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Ateneans conquer the 36th Annual National Summer Conference and Work Camp Cyril Concepcion, John Louize Guban, and

Speaking Contest and was awarded Best News

Hans Xavier Wong, three of the members of the Blue Eagle

Anchor and Wong won 1st place for Essay Writing

Publications of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University High


School represented the school in the 36th Annual National

The Children‘s Museum and Library

Summer Conference and Work Camp held on April 23-27,

Incorporated (CMLI), in collaboration with Teacher

2014 at Ibay Zion Hotel, Baguio City. Lecturers and speakers

Advisers‘ Association of the Philippines Incorporated

(TAAPI), annually hold the of high calibre coming from LEFT TO RIGHT: Cyril Conception, John Louize Guban and Hans Xavier Wong N a t i o n a l S u m m e r various universities in the country conducted literary workshops Concepcion won 1st place in Conference and Workcamp to strengthen and competitions. This years theme was News Writing Contest and was awarded the engagements of the Filipino youth Say Yes! Surpassing Limits and as Best Theatre Actor. Meanwhile, Unleashing the Power of the Filipino Guban won 1st place in Extemporaneous Youth.

from private and public schools across the country through various workshops


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and competitions.

Ateneo Holds 78th Commencement Exercises Junior-Senior Promenade 2014 By Hans Xavier Wong and John Louize F. Guban

The 78th Commencement Exercises of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University High School batch 2014 was held on the 21st of March 2014 in the High School Lobby, Fr. William H. Kreutz, SJ Campus, Tumaga, Zamboanga City. This year’s batch is composed of 274 graduates with Fatima Sherraine J. Jalani as the By Lea Esperat class valedictorian and Gilson Andre’ M. Narcisso as the class salutatorian. Meanwhile, Dr. Melchor Alan Lim Siriban, an alumnus of the high school was the keynote speaker. Ms. Janice J. Caraecle and Mr. Jeffrey O. Jalani hosted the said event. The ceremony started at 1:00 PM with a simultaneous Eucharistic celebration for

By Antonette Calimot and Chloe Cabahug

Debra Ann Ponce and Ir-Shad Joujohn led the invocation for the Christians and Muslims respectively followed by the singing of the national anthem led by

At 1:00 in the afternoon on

The Lighting of the Mother

February 15, 2014, the Ateneo de Zamboanga University (ADZU) High

Candles was spearheaded by Mr.

School held its annual Junior-Senior

Hong, Principal and Assistant Principal of

Promenade at the Astoria Regency

Conrado Z. Balatbat and Ms. Rosie M.

the ADZU Band with the Band Master Mr. Apolonio Enriquez, conducting. The

Convention Center, Pasonanca,

the ADZU HS, respectively, and Mr. Santiago P. Araneta Jr. and Mrs. Ruth E.

Zamboanga City. Florence Lae Teh, from

Vesagas. This was followed by the

class salutatorian Gilson Andre’ Narcisso gave the welcome address. Mr. Conrado

III-St. Faber and Gilson Andre M. Narciso, from IV- St. Arrowsmith hosted the said

Candlelight Ceremony of the juniors and

Balatbat, the high school principal presented the 274 candidates for


P. Himor of III-St. Southwell gave the

seniors. Subsequently, Ms. Conely Mhar closing remarks. It was followed by the community singing of

graduation who were proudly accepted by the university president Rev. Fr. Karel

the Promenade Song, “Count on Me”. Delza

San Juan, SJ. Ms. Anna Sheila Tejada Torralba, the high school registrar read

E. Dumadag of III-St. Chabanel led the prayer before meals.

the meaning of the Ateneo diploma while Ms. Rosie Hong, high school assistant


principal introduced the guest speaker.


dinner, the social

the Catholics at the lobby and the prayer service for the non-

dances kicked off with

Catholic Christians and Muslims at the AVR 2 and

participated by selected juniors and

Faculty Lounge respectively. Rev. Fr.

L to R: (Prince) Al-Renzo Quimzon, (Princess) Michelle Ojeda, (Queen) seniors. This was Sofiya Salim, (King) Andre’ Lim

Karel S. San Juan, SJ, the university president

led by Kaitlynne Therese Reyes, a third

performances by selected third and

year St. Daniel student, followed by the singing of the National Anthem and

fourth year students. This year’s Prom Queen and King


The program started with a prayer

presided the mass while Rev. Carlos G. Gulane,






Zamboanga Hermosa led by Thea Marie

are Sofiya Salim of IV-St. Arrowsmith

senior pastor of Zamboanga City

Dominique Valmonte, a third year St. Berchmans student. Meanwhile, Jude

and Andre’ Lim of IV-St. Pongracz while the Prom Princess and Prince are

Assembly of God led the Gilson Andre’ Narciso receives his diploma. And Fatima Sherraine J. Juaini pledges loyalty and commitment to the AdZU Alumni Association. non-Catholic Christian service. Moreover, Mr. Gazzali Taupan, Dr. Melchor Alan Lim Siriban, the guest faculty of the School of Arts and speaker for this year’s graduation rites...,

Balala, a junior from St. Colombiere, gave

Michelle Ojeda of III-St. Faber and Al

the welcome remarks. Rizza Angelie Fernandez, a senior from St. Arrowsmith

Renzo Quimson of III-St. Colombiere. They were chosen by some members of

turned over the “key of responsibility” to

the Faculty and Staff base on the following

Sciences and former Campus Minister of the College Department headed the

Jose Gabriel Petate, a junior from St. Faber.


Muslim service.

is one of the most accomplished alumni of the Ateneo. He graduated... turn to page 9

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Seniors’Recognition 2014 By Lea Esperat

The Ateneo de Zamboanga High School University held its annual recognition day for the senior students last March 11, 2014 at the school’s main lobby. The program started at 9:00 o’clock in the morning and ended at around 10:30 am. The said program was hosted by Mr. Carlito A. Robin and Mrs. Leila G. Lim, both members of the faculty. The program started with a doxology followed by the singing of the national anthem and Zamboanga Hermosa, led by the Coro Concordia de Aguilas (CCA). Fr. Karel S. San Juan, SJ, the university president gave the opening remarks. It was followed by the awarding of medals and certificates by the high school principal Mr. Conrado

Juinors-Seniors... from page 1 Prom Queen Grace in Transition- As a high school student, the transition from being a naive girl to a confident lady was difficult, but she sailed through with grace. The consistency of her bearing is a mark of her unrivalled degree of naturalness. An Atenean Lady- She believes that the essence of a lady is to be one with her community. She exudes charm in charity and style in service. She possesses a heart of a lady of Atenean magnanimity. Pretty Progressive- She is a lady who cherishes the limitless possibilities the world offers her, yet she is not swayed by the currents of mediocrity. Excellence is her badge of honor.

this Special Award is Proficiency in Sports.

Z. Balatbat, assisted by the registrar

regional or national level. Some of these

Ms. Anna Sheila Tejada Torralba.

are the Crimson Debate Cup, Stat Quiz

Selected students of IV-St.

There are four categories of

Bowl, Metrobank MTAP-DEPED Math

Arrowsmith, the Coro Concordia de

awards. These are the Co- curricular,

Challenge and the annual Press

Aguilla, and the Dance Troupe gave

Extra-curricular, Clubs and

Conferences. The Club and Organization

intermission numbers during the

Organizations, and Special Awards.

awards are given to students who have

program. Mr. Conrado Z. Balatbat, the

The Co-curricular awards are given to

been an active club officer or member

high school principal gave the closing

students who have participated and won

of a certain club or organization for at

remarks which was followed by the

in competitions held by the different

least two years. Meanwhile, the Special

community singing of the Alma Mater

academic departments. These include contests held during the celebration of

Awards, are given to students who song Fly High led by the HS Admission excelled in certain fields and have been and Scholarship Coordinator, Mr.

St. Ignatius Week, Literacy Month,

acknowledged by a local, national or

Science Month, Buwan ng Wika and the

international institution. One example of

The annual Seniors’ Recognition

likes as well as quiz bowls in different

this is the national ward Mga Bagong

Day is conducted to give honor to the

subject areas. The Extra-curricular awards are given to students who

Rizal: Pag -asa ng Bayan Award and senior students in their achievements and the Mayor’s Award for the Youth of active involvement in school activities and

represented the school in various

2014, of which Debra Ann M Ponce, a

competitions in the inter-school, division,

student belonging to the Honors’ Class

AdZU HS Holds English Speech Festival 2014 The annual English Speech Festival of Ateneo de Zamboanga University High School, organized by the English Department was held last February 28, 2014, Thursday at the Fr. William H. Kreutz, SJ Campus, Tumaga, Zamboanga City. The whole day event started at 8:00 in the morning with the Doxology, followed by the singing of the Philippine National Anthem and the Zamboanga Hermosa Hymn, led by the Coro Concordia de Aguilas (CCA). The opening remark was given by the Chairperson of the English Department, Mrs. Evelyn Q. Bugayong. Hannah Natalie Machado, a student of 8-St. Ignatius, gave a song intermission number. Before every competition, the judges were introduced by selected teachers from the English Department. The first part of the program began with Extemporaneous speaking competition bracket A, contended by grade 7 and 8 participants, followed by the bracket B competed by the 3rd year and 4th year. The Ateneo Dance Troupe

is a recipient. Another field that merits

By Florence Lae Teh

rendered a dance intermission number before the Elocution competition of the grade 8 students started. The second part of the program began with the Elocution competition contended by the 3rd year and 4th year participants. Afterwards, grade 7 students participated in the Declamation competition. The contest proper resumed at 1:30 in the afternoon with the bracket A of the Choral Recitation, contended by all the 4th year sections. The bracket B was competed by all the grade 8 sections. The English Speech Festival 2014 ended with a debate exhibition by the Ateneo Debate Congress and the announcement of the winners of the various categories. The winners are as follows: Extemporaneous Speaking (Bracket A-Grade 7 and 8 Levels) Champion-John Luize F. Guban of 8St.Ignatius 1st Place-Hans Xavier W. Wong of 8St.Ignatius

Prom King

Man Defined- As a senior student, he defied the conventional definitions of his peers about what makes a boy a man. He channeled his force not to advocate stereotypical brutness, but to exemplify the modern intellectual. An Atenean Gentleman- He takes pride in honesty. He takes pride in generosity. He takes pride in courtesy. He is a man of manners. Modern Man- A senior student who explored wisdom beyond the staples of the classroom, focusing on those that will be beneficial in the modern age. He is a student who excelled in sportsmanship and not in sports alone; who excelled in fine conduct and not in fine arts alone.

2nd Place -Rey Dominic F. Bautista of 8-St. Ignatius Extemporaneous Speaking (Bracket B-3rd and 4th Year Levels) Champion -Fatima Sherraine J. Juaini of IV -St. Arrowsmith 1st Place-Jude Sarah Nur C. Balala of III-St. Columbiere 2nd Place-Rizza Angelie L. Fernandez of IV-St. Arrowsmith Elocution (Bracket A -Grade 8 Level) Champion -Alma Bianca C. Sakandal of 8 -St. Ignatius Elocution (Bracket B-3rd and 4th Year Levels)

Santiago P. Araneta Jr.

in the community.

Champion-Vanessa Jane P. Vicete of IV-St. Arrowsmith 1st Place- Debra Ann M. Ponce of IVSt. Arrowsmith 2nd Place-Coniely Mhar P. Himor of IIISt. Southwell Declamation (Grade 7 Level) Champion-Jonahue T. Potenciano of 7St. Xavier Speech Choir (Bracket A-All Grade 8 Sections) Champion-St. Kostka 1st Place-St. Ignatius 2nd Place-St. Garnet Speech Choir (Bracket B-All 4th Year Sections) Champion-St. Bellarmine 1st Place -St. Arrowsmith 2nd Place-St. Regis

Speech Choir Champions: L to R (Bracket A) Grade 8- St. Kostka, (Bracket B) IV- St. Bellarmine Prom Princess Grace in Transition- As a high school student, the transition from being a naive girl to a confident lady was difficult, but she sailed through with grace. The consistency of her bearing is a mark of her unrivalled degree of naturalness. An Atenean Lady- She believes that the essence of a lady is to be one with her community. She exudes charm in charity and style in service. She possesses a heart of a lady of Atenean magnanimity. Pretty Progressive- She is a lady who cherishes the limitless possibilities the world offers her, yet she is not swayed by the currents of mediocrity. Excellence is her badge of honor. Prom Prince Man Defined- As a senior student, he defied the conventional definitions of his peers about what makes a boy a man. He channeled his force not to advocate

stereotypical brutness, but to exemplify the modern intellectual. An Atenean Gentleman- He takes pride in honesty. He takes pride in generosity. He takes pride in courtesy. He is a man of manners. Modern Man- A senior student who explored wisdom beyond the staples of the classroom, focusing on those that will be beneficial in the modern age. He is a student who excelled in sportsmanship and not in sports alone; who excelled in fine conduct and not in fine arts alone. Whether or not there will still be a Prom next year, Prom Committee Chair Brother Arman Samonte, SJ said, “There is a prom next year. Its on February 14.” But, as to who will participate, he is unsure. “IfitsGrade 9 and then seniors & why not call it a High School Prom? & because the purpose of the prom is socialization anyway.”


AdZU GS Transfer To Kreutz Campus: Pros and Cons With the construction of the new Grade School building in the Fr. William H. Kreutz, SJ Campus nearing completion and the expected subsequent migration of the entire grade school community from the old La Purisima campus to Tumaga, we cant help but feel excited and anxious all at the same time. The new Grade School site which occupies the old soccer field of the high school covers 8.3 hectares and has its own cafeteria, auditorium, amphitheater, and various sports facilities. The ground breaking took place on July 30, 2013. On June 2015, the grade school students will begin attending their classes here at the Kreutz Campus. Meanwhile, the old grade school building at the main campus will be occupied by the Senior High School or the Grades 11 and 12 in 2016. Priority-wise, we think the project is not only sound, but also beneficial. As any change however, there are both advantages and disadvantages. For the incoming Grade School community, the transfer is seen as an upgrade of facilities, thereby improving productivity, and possibly profit. Quite a few teachers remarked that they are excited for the transfer due to this reason. The lack thereof of “outside” suppliers such as the very helpful department stores in La Purisima(i.e. Shoporama, Mindpro, Big As) can only be compensated by the comparatively limited cafeteria stores. The addition of the population can thus mean generating considerable amounts of revenue for canteen

store operators, and consequently the schools charges for rent, thereby making possible (fingers crossed) the dropping of prices of food and other basic educational commodities. In the teachers perspective, “basic education” and the interrelation of the participating communities are of unequivocal importance. One teacher had commented, “Basic ed[ucation should be in the same campus, but managed separately”. For parents who teach in the Ateneo, this is of particular benefit especially to those who have children in both levels as this saves them travel expenses, on top of the equivalent tuition fee discount per child. Another benefit of the project is that the transfer will hope to lead to a consequent

Editorial Board (2nd Issue) SY 2013-2014 News Department: Florence Lae Teh

Mikol Anne Tatel Literary Department:

easing of the flow of vehicles around the main campus. This leave is also of particular help to the College community, as the buildings once taken up by the transferring community is now designated for use of the various schools, and colleges within the University. Morever, theres more to it than meets the eye. For instance, the transfer of the Grade School places the considerably younger student body out of several distractions. Well, leading to the heart of the city, there exists a plethora of stores, computer shops and stalls that are so inviting to students. Although cases of truancy are rare, they may result in security compromises. Thus, the transfer, therefore, offers a crucial measure of security to our younger kin, placing them Sharmaine Caguioa Johnrhett Peter Pacio Aldwin Anuddin- photo

Alessi Chloie Alvarez

Jetherson Candelaria

Najwa Unga

Yvraminick Aidan Bejar

Hans Xavier Wong

Nuruh-Raina Aluk

Christine Albao

John Louize Guban

Aeryne Chloe Cabahug

Ma. Rhodelia Erma Dormido

Gian Rose Villanueva

Joshua Rommel Vargas

Kyle Alfonzo Oyong

Lea Jean Esperat

Layout Department:

Therese Nyah Janel Sampang

Thiara Indasan

Antonette Feliz Calimot

Jasmine Czarina Chua

Feature Department: Macy Giselle Bunao Jude Sarah Nur Balala

Chief Photographer: Carlo Rafael San Agustin Photo Journalists:

Vincent Barbarona Editorial Cartoonists:

Maria Janelle Dizon Sports Writer: Cyril Concepcion Contributors : Fiona Elisse Morales Joanie Hoube

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Zacharee Masamayor

Claresse Labanes

Ramsyss M. Andaya

Regina Usman Moderators:

within the supervision of adults far away from the urban environment of La Purisima. The primary detriment of the transfer is the significant altering of the traffic flow along Sta. Maria and Sta. Cruz roads leading to Barangay Tumaga. This is what many of the students, and their respective parents or guardians are concerned about. At present, the roads leading to the Tumaga campus are already very congested especially in the early morning when students go to school and in the afternoon when they go home. Cases of tardiness recorded are often caused by this heavy flow of traffic. With the addition of the Grade School, the rate of traffic is expected to increase which might lead to possible clashing of timetables not only for the residents of the Fr. WHK Campus, but also for the average working class- employees who pass through the area. Not to mention, the overcrowding it might cause the once spacious Tumaga campus especially during special events like PTCs, Family Day, etc. In all likelihood, the worst consequences of the transfer appear to be the possibility of increasing financial expenditure (due to circumstances regarding transport, and baon) and overcrowding, which can both only be partially remedied by the services rendered by the school; that is, provision of public utility vehicles, and crowd/ schedule management. On the other end of the spectrum, it offers a wide variety of benefits, ranging from security, availability, to increasing educational, and functional facilities, culminating in an overall benefit of universal application: sustainability. Should the projects detriments be mitigated, and its benefits capitalized, the University itself, as well as the stakeholders like us, stand to benefit in the long term.


Mandela and the Strife for Equality By Regina Usman

An African politician once proclaimed, “I detest racialism, because I regard it as a barbaric thing, whether it comes from a black man or a white man.” For us, these are nothing much but uttered words that are meant to be clichéd in speeches and articles such as this one. But there is absolutely more to that. There is true meaning behind this eloquent excerpt. True enough for a man who has proven that actions speak more than words. This man was the one who opined this himself. This man was Nelson Mandela. Rolihlahla Mandela, most commonly known by his English forename given to him by his teacher “Nelson”, experienced racism most of his life though this didn’t stop him from being united with other people of

different races, even his own bullies. Mandela along with others believed that Blacks should have equal opportunities as Whites do, disagreeing with the then apartheid legislation of the government, which is separation and segregation of the black Africans. He, along with others, campaigned for anti-colonialism. His affiliation with numerous organizations, cultivated his wishes. His battle to lead South Africa to equality went to the verge of starting a sabotage campaign to rid the preposterous regime. After most of his attempts, he inevitably went behindbars, prominently when his endeavor of sabotaging the government failed to surface. This coerced him to lifesentence and eventually, 26 years in prison. After his release in 1990, Mandela successfully fulfilled his

“Nelson” Mandela, champion of South Africa’s long walk to freedom. (www.

yearning of ending the apartheid through negotiations with the last president of this era. This brought joy to many and gave Nelson Mandela a bounty of fulfillments in his life. Only some of these are finally granting freedom and equality to the blacks and ultimately becoming the first black president of South Africa.

The lessons we learned from him and the better change he started. A legacy that motivates us to make our own. As His Excellency, the late Nelson Mandela once said, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

The Family-Caused Shame

The Anatomy of a Barkada

By Macy Bunao

By Fiona Ellise E. Morales

There are certain times in your life when you just want the land to swallow you up or when you badly need to think an alibi for your burning red face. Worse, our family (particularly our parents and oh-so-naughty-and-nicesiblings) mostly are the No.1 people who would cause these “certain times” maybe because they probably know everything that we just want to keep inside the Pandora’s box. 1. Shame in front of friends Have you ever experienced one of your classmates asking you for a ride home? Of course, you’ll agree (especially when your mind is all focused on waiting for another from your crush). Then here comes along your brother who also just finished his classes. You both attend the same school so you’ll be going home together. And then you realized you’ve made the biggest mistake ever. News flash: Mom + Dad + Brother + Classmate + You all in one car. Your Mom goes asking about school and suddenly says, “Alam mo bang noong Grade 2 yan si (your name), umiihi pa yan sa kama!”

Some parents would also be interested in being “techy” too. You shouldn’t be surprised if suddenly your mom or dad tells you to accept their “Friend Request”. Of course, you cannot say No” anymore because they would only be prying much more on you and your secrets. They would think that you are hiding something from them. So just as you and your friends are having a conversation below your Profile Picture (where you are having a wacky pose), your mother suddenly typed a comment, “Bakit ganyan itsura mo diyan, anak? Pangit man! Haha! Btw, gawin mo na ang assignment mo kung ayaw mong paluin kita sa puwet bukas.” 3. Shame in Public You and your mother are out shopping (since you can’t say “No” again) when she went through the racks of underwear displays. You thought she was looking for something fit for her when she calls your name. Your mom: Tingnan nga natin kung kasya sa ‘yo to.

Your dad: Umihi nga yan sa panty niya noong Kinder kasi nakita yung crush! Haha!

And then she places the underwear in front of you and over the part where you wear it.

Your brother: Tapos yung crush niya may naamoy daw na mabaho. Hindi niya alam na si (your name) pala yun! Haha!

You: Ma, di ba pwedeng sa fitting room na lang?

These are the times when you would rather jump off the car even if it is running in fullest speed.

Your mom: Ano ka ba, di mo to totoong isusuot nuh! Titingnan lang natin. And then she keeps on doing it like nobody is really noticing or minding, while all you wanted at that moment was to disappear.

2. Shame on Media turn to page 5

High school is the best and worst four years of our life - worst, because of all the stress, chaos, sleepless nights, and requirements and best because, high school introduces us to the people who will be with us in a special teenage exclusive or open relationship called “friendship”. These people are generally called “barkada”. They are the ones whom at first sight you might see as totally different, yet sooner or later you realize are actually your siblings from another mother or&from another planet. They are the people who laugh at your mistakes, insult you hard yet hug you tight or tap your back when you need one. According to urban dictionaries in the internet, the word barkada is a Filipino street slang which means a group of friends. In school, they are the ones who encourage or discourage us to study. They are the people whom our parents call whenever we become temporarily missing. But for us, our barkadas are our great companions in all our failures and successes, in our highs and lows, in our sweetness and bitterness and in almost everything that we get ourselves into, trouble or not. In school, we see a bunch of “barkadas” hanging out together in the cafeteria, in the lobby and practically everywhere. Although we are all unique, we might have one or two or all of these in our barkada. So let’s get to know more of the people we hang out with as we study the anatomy of a Filipino barkada. 1. The Mother/Father Figure- If you don’t consider yourself as the leader, then, there is someone else who is one someone who projects a mother or father figure. They are the ones whom everyone goes to when they have

problems. They are the all- time advisers of the barkada. 2. The Underdog- The ones who always get bullied. They are always picked on by everyone on everything they do and they just laugh it out loud. 3. The Joker- The ones who bring laughter to the barkada. They are the life of the group; the ones who bring the group into tears because of laughter. Their jokes might be overly corny, but we laugh at them anyway. 4. The Storyteller- The ones who have a bunch of stories in their heads. You mention one word, and they most probably remember a story that happened to them. They just seem to have everything to share to anyone willing (or sometimes unwilling) to listen. 5. The Slow Pickup- The ones who stay still and analyze the joke while everyone is already dying of laughter. They need an explanation in a sloooowmotion. 6. The War Freak- People like these might not be present in all barkadas, but I’m sure that there are such creatures. They are the ones who get into trouble or fistfights most of the time. They are the type who would need bouncers around. They either appear so inviting for fights or they get into fights uninvited. Either way, they are mostly of the male species. No biases or gender issues here&just plain observations! 7. The Nerd- The ones who always remind the barkada about assignments, quizzes, projects and everything else about studies. They know everything about school work and whatever is printed in your dusty and unused textbook. During class and especially.... anything about everything. They are the perfect model of “going with the flow”. turn to to page page 57 turn


The Family... from page 4

4. Shame in front of your Special Someone Sometimes, this is probably the worst one, especially when your Dad is the... overprotective type while your Mom is the supportive type and well&your sister is the “Sumbongera” one. After a good Sunday mass, your family decides to eat in a restaurant. Everything was going well while you were waiting for your order when all of a sudden your sister shouts, “Ma, Pa, yung manililigaw ni Ate oh!” Your dad: ANO? MAY NANLILIIGAW SA ‘YO ANAK? Your mom: Ah yun? Gwapo siya ah! Bagay kayo anak!

You: *curses silently inside* Your sister: Binigyan niya si Ate ng flowers sa school! Tapos binigyan pa siya ng love letter! *kiligs* Your dad: FLOWERS? LOVE LETTER? ANONG YEAR NA YAN? And then they all agreed to eat at your home instead and invited your “manliligaw” over. You were peacefully eating when your sister (again) suddenly asks loudly, “Ate, diba siya yung nasa picture sa kwarto mo na sabi mo, sa ‘yo lang siya at dapat di ako magkagusto sa kanya. Tapos lagi mo pa nga sinasabi na ‘gwapo siya, diba’?”

Catching the Fire in “Catching Fire!” By Mikole Anne C. Tatel

It all begins when Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta Mellark (John Hutcherson), the star-crossed lovers from district 12 were able to return home with complete body parts, sound mind and a working heart after winning the 74th hunger games. This was a miracle for both of them, stating the fact that only one victor can be crowned. The games changed their lives. They experienced wealth, fame and drama. Winning the game means embarking the “Victory Tour” (a traditional tour around Panem given to a victor) of the districts. This marks the start of the second book of Suzanne Collins, Catching Fire. Suzanne is a novelist and she is well-known for the Hunger Games Trilogy (this trilogy contains Hunger

Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay). Many were upset with the first movie which Gary Ross directed. Some parts were not believable! The movie was poorly handed, so fans were not satisfied. Yes, I agree with them. The Hunger Games movies were not clear; the message of the story was not somehow present in the movie. You have to read the book to understand the central idea why Katniss has that anger against the capitol slash to really experience the “kilig moments” with the conflict love story of Peeta and Katniss. Assume that you are not a book lover, how will you see the beauty of this story? The Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie kicks off with how Katniss managed the awful dreams of her about the past games that she was in. “The Girl on Fire”,

Both of your parents gave you that “you’ve-got-lots-of-explaining-to-do” look. And apparently, they aren’t the only ones who got shocked of what your sister said. It turns out that your “manliligaw” already got his answer from you. What to do? Two words: Keep Calm. Instead of telling a lie, admit the whole truth. This will also help you know the person who would accept you despite having such lovely mother-fatherbrother-sister around. Also, though they may be causing you a lot of embarrassment, you should always remember that they are still your family and that they love you. Yep, they do love you and whether you like it or not, will still be the ones who will be with you until the very end.

what Katniss is known for, is not aware of that “spark” she executed in the arena (the berries). Little did she know that President Snow (Donald Sutherland) is watching her back 24/7 after she got out of the arena. She did not ever have the slightest idea that because of what she did back in the arena, many people in Panem will suffer. She said in the movie, “Other people know my secrets before I do.” (Like the kiss from Gale! Liam Hemsworth) President Snow told her what is happening. She thought of her loved ones. Katniss became famous because of the star-crossed lovers from district twelve love story. So she continued to play the game with Peeta, but Haymitch (Woody Harrelson), their mentor from the previous games who is an alcoholic, clarifies to them that their game will never be reset. With this fact, Peeta and Katniss agreed to get married. Exciting? Yes! But hold your horses because their love story doesn’t end there! Their game was just an act for the people to be distracted from what is really happening (this was all just a part of the plan). During their tour, they kept on reading their cards. They were like

The Anatomy... from page 4

8. The Commoner- The ones who just stay with the barkada. When you laugh, they also laugh. When you study, they also study. Where you go, they also go. They don’t complain neither do they say anything about everything. They are the perfect model of “going with the flow”. Barkadas aren’t automatically bad influences. They may encourage you to do crazy things sometimes, but that doesn’t mean they are bad. Sometimes, being crazy is fun and perhaps, that’s what you and your barkada want to have fun! Whatever kind of barkada you have and whatever role you take, one thing is certain our barkada makes our life in high school a lot more exciting!

puppets of the capitol. Their act as lovers was not satisfying to President Snow (although it was really believable for me). The uprisings from each district became bigger and more violent. Then it was time for the 75th hunger games - the third quarter quell. Quarter quells are special, and by special I mean more challenging and scary. The deal is, if you already won the games, you are given immunity, you will live in harmony (except for the haunting dreams) but President Snow says that the strongest will never beat the capitol, he gave the twist that the next hunger games are to be played with the remaining pool of victors. The odds will never be in favour of Katniss and Peeta’s love story. Katniss, once “The Girl on Fire” is now “Mockingjay”. The mockingjay is the symbol of rebellion. But the “wrinkle” of the game did not work as planned. Instead, it became a strategy to the rebels specifically Haymitch and Plutarch (both part of the rebellion). They found a way to escape Katniss their “Mockingjay” and her allies to District 13. Yes there is District 13!


A Flood of Songs By Zacharee Quezon Masamayor

2013 was another year of life, another year of problems and for some, another year of music. Music has really evolved through the years. From Pop in the 80s, Hip Hop in the 90s, R&B in the 2000s and most recently, Teen pop in the 2010s. As I’ve said, 2013 was another year of music. Many new songs like Psy’s “Gentleman”, the controversial Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” and many others rocked our world. As much as we wanted to listen to all of these songs however, we just can’t seem to do so for so many reasons including being preoccupied with other trending stuff. But worry no more! There’s an answer to this problem -a

piece of musical art called “Pop Danthology” “Pop Danthology” is an anthology of various creative works arranged by musical enthusiast Daniel Kim. This creative artwork was said to be inspired from “United State of Pop” by mashup artist Jordan Roseman, famously known as “DJ Earworm”. It is an annual series that began in 2010. Unlike Earworm’s USP, which contains only the top 25 songs of the year, Pop Danthology has a changing number of songs each year. 50 were in 2010 and 2011 and 2012 while 68 were in the 2013 edition. According to the website, Kim spent a total of 180 hours in the making of his masterpiece wherein most of the time was spent in the arranging and mixing of the videos

and music while the least was spent on gathering the videos. A lot of planning is required because not all songs fit nicely into one stationary tempo and key. In other parts of the mashup, he wanted to make sure that the music would match the tune to make the rhythm perfect. That’s why he had to change some notes and key to make it sound right. The fun part he said was arranging and mixing the music where he would combine multiple different sounds to make new ones, which took most of the time- a total of 144 hours. The least exiting, meanwhile, was gathering the different kinds of different instrumental and acapella tracks, audio stems, and full songs which took a total of 33 hours. As Kim said, “Mashup artists such as myself, however,

are “chefs” who live in a world of many deceitful grocery stores that mislabel their produce as “fresh” and “organic” when they really are far from those descriptions. I am one “chef” who will not be deceived. I instead take the time to visit every “grocery store” in order to get ingredients of the highest quality.”Although the series began in 2010, “Pop Danthology” first rose to fame in 2012 which has 47,781,504 views in Youtube. The 2013 edition which was released in December 3 gathered 14,219,141 views as of January 23. Truly, Pop Danthology entertained millions of people and maybe after reading this, you might just be entertained too! This also might have solved your time problems. Imagine listening to 68 songs in just five minutes! How about that?!

“Thank you Ma’am V, for teaching me in the same way as any other student of Ateneo.”


DEBRA ANN PONCE: Unexpectations By Joshua Rommel Vargas

Screenshot of the PCGE’s website, zoomed in showing Debra Ann Ponce as one of the 17 awardees of the 2014 Mga Bagong Rizal: Pag-asa ng Bayan Award.

Sometimes, the unexpected happens. The Berlin Wall was torn down, even though from the 40s to the 80s there have been hostilities between both sides of Germany. North Korea allowed some of their people to meet their South Korean relatives, which is a feat since the socalled “democratic republic” never gave people the freedom to move out of the country. The United States’ SOPA and PIPA bills, which may restrict internet freedom by giving corporations freedom to tell ISPs to block access to certain websites, wasn’t passed after loud, widespread protest all over the world. These are some of the big unexpected things that happened in world history over the past century, events that people unexpectedly expected to happen. Yet something doesn’t have to be grand or on a worldwide scale to be unexpected. For example, that pizza you ordered came in with more sachets of hot sauce than usual, and of course it’s unexpected. Or how about the time when you desperately, desperately prayed for at least 1 “A” in your report card and you got three? The definition of unexpected is to be not of expectation, and therefore anything, from a worldwide issue simply solving itself to a mere text from your worst enemy greeting you happy birthday without insults, can be unexpected. So, obviously, gasps were heard, tears were shed and crowds cheered at the announcement that Debra Ann Ponce, a 4th year student of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University, won not one, not two, but three big non-curricular awards, the Alfonso Yuchengco Foundation National Discipline Award awarded to, well, students being hallmarks and role models of discipline; the Mga Bagong Rizal: Pag-asa ng Bayan Award from the Philippine Center for Gifted Education or PCGE for having exemplary social conduct, mental capability and leadership potential, just like our National Hero; and the Mayor’s Award for the Youth 2014 awarded by Mrs. Beng Climaco and the

Zamboanga City Government for bringing pride to Zamboanga City by winning the Mga Bagong Rizal award. The talented senior also graduated with flying colors as she was ranked 1st honorable mention. In addition, she was awarded gold medals for obtaining the highest final average mark both in English and Religion, a silver medal for her participation in the Ateneo Debate Congress and the Elocution finals, and Bronze for her active participation at the Council of Leaders, the Coro Concordia de Aguilas and YASS-EN (Young Ateneans’ Science Society of Environmentalists). She won 1st place in the Rizal Quiz Bowl and has been a consistent 1st Honor in became a finalist in 5 debate competitions and 2 math competitions. Any person would feel mighty and privileged when all these accomplishments are counted under his/ her name, so it wasn’t unexpected that Debra would feel the same. “I feel very privileged and humbled knowing that the award [Mga Bagong Rizal Award] is much coveted across regions,” she said in an interview with the Blue Eagle. “Consequently, I am inspired to continuously be worthy of the recognition by taking small steps in the realization of the responsibilities that go with it.” Born on March 9, 1998, Debra Ann Ponce was raised by her grandmother, along with her parents, both of whom are professors. She studied at Western Mindanao State University and graduated salutatorian in 2010. During her first year as a high school student in the Ateneo, she tried to excel not only in academics, but also in her co- and extra-curricular activities. It was in the Ateneo that she discovered the passion for public speaking. The freedom of being able to express herself was something she didn’t want to let go of, so over the years she improved and improved her public speaking skills. During her junior year, she participated in many debate tournaments and was crowned the Best Speaker at the Rookie Debate Cup 2012.

This opened up several avenues and opportunities for her. Expectedly, she was successful. For many people who did not know her, the sheer avalanche of credentials and awards that rained upon her was unexpected. But not for her. “We all dream to be successful, but expecting success comes with hard work,” she told the BEP. “I may have hoped for it in the past because how I worked during my elementary and high school years, even until now, is relative to the goals I set. These achievements were expected in a way, because these are goals once hoped and worked hard for.” The selection process for the prestigious Mga Bagong Rizal Award didn’t come easy for Ponce and for all the other awardees. It started with nominations from each region to the Regional Development Council Chairs. Each nominee had to submit a nomination form with three recommendations, a big portfolio with curriculum vitae, a documented best work and awards, and a one-page essay on why the nominee thinks he/she deserves to be one of the 17 Mga Bagong Rizal Awardees. From the hundreds of nominees, each region short-listed 9 to 15 nominees based on their performance, credentials and recommendations. There were 225 nominees from all regions. Each nominee was personally interviewed by the PCGE Advisory Board, who in turn, deliberated for the 17 Awardees. Having gone through this lengthy, nerve-wrecking process, where obviously the vast, vast, vast majority didn’t pass, Ponce said, “Though I have undergone a series of interviews and screening, like anybody else perhaps, I was hoping for the award but I never

spot on the official Facebook page of the school. Students look up to her, teachers are proud of her and everyone celebrates the enormous achievements Ponce has made for herself and for her school. Despite her extraordinary achievements however, she claims having committed mistakes just any other ordinary person. But though she regrets them, she learned from them and she became the person she is today. Her regret is particularly on her studies: “I regret not taking certain lessons by heart. I seemed to have studied certain lessons blindly instead of understanding it and its use. That is why, if given the chance, I would change my way of thinking during my starting years in high school. If I had the mindset that I study not because I need to but rather because I want to, then perhaps understanding lessons would have been much easier and more efficient for me since then.” “This school year taught me to cherish knowledge especially those that I could use to become a better person. I appreciate, too, the friendships established throughout the years. These are the things and memories I would carry with me even until I begin with my profession in the future.” After an amazing high school life and an unexpected turn of events, she feels satisfied. She reached her goals, she lived the life she wanted to but that’s not the main reason she feels satisfied. She feels like she has achieved something. “More than the plaque or medals,” she says, “what I appreciate the most is the trust placed by others upon me. They have entrusted the award alongside expectations to me perhaps because they believe in what I can do. That is why I am also fueled to meet

Debra Ann Ponce poses with her proud parents. And Makabagong Rizal awardee Debra Ann Ponce receives her diploma

expected it considering that there were so many brilliant minds nominated for the award as well& &the Jose Rizal Award has a huge impact to my life because it constantly reminds me that much is expected of me. Thus, I believe that I am formed well in accordance to the inspiration that I am able to get from the expectation of living up to the ideals of our National Hero.” In her own words, there is no doubt that her awarding is a big achievement, one that makes many students look up to her. Even the university itself declares her award to be a great achievement, landing her a

these expectations with actions that could manifest the learning I had in Ateneo that is, in summary, Pro Deo et Patria. Having the right support, opportunity, and mindset would probably be what I have achieved.” She is successful, she has achieved a lot, and she reached her dreams, so her placement of meeting expectations, being a true Atenean and being a better person as a higher priority over her trophies, medals and plaques (which are numerous, in case you didn’t read all of this lengthy article) can be described in one word, just one word -Unexpected.


Ateneo Holds...

from to page 1

AdZU HS batch 2014 with moderators, administrators and keynote speaker Dr. Siriban.

salutatorian both in elementary and high school in 1984, and 1988, respectively. He took up BS Biology at the Ateneo de Manila University, and earned his degree in Medicine, at the University of the Philippines, College of Medicine in 1997. He specialized in Internal Medicine at UP-Philippine General Hospital then he went to complete his sub-specialty of Rheumatology, a field that explores joint, muscle, and ligament disorders, in the same institution in 2005. He is a diplomat and fellow of the Philippine College of Physicians and of the Philippine Rheumatology Association. He is a member of the Research Committee of the Philippine Rheumatology Association. He is also a member of the board and past president of the Western Mindanao chapter of the Philippine College of Physicians. He practices in Zamboanga City and is the current Consultant for Research of the Zamboanga City Medical Center’s Internal Medicine Residency Program. His research interests include papers on Diffuse Connective Tissue Disease. His paper, on Osteoporosis won

1st place in the 12th Annual convention of the Philippine Rheumatology Assosciation. He had given plenary lectures to his colleagues on both the 15th and 18th National Convention of the Philippine Rheumatology Association. In his speech, he emphasized the importance of participation and the bringing about of inner change. Moreover, he focused his speech on the meaning of the school motto “Pro Deo et Patria, In the Service of God and Country.” He pointed out the three aspects of Pro Deo et Patria namely; (1) Pro Patria (for country), (2) Pro Deo (for God), and (3) the “subject” (who does the service). He concluded his speech by saying, “Don’t focus on the others but on the other side of the coin, stop complaining and pointing others’ mistakes & Don’t believe what Dr. Siriban says, but find your own for yourself & Just fix yourself.” The academic excellence awards and recipients are as follows: valedictorianFatima Sherraine J. Juaini; salutatorian, Gilson Andre’ M.

L.E.T. Me Congratulate You By Mikole Anne C. Tatel

Narciso ; first honorable mention, Debra Ann M. Ponce; second

honorable mention, Anysia Mari B. Antatico; third honorable mention, Ciara Mae F. Obillo; fourth honorable mention, Jamie Angel D. Hernando; and fifth honorable mention , Rizza Angelie L. Fernandez; honorable mention, Dominic Ma. Andrew G. Camins, Ir-Shad M. Joujohn, Lea C. Alejandro, Karicia Ella M. Cabrera, Sofiya A. Salim, and Vanessa Jane P. Vicete. Eight (8) departmental awards were also given to students who have achieved the highest grade in each subject area, with the additional Ecumenical Departmental Award given to a NonCatholic graduate who achieved the highest general average in Christian Life Education subject. The awardees are as follows: Fatima Sherraine J. Juaini (Science and Technology, Social Studies, Technology and Livelihood Education, and Ecumenical); Debra Ann M. Ponce (Religion and

English); Ciara Mae F. Obillo (Filipino); and Anysia Mari B. Antatico (Mathematics). In addition, Special Awards were given to graduates who have shown graduates to the Ateneo Alumni Association. Furthermore, Rev. Fr. Karel S. San Juan, SJ, also gave a short message to the graduates. In his message to the graduates, Rev. Fr. Karel S. San Juan, SJ said, “This graduation is a testimony of your achievement & the culmination, the peak, the climax of all your struggles, joys, hardships &” He instructed the graduates to nurture and safeguard the values they learned and hoped that these always be sealed and present in their hearts. He told them, “You will be forever Ateneans,” and he also mentioned that the world outside may be violent and deceiving but prayer and worship will be their ultimate source of power. Concluding his speech he said, “Let the eagle soar high, yet teach it to glide down, to be humble. Ascend and descend, the ever merits of greatness & Let the Ateneo Eagle find its nest & Come home to the Ateneo, to your Alma Mater.” Finally, the ceremony ended with the community singing of the graduation song and the Alma Mater Song. It was followed by the recession of the graduates, faculty and staff, and guests. Then the graduates had their class photos taken.

Sir Rowil: “Students. Most especially my 8-Rodriguez class: I challenged them

BEP: “What tips can you give our future LET takers?”

A teacher is someone we consider as our second parent; someone who opens our minds to the world and someone who accompanies us in our search for knowledge.

professionally licensed on their respective specialization.

to pass Grade 8 and in return, I should also pass the examination.”

Ma’am Blessy: “Be positive always and trust yourself.”

Last January 26, 2013, a special licensure examination for teachers was

BEP: “Were you confident that you are going to pass the licensure

Sir Rowil: “Read something once a

given in Zamboanga City. Five of our faculty members, Blessy V Carpio of


BEP: “What’s the greatest lesson that

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) is the sole

the Filipino department, Therese Mae D Trayvilla and Alshamir Bryan B

Ma’am Blessy: “I can remember what Mr Carlo Nabo told us when we were

you have learned from taking the licensure examination and finally

Aripuddin of the Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health (MAPEH)

reviewing, He said ‘before you answer the examination sheets, make sure you

passing it?”

government agency that is responsible for the administration, implementation and enforcement of regulatory policies on the regulation and licensing of various

department, Clavelyn Domingo-Lustre of the Technology and Livelihood

professions and occupations under its dominion. In the Ateneo de Zamboanga

Education (TLE) department, and Rowil H Santinlo of the English department,

University - High School, probationary teachers or the new teachers are given

passed the licensure examination. We conducted an interview to two of the newly licensed teachers and these are what they have to say: BEP: “Who or what

2 years to take the Licensure Examination for Teachers (L.E.T) to be

Mr. Rowil Santinlo

Ms. Blessy Carpio

scan through the questionnaire’ I did that and I was confident with my answers and that I know I can make it.” Sir Rowil: “Yes!” BEP: “What were your preparations before the licensure examination? Ma’am Blessy: “I prayed to the Lord to guide me in the licensure examination. I had a heavy breakfast.”

inspires you to take the Licensure

Sir Rowil: No formal review, read the notes hours before the examination and

Examination Teachers?”

scan notes a day before the examination.


BEP: “What were your feelings while

Ma’am Blessy: “My

taking the licensure examination?”

family, most especially my mom. That’s the

Ma’am Blessy: “Before the examination, I was anxious. But when I scan the

greatest gift I can offer my mom.” *tears

questionnaire, I felt okay.” Sir Rowil: “Happy and Relaxed.”


Ma’am Blessy: “Be humble.” Sir Rowil: “If you pass; be thankful. If you fail; there’s still a next time.” BEP: “As a licensed teacher, are you ready for the next school year?” Ma’am Blessy: “Yes. It will make me confident of what I do. I would like to thank Ma’am Pamela Carmelotes for the guidance and inspiration.” Sir Rowil: “Licensed or not, you should be confident and ready to teach.” BEP: “What makes a good teacher?” Ma’am Blessy: “A good teacher makes the lesson easier.” Sir Rowil: “Character.” Congratulations to our licensed teachers. You are truly an inspiration to all young teachers. The high school unit is proud of you.


Seniors' Night~Seniors' Recognition Day~Speech Fest~COL Campaign


JS Prom~Graduation Day~Seniors’ Finals~Teachers’ Day


Memories Beneath the Sun


Dedications To ... my classmates, who upheld me; Tantum Quantum, Cura Personalis, Animo, Magis; the teachers, who moulded and guided me; Sir Robin and Sir Jude, for the support and care; Bro. Arman, for being there on that day … ; the batch of 2014, who accommodated me in those lonely times; my family, for the love and being always there; And to God … Thank You Due to inspiration accounted …

She talks a lot when she’s with her friends Somehow when she’s beside him, this ends Who knew that the girl who would scream “Hi!” Could also be shy She gathers up her guts in the day The Sun Only to choke up on the words to say She regrets it at night What is the sun? Hoping her tongue would stop being tied Scientifically, energy source for man; When they sit beside each other Religiously, heavenly body fulfilling God’s plan; It’s like they’re not even there - Anonymous And personally, place beneath it where I had fun. No talking because no one’s taking the chance to The sun, in an excursion, shone brightly, Both pretending they have something else to beneath it was fun, though its scorching heat do beated backs painfully. They could be really good friends The sun, its splendor, gleamed continuously and If only this would end carelessly, But at the moment all they have is What splendor it possessed strafed a Nothing but awkward silence

Journeying life with ‘em, different debates I heard and attained special graces. Camaraderie, Cura Personalis, Magis, such Ignatian values exhibited with the Animo (spirit) yields such legacies. And these experiences, legacies, places, and graces are left at different paces. … Are memories The Sun and the Memories

The sun, a heavenly body — a vital component sustaining mankind’s existence, Though sometimes it vexes one, vie for it, a Under it, all things laid out … before me, constituent of one’s lifeblood … alas, what my classmates, DotA they played, on a killing prominence. spree, Mankind be thankful for the sun; for our race’s sons And to the days, owing them all memories, will no longer exist without that star’s presence. everyone shall agree … That daylight, greets you; smiling from dawn to The Sun dusk … thank God for its essence. His career had just begun That great ball of fire, blazing in the dome of the He was old yet he looked so young The Memories sky … recognize its significance, otherwise, It was then and there he met the love of What are memories? his life Scientifically, events, information, in one’s thinking everything is in absence. He said to himself ‘one day she’s gonna faculty; be my wife’ The Memories, makes us who we are even how Religiously, gifts from almighty; As the years passed, they became closer And personally, component of vitality, making a far the distance we went; and closer And these memorable, cheerful experiences — a person belong to reality. So close that they even fell for each other source of strength. They kept their relationship which Nightmares it may give that might hound us Recollections from a web of memories, realIy was never for the show or reel forever; deal with it and it will be nevermore. Considering the pieces; some painful and He had dark memories back at home sorrowful, others triumphant … filled with victories. Memories are viable, manage it well, and see the He would think about it Amidst them, remembering different events, things, height you soar, With this, be knowledgeable in life, otherwise, and nuances, when he was alone memory itself will impede your honor. And a variety of places and faces. - Anonymous

chessboard’s sides mercilessly.


She was always there for him as a friend But all these came to an end When she’s alone she kept her head low Thinking he’s an angel now She would say this through gritted teeth Rest in Piece Cory Monteith

- Lea Esperat

Wondering, pondering, seeing patterns, a puzzle’s pieces longing to be formed together. Comprehending such vitality, made everything even life in order and better. The graduates left their nest, moving on to a new chapter, Deserving congratulations yet sensing a twinge — change; that change makes everything greater.

The Sun, rhymes with son, … omnipresent for man. The Memories, manifest life’s importance, … a place they secure, filled with victories.

The Sun, the Memories, linked; completing life’s bigger picture. The Sun, the sustainer and provider of life’s Reminiscing volunteer work in humanitarian crisis, memories; And all these memories, happen underneath the class outing, and practices, sun. These are our sequels, rendered as progress in practices, bliss in outing experiences. Memories Beneath the Sun … Leisurely spent time with some graduates, I - John Louize F. Guban sensed their roles in class; in life, their places


Missing in Thin Air By Hans Xavier Wong and Claresse Labanes

Introduction One of the most mysterious phenomena is undoubtedly the disappearance of a plane. With our advancing technology, you’d think it would be next to impossible to lose something as major as an airborne unit complete with pilots, and crew. More often than not, completely logical and scientific causes have been associated with the crucial disappearances of planes. This documentary aims to enlighten the reader to the various planes that have disappeared since the advent of the socalled “jet age” in 1958, and consequently, the circumstances around the disappearances. Not all planes were jets, and not all cases have concrete evidence above intelligent speculation. Usually, planes can be found quickly after crashing, through the use of radio, radar, and an array of other technology. However, planes may go missing for days, and sometimes years on end if they vanish upon open water, or eccentric land formations. This creates a mindboggling conundrum. This is due, in large part to unforeseen incidents -technical problems, interface malfunctions, pilot discrepancies, and the like leading to a virtually unorthodox path, sometimes making it difficult to retrieve the black boxes-recording devices that keep information on the plane (Flight Data Recorder, Cockpit Voice Recorder), which include miscellaneous engine data, rudder and wing flap positioning, along with crucial information such as altitude, speed, and the like. Often, circumstances around the disappearance of planes are hazy, at best. Survivors are a rarity, and thus so are finding most of the plane intact. It will be difficult to trace the timeline of the plane, from when it went missing, to its possible touchdown location. It is for that reason, that the black boxes are extremely crucial for the information they give. From these, it is more than possible to find out exactly what happened, when they happened, and piece together the entire scene of what had occurred. These are the methods by which we will look at the various propliners (large, propeller-driven airliner) that have gone missing over the years.


These aerial disappearances have sparked worldwide curiosity, with the newest addition of the Missing Malaysian Airlines, Flight MH370.

Missing Planes These aerial disappearances date back to March, of 1962. Flying Tiger Line Flight 739 - 1962 The 5-year-old Lockheed L1049 Super Constellation propliner was chartered by the United States military; the Flying Tiger Line had operated it as a Military Air Transport Service. It disappeared on March 16, 1962 over the Western Pacific Ocean. The aircraft originated from the Travis Air Force Base in California, United States, with stopovers for refueling in first Honolulu, then the Wake Island Airfield, then Guam, and finally the Clark Air Base, Philippines. Its destination was Saigon, Vietnam. The airline was carrying over 107 people in total, 96 passengers of which 93 were US soldiers, and the remaining 3 were South Vietnamese, and 11 people in the crew. The aircraft went missing right after refueling at the Andersen Air Force Base in Guam, when it was en route to the Clark Air Base in the Philippines. All

the snow. Rescuers only learned of the survivors 72 days after the crash, after two passengers took a 10-day trek across the Andes found Chilean arriero, Sergio Catalán, who gave them food and alerted the authorities to the existence of multiple survivors within the vicinity. Faucett Airlines-1990 The Boeing 727 ran out of fuel 350 miles southeast of Cape Race Newfoundland, while on a transit flight from Europe via Keflavík, Iceland to Miami. There were no survivors among the 3 crew, and 15 airline staff on board. Navigational difficulties are believed to have been involved. Other than the given information, the disappearance remains very obscure; the wreckage has never been found, and neither was the passengers and crew. Merpati Nusantra Airlines Flight 6715-1995 The de Havilland Canada DHC 6 Twin Otter aircraft, dubbed the “Sangihe” disappeared on January 10,


107 on board were declared missing and presumed dead. The disappearance sparked one of the largest air and sea searches in the history of the pacific. Aircraft and surface ships from four branches of the US military searched more than 200 000 square miles () during the course of eight days. Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 (Andes Flight Disaster) - 1972 The Fairchild FH-227D was a chartered flight carrying over 45 people, which included a rugby union team, and their associates, relatives, and friends that crashed in the Andes mountains on October 13, 1972. Less than three quarters of the passengers died in the initial crash alone, and several others quickly fell to the unrelenting cold, and their respective injuries. Of the remaining 27 that still managed to stay alive a few days following the accident, an avalanche wiped out another eight when it swept over their shelter within the wreckage. The last 16 surviving members of flight 571 were rescued on December 23, 1972, more than two months after the initial crash. The survivors had little to no food and source of heat in the difficult conditions at over 3 600 meters (11 800 ft) altitude. Against starvation, and the radio news reports that the search for any of their flight’s survivors had been abandoned, the survivors resorted to cannibalism; they fed on dead passengers who had been preserved in

1995 upon open water while flying between islands within the archipelagic nation, more specifically the Molo Strait, Indonesia. It departed from Bima Airport, Indonesia, and disappeared en route to Ruteng Airport, Indonesia. There were 14 people on board, 10 passengers, and 4 members of the crew. The crew, passengers, and wreckage were never found. The aircraft is believed to have crashed at sea. Adam Air Flight 574-2007 The Boeing 737-400 involved sends echoes bouncing around, as the scheduled domestic passenger flight operated by Adam Air between the


Indonesian cities of Surabaya and Manado crashed into the Makassar Strait in Sulawesi, near Powewali on January 1, 2007. All 102 people on board died (96 passengers, 6 crew). The event was extensively investigated, and the succeeding revelations showed the pilots lost control of the aircraft. The flight was composed primarily of Indonesian nations; the only foreign people were an American family of three. This crash,

along with another subsequent non-fatal crash, quickly resulted in the large-scale transport safety reforms in Indonesia. Adam Air was then banned from flying by the Indonesian government, and soon declared bankruptcy. Air France Flight 447-2009 The Airbus A330-203 was a scheduled international and long haul passenger flight, operated by the French airline Air France, from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. On June 1, 2009 just after 2:10 UTC the aircraft crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. All 228 passengers, aircrew, ad cabin crew aboard the Airbus were killed. It was branded the deadliest in the history of Air France. The aircraft departed from Galeão International Airport on May 31, 2009 at 1929 Hours, local time, with a scheduled arrival at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, at 10:03 the following day. Last verbal contact with the craft was at 1:35 UTC, 3 hours and 6 minutes after the 22:29 UTC departure, when it reported that it had passed waypoint INTOL, located 565 km (351 mi) off Natal, on Brazil’s northeastern coast. The aircraft subsequently left Brazillian Atlantic radar surveillance at 1:49 UTC. The Airbus A330 is designed to be flown by a crew of two pilots. However, due to the thirteen hours “duty time” (flight duration, plus pre-flight preparation) for the Rio-Paris route exceeds the maximum ten hours permitted by Air France’s procedures, Flight 447 was crewed by three pilots: a captain and two first officers‘ with three of them, rest cycles could be implemented, which is why the A330 possesses a rest cabin, situated just behind the cockpit. There have been numerous documentaries dictating how Flight 447 met its end, and details extensively the causes discussed here. Scientific Reasons Flying Tiger Line Flight 739 -1962 A civilian tanker had observed what was believed to be a vapor trail, implying that an in-flight explosion might have taken place, although no wreckage or debris was ever found. The Civil Aeronautics Board determined that, based on what the tanker had witnessed, Flight 739 had most likely exploded midflight, thought any definitive cause failed to shed any light without the examination of the remnants of the aircraft (which none have ever been found). Conspiracy theories have been raised that involved the sabotage of the propliner, due to another Flying Tiger Line flight with military connections being destroyed under highly similar circumstances on the same day. However, as the aircraft disappeared without trace, no definitive cause of its alleged destruction midflight.

to be continued in the next issue...



Valdez then came up with a spike to win

As expected, the two rivals

Lady Eagles Make History By Cyril Conception

squared off neck-and-neck in game 4 of the UAAP Seas on 76 Women’s Volleyball Finals.

La Salle dominated the second set leading by as many as seven points (17-10) and held on to a 23-18 lead

The Ateneo De Manila Lady Eagles

The Lady Eagles were off to a good

finally win their first UAAP Volleyball

start having a 15-10 lead in the first

title as they triumph over archrivals

set, but La Salle managed to come back

De La Salle Lady Spikers in what has

and tie the game at 21-all. Nearing

been a series filled with thrills and

the end of the first set Ateneo lead

spills last March 15, 2014 at the

again 24-21 but La Salle would not give

jampacked Mall of Asia Arena.

up even a set making 2-0 run. Alyssa

Season 76 Most Valuable Player

them the first set drawing first blood.

until Ateneo made a stunning comeback and tied the second set at 24-all. Mika Esperanza’s setting error was a vital blow for La Salle. Valdez then scored and Amy Ahomiro blocked the Lady Spikers’ last attack to win the second set giving

Alyssa Valdez led the Lady Eagles with her powerful spikes finishing the game with 21 points; Valdez was also awarded as the finals MVP. Ateneo’s success would not be possible without the rookie duo of Michelle Morente (11 points) and Julia Morado (12 sets). Although Amy Ahomiro scored only 6 points, her drop balls and defensive work proved vital in the finals with veteran Ella De Jesus

Ateneo the 2-0 set lead. With heads held high, the Lady Eagles soared to 19-10 lead in the third set. But La Salle would not give up possessing the “Animo” Spirit within

adding 10 points. The Lady Eagles Coach Tai Bundit was also a great contributor to Ateneo’s success inspiring them to be “HeartStrong”. La Salle’s failure to retain their

them. Reyes, Galang, and Demecillo rose to the occasion and scored back-toback points taking turns which rocked the Lady Eagles. Valdez took matters into her own hands taking advantage of Galang’s mishit to bring Ateneo two points of a title. Valdez scored the last point which sent Ateneo and its supporters jumping and cheering in the “Moment of Glory” as Alyssa Valdez hugs Denisse “Denden” Lazaro after the match. (

title was heartrending after being threepeat champions and the favorites to win the title especially for the Lady Spikers Captain Abigail Marano. The Lady Eagles overpowered La Salle by a stunning 3 sets to none; the first time in history a championship was won by the opening three sets.

Mall of Asia Arena.

Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman! “Break a leg?” By John Louize F. Guban

In a sport called MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Anderson Silva lost to Chris Weidman by a TKO, specifically a cite leg break, at UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) 168. The fight between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman occurred on December 28, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Silva incurred an injury in the 2nd round after giving a low kick which he claimed, “that was instinct, not something he trained to do.” UFC 168 Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman was rematch resulting from Silva’s defeat in UFC 162. Before proceeding to what happened on UFC 168, let give you a brief recap of what happened in UFC 162 Silva vs. Weidman. On UFC 162 a Middleweight Title Fight! Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman and Herb Dean was the referee for that night’s main event, and the 3 judges scoring the fight were Jordan Breen, Chris Nelson, and Mike Whitman. The fight lasted for only 2 rounds with Chris Weidman declared as the winner. Herb Dean tries to get the two men to touch gloves, Weidman extends his hand, but Silva just bows and he isn’t taking it. On the 1st round, Silva has a nice footwork and Weidman goes for a takedown. Both fighters threw leg kicks, elbows, and jabs, Silva punches Weidman and Weidman hits Silva as well, and Silva dodges and defects some shots thrown by Weidman. Although Silva fell, he was able to get his guard back trying to kick Weidman’s knees, and in a few moments

he was back on his feet. Weidman hits Silva with a right hand, but Silva just grins after that. Both fighters had their hands down also trying to look for openings in their opponent. Silva putting his hands on his hips laughs and taunts Weidman. Silva told Weidman to bring it on and he was giving off more words than strikes in the last 30 seconds of the round. At the sound of the horn both men hug each other and Silva gives Weidman a kiss. All the three judges scored the round 10-9 all in favor of Weidman. The Round 2 begins with Silva clowning Weidman while saying, “Come on, man!” Silva mocks Weidman while jogging and throwing kicks. Weidman shouts after 40 seconds but Silva was able to handle it. Silva taunts Weidman and suddenly Weidman released a perfect hook straight to Silva’s chin. Silva falls flat on the floor and Weidman hits with a right and left, Weidman knocked out Silva and ended Silva’s reign at the end of round 2 and he was declared the New UFC Middleweight Champion. After UFC 162 a rematch of UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva occurred at UFC 168 on December 25, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Weidman wearing blue and Silva is in black and yellow. Herd Dean is the referee for this main event. Silva had his hands up and in a few moments Silva went down. Silva landed a hard knee but Weidman with a right knocks Silva down and he’s trying to finish the

fight as quick as possible. Silva survives and regains full guard, through after that Weidman gives Silva several big strikes and what he do best. Silva’s greatest concern after the fight was “Will he (Silva) ever walked again?” Chris Weidman’s couch Ray Longo on the other hand, hopes Silva a fast recuperation period. But he believes that Silva should stop making excuses and just admit that Weidman defeated him in both fights and that he doesn’t deserve a third fight anymore. Ray Longo really respected Anderson Silva but according to him Silva should stop making excuses because “one win or loss doesn’t make up a champion,

but certainly making excuses isn’t being a champion either.” But amidst all these things Silva still plans to return to the Octagon and end his career with a win. So UFC 168 Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva, who really “break a leg?” We’ll now have a new UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman who broke Silva’s reign and really did “break a leg” metaphorically. While unfortunately for Anderson Silva he really did “break a leg” as in literally. So I hope both of these two great fighters enjoy their career, Congratulations to Weidman and Get well soon to Silva.


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January - May, 2014

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