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london international mime festival 2015 8 > 31 january


London International Mime Festival 8 > 31 January 2015 New circus, extreme dance, physical imagery, fairground commedia and exotic Japanese puppetry are just some of the exciting and essentially wordless media through which the Mime Festival’s artists tell their stories. At LIMF 2015 ballet dancers collaborate with Sean Gandini’s brilliant jugglers, and Basil Twist’s sly foxes dance through a hundred hand painted Japanese ‘dogugaeshi’ theatre screens. From Belgium, Peeping Tom makes its London debut with a thriller set in a chilly landscape of wind and ice, while Circus Ronaldo’s grandiose puppet opera brings high tragedy and raucous comedy in equal measure. Entrapped in a forest of light, the extraordinary Japanese dancer Kaori Ito performs in London for the first time in Plexus, created for her by Olivier Award nominee Aurélien Bory. LIMF 2015 offers fabulous contemporary visual theatre for everyone. Read on and book early! Joseph Seelig and Helen Lannaghan Festival Directors

‘A must-see programme of physical and visual theatre work, from the UK and from around the world’ Total Theatre Magazine

Circus Skills Barely Methodical Troupe Bromance Circus Ronaldo Amortale Gandini Juggling 4 x 4 Joli Vyann Stateless Lonely Circus Fall, Fell, Fallen Oktobre Oktobre NoFit State Circus Noodles Family Friendly Barely Methodical Troupe Bromance 8+ Circus Ronaldo Amortale 8+ Gandini Juggling 4 x 4 8+ Lonely Circus Fall, Fell, Fallen 8+ Mat Ricardo Showman 8+ NoFit State Circus Noodles 4+ Thomas Monckton/Circo Aereo The Pianist 5+ Mime/Movement/Dance-theatre Cie 111/Bory/Ito Plexus Knights of the Invisible Black Regent Peeping Tom 32 rue Vandenbranden Theatre Re Blind Man’s Song

Age Guidance Chris Lynam EricTheFred 12+ Gecko Institute 14+ Knights of the Invisible Black Regent 12+ Theatre Ad Infinitum Light 12+ Trygve Wakenshaw Kraken 16+ For people who are deaf/ hearing impaired All shows have a visual narrative, with little or no use of text, except Mat Ricardo Showman, which will have a BSL interpreted performance on Wed 21 Jan and Oktobre, whose minimal text will appear in the freesheet programme. Audio-described Performance Theatre Re Blind Man’s Song on Thu 22 Jan

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Puppetry/Animation Basil Twist Dogugaeshi Circus Ronaldo Amortale

photo: Barely Methodical Troupe cover photo: Compagnie 111 / Aurélien Bory / Kaori Ito

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Platform Theatre Thu 8 > Sat 10 Jan

Barely Methodical Troupe (UK) BROMANCE London Premiere

LIMF 2015 opens in dynamic style with the debut show by Britain’s hottest young acrobats, winners of the inaugural Circus Maximus competition and a 2014 Total Theatre Award. Relationships are the heart of Bromance, where handshakes become handstands and backslaps become backflips. Audacious, touching, exhilarating, and with a great soundtrack, this is a tour-de-force of cutting edge physical heroics, wittily exploring male companionship and its limits. Barely Methodical Troupe are Beren d’Amico, Louis Gift, and Charlie Wheeller, recent graduates of the National Centre for Circus Arts. With their enjoyable personal chemistry and exceptional skills in parkour, Bboying, tricking, hand-to-hand acrobatics, Cyr wheel and more, BMT are destined to take British circus-theatre to new heights. Thu 8 > Sat 10 Jan 7.30pm After-show discussion: Fri 9 Jan Runs 60 mins / no interval Tickets: £17.50 (£15 concessions) Book through mimelondon.com > Age guidance: 8+


‘…a show not to be missed, and with a standing ovation this is a new company to watch out for in the future’ The Public Reviews ‘It is great to see a young British company attempting to make thematic work, and not just doing tricks’ The Guardian

Production: DREAM, developed with support from Underbelly Productions and the National Centre for Circus Arts as winners of the Circus Maximus competition.

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Soho Theatre Fri 9 > Sun 18 Jan

Trygve Wakenshaw (NZ) KRAKEN London Premiere

Trygve Wakenshaw’s KRAKEN is ‘a blissfully funny hour of physical stream-of-consciousness’ (Time Out), the delirious follow up to his Edinburgh and London 2013 smash hit, Squidboy. Starting with a brilliant, elasticised strip-tease entrance that confirms Marx’s dictum of history repeating itself, first as tragedy then as farce, KRAKEN is a masterpiece of absurd sensibility that follows its own zany logic. Oozing with whimsy, dripping with charm and magnificently mad, rubber-limbed Trygve is his own animator in a cartoon world. Guileless and innocent, even at his most risqué, this awardwinning, Gaulier-trained clown is a physical comedian in a class of his own. Don’t miss him book now!

Fri 9 > Sun 18 Jan (Previews Tue 6 > Thu 8 Jan) Tue > Sat 9pm, plus Sun 7pm, Sat 17 Jan 4pm No performance Mon 12 Jan After-show discussion: Tue 13 Jan Runs 60 mins / no interval £10 Previews Tue 6 > Thu 8 Jan £15 (£12.50 concs) Fri 9 > Thu 15 Jan & Sat 17 Jan 4pm £17.50 (£15 concs) Fri 16 > Sun 18 Jan Tel: 020 7478 0100 Book through mimelondon.com > Age guidance: 16+ contains nudity


‘It sounds mad, and it is. But in Wakenshaw’s masterful hands the audience completely buys into the physical and narrative laws of his world’ Broadway Baby ‘To describe what actually happens in the show would be pointless and unjust. If you’re willing to be conquered by his inspired clowning, you won’t regret it’ The Age, Melbourne ‘Reminiscent of the young Jim Carrey… rubber-faced, loose-limbed and wondrously expressive’ The Independent

Presented in association with DON’T BE LONELY and Soho Theatre

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Southbank Centre’s Purcell Room Sat 10 > Sun 11 Jan

Lonely Circus (France) FALL/FELL/FALLEN UK Premiere

All you need to know about balance and the art of falling in a fascinating physical dialogue between cutting edge acrobat Sebastien Le Guen, and electro-acoustic musician Jérôme Hoffman. In Fall/Fell/Fallen, circus, theatre and music come together in a true artistic collaboration. Its story unfolds with astonishing equilibrium, unusual hand-made props and musical instruments, dark humour and an atmosphere that generates real tension. By and with: Jérôme Hoffmann and Sébastien Le Guen. Artistic collaboration: Nicolas Hérédia, Marion Coutarel

Sat 10 Jan 7.45pm Sun 11 Jan 3pm After-show discussion: Sun 11 Jan Runs 50 mins / no interval £18 Tel: 0844 847 9910 Book through mimelondon.com > Age guidance: 8+

Presented in association with Southbank Centre This visit to London is supported by Institut français

Co-production: Lonely Circus; La Verrerie d’Ales, Pôle National des arts du Cirque Languedoc Roussillon; U4 - Parc du haut fourneau/Uckange (57)


‘An aesthetic gem of a show, leaves spectators holding their breath. Absolutely must be seen’ L’Art-Vues ‘Totally satisfying, both physical and contemplative’ Ouest France

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Southbank Centre’s Purcell Room Mon 12 > Tue 13 Jan

Knights of the Invisible (UK) BLACK REGENT Iona Kewney & Joseph Quimby UK Premiere From the awesome to the incredible - with relentless strength of imagination and vision, Iona Kewney takes her body on a journey. Euphoric states and pure truth of movement take hold as the body’s vocabulary speaks louder than words. Composer, vocalist, multiinstrumentalist and presence, Joseph Quimby, is the majestic voice and sound of this other world. Coming from a visual art background, Iona’s bold, uncompromising performance work is layered with insight and strong intentions. It has featured at theatres and art, dance and circus festivals throughout Europe and America for many years. Iona trained at Netherlands Dance School and at circus school in Sweden; as well as performing her own work she has toured with Belgian directors Wim Vandekeybus/Ultima Vez and Alain Platel/les ballets C de la B. Laureates at the prestigious Jeunes Talents Cirque/Circus Next in 2013, their most recent appearance in London was a collaboration with artist Conrad Shawcross at the Roundhouse. Mon 12 > Tue 13 Jan 7.45pm After-show discussion: Mon 12 Jan Runs 50 mins / no interval £18 Tel: 0844 847 9910 Book through mimelondon.com > Age guidance: 12+ Presented in association with Southbank Centre


‘In a landscape both primeval and futuristic, they bring us straight to the place where Arts can make a difference’ Eugenia Praloran, Mirabilia, Italy

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Southbank Centre’s Purcell Room Wed 14 > Sun 18 Jan

Thomas Monckton / Circo Aereo (NZ/Finland) THE PIANIST London Premiere

Poised, immaculate, and entirely focused on impressing his audience, an eager soloist presides over a spectacular concert catastrophe, a recital that never starts. The Pianist is a solo, contemporary circus performance, centred on, in, under and around that most magnificent of instruments, the grand piano. One of his country’s most accomplished young actors, New Zealander, Thomas Monckton, trained at the Lecoq School in Paris, the city he has made his home. The Pianist mixes highly skilled physical comedy with a refined contemporary circus-theatre attitude. Produced by Finland’s innovative Circo Aereo the show has toured extensively since its première in 2013, including a soldout season at the most recent Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Created by Thomas Monckton and Sanna Silvennoinen Wed 14 > Sun 18 Jan Wed - Fri 7.45pm, Sat 6pm, Sun 3pm After-show discussion: Thu 15 Jan Runs 60 mins / no interval Tickets: £18 Tel: 0844 847 9910 Book through mimelondon.com > Age guidance: 5+ Presented in association with Southbank Centre Production: Circo Aereo


‘An hour of immensely enjoyable entertainment’ Broadwaybaby.com ‘Utilises a range of circus techniques and physical animations in a seamless, plausible flow of absurdities. I’m sure this multi-talented clown could do almost anything’ The Circus Diaries

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Southbank Centre’s Queen Elizabeth Hall Fri 16 > Sun 18 Jan

Circus Ronaldo (Belgium) AMORTALE London Premiere

A night at the circus like no other! Belgium’s much-loved Circus Ronaldo harks back to the days of travelling fairground theatre, a warmhearted Felliniesque world of uncomplicated popular entertainment. Amortale is Adam and Eve’s love story, or would be if other people didn’t get in the way. Performed on the Ronaldo’s antique and distinctly wobbly stage, it mixes tragedy and clowning, opera, circus, marionettes, and a touch of arson. Its old world charm, skill and humour are a delight. Circus Ronaldo has been a regular visitor to the Mime Festival since giving its first ever performances outside Flanders at LIMF 1998. Since then it has toured its irresistible, hand-crafted brand of commedia-circus far and wide.

Fri 16 > Sun 18 Jan Fri - Sat 7.30pm, Sun 5pm After-show discussion: Sat 17 Jan Runs 75 mins / no interval £17.50/£22.50/£27.50 Book through mimelondon.com > Age guidance: 8+ Presented in association with Southbank Centre Co-production: Circus Ronaldo; Theater op de Markt; Festival van de verwondering – Humorologie. With the support of the Flemish authorities, the Flemish Community and the Province of Antwerp


‘Hilarious chaos in a sublime spectacle. An absolute must’ Telegraaf

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Southbank Centre’s Purcell Room Mon 19 > Wed 21 Jan

Mat Ricardo (UK) SHOWMAN With his fast hands, smart mouth and sharp suit, new circus pioneer, television and variety artiste Mat Ricardo is the ‘Gentleman Juggler’. Winner of Best Speciality Act at the London Cabaret Awards, and Pick of the Fringe Arts Award (Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014) his show is packed with awesome skills and breathtaking spectacle. Showman is a marvel of object manipulation, and clever patter that’s engaging and informed about the mystique and history of his noble craft. A sell-out at last year’s Mime Festival, Showman returns by popular demand, and with some mind-blowing new routines. Early booking recommended.

Mon 19 > Wed 21 Jan 7.45pm After-show discussion Tue 20 Jan BSL interpreted performance Wed 21 Jan Runs 60 mins / no interval Tickets: £18 Tel: 0844 847 9910 Book through mimelondon.com > Age guidance: 8+ Presented in association with Southbank Centre


‘This gloriously old-fashioned celebration of the juggler harks back to the golden age of variety and vaudeville. Hugely enjoyable and artful…this showman deserves your applause’ The Guardian ‘Immensely skilled and very funny’ Time Out

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Southbank Centre’s Purcell Room Fri 23 > Sun 25 Jan

Oktobre (France) OKTOBRE UK Premiere

Three bizarre and enigmatic characters - acrobat, trapezist, and neurotic magician - flirt with mystery and disaster at the maddest tea party since Alice visited Wonderland. As if from another dimension, from a David Lynch or Tim Burton movie, their humour and magic are black. Where truth hides behind a veil of bluff and deception, who can say what’s real or not? Set in velvety darkness shot through with brilliant red, Oktobre will leave you bewitched and delighted. A winner at the prestigious Jeunes Talents Cirque/ Circus Next awards, Oktobre features three of France’s top young circus-theatre talents including YouTube sensation Yann Frisch, named International Federation of Magic Societies’ ‘2012 World Champion of Magic’. The director is Florent Bergal, whose Popcorn Machine for My!Laika was a popular hit at LIMF 2013.

Fri 23 - Sun 25 Jan Fri - Sat 7.45pm, Sun 3pm After-show discussion Sat 24 Jan Runs 70 mins / no interval Tickets: £18 Tel: 0844 847 9910 Book through mimelondon.com > Age guidance: 8+


‘Impossible not to be seduced by this black fantasy. A circus piece of highest quality’ Sud Ouest

Presented in association with Southbank Centre This visit to London is supported by Institut français Co-production: CIRCa - Pôle National des arts du cirque - Auch, Gers, Midi-Pyrénées; Circ queO!; La Cité du Cirque - Le Mans; Parc de La Villette; Transversales - scène conventionnée de Verdun; Théâtres Sorano - Jules Julien – Toulouse

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Linbury Studio Theatre, Royal Opera House Tue 13 > Thu 15 Jan

Gandini Juggling (UK) 4 x 4 World Premiere 4 jugglers and 4 ballet dancers share a stage for the first time - 4 x 4 is a celebration of where these paths meet. Following the international success of their Pina Bausch-inspired sensation Smashed, 4 x 4 revisits the Gandini’s love affair with pure patterns and mathematics, creating delicate new architecture and taking us on fleeting journeys through time and space. A unique dialogue between jugglers and ballet dancers, 4 x 4 is directed by world renowned juggler Sean Gandini, choreographed by former Royal Ballet dancer Ludovic Ondiviela, with original composition Suspended op 69 by Vladimir Ashkenazy protégé, Nimrod Borenstein, and performed live by the exceptional young chamber ensemble, Camerata Alma Viva.

Tue 13 > Thu 15 Jan 7.45pm After-show discussion: Wed 14 Jan Runs 60 mins / no interval Tickets: £20/£17.50/£12.50/£7 Tel: 020 7304 4000 Book through mimelondon.com > Age guidance: 8+ 4 x 4 is supported by the Royal Ballet Studio Programme in partnership with National Centre of Circus Arts; La Brèche, Pôle national des Arts du Cirque de Basse-Normandie / Cherbourg-Octeville; Agit Cirk, Lighthouse Poole Shoreditch Town Hall and Jacksons Lane 4 x 4 is generously supported using public funding by Arts Council England


‘Juggling: not just artful, but art’ The Guardian ‘Funny, beautiful, clever and affecting’ London Dance on Smashed


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Linbury Studio Theatre, Royal Opera House Sat 17 > Tue 20 Jan

Gecko (UK) INSTITUTE London Premiere

Following its LIMF 2014 hit with Missing, critically acclaimed physical dance-theatre company Gecko returns with an intimate, funny and revealing new show exploring a world in which everyone relies on someone else for support, and what it means to care. Set in a labyrinthine institute of dark shadows and towering metal cabinets where memories are filed and relationships scrutinised, four people undergo a series of extraordinary ‘treatments’ as they struggle to prepare themselves for the outside world. Institute is driven by Gecko’s desire to explore complexities in human nature. We are entering a time when we are potentially more fractured and disconnected than ever before. When the time comes, will anyone really care? Created by Amit Lahav

Sat 17 > Tue 20 Jan Sat, Mon & Tue 7.45pm, Sun 4pm After-show discussion: Sun 18 Jan Runs 75 mins / no interval £20/£17.50/£12.50/£7 Tel: 020 7304 4000 Book through mimelondon.com > Age guidance: 14+


‘Sometimes comic, sometimes beautiful imagery… A visceral, physical, intriguing treat’ British Theatre Guide ‘Gecko seems to have mastered a new form of communication in which sounds and movement convey meaning more effectively than words’ Total Theatre

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Sadler’s Wells Thu 22 > Fri 23 Jan

Compagnie 111 / Aurélien Bory / Kaori Ito (France/Japan)

PLEXUS UK Premiere

Conceived by Aurélien Bory for the extraordinary Japanese dancer Kaori Ito, Plexus is a jewel of optical theatre. Entrapped by five thousand cords, a forest of brilliantly lit strings, a warrior-woman conquers her environment so that she floats, like a black angel, in a sumptuous cage that she can only leave by vanishing completely. Following his Olivier Award-nominated What’s Become of You? for flamenco dancer Stéphanie Fuster (LIMF/Barbican 2014), Plexus is director Aurélien Bory’s latest portrait of a remarkable dancer. Kaori Ito trained in classical ballet in Japan and America, then came to Europe where she performed and choreographed with Philippe Decoufflé, Angelin Preljocaj, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, James Thiérrée, and Alain Platel’s les ballets C de la B. Aurélien Bory and Kaori Ito are two of Europe’s most exciting dance innovators; Plexus is a revelation.

Thu 22 > Fri 23 Jan 7.30pm After-show discussion: Thu 22 Jan Runs 60 mins / no interval £12 - £28 Tel: 0844 412 4300 Book through mimelondon.com > Contains nudity


‘A jewel of optical theatre, at the crossroads of magic, dance, puppetry and cinema’ Le Monde ‘Drawing a portrait means revealing the invisible’ Aurélien Bory

Conception, scenography and direction: Aurélien Bory Performed by Kaori Ito Original music: Joan Cambon Lighting design Arno Veyrat Sound Stéphane Ley Costumes Sylvie Marcucci

Presented in association with Sadler’s Wells This visit to London is supported by Institut français Production Compagnie 111 - Aurélien Bory Co-production: Le Grand T Théâtre de LoireAtlantique Nantes, Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne, Théâtre de la Ville Paris, Le Parvis scène nationale Tarbes-Pyrénées, Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg, La Coursive scène nationale de La Rochelle, Agora pôle national des arts du cirque Boulazac-Aquitaine

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The Pit, Barbican Tue 20 > Sat 24 Jan

Theatre Ad Infinitum (UK) LIGHT London Premiere

Inspired by Edward Snowden’s revelations, Theatre Ad Infinitum conjures an Orwellian future where a totalitarian regime monitors the thoughts of its citizens through implants. Charged with hunting down ‘terrorists’ who seek illegal disconnection, a young government agent encounters an enigmatic figure from his shadowy past. This nightmarish tale of love, betrayal, and technological power, blends anime-style storytelling and a pulsating soundscape to draw audiences into a sci-fi realm. LED strips and torchlight innovatively illuminate this wordless production. Effortlessly switching styles in service of its latest subject, the company’s shows have been a highlight of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe since 2008. Its Translunar Paradise was staged at The Pit as a highlight of LIMF 2014.

Tue 20 Jan > Sat 24 Jan 7.45pm After-show discussion: Wed 21 Jan Runs 70 mins / no interval Tickets: £18 (plus booking fee) Tel: 0845 120 7511 Book through mimelondon.com > Age guidance: 12+

Presented in association with the Barbican Co-commissioned by London International Mime Festival Produced in association with Redbridge Drama Centre and The Lowry Supported by Arts Council England and Theatre Bench


‘Thrilling... the pace of the performance never letting up’ The Observer ‘Immersive, imaginative and intensively invasive’ British Theatre Guide

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The Pit, Barbican Wed 28 > Sat 31 Jan

Basil Twist (USA) DOGUGAESHI UK Premiere Embark on a spectacular visual journey inspired by dogugaeshi – the Japanese art of creating illusions through perspective. As more than 100 hand-painted gilt and paper panels unfold, revolve and slide, images from ancient and contemporary Japan are revealed. Bamboo thickets, soaring bridges and dense cityscapes materialise, while wideeyed foxes dance mid-air. Basil Twist collaborates with master musician Yumiko Tanaka, who plays the three-stringed shamisen live as an accompaniment. Basil Twist’s puppetry and design collaborations include Cinderella with Christopher Wheeldon at Dutch National Ballet and San Francisco Ballet, and A Winter’s Tale for the Royal Ballet in 2014. He was part of the creative team for Kate Bush’s recent Before the Dawn concerts in London. Wed 28 > Sat 31 Jan Wed - Thu 7.45pm Fri 6pm & 8.30pm, Sat 3pm & 6pm After-show discussion: Thu 29 Jan Runs 60 mins / no interval Tickets: £20 (plus booking fee) Tel: 0845 120 7511 Book through mimelondon.com > Age guidance: 10+


Presented in association with the Barbican Conceived and directed by Basil Twist Music by Yumiko Tanaka Video design by Peter Flaherty Lighting by Andrew Hill Associate lighting design by Ayumu Poe Saegusa Sound by Greg Duffin Production: Tandem Otter Productions. Originally commissioned by The Japan Society, New York Supported by the Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation

‘At once reviving a lost tradition and breaking new, creative ground’ Japan Times ‘Intimate and spectacular, a haunting abstract piece about lost traditions’ New York Sun ‘No theatre artist in New York is showing more poetic force or technical skill than the puppeteer Basil Twist’ The New Yorker pages 28 > 29

Barbican Theatre Wed 28 > Sat 31 Jan

Peeping Tom (Belgium) 32 RUE VANDENBRANDEN UK Premiere Two rickety trailer homes sit within a snow-covered landscape, left wholly exposed to the elements. Here, the young people of a small mountain community succumb to their subconscious fears, overcome by loneliness they cannot escape. Cinematic set design, an evocative soundtrack and jaw-dropping physicality combine to create an unforgettable piece of dance theatre that plunges spectators into a foreboding universe of cold, wind and ice. Six performers contort, bend, jerk and levitate in dizzying scenes of hypnotic movement. Belgian dance collective Peeping Tom has toured internationally with this show, impressing audiences with the ingenuity and hyper-real quality of its work. These performances for LIMF 2015 at the Barbican mark the company’s London debut.

Wed 28 > Sat 31 Jan 7.45pm After-show discussion Fri 30 Jan £16 > £28 (plus booking fee) 80 mins / no interval Tel: 0845 120 7511 Book through mimelondon.com > Age guidance: 12+ Conceived and directed by Gabriela Carrizo and Franck Chartier Performed and created by Seoljin Kim, Hun-Mok Jung, Marie Gyselbrecht, Jos Baker, Maria Carolina Vieira / Sabine Molenaar and Eurudike De Beul


‘A theatrical electroshock... their talent is terrifying’ Le Monde ‘Peeping Tom’s surrealism and enigmatic visual style fascinate from beginning to end’ Theaterkrant

Presented in association with the Barbican Production: Peeping Tom Co-produced: KVS Brussels, Kunstlerhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt am Main, Le Rive Gauche SaintEtienne-du-Rouvray, La Rose des Vents Villeneuve-d’Ascq, Theaterfestival Boulevard ‘s-Hertogenbosch in collaboration with Theater aan de Parade and Verkadefabriek, Theaterhaus Gessnerallee Zurich, Cankarjev Dom Ljubljana and Charleroi /Danses Peeping Tom is supported by the Flemish Authorities

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Jacksons Lane Thu 15 > Sat 17 Jan

Chris Lynam (UK) ErictheFred World Premiere In a 30 year career Chris Lynam has proved to be, in the words of the New York Times, ‘a brilliantly bizarre antidote to today’s truculent society’. He has appeared at the world’s top comedy festivals, been a support act for the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan among many others, and tours regularly with Slava’s Snow Show. Taking us backstage into the private world of a clown performer, ErictheFred is the strange and poignant story of an old trouper trying to come to terms with a fading career. Gradually his innermost thoughts become visible - holograms of doubts, dreams and delusions which disturb and torment him until the startling climax. Developed in collaboration with Tomas Kubinek, John Wright, Kate McKenzie, Josie Lawrence and Clive Howard, with original music by Kevin Sargent, composer of scores for a string of successful movies, ErictheFred blends film projection and live action. It is a richly evocative and touching new piece by one of this country’s most original artists. If you think you know clowns - think again.

Thu 15 > Sat 17 Jan 8pm After-show discussion: Fri 16 Jan Runs 55 mins / no interval Tickets: £17 (£15 concessions) Tel: 020 8341 4421 Book through mimelondon.com > Age guidance: 12+


‘The most dangerously funny man on the planet’ Eddie Izzard ‘A wild clown in a class of his own’ The Times ‘Surreal unhinged quality which makes for comic greatness’ The Guardian

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Jacksons Lane Wed 21 > Thu 22 Jan

Theatre Re (UK) BLIND MAN’S SONG World Premiere ‘The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart’ Helen Keller While a blind old man walks around his room with unsteady steps, a story of love, courage, hope and unquenchable vision unfolds. Blind Man’s Song is a tale of one man’s rage against the world of darkness. Inspired by René Magritte’s paintings, the dead-end world of Samuel Beckett and interviews with blind and visually impaired people, it uses theatre, mime, sound and original live music in exploring the power of imagination to seek wisdom beyond our senses. Established in 2009, Theatre Re is a Londonbased international ensemble, creating vibrant and emotional work on the edge of mime and theatre. Its two previous productions, The Gambler and The Little Soldiers, have both toured widely following successful Edinburgh Fringe seasons. Wed 21 > Thu 22 Jan 8pm After-show discussion: Wed 21 Jan Audio-described performance: Thu 22 Jan Runs 55 mins / no interval Tickets: £15/£13 Tel: 020 8341 4421 Book through mimelondon.com > Age guidance: 8+


‘Theatre Re has a gorgeous aesthetic quality that enchants the audience’ A Younger Theatre

Conceived and directed by Guillaume Pigé Original music: Alex Judd Performers: Alex Judd, Guillaume Pigé, Selma Roth Supported by Arts Council England and Haringey Council. Produced in association with South Hill Park Arts Centre, the Greenwich Theatre and the Institut français, London. Theatre Re is an associate company of South Hill Park Arts Centre

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Jacksons Lane Sat 24 > Sun 25 Jan

Joli Vyann (UK)

STATELESS London Premiere Joli Vyann’s new show crosses the frontiers of theatre, dance and circus to explore the topical subject of refugees, immigration and journeys. Its powerful stories of emotional upheaval and the fates of people crossing borders, unfold with intense physicality, hand-to-hand acrobatics, bodies flying and falling. There are moments of sadness, courage, friendship and humour, provoking us to think about humanity, tolerance, and the state of being stateless. One of Britain’s most unusual and ambitious new circus companies, Joli Vyann was founded in 2012 by Olivia Quayle and Jan Patzke. In the same year it won the National Theatre’s Watch This Space and Stockton International Riverside G120 scheme. Stateless is the company’s third show and devised in collaboration with French composer, choreographer, actress and circus artist, Florence Caillon.

Sat 24 > Sun 25 Jan Sat 8pm, Sun 5pm After-show discussion: Sun 25 Jan Runs 60 mins / no interval Tickets: £15/£13 Tel: 020 8341 4421 Book through mimelondon.com > Age guidance: 8+


‘The risk factor is high, and the story is told to emotionally charged effect’ Exeunt

Devised and performed by Jan Patzke and Olivia Quayle. Music & choreographic collaboration by Florence Caillon. Produced by Turtle Key Arts Co-commissioned by Activate Performing Arts as part of the PASS Circus Channel Project and The Point Supported by Bristol Old Vic, La Brèche, Pavilion Dance South West, Jacksons Lane, The Lighthouse Poole and The National Centre for Circus Arts

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Jacksons Lane Tue 27 > Sat 31 Jan

NoFit State Circus (UK)

NOODLES London Premiere In a sea of irreverent chaos and a world of knots, wires and spaghetti, a surreal cooking show loses the plot and the noodles take over. Created by Clown Director Holly Stoppit and the company with the crazy ideas of Finland’s Maksim Komaro, Noodles is fun, funny and fantastic, and features an international cast of top circus artists. Aerialists, hand-balancers, wire-walkers, contortionists and musicians twist and spin reality in an original and inventive show that challenges your preconceptions about circus. Beautiful and completely mad! Based in Cardiff, with a repertoire of successful shows touring the world and a mission ‘to be the circus everyone wants to join’, NoFit State has lead the renaissance of contemporary circus in the UK.

Tue 27 > Sat 31 Jan Tue - Fri 8pm, Sat 3pm After-show discussion: Wed 28 Jan Runs 70 mins / no interval Tickets: £17 (£15 concessions) Tel: 020 8341 4421

Book through mimelondon.com > Suitable for all ages

‘You walk out of the theatre feeling good about the world’ British Theatre Guide ‘A fabulous curiosity - when it comes to stage imagery Komaro has delivered a masterfully curated piece’ The Stage

Initial concept and ideas: Maksim Komaro Directed by Holly Stoppit Creative Producer: Tom Rack Performers: Cristina Geninazzi, Klara Mossberg, Lisa Angberg, Miguel Muñoz, Zenaida Alcalde


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LES ENFANTS DU PARADIS (France) Directed by Marcel Carné, 1943-45 Barbican Centre, Cinema 2 Sun 18 January 2.30pm Runs 70 mins Tickets: £9.50 (Concessions £8.50/ Young Barbican £5) plus booking fee Tel: 0845 120 7511 Book through mimelondon.com Mime theatre and cinema come together in what is one of almost every film buff’s favourite movies. Carné and Prevert’s romantic epic is set in the Parisien theatre world of the 1840s, amongst the aristocrats, street performers, actors, criminals and courtesans who were drawn to the Théâtre des Funambules.

But filmed during the German occupation of Paris a century later, the doubts and menacing atmosphere of the time seem to colour the swirling passions and fleeting moments of happiness that enfold its unforgettable gallery of characters. With Arletty, Jean-Louis Barrault as the white face mime Jean Baptiste, and the father of modern mime - Etienne Decroux - as his father. A cinematic masterpiece always best experienced in its full glory on the big screen.

CIRCO AEREO FOUR SHORT CIRCUS FILMS (Finland) FLIP (9’00) Acrobat: Rauli Kosonen POLTE (8’20) Fire Artist: Tomi Elo CLUB (8’00) Jugglers: Jouni Ruuth, Kaito Takayama, Heikki Tolin NARRI (8’30)  Acrobat: Rauli Kosonen Directed by Sanna Silvennoinen, Filmed by Jukka Mantere Produced by Circo Aereo and Ilves Films 2014

Jacksons Lane Fri 30 Jan 7pm Saturday 31 Jan 2pm Free admission Tel: 020 8341 4421 Book through mimelondon.com > LIMF and Jacksons Lane are delighted to be screening four of Circo Aereo's short films, Flip, Polte, Club, and Narri, which each focus on a different circus art, portraying and examining it through the camera, lending a perspective that would not be possible in live performance.  pages 40 > 41

WORKSHOPS LIMF is delighted to offer a comprehensive range of workshops to complement its performance programme. The festival is especially grateful to the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama for its continued support and generosity in facilitating many of the courses. Visit mimelondon.com for full details on each course

BOOKING: whynotinstitute@aol.com for more information & booking form. Early booking is advised as Angela’s courses sell out very quickly.


Advanced exercises for experienced clowns This NEW 5 day workshop for experienced clowns offers the opportunity to practice at high-level, and to be able to play with performers of similar experience. WHEN Mon 19 > Fri 23 Jan 9am - 4pm WHERE: London - venue details will be released to confirmed participants COST: £350 BOOKING: whynotinstitute@aol.com for more information & booking form



or The Clown’s Intelligence A popular institution at the Mime Festival, renowned clown Angela de Castro teaches her unique, full-time, full-on, ten-day workshop exploring the state of clown and clown persona development. An intense, inspiring, challenging and transformatory journey, with laughs and play along the way, this workshop is a rare opportunity to discover the secrets of the clown in a supportive environment. WHEN Mon 5 > Fri 16 Jan 9am - 4pm WHERE: London - venue details will be released to confirmed participants COST: £650

A two-day workshop distilled from Andrew’s experience as an originator of work, and from his training with Merce Cunningham, Philippe Gaulier, Jacques Lecoq, Monika Pagneux and The Feldenkrais Method. Taking the movement and skeletal structures within your body as a starting point, the workshop will explore how that body interacts with the surrounding space, creating fresh pathways that lead to enhanced creativity and performance.  WHEN: Sat 10 > Sun 11 Jan  10.30am - 5pm WHERE: Goldsmiths, University of London, Lewisham Way, London SE14 6NW COST: £120 BOOKING: workshop@inhalethespace.com



Led by Amit Lahav A five-day intensive workshop as an introduction to artistic director Amit Lahav’s creative process and Gecko’s approach to physical theatre and devising for performance, providing a unique opportunity to delve into the world of Gecko. Using its newest work Institute as a starting point, it will focus on ways of devising for performance ‘from scratch’, developing participants skills and creativity through this dynamic physical theatre workshop. WHEN Mon 5 > Fri 9 Jan 10am - 5pm WHERE: Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Eton Avenue, London, NW3 3HY COST: £295 BOOKING: mimelondon.com/ workshops

DAVID GLASS CREATING AUTHENTIC THEATRE A two-day workshop introducing participants to tools that will enable them to generate authentic, resonant images and scenarios that can be applied as starting points in a devising process. WHEN: Sat 24 & Sat 31 Jan 10am - 5pm WHERE: Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Eton Avenue, London, NW3 3HY COST: £120 BOOKING: mimelondon.com/ workshops

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WORKSHOPS GUILLAUME PIGÉ FROM THE ACTOR TO THE MIME This one-day workshop will be an introduction to the work of Etienne Decroux and his assistants. From body articulation to counterweights, from dynamo rhythm to mobile statuary, participants will discover how to play their body like a violin, how to create movement in stillness and how to be ready for action. WHEN: Sat 17 Jan 10am - 5pm WHERE: Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Eton Avenue, London, NW3 3HY COST: £60 BOOKING: mimelondon.com/ workshops




Led by Thomas Prattki and members of the LISPA team This two-day workshop explores the idea of embodiment as a key element in the process of developing original art. Through use of the Neutral Mask, a cornerstone of LISPA’s teaching philosophy, participants are invited to make links between movement and emotion, life and art, the physical body and the poetic body. WHEN: Sat 17 > Sun 18 Jan 10am - 4pm WHERE: LISPA, Three Mill Lane, London, E3 3DU COST: £100 for the two days BOOKING: welcome@lispa.co.uk or call 020 8215 3390 lispa.co.uk                                                                                                




Led by Thomas Prattki and members of the LISPA team This two-day workshop offers an introduction to both collaborative and individually devised theatre and performance practice. It addresses all performers, dancers, actors, directors and teachers who have a specific interest in the idea of devising original work. WHEN: Sat 24 > Sun 25 Jan 10am - 4pm WHERE: LISPA, 3 Mills Studios, Three Mill Lane, London, E3 3DU COST: £100 for the two days BOOKINGS: welcome@lispa.co.uk or call 020 8215 3390 lispa.co.uk SPECIAL OFFER: BOOK BOTH LISPA WORKSHOPS FOR £175


When Actions Speak Louder Led by George Mann and Nir Paldi A five-day workshop exploring a visual and non-text based theatre practice via a Lecoq-style method that will push the physical limits of the performer as a creative theatre maker. The workshop will explore how the actor in an empty space can use the body to create characters, spaces, emotions, poetry and atmospheres, and ultimately tell stories without words. WHEN: Mon 26 > Fri 30 Jan 10am - 4pm WHERE: Chisenhale Dance Space, 64-84 Chisenhale Rd, London E3 5QZ COST: £250 BOOKING: info@theatreadinfinitum.co.uk theatreadinfinitum.co.uk

LONDON INTERNATIONAL MIME FESTIVAL Somerset House, South Wing, Strand, London WC2R 1LA +44 (0) 20 7637 5661 direction@mimelondon.com Directors: Helen Lannaghan & Joseph Seelig Production Manager: Bill Deverson Festival Manager: Dudley Hinton Festival Assistant: Carla Van der Hoeven Artist Liaison: Vera Erenbourg, Ros Malyon BSL Interpreter: Jacqui Beckford Discussion Facilitators: Adrian Berry, Lyn Gardner, Jean-Charles Herrmann, Donald Hutera, Angus MacKechnie, Dick McCaw, Dorothy Max Prior, Arthur Smith Press Representatives: Arthur Leone PR 020 7836 7660 Marketing Consultants: Mobius Industries 020 7269 9929 Graphic Design & Website: KeanLanyon 020 7697 8453 keanlanyon.com Brochure printed by Axis axisononline.co.uk




A Workshop in Full Mask Theatre Vamos Theatre, one of the UK’s leading full mask theatre companies, offers a oneday workshop introducing participants to this exciting and unusual theatre style, focusing on understanding non-verbal communication, physical theatre skills, devising scenes, and the techniques that make full mask performance effective. WHEN: Sat 10 Jan 10am - 5pm WHERE: Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Eton Avenue, London, NW3 3HY COST: £60 BOOKING: mimelondon.com/workshops vamostheatre.co.uk

Reynolds BASIL TWIST © Richard Termine CHRIS LYNAM © Clive Howard CIE 111/BORY/ITO © Aglae Bory/Mario del Curto CIRCUS RONALDO © Benny de Grove FINNISH CIRCUS FILMS © Jukka Mantere GANDINI JUGGLING © Dan Pickard/Jane Hobson GECKO © Farrows Creative/Richard Haughton JOLI VYANN © Gigi Giannella KNIGHTS OF THE INVISIBLE © Tom Van Nuffel LONELY CIRCUS © Philippe Laurençon MAT RICARDO © Mat Ricardo/Sin Bozkurt NOFIT STATE CIRCUS © Sean Purser OKTOBRE © Daniel Michelon PEEPING TOM © Herman Sorgeloos THEATRE AD INFINITUM © Alex Brenner THEATRE RE © François Verbeek THOMAS MONCKTON/CIRCO AEREO © Heli Sorjonen TRYGVE WAKENSHAW © Tony Virgo

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BOOKING By Phone: 020 8341 4421 (£1.95 transaction fee applies) Barbican Cinema, Theatre & The Pit, Barbican Centre, Silk Street, EC2Y 8DS Basil Twist Peeping Tom Theatre Ad Infinitum Les Enfants du Paradis (film) Online: barbican.org.uk (£3 transaction fee applies) In Person: At the Advance Box Office, Silk Street entrance, ground floor (Level G). Mon-Sat 10am-9pm, Sun and Bank Holidays 12 noon-9pm. By Phone: 0845 120 7511 Mon-Sat 10am-8pm Sun 11am-8pm (£4 transaction fee applies). Groups: Buy 10 or more tickets and save 20%. 020 7382 7211. Conditions apply. Discounts: Membership, Young Barbican, under-16, student, school, access and group discounts apply. Visit barbican.org.uk Tube/train: Barbican, Moorgate Access: Please contact Box Office or email access@ barbican.org.uk

269a Archway Road, London N6 5AA Chris Lynam Theatre Re Joli Vyann NoFit State Circus

By Post: 269a Archway Road, London N6 5AA. Cheques payable to ‘Jacksons Lane’ Collect tickets from the Box Office, or add 50p for postage. Concessions: Senior Citizens, students, under 16s and unwaged, with proof of status. Registered carers attend free of charge with ID. Tube: Highgate Access: See website for details

platform theatre

Linbury Studio Theatre at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London WC2E 9DD Gandini Juggling Gecko Online: roh.org.uk In Person: Mon-Sat 10am-8pm. The Box Office is in the Link, connecting Bow Street to Covent Garden Piazza. By Phone: 020 7304 4000 Most major credit and debit cards are accepted.

Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. Handyside Street, King’s Cross, London N1C 4AA (Handyside Street is off York Way, west of the junction with Copenhagen St.) Barely Methodical Troupe

By Post: PO Box 6, Covent Garden, London WC2E 7QA. Cheques payable to ‘Royal Opera House’ Tube: Covent Garden Access: See website for details

Online: platform-theatre.com Door sales: Any unsold tickets will be available for sale on the door 1 hour before the performance Tube/Train: King’s Cross, St Pancras. Leave King’s Cross tube via Pancras Road/Regent’s Canal exit. Full details and map at platform-theatre.com/contact-us Access Information: email platformboxoffice@arts.ac.uk

Rosebery Avenue, London EC1R 4TN Cie 111/Aurélien Bory/Kaori Ito Online: sadlerswells.com (£1.75 transaction fee applies) In Person: Mon-Sat 10am-8pm.

Online: jacksonslane.org.uk (£1.95 transaction fee applies)

By Phone: 0844 412 4300 (£2.50 transaction fee applies)

In Person: Mon-Sat 10am-7.30pm, Sun 10am-5pm.

By Post: Ticket Office, Sadler’s Wells, Rosebery Avenue, London EC1R 4TN.

Concessions: see sadlerswells. com/terms for details Tube: Angel. Full travel details at sadlerswells.com Access: email access@sadlerswells.com or telephone: 020 7863 8128

Southbank Centre’s Purcell Room at Queen Elizabeth Hall Southbank Centre’s Queen Elizabeth Hall Belvedere Road, London SE1 8XX Circus Ronaldo Knights of the Invisible Lonely Circus Mat Ricardo Oktobre Thomas Monckton

21 Dean Street, London W1D 3NE Trygve Wakenshaw Online: sohotheatre.com (no transaction fee) In Person: Mon-Sat 10am 10pm. (no transaction fee) By Phone: 020 7478 0100 (no transaction fee) By Post: Soho Theatre 21 Dean Street, London W1D 3NE. Cheques payable to ‘Soho Theatre’. Collect from the Box Office, or add £1 for postage Concessions: Westminster residents, groups, Senior Citizens, students, under 26, children, unwaged and registered disabled, with proof of status. See website for full details.

Online: southbankcentre.co.uk (£1.75 transaction fee applies) Concessions: Limited concessions are available for each performance. Visit southbankcentre.co.uk for more information. In Person: Royal Festival Hall 10am-8pm daily No transaction fee By Phone: 0844 847 9910   9am-8pm (£2.75 transaction fee applies) Tube: Charing Cross, Embankment, Waterloo

TRAVELLING TO SHOWS Please allow extra travel time at weekends due to planned engineering work on tubes and trains - details and route planners at tfl.gov.uk

LATECOMERS AND BABES IN ARMS Latecomers may not be admitted and no babes in arms please!

BOOK ONLINE VIA MIMELONDON.COM Online booking links, slideshows, ebook and pdf of this brochure, largetext page, free mailing list, links to Company websites with videos and much more!

THANK YOU The 2015 London International Mime Festival gratefully acknowledges co-operation/ financial support from: Arts Council England; the Barbican; The Flemish authorities; The Flemish Community and the City of Antwerp; the Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation; Institut français; Southbank Centre (registered charity)

Access: 0844 875 0073 accesslist@ southbankcentre.co.uk

Tube: Oxford Circus, Tottenham Court Rd, Leicester Full travel details at sohotheatre.com Access: 020 7478 0100 sohotheatre.com/visit-us/access/

mimelondon.com updates : videos : booking

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m me

london international mime festival 2015 8 > 31 january



Barely Methodical Troupe 7.30pm

(Trygve Wakenshaw previews 6-8 Jan 9pm)

Fri 9

Barely Methodical Troupe 7.30pm*

Trygve Wakenshaw 9pm

Sat 10

Barely Methodical Troupe 7.30pm

Trygve Wakenshaw 9pm

Sun 11

Trygve Wakenshaw 7pm



Lonely Circus 7.45pm Lonely Circus 3pm*

Mon 12

Knights/Invisible 7.45pm*

Tue 13

Trygve Wakenshaw 9pm*

Knights/Invisible 7.45pm

Wed 14

Trygve Wakenshaw 9pm

Thomas Monckton 7.45pm

Thu 15

Trygve Wakenshaw 9pm

Thomas Monckton 7.45pm*

Fri 16

Trygve Wakenshaw 9pm

Thomas Monckton 7.45pm Circus Ronaldo 7.30pm

Sat 17

Trygve W’shaw 4pm/ 9pm

Thomas Monckton 6pm

Circus Ronaldo 7.30pm*

Sun 18

Trygve Wakenshaw 7pm

Thomas Monckton 3pm

Circus Ronaldo 5pm

Mon 19

Mat Ricardo 7.45pm

Tue 20

Mat Ricardo 7.45pm*

Wed 21

Mat Ricardo 7.45pm #

Thu 22 Fri 23

Oktobre 7.45pm

Sat 24

Oktobre 7.45pm*

Sun 25

Oktobre 3pm

Mon 26

Tue 27

Wed 28

Thu 29

Fri 30

Sat 31

* Meet the Artists after the show

# BSL interpreted performance: Mat Ricardo Wed 21 Jan





Gandini 7.45pm Gandini 7.45pm* Gandini 7.45pm

Chris Lynam 8pm

Chris Lynam 8pm*

Gecko 7.45pm

Chris Lynam 8pm

Gecko 4pm*

Les Enfants 2.30pm

Gecko 7.45pm Gecko 7.45pm

Theatre Re 8pm*

Th Ad Infinitum 7.45pm*

Theatre Re 8pm § Th Ad Infinitum 7.45pm

Th Ad Infinitum 7.45pm

Joli Vyann 8pm

Th Ad Infinitum 7.45pm

C111/Bory/Ito 7.30pm* C111/Bory/Ito 7.30pm

Th Ad Infinitum 7.45pm

Joli Vyann 5pm*

NoFit State 8pm

NoFit State 8pm*

Basil Twist 7.45pm

Peeping Tom 7.45pm Peeping Tom 7.45pm

NoFit State 8pm

Basil Twist 7.45pm*

NoFit State 8pm

Basil Twist 6pm/8.30pm Peeping Tom 7.45pm*

NoFit State 3pm

Basil Twist 3pm/6pm

Peeping Tom 7.45pm

§ Audio Described performance: Theatre Re Thu 22 Jan

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Profile for mimelondon

London International Mime Festival 2015  

mimelondon.com Physical Theatre, Circus and Mime

London International Mime Festival 2015  

mimelondon.com Physical Theatre, Circus and Mime


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