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Welcome to the 28th London International Mime Festival, the UK's unique showcase for contemporary visual theatre. As always LIMF offers a broad spectrum of visual performance styles and boundary-breaking, often uncategorisable shows. Highlights of this year's programme are two important LIMF coproductions, from Cie 111/Phil Soltanoff and, from British aerialist Matilda Leyser. For fans of animation theatre there are London premieres from Faulty Optic and Blind Summit, the return of Mossoux Bonte's haunting, visual theatre classic, Twin Houses, and a special retrospective season of

SHOWS FOR FAMILIES Circus Ronaldo (p18/19), Familie Floez (p9), Gamarjobat (p10) SHOWS INVOLVING CIRCUS SKILLS Cie 111/Phil Soltanoff (p4/5), Cie Adrien M (p7), Circus Ronaldo (p18/19), Matilda Leyser (p12/13), Pierre Rigal (p16) SHOWS WITH PUPPETRY/ANIMATION Blind Summit (p22/23), Faulty Optic (p14), Mossoux Bonte (p6), Stephen Mottram (p20/21)

Claire Heggen

SHOWS SUITABLE FOR PEOPLE WITH HEARING IMPAIRMENT Cie 111/Phil Soltanoff (p4/5), Circus Ronaldo (p18/19), Cie Adrien M (p7), Familie Floez (p9), Mossoux Bonte (p6), Pierre Rigal (p16), Stephen Mottram (p20/21), Theatre Momzit (p11) SHOWS FOR ADULT AUDIENCES Blind Summit (p22), Faulty Optic (p14), Mossoux Bonte (p6), Stephen Mottram (p20/21), Sylvain Meret (p17)

Faulty Optic

Stephen Mottram's award winning work. Other UK premieres include Circus Ronaldo's riotous kitchen commedia, La Cucina dell'Arte, exotic, wordless storytelling from Korea's Theatre Momzit, virtual juggling from Adrien M and Pierre Rigal's extraordinary Erection. From pizza flipping to digital technology, from low life puppets to spatial exploration, the 2006 LIMF adventure starts here. We are very grateful to our venue colleagues and to our funders for their help in realising this programme. Joseph Seelig and Helen Lannaghan, Directors


SHOWS WITH SOME SPOKEN TEXT Andrew Dawson (p15), Blind Summit (p22), Claire Heggen (in French) (p8), Faulty Optic (p14), Matilda Leyser (p12/13) MEET THE ARTISTS AFTER THE SHOW Thu 12 Jan: Cie 111/Phil Soltanoff (p4/5) Mon 16 Jan: Mossoux Bonte (p6) Tue 17 Jan: Faulty Optic (p14) Thu 19 Jan: Blind Summit (p22) Fri 20 Jan: Adrien M (p7) Sat 21 Jan: Andrew Dawson (p15) Mon 23 Jan: Claire Heggen (p8) Tue 24 Jan: Pierre Rigal (p16) Wed 25 Jan: Stephen Mottram (p20/21) Thu 26 Jan: Familie Floez (p9) Sat 28 Jan: Sylvain Meret & Jean-Luc Terrade (p17)

Matilda Leyser

A large text version of this brochure is available at mimefest.co.uk or tel: 020 7637 5661 Please contact venues for full Access information. See pages 26-27


Blind Summit

Cie Adrien M


More or Less Infinity

‘Athletic, astonishing, technically audacious and just plain fun, their work redefines perceptions of visual theatre.’ New York Times


Compagnie 111 / Phil Soltanoff

The 2006 London International Mime Festival opens with visual theatre for the digital age. Having explored the possibilities of the cube in IJK ('think of it as Stomp with balls or Mondrian on acid' Sunday Times) and the plane in Plan B ('transports the performers from earth to the stars and the audience from the cares of the day to laughter and wonderment' New York Times) internationally acclaimed Compagnie 111 directed by New Yorker, Phil Soltanoff, presents the final part of its trilogy exploring spatial concepts. Based in Toulouse where its members came together at the famous Lido Circus School, the company has toured the world with its dynamic and original blend of illusion, movement and video imagery. UK premiere Queen Elizabeth Hall Wed 11 > Fri 13 Jan 7.30pm Runs approx 75 mins Tickets 08703 800 400 www.rfh.org.uk £11/£14/£17/£20 After Show Discussion Thur 12 Jan Presented in association with SBC Co-production: London International Mime Festival, Theatre Vidy-Lausanne E.T.E., Theatre National de Toulouse Midi Pyrenees, Grand Theatre de la VilleLuxemburg, Les Gemeaux-Scene Nationale de Sceaux, La Coursive-Scene Nationale La Rochelle, Agora-Scene conventionnee de Boulazac, Equinoxe-Scene Nationale de Chateauroux, TNBA-Theatre Nationale de BordeauxAquitaine, Le Carre Magique-Scene Conventionnee de Lannion and with assistance from Theatre GaronneToulouse and Gare aux Artistes.

www.cie111.com 4


‘Expertly performed, full of ineradicable images, a chilling experience.’ Guardian Stunning theatre of images, eerie, sinister and erotic. Twin Houses is a wordless monologue for one performer and five mannequin alter egos. But who is in control and who is manipulated? Ten years since its first LIMF performances at the Purcell Room, this spine tingling study of physical and spiritual possession, a seamless blend of movement and illusion driven by a haunting soundtrack, remains a visual theatre landmark.

Purcell Room Sat 14 > Tue 17 Jan Sat, Mon, Tue 7.45pm Sun 6pm Runs approx 60 mins Tickets 08703 800 400 www.rfh.org.uk £13.50 (£10 concs) After Show Discussion Mon 16 Jan Presented in association with SBC


Compagnie Adrien M Convergence

‘Astonishing beauty and magic, created in front of our eyes.’ Sud-Ouest


Twin Houses


Compagnie MossouxBonté

Like America's Michael Moschen or fellow French virtuoso juggler, Jerome Thomas, Adrien Mondot has given his art a fascinating new dimension. Convergence is a spectacular mix of actual and virtual juggling, movement, light and sound, incorporating cutting-edge computer technology. Developed from an award winning French Young Circus Talents project and with original music played by cellist/composer Veronika Soboljevski, it creates its own unique and intriguing universe. UK premiere.

Purcell Room Thurs 19 > Sun 22 Jan Thurs - Sat 7.45pm, Sun 6pm Runs approx 55 mins Tickets 08703 800 400 www.rfh.org.uk £13.50 (£10 concs) After Show Discussion Fri 20 Jan Presented in association with SBC

www.adrienm.net 6


'A captivating personal story and an insight into some of the most interesting physical theatre of our time'. La Presse, Montreal 'A beautiful picture of a creative life'. Pariscope After training with celebrated French actor and 'father of mime' Etienne Decroux, Claire Heggen and Yves Marc co-founded Théâtre du Mouvement. For thirty years it has been one of Europe's most influential physical theatre companies, creating a large repertoire of original productions, many of which have appeared at LIMF, and performing worldwide. Claire's new solo work is a fascinating portrait of her own life and experiences as a performer, highlighted with extracts from the company's shows both live and on film. Performed in French. UK premiere.

Purcell Room Mon 23 > Tues 24 Jan 7.45pm Runs approx 80 mins Tickets 08703 800 400 www.rfh.org.uk £13.50 (£10 concs) After Show Discussion Mon 23 Jan

Familie Floez

Ristorante Immortale 'A show based on great skill and terrific observational comedy.' The Guardian 'Mime at its best: funny, moving and utterly charming.’ The List


Le Chemin Se Fait En Marchant (Life’s What You Make It)


Claire Heggen/ Théâtre du Mouvement

After last year's sell out success with Teatro Delusio, Germany's mask theatre experts Familie Floez return to the Festival with another award-winning, wordless comedy. Somewhere between heaven and hell is the Ristorante Immortale, in the middle of everywhere and nowhere, a place which never closes but never really opens, a microcosm of self-deception and unfulfilled ambitions. As its untiring staff prepare for customers to arrive, laundry baskets become flying ships, plates turn into castanets and intrigue lurks behind every door. Berlin based Familie Floez blend masks, movement and music to create theatre which captures hearts of young and old alike. London Premiere.

Purcell Room Wed 25 > Sun 29 Jan Wed - Fri 7.45pm, Sat 6pm, Sun 4pm Runs approx 90 mins without interval Tickets 08703 800 400 www.rfh.org.uk £13.50 (£10 concs) After Show Discussion Thur 26 Jan Presented in association


Presented in association with SBC

with SBC


www.floez.net 9

‘It's hard to describe on paper how good two blokes prancing about and making gestures is, but trust me, it's brilliant’. Three Weeks

Presented in association with SBC

Empty Hands

'Sensual theatre of sight, sound, smell and emotion.’ Dordogne Libre 'A performance which goes into depths that leaves audiences breathless. It has a magical charm.’ Sud-Ouest

Gamarjobat are Ketch and Hiropon, a Japanese duo whose funky, free-wheeling blend of silent physical comedy transcends all cultural and language barriers. Fast, furious and fun! Queen Elizabeth Hall Foyer Sat 21 > Sun 22 Jan 1pm Runs approx 40 mins

Theatre Momzit

South Korea

‘A show based on great skill and terrific observational comedy’. Guardian



We come into the world with empty hands and leave it with empty hands Korean proverb


A beautiful visual theatre performance based on Korean ritual ceremonies and shamanism, accompanied by traditional percussion music. Empty Hands is about the futility of human obstinacy and greed and the wisdom of simplicity. Theatre Momzit was founded by actor/ director Jin Gyu Yu in 1994 to develop Korea's unique style of gesture and mime - 'momzit'. UK Premiere. BAC Studio 1 Fri 27 > Sun 29 Jan Fri - Sat 8.30pm, Sun 6.30pm Runs approx 60 mins Tickets 020 7223 2223 www.bac.org.uk £10 (£6 concs)



Presented in association with AsiaNow Productions


Line, Point, Plane


Matilda Leyser ‘Her performance is a revelation...beautifully conceived and timed to perfection.’ The Times ‘A beautiful and touching piece combining subtle theatricality, emotive expression and super skilled aerial tricks…lively, mesmeric and sensitively portrayed.’ The Stage Actress and aerialist Matilda Leyser climbs into the air to explore the solitude which, paradoxically, we all share. Line, Point, Plane is an aerial triptych, combining physical theatre with circus aerial skills, dance, original writing, music and design. In Lifeline a single rope hangs in space: a life unfolds along it travelling from birth through childhood to maturity. The second piece Dead Point is a play on a rope swing, a story of suspension and weightlessness in search of the point. In Night Plane a solitary figure is revealed climbing the night sky, vulnerable and resilient. For this project Matilda has collaborated with leading names from the world of theatre and dance including Rosemary Lee, Annabel Arden, Annie Castledine, Bryony Lavery and Michele Weaver. London Premiere Linbury at the Royal Opera House Fri 20 > Sat 21 Jan 8pm Runs approx 90 mins including interval Tickets 020 7304 4000 www.roh.org.uk £15/£12 £5 standing (£8 students and ROH Access List) Commissioned by the London International Mime Festival, ROH2 at the Royal Opera House and The Helen Hamlyn Trust, and Pegasus Theatre Oxford, with support from Arts Council England.




or The Rise and Fall of the Back and Front

‘Faulty Optic... brilliantly eccentric and peculiarly British. We are transfixed by the magic.’ The Guardian ‘Terrifiant et magnifique.’ Le Monde Read all about it... Girl in Terrible Pole Dancing Accident... A beetle infested skull, a desolate sanitorium, a clown with a bayonet, a ghostly amputee and puppet nudity are some of the horrors in Horsehead. Using specially composed music and sounds, prerecorded and live video, animated figures and mechanical sets, Faulty Optic has gained an international following for its brand of bizarre visual theatre and adult puppetry. Spiked with macabre humour, this tale of hospital hauntings is a collaboration with composer Daniel Padden of the band Volcano The Bear and writer/ director Edward Carey, author of Observatory Mansions and Alva and Irva. London Premiere.

ICA Sun 15 > Thur 19 Jan 8pm Runs approx 70 mins Tickets 020 7930 3647 £13 (£10 concs) After Show Discussion Tue 17 Jan

Andrew Dawson

Absence and Presence




Faulty Optic

‘Simply outstanding’ Daily Telegraph ‘Utterly compelling’... quite brilliant’ Metro From the gesture of grief to a dance with Max Bygraves. An intimate and touching performance in which, with tenderness and wry humour, Andrew Dawson reflects on the death of his father, whose body lay undiscovered for ten days. Absence and Presence uses sculpture, video, movement, and music by Jody Talbot to create a show that is both emotionally and visually captivating. First previewed at LIMF 2003, it won a Herald Angel Award and Total Theatre Award at the recent Edinburgh Fringe Festival at Aurora Nova. ICA Fri 20 > Sat 21 Jan 8pm Runs approx 60 mins Tickets 020 7930 3647 £13 (£10 concs) After Show Discussion Sat 21 Jan Created in collaboration with Jos Houben, Graham Johnston and Fabrik Potsdam.

Also at Croydon Clocktower Tue 10 Jan 8pm Tickets 020 8253 1030 Newbury Corn Exchange Tue 17 Jan 7.45pm Tickets 01635 522733 www.absenceandpresence.info

www.faultyoptic.co.uk 14


‘An incredible performer, an incredible performance...he transports us to another world of sights, sounds and emotions’ Nacion. Buenos Aires In some fifty spellbinding minutes inspired by Darwinist theory and science fiction, Pierre Rigal tracks the evolution of man from primitive life to Homo erectus. It is a journey of twists, turns and constant surprises. Directed by Aurelien Bory of Compagnie 111, it features stunning sound, lighting and video projection, and a dynamic performance from Rigal, a former international athlete, and dancer with the Gilles Jobin Company. UK Premiere. ICA Mon 23 > Wed 25 Jan 8pm Runs approx 50 mins Tickets 020 7930 3647 £13 (£10 concs) After Show Discussion Tue 24 Jan

Sylvain Meret

Le Modèle de Molinier ‘Presented as a photo shoot with the audience as camera lens, Le Modèle de Molinier is unique and compelling.’ SudOuest




Pierre Rigal/ Compagnie Dernière Minute

Moving between reality and illusion, through eroticism and narcissistic ceremony, Le Modèle de Molinier tells a story about the uncertainty of the image. Pierre Molinier (1900-1976) was a one-time member of the Surrealist movement, at first championed then cast out by André Breton. His paintings and especially his auto-erotic photographs pioneered body art and the explicit portrayal of sexuality. Inspired by Molinier's images, Sylvain Meret's solo performance explores gender ambiguity and sexual fantasy. The director is Jean-Luc Terrade whose more than thirty productions for his company, Les Marches de l'Êté, include stagings of works by Beckett, Duras, Genet and Heiner Muller. UK Premiere. Suitable for Adults only ICA Fri 27 > Sun 29 Jan 8pm Runs approx 45 mins Tickets 020 7930 3647 £13 (£10 concs) After Show Discussion Sat 28 Jan



La Cucina dell’Arte

By and with David and Danny Ronaldo

‘Hilarious chaos in a sublime spectacle. An absolute must!’ Telegraaf


Circus Ronaldo

‘Tender, intelligent and with some astonishing juggling acts... a perfect show, a 10.’ El País The rocky relationship between a chef and his assistant provokes a power struggle amongst the pots and pans - the perfect context for this hilarious display of clowning and pizza flipping skills. Inspired by Fellini movies, commedia plots and the restaurant juggers of old vaudeville, this is the ultimate cookery show. As the chandelier is lit and the crockery and comestibles arrive, an accordion makes magic and spoons play a tarantella on bottles of wine. Welcome to La Cucina dell'Arte, an evening of romantic dining and chaos, laughter and charm. For six generations the Ronaldo family toured Flanders with beautiful gypsy caravans and atmospheric variety/circus shows. Since making its first ever overseas' appearance at the 1998 London International Mime Festival, Circus Ronaldo has gone on to win hearts around the world. UK Premiere Suitable for age 10+ Barbican Centre, The Pit Tue 17 > Sat 21 Jan 7.45pm Runs approx 70 mins (no interval) Tickets 0845 120 7500 www.barbican.org.uk £12 www.circusronaldo.com Presented in association with barbicanbite06 Presented with the support of the Flemish Government



The Seas of Organillo

The Seed Carriers

‘Imagine the paintings of Max Ernst and the sexual interpretations of Freud, submerged into an aqueous realm where life bubbles through a miniature organ. A richly suggestive encounter.’ Time Out

The Seas of Organillo In Suspension 'Takes the craft of puppetry to a level of sophistication which makes you gasp with the cleverness of it.’ Independent on Sunday Since 1988 artist/craftsman Stephen Mottram has combined puppetry with electro-acoustic music in innovative ways, creating compelling, edgy, contemporary visual theatre for adult audiences. His award-winning shows have been seen in almost forty different countries. This special retrospective season for LIMF 2006 features three of Stephen's most acclaimed productions. NOT suitable for children.

The Seed Carriers ‘His artistry is formidable, like his imagination. I have never before seen the eeriness of marionettes combined so insistently with dread’ The Times Imagine a race of small creatures that look remarkably like humans but are really more like insects or plants. They are The Seed Carriers, valuable and vulnerable, farmed for the seeds carried within them. They must develop cunning to survive the ruthless social system in which they live. A classic work of animation theatre. Music by Glyn Perrin. 20


Stephen Mottram's Animata

The ancient seas of Organillo are warm and mysterious. This is where babies are made. In a sensual journey from fertility to birth, Mottram's puppets swim and wriggle through our deepest Freudian oceans. Music by Argentine composer Sebastian Castagna, recorded on a miniature street organ - an organillo.

In Suspension ‘One watches Stephen Mottram in a kind of trance. He creates a little magical world with tremendous visual impact – it has a rare and powerful beauty.’ Folha de Sao Paulo A disturbing and magical alternative world where the rules seem to have changed. Hypnotic marionette sequences and new music by Glyn Perrin, Simon Walters and Pete McPhail. BAC Main House Tues 24 > Sun 29 Jan Tickets 020 7223 2223 www.bac.org.uk £15 (£8 concs) The Seed Carriers Tues 24 > Thurs 26 Jan 7.30pm Runs approx 55 mins The Seas of Organillo Fri 27 > Sat 28 Jan 7.30pm Runs approx 65 mins In Suspension Sun 29 Jan 5.30pm Runs approx 70 mins After Show Discussion Wed 25 Jan




Blind Summit ‘Their puppets certainly seem to be a bad lot: they drink, smoke and swear, fight and even kill. They bring real verve to the artform.’ The Guardian 'If puppetry is to be the new rock'n'roll, these animators might well be its frontmen.’ Time Out Blind Summit was founded in 1997 to make new plays with puppets for adult audiences. Its puppets are modern and the shows tackle contemporary issues. The company's inspirations are Philippe Genty, Handspring Theatre, The Wooster Group and the Sex Pistols. A hit at the 2005 Edinburgh Fringe, Low Life is an alcohol-soaked cabaret of deadbeats and losers - a world where Tom Waits meets puppetry. Developed at BAC Low Life now has its London premiere at the Mime Festival.

BAC Studio 2 Tue 17 Jan > Sun 5 Feb Tues - Sat 8pm, Sun 6pm Runs approx 65 mins Tickets 020 7223 2223 www.bac.org.uk £10 (£6 concs) Tues: Pay What You Can After Show Discussion Thur 19 Jan BSL Interpreted Performance Wed 1 Feb www.blindsummit.com



Workshops and Talks Surfacing Sat 14 Jan 11am >4pm

A one-day workshop exploring how imagery is transformed into metaphor as it emerges from the instinctive, sub-conscious into creative play. This is a practical workshop designed to get your creative juices flowing, give you some tools to work with in your own creative endeavors, stimulate new ideas, and explore your potential in a positive encouraging environment. The workshop will be taught by Ron East and is open to all those in the creative arts willing to challenge themselves and able to work comfortably with physical participation. Ron East is founder, director and principal instructor at the School of Physical Theatre. He has more than thirty years of professional theatre experience. He began his career as an actor at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, North America's foremost classical theatre, where he won the prestigious Sir Tyrone Guthrie award for his work. He trained in physical theatre at the Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris. Course Fee: £50 Student concs £40 Bookings: 44 (0) 20 8215 3350 Fax 44 (0) 20 8215 3482 Email: school@physicaltheatre.com Venue: School of Physical Theatre, Waterhouse Studio, 3 Mills Film Studios Three Mill Lane, Bromley-by-Bow, London E3 3DU By Tube: Eastbound on the District Line to Bromley-by-Bow station. Cross the carriageway to the far side, walk down the hill towards Tescos supermarket and the 3 Mills Film Complex is located behind Tescos (over the River Lea).

Creating Theatre

Sat 28 > Sun 29 Jan

10am > 3.30pm (with 1/2 hour break) This two-day workshop will give an introduction into the dramatic use of time, rhythm and  space and is based on the teachings of the late Jacques Lecoq. It is addressed to actors, dancers and other performing artists, who are attracted to the idea of creating their own theatre. The workshop is led by Thomas Prattki, founder and director of the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA) and former pedagogical director of the Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris. Course Fee: £100 Booking: 44 (0) 20 8969 7004 Email: welcome@lispa.co.uk Venue: LISPA, Unit 8, Latimer Road, London W10 6RQ. Tube: Latimer Rd (Hammersmith & City) From Latimer Rd tube: Turn right & walk up Bramley Road, then left into Oxford Gdns; at end turn right into Latimer Road. LISPA  is about half way down this road on the left opposite Latimer Place. Approx 10 mins walk. Full details at www.lispa.co.uk

Everything Old is New Again­ Sat 21 Jan 2.30 > 4.30pm QEH Hospitality Space, South Bank Centre FREE but booking essential: 020 7637 5661

For years regarded as entertainment rather than art, Variety and Burlesque are experiencing a resurgence in popularity with artists and audiences. This year’s Total Theatre Talks at the London International Mime Festival opens the dialogue between artists of different generations, and highlights the place of contemporary Variety within the wider historical continuum, with a panel of contemporary and traditional artists, chaired by Charlie Holland. Further details at www.totaltheatre.org.uk or ring Total Theatre Network on 020 7729 7944.

Directors: Helen Lannaghan & Joseph Seelig

The 2006 London International Mime Festival gratefully acknowledges co-operation/financial support from: Arts Council England; Association Française d'Action Artistique/Ministère des Affaires Étrangères; Commissariat General aux Relations Internationale de la Communauté Française de Belgique; French Embassy London; Institut français du Royaume-Uni; The Flemish Government; SBC (registered charity).

35 Little Russell Street, London WC1A 2HH Tel: 44 (0) 20 7637 5661 Fax: 44 (0) 20 7 323 1151 Email: mimefest@easynet.co.uk www. mimefest.co.uk Press Representatives: Anna Arthur PR (020 7637 2994)

registered charity

The Barbican is owned, funded and managed by the Corporation of London

Festival Assistant: Eva San Roman Discussions Facilitator: Dick McCaw Production Manager: Bill Deverson Marketing Consultants: Mobius Industries (0203 205 0000) Brochure/Web Design: Iain Lanyon @ Kean Lanyon (www. keanlanyon.com)

Bring lunch.


Cie 111 / Phil Soltanoff


Lavender Hill, SW11 5TN 020 7223 2223 www.bac.org.uk Companies: Blind Summit Stephen Mottram Theatre Momzit In Person: Mon-Fri 10.30am-6pm Sat 4-6pm Sun 4-8pm By Phone: 020 7223 2223 until 6pm (7pm on Sun). Online: www.bac.org.uk Christmas Closure: 24-26 Dec, 29, 31 Dec, 1 Jan. Reservations: Unpaid reservations should be collected within 3 working days of the booking, or 1 hour before the show if the booking is made less than 3 days before. BAC cannot guarantee late admission. Transport: Train: to Clapham Junction from Waterloo or Victoria. BAC is a 10 min walk up Lavender Hill. Tube: Victoria Line to Vauxhall, then 77 or 77A bus. Allow 30 mins for bus. Buses: 35, 37, 345, 77, 77A, 115, 319, 337, C3, G1

Booking 26

The Pit, The Barbican Silk Street, EC2Y 8DS 0845 120 7500 www.barbican.org.uk Companies: Circus Ronaldo By Phone: Daily 9am-8pm. Admin fee £1.85 per transaction including return of tickets by 1st class postage, time permitting. In Person: At the Advance Box Office, Silk Street entrance, ground floor (Level 0), Mon-Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 12 noon-8pm. Christmas Closure: 24-26 Dec. Post: Cheques made payable to 'The Barbican Centre' and sent to the box office at the above address. Please include s.a..e or add 50p to cover postage. Online: Tickets can be booked online 24 hours a day at a reduced booking fee at www. barbican.org.uk Transport: Tube/Train: 5 mins from Barbican station, 10 mins from Bank, Blackfriars, City Thameslink, Farringdon, Liverpool Street, Moorgate, Mansion House, St. Pauls. Bus: Route 153 runs daily between Finsbury Park, Angel & Liverpool St Station via Silk St. Other routes running near the Barbican include: 8, 11, 6, 35, 42, 43, 47, 48, 55, 56, 76, 78, 100, 133, 141, 214, 242, 271.

The Mall SW1Y 5AH 020 7930 3647 www.ica.org.uk Companies: Andrew Dawson Faulty Optic Pierre Rigal Sylvain Meret In Person/By Phone: 020 7930 3647 Mon-Sun 12 noon-9.15pm (most busy between 6-9pm) E-mail: tickets@ica.org.uk allow 24 hrs for processing. Post: Send cheque made payable to ‘ICA Ltd.’ with 1st class s.a.e. to the Ticket Office, or provide credit card details. Christmas closure: 24-26 Dec, 31 Dec, 1 Jan Transport: Tube/Train: a short walk from Charing Cross, Embankment and Piccadilly. Bus: 3, 6, 9, 11, 12, 13, 15, 23, 24, 53, 77A, 88, 91, 159, 176 which stop on Strand or Whitehall and 29, 91, 139 stop on Pall Mall.

Linbury at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden WC2E 9DD 020 7304 4000 www.roh.org.uk

South Bank Centre

Companies: Matilda Leyser

Companies: Claire Heggen Co. 111/Phil Soltanoff Co. Adrien M Familie Floez Gamarjobat Mossoux Bonte

In Person/By Phone: 020 7304 4000 The Box Office is open Mon-Sat 10am-8pm and is situated in the Link, connecting Bow Street to Covent Garden Piazza. Payment: By cheque made payable to 'Royal Opera House', or by American Express, Diners Club, Mastercard, Maestro or Visa. Christmas closure: Closed 24-25 Dec Transport: Tube/Train: Covent Garden station is a short walk. Bus: 1, 4, 6, 9, 11, 13, 15, 23, 26, 68, 76, 77a, 91, 168, 171, 176, 188, 505, 521, X68 all go the Aldwych. RV1 calls at Covent Garden, Waterloo Station, South Bank, Bankside, London Bridge and Tower Gateway.

incorporating the Purcell Room and Queen Elizabeth Hall

Belvedere Road SE1 8XX 08703 800 400 www.rfh.org.uk

In Person: Box Office, Queen Elizabeth Hall Foyer, open 11am8.30pm (11am-8pm on days when no event takes place). No transaction fee. By Phone: 08703 800 400 daily 9.30am-8pm. £1.50 transaction fee applicable. Christmas Opening Times: 24 Dec closes at 6pm; 25 Dec closed; 26 Dec open 12 noon8pm; 31 Dec: closes at 4pm; 1 Jan open 2pm-6pm Online: www.rfh.org.uk £1.50 transaction fee applicable Post: Cheques should be made payable to 'South Bank Centre' and sent to The Box Office, at the above address. Leave

amount blank but indicate upper limit. Please quote your name, address and phone numbers. £1.50 transaction fee applicable. For deaf or hard of hearing patrons: Fax 0870 163 3896 or book online, £1.50 transaction fee applicable. Transport: Tube: Waterloo, or cross river from Temple, Embankment or Charing Cross. Train: Waterloo or Waterloo East. Bus: 1, 4, 26, 59, 68, 76, 168, 171, 172, 176, 188, 243, 341, 501, 521, X68 stop on Waterloo Bridge. 76, 77, 211, 341, 381 stop in York Road. Photo Credits Front cover: Cie 111/Soltanoff: Aglae Bory Adrien M: Michel Nicolas Andrew Dawson: Steven Smith Circus Ronaldo: Benny de Grove Claire Heggen: Gerard Fouilleuil Cie 111/Soltanoff: Aglae Bory Gamarjobat: Kyoko Kaneko Familie Floez: Eckard Jonalik Matilda Leyser: page 3 Richard Haughton Mossoux Bonte: Micha Wajnrych Pierre Rigal: Pierre Rigal Stephen Mottram: David Fisher & Simon Annand Sylvain Meret: Julien Loth Brochure Printed by: Gloss Image

Blind Summit

Please don’t be late! Most of the Mimefest shows run without an interval and we usually can’t admit latecomers


L O N D O N I N T E R N AT I O N A L M I M E F E S T I VA L 2 0 0 6





Wed 11

Cie 111/Solt’ff


Thu 12

Cie 111/Solt’ff


Fri 13

Cie 111/Solt’ff


Sat 14





Cie M Bonte 7.45pm

Sun 15 Cie M Bonte 6pm

Faulty Optic 8pm

Mon 16 Cie M Bonte 7.45pm Faulty Optic 8pm Tue 17

Cie M Bonte 7.45pm Faulty Optic 8pm

Circ Ronaldo 7.45pm

Blind Summit 8pm

Faulty Optic 8pm

Circ Ronaldo 7.45pm

Blind Summit 8pm

Circ Ronaldo 7.45pm

Blind Summit 8pm

M Leyser 8pm Circ Ronaldo 7.45pm

Blind Summit 8pm

M Leyser 8pm Circ Ronaldo 7.45pm

Blind Summit 8pm

Wed 18 Thu 19

Adrien M 7.45pm

Faulty Optic 8pm

Fri 20

Adrien M 7.45pm

A Dawson 8pm

Sat 21

Adrien M 7.45pm

A Dawson 8pm

Sun 22 Adrien M 6pm

Gamarjobat 1pm Gamarjobat 1pm

Blind Summit 6pm

Mon 23 C Heggen 7.45pm

Pierre Rigal 8pm

Tue 24

Pierre Rigal 8pm

S Mottram S/C 7.30pm

Blind Summit 8pm

Wed 25 Familie Floez 7.45pm Pierre Rigal 8pm

S Mottram S/C 7.30pm

Blind Summit 8pm

Thu 26

Familie Floez 7.45pm

S Mottram S/C 7.30pm

Blind Summit 8pm

Fri 27

Familie Floez 7.45pm Sylvain Meret 8pm

S Mottram ORG 7.30pm Momzit 8.30pm Blind Summit 8pm

Sat 28

Familie Floez 6pm

Sylvain Meret 8pm

S Mottram ORG 7.30pm Momzit 8.30pm Blind Summit 8pm

Sun 29 Familie Floez 4pm

Sylvain Meret 8pm

S Mottram I/N 5.30pm Momzit 6.30pm Blind Summit*6pm

C Heggen 7.45pm

*Performing to Sun 5 Feb

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London International Mime Festival 2006  

mimelondon.com Physical Theatre, Circus and Mime

London International Mime Festival 2006  

mimelondon.com Physical Theatre, Circus and Mime


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