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Albaugh, Joan


Art Cabinet Artists Association of Nantucket

8-9 OBC

Nantucket Atheneum


Nantucket Carving & Folk Art


Nantucket Community Music Center


Nantucket Event Media


Brust, Judith A.


Nantucket Liaison Event Planning

Capizzo, Barbara


Nantucket Historical Association


Cavalier Gallery


Nantucket Island School of Design & Art


Clay Art Studio


Nantucket Musical Arts Society

Dicker, Diane


Old Spouter Gallery



Peter Beaton Studio


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Dreamland Film & Performing Arts Center


Pierce Galleries

Dujardin Designs


Potter Kelliher, Kathleen


Emery Design Studio


Potter Sharp, Helen


Rudd, Edwin


Robertson, Lauri


Frazier, Robert Gallery at 4 India

53a 26-27

Gonzalez, Virna


Sosebee Studio Galleries

Hinton, Megan


Sterk, Audrey

Hostetler Gallery


Theatre Workshop of Nantucket

Ireland Gallery

58-59 63 7

Tomakan, Yasemin



Trinkle Legge, Katie


Keely Smith Designs


UPS Digital Service


La Paglia, Paul


Van der Wolk, Deborah


Lochtefeld Studio Gallery


Weddendorf, Heidi


Lovett, Miki


Wertheimer, Lois


Made on Nantucket


Welch, Jo Ann


Nantucket Arts Council


Welch, William


Yoder, Loretta


Jensen, Julia


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First Congregational Church & Bennett Hall

Nantucket Yacht Club


Whaling Museum




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Greater Light


Old Spouter Gallery


Nantucket High School







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Inside this Annual

artsNantucket 2012 Annual • Volume 12

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10 The Masters, The Bright Lights on Nantucket For this 12th issue of Arts Nantucket magazine, we begin a tribute

series of spotlighting “bright lights” currently helping to illuminate the island arts community. To start this line of creative leaders, we recognize the wise ones that have been influential in the shaping of the arts community over the last 30 years. For without them, and their dedication to the Nantucket community, we would be dull indeed. Just imagine what the “Grey Lady” would be like without artists. EDITORIAL: MARY LANCASTER • PHOTOGRAPHY: LISA FREY

34 The Art of Design

Nantucket offered an uninhibited play ground for the practice and art of design – a blank canvas for enter prising and dynamic talents. While trends have changed over the years, one constant has endured: ingenuity has thrived. Design and innovation are often “hand in glove”: they go together. This year, Arts Nantucket proudly shines the spotlight on some of Nantucket’s most innovative, creative, and artistic local designers - all true to their own essence and process. This will inspire both students, professionals and appreciators of great design! EDITORIAL: NATALIE CIMINERO • PHOTOGRAPHY: SUBMITED

34 Performing Arts Reviews, descriptions and details of plays,

shows, and lectures from The Nantucket Atheneum, Dreamland Theater and Nantucket Workshop Theatre.

Nantucket might be a “quintessential” town, but when it comes to celebrating and supporting the arts - it has reclaimed its title of The Arts Colony - 30 miles out to sea.

The what, when and where for gallery receptions & exhibitions, performances, lectures, demonstrations and talks.

60 Events Spotlights 66 Calendar 4 artsNantucket: 2012

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July 23–28, 2012 i n t e r n at i o n a l s ta r s f r o m

Benjamin Millepied

American Ballet Theatre New York City Ballet The Royal Ballet

Artistic Director Performances

Friday, July 27th at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, July 28th at 6:30 p.m. Outreach activities Activities include lecture/demonstration by Benjamin Millepied; author talk; children’s program for ages 5 and up; master classes for students, and a dance film.

For more information call 508 228–1110 Photo: ©Paul Kolnik. Choreography: George Balanchine ©The George Balanchine Trust.

Arts Nantucket: 2012


Photos: Nantucket Event Media

The art of creating outstanding experiences.


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Centre Stage 2 Centre Street

May 11 - June 2

Downstairs Methodist Church

Noises Off

Bennett Hall

Thurs - Sat 7:30pm Sundays 3:00pm

62 Centre Street

First Congregational Church

Bennett Hall

July 6 - 28

Little Shop of Horrors *

The Moscows of Nantucket Wed - Sat 7:30pm Sundays 3:00pm Centre Stage

June 24, July 8 Aug 19 & 26, Oct 7 Centre Stage @7:30pm

July 20 - Aug 25

Wed - Sat 8:30pm Sundays 3:00pm Centre Stage

Wed - Sat 6:00pm Sundays 3:00pm Bennett Hall

Sept 14 - Oct 6

Aug 9 - Sept 1

Comedy Improv

Wed - Sat 7:30pm Sundays 3:00pm Centre Stage

July 11 - 28 The 39 Steps

Tues 7:30pm Wed - Sat 5:00pm Centre Stage

June 7-23

Time Stands Still

The Cherry Orchard Wed - Sat 7:30pm Sundays 3:00pm Centre Stage

Susan Burns’ Comedy extravaganza Sept 2 & 3 @7:30pm Centre Stage

Jane Condon & Bonnie Levinson: Storytelling Aug 12 @7:30pm Centre Stage

Brad Zimmerman’s My Son the Waiter, a Jewish Tragedy July 15, Aug 14 Centre Stage 7:30pm

Annie *

Nov 16 - Dec 9

The Wizard of Oz Fri 5:30pm Sat 1:00 & 5:30pm Sundays 3:00pm Bennett Hall

Nantucket Short Play festival

June 12 & Sept 18 Centre Stage 7:30pm

May 26 ‘Sconset Casino 6:00pm

Sue Costello’s Minus 32 Million Words June 18 Centre Stage Aug 7 Bennett Hall 7:30pm

Moby Dick Rehearsed

July 23, 24 & 25 Nantucket Whaling Museum Gosnell Hall 7:00pm

Kevin flynn’s Monday Night Comedy July 9, 16 & 23 Aug 13, 20 & 27 Centre Stage 7:30pm

Jane Condon & friends June 19, July 22 Aug 5 Centre Stage 7:30pm

* The third Wednesday of these productions are free for families with special needs. Thanks to a generous gift from the Tupancy-Harris Foundation, the first Sunday matinees are free to year-round Nantucket seniors and students, except for The Wizard of Oz.


8 artsNantucket: 2012

NEW LOCATION: 3 IndIa Street

Joanna Kane

Artists of the GAllery Petra Amerell Silvio Cattani Wilfredo Chiesa Charlotte Culot Ben Georgia Eugene Healy Roswitha Huber Victor Kraus

Joanna Kane Diether Kunerth Fuller Potter Betsy Podlach Billy Sherry Leo Smigay John von Wicht Peter Weber

Open daily, 10 am-6 pm and by appointment.

NEW LOCATION: 3 IndIa Street



Masters, The Bright Lights on Nantucket Doerta Neudert brings a decidedly European flair to the island’s gallery scene, as well as a unique personal background and philosophy in her approach to art. The daughter of an art professor, Doerte said music and art were always a priority in her upbringing and now considers them the essence of her life.

Since the last third of the nineteenth century, when, after the Civil War, Nantucket Island was once again seen as a desirable destination for painters and other artists, so-called “bright lights” have emerged from the community. These were individuals known and recognized not only for their considerable talent, but also for their generosity—their gifts of both time and money. The nostalgic landscape painter, Eastman Johnson, was one of the earliest of these creative benefactors, as was community leader and painter Elizabeth Rebecca Coffin before the turn of that century.

In the twentieth century, the protean artist Tony Sarg comes to mind, along with the remarkably visionary Quaker sisters, Hanna and Gertrude Monaghan, who opened up their museum-like home on the edge of town for all manner of artistic and cultural endeavors.

“I sell energy. All good art is energy. I do what my heart tells me. My goal is to open people to experience spiritual joy,” she said. “Art is the nutrition for the soul. You have your body, you have your brain, and you have your heart. Art is necessary to be a real human being — your inside value. It is, for me, basic to have spiritual joy.” Doerte’s first visit to Nantucket was in 1989 when she came from Munich, Germany with a friend who had a studio/gallery here. A few years later she decided to move to the island and in 1995 she opened The Art Cabinet. She began in a tiny space on Centre Street, then learned that a better location was available at 2 Union Street. She ended up spending 14 years there, hosting musicians, poetry readings and lectures, and representing European and American artists together with some local talents who paint and sculpt. The work she exhibits is contemporary, and, to her, very special. She feels she changed the art scene on Nantucket by introducing these types of pieces and helping to educate patrons about their meaning and value. “I don’t offer things for the masses,” she said. “My primary goal on Nantucket is to give [them] what they need. I had a bigger ambition for deeper things. When they come in my gallery they like everything. Everything is from my emotional side. I choose with my instinct and not whether it brings money. It is not edgy, but beautiful art. If I believe in it, I fight for it.” This spring, Doerte reopened in her new spot at 3 India Street (formerly South Wharf Gallery) with a grand opening planned June 22nd, 6-9pm.

10 artsNantucket: The Masters, The Bright Lights on Nantucket

In the following pages, the reader will make the acquaintance of several painters, photographers, and gallery owners, as well as a dancer, conductor, singer, and woodcarver. With not a native islander among them, these “wash-ashores” can all claim decades of Island living. They are united by their love of their chosen art form(s), and by their love of the island itself.

Reserve copy of the DVD documentary: Nantucket’s Bright Lights. Premiering during the opening night reception of the Nantucket Arts Festival, partial proceeds to benefit the Nantucket Arts Council. Keep Creativity Strong! Call 508-325-7163 or email

Gene Mahon

What hasn’t Gene Mahon done to enhance the island’s arts spectrum? Since moving here he has run many different creative businesses, some of which were innovative ‘firsts’ for the Nantucket community, while others proved to be entertaining and useful concepts, such as his weekly Mahon About Town arts and social events newsletter.

Gene visited Nantucket in 1969 and, while he was taken by the island, he had already committed to move to Boulder, Colorado. He spent one winter there. However, the only work he could find was a $50 a week photography job at an underground newspaper and a job cleaning condominiums for tourist rentals. He had heard it was fairly easy to get hired onto house painting crews here, so Gene returned to Nantucket in the summer of 1970. Soon after that he was offered ownership of The Camera Shop on Main Street and decided to make the island his home. While living here, Gene realized the community’s cultural options needed a boost. He opened a photo gallery in his shop and brought a variety of concerts to the island.

Written By Mary Lancaster | Photography by Lisa Frey

“Arts enrich the community and are a great storehouse of history captured through the eyes of artists and artisans,” he said. Gene Mahon has been a very active member of the island arts community. Since his early days as a freelance photographer and photography teacher, Gene’s many accomplishments include Mahon About Town -- a subscription-based e-mail newsletter celebrating and promoting the arts -that he began in May 2005 and Nantucket Digital Imaging which he started in 2002. Gene founded and co-owned Nantucket Television and established Pocomo Publishing in 1985, then Pocomo Productions in 1988. Further, besides The Camera Shop, Gene owned Nantucket Video, the Nantucket Print and Poster Gallery, and Nantucket Copy Center, as well as Nantucket Sound, a music store. He was co-owner of The Roadhouse jazz nightclub and owner of Quintessence Photography Gallery. He has served and continues to serve on numerous non–profit boards and town committees. One of those boards is the Nantucket Arts Council, an organization Gene highly respects and supports. “It (the NAC) is and was the only organization that represented and worked for all the arts on the island,” Gene said. “One of the things I hope for, for the Arts Council, is to study the needs for an arts center. Once we realize what the needs are, we can see if we can create something that will meet those needs.” Currently, Gene is primarily absorbed in his newsletter as well as in helping to get Channel 18 public access television on line, a project which, in part, includes teaching people how to make videos that can be broadcast.


Beverly Hall

Ever since she moved to Nantucket in 1965, Beverly Hall has shown herself to be a talented and prolific photographer and a key member and supporter of the island’s arts community. Ironically, she didn’t intend to come here. “I had never heard of Nantucket; I was supposed to go to Martha’s Vineyard to be with my brother,” Beverly said. Serendipitously, the ferry she and a friend were on in 1964 landed at Nantucket, and, after spending a few days that turned into a month, she was in love with this place, eventually returning to stay for good.

she generously has opened her gardens to host the NAC annual fundraiser, Shakespeare in the Garden. “I believe [the Arts Council] is important because we are an advocate for all of the arts on Nantucket, and through our scholarships and grants there have been a lot of people who have benefited from our work,” she said. In addition, Beverly has given talks on photography at the Nantucket Island School of Design and the Arts, and has mentored emerging photographers.

The first major contribution Beverly made here was opening The Children’s Gallery - an art school for kids - on Old South Wharf. Through that venture, she was introduced to the active local arts network and more or less accidentally found the roots of her own future. “I documented the children’s work, and one year I did their [photo] portraits to accompany their art. I was immediately aware that I had a good eye,” Beverly said, explaining that, although her father had been a photographer, she had not thought to pursue photography as a career. “The parents loved the pictures, and I decided to try to make a living from photographs of kids and their families. I learned in the process.” Later, Beverly moved off the wharf and had several studio locations before finally making her Hither Creek home in Madaket her permanent studio, utilizing her luscious series of gardens as a vital, open-air backdrop for photos. She specializes in taking pictures of people, and recently was recognized by the Nantucket Historical Association in an exhibit named A Passion for People - 40 Years of Portrait Photography by Beverly Hall. She is in the process of organizing her Nantucket files to donate a substantial number to the NHA for its archives. “Documenting people in the art scene on Nantucket in the ‘60s and ‘70s is important to me,” Beverly said, adding that she has a particular passion for the NHA property of The Greater Light, where two sisters once lived and encouraged the island’s appreciation of its artistic treasures. For the last 15 years, Beverly has also been a member of the Nantucket Arts Council board and, for the past five years,

In 2002, nurturing another part of her soul, Beverly graduated from divinity school with a master’s degree. She occasionally preaches at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church and has served three terms on its Vestry Committee. “Spirituality and the arts are very important to me, to help people explore their faith through the arts,” she explained. During Holy Week this past April, Beverly incorporated art, poetry, and other writings as a church experience in “The Stations of the Cross.” Although Beverly now tries to limit the wedding and family photos she takes, she finds it impossible to turn down every request. She enjoys remaining an active island photographer while also taking time for personal reflection and a renewed love of painting. She cannot help but be creative and thrives on continuing to grow in her abilities. “It has allowed me to meet more people on Nantucket than I would have otherwise,” she said of her long career. “I’ve had interesting assignments and people and places to see. The camera is part of my vocabulary, and I carry it wherever I go, but I am exploring a number of possibilities.”

12 artsNantucket: The Masters, The Bright Lights on Nantucket

Judith A. Brust

Opening Reception for Opening Reception for

Tom Deininger & Judith A. Brust Tom Deininger & Judith A. Brust

July 20th 20th 6-8pm 6-8pm July The Gallery at 4 India The Gallery at 4 India

Resident Artist exhibiting original oil based Monoprints at:

Resident Artist exhibiting original oil based Monoprints at: The Gallery at 4 India 508-228-8509 4 India St., Nantucket, MA 02554 The Gallery at 4 India 508-228-8509

Curious? Curious? tothe see the ScanScan here here to see artist’s process. artist’s process.

4 India St., Nantucket, MA 02554 Sculpture: Gráficas 508-228-8010 Gráficas 508-228-8010 18 Broad St., Nantucket MA 02554 L’Attitude Gallery 617-927-4400 18 Broad St., Nantucket MA 02554 211 Newbury St., Boston, MA 02116 L’Attitude Gallery 617-927-4400 211 Newbury St., Boston, MA 02116

508 228-9929 by appointment 508 228-9929 Oil based Monoprints , paintings, watercolors Sculptures: Metal, mixed mediumLimited edition digital prints on paper by appointment

Oil based Monoprints , paintings, watercolors, and sculptures


Giovanna La Paglia She is lithe, lovely and graceful, and has been Nantucket’s premier ballet teacher since 1980, instructing and nurturing hundreds of aspiring dance students over more than a quarter of a century.

Giovanna La Paglia and her husband Paul, a fine artist and framer, spent their honeymoon on the island. In 1980 they decided to give up their apartment in New York City and move here permanently. Before the couple settled here, Giovanna, who studied ballet in New York and danced in Europe, had spent some time on the island when she was working on translating oral histories for The Dance Collection, part of the Library and Museum of the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center, which is a division of New York’s public library.

No inconveniences ever thwarted her efforts and dedication to teaching ballet to all the youth who came to her for inspiration and instruction. “I am a great believer. You explore the depths of ballet from different angles,” she said. “There is something about the priority and depth of ballet that is so important. When I first started teaching I wanted to be a super-purist, creating dancers. Then I realized, not everyone is going to be a dancer but that studying ballet is a lesson for life. It teaches patience for process and focusing, for being gracious and generous. Skillful moving requires skillful thinking. I understand that ballet is a performing art, but I just think that there is so much richness and wealth in that process. It is one of the few arts that has maintained its history and remained true to what it is.” Giovanna is not retiring this year, but instead is phasing in one of her former students to take the role of primary teacher so that she can focus on guest teaching and being accessible to offer enrichment programs for dance students. Knowing that she is turning over the major dance class instruction to someone who shares her integrity, agrees with the vital curriculum components, and with her philosophy on nudging talent and instilling confidence in students, will make it possible for Giovanna to open her extensive ballet library of books and films to extend students’ technical studies. Potentially, she could take highly-qualified dancers to see professional ballet performances in New York. “Who knows what the future will bring,” she said.

When the La Paglia’s moved here, Giovanna continued her transcriptions, took a break when she had her daughter Alexandra, and then began teaching ballet at the Twin Street Barn. When that building was sold, she moved her classes to the Nantucket Health Club and to Cyrus Peirce Middle School, and later to another studio.

14 artsNantucket: The Masters, The Bright Lights on Nantucket

Commissioned work at The Sheffield, New York City

Hostetler Gallery Wood and Bronze Sculptures

David Hostetler

Women are his inspiration. Additional Artists Exhibiting: Power Boothe Scott Smith Crystal Cartier

NEW GALLERY LOCATION Susan Crehan-Hostetler, Gallery Director P.O. Box 2222 Nantucket, MA 02584

42 Centre Street Gallery 508.228.5152 Studio 508.228.3117


Howard Chadwick Howard Chadwick’s roots in the island community, and particularly in the Nantucket arts community, run deep. His father’s family was islanders, so young Howard spent summers here until he moved from Boston in 1977 to make Nantucket his permanent home.

tiques Depot on Easy Street. He had already served as the store’s manager for several years until the sisters who owned The Tiller decided to sell. Howard changed the name to Antiques Depot because the Nantucket train depot had once been on that harborside way. In this venture, Howard is able to celebrate and foster appreciation for historic arts by educating patrons about the value of early paintings and fine craftsmanship. Today, Howard’s affiliation with the Musical Arts Society remains strong, as he heads its fundraising efforts and helps secure housing for visiting artists coming here to perform. “We just want to be sure we are presenting quality artists,” he said. “I think there is good cooperation between all the arts groups. I can’t imagine a community without the arts. Just imagine coming out of your house every day, and it’s gray. You’ve got to have some color. If you have a top-notch pianist or singer in town — to be able to hear a wonderful concert just completes the day.”

“I’ve always said Nantucket is a disease not covered by Medicare,” he joked.

You might be able to meet Howard at one of the Nantucket Musical Arts Society performances on Tuesday evenings at the First Congregational Church, 8pm in July and August. You will be amazed by his voice!

A musician and singer with two master’s degrees from Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey, and from the Academy of Vocal Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the arts in all their forms matter greatly to Howard. When he was in the Navy before the island became his home, he led a music program aboard the aircraft carrier America. Howard also had performed across Europe, taught music at the University of New Hampshire, and studied at the New England Conservatory. Prior to settling here, Howard became involved with the Nantucket Musical Arts Society in 1973 as both its secretary and treasurer. Besides his ongoing work with the Society, in 1990 he became a partner with Jack Fritsch in purchasing The An-

16 artsNantucket: The Masters, The Bright Lights on Nantucket

Nantucket Musical Arts Society Since 1959, a series of classical music performances by renowned artists and those on the verge of a great career. concert performances on Tuesday evenings in July and August at the First Congregational Church at 8pm. Meet the artists on Monday evenings, 8pm at the Unitarian Church. For tickets and further information, please call our box office at the Antiques Depot.

508.228.1287 or visit


John Lochtefeld Little men floating across starry skies, angels blowing trumpets as they fly over a Nantucket landscape, mermaids flipping their pretty tails in the waves, more tiny figures riding the back of a dove. These and many, many more fantastic, playful images are the trademark of well-known, highlycollected artist, John Lochtefeld, a man who loves his work and who has contributed more than can be written to the island arts scene for several decades. John, his wife, Judy, and their five children first came to the island in the summer of 1969 with Judy’s brother who planned to buy property. John decided it would be a great place for a seasonal studio and rented a space on Still Dock. At that time he was a professor of fine arts at Marymount College in Tarrytown, New York. Along the way, the Lochtefelds bought 4 Fair Street for a summer studio and investment, and, after John retired from teaching in 1989 and spent time devoted to his art, the couple moved here permanently in 1998.

“It’s a stream of consciousness, and sometimes I just stick a letter in. I put it in on the spur of the moment and find it just simply looks nice there. Letters and numbers do evoke a fascination within my compositions.”

John had been strongly influenced by the art of Paul Klee, Joan Miro, and others, but his experiences on the island-studying its history, and seeing the lower end of town that inspired images of whaling, folklore, and a host of musings on the past--helped shape his wonderful series of etchings and woodcuts that has continued to draw faithful patrons and to transfix those new to his talent.

John Lochtefeld has been very involved with the Artists’ Association of Nantucket since he joined in 1969, last year being named Board of Director Emeritus, and he continues to do demonstrations there for the public. He is also a board member of the Nantucket Musical Arts Society, is active with the Nantucket Community Garden, and plays classical piano in his free time.

“I’ve often turned to that when I make prints and paintings,” he said, sitting by a worktable filled with brushes and tubes of oils next to a new work in progress depicting a flock of multi-colored birds in a bush. “Most people think of me as a printmaker, but they (his fanciful images) are drifts of fantasy based on the lore of Nantucket.”

“ The Arts enrich the lives of the people who live here, and if they weren’t here they would be missed,” he said. “I’m amazed at how many nice things there are here in the winter. I think that adds an awful lot to your life.”

His ideas come from stories and songs of the legends that surround Nantucket, he said.

John tries to spend about six hours a day in his studio and promises himself he will do more sculpture. “I find myself working every day to make art because that is where my life has been for a very long time. I think I’m lucky to have a studio and to be able to get up every morning and go down and work in it. I’ve met a lot of people who do the same thing.”

“Mermaids, angels, whales and whalemen — they just come out and it’s fun to make them.” Occasionally, his compositions include random numbers or a letter of the alphabet.

18 artsNantucket: The Masters, The Bright Lights on Nantucket

John F. Lochtefeld Studio Gallery

4 Fair Street Nantucket, Massachusetts Daily 10-12 2-4 Closed Sunday 508.228.0604

02554 508.228.4208

John F. Lochtefeld Studio Gallery 4 Fair Street Nantucket, Massachusetts Daily 10-12 2-4 Closed Sunday 508.228.0604

02554 508.228.4208


Dr. Gerald Mack Gerry Mack has raised his baton to conduct so many performances during his long and venerable career those occasions have become countless. He went into “retirement” about three years ago, but on May 13, 2011, he emerged from that brief hiatus to conduct a Nantucket Arts Council extravaganza of music, from opera selections to Broadway favorites, to the delight of his admiring fans. Dr. Gerald Mack’s keen abilities have been recognized across this country and Europe. Among his stellar accomplishments, he founded the Great Waters Music Festival in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. He has gained a national reputation for his expertise in the field of choral music and has performed in concert halls around the world. Since moving to the island he has added much to his extensive resume as well as to the cultural enrichment and enjoyment of residents and visitors. After serving as Director of Choral Activities at the Hartt School of Music, University of Hartford, Connecticut for 28 years, Gerry Mack was named Professor Emeritus, and a scholarship was established in his name. Mack and his wife, Nancy, had vacationed on Nantucket since 1972. In 2000, after he had retired from teaching and they had built a house here, the couple moved to the island from Simsbury, Connecticut. That was intended as sort of an experiment, but they never left. “We were warmed by the community,” he said. Gerry quickly became involved in the local arts scene, and was named Executive Director of the Nantucket Community Music Center where he shared conducting engagements for the center’s chorus with Barbara Elder. He also took the lead in impressive community programs featuring professional musicians as well as talented community members at Nantucket High School. He is known for producing and/or conducting a series of major concerts, such as the fondly-remembered Songs and Spirit of WWII which was dedicated to Nantucket veterans.

Four years ago Gerry joined the board of the Nantucket Arts Council and became director of its winter/spring concert series. Gerry is also serving as consultant on upcoming concerts to be presented at the renovated Dreamland Theater. His work is vital to him. “I think the arts are one of the most important aspects of our lives,” Gerry said. “The musical arts give people the opportunity to perform and also to have an emotional and educational experience through the learning of music. The community gets tremendous enjoyment and aesthetic experiences when we share our music with each other. It’s called the universal language.” Currently, Gerry is immersed in his duties for the NAC and has organized a new chorus called the Nantucket Chamber Singers.

20 artsNantucket: The Masters, The Bright Lights on Nantucket

STEPHEN PITLIUK I waited forever at ďŹ ve corners mixed media on canvas, 48 x 48 inches

exhibited exclusively at

34 Main Street, Nantucket, MA 405 Greenwich Ave, Greenwich, CT 508.325.4405 • 203.869.3664 w w

Shakespeare in the Garden

For almost forty years, the Nantucket Arts Council has supported and encouraged a collaborative community of the visual, performing, and literary arts on Nantucket through education, grants, scholarships, and events.

(Thursday evening, June 28th)

Photo: Beverly Hall Photography

Keep creativity strong by supporting us with your donations or volunteer at one of our cherished events!

Nantucket Arts Festival (September 28th - October 7th)

508-325-8588 Photo: Nantucket Event Media

Music Concert Series


Photo: ABBACA, Peter Schaaf.

Kathy Kelm Cronin Being comfortable in large groups of people and involving herself in multi-cultural explorations comes naturally to Kathy Kelm Cronin, founder of the Nantucket Island School of Design and the Arts, a school that draws talented, curious students in all walks of life from across this country and from abroad. Raised in a German, Polish, and Russian immigrant community on the Michigan waterfront, Kathy was surrounded by creative influences growing up, and went on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in Providence. Kathy and her husband, photographer Larry Cronin, were dating and had visited Nantucket a few times. They loved the island’s history, its arts community, the natural surroundings, and the water. for teachers that offer graduate credits or professional deAlthough she was a textile designer, and was making cos- velopment points. tumes for off-Broadway theater and an alternative theater She said her mission with NISDA has been, from day one, in New York City, the couple decided to move here in 1972. “To create a dialogue between the arts, the humanities, the At that time, Kathy was a working artist and sculptor sciences, and the environment.” when she received a letter from RISD announcing that the “All of our classes link to cultures and art around the globe school had chosen her to be an assistant professor in the as well as find inspiration and material resources in the entextile department. She commuted between Nantucket and vironment,” she explained. Providence, Rhode Island for seven years and slowly began bringing students out to the island for field trips. Next, she Kathy is also a founding board member of the Learning offered winter arts programs using nature and the environ- Center in the Nantucket High School and is a Kellogg ment as inspiration, which led to summer programs still Foundation National Leadership Fellow, which helped provide the basis of the cultural programs she brought to under the RISD umbrella. the public schools and NISDA. In the early 1980s, Kathy learned the Sea View Farm in Wauwinet was up for sale, and seized the opportunity to Currently, she is preparing a teacher’s institute for this sumbuy it and founded NISDA. Soon after, she acquired the mer called Cultural Expressions, and will soon host RISD Harbor Cottages on the corner of Francis and Washington representatives from that school’s advanced solar studio Streets. The scenic farm now serves as a comprehensive arts who will craft a solar energy plan for the farm as part of its center featuring undergraduate and graduate courses, films, master plan for renovations. She continues to draw, but said lectures, a gallery, and youth programs. The cottages are an she has essentially transposed her creative art process into creating human experiences. artists’ colony. Further, over the years Kathy has worked with the island’s public schools to introduce the concept of creativity and to explore the common denominators between people around the world as they relate to art. She also designed programs

“It feels like working with color and working with form. You put these things together that have an outcome,” she explained. “I’m very consumed with running the school. It is growing, and it’s busy.”

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JAlbaugh_arts11_v2.indd 1

4/16/12 9:15 PM


Reggie Levine He is an accomplished painter, an actor and stage set designer, the former owner of a remarkable gallery, an avid gardener, proud father of two wonderful cats, and longtime President of the Nantucket Arts Council, where he maintains a respected presence as one of the island’s most staunchly devoted supporters of art in all its many forms. Reggie Levine began spending time here in the summers as a small child in 1933 when his parents came from New York City. His uncle had opened The Nobby Shop clothing store on Main Street, and eventually wanted to have Reggie’s father take over the store so he could retire. Reggie’s family moved to the island in the 1950s, but he remained in Manhattan until deciding to make the move for himself in 1968. In 1970, Reggie Levine opened The Main Street Gallery next door to The Nobby Shop and ran it for five years. He also maintained an adjunct gallery on Federal Street, until his family bought the 50 Main Street property and he consolidated the two galleries in that location.

In the 1960s, Reggie was on the board of the Artists’ Association of Nantucket and President of the Theatre Workshop of Nantucket. He also acted in several of TWN’s plays and designed several of its sets. In 1974, Reggie joined the Nantucket Arts Council and has served as its President for Reggie had been painting through the 1950s and 1960s, a dozen years. but less in the 1970s; the gallery consumed most of his energy. He was able to find more time to paint in the next “And the end is not in sight,” he joked. decade, and continues to this day. In the 1980s he was active as the first Vice President of “One of the few things I regret is giving up so much time the Nantucket Historical Association, President of the for painting, but I had to,” he explained. “Being a working Nantucket Atheneum, and a senior warden at St. Paul’s artist all those years and being director of an art gallery, Episcopal Church, where he remains a member of its conart was such a part of my life. It was my life. Then comes a gregation. He is most proud of how the NAC has grown very strong feeling that the arts are absolutely indispensable over the years.

and important in a culture, because the arts teach us who “Seeing the Arts Council grow has given me great pleasure. we are.” That has been an exciting experience for me.” “The arts teach us where we would like to be, where we would like to go, where we have failed. They encapsulate the human condition. Those same reasons are important to a community. The artist might start the process, but it is never completed until it is appreciated by other people. It makes us feel worthy to be alive. It is one of the reasons living is such an exciting, wonderful thing.”

Currently, beyond his NAC commitment, Reggie is on the Dreamland Foundation advisory board providing input for its future cultural programming, “And I’m still painting away,” he said.

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The Traditional Art

Specializing in the 19th c. American & European to today’s living artists.

John P. Osborne Reception August 3, 6-8pm

Peter Layne Arguimbau Scott Balfe Sandi Blanda Armond Cabrera Rudy Calao Barbara Insalaco Ken Knowles Kent Lemon Sandy Moran John P. Osborne Karen Petersen Pamela Pindell Terry Pommett Lauri Robertson Edwin Rudd Kevin Shea Thomas Torak Joshua Williams

Landscape Workshop: Sept. 29-Oct 1. Sign up early.

AT FOUR INDIA, 4 India St., Nantucket 19th c. American: Hudson River, Marine, Impressionism, Regionalism, Historic Documents, Sailor Valentines

Edwin Rudd, Barbara Insalaco, and Lauri Robertson Reception

August 17, 6-8pm

Call for information 508-228-8509 or email

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The Modern Art

Exhibiting Modern, Pop and Abstract Artists of 1930-2012

Tom Deininger Making Waves


July 20, 6-8pm

AT FOUR INDIA, 4 India St., Nantucket “Creativity takes courage.� - Henri Matisse

Judith A. Brust Passage Series Reception

July 20, 6-8pm Judith A. Brust Tom Deininger Richard Kemble John Matuz Larry Rivers Peter Dean Warhol Lithenstein and more.



Mary Beth Splaine In her 34-year career as a gallery owner, Mary Beth Splaine most likely promoted and encouraged more island artists than any other in the field, and was responsible for the success of both emerging and established talent. To them, she was a kind, soft-spoken “mother hen” with an eye for quality, who also happened to be a savvy businesswoman possessed of an uncanny knack for pairing each piece of art with just the right patrons. As fate would have it, Mary Beth was introduced to Nantucket in the mid-1950s by Eileen Toner, an island native attending the same college with her. Ms. Toner invited her to spend the summer here working with her at the former Skipper Restaurant on Steamboat Wharf. After that experience, Mary Beth returned for summers until she graduated from college and went off into the “real world” to find her niche. “Even then, I flew to the island most weekends in the summers, spending nearly my whole paycheck in the process,” she remembered.  “It was then that I first volunteered at the Artists’ Association (when it was in the Macy Warehouse) and fell in love with the arts community.” Several years later, when she had four children and was living in Houston, Mary Beth came back to Nantucket with her family to escape the Texas heat. This time, she discovered Old South Wharf, a mecca for the arts, and began helping her cousin, Judith Powers, at her wharf gallery called The Granary. “By 1978, when Judith was closing The Granary, I decided to take over her stable of artists and try my hand at the gallery business at 21 Old South Wharf.  I became active in the Artists’ Association and served as president in 1979, at the time we were losing the Macy Warehouse to the Nantucket Historical Association,” she said. “Those were very heady, exciting days.  South Wharf was a community of artists and galleries: the heart of the arts community.  I helped organize the South Wharf Association and served as president for several years.  I had the privilege of representing and promoting some of the most talented and exciting young artists on island.  At the same time I was

active in the Artists’ Association and encouraged my gallery artists to be involved there, too. I saw myself as a supporter and an encourager of young talent. That has been the exciting part of being a gallery owner — developing artists and connecting them with clients, and helping people by ‘finding good homes for great art.’ At the same time I was creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere where people felt comfortable dropping in to talk about art and life.” Following what Mary Beth calls the peak years for Nantucket artists during the late ‘70s and ‘80s, many new galleries opened with an approach of bringing in off-island artists and broadening the spectrum of what was on exhibit here.  To her, that was enriching, but she also viewed the trend as a dilution of the sense of the Nantucket artists’ community. “Some of our local talent fell victim to painting for the market for survival, instead of painting from the heart.” she said. Mary Beth sensed that the atmosphere on Old South Wharf started to change around 2005, becoming, in her observation, more diverse, less arty, and with increasing traffic and parking issues that began to stifle business in the area. It was time for a change. “We moved to 3 India Street to give our Nantucket artists a year-round presence up town,” she said, explaining that she shared the gallery with her husband, photographer Jack Weinhold.  “We enjoyed six terrific years on India Street on the sweetest block in town, with neighbors with long-time, Nantucket-owned, shops and restaurants. Jack and I retired in December, 2011, after 34 years in the business, but we are still very interested in the careers of our former artists and in what is going on in the art world on Nantucket.”

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Paul McCarthy There is no question that some of the island’s most beautiful and skillfully-designed signs and decorative wooden pieces have been created by master carver Paul McCarthy of Nantucket Carving and Folk Art, a business he shares with folk artist Jean Petty.

Nantucket Carving and Folk Art, and three years ago they moved their business to Lower Orange Street near the Rotary. “Where the ducks cross.” he said. Paul learned wood carving as a high school student and crafted his first magnificent eagle in 1959. The second eagle he carved now graces the top of the Orange Street shop’s door. He went on to graduate from the Norman Rockwell School of Art in Westport, Connecticut, and won the contest for a Boston Pops T-shirt design for four years in a row. “It’s fun,” he said of his work. “People actually pay me to teach them how to do it. I’ve had students with me for over 15 years, and they keep coming back. You can do virtually anything out of wood.”

One of the most visible and impressive examples of their work is displayed on the front of the Nantucket Historical Association’s Whaling Museum: a six-by-nine foot raised, carved sign called “Going on the Whale” that he chiseled and she painted. “We work as a team here,” Paul said with pride and a deep respect for his partner. Paul had a wood carving shop in Scituate, Massachusetts for 25 years. A former student and employee of his, Billy Rowe, opened a business here called Nantucket Wood Carving. When he got behind in his customer orders, Paul and his son traveled to the island on and off to help him with the backlog. When Paul was 50, he was invited to work here full-time with benefits, which sounded like a good idea. He turned over his Scituate shop to his son in 1993 and accepted the offer. When Rowe left the island there was no longer a work space, so, while Paul waited for one to be finished off Old South Road, he worked from Jean Petty’s Brewster, Massachusetts facility and brought the orders to his Nantucket clients. In 2006, he and Jean incorporated and opened

Paul produces quarterboards, his spectacular eagles and small bird carvings, mantles, commercial signs, and has done numerous plaques and trophies. He has won several national awards for his sign designs. “There are all kinds of angles to wood carving that can be adapted to anything. I still like coming to work, and I’ve been working every day for almost three years,” he said. “I’ll do whatever [they] want. I love it.” Paul McCarthy and Jean Petty are members of the Nantucket Historical Association and generous with donations to that organization from proceeds they are paid for their work. Paul said he recently finished “Ahab and the Whale,”* a four-by-four foot decorative carving for a local private customer, but also just completed a new sign for the Whaling Museum’s old candle factory area, and a sizable mobile for the museum commemorating the late Charlie Sayle’s wood carvings. He has carved some eagles and made some small bird carvings for the Maria Mitchell Association, participates with Jean Petty in the Artists’ Association’s annual Wet Paint Auction, and exhibits and holds demonstrations at the revived Nantucket Maritime Festival. * Video of creative process showing how Paul & Jean created “Ahab and the Whale” on

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Katie Trinkle Legge

represented by:

Old Spouter Gallery Nantucket, MA 118 orange St 508-325-9988

Left Bank Gallery Wellflleet, MA 508-349-9451

Gray Owl Gallery New Paltz, NY 845-518-2237

Artists Association of Nantucket Nantucket Looms



Jack Weinhold Often sporting a fedora-type hat at a jaunty angle that gives him a genteel, European flair, Jack Weinhold sees the world much differently than most people. Deeply inspired by the island’s captivating environment, his photographs provide a legacy of Nantucket’s natural world with images of shorelines, flowers, stones, and seashells so sharp and vivid it seems as though the viewer would be able to reach out and feel their textures or to smell the salt air. “Life calls to me through the process of seeing paths to make things happen in simple, beautiful, and elegant ways,” he said. “Photography happens to be one of several paths I enjoy, and has been more accessible for earning a living than cooking, which is my second love.” Jack’s career started when he was still quite a young man. Following college at Carnegie Mellon University, he lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for 26 years taking photographs for the region’s industrial companies and advertising agencies. He gained greater technical expertise by building and managing a photo lab that offered services to professional photographers, advertising agencies, and printing houses in the area. All this early experience laid the foundation for the great work and artistic contributions Jack has accomplished since settling on the island. “I grew up on the shore of southern New Jersey, and on a visit to Nantucket in 1974 it felt like home. Afterwards, I could not get Nantucket out of my mind,” he said. He moved to Nantucket in 1984 when the commercial aspect of the creative scene was in its infancy, and he knew just what to do to help revolutionize that niche.  “There was less island advertising than today, and especially less in color,” he explained. “I was able to contribute my graphic arts and color production experience to the rapidly growing communications community.” Jack joined the Artists’ Association of Nantucket shortly after he moved here. He served as treasurer during its transition years from being headquartered in the Macy Warehouse to the Little Gallery, and eventually to finding a new home in the purchased Gardner Perry Lane studios and offices.

In 2000, Jack partnered with Arlene O’Reilly and together they launched the magazine arts guide, “Arts Nantucket.” By that time, he recalled, the digital evolution in graphic arts had advanced enough to make small scale, accurate color publications more cost effective than before for both producers and the artists who advertised in them. With “Arts Nantucket,” Jack was pleased to offer island artists an affordable color showcase of their work that reached a wide audience. Until 2005 Jack also maintained a commercial photographic studio producing images for the advertising and publication needs of many island businesses. Through all those years, South Wharf Gallery, founded in 1978 by his wife, Mary Beth Splaine, was always an integral part of Jack’s island experience. He began there as an exhibitor, moved on to be a part-time employee, and in 2006 graduated to become what he calls “the full-time other half of the gallery.” Last December, the couple decided to close the gallery and edge into retirement. That is not an easy thing to do, however, when you possess a talented eye like Jack Weinhold’s, and forever see beauty to be captured and shared. And so, at their home’s South Wharf Gallery Studio on South Shore Road, his photographs, which include portraits, will continue to be on exhibit. He also still helps out at the Artists’ Association when able, and occasionally shows his work there. He said he intends to do that more often with his increasing retirement from the world of commerce. “Artists congregate in places on earth where time slows down, peacefulness is easier to achieve, and the light is somehow different,” Jack reflected. “Nantucket is one of those places, and I feel quite fortunate to be able to live here and contribute to the continued well-being of the island’s creative community. Living among creative people is the best of all worlds, and I look forward to this new chapter of my ongoing participation in and support of Nantucket’s unique community of artists.”

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Art of Design

by Natalie Ciminero

We proudly highlight the following nine exceptional women who have marched to the beat of their own drum and persevered through innovation their entire lives. Pioneers in their own right in their chosen fields of jewelry design, fashion design, textile and furniture design, pottery and clay art design, and interior/space design, each is designer of her own destiny.

Darcy Creech Fashion Design

You may know Darcy Creech as owner of Peter Beaton Studio and of the striking vintage red convertible parked out front with its signature navy and white hatbox perched atop the rumble seat. But, did you know that she is a humanitarian at heart? When asked what inspired her to work in her field, she clearly and definitively replies, “I am inspired to implement ideas that will make a positive difference in people’s lives.” Once motivated by the desire for name and fame, she is motivated now by love. “Customer patronage is a natural consequence of a business motivated by love,” she continues. It is said that love makes the world go round, and if that is true, then Darcy has a global love. With her N® charity logo, and the Hydrex watch, designed to raise money to build water wells in Third World countries that lack access to clean drinking water, she is reaching out far beyond the waters of Nantucket Sound. 100% of contributions are used for Compassion International Water Well Projects. Darcy didn’t stop with water wells! She is also founder and CEO of Pay It Forward Worldwide, a credit card processing company that allows participating merchants to reallocate processing fees to the charity of their choice. Living on Nantucket influences her daily as an aesthetically beautiful, unique, and inspiring environment. She says she is “immensely

grateful for the privilege of being able to live here.” Waking up every morning with a profound sense of gratitude, she recognizes its benign influence and believes that “ideas grow well” in such a state. She does not follow trends as a designer. “I am committed to a point of view – that point of view being a time when life was simpler, cleaner, and more noble. In a world gone mad, (good, clean design) is a source of comfort, a breath of fresh air.” Her faith is as essential a part of her as breathing. Darcy believes that each and every one of us is unique, with a special purpose. She cherishes the winter on Nantucket, a time when we can quiet ourselves and connect with our higher purpose, if we are open to hearing the call. Inspired by love, making people feel better, and philanthropy: Darcy Creech not only conceptualizes innovative ideas; she implements them for the greater good.

known for her passion for eco-elegance and expertise in Green Design, embodies the belief that a healthy home is the ultimate luxury. She has a deep respect for history, nature, and the outdoors, and is influenced by the textures and colors of the sand, the moors, the sky, and the constantly evolving sea. “They always find their way into my designs. Being outside...even on the most inclement days, gives me time to reflect – a centering time,” she says. A sense of place is always reflected in her designs, as well as a reverence for the past that made Nantucket the unique respite that it is today. “I felt it the very first time I came here (to Nantucket) with my parents. It never left my mind. I was marked forever.”

Trudy’s dedication to Green Design is more than just a professional outlet: it is her calling. She feels that it is her responsibility to share the knowledge and experience she has gained in life about healthy homes and living and does > so through teaching sustainable design at Fairfield University, and through lectures and presentations called “Holistic House.” She has found ways to incorporate the principles of nonInterior Design ASID, LEED AP+ID+C toxic, sustainable design in our homes. “I can’t “All things are connected. Whatever befalls the imagine selecting any thing or any material that earth befalls the children of the earth.” – Chief does not support one’s life. Doing anything else Seattle, Suquamish Indian Tribe, Washington just doesn’t make sense to me,” she declares. State. These are wise and powerful words found on the “why it matters” page of the A visionary standing on the threshold of a better Dujardin Design website. There is an art to and more conscious way of life, Trudy Dujardin living well, and Trudy Dujardin, nationally embodies the philosophy that everything we do, every word we say, and everything we eat affects who we are and creates an impact on the earth and on everyone around us. “Living in harmony with the planet and with this gentle island (Nantucket) is heaven on earth to me,” she states, then adds words she lives by: “Do no harm. Enhance the life of the people you meet every day.” The power of one, that is, the power of each of us to make a positive impact, create change, and help to heal the earth, is

Trudy Dujardin

34 artsNantucket: The Art of Design


core to the practice of Green Design. Home is where the heart is, and Trudy puts all of her heart and soul into creating spaces that are in harmony with nature. If this is living life at its best, then Trudy has mastered the art of it. >

Mary Emery Textile Design

Emery Design Studio was created when a group of professionals from diverse fields joined Mary Emery in New York City. For fifteen years this dynamic mix of creatives functioned as a full-service design studio for interiors and fine art. Producing a broad range of hand-painted textiles, furniture and accessories, Mary also worked as a decorative artist for Hearst Entertainment and Lifetime Television. In addition to her work in design, she produced a book, Rituals and Celebrations, published by Random House.

of reach.” The mood and pace of the “vintage Nantucket” period (1940’s – 1970’s), as she lovingly calls it, is a big influence on her approach to design. She jokingly calls this style “early grandma” and gives homage to a simpler time, when the feelings of comfort and familiarity were part of the fabric of life. Historical influence is at the heart of her work, and she aspires to create environments that feel like you want to be there, and that you belong, like family. “I have been coming to Nantucket all of my life, so it is part of who I am and how I was shaped.” She continues, “I lived in New York City before moving here full time, and I love the contrast and juxtaposition of the two places. My work and designs display much of those same extremes.” The body of what she does is layered, whimsical and fun, much like her personality. As an instructor and a key participant in the restoration of the 1800’s House, she perpetuates the idea that “it’s not good because it’s old; it’s old because it’s good.” Mary reuses the old and mixes it with the new and is always striving to marry the familiar with the unexpected. Her mastery in the technique of Penwork, a drawing technique that has been done for centuries to emulate inlaid ivory, is a furtherance of her dedication to preservation and history. She wears many hats and is extremely “hands–on,” and when she can, designs not only the space, but also what goes into it. >

Lorene Ireland Nantucket has been home to Emery Design since 1999. Besides practicing decorative and fine art and interior design, Mary is one of the current directors and instructors in the Early American Arts and Crafts Program at the Nantucket Historical Association’s 1800 House. Nantucket is somewhat of a living museum, and much of what Mary has been doing in the last few years has strong historical overtones. It is said that the past reminds us of timeless human truths and allows for the perpetuation of cultural traditions that can be nourishing…it is the basis for self-understanding. Mary believes that “what has gone before us is never far out

36 artsNantucket: The Art of Design

Mosaic Design

An internationally-recognized designer, painter, sculptor, and glassmaker, Lorene transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Her work has been exhibited in the Czech Republic, New York City, Chicago, Scottsdale, Las Vegas, La Jolla, Carlsbad, San Clemente, Laguna Beach and right here on Nantucket Island. She was a finalist in the Bancott Estate World of Wearable Art Awards Show, an “annual extravaganza twisting conventional perceptions of both art and fashion.” – Yesterday’s Island. Her creations reflect her passion for combining everyday objects such as seashells and fine china mosaics with complex textures. Her

attention to detail is obvious in every piece she creates. She describes herself as a broadspectrum designer who “sees art and design everywhere and in everything.” Her work is unique, colorful, imaginative, embellished, and thoughtful, and her specific use of mosaics in figurative art stands above the masses. Her creations are said to be a constant reminder of the female figure in its most feminine form. She is quoted as being predominantly focused on the Art Deco period, keeping her eye on the design and intricacy of that art. Always an enthusiast of high fashion, Lorene made a decision to transform her love of clothing and of mosaics to the next level by designing mosaic-encrusted garments on one-of-a-kind figurative sculptures. The finished product resembled an authentic evening gown. Among other things, she also designs wearable mosaic art “bustiers,” the likes of which have graced the runway of New York City’s Couture Fashion Week. >

Miki Lovett

Pattern Design Have you heard of the “Scarf Lady of Nantucket”? Her work has appeared in multiple regional and national publications, and she is a proud member of many professional artist organizations. Miki Lovett has been described as that lady, but she is so much more evolved than that title would suggest. With a Master of Fine Arts degree from Boston University, and over fifty years of experience in working with fabric and fiber, she has honed her skills and talents to create mesmerizing and organic works of wearable and fine art and textiles. Her pieces have been shown


are the result of the natural flow of her process old and modern designs. Her work is hip, chic, and taking that “what would happen if” risk. and trendsetting, and is born out of the same process that she was trained in as a fashion > designer. She starts by looking at color trends for the next season and comes up with themes for small, exclusive, and distinguished collections.

Keely Smith Jewelry Design at various locations on Nantucket, and she shares her passion for the creative process by presenting at lectures and teaching classes and workshops. She has a wealth of knowledge and talent and is always happy to share it. Miki has been sewing since she was about five years old, she says, making all of her own clothes throughout her school years. She was originally interested in the cloth itself, which led to her weaving and spinning wool. Dye work, along with marbling, she says, “was a natural progression.” More recently, she has started painting on silk with dyes and is exploring an interest in threedimensional assemblages using silk and paper. Miki’s color palette has been influenced by the colors of the sea and the sky of Nantucket, as well as by the beach and inland foliage. She gives more credit to the artistic community itself, saying, “I have felt very supported by the lively art scene here, and have been influenced by various artists I have encountered.” She describes herself as a “process artist” and loves the “doing” and the interaction with whatever medium she is using. In researching another artist’s technique out of respect and admiration, she often takes the time to ask the question, “How did they get that effect?” In the process of understanding and perhaps even learning that technique, she ends up developing her own technique to get the desired effects. She respects the process and finds that most of her development has come through the “what would happen if” route. She works intuitively, starting with an idea, a color, a shape, or concept that strikes her in a visual fashion. “It’s rather like a dance. I see what the medium is doing and respond to that,” she says. Some of her most “spectacular failures” and “satisfying results,” as she describes them,

38 artsNantucket: The Art of Design

Born and raised in the United Kingdom, and armed with a Fashion and Textile degree from Manchester University, Keely Smith set out to conquer the fashion world. After moving to London, she became a part of the design team for the fashion forward High Street brand, Topshop. She spent the next eight years forecasting color, fabric, and style trends as part of a team that was responsible for casual wear design. She spent fifteen years in the European fashion industry, freelancing for many suppliers, and traveling extensively across Europe and the Far East. A vacation on Nantucket marked the beginning of the next phase of her design path: here she immediately felt she had come home, and has become one of the island’s most forward-thinking and edgy trailblazers.

Keely has spent the last fourteen years developing the KSD brand and has enjoyed every single minute, she says. Inspired by textures, patterns, and fonts, she is always looking for new ideas, and finds traveling and flea markets great starting points. She combines her sources of inspiration with precious metals, gems, and fibers to create a distressed and distinctive look that has become indicative of her designs. Her signature imprints and hand stamping are always unique. “When I started making jewelry fourteen years ago, this was the technique I used first, and I still use it today,” she claims. Her main objective is to stay true to the characteristic worn, distressed, individual look that so many of her clients have grown to love. >

Audrey Sterk Textile Design

Originally from northeastern Ohio, with a degree in Art and Design, Audrey Sterk is a modern-day Renaissance woman. Whether cruising to ‘Sconset in her 1966 red Ford Mustang, playing the drums with the band You Scream I Scream, swing dancing, designing a signature home collection, or creating original murals and custom-painted finishes, there is an artistry and open-mindedness to just about everything she does. Her work has been featured in regional and national design and architectural publications as well as on TV.

As a child, Keely always wanted to be involved in art of some form and was quite creative from a very young age. “I can’t think of anything else that I wanted to be,” she says. (Keely admits she was inspired by her grandmother, who was also very creative.) Being a designer was “the only way I could go. It’s For over a decade, Audrey has enjoyed all the what interests me, and it’s what I am good at pleasures of living and working on Nantucket, doing. I couldn’t see myself in any other field.” and she finds every reason to be inspired Her jewelry design is influenced by the lifestyle here. “Nantucket is a beautiful place. The light she leads on Nantucket, one that she describes is amazing, especially after a heavy rain or as, “upbeat and casual, with a positive vibe.” storm,” she reflects. She appreciates the sun Her jewelry also reflects the ruggedness of setting over the water and through the dark the island and is purposely designed to be gray expressive clouds and finds it impossible worn every day and to be affordable. Every not to be struck by the beauty of the colors in piece is handcrafted, and is a bold mixture of the water and in the sky. She acknowledges


the moments in life that cause us to slow down, take a deep breath, and just notice the simple details. These sacred experiences, mixed with the ease and pace of island life, serve as an amazing combination for inspiration. “I have always appreciated the details in design. If it is in a decorative plate pattern or something you see in nature, like the shape of a shadow, I can incorporate it as a design,” she declares. Her home collection is a line that incorporates her pattern and mural designs as textiles, wall coverings, tables, decorative trays, floor cloths, and note cards. “I would say that I am an interior designer…with a specialization in artistic decorative work that incorporates details for the interior.” Because of her diverse schooling, love for different mediums, and extensive experience and education in the field, she is a well-equipped virtuoso with a variety of tools at her fingertips. “I love folding my ‘handson’ world into my design world. They are very compatible, and one enhances the other, making for a well-rounded and successful project.” >

Barbara Toole Pottery Design

Born in California, Barbara Toole lived in New York City and Westport, Connecticut before moving to Nantucket permanently in 1992. She opened the Clay Art Studio, Nantucket’s only studio devoted entirely to ceramics, in 2000. A member of the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts, she also teaches classes to adults and to children of all levels. Her work has been shown at various galleries and retail stores, and she has been honored with solo exhibitions on Nantucket. She has been designing and making pots and other forms of clay art for over thirty years.

function. She nurtures each ball of clay: What she reverently molds and shapes originates from her imagination and flows through her hands as the embodiment of that vision. Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder. “I see beauty, texture, color, and form every day that I am living on this amazing island. It exists everywhere; it is the fabric of who I am and what I do,” she affirms. She understands that the balance and proportion of a simple coffee mug is specific to the person holding it. She has made a career of implementing that balance in her design. Her original works are infused with a distinctive personality and playful whimsy. Nantucket’s influence is evident in the colors she chooses, the shapes she creates, and the vision she has for each piece she crafts.

As a thoughtful designer, she conceptualizes an idea and visualizes the completed piece before she begins. She explains, “The process of making a piece of pottery is always dictated by my vision for the end result. There are no mistakes, just a few happy accidents.”

signature pieces of jewelry that represent the influence of life on Nantucket. Her Nantucket Knot bracelets are favorites, as are her Pearl Turks head bracelet, necklace and barrette. “We all wore rope bracelets as kids,” she remembers, and “I’ve made an elegant version with a nautical twist.” Her designs are as sophisticated as they are evocative of the influence of all of the elements of nature. Shells and rocks from the beach set in gold with precious and semi-precious materials are characteristic of her jewelry line. She is always working on new things and describes herself as “a constant designer…trying to merge the unusual, with beauty and function.” An Art History major, she had planned on going to architectural school after college. She remembers, “I kept drawing jewelry in my notebooks while taking notes for Byzantine Art. All of those gold encrusted architectural adornments inspired me to make gold jewelry.” She strongly believes that you should love your work and be passionate about it so she decided to study at Jewelry Arts Institute and the rest is history. She finds inspiration in everything from a cleat on a boat, to a wheel rim, to architectural elements, to plants. “I enjoy making jewelry that is wearable, beautiful, and has some element of intrigue.”

Barbara’s design skills were formed when she got her first “real” job out of college. She was in the garment district and became a clothing merchandiser. Reflecting on that time in her life, she states, “This experience gave me confidence in the field of design. The sense of color and proportion were key in clothing, and it helped form my sense of aesthetics about anything I design.” Her use of bright, bold colors and her attention to detail complement Heidi encourages her customers to participate in each other; the end result is an extraordinary the design process so that she can incorporate and unusual surprise each and every time. their personality into the finished piece. There is a synergy created that often results in > unforeseen and magical results. She adds, “Working with customers pushes me to take risks that I normally wouldn’t consider, and, in the end, it is a rewarding process for both parties.” Jewelry Design

Heidi Weddendorf

Barbara has a flair for giving life to custommade, clay works of art that merge form with An accomplished jewelry designer, Heidi > Weddendorf has been creating unique and

40 artsNantucket: The Art of Design


Ireland GallerIes 13 Old South Wharf 508 228 1907 • 619 708 1704

Nantucket: Ones, The Masters, The Bright Lights 42 Arts artsNantucket: TheThe Art ofWise Design

Ireland GallerIes 13 Old South Wharf 508 228 1907 • 619 708 1704 Visit our new gallery (next door #12)

Nantucket Chic Specializing in fine art jewelry and accessories.


Performing Arts Nantucket Atheneum: Dance Festival July 24 – 28

Featuring stars from the dance world brought together by Artistic Director, Benjamin Millepied, noted choreographer and a former New York City Ballet principal dancer.

Author Talk: Jennifer Homans July 24 Time TBA, Great Hall, Free Admission

Jennifer Homans is the dance critic for The New Republic and author of the best-selling Apollo’s Angels: A History of Ballet (2011) She was a professional dancer, trained in ballet, modern and jazz techniques at the North Carolina School of the Arts and The School of American Ballet. She performed with the Chicago Lyric Opera Ballet, the San Francisco Ballet and the Pacific Northwest Ballet and has danced a wide repertory ranging from the 19th century classics to George Balanchine, Jerome Robbins and other contemporary choreographers. Homans holds a B.A. from Columbia University and a Ph.D. in Modern European History from New York University. She is presently a Distinguished Scholar in Residence at New York University, where she teaches the history of dance. Youth Master Ballet Classes Wednesday July 25 Times TBA, Nantucket High School, Free Admission

The festival includes many free outreach events for adults and children and culminates with two spectacular evening performances on July 27 and July 28. Tickets for the evening performances, which feature a dance program of classical and contemporary ballet, will be available July 1st at the library and online. All other events are free. The Nantucket Atheneum Dance Festival is a major fundraising event for the Atheneum, which must raise 60 percent of its budget through special events and private donations. The festival began in 2007 and has featured principals and soloists from the New York City Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Royal Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet, and Paris Opera Ballet.

Nantucket Atheneum Dance Festival Artistic Director Benjamin Millepied and members of the dance company teach a master ballet class for students up to 18 years old who have at least two years of ballet training. The classes are free, but registration is required. To register, contact Bess Clarke at 508-228-1110 ext. 107.

Lecture/Demonstration With Benjamin Millepied Thursday July 26 4 pm, Nantucket High School, Free Admission

Nantucket Atheneum Dance Festival Artistic Director Benjamin Millepied offers a lecture with demonstration on the choreography and dances scheduled for the evening performances on July 27 and 28th. This year’s program includes works by George Balanchine, Christopher Wheeldon, Twyla Tharp, Anthony Tudor, Frederick Ashton, and Ben Van Cauwenburgh. For more information on ticket reservations, visit or call 508-228-1110

44 artsNantucket: Performing Arts

Nantucket Wood Sculptures Studio by Appointment: 508 228-4979

Photography: Nantucket Event Media


Performing Arts The Dreamland: Young Actors Theater Company. July 13th: Rapunzel De-tangled, July 20th: The Flying Trunk, July 27th: Beauty Meets the Beast, August 3rd: The Dancing Princesses

Each week students prepare and perform a staged adaptation of a classic tale for young audiences. With props, sets, and costume pieces organized and created by the cast - ages 5 to 14 - these short 20 – 30 minute performances are a perfect introduction to the art of storytelling, literature, and theater. The Dreamland:

Once on This Island, Jr. – Musical

August 15th, 17th, 22nd and 24th @ 4pm August 18th and 25th @ 11am

The Dreamland’s Junior Company proudly presents, Once on This Island, Jr. With its poignant story line and catchy score full of Caribbean flavor, Once on This Island, Jr. is a feast for the heart, mind, and soul. As Ti Moune, a peasant girl, rescues and falls in love with Daniel, a wealthy boy from the other side of her island, the gods intervene and test the strength of her love against the powerful forces of prejudice, hatred and death. Performed without an intermission, this show is sure to be enjoyed by the entire family.

Tickets available online at & the Dreamland Box Office 508-228-1784. The Dreamland’s Senior Company presents Fame, Jr. August 7th, 9th, 14th and 16th @ 4pm August 10th and 17th @ 11am

Set during the last years of New York City’s celebrated High School for the Performing Arts on 46th street (1980 – 1984), Fame Jr. tells the bittersweet story of

46 artsNantucket: Performing Arts

a diverse group of students as they commit to four years of grueling artistic and academic work. With candor, humor, and insight, the show explores the issues that confront many young people today. The Dreamland: Bill Harley July 14th @ 11am

Bill Harley is a two-time, Grammy award-winning artist whose songs and stories paint a vibrant and hilarious picture of growing up, schooling and family life. With song titles such as “Monsters in the Bathroom”, “50 Ways to Fool Your Mother”, “You’re In Trouble,” and “Dad Threw the TV out the Window,” it’s easy to recognize Bill’s ability to span the generational gap. As a singer, storyteller, author, playwright, educator, and performing artist, Bill invites you into his world of wit and wisdom. The Dreamland: Bari Koral July 21st @ 11am

Bari Koral has been dubbed the “IT girl in kids/ family music” by NY Magazine and the “Sheryl Crow for kids” by the NY Post. Her catchy, pop friendly tunes and interactive live shows have gained the band literally thousands of young (and not so young!) fans. Their debut full length album Rock and Roll Garden won the Nappa Gold and Parents’ Choice Award. It was also voted top 10 kids album of the year by Time Out Kids. Come clap your hands and tap your toes with Bari Koral!


Performing Arts The Dreamland: Laughing Pizza August 25th @ 3pm

Laughing Pizza is a true family band that writes and performs their original pop-music for families all across America. Their music videos can be seen every day in over 18 million homes on PBS stations and TV On-Demand. This mom, dad, and daughter trio travel the nation performing in theatres, museums, music festivals, schools and other venues – including the White House (twice accompanying Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers). Tickets available online at & the Dreamland Box Office 508-228-1784.

Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (TWN) presents Noises Off May 11 - June 2, Bennett Hall by Michael Frayn.

TWN brings the world’s most hilarious British farce to the Bennett Hall stage. Noises Off presents a manic menagerie of itinerant actors rehearsing the flop, Nothings On. Doors slam in the midst of onstage and backstage intrigue, and an errant herring figures in the plot of this uproarious and classic play. “The most dexterously realized comedy ever about putting on a comedy. A spectacularly funny, peerless backstage farce. This dizzy, well-known romp is a festival of delirium.” —The New York Times ““As side-splitting a farce as I have seen ever! Ever.” —New York Magazine This is a full-length comedy directed by Mark White. White has been on Nantucket for more than three decades. He was a middle and high school teacher in the Nantucket Public Schools for 31 years until his retirement in 2005. For the last ten of those years he was the director of the high school Drama Club. He joined the TWN board in 2005, and he directed TWN’s hit production of Sylvia in 2008. Mr. White

48 artsNantucket: Performing Arts

holds a degree in English from Bridgewater State and a Masters of Contemporary Theatre Practice from the University of Lancaster, England.

Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (TWN) presents Time Stands Still June 7 – June 23, Centre Stage by Donald Margulies.

TWN is thrilled to bring this Tony Award-nominated play to Centre Stage. A full-length drama directed by Lynne Bolton, Time Stands Still focuses on Sarah, a photojournalist, and James, a foreign correspondent, who are trying to find happiness in a world that seems to have gone crazy. Theirs is a partnership based on telling the toughest stories, and together, making a difference. But when their own story takes a sudden turn, the adventurous couple confronts the prospect of a more conventional life. “TIME STANDS STILL weaves a quiet spell of moment-to-moment truth, but the jolts of heightened drama spring at you with unnerving ferocity.” —The New York Times Lynne Bolton, a professional actor and director, is the founder and president of the White Heron Theater Company, a classical company based in New York City that produces plays, readings and workshops, including The Seagull at Second Stage in New York. The late Earle Gister, Dean of the Yale University Graduate Acting Program from 1980 to 1995, served as artistic director. Ms. Bolton serves on TWN’s Board of Directors, and is also a member of the Advisory Board of Yale’s Graduate Acting Program and the Yale Repertory Theatre. She has served on the Board of the Women’s Project, the nation’s oldest and largest company dedicated to producing and promoting theater created by women. She also serves on the Advisory Board of the New York City Ballet and has served on an Advisory Board for the National Endowment for the Arts. Tickets available online at & the Theatre Workshop Box Office 508-228-4305.


Performing Arts Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (TWN) presents

Little Shop of Horrors

July 6 – July 28, Centre Stage by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken.

TWN invites you and your entire family into the Little Shop of Horrors, one of the most beloved musicals of all time. A down and out floral assistant becomes an overnight sensation when he discovers an exotic plant with a mysterious craving for fresh blood. Soon “Audrey II” grows into an ill-tempered, foul-mouthed, R&B-singing carnivore who offers fame and fortune in exchange for food for its growing appetite. “This horticultural horror will have you screaming with laughter . . . ” —New York Post A full-length musical comedy, directed and choreographed by Linda Meredith. Musical Direction by Chris Meredith. Linda Meredith has an extensive background in Dance Theater. Since coming to Nantucket in 1979, she has choreographed several shows for TWN, including Little Shop of Horrors, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Taffetas, and Nunsense. In 1983, she founded Nantucket Dance Theater, providing opportunities for local students to perform during The Nantucket Dance Festival, which she created, produced, and directed for three years. Nantucket Dance Festival has brought dance luminaries such as Alvin Ailey, Eleo Pomare, Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble, and Amaya Flamenco to perform at Bennett Hall, inspiring Nantucket audiences. Linda and her husband Chris are year-round residents. She teaches modern, jazz, and contemporary dance at her studio on island.

Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (TWN) presents The 39 Steps July 11 – July 28, Centre Stage

Adapted by Patrick Barlow, based on the Alfred Hitchcock Film. Mix a Hitchcock masterpiece with a juicy spy novel, add a dash of Monty Python, and you have The 39 Steps, a fast-paced whodunit for anyone who loves the magic of theatre! This twotime Tony and Drama Desk Award-winning play is loaded with laughs and over 150 zany characters— played by just four actors. The 39 Steps includes an on-stage plane crash, handcuffs, missing fingers, and some good old-fashioned romance! “THEATER AT ITS FINEST . . . Absurdly enjoyable! This gleefully theatrical riff on Hitchcock’s film is fast and frothy, performed by a cast of four that seems like a cast of thousands.” —The New York Times A full-length comedy, directed by Fritz Michel. Fritz Michel directed I’ll Be Back Before Midnight and Veronica’s Room at TWN and acted in TWN’s production of The Director. He also acted in Bedroom Farce, Deathtrap, Do Over, and The Foreigner at the Actors Theater of Nantucket. New York acting credits include the Broadway revival of Inherit the Wind (National Actors Theater); Private Jokes, Public Places (La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club); and The Just/Les Justes, Vanity Fair, Cyrano De Bergerac, and Sexual Perversity in Chicago. Film and TV acting credits: Angels & Demons, Syriana, Great Expectations, ER, and Alias. In May 2010, Mr. Michel produced the world premiere of Oren Safdie’s The Bilboa Effect at the Center for Architecture in Manhattan. He also directed a workshop of Stephen Belber’s Drifting Elegant in Los Angeles and produced Belber’s Through Fred in New York. A graduate of Yale in history, Mr. Michel lives in Bronxville, New York, with his wife and two daughters. His family has been spending summers on Nantucket for many years. Tickets available online at & the Theatre Workshop Box Office 508-228-4305.

Download our FREE arts APP available @ Apple APP store. For iPhone and iPad users: GPS Maps, directory, full calendar of events.

50 artsNantucket: Performing Arts


Performing Arts Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (TWN) presents Annie July 20 – August 25, Bennet Hall By Thomas Meehan, Charles Strouse, and Martin Charnin.

Tony Award-winning playwright Thomas Meehan has written some of the most beloved musicals of our time. Annie lives in our hearts, whether we saw it on Broadway, in a local theatre, or at the movies. The joys and memories of “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” and “It’s a Hard Knock Life” will leave you singing in the streets for weeks. TWN presents this show in honor of summer resident and author Thomas Meehan. Mr. Meehan received the Tony Award for Best Book of a Musical three times: Annie (1977), The Producers (2001), and shared the 2003 award with Mark O’Donnell for Hairspray. This is a full-length musical with a cast of over 30, directed by Cynthia Csabay, musical direction by Robert Behrman. Cynthia Csabay is well known to Nantucket audiences from her many appearances with TWN and the Actors Theater over the past decade. Nantucket directing credits include Tom Jones’s and Harvey Schmidt’s I Do! I Do!; Christopher Schario’s adaptation of A Christmas Carol; the cabaret Our Time, Our Town; and staged readings of Anne Meara’s After-Play and Annie Baker’s Circle Mirror Transformation for TWN’s winter series at the Atheneum. Ms. Csabay directed 7 to 11-yearold students in the Sandwich Montessori School’s theatre program and a production of the musical, Of Mice and Mozart. She has extensive experience in the professional theatre as a former member of Actors Equity Association and the Screen Actors Guild. Ms. Csabay is a graduate of Boston University’s College of Fine Arts, where she earned a BFA in Acting.

Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (TWN) presents The Moscows of Nantucket August 9 - September 1, Centre Stage by Sam Forman

TWN presents the New England premiere of Sam Forman’s family comedy about the “affluent, anxious and at-each-other’s-throats” Moscow family, who attempt some unusual (and hilarious) family bonding over a summer weekend in Nantucket. On the agenda are brisket, booze and a blowout confrontation between competing brothers who have avoided each other for years. Audiences will love this fastpaced American comedy from the author of the Helen Hayes Award-nominated The Rise and Fall of Annie Hall. A full-length drama, directed by Johanna McKeon. Johanna McKeon’s directing credits include Anne Washburn’s  I Have Loved Strangers  (Clubbed Thumb); Comedy of Errors and Schmoozy Togetherness (Williamstown Theatre Festival); The Rise and Fall of Annie Hall (Vineyard Playhouse); Semi-Permanent (New York Fringe Festival prize for Outstanding Solo Show); Fiesta Cabana, The Tanks Break, Functional Drunk (The Ontological-Hysteric Theater); The Taming of the Shrew, Much Ado About Nothing, Cymbeline (Vineyard Playhouse); and A Hatful of Rain (ITS Festival Warsaw, Poland). Associate Director: American Idiot (Broadway and National Tour) and Grey Gardens (Broadway). Assistant Director: Rent (National Tour). Johanna also directed the following musical development workshops in 2011: Rosie! (Music and lyrics by Larry Gatlin), Biederman’s Match (Book by Beau Willimon), Artaria (Book and Music by Raven Kane), and Eve’s Turn (Tim Childs Theatrical). Guest Faculty: Bard College. Fellowships: Drama League, Boris Sagal, and Fulbright. She has a MFA from University of Texas, Austin. Tickets available online at & the Theatre Workshop Box Office 508-228-4305.

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52 artsNantucket: Performing Arts

Old Spouter Gallery • Nantucket Looms Artists Association of Nantucket

robert FRAZIER

whispering pines 16 x 20

Making Music on Nantucket Since 1975

• Take a Private Lesson! • Attend a Concert! • Suzuki Violin for Children • Join…NCMC Ukulele Band • Join…NCMC Chorus • Join…NCMC Jazz Band

Save the date: August 1st - Peter & the Wolf

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508.228.3352 53

Joan Albaugh Joan Albaugh

Robert Frazier Robert Frazier

the Artists of

Margaret Fox Margaret Fox

Old Spouter

MeganHinton Hinton Megan

SherreWilson WilsonLiljegren Liljegren Sherre

Deirdre Briggs 54 artsDeirdre Nantucket: Performing Arts Briggs

Alison Hall Hall Cooley Alison

James Harrington Harrington James

Kasia Baker Kasia Baker

Katie KatieTrinkle TrinkleLegge Legge

Michael MichaelRich Rich

Gail Sharretts Gail Sharretts

John JohnEvans Evans

Lorry LorrySullivan Sullivan

India Blake India Blake

the at the Galleriesat

Old Spouter Spouter

2012 2012Artist Artist Exhibitions Exhibitions

Opening pm OpeningReceptions Receptions –– Friday Friday Evenings, Evenings, 66 -- 88 pm July July6th 6th July July13th 13th July July20th 20th July July27th 27th

Robert Robert Frazier Katie Katie Trinkle Legge Alison and India IndiaBlake Blake Alison Hall Cooley and Megan Megan Hinton

August3rd 3rd August August10th 10th August August 17th August 17th August24th 24th August

Joan Albaugh Albaugh Joan Michael Rich Michael

Nov.23rd 23rd Nov.

To Be Be Announced Announced To

Artists of the Gallery Artists

Art of of the Season: Holiday Art Holiday Exhibition Exhibition

AlsoExhibiting: Exhibiting:Margaret Margaret Fox, Fox, Deirdre Deirdre Briggs, Also Briggs, Kasia Kasia Baker, Baker,Gail GailSharretts, Sharretts, Howard Fraker, Fiber Sculpture by Jeannette Carl, Hooked Howard Fraker, Fiber Sculpture by Jeannette Carl, HookedRugs Rugsby by JerryCarl, Carl,and andNantucket Nantucket Metal Metal Works Works Furniture Jerry Furniture by byChristopher ChristopherOberg Oberg Folk Art: Art: Mike Mike Bacle Bacle and Folk and Susan Susan Lacouture Lacouture 118 Orange Street 118 Orange Street Nantucket Island Nantucket Island Massachusetts Massachusetts 02554 02554 (508) (508) 325-9988 325-9988 A short walk Afrom shorttown... walk from town... Come see Come see what’s new. what’s new. Now in our 14th year Now in our 14th year


Performing Arts Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (TWN) presents The Cherry Orchard September 14 - October 6, Centre Stage by Anton Chekhov

TWN brings Chekhov’s masterpiece to the Nantucket stage, newly adapted by Chekhov historian and dramaturg Gregory Stroud. In a dazzling transformation, the story of Madame Ranevskaya and her beloved Cherry Orchard is reimagined on Nantucket at the start of the island’s development boom of the l970s. A comedy in four acts, directed by Anne Breeding. Adapted and Translated by Gregory Stroud. Anne Breeding directed TWN’s productions of Moon Over Buffalo, Lend Me a Tenor, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, True West, Crimes of the Heart, Les Liaisons Dangereuses, A Cheever Evening, and In the Next Room or the Vibrator Play. She also directed Polka at the Theater for the New City in New York. Since moving to Nantucket in 1977, she has appeared in twenty plays with the Workshop, beginning with The Moon Shines Over Kylenamoe, directed by TWN’s founding artistic director Mac Dixon. Favorite roles with TWN include Alma in Summer and Smoke, Linda in Death of a Salesman, and Celia in The Cocktail Party. Other acting credits include The Belle of Amherst, The Glass Menagerie, Talley’s Folly and Old Times. Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (TWN) presents The Wizard of Oz November 16 - December 9, Bennett Hall by L. Frank Baum, Harold Arlen, and E.Y. Harburg

Carrying on TWN’s tradition of bringing a holiday musical to the island, The Wizard of Oz will feature a cast of all ages in a play for both young and old. TWN’s largest show of the season will draw most extensively on the wonderful talents of our year-

round community. TWN invites you and your family to travel “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” with this talented cast. Directed by Laura Gallagher Byrne, who also directed last year’s sold-out hits Oliver! and Peter Pan, the Wizard promises to delight the entire family. A full-length musical with a cast of over 30, ages 5 to 80, directed by Laura Gallagher Byrne, musical direction by Robert Behrman. Laura Gallagher Byrne is a graduate of Shenandoah University and the Conservatory of Music, where she earned a BFA in Musical Theater. She studied Meisner Technique at The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts and Shakespeare with Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, Mass. She has appeared in leading roles with Theaterworks USA, Mill Mountain Playhouse, Dorset Theater Festival, The Downtown Musical Theater and The Harlequin, among others. She has performed with Nantucket’s Comedy Improv and The New York Hysterical Society. TWN on-stage credits include Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors and Agnes in I Do! I Do!   Her Nantucket directorial credits include TWN’s I Hate Hamlet, Don’t Count Your Chickens Until They Cry Wolf, Really Rosie, Cinderella, Rounding Third, It’s a Wonderful Life, Captain Louie, Madeline’s Christmas, Peter Pan, and Oliver!. She also directed The Vagina Monologues and The Hot Flash Club for Seaside Shakespeare. In addition to teaching musical theater and improvisational classes, Ms. Gallagher Byrne maintains a private voice studio on Nantucket. She is a member of the National Theatre Honor Society Alpha Si Omega, the National Association of Teachers of Singing, and the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society.   She was a recipient of the 2011 Advocacy for Children Award. Tickets available online at & the Theatre Workshop Box Office 508-228-4305.

56 artsNantucket: Performing Arts

“Signs of Fall”

acrylic 24 x 20

Barbara Capizzo

Sosebee Fine Art Galleries 4 Old South Wharf • Artists Association of Nantucket 19 Washington St. Studio by Appointment Nantucket: 508 228-2237 • Sarasota: 941 313-0837 •


Jeannie Smith Jeannie Smith Helen Potter Sharp Helen Potter Sharp

Victoria Harvey Victoria Harvey Jim Lewis Jim Lewis

Catherine Elliot Catherine Elliot Barbara Peavey Barbara Peavey

Rowenna Anderson Rowenna Anderson

Tom Meilko Tom Meilko

Barbara Capizzo Barbara Capizzo

Contemporary Contemporary- -Traditional Traditional - -Distinctly DistinctlyNantucket Nantucket

Waterfront Waterfront atat the the Nantucket Nantucket Boat Boat Basin Basin 44 && 2222 Old Old South South Wharf Wharf

58 artsNantucket: Performing• 228-0014 • 228-0014

Doug Sosebee

Debbie Sosebee

Contemporary - Traditional

- Distinctly Nantucket

i Friday evening artists receptions 6-8pm i Original oils • Acrylics • Watercolors • Limited Edition Giclees • Handpainted & Collectors Ornaments • • Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry •

Waterfront at the Nantucket Boat Basin 4 & 22 Old South Wharf • 228-0014

Jessica Sosebee

Jack Eastman Brown


Event Spotlights Nantucket Arts Council’s Arts Festival 2012 SAVE THE DATE September 28 - October 7. Immerse yourself in all things creative on our Island! Exhibits, gallery & studio tours, lectures, music, theatre, poetry readings, films, demonstrations, Wet Paint auction, and an “organ crawl.” Don’t miss our newest feature — Artisan Talk Show Series — presentations by Nantucket artists & designers of all disciplines. Check for details at

“It was a week of inspiration.” —Joanna Kane “It was the sexiest event ever on Nantucket!” — Greta Feeney “Great comeback! Save me a poster for my collection.” — Susan Toner

60 artsNantucket

Photos: Nantucket Event Media © 2011

Julia Jensen Nantucket Landscapes Available at Nantucket Looms and 4-12 Julia Jensen Ad.indd 1

4/12/12 10:02 AM


1 Want more? Scan h

Event Spotlights



Photos: Nantucket Event Media © 2011

1. Theatre Workshop: Fantastics ‘11 2. Theatre Workshop: Oliver! ‘11 3. AAN Summer Art Auction & Gala ‘11 4. AAN Wet Paint Weekend Reception ‘11 5. AAN Artists Show & Tell ‘11

Photos: Kris Kinsley Hancock © 2011


3 3

Artists Association of Nantucket (AAN)

SAVE THE DATES Art Auction & Gala

July 14, 2012 Wet Paint Weekend

October 5-7, 2012

62 artsNantucket

Photos: Mind’s Eye Productions © 2011




Murals. Decorative Painting. Home Collections & Consultations. 508.221.6996 Studio Appointments Available


64 artsNantucket


Calendar artsNantucket

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May 11 - June 2


June 15 - 17 marks The First Nantucket Book Festival, celebrating the rich literary rescouces of the island’s past, present, and future. Nantucket Arts Council’s Festival of the Arts September 28- October 7th.

Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (ad on pg. 7) 7:30pm “Noises Off” (Bennett Hall, 62 Centre St.)

Nantucket Atheneum (ad on pg. 5) 3pm Author Talk: A Conversation with Geraldine Brooks & Tony Horowitz (Unitarian “South” Church, 11 Orange)

May 25

June 7 - June 23

Nantucket Atheneum (ad on pg. 5) 7pm Lecture / Recital: Greta Feeney-Samuels

May 26

Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (ad on page 7) 7:30pm “Time Stands Still” (Center Stage, 2 Centre St.)

June 8

June 18

Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (ad on pg. 7) “Minus 32 Million Words” (Center Stage, 2 Centre St.)

June 19

Nantucket Community Music Center (ad on pg. 53) 3pm Student Recital (40 Sherburne Commons) Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (ad on pg. 7) Jane Condon & Friends (Center Stage, 2 Centre St.)

Artists Association of Nantucket (ad on Back Cover) Dreamland Film & Performing Arts Center (ad on pg. 47) 10am-3pm Sidewalk Art Show #1, an outdoor art show in 6:30pm Premier: “Nantucket 24 – One Day On Island Time” June 19 - 21 the garden of the Nantucket Atheneum NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) 9am-1pm “Sailors Valentines” with Elizabeth Braun June 9

June 1

Nantucket Atheneum (ad on pg. 5) Artists Association of Nantucket (ad on Back Cover) 7pm Concert: Amy England ‘Summertown’ Open Skies Exhibition

June 22

Art Cabinet (ad on pg. 8-9) 6-9pm Grand Opening Celebration June 12 Nantucket Community Music Center (ad on pg. 53) 7:30-10pm Spring Dance & Live Auction (Nantucket Yacht Club, Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (ad on pg. 7) 7:30pm Nantucket Short Play Festival (Center Stage,2 Centre St) June 23 - 24 1 South Beach St.) Artists Association of Nantucket (ad on Back Cover) Solar Printmaking Workshop with Dan Welden June 15 June 1 - June 14 Pierce Galleries (ad on pg. 49, 51) Antiques Show

June 1 - September 3

Artists Association of Nantucket (ad on Back Cover) June 24 6-8pm Real or Imagined? - Juried Exhibition Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (ad on pg. 7) 7:30pm Nantucket Comedy Improv (Center Stage,2 Centre St) June 15 - June 30

Cavalier Galleries (ad on pg. 21) Exhibition of historic and contemporary paintings

Pierce Galleries (ad on pg. 49, 51) Fine Contemporary Paintings

June 2

June 16

Nantucket Atheneum (ad on pg. 5) 7pm Concert: Jess Clemons

Nantucket Atheneum (ad on pg. 5) Nantucket Book Festival. Tickets:

June 3

June 17

Nantucket Community Music Center (ad on pg. 53) 3pm Cape Cod Conservatory and NCMC student concert (Congregational Church, 62 Centre St.)

66 artsNantucket: Calendar

June 25

Nantucket Atheneum (ad on pg. 5) 5pm Lecture: Trisha Silverman‘The Longevity Secrets of the Okinawans.’

June 28

Nantucket Arts Council (ad on pg. 21) 6-9pm Shakespere in the Garden Nantucket Community Music Center (ad on pg. 53) 4pm NCMC Women’s Chorus (St. Paul’s Church, 20 Fair St.)

June 29

Artists Association of Nantucket (ad on Back Cover) 6-8pm The Waterfront Artists

WWelch_arts12.indd 1

June 29

Sosebee Studios (ad on pg. 58-59) 6-8pm Preview of Jim Lewis

June 30

Artists Association of Nantucket (ad on Back Cover) Pigment Printmaking Workshop with Leigh McCarthy

June 30 - July 1

Artists Association of Nantucket (ad on Back Cover) Waterfront Plein Air Festival


Nantucket Musical Arts Society (ad on pg. 17) Monday evening “Meet the Artists” 8pm at the Unitarian Church (11 Orange St.) Tuesday evening concerts 8pm at the First Congregational Church (62 Centre St.)

July 1 - August 31

The Gallery at Four India (ad on page 26-27) “The Traditional to the Modern”

4/18/12 10:40 P

July 5

July 6 - July 28

9am-3pm “Paint Your House” with Jan Munro

July 9 - July 12

NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (ad on pg. 7) 9am-12pm “Nantucket Striper” Crewelwork Sampler with 5pm “Little Shop of Horrors” (Centre Stage, 2 Centre St.) Edith Lynch Bouriez (Greater Light, 8 Howard Street)

July 5 - 6

NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) 9am-1pm “Beetle Cat Half-Hull Model” with Mark Sutherland

NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) 9am-1pm Découpage Flower Buckets with Virginia Mead July 9 Nantucket Atheneum (ad on pg. 5) 8pm Author Talk: Madeleine Kunin ‘The New Feminist Agenda.’ July 6 Artists Association of Nantucket (ad on Back Cover) 6-8pm Luminosities Exhibition Deborah Van der Wolk (ad on pg. 61) 6-8pm Reception at Robert Foster Fine Art Old Spouter (ad on pg. 54-55) 6-8pm Reception for Robert Frazier

NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) 9am-2pm “Needlepoint Your House” with Patsy Ernst. (Greater LIght, 8 Howard Street) Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (ad on pg. 7) 7:30pm Kevin Flynn’s Comedy Night (Centre Stage, 2 Centre St.)

The Gallery at 4 India (ad on pg. 26-27) 4-6pm “Sailors Valentines” exhibition for Sandi Blana Pierce Galleries (ad on pg. 49, 51) 6-8pm American Impressionism. Show runs through July 12. Sosebee Studios (ad on pg. 58-59) 6-8pm Reception for Doug Sosebee

July 9 & 10 & 12

NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) 9am-1pm “Sailors Valentines” with Sandi Blanda

Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (ad on pg. 7) 7:30pm Nantucket Comedy Improv (Centre Stage, 2 Centre St.)

artsNantucket: Calendar


July 10

July 14

NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) Artists Association of Nantucket (ad on Back Cover) 9:30-11:30am Erica Wilson’s “Fun with Crewel” Fish for the Summer Art Auction & Gala at the Great Harbor Yacht Club Young Stitcher” with Vanessa Diserio & Heidi Weddendorf Dreamland Film & Performing Arts Center (ad on pg. 47) 11am Bill Harley – Children’s Music Performance July 10 (Dreamland Studio Theater) 9am-12pm “Block Printing Canvas Messenger Bags” with Mary Lacoursiere (Siasconset Casino, New Street, ‘Sconset)

July 15

July 11

Nantucket Atheneum (ad on pg. 5) 8pm Author Talk: Cherie Burns - ‘Searching for Beauty’ NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) 9-12pm “Nantucket Blue” in Embellished Needlework, with Ana Ericksen 9-3pm “Sprays”Advanced Shadowbox Workshop, with Sandi Blanda NISDA (ad on pg. 23) 6pm Silo Gallery “Faculty Show” 7pm Lecture & Visual Presentations

July 11 - July 28

Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (ad on pg. 7) 8:30pm “The 39 Steps” (Centre Stage, 2 Centre St.)

July 12

Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (ad on pg. 7) 7:30pm “My Son the Waiter, A Jewish Tragedy” (Centre Stage, 2 Centre St.)

July 16

Nantucket Atheneum (ad on pg. 5) 8pm Geschke Lecture: Jill Abramson: -the the first female executive editor of The New York Times in its 160-year history. (Unitarian “South” Chruch, 11 Orange) NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) 9am-2pm “Needlepoint Your House” with Patsy Ernst. (Greater LIght, 8 Howard Street)

NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) 9:30-11:30am Erica Wilson’s “Fun with Crewel” Owl for the Young Stitcher, with Vanessa Diserio & Heidi Weddendorf 9am-12pm “Nantucket Striper” Crewelwork Sampler with Edith Lynch Bouriez (Greater Light, 8 Howard Street)

July 20

Artists Association of Nantucket (ad on Back Cover) 6-8pm Summer Small Works Exhibition Dreamland Film & Performing Arts Center (ad on pg. 47) 11am Young Actors Theater Company Performance “The Flying Trunk” Nantucket Atheneum (ad on pg. 5) 7pm Concert: Curtis On Tour NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) 9am-1pm One-Day Workshop: “Punch Needle Embroidery” with Gussie Beaugrand (Greater Light, 8 Howard Street) Old Spouter (ad on pg. 54-55) 6-8pm Reception for Alison Hall Cooley and India Blake

Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (ad on pg. 7) 7:30pm Kevin Flynn’s Comedy Night (Centre Stage, 2 Centre St.) Pierce Galleries (ad on pg. 49, 51) 6-8pm French Twist. Show runs through July 26.

July 16 - July 17

NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) Nantucket Community Music Center (ad on pg. 53) 9am-12pm “Silversmithing a Nantucket Spoon” with Chamber music from the Baroque (Quaker Meeting House, 7 Fair St.) Andrea Kennington 9am-1pm “Gyotaku, the Art of Fish Printing” NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) 9am-12pm “Nantucket Striper” Crewelwork Sampler with July 17 Edith Lynch Bouriez (Greater Light, 8 Howard Street) 9am-1pm One-Day Workshop: “Capture Nantucket” NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) Mica Jewelry, with Bee Shay 9:30am-11:30am Erica Wilson’s “Fun with Crewel” Fish for 9:30-11:30am Erica Wilson’s “Fun with Crewel” Owl for the the Young Stitcher, with Vanessa Diserio & Heidi Weddendorf Young Stitcher, with Vanessa Diserio & Heidi Weddendorf

July 13

July 19

July 18

Nantucket Atheneum (ad on pg. 5) Dreamland Film & Performing Arts Center (ad on pg. 47) 8pm Author Talk: Sally Bedell Smith ‘Elizabeth the Queen.’ 11am Young Actors Theater Company Performance “Repunzel: (Unitarian “South” Chruch, 11 Orange) De-tangled” NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) 9am-12pm “Nantucket Blue” in Embellished Needlework, 9am-12pm “Post and Beam Construction Demonstration” with Ana Ericksen (Whaling Museum, 13 Broad Street) NISDA (ad on pg. 23) Old Spouter (ad on pg. 54-55) 6pm Silo Gallery Reception “Textile Arts: Form & Embellishment” 6-8pm Reception for Katie Trinkle Legge 7pm Visual Lecture Kalosidoes I: Charlotte Hess, Irene Ireland & Island Fiber Artists Pierce Galleries (ad on pg. 49, 51) 6-8pm Along the Shore, Seascapes and Sailing. July 18 - July 20 Show runs through July 19. NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) Sosebee Studios (ad on pg. 58-59) 9am-12pm - “Silver Etching” with Les Bryant 6-8pm Reception for Barbara Capizzo

Sosebee Studios (ad on pg. 58-59) 6-8pm Reception for Helen Potter The Gallery at 4 India (ad on pg. 26-27) 10am-6pm Nantucket Garden Club Gallery Walk - “Art in Bloom” 6-8pm Exhibition for Thomas Deininger & Judith Brust

July 20 - July 25

Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (ad on pg. 7) 6pm “Annie” (Bennett Hall, 62 Centre St.)

July 21

Dreamland Film & Performing Arts Center (ad on pg. 47) 11am Bari Koral – Children’s Music Performance (Dreamland Studio Theater)

July 22

Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (ad on pg. 7) Jane Condon & Friends (Centre Stage, 2 Centre St.) The Gallery at 4 India (ad on pg. 26-27) 11am-1pm “Sailors Valentines” exhibition for Sandy Moran

July 23

NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) 9am-2pm “Needlepoint Your House,” with Patsy Ernst (Greater LIght, 8 Howard Street)

July 23

Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (ad on pg. 7) 7:30pm Kevin Flynn’s Comedy Night

68 artsNantucket: Calendar

July 23 - 25

Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (ad on pg. 7) Moby Dick Rehearsed (Whaling Museum, 13 Broad St.)

July 24

NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) 9am-1pm One-Day Workshop: “Hooked Accessory Bag” with Polly Minick 9am-2pm “Bentwood Willow Table” with Rick Pratt 9:30-11:30am Erica Wilson’s “Fun with Crewel” Fish for the Young Stitcher, with Vanessa Diserio & Heidi Weddendorf 9:30am-2:30pm “Sailors Valentines” with Sandy Moran (Greater Light, 8 Howard Street)

July 30 - July 31

NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) 9am-3pm “A Nest of Shaker Boxes” with Eric Pintar

July 31

Pierce Galleries (ad on pg. 49, 51) 6-8pm Impressions of Nantucket. Show runs through August 9. Sosebee Studios (ad on pg. 58-59) 6-8pm Reception for Jessica Sosebee

NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) 9:30-11:30am Erica Wilson’s “Fun with Crewel” Fish for the Young Stitcher, with Vanessa Diserio & Heidi Weddendorf 9:30am-2:30pm “Sailors Valentines” with Sandy Moran (Greater Light, 8 Howard Street)

The Gallery at 4 India (ad on pg. 26-27) 11am-1pm “Nantucket Landscapes” exhibition for John P. Osbourne


August 5

Nantucket Musical Arts Society (ad on pg. 17) Monday evening “Meet the Artists” 8pm at the Unitarian Church July 24 - July 25 (11 Orange St.) Artists Association of Nantucket (ad on Back Cover) Tuesday evening concerts 8pm at the First Water-Mixable Oil Painting Workshop with Katie Trinkle Legge Congregational Church (62 Centre St.)

July 25

Old Spouter (ad on pg. 54-55) 6-8pm Reception for Joan Albaugh

Nantucket Arts Council (ad on pg. 21) Merit Award Special Event

NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) 9am-12pm “Nantucket Blue” in Embellished Needlework, August 1 with Ana Ericksen Nantucket Community Music Center (ad on pg. 53) 9am-1pm “Americana” Hooked Rug with Polly Minick Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf & Copland’s Appalachian Spring: 4pm Family Friendly Concert (Nantucket High School, 10 Surfside Rd.) NISDA (ad on pg. 23) 7pm Concert & cocktail reception (Westmoor Club, 10 Westmoor Ln.) 6pm Silo Gallery Reception “Solar Designs” and Textile Art 7pm Visual Lecture Architecture Professor Laura Briggs NISDA (ad on pg. 23) Parsons and RISD. “Solar Design: Cutting Edge Technology” 6pm Silo Gallery Reception “Abstract Painting: Seasoned & Emerging Artists” July 26 7pm Visual Lecture: Joan Potkay “Embellished Translucence” NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) with Island Painters dialogue 9am-12pm “Nantucket Striper” Crewelwork Sampler with Edith Lynch Bouriez (Greater Light, 8 Howard Street) August 1 - August 2

Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (ad on pg. 7) Jane Condon & Friends (Centre Stage, 2 Centre St.) Nantucket Atheneum (ad on pg. 5) 4pm Author Talk: Kathryn Kay, ‘The Glider.’

August 6

Nantucket Atheneum (ad on pg. 5) 8pm Geschke Lecture: Lawrence Lessig. Lessig is the Roy L. Furman Professor of Law and Leadership at Harvard Law School, and director of the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University. (Unitarian “South” Chruch, 11 Orange)

August 7

Dreamland Film & Performing Arts Center (ad on pg. 47) 4pm “Fame Jr.” (Senior Theater Company Performance) Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (ad on page 7) 7pm “Minus 32 Million Words” (Bennett Hall, 62 Centrre Street)

August 7 - August 9

NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) 9am “Miniature Nantucket Basket” with Nap Plank July 26 - July 27 9am-1pm Two-Day Workshop: “Woven Shaker Tape Chairs” 9am-1pm “Nantucket Herbarium for Today” with Bee Shay NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) with Liz Coffin 9am-1pm “We Are Related” Primitive Painting, with Jan Munro 9am-1pm “Scrimshaw on Billiard Balls” with Lee Papale 9:30-11:30am Erica Wilson’s “Fun with Crewel” Owl for the NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) 9am-3pm “Advanced Shaker Box Workshop” with Eric Pintar August 8 Young Stitcher, with Vanessa Diserio & Heidi Weddendorf Nantucket Atheneum (ad on pg. 5) August 2 8pm Author Talk: Julia Glass, ‘A Widower’s Tale.’ July 27 Dreamland Film & Performing Arts Center (ad on pg. 47) NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) NISDA (ad on pg. 23) 9am One-Day Workshop: “Quilling” with Debra Cartwright 11am Young Actors Theater Company Performance 6pm Silo Gallery Reception “Abstract Paintings” Continued 9am-12pm “Canvaswork Stitch Sampler” with Gussie “Beauty Meets the Beast” 7pm Visual Lecture Kaloisedos II & Visual Presentations Beaugrand (Greater Light, 8 Howard Street) Old Spouter (ad on pg. 54-55) 9:30-11:30am Erica Wilson’s “Fun with Crewel” Owl for the August 9 6-8pm Reception for Megan Hinton Young Stitcher, with Vanessa Diserio & Heidi Weddendorf Dreamland Film & Performing Arts Center (ad on pg. 47) Pierce Gallery (ad on pg. 49, 51) 4pm “Fame Jr.” (Senior Theater Company Performance) August 3 6-8pm Maritime Art: Show runs through August 2. Dreamland Film & Performing Arts Center (ad on pg. 47) NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) Sosebee Studios (ad on pg. 58-59) 9am-12pm “Canvaswork Stitch Sampler” with Gussie 11am Young Actors Theater Company Performance 6-8pm Reception for Jeanne Rosier Smith Beaugrand.” (Greater Light, 8 Howard Street) “The Dancing Princesses” NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) Artists Association of Nantucket (ad on Back Cover) 9am-3pm “Ceramic Transferware” with Don Carpentier Summer Arts Program Session II begins

July 30

artsNantucket: Calendar


August 9 - September 1

NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) 9am-1pm One-Day Workshop: “Little Books, Clever Cuts, Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (ad on page 7) “The Moscows of Nantucket” (Centre Stage, 2 Centre St.) Fancy Folda” with Fran Phillips NISDA (ad on pg. 23) 6pm Silo Gallery Reception “Ceramics: Expressive & Functional” Erica Savage & Island Guest Clay Artists 7pm Visual-Lecture Presentation “Celebrating Family & Dreamland Film & Performing Arts Center (ad on pg. 47) Community Creativity 11am “Fame Jr.” (Senior Theater Company Performance)

August 10

Artists Association of Nantucket (ad on Back Cover) 6-8pm Sun, Sand, and Fine Art Exhibition

August 21

NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) 9am-1pm “Folk Art Painted Dresser Box” with Charlie Munro

August 21 & 23

NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) 9am-1pm “Penwork Game Board” with Mary Lacoursiere

August 22

Nantucket Atheneum (ad on pg. 5) 8pm Geschke Lecture: Louis B. Susman, U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom. Louis B. Susman was appointed by President Barack Obama as the United States Ambassador to the Court of St. James’s in 2009. Ambassador Susman has long been active in the public sector and served on: the U. S. Advisory Commission on PuAugust 16 blic Diplomacy for President Ronald Reagan; served as a Director of Dreamland Film & Performing Arts Center (ad on pg. 47) the Center for National Policy in Washington, D.C. (Nantucket High 4pm “Fame Jr.” (Senior Theater Company Performance) School, 10 Surfside Rd.) NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) August 22 9am-12pm “Canvaswork Stitch Sampler” with Gussie Dreamland Film & Performing Arts Center (ad on pg. 47) Beaugrand.” (Greater Light, 8 Howard Street) 4pm “Once On This Island Jr.” (Junior Theater Company 9am-1pm One-Day Workshop: “Band Boxes” with Fran Phillips Performance)

August 15 & 16

Nantucket Community Music Center (ad on pg. 53) NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) Chamber music with Nick Davies & friends (Greater Light, 8 Howard St.) 9am-3pm “Bentwood Garden Trellis” with Bonnie Gale” (Oldest House, Sunset Hill) Pierce Galleries (ad on pg. 49, 51) 6-8pm Life’s a Beach. Show runs through August 16. Old Spouter (ad on pg. 54-55) 6-8pm Reception for Michael Rich Sosebee Studios (ad on pg. 58-59) 6-8pm Reception for Debbie Sosebee

August 13

Nantucket Atheneum (ad on pg. 5) 8pm Geschke Lecture: Panel Discussion on The Economy, August 17 Moderated by David Gregory - Three CEOs ofAmerican corporations Dreamland Film & Performing Arts Center (ad on pg. 47) join David Gregory, moderator of NBC’s “Meet The Press,” for a discussion on the economy. (Nantucket High School, 10 Surfside Rd.) 11am “Fame Jr.” (Senior Theater Company Performance) 4pm “Once On This Island Jr.” (Junior Theater Company Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (ad on pg. 7) Performance 7:30pm Kevin Flynn’s Comedy Night (Centre Stage, 2 Centre St.) Old Spouter (ad on pg. 54-55) 6-8pm To be Announced

August 14

Dreamland Film & Performing Arts Center (ad on pg. 47) Pierce Galleries (ad on pg. 49, 51) 4pm “Fame Jr.” (Senior Theater Company Performance) 6-8 pm Opening: Zhen-Huan Lu. Show runs through August 23.

August 23

NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) 9am-12pm “Canvaswork Stitch Sampler” with Gussie Beaugrand. (Greater Light, 8 Howard Street) 9am-1pm One-Day Workshop: “Naturally Nantucket” Printing on Fabric, with Bee Shay

August 24

Artists Association of Nantucket (ad on Back Cover) 6pm-8pm Artist / Patron - a Juried Exhibition

NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) 9am-1pm One-Day Workshop: “Stab-Bound Books” with Fran Phillips 9am-3pm “Hypertufa” with Bonnie Gale

Sosebee Studios (ad on pg. 58-59) 6-8pm Reception for Catherine Elliott

Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (ad on pg. 7) 7:30pm “My Son the Waiter, A Jewish Tragedy” (Centre Stage, 2 Centre St.)

Dreamland Film & Performing Arts Center (ad on pg. 47) Old Spouter (ad on pg. 54-55) 11am “Once On This Island Jr.” (Junior Theater Company 6-8pm Artists of the Gallery Performance) Pierce Galleries (ad on pg. 49, 51) NISDA (ad on pg. 23) 6-8pm Along the Shore, Contemporary Marine Masters. 39th Annual Sandcastle & Sculpture Day Show runs through September 6.

August 14 & 15

NHA 1800 House (ad on pg 57) 9am-1pm “Marbled Pape” with Miki Lovett

August 15

August 18

August 19

Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (ad on pg. 7) 7:30pm (Centre Stage, 2 Centre St.)

Dreamland Film & Performing Arts Center (ad on pg. 47) 4pm “Once On This Island Jr.” (Junior Theater Company Performance

Sosebee Studios (ad on pg. 58-59) 6-8pm Group Show

The Gallery at 4 India (ad on pg. 26-27) Dreamland Film & Performing Arts Center (ad on pg. 47) 6-8pm Exhibition for Barbara Insalaco, Lauri Robertson, and 4pm “Once On This Island Jr.” (Junior Theater Company August 20 Edwin Rudd Performance Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (ad on pg. 7) 7:30pm Kevin Flynn’s Comedy Night (Centre Stage, 2 Centre St.) August 25 Nantucket Atheneum (ad on pg. 5) 8pm Author Talk: Amor Towles “Rules of Civility: A Novel.”

70 artsNantucket: Calendar

Artists Association of Nantucket (ad on Back Cover) 10am-3pm Sidewalk Art Show #2, Nantucket Atheneum garden (1 India St.)

Dreamland Film & Performing Arts Center (ad on pg. 47) 11am “Once On This Island Jr.” (Junior Theater Company Performance 3pm Laughing Pizza – Children’s Music Performance

September 18

Nantucket Community Music Center (ad on pg. 53) Benefit Croquet Tournament (Westmoor Club, 10 Westmoor Ln.)

October 20 September 18 - September 20 Artists Association of Nantucket (ad on Back Cover)

August 26

Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (ad on pg. 7) 7:30pm (Centre Stage, 2 Centre St.)

Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (ad on pg. 7) 7:30pm Nantucket Short Play Festival (Centre Stage, 2 Centre St.)

NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) 9am-1pm “Nantucket Floorcloth” with Virginia Teichner 9am-1pm “Eglomisé Looking Glass” with Anne Dimock

September 28 - October 7

Nantucket Arts Council (ad on pg. 21) Nantucket Arts Festival Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (ad on pg. 7) 7:30pm Kevin Flynn’s Comedy Night (Centre Stage, 2 Centre St.)

August 27

September 30

August 31

Nantucket Atheneum (ad on pg. 5) 7pm Jazz Concert: Ann Martindale and Richard Busch

September 6 & 7

Nantucket Atheneum (ad on pg. 5) 7pm Concert: David Poland

September 30 - October 1

October 13

Nantucket Atheneum (ad on pg. 5) 7pm Mini Blues Fest Concert: David Maxwell

Painted Photography Workshop with Kary Broffman

November 16 - December 9 Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (ad on pg. 7) “The Wizard of OZ” (Bennett Hall, 62 Centre St.)

November 23

Artists Association of Nantucket (ad on Back Cover) 5pm-7pm Holiday Small Works Exhibition Old Spouter (ad on pg. 54-55) 6-8pm Art of the Season: Holiday Exhibition

November 30

The Gallery at 4 India Street (ad on pg. 26-27) Artists Association of Nantucket (ad on Back Cover) Osbourne Landscape Workshop (Group Meeting 9/29 @ 5pm) 5-7pm Cool Yule Christmas Party and Reception

NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) 9am-1pm “Nantucket Hybrid” Basket with Taylor Cullen 9am-1pm “Vintage Photo Lampshades” with Deanna Van Schagen October November 30 - December 2 NISDA (ad on pg. 23) The Gallery at Four India (ad on page 26-27) NISDA @ Nantucket Arts Festival Art Site Sculpture Installation. September 9 “Small Gems” - 19th c. - 21st c. Nantucket Atheneum (ad on pg. 5) October 5 3pm Author Talk: Craig Symonds, ‘The Battle of the Midway.’ December 1 Artists Association of Nantucket (ad on Back Cover) Pierce Galleries (ad on pg. 49, 51) 6-8pm Wet Paint Weekend Opening Party and Water, September 10 1-4 pm Holiday Reception Water Everywhere Exhibition Artists Association of Nantucket (ad on Back Cover) Starter Series begins, a month-long series of art classes for beginners.

September 11 - Septeber 14 NHA 1800 House (ad on pg. 57) 9am-1pm “Shorebirds Woodcarving” with Bill Sarni

October 6

Artists Association of Nantucket (ad on Back Cover) Artists Association of Nantucket (ad on Back Cover) Free Holiday Workshop for ages 13-18 10am-12pm Wet Paint Weekend Coffee and Donuts with Wet Paint Artists

December 14

October 7

September 14

Artists Association of Nantucket (ad on Back Cover) 4pm Wet Paint Auction Preview 5pm Wet Paint Live Auction 6:30pm Wet Paint Dinner

September 14 - October 6

Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (ad on pg. 7) 7:30pm Nantucket Comedy Improv (Centre Stage, 2 Centre St.)

Artists Association of Nantucket (ad on Back Cover) 6-8pm Collaboration 2012 Exhibition (Open Show)

Theatre Workshop of Nantucket (ad on pg. 7) “The Cherry Orchard” (Centre Stage, 2 Centre St.)

September 16

Nantucket Atheneum (ad on pg. 5) 2pm Author Talk: Jane Lancaster, Emily Post, and ‘By Motor to the Golden Gate’

December 7

Artists Association of Nantucket (ad on Back Cover) Free Holiday Workshop for ages 6-14

October 12

Nantucket Atheneum (ad on pg. 5) 7pm Mini Blues Fest Concert: Timbukblues

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artsNantucket: Calendar


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