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Annual Report 2010

Annual Report 2010


“ ” Just as Nantucket can really get into your soul, the Dreamland gets into your heart – and the Dreamland used to be the heart of Nantucket – it’s pretty exciting, we could have that back. Harvey Young

Owner, Young’s Bicycle Shop Nantucket Native, Third Generation Business Owner

One of my favorite experiences of the last few months is when people stop me to share how excited they are to see the Dreamland come back to the island. The rapid pace of construction adds a fun dimension to the general atmosphere of happy anticipation. Just the scale of the building reappearing in its home on South Water Street can’t help but thrill all of us at the possibility for what we all remember as a no frills summer movie house. The community response to the sight of the new multi-functional structure is tremendous, and I at least find hearing about the hope we all have for its future a delightful way to spend some time.

Patricia Roggeveen Executive Director

Interestingly, the expectation is not just about the steel and wood, the trusses and the windows, or the finished carpentry. It’s about giving us a place to come together and share some time and fun. Nantucket needs that – summer and winter – and those that are in love with the island see it as being more than a place; it is a community. Movie theaters like the Dreamland have always been that for people, in good times and bad, a spot where we can laugh out loud together, shout at the screen, or grab the arm of the person next to us when it really gets scary. The Dreamland is more a spirit than a place, and from what I’m hearing around me, that energy will return when we sit in the space for the first time and wait for the lights to go down.

So hooray for the Nantucket community – so many have made such a difference in what amounts to a seemingly impossible task in a what can only be described as the worst of economic times. The dream of a few, the hard work of many, and the dedication of the island we call home are raising the building up from our memories to give our children a place to come together and smile.

The Mission

PATTY ROGGEVEEN Executive Director

The Nantucket Dreamland Foundation is dedicated to enriching the cultural and intellectual life of Nantucket by providing year-round films, educational programs, and a venue for activities that engage Nantucket in the evolving world of digital entertainment and education in one of America’s oldest theaters. The Nantucket Dreamland Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) public operating charity.


Nantucket Dreamland Foundation

As we say at The Nantucket Dreamland Foundation, “Excitement is building!” This means several things for us. First, we are watching the magnificent edifice of The Dreamland Theater rise again in the heart of Town. It’s a very exciting building, as you will see as soon as you step inside. Parts historic, recovered from the rubble-- parts pushing the edges of entertainment technology as we look ahead, combining the best of our history with a future that uses clean geothermal energy and global systems of instant communication.

Wendy Schmidt President

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Wendy Schmidt, President James Pallotta, Vice President Barry Sternlicht, Treasurer Kathy Penske, Secretary Jonathan Burkhart Maureen Hackett John S. Johnson Lesley King-Grenier Philippe Laffont Bill Liddle Chris & Kathleen Matthews Angela Raynor Charles Ryan Burwell Schorr

DREAMLAND STAFF Patty Roggeveen Executive Director Donald J. Dallaire Director of Programming Melissa Murphy Director of Marketing & Development

Second, the Board of Directors has been deeply involved, as individuals and as a team, serving on numerous committees from programming to technology— meeting constantly, conference calling and emailing, sharing skills to guide the process of building a facility that will serve Nantucket’s year-round community, seasonal residents, and visitors to the Island in so many ways. The excitement is both about the building itself, and all that The Nantucket Dreamland promises to become, with your generous support. In addition to showing first run movies in a state of the art digital theater with 325 excellent seats, The Dreamland will host a variety of events, performances, meetings and exhibitions in our spacious and welcoming facility. From the upstairs flexible Studio Theater space with its magnificent historic trusses and views out over the rooftops and cupolas of Town—to the elegant Harborview Room and deck that offers a panoramic view over Nantucket harbor and beyond, The Dreamland will offer modern, convenient facilities for cultural events large and small. The new Dreamland will also act as a partner for the range of arts and cultural institutions in Town, using our central location, generous spaces, and state of the art technology to support their programming for the island. We look forward to becoming a leading destination for film festivals, workshops, symposiums, and retreats, building on Nantucket’s most enduring identity as a sanctuary, and as a community that celebrates the arts. We invite you to become a part of the dream we are creating and the legacy it will leave for the island. Your contributions, large and small, enable us to maintain our status as a public operating charity 501 (c)(3), and are very much needed as we work through 2011 to complete the building. We have the finish line within our sights, having raised nearly $24 million towards our goal of $32 million. The Dreamland will be a place for all of us to love, for generations to come. We can’t wait to welcome you back in 2012 to The Dreamland for “Movies and More.”

Annual Report 2010



Excitement is building!



has about 14,000 sq. ft. of

usable space, and is close to 12 feet taller than the old Dreamland to

accommodate the complicated foundation system necessary to build on filled tidelands.

I The new

Dreamland will be LEED Silver Certified, and includes geothermal heating and cooling; passive solar for hot water; and, high efficiency insulation. I The building will be open to the public yearround. I The rest rooms in the main lobby will be open to the public all day from Memorial Day to Labor Day. I The number of seats in the Main Theater is 325, and includes 6 handicap accessible seats. I The projection room for the Main Theater has state-of-the-art equipment providing the ability to show digital and 35mm films, and has HD and Bluetooth capability. I The Studio Theater on the second floor has a capacity to seat 145 people. Seating will be temporary, so the room also can be opened up for dances and other events.


The Harborview Room has a seating capacity of 75 people, and is adjacent to a full

catering kitchen on one side and a outside deck with a magnificent view of the harbor on the other.


Nantucket Dreamland Foundation


Great care was taken in the removal and renovation of historic trusses and windows. These elements are original to the Quaker Meeting House built in 1831 located at the top of Main Street, and are featured in the Studio Theater of the new facility.

Annual Report 2010


Movies & More! The

Dreamland Programs

Nantucket Film Festival – Opening Night Celebration with Nantucket Film Festival — June 17, 2010 & June 22, 2011

Oceans with Executive Producer Jake Eberts – July 23, 2010 Endlesss Summer II with Wingnut– July 24, 2010 Autism Speaks Walk – August 21, 2010 Concerts – Mondays during July & August

Flash Mob – Stroll Weekend 2010 Honk, Jr. – August 2010 Young Actor’s Theater Company – July 2010 Dear Edwina, Jr. – March 2011

Frog and Toad – Traveling Troupe – March/April 2011

Grease with Nantucket High School – March 2011 COLLABORATION TO DATE: Nantucket Youth Soccer Association: World Cup viewing – July 11, 2010 Nantucket Studio Dance: Swing Dance Event – July 2010 Lighthouse School: Garden Festival – July 2010 Caitlin Marcoux: Yoga – Summer 2010 Nantucket High School: Film Studies and Teen View – June 2011

Strategic Planning

The Nantucket Dreamland Dallaire also participated in the Foundation’s Board of Directors’ day’s planning. Barry Sternlicht Program Sub-Committee con- joined the group in the evening vened in Manhattan on February as the discussion continued over 13th to begin targeted strategic dinner on expectations for future planning for the opening of the programs, the building’s technolnew Dreamland Theater in 2012.  ogy capacity and interior design.     The day was lead by facilitator Cynthia Weisner, and included The Dreamland Board of DirecBoard President Wendy Schmidt, tors continued discussions on immediate Past President Nantucket in May.  The full day Philippe Laffont, and members discussion included a focus on of the subcommittee Lesley King- upcoming summer plans, includGrenier, John Johnson, Bill Lid- ing approving the placement of dle, Kathleen Matthews, Kathy our children’s program tent at the Dreamland Board of Penske, and Angela Raynor.  Nantucket New School, and proStaff members Patty Roggeveen, gram ideas for our 2012 opening. Melissa Murphy and Donald 6 Nantucket Dreamland Foundation

Directors April 2011

2 The summer of 2011 will include Children’s musical productions of Alice in Wonderland, Jr. and Into the Woods, Jr., movies on the lawn of the Nantucket Boys & Girls Club, and other film related events. The Board also supported the Dreamland’s purchase of filming and editing equipment to be donated to the Nantucket Public Schools for use by the high school English department for instruction in film study and creative writing, and by the Nantucket Film Festival’s Teen View program, which will again be offered to local participants in 2011.  This donation will support the year-round study of film by Nantucket teens, a goal of NDF in upcoming years.

A snapshot of enrollment January 1 - June 19 from 2010 to 2011. YOUNG ACTORS THEATER COMPANY Number of Children Enrolled

JUNIOR THEATER COMPANY Number of Children Enrolled SENIOR THEATER COMPANY - NEW Number of Children Enrolled TOTAL Number of Children Enrolled





Alice in Wonderland




Into the Woods, Jr.

Audition Based



Annual Report 2010


Coming in 2012 — Become a part of it. Giving Opportunities

We hope you will join the work of the non-profit Nantucket Dreamland Foundation to help rebuild The Dreamland Theater for the residents of Nantucket-- seasonal and year-round--and for visitors and guests to the island, in a beloved historic institution that will now enrich the island in so many new ways. Your tax-deductible contributions are needed to help us complete our $32M capital campaign. Since 2008, we have raised more than $24M, including $10M to purchase the site and the balance to design, permit, and build our state of the art, LEED certified center for the arts on Nantucket. We invite you to be a part of a project that will become one of the island’s iconic destinations.

If you would like to make a contribution to the Nantucket Dreamland Foundation, please contact us at 508.332.4822.



Founders ($2,000,000 +) Trustees ($1,000,000 +) Studio Theater ($250,000-$999,000) Harborview Room ($100,000-$249,000) Grand Staircase ($50,000-$99,000) Editing Room ($25,000-$49,000) Projection Room ($10,000-$24,000) Take A Seat ($5,000)

Nantucket Dreamland Foundation


Studio Theater

FOUNDERS $2,000,000 + Mr. and Mrs. Philippe Laffont Mr. and Mrs. James J. Pallotta Wendy & Eric Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Barry Sternlicht TRUSTEES $1,000,000 + Mr. and Mrs. John S. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Roger Penske Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Chip Schorr Anonymous (2) STUDIO THEATER $250,000‐$999,000 Mr. and Mrs. Dan Doherty Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Laffont HARBORVIEW ROOM $100,000‐$249,000 Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ainslie Mr. and Mrs. Geoff Beattie Mr. and Mrs. William Cox Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Geschke Mr. and Mrs. Robert Greenhill Lesley King and Bart Grenier Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Hajim Mr. and Mrs. Amos Hostetter Mr. and Mrs. Evan Jones Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kittredge Mr. Larry Lebowitz and Ms. Naomi Aberly Mr. and Mrs. Ian Loring Mr. Christian Sullivan Ms. Linda Taylor GRAND STAIRCASE $50,000‐$99,000 Mr. and Mrs. Owsley Brown Mr. and Mrs. Don Edwards Ms. India Blake Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Seward Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Sol Kumin

EDITING ROOM $25,000‐$49,000 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bernon Mr. and Mrs. Tim Callahan Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chilton, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Eisenson Mr. and Mrs. Josh Gold Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Grayer Maureen and Jim Hackett Mr. and Mrs. James Walker

Raised $24 M

PROJECTION ROOM $10,000‐$24,000 Ms. Jane Beasley Mr. and Mrs. Josh Bekenstein Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Fowlkes Mr. Denis Gazaille Mr. and Mrs. Carl Gewirz Mr. and Mrs. Ted Gilletti Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Graham Mr. and Mrs. William Halstead Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Peter Paladjian Mr. Bob Pollack Angela and Seth Raynor Mr. Peter Riehl and Ms. Alison Horne Ms. Ellen Ross Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Seiger Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Weinroth Anonymous

As of June 30, 2011

27 25 22.5 20 17.5 15 12.5 10 Purchased Price

$10 M

October, 2007

Harborview Room

Annual Report 2010


PATRONS Ms. Annie Bissinger and Mr. Mark Poor Mr. and Mrs. Seward Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Roger Penske Wendy and Eric Schmidt SPONSORS $4,000-$8,000 Mr. and Mrs. John Bogle Mr. and Mrs. Robert Butler Mr. and Mrs. Reed Chisholm Mr. and Mrs. Mike Glor Mr. and Mrs. Jay Hoag Rachel Hobart and Ed Toole Mr. and Mrs. William Hourihan Mr. and Mrs. Charles Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Chris Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Jack Manning Mr. and Mrs. F. Duffield Meyercord Mr. Andrew Paul and Ms. Pamela Farkus Mr. and Mrs. Jord Poster Mr. and Mrs. Chris Quick Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. John Ruttenberg Mr. and Mrs. John Samuels Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sheffield Mr. and Mrs. Walt Spokowski Mr. and Mrs. Bob Stansky Mr. and Mrs. Tucker Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Jack Welch, Jr. Ms. Elaine Wold


SPONSORS $2,500 - $3,900 Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ainslie Mr. and Mrs. Ramin Arani Mr. and Mrs. Geoff Beattie Mr. and Mrs. Tim Callahan Ms. Paula Gold Mr. Doug Hummel-Price Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Jay Mr. Illya Kagan and Ms. Wendy Rouillard Ms. Catherine Oppenheimer and Mr. Garnett Thornburg Mr. and Mrs. Michael Price Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Soros Mr. and Mrs. David Southwell Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Terrana SPONSORS Up to $2,400 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Bailey Mr. Kenneth Bartels and Ms. Jane Condon Mr. and Mrs. Bill Benenson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Boylan Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bralower Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Bralver Ms. Lucille Briance Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brust Mr. and Mrs. Coleman Burke Mr. and Mrs. Robert Butler Ms. Margaret Childs

Nantucket Dreamland Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Clark Mr. and Mrs. Fred Donahue Mr. David Douglass Mr. and Mrs. Chris Emery Mr. and Mrs. Peter Espy Mr. and Mrs. David Farrell Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ferrel Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Fournier Mr. and Mrs. Timothy George Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. David Gregory Mr. and Mrs. Gene Hill Ms. Sandra Holland Mr. and Mrs. John Horgan Mr. and Mrs. Ron Lefebvre Mr. and Mrs. Bill Liddle Ms. Martha Lipp Mr. Jack Lucks Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Luzak Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Macnab Mr. and Mrs. Peter McCausland Mr. and Mrs. Ofer Nemirovsky Mr. and Mrs. Ted Pappendick Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Peek Mr. and Mrs. Lee Pickard Mr. and Mrs. Seth Raynor Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rein Ms. Joan Rubin Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sandler Mr. Fran Scricco Ms. Betsy Skae Mr. and Mrs. Peter Soros Mr. Alfred Stanley and Ms. Katherine Guido Mr. James Stedman Patrons Sponsors Mr. Jerry Stiller and Ms. Anne Meara Mr. David Swope Toscana Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Welch

TAKE YOUR SEAT Mr. and Mrs. Doug Abbey Mr. and Mrs. Lee Abramson Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ainslie The Honorable Elizabeth Bagley Mr. and Mrs. Brian Berger Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Blair Ms. Carol Browne Ms. Stephanie Butler Ms. Martha Carr Mr. and Mrs. Tim Callahan Mr. Charley Polachi Mr. and Mrs. Rick Chesley The Crane Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Cohen Ms. Heidi Cox and Mr. Jay Seyfert Mr. and Mrs. William Cox Mr. and Mrs. Steven Denning Mr. Charles Ernst, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. John Espy Mr. and Mrs. David Farrell Mr. Mark Feigen Mr. Michael Ferrel Mr. and Mrs. Charles Forman Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Fowlkes Dr. and Mrs. Wiilam Frist Mr. and Mrs. Lou Gerstner Mr. and Mrs. Carl Gewirz Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Goldman Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Graham Mr. and Mrs. Bart Grenier Ms. Katie Grover Mr. and Mrs. Harold Gutman Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hackett Dr. and Mrs. Robert Haft Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Hajim Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Heinz Rachel Hobart and Edward Toole The Horchow Family Mr. Horace Irvine J. Pepper Frazier Company Mr. and Mrs. Jake Jacobson Mr. and Mrs. Charles Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Seward Johnson Mr. and Mrs. John S. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Jones

Win A Seat Winners: December 2010 - Mary Kay Condon January 2011 - Michael & Jordana Fleischut February 2011 - Jon & Patty Stone March 2011 - Skyler Wright | April 2011 - Stephanie Johnson May 2011 - Peter Loughman | June 2011 - Helene Weld

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Arie Kopelman Mr. and Mrs. Philippe Laffont Mr. and Mrs. Donald Leighton Mr. and Mrs. Amanda and Bill Liddle Mr. and Mrs. John Loose Mr. and Mrs. Ian Loring Mr. Matthew Lustig Mr. and Mrs. Ian MacKenzie Mr. and Mrs. Chris Matthews Mr. and Mrs. Jeff McDermott Mr. and Mrs. F. Duffield Meyercord Ms. Maureen Orth Mr. Ted Pappendick Mr. and Mrs. Roger Penske Mr. and Mrs. Greg Penske Mr. and Mrs. Charles Phillips Ms. Amy Rao Angela and Seth Raynor Ms. Christine Reed Mr. H.Michael Reese Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reynolds Mr. Peter Riehl and Ms. Allison Horne Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Rinaldi Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rosenthal Ms. Susan Deneufville Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rubenstein Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sacerdote Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sandler Wendy Schmidt Ms. Ann Schnitzer

Annual Report 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Seiger Ms. Judy Seinfeld Mr. and Mrs. Tom Shanahan Mr. and Mrs. Rick Sherlund Mr. and Mrs. David Swope Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Terrana The Weymar Family The Van Dixhoorn Family Mr. and Mrs. Schuyler Tilney Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wright

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Flash Mob Stroll Weekend 2010

Dear Edwina, Jr. March 2010

Opening Night Celebration with Nantucket Film Festival - June 17, 2010


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Painting of Dreamland Ticket Window by George Murphy

Dreamland Board of Directors

Honk Jr., August 2010

Annual Report 2010


FRIENDS OF THE DREAMLAND Up to $99 Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Campbell Ms. Elyse Campbell Ms. Kristin Campbell Ms. Ellen Caplan Mr. Mark Carapezza Ms. Lynne Carbone Mr. and Mrs. George Carneal Mr. and Mrs. Cselo Caro Ms. Nancy Carpenter Ms. Jennifer Carroll Ms. Laura Caruso Mr. Jeffrey Cebula Ms. Susan Chambers Mr. and Mrs. Felix Charney Mr. Phillip Chomo Ms. Amanda Ciarmataro Mr. and Mrs. Steven Cohen Mr. Chuck Colley Ms. Krista Condon Ms. Barbara Condon Mr. Brian Connor Ms. K. Constable Ms. Denise Conway Ms. Judith Coonley Mr. and Mrs. Don Costanzo Mr. Steve Crusberg Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Curhan Mr. Ross Curhan Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Dale Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Daniels Ms. Christine Dappolonia Mr. Jay d’Aprix Ms. Margaret Davidson Ms. Elizabeth Davidson Ms. Sherlene Davitian Ms. Julia Dawson Mr. John de Neufville Mr. Bryn Debuque Mr. and Mrs. Christian del Rosario Ms. Anne Delone-Plukas Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Dodge Ms. Melissa Doherty Ms. Elizabeth Dorn Ms. Marisa Drew Mr. and Mrs. Domenic Duarte 16

Ms. Rita Duce Ms. Kathleen Dumont Ms. Dianne Dunlan Ms. Alyson Dunlap Mrs. Kristen Dussault Mr. John Dyer Ms. Michelle Dyer Mr. Robert Earle Mr. and Mrs. Donald Edwards Mr. David Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Elliot Ms. Kathleen Enright Mr. Bill Epstein Ms. Gabrielle Evans Mr. Tim Fales Mr. Tim Fales Ms. Jacqueline Falk Mr. Tom Falls Ms. Katherine Farello Ms. Claire Farrell Ms. Frances Fayard Mr. John Fee Ms. Catherine Feinberg Mr and Mrs. David Feindel Ms. Margorie Feitler Ms. Marie Field Mr. David Fiero Mr. and Mrs. Steven Fifield Ms. Laura Fletcher Mr. Jaime Fortuno Ms. Anne Fossel Mr. John Foster Ms. Barbara Franzoso Ms. Erin Fraser Ms. Kate Fraser Ms. Laura Freedman Ms. Kelly French Mr. and Mrs. Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gallagher Mr. Bob Gantt Ms. Jessica Garno Mr. Ralph Gasparello Mr. Robert Gauchi Ms. Jenny Geary Mr. and Mrs. Louis Gerstner, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gibian Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gillum

Nantucket Dreamland Foundation

Ms. Mollie Glazer Ms. Amelia Gold Ms. Leslie Golemme Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Goode Mr. William Gorman Ms. Kathryn Gould Mr. Patrick Grady Ms. Ann Green Ms. Robin Grimsley Ms. Lauren Gudonis Ms. Carolina Gutierrez Ms. Valerie Hale Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hall Ms. Linda Hall Mr. Michael Hanlon Mr. and Mrs. George Harrington Mr. Ralph Harris Ms. Kimberly Hart Ms. Diane Hasham Mr. Wallace Hawkes Mr. Gregg Haythorn Ms. Jill Heald Ms. Christina Henderson Mrs. Kristin Henson Ms. Didi Herfort Mr. and Mrs. Dick Herman Ms. Dorothy Hesselman Ms. Connie Heyer Ms. Julie Higgins Ms. Judi Hill Ms. Christine Hinker Ms. Katrin Hinrichs Ms. Deborah Hoadley Ms. Robin Hobson Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Hofsess Ms. Brooke Holland Ms. Jean Holland Ms. Barbara Howard Mr. David Huehner Ms. Dorothy A. Hummel Ms. Lesley Humphreys Mr. and Mrs. William Hunter Ms. Eve Hupner Ms. Pamela Hynes Ms. Cassandra Irvine Ms. Aveen Irwin Ms. Janet Jaeger

Mr. Richard Jagolta Ms. Judith Jarmer Mr. Jeff Jenkinson Mr. and Mrs. Erik Johnson Ms. Allison Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Richard Judson Ms. Debra Kahn Mr. Gene Kangley Ms. Jennifer Karberg Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Kardell Ms. Jody Kaufman Mr. Frank Keerl Mr. James Kelin Ms. Alicia Keller Mr. and Mrs. George Kelly Ms. Shirley Kelly Mr. Steven Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. David Kenzie Ms. Emily Kilvert Ms. Andrea Kinsley Ms. Aileen Kitsock Ms. Cynthia Klein Ms. Lauren Klein Ms. Grace Klein Ms. Lauren Kosh Ms. Amy Kostigan Ms. Virginia Kraft Ms. Virginia Kraft Ms. Joyce Kramer Mr. Stanley Kramer Mr. Peter Kyburg Ms. Lisa LaFrance Ms. Michelle Lamb Ms. Elizabeth Lanagan Mr. and Mrs. Conan Laughlin Mr. Joshua Learner Mr. and Mrs. David Leary Mr. Mariko Lebaron Ms. Rita Lee Ms. Christine Lefebvre Mr. and Mrs. Steven Leinbach Mr and Mrs. Gerald Lendway Mr. Peter Lewis Mr. Andrew Lewis Ms. Vienna Lewis Mr. James Liggett Mr. and Mrs. David O. Linton

Mr. Bruce Liroff Ms. Susan L. Locke Ms. Kendra Lockley Ms. Victoria Lombardo Ms. Blyth Lord Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Loucks Mr. Andrew G. Lowell Ms. Lori Lusk Mr. and Mrs. Brad MacDonald Ms. Diane Maddalone Mr. Cameron Maltby Mr. Nicholas Mankiw Ms. Ashley Marshall Ms. Linda Masters Mr. Kas McAlinden Ms. Donna McClous Mr. Mike McGreal Mr. and Mrs. John McGuinness Mr. Roberrt McKenna and Ms. Susan Crosby Ms. Kimberly McNeice Ms. Lisa Mead Ms. Claire Meadow Mr. Jay Mednikow Mrs. Beth A. Meehan and Mr. Neil Cocker Ms. Betsy Meholick Ms. Lori Melichar Mr. Timothy Merrill Ms. Rachel Messinger Ms. Wendy Metcalfe Ms. Anne Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Miller Ms. Elizabeth Miller Ms. Alison Monaghan Ms. Valarie Monahan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Mooney Ms. Jill Mooradian Ms. Lorinda Moore Mr. Leigh Morfoot Mr. and Mrs. Frank Morral Mr. Michael Morris Ms. Meg Morton Ms. Meg Morton Ms. Sandra Nash Ms. Sarah Neroni Annual Report 2010

Ms. Kathe Newcomb Mr. and Mrs. James Nolen Ms. Kelly Noll Ms. Jamie Norris Mr. and Mrs. Al Novissimo Mr. and Mrs. Al Novissimo Mr. Ryan Nunnelly Ms. Danielle O’Dell Ms. Jeannine O’Donnell Mr. WInk Zan Ogtrop Ms. Diana Olick Ms. Maria L. Olsen Ms. Monica O’Neil Mr. and Mrs. Dermot O’Reilly Mr. Gerald Overbeck Ms. Nancy Page Ms. Barbie Papalios Mr. and Mrs. David Pekarcik Ms. Renee Pembroke Ms. Jennifer Perkin Mr. and Mrs. Chris Perry Ms. Anne Phaneuf Ms. Judith Phelan Mr. Don Picard Ms. Suzzanne Picher Mr. Dennis Pinto Mr. and Mrs. Chip Plank Mr. and Mrs. John Plukas Ms. Anne deLone Plukas Mr. Nathaniel Pope Ms. Judi Potoff Mr. Mark Potter Mr. Paul Poupart Mr. Power Ms. Melissa Price Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Proch Mr. and Mrs. Robert Prohaska Ms. Holly Pruett Ms. Roberta Putterman Ms. Tracy Quidley Ms. Qureshi Ms. Victoia Rakov Mr. and Mrs. H. Flint Ranney Ms. Kerry Raven Mr. Manny Rayne Ms. Liz Reisman Mr. Devin Remick


FRIENDS OF THE DREAMLAND Up to $99 Ms. Kimberly Remick Mr. C. Arnold Renschler Ms. Phyllis Reyes Ms. Nancy Rezendes Ms. Annette Ricciardi Mr. Jared Rich Ms. Betsy Roberts Mr. Peter Rodes Mrs. Patricia Roggeveen Ms. Ellen Roswig Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rouillard Ms. Roberta Rowland Ms. Tobi Russell Ms. Sheila Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Alex Sacerdote Mr. Carl Sadlow Ms. Alicia Salzer Ms. Carol Sanford Ms. Polly Sanford Ms. Melissa Scherzer Ms. Kimberly Schiff Ms. Erin Schneeweiss Ms. Anne Schnitzer Mr. Svetozar Sestrimski Ms. Elizabeth Shannon Ms. Melissa Shannon Ms. Kristen Shapira Ms. Kim Shiff Mr. Andrew Shulman Ms. Shelley Shuster Mr. Michael Sinert Mrs. Penny Snow Mr. and Mrs. Lars Soderberg Ms. Jean Sogorka Mr. Stanford Sollmon Mr. Michael Sprague 18

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Stambaugh Ms. Susan Starbuck Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Starr Ms. Laura Stewart Ms. Kristen Stone Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sullivan Ms. Katie Sullivan Mr. Scott Sullivan Mrs. Jill Surprenant Ms. Lynda Sussek Mr. Joseph Sylvester Mr. Joseph Szodfridt Ms. Mary Taaffe Ms. Tina Tait Ms. Bonnie Taubel Ms. Alison Taylor Ms. Elisabeth Taylor Ms. Susan Tedford Ms. Betsy Tellepsen Ms. Alexandria Terrell Mr. Steven Tesler Ms. Elizabeth Thibeault Ms. Michelle Tittel Ms. Robbi Toll Mrs. Jeanette Topham Ms. Stacy Toporoff Ms. Alexandra Treadwell Ms. Katherine Treanor Mr. Michael Tropp Mr. John Turpin Ms. Sarah Tyler Ms. Jill Urquhart Ms. Priscilla Van Ogtrop Mr. and Mrs. Michael Varbalow Ms. Lisa Virello Ms. Tara Vittone Mr. Michael Wachs Mr. Samuel Wagner Nantucket Dreamland Foundation

Ms. Maria Waine Ms. Amber Waterhouse Ms. Tracy Weaver Mr. Trenton Weaver Mr. Alexander Webb Ms. Emma Weber Ms. Kristen Weber Mr. Eric Weingartner Ms. Sandra Weingartner Mr. Jack Weinhold and Ms. Mary Beth Splaine Mr. Norman Weinstock Ms. Faye Weitzman Ms. Marcia Welch Ms. Katherine Welch Mr. and Mrs. Tim Weld Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Wells Ms. Margaret Wheeler Ms. Michelle Whelan Ms. Patty White Ms. Sarah White Ms. Deborah Willett Mr. Harold Williams Mr. Nathan Williams Ms. Kristin Williams Ms. Delia Willsey Ms. Dona Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wodynski Mr. and Mrs. Michael Woodley Mr. Roger Woodruff Ms. Ellen Wuagneux Ms. Dorinda Yates Ms. Susan Zetkov-Lubin Ms. Nicole Zinny Nantucket Wine and Spirits The Perlman Family Nantucket Babysitters

The Nantucket Dreamland Foundation Financial Statements For the years ending June 30 2010


ASSETS Cash/Investments/Other Assets Contributions/Receivables Fixed Assets Total Assets

$6,901,092 1,578,993 11,153,988 19,634,073

$6,456,713 -11,151,547 17,608,260

LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Current Liabilities Long-Term Liabilities Net Assets Total Liabilities and Net Assets

789,663 6,990,000 11,854,410 19,634,073

1,587,735 6,990,000 9,030,525 17,608,260

REVENUES Contributions & Grants Investment and Other Income Total Revenues

3,739,913 158,464 3,898,377

6,396,573 57,704 6,454,277

EXPENSES Program Management & General Fundraising Total Expenses

345,047 472,795 256,650 1,074,492

138,966 581,939 170,000 890,905









NET ASSETS - END OF YEAR Annual Report 2010


DESIGN & PRODUCTION: Mind’s Eye Productions / Arlene O’Reilly PHOTOGRAPHY: Nantucket Event Media / Lisa Frey Cary Hazelgrove Photography Kris Kinsley Hancock Photography Nicole Harnishfeger

Nantucket Dreamland Foundation 12 Oak Street, Shop A | P.O. Box 989 Nantucket, MA 02554 Tel: 508-332-4822 | Fax: 508-332-4823


Nantucket Dreamland Foundation

Nantucket Dreamland Foundation Annual Report  

Dedicated to enriching the cultural and intellectual life of Nantucket by providing year-round films, educational programs and a venue for a...

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