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2C is: • a freely downloadable online magazine produced quarterly as an ongoing investigation into galactic culture • a voice for the emerging noosphere (planetary consciousness) in the years leading up to and beyond December 21st 2012 • an open conduit and place of exchange for ideas, art and experience

The Editorial Team have been brought together by synchronicity and a common interest in the 13 Moon dreamspell calendar and related phenomena. The production of 2C uses fluid management to organise roles and contributions. Currently the main contributors are: Mattriks 4 Monkey Even 12 Serpent Soulore 4 Sun -

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Next Episode This episode is the second of four in this year of the White Lunar Wizard. The next episode is the Spiritual Practises edition, and will be covering anything from Japanese tea ceremonies, to breath practises, to the various daykeeping practises and whatever else helps you to tune in and turn on.

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In Lak’ech Ala Kin by Mattriks & Soulore Proceed Now Human Holon by Mattriks Riding the Time Wave - Part 1 by Soulore Solaris The Earth’s Voices are Heard by Renee Davis ‘Triality in a Collapsing Reality Field’ by Robin Mutoid Correspondence of the Divine - Part 1 by Aaron Skywalker Feature Artist: Kiri Star Interview by Mattriks

Day Out of Time Collage by Even*Dawn To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before by Murray Goodchild Lovesong Poem by Gina Lakosta Liquid Locomotion Lyrics & Pixels by Even*Dawn 30- Semilla’s Kitchen - Spring Greens 31 by Sandie Hernandez 32- Another Yourself 34 by Even*Dawn 36 Sacred Union Back Cover Art © Soulore Solaris 2425 2628 29

Front Cover Art Secrets of Touching © Mark Henson. In my work I begin by looking deeply within myself, and seek to express what I find there. My wish is to tap into the Divine Source of Being,to Consciousness,to Spirit, and to bring into visual awareness some images manifested through the knowledge revealed. I have discovered that the more intensely personal my vision is, the more universal its Message to the world. Art has the magical power to give and to provoke emotional as well as intellectual thinking: My desire as an artist is to create compelling images of beauty and power that serve to promote our Conscious Evolution as human beings. To this end I like to explore and present images with themes of Awakening Consciousness, Divine Sexuality, Political Realities and Living in Harmony with Nature. Contact Mark: 707-275-2201 Mark’s website:


In Lak’ech Ala Kin Codons, Cubes & Quadrants by Mattriks & Soulore Welcome to the second edition of Second Creation Magazine for the White Lunar Wizard Year! The theme for this episode is ‘In lak’ech Ala Kin’, which is a Mayan saying that translates as ‘I am another yourself - you are another me.’ It’s a poetic phrase, with very real implications for how we relate to each other. We’ve got a bunch of hearticles in here that respond to the theme in various ways. It’s been lovely to see these different expressions of ‘In Lak’ech’ energy take form, and find their ways into the pages that follow. It’s been a dynamic and interactive process, and we hope that the different perspectives all serve to promote discussion, growth and positive change. The process of how the episodes take shape has a lot to do with what Second Creation seeks to explore. For this episode we wanted to share a little bit about how things are happening. We have been generating a frequency based on the (co) creation of four magazine episodes per solar spin. This is a conscious process of engaging with the dynamics of time and how the numbers of Mayan time flow.

process can be called a Wavespell. For example, we have 13 moons of 28 days each year, therefore we can refer to one solar spin as a 13 Moon Wavespell. Spinning in relation to the solar year of 13 moons, we have the galactic year of 13 harmonic runs of twenty days each. The galactic year is referred to as the Tzolkin. The Tzolkin is comprised of 20 13 Day Wavespells. The suggestion from the Law of Time is that all processes of creation go through these 13 stages. So hey, we’re down with the Law of Time. The second phenomena to share is that the law of time synchronizes each 13 week wavespell period with a codon of the i ching. So that means each magazine also synchronises with a codon, which we’ll continue to feature here in the introduction . The codon for the wavespell we’ve just completed is number 27, “temple of being”. The next episode, ‘Spiritual Practices’ will be created during the second quadrant of this lunar wizard year, This 13 week period goes from Self-existing moon day 8, until Resonant moon day 14. This brings us to the mid point of the year, which will be Blue Magnetic Eagle. This mid point of the year is referred to as the ‘Altarnation’.

There are all sorts of Time Science implications involved ABOVE: Current 13 Week Wavespell / Codon with this. Indeed, once you More info via the Foundation for the Law of Time We hope you enjoy this ‘In start looking at how Mayan Lak’ech’ episode. Please keep numbers relate to the world contacting and submitting yr art there is a never ending interrelated flow of phenomena to explore. We thought that two and ideas. We’ll have a new section in the next mag called phenomena in particular that relate to our mag were worth ‘Talkin to the Noosphere: poems, letters and pics from Kin.’ So even if you don’t feel up to a full hearticle, there’ll be sharing. space for your contribution. We are another you. So be The first phenomena to share is that we are using a 13 kind to yourself. week ‘Wavespell’ to help create each episode. If you’re even a little way into the natural time movement, you’ll know that the 13 frequency has a particular relevance to Mayan Time. Any 13 stage


Proceed Now Human Holon - A Science of Right Relationship by Mattriks - Blue Self-Existing Monkey

Proceed now human Holon. Proceed with what you believe. Each Holon holds the key each encrypted with the codes to know the whole as – Self. Interconnected with other wholes To form above and below to be – Love. In a non-hiericharcal movement toward greater expressions of Syntropy. The Syntropic principal defines natural movement on a path toward increasing levels of interconnectivity. Infinite recursion Infinite recursion Infinite recursion Infinitely outlining the possibility of right relationship between the human Holon and the planet Holon and the solar system Holon and so on and so on in ever more encompassing expressions of the whole song and the Holon holds the whole song in seed potential. The tree of life represents the fulfillment of the incarnate mission successful. Clearing all distortion from the hologram and connecting with the all that I am and I am masculine and feminine yin and yang bringing it in and back to the breath the breath is the mechanism for every human to tune in to the synchronic order of the beat as it drops. Of the beat as it drops. Of the beat, as it drops, to the street, and the cipher. We are the intermediaries earth cosmos navigators of the movement of heads, feet, and heartbeats. Synchronicity in the rhythm of the dance when every human Holon on this world nearly gone wrong can be set free. In the hand you are holding, is the key.


The poem on the previous page was written a while back when I was first gathering together some of the ideas that are used in this article. As a spoken piece it has a cadence and rhythm that helps the meaning to carry through, but I’m sure you get the drift on the page. In many ways, this article is an attempt to unpack and clarify and expand what the spiel is about. The sub header, ‘a science of right relationship’, sets us on this course with some focus. By using this term I’m not meaning to offer a way to find out whether so and so should hook up with what’s his face, although maybe it can help with this. Rather, by ‘relationship’, I mean the ‘In Lak’ech Ala Kin’ (I am another yourself, you are another me) style, where we are all ultimately one being, reflecting different facets of ourselves to each other. So to talk of relationship from this perspective is to talk of all relationship. By ‘right’ I don’t mean as opposed to wrong, more in terms of a right approach, the right feeling, a good feeling. And by using ‘science’ I don’t mean that we need to employ the scientific method that seeks to understand the world through an analysis of matter, but rather the broader use of the term meaning: any systematic knowledge or practice. To summarize then, by science of right relationship I mean a knowledge practice that can help us to feel good about our relationship with all of life. The area of whole systems provides the appropriate foundation for this practice. Using the whole systems approach has the potential to encompass and unify all realms that the human participates in, from the quantum level right up to the most macroscopic movements of the heavens. The whole systems view works with the idea that the operating principle of reality is the same throughout these realms, and that the human is a natural and inclusive part and whole of this reality. We can, as Arguelles has done, describe this whole systems approach as ‘holonomic’: Derived from holo-, “whole,” and –nomy, “law or principle governing or pertaining to,” holonomy refers to the law or principal governing whole systems, while holonomics describes the study or investigation of this law or principle. As a descriptive term, holonomy ultimately refers to the universe entire as a dynamic interwoven web, transcending partial or analytic definition. If the universe is holonomic, the composite subsystems of the universe, from atomic to galactic, are also holonomic.1


ABOVE: Rainbow Holon © Even*Dawn

Our science of right relationship can therefore be filed in the folder, ‘holonomics’. In a holonomic model, we can define the human being as a composite subsystem of the whole system we refer to as ‘Universe’, and understandings that we have about the nature of the human Holon we can extrapolate out to the Universe and the way we exist within this Universe, and vice versa. It has been suggested by Arguelles, that Holonomics is governed by the law of Syntropy. A web definition of Syntropy that takes its cue from noted whole systems expert Buckminster Fuller reads: A tendency towards order and symmetrical combinations, designs of ever more advantageous and orderly patterns. Evolutionary cooperation. Anti-entropy. In the Dreamspell game model Jose and Lloydine offer the following definition: Syntropy is the law that individuals increase their energy by turning together in ever-greater independence.

Arguelles, J. (1984), Earth Ascending, p.15


Combining these two overlapping definitions gives us a good idea of the concept. Little holons help each other and the big picture benefits. It’s a happy place. With the addition of the concept of Syntropy as a way to understand and organize the functioning of a Holon, we are starting to get somewhere with our science of right relationship. We know that we each operate as a whole system, or Holon, which means that we are all related, and that when we relate well we are using the principle of syntropy, which gives us more energy, interdepence and co-operation. So far so good. So how do we know when we are adopting the syntropic principle? What knowledge practices helps us to stay attuned to this holonomic imperative? There are many ways we could answer this. Human holons are engaged in any number of practices that could be defined as syntropic. Playing music, gardening, painting, cooking, (day) dreaming; any of these could be accurately described as a knowledge practice that helps develop Syntropy. To offer an encompassing response then, it’s time to introduce an encompassing concept, that of ‘Hara’. Hara is a Japanese term, literally translated to mean ‘belly’, or belly area. There are a number of other definitions that help to consolidate and expand upon this translation: 1) Centre of gravity/balance point 2) Energetic centre of purpose, the note that holds the body in manifestation2 3) Earth Element (shiatsu, oriental medicine), centre of five element system In summary then, it can be said that the concept of ‘Hara’ refers to a physical and energetic centre that is related to the stability and purpose of a human being. In the holonomic view of things, to accept that the human has such a centre, is to accept that every Holon, or instance of the whole,


has such a centre. Further, it may be postulated that the centre of a thing contains information about the essential nature of the particular whole it is the centre of. The sonically coded information from the centre of the Holon can inform the bearer of the Hara in question (and possibly others that are in the vicinity to perceive) about how to relate with the whole using the Syntropic principle. So how do we access this information from our centre? My frame of reference for understanding the human Holon with Hara is through my own experience of phenomena. That is, my life. For this part of the story about a science of right relationship I take my cue from the phenomenological school of philosophy, which puts the notion of experience before theory as a basis for exploring reality. What I offer here then is this holon’s experiential notion of having and referring to a Hara, in order to reveal and understand the nature of the holonomic order. My first clear introduction to the benefits of creating awareness around such a centre came through Qi Gong training. Qi Gong is a Chinese form of cultivation. The Chinese refer to the lower belly area as the lower ‘Dan Tien’. The focus of the training was to release stuck accumulations of Chi or energy from the body, thus preparing the way for fresh Chi to come in. This fresh energy is then stored in the Dan Tien. During this training sometimes it would feel like I had a warm ball of energy in my lower belly. After doing Qi Gong for a few years I practiced a cultivation system called Yoga Qi Gong. Here they referred to the physical centre intermittently as Hara, Dan Tien, and Nabhi. I also studied Oriental Massage during this time, and in this style of bodywork I was taught to operate from Dan Tien as the source of power and focus. Since this time I have practiced and then taught Oki do Yoga, a Japanese form of Yoga that focuses on training methods and principles that develop Hara.

Brennan, B. (1993), Emerging Light


There are very physiological factors that indicate how well For convenience, and because most of my training in the the Hara is functioning. The best way to discern the level last few years has been in Oki Do Yoga, I refer to Dan of harmonious Hara functionality is to observe the breath. Tien, Nabhi etc as Hara. There may be some differences in When we are ‘in Hara’, the breath originates from the belly. the way these terms are used, but generally speaking it is The founder of Oki-Do Yoga, Masahiro Oki, explains the safe to say that these terms all stem from the same concept connection between breath and Hara in the following way: – an energetic centre of gravity. Through If you consciously breathe these practices it abdominally, power will has become clear to condense in the Hara, and me that the more I you will be strong in the lower am able to maintain abdomen, legs and waist. Also and expand upon the tension will be released my awareness of from the upper parts and the my centre, the more body will be natural; that is: the clarity I have around head will be Yin and cold, the lower parts Yang and hot. When who I am and what my purpose is. This this physiological condition sense of clarity and is present, the sympathetic purpose goes hand in nervous system works better and hand with a deeper a hormone is released which activates the parasympathetic and more satisfying feeling of oneness nervous system and produces a and connectedness. sense of calmness. That is, the more I develop a feeling of To deepen our understanding of being in Hara, the the physiology of Hara, let’s have more I develop a a more detailed look at how the feeling of being part nervous system operates. The of the whole, and the nervous system is said to have clearer I am about two branches; the peripheral how to participate and central. The central nervous in this whole. When system relates to the spine this is happening, and brain, and is protected by it is accompanied bone. The peripheral nervous by the feeling of system is not protected by synchronicity. In bone and is therefore open to ABOVE: Masahiro Oki summary, the more I the atmosphere. It is the means Founder of Oki Do Yoga have come into Hara by which stimuli between the the more I have become a happy and helpful person. In the central nervous system and the world are relayed back holonomic folder then, we now have two files, Syntropy, and forth. The peripheral nervous system is divided into and Hara. An equation can be made, that posits an two different aspects, the somatic nervous system and the increase in Hara awareness and purposeful functionality autonomic nervous system. The somatic nervous system will create a direct increase in the level of Syntropy, and controls voluntary movement, while the autonomic system that this increase will play out in the whole system that a controls involuntary movement. Somatic is about how we Holon participates in, and vice versa. Sweet as. We access decide to move or hold our bodies, while autonomic is information from our centre by studying our Hara, through everything else that is being exchanged that accounts for whatever method makes us happy. (refer to and expand why we may have decided to move or hold our bodies upon the above list ‘Playing music…etc). in such a fashion. The autonomic nervous response that coordinates involuntary movement involves two 2

Masahiro, O. (1978), Meditation Yoga - The Meiso Yoga of Okido 2 Goodman, S. (1990), The

Book of Shiatsu


opposite yet complementary responses. One response is that of the parasympathetic nervous system, while the other is that of the sympathetic nervous system. While thumbing through a shiatsu book recently (pun intended) I came across the following explanation of the different physiological effects of the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system (note: The author, Saul Goodman, refers to the sympathetic as orthosympathetic. The terms are interchangeable.

Hara can be understood from a physiological perspective. If we are all aspects of each other and part of a larger intelligent body, living in a Holonomic Universe, with the potential to navigate our holon through endless dimensions and possible exchanges with other holons, (hey why not?) the Hara can be likened to the rudder that enables us to steer a clear line of purpose through these dimensions and possibilities. For me this really grounds the idea that we are all related, and gives a solid foundation for how to live this profoundly beautiful and poetic concept.

The orthosympathetic system or mode is I’ve always had the feeling that I existed in two places connected more to the surface of at once. Increasingly, this feeling has begun to the body and its activity relates disappear, and the two places are converging. to separation and discrimination The feeling is of a perpetually heightening of distinct sensory perceptions, synchronicity. More Hara. More Syntropy. More along with responses of tension. Love. More Time. Less stress. Less fighting to When this branch is more active, survive. Less separation. Less fear. Shiatsu helps. body & meridian energies Whole foods helps (check Semilla’s Kitchen). are more distinguished and Chewing our whole foods slowly helps. Yoga helps. specified in function. Ortho Smiling seems to work wonders. Laughing works also tends to expenditure even better. Following natural timing cycles is of and dissipation of energy. great benefit. Considering that the big scarcity The parasympathetic mode lie that generates the stress on the Holon is the is more involved with the lie that says ‘time equals money’, changing deep body processes, and its ABOVE: Japanese the calendar that holds the scarcity lie in activation provides a unifying Characters for Hara place is a definite boon. Thirteen moons. experience of mind, body, In motion instead of working for the man til spirit and environment. When para is more active, the heart stops. Bodies in tune with twenty fingers and toes energies tend to merge, balance, regenerate and all tingling and singing songlines and aligning timelines and function as a whole. kicking multiversal freestyle rhymes from here to the cosmos. And back to the green moss growing on rocks in bio electric To summarize and relate this information to our discussion, natural hotspots. 1 2,1 2, let me be, me, do. Oki do Hip Hop the parasympathetic mode of operation provides the knowledge and action understanding and demonstration Holon with the opportunity to feel at one with the wholes when the beat drops ya just don’t stop. 1 2, 1 2, three, let that it belongs to, while the sympathetic mode registers me be, free. I am another you, and you are, another hey the difference and separation. A Holon that operates from let me see, example of the principle of perpetual syntropic Hara and has a balanced nervous system is conscious synchronicity stemming from a sonically coded hara holding of, connected to, and directed by the syntropic principle steady as the heart sails the opening inter-dimensional seas. that allows us to turn together in combinations of ever And in our joined hands? A key. Proceed. increasing evolutionary cooperation. In this exploration of how to proceed as a human holon, I’ve defined a science of right relationship, which I have described as a knowledge practice that can help us to feel good about our relationship with all of life, defining relationship from the perspective of ‘In Lak’ech, Ala Kin’. For the basis of this knowledge practice I have turned to whole systems, or holonomics, and then introduced the notion that holonomics operates on the principle of Syntropy. From here, I’ve introduced the idea of Hara as a universal concept to use in order to be able to access the syntropic principle, and explained how

Mattriks is a hip hop artist, Oki do yogi, and natural therapist. He lives in Warrandyte, Victoria. Web: Email:


Riding the Time Wave, Part 1 By Soulore Solaris - Yellow Self-Existing Sun

Red Planetary Skywalker, Day Out of Time

Exactly four years ago today at this very time of the day, I was having an intense psychedelic experience during an ayahuasca ritual in the floating jungle of Amazonas, Brazil. I was with several others at an Ayahuasca Seminar held by Silvia 2 Eagle and attended by the Maestro, Don Pablo Amaringo, Ayahuasceiro Shaman and renowned visionary artist. A pretty cool place to be on the day out of time let alone the planetary skywalker. I certainly did some wild skywalking that night, and to this day I can vividly recall the visions and experiences I had during that ceremony. I was very aware of that day being the Dreamspell Day Out of Time and I was very honoured and excited in knowing that being in such divine presence on the day of divine presence would herald something special.

The Insectoid Micro-verse

I lay down in preparation for the onset of ayahuasca’s dreaming, and I noticed that there were some ants around my mattress. We were holding the ceremony in a beautiful round space in the jungle, the sounds of insects were loud and beautifully resonant, perfect for a night of communion with the spirits. I easily decided to leave the ants there, let them do their thing as I had learned not to disturb the flow of creation and that the presence of the ants would be no random annoyance, rather a perfect potential for a consciousness raising experience. It didn’t take long to become apparent why those ants were there... As I ascended into an ayahuasca state of mind, my first vision was of strange beings hovering over me as I lay on the ground. As I was still in a state of transition from one state of consciousness to another I was experiencing a feeling of resistance. Who were these strange beings and what were they doing in my space?

overwhelmed my body and mind, I realised that these beings were benevolent and there was nothing to fear. So I decided to accept this strange presence and begin to make friends with it. Once I had accepted this presence in my awareness, I was then able to begin to make out the visual details of these beings and their features. They were seemingly large insectoid type creatures with big fly-like eyes and lots of arms and legs and a very peaceful presence. Their uniqueness from anything I had seen before was generating a strong sense of curiosity and compelling me to communicate with them. Gone now was any sense of fear or revulsion at their relatively strange appearance. What followed was a very interesting telepathic exchange between myself and these insectoid beings. I began to realise that the ants I had noticed earlier had made their way to my space to communicate with me. I was shown visions of the vast consciousness that insects have on the planet, it was made clear to me that they hold a powerful dominion here on earth, and like all beings had much to offer and to teach all beings in the one telepathic mind of earth.

Strangely enough I began to feel like I was acting as some kind of Human ambassador to the insect realm. The insectoid beings explained to me that the reason that they had been so persistent in their attempt to get my attention was because, like most humans I have a tendency to disregard or dismiss or even aggressively deny the presence of insects around me. They explained to me that insects, like all beings of the earth have a great role to play and “... as I journeyed north like dolphins or eagles they have through the desert, seeing much to teach humanity if only we thousands and thousands of could become more conscious and learn how to listen. ant and termite hills, some

bigger than double story houses for as far as i could I see in every direction ...”

After some time of asking these beings to leave and their presence becoming stronger, and as I was becoming more used to the shift in consciousness of the ayahuasca as it

Further to this revelation, my insect friends showed me the evolution of the earth as a one conscious being. That this evolution toward oneness wasn’t just the oneness of all humans getting it together in peace and having harmony amongst themselves, its one consciousness of all


life, all rocks, crystals, plants, insects, birds, fish, mammals and yes humans... The earth as one living consciousness where all beings have an equality of telepathic communion as part of a greater whole. These insect beings that had seemed so large as they hovered over me as I lay on the ground, showed me that actually they are relatively tiny in the dimensional sphere of life in the universe, they come from a microscopic universe and manifest here as insects as that is the best expression in this 3D plane of their being. It brought to mind visions of the northern half of the “top End”, Northern Territory in Australia. In the Gregorian year 2000, I journeyed through the centre of Australia, spending about 6 months in the desert. I remembered that as I journeyed north through the desert, seeing thousands and thousands of ant and termite hills, some bigger than double story houses for as far as I could see in every direction for hundreds of kilometers, they also got bigger and bigger the further north I traveled... yes indeed the insects have a significant domain and conscious influence on this planet. I would never look at insects in the same way and consequently the messages I’ve received in my life from the presence of these little creatures has been deeply synchronic and always led to an expansion of my awareness. Many thanks to the beings from the insect microverse.

ABOVE: Insectoid - Soulore Solaris Soulore Solaris is a visionary artist from Australia, and has been working in Community Arts and Development projects for 12 years. Lore traverses the globe promoting peace through art, music and spiritual unity. Lore is currently based on the east coast of Australia where he is working on a new art series as well as various Earth Repair Projects. You can see Lores art online at: Other links:


The Earth’s Voices are Heard - A Collaborative Project by Renee Davis - Yellow Lunar Human The Earth’s Voices are Heard is a collaborative project that explores the meanings in inter-species communication. This project aims to collect as many experiences of this type of communications as possible. We can then see the commonalities that emerge in the messages. From there we can all begin to discuss the meanings behind it, forming an overall picture of what is trying to be expressed.

There is a tendency to consciously disregard or suppress the inner nature of non-human beings. This suppression has led to the shutting off of this aspect of the World Unconscious. This directly affects humans and results in psychical stress and alienation. Humans are not only individuals. We humans are holons—both a whole and part of a larger whole. The undeniable fact is that we are very closely bound to and dependent on the health of the entire planet and its ecosystems.

Background Theories and Key Ideas

The Importance of a Shift in Perspective

Inter-Species Communication

A shift in how we see ourselves as humans in relation to the rest of the planet is long overdue. It is time for us to see ourselves as partners co-evolving with all beings on this planet. When we experience ourselves as separate from the world around us or see ourselves as owners of another living thing instead of partners, our actions are that of domination and exploitation.

To begin with, I’ll just mention that the assumption made here is that other-than-human beings can communicate with humans. Inter-species communication can be chemical (plant exophermones), auditory (bird calls), or extremely subtle (telepathy). Communication between species is vital for the self-regulation and maintenance of the ecosystem in which humans are a part of. Research in the last few decades regarding plant communication shows that plants have intelligence, emotions, and memory in their response to non-physical human stimuli. Many people experience telepathic communication with non-human beings, and these interactions can have can affect the person on many different levels. For this we must recognize that all living things have an inner nature. Humans can communicate with other beings because we share a common origin - that of Earth itself. The great amount of similarities shared between all forms of life on Earth allow for complex communication and interaction. The World Unconscious When people communicate with non-human beings, we are connecting with a previously dormant aspect of the World Unconscious (or World Psyche). Just as Carl Jung brought forth the concept of the Collective Unconscious of the human psyche, Depth Psychologists today are expanding on the idea to include all living beings. Attempts are being made today to understand how the collective experiences of all living beings on Earth affect humans psychically.

Another interesting idea to bring up here is that of how we identify ourselves through our worldviews. How do we determine the “we/us” group? Over the course of human history, this has shifted quite a bit. Our “we” group, once our tribe or family, expands over time to include our social group, ethnic race, country, etc. But now, more than ever, we need a definition of “we” that includes our entire planet and all living things on it. We need this because of the ecological problems and Earth changes we now face. The evolution into a “world-centric” worldview will only happen if we acknowledge and validate that all living things on Earth have intelligence, feelings, and purpose on this planet. This will also give more dimension and “value” to non-human forms of life, strengthening the case for conservation and restoration efforts.

How the Project Will Manifest Though sometimes these inter-species discussions may be of a personal nature, many times issues regarding the planet/species as a whole are discussed. Often the person is encouraged or asked to bring this message to more people. This project provides an outlet for exactly that purpose. By contributing to this, we can see if there is a general message that is trying to be conveyed to humans from other areas of the biosphere.


to examine them and look for common themes and meanings. From that we can begin to sculpt a larger picture of where the human race is at, what it’s doing, and where to go from there. But for this we need the input and perspective of beings from other areas of the biosphere.

ABOVE: Flight of the Kookaburra - Soulore Solaris Anyone who is willing to share his or her experiences, insights, and revelations in working with the plant, animal, or mineral world is welcomed to participate. They may post to an online forum on ( to share their contributions with others. In this forum, you can also discuss and comment on other’s posts. So far there has been very lively discussion about our experiences and what they mean for the world around us. There is also a blog (http://theearthsvoicesareheard.blogspot. com) where people can post their contributions. This way, everybody will be able to view contributions and participate in an active discussion on the implications of the messages. Soon, we will have a website for this project that will centralize all the discussions and information.

Efforts like this will open doors for greater interspecies partnerships by validating this connection and giving it an outlet. This is but one step among many that need to be taken. By providing an opportunity for these delicate voices to be heard, we will also expand our own linguistic and psychic capacities to communicate with otherthan-human life forms. We will literally awaken our dormant communicative abilities.

The earth changes and ecological issues we now face presses us to do this work. To help shift the underlying patterns behind the actions that cause this destruction, we need: 1. communication between humans and other species, 2. discussion and integration of these insights, and 3. support and validation of this type of work. You can contribute directly to the project by posting to the forum or blog to share your insights, revelations, and messages received. When we change ourselves, we change the world around us. By opening up ourselves individually to rich landscape of the World Psyche, we are closer to a harmonious cocreative relationship with our planet.

The Importance of Inter-Species Communication This sharing of messages from communication with non-human forms of life is vitally important now. By sharing these messages and insights, we can begin

Renee lives in Olympia, WA where she is studying ethnobotany and psychology. She can be reached at


‘Triality’ in a collapsing Duality field A View of Ourselves from a Slightly Different Location

by Robin Mutoid - White Lunar World-Bridger Do we sometimes wonder, as we ‘grow up’ here on this small world of ours, just what is meant by Duality? Do we also wonder just what is meant by the statement Everything is an Illusion?

and Wrong, between Action and Re-Action and ultimately between Evolution (which interestingly, when written backwards, says: ‘kNOw IT; U LOVE’!) and Stasis!

Perhaps it is helpful first to envisage the Ocean of Time and Space, within which float our daily lives, as a softly layered and flexible construct? Perhaps it is the subtle differentiation between these layers that can help define Duality, Triality and Illusion for us?

This Duality World is one we have chosen, on a Soul level, to explore VERY thoroughly! So thoroughly in fact and for so long, that we have largely forgotten the layer from which we originally came and likewise therefore, the layer to which we would aspire, complete with our individually acquired experiences, to return!

Let us begin answering these questions with the assumption that our physical bodies are actually only a (very small) part of whom we REALLY are and that the Arms, Legs, Torsos and Brains that we experience and have learned to use since our birth, are simply manifested ‘tools’ designed to help us operate successfully within a dense 3D environment and which are closely linked, through more subtle means, to the multidimensional aspects or layered potentials of our lighter, Highest Universal Selves. When you hit your physical thumb with a 3D hammer, it bloody well hurts! This does NOT feel illusionary! When a Loved one leaves you, this may also hurt and this also does not feel like an illusion! Duality therefore, may be limited to the realm of opposites. Simply expressed, this allows us to perceive of the difference between Pain and Comfort, between Light and Dark, between Masculine and Feminine, between Right

Consider then, that despite our collective amnesia, it is also possible that the entire Ocean may itself be capable of altering, or raising It’s vibratory rate to a level where we may more easily surf these new currents and thus consciously facilitate our own return/ascension to the ever higher layers above us. As we begin to perceive this, it becomes easier to visualize a point placed in a layer above that in turn can become the anchor for a new Triality perspective. This point is one step nearer to the real us. When Duality is thus viewed, from the Triality Vantage Point of the Higher Self (visualize observing the world of Duality from a third triangulation point and looking down upon it) then it DOES become possible to see it as being Illusionary. From here we see that Unity CAN

develop out of our conscious balancing of these internal opposites. We begin to sense the growing balance between the Masculine and Feminine and the Light and Dark, within ourselves; We can then move to consciously embody a new Lighter, Holistic, Higher Plane Human being, or Homo Luminous as the Maya interestingly refer to him. Further, if we allow ourselves to realeyes that the real us IS seated at a higher Soul-level, then the little game that we have chosen to play here, as kids running around in meat-suits and bouncing off the dualities of this 3D world, WILL be seen as Illusionary. But.. the Illusion is ALSO that: NOT all we see IS all that there is!! Gregg Braden draws an interesting parallel to this when he points out that IF we do only use 10% of our brains and that IF the Big Bang theorists are correct in their calculations that 90% of the theoretical matter thus generated actually appears to be missing; when we DO learn to use the NEXT 10% of our brains, THEN and only then, he suggests, will the NEXT 10% of the Universe become fully apparent to us!! To continue with the Ocean analogy; if we therefore assume, from our position in the bottom 10% of the Ocean, that this IS ‘all there is’, then that is all we WILL experience! If however we start to peer consciously up through the murk towards the lighted upper layers, then


we potentially trigger within us the realization that there is MUCH more. Having done this, we may now also see much more clearly of the Illusion in which we have for so long been trapped! We may surmise that one basic ‘reason’ for such long entrapment is this: We were created by The Creator to BE CoCreators. The Creator understandably wanted the best of the best for this somewhat responsible position! Earth is a Freewill Zone and also a Seed Planet. Thus the immense diversity of genetic forms here are destined to be a source of basic raw materials for us (as Co-Creators) to draw upon when finally it becomes our choice to create New Worlds and to seed the new LifeSystems thereon! (NOTE: We would probably be wise to rapidly complete our training by first learning to treat THIS World responsibly!). The beauty of this potential is that when we DO eventually reach our position as the trusted Co-Creators of other Worlds, we will be making absolutely sure that NOTHING and NO ONE we create, EVER has to experience anything approaching the same Aeons of laborious and painful learning which we ourselves are completing; the Created can be thus gifted by the Creators! The inverse potential also exists, whereby these gifted children may in turn teach their ‘parents’ of ever more advanced ways. (The Indigo & Crystal children seem to be fulfilling this function on Earth at present!).

likely that in the few remaining years leading up to 2012, we will have to experience an exponential collapse of the dualistic, linear fabric of Time within this sector of Space. Time is not perhaps, something that passes us by, but instead something that we must move through! As the construct of Time collapses around us, there will be less of it for us to move through! Things will appear therefore to happen faster and yet faster until there is only a single Zeropoint NOW remaining, in which we may comfortably exist. (Hint: Slow up!! DON’T try to keep pace with an exponential collapse! Learn to be in the Now!). Perhaps, as the limiting constraints of Time recede, the newly opening portals to ever higher Spaces and layers within the Ocean will thus become more readily accessible to us. As we are slowly learning, we can and indeed do, generate our own realities! It seems that the Omniverse is programmed to oblige us with MORE of what we focus upon. Let us then consider simply moving the point FROM which we focus! By so doing we can automatically view our existence

in fresh perspectives and in newer and brighter Lights. It may indeed look VERY different! Now, we may bravely take on the challenge of focusing positively upon our future from the new Triality perspective. This is our source of Truth. We may trust entirely in it! Now also, we may focus ‘Trialitarily’ upon the ‘New Earth’ Herself, for as such She may seem only to exist in our dreams and in our visions - as a Fifth Dimensional Holographic Template but we may successfully ‘lift ourselves’ up into the New Reality of this, our own consciously co-created, freshly birthed and build-to-order, 5D World. It is interesting conjecture here as to whether our New Earth comes to us, or whether we in fact go to Her! I have a feeling that it must be a little of both, as we each do share of a Love, that only those who have Grown up Together can fully know! Robin Mutoid is the intiator of the EARTHDREAM 2012-13 project - a proposed journey around Australia in the year leading up to the 2012 alignment to recognise and celebrate our massive potential.

See this perhaps, as our way of initiating a Universal Evolutionary Quantum Leap. We are here to learn what is NOT conducive to a speedy and positive Evolution. I think we have succeeded! Does this make it seem more worthwhile to have fully experienced and to be finally overcoming the pains of Duality? Does a striving to next attain our Triality Perspective now seem like a very simple but also immensely worthwhile effort to make? I would answer Yes, but this IS also a Freewill Zone. NO ONE is going to do this FOR us! In order to learn fully from this process, we must do it ourselves. It is

ABOVE: Earthdream 2012


Correspondence of the Divine - Part 1 Relationship of the 64

by Aaron Two Crows - Red Self-Existing Skywalker The other day I was browsing one of the many sacred books and came upon a place in the Karma Sutra, that mentions extensively the Chatushshashti “Sixty-Four” I immediately thought of the relationship between this and the Dreamspell’s 64 UR Runes and Codons and the I-Ching’s 64 Hexagrams (Gua). Here is what I found… The Cornerstone for all of these systems of 64 is the 8 x 8. “This part contains eight subjects, Each of these subjects being of eight kinds, and eight multiplied by eight being sixty-four, this part is therefore named `sixty-four’. - Ananga Ranga , Kama Sutra “For instance the DNA codons are only 64: those, too, are a function of a permutation matrix 8 x 8” - Valum Votan , Earth Wizard Seminary “…and the I Ching also has 64 combinations.” - Unknown Source These systems are all working on an interplay of energies, in different ways, however all working around the same number of 64. As the I-Ching works on the energies between Yin and Yang, of everyday living and situations. The Kama Sutra works with the interplay of energies between Male and Female and the vital energy of kundalini and sexual energies. The Dreamspell takes creative license in showing the matrix of possibilities, with a creative spin on the whole subject of life and death everything before, after and in between. (The breakdown and correlation of the 8 x 8 = 64 system is still being mapped, two of the three systems have been mapped according to the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time, over the next Quarter of this year I will attempt

to map a third) All of these systems are working in an intrinsic relationship with each other and every day life. Very basic materials here, the building blocks of life (DNA) to perpetuate life, whether it is in the book of changes, the perfumed garden, or timeship earth 2013 we see this cosmic sexual interplay of energies, and how to categorise them and use them with proficiency, love, creativity, and compassion. Why would we have interplay of energies? What is the reason for it? For pleasure for heightened states of consciousness and exploration with renewed vigor of our planet and solar and lunar systems, life force, and change, we can be the bold explorers we were born to be! Free of Life! That is the Jade Cave Affirmation for this year, as we journey through the caves. This means not to be afraid of our death, or our life, to fully be free of it, and live with unbridled passion and intimacy every now! “At the risk of death, of course, your mystics (we call them time sharers) have developed secret languages to cloak this knowledge of time, which we also speak of as orgasm…. In this era, before time and orgasm were fully understood and developed, we too had lineages of secret time sharers…the simplicity and synthesis produced by the complete orgasmic experience require a word of the utmost wholeness and simplicity: holon. According to its needs for pleasure, the vegetable body accessing the core will excite the holon to explore various of the parallel universes.” – Valum Votan , Arcturus Probe So there is that word. Explore. A fitting word, for in relationships of change, sexual energies and consciousness we need to be able to be the bold explorers, to


“God is most Gracious , Most Merciful” Yes. God is, and we are returning to the Garden, there can be no doubt of this! Where sexual abundant flowering and changing energy (represented by the serpent) will inform us, and we will not have time to garner strange taboos on the subject, for beauty and sexuality is a sacred and amazing thing, it is so subtle and so gentle, and so easily misinterpreted, we are learning. We will overcome our fears and act despite them, being intelligent in our Shaman Warrior, Earth Keeping, Time Wizardry ways. As I stated earlier I am in the process of compiling a table that integrates all three of the 64 systems and their practical uses and correspondences. In Part 2 of Correspondence of the Divine , I will hopefully be able to share the 3 way 64-system table (harhar) with everyone. I will also be looking at the relationship between the 13 Moon/ Dreamspell calendar and the Holy Quran, Holy Bible and Qabbalah as well. Stay tuned Chrononauts! Reft an Lighters te tha Fore! Contact me for any comment query or co-operation, feel free to mail: panafrika@gmail. com

ABOVE: Twin Flame © Even*Dawn

cross into the unchartered domains of our own lands whether within or without our interior or exterior. How could this energy be abused and misused? We’ll we of the Dreamspell Caste very well know how Babylonia has managed to pervert the purity of Abundance, Flowering, Sex and Death. By turning these four powerful energies into some kind of side lined show babble-on (as one of our Dreamspell kin has so kindly termed it) has managed to shadow the law of the cube and the cube of the law. However we have the most powerful and penetrating force of unity in our favor

Aaron Two Crows Is a full time Dreamspell Player, a practitioner of Chinese martial arts and health systems,Native American shamanic sweat lodges and pipe ceremonies. Activating Other Kin is the form of his Service, Dispensing Resources and Calendars, and creating a general awareness of the 13:20 20:13 Prophecy. 2Crows or (2C) for short : Works Part time for Various Babble-On Corporation Evacuating Kin through the Flux Tubes of the Cube of Law where ever he can. He is currently based in Cape Town : Prophecy Biospherica (Skywalker Biosphere), South Africa.




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The 2012 Factor: Time Travel Tips for the 6 year Journey



There will also be a whole host of discussion panels, discussion groups, workshops and performances all nestled in the beautiful forests of north-east Victoria, approximately 30 minutes from Mansfield.



Tickets Are on Sale now! EGA has strictly limited ticket numbers and is a Presale only event. Tickets are available from the EGA website ( or from the following locations: The Happy Herb Shop

1/186 Barkly Street St. Kilda Vic Ph 03 9534 9361 AND 317 Smith Street Fitzroy Vic Ph 03 94191277



Interview With Kiri Star Yellow Planetary Sun

ABOVE: Chakras Š Kiri Star

Mattriks: How did your ART practice begin, and what influenced this process? Kiri: Art always came thru me naturally. It was the process of “schooling” which blocked the flow, and I rebelled in creativity, running away to the feral wilds of nth nsw. “The Artists Way” (Judith Cameron) succeeded in finding the fountain again, with silly stuff involving paints and cheesecake. “Pisces Inner Child” was my first new artwork, healing the artist child within. Since then art just flows thru me again, particularly when I am pregnant! What materials do you normally work with?

Black ink is another favourite. Maybe one day I will make it to oils - I have fantasies of creating visionary realness like Elizabeth Kyle. Where does the inspiration to create come from? The Source. I am passionately driven to share visions of an ecstatically enlightened world. Do you have a clear picture of what you are creating before you commence? It’s more like a feeling. I feel it, envision it, play on paper, and then the artwork finally creates itself as I unfold it.

Watercolour pencils speak to me now. I love the colours and the detailed water-y-ness.

ABOVE: Green Tara © Kiri Star

In what ways do you connect with Mayan time keeping / natural timing frequencies? Ever since I came into awareness I was aware that society was out of sync. The capitalist whirled made no sense to me, so 13.20 resonated deep within my soul. I was always into witches and full moons. Now Arguelles’ brilliance is to taking us into a critical mass cosmic transformation dance... I dance the dance and try to entrance any open beings coming my way! When I uncovered my mayan signature - planetary sun guided by star - I was ecstatic. It felt so much like my becoming. How would you describe your part in the Noospheric emergence? I AM getting clearer and fully focussed in the NOW presence so I can shine my light in every moment, and so inspire all others to be so too. In what ways do you relate to 2012? What do you feel is going to occur at this time? If it is possible to coalesce into inner space bringing the defintions of eden - paradise on earth, with earth, with brethren and sisteren, in a high harmonic vibe of self-magnificence, transcending the mechanical nature of exclusion and embracing all our rainbow family in an eternal psychedelic sane dance of love and simplicity - that’s what will happen! You say on your myspace blog you don’t fly.

ABOVE: Spiral of Life © Kiri Star

Does this mean you’re not coming to visit us in Australia? Does anyone have a 30ft yacht? Come pick me up. Anything else you would like to share with the readers? Yeah...drop the shoulds and the burdens we shoulder, drop the fear of the unknown, and walk the talk of the 13 moon calendar change peace movement right out into all our lives. If we don’t dance out our fullest simplest lovingness with every step, then what are we here for? Blessed be everyone, may you all be blissfully happy!

ABOVE: Merkababy Š Kiri Star

Kiri Sta* is an artist with a degree in politics and a diploma in environmental management. For free downloads of her artworks, or orders of cards and prints: Website: Myspace: Email:

Summer Special on my cards - 8 cards for $25 p.p and have just self-published an art book $13.20 p.p

Day Out of Time Peace Through Culture Gathering Photo Montage by EveN*DawN

Day Out of Time details at

To All the Girl’s I’ve Loved Before by Murray - Red Solar Dragon

To All The Girl’s I’ve Loved Before You might remember this duet sung by Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias, sung in tribute to their past lovers. I wouldn’t regard myself as a Casanova, (Probably more of a Willie Nelson than a Julio Iglesias) but looking back I’ve had my fair share of relationships that have taught me many things. I have reason to be grateful. I grew up in a post feminist world where traditional roles within relationship had mostly been deconstructed and so I, along with the following generations, have had to work out for myself who I am, and what I want, inside relationship. Happily, I’m engaged to be married, and feel grateful for the lessons that have enabled me to make a true commitment to myself and to my partner, Vicky, but it hasn’t always been like this. It’s been a turbulent, sometimes confusing and despairing journey where the disappointment of separating from a lover simply because I didn’t know how to be with her, was an experience I seemed destined to repeat over and over. Thankfully, a mixture of life lessons interspersed with avid study on the subject of Sacred Union has helped me to be in a relationship where I feel more peace and freedom than I’ve ever known. A different author was pivotal at the various stages of my growth and I shall make reference to them as I go. In order to have a relationship that works, I’ve had to resolve three major questions that existed in every previous partnership. • Firstly, why did women seem to go for assholes? • Secondly, why was I repeatedly rejecting those who liked me and being rejected by those I liked? • and thirdly, what was the point of sex?

Why Did it Seem that Women Go For Assholes? I realize that this question makes a huge assumption and generalization on my part and I say it partly in jest, but is there some truth to the motto, “Treat em mean, keep em keen”? In my experience many women have seemed drawn to the blokes with the least amount of empathy for their female sensitivities.

My question arose in contrast to who I’d been in relationship with most of my life. Living my formative years in the wake of feminist reforms the message that I got was that women wanted someone who was receptive and attentive. The message was clear: Those chauvinistic attitudes would have to go if men wanted to get anywhere within dancing distance of a woman. So I grew up attentitively cultivating my S.N.A.G. (sensitive new age guy) image. Being someone a girl could trust to not try anything on. I became a master at concealing any urges that would have me deemed a “typical male” and cast from the inner circle in which I was free to roam so long as my Eunuch like facade prevailed. I felt privileged to be accepted in this way by my female friends. I was often told that I was such a nice guy. “Not like Kurt” they would say as the heat rose to their cheeks turning them pink. “He’s an asshole!” “I won’t be like Kurt”, I thought. But as time went on, while I was being a good listener, trust worthy, basically everything girls were telling me they wanted, Kurt was pashing girls behind the bus shed. I was doing everything asked of me and yet it was getting me nowhere I wanted to be. What was I doing wrong? It was years later that I heard a recording of a lecture given by a man named David Deida, speaking about the principles of the Sacred Masculine and Feminine. He described masculine and feminine as polar principles in nature between which an arc of energy exists. Both principles exist in everyone but each individual identifies with one more so than the other. (Its important as you read not to confuse ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ with ‘male’ and ‘female’ as no gender has ownership over either principle.) He described one characteristic of the masculine as knowing one’s purpose and following that above all else. The consequences of losing sight of this commitment is illustrated in the archetypal myth of the Sirens; Beautiful feminine visions who would sing longingly out over the ocean meeting the ears of sailors as they passed by in their ships. Struck to his core by the desire that welled deeply within him the captain would steer his ship towards the enchanting melody only to run aground on the rocks and drown, suffering the fate of the masculine when it loses its direction and purpose, ultimately being consumed by the feminine. Deida goes on to describe the feminine principle as akin to nature: a wild elemental force like


the ocean expressing itself from moment to moment. The very expression of life. Wild, deep and mysterious. The feminine experiences ecstasy in being witnessed, penetrated with consciousness, and surrendering. In being witnessed and experienced by the masculine, the feminine becomes realised. After all, what good is all the beauty in the world without eyes to look upon it? What good is all the energy in the world without direction and intent to channel it?

Why Did I Reject Those Who Liked Me and Get Rejected By Those I Liked? I reached a point where I was sick of the same patterns recurring in my life around relationship and I committed to finding the answer that would end this cycle once and for all. The recurring theme of liking someone more than they liked me was a particular thorn in my side.

It’s useful to add at this point that everyone has a place I had a dream when I was six where I experienced the absolute somewhere on the scale between masculine and feminine essence of love rapturously expressed in exquisite union. that they call home. We can all move along this scale in our Not that I described it like that at the time nor even knew different roles in daily life but there’s one particular place what sex was, none the less, I became driven by this feeling. in which we rest. In relationship, there’s a tendency to be Every time I attracted to someone met a girl who exhibits the I fancied same degree of the I would opposite polarity compare to you. So if you’re my feelings a very feminine for her with person you’ll those of probably attract the dream. someone who’s very Without masculine, whereas fail, if that if you’re somewhere feeling was in the middle of the ignited in feminine scale you’ll me, her probably attract feelings and be attracted were either to someone in the unrequited middle range of or short ABOVE: Spiral Genesis © Mark Henson the masculine. A l i v e d . feminine person Relationships that didn’t conjure up that feeling were is typically female as is a masculine person male but not similarly doomed because my feeling wasn’t there. I only necessarily. From here on, for convenience sake, I’ll call the entered into such encounters because I was despondent feminine, she, and the masculine, he. with not being able to find someone who ‘was’ that feeling. They were the relationships I ended. The one’s where I had She longs to surrender to him but she’s no fool. Firstly, she ‘the feeling’ were ended by the girl. needs to be able to trust and in order to trust she must know that the Masculine is committed to his purpose. She is not I was looking for the girl who matched the feeling. In a interested in someone who makes her his purpose because way, I believed I already knew the girl and I just had to find she already has that. If he does that he will meet the same fate her. You may laugh and call me crazy, but was I different as the captain who runs his ship upon the rocks. The ocean from anyone else who’s looking for ‘The One’? Many of us loves the ship that can navigate her waters and dance on the literally walk around looking for the match of someone we wind that she provides. Coming back to my story, it’s ironic already know. No wonder these relationships fail. How can that while I was ‘acting’ trustworthy I did not actually trust any one be appreciated for the mystery they are if we try my own judgement and confidence to be myself. Kurt on to slot them into our idea of who they are (or should be). the other hand perhaps trusted his own nature enough to Rightfully so, in my case, they ran a mile. not be perturbed by the occasional slanderous comment against his name and continued on his course, maiden I never questioned this feeling of love that I’d experienced in tow. In seeking the answers to who I was supposed in the dream so long ago. I applied the blind faith of to be in the feminine all I got was shipwrecked. one to whom it had become a religion. Only after it


The biological reasoning is e x p l a i n e d beautifully in a book called “Peace Between the Sheets” written by Marnia Robinson. She explains that I felt ready to our biology is wired remove my in a way that best blocks to having insures the survival a committed of the species and relationship. As I doesn’t give a damn often find, a book about long term appeared with A RGH Comic © Lachlan Phillips relationships. We’re perfect timing that designed to couple, greatly helped to put into words what I was ready to realize. It was called reproduce and then move on to couple with someone else ‘Anatomy of the Spirit’ by Caroline Myss. She spoke of the and this ensures our best chance against extinction, which is sacrament of marriage as being a symbolic representation of diversity. She gives a scientifically based description of the committing to oneself. This concept sealed for me a promise various hormonal processes involved that paint a very clear to myself that I would only settle for a relationship that had and familiar picture in terms of the outcomes they produce. the potential to be for life and not simply reproduce the same outcome time and again? The penny finally dropped during This book found me just in time to meet my fiancé. I was a discussion with a friend who was comforting me after my looking for answers because I was committed to learning most recent break-up. I described this feeling from the dream how I could stay in a relationship. I was tired of the hurt to her and how it had brought me yet again to despair. She and disappointment to myself and others caused by difficult asked a curious question at this point. “What would that break-ups. A few pages in I found the answer I’d been feeling be like if you were still with her?” I thought for a looking for all these years. “You are in your lovers arms to moment and then realized that it would feel exactly like it heal”. Finally, an answer that satisfied a longing for sex to felt right then as if my heart ache and this longing were the be more than merely a thrill, a distraction or a sport. In the seed and fruit of the same plant. For the first time I was able following pages, Marnia charted a radically different path to see that the ‘feeling’ was actually a longing for love based through the sexual wilderness than the one we’ve come to on the belief that I could not be loved. It was manifesting recognize commonly in our media-saturated culture. that reality consistently and perpetuating its existence like an addiction. I wasn’t in love with anything but ‘the feeling’ In recognising sex as a healing act, I see it as sacred. I’ve and I courted it continually. With this insight I could see come to connect and merge with myself, Vicky my partner, that I was looking for love in all the wrong places. I was like and all of life more deeply than I knew was possible. I no a fish swimming in an ocean of love desperately chasing longer crave to be with other women because in a curious air bubbles to find it in them. In realizing that love was all way, in loving and honouring one woman completely I around me I had the unnerving feeling that love could be am loving all women and helping generate the possibility about choice rather than some fatalistic notion that I was that the wounds of all can be healed and wholeness can be compelled to follow. With this latest realization, I set out in celebrated. Now at a junction in my life, ready to marry, I take a look back at my journey and pay tribute to all the earnest to understand my last riddle. girls I’ve loved before. They’ve shown me that they wanted me to stay true to myself. Not to be an asshole but to follow What Was The Point of Sex? my own inner voice, even when it flew in the face of other’s In braving the turbulent waters of sexuality a whole other set opinions. beliefs under the spot light. I could no longer deny that they gave me consistently unsatisfactory results.

of questions surfaced. In a sense the tables turned. Whereas before sex I’d been the one doing the chasing, now after sex, I was the one doing the running. Whether it was after a week, a month or a year, sooner or later I’d begin to lose interest. After the initial fiery period of intense sexual frivolity, a pattern would emerge where periods of heightened sexual activity would be interspersed with ever increasing periods of distance. I identified orgasm as the key issue. After orgasm I felt depleted and withdrawn. This isn’t surprising when you look at the Chinese Medicine perspective on health which regards semen as a precious substance that contains the essence of one’s life force with its ability to create life. From this understanding I could see that in my periods of isolation I was trying to preserve my life force which was being depleted by the sexual act.

I thank all the girls who reflected to me my lack of self love. They taught me to look inside myself rather than trying to fill that longing through someone else. Once I was able to love myself, I could be with another in the spirit of sharing rather than neediness and through choice rather than compulsion. My search for “The One” was really the search for someone who could give me what I could not give myself. When I let go of the idea of “The One” and how they should be, I was able to love someone for who they really are. Murray Goodchild is an acupuncturist and singer/ songwriter at home in Warrandyte, Victoria, Australia. He is passionate about archetypes, initiation and transformation. Murray can be contacted at:



Spring Greens

By Sandie Hernandez - Red Lunar Moon

Here in Australia we are well into Spring. Our garden is filled with greens, broad beans, the fruit trees are laden with little fruit, we’ve just planted out seedlings and our makeshift nursery is holding newly sprouting Summer vegetables. Spring, governed by the wood element, is a wonderful time for cleansing and fasting, a time of new growth and renewed energy and a time to get busy! According to Chinese tradition, Spring is the season for harmonizing the liver & gallbladder. Spring greens, sprouts, wheat grass and other young plants help to cleanse the body of the residues of heavy foods and the energy of Winter as well as promote the expansive qualities of Spring. It is a good time to explore creativity and renew physical practices, yoga, dance, qi gong, swimming, running - whatever gives us the space to move and play! Drinking green smoothies & sweet and pungent herbal teas and using these herbs in cooking also help to cleanse and rejuvenate. Emotions such as impatience, desire & anger often arise and are expelled from the body during Spring, giving us space to allow lightness in, clearer vision and inspiration! It’s Spring and it’s been raining. Rain is a blessing in this time of drought here in Australia, where we’ve been increasingly recycling water from our homes. While teaching a cooking class to a group of earthy women ( I learned more from them!), we discussed the “recent” phenomenon of recycling grey water - practices

the ancestors of these women had applied always. What happened for us to be so disconnected to the precious gift of water? Greed, convenience, luxury, industrialization. It’s so convenient for us to turn on the tap and let it run. My mother told me stories of growing up in the country in Mexico where they had to go and collect the water for the household, water which was used daily for bathing, cooking & drinking. She said they spent endless time sitting on rocks in the river, watching fish & birds, talking,swimming, laughing or sitting quietly. They blessed the river which cooled them in the steamy heat and promised to always return. They rarely watered the garden and often bathed together. I remember when I was 9, my grandmother rising before dawn to boil water for our morning bath, filling a large drum with lovely warm water which we would then share. The left over water would then be poured onto the garden. There is a beautiful river which runs very close to my home here in Warrandyte. I was sitting there recently, quietly, watching water swirl around rocks, reeds and tree trunks, surrounded by tall swaying gum trees. Mesmerized by the movement and the sunlight reflecting off the surface, I became aware of a gentle babbling. The water was sweetly talking to me, and for the first time I listened.


Quinoa & Broad Bean Salad with flaxseed oil, almonds and fresh parsley 1/2 cup quinoa 500g broad beans, shelled 1 bunch asparagus, sliced on angle into small pieces 1/4 cup almonds, roasted and roughly chopped 1 fresh bay leaf few sprigs fresh thyme zest & juice 1 lemon 1/2 teaspoon fennel seeds 1/2 red onion, diced 1 bunch fresh rocket, washed 1 bunch fresh, flat-leaf parsley, washed & leaves picked, half roughly chopped 3 tablespoons apple cider vinegar 3 tablespoons flaxseed oil pinch freshly ground black pepper Boil 1 1/2 cups water with the bay leaf, lemon zest and thyme for 3 minutes. Add a pinch of sea salt and quinoa, boil another 2-3 minutes before turning heat down to low, cover and cook for about 20 minutes, or until all liquid absorbed. Pour into bowl and allow to cool. Meanwhile, pod the broad beans. Heat 2 tablespoons olive oil in a frying pan and add red onion & fennel seeds, sauteing gently until fragrant. Add beans cooking until beans are tender, about 8 minutes, add asparagus and cook for another few seconds. Add a sprinkle of sea salt and pepper and pour this into cooked quinoa. When completely cool, stir in flaxseed oil, lemon juice, cider vinegar, rocket and parsley. Garnish with almonds & more parsley.

Springtime Smoothie 1 kiwi fruit 2 sticks celery 1/4 cup fresh parsley squeeze lemon juice 1/2 cup spinach leaves 1 apple 1 teaspoon spirulina powder or nopal powder 2 cups filtered water Blend until smooth and drink before a meal or on an empty stomach. Very cleansing. Not to be drunk if you have a sensitive stomach or any kind of bowel inflammation.

Spring Greens Soup 2 bunchs spring greens, spinach, silverbeet, asian greens, water cress include some bitter greens such as chicory, dandelion, celery leaves - washed and roughly chopped 3 sticks celery, washed and sliced on an angle 1 cup fresh green peas 1 small white salad onion or a few spring onions, sliced finely, four or five sprigs fresh thyme 1 bay leaf, fresh is good 1/4 cup fresh oregano, leaves washed removed and sliced finely 1 bunch fresh dill, washed, remove stems and chop leaves, keep stems aside 3 or 4 small spring carrots and tops, carrots sliced on an angle and tops roughly chopped 1 litre of vegetable stock or boiling water with a good quality stock cube sea sakt abd freshly ground black pepper to taste 1 bunch of radish, sliced 2 cups ice-berg lettuce, shredded 1 lemon, sliced into wedges 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil Heat olive in a large soup pot over medium heat. Add onion or spring onion & bayleaf and saute until fragrant but not coloured. Stir in carrot , thyme, oregano & celery, frying for a few moments. Pour in hot stock and gently simmer for about 8 minutes. Stir in the peas, followed soon after by the greens and the rest of the herbs and carrot tops. Simmer until greens have wilted, a few minutes. season with sea salt and pepper then ladle into bowls. Garnish with shredded lettuce, radishes and wedges of lemon. Sandie is a passionate cook, gardener and dreamer, creating art from food and the abundant blessings of the Earth’s garden. She hopes that all the stories from the many cultures and traditions of the people of Earth keep weaving us into the greater story of humanity. She can be contacted at:

“From now on in accordance with my inner wisdom, I will strive to take in what is suitable and necessary and to eliminate what is unsuitable & unnecessary” Oki-do Yoga Sutra 31

Another Yourself By Even*Dawn - Red Crystal Serpent

HOLONOMIC PERSONIFICATION: To know one’s self as a whole system My personal journey of enquiry into the 13:20 codes governing the Synchronic Order has experientially demonstrated to me that Time and Consciousness are intrinsically interlinked. By having declared my residence a ‘Natural Mind Sanctuary’ I have asserted the intention that it may exist as a Natural Time zone, a field which is not predominated by the timing devices of the 12 hour clock and 12 month calendar. The only clock in my home is painted onto cardboard. It was found whilst packing away bamboo domes after Exodus Live, an outdoor arts and music festival, hanging from a tree above the spot where a makeshift ‘utopian quickie-mart’ had been spread out selling goji berries and trading cards to passersby. It is slightly melted looking, like one of Salvador Dali’s surrealist paintings, and it doesn’t have any hands, just the word NOW painted on the face, surrounded by the numbers 1 to 12. When we got it home I drew the number 13 in the center of the letter O and hung it on the wall.

In exploring the effects of Natural Time on consciousness I have identified changes in the quality of my self-familiarity. My perception of self is affected by my capacity to alter the perimeter of that which I consider my self to encompass. When I intend to, say for example, consider my self in relation to the physical parameters of my biology, I become increasingly aware of physical sensory input and what is happening within my body, such as feeling my body’s posture and the movement of my breath. When I then extend the personification of my self out beyond the surface of my skin I can consider my existence in relation to my proximity, which on a micro level is my immediate surrounding environment (near space, low time) and on a macro level the entire planetary biosphere and beyond (far space, high time). “Again I am within my self. I walked away but here I come sailing back. Feet in the air, upside down, as a saint when he opens his eyes from prayer. Now. The room, the tablecloth, familiar faces.” Rumi - Persian mystic poet In continuing this expansion of my sense of selffamiliarity, I begin to encompass and encounter other selves, as seemingly engaged in their own expression of existence as I am. These ‘familiar faces’ are the kindred spirits who with me share in an ongoing exploration of this same delicate layer of life called the biosphere. In considering the diversity found in forms of life which occupy this space between the earth and sky, that which I share in common with all other humans, regardless of their gender, race or disposition far outweighs any differences which could be cause for conflict. Any degree to which we compare or consider ourselves in relation to another is based in a sense of mutuality, which in itself is a type of love. It is this sense of love that allows us to feel emotions such as empathy and compassion, and enables a sense of understanding another being.


Acknowledging another as being ‘like-minded’ is how we come to attribute a sense of shared resonance between our own and another’s mutual mental fields. This field of sympathetic association between individuals is what is defined as the ‘group holon’, the greater sum of the whole group. Each person is attributed a number value based on their day of birth (their Galactic Signature). This Galactic Signature is the personal blend of the Galactic Tone & Solar Tribe combined. You can calculate the Galactic Signature of the group holon by adding the numbers for one person’s tone and tribe with each other persons tone and tribe in the group. If, for example, there are two people in a group and one is Yellow Lunar Sun (tone 2, tribe 20) and the other is Red Solar Moon (tone 9, tribe 9) the relationship holon of these two people is calculated as follows:

2 + 9 = 11 Spectral Tone 9 + 20 = 29 – 20* = 9 Red Moon Tribe. So together they form a Red Spectral Moon holon (tone 11, tribe 9). In the base 20 vigesemal system of reckoning whenever the sum of tribe numbers is greater than 20*, multiples of 20 are then subtracted from the total and the 0-19 number remaining is the tribe number, so tribe 29 is actually equal to tribe 9. This principal applies likewise to the tone numbers 1 to 13. Whenever the sum total of tone numbers exceeds 13, the total is reduced by subtracting multiples of 13, whatever remains is the number value for the holon signature’s tone. To add another signature to the Red Spectral Moon holon (tone 11, tribe 9), for example White Resonant Wizard joins the configuration (tone 7, tribe 14) this is the calculation:

11 + 7 = 18 – 13 = 5 Overtone Tone 9 + 14 = 25 – 20 = 5 Red Serpent Tribe revealing the holon signature Red Overtone Serpent (tone 5, tribe 5). The key features of this holon relationship can be considered in the context of the keywords associated with the: 5th tone (radiance, empower, command) and the 5th tribe (lifeforce, survives, instinct).

EMPATHETIC INTELLIGENCE: I am who you are when you are All that Is Registered at such an all encompassing order of magnitude, the ‘ultimate reality’ defies any definition of its own inherent form, and is thereby mentally attributed to the source of its own creation, which for all intents and purposes is being called GOD. At this level of distinction the dynamic process of the Creator need not be considered as separate from the manifestation of its form. Having adopted this animistic perspective I now attribute the symbolism of objects and others in my surrounding reality with greater significance and in doing so have begun decoding a veritable galactic storm in a tea cup.


Through the development of this self-similar association between the creative principal and the product of its own creation I now acknowledge the existence of a fractalesque motif underlying all sensible forms. The Galactic Ordering Dynamic (GOD) intones the form of the cosmos into all variations of a swirling turning theme, the vorticular movement of energy visible from the grandest to the smallest scales of definition. Each being’s capacity to conceive of the vastest vision they can currently comprehend, such as a galaxy (or a galaxy of galaxies), and conversely the most miniscule level of energy envisionable such as the micro quanta of particle physics, is indicative of an ability to recognise whole systems design, or holonomic order. To recognise ones own self as a whole system in the act of recognising another whole system is holonomic personification. ‘In Lak`ech’ or ‘I am another yourself’ is a code of honor encrypted with the essence of this awareness.

ATTENTION TO COSMIC DETAIL: From television to telepathic instantaneity How many times have you turned your attention to the entraining entertainment of a television set as a result of feeling bored? What is this sense of boredom if not an opportunity to open to the myriad of miracles presented by each and every moment, where here meets now? Thoroughly engaging in even the most mundane of human activity has the potential to illicit a great awakening of human awareness, the luminous, energetic eruption of comprehension that is often accompanied by the sound ‘AH HA’! All modes and languages of communication (like the Dreamspell: Journey of Timeship Earth 13:20 codes) which serve to evolve us towards greater recognition of synchronistic, syntropic synergy, start to resemble and reassemble into ever increasing degrees of

aesthetic alignment. Many renditions of occurring epiphany have emerged in the form of song and spontaneous prose. “The impulse to art is a universal attribute of intelligence” wrote VV Jose Arguelles in the Call of Pacal Votan: Time is the Fourth Dimension, and as such art is the universal language for expressing universal intelligence. I have witnessed no greater evidence of telepathy than in the presence of musicians playing a live set unrehearsed. Jamming, bhajans, freestyling or improvising, call it what you will, but essentially to play along with a moment in time is to synchronise with the same creative force that births the very galaxy we are spinning in. The flavour of the jam spreading out on the great galactic pancake depends on the variety of fruits that make it in the mix. As all PANcake makers know, to get a good batter on the rise, it must be left to sit for a while and work up a nice funky culture. Then when it’s poured out onto the cooking plane of possibility the bits on the edges of the pancake get the idea first, becoming all brown and crispy, but being bound to the pancake as a whole need to endure the entire cooking process. From the perspective of those courageous batter bits ‘living on the edge’, it could seem like things are getting a little risky and that the great cosmic cook may have wandered off too far from the pan. But as all PANcake eaters know, included in the cooking instructions is a directive which offsets the dire fulfillment of a fiery end time. Savour that thought, see you on the flip side. EveN DawN is a visionary new time artist, living at Moondani Natural Mind Sanctuary in northern NSW.


A New Double CD Set for Children and Adults by Lia Scallon

“utterly superb… deserves to be discovered” G.Major - Fish Records

5 brave little angels undertake a grand adventure to visit planet Earth. Adults and children alike will be swept up by this magical cosmic fable and the exquisite musical journey that evolves from the storytelling. You will feel soothed and nurtured to your very soul. YOUR SPIRITS WILL SOAR WITH LOVE FOR OUR BEAUTIFUL PLANET EARTH… Available at all music stores or from Lia Mob: 0419486073 email: WWW.SOUNDSOFSIRIUS.COM


2C In Lak'ech Ala Kin - Episode 2.2  

Second Creation episode 2.2 of the Lunar Wizard year, theme: Relating

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