyone serving in the military. In addition, between 10 and 15 percent of each sale is donated to charities specifically benefiting troops and their families. “To get started simply select your desired handbag or accessory design on our website, mail us your fatigues with name tags and patches, and we’ll reimburse your postage fee up to seven dollars,” said Eve Baum, founder. For more information, or to order visit

prenatal yoga dvd From our friends at Blooma Yoga Studio in southwest Minneapolis comes Be Blooma Well Prenatal Yoga, new on DVD. Taking you from the yoga mat to the birthing room, Blooma founder Sarah Longacre guides you through a powerful, uplifting yoga practice designed to open your hips, strengthen your body, and set your mind at ease for birth. Discover how your yoga poses and breathing practices become comfort measures for labor and recovery. Then, 8

april 2011

celebrate the first, intimate moments of new motherhood as Blooma mamas share their personal birthing day videos. The DVD is $24.99 and can be ordered online at

simply saline Our testers gave Simply Saline Nasal Mist a thumbs up! One parent said, “It’s awesome!” Made from just purified water and salt (all natural ingredients), the products are touted to be 100% safe for your family (even infants) and help alleviate runny noses. The comforting mist is derived from only natural ingredients, posing no known side effects. The container holds no CFCs and will not damage delicate nasal tissue., about $4. NT PARE ED! T S TE

pregnant with multiples? With April being Multiple Birth Awareness month, we thought we would give a shout out to For Multiples Maternity, a new line of maternity clothing for expectant mothers of twins and multiples. Launched by two Atlanta parents following their own struggle to find maternity clothing during two sets of twin pregnancies, the line includes designer dresses, tunics, and pants that are produced using American-made materials. The line comprises fashionable casual clothes, as well as professional office attire, that can accommodate an expanding belly without upsizing the entire garment. Though specialty made, the clothing is competitively priced. Pants retail around $64 and tunics around $89. For more info, visit

allergen free jelly beans According to the Centers for Disease Control, upwards of 8% of American children and 2% of adults are afflicted with food allergies. For reasons not fully understood, the prevalence of food allergies seems to be increasing. Approximately 90% are caused by the so-called “Big 8 Allergens”: milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy, and gluten. What sets Gimbal’s Jelly Beans apart is that it does not allow any of the Big 8 in any of its confections or its facilities, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination on production or packaging equipment. Oh, and yes — the beans are delicious. To order, go to NT PARE ED! T S TE


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hot stuff

grab it and go! From easy ways to contain food on-the-go, to great flavors you can tuck into a backpack, we love the convenience of our grab and go choices.

1 contain it SNACK-TRAPS are available in a variety of sizes and with add-on accessories like sippy lids and tethers. Our favorite is the Snack-Trap for high chair bound babies, with a suction cup base to keep the cup on the table. No more dishes hitting the floor!; $4 and up

2 bring it When you have to tote a dish to share, the VONNY CASSEROLE CARRIER is a stylish alternative to wrapping that hot casserole in a bath towel. Completely insulated interior; holds a 13 x 9 dish with no issue. Handy Velcro-open carry handle and two pockets: one inside to hold hot/cold packs and one exterior for serving utensils.; about $45

3 micronutrient water METROELECTRO combines pure water, antioxidants, electrolytes, and zinc to hydrate and protect the body while boosting everyday performance and strengthening the immune system. Contains nothing artificial: No sweeteners, preservatives, sugars, colors, or calories are included, keeping it pure and simple for health-minded individuals and bridging the gap between premium waters and enhanced beverages., about $2 a bottle

4 our flavorite fruit A portable fruit option that allows your kid to eat their favorite fruit flavors during any season. Each STRETCH ISLAND fruit strip has a half serving of real fruit, and only 45 calories. Sweet, chewy and satisfying, this can slip into the smallest pocket for on-the-go. stretchislandfruit. com; about 50¢ a strip

5 intelligent cookies Made from all natural, organic, and kosher ingredients, the ORIGINAL SMART COOKIE cleverly disguises vitamin charged produce, including carrots, raspberries, and spinach, which ensures a healthful snack with fruit and vegetables in each bite. Kosher, too. Great for kids who don’t eat their veggies … and adults guilty of the same charge.; about $6 a package parent

april 2011


grows on trees

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saving pennies online easy as 1 - 2 - 3 by kara mcguire Sunday is payday at our house. Each week, my seven-year-old and five-year-old receive a $2 allowance. At least, that’s the plan. But like many people, I pay for nearly all purchases with plastic. When payday comes for the kiddos, there’s a mad search for small bills. After several weeks in a row of rummaging through my purse for change and coming up empty-handed, I decided to hunt online for a tool that brings allowance payments into the 21st century.
 I settled on

how it works You set up an account for each child that tracks how much money they have earned in allowance. This is a virtual account, not an actual account where real money changes hands. 
Kids earn allowance in the form of IOUs they cash in at the bank of Mom and Dad. The IOUs can be split into three jars: one for spending, one for sharing, and one for saving. You choose how each weekly allowance is split to fund each jar. We decided that every time they

are paid, $1 goes to “spend,” sixty cents goes to “save,” and forty cents goes to “share.” Our bank pays interest on the save jar at a rate of 10 percent — I figure the more they can see interest compounding, the more they get excited about socking money away — but you can set whichever rate you choose, or none at all. 
It’s easy to make extra deposits when Grandma sends birthday cash, and to make withdrawals when they find something they must have. When my daughter’s school was donating money to charity, both kids gladly emptied their share jar to give to the cause.
 (Three Jars does not profit from donations made.) The program also allows you to tie money to

certain chores, a feature we haven’t used. In our household, we look at allowance as a tool for learning to manage money, not an incentive to pitch in with housework.
 You can check account balances, make withdrawals, and add money to jars using a mobile phone as well. 
Once our kids are older, they can use their Three Jars account to send requests via email to us for spending money. All requests require the approval of an adult.
 The cost for the program is $30 per family per year but you can also test it for 15 days, free.
 No more “I’ll pay you next week.” No more fruitless rummaging through the junk drawer for change.

Courage Center Camps Develop leaDership – BuilD confiDence – have fun fully accessible, safe camping for youth and teens with physical disabilities, sensory impairments or communication disorders Accessible hiking trails – Accessible miniature golf – Horseback riding Communication disorders and literacy camps - Technology and digital photography Swimming and canoeing – Arts & crafts – Family camp – Adventure travel family camp rental available at both camps, all year long. Mention this ad and receive a 5% discount.

camp courage – Maple Lake, Minn. courage north – Lake George, Minn.

1.866.520.0504 Courage Center Camps are part of Minneapolis-based Courage Center CC2011 Camp Ad MN Parent.indd 10 19673 april


3/16/11 1:39:21 PM parent

parent pages in hand versus in the jar There is, however, a big drawback to how I use this system. While there is nothing to stop parents from handing over cash to their kids from the Jar when they request it — I have that cash at the ready problem. Because my kids are young, and I’m typically with them when they want their money, I usually explain that a purchase will come from their allowance — and then throw it in the cart to be charged with the rest of my purchases. I worry that because they don’t have a stash of cash in their wallet, the concept of spending and saving money is more abstract. They don’t get the experience of counting and

handing over a wad of cash to a salesperson in exchange for a toy, and walking away with an empty wallet. I think it’s probably a lot easier to spend money they don’t touch or see on fleeting desires. I certainly don’t want to go back to the old system. But I should have cash at the ready on occasion so my kids can experience hearing the clink of a coin in a piggy bank or the feeling of parting with a dollar.

grows on trees

The IOUs can be split into three jars: one for spending, one for sharing, and one for saving. You choose how each weekly allowance is split to fund each jar.

Kara McGuire is the Star Tribune’s personal finance columnist and St. Paul mother of three. Visit her website

Visit or call 612-332-6274 to find a NARI-certified professional for your next remodeling project or to become a NARI member.

I need a remodeler with ethics.

That’s why I depend on NARI.

The NARI logo is a registered trademark of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. ©2008 NARI of Minnesota.

Open your child to the world

NARI MNP 2010 NR4 H8.indd 1

12/20/10MN4:10 PM Landmark Center MNP 0411 H8.indd 1

3/8/11 5:11 PM

through a diversified curriculum and French language

The only accredited French school in Minnesota

French curriculum + Minnesota standards Native French Teachers • Preschool - 5th Grade Now enrolling for 2011-2012! St. Louis Park • 952.944.1930 • parent

april 2011

French Academy MNP 0411 H8.indd 1

3/8/11Animal 5:01 Humane PM Society MNP 0411 H8.indd 1


3/4/11 2:54 PM

parent pages

teens and tweens

yoga brings balance to tween, teen lives by joy riggs

My 10-year-old son, Elias, learned some yoga basics recently when he and his fourth-grade classmates prepared a circus program about the 50 states. Through a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, the teachers brought in a performance artist who taught yoga poses and acrobatic moves. They also scheduled family circus yoga nights where the kids could teach their parents the skills they’d learned. Although I’ve taken yoga classes for years, I’ve never taken a class with Elias. His enthusiasm for the experience made me think I should seek out more opportunities for him, and for his older siblings, to experience the benefits of yoga. People have practiced yoga in this country for decades, but the interest in adapting it for kids and teens has grown over the last several years. Some yoga studios and fitness centers now offer specific classes for babies, elementary-aged students, or teens, and more school sports teams are incorporating aspects of yoga into their practices. Not many scientific studies have been done on the benefits of yoga for teens and tweens.

Resources Learning Tree Yoga Studio


april 2011

According to the Mayo Clinic, anecdotal evidence suggests that practicing yoga helps young people relax, reduce stress, and enhance their concentration. It may also help teens with eating disorders and depression. “At the least, yoga can be a gentle method for your child to get more physical activity and enhance his or her well-being,” the Mayo Clinic website states on its “Yoga for Kids” page.

a positive effect Jessie Forston can attest to yoga’s positive effect on children’s physical and emotional health. She began incorporating yoga into her classroom when she was an elementary school teacher; using breathing techniques to calm her students and showing them poses that helped them focus. Forston saw such a great need for helping students reduce stress; she quit her job in 2008 and opened a yoga studio specifically for kids. Located in northeast Minneapolis, Learning Tree Yoga offers classes for toddlers up to teens, and for families. It also offers training to teachers interested in learning how to incorporate yoga into their classrooms. Forston says the physical

Mayo Clinic

photo by bre mcgee

Learning Tree Yoga owner and teacher, Jessie Forston, demonstrates the tree pose in her studio in northeast Minneapolis.

benefits of yoga for young people include greater strength and flexibility and the release of “feel-good” hormones. “They feel better after doing a yoga class, and they get a chance to participate in something that’s a noncompetitive physical activity,” she says. When Forston started teaching yoga in her first-grade classroom, most students had

YogaMinded Yoga in My School

never heard of it. Now, when she gives presentations to groups like the Girl Scouts, most kids know something about it, and some have even practiced yoga in conjunction with the Wii. Although some parents still have misconceptions about yoga, Forston says she’s seen less of this as the benefits of yoga become better known. Classes for older kids at her studio are limited to about 10, so the teens can develop a strong relationship with the teacher. Although classes are structured like a traditional adult yoga class, the teacher


CAMP COMO devotes part of class time to explaining how different aspects of yoga can help teens cope with life situations. “In an adult class, it’s quiet — you do your stuff and it’s done. With teens and tweens, you see a lot more discussion happening in class,” she says. Students learn skills such as breathing techniques to help

The physical benefits of yoga for young people include greater strength and flexibility and the release of “feelgood” hormones. them relax and reduce stress. Forston says using breathing to calm down is the most common skill teens are able to take off the yoga mat and use in their daily lives, whether it’s before a test in school, or while driving in heavy traffic. Every class ends with a relaxation pose, called savasana, where students lie on

Reserve your space today!

Summer fun at Como!

their backs, close their eyes, and remain still for about 10 minutes. When Forston started * Choose from over 30 different week-long camps teaching yoga, she questioned * Behind-the-scenes experiences whether teens would be able to * Prepare food for the animals truly relax; she’s discovered * Meet zoo keepers & gardeners that it’s usually their favorite * Perfect for Preschool – 8th grade part of class. “They come in and say, ‘Oh, (651) 487-8272 we need a long relaxation today.’ They really appreciate that down time.” ay fied1 Como Zoo CAMP% H8.indd 2/4/11 6 0311 s S atis t 9 Forston says helping teens n S e r e Pa Ar find balance in their lives is of nts especially important because e ud t S they are growing up in a society where they’re constantly connected to electronic devices — except in the yoga studio, where cell phones are not allowed. “They are so plugged in right now, it’s almost hard for them to let go of that. It’s almost like an addiction,” she says. “It’s nice to have that quiet calm and be able to come into themselves and truly be present.”


3:48 PM

Students Our

don’t just learn, they


– Northfield writer Joy Riggs is a yoga enthusiast, but she has no plans to join the circus.

We’ll bring out the best in your child. MTS Minnesota Connections Academy’s tuition-free, full-time, online public school program for grades K-12 uses personalized plans, one-on-one attention from certified teachers, and leading-edge technology tools. Bring out the best in your child. Find out more today.

Call 800-382-6019, or visit or

MTSMCA is accredited by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement.

Join us for a free information session.

photos by bre mcgee

Jessie Forston demonstrates the triangle pose (left) and the the warrior pose (right) in her studio.


Tuesday, April 5, 6:30 PM Best Western White Bear Country Inn 4940 State Highway 61 White Bear Lake, MN 55110

Thursday, April 7, 6:30 PM Country Inn St. Paul – East, MN 6003 Hudson Road Woodbury, MN 55125

Monday, April 11, 6:30 PM Homewood Suites Minneapolis – St. Louis Park at West End 5305 Wayzata Boulevard Saint Louis Park, MN 55416 april 2011


the sporting life:

too much too soon? cost, time commitment and age have parents weighing the pros and cons by kelly jo mcdonnell photos by cy dodson


april 2011



t was a perfect summer evening. The sun was just starting to set behind the trees framing the baseball diamond. All of the players were in their correct positions. All had their shirts tucked in. Hats straight. Red belts matching red socks. For a moment, if you squinted perhaps, you might think you were watching high school players — soon-to-be-men focused on the task at hand. But then the shortstop bends over and begins to draw a circle in the dirt. About the same time, the first baseman takes off his glove and begins tossing it into the air. “No playing in the dirt! There’s someone at bat!” barks the coach, adding, “first baseman! That glove needs to be on your hand!” These were not upper level players. These were little boys — boys in first and second grade. I smiled as the shortstop stood back up and got into his defensive stance, his eyes still focused on his unfinished artwork. Yes, the shortstop is my boy, and yes, he loves to play baseball. I didn’t cringe inwardly when my son told me a few years ago he wanted to play T-ball. I wasn’t sure of the time commitment, but

I figured he was only a kindergartner, so it couldn’t be that extensive. I have noticed, though, after watching my son advance through T-ball and now coach-pitch baseball (a technique where players under nine years-old bat a baseball safely pitched to them by their own coach) — the time and price commitment only grows with the child and the choice of team play. Molly Sproull’s son is involved in hockey in Lino Lakes. “It started, really, with his skating lessons. He skated for fun, just a Saturday morning-type arrangement. He was probably three at the time.” Her boy is now eight, out of the Mite Program and into a more organized club. “Hockey is also triple the cost of soccer,” says Sproull, whose son also participates in summer soccer. “All of that equipment. We’ve taken advantage of skate leasing programs, and we’ve used Play It Again Sports to try to cut back a little bit. We’re cutting corners where we can.” Minnesota offers an array of sports through the changing seasons. Between all of the community rec, school, and private club programs, the number is almost dizzying. While sports such

I see success when the player gets better. The player learned to throw the correct way — that is success. Yes, people want to see wins. But I love to see the kids do well and improve and understand the game. — Coach Tony Grubbs, Ham Lake


april 2011


as lacrosse and golf are increasing in popularity, the sports commanding the numbers are hockey and basketball in the winter, and baseball and soccer in the summer. When a parent hears, “I want to play hockey” or “I want to try

baseball” the first reaction is usually “Great! This could be a lot of fun,” followed with more pressing questions such as, “where do I sign my child up for this? How much will it cost? What is the time commitment?” According to the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (, about 15 million children play baseball. This makes it the third-most popular sport, right after basketball and soccer. A smidge over 14 million kids play outdoor soccer; however, if you factor the indoor soccer participant numbers, it bumps ahead of baseball into second place. Basketball outpaces both of them, boasting 26.2 million youths six and older. In the Midwest, hockey also rules. After all, Minnesota has

produced more U.S.-born professional hockey players than any other state.

which sport? when? By late winter, baseball and soccer leagues and clubs are already organizing the teams and coaches, having meetings and getting uniforms ordered. Practice usually begins indoors by mid-March. Outdoor practice starts up when the fields are dry enough for play. Molly Sproull takes off her hockey mom cap then, and turns to soccer. “My son has played soccer since age four,” she says. “We started with indoor soccer, and he played March through the beginning of July. The equipment is minimal at this level; there aren’t a lot of expensive things needed. That’s been

a positive. We’re moving into traveling soccer this summer.” Christie Cuttell, Cottage Grove, has two boys in baseball. “Summer baseball is easier on the whole family,” she explains, “there’s not as much going on, and it’s a lot easier getting to the venues. School is wrapping up; it’s just better financially.” She adds that she enjoys baseball more, since it’s outside. “With basketball and hockey, you are confined … holed up. I have friends who have kids in hockey, and they’re inside five months straight.” Cathy Hults, Circle Pines, also enjoys her fourth grade son’s involvement in baseball. “When my son was little, we tried to get him into a few sports,” she explained. “He’s very active. He’s been in base-

click. search. be enriched. Your metro public libraries offer dozens of free storytimes, programs and activities for kids and families every week. And now there’s an online calendar, dateBOOK, where you can find specifics on programs and activities by date, age group, event type, and library location, including the more than 100 libraries in the Twin Cities 7-county area. You can view lists of activities for age groups from Toddlers to Teens. (And while you’re there, check out all the cool free programs and classes for adults, too!) Go to and click on dateBOOK today!

0411 H2.indd 16 MELSA aprilMNP 2011


3/14/11 9:54 AM parent

ball forever.” She also added that the sport doesn’t require as much of a financial commitment, beyond registration fees and basic baseball gear. Tony Grubbs, Ham Lake, has coached in the Centennial School Program for five years. He said both his kids showed interest in baseball at an early age. “I started [coaching] T-ball and worked my way up. I’ll be doing coach-pitch one more year. I have a good time, and I love doing it. Our draft begins earlier and earlier, however. I noticed our baseball league [also] offers more clinics in December and January.” Grubbs says that while all parents want the best for their kids, he feels many parents judge success on simply winning the game. “I see success when

the player gets better,” he stresses. “The player learned to throw the correct way — that is success. Yes, people want to see wins. But I love to see the kids do well and improve and understand the game.” And there’s nothing wrong with keeping your child in a less competitive league. “The in-house league is nice for folks who don’t want [the time and cost commitment of a] traveling league,” says Grubbs. “You still get play experience. The traveling kids usually live and die their sport, however, and can be better players.” He said that traveling teams bump up the time commitment and financial levels. “With a traveling team, you might be practicing every night all week, with games on weekends,” he says.

Cathy Hults’ baseball-playing son also plays basketball in the winter. “This is his second year of basketball,” says Hults, who says this is considered a late start in basketball. “But he picked it up really fast. He’s a tall kid,” she added. She said she hasn’t noticed a big difference with the financial and time commitment with basketball, but that she and her husband are checking out the traveling basketball team for next winter. “Traveling basketball, I understand, is around $400.” Coach Brent Cuttell, Cottage Grove, confirms. “Stay in-house for as long as you want, it’s much cheaper. If you go the traveling team route, it gets more expensive: tourneys, travel, and hotels. Financially, traveling teams are five times

more expensive than in-house. [With] traveling, you probably pay $400 or more and in-house is only $80 to $100.” All of the time commitment and financials on baseball, basketball, and soccer seem to pale in comparison to hockey.

Call to registeyr! toda


Your Next Vacation

“Quality gymnastics in a safe, fun, positive atmosphere since 1977.”

Tomah offers countless attractions and endless recreational possibilities.


Jr. Gymnastics Camps - June, July & August (Ages 3-5) Gymnastics Camps - June & July (Ages 5-17) Trampoline & Tumbling Camps - June & July (Ages 5-17) GOLD Gymnastics Camp - August (Ages 5-17)

Tomah is a great place to visit for fun & relaxation! • Shopping/Dining • Tomah Aquatic Waterpark • Beautiful State Parks • Wildlife Refuge/Birding • Biking/Hiking • Fishing/Boating • Camping • Golfing

SUMM ER SES S IO N Boys & Girls ages 2-17 th

June 13 - August 19th Closed July 4th - 8th



Near Hwy 212 & Shady Oak Rd.

Off Cty. Rd. 42 & Johnny Cake

(952) 920-5342

(952) 431-6445 parent

Call or visit us online to receive a copy of our Area Guide!


800-948-6624 april 2011


Grubbs said he is learning about hockey firsthand through his younger son. “This is his first year,” says Grubbs. “It’s a lot more expensive. You can find used stuff pretty reasonable, but I about fell over when I saw the bill.” He added that the registration fees alone can be financially challenging. Coach Cuttell, who attends several coaching clinics a year, said he has noticed a trend in Minnesota youth hockey. “Some communities you’ll have 800 kids playing, but in a matter of years you’ll only have 15 still playing. They burn out. They quit playing. In this state, there are summer hockey clinics, skate clinics, goalie clinics — they create a 12 month commitment ... and soon you have the kid saying, ‘I don’t like it anymore.’”

Molly Sproull seconds the concerns regarding financial commitment, but chooses to look at some positives. “In hockey, at least in the age six and seven group, parent coaches are so enthusiastic. You don’t always get that in other sports. There are so many more time and money commitments, and the coaches are so willing and able to share their skills.” She adds that she has an older daughter, and worries about balancing her activities and schoolwork with her son’s hockey practices and games. “I worry also a little bit about him moving up into the upper grades, and going to practice a couple hours a night. He will have homework, too. Cramming it all in ... it concerns me a bit.” Barclay Kruse, chief commu-

nication officer at the National Sports Center in Blaine, said there are a lot of hockey programs available. “We run our own hockey programs, where parents can sign their kids up on teams,” he says. “Though in the world of youth hockey, the community-based club is king.” He added that most folks don’t know that some of the biggest hockey tourneys are in June and July. “We run an event for seven weekends ... different age groups on different weekends. We keep ice in six of our seven sheets, all the way through the summer. There’s enough demand in the summer for that.”

too young? Finally, the most pressing issue of all: are we starting our kids too young? Like it or not, all of

the parents and coaches interviewed for this article said they believe children are being introduced to sports at younger and younger ages, and that’s not necessarily a good thing. “I think it’s ridiculous,” says Coach Cuttell, “when kids are starting at three and four and five years old. I think if we begin putting goals [in place] for what measures a success or not in a specific arena ... it’s a lot of pressure.” Yet, all agreed on one thing: If kids don’t start young, they are “behind” by the time they hit fourth and fifth grade. “It’s only going to get worse,” says Grubbs. “I don’t think I’m fine with starting kids so young. My older son, in fourth grade, wanted to try hockey. [With his inexperience] he’d stick out

If Divorce is your only option, And your children are your first priority...

Neighborhood Clinics

Brooklyn Center Clinic

You owe it to your family to make sure that you understand all of your choices before you make these critical decisions. For more information go to or call Ousky Law Firm at (952) 806-9787

Director Cormac O’Sé of Riverdance Weekly Classes/Spring & Summer Camps Preschool – Adult at The Celtic Junction I-94 btw. Mpls. & St. Paul or Rochester

CypRuS ClaSSiCal aCadeMy

Ousky Law Firm MNP 0411 16.indd 1

3/9/11OShea 3:26 PM Irish Dance MNP 0411 16.indd 1

Primary and Specialty care for adults including Internal Medicine, Rheumatology, Geriatrics 6601 Shingle Creek Parkway, Suite 400

(612) 873-8800

Brooklyn Park Clinic

Primary care for the whole family, including Family Medicine, Prenatal Care, Pediatrics 7650 Zane Avenue North

(612) 873-8900 Whittier Clinic

Multi-specialty clinic for the whole

3/16/11 3:12 PM family, including Family Medicine,

Elementary School for Academically Advanced, Gifted and Talented Students Ability-Based Education Small Class Sizes • Classical Curriculum • Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, and Latin • Extensive Music and Art Programs • Strong Math, Science and Technology • World History and Cultural Studies • •

Sapere aude! dare to be wise!

Sports Medicine, Cardiology 2810 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis

(612) 545-9000 East Lake Clinic

Primary care for the whole family, including Family Medicine, Prenatal Care, Well Child Care 2700 East Lake Street, Minneapolis

(612) 873-8100 Richfield Clinic

Primary care for the whole family, including Family Medicine, Prenatal Care, Geriatrics Hub Shopping Center 44 West 66th Street

Childish Films – World Cinema for Kids! Three weekends of children’s films at St. Anthony Main Theatre

April 16 - May 1, 2011

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival Tickets and Showtimes: Free parking!

(612) 873-8200

13560 County Rd. 5, Burnsville, MN | | 952-200-5321 18

april 2011

Cyprus Classical Academy MNP 0411 H8.indd 1 3/14/11 11:50 AM


Film Society of Mpls MNP 0411 V8.indd 1 3/16/11 2:58 PM

like a sore thumb, and I don’t want him to go through that. It’s hard to say no. But if you’re in fifth or sixth grade, you’re behind already. It has become so specific. This is your sport, all year around. Coaches want kids to know what they’re doing, and who know how to play. My younger son is the oldest player on his team and he’s in second grade!” Says Sproull, “I think it’s a little disappointing that if you don’t start them young — and they would like to do another sport later — they’re going to be at a disadvantage. It’s part of a life lesson, I suppose. It’s sad that that’s the reality now.” Coach Cuttell sums it up with one of his favorite Cal Ripken Jr. stories. “When asked how many little league games

RESOURCES Lance Armstrong Foundation Definitive daily health, fitness, and lifestyle destination website Sports Illustrated The online counterpart to Sports Illustrated For Kids magazine.

Cal Ripken Jr. played every summer as a kid, do you know what he said? Eight. That’s all he played each year. Then I got to thinking about how much I played when I was a kid. Maybe 10. They have kids playing 40 to 50 games a summer now. Same age. What I think is wrong: when a kid plays too many games ... the games don’t mean anything. It’s just another game

The goal is to create a fun, safe site for kids, filled with some of the best news, games, and interactive features on the internet.

website with a “Pencil” rating system so parents know it’s appropriate for: preK, elementary, middle school, and parent/ teacher.

American Library Association Offers a list of sports websites appropriate for children. Websites cover all sports, including Judo and running. They do the research for you and list the

Kidsites Touts itself as the leading guide to the best in kids’ websites, offering have a sports section full of sports trivia and information.

or tourney. When you only have eight games a year, they mean a lot. Kids want to be kids. They want to go in the yard and kick the ball around. We’ve created such a game environment for young kids, that they don’t know how to play pick up games anymore. They can’t play without an official or umpire. Kids these days think they have to document the

game. You just don’t see kids playing pick up anymore. ‘Oh, we don’t have nine players? I guess we can’t play.’ That’s sad.” “Whatever the season,” Christie Cuttell adds, “sports teach about socialization, camaraderie, teamwork, taking direction from authoritative figures — and that’s a good thing. Just don’t let it become too much.”

Hcampers Have



at Home

Rainbow Play Systems of Minnesota | 900 W 80th St | Bloomington, MN 55420 | (952) 884-4040 parent

april 2011


Childish Films @ the Library a monthly series of children’s cinema & arts for ages 3 & up

FREE FAMILY MUSIC SERIES Clicks, Claps and Clunks – Music from the Heart featuring the Minnesota Percussion Trio

Saturday, April 16, 2011, 11 a.m.–12 noon MacPhail Center for Music 501 S. 2nd Street, Minneapolis • Concert featuring unusual and surprising instruments like five-gallon buckets, tin cans and spoons • Meet the musicians and try out the instruments they play • Music-themed art project • Free treats


Shorts Festival

Watch a slate of imaginative, award-winning short films for kids picked fresh from the film festival circuit.

FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC MOVIE TIMES: Saturday, April 16, 10:30 AM Minneapolis Central Library 300 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis Tuesday, May 10, 10:30 AM Brookdale Library 6125 Shingle Creek Pkwy. Brooklyn Center

INFO : or 952-847-8107


Library Foundation of Hennepin County

For more information on MacPhail’s Free Family Music Series, visit or call 612.321.0100. media support provided by

This activity is made possible in part by a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, through an appropriation by the Minnesota State Legislature and a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Have a smart phone? Scan the QR code to the right and you’ll be directed to our website for more information about the event. Most QR readers can be dowloaded for free (I-nigma and NeoReader are some examples of QR Readers).


april 2011




april top events to kill a mockingbird

farm babies at the zoo What goes “Moo, Baa, Quack, and Peep?” Get up close and personal with all kinds of adorable baby animals during Farm Babies, the annual rite of spring at the Minnesota Zoo’s Wells Fargo Family Farm. Volunteers will be available for questions and assist with handson interaction with baby chicks, piglets, lambs, calves, goat kids, bunnies and ducklings. On April 22 & 23, there will also be some fun kids activities.

The summer of 1935 is a hot one in Maycomb, Alabama. Eight-yearold Scout watches her father stand against the town’s anger when he defends a young black man accused of raping a white woman. Scout and her community come of age together, helping us connect with our own high ideals. This ambitious staging includes a gospel chorus and evocative set design. When: Previews held March 25 to 31; the show opens April 1 and runs through April 17 Where: Park Square Theatre, 20 W. Seventh Place, St. Paul Tickets: $15 to $20, depending upon age Info: or 651-291-7005

When: April 1–30 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Where: Minnesota Zoo, 13000 Zoo Boulevard, Apple Valley Tickets: Zoo admission is free for members and children up to two years; see website for varying prices and parking fees Info: or 952-431-9200 or 800-366-7811

make your own book during children’s book day Celebrate Children’s Book Day with local bicultural artist Anne SawyerAitch, who will guide you to create a book where you can write anything you like. You may want to tell a story, a poem or a riddle! Materials provided. Younger children should be accompanied by an adult. When: Monday, April 25, 6:00 p.m. Where: Augsburg Park Library, 7100 Nicollet Ave., Richfield Tickets: FREE; this project is funded with money from Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund Info: or 952-847-5300 22

april 2011

camp resource guide ••• (advertiser listings) Academic Bell Museum Science Discovery Day Camps

June 13–September 2. Our weeklong camps are packed with hands-on projects that encourage kids to explore science, art, and nature. Camps include sessions with University scientists, field trips, swimming, and other UM facilities, for grades Kindergarten through 6. University of Minnesota 10 Church St SE Minneapolis 612-624-9050

Camp Invention

Unleash the creative genius in your child! Five exciting hands-on classes daily: take apart appliances, make new inventions, experiment with chemistry and polymers, decipher secret codes, and discover nature’s inventors. Presented by teachers at local schools for children entering grades 1–6. 40+ programs in local schools in Minnesota 800-968-4332

Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center Combine outdoor adventure with serious learning in Wolf Ridge’s Academic Science Credit Camp. Earn high school credits as you focus on freshwater ecology and environmental ethics. Learning adventures include wilderness trips, research projects, and field trips with resource professionals. 6282 Cranberry Rd Finland 218-353-7414

Arts All Seasons Preschool Summer Camp 2011

Fill your summer with art, nature, and activities with seniors! Water play, hiking, gardening, games, and art projects. Set your own schedule! 7260 S Robert Trail Inver Grove Heights 651-450-0606

Art Academy, The

City Pages Winner: Best of the Twin Cities! Year-round traditional drawing and painting classes and camps for students ages 5–18. Exceptional student/ teacher ratio. Homeschool Program. A Renaissance Program for adults also offered. See samples of student artwork; visit our website. Call for a brochure. Classes held at: Holy Spirit Elementary 515 S Albert St St. Paul 651-699-1573

ArtStart: Lessons from Mexico & Latin America

Explore the arts and culture of Mexico and Latin America July 11–15 and July 18–22. Working with professional artists

from the culture and other ArtStart artists, children ages 4–12 years select from classes in music, dance, art, and drama. Mount Zion School 1300 Summit Ave St. Paul 651-698-2787

Hamline Young Writers Workshop

HYWW is a creative writing day camp (June 20–24) for students ages 15–18. Participants will study with published authors, learn about book arts and literary magazines, meet other writers, participate in a field trip, and an open mic. Hamline University St. Paul 651-523-2479

International Music Camp

A summer fine arts camp specializing in outstanding programming in over 40 disciplines since 1956: music, visual art, theatre, dance, creative writing, photography, speech, and more. Welcoming middle school, high school, adult students, and educators. International Peace Garden on the North Dakota/Manitoba border 701-838-8472 (Sept.–May) 701-263-4211 (June–July)

KidCreate Studio

KidCreate Studio offers art camps for young artists ages 3–12. Our camps are designed to inspire and educate your child in an environment where giggles and grins are encouraged. At KidCreate, making a mess is the best! 7918 Mitchell Rd Eden Prairie 952-974-3438

Loft’s Young Writers’ Program, The

The Loft’s Young Writers’ Program offers 69 classes this summer that foster creativity, enrich talents, and create friendships. Classes run all summer for ages 6–17 at all skill levels. Open Book 1011 Washington Ave S Minneapolis 612-215-2575

MCAD Summer Youth Program

The Minneapolis College of Art and Design’s Summer Youth Program invites kids and teens ages 5–18 to explore the fascinating world of art. Nurture your child’s creativity in these unique hands-on studio courses led by professional artists. 2501 Stevens Ave Minneapolis 612-874-3765


guide ••• camp resource (advertiser listings) Minnetonka Center for the Arts Build important skills and utilize a wide variety of materials and tools. A professional style gallery show during the final weeks of camp in August displays the amazing talents of our young artists. Kids 5–12, teens 13–15 June 13–August 26, 2011. Registration is open from February through August. 2240 North Shore Dr Wayzata 952-476-7361, x16

Northern Clay Center Clay Camps

Kids use their imaginations and learn about clay in weeklong, half-day, and full-day camps. We offer 40 themed wheel and hand-building camps for all skill levels. Special programs for teens. Registration starts March 1. June 20– August 26. Ages 6 and up. 2424 Franklin Ave E Minneapolis 612-339-8007

Phipps Summer Art Camp, The

Partial-day and full-day classes in drawing, painting, sculpture, pottery, mosaic, animation, fiber arts, jewelrymaking, and printmaking, as well as creative dramatics and musical theater, for preschool through teens, taught by experienced artists, June 13–August 19. Phipps Center for the Arts, The 109 Locust St Hudson, WI 54016 715-386-2305

Dance/Music/Performance Cyprus Strings & Keyboard Ensemble Camp; Composition Camp

Strings and Keyboard Ensemble Camp will be held July 25–29 from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. for ages 5–12. Composition Camp for all instruments including voice will be held June 27–July 1 from 9 a.m.–3 p.m. for ages 12 and up. Cyprus School of Music and the Arts 13560 County Rd 5 Burnsville 952-200-5321

Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphonies (GTCYS) Summer Programs GTCYS offers two fun and challenging summer programs for beginning to advanced string, woodwind, brass, and percussion students in grades 2–12. String Camp: June 20-24. Summer Orchestras: Tuesday evenings, May 31–July 19. Details and registration at Central Middle School: 4857 Bloom Ave White Bear Lake Mayflower Church: 106 E Diamond Lake Rd Minneapolis


THE ART ACADEMY, ExcEllEncE in Art EducAtion

Celebrating Our 18th Year!


Nationally Acclaimed Program

Sing Minnesota

Sing Minnesota is a weeklong day camp for girls and boys, ages 8–12 (completed grades 2–6) sponsored by the Minnesota Boychoir. While focusing on choral singing, campers also participate in other creative arts – drama and movement, visual arts, as well as outdoor fun and games! $280, scholarships are State Fair Blue Ribbon Winner! available. August 8–12. Mariel Boeyink, Age 16 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. Concordia University Buetow Music Center 300 Hamline Ave N St. Paul Art Academy MNP 0411 H8.indd 1 651-292-3219

StageCoach Theatre Arts Summer Camps

See why parents and students love the unique StageCoach experience. Your 6–16 year old will be part of a fun-packed, creative summer camp. Camps include classes in dance, acting, and singing and end in a musical theatre presentation. Edina/Minnetonka/St. Paul Locations: 15911 Woodgate Rd N Minnetonka 651-775-2849 St. Louis Park Location: 3332 30th Ave S Minneapolis 952-367-6032

Stages Theatre Company Summer Theatre Workshops 2011


MCAD CAMP 0311 H8.indd 1

Classes for Students Ages 5 - Adult

Call 651-699-1573 for a free brochure

See more student artwork at

3/8/11 12:15 PM

Summer Youth Programs June 13 –August 5 Art and design classes for kids and teens ages 5–18 Register online today! 612.874.3765

2/8/11 5:45 PM

Calling all actors, singers or dancers: have fun learning about theatre from some of the area’s finest teaching artists. Stages Theatre Company offers a variety of age appropriate workshops for students ranging from ages 7–17. 1111 Mainstreet Hopkins 952-979-1111 952-979-1138

TweenTown Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls

August 2–5. Four days or three nights. Fun, music-driven camp for girls 9–13. Popular music is the medium to boost self-confidence, promote self-esteem, and encourage team building at crucial tweener age. Guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and voice with music professionals, culminating performance. No experience necessary. Camp activities. Camp Tanadoona: Lake Minnewashta Excelsior Sue McLean & Associates: 761 Washington Ave N Minneapolis 612-343-8662

april 2011 Skyhawks Sports Academy MNP 0411 4.indd 1


3/8/11 5:30 PM

Need help with a family law issue?

Science and chess camps for ages 4 to 12 throughout the metro area.

camp resource guide ••• (advertiser listings) Day Academy of Holy Angels Summer Experience 2011

Call Green Law Office, P.A.

Pamela L. Green has been providing compassionate, reality-based representation to family law clients for over 30 years.

(763) 542-9888 5801 Duluth St • Golden Valley

For children grades 3–9. Camps include photography, theater, writing, science, band, computer animation, pottery, cartooning, and 30 different sports including Larry Fitzgerald Football Camp! Check us out online. Starting June 13. Average cost for a one-week camp is $75. 6600 Nicollet Ave S Richfield 612-798-0764

Animal Humane Society Unleashed

Green Law Office MNP 0810 16.indd 1

5/13/10 5:31 PM

An animal-themed summer day camp at the Animal Humane Society for students entering grades 3-12. Includes animal-related educational activities, animal interactions, special guests, field trips, and more. Register early. Unleashed - where “acting like an animal” is a good thing. Buffalo, Coon Rapids, Golden Valley, St. Paul, and Woodbury 763-489-2220

Camp Como

Weeklong camps June–August. Choose from over 30 different camps. Behind-the-scenes experiences. Prepare food for the animals. Adventure through Rainforests. Meet zookeepers and gardeners. Perfect for preschool– 8th grade. Stagecoach Theatre CAMP 0311 H8.indd 1 2/10/11 1:55 PM Como Park Zoo & Conservatory 1225 Estabrook Dr St. Paul 15th Annual USA Chess National Summer Chess Camp Tour 651-487-8272 USA Chess is the largest and premier summer chess camp organizer for children

Chess Camp

in the U.S. with more than 100 schools nationwide. Our staff is comprised of the finest children's chess instructors in North America. Beginners through advanced, ages 5-16 are welcome. Campers experience a fun filled week while learning the skills needed to play casual and/or competitive chess. Tuition includes tee-shirt, trophy, chess board and pieces and much more.

June 13 - 17, 2011

South Shore Community Center Excelsior, MN

June 27 - July 1, 2011 Mounds Park Academy St. Paul, MN

August 8 - 12, 2011 Minnehaha Academy Minneapolis, MN

• Beginners thru Advanced Welcome! • Co-ed, ages 5-16 • Morning, Afternoon & All-day Register Online: Sessions 888•65•CHESS No prior chess playing experience needed. • Group & Sibling Discounts

Create Your Own Video Game At Game Builder Creation Camp we combine learning and fun and bring it to a whole new level. Your child will actually design, develop and create a one of a kind video game. This course was developed to not just teach introductory programming skills but to also encourage creative thinking to blend these into an exceptional experience. Who thought learning could be this much fun. Enroll at

Video Game Creation – The Sequel

Intro Video Game Creation June 27 - July 1, 2011

Mounds Park Academy, St. Paul, MN

June 20 - 24, 2011

South Shore Community Center, Excelsior, MN

August 8 - 12, 2011

Minnehaha Academy, Minneapolis, MN


June 27 - July 1, 2011 New 1 for 201 Mounds Park Academy, St. Paul, MN June 20 - 24, 2011

South Shore Community Center, Excelsior, MN

August 8 - 12, 2011

Minnehaha Academy, Minneapolis, MN

Animation Creation Camp August 8 - 12, 2011

Minnehaha Academy, Minneapolis, MN

Silverwood Park Art & Nature Day Camps

Are you looking for a new summer day camp experience in the Twin Cities? Silverwood Park offers nature inspired art day camps lead by local artists for a variety of ages. Explore clay, digital photography, music, theater, and more! Silverwood Park 2500 County Rd E St. Anthony 763-694-7707

Tamarack Nature Center Summer Camp Adventures

Is your child suffering from “nature deficit disorder?” The only known antidote is a summer of outdoor fun and adventure! We offer weekly half-day and full-day camps for ages 3–13. The adventures begin June 20th. Get your spot today! 5287 Otter Lake Rd White Bear Township 651-407-5350 daycamps

Horseback Riding Sunnyside Stables Horsemanship Summer Camp

The International School of Minnesota offers full-day and half-day camp for ages 3.5–grade 6. From June 20– August 12 this is your passport to summer fun! An afternoon sport option is also available. 6385 Beach Rd Eden Prairie 952-918-1828

Sunnyside’s camp is a place to discover horses and new friends. Each day includes riding — rain or shine, as we have an indoor and outdoor arena as well as scenic trails. You will discover the basics of grooming, saddling, body language, posture, contact, and balance to develop independent riding skills. 15400 Emery Ave E Rosemount 651-226-2027

Minnesota Zoo Zoo Camp

Woodloch Stable & Bunker Park Stable

International Kids Camp

Go wild this summer at Zoo Camp! Kids ages 2–18 explore the rainforest, travel under the sea, encounter amazing animals up close, and learn about important wildlife and wild places around the world! 13000 Zoo Blvd Apple Valley 952-431-9320

Mounds Park Academy Summer Programs

Take off with MPA’s Summer Programs! Summer courses in arts, academics, and athletics are for grades PK–12. Classes include everything from improv theatre to rocket science to origami. New this year: Middle School Adventure Week. MPA also offers Panther

april 2011

USA Chess MNP 0411 4.indd 1

Camp — summer daycare in a camp format. Call today for a catalog or visit our website to register. 2051 Larpenteur Ave E St. Paul 651-777-2555 summer2011

Horseback riding day camps for ages five and older. Individualized attention and structured lessons in Western and English riding. Our professional, caring staff and safe horses are dedicated to a safe and enjoyable riding experience for your child at an affordable price. Two convenient locations. 5676 170th St Hugo 651-429-3064 550 Bunker Lake Blvd NW Andover 763-757-9445 3/17/11 10:50 AM


5th Annual

camp fair

happy campers fifth annual mnp camp fair delights by kathleen stoehr While the weather outside was frightful, inside at the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory on February 26, it was delightful! Brushing snow off lapels as they entered, families both large and small grabbed goodie bags and wandered through three areas set up with a lively bunch of exhibitors, all ready to answer the question, “where should I send my child to camp this summer?” Here’s a look at Minnesota Parent’s successful camp fair — along with our thanks to all who attended. We loved seeing your smiling faces and appreciated the positive feedback we received!


april 2011


YMCA SuMMer ProgrAMS Join us for YMCA Healthy Kids Days Friday, April 15 – Sunday, April 17 get SPeCiAl DeAlS at

SuMMer PoWer – grades K - 6

Summer Power is your answer to quality care and exciting adventures. We offer flexible 3-, 4-, and 5-day options. Kids enjoy their day in small age appropriate groups and participate in activities such as crafts, group games, sports and weekly field trips. Water parks, zoos, museums, regional and local parks are just of few of the field trip adventures. Over 60 sites throughout the Twin Cities area.

For tHe loCAtioN NeAreSt You, CAll:

Summer Preschool Summer Power Kindergarten Summer Power Summer Sports Summer uproar Summer extreme Junior Achievement Specialty Programs Summer at the Y

SuMMer uProAr –

Youth will have the opportunity to learn new skills, practice and play new sports. Y Summer Sports is a safe, fun, non-competitive sports program designed to build teamwork, leadership skills and self-esteem. Kids find out what success is all about in an approach that says, “everybody plays, everybody wins!”

Uproar provides an exciting combination of spirited adventure and growth. Participants get their first taste of leadership as they help to plan their summer activities.

grades 1 - 6

For tHe loCAtioN NeAreSt You, CAll: Hastings Area YMCA, Hastings, 651-480-8887 Northwest YMCA, New Hope, 763-535-4800 South Family YMCA, West St. Paul, 651-457-0048 Southdale YMCA, Edina, 952-835-2567 Also Eden Prairie locations. Southwest Area YMCA, Eagan, 651-456-9622 St. Croix Valley YMCA, Hudson, WI, 715-386-1616 or 651-436-2883 White Bear Area YMCA, White Bear Lake, 651-777-8103

Andover YMCA, Andover, 763-230-9622 Chain of Lakes YMCA, Lino Lakes, 651-795-9622 Downtown YMCA, Minneapolis, 612-371-8740 Elk River YMCA, Elk River, 763-230-2800 Emma B. Howe YMCA, Coon Rapids, 763-785-7882 Minnesota Valley YMCA, Burnsville, 952-898-9622 Northwest YMCA, New Hope, 763-535-4800 Northwest Family YMCA, Shoreview, 651-483-2671 Ridgedale YMCA, Minnetonka, 952-544-7708 River Valley YMCA, Prior Lake, 952-230-9622 Also Shakopee locations. Southdale YMCA, Edina, 952-835-2567 Also Eden Prairie locations. Southeast Area YMCA, Woodbury, 651-731-9507 Southwest Area YMCA, Eagan, 651-456-9622 St. Croix Valley YMCA, Hudson, WI, 715-386-1616 or 651-436-2883 White Bear Area YMCA, White Bear Lake, 651-777-8103 651-480-8887

of ain

• 1

For tHe loCAtioN NeAreSt You, CAll:

SuMMer at the Y – Hastings

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

MNP 0411 DoubleTruck.indd 26 YMCA april 2011

Preteens and teens grades 6 - 8

lak es Do YM wn CA tow nY MC eas A tY MC A elk riv er YM em CA ma BH ow eY Ha MC sti A ngs Are aY Mid MC wa A yY MC A Min nes ota Val No ley rth YM we CA st YM No CA rth we st Fam rid ily ged YM ale CA YM CA riv er Fal ls Y MC riv A er Val ley in P So uth rio r la Fam ke i l yY So uth MC A eas tA rea Sou thd YM CA ale Y M Sou C A thw est Are St. aY Cro MC A ix V alle yY Wh MC ite A Bea r Ar ea Y MC A

YM C ell


isd Bla


do ver



Andover YMCA, Andover, 763-230-9622 Blaisdell YMCA, South Minneapolis, 612-827-5401 Chain of Lakes YMCA, Lino Lakes, 651-795-9622 Downtown YMCA, Minneapolis, 612-371-8740 East YMCA, St. Paul, 651-771-8881 Elk River YMCA, Elk River, 763-230-2800 Emma B. Howe YMCA, Coon Rapids, 763-785-7882 Hastings Area YMCA, Hastings, 651-480-8887 Midway YMCA, St. Paul, 651-646-4557 Minnesota Valley YMCA, Burnsville, 952-898-9622 Northwest YMCA, New Hope, 763-535-4800 Northwest Family YMCA, Shoreview, 651-483-2671 Ridgedale YMCA, Minnetonka, 952-544-7708. River Falls YMCA, River Falls, WI, 715-425-9778 River Valley YMCA, Prior Lake, 952-230-9622 Also Shakopee locations. South Family YMCA, West St. Paul, 651-457-0048 Southdale YMCA, Edina, 952-835-2567 Also Eden Prairie locations. Southwest Area YMCA, Eagan, 651-456-9622 St. Croix Valley YMCA, Hudson, WI, 715-386-1616 or 651-436-2883 White Bear Area YMCA, White Bear Lake, 651-777-8103

SuMMer SPortS –

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • •

• • • • • •

• • • • •

• • • • •



regiSter NoW — SoMe SeSSioNS Fill FASt. You Do Not NeeD to Be A MeMBer to regiSter.



Camp St. Croix—612-822-2267. Ages 7-17.

Family Camp offers the uninterrupted time and the perfect place for you and your family to reconnect and leave the hectic pace of life behind. Camp du Nord—612-822-2267. Located on the

Located on Lake St. Croix, two miles south of Hudson, WI. Campers participate in a wide variety of traditional camp activities or select a specialty camp such as horseback riding, rock climbing, sailing and canoeing. Three-day, one-week or two-week sessions.

edge of the BWCA on Burntside Lake, Camp du Nord offers a totally unique week-long camping experience for families. Cozy woodland cabins with kitchens range from rustic to upscale. Tent camping sites, full/partial food service also available. Hiking, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, swimming, nature and arts programs are offered as family activities and for children’s age groups. Relax at days end with an authentic Finnish sauna.

Camp icaghowan—612-822-2267. Ages 7-16.

Located on Lake Wapogasset near Amery, WI. Icaghowan offers traditional camp and a variety of unique specialty camps focused on activities such as horseback riding, rock climbing, river canoeing, fishing, technical tree climbing and skateboard camp. Threeday, one-week or two-week sessions.

Camp ihduhapi—612-822-2267. Ages 7-16.

YMCA DAY CAMPS: Ages 4 - 14

Located on Lake Independence just 22 miles west of Minneapolis, MN, Ihduhapi offers youth a traditional experience or sailing and horseback riding specialty camps. Three-day, one-week or two-week sessions. Leadership development programs for grades 8-11.

YMCA Day Camp provides a week full of exciting camp activities like canoeing, archery, fishing, camp crafts, cookouts, swimming and more! Day camps facilitate a great introduction to camping in a safe environment. Kids are home each night. Bus transportation is available at most locations. Financial assistance is available for all Y programs.

Camp Warren—612-822-2267. Ages 7-16. Camp Warren, located in the north woods on Half Moon Lake near Eveleth, MN, offers girls-only sessions the first part of the summer and boys-only sessions later in the summer. Camp Warren has a strong tradition of progressive activities including sailing, archery, tennis, photography and horseback riding.

Minnetrista, MN 55364, 952-544-7708. Traditional day camp is located on 45 acres at Dutch Lake near Mound, MN. Camp guy robinson—3100 217th Ave NW, Oak Grove, MN, 763-785-7882. Traditional day camp is located at Lake George Regional Park. YMCA Day Camp ihduhapi—3425 Ihduhapi Rd., Loretto, MN 55357, 763-479-1146. Located on Lake Independence. Day Camp Ihduhapi offers the beautiful, north woods feel of camp. Camp Kici Yapi—13220 Pike Lake Trail NE, Prior Lake, MN 55372, 952-835-2567. Traditional day camp is located on 80 acre site in Prior Lake. Camp Streefland—11490 Klamath Trail, Lakeville, MN 55044, 952-898-9622. Traditional day camp is located on Lake Kingsley in Lakeville. Camp Manitou—9910 Briarwood Ave NE, Monticello, MN 55362, 763-535-4800. Traditional day camp is located on 1200 acre site on Lake Bertram and Long Lake in Monticello, MN.

YMCA Camp St. Croix – DayCroix 532 County Rd. F, Hudson, WI, 612-465-0560. Traditional day camp is located on 400 acre site overlooking Lake St. Croix.

Camp Menogyn—612-822-2267. Ages 12-18.

Camp Menogyn is located on the Gunflint Trail 30 miles north of Grand Marais, MN. There are no roads leading to Menogyn, so all campers cross West Bearskin Lake by boat to arrive at this beautiful, intimate wilderness setting. Our focus is on the small group, compassionate guided wilderness canoeing, backpacking and rock climbing trips that are safe, fun and enriching.

Camp Heritage

7732 Main Street, Lino Lakes, MN; Traditional day camp held across from Wargo Nature Center in Lino Lakes.

Camp Kumalya

1515 Keats Ave.N., Lake Elmo, MN, 651-731-9507. Traditional day camp held at Lake Elmo Park Reserve in Lake Elmo.

Camp Widjiwagan—612-822-2267. Ages 12-18.

Camp Sacajawea

Located on Burntside Lake near Ely, MN, Widji offers high-quality canoe and backpacking adventures in the BWCA and throughout North America. Widji wilderness trips are focused on respect and values that build skills for life, and a relationship with the environment that is unparalleled.

5121 McAndrews Road, Eagan, MN 55123 Dakota County Lebanon Hills, 651-456-9622. Traditional day camp held at Dakota County Lebanon Hills, Camp Sacajawea.

Anim als Arche in Action r Arche y ology Arts & Canoe Crafts in Challe g/Kayakin g nge C am Chee r/Dan p ce Digita l Ph Drago otography ns Farm , Princesse s, Fair ies Fishing Golf Horse Ca Leade mp rs-InTrainin Magic g Mini B ikes Natur e/S Outdo cience or Outdo Cooking or Liv in Peak Adve g Skills n t u Pione erin res Plane g sT Rock rains C Sailin limbing/Cli g mbin g Sport s Teen Qu Thea est ter Tradit io Wate nal Day C r Spo amp rts Wee Back Adventure pa Yoga /Well ckers ness

Develop a greater passion for the things you love, or try out something new at one of our YMCA specialty camps! Campers spend approximately 2 hours each day in their specialized activity. The remainder of the day is spent enjoying traditional camp activities.

Camp Christmas tree—6365 Game Farm Rd.,


YMCA teeN WilDerNeSS ADVeNtureS



DAY CAMPS iN St. PAul DayCroix at Camp St. Croix Day Camp Heritage Day Camp Kumalya Day Camp Sacajawea

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

DAY CAMPS iN MPlS Day Camp Christmas Tree Day Camp Guy Robinson YMCA Day Camp Ihduhapi Day Camp Kici Yapi Day Camp Manitou Day Camp Streefland parent

• • • •

• • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • •

• • • • •

• •

• • • • • • •

• • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

11-SP30 3/8/11 12:23 PM april 2011 27

Looking for Summer Fun on the Farm? Bring your Group to Emma Krumbee’s Orchard & Farm Bloom and Grow Tour

Take a tour of our garden center and learn about flower and vegetable plants that grow here in Minnesota. Then, plant your own flower in a pot and bring it home.

Very Berry Tour

Learn about Minnesota’s largest hydroponic strawberry patch where the berries grow in vertical stackers above the ground. Pick your own strawberries and taste some, too!

camp resource guide ••• (advertiser listings) Language Bilingual Child Care & Education Center

¡Verano divertido! St. Paul’s newest and most exciting option for summer child care, Spanish learning, and fun. Weekly themed, culturally-based, activities and field trips lead by bilingual Native Spanish speaking teachers. 18 months–10 years, M–F, 7:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m. (full or half day available). 1514 Englewood Ave St. Paul 651-644-2405

Both Tours Include:

• Wagon Ride through the Apple Orchard • Blue Line Barrel Express Train Ride • Access to Kid’s Play Areas – Tile and Rope Mazes, Emma’s Mountain Slide, All-terrain Tractor Trikes, Half Peck Play Area with Pirate Ship, Monster Truck and Tractor • Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mondays – Fridays, June 1 – August 19 Now taking reservations for groups of 15+

Overnight Camp Lincoln / Camp Lake Hubert

In our 102nd season! Traditional, yet separate boys and girls camps, ages 7–17, with focus on skill building and featuring over 30 land and water activities. Two, three, and four week sessions, as well as five day intro camp. PO Box 1308 Lake Hubert 800-242-1909

Camp Olson YMCA

For more than 55 years Camp Olson has been providing unforgettable and life changing experiences for youth and young leaders through quality programs. Traditional summer camp available as well as specialty 3/14/11 12:40 PM programs in sailing, horseback riding, nature study, and leadership development. 4160 Little Boy Rd NE Longville 218-363-2207

Southwest of the Twin Cities on Hwy. 169 • (952) 873-3006 311 Enterprise Dr. E., Belle Plaine •

summer science day camp

Emma Krumbee's MNP 0411 4.indd 1

Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center Outdoor Skills Program

Eagle Bluff offers summer camps for youth entering grades 4–9 and year-round opportunities for people of all ages. Southeastern Minnesota canoeing, campouts, high ropes, and shooting. Each camp offers a different theme: July 6–9 Water Adventure, July 10–13 Outdoor Adventures, July 17–22 Forkhorn, and July 24–27 Night Owls. 28097 Goodview Dr Lanesboro 888-800-9558

Specialty Bakken Museum, The Summer Science Day Camps

Register now for a week-long Summer Science Day Camp at The Bakken Museum! Explore the electrifying world of invention through hands-on activities, creative problem-solving and science magic tricks. Build your own take-home invention and more.

dates, fees and registration:  612-926-3878 28

april 2011

3537 Zenith Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55416-4623

Students explore the electrifying world of science through hands-on activities, creative dramatics, team challenges, and more. Campers learn The Bakken invention process and build their own take-home creation. Spaces fill quickly ... register early! 3537 Zenith Ave S Minneapolis 612-926-3878

Playworks: Racing Off to A Winning Summer Camp 2011

June 1–September 2. Kids entering grades 1–6. Arts, crafts, science, nature, and more. M-F, 6:30 a.m.–7 p.m., Sat–Sun 9 a.m.–7 p.m. Meals and field trips included. PT or FT. 2200 Trail of Dreams Prior Lake 952-496-6811

Sports and Fitness Camp Lincoln / Camp Lake Hubert

Tennis and golf camps since 1973. All skill levels, ages 8–15, five hours daily instruction and play, plus traditional camp activities. Brainerd Lakes Area. We also offer traditional two, three, and four week boys or girls sessions, a co-ed session, and family camp. PO Box 1308 Lake Hubert 800-242-1909

Skyhawks Sports

Skyhawks Sports is proud to be the leader in youth sports since 1979 and maintains a proven safety track record. Kids learn individual and sport-oriented skills, develop personally and socially, learn teamwork, and build character and life skills through sports. Twin Cities Area (over 35 communities) 800-804-3509

TAGS Gymnastics Camps

Fun, fitness, friends! Gymnastics camps for boys and girls ages 3–17 in June, July, and August. Kids will learn fun, new skills while developing strength, flexibility, and coordination in a safe, positive atmosphere! 5880 149th St W Apple Valley 952-431-6445 10300 W 70th St Eden Prairie 952-920-5342

Vertical Endeavors Indoor Rock Climbing Summer Camps

Vertical Endeavors’ summer camp program provides a fun-filled experience for campers ages 6–17! Your child will have the opportunity to learn proper climbing techniques and they’ll leave camp with a sense of self-reliance and accomplishment. VE St. Paul: 855 Phalen Blvd St. Paul 651-776-1430 VE Duluth: 329 S Lake Ave Duluth 218-279-9980


mp marketplace index business opportunities...........................29 childcare/education...............................29 home.....................................................29 miscellaneous................................... 29-30 new & expecting moms..........................30 party pages.. ..................................... 30-31 recreation..............................................31

business opportunities

found foun ound oun dyet? Have We

Earn money and build a home business selling Usborne books - working either part-time, full-time or just some of the time.

800-450-7601 Discover the FUN of Learning!

Award-winning publisher seeks sales representatives for our growing department.


Creative Kids Academy


Early Education 6 Weeks – 12 Years Create ★ Learn ★ Grow

Enrolling children ages 18 mo to 5 yrs

Imagine the Possibilities...

Anoka * Centerville * Lexington Maple Grove * Minnetonka * Mounds View email:


from the 763-550-0219

21 years of excellence

Must have a “Can Do” attitude, initiative, drive, passion, adaptability, and top level communication skills. Some sales experience required.

& development center

Email resumé to :

Maplewood • 651-307-1492

Maple Tree Cottage

10:07 AM

♥ All-Inclusive Care ♥ Music Therapy ♥ Swimming Lessons

Home-Based Preschool • Waldorf-Inspired Program Close to My Heart Preschool MNP 0810 2cx2.indd 1 • Trained, Licensed Teacher • Mornings with Lunch Option •O Organic rg Whole Foods Snacks nack cks SSouth Mpls. location

7/14/10 Mis 11:55 Amigos AM MNP 0211 1cx2.indd 1/11/11 1 4:51 PM


Catalina’s Preschool Spanish



Evening classes available


5/13/10 1 Toddler – PreschoolUsBorne Books MNP 0610 1cx2.indd

ToddLerS – $185/WeeK PreSChooLerS – $155/WeeK

MapleTree 4/8/08 1:19:02 1 PM Nannies from the Heartland MNP12/9/10 0111 1cx1.indd 11:51 AM1 Cottage MNP 0508 1cx1.indd LEARN SPANISH WITH YOUR CHILD • Classes for kids 11/2-6 & parents • M. Ed. w/32 yrs. exp. • Fun music-based curriculum SW Minneapolis • 612-922-2222 w w w. p r e s c h o o l s p a n i s h . c o m

Save up to 50% with Internet Only Specials

♥ Private Kindergarten

childcare/education NaNNies

Internet-Linked Books Quality and Affordability

Creative Kids Academy MNP 04113/7/11 1cx2.indd 11:571 AM♥

UsBorne Books MNP 0610 1cx2 #2.indd 5/12/10Employment 14:42 PM Opportunities MNP 0710 6/16/10 1cx2.indd 2:15 PM 1


Interactive and FUN! Appealing to All Ages

Complete DireCtory at Click on “Resources”

Join us for a free class at any of our studio locations. E-mail for additional information.



Catalina's Preschool Spanish MNP8/16/10 0910 1cx1.indd MNP 6:07Child PM 1 Care MNP Filler 1cx1.indd 12/1/10 1 Growing 2:59 PM With Music MNP 1110 3cx2.indd 1

10/7/10 10:48 AM

Safe, Effective Lice Removal

Transform a Child’s Room into an Imaginary World

Practical Estate Planning

Feel good about their future.

Providing Minnesota families with affordable estate planning solutions.

You and your family build your goals together. Don’t leave those goals to chance. Life insurance from Thrivent Financial can help. Call today.

Eric Hansen

NA N C Y K AYS E N Art & Decorative Painting

Murals • Faux Finishes • Custom Art



Financial Associate | Crossroad Associates

651-379-9568 24741B R5-10 201001877

612.804.8888 | |

Nancy Kaysen MNP 1210 1cx2.indd 11/2/10 1 Hansen, 9:13 AMEric MNP 1110 1cx2.indd 10/6/10 1 Ladibugs 10:31 AMMNP 0111 2cx2.indd 1


april 2011


12/1/10Ostergren 2:16 PMLaw Office MNP 1110 10/11/10 1cx2.indd 5:31 1 PM

mp marketplace Miscellaneous

new & expecting moms

952-942-5676 • Edina, MN •

Sign language & play classes11:26 AM 8/13/10 for hearing babies & toddlers

Promise Care MNP 0910 2cx1.indd 1

(612) 702-6852

My Smart Hands MNP 0710 2cx1.indd 1

5/27/10 3:49 PM

BLOOMA - YOGA Prenatal Postnatal Kids Everyone

WELLNESS | EDUCATION Edina | St. Paul | Shakopee 952-848-1111 •

visit us online

Blooma MNP 0710 2cx2.indd 1

6/3/10 10:01 AM

party pages

Radio Disney MNP 0510 3cx5.indd 1

4/5/10 12:36 PM

Inspire your young artist at a Kidcreate Studio Birthday Party. Our parties mix fun art projects with lots of giggles and grins. We have tons of party themes to choose from like Webkinz, Star Wars, Fancy Nancy and more.

952-974-3438 7918 Mitchell Road Eden Prairie, MN 55344

KidCreate Studio MNP 0909 2cx2.indd 1


april 2011


Lessons * Horse Camp * Birthday Parties

* M A G I C I A N *

Specializing in kid’s party magic for over 30 years!

Horsemanship Summer Camp Not just on for the ride—learn all the basics about horses. (AGES 6-13)


(651) 688-2374 (651) 308-1984

Magic to suit your occasion W W W. N O R M S M A G I C . C O M

Sunnyside Stables, Inc. Rosemount, MN

8/4/09 Norman 4:24 PMAnderson MNP 1209 1cx2.indd 11/17/09Sunnyside 1 1:30 PM Stables MNP 0311 2cx2.indd 1

2/17/11 3:46 PM


mp marketplace party pages


Half Pint Parties Magic • Face Painting Balloon Animals

birthday parties

• experienced jeweler comes to your party • all materials provided • take home 3 original creations

Characters for Parties & Events

952.451.5430 612-722-4170

Global Sticks

All for MNP sticks0411 and1cx1.indd sticks3/7/11 for 1all!3:36 PM Ear Things by Laura MNP 0810 1cx1.indd 6/11/10Half 9:07 1 Pint AM Parties Teaching, performing and selling Juggling Sticks Birthdays • Parties • Events 612-743-5934



Global Sticks MNP 040111 1cx1.indd 3/8/11 1 8:58 AM

Fun Birthday Parties for children ages 3 and up! Call 651-487-8272 for more information or to schedule your party.

5 PARTIES! * Characters * Cheer! * Miley’s Hoedown * Glitter & Glamour * Spa! (952) 212-7827 (STAR)

A Party At Your House, Not IN Your House.

Como Zoo MNP 1110 1cx2.indd10/11/10 1 Once 11:37Upon AM A Star MNP 0210 1colx2.indd 12/30/09 10:26 1 AM

Story Man MNP 0806 1c1.5.indd 6/21/06 1 11:53:37 AM

At your location or at Clay Squared in NE Minneapolis

The Reptile

Experience Kids & Adults


Gamin Ride MNP 0311 2cx2.indd 1

We can host an Elegant Spa themed birthday party for girls ages 5-16. Kids love our fabulous spa themed celebrations! They are great for birthdays, holidays, or just because. We have packages to fit any budget!

The Paint-It-Yourself Ceramics Studio

Clay Squared to Infinity MNP 121011/4/10 1cx2.5.indd Reptile 4:04 PM 1Experience MNP 1009 1Cx3.indd 9/1/09 11:17 1 AM

For April, receive

$30 OFF

Birthdays • Baby Showers • Summer Classes


2/11/11 3:16 PM

We bring the party to you!

Interactive, Hands on... 952-882-4668

recreation Color Me Mine MNP 0610 2cx1.indd 1 • (888) 36-GAMES

ALSO OFFERING: Sumo Wrestling • Bumper Balls • Outdoor Laser Tag • and more!

Adorably Elegant Spa Parties For Girls

Parties, Schools, Scouts, and more • Play with clay and create fun projects


if you reserve your party now!


Scooops - Great Wolf Resorts MNP 3/16/11 0411 1cx6.indd 2:12 PM 1 5/12/10 4:40 PM

Adorably Elegant Spa MNP 0411 2cx2.indd 1

3/14/11 10:15 AM

We take gymnastics SERIOUSLY and have FUN doing it! Girls & Boys Preschool-Progressive Classes USAG Team Program Birthday Parties – Open Gym

Find Party resources online at parent

654 Industrial Blvd, Waconia, MN 952-442-4800 | april 2011

Party Resources Online MNP Filler 11/17/10 1cx2.indd Crystal 1:321Cave PM MNP 0411 2cx2.indd 1

3/14/11 Premier 1:52 PMGymnastics MNP 0311 2cx2.indd 1


2/8/11 5:06 PM

real parents

Wendy Berezovsky with Reuven, Chaya Dalya, and Eliana Wendy Berezovsky turned every parent’s worst nightmare into a nonprofit that helps sick children and their families sleep easy with Sweet Dreams for Kids ( Her youngest daughter, Chaya Dalya, was born with a cancerous tumor and Wendy and husband Mike didn’t like seeing her in the hospital pajamas that branded her a sick child. Sweet Dreams has donated approximately 2,300 pairs of twopiece pajamas to hospitals, though Berezovsky is far from finished. Along with Chaya Dalya, she works with her older kids Reuven and Eliana to make sure donated pajamas make it to children in hospitals who will be most comforted by them. How did you work with Reuven and Eliana while Chaya Dalya was sick? My mom is really what saved us.

She’s my best friend and she made the kids her life and moved in with us. One of us was always at the hospital and one was always at home. We never wanted Reuven and Eliana to feel left out, and Chaya Dalya was never alone at the hospital.

appreciate it on a whole new level. I love hearing her say, “I love you, Mommy.” That is worth much more than a million dollars. I don’t think she realizes that every day I look at her knowing that I’m looking at a walking miracle.

How is she doing? She’s amazing. To meet her is to love her. She’s so sweet, and she and the older kids are so compassionate and loving. They get so excited to see boxes of pajamas come in and they can’t wait to open them and count them. It’s wonderful to see what they pick up on and that they want to give to others.

How are you hoping to expand Sweet Dreams? We’ve worked a lot with schools and businesses and Boy and Girl Scout troupes for projects. We’ve had about six birthday parties where kids have asked their friends to bring pajamas to donate rather than asking for presents, which is incredible. When people donate, we try to get the pajamas to a hospital in their area to get more hospitals involved.

Has this experience changed your attitude toward parenting? I’ve always appreciated everything with my kids, but after everything we went through I

— Alyson Cummings

want to be featured in real parents? We’re looking for real parents — parents who aren’t famous but perhaps should be, people from whom we could all learn a little something. Maybe they’ve faced a challenge or come up with a unique solution or are living their lives in a particularly inspiring way. If that’s you or someone you know, send an email to kstoehr@ 32

april 2011



Tickets (952) 979-1111 Find us on...

April 15 - May 8, 2011 Perfect for ages 8 and up

Regional Premiere! April 29 - May 28, 2011 Perfect for all ages

1111 Mainstreet • Hopkins, MN • 55343

Register at or register on Race Day

TC Kids Cross CounTry Fun run Two Mile, One Mile and Half Mile Races Saturday, May 21 at 9 a.m. Como Park, St. Paul - Medal and gift for participants - Meet mascots Harry and Shelly! - Radio Disney Prize Patrol will be there! - Free picnic lunch for participants - Visit for a free 4-week training program from Medtronic TC Kids Marathon ©2010 Twin Cities In Motion 039-1930b-4

Stylists specially trained to cut and style children's hair Locally owned and operated for over 18 years High quality haircuts in a fun environment

Help Kids' Hair and Second Harvest Heartland ďŹ ght child hunger in the Twin Cities

April 1-10th


when you donate a non-perishable food item No coupon necessary. Not valid with other haircut offers. 4/1/11-4/10/11 only.

Get social with Kids’ Hair!

952.431.8466 Cedar & 147th


Main St & Elm Creek Blvd

763.757.4120 Hwy 65 & 242


394 & Plymouth Rd

952.470.6700 Hwy 5 & Powers Blvd


Snelling & Cty Rd B

952.944.0444 Near Kohls & mall play area


Hwy 13 & Cty Rd 42

952.929.3614 70th & York


Hwy 15 & Division

651.699.0900 Cleveland & Ford Pkwy


94 & Radio Drive

April 2011  
April 2011