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We would like to introduce Quarter Notes, a new publication we will be sharing quarterly. This issue of Quarter Notes will take the place of MIM’s annual report. With each new issue, we will be sharing exciting updates happening at MIM throughout the year as well as acknowledging our donors, members, and community partners who help support MIM in many ways. Stay tuned to learn about new and updated galleries, education programs, community partnerships, special exhibitions, the MIM Music Theater, signature events, and more. We hope to keep you in the loop as MIM reaches each new milestone and to work together with you to celebrate music, which unites us all. We thank you for your support of MIM!


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The Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) enriches our world by collecting, preserving, and making accessible an astonishing variety of musical instruments and performance videos from every country in the world. MIM offers guests a welcoming and fun experience, incomparable interactive technology, dynamic programming, and exceptional musical performances. MIM fosters appreciation of the world’s diverse cultures by showing how we innovate, adapt, and learn from each other to create music—the language of the soul.

The Experience and Encore Galleries give guests of all ages a hands-on opportunity to make their own music by playing instruments from around the world. Read more on page 6.

LETTER FROM THE DIRECTOR Dear Friends and Supporters, This past year, we made great progress in furthering the mission of MIM, achieved through your generous support and continued belief in our efforts to be the best museum ever for our growing audiences. MIM welcomed over 305,000 guests— our largest attendance number to date—which included more than 58,000 concertgoers at 258 performances and nearly 58,000 school and youth tour participants. New partnerships were developed with the Phoenix Symphony and the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts to copresent performances in the superb MIM Music Theater. MIM has also maintained its ranking as the number one attraction in Phoenix for the last three years and is among the top twenty museums in the United States according to TripAdvisor. In collaboration with the Museo del Violino and the Friends of Stradivari in Cremona, Italy, MIM showcased treasured instruments from master violin makers Andrea Amati, Guarneri del Gesù, and the incomparable Antonio Stradivari. Last November, we launched our latest special exhibition, Dragons and Vines: Inlaid Guitar Masterpieces, which celebrates the bold imagination and unparalleled creativity of the greatest inlay artists and luthiers in North America. MIM expanded its international reach by participating in a groundbreaking African art exhibition, Masks in Congo, which is currently traveling to several museums throughout China. The exhibition includes musical instruments from the Congo and features prominent loans from MIM’s collection. In partnership with the State of Puebla in Mexico, MIM also solidified a cultural exchange agreement with the Museo de la Música Mexicana. This new museum, which opened last December, includes a gallery dedicated to MIM that highlights instruments and complementary video materials from our permanent collection. As MIM approaches its seventh anniversary and we reflect on the museum’s steady progress, our team is extremely proud of the continuous improvement, growth, and success that has been achieved and made possible by your generous support. Most gratifying, however, is your enduring belief in our mission and willingness to continue the journey with us as we break new ground each year, celebrating the worldwide human experience through music. On behalf of the entire team, thank you for your dedicated support of MIM.

April A. Salomon Executive Director 1

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Forward-looking leaders keep MIM on track in its mission and strategic plan. Their vision guides us. Their enthusiasm inspires us. Their commitment carries us into the future. Robert J. Ulrich Founder and Board Chairman, Musical Instrument Museum; Retired CEO and Chairman Emeritus, Target Corporation Richard T. Burke Chairman and Founder, UnitedHealth Group; General Partner, Rainy Partners Richard D. Burns The Richard and Babette Burns Charitable Fund John D’Addario Jr. President, D’Addario Foundation Gail J. Dorn Board Secretary, Musical Instrument Museum; President, Catholic Schools Center of Excellence (CSCOE) Matthew P. Feeney Chair, Snell & Wilmer Marc L. Felix International Expert on African Art; Organizer and Curator of International Exhibitions on African Arts Michael R. Francis Founder and CEO, Farview Associates Robert G. McMahon Retired SVP, Property Development, Target Corporation April A. Salomon Executive Director, Musical Instrument Museum Gary R. Tobey Board Vice Chairman, Musical Instrument Museum; Chairman and CEO, Haworth Marketing and Media


ADVISORY BOARD MIM’s advisory board is composed of individuals with a breadth of skills, leadership talents, and resources that help MIM move forward. They believe in our mission and help ensure that MIM thrives for future generations. We are thankful for their support. Jeffrey S. Beyersdorfer Senior Vice President, Treasurer, and Director of Investor Relations, Western Refining, Inc. Lisa L. Daniels Managing Partner, KPMG LLP in Arizona David P. Falck Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Pinnacle West Capital Corporation and Arizona Public Service (APS) Company

Russell S. Goldstein, CFP®, CAP® Senior Vice President and Private Client Advisor, U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management Ronald L. Jones The Ron and Linda Jones Family Foundation Cheree L. McApline Vice President and General Counsel for the Americas, Avnet, Inc. Patricia L. Morris Director, Business Development and Marketing Communications, Intel Corporation James A. Pupillo, CIMA®, CIMC®, AIF® Managing Director, and Partner, HighTower Advisors–Scottsdale Dean M. Scheinert Wealth Management Consultant, The Private Client Reserve, U.S. Bank VOLUNTEER TEAM MEMBER ADVISORY GROUP MIM’s Volunteer Team Member Advisory Group is made up of a core group of dedicated volunteers who give us valuable input on museum operations, support the Volunteer Department, and help increase awareness of MIM. Shannon Barth Robert Hayoz Janice Clark Christine Lindley Frank Flider Liz Merchant AMBASSADORS MIM Ambassadors are an elite group of worldrenowned musicians and industry leaders who generously donate their talents, expertise, and goodwill on behalf of the museum. In addition to spreading the word about MIM, they have helped develop exhibits, secure instrument loans, and attract talent to the MIM Music Theater. MIM is privileged to work with this distinguished group and is grateful for their ongoing support. Peter Asher Maker of rock history for more than fifty years Tony Berg Founder and top producer at LA’s Zeitgeist Studios Jerry Douglas GRAMMY-winning dobro virtuoso Amrita Sen World-renowned singer-songwriter, entrepreneur, and visual artist Neal Spielberg Nashville music entrepreneur and “Star Maker” Learn more about our Ambassadors at

After completing four Junior Museum Guide classes, students lead Barbara Barrett on a tour, with a focus on Scandinavian displays during Experience Scandinavia.

JUNIOR MUSEUM GUIDES LEARN TO LEAD Students hone leadership skills during diplomat’s MIM visit MIM was pleased to host Barbara Barrett, the former U.S. ambassador to Finland, on December 4 during our Experience Scandinavia weekend. While visiting MIM, Barrett toured the Europe Gallery with a special focus on Scandinavian displays, participated in Experience Scandinavia activities, and met with MIMkids Junior Museum Guides. The Junior Museum Guide Program gives students in grades 6–12 the opportunity to engage with world music cultures, develop unique content materials for tours, and learn to lead active music-making sessions. As a culmination of their training, they lead tours for special events, such as Experience Scandinavia. Barrett, who also has experience as a business executive, aviation attorney, instrument-rated pilot, and philanthropist, spent time with the Junior Museum Guides, who were well prepared for her visit and had many informed questions. In addition to touring with Junior Museum Guides, Barrett also met with MIM’s Scandinavian community partners, participated in a drumming circle, and introduced a musical performance by the Mill Ave Chamber Players.

“MIMkids Junior Museum Guides inspire and intrigue visitors. Articulate, engaged, and knowledgeable, these young leaders make our community better now and will lead our state and nation in the future.”—Barbara Barrett 3

Junior Museum Guides learn about cultures from around the world, participate in music making, and discover the wide world of music.

MIMKIDS FOR CHILDREN OF ALL AGES Young guests explore global music and culture Toddlers spin colorful scarves through the air while listening to and singing international songs. Children get their MIMkids Passports stamped after learning about a new culture and its music while clutching the new instruments they built. A group of Junior Museum Guides lead guests through the Latin America Gallery, applying their new knowledge and skills. These are just a few of the activities we get to share with our younger guests through the MIMkids program. MIM’s sequential educational programs (Mini Music Makers, Musical Adventures, and Junior Museum Guides) give children the opportunity to participate in the joys of international music making. Each program is specifically designed with different age groups in mind. 4

Mini Music Makers (ages 0–5) helps introduce children to the world of music while developing motor, pre-language, and musical skills. Classes feature a new musical culture for young children and caregivers to explore every four weeks through activities such as singing songs with and without hand and body movements, storytelling and poetry with movement, playing different instruments, and dancing and moving to music. These activities help stimulate the brain, encourage physical coordination, develop listening skills, and build a musical community. “As a former Speech-Language Pathologist, I can state that all activities were well planned, and developmentally appropriate. Miss Katie was tuned in to each child, providing ample opportunities for each child to participate

successfully. I was very impressed with the program,” says a Mini Music Makers parent. With MIMkids Musical Adventures (ages 6–10), children learn about various cultures by constructing musical instruments, participating in music making, and touring MIM’s displays. As each Musical Adventures session focuses on a different continent, participants have the opportunity to learn about music from around the world while collecting stamps on their MIMkids Passports. The Junior Museum Guide program (grades 6–12) helps teens build public-speaking and leadership skills by training them to lead tours throughout the museum. During training, Junior Museum Guides learn about music and cultures from around the world and participate in music making. After students complete four Junior Museum

Guide classes, they have the opportunity to lead group tours for events such as our Experience Cultural Programs. Every year since 2013, MIMkids has seen growth in youth participants for all programs combined. Mini Music Makers and Junior Museum Guides have also increased the number of classes available year to year. “It’s hard to believe that in February of 2017 MIMkids turned four years old. Each year we’ve been able to serve more families through our classes, and it’s been my distinct pleasure to work with the children. Watching kids learn and grow through MIMkids has furthered my belief that the educational possibilities at MIM are limitless. Thank you to the donors that help make these classes a reality,” says Katie Palmer, DMA, museum educator at MIM. ▪

MIMkids Mini Music Makers

MIMkids Musical Adventures

MIMkids Junior Museum Guides 5

The new Encore Gallery offers developmentally appropriate, handson activities for children and gives us the capacity to increase school and youth field trips.

ENCORE GALLERY EXPANDS INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCES AT MIM New space offers hands-on discovery of music In 2016, MIM was awarded a $150,000 grant by the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust to build additional museum space designed with young children in mind for an interactive musical experience. Currently, MIM’s Experience Gallery allows guests the opportunity to play a variety of musical instruments from around the world. It is one of the most popular spaces at MIM, because guests can actually touch and examine closely many of the instruments they can observe on display throughout the museum’s other galleries. The Experience Gallery takes up 2,500 square feet, while the newly added space in an adjacent room, called Encore Gallery,


occupies 1,400 square feet and opened to the public in mid-February. Last year, MIM saw nearly 58,000 school and youth field-trip participants come through its doors, and we aim to reach 100,000 annually by 2020. Being able to interact with instruments in the Experience Gallery is an important part of field trips, and the Encore Gallery will allow us to accommodate our growing number of participants. While the Encore Gallery serves primarily as a dedicated space for prekindergarten–2nd grade children and teachers to explore during field trips, it may also be opened to the public on busy days and for special events. The Experience Gallery, however, is open to all guests who want to play musical instruments from around the world.

“MIM is thrilled to receive this important grant from the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust, which comes at a critical time in our

play instruments from different geographic regions while developing an appreciation for a variety of musical sounds.

“Their generous grant will further MIM’s goal of welcoming 100,000 school and youth tour participants annually in the next five years.” —Dean Scheinert, MIM’s Corporate & Major Gift Officer efforts to build capacity and afford greater numbers of young children the opportunity to experience music in an entirely new way,” says April Salomon, MIM’s executive director. “We greatly appreciate Piper Trust’s sharing in our vision to enrich the lives of children for generations to come.” The instruments and activities available in the Encore Gallery are geared toward early childhood learning. Through the hands-on discovery of music, children will be able to

MIM understands that children learn and grow in different ways. Many studies have shown that early childhood music programs and activities can help foster emotional, physical, and cognitive growth of all children. Through the interactive experiences offered in the Experience and Encore Galleries, the museum aims to provide an expressive space for children to learn more about music and the world around them. ▪

Guests can choose to play a variety of instruments from a tambourine to a large drum and gong. 7

SCOTTSDALE STUDENTS VISIT MIM AFTER CRAFTING INSTRUMENTS Teachers collaborate for instrument-building project What happens when teachers of Science, English, and Art collaborate across subject areas? For three schools in the Scottsdale Unified School District (Saguaro High School, Mohave Middle School, and Navajo Elementary School), it resulted in a new interdisciplinary arts curriculum in which students built their own playable musical instruments.

Students utilized a variety of materials, such as broken pieces of musical instruments and household recyclables, to craft their creations over the course of several months. In early 2016, the students and teachers returned to MIM along with their musical instruments and stopped by our Recycled Orchestra exhibit, which was one of the main inspirations for their project.

“It was an intense class buzzing with power tools, banging, sawing, and students collaborating. Students became competent as independent learners and problem solvers.” —Michelle Peacock, Saguaro High School Art Teacher While working on the project, students and teachers went on a field trip to MIM and viewed many of the more than 6,000 objects on display for inspiration. As the project focused on many different subjects, teachers recognized it as a powerful moment for students to see how music, technology, art, science, and engineering could work together.

As MIM strives to increase school field trips, we hope to explore more ways to engage with students creatively to help foster an appreciation for the world’s diverse cultures and music, and show how science brings music to life. ▪

Students visit MIM’s Recycled Orchestra exhibit with their handmade instruments. 8

Soben was named the 2016 “Volunteer Team Member Mentor of the Year.”

VOLUNTEER TEAM MEMBER SPOTLIGHT Phyllis Soben brings medical librarian background to MIM Phyllis Soben, one of the more than 400 volunteer team members at MIM, has been volunteering since the museum opened in April 2010. After hearing about the mission of MIM and its goals before it was inaugurated, she says, “I knew this would be a great volunteer opportunity for me.” In 2016, she was recognized as “Volunteer Team Member Mentor of the Year.” Prior to her work with MIM, Soben was a medical librarian, as well as a library educator and manager. Her experiences, she believes, make her well suited for MIM. “The subject matter is very different, of course, but MIM is a highly stimulating environment for learning. No matter how much you know, there are always opportunities to learn more,” says Soben. MIM’s hundreds of volunteer team members have great impact in nearly every area of the museum, including concerts, school tours, Guest Service, special events, and more. We deeply appreciate the dedication of our remarkable volunteer team members.

“Our volunteer team members come from every walk of life and from all over the world. It is their support, time, skill, energy, and heartfelt passion toward MIM’s mission that provides everyone with a warm and welcoming guest experience.” —Cristina Caballero, MIM’s Volunteer Coordinator 9

"Edo" Guitar by Harvey Leach, 2016

Photo courtesy of Endre Balogh /


“Artôt-Alard” Violin by Antonio Stradivari, 1728, Courtesy of the Friends of Stradivari

Stradivarius and inlaid guitar masterpieces The year 2016 began with the opening in January of the special exhibition Stradivarius: Origins and Legacy of the Greatest Violin Maker, which was developed and curated by MIM in partnership with Museo del Violino and the Friends of Stradivari in Cremona, Italy. The exhibition, featuring ten exceptional stringed instruments, explored how early violin makers, including the master himself, Antonio Stradivari, shaped music from the sixteenth century through today. Guests had the opportunity to see up close the detailed craftsmanship and quality of many stringed instruments, including a 1728 Stradivarius violin on public display for the first time in the United States. In addition to viewing these masterpieces, guests could also listen to the beautiful music they produced with audio and video technology. 10

A concert series was launched along with the exhibition and highlighted notable artists, including Rachel Barton Pine. The spectacular exhibition and its programming was a fantastic way to start the year and was the most successful to date. In November 2016, MIM launched another special exhibition, Dragons and Vines: Inlaid Guitar Masterpieces. MIM is the only museum in the world to showcase this never-before-seen collection, which will be on display at the Target Gallery until September 4, 2017. The exhibition highlights more than thirty instruments of the utmost quality, featuring stunning inlay design created by master inlay artists and luthiers from North America. Some artwork can take months or even years to complete.

The exhibition—produced by MIM in partnership with the Maryland-based inlay company Pearl Works—shines a spotlight on an interconnected community of inspirational artists whose imaginings come to life in each instrument on display.

“Lindisfarne” Guitar by Kevin Ryan Guitars and Larry Robinson, 2009

Manufacturers and luthiers such as C. F. Martin & Co., PRS Guitars, and Kevin Ryan Guitars create magnificent instruments as extraordinary canvases. For their part, inlay artists, using materials such as iridescent mother-of-pearl, gold and other precious metals, colorful synthetics, hardwoods, and more, challenge themselves and encourage each other to adorn these instruments with designs that reveal astonishing detail upon close inspection. The majority of the pieces in the exhibition come from the private collection of Larry Sifel (1948–2006), the founder of Pearl Works. Aside from a handful of historic examples, the remainder comes from a small group of the best contemporary inlay artists in North America. “Dragons and Vines: Inlaid Guitar Masterpieces is a striking example of extraordinary collaboration that reflects a shared

The back of this guitar is a reproduction of a page from English monk Eadfrith’s Lindisfarne Gospels (circa 700 CE), an illuminated medieval manuscript. The exquisite artwork took two and a half years for the inlay artist to complete and was his most time-consuming project to date. For many of them, this exhibition was a way to honor the legacy of the late Larry Sifel, whose enduring motto, “Our goal is

“This collection highlights the transformation that enabled today’s gifted generation of inlay artists to execute astonishing projects that were previously impossible.” —Richard Walter, PhD, MIM’s Curator for United States | Canada appreciation for the artistry, imagination, and exceptional craftsmanship found in Larry Sifel’s collection,” says April Salomon, MIM’s executive director. MIM welcomed numerous special guests for the grand opening of the exhibition.

uncompromised excellence,” is certainly one that resonates with MIM. After visiting the museum for the first time, Bill Seymour, current president and CEO of Pearl Works, says, “Larry would have loved MIM. He would be thrilled to know that this is where the core of his one-of-a-kind collection will, for the first time, be shared with the public.” ▪


Dancers perform at Experience Polynesia 2016, one of our many family-friendly signature events at MIM. Throughout the year we host cultural events as well as Musical Icons events, which highlight artists from a variety of genres.

WE GRATEFULLY ACKNOWLEDGE OUR DONORS, MEMBERS, AND COMMUNITY PARTNERS Thanks to all who help sustain MIM and fuel its growth $1 MILLION+ Bob Ulrich & Diane Sillik $250,000+ Burke Family Foundation $100,000+ J. Bruce Tominello & Lawrence E. Kirchner C Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust $50,000+ The Molly Blank Fund of the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation John and Joan D’Addario Foundation, Inc. Evelyn and Lou Grubb Charitable Fund


Residence Inn Phoenix Desert View at Mayo Clinic K Sanderson Lincoln Elaine F. Stepanek Foundation Target Corporation $35,000+ Anonymous APS S K Scottsdale Marriott at McDowell Mountains K Snell & Wilmer L.L.P. S K $25,000+ Arizona Commission on the Arts City of Phoenix, Office of Arts and Culture Michele & Matthew Feeney Marc Leo Felix S C

Michael & Berit Francis U.S. Bank & U.S. Bank Foundation Western Refining $20,000+ Rector Rockhill $15,000+ J. W. Kieckhefer Foundation SpringHill Suites Scottsdale North K $10,000+ Forrest & Jennifer Ashley Babette & Richard Burns Tim & Jacqueline Byers Lorraine L. Calbow

Danielle Victoria Music Foundation Haggerty Family Foundation HighTower Advisors Scottsdale JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort & Spa K Roberta & Stan Marks Martin Guitar Charitable Foundation Teresa & Robert McMahon National Endowment for the Arts ON Semiconductor Sagewood Karen & Curt Ulrich $7,500+ Fairfield Inn Scottsdale North K Margaret T. Morris Foundation Twiford Foundation $5,000+ Anonymous Kathleen & Steve Ashby Judith R. Baarda Alexandra O. Bjorklund Linda & Morris Blumenthal Peggy J. Brehm Buuck Family Foundation Katherine & Charles Case Gail Dorn & Steve Beddor Char & Greg Duppler Sally & David Falck Seija Farber Ira J. Gaines & Cheryl J. Hintzen-Gaines Beverly N. Grossman Jon & Beverly Holt Thomas P. & Genevieve M. Houlihan Bob Janecek & Brenda Baar The Jazz Cruise by Entertainment Cruise Productions K Carol & Ken Kasses Knaggs Guitars K Jane & Bruce Lawson Fifi & Ronald Levin Dr. & Mrs. Robert F. Lorenzen S – Cash

Mary Ann & John Mangels Merle & Paul Marcus Andrea Markowitz & Patrick O’Brien Lois & Moe Nozari Piper Family Fund Rusty & Mary Jane Poepl Foundation Phyllis & Dennis Propp In Memory of Leslie B. Propp Laree & Arch Rambeau April Salomon & Kara McVey Mary & Paul Sauser Jean & Dick Savage Scottsdale League for the Arts S K Mary & Douglas Scovanner David Tharp C Irene H. Vasquez Sandra J. Werner $3,500+ Courtyard by Marriott Scottsdale North K Jeffrey Heimer & Linda Brock P Holiday Inn Express Phoenix North/Scottsdale K Gretchen Miller C In Memory of Jack Miller John & Lois Rogers Kenneth M. Snider Eugenie C. Trotter & Jack E. Watson P Wells Fargo Foundation Yolanda Garfius Woo C $2,500+ Anonymous Mark & Rosemary Anders P Arizona Community Foundation Christine & John Augustine Susan & Lee Berk P In Memory of John Greenspoon Elizabeth Biaett & Gary Dickey P David R. Bornemann Donna & Franklin Brown Jodi L. Buhrman C – Collections

K –In


Mariam Cohen & Barry Schnur P Tim & Linda Dempsey Drum Workshop Inc. K Jacqueline Franklin P Carolyn & John Friedman Charles A. Geer Family Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation Jane & John Guild Leslie Hall & Ted Jarvi P Jim & Kathy Henderson P Jacobus Family Foundation J. W. Johnson Family Charitable Trust Paul & Kathy Kaleta P Jane & John King Shari & Robert Levitan Janet Lewis-Arrons C In Memory of Al Arrons Christine Lindley Marcia & Jim Lowman Karen & Richard Maguire Nancy & John Mallinson The Martin Guitar Company C Gary & Laura Maurer P Sanford & Barbara McCormick Kristy & Tim Moore Les & Eunice Nishimura Lowell Pickett & Karen Sternal P Jerry & Jo Ellen Preradovic Remo, Inc. C Helen J. Ross & Ronald J. Antoniono Susan Sacks & Jim Andrews P Jan & Paul Schrage Paula & Aaron Sherman Marcus & Ramona Steadman Gail & Daniel Tenn P Esther Villalobos & Manuel Jordán Bill & Patty Walsh Steve White Pat & Larry Winthrop $2,000+ Barbara & David Kirr Lynn & Matthew Luger Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation

P –Producer’s



The Cuba display showcases instruments from a wide variety of genres.

CUBA DISPLAY UNVEILED IN LATIN AMERICA GALLERY Highlights from the largest U.S. collection of Cuban instruments MIM is ever evolving. Our curators venture to regions and countries far and near to re-create cultural and musical experiences for each museum guest. In 2016, the museum welcomed many additions to its collection. Noteworthy is the Cuba display, which is the largest and most diverse assemblage of Cuban instruments on display in the United States. The display showcases culturally significant instruments representing a wide spectrum of musical genres and contexts, including danzón, bolero, rumba, conga de comparsa (music from Santiago’s Carnival), son, chacha-cha, mambo, timba, Afro-Cuban jazz, and sacred traditions. The collection was made possible through ongoing partnerships with the Cuban Ministry of Culture, particularly the Instituto Cubano de la Música and the Museo Nacional de la Música, as well as with numerous artists and their estates. “The enormous challenge to curate this collection and overcome obstacles to bring it from Cuba to the United States was well worth taking,” says Daniel Piper, PhD, MIM’s curator for Latin America and the Caribbean. “Cuba has given the world a profound musical legacy. It was truly an honor for MIM to go directly to the source so we could present more of this rich story at the museum.” 14

$2,000+ continued Patricia Morris Joc Rawls & Joseph Henry Thunderbirds Charities Jim Twetten In Honor of Virginia Twetten Cynthia Westberg $1,500+ Clifford & Laura Jones Joan & Lenny Kalmenson Landcorp Management Services, LLC Patricia Mordigan Hawkins C Judith & Donald Opatrny $1,000+ Anonymous (2) Angelo & Micheline Addona

Cyber Power Systems, Inc. In Honor of Steven Lee Debby & Tom Davidson Donald Dixon Daniel Dubrovich Diane & John Eckstein Dan & Carole Eitingon Eric Erickson & Peggy Poore Brynn & Jeffrey Evanson Event Rents K Fairmont Scottsdale Princess K Ruby Farias K Alan & Sandy Forman Dr. & Mrs. Robert Fusillo Jennifer & Mike Gaumond Paul Giancola & Carrie Lynn Richardson Shirley Glickman Suzanne Glickman

Sarah Jane & Michael Delano Kerr Foundation Levin Charitable Family Foundation Ed & Marcie Liddy John & Pit Lucking Chris & Priscilla Lyden Phyllis & William Lyders Ginnie Maes Larraine R. Matusak, PhD Tahnia & Jeffrey D. McKeever Matt & Ann Melsheimer Elizabeth Merchant Chris & Emma Mitchell Joanne & William Moeller Nancy Naylor Charlotte & Robert Otto Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Palais

“Music is a force that unites all people. And MIM has elegantly captured the rich and varied texture of the art of music making from nearly every country and region in the world. In one extraordinary, state-of-the-art facility, you can experience and participate in the musical heritage of our world.” —Ron Losby, President, Steinway & Sons – Americas Peggy & Dale Baker Jeff & Mary Bander Shoba & Jay Bastani David R. Beach & Carmen M. Rigau Ed Boleky & Sandy Scarsella Robert Bulla Elaine Campbell & Anthony Ziemba Naomi Caras-Miller Judy & Robert Cecka Cedric’s Furs And Accessories K Stacey & Mark Chulew Dorothy & Bill Cohen Colletti-Fiss, LLC Paula & Joel Corman

Ruth R. Grafius Frances & Wes Grunden Charlotte & Craig Haase Barbara & Robert Hathorne Laura & Jim Herbster Michael & Susan Hooley Pamela L. Howard & Thomas F. Castle The Ierley Family Rosemary Joganic C Raj Joneja Margaret & Jamie Kapner Anne G. Kasmar, M.D. C Faye & Jonathan Kellerman Mark & Valerie Kennedy

Drs. Carol & Richard Peairs Ann Phillips Peggy & Thomas Phillips Teresa Kim Quale Steve Rosenstock & Susan Macvean Lecia & Tom Scaglione Janet Schalk Arlene & Morton Scult Abbie Shindler Evelyn & Daniel Simon S K Southwest Traffic Engineering, LLC Mr. Robert St. John & Ms. Melanie Searle Randy Stone & Jim Hahn Shoshana & Robert Tancer


Instruments on loan from James Valentine and the band Maroon 5 includes a small electronic keyboard covered in drab green paint and complete with a "voyage" bumper sticker.

EVER-CHANGING ARTIST GALLERY Influential artists from diverse genres expand collection Many exciting new additions were made to the Artist Gallery in 2016. In February, MIM installed a Maroon 5 display featuring the popular, multiple GRAMMY-winning band. Although the group is often associated with its charismatic lead singer Adam Levine, the display illustrates Maroon 5 as a hardworking band of musicians. “This is an exciting addition to the Artist Gallery,” says Richard Walter, PhD, MIM’s curator for United States and Canada. “We hear Maroon 5 hits on the radio and see them in popular music videos, but it is so important to recognize that these guys are all talented musicians who have devoted years to playing their instruments.”


James Valentine, Maroon 5’s lead guitarist and a fan of MIM, was very involved in the implementation of his band’s display. He was the first to donate one of his custom guitars for display, then other band members followed suit to help make the exhibit more comprehensive. Maroon 5 band members and their equipment manager helped select which instruments to highlight. “[Valentine] has been tremendously enthusiastic and a strong advocate for MIM,” says Walter. The Maroon 5 display showcases a bass guitar played by Mickey Madden, Adam Levine’s rare Ibanez electric guitar, a handpainted keyboard played by Jesse Carmichael, a cymbal from Matt Flynn’s drum set, and James Valentine’s Fender Telecaster Deluxe guitar.

The Artist Gallery also welcomed a CMA Awards display celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the Country Music Association (CMA) Awards, the longest-running annual music awards program on television. MIM worked closely with the CMA to create the exhibit, which highlights instruments on loan from several CMA Musician of the Year nominees and winners. CMA’s chief executive officer Sarah Trahern traveled from Nashville to attend the display opening, and singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Hunter Hayes spoke at the unveiling. MIM enjoys working with young artists pursuing music, and we were pleased to have children from Rosie’s House, a music academy for underserved youth of Greater Phoenix, perform before the CMA Awards display opening. The CMA Foundation oftentimes provides grants to Rosie’s House.

Many more artists were added to the gallery in 2016, including Tito Puente and Celia Cruz. The two were contemporaries who recorded and performed together, and were also crucial figures in bringing Latin dance music to broader audiences. ▪

The recently added Tito Puente display

CMA CEO Sarah Trahern, country singer Hunter Hayes, MIM executive director April Salomon, and founder of Spielberg Entertainment, Neal Spielberg, in front of the CMA Awards exhibit.


$1,000+ continued Janne & Scott Taubman Daniel Terpack & Anita Wallace Bruce Ulrich & Oliver Zhou Richard & Sharon Wand Hao and Michelle Wang Foundation Robert & Mary Ward Western Jazz Presenters Network Susan Westover Stephania & Bruce Williams Robin & Stephen Woodworth Barry & Barbara Zemel $500+ Anonymous (24) Daniel & Sylvia Adelmann AgLendingClub LLC Saime & Ibrahim Aksoy Leslie & David Alexander

Barry & Jean Bingham Chuck & Soozi Bolte Robert & Anne Borsch Arlyn & Rex Brewster Marc & Elizabeth Brooks Bruce & Janet Buchanan Peter & Quang Budnick Jerry & Debby Bullins Theresa & Richard Callahan Elaine & Peter Canter Joe Carabajal & Alicia Torruella Margie & Chad Carpenter Stephen Carroll Barbara & Roger Carter Winston Carter & Anne Gazzaniga Gerald & Guinevere Cassidy Chandragiri Family Roger Cheney Cathy Chess

Irwin Dinn, Victor Laughlin Memorial Foundation Marc Dinnerstein Karen & David Divine Sharon & Don Dolan Cathy & Barry Downs Glen Doyon Michael & Linda Drawsky Jan & Leo Dressel Justin Dudley Lorene & Herb Ely Ruth & Joe Erman Steven Esposito & Susan Ashley Jane P. & Andrew J. Evans II Gary & Kathy Falk Mary & Bob Farmer Don & Melissa Faulkner Joan & Edward Feddern Eunice & Carl Feinberg Joanne & James Feller

“It is one of the greatest museums in the whole world. In my 70 years on the planet, I saw some musical instruments I haven’t seen.” —King Sunny Adé, Musician

Chris & Paul Amaden Alison & David Anderson Garry & Judy Antler Gregory Ash & Susan Johnson-Ash Abby Atkins & Richard Komm Patricia & Frank Atlee Laura & Pete Atwell B & A Consulting Partners Barbara & Richard Ausick Bill & Gee Austin Michaelene & Steuart Barlow Shannon Barth Doug Bauer Paul & Mary Ellen Baump Patti & Owen Baynham Ralph & Marlene Bennett Maria & Tony Beram Marcy Bern David & Martha Bills


Nancy & Richard Christiansen Maxine & Roland Coleman Jonathan & Susan Colner Dr. Joel R. Cooper E. D. Cornwell Paula & Patrick Costello Maj. Gen. & Mrs. AB Crawford, Jr. Judith Cunningham Glenn & Robyn Cushman Patricia B. Dalton & Laurence Niederhofer Katie & Troy Darling Harryette & Jerry David Merri & Steve Davis Alycia de Mesa Delmastro Building Contractors Penny & Jim Deshur Carole & Randy DeSoto Martha Devine

Charles & Bernadine Fillipone Robert & Cynthia Fleming Kevin & Joyce Foster Fountain Hills Art League K James & Debra Foxworthy In Memory of Carl & Shirley Foxworthy Jessica & Lindy Funkhouser Debbie Garnett Harry S. Garrett Dr. Monica Gaughan Tim & Diane Gavin Jeffrey T. Gerlinger Alan Gibson Stephen Lee Gilbert Goodenow Family Fund Monica & Michael Goodwin Thomas R. Granfield Rich & Karyn Grant Fred & Patty Green

Robert & Susan Greenberg Ronald Grider & Myrna Craig Griffith Family Trust Eudice & Jay Grossman Cynthia Guinn & William Martin Claude Guldner Anne & Nick Hackstock

Dr. Lucinda Harris & Mr. Scott Helmkamp Rae Ann Harris Granger & Marjorie Haugh Jane & Robert Hayoz Maxine & Ralph Henig Jennifer Hensley

The O’Connor Band delivers beautiful and thoughtful original songs.

Susan & Phil Hagenah Roland & Judi Hahn Madeline J. Halpern Michael & Kathleen Hanley Steve & Joy Hannon

Elizabeth & Fred Hoffert Joyce & Stanley Hoffman Dr. Sandra C. Holley & Dr. David G. Carter Ken Honeycutt

Larry & Denise Horn Hotel Palomar Phoenix K Edward Howard Michelle Howard & Christi Cielens Richard & Elizabeth Howell Delores & Warren Huebner Stephen F. Hull Nancy Husband Illinois Tool Works Foundation Don W. Jensen Fran Johansen Michael & Barbara Jones Bob & Laura Joyner Sondra & George Juetten Shirley & George Karas Mary & Donald Kayser Barbara Kellogg & Darrellyn Thompson Suzanne Kelly & Guy Burdick Elayne Kitchen & Irwin Gorman Deborah Klatskin & Burton Sutker Joy Kleiman Gabrielle Klein Jeffrey & Wendy Klein Terriann & Rich Kleiner Faye Klitsner Michael Kornreich Sherry & Scott Kriegshauser Mary Jane & Gerald Kunz Patricia & James LaCrosse F. Edward & Carol J. Lake Jay Langner Jim & Debra Larson Joseph J. & Joyce L. Lavin Anne Leary & Bill Hemelt Tom Leavitt & Darcy Goodman Gerald & Ellin Levy Dr. Shefali Gandhi-List & Mr. Daniel List Donald & Roberta Livesay Patricia & James Lohmiller John Long & Suzanne Mead Al & Elizabeth Lucas Mary Lou Lyding Jim & Pat MacAllen Domani Maldonado Mammel Family Foundation James & Marla Mann


Patrick Murphy, MIM Music Theater manager, Rob Kapilow, pianist and composer, and Neale Perl, president and CEO of Scottsdale Arts, collaborate on a partnership between MIM Music Theater and Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts.

A YEAR OF COLLABORATION AND EXCITING PARTNERSHIPS New relationships expand community engagement The fall of 2016 marked a new partnership with the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts. Shows will be copresented at the MIM Music Theater as well as at the center’s venue continuing throughout 2017. Additionally, a partnership was formed between the MIM Music Theater and the Phoenix Symphony. Together, a remarkable program of familiar and engaging classical music was presented to the public. We also began a new ongoing partnership with Balsz School District that will bring every elementary student in the district to MIM annually. Nearly 2,500 students will visit the museum in spring 2017, with each grade level enjoying a different field trip option. As students move to the next grade, they will experience new content on each subsequent visit to MIM. This will be the first time MIM has been able to provide consistent supplemental learning across an entire school district, and it is only possible because of our zealous supporters, including ON Semiconductor who provided a $10,000 grant that supports many participants. Music brings people together, and in 2016 MIM worked harder than ever to foster community engagement, inclusion, and openness through culture’s original medium. We are beyond grateful for the support that makes this possible. 20

$500+ continued Jan Mann John & Connie Manogian Kellie & Don Manthe Richard & Heather Marmor Catherine & Charles Marsh Richard & Mary Martuscelli Don & Jenny Matheson John & Linda McClelland Carol & William McDonald Timothy & Thelma McGuire Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Merlau Charles & Jane Merritt J. P. & Monique Millon Eleanor Mink Lorie Minshull Debra & Rick Mishler Jack & Barb Mitchell

Deborah & Darry Pearson Jody Pelusi Chris & Carol Perry Robert B. Polacchi Larry Polhill Jim Prater Lee A. Prins Sr. Keith & Kelley Reese Louise & David Reese Tia Renshaw & Michael Yarnell Angelita Reyes John & Candace Richards Matthew Rinn & Deborah Knight Scott & Catherine Roberts Dale & Margie Robertson Cheryl & Paul Robillard Stanley Robinson & Gayla Wigal Lisa & Larry Rogoff

Smithsonian Affiliations Joel & Madonna Smyth Rita & Mel Sorensen James Speros Irene Steffen Lou & Larry Stein Don Steinman & Ruth Greenspan Dan & Jill Stevenson Alan Strauss Celia & Robert Stretmater Nancy & Roger Strong Dale W. Suran Jerry & Sue Sweeney Merle & Michael Tarnow David & Margaret Tate Chuck & Melinda Theobald Gary & Diane Thomas Mark Thompson

“We have been invited to some of the world’s greatest venues like the Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia, Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center in New York, and also the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. But I tell you one thing, this Theater and this Museum are second to none.” —Allen Bailey, Founder of Harlem Gospel Choir Kandy & Scott Mitchem Liz Montanari Kathryn Moon Trenton & Lisa Morrow Ellenor Mueller & William B. Stern Patricia & Bill Naumann Rick & Nancy Nelson Paul Neuman Beverly & Harvey New Jacqueline & Robert Niedermeier Anne & Brad Niemiec Peter & Sarah Novak Cindy Pagnan Peter & Kimberly Parker Louis Patler C Julia Paulsen In Memory of Stanley Paulsen

Fred & Cat Rosenbaum Merle & Steve Rosskam Salon D’Shayn K Anthony E. Sandoval, MD & Family Jacqueline Schenkein & Michael Schwimmer Olin & Joan Schocket Lyrna & Michael Schoon Robert & Jeanne Schulz Steven & Judy Schwartz Ann & Dave Scovil Kathryn Sederholm & Michael Shultz Ed & Shirley Sedivy Carol & Charles Sheffer Pamela Sillars & Paul Nordberg Patricia & Kim Smith

Ed & Beth Tischner Dr. Robert & Ms. Milana Tomec William Torrey Mary Townsend & Michael Guttenplan Wes & Tonja Triplett Carolyn & James Tripp Mark & Linda Truitt Drs. Jack Tuber & Joy Schechtman Alex & Jackie Vaver Louis Vergne & Susan Bugbee Michael & Anne Vetter David Vieweg Emily & Bob Vincent Dan & Debbie Wainwright Renee Walter Robin & Bruce Wargo


ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: JOEY ALEXANDER Thirteen-year-old jazz master takes on MIM Music Theater Joey Alexander, a pianist who has mastered jazz standards, performed around the world, and released two albums at the young age of thirteen is changing the future of jazz. Born in 2003 on the island of Bali, Indonesia, Alexander began teaching himself how to play piano at age six and learned a variety of jazz classics by ear. Although Alexander received no formal music education, he has performed at numerous jazz festivals and concerts in many countries, won an international improvisation contest in Ukraine, and released two albums. Last year, we had the honor of welcoming this jazz prodigy to perform at MIM for the second time and we are excited to see what his future holds. Alexander has performed jazz worldwide and won many awards at just thirteen years old.

“Magnificent not only for the child’s virtuosity—plenty of prodigies have outsized chops—but for the maturity and perception he brought.” —JazzTimes

MIM MUSIC THEATER International artists bring a range of performances to MIM In 2016, MIM Music Theater hosted 258 performances—the largest number ever! Highlights included: Stephen Stills, O’Connor Band, Melissa Manchester, King Sunny Adé, Estampas Porteñas Tango, Hinder, and Rumer Willis. Guests attended the concerts to see both distinguished musicians as well as rising talent from countries all over the world. MIM also spotlighted several artists in connection with our special exhibition Stradivarius: Origins and Legacy of the Greatest Violin Maker. Our concert series featured beautiful violin compositions that further enhanced the music of the exhibition. We enjoyed working with so many talented, inspiring musicians in 2016 and look forward to what this year holds in store as we strive to celebrate artists from a variety of cultures and genres. 22


King Sunny Adé

Rumer Willis

Stephen Stills

O’Connor Band Melissa Manchester

Estampas Porteñas Tango


$500+ continued Bob & Debra Warren Richard Warren Linda & Donald Watland Pam & Jack Watson Bernard & Libby Weiner Colission & Melanie Wells Carolyn Welsh Robert & Phyllis Wilson Gary & Nancy Wincott Suzy & Cap Witzler Diana & Delwyn Worthington Joyce & E. Leslie Young Hugh & Diane Zentmyer $250+ Anonymous (37) Cathy Adam Patricia Adamthwaite Sandy Adler & Family John & Sharon Ady AFC Physical Medicine and Chiropractic Center K John & Jodi Ainlay Rebecca Albrecht & Norris Livoni Bryan Albue & Martha Bergener Carolyn & Brad Allenby Harry & Kathy Allin Cindy & Stuart Alt Jeff & Crystal Altenbach Rene Amdahl Llarry Amrose Jodene L. Anderson Brian & Natalie Andrews Janice L. Andrews Ronald Angulo Mr. & Mrs. John Antonaccio Michael & Ellie Aranow Lori Armstrong Hannah R. Arterian In Memory of Celeste Arterian Deborah & Jack Baker Teresa & Kevin Baker Candace & John Baldwin Beverly Balfour Romualda & Victoria Banaszczyk Michael Bara Joyce & Kenneth Bash Tom & Brenda Bassoo Kathryn Bates


Tom & Karen Bays Monica & Dan Beal Glenn & Judy Beckett Shirley & Thomas Bekey Silvia Benincaso Joan Benjamin & Larry Cherkis

Maura Betler Megan E. Bevill Leslie & Brian Bevins Edie & Eric Bieber C. Win & Maxine Billingsley Cecelia & Stephen Bistner

A father and son participate in a family drumming workshop.

Jeffrey Berg & Debra Paget Sandra Berger Paulette Bergounous Annie & Larry Berle Dianne Nelsen-Berman & Stan Berman

Bryan Blancett & Nan Ater Kent & Colleen Blaylock David & Sarah Bodney Gary Bonnin & Vickie Bouffard Mary Ann & Charles Bosnos Tom & Beverly Bowley

Kerry Boyce Robert & Bonnie Brady Richard & Helen Brandt John Breslow Stuart Bretschneider Thomas & Judy Brew Jessica Brodie Greg & Sharon Brogdon Mimi & Kenton Brown Susan Bruya Steven J. Bruzonsky Patricia Buckley Melanie Buechel The Burger Family Allyn Buric Umema Burney-Wood Dawn Busby Martha Butler Rex & Kathleen Butler

Amy & Andrew Cohn Kay Coleman Mary & James Combs Vince & Janet Condella Les & Judy Conklin Kitty & Neal Conover Wiley Cornell & Richard Marschner Ed Corwin & Toni Logar John Cory Anthony J. Cosacchi John & Marcia Cowan James & Paula Cowley Martha Cramer Bonnie S. Crosby Jim & Dee Cross Peter & Susan Culp Carol Dahl Wolfgang & Sue Dahnert

Laurene & Roy Douglas Brian Dredla Kevin Dumphy Melissa & Robert Dupree Charles L. Echols Jr. Florence & Paul Eckstein Irene Edgett Larry & Mary Ellingson C. Elliott The Emen Family Suzanne & Carter Emerson Jillian Engle William Erchul & Ann Schulte Mr. & Mrs. Esgar Blythe & Richard Evans Mike & Judi Evans David Fain & Jennie Aldridge Mellody & Mike Fairbanks Ora D. Fant

“This museum has something for everyone and every age. It is one of the most interesting places I have ever visited. I was overwhelmed by the sheer size of the facility, but every inch is worth looking at.” —MIM Guest, Facebook

W. L. & Betty Button Kenneth & Diane Bykowski Maritza Cabrera Susie Cakos Richard & Penelope Campana Rees Candee Jim & Kristin Carkeek Peggy Carlson Carmen & Roscoe Carney Barbara & Jim Carpenter Patti & Angel Casas Marlies Castaing Laurence Cavanaugh Joanne Ceimo Erick Chapman Nancy & Pasquale Cheche Michael Chung Kathleen & David Cichelli John & Kathleen Clifford Priscilla & Louis Cohen

Alison & Don Daley Ronald & Sheryl Davidow In Honor of Stan Marx Warner & Ruth Davidson Colleen Davis Barb Dawson Henry Day Paula Deanda & Bruce Grant David Decker In Honor of Linda Althoff Dee & Wayne Dennis Sharon Dewey Fran & Paul Dickman Edward & Ann Dietrich Ann G. Dings Madelyn Doerr Cherie Donahoe Carol Dooney Kimberly K. Dorris Joyce C. Doucette

Nora Farnsworth & John Van Orden Reverend Feather Jack & Alice Fedor Jason Feger Steven & Gwendolyne Feinberg Bill Fenoglio & Stephanie Salter Darleen & David Ferry Jennifer Ferry & John Prouty Warren & Barbara Field Debby & Lee Finkel George & Michelle Yules Fischler Debra & Andrew Fishleder Charles Fiss & Jennifer Schuck Lesley & Greg Flaks Frank & Diane Flider Gine & Conrad Flury Jo & Marcy Flynn Lori Flynn


$250+ continued Maureen & Dr. Edward R. Flynn, PhD Robyn Flynn & Richard Kosar James & Miko Foard Roger & Marianne Foussard Judith & Allen Frank Christina Fredenberg Talie & Sam Freedman Judy & Richard French Sharon & Lou Gadless Richard & Joyce Gahan Gainey Suites Hotel K Ben & Marbi Gallaway Raj Gandhi Sara & Christopher Ganir Leslie Irwin-Garcia & Lawrence Garcia

Dorothy Gross Toni Gross & John Conley Jon Gruenhagen Richard & Bonnie Grummell Susan Gruye Orlando Guerrero John & Melinda Gulick Norman & Sandra Haas Barbara T. Habig Lynn & Gary Haley Beth & Tom Hall Mr. & Mrs. William Halvorsen Mark & Marion Hammer Jeanne Hanchett Barbara & Ken Hand Allen Hank C S James Hanshew Gerald Hanson

Steve Hinders In Memory of Barbara Hamann Phyllis Hirsch Candace & Michael Hoffmann Lynn Hoffman Lori & Robert Hoke Jim & Geri Hongslo Hot Air Expeditions K Leland Hu Bonnie & Briggs Hubbell Jana Huggins & Lee Nickloy Marilyn & Joseph Hughey Kathleen Hull & James Huddleston Sheri Hunter Marian Hurley Eric & Mary Kay Inglett

“MIM is a new American treasure. My hope is that everyone can visit MIM. I was thrilled and inspired by the realization that all musical instruments of the world are a part of one huge interlocked family. I feel more alive and optimistic for having visited MIM. It’s like walking into the soul of mankind.” —David Harrington, Kronos Quartet Stephanie & Morris Garfinkle Jan & Roger Garrett General Mills Zach Gerbarg & Donna Garr Sherry & Paul Gerner Gary Gillespie Yann & Mitch Glicksman Nancy Sacks-Goldberg & Stuart Goldberg Janis Goldstein Stu & Cheri Goldstein Elaine Gordon Bill & Ann Gray Deanne & John Greco Richard & Luann Greenwald Jeff & Robin Greeson Gordon & Joan Griffes


Dale & Jim Hardt Richard & Peggy Harray William & Barbara Harrison Mr. & Mrs. John Hart Eve R. Hartman Corinne Hayes Robert Hayton & Cindy Kemp Kirk & Antoinette Hazen Raymond & Yuriko Hector Carl & Margaret Hedlund Helfman Family Annette Henderson & Wes Stewart Hibbs & Shedden Barbara & Trey Higgens Lori & Earl Hightower Brian & Beth Hindenburg

Robert Izard Chuck & Madeleine Jackson Frank & Sandra Jacobs Karen & Bruce Jacobs Vicki Jepperson Keith & Cheryl Johnson William & Ellen Johnson In Memory of Hye Ja Kim Karen & Frick Jones Scott & Bronwen Jones Laura Justham Charles & Susan Kagan Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey H. Kahn Tom & Cheryl Kametz Barbara & Donald Kammerzell Leonard Katzenstein Thomas Kaufmann & Lauren Wideman

Charletta & Rick Keller Lynn & John Kelley Elaine & Joel Kellmanson Susan Kennedy & Bryan Nethery Philip Kennicott & Mary Gray Robert L. Kern

Paula King & Steven Mangold In Memory of Jeanne T. King Kat Kirby & Bill Meyer Steve Klein Dick & Dee Kling Frank & Leanne Koonce

Dancers perform during Experience India.

Mel Kessler & Gail Fisher Andrew & Wan Kim Family Foundation Elizabeth & Jeffrey Kimball Edith W. King Jay King

Gene & Eloise Koonce Rabbi Bonnie Koppell & Mr. Ron Kushner Jason Kostal Sandra & John Krisch Richard & Rebecca Kruse

Henry M. Kuller Dave & Mary Kurrasch Cheryl & Barry LaKritz Linda & William Langer Suzanne Lansford Susan & Robert Lanting Elizabeth Lawson In Honor of Roger Lawson Bruce & Nancy Layton Barb & Tom Leard Mary & Duwayne LeBlanc Nancy & Walter Lees Barbara Leffler Edward & Therese Lester Rose & Norman Levine Tom & Margi Levitt Jennifer C. Lewis Daniel & Brenda Lichtenfeld Douglas Liebman Dick & Rhonda Lindsey Steven & Nancy Litvak Larry Lloyd & Todd Cly Charna Lobelle Peter Lograsso J. & J. Love Conrad Rae & Richard Love Jim & Marilynn Loving Celestina Lowe & Daniel Mahoney William Lucerne Bill & Grace Lund Saundra Lupo Paul Lustig Mysty & Rick Lyftogt Paula & Scott Lyon Demecio Maestas Carolyn Maier Francie & Richard Mallery Robin & Scott Mallory Stephen & Joyce Manes Linda & Timothy Mangelsdorf Carol Mangen Roger & Victoria Marce Miriam & Gary Marcus Mary Ann Markarian Dr. Allan Markus Marguerite Marquardt Irene & William Marsh Christina Marshall Valentine Corky Martinkovic


$250+ continued Robert Martino Patricia & Hugh Mason Margaret & Richard Matsuishi Annette Mattern Mike & Sandra Matthews Rhonda & Steve Maun Paul & Carla Mcelrath Michael & Jerilyn McGehee Beverly & Jack McGoffin Joyce McGowan Jo & Thomas McGraw Virginia McGregor Mark McKeever Tom & Mary McKelvey Andrea McKinney Margaret McNamara & John Koehring T. Troy McNemar William & Lea McSherry Kim & Chris McWaters Jeremy Meek Janet & John Melamed Shannon Mendibles & Ryan Ami Thomas & Peggy Mennie Stewart & Sandra Metosky Linda & Harry Meyer Judy & Lance Mikkelsen Judith & Donald Miles Kirk Miles Mike & Paulette Miller Peggy & David Miller Richard & Beth Miller Susan Miller Connie & John Milligan Rhonda & Douglas Milligan Thomas & Suzanne Minas Saundra K. Minckley Dr. & Mrs. Glenn J. Miner Jason Mingus Arlene & Steven Mirer Regina Marie Miskewitz Callie & Murphy Mitchell Charles & Barbara Moen Kelly & Mark Mollison The Molnar Family George Monoson Barbara E. Moore Marcia Moore Maryanne Morella


Judith Morrison Robert Morrison & Sandra Stocker Sandra C. Moses Joey & Mark Moskowitz Susan Muha

Donna & Burton Neil Dianne Nelsen-Berman & Stan Berman Ronald & Georgia Nelson Ronald & Patricia Nelson John & Judy Nerison

A MIM guest shakes a shekere on a group tour.

Tito MuĂąoz James & Lily Murray Katheryn Myle-Probst Allen Nahrwold Ed & Cheri Najim Don & Ellen Nakano

Nickolas Neubauer Donald & Barbara Neuman Arnold & Anita Newman Walter & Karen Nielsen Nina McLemore K Ronald & Suzanne Niven

Christine & Donald Northfelt Michael Nussdorfer Dorothy O’Carroll Deborah Offenhauser & Lloyd Shaffer Mattie Ohl Jim & Laura Ohm Esther & Abe Orlick Nancy & Don Orr Eric & Victoria Ossowski Michael & Susan Oster Kathleen O’Sullivan & John Crabb Martin & Carol O’Sullivan Anne J. Owens In Memory of Jon Owens Mr. Michael A. & Dr. Helen L. Padgett Pat & Bud Pappas

Chris & Nancy Philleo T. R. & Linda Phillips Elizabeth Pitcairn K Mary & William Pokorny Lorie & Rick Policar Robert Pompa Ellen & Walter Poor Elodee Portigal Dr. & Mrs. Richard Portune Nancy & Allan Poster Gregory Price Susan Price Kristi Punches & Brooke Davis Thomas Purcell Donald & Jo Ann Puyear Quicksilver SW Constructors Inc. Mark Radonich Jorge Ramirez Nancy & Robert Ramsey

Gail A. Rittenhouse In Memory of William & Laurel Rittenhouse Bruce E. Rittmann & Marylee MacDonald Casanova Roane In Memory of Charles Roane Rosalind Robinson Denice Roesler Mia Romero Al & Marylou Ronca Gil & Harriet Rosen Joyce Rosenbalm Mindy J. Rosenberg Joan & Richard Rosenblatt Marlene Ross Kent & Mira Rossman Royal Palms Resort and Spa K Mary & Victor Ruberto

“This is a totally cultural experience. I was exposed to countries I have never heard of and musical instruments I could have never dreamt of. The headset/video experience brings the instruments to life.” —MIM Guest, Facebook

Charles Paquet Jr. & Tracy Mertens Jacques & Mary Patry Colin & Chayada Pearson Pearson Art Foundation Suzanne & Edson Pease Mariana Peck Roger & Lori Peck Bill & Ellie Pendleton Kristi & Jim Penman Isabel Perkins Connie Perlot Emily Perrott Barbara Perry & Derek Hayes Joan Perry & Christian Miller Paul & Dee Perry Randall & Roberta Perry Caroli Peterson Carol & Robert Petit

Ron & Donna Ramsey Pat & Gilbert Raposo Barbara Montgomery-Ratcliff & James Ratcliff Victor & Petra Ratz Carolyn & Charles Ready Pete & Lorelei Redding Linda & Charles Redman Gayle & Richard Reed Laura Reiben Susan Resnik Reginaldo C. Reyes & Jeffry Lusiak James & Kally Reynolds Monica Reynolds C. Rex & Ann M. Rice Jean M. Richau Jeannine Richison

John Ryan Kukla Sadock C Mary & Myron Sailer Miriam & Ben Salazar Lynne & Robert Saltz Erik Samarpan & Alyson Coppin Harold & Judy Samloff Greg Sanders & Kristin Wren Susan & William Sands Sarah Santana Dennis & Martha Sargent Scott & Kim Sarjeant Frank & Mary Sarwark Joshua Sawicki Joe & Mary Ann Schaffer Schantz Family Steven & Lois Scheiner Dean & Jean Scheinert Esther & Bill Schindler


$250+ continued Marie & Max Schirtzinger Barbara & Jeffrey Schlein Karol & John Schlicher Sharol Schmidt Barry & Willa Schneider Lisa & Scott Schoneman Connie Schwartz Thomas & Carolyn Schwartz Cliff W. Schweitzer Tracy & Marc Schwimmer Joan & Mack Schwing Marilyn & Walter Scott Marcia Selig Ken Senior & Teresa Darling Nancy & John Settles William & Mary Seymour Amit & Nisha Shah Mayor Shanken & Sharon Lewis

Bob & Cathy Snair Phyllis & Arthur Soben Rodo & Susan Sofranac Ken Solheim Jason & Doreen Song The Spa at Rancho Mañana K Ellen Spinner & Michael Long Suzanne & Austin Spitzer Charles Spotts Fred & Faith Stabbert Philip & Ruth Stahl William Stanton Nancy Stark & Dennis Lund Joann & Harvey Stedman Karen Steele Bill & Trish Stewart Jim & Linda Stinson Irene Stock Ronda & Matthew Stoffer

Billie Thompson Linda & John Thompson Anne & Ron Thoms Reinhold Tischler Jerry & Linda Toomer Richard Travis & Judith Magray John Treadwell Christa & Randy Treichel Michael Trier Mark & Patricia Tucker Leslie & Scott Turner Allyn & Audrey Tuschen Rita Ulrich Scott & Lebertha Umbreit Melody & George Van Ess Joan & Gerald Vandevoort John & Mary Versosky John & Debra Vesey Valerie Voigt

“The exhibits are beyond amazing. Like stepping into the individual four corners of the earth, you will be drawn in by the magic of music. That’s it—another name for the museum—Magic in Music.” —Booker T. Jones, Musician

Gary Shapiro Rabbi Ronald M. Shapiro Jenna & Daniel Sharaby Arthur & Charlotte Shull Jim & Cathie Sides Jayne & Allan Siegel Jill Siegel & Joseph Cooper Gina Siler Steve & Linda Silverstein John & Ellie Simpson Kai & Karen Singbartl Robin & Bill Siren Barbara J. Skala In Memory of June Skala Derwin Skipp & Nancy Lee Barry & Nancy Slavin Cathy & Randall Smith Craig D. Smith & Anita Stienstra Marilyne Smith Mel & Debra Smith


Howard L. Stone Edward & Emily Striffller In Memory of Kim Marie Footohi-rad Lynda & Rick Strusiner Nancy & William Sumner Margaret Swantko Lisa Swari Kathleen Sweeney Suzanne & Richard Swift Thomas & Jamie Talkington Teresa Tate Joan Taylor Patricia A. Teaford, MD Inge Terpening Brooks & Sasha Thiele Eldred & Joan Thierstein Anne & Steve Thomas Cheri & Gene Thomas David Thomas

Ann Vonhoff Lorna & Duane Wadsworth Gloria J. Wagner Richard & Colleen Wagner Russell & Susan Wagner Dennis & Joanne Waicosky Lawrence & Patricia Waldman In Memory of Jack & Virginia Buyck Judy & Frank Walmsley Caroline Ware Claire & Myron Warshaw K. Michael Wasmann & Lola Judy Betty Waters Elaine & William Watson Clark Weaver Sharon Webb Louis & Lynda Weckstein Jann & Damon Weems Sandra & Donald Weir

Richard & Mary Pat Welc Larry West & Clare Kallsen Mary Westlund & Richard Hensing Donna & Frederick White John & Margaret White

Gordon & Audrey Williams Kim Williamson Todd Williamson Rose Willis Steven & Ena Lynne Wilson Deborah Wiss

A Girl Scout tries out the drums at MIM’s Experience Gallery.

Nedra & John Wicks Tim & Muriel Wieland Kathleen Wiens S K Nancy Wildermuth Tedd Willever Annie Williams & Steve Sampson

Roma & Raymond Wittcoff Lawrence Allan Wolfe Jan Wood Karen S. Wood-Nackard Tim & Tina Woods Migs Woodside & Gordon Marsh

Carole & John Wooldrik Jennifer Zacharias Sandra Zakaluzny Mark Zavras Susan Ze Diana & Joseph Zerella Andra Zildjian $150+ Patricia & Paul Ahler Joshua Ambroson Marni & Ariel Anbar David & Denise Arney Kenneth Arnold Mark & Jennifer Arnold Ana Arvayo & Eric Basta Ron Ayanzen Jill & Scott Bagshaw Jacques & Raquel Barbey Jeanann & Robert Bartels Sasha & Jonathan Bates Fred & Peg Bauer Joseph & Judy Bayer Jake & Roana Bean Sara & Alan Beaudrie Jose Benito Francois Besnier Anuj Bhatnagar & Vasudha Bhavaraju David & Bonnie Bickford Daniel & Annie Biorn Leann Blasius Sara Bode Melinda & Robert Bowers Linda Bowles da Silva Robynne & Eric Boysen Misty & David Brecker Kimberly & Gunther Brenes Patrick & Shannon Brennan Harold & Christina Bright Molly Brizgys Chip Brown & Terry Young Staci & Jens Brown Roberta & Robert Buchanan Juan & Angelica Buenrostro Gerald & Lisa Bush Sarah Cahill & Bryan Steinhour Neale Call Randa Canter Elizabeth Carey


$150+ continued David Carlson Brian Carter Kristi & Matt Carter Johnathan Cartsonis Orlando Castillo David Chapman Beth & Thomas Chelton Sophia & Philipe Chevrier Cynthia Choate & Christine Young Wayne & Tracie Chuang Jennifer Clark Jose Coca Joslyn Coca Christopher & Patty Conroy Timothy Cope & Michelle Hazelip John & Stephanie Corder Matt & Carrie Cotter Tammy & Daniel Crawford Gavan Cunniffe Van Curtis Tom Dahlberg Tamara Davis Ravinder Dawke & Manisha Gowlikar Cecilia & Joseph Day Claire Dedominicis Rick & Gina Degraw Christopher & Paola Dorsey Elena & John Dupnik Rachel & Scott Durgan Craig Eades & Kathy Kilgore Judy Eidsvaag & Elizabeth Selzer Keri & Manuel Eisenberg Carson & Gabrielle Emmons Richard & Lisa Engel Rebecca Erbe Mark Everist Darwin Fendley Rita Fisler Janet & Thomas Flewell Nigel & Linda Foley James Franklin Darla Frantz & Rachel Schider Jacqueline & Derek Fulcher Jan Gavzy Candice Gimbel Robyn & Michael Goldberg


Kevin Green Sendy Green Cheryl Greene Vince & Danita Grice Tim & Denise Griswold Robin & Jennifer Haaland Ada & Chad Haarer Adam & Jessica Hall Karen & Michael Handelman Allen Hank Rick Hanson David Harman & Sarah Eisman Julie Harper Christina Hatherly Toi Hayes Michael Hayyeri & Rozita Esbah Michelle Hazelip Greg & Holly Heath Leslie Hendricks Valerie Highton Phat & Kim Hoang David & Carly Hong Michelle & Alex Hottya Eileen & Mark Hubler Peter & Heidi Innes Sharon & Donald Jackley Peter & Tracy Jensen Jeremy & Stephanie Kafton Bonnie Lynn Kalison & Laura Wingo Leslie Kanda Carrie Kaput & Matthew Colvard Sofia Keith & Jesus Leon Sean & Heather Kelleher Robin Kelley Heidi Kolton Joe & Deborah Kozak Lai Homeschool Narayanan Lakshmanan Margaret S. Lanard Shannon & La Jean Landis Jay Lasalle Calvin & Jing Lee Scott & Cara Lefkowitz Fan Li Chloe Liebowitz Tawei Lin & Justine Lee Bryant Loftin & Gabriela Cojanu Tracy & Todd Logan Celeste Lowe

Judith Lucas Jon Luckett Michael & Ann MacDonald Jessica & Paul Madonia Sharon Madura Demecio Maestas Daniel Mahoney Sumana Mandala Lori Manha David Marquez Mike & Nancy Martin Alison & Miles Masog Margaret & John Mccauley Suzanne Mcevoy Tammy McGee-Fendley Julia Mcgowan John McGregor Andrew McMahon Wendy McMinn James Meador Stuart & Adele Megdall Gwendolyn & Marc Melis Frederick & Tonya Mena Saralee & Ronald Messinger Imre Meszaros & Angela Johnson Meszaros Stan Meyer & Jacqui Hops Roxanna Meyers Douglas Miers Erin & Ryan Miller CJ Millette Thomas & Suzanne Minas Jennifer Mitchell & Don Johnson Yvette & Mykel Moller Rene & Karli Moreno Judith Morrison Jeffrey & Claire Morton Chitsomanus & Rachata Muneepeerakul Andrew & Anita Murray Nadia Mustafa Murray Natkie & Nicole Karluk Pavel Nayyer Robert & Angelina Neaves Susan Newhouse Jacomina Newman-Osmon Suzanne & Palmer Nichols Denise Nigro Lauren O'Dea Colin Odonohoe

Sandra Pace Rish & Betsy Pai Lisa Pallini-Ledesma Katherine Palmer Jonah & Brenna Paransky Lorry Partridge Cecil Patterson Wilma Patterson Kristen Penny Laurie Perez & Raul Riena Joe & Concepcion Perez-Moran Jennifer Perkes & Kathy Baker Gerald & Janet Perlman Melissa Petrick Leticia & Jeff Pizzino Elena Plummer Nina Prange & Gregor Brockhaus Clara Prouty Alison Pulaski Carter Bill Quigley Cynthia Ramey Kristina Read Jennifer & Erik Reiter Marc & Joanne Reitz Brandi & John Reynolds Joe & Jackie Rezabek Regina Reznik Cynthia & Nick Rice David & Ginger Richards Scott & Karen Richter Mark & Sarah Riggs Wendy Rodriquez Alan & Beverly Roselieb Karla Rosette Chris & Shawna Rouns Kristi Rowley Katharine M. Runyan Tamami & Brigg Sabol Stephen & Gentiana Saffron Craig Samuel Mike & Shelly Schauwecker Heather & Peter Schlichting Steven Schlosser Don & Penelope Schricker Jaynie Schultz & Ronald Romaner Jennifer & James Schultz Karl Schultz & Shannon Heck Tressia Shaw & Yebabe Mengesha Jason Schwyn

Lisa Segal Randal & Jill Shelin Tom Shepherd & Janet Neisewander Heidi Sheridan Keith & Melody Shingler Trent Shipley Peter & Suzanne Sills Charles & Lynda Simon Shelly Singer Jeff & Jeannine Singleton Sarah Smith Trevor & Kelly Smith Kyrsten & Jannelle Spann Lucia Spears Jason Stage Jack & Deborah Starkey Sara Starks & Jo Ann Hallstrom John & Karey Stevenson Adam & Aimee Stewart Christian & Stephanie Stoner Timothy & Sarah Streit Gwendolyn Strmic Shawn & Robin Sutton Margaret Swantko Jean & David Swessel Tara Swinehart & Rebecca Ripley Gary Taubman Kim & Alexis Thompson William & Christine Tomlinson Daniel & Kelly Tougas Polly Turner Jamison & Heather Tyler Kevin Uliassi Rashmi & Rajesh Vaidya Dave & Genevieve Vega Rajan & Mandita Verma Claudia & John Wagner Melanie Wainwright Ana & Rob Wallace Amy Walsh Elizabeth & Clark Warner Jeff Waters Michael Welch Susan & Eric West Paul & Karen Whitney Christopher Wieman Kimberly & Tammy Wold Zenebe Woldegiorgis & Tsegereda Bihongn

Kristen & Chris Yearout Reine Young Ling Yu & Zhong Zu Zhang Qiang Zhan & Jingna Xia $100+ Allan Abbott Tiffany Abbott Diane & Paul Abe Warren & Kathy Abraham Wendy & Ian Ackerman Matthew & Rebecca Acton Drew & Adriana Adams Kathy Adams Michael & Cindy Adams Philip Lewis Adams William & Carol Adams Roger Adelson Rena Agabekov Cody Conklin-Aguilera & Gabriel Aguilera Kait Ahlschwede Stryker Aiton Catherine Akins Stan & Linda Albert Warren Albright & Per Schelde Sally Al-Hashimi Elizabeth Allard Barbara Allen Rick Allen Rick & Tammy Allen Barb Allred Linda & Subhi Almutawa Lloyd & Lesla Anderson Susan & Carl Anderson Herbert & Rebecca Andreen Robert & Nexy Andrews Karyn Angulo Gerald Appel Marcia Co & Christopher Appleton Eugene Aptekar Helene Aptekar Michael Arabia & Barbara Benn-Arabia Sara Arbetman Margaret Arico Arlene Ark Victor & Stephanie Arkilic Greg & Dawn Armey


$100+ continued Orville & Marie Armstrong Debbie Arn James & Rosemarie Arnestad Larren Arnold & Danielle Thomas Ron & Cathy Aron Mimi Aronson Vivian Arriaga Isac Artzi & Janet Faber David Ashby Richard & Cynthia Ashby Mark Asplund & Isaac England-Asplund Gerhard Assenmacher Michael Assum & Janice Evans Kurt Augustine & Ann Chafoulias Michael Austill & Shana Alldredge Ferne D. Avery Catherine & James Ayers Eugene Baber & Gale Johnson Joy Baber & Laura McQuain Nancy Bach Sekar & Abram Bachtiar Alice Bacigalupi William Badowski Shahram & Marina Bahadori Kathy Bailey Pat Bailey David & Lea Bailis Gilbert Bakeberg & Mary Pepin Berte Baker Dennis & Maxine Baker Gary & Janet Baker Ambika Balasubramaniyan Alexander Baldwin Sylvia Balistreri & Bonnie Woodward Carol Ball Patricia Bambridge Rebecca & Brandon Barakat Christofer Bang & Gro Amdam Jennifer Baronowsky Jane Bard Ron Barnes Jill Barney Peter & Irene Baron Edward Barry Pat Barry


Hazel Barsamian Mary Bartlett Deborah Bartz & Roger Krouskup Susan Bassett Suzie Batchelder & Scott Behning Brent & Tonya Batman Evan & Bee Bauer

Sherri Beck Susan & Bill Becker Greg & Linda Bedson Cody Beecher Sally Beiderbecke Harold Beiler Jeanene Beitz

Curator Richard Walter, PhD, gives a tour during a Signature Event.

Marcella & Brian Baumann Dave Baumgartner Daryl & Jill Bauza Ann & David Beaucage Christine Beaudoin Paul Beck

Glen & Patty Bell Michael Benally & Anna Mckibben Arlene Bennett Bill & Ruth Bennett Candice & Paul Bennett

Kathy & Rick Bennett Margaret & Jim Bennett Ellen Benshalom Tim Benson Barry & Barbara Beracha Jay Berentsen Roberta Berger Suzanne G. Berger Larry & Ann Berle Roberta Berman Janet Bedor-Bernell & Barry Bernell Donald & Kathy Berryman Nancy Bertino Brian Bettini William & Betty Betts Lawrence & Margaret Beverungen Nancy Beyer & Robert Stewart Richard & Katherine Bicicchi Paul & Dawn Bick Linda Birchard Donna Bird Jerome Bischof & Lucinda Swann Joanne & James Black Robin Blackstone John & Linda Blackwell Jean Blair John & Janet Blake Kathleen & Sherry Blake Gerry & Ken Blakeman Rose Blasius Philip M. Blatt Rebecca Blatt & Bret Hovell Patricia Blix Sylvia Block Omer & Annie Bloyd Nancy Blue & Mike Sweaton Kian & Bijan Bobrow Marilyn Bobrow Margaret Bogacz Elizabeth Bogner Craig Bohmler & Rusty Ferracane June Bohr Paula Bollogh Richard Boncella Minyon Bond Faith Bone Travis Bone & Yamini Goswami William & Joanne Bonfield

Elaine & John Bordi Nancy Borgeson Rosa Borja Donald & Mary Bortz Janet & Rich Bottarini Laura & James Bowling Lee Bowman John Boyer & Patty Hackman Rick Boyle & Helene Ossipov Nikki Boynton Ciara Bozarth Diane Brandenburg Scott & Diane Brandon Teodoro & Susana Brat Paula Breen Donna Brennan & James Bergey Joe & Maureen Brennan Tammy Brentlinger Ernest & Junene Briggs Richard Briggs & Margaret Filger David Brill Linda Brill Mike Briscoe Dorothy & Eric Bron Jane Bronsky John Brooks Judith Brooks Karen & Jessica Brooks Michael Brooks Alice Brovan Bill & Susan Brown Carolyn & Jason Brown Joan Brown Katharina Brown Kathy & James Brown Marian Brown Michael & Stephanie Brown Robert Brown Stephanie Brown Aaron & Darra Browning Cynthia Brownlee David & Marilyn Brunn Donald Bryan Janet Bryan Susan & Doug Bryner Vicki Bryson John Buchan Mary Buckley Bruce Buffmire Diane & Frank Bulkley

Jeffrey & Emma Burch George & Carol Burdick Michele Burgad Joseph & Linda Burke Suzanne & Ronald Burkey Marcia Burland Andrew Burns James Burstein Charles Burtner Ruth Burtner Edward Busch Jose & Nancy Bustamante William B. Butkowsky & Joan De Jong Gary Butrymowicz & Debra Beauchaine Carol & Elliorr Byall Alex Cabal Howard & Vicki Cabot Susan & Ed Cahalan James & Josephine Grace Cain Rebecca & James Cairo Bill & Liz Campbell Jack & Marsha Campbell Nancy Campbell Scott & Bonnie Campbell Martha Candiello James & Carol Cann Carol Caplan Rhonda & Timothy Capron Jan Caraway Kelly Carlon & Laura Hardwick Gary Carlson & Judy Paul Kenneth Carlson Kenneth & Virginia Carlson George & Anita Carmer James Carr William & Elizabeth Carr George & Mary-Margaret Carter Ginny & Steve Carter Malcom Carter Randy & Barbara Carter Megan Casey Sheila & Tim Casey Ian Cassell Patricia Casserly Charles & Helen Castle Alice Cave & Richard Fletcher Rebecca Cederquist Eddie Cepeda & Diane Cooper


$100+ continued Nancy Chait Carol Chamberlin Joe & Elizabeth Chan Lawrence Chandler Fred Chapman & Lise Lemke Julia Chappel William Chartrand Michael Chasin Jane & Dane Chavers Hsiang Jung Chen Ying-Jheng Chen & Catherine Chu Ellen Cherry Debra Chester Lili & Sheldon Chester Betty & Carol Lynn Chevalier Dennis Chiapello Louise Chillag Martin Chorzempa Liehua Chour Gary Christopher Tamsyn Cilliers Carol Cisler Craig & Ann Clark Janice Clark Wayne & Diana Clark Don Clausing Ben & Emily Click Michael & Carla Cline Phillip & Cathy Clissold Cheryl Clopton David Clouse KJZZ/KBAQ James & Taylor Cohen Linda Cohen Lynda Cohen Nancy Cohen Sam & Mary Colachis Michael & Kathleen Colbert Brad & Regina Colburn James & Deborah Cole Terry Colegrove Robert Coleman Andrew & Nancy Collins Jayne & John Collins Judy Collins William & Mary Ann Collins Alice Condulis James Connell


Kim Connor Robert & Kathleen Conway Barbara Coon Marge Cooney Dawn Corbett Carolyn Annette Cordry Gordon & Janet Corken Connie Cornelius Geraldine Cornwell Diane Cortright & Ashland Blankenship Bruce & Christine Cotanch Susan Cotner Dave & Kathleen Cottrell Maxwell & Liedl Coulthard Deborah Counts & Robert Bevill Erin Covert John & Johanna Covert Alicia Cowdrey Julie Cox Kristen Cox Martha J. Cozzi Julie & Ken Crane Barry & Kay Crawford Dennis & Barb Crawford Joan Creedon John Crone James & Sally Cronk Liz & Chris Crowe Ben Cruz & Elizabeth Pinto Daniel Cruz & Nancy Brown John Cullinan Dianna & William Cunningham Jamie Curierre Brian & Elizabeth Curley Gloria Curry Ron Dachis Jacque Dallenbach Stan & Darlene Dalley Athelyn Daniel Maria & Jon Danski Linda Daubenmier Gerda & Gary Davalle Bill & Kathy Davies Joe & Colleen Davies Bonnie Davis & Glenn Felner Katherine Davis Susan Davis & Joyce Hamamura Thomas & Gabriela Davis Wendy Davis-Grauer

Mahender & Sudeshna Dawke Helen Cohn & Dennis Dawson Mark Day Cristina De Isasi & Don Vogel Elizabeth De La Huerta Wendy Debano Dave DeBusk & Colleen Sanger Ralph Decesare & Lynn Heimlich Carla Decker Michael & Sheryl Degenring Julie Dehlin Miguel & Gertrude Del Toro Paul & Mary Lou Delvecchio Bruce Demaree Karla Dent Rosemary Depaoli David Deppen Pamela Derr Bill & Karen Desberg Bob & Marjorie Desmond Yukiko Devine Sally Devney Mary Dexter & Mark Miller Pierre Dhuicq & Catherine Debouy Leonel Diaz & Jacqueline Butler-Diaz Cindy & Jim Dickert Deane Diez Marcia & Peter Dillon Ronald & Kathryn Dillon Rhonda Dimmette Ruth Dinowitz Aura Distler Teresa M. Dlouhy Molly Dobelle Susan Dollens Eric & Thomas Dominguez Michael & Erna Donahue Frank Donaldson Sharron Dong & Robert Chin Sylvia Dorosh Martha Doster & Ray Moomey Henry & Charity Dotson Elizabeth & William Douglas Gale Draper Nancy & Gary DuBro Barb Ducharme & Jeff Thomas West Dudgeon Lorraine & Mark Duewiger

John & Kathie Duffy Eric Duncan & Stephanie Frost Jeannie Duncan Stephen Dunn Luther Durant Felicia Durden David & Sandra Durham Arup Dutta Cheryl Dworman William & Janice Dyer Patricia Echoles Emily Ecker Ray & Lynda Edger Steven Edward & Carol Barger Elizabeth Edwards Carol Eisner Gloria Eklund Danny & Julie Elder Brad & Janet Eliot Mary Elliott Matthew & Ashley Elliott Roberta Elliott Leroy & Kate Ellison Dennis Emond Jon & Linda Ender Mary & David Engel Rejeanna England Pamela Engle Lucy & William English William & Wendi Ennis Leonard & Judith Epstein Renee & Robert Epstein Jerome & Annette Erb Mark & Kay Ercius Krista Erickson Leah Erickson Robert Esson Krystina Estabrooks Richard & Kathyrn Everingham Julie & Elliott Everson Benjamin & Kim Ewers Gerald & Geraldeane Eyrich Paula & Allen Fagel Laurie Fagen Kathleen Fahey Lori-Ann & Keith Failoni Suzanne Fair James Fairburn Michele & Joe Fanelli Delores & Hames Fangman

Bettijune H. Fanning Morrie & Gail Farbman Brian Farmer Jennifer & Michael Farrell Susan Rose & Bryce Fauble Cara & Brandon Faulkner Jackie & Richard Favish Irwin Feinberg Judith Feinberg Anne Feldhaus Rozann Feldheim Murray & Judy Feldstein James Feltman & Scott Buechl Victoria Felice Arthur Fenster Kristin & Wesley Ferguson-Colvin Jerome Fernando Terry & Lynnette Fields Lisa Filer & Mary Ann Bucciarelli Don & Joyce Filupeit Brenda Finberg Jo-Anne & Keith Findlay Michael & Julia Fink Ann Berry & Martha Finley Kay & Douglas Fischer Joel Fishbein & Donnadell Gardner Charles Fisher Marian Fisher Anita Fishman Michael & Allison Flannery Judith Flaskerud Erik M. Flodin Jeffrey Flora & Nancy Levin Brooke Flores Nicole Flores Arthur Fornaser & Eden Overton Jodi Floyd Lorna Flynn Bruce Fogel Colette Fogg Mary Margaret Fonow & Corrine Dillon Beverly Ford Debbie Forde Roger & Naoma Foreman Aaron Forni Liz Forrer & Emily Noel Peter Forsch & Janet Welk-Forsch Keith & Christina Foster

Patricia Foster Meredith Fowler Jim Fox Suzan Frangos William Frank Julie Frankel Selendic Jay Freeman Maria & William Freeman Diane Freilich Heather French Susan French Ilene & Nathan Friedland Jack Friedline Joseph Friedman & Merle Morgenstern Paul & Judith Friedman Stuart & Aviah Friedman Susan Friedman Fred & Nan Friend Jon Friend & Bridget Selzer Robert & Anita Friesen Russ & Bonnie Friesen Alan & Elizabeth Frigy AJ Frost Jennifer Frost & Robert Gilson Simon Frost Terry Froyd Brooke Fry Leslie Fry Robert & Soledad Fukuchi Paige Fuller John & Mary Fyie Phyllis & Theodore Galanthay Victor & Cheryl Garnice Diana Garrett John & Carol Garrity Richard Gatti & Deborah McCurdy-Gatti Sue M. Gaub Isis Gauzens Joanne & Gregg Gayan Carolyn Gaye Chris Georgacas Ann Gerow Marta Gerstenberger Nilanjan Ghosh Elizabeth Giannini Robert & Marian Gibney Norma Jean Gilason Robert & Dianne Gilbert


$100+ continued Steven Gilbertson Michael-Thomas Gilman Penny Gimbel Marilyn Ginsberg Joyce Girvin Richard Glass Susan & Jordan Glazer Igor Glenn Joel Glover & Jordan Jarvis Arlene Gluck Heather Gluski & William Eddy Vicki Godden-Allen Garnet Goertzen & Jacqueline Skytt Tushar Gohad Barbara Goldberg Gwen & Charles Goldberg Laura Goldberg Heather & Edward Goldman Paul & Sandi Goldman Sandi & Paul Goldstein Sandra & Harvey Goldstein Marc Goldyne William Gollnick Rita Golub Patricia Golubic Sofia Golubic Kenneth & Diana Gometz Pete Gonzalez William & Cheryl Goode Nancy Goodreau Jeanette & Leonard Goodstein Peggy & Greg Goodwin Leslie Gordon Howard & Mara Gossack Henry Gostony Lokesh & Sudershan Goswami Marc & Eileen Gottlieb Gary Gotto & Carolyn Ross Leslie & Patrick Grady Ellen Graham Joyce Graham Sue Graham & David Seago David & Barbara Gralnek Heather Granato Cheryl Graner Richard Granum Mark Grasso Deborah Gray


Santo & Joan Graziano Jean & Warren Greaves Bruce & Rita Green Charlie Green Stanley & Phyllis Green Mark & Sandra Greenberg Richard Greenberg Carole Greenes Harriet Greenspan Suzanne Gregory Barron Greig John & Evelyn Griffin Rolanda & Matthew Griffin Marie Grill & Daniel Melton Scott & Rebecca Grossman John & Louise Groves Teresa Grumbach & Melita Donaldson Alden & Gloria Dean Guillory Robert & Susan Gurley Diane Guzy Christiane Haberl Jim & Sherri Hackett Darlene Hagan Jo Haitbrink Kurt Hal & Diana Barnum Claire Halbur James David & Linda Hale Doug & Eileen Halfmann John Hall Lynn Hall John & Carrie Halliburton Marie & Daniel Halsey Lori Hamby & Terry Cotlow Sally Hamill Dean Hamilton John & Pam Hamilton Thomas Hamilton & Connie McLeer Carl Hammerschlag Geoff & Devon Hancock Mary Hanemann Marti & Tom Haney Patti Hannon Jeffrey Hansen Neil Hanson & Darnelle Hoge Carol & S Mitchell Harman Patricia & Mitchell Harmes Karen & Kevin Harrington Amy Jo Harris & Selina Canty

Clair Harris June Harris Richard & June Harris Eric Hauenstein & Abigail Jones Van & Maureen Harrison Hallie Harron Jessica Hately & Robert Wolfe Mary Hauer Todd & Stephanie Haughton Craig Hauss & Rebecca Ogle Donald Hawley & Renee Lentz James & Stephanie Hayes Richard & Sherril Haynes Kristina Hays & Christian Smith Sandra Hays Christian Hedegaard-Schou & Lillian Baker Linda Heibich Emil Heidinger Norma Heil Wendy Heinz Diane Henebry Bev & Peers Henes Natalie Henes Michael & Meg Hennessey Elissa Henrici Suzanne Hermine Elaine Huizar-Hernandez & Joe Hernandez Miguel Hernandez Paul Hernandez Richard & Barbara Hernandez Sally Herndon Jaye Herr Maris L. Herzog Henry Hewitt Sharon Hewitt Michelle Heymann Joe Hickey Gerald & Patricia Hiland Ken & Cynthia Hill Desiree Hils & Tom Scanlon Curtis & Victoria Hinsley Peggy Hitchcock June Hobby Bunny Hodas John Hodgson Carol & Carl Hodus Robert Hofmann & Cindi Cooper Charlene Hogarty

Leanne Wood Holcomb Scott & Ann Holdahl Robert & Patricia Holder Brian & Lenora Holmsten Kelley & Jesse Holschbach Russell & Ashley Hoober

Gary Houghtaling & Anna Kruchten Annie Houser Karla Houston Dean & Julie Hovey Jimmie & Joan Howard

A Girl Scout tries out the accordion during a scout program.

John Horan Donna & Richard Horne Gwen Horne Stephen & Carol Horowitz Arnold & Penny Horwitch

Mark & Linda Hoyt Anqiao Hu & Anqi Chen Stephanie Huang Julia Hubler Kevin Hudson & Dana Kunna Lisa Hudson

John & Barbara Huff Denise Hughes Jayne Dougherty-Hughes & Kate Hughes Joy Hughes Rebecca Hughes Susan Hughes Elaine Hugunin Brooks Hull & Terry Gimmellie Susan Hull Sandra Hunt Sheila Hunter & Ken Kettner Daniel & Irene Hunting Gail Huntsman Dave & Kelley Hurley Rose M. Iannaccone Sam Igwe Jack Ingram & Barbara Mackintosh Sam Insana Jeff & Lacey Insel Sheila Irwin Virginia Iverson Jacob & Maureen Jacobsen Sandra Jacobson Cheryl & Phillip Jalowiec Jason & Rebecca Jaramillo Carole & David Jarchow Douglas & Sandy Jardine Charles Jay Vivian Jeras Anuradha Jha Charles & Dana Jirauch Terry Jochum & Tara Bertone Christa John Margaret Johns Marietta & Ted Johns Brett Johnston & Susan Luebke Amber Johnson Carol Johnson & Mitchell Morris Darrell Johnson & Janet Wiig Gloria Johnson John & Susana Johnson Robert & Gail Johnson Susan & Ricky Johnson Helen Jones & Walt Carr Howard Jones & Marie Parr Michelle Jones Owen Jones Philip & Patrice Jones


$100+ continued James & Karen Jones Rebekah Jones Yolanda & Scott Jones Naomi Jorgensen & Josh Baker Joel & Cristiane Jorgenson Roger & Maggie Jorgenson Judith & Samuel Josephson Alyse Joswiak Michal Ann & Keith Joyner Michael & Katherine Judge Keith & Penny Junk Sandra & Jim Junker Emily Kahn Andrea Kaiser Mary Kalman Bill & Lorie Kamboukos Harry & Hillary Kaminsky Allan Kantrowitz Jerry Kaplan Leon Kaplan Myrna Kaplan & Barry Goldfarb Wayne & Lynn Kaplan William & Cassandra Kaplin Michael Kapp Dennis Karjala Charles Karman Walter & Elissa Karn Jean Karner Shashi & Ajai Karpur Renee Karson Jeffrey Kastner Allan & Penny Katz Ann & Martin Kaufman Donna & Fred Kaufman Suzan Kaufmann & Robert Sena William Kalm & Raedene Keeton Jerri Kehdi Eileen Kelley Catherine Kelly Kerry-Ben & Linda Kelly Susan & John Kelly James & Tori Kelso Timothy Kenan Bob & Jesse Kenney Dave Kenney Paul Kent BJ & Lowell Keppel Marcia & Joseph Ketchum Susan & Paul Kewin


Amer Khan Lisa Khnanisho Ron Kidney Pamela Kieffer & Michael Beale Sandra & John Kimble John Kimmel Sarah King Travis King & Tabitha Odom Russell Kinner Shaw Kinsley Donna Kiriluk Ellen Kirschenbaum Stuart & Adrienne Kirschner Linda Kirsh Don & Marsha Klein Larry & Peggy Klein James & Suzanne Kleiner Florence Klitsner Ethel R. Kloos Gerhard & Charlotte Klose Jeffrey Kluve Karey & Kelly Knapp Martha Knapp Thomas & Mary Clare Kober Ken Kobre & Betty Grill Ann M. Koenig Amy Koerner-Lorentzen Cinderella Koga Katrina Kokjohn William & Katherine Kolarik Katalin Kolossa Yuri Kondo Walt Koppenbrink James Kort Bruce & Sherry Kosaveach Nancy & William Kost Babu Kovilakonda Lewis & Candace Kowal Mario Kowalski Ronald Kozich Sanford Kplan Nicki Krafft & Dave Stelzner Alice & Kent Kraft Bertram & Mary Kraft Shirley Kraft Mitchell & Patsy Krajewski Shannon Krajewski Judy Kransdorf Theresa Kresge Marc Kritzer

Madaline Krska Janice Kruse Marilyn Kruzich Juli & Bob Kunzer Gail Kuslansky Robert A. Kuwik & Judith A. Martin Anne Lackey Joseph & Kathie Ladrigan Thomas & Sharon Lafleur William Lafollette Catalina & Aaron Lafrance Richard Lamarco Sandra Lambert Patrick Lamotte Susan Lamphiear Diana Lampsa Kevin & Dorothy Landers Robyn Landry Robert Lane Amy Langan Thomas & Ellen Lanin Kathleen Langenberg & Kristina Rhoades Pamela Behrens Larimer & Donald Larimer William & Joyce Larson Jerry & Robin Laskin Julie & Jerry Law Shirley Lawrence Will & Nancy Lawrence Donna Lawson Christle Layton & Romulo Machado David & Peggy Le Moine Amy Leanse Philip & Ellen Leavitt Victoria & William Lebowitz Brian Lee & Stephen Charnicki Diana Lee Gladys Lee Larry Lee Robert Lee & Alice Jackse Edmund & Barbara Leff Eric & Bobbie & Walter Legg Montie & Cynthia Lehman John & Patricia Lehotan Dolores Leiva & Tim Gercke Rebecca & Lynn Lemmermann Christian & Allison Lester

Jean Lester & Leslie Clark Ann & Charles Letner Rocky Levkulich Martin Levy Sandra & Richard Levy Maria Lewis Vickie Lewis Janet Lewis-Arrons Susan Lewkowicz & Roy Bottomley Wei Yan & Dan Liao Alan & Carolyne Licause Sheree & Bryan Liddiard Philip & Arlene Lieb Myron & Rachel Lieberman Jane Lillestol Rebecca Lilley & Jon Gerblick Joanna Lilquist Ruth Tan Lim Peter Lima & Enola Hendrickson Lisa Lindeken Carolynn & Al Lindeman Sandra Lindsay Lori Lindseth Loretta Lindsey John & Julie Linehan Owen & Reva Litt Robin & Keith Little Steven Livorsi Nayrel Llusco & Andrew Dell Melissa Lockard Hampton & Leslie Locklear Ralph Lockwood & Donald Graham Francine & Richard Loeb Deb & Kaj Lofgreen Al Loginsky Kathy & Robert Londeree Judy Long Jerry & Ann Look Roman & Cindy Lopatynski George & Yolanda Lopez Aileen Louik & Arnie Maltz Marilyn Loveless Joan & Irving Lowell Robert Lowery Timothy Lowery Daniela Lucatelle & Fabio Bartoloni Hannah & Sherri Ludeke

Kathy Ludwig & Robert Mariano Marilyn & Anthony Luisi Doris Luking Lilli Luking Monica Lumpkin & Conrad Langley Wilma Lund Lesley & Marshall Lustgarten Robert Lustiger Michael & Shell Luttrell John & Roxanne Lyle Joyce Lynch Mitzi T. Lynton Staci Lyons & Deborah Perkins Nancy Lyons Laura Lysek Joy Mac Lean David & Alice MacArthur Philip & Joanne MacDonnell Carole MacIntyre John & Karen Macksam Rory & Carole Maclean Darlene Madhavpeddi Kalidas & Monica Madhavepeddi Constance Mahaney Sydel Maher Philip & Devla Mahler Michael & Alison Majer Peter Maki Rochelle Malinoff & Paul Dygert Barry Malpas Richard & Raimonder Manch Vicki Mangin Thomas Manheim Susan Mann Vicki Mann Bruce & Carrie Mannes Dorothy Manning Daniel Manriquez Michael & Joan Manselle Charlene Marbs Lynne & Marc Marchese Carol Marcus Barry & Helaine Markowitz Jim & Marty Marks Vance & Nancy Marchall Lawrence & Paulette Martell Jeff Martin Thomas & Mary Martin Edward & Cheryl Martin-DeVries

Kathie Martine Patricia Martinez Robin Martinez Stan Marx William & Anne Mason Jeri Masoner Robert & Carol Massengill Lynn & David Massey Jane Massion Sharon Massion George & Laura Mather Kay Mathieu Clarence T. Matthews Carol Matthusen Kathleen & Duane Mauzey Del & Alana May Lupe Mazas Rebecca Mazza Karen McArn-Asante Melanie Mcbride Suzanne Mccann Heather McCann F.E. McCarter Robert Mccarter Claire McCarthy Michael McConnel Margaret McCormick Joel & Felicia McCreary Kate & Gerry McCullough Cynthia McCurdy Michael Mccurrey Janet McDow Dale & Jacqueline McDugle Scott & Elaine McEwen Dale & Cheryl McFarland Renny McGovern Janet & John McGregor Helen Mcintire Mary McIntyre James & Janet McKay Richard & Margaret McKee Beverly & Brian McKenna Sandra & Larry McKinney Ken & Susan McKnight Camy & Craig Mclaren John McMahon & Ingrid Haaijer Bridie McMillian Lori McMinn Carol McSweeney & William Haring


$100+ continued John & Patricia Meinert Joye Melby Jetta Melnick & Shirley Kingsbaker Beth Meloy Avery & Meg Merriman Eileen Merritt Rebecca Merritt Don Meserve & Cathy Hart Irene B. Metz Rich & Debbie Meyer Richard & Dorothy Meyer Robert & Jeannie Meyer Donna Meyerovitz Terry Meyers Camille Miake David & Andrea Michaels Judy & Lance Mikkelsen Karl Milbauer Robert & Linda Miles Barbara Miller David Miller & Judy Weiss Edna & Terry Miller James & Anne Miller James & Karen Miller James Miller Linda Miller Mark Miller Mike & Karen Miller Scott Miller Darrell & Susen Mills Ruth Minarik Janet Miner Marilyn Minihane Lester & Phyllis Minsuk Jeanne & Michael J. Mirro Nargiz Mirzayeva & Durna Alakbarova Charles & Marie Mitchell Sheldon Mittleman Jacqueline Mobed Lynn & Jack Moffett Kenneth & Barbara Moffitt Paul & Connie Mohammed Mark Montalbano Don & Joanne Montrey Robert Moore & Miyoko Ono-Moore


Susan Moorefield & Ken Muenster Chris Moreno & Colleen Collins-Moreno Raymond & Robin Morgan Barbara Morgenstern Marjorie Moring

Beth Moss Peggy Moss Larry & Debbie Moudy Joyce Mouer Gregg & Patricia Muilenburg Michael & Dana Mullikin Larry & Autumn Mumaw

The MIMkids Mini Music Makers program explores the sound of drums. Lisa Moritz Jeanne Miyasaka & Joseph Ryan George & Phyllis Morrison Christen & Charles Morton Leon Morton Bart Moser

Carol Mungas Don & Susan Murphy Bob & Mary Murray Paul Musters & Janet Miller Jim & Ellen Myerberg Ann Myers

Robert & Marilyn Myers Elizabeth Myskowski Kelsie Nabors Lou Nalepa Linda Napier David & Roni Nassberg Aubrey Neal & Karen Wechsung Janice Neal Alan Nelsen Diana & Dan Nelson Geraldine Nelson Marilyn Nelson Van Nelson John Nesbit Linda Ness April Neuhaus Carol & Joe Newman Amelia Ni Nicolet Nicholson Kent & Nickie Niere James Nimlos & Perrin Considine Matthew & Denise Nino Pan Nirobolsathaporn Kyle Nobel Andrew Norris Joan Norris Martha Norton Elena Nott & Olga Pavlova Gail & James Nova Greg & Sandi Novak John Nowiejski & Salena Tong Daniel & Margaret Oakes Jane & James Oberman Stanley Obitts Jeni & Michael O'Callaghan Candace Oehler Lola Ogden Ingrid & Emmett O'Grady Kenneth & Pamela O'Keeffe Janice & Scott Oldach Cary & Helen Oleisky Laura Olewinski Stephen Olewinski Paula & David Oliverio Faye Olivieri Karl Olson & Tressa Bitto Matthew Olsen Norma Olsen Julie Olson Katelyn Oltersdorf

Sharon Oltersdorf & Kate Oltersdorf Keiko Onaka William & Janet Oneil Kathleen O'Neill Robert & Helen O'Neill Bill & Pam Ooms John J. Osborn & Janet Humphrey Charles Osburn James & Sharon Oster David & Cathleen Ostermeyer Anne & Robert Oswald Gina Otero Bill Otis & Marythea Grebner David Ouimette & Diane Mote Jay & Hope Ozer Bill Palacio Sarah Palestrant & Noam Belkind Laurie Palmer Vera Palmierr Anne Pannone Romn Paras Helenlee Pardi Deborah & Timothy Paree James & Karen Parent George & Linda Parkins Karen Pasquel Stuart & Judith Passon Mittun Patel & Anita Karnik James Patitucci & Caprice Bitar James Patterson Linda Patterson James & Roberta Pazol Andrew Peabody Ann & Chuck Peabody Beverley Pearson Scott O. Pearson Mary Pease Louise Pelissier & Emma Luna Sandi & Jon Perez John & Georgia Perkey Michael Perkins & Marian Reisman Sari & Robyn Perlow James & Diane Perrine Jim Perry Julie & Jeffrey Perry Wallace Perry Joyce A. Peters

Myron & Monica Petersen Melody Ann Peterson Fred & Andrea Peterssen Patricia Petromilli Kevin Pettis Paul Petty Richard Pfeiffer Dennis & Jan Pfersich Jeff & Judi Pflughoeft Nick Phelan Jacklyn & Paul Phillips Ron Phillips Harold Piazza John & Mary Picken Jessica Pierson Mary Ann Pikulas Peter & Nancy Pitarys Mark Pittelkow & Gail Gamble Deborah Pleickhardt Joan Pleuss Tiffany Poetsch Bruce & Laurie Porter Keith Porter Mary Jane Porter Linda Poure John Powell William & Karen Powell Gerald Powers Judy Pratt Carolyn Preiser J. David Prest Nicholas & Gail Prestera Anne & Dave Prine Nancy & Onno Prinsze Barbara Pritchard Donna Pritchard Eileen & Louis Provenzano Steve Pruett Tracy Puett & Lucia Peyton Alan & Rebecca Pugh Linda Pulaski Barry Quanstrom Cian & Olive Quinlan Judi & Jack Quinn Susan Quinn Harold & Kathryn Raap Walter Rabon Audrey Rada Ewa Radwanska Marcos Ramirez


$100+ continued Gautham Ramohalli Dorothy Ramsdell & Mary Botinich Dennis & Sheila Randall Brenda Rangel John & Jane Rank Mary Ann & Paul Rank Gloria & Elliott Raskin Allan Ratihn Richard & Susan Ratzan Zohar & Mirla Raz John & Barbara Rechlin Ellie & Richard Reddy Scott & Sandra Redfield Kim Redhage Linda Redwood-Martinez James & Joan Reece Clayton Reed Heather Reed Joyce & Geoff Reed Tamara Reed Franceen & Larry Reeher Dixie Reeve Jack & Ellen Reeves Diane Rejman Tami Renzo John & Marianne Replogle Danielle & Raymond Ressler Don & Sandy Rex Sebastien & Dominique Reyes Deborah & Kenneth Rice Deris & Kristin Rice John Rice & Alisyn Hu Frederick & Nancy Richardson Jeanne & Joe Richardson Marvin & Amy Richman Susan Richwine George & Laura Riecken Jackie Rifkin Michele Rinck Maria & Kristofer Risinger Len & Sharon Ritt Don & Mary Ritter Cindy & David Roach Mike Roach Kathleen Roark Stan Roberts Lewis & Diane Robinson Michael Robinson


Terry Robinson Michael & Deborah Rocks Janet Rodgers Jacob & K Roemmich Elise Roenigk Cheryl & Paul Rogers Tim & Betty Rogers Evelyn Rohling Mara & Jennifer Rojas Lucy Romanello Mary Romano James & Janet Roney Evelyn Roseberry Rachel & Sarah Victoria Rosemann Betty Rosenbaum George & Arlene Rosenberg Robert & Brenda Rosenberg Carol Rosensteel Robert & Rona Rosenthal Elaine Rosing Barbara Ross Carolyn Ross Judy Ross Mike Ross Lucy Roth & Scott Roth Stephen & Charley Roth Ellen Rothenberg Mary Rothschild Robert & Judith Rothschild Eddie & Janet Roush Alisha & Greg Row Doris & Richard Rowart Dorothy Rowlett Brunn Roysden & Jo Schumacher William & Christine Rozenwaser Arline Rubin Lois Rubin Nathan Rubin Margaret Ruccolo David & Erica Ruck Charles & Diane Ruebling Elmer Ruehling Amy Rukstales Janet Runkel & Liz Hague Bruce & Katie Rupper Linda Ruppert & Georgiana Tortorici James Rush & Asuncion Benitez-Rush

Helen Ruskin Nancy Russ Earl & Ellen Russell Kelly Russell Lynne Russell Nancy Russell & Wayne Cramer Ronald & Kathleen Rutowski Catherine & Kirill Ruvinov Seth Ruzi & Mayra Ortiz Pat Ryan Robert & Alexa Rybica Jack Saba Jacqui Sabo Thomas Sabo Robert Sachs Preethika Sainam Dana & Richard Salazar Diane Salisbury Myra Salmirs Delaine Salt Christina & Louis Salute Lance & Danilla Same Donna & Jim Sampanes Margaret Sampley Suzanne Samuels Chris Sanchez H.W. & Susan Sander Genevieve Sanders Matthew Sanders Robert & Barbara Sanders Marcia Sandground Steven & Susan Sandler Betsy Sandlin Brant & Linda Saperstein Ronald Sargis Lynn Saunders Michael & Chrissie Savage Virginia Savenelli Donald L. Savino Elizabeth A. Savino John Savona Leslie & Stephen Sawyer Cathleen Saylor Mary Schabarum Paul & Siobhan Schaeffer Peg Schanne Jesse & Emily Schattin Wendy Scheder Black James & Pamela Schembs Charles Scheps & Valerie Ellien

Chris & Marcia Schermann Douglas & Shirley Schermer Jane Marie Schindler Judith Schlieter Connie & Greg Schmitt Margaret Schmidt Louis & Sally Schmitt Paul & Sylvia Schneider Thomas & Jean Schneider John Schnoering & Joyce Mills Charles Schock Kathy Schock James Schott Janis Schreiber Rosemeire & Robert Schreiner Dumatt & Anne Schroeder Walter & Susan Schroeder William Schultz William Schwartz Peggy Schwartzkopf Sally & Burt Schwarz Kit Schweitzer Erica Scott Richard Scott Julia Searle Joan Searles Mark & Colby Seay Jean Seber Jessica Sedenger & David Willoughby Howard Seftel & Kathleen Ingley Joan Selecky Marti & Larry Selman Dhivya Selvaraj & Jessica Turner George & Mary Serrill Patricia & Jami Shah Zaheer Shah Elliot & Arlene Shapero Frances Shapiro Karla Shapiro John & Terry Shaw Lewis & Carol Shaw Carole & James Shay Tiffany Shears Hilary Sheevers & Neil Conklin Riva Shein Richard & Ruth Marie Shemitis Janet Shepherd John Shepherd Linda Sheppard & John Hill

Marjorie Sherman Stuart & Elinor Sherry Maureen Shields & Allen Shimizu Daniel Shiosaka Bonnie Shirakhoon Mark & Carol Shucker Randy & Debbie Shuman Tom & Cathy Shumard Carmen Siciliano Stuart Siefer Barbara Siko Steven & Marcia Sillyman Dorothy Simons Angela Bond-Simpson & Chris Simpson Arthur & Sharon Simpson Candace Sinner Frank D. Skinner Andrew & Laura Skodol Jean Slater Steven & Anita Slaughter Steve & Paula Slavsky Mary & Ed Slomba Karl & Meredith Slosberg Miriam & Richard Sluder Chad Smith & Brenton Riley Cheryl Smith Frank Smith Gregg Smith Janet L Smith Noel & Kerrianne Smith Susan & R. Kerry Smith Susan & Ronald Smith David Snodgrass Patricia Solski Ed & Robyn Song Cynthia & Richard Sonstelie John & Lillian Sorce Brian Sorensen Edward Soza & Manuela Barron Jim Specht & Mary Giordano Barbara Speer Margaret Spence Mark & Lolita Spiro Karen Spitler Charles & Nina Spitzer Marilyn & Ken Spraetz Mark & Rachel Springsteel Edward Stafford Glenn & Leslie Stallcop

Julie & Jeff Stanton Ross Stapleton Natasha Starbuck Rod Starmer Jamie & Cheryl Stead Larry & Leslie Steffes Mary Steigerwald & Jessica Smit Carl Stein & Wendy Heller-Stein Deanna & Ella Stein Lorraine Stein Katrina Steinberger Raymond Steiner & Linda Prideaux-Steiner Myrna Stephens Nancy Steriotis Bryant Sterling Mark & Barbara Stern Janet Steven Gregory Stevens Patricia Stevenson Milt & Judi Stewart Vera Stiesmeyer Pat Stiltner Orrin H. Stine Doris Stipech Bill Stockard & Beverly Bryan Andrew Stodola Anne Stokes Connie Stone & Kenneth Graham Stacie Stone & Cary Edgar Stanford Stoneman Jeanne Stoner Elana Storch Kevin Strange Evelyn Stratton Jeremy & Susan Stringer Barbara Strom Paul & Linda Stromberg Peggy & Wayne Struble Frank Stuart Shari & Norman Stump Shari Stura Don Stutz Nicole Sugumaran Kiley Sullivan & Alyson Titkemeyer Kenneth & Suzanne Suhling Carol Sullivan Michael & Patti Sumergrade Judith Sussman


$100+ continued Alan & Marian Sussna Sandra Sutton Thomas Swanson Laurie Swearingen Janet Sweeney Rob Swenhaugen Donna Swibold & Paimon Owtad Norma & Walter Swingen Dorothy Sydnor Courtney Sykos & Nathan Hanchey Karen & Knut Syversen David Szpaizman Martha Takacs Bob & Vivian Tallan Linda & Frank Tantone Omar Tapia Selma & Jerome Targovnik Betty & Frank Tatro Richard & Marsha Tauber

Jim Thomas John & Gretchen Thomas Karen Thomas & Jane Jones Carolyn Thompson Clay Thompson Luella Thompson Linda Thor & Robert Huntsinger Leila Thorne James & Elena Thornton Gail Thurman Karen & Mark Thurn Joyce Tiber Mary Jo Tietge James Tillinghast Jill Tinker Carol & Kathyrn Todd Bryan & Kelly Todeschi John & Susan Toevs Harlori Tokhie Robert & Milana Tomec James & Lita Tope

Linda Uhley Barry & Linda Ullman Ide Umboh & David Pitt Kathy & Richard Umfrid Barron Unger Dee & Ray Unks Carlos Urcuyo Kole & Kelly Usrey Barbara Vacanti Dirk & Nickie Van Den Bosch James & Vicky Van Dyke Karen Van Haitsma Bruce & Karen Van Sickle Dennis Vance Kay Vandenberg Kevin Vann Pat & Richard Vantuyle Jean & Otis Vaughn Sharon Vaughn & James Dammann Nancy Vavricka

“MIM has created a uniquely beautiful setting to celebrate the diversity of the world’s music and present live events in its first-class theatre.” —Dave Holland, Musican Roseann Tavarozzi Charles & Annette Taylor Chris & Edie Taylor Deborah Taylor John & Katherine Taylor John Taylor Pamela & Robert Taylor Len & Larrilee Templeton Francis & Monica Tenbarge William Terrill & Jesenia Pizarro-Terrill Terrie Teutsch John & Sunny Tewksbury Joe & Connie Theobald Anna Theodorou John Arnett & Mari Thickstun Bruce Thoeny Cheryl Thomas Donald Thomas & Diane Webster-Thomas


Patricia Topper Michael & Linda Toscano Julie & John Townsend Eric & Nina Tozzi Myles Traphagen & Martha Gomez-Traphagen Greg & Nancy Trautman John Kinnamon & Trisha Travis Salie Travis & John Churchward Edwina Trayler Pete Trerice Lisa Trizano Barbara Ann Trojan Chris Lantz & Theresa Trosky Emmett Troxel Charles & Norma Tucker Lynn & Donald Tucker Susan Turner Suzanne Twohey Judi Tyler

Alice Atlas-Venezia & Steve Venezia Claude Venezia Bill & Connie Venturino The Vi at Silverstone Remus Viar John & Christine Vicari Irma Villarreal Lois & Paul Visconti Stephen & Frances Vitale Anita Voelker Charles & Anne Vogel Judy & Richard Volk Sue Vottero Phong Vu William Waddell Suzanne Wade & Sandra Spatz Jacquelyn & John Wagner Melissa & Joseph Wagner Marla Walberg

Jim & Nadine Walker Madelyn Walker Mark & Lighlia Walker Suemoy Wallace William Wallace & Joseph Patrick Cosgrove Barbara Wallack Jack Waller & Leahetta Barlin-Waller Constance Walley Marianne & Tim Walsh Patricia Walsh Pam Walter Lois Ward Martie & Donald Warden Dorothy Ware Elizabeth Warner Chris & Audrey Warren Karl & Virginia Washington Maria Watts James & Margery Webb Dwight & Maureen Weber Alfred & Nancy Wechsler Sheldon Wecker Peggy & Mark Weddle Jay Wegrzyn Ruth & Ed Wehling Larry Weinberg Sarah & Michael Weinberger Jeffrey & Ginette Weiner Barbara Weinmeister David & Adela Weinstein Todd & Beth Weinstein Richard Weintritt Jolene & Harvey Weisblat David Weisenberg Doreen Weiser Ellen Weiss David Weissman Joan Weissman Jane Weitzman Patricia & Andrew Welch Ann Marie & Michael Welker Lawrence Wellman & Barbara Aanonson Kenneth & Judy Wensley Julie & Fred Werner Michelle West Stephen & Aleda West Ron & Janine Weyers

Nancy Wheeler Laurie Whipps & Amie Hiller Diane & Donald White Mary White Patricia White Xena White Douglas Whitney & Nancy Engler Laurel Whitney & Julie Roberts Dennis Wiatrak Jim & Deborah Wictherman Randi Wikler Ann Williams Catherine Williams Greg & Amy Williams Rebecca & John Williams Zachary & Ashlee Williams Kevin & Lisa Williamson Robert & Annette Willis Robert & Mary Jo Wilmes Judy Wilson & James Schornak Margaret Wilson Sheila & Mike Wilson Thomas & Margo Wilson Susanne Wilt Warner & Greta Wims Winfield Men's Club Mark Winkleman Guy & Vickie Winters Lee & Andrea Winthrop Mary Wisdom Stephen & Judith Wise Delia Withey & Stephen Geise Norma Witley Anne Wittke Betty Woelfel Malka Wolman Sherlene Wong Mei Wei Wong & Edward Baratinni Peter & Helene Woog Stevan Worden & Don Cheek Barbara Worley Michael & Ruth Worthington Mei Wu Peter Wuorio Jason Wyrick Frank Wyse William Xi Diane & Mark Yarish Terry & Madelon Yarows

Julie Yates Karen Yee Miles & Suzanne Yeknik William & Jackie Yoder Katharine & William Young Tracy Young Joel Youngerman Xiaorong Yuan Devine Yukiko Warren Zager Jacqueline & John Zakibe Namgay Zam Crystal & Arthur Zander Paul & Micki Zatulove Leon & Evelyn Zeitzer Albert Zens Beatrice Zens Ming Zhong Betsy Zink John & Kathryn Zinn Mary & Stan Zitello Ken & Nancy Zoll Anna Zreda Howard Zweig

WE ARE DEEPLY GRATEFUL FOR GIFTS AT EVERY LEVEL Contributions may be sent to: Musical Instrument Museum 4725 East Mayo Boulevard, Phoenix, AZ 85050 Or visit and click “Donate Now” | 480.478.6062 If we have inadvertently omitted or incorrectly listed your name, please accept our apology and contact MIM’s institutional advancement team at 480.478.6062 or We will correct our records immediately and update your listing on and on our digital donor wall at the museum.


MIM guests are captivated by a cultural performance during Experience Polynesia.

CREATING A LASTING LEGACY Securing the viability of MIM for generations to come Our Legacy Circle truly supports every aspect of MIM. Planned gifts can help support the MIM Music Theater to showcase both aspiring and renowned artists, conserve instruments and artifacts for one of our many galleries, celebrate different global cultures during signature events, bring in more school children to learn about the world around them and experience the many joys of music, and more. We are a community of team members, volunteer team members, and donors that collaborate every day to provide our guests with memorable and enjoyable experiences. We sincerely thank all of those who are creating a lasting legacy of generosity for generations to come. MIM’s institutional advancement team is always available at 480.478.6062 or to answer questions or discuss ways to tailor your planned-giving options and discover the best planned gift to meet your goals.

LEGACY CIRCLE MEMBERS Shirley & Tom Bekey Larry & Annie Berle Bart & Betsy Butzer Tim & Jacqueline Byers Jim & Kathy Henderson Ron & Linda Jones Frank & Joyce Mazurco Arlene & Steven Mirer


Dharani P. & Judith C. Narayana Jerry & Jo Ellen Preradovic Patricia Rolfe Evie & Mark Rostvold Diane Sillik J. Bruce Tominello & Larry E. Kirchner

Robert J. Ulrich Ulrich Living Trust – Curt & Karen Ulrich Irene H. Vasquez Annette Voth Margaret M. Wilson

PROGRESS TOWARD SUSTAINABILITY Ensuring MIM will be here for generations to come SUSTAINABLE MODEL Because of the generous transitional support of its founder and other community-minded individuals, MIM is able to advance toward long-term fiscal health and sustainability. Within the next five years, MIM’s goal is to achieve a self-sustaining model with 60%–65% of its annual operating budget coming from earned income, 30% from contributed income, and 5%–10% from an endowment draw. Each year since opening in 2010, MIM has made significant strides toward that model. ENDOWMENT FUNDS A healthy endowment ensures the programs and exhibits that distinguish MIM will thrive for generations. The following donations helped to underwrite exhibitions, acquisitions, staff, educational programs, and events. General Operating Endowment Fund Uta Behrens Fund Edward J. Claussen Memorial Fund Susanne and Gary Tobey Family Fund Robert J. Ulrich and Diane Sillik Fund Collection Acquisition Endowment Fund Jill Dahlin Memorial Fund Robert J. Ulrich and Diane Sillik Fund

Education Endowment Fund John and Joan D’Addario Fund Handwerger Master Series Fund Robert J. Ulrich and Diane Sillik Fund Music Theater Concert Endowment Fund Robert J. Ulrich and Diane Sillik Fund

In a parade of people, this young guest dances through MIM to celebrate the new year! 49

4725 E. Mayo Boulevard Phoenix, AZ 85050

THANK YOU Thank you for your continued support of MIM. We have achieved great milestones this past year because of you, and we look forward to continuing to work together through 2017!

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2016 MIM Annual Report  

Quarter Notes Issue 1

2016 MIM Annual Report  

Quarter Notes Issue 1

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