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m me London

london international mime festival 9 jan > 4 feb 2017

m me London

Welcome to our 40th anniversary season Among a host of artists new to the festival, we’re delighted to bring back some of visual theatre’s most admired names in this special year, including French acrobat-genius Mathurin Bolze and Belgium’s Mossoux Bonté with new shows, while German mask-theatre experts Familie Flöz return with Teatro Delusio and there’s a second chance to see Charleroi Danses 2014 sold-out hit, Kiss & Cry. Elsewhere there’s surrealist Greek glam live art, manga-inspired drama from Italy, and extraordinary object theatre exploring neuroscience, exile, arson and the Shakespeare authorship debate. And much more! LIMF is the UK’s longest established international theatre festival, its essentially wordless programme cutting edge and defying categorization. Book early to avoid disappointment! Circus-theatre Compagnie MPTA Gandini Juggling Joli Vyann Sacekripa Silver Lining

Family-friendly Compagnie MPTA Familie Flöz Leandre Sacekripa Silver Lining

Clown-theatre/Humour Familie Flöz Leandre Sacekripa Thomas Monckton

Live Art Dewey Dell Euripides Laskaridis Les Antliaclastes Mossoux Bonté

Physical-theatre Charleroi Danses Dewey Dell Euripides Laskaridis Gandini Juggling Joli Vyann Mossoux Bonté Theatre Re

Puppetry/Object-theatre Charleroi Danses Les Antliaclastes Mossoux Bonté Nordic Puppet Ambassadors Plexus Polaire Stephen Mottram Thomas Monckton



Gandini Juggling (UK)

Smashed LIMF 40th Anniversary Special Edition

The Peacock Mon 9 > Tue 10 Jan Smashed is a cult piece that has become a worldwide sensation. Premiered at the National Theatre’s outdoor Watch This Space Festival, it received its first theatre performances at the 2012 Festival and has since been performed more than 500 times across the globe.  A sensational mix of skill and theatricality, Smashed is inspired by the work of seminal dance-theatre maker, Pina Bausch. For the festival’s 40th anniversary this new version has been re-imagined from its original nine to more than twenty performers, with guidance from longtime Pina Bausch leading dancer and choreographer, Dominique Mercy.  Featuring some of the world’s greatest jugglers, hundreds of apples and crockery galore, its nostalgic, filmic scenes hint at tense relationships, lost love and the quaintness of afternoon tea. Smashed: Special Edition is provocative, witty, jubilatory and astonishing to see.

Mon 9 > Tue 10 Jan @ 7.30pm After-show discussion: Mon 9 Jan Runs 70 mins / no interval £15 - £29 Age guidance: 7+ Tel: 020 7863 8000 Watch the video and book through mimelondon.com >

“So clearly inspired by the work of the great Pina Bausch, a woman who said balls to ballet... a finale of smashed crockery, which is as terrifyingly vicious as it is funny” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Director : Sean Gandini Assistant director: Kati Ylä-Hokkala Dramaturg: John-Paul Zaccarini Outside eye: Dominique Mercy


Compagnie MPTA/ Mathurin Bolze (France)

Barons Perchés UK Premiere

Platform Theatre Central Saint Martins Wed 11 > Sat 14 Jan

In 2005 Mathurin Bolze astonished festival audiences with his surreal trampoline drama, Fenêtres, inspired by Italo Calvino’s story, The Baron in the Trees. Fed up with family, authority and decorum a young nobleman climbs into a tree and vows to remain there for the rest of his life. As in some famous Poe and Dostoïevski stories the protagonist has a double, and in this sequel to Fenêtres the young Baron’s charming exile takes a new course with the appearance of a doppelganger perhaps his brother, his alter ego or maybe just his shadow.


Artistic direction: Mathurin Bolze With Karim Messaoudi and Mathurin Bolze Stage design: Goury Lighting design: Jérémie Cusenier Interior lighting: Christian Dubet Sound design: Jérôme Fèvre Sound & vidéo management: Frédéric Marolleau Light & stage management: Nicolas Julliand Artistic Co-ordination: Marion Floras

Inside their intimate living space, walls become floors and aerial passageways link each location. Breaking free of all conventions, they create a dreamworld of lightness and freedom, of friendship without gravity.

Wed 11 > Sat 14 Jan Wed - Fri 7.30pm, Sat 6pm After-show discussion: Wed 11 Jan Runs 70 mins / no interval £18/£16 Age guidance: 8+

With his company, MPTA, Mathurin has regularly performed at LIMF, most recently with A Bas Bruit and the awardwinning Du Goudron et des Plumes.

This visit to London is supported by Institut français

Book through mimelondon.com >

“Mathurin Bolze makes time stand still... Breathtaking and beautiful” Telerama “Brilliantly performed and exquisitely textured” The Guardian on A Bas Bruit

Les Antliaclastes (France)


Jacksons Lane Wed 11 > Sun 15 Jan

A cast of taxidermied animals in Elizabethan attire makes a puppet contribution to the perennial Shakespeare debate. If given one book on a desert island, on a space shuttle, or within a time capsule, William Shakespeare is frequently the one confirmed as the voice of our civilization. Freely adapted from Is Shakespeare Dead? by Mark Twain, Here Lies Shakespeare is a comic tragedy comprising prologue, three short satirical stories, and an epilogue, based on themes surrounding the continuallyraging Shakespeare authorship debate.


Directed by Patrick Sims Performers: Patrick Sims, Richard Penny, Nicolas Hubert, Jesse Philip Watson Costumes:  Camille Lamy Puppets & masks: Josephine Biereye & Patrick Sims Sound creation: Oriol Viladomiu & Karinne Dumont Video creation: Raùl Berrueco  Lighting creation: Olivier Francfort & Sophie Barraud

Four hundred and one years since the poet’s death, Patrick Sims’ Francebased puppetry company makes its own unique contribution to this thorny issue. The setting is a hole dug deep inside the earth. It is the site of a great archaeological excavation, a suspicious burial and sandbox full of toys.

Wed 11 > Sun 15 Jan Wed - Sat 8pm, Sun 3pm After-show discussion: Sat 14 Jan Runs 60 mins / no interval £18/£16 Age guidance: 12+ Tel: 020 8341 4421

With an aesthetic he describes as a mix of Catholic mass and Muppet Show, Patrick’s work has featured in previous editions of LIMF, at the ICA and the Barbican. He has worked with America’s renowned Bread and Puppet Theatre, and was previously artistic director of Buchinger’s Boot Marionettes.

This visit to London is supported by Institut français

Watch the video and book through mimelondon.com >

“You keep rubbing your eyes because you can’t quite believe what you are seeing... it is hard to know where the human ends and the puppet begins” The Guardian on Armature of the Absolute

Mossoux Bonté (Belgium)

Whispers UK Premiere

Lilian Baylis Studio Sadler’s Wells Thur 12 > Sat 14 Jan Sooner or later secrets come into the open. The past is never far away. On stage, a lone woman. Alone, or perhaps not. Whispers unfolds in a place of muffled, disquieting sounds and restless phantoms, where nothing is as it seems. Do strange forces control the figure we see or is she herself responsible for the febrile atmosphere? You will be drawn in to mystery and doubt. Inspired by an image from a Vermeer painting, Whispers portrays an unsettling other world where everything seems ambiguous. Patrick Bonté and Nicole Mossoux’s company works at the crossroads of dance, theatre, shadows and object manipulation. Their award-winning productions have toured to major theatres and festivals worldwide, and have been regular highlights of the Mime Festival over three decades. “A fascinating work that perfectly evokes the famous words of the Marquise Marie du Deffand ‘Do I believe in ghosts? No, but I’m afraid of them anyway’” Critiphotodanse Thur 12 > Sat 14 Jan @ 8pm After-show discussion: Fri 13 Jan Runs 55 mins / no interval £20 (£12 concessions) Age guidance: 16+ Tel: 020 7863 8000 Watch the video and book through mimelondon.com > This visit to London is supported by  The Agency Wallonie-Bruxelles Theatre/Danse

“An astonishing performance by the dancer/manipulator. She breathes life into objects. Uncategorisable, irresistible, monstrous and lyrical” LE SOIR (BRUSSELS)

Conceived, choreographed and performed by Nicole Mossoux Directed by Patrick Bonté and Nicole Mossoux Sound effects and sound objects: Mikha Wajnrych Microphony and live music: Thomas Turine Set design: Johan Daenen


Familie Flöz (Germany)

TEATRO DELUSIO The Peacock Thur 12 > Sun 15 Jan

Following last year’s sold-out triumph with Infinita, Germany’s mask-theatre virtuosos return with more awardwinning comedy. On stage at a great opera house the action throbs with grand passion, deadly intrigue, heartbreak and heroics. But in Teatro Delusio the spotlight shines exclusively on events backstage. Separated from the famous stars by nothing more than scenery and curtains, three tireless technicians live out their own theatrical dreams and dramas. With their wonderfully expressive masks and amazing quick-change artistry, three actors play some thirty different


Conceived by: Paco González, Bjorn Leese, Hajo Schuler, Michael Vogel Performers:  Thomas van Ouwerker, Johannes Stubenvoll, Andres Angulo

characters and bring an entire theatre to life. Action-packed, joyful and extremely entertaining, Teatro Delusio picked up no fewer than seven 5* reviews at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Book early.

“The single most beautiful moment... a puppet catches sight of a puppeteer and shies away. She then slowly turns her anguished papier maché face to stare cautiously into his eyes.” The Observer

Thur 12 > Sun 15 Jan Thur - Sat 7.30pm, Sun 2.30pm After-show discussion: Thur 12 Jan Runs 70 mins / no interval £15 - £29 Age guidance: 7+ Tel: 020 7863 8000 Watch the video and book through mimelondon.com >

“It’s a source of neverending wonder that masks can convey such a myriad of human emotions. Masterful” THE SCOTSMAN

Stephen Mottram (UK)


Jacksons Lane Mon 16 > Wed 18 Jan & Mon 23 > Wed 25 Jan Stephen Mottram’s Animata has performed in more than 40 countries. Featuring specially composed music by Sebastian Castagna, these two new pieces fuse artistry with science and demonstrate the magic of puppetry as a story-telling medium. The Parachute is a funny and mesmerising tale about youth, love and confronting old age. With little more than an armful of white tipped wands, master-puppeteer Stephen Mottram conjures characters from nowhere. He plays with the way our brains make sense of things we see and stealthily reels us into a world of movement and illusion, populated by ephemeral, abstract figures to whom we simply cannot help but be attracted. Watch the Ball sends us scurrying down neural pathways old and new in a short exploration of the puppeteer’s tricks – visual ideas which suspend your disbelief. Stephen’s previous shows to have been presented at the Mime Festival include The Seed Carriers, The Seas of Organillo and In Suspension. Mon 16 > Wed 18 Jan & Mon 23 > Wed 25 Jan @ 8pm After-show discussion: Tue 17 Jan Runs 55 mins / no interval £18/£16 Age guidance: 8+ Tel: 020 8341 4421 Watch the video and book through mimelondon.com > See page 42 for Stephen Mottram’s workshop

“What impresses most is not Mottram’s unique craftsmanship, but a vision which is at once strange and foreign, yet perfectly realised and coherent” THE STAGE

Conceived and performed by Stephen Mottram Music: Sebastian Castagna


Joli Vyann (UK)

IMBALANCE London Premiere

How well connected are you? It’s rare these days not to ‘log in’ at every opportunity: at the breakfast table, on nights out with friends, even in bed. But when and how do we separate ourselves from the virtual chaos surrounding us? Joli Vyann’s new show explores our obsessive dependence on technology, using superb acrobatic skills and athletic dance to ask whether our lives are ‘in’ or ‘out’ of balance.

Lilian Baylis Studio Sadler’s Wells Mon 16 > Thur 19 Jan

Former stunt man and circus artist Jan Patzke and ex-gymnast and dancer Olivia Quayle created Joli Vyann in 2012. Previous shows have premiered at


the National Theatre’s Watch This Space festival and at LIMF. Award-winning director and dance-maker Jonathan Lunn’s credits include choreography for Richard Curtis’ movie Love Actually, and Anthony Minghella’s Truly, Madly, Deeply. Imbalance was a popular and critical hit at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe. In the words of Fest magazine, the performers “crackle with chemistry, a dance outfit for our times which looks set to soar”. Created by Joli Vyann & Jonathan Lunn Performed by Jan Patzke & Olivia Quayle   Choreographed by Jonathan Lunn Produced by Turtle Key Arts

Mon 16 > Thur 19 Jan @ 8pm After-show discussion: Wed 18 Jan Runs 60 mins / no interval £20 (£12 concessions) Age guidance: 8+ Tel: 020 7863 8000 Watch the video and book through mimelondon.com >

“Joli Vyann pushes aside the boundaries between acrobatics and dance with a graceful and elegant show” THE GUARDIAN “A COMPELLING PHYSICALITY” The STAGE

Sacekripa (France)

marée basse UK Premiere

Barbican, The Pit Tue 17 > Sat 21 Jan

Marée basse – the low tide moment of the day, when everything seems to slow down and thoughts might turn to opening a good bottle. Faded variety acrobats Benjamin and Mickael open more than one, as this expertly-crafted sixty minutes of lazy one-upmanship rolls out in their ramshackle but weirdly labour-saving home. Sit back, relax and pass some quality downtime with them. They can still impress with feats of drinking, apple peeling, knife throwing, balancing and sheer strength. Not for the faint hearted!


Sacekripa came together at the prestigious Lido Circus School in Toulouse, alma mater of Aurélien Bory and many other top names in French contemporary circus. Devised and performed by Benjamin De Matteïs and Mickael Le Guen Outside eye: Stephane Filloque

Tue 17 > Sat 21 Jan Tue - Sat 6.30pm, Sat Mat 1pm After-show discussion: Fri 20 Jan Runs 60 mins / no interval £18 Age guidance: 8+ Tel: 0845 120 7511 Watch the video and book through mimelondon.com > Presented in partnership with the Barbican This visit to London is supported by Institut français


Theatre Re (UK)


Shoreditch Town Hall Wed 18 > Fri 20 Jan To forget is to be unable to remember. It implies the loss of accessibility to a memory. It does not have to mean that the information is lost. Tom is 55 today. As he dresses for his party, tangled threads of disappearing memories spark him into life, unravelling as a tale of friendship, love and guilt. Inspired by the work of theatre director Tadeusz Kantor, recent neurobiological research and interviews with people living with dementia, The Nature of Forgetting is a powerful, haunting and beautiful theatre piece about the inability to recollect a life and what is left when memory is gone… “There is something, way down deep that’s eternal about every human being... And that’s what’s left when memory is gone” Thornton Wilder - Our Town Theatre Re is a London-based international ensemble creating thought-provoking, tangible and poignant work. Its shows examine fragile human conditions, in a compelling, physical style embracing mime and theatre. Previous productions have toured widely following successful Edinburgh Fringe seasons. Wed 18 > Fri 20 Jan @ 8pm After-show discussion: Thur 19 Jan Runs 75 mins / no interval £18/£16 Age guidance: 8+ Tel: 020 7739 6176 Watch the video and book through mimelondon.com > See page 45 for Guillaume Pigé’s workshop

“Superb… Full of fear and tenderness” THE STAGE (ON BLIND MAN’S SONG)

“an entrancing, poignant world and an hour spent in it seems all too brief” EDINBURGH SPOTLIGHT (ON BLIND MAN’S SONG)

Conceived and Directed by Guillaume Pigé Devised by the Company Performers & Musicians: Matthew Austin, Alex Judd, Keiran Pearson, Guillaume Pigé, Eyglo Thorgeirsdottir, Louise Wilcox Original Music Alex Judd Lighting Designer Katherine Graham


Leandre (Spain)


Jacksons Lane Fri 20 > Sun 22 Jan Leandre’s house has no walls. Step inside and you will be transported by magic. There are ghosts in the wardrobe, socks fly and umbrellas rain. You’ll see playful mirrors, hear telepathic pianos and silent music. There are surprises everywhere. Leandre’s house is filled with optimism, laughter and enchantment. You may never want to leave. Leandre Ribera is one of Europe’s most successful clown actors and a star of the international outdoor performance and street festival circuit. Nothing To Say was winner of both the 2014 Barcelona City Circus and Catalunia Circus awards. Since being specially re-directed for indoor theatre performance it has delighted audiences across Europe once again. Enchanting and suitable for all ages.

Fri 20 > Sun 22 Jan Fri 8pm, Sat 6pm, Sun 3pm After-show discussion: Sat 21 Jan Runs 70 mins / no interval £18/£16 Age guidance: 5+ Tel: 020 8341 4421 Watch the video and book through mimelondon.com > This visit to London is supported by Institut Ramon Llull


“Do not miss this award-winning jewel of a show, full of laughter, improvisation and poetry” RADIO VANNES


Conceived, and performed by Leandre Ribera Stage design: Xesca Salvà Lighting design and technical production: Marco Rubio


Thomas Monckton / Kallo Collective (New Zealand/Finland)

ONLY BONES London Premiere

Soho Theatre Mon 23 Jan > Sat 4 Feb

Only Bones is an award-winning new production by New Zealanders Thomas Monckton and Gemma Tweedie, and Finland’s Kallo Collective. Monckton’s stage is one metre square. There’s a chair, a lamp and a circle painted on the floor. With its quirky, low-tech aesthetic and using just his bendy, bickering, wiggling hands and seemingly uncontrollable face, Monckton creates an exquisite piece of micro-physical theatre unlike anything you’ve seen. An hypnotic show about a lot, using very little. Thomas Monckton trained in circus arts in Christchurch, New Zealand and then


Conceived by Thomas Monckton and Gemma Tweedie Performed by Thomas Monckton Designed by Gemma Tweedie

at the Lecoq school in Paris. His solo show for Circo Aereo, The Pianist, was a hit at LIMF 2015 and continues to tour worldwide. Now based in Finland where he is a member of the Kallo Collective, fellow Lecoq-graduates, he premiered Only Bones in New Zealand in 2015 before taking it to the Avignon and Edinburgh fringe festivals in 2016 where it played to sold-out houses. “Monckton’s ability to manipulate the smallest parts of the body, not just to do this expertly well but while establishing a playful relationship with the audience, is mind-blowing” Across The Arts

Mon 23 Jan > Sat 4 Feb @ 8.30pm No show on 29 Jan After-show discussion: Mon 30 Jan Runs 45 mins / no interval £10 - £19.50 Age guidance:12+ Tel: 020 7478 0100 Watch the video and book through mimelondon.com > This visit to London is supported by Finnish Institute in London

“The creativity that has been poured into this piece is beyond measure, it is enchanting, engaging and enthralling” EDINBURGH GUIDE “A GLORIOUS SALUTE”


Dewey Dell (Italy)

MARZO UK Premiere

Barbican, The Pit Tue 24 > Sat 28 Jan An impact crater on a distant planet: the scene of ancient hostilities. This is the eerie setting for a manga-influenced, comic strip drama where battle is stylised, almost ritualistic. And yet there is love. Since earliest times, March (Marzo) has been the month of war as the winter fades and spring signals a return to the fray. Protagonists enter the apocalyptic field, twitching and spinning as if in fast-forward mode. There’s a samurai warrior, alien challengers, spirits from the past and something more menacing. Straddling physical theatre and contemporary dance, Marzo has been developed with a wholly original performance style, the uncanny choreography complemented by a discordant, electronic soundtrack and minimal narrative. From Italy, Dewey Dell’s founders - Agata, Demetrio and Teodora Castellucci and Eugenio Resta - have worked in collaboration with Japanese director Kuro Tanino and visual artist Yuichi Yokoyama, whose costumed figures come straight from a graphic novel. Tue 24 > Sat 28 Jan @ 7.45pm After-show discussion: Thur 26 Jan Runs 50 mins / no interval £18 Age guidance: 8+ Tel: 0845 120 7511 Watch the video and book through mimelondon.com > Presented in partnership with the Barbican

“Eccentric and immersive … provokes explosions of comedy, eeriness and wonder” SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

Conceived, designed, choreographed and composed and choreographed by Agata, Teodora and Demetrio Castellucci and Eugenio Resta Assistant Director Kuro Tanino Costumes by Yuichi Yokoyama Lighting and set design by Eugenio Resta


Nordic Puppet Ambassadors (Finland)


Southbank Centre Fri 27 > Sun 29 Jan Only One Suitcase Allowed is a fusion of object theatre and live installation for one spectator at a time. A peep-show in which visitors peer into secret, miniature worlds; a drama about people who embark on a voyage against their will, not knowing where or how it will end. In the course of a fifteen-minute journey to an unknown destination, a safe and familiar environment suddenly turns hostile. Step by step the world closes its doors and the female traveler is forced ever further from home. Her space in the world becomes smaller and smaller, until finally there is none left. Inspired by the story of Anne Frank. Fri 27 > Sun 29 Jan Bookable 15 min slots: Fri: 2-7.50pm Sat: 12-5.40pm Sun: 12-5.40pm Runs 15 mins £12 Age guidance: 14+ Tel: 0844 847 9910 Book through mimelondon.com > This visit to London is supported by Finnish Institute in London and Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike)

“A skilfully and sensitively realised work of art” DNEVNIK, LJUBLJANA



Director: Outi Sippola Performer: Linda Lemmetty  Set design: Lemmetty & Sippola

Plexus Polaire (France/Norway)

ASHES UK Premiere

Jacksons Lane Fri 27 > Sun 29 Jan Actors, life-size puppets and video projection come together in this gripping piece of visual theatre, inspired by the true events related in best-selling Norwegian novel, Before I Burn. In 1970s Norway, an arsonist targets a small town for one long, terrifying month. As homes are burnt to cinders, panic spreads and neighbours wonder who amongst them could cause such fear and anguish. Years later a young man becomes haunted by the story. Plexus Polaire’s production crackles and burns fiercely, but there is pity and tenderness in this captivating narrative which will stay long in the memory. Norwegian director Yngvild Aspeli studied theatre at the Lecoq School in Paris before attending France’s prestigious international puppetry school ESNAM in CharlevilleMézières. She has worked with puppetry and physical theatre companies in England, France and Norway.

Fri 27 > Sun 29 Jan Fri & Sat 8pm, Sun 3pm After-show discussion: Sat 28 Jan Runs 60 mins / no interval £18/£16 Age guidance: 14+ Tel: 020 8341 4421 Watch the video and book through mimelondon.com > This visit to London is supported by Institut français

“Enriched by its atmosphere of mystery and sensuality it shows that we are all on borrowed time, slaves to our emotions and unconscious thoughts. Superb” TELERAMA

Conceived and directed by Yngvild Aspeli, in collaboration with Pierre Tual & Amador Artiga Performers: Viktor Lukawski, Aitor Sanz Juanes, Andreu Martinez Costa  Dramaturgy: Pauline Thimonnier Scenography: Charlotte Maurel & Gunhild Mathea Olaussen Soundscore: Guro Moe Skumsnes & Ane-Marthe Sørlie Holen Lighting: David Farine Video: David Lejard-Ruffet


Euripides Laskaridis / Osmosis

You’ve never seen housework done like this. Masked and costumed like an outlandish doll, Euripides Laskaridis takes care of the chores with sublime insouciance and surreal glamour.


Pre-occupied with ideas about transformation and ridicule he tests our acceptance of the incongruous and unfamiliar to the limit. Teasing and surprising, he conjures magic from the mundane in a strikingly eccentric vaudeville and cabaret world.

RELIC UK Premiere

Barbican, The Pit Tue 31 Jan > Sat 4 Feb

Trained in Athens and New York, Euripides Laskaridis is a director, choreographer, performer, and awardwinning film-maker. In 2016 he was


Directed, choreographed and performed by Euripides Laskaridis Associate director: Tatiana Bre Costumes: Angelos Mendis Music and sound: Kostas Michopoulos, Kornilios Selamsis Lighting: Eliza Alexandroulou, Miltos Athanasiou Dramaturgy consultant: Alexandros Mistriotis

awarded a Pina Bausch Fellowship. Relic has been seen at many major European festivals including Lyon Biennale de la Danse, Zurich Theaterspektakel, Dublin Dance Festival and the Prague Quadrennial. Transcendent, unflinching and memorable. “Reflecting perceptions and changes to Greek society through the state’s financial collapse, Laskaridis uses comedy, vaudeville and a slapstick that manages to swipe at many issues around bodies, gender and conformity” Irish Times (Dublin Dance Festival)

Tue 31 Jan > Sat 4 Feb @ 7.45pm After-show discussion: Thur 2 Feb Runs 45 mins / no interval £18 Age guidance: 14+ Tel: 0845 120 7511 Watch the video and book through mimelondon.com > Presented in partnership with the Barbican

“What the hell, just go with it. It’s worth it” THE GUARDIAN


Silver Lining (UK)

THROWBACK Jacksons Lane Wed 1 > Sat 4 Feb The rising stars of British circus harness the power of collective memory in Throwback: a love note to nostalgia and the things you can’t forget. With impressive aerial and acrobatic work, the UK’s most exciting young troupe team up with acclaimed West End director Paulette Randall, and Simon Pollard to tell stories that are honest, emotional and absorbing. Silver Lining blends friendship, awesome skills and infectious energy. Its young artists balance, hang, sing, fly, catch, spin and throw their way through this fast-paced, feel-good new explosion of physical thrills and fun - a huge success at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe. Soon they’ll be off to conquer the world – catch them while you can! “There’s a lot of eloquent, expressive circus around at the moment: body-poems. Silver Lining’s production has its moments of poetry and poignancy too, but it’s also full of youthful energy and verve – circus with a smile on its face.” The Stage Wed 1 > Sat 4 Feb Wed & Thur 8pm, Fri 7pm, Sat 6pm BSL interpreted performance Sat 4 Feb with Jacqui Beckford After-show discussion: Wed 1 Feb Runs 60 mins / no interval £18/£16 Age guidance: 8+ Tel: 020 8341 4421 Watch the video and book through mimelondon.com >

“top-quality circus re-imagined for a modern audience” TELERAMA


Performers: Tom Ball, Craig Dagostino, Sammy Dinneen,  LJ Kalyn Marles, Niamh O’Reilly, Ulrike Storch Directed by Paulette Randall & Simon Pollard


Charleroi Danses (Belgium) Returning for the LIMF 40th Anniversary

kiss & cry Barbican Theatre Wed 1 > Sat 4 Feb

You’ll be transported by this potent story of love and loss that stars a dexterous duo of dancing hands in ravishing miniature landscapes, their sensual ballet filmed live and screened for cinematic perspective. As an ensemble of performers, camera crew and prop manipulators gathers around small-scale sets, a journey through one woman’s memories begins. Enhanced by mesmerising visual effects made in front of you, Giselle’s dreamlike recollections of past romances unfold, the central characters portrayed surprisingly by nimble fingers and hands.


Conceived by Michèle Anne De Mey and Jaco Van Dormael In collaboration with Grégory Grosjean, Thomas Gunzig, Julien Lambert, Sylvie Olivé and Nicolas Olivier Choreography by Michèle Anne De Mey and Grégory Grosjean Directed by Jaco Van Dormael Script by Thomas Gunzig and Jaco Van Dormael Lighting by Nicolas Olivier assisted by Bruno Olivier Camera by Julien Lambert Set design by Sylvie Olivé and Amalgame Sound by Dominique Warnier and Boris Cekevda

This masterful image-rich show, which is shot and projected simultaneously on a big screen, comes from Belgian filmmaker Jaco Van Dormael and choreographer Michèle Anne De Mey. The husband and wife team draws on contemporary dance, cinematography, puppetry, stagecraft and poetic storytelling to produce a theatrical gem that returns to the Barbican, having enchanted audiences across the globe with its ‘charm, originality and poignancy’ (Evening Standard).

Wed 1 > Sat 4 Feb @ 7.45pm BSL interpreted performance Fri 3 Feb with Jacqui Beckford After-show discussion: Fri 3 Feb Runs 80 mins / no interval £16 - £28 Age guidance: 8+ Tel: 0845 120 7511

Performed in English

“One of the most touching and emotional experiences you’ll have in a theatre”

Presented in partnership with the Barbican

Watch the video and book through mimelondon.com >

“Breathtaking … a world of illusion and imagination” TIME OUT



Cinema 3 Barbican Sat 4 Feb

PUPPET A fascinating study of American puppetry’s fraught history, from marginalisation as children’s theatre to sudden explosion in popularity as high art. David Soll’s film tracks the making of New York puppeteer Dan Hurlin’s production Disfarmer, based on the life of eccentric, Depression-era Arkansas photographer, Mike Disfarmer whose stunning body of work was very nearly lost forever. A must-see for puppeteers and fans of puppetry. “If you are or have ever been a fan of Jim Henson, Being John Malkovich, the Coen brothers, Julie Taymor’s The Lion King, Paul Giamatti or really any kind of puppets made for children or adults, you must see this documentary” Moviefone Cinematical

Cinema 3, Barbican Cinemas Beech Street London EC2Y 8AE Sat 4 Feb @ 4pm Runs 74 mins / no interval £9.50 Age guidance: 14+ Tel: 0845 120 7511 Watch the video and book through mimelondon.com > Presented in association with the Barbican

“Elegant... a rewarding exploration of creation” VARIETY



Jacksons Lane Sat 21 Jan London International Mime Festival Symposium

CLOWNS AND POWER Hosted by Bim Mason Clowns engage with all kinds of power play – status drops, the ‘one who is hit’, Augustes and White Clowns, light and dark clowns, Clowns Without Borders. If clown actors are OK with using their own stupidity does this lack of fear give them more power? Are clowns playful anarchists and if so why are their actors often so seriously principled? As they move outside formal spaces, can they disguise their serious intentions behind the perception of naivety and frivolity? A panel of leading clown practitioners, including Nola Rae, John Wright, Jon Davison, Hilary Ramsden and Maggie Irving, take a serious look at an apparently frivolous subject. Hosted by Bim Mason, co-founder and co-director of Circomedia, one of the UK’s leading contemporary circus schools, this symposium will provide a fascinating insight for all those interested in thinking about different types of clowning – professionals, teachers, students and academics. Sat 21 Jan 10.30am > 2.30pm £10 (£8 concessions) Tel: 020 8341 4421 Book through mimelondon.com/jacksons-lane >



freedom that we can’t find in any other art form’.


How to be a Stupid

The Clown’s Intelligence Angela de Castro’s 10-day Clowning Workshop WHEN: Mon 9 > Fri 20 Jan 9am - 6pm (not Sat 14 & Sun 15 Jan) WHERE: London (details will be sent out) COST: £750 BOOKING: whynotinstitute@aol.com ‘Clowning offers to the theatre practitioner an immense spectrum of new possibilities, a

Clowning is an art of courage and discipline; not a technique but a state that needs to be explored fully. This course offers 10 days of serious and enjoyable work aimed at developing the clown’s intelligence, and the confidence to use and apply this unlimited power of imagination in any creative or performance context. Come prepared for challenges and change. It is a rare opportunity to work with a theatre practitioner who for over 30 years has been seriously dedicated to research into, and use of, clowning, in all aspects of performance. This is a safe space to work, with expert guidance through de Castro’s methodology

for each participant’s individual journey of development as a performer. It creates a supportive world in which participants can joyfully make mistakes - with a great deal of laughter and play along the way. For clowns (beginners and experienced), actors, directors, dancers, writers and artists in any field - as well as all those interested in the development of creative intelligence.


How to BE Even More of a Stupid

Advanced Exercises for Experienced Clowns Angela de Castro’s 5-day Advanced Clowning Workshop WHEN: Mon 23 > Fri 27 Jan 9am - 6pm

WORKSHOPS WHERE: London (details will be sent out) COST: £400 BOOKING: whynotinstitute@aol.com The state of clown is like a muscle that needs to be exercised; the more practice and training a performer has, the stronger the results. Through the advanced exercises in this course, experienced clowns, and actors who use clowning in their work, can stretch themselves to improve their ‘clownfitness’ and make them better prepared to deal with even more challenging clown scenarios. Designed for experienced performers who take stupidity very, very seriously. De Castro’s structured approach focuses specifically on the areas that are most challenging for the professional performer. By focusing on imagination, playfulness and the pleasure to be present, every section of the workshop has real practical lessons that can be applied to the clown’s existing performances and help structure the development of new ones. Angela de Castro is internationally recognised as a Master Clown teacher, performer and director. She has

extensively toured in her own shows, notably her seminal work The Gift, as well as in other productions, including the Olivier Award-winning Slava’s Snowshow, in which she created the Green Clown.

memorable. Trained at the Royal Ballet School and with Marcel Marceau, Nola Rae MBE is one of Europe’s most celebrated visual performers. She formed the London Mime Theatre in 1976 and has taken her shows to 68 countries to date.

Nola Rae


A workshop suitable for anyone wishing to learn the basics of mime technique. Led by Nola Rae. WHEN: Mon 16 Jan 10.30am - 5.30pm WHERE: Southbank Centre COST: £70 BOOKING: mimelondon. com/workshops Mimes are the cartoonists of theatre, illustrating ideas in as few moves as possible. Making the invisible visible, mime is the international art of imagination and storytelling. Principle techniques are articulation (moving one part of the body at a time) and fixed point. Nola Rae will guide you through fascinating techniques that can make a performer truly


A two day workshop for professional puppeteers, dancers, mimes and animators about movement and manipulation. Led by Stephen Mottram WHEN: Tue 17 > Wed 18 Jan 10am - 4pm WHERE: Southbank Centre COST: £120 BOOKING: mimelondon. com/workshops We all continually read movement information in the world around us, usually without knowing how we do it. We judge the speed of cars on the road; see where other people are looking; know

42/43 when someone is happy or sad – sometimes exactly what they are thinking - and can recognise our friends and relatives simply by the way they walk. We identify living things by tiny details of their movement and know what sort of behaviour to expect of inanimate objects which also move. Our astonishing ability to understand the significance of moving things lies deep in our animal past and this workshop will help performers to understand how information is contained in movement and why this helps us make magical theatre.

Rachael Savage Vamos Theatre

REVEALING THE MASK A Workshop in Full Mask Theatre. Led by Rachael Savage

WHEN: Thur 19 Jan 10.30am - 5pm WHERE: Southbank Centre COST: £70 BOOKING: mimelondon. com/workshops

Vamos Theatre, the UK’s leading full mask theatre company, offers a one-day workshop introducing participants to this exciting and unusual theatre style. Full mask uses no speech, is based on physical clarity and precision, and involves techniques that are useful not only to performers but to directors, teachers, business people and others. Led by Vamos artistic director, Rachael Savage, this workshop will focus on understanding nonverbal communication, physical theatre skills, devising scenes, and the techniques that make full mask performance effective. Elements of story from Vamos’s current national touring production, The Best Thing, will form the backbone of the workshop. Suitable for 16+, Vamos’ workshops are always fun, relaxed, highly participatory, and are carefully structured to nurture confidence in everyone taking part. No previous experience with masks necessary.


Led by Thomas Prattki WHEN: Sat 21 Jan 12 noon - 6pm Sun 22 Jan 10am - 2pm WHERE: Jacksons Lane COST: £120 BOOKING: welcome@ lispa.co.uk This weekend workshop explores the idea of embodiment as a key element in the process of developing original work. Through use of the Neutral Mask, a cornerstone of LISPA’s teaching philosophy, participants are invited to make links between movement and emotion, life and art, the physical body and the poetic body. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the essential dynamic forces within any art form, their vital function in the construction of artistic work, and how to apply them to dramatic creation. Thomas Prattki is Founder and Director of LISPA Berlin, which

WORKSHOPS moved its full time training program from London to Berlin in 2016. This workshop is designed for those practitioners interested in exploring physical and devised theatre - visit lispa.co.uk for more details.


Video camera and performance workshop. Led by Gavin Glover WHEN: Tue 24 > Thu 26 Jan Tue & Wed 10am - 6pm, Thu 10am - 5pm WHERE: Southbank Centre COST: £225 BOOKING: mimelondon. com/workshops By using video and cctv cameras, projectors and simple technology, participants will explore objects, puppets and the human body to discover a new type of cinema. Combining these discoveries with the more traditional forms of performance, we will create Micro Cinema Theatre. During this three-day, practical workshop participants will use a

multitude of objects and materials, constructing environments to film, and improvise performance. We will explore hidden movements and unlock tiny details that are normally lost in a theatre space. We will play with scale, focus, light, sound and music, and explore 2 and 3 dimensional worlds. Participants will be asked to bring specific items to the workshop. This course is suitable for professional puppeteers, actors, musicians, filmmakers, film animators, writers and directors. A co-founder of internationally famous puppet company Faulty Optic, Gavin Glover is an established independent puppeteer, maker, teacher and consultant to theatre and opera companies worldwide.

Guillaume Pigé Theatre Re CHANGING THE HEARTBEAT

Led by Guillaume Pigé WHEN: Mon 30 Jan > Fri 3 Feb 10am - 5pm

WHERE: Shoreditch Town Hall COST: £250 BOOKING: mimelondon. com/workshops In this five-day workshop, designed for professional and pre-professional performers, participants will immerse themselves in Theatre Re’s vital approach to Corporeal Mime and explore the ability to change and transform. Following the work of Etienne Decroux and his successors, participants will discover how to follow an impulse and how to give thoughts and emotions a physical and theatrical form, structure and rhythm. Guillaume is an actor, director, mime and magician. He formed Theatre Re in 2009 and is an Associate Teacher at R.A.D.A. He is regularly invited to give workshops in the UK and internationally. Apart from directing and performing in all Theatre Re’s productions to date, Guillaume worked as a Movement Director with Andrew Visnevski, Sue Dunderdale and Bill Gaskill.

44/45 COMPANY CREDITS Charleroi Danses Production: Astragale asbl with the support of Charleroi Danses, Centre chorégraphique de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles; le manège.mons, Centre Dramatique Coproduction: Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg Photos © Marteen Vanden Abeele

Somerset House, South Wing, Strand, London WC2R 1LA +44 (0) 20 7637 5661 direction@ mimelondon.com Directors: Helen Lannaghan & Joseph Seelig Festival Managers: Dudley Hinton, Silvia Maroino, Stephanie Brotchie BSL Interpreter: Jacqui Beckford Post-show discussion hosts: Adrian Berry, Dick McCaw, Donald Hutera, Dorothy Max Prior Technical Manager: Bill Deverson Press: Anna Arthur anna@annaarthurprcom Marketing: Richard Fitzmaurice mobiusindustries.com Graphics & Website: Iain Lanyon keanlanyon.com Brochure printed by Axis axisononline.co.uk

Compagnie MPTA Production: Compagnie les mains les pieds et la tête aussi. Co-production: La Comédie de Valence – CDN Drôme Ardèche. With the support of la commission nationale d’aide aux arts du cirque (DGCA) et de la convention Institut Français / Ville de Lyon Photos © Christophe Raynaud de Lage Dewey Dell Co-produced by Steirischer Herbst, Kunstencentrum Buda for Next International Festival;  Centrale Fies with the support of Tanzfabrik Berlin; University of Zagreb Photo © Bernhard Müller / Szene Salzburg Euripides Laskaridis / Osmosis Co-production: Athens & Epidaurus Festival and Osmosis Photo © Miltos Athanasiou Familie Flöz Production: Familie Floez, Theaterhaus Stuttgart Photo © Valeria Tomasulo Gandini Juggling Production: Watch This Space Festival National Theatre, London; EPCC Centre des Arts du Cirque de Basse-Normandie – La Brèche;  Arts Council England Photos © Ludovic des Cognets & Kristy Meijers Joli Vyann Produced by Turtle Key Arts Photo © Movingproductions Leandre Production: Agnés Forn Photo © Vincent Vanhecke Les Antliaclastes Production : les Antliaclastes  Co-production : MarionNEttes Festival international de Neuchâtel,  Centre Culturel Yves Furet - La Souterraine and Le K Samka  Photo © JP Estournet

Mossoux Bonté Production: Compangnie Mossoux Bonte with support from Théâtre de la Balsamine (Brussels), Théâtre Le Passage (Fecamp), Federation Wallonie-Bruxelles dance department and Wallonie Bruxelles International Created in 2015 as part of the 8th International Puppetry Biennial organized by the Mouffetard Puppetry Theatre and Maison des Metallos, Paris. Photo © Mikha Wajnyrch Nordic Puppet Ambassadors Photo © Anssi Jokiranta Plexus Polaire Production: Cie Philippe Genty   Co-production: Figurteatret i Nordland, Norway; MCNN – Centre de Création et de production; Le Mouffetard Théâtre des arts de la marionette, Paris Photo © Claire Leroux Sacekripa Co-production: Theater op de Markt, Dommelhof, Neerpelt; CIRCA, Pôle National des Arts du Cirque, Auch; Office Municipal de la Culture de Puget Thenier. With support from: Conseil Général de Haute Garonne; Conseil Régional Midi-Pyrénées; Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication; DGCA, Mairie de Toulouse; Le Lido, Centre des Arts du Cirque de Toulouse; Mairie de Montberon; La Grainerie. Photo © Vincent d’Eaubonne Silver Lining in association with Jacksons Lane Produced by Jacksons Lane Supported by National Centre for Circus Arts Photo © Ineptgravity & Karl Rabbit Stephen Mottram Photo © David Fisher Theatre Re Co-commissioned by: London International Mime Festival; The Point Eastleigh; South Hill Park Arts Centre. Supported by Shoreditch Town Hall; Jacksons Lane; Lincoln Drill Hall; Haringey Council Theatre Re is Associate Artist at The Point, Eastleigh and South Hill Park Arts Centre, and a Supported Company of The Greenwich Theatre.  Photo © Richard Davenport Thomas Monckton / Kallo Collective Production: Kallo Collective

Photo © Gemma Tweedie

BOOKING Online: jacksonslane.org.uk (£1.95 transaction fee) Barbican Theatre & The Pit, Barbican Centre, Silk Street, London EC2Y 8DS Barbican Cinema 3 Beech Street London EC2Y 8AE Sacekripa Dewey Dell Eurpidides Laskaridis/Osmosis Charleroi Danses Puppet (film) Online: barbican.org.uk (£3 transaction fee. 60p for film) In Person: At the Information Desk, Ground Floor (level G). Mon-Sat: 10am-9pm, Sun and Bank Holidays: 12 noon-9pm. No booking fee. By Phone: 0845 120 7511 Mon-Sat 10am-8pm Sun 11am-8pm (£4 transaction fee. 70p for film). Groups: Buy 10 or more tickets and save 20%. Conditions apply. Group line: 020 7382 7211. Discounts: Membership, Young Barbican, under-16, student, school, access and group discounts apply. Check all ticket prices when booking. Tube/train: Barbican, Moorgate Access: Please contact Box Office or email access@barbican.org.uk

In Person: Mon-Sat 10am-7.30pm, Sun 10am-5pm. By Phone: 020 8341 4421 (£1.95 transaction fee) Discounts: Senior Citizens, students, under 16s and unwaged, with proof of status. Registered carers attend free of charge with ID. Tube: Highgate Access: See website for details

Lilian Baylis Studio Sadler’s Wells Rosebery Avenue, London EC1 4TN Mossoux Bonté Joli Vyann Online: sadlerswells.com (£1.95 transaction fee) In Person: Sadler’s Wells Ticket Office (theatre foyer) Rosebery Avenue, London EC1 4TN Mon-Sat: 10am–8pm By Phone: 020 7863 8000 Mon-Sat: 10am-8pm Sun: times vary (£3 transaction fee applies) Minicom: 020 7863 8015 Groups: Groups of 8+: 20% discount.

269a Archway Road, London N6 5AA Les Antliaslastes Stephen Mottram Leandre Plexus Polaire Sliver Lining Clowns and Power Symposium

Discounts: Members, Over 65, under 16 (Joli Vyann only), students and unwaged. Family discounts and half-price tickets for under-16s on some shows. Tube/train: Angel Access: Tel 020 7863 8000 or email access@sadlerswells.com

Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. Handyside Street, King’s Cross, London N1C 4AA (Handyside Street is off York Way, west of the junction with Copenhagen St.) Compagnie MPTA / Mathurin Bolze No booking fees Online: platform-theatre.com In person: The Box Office is open on performance days only. Online booking is strongly recommended. Any unsold tickets available on the door 1 hour before the performance. Discounts: Full-time students, senior citizens, unwaged, and people with registered disabilities. Subject to availability. Please mention at the time of booking. Tube/Train: King’s Cross, St Pancras. Leave King’s Cross tube via Pancras Road/Regent’s Canal exit. Access Information: email platformboxoffice@arts.ac.uk Tel: 0207 514 8380

380 Old Street, London EC1V 9LT Theatre Re + workshop A £2.50 transaction fee applies to all bookings Online: shoreditchtownhall.com Discounts: are available to fulltime students, senior citizens, unwaged, and people with registered disabilities. Subject to availability. Please mention at the time of booking.

46/47 Tube/train: Old Street / Shoreditch High St Access: Tel 020 7739 6176 or shoreditchtownhall.com

Discounts: Limited concessions are available for each performance. Visit southbankcentre.co.uk for more information. Tube: Charing Cross, Embankment, Waterloo.

21 Dean Street, London W1D 3NE Thomas Monckton

Access: 0844 875 0073 accesslist@ southbankcentre.co.uk

Online: sohotheatre.com

By Phone: 020 7478 0100 Discounts: Groups 10+, Senior Citizens, full-time students, under 26, unwaged and registered disabled, with proof of status. Tube: Leicester Square, Tottenham Court Rd. Access: Full details at sohotheatre.com/visit-us/access/

Portugal Street, London WC2A 2HT Gandini Juggling Familie Flöz Online: sadlerswells.com (£1.95 transaction fee) In Person: The Peacock: Mon-Fri 12-6pm Sadler’s Wells: Mon-Sat 10am-8pm By Phone: 020 7863 8222 (£3 transaction fee) Tube: Holborn, Temple. Visit Peacocktheatre.com

Belvedere Road, London SE1 8XX Nordic Puppet Ambassadors Nola Rae (workshop) Stephen Mottram (workshop) Rachael Savage (workshop) Gavin Glover (workshop)

Groups: Groups of 8+: 20% discount. Discounts: Sadlers Wells members: 20% discount

No transaction fee for in-person bookings or Southbank Centre Members and Supporters Circles. Online: southbankcentre.co.uk (£1.75 transaction fee applies) In Person: Royal Festival Hall 10am-8pm daily No transaction fee By Phone: 0844 847 9910   9am-8pm

Please allow extra travel time at weekends due to planned engineering work on tubes and trains - details and route planners at www.tfl.gov.uk

LATECOMERS AND BABES IN ARMS Latecomers may not be admitted and no babes in arms please!


No booking fees

In Person: Mon-Fri 9am-9pm Sat: from one hour before the performance


book online via our new website mimelondon.com Online booking links, videos, e-brochure, free mailing list, maps and much more!

The 2017 London International Mime Festival gratefully acknowledges co-operation/ financial support from: Arts Council England Finnish Institute in London Institut français Institut Ramon-Llull – Catalan Language and Culture The European Commission Representation in the UK Wallonie-Bruxelles International & The Agency Wallonie-Bruxelles Theatre/ Danse



Mon 9

Gandini 7.30pm*

Tue 10

Gandini 7.30pm




MPTA / Bolze 7.30pm* Les Antliaclastes 8pm

Wed 11 Thu 12

Familie Flöz 7.30pm* MPTA / Bolze 7.30pm

Les Antliaclastes 8pm

Mossoux Bonté 8pm

Fri 13

Familie Flöz 7.30pm

MPTA / Bolze 7.30pm

Les Antliaclastes 8pm

Mossoux Bonté 8pm*

Sat 14

Familie Flöz 7.30pm

MPTA / Bolze 6pm

Les Antliaclastes 8pm*

Mossoux Bonté 8pm

Sun 15

Familie Flöz 2.30pm

Les Antliaclastes 3pm

Mon 16

Stephen Mottram 8pm

Tue 17

Stephen Mottram 8pm* Joli Vyann 8pm

Wed 18

Stephen Mottram 8pm

Thu 19

Joli Vyann 8pm

Sacekripa 6.30pm

Joli Vyann 8pm*

Sacekripa 6.30pm

Joli Vyann 8pm

Sacekripa 6.30pm

Fri 20

Leandre 8pm

Sacekripa 6.30pm

Sat 21

Leandre 6pm*

Sacekripa 1pm/6

Sun 22

Leandre 3pm

Mon 23

Stephen Mottram 8pm

Tue 24

Stephen Mottram 8pm

Dewey Dell 7.45p

Wed 25

Stephen Mottram 8pm

Dewey Dell 7.45p

Thu 26

Dewey Dell 7.45p

Fri 27

Plexus Polaire 8pm

Dewey Dell 7.45p

Sat 28

Plexus Polaire 8pm*

Dewey Dell 7.45p

Sun 29

Plexus Polaire 3pm

Mon 30 Tue 31

Euripides Lask 7

Wed 1

Silver Lining 8pm*

Euripides Lask 7

Thu 2

Silver Lining 8pm

Euripides Lask 7

Fri 3

Silver Lining 7pm

Euripides Lask 7

Sat 4

Silver Lining 6pm

Euripides Lask 7

Sat 4 * Meet the Artists after the show

Cinema - Puppet # Charleroi Danses BSL interpreted performance: Fri 3 Feb







Sacekripa 6.30pm Sacekripa 6.30pm

Theatre Re 8pm

Sacekripa 6.30pm

Theatre Re 8pm*

Sacekripa 6.30pm*

Theatre Re 8pm

Sacekripa 1pm/6.30pm Thomas Monckton 8.30pm Dewey Dell 7.45pm

Thomas Monckton 8.30pm

Dewey Dell 7.45pm

Thomas Monckton 8.30pm

Dewey Dell 7.45pm*

Thomas Monckton 8.30pm

Dewey Dell 7.45pm

Thomas Monckton 8.30pm

Dewey Dell 7.45pm

Thomas Monckton 8.30pm

Nordic Puppet Amb Nordic Puppet Amb Nordic Puppet Amb

Thomas Monckton 8.30pm* Euripides Lask 7.45pm

Thomas Monckton 8.30pm

Euripides Lask 7.45pm

Thomas Monckton 8.30pm

Charleroi Danses 7.45pm

Euripides Lask 7.45pm*

Thomas Monckton 8.30pm

Charleroi Danses 7.45pm

Euripides Lask 7.45pm

Thomas Monckton 8.30pm

Charleroi Danses 7.45pm* #

Euripides Lask 7.45pm

Thomas Monckton 8.30pm

Charleroi Danses 7.45pm

Cinema - Puppet 4pm

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London International Mime Festival 2017  

mimelondon.com - Physical Theatre, Circus and Mime

London International Mime Festival 2017  

mimelondon.com - Physical Theatre, Circus and Mime


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